April 18, 2005 - Msg 28295: Ro, so sorry to hear about henry, will contine prayers for God's will to be done, hope that it is a miracle.
Sterling, that's interesting about Kai. She's getting "social." Hope you have also taught her stranger danger tho too! My, I think of Florida lately and just cringe!
Hey Jennyboone, good to see you again! keep in touch! Season two will be out soon.
I think Man In A Hurry is part of that season also!
MD - Yup, them guys try anything!. Did you hear the audio of Jr to his crew? He needs to grow up a bit! Glad you had a good outing, now back to the cukes and cabbage , eh?

April 18, 2005 - Msg 28296: Good evening ya'll! Stick around Daniel! I'm enjoying it more each day. Had a great weekend in Clemson! would love to retire there someday!!! But, as most farmers will tell you the only retiring we can ever do is to take the old pickum-up truck to the tire store!! Got to go thin my two peach trees and spray them now,so ya'll have a great evening and watch out for SPOT's tail. Hey SPOT supper sounds great I'll be there by 6:30 and I saw Otis and his mosaics last night and his dog wqas named Spot!! Are you his (imaginary) dog or are you Goober's tlaking dog?? Rocking easy is SC-Quiet Sam!

April 18, 2005 - Msg 28297: Oh yeah, we have, MDC! We've talked to her about that; read her a book called "Don't talk to strangers!" a number of times; and I've even taught her how to kick and yell "No!" should someone try to take her. We try not to scare her too much, but sadly, we have to teach her those things especially in this day and age. Don't know how well she would remember these things when she would need to, but hopefully she would never need to.
And yeah all those child abductions like the ones reported recently in Florida, were one of the reasons for my apprehension about letting her go to the party.

Hey Quiet Sam! I love your name for pick-up trucks - "pickum-up" truck! Adds a little more country spice to just regular old pick-ups like we have around here!:)

-Sterling Holobyte

April 18, 2005 - Msg 28298: Hey, Sterling. I agree, it's tough that we have talk to little kids about such serious things, but it's necessary. I know of some parents who have gone a step beyond teaching the child to yell "No!" They have taught their child to yell "Help me! This is not my daddy (or mommy)." Sad, indeed, but it could save a life. I simply do not understand someone who could harm a child, and even more, I don't understand a justice system that will let those people back out on the streets - ever! OK, boom goes the soapbox.

Oh, I wish everyone on the porch could see what I'm seeing right now. The color, the variety, the profusion of flowers, it's all just beautiful. You know, God didn't have to make it like this. He could have just provided us with edible vegetation, drab and colorless, and nothing else. Instead, in addition to colorful and appealing edibles, we have all these flowers that are just beautiful, and don't really serve much of a purpose except to be pleasing to our eyes. As someone once said, "Ain't God good??"

Have a great evening, friends. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

April 18, 2005 - Msg 28299:
God IS good, it's we humans who mess it all up!
One time our pastor had us grab, between two fingers, the first 2 chapters of Genesis, and then Chapter 3 between the next two fingers, and then he said, "OK, it took the first two chapters for God to create everything! All the trees, animals, sky, water, man, woman etc! Then it took the next chapter for us to mess it all up,
and the rest of the book for God to fix it!!" :)
So true, so true!
Well, have a great porch evening! I hosed it down and swept it again. You can smell the good wood as it dries out, rockers all cleaned, new pads on each one. Get out your guitars, jugs, harmonicys and the big bass fiddle, and lets sing!

April 18, 2005 - Msg 28300: Me they, me they, me they, mi mi miiiiiiii!! --Romeena

April 18, 2005 - Msg 28301: Well hello guys!!
Its been a very long time.. I stay so busy. I try to go work out three mornings a week, taking my daughter to school the other two mornings,and the new house in between. Of course keeping up with the home I am in now. Its quite busy and I am quite tired. I have tried to catch up on the posts..but I have missed so much.
Romeena...I hope Henry is doing better!

Sterling: I'm sure Kai did have a wonderful time at the party. My daughter LOVES going to parties. And she's been going to non family parties since she was 1 year...so she is very social...just a butterfly.

Dixie: hope school is going well

MDC: thanks for the APB....my computer has gotten so slow lately that I also just dont want to turn it on..

Boo: good to hear from you too..

And everyone else I've missed...
Spot, MD...hello to all of you.
I have been so busy that I havent even watched TAGS in forever!!

My daughter had her 4 year check up a week ago...she did so good...had to get boosters, etc..but she is drawing, etc on an almost 6 year old level! I was so happy and impressed. She drew a picture of me upside down in order for the Dr to see it..for it to be facing the Dr. I was amazed!

Ya'll take care..


April 18, 2005 - Msg 28302: ALYCE .. GREAT to see you on the porch again ,sit and rock with us when you can

April 18, 2005 - Msg 28303: Hey, Alyce! Good to hear from you. I'm sorry your 'puter has the pokeys, but there are a couple of remedies you might try. First and foremost, do you have a program like Ad-Aware, or anything that will seek out and alert you to spyware that might have been placed on your machine? If so, run it. If not, get it. You'd be surprised how much difference it can make.
Also, sometimes just going into "Tools - Internet Options" and deleting cookies and temporary internet files can speed things up noticeably.
You probably already know all this, but I didn't until someone told me, so thought I'd mention it.

Have a lovely evening, everyone. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

April 18, 2005 - Msg 28304: hey porch friends,hope you all are having a good night.I know I am,just been sitting in the yard blowing bubble with the kids and jumping rope.Ok,the kids were jumping rope and I was just blowing bubbles!Went to the grocery store and bought some more food for a porch cookout.What do you say we have it tomorrow evening,chicken[barbecued],hot dogs cooked till they split,and hamburgers,baked potatoes with any topping you want,salad,corn on the cob,sweet tea,pepsi,water,and the sams choice version of sprite,twist up.I'll start the grill about 3 oclock tomorrow evening,it should all be done by 5.yeah Ro it is scary when you think about whats going on in Florida these days with children.I agree,they should put em away and throw away the key.OK I'm puttin my soapbox away too.Ro,I read a news report that some pharmacies will not fill birthcontrol prescriptions,or prescriptions for the morning after pill,if it is against the pharmacist beliefs.Have you heard of that?My personal opinion ,I can understand the morning after pill,but,not the birth control pill,but,thats just my opinion,I'm not judging anyone.I'm not trying to start a moulage,just wondered if anyone else had heard of it.Alyce,it's good to see you.MDC,the porch looks great where you cleaned it off,I love to smell wood drying.I liked what your preacher said about it taking the rest of the book to fix what we humans mess up.Ain't it amazing,even with our best efforts,that all we have to do is take some time and read the bible and pray and we will get our answers.Daniel,glad you are staying with us,don't forget about the cookout at my house tomorrow.everyone have a good evening,talk to you later ky girl

April 19, 2005 - Msg 28305: well hey....again...
just thought that while I sent an email I'd check in here for a bit.
Romeena: yes..I do know all that actually, its taking the time to actually run those programs and delete all those files...but also..My computer is 4.5 years old..and that is OLD for a computer. Hoping to get a new one soon and give this one to the girls for games. Thanks for the tips though!!

Take care everyone....


April 19, 2005 - Msg 28306: hey yall. just checking in postop. bilateral pec minor disinsertion (Ro). damaged muscle, scar tissue removed. Both arms sore so must be short here. (haha, I'm always short at 5'1") anyone got some chocolate?

~ Mrs. Wiley

April 19, 2005 - Msg 28307: Yeah Alyce! Good to see you! How is the new home?
Ever try to run a de-frag? I know they can take forever, but that may help too.
KY girl, I will definitely be there! Any good Wisconsin brats? Throw those on the grill too!
Would love to see Kentucky sometime! Must be beautiful this time of year.
MD, I live 30 miles from PIR, but wont make it this time! Have a few other things going, but would sure like to see racing under the new lights.
Prayers for all, Mrs Wiley, HM continued recovery, mayor Pappa Bear, Cardinals,etc.
Yes, Alyce, if we all stoodd on the promises of the word and realize that it is our weapon agin the ememy

April 19, 2005 - Msg 28308: Oops, hit the wrong key!
To finish:
...against the ememy, we'd all live more overcoming lives!
PS: good to see you there , Mrs W !

April 19, 2005 - Msg 28309: Sam im goobers talking dog...gona read the archives...been busy getting the garden planted for us some veg"s...planted 42 hot pepper plants and 40 tomatoe plants,beans,okra,peas,onions,corn,..well back to work with a bottle of h20...SPOT...and by the way baked chicken tonight

April 19, 2005 - Msg 28310: Looks like it's Benedict the 16th!
Mrs Wiley, may he lead with the same grace and fervor as John Paul 2. Congratulations!
Hope all are have a good "Taylor porch" kind of day.

April 19, 2005 - Msg 28311: Plan on making steak hoagies at this end of the porch. . .

ya'll come


April 19, 2005 - Msg 28312: Wow! They've chosen the new pope already? I never watch the local channels, just TVLand mostly, so didn't know about it. Well, I pray for the Lord's guiding hand upon him. These are perilous times, and for Catholics and non-Catholics alike, the pope is an important figure on the world stage.

MDC, you're sure right about a de-frag taking forever. I ran one once, and forgot to disable the setting that switches to screen-saver (I think that's what it was) and it kept doing its little thing, and each time it would make the de-frag start over. After about eight hours, I finally figured it out, disabled whatever it was, and the de-frag finished. I couldn't really tell that it helped the computer much even after all that, so haven't run one since then. My computer guru says unless you're on the thing all day, every day, it shouldn't build up enough data to need to be defragged.

My friend Henry is hanging in there, maybe a bit stronger today. One doc says he's too weak to consider treatment, another says differently. So, what to do? I think they're going to leave it up to him. Prayers, please.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

April 19, 2005 - Msg 28313: Oh, ky girl, I forgot, didn't mean to not answer your question. Yes, I've heard of some instances such as you describe, when the pharmacist has personal, moral objections to birth control. I think that's his/her right, but am not sure they have the right to impose it on others. I think if there's another person in the pharmacy who can fill the Rx, then the objector could ask them to do it. Otherwise, I guess it's up to their employer, whether they want to risk losing business by continuing to employ the objector. Perhaps the objecting pharmacist should seek other employment in their field, rather than filling Rx's at the counter. I happen to be a teetotaler, so I have never applied for a job as a bartender, because I wouldn't want to make and serve the alcohol. Sorta the same thing, I guess.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

April 19, 2005 - Msg 28314: MDC: the new home is still sitting out there waiting for occupants!
Seems like nothing is on schedule...well except for this week.... The tile flooring is being installed...but still waiting on the painting to get done. Seems like things take forever...but we are getting there I guess...
Thanks for asking


April 19, 2005 - Msg 28315: Too bad you cant get the extreme makover show to finish the house Alyce! haha
Actually, they are doing another house in az this week, but upstate. Should be on in a few weeks. 96 hours to build the whole thing!
Romeena, I dont want you visiting that flower makin machine ! haha
Where's mayor PAPPA BEAR been?
Probably out there trying to solve that missing cow caper.
Well, nice evenin to ya all!
Big cookout at KYgirl's place comin up!
Prayers continue for all!!!

April 19, 2005 - Msg 28316: I think it's been since March that I had a chance to sit down and rest a spell on the porch. That's just ridiculous! Been catching up on the archives. Glad to see Boo stopped in and that Tom is ok. Welcome to Quiet Sam, Charlene, and Daniel R. and any other newcomers I missed. Yes, MDC, I did see that sweeped/swept boo-boo back there a ways. Sorry I wasn't around to correct you sooner. ; ) Where on earth is Asa? We're gonna miss softball season if he doesn't get here soon. Looks like I also missed some interlopers. Glad Floyd is johnny on the spot. Sorry about your former student, possum and your friend Henry, Ro. Prayers for both. I've been busy spring cleaning my house, trying to get some work done, and going to my kids' track meets. Great to have a minute to say hey to ya'll. Think I'll go watch some Andy.
Charlotte Tucker

April 19, 2005 - Msg 28317: By the way, MDC, that's a winking smile for ya that broke up there above in line 3.

April 19, 2005 - Msg 28318: Hey ya'll,hope everybody is doin fine this evening.Charlotte Tucker glad you got a chance to stop by the porch.yeah MDC kentucky is beautiful this time of year.you got it,brats on the grill!Mrs.Wiley,hope you are feeling better and you got some chocolate it makes you feel better anytime!I wanted to rock longer but I have to close for now.Take care and God Bless Ky girl

April 20, 2005 - Msg 28319: Good morning yall....gona read...SPOT

April 20, 2005 - Msg 28320: great to see the porchsters keeig the town, er porch rolling during my absece. ha. god said the meek shall inherit the earth; i hope they hurry up cause the unmeek is sure making a mess of it. sadly i wonder what impact that children livein such a world? when we grew up (i'm working on it.) neighbors and stranger had time to listen to our wild thoughts and reassure us we'd make it. they'd listen to our problems and nudge us in the right directon. their motives were open, honest, listner, lived the life that every person was special. now our generation can't even with the most honest intention. sad isn't it? quess whose back in town? yep mayor pappa bear

April 20, 2005 - Msg 28321: good morning spot- you must have the late shift tonight, since it's 2;30 am in illinois. charlotte tucker, great to see you. we've been praying for you. i quess everyone's busy- asa , afd, emma, mavis, fun girl, frankie flynn, mr mcveebee, aunt bea to name a few that has been away awhile. ky girl- isn't this a beautiful spring. fall is my next favorite season and of course route 127 yard sale. mdc- i'm rightch here. i'll be at both ky girls and spot's cookout.m-m-m good. alyce= believe it or not oneday when your house and yard are done you'll sit on the porch,bbqing, and laugh at the funny things an blooper building it. romeena- continue prayers for henry. plum needs a group hug. homemaker- i love those, roasting ears, fresh garden tomatoes,homemade ice cream and ice cold wtermelon on a lazy indiana day. mayberry deputy- can we kick nemacheck in the eat of the pants for the army car needs a win. car doing ok driver ? sterling breakfast on me. see you all at denny's. quiet sam- just keep rocking nice nd slow. pappa bear

April 20, 2005 - Msg 28322: a special prayer for you mr wiley. a truck load of chocolate is on the way for you. good nightto the missing porchsts, too. you may be 5 ft 1 inch but your heart is as big as the universe. pappa bear

April 20, 2005 - Msg 28323: hey pappa bear and mrs wiley and ct and ro and ky girl..see ya at denny"s..want some eggs and sausage....gona water the garden..SPOT

April 20, 2005 - Msg 28324: Hey everyone! Feeling Peppy today! Only 4 classes left! 2 exams! And Summer here I come! Next Wednesday is the last day!!! I will then have a short break and start summer classes, but only till sometime in June. Then in August student teaching and WHAM! I'll be finished with my BS and be thinking on a Masters. Yes!

How is every little thing?

Hey to everyone. I haven't had time to talk to ya'll individually in a awhile but I will.... oh I will!

Thanx for the support on my schooling. When I graduate you all will have done just as much as i have in regards to me recieving that diploma! Maybe they should put your names on it too.......hmmm....interesting thought.....

Hey Ro. I had to babysit a little dog yesterday named Muffy and she makes me think of Plum. cute little thing. She rings a bell when she needs to go out.... too funny. It became a game later in the afternoon and when she just plain wanted out.


April 20, 2005 - Msg 28325: Congrats Dixie - wait on getting your Masters until you land a teaching job. Sometimes (in this area) you will get hired quicker if they don't have to put out as much money (Masters course work means an increase in salary).
Get those applications in as soon as you get finished - many school systems hire in the spring.

Going to tackle my son's bedroom today. . .please pray for me :)


April 20, 2005 - Msg 28326:
Afta-noon Folks,

Thought I'd make a little time to stop by and sit a spell.

Golly Bob Howdy has the weather been pleasant in these parts! Two weeks of sun and in the 60's everyday. Although, they are a calling for snow this weekend.

Dixie, Have some fun this summer.

Roomena, Glad to hear Henry is hanging in there. Continued Prayers.

pappa bear, I agree with you the news seems to be just chuck-full of bad news. And it is. But, the good guys will always win. Even during 9-11 after those cowards crashed into the WTC and all seemed hopeless there were men and women heading up those steps as thousands rushed down. They gave their lives to try and help or simply comfort people they had never knew and never met. I believe most of those who died that day trying to help were in their 20's and 30's. Well, I'm not quite sure if this is coming out right but Paul Harvey often quotes the old song, "These are the good old days." Again pappa bear, I hate to hear ya sound so down, don't give up hope.

One other little tidbit, I was told the other day that TAGS premiered on my birthday 10/03/1960. Does anyone know if that is the case?


April 20, 2005 - Msg 28327: Prayers for homemaker!I know what it's like to clean a boys bedroom!Ha Ha!one of my friends was cleaning her sons bedroom a few years ago,and found a litter of kittens under his bed and they don't even own a cat!She started asking neighbors if they had a pregnent cat and finally figured out the kittens belonged 2 houses up,they said they had been wondering what happened to them! Spot,that breakfast at Dennys was good,did you get your garden watered?Have you had much rain your way?We are supposed to get some today,I hope we do,not because we really need it,but,because I need a break from chasing my grandaughter in the backyard.Whew,her little legs can fly!Hey mayor pappa Bear,so good to see you.Was wondering about you when I didn't see a post from you last night.Dixie,glad to hear you are almost done and will have a bs degree.Good work! I'll talk to you all later,gonna grab some lunch.ky girl

April 20, 2005 - Msg 28328: Howdy, everyone. Just got back from the hospital, sat with Henry for a while so his wife could keep her appointment with the doctor. He's about the same, just hanging in there. He related a story about a visit from an angel yesterday, while the pastor was there praying with him. He described the angel as a young man, wearing a blue shirt, and said the angel leaned down close, placed his two hands on Henry's face in a comforting gesture, then disappeared. Do I believe him? Yep, I surely do.

Dixie, that is so cute, about Muffy ringing the bell to go outside. I'll bet you had fun with her. I wish you were nearby so you could stay with the Plum while I go to Mongolia in July.

This morning I discovered why my jute footmat at the back door has been getting smaller and smaller. A squirrel is unraveling it, and hauling the shredded material away, presumably for a nest. I got my ever-ready camera, and got some really cute pictures. He/she is welcome to the mat. I'll get another one.

Well, I have to work tonight, so a nap is in order. Have a great afternoon and evening, folks. If somebody cooks dinner, save me a plate. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

April 20, 2005 - Msg 28329:
RO, if you could post those on an Ofoto site or similar, we could all get a look-see!
I believe in henry's angel, for the Word says that we sometime entertain angels. Also, we know that Mary, Joseph, shepherds and others saw them!
Here's an odd fact, at my mom's nursing home, the night shift (6pm to 6 am) has fewer call offs and much less turnover than the day shift! Go figure.
DIXIE- Bet you are feelin' like Mary Grace dancin' with Gomer! That's great! I tend to agree with HM tho. Land a job and then go summers or nights for the MA. Just a thought.
SPOT - Do you ever use Scotts Turf Builder? Good stuff man. My lawn is the pride of the neighborhood. About 4 of us are usually out mowing on Friday evenings, and sometimes we"pow wow" about our lawns! Sorta like the King of the Hill guys with Gatorade!
Mayor Pappa, habemus pappa! (teehee) Did you make any moulages of the cow prints?
Have a good day all!

Mr Darlin's Cuz

April 20, 2005 - Msg 28330: Hey to the porch. For those asking about Asa, I've seen him here and there around Mayberry, so we know he got back safely from his vacation. Maybe he sprained his rear-end surfing or something and he can't sit in a rocker. You reckon?
Thanks Ro, for talking with me last night. It helped.
- Hazel

April 20, 2005 - Msg 28331: Afternoon Y'all! A litter of kittens from 2 houses down? My goodness gracious! I've heard it all now, Kentucky Girl! Ha Ha
Mrs. Wiley,glad you checked in with us after surgery. Get well soon!
Romeena,I too believe in Henry's angel.That is amazing. Henry remains in my prayers. Oh,by the way,did the missing parrot ever turn up in you neighborhood?
Congrats on "gitting-er-done" Dixie! We're proud of ya!
I believe Asa must've run off and joined the circus and he may have taken Rev. Jr. with him! Where ARE you guys?
I love Wed. afternoons! TV Land has a mini marathon of TAGS going-yippee! Let's hope they never get the notion to do that with "Chasing Farrah"-Geesh!
I'm off to watch TAGS- y'all have a great evening!
possum under a rock

April 20, 2005 - Msg 28332: Romeena,you have some really industrious squirrels,first the chair cushion ,now the rug!That is so cute.I think they know they are loved ,don't you?Possum,I just found out that TV land has the minimarathon of tags,I found it by accident when I turned on the tv a while ago.Maybe I'll get to tape it.Well,gotta close,I'll stop by later,ky girl

April 20, 2005 - Msg 28333: oh,and thanks Romeena for answering my question about the pharmacists.ky girl

April 20, 2005 - Msg 28334: MDC,PAPPA BEAR ,ASA,SPOT.. Saturday night racing at Phoenix,hope to get to see this one ,missed the last two except for highlites on the racing programs

April 20, 2005 - Msg 28335: Well ya'll we did get rain this afternoon,and expecting another thunderstorm tonight and tomorrow ,so looks like I will get to rest up from chasing the grandbaby,thank goodness for nickelodeon and noggin.MDC,I wondered about that scotts turfbuilder,I need something for my lawn to make it look better,since you said it works I think I'll try it.hey Mayberry Deputy,good to see you ,and hazel you too.auh20,I thought we were having crazy weather here ,but,2 weeks of 60 degree weather and now they are calling for snow?Where do you live if you don't mind me asking?ky girl

April 20, 2005 - Msg 28336: KYgirl, not sure how it works on that kentucky blue grass of yourn, but it does wonders on my burmuda/st augustine mix. You will pay a little more, but then again , more neighborhood kids will want to play Red Light/Green Light on your front yard than any other! haha
Ro, the closest thing we get to squirrels here in Phx area are roof rats! Bet they are real cuties!
These are the days I wish i had TVLand. Would love to see a minithon of tags!
Auh2o and Hazel, good to see you.
Rev Jr whare are ya?
ole MDC

April 20, 2005 - Msg 28337: Hey MD,ky,ro,dixie[good job],mdc,mrs wiley,hm,auh20,possum...well here at work till morning....will have a snack for us late night poarchers in just a bit....SPOT

April 20, 2005 - Msg 28338:
Kentucky Girl, I absolutely do not mind you asking. I live in Western New York near Lake Erie. We typically get between 16 and 19 feet of snow every winter. So, we probably have a few flakes left. I little known fact of the area is that the county I live in, Cattaraugus, is one of northern most regions of Appalachia. I think my Southern friends here on the porch would feel quite at home in this neck of the woods.

goodnight gang,

April 20, 2005 - Msg 28339:
MDC & Spot, Hey there. I must have been dozing in the rocker. Didn't see you two sitting there.


April 20, 2005 - Msg 28340: I came upon the TAGS mini-marathon by accident also, when I went to watch Highway To Heaven. At first I was kind of disappointed that I wouldn't be getting my daily does of HTH, but then I remembered, "Hey, it's TAGS!" :)

MDC, what is a "roof rat"? I have images of a big ugly rat scittering across my roof all night, keeping me awake. ;)

-Sterling Holobyte

April 20, 2005 - Msg 28341: Sorry, I believe that was supposed to be "sKittering".

April 20, 2005 - Msg 28342: cheese and crackers all around...hey Sterling..well gona find a movie to watch..there is a dirty dozen movie comng on...SPOT

April 21, 2005 - Msg 28343: auh2o,it sounds like it would be a pretty place to see up your way,even with a few flurries. I didn't realize that the area you are in is one of the northern most regions of appalachia. I've heard there is good fishing at Lake Erie ,when does fishing season open ?Spot,the cheese and crackers sound good,I just took some chicken strips and french fries out of the oven,and,I'v got some pepsi to drink,you all are welcome to some.I know it's kind of late for that kind of food[1:30 am at my house] but,it sure tastes good!I guess I'll close and go see whats on tv land.You all take care.I'll stop by later,ky girl

April 21, 2005 - Msg 28344: ky girl i"ll take a chicken strip with fries and hot sauce..dip my fries in mayo...SPOT

April 21, 2005 - Msg 28345: Good Morning porch...eggs over med,grits,country ham,bisquits and red eye gravy,hashbrowns...gooood...signed:SPOT the"tired and gona eat and go home" dog of your porch..

April 21, 2005 - Msg 28346:
Morning Folks,

Kentucky Girl, Yep, there is quite a bit of good fishing up this way. Trout season opens April 1st and bass season, I think, opens June 16th.

Poor Hanoi Jane got spat on by a Vietnam Vet. How horrible! Someone please pass the dear a hanky. Which would be more than she deserves.

OK, Spot & Kentucky Girl, now I gotta to head to the frig.


April 21, 2005 - Msg 28347: Hot Dog!!! That breakfast sounds great SPOT! Hey Ya'll, every Wednesday on TV Land is TAGS mini-marathon! They usually run from 5pm till 8pm! Lats nights went till 10!! Loved every bit of it! If ya'll are using fertilizer on centipede grass here in the South,be careful and only put it out in April! Centipede doesn't need much fert. to get green and doesn't like it after July-brings on cold damage next winter! Just give centipede plent of water all summer-not soggy though! Glad to see the weather warming again-hope to plant some peqnuts next week!!Ro, your squirrels know they are home and safe too! Owls got the few I had once awhile back! sounds like the porch was busy last night. Ya'll all take care and rockem easy! Quiet Sam.

April 21, 2005 - Msg 28348: He ya'll! If any of you young girls are needin a handle-how about EveyJoy(sp)! Very different name I think! Well, got to get some work done! See Ya'll later! Quiet Sam!

April 21, 2005 - Msg 28349: Mornin' Porchsters. It's been a while since I've been able to sit a spell here on the porch. Just been extremely busy at work...also some computer problems. Hope to check in a little more regular from now on. Hope everyone is doing well. Gotta find time to catch up on the archives.. See y'all soon.

April 21, 2005 - Msg 28350: Morning porchsters. Good job on finishing up school, Dixie Belle. Thanks for the prayers, papa bear. Sort of a dreary day here in west central Illinois. Hope it perks up by p.m. Kids are supposed to have a track meet. Good to see everyone. Why, Rev. we were just talking about you. Thought you and Asa had run off to join the circus. Mornin' Quiet Sam, Hazel, auh2o, Mayberry Deputy, Ky Girl, Spot, Sterling, possum, MDC, Romeena, homemaker, Mrs. Wiley, and Alyce. Our softball team's gonna be a fright if Asa doesn't show up soon. We'll have to coach ourselves like the gals in that movie with Tom Hanks. We've seen that movie too many times to count, and I can't even think of the name of it right now. Oldtimers disease I guess. Sterling, don't correct your posts on my account. I think I make ya'll nervous. ; ) Believe me, I make plenty of typos myself.
Charlotte Tucker (the editor)

April 21, 2005 - Msg 28351: REV..GOOD TO SEE YOU BACK ,WE MISSED YOU

April 21, 2005 - Msg 28352:
APB for ASA!! "Now is the time to come to the aid of your neighbor!"
So much going on here, I'll try to add my comments/answers;
Auh20 - loved her in Barefoot in the Park, then things went south!
Quiet Sam, after watching the minithons, you should lead us in a tags "quote-a-thon!"
Reve Jr- good to see ya again! hope the 'puter keeeps going.
Charlotte- are you thinking od "League of Our Own"?
Sterling, yup, they are ugly rats that live on citrus, so you can imagine why they thrive here, and they like the heat of attics, thus "roof rats"!
NASCAR fan are descending on this area.
Here's a new idea for you guys like spot, MD etc.
Go to www.maps.google.com and type in Phoenix International Raceway, Avondale, Az and you can get a birdseye view! Go a little south of the pointer arrow. If you click and hold on the photo,you can manuever around easier.
SPOT, good grub as usual. Italiano night in my house tonight, good ole spaghetti and garlic bread!
Have a great day, prayers continue for all ailing, plus troops, families, etc.
Mr Darlin's Cuz

April 21, 2005 - Msg 28353: Howdy MDC! I wish I could remember all the quotes I've heard! maybe when I can find time to review the DVD's I have and am goona get I'll remember some good quotes for the porch! Good to have you back Rev. Jr.,been athinking bout ya! It's getting hot here in Sc today! mid 80's!! goona cool off this weekend though! You woke up yet SPOT?? What's for supper,getting kinda hungry!! Quiet Sam!

April 21, 2005 - Msg 28354: OK, Charlotte, here's one for you that's been buggin me, what was the name of that TV show about 4 watresses? It starred Ann Jillian. I can remember the name for the life of me!
Andy: Do you think men will ever go to the moon?
Ed: Sure I do
Andy: Boy, you're already there!

April 21, 2005 - Msg 28355: Hey sam,rev,mdc,ct,pappa..and all , back at work till 6 am again....bbq beef short ribs on the grill,tater salad,pork-n-beans,green onions,home made sweet pickels..sweet tea..[johmmy harris bbq sauce]..yall ever had it?...ready at 7:00..signedSPOT the"got my apron on" talking dog of your porch..

April 21, 2005 - Msg 28356: thats"Johnny"..not johmmy..sorry

April 21, 2005 - Msg 28357: SPOT..I have tried that bbq sauce ,its good but I have taken a liken to REV MARVINS ,almost out gonna have to place an order soon Getting ready to rain here on my end of the porch ,its been in the high 80s the last few days but the weatherman said it was getting down to 35 Saturday and Sunday nights and the mountains could see some snow .everyone have a good evening

April 21, 2005 - Msg 28358: I know the name of that show you are wondering about, MDC. But you asked Charlotte so I don't know if this is a little game between you two and you don't want any interlopers, so I won't tell. ;) I always thought Crystal Bernard was a little cutie in that though! :) For some reason, I didn't like her as much on Wings.

Nah Charlotte, you don't make me nervous! You're just a good friend on the porch, and that's pretty nice.
I'm just kinda self-editing.;) Although it looks like I should quit that job because I saw another typo in that other post of mine.(my daily "does"?). Oh well, it's a living;). Or not, as I'm not an editor.

-Sterling Holobyte

April 21, 2005 - Msg 28359: MDC, do you play the boardgame "CLUE"? I meant to say something about "CLUE" in the above post.

-Sterling Holobyte

April 21, 2005 - Msg 28360: Is that cryptic enough for you, MDC? ;)

*Waiting for MDC to see it*

-Sterling Holobyte

April 21, 2005 - Msg 28361: Five new babies in the last two days! Four boys and 1 girl!
Chocolate Bars for everyone.


April 21, 2005 - Msg 28362:
Congrats on the new "goatherd" Homemaker!WOW!
How are YOU feeling these days. Back to teaching yet?
Sterling, I only played Clue one time when I was a MUCH younger man at a friend's house.
Yes, You can tell me the name of the show!
I only addressed it to charlotte cuz of her memory lapse with the movie t-tle.
I have a lot of respect for Ann J as she is a breast cancer survivor, as is my sister in law, and I was telling her about Ann.
Yall have a good evening
"When you're a lawman, and dealing with people,
it's better to go by the heart than by the book."


April 21, 2005 - Msg 28363:
Not sure where that "thanks" came from??

April 21, 2005 - Msg 28364: WOW HM...goat city!hello sterling..MD I have got to get some of the Rev"s sauce...what is the web site again?...SPOT

April 21, 2005 - Msg 28365: I'm glad to see I'm not the only one on the porch who gets those memory lapses!Ha HA!Ok,could somebody please help me with this one,what was the name of the lady Jimmy Durante always said goodnight to at the end of his show all I can remember is Mrs..I know it was a kind of different name,but,I can't remember it.hey charlotte ,good to see you,I like that movie too,was it A League of thier own? or something like that?I had completely forgot about about the one with Ann Jillian in it,and,I didn't remember Crystal Bernard was in it.sterling what was the name of that show with the waitresses?I was watching that movie"How to lose a guy in 10 days" and I saw that one of the women that used to play on "Alice"after polly holiday left as Flo was playing Matthew McConaghey[hope I spelled that right]mother,anybody remember her name?ok,enough trivia questions from me!spot,that dinner sounds delicious.you got the night shift again?MDC, i tried that google maps thing,that is really neat.Thanks for lettin me know about when to put that fertilizer on Quiet Sam,I'll remember that.homemaker,great to hear about those new babies!Rev.Jr,good to see you.I would like some of your bbq sauce too,but,I can't remember the web address,could you post it again?auh2o,hope you haven't got snowed in.Ya'll take care,I'll stop by later,ky girl

April 21, 2005 - Msg 28366: ...Mrs Calabash, wherever yau are!"
Just for you kygirl!
(Hey we could do an "Old commercial jingles marathon!) haha

April 21, 2005 - Msg 28367: ky girl I am on the 16 hr shifts two days a week and one 8 hr one..then off 6 days and start over..kinda confusing to folks..but I love it..going to a blue grass singing sat night in rockmart georgia.pizza with 2 more couples then music outside..yall come on by...well gona fing a movie and get some paper work done [got to give a class tomorrow]..well will have a snack later!..SPOT

April 21, 2005 - Msg 28368: Thanks for asking MDC, I go back to work on Monday (half days for a couple of weeks, then full time for two weeks, then summer vacation) and I will need another surgery once schoo lis out - unplanned but necessity.
The goats are doing great - I had to midwife one yesterday - the kid was positioned wrong coming out so I had to go in and get it straightened out to come out - not something for the faint hearted.
I should have been a vet!
Still working on my son's room - it is getting better I think - I didn't know they had so much junk!
Went to the school's art fair/book fair tonite. Spent $30 on books that I hope they read - one was a early reader on Nascar. I have a #8 fan here - that is Jr. right? I only know #24 - that's that Hoosier blood showing.

Take care everyone -


If it says Libbys Libbys Libbys on the Label Label Label
You will like it like it like it on your table table table
It says Libbys Libbys Libbys on the Label Label Label

(Anyone remember that one!)

April 21, 2005 - Msg 28369: Ok, I guess nobody is up for riddles tonight.lol!

MDC, I mentioned the name of the show in Msg 28358, and that is what I meant by the word "CLUE" in the next message(meaning that there was a clue to the name of the show in previous post.
I thought you might see the name of the show in that first message and it might jog your memory. Sorry for the vagueness of my riddles. :)

-Sterling Holobyte

What? You thought I wasn't going to tell you the name of the show?! ;)
It's A Living :)

April 21, 2005 - Msg 28370: homemaker,remember n-e-s-t-l-e-s- nestles makes the very best?I remember the Libbys one,I saw on a talk show one day Robert Urich and his wife,and I guess they met on the set of a tv commercial for libbys because they said that libbys theme song was thier song.I thought that was cute.Thanks sterling for the answer,I would have never remembered that one.Wasn't Geena Davis in that show too,or was that another one?MDC,I like the idea about the old commercial jingles marathon,that would be fun!I was just wondering,I wonder if anybody has ever played trivial pursuit over the internet,you know like a whole game?I'll stop by in alittle bit,ky girl

April 21, 2005 - Msg 28371: "HO-HO-HO....Green Giant!...SPOT

April 21, 2005 - Msg 28372: Hey, Ky girl, you left off the ending! N-E-S-T-L-E-S, Nestles makes the very best - CHOCK-LIT!..Sung by the sad-eyed, droopy-eared Farfle. Or Farful? Not sure....

"Everything's better with Bluebonnet on it!"

"It's not nice to fool Mother Nature!"

"Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, Oh what a relief it is!"

"We are the men of Texaco, we work from Maine to Mexico, there's nothing like this Texaco of ours.
Our show tonight is powerful, we'll wow you with an hourful of howls from our showerful of stars.
We're the merry Texaco men. Tonight we may be show men, tomorrow we'll be servicing your cars!"

"See the USA in your Chevrolet - America is asking you to call. Drive your Chevrolet through the USA, America's the greatest land of all. -- This is Dinah Shore, reminding you to 'See America First!'"

OK, who's next? Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

April 21, 2005 - Msg 28373: hey,Romeena,I was wondering where you were.How about"hungry,hungryjack,they gobble 'em up and the plate comes back for hungry jack!"and " how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?1,2,crunch,the world may never know" I'll stop by later,ky girl

April 21, 2005 - Msg 28374: I have some kettle cooked potato chips and pepsi on this end of the porch,you all are welcome to come by for a snack,ky girl

April 21, 2005 - Msg 28375: Pass the chips ky girl and a bottle of pop!..ro you got the jingles down pat..but remember'Its not nice to fool mother nature"..."KAAABOOM...SPOT

April 21, 2005 - Msg 28376: HM glad you are going back to work...thats great...SPOT

April 22, 2005 - Msg 28377: Good Morning!...streak-o-lean,scambled eggs with cheese,little sausage links,grits,toast,butter,grape jelly,oj,coffee,milk...ready at 6:00...signed:SPOT the"going home and sleep and back at 2 pm"dog of your porch..

April 22, 2005 - Msg 28378: a big hello to the porch- i'm at spot's where he just opened the great breakfast bar. been busy so i'm a little behind on the front porch, back porch is ok. homemaker- your in our prayers that your health problemsare oversoon. ky girl- you saving those buffalo nickels for the 127 yard sale? romeena- top of the morning to you and the plum. how about borden's elsie the cow. bucky beaver for ipana tooth paste? charlotte tucker- where did our summer go? did goober, frankie flynt, il girl run off with it? i haven't seen them here soon. hello mdc, sterling, mayberry deputy, quiet sam, dixie, boo, and all the missing porchsters. good morning floyd... mayor pappa bear.

April 22, 2005 - Msg 28379: commercial jingles? sugar pops pete, andy divine on sugar pops, tony the tiger, tv stars promoting cigerretts on their shows. charlie the tunna. how about next doing tv theme songs you can't get out of your head. mayberry theme, davy , davy crockett? pappa bear

April 22, 2005 - Msg 28380:
Morning Folks,

Great commercials gang.

This one slays me. I think it's one of the all-time best.

"Ooey, gooey, rich, and chewy inside.. Tender, flaky, sweet, and caky outside.. Wrap the inside in the outside.. Is it good? Darn tootin'. Doing the big fig newton..
Here's the tricky part.." (actually type while balancing on one leg)


April 22, 2005 - Msg 28381: Morning!

Thank you everyone for all the congratulation posts. You make me feel so special ;) And I agree. I'm gonna try to get a job before the Masters.

Ro I did have the best time with Muffy. I went into the lady's shop again Wed. and Muffy got all excited to see me and started begging for me to pick her up. Too cute! I wish I could meet Plum too. She sounds like a sport! I'll bet she is fun to have around too :)

pappa bear about Davy Crockett. Would you believe that I know David Crockett? Yes I sure do. And yes he is a descendent. omething huh? I was excited! Him and his wife Peggy went to our church for a while. He's a retired pastor but then another church (that our church had started long ago) was in need of an interim pastor so he went to help out and they ended up calling him. We miss him but we know he's were he is supposed to be. We still see him around a lot in town, Fifth Sunday Sings, Associational Meetings, and all that good stuff!

Gotta go get Breakfast:)


April 22, 2005 - Msg 28382: (giggel) "omething"...... too funny for me this morning! Something.. I meant something!


April 22, 2005 - Msg 28383: there I go again...."giggel" I guess I'm just fiddle fingers today

April 22, 2005 - Msg 28384: Papa Bear--Brrr. Supposed to get down to 35 tonight! Our track meet wasn't canceled yesterday, but we nearly froze our fannies off! Mr. Sun, come back! MDC, glad that trivia question wasn't just for me--I don't remember that show It's a Living at all! Was it on ABC? That station would never come in out here where we live--I missed a lot of shows because of it. Most others I sort of vaguely recall. I love recalling all the commercial jingles. Speaking of Texaco--You can trust your car to the man who wears the star. The big, bright Texaco star! Mama Mia, That's a spicy meatball! Does anyone ever remember eating 1-2-3 Jell-O? I loved that stuff, but they quit making it. The commercial for it had a bunch of kids telling about the various layers and which they liked best--the foam on top, the sauce (kid had a real northeastern accent--(sahce) or the jelly jammy on the bottom. My favorites were the foam or the sauce. I could eat those and leave the jelly jammy--it was a sort of rubbery Jell-O. Anyone ever eat it? If not, maybe that's why they quit selling it!
Charlotte Tucker

April 22, 2005 - Msg 28385: Hey, Spot, you're right. I forgot the big lightning bolt and KABOOM that "Mother Nature" called down. Pappa Bear, you and I are probably the only ones around here who are old enough to remember Elsie. Actually, I think they still put her picture on their packaging, but I remember the little song - "It's gotttt to be gooood, says El-sie, the Borden Cow!" (You have to get the timing right.) CT, I don't think I remember the jello thing. It may not have made it into this market.

Well, off I go. Prayers continue for Henry, who is hanging in there, and in fact looked a bit better yesterday. He's trying to eat a little now, and it is staying down. Dear Lord - we need a miracle, please.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

April 22, 2005 - Msg 28386: Pappa bear, on the subject of Elsie, the Borden Cow - do you remember her "husband", the cute bull? And didn't they have a calf? As I recall, the bull was Elmer, and I'm not sure, but I think the calf was called Beauregard. Do you remember them? --Romeena

April 22, 2005 - Msg 28387: I remember 1-2-3 Jello - That stuff was great!
I liked the foam part the best. . .


April 22, 2005 - Msg 28388: Fine Citizens of Mayberry:

Its been many moons since Nugatuk errr, I mean me, Mayor Pike, has visited the Porch. Lots of government business needin' addressing and too many kids clogging up our sewer grates with their heads. Keeps a Mayor's life never dull.

Working in the garden, but spring comes slow to the northwoods of Minnesota. But tulips are blooming and trees are startin' show a little color. I know you folks down there in the banana belt are probably already enjoying your first garden grown tomatoes of the season. I can't even put the plants out for 2-3 weeks. But at least the boat is in the lake.

Sleep well Mayberry, your Mayor is at the helm.

Mayor Pike

April 22, 2005 - Msg 28389: romeena- you got the borden clan down. how about mr wipple on charmin. double the pleasure double the fun. of course put a tiger in your tank, exon gas. charlotte tucker- i agree, i want my summerback. would a mayoral decree work? dixie- was that david crockett like the nephew of wyatt earp on mayberry or the real thing? ha auh20- i always liked that commercial, it was another one you couldn't get out of your head. does anyone remember tv stars promoting cigerettes? james arness, chesterfield. dale robertson, tales of wells fargo. pappa bear

April 22, 2005 - Msg 28390: Wow, don't the porch look nice and full!
TWO MAYORS?? Looks like we may have to have a runoff! Welcome back mayor pike, meet mayor pappa bear!
Sterling, I sure did miss that clue! Thanks for the name of the show!
Charlotte, I too liked the 1 2 3 jello. It took quite a while to make, as I recall. Maybe cuz so many moms work now, they stopped making it.
"It's Shake and Bake, and I halped!"
"Timex, it takes a licking and keeps on ticking"
Too bad we can't get folks to remember Bible verses like we do our commercials! haha
Ro, I remember Elsie, but never understood the
"thing" on her forehead, between her ears. It looked like a wierd curly lock of hair.
Prayers continue for Henry and all the porch,
Benedict, Mrs wiley, troops, etc.
APB for ASA continues too!
Mr Darlin's Cuz

April 22, 2005 - Msg 28391: Calgon-Ancient Chinese Secret!

April 22, 2005 - Msg 28392: papa bear...I promise I didn't take the summer...I've been looking all over for it! If anyone sees it..please send it back to Chicager!

Hope everyone is doing well here in Mayberry...some day...it'll be warm again. I'm sure.


April 22, 2005 - Msg 28393: "Frosted Flakes, they're GREAAAAAAAAT"

April 22, 2005 - Msg 28394: SPOT... www.revmarvin.com

April 22, 2005 - Msg 28395:
On my way home from work yesterday, I saw Bobby Hamilton's #32 Tide car on display in a parking lot. It was kinda neat to get "up close and personal" with it. I had a good talk with the guy whose job it was to take it to different sites.
Sure wish i could go tonight or tomorrow night, but alas, have other things that have to be done.
But there will be another race here in the fall.
MD - hope you will have a chance to see some of the action on TV.
Have a great porch day.

April 22, 2005 - Msg 28396: Once upon a time there was an engineer, Choo Choo Charlie was his name we hear. He had and engine and he sure had fun, he used _______________ to make his train run!

How 'bout that?!

Mary Wiggins

April 22, 2005 - Msg 28397: MDC .. The team that fields the #32 car is located in Hickory N.C. about a 15 minute drive from my house ,I have a couple of buddies that work for the team ,also Evernham motorsports (Khane ,Mayfield and Elliott) is in Statesville N.C about 15 minutes east of the house
gonna miss the Busch race tonight but I plan to watch the cup race tommorrow night after I get off work

April 22, 2005 - Msg 28398: Betcha you can't eat just one,does anyone remember that commerical. EARNEST T. BASS

April 22, 2005 - Msg 28399: THANKS MD.I will get to catch the Bush race but gona miss the cup race..we will converse...baked trout tonight,asparagus tips in butter,little red potatoes,hush puppys [no relation],slaw...ready at 7:30...SPOT

April 22, 2005 - Msg 28400:
MW, Charlie says "...


April 22, 2005 - Msg 28401: MD - COOL!
Earnest T- Yup, the Eskimo in the middle of nowhere was Classic!
More later,

April 22, 2005 - Msg 28402: Romeena, Elsie, Elmer, & Beauregard can't be that old. I remember them, and I'm just a young thing. (blonde from a bottle) teehee. Keep the commercials coming. I'm glad I'm not the only one who remembers 1-2-3- Jell-O. I thought maybe I dreamed it. Da duh ta duh--Imperial crown margarine. Mrs. Olsen and Folgers. Loved her accent.
Charlotte Tucker

April 22, 2005 - Msg 28403: mary wiggins,he used good n plenty candies to make his train run!mmm mmm love that good n plenty!Hope I'm right,I've been trying to think of the answer ever since I read your post!yeah spot and romeena,I remember it's not nice to fool mother nature,KABOOM.and elsie the borden cow,yep.I can't remember 123 jello,we must not have had it in our markets either.spot,supper sounds wonderful,I've been hungry for fish all day,and I love asparagus with fish,along with all your other fixins.I've been running errands all day,[doctors checkups,picking up mail etc]and I haven't had a chance to eat anything decent.I grabbed a mcdonalds sandwich while i was getting the kids something and that was a mistake.Thier food has so much salt and preservatives I get migraine headaches from it.So,I've taken my excedrin migrain medicine and it's starting to work.I can look at my computer screen without my head hurting.Ernest T and MDC,I thought betcha can't eat just one was lays potato chips,was it eskimo pies or something?Thanks for the answer to my question last night MDC,I just couldn't think of that name.How hard was it to make 123 jello? It sounds good.auh2o,I had forgotten about the fig newton one,you even remembered the dance HA HA! yeah,pappa bear,I'm saving those nickles for the yard sale.There is sure to be some good deals along the way.yes,I remember tv stars promoting cigarettes,Anybody remember the Marlboro man billboards and magazine ads that a few years later we found out was Tom selleck of Magnum PI?Romeena,glad to hear your friend was able to eat a little bit and is looking a little better.I'll keep him in my prayers.Sorry to be so talkative,guess I better get off here and get a few things finished.Talk to ya'll later,ky girl

April 22, 2005 - Msg 28404: hey,I just thoght of an old commercial,remember the lonely maytag repairman?Didn't he have a dog/Did they ever say it's name?ky girl

April 22, 2005 - Msg 28405: Evenin' Y'all. I recall 1-2-3 Jello! Does anyone remember Fruit Float? Fruit Float Fruit Float Fruit Float-now that's a tongue twister!
Ro,I'll keep Henry in my prayers.
Thanks for checking in,Rev. Jr. Hope you get your computer problems straightened out real soon. I'm saving your rocker here on the SC end of the porch for you!
Asa,check in with us when you can. We miss you!
Have a good evening y'all!
possum under a rock

April 22, 2005 - Msg 28406: Oh,an afterthought- Did y'all know the new Pope has an e-mail address?! I kid you not-saw it in today's paper. I'll post it if anybody wants to e-mail him!

possum again