May 06, 2005 - Msg 28678: I'm here, MDC. And yes, thank you, papa bear for the warmer weather. Tomorrow—sectional track meet—may even reach 80°, Time to hit the ironing board.
Charlotte Tucker

May 06, 2005 - Msg 28679: Well, it's a good thing I got here. This here porch was mighty dirty.

May 06, 2005 - Msg 28680: Nice sweep Charlotte, but you went and got my larnyx all dusty right before the musi-cal tryouts tomorrow.


May 07, 2005 - Msg 28681: good evening everybody!Boy,the porch sure looks nice after that sweep.I haven't stopped by for awhile because I haven't been feeling good.Went to the doctor and he says I am severely anemic.he going to run more tests to see what the cause is.Please remember me in your prayers,that he finds out what is going on and I get better.I'm going to close for now.You all take care and God Bless you.Ky Girl

May 07, 2005 - Msg 28682: God bless you KYGirl! Will keep you in my prayers for sure!! Asa, what selection are you going to render at the tryouts? Tiko-Tiko or the Umbrella Man? I always did enjoy something from the light classics. I'm in Tallahassee for my nieces' wedding with my Mother. (gee, I feel like Howard Sprague saying that) Last night as we were leaving the rehersal dinner, Mom took a fall and skin't up her knees prety bad - she's OK, but scared the heck out of me.

Y'all have a beautiful Saturday and act like somebody!
~ Mrs. Wiley

May 07, 2005 - Msg 28683: Good morning, porch friends. I just wanted to let you know that my friend Henry went to be with the Lord this morning. His children and grandchildren were all gathered in his room, and they were singing hymns as he passed. Can you imagine anything more beautiful? They were able to just lift him on a rising tide of music and wash him right onto Heaven's shores. I'm very sure my own dear husband met him there, because they were close friends in life. God is good.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

May 07, 2005 - Msg 28684: Gosh Romeena, how sad and yet how wonderful. May the Lord bless him and his family. They will have their struggles no doubt. Thanks for the update.

Mrs. Wiley, sorry your Mom took a fall. Thank goodness it was no worse. You may sound like Howard, but you don't look like him, so don't fret. I think I'll sing something from the lite classics as you mentioned. Providing the dust does not affect my voice. It is feeling a little irritated. Maybe I'm getting a virus cold.

Ky. Girl, hope you get to feeling better soon. Hopefully thet will find whats making you weak, and be able to treat it. Keep us posted.

Raining and cold here today. Sure don't feel like the first part of May. I may just have to turn on the fireplace and find me a good book.

Prayers for all that need em. That should cover everyone.


May 07, 2005 - Msg 28685: Ro, I'm glad Henrys passing was so peaceful and joyful. Thanks for passing along the news. Asa, something from the lite classics might be over their heads, don't you think?
- Hazel

May 07, 2005 - Msg 28686: prayers for henry, ky girl,mrs wiley, romeena. just passing thru and wanted to say hello. asa, hazel and those not on yet, go horse racing at chruch hill downs, happy mothers day not just tommorow but everyday we guys couldn't do without you. mayor pappa bear

May 07, 2005 - Msg 28687: Mrs. Wiley, I hope your mom is doing okay. A fall is a scary thing, especially for us older folks. Ky Girl, you keep us posted now, you hear? Any idea why you're anemic? Just as a matter of curiosity, do you crave ice? For some reason, many people who are anemic eat ice, sometimes in large amounts. I worked with a nurse who crunched ice all night long (easy when there's a crushed ice dispenser handy), and I kept nagging her to get a CBC done. She finally did, and sure enough, she was significantly anemic. She started taking iron supplements, her red cell count came up, and she no longer eats ice! I don't know what the connection is, but the ice craving is present in a large percentage of folks with anemia.

Well, I got three flats of "wave" petunias planted today. My plan is that they'll take over the color show when the pansies die back. Hope it works!

Have a lovely Sabbath, everyone. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

May 07, 2005 - Msg 28688: yes Romeena,funny you should ask that because I eat ice by the cupfuls constantly.No Idea why I'm anemic,I'm supposed to go back to the doctor this week.He started me on some iron pills Friday.Thank you everyone for the prayers.Romeena I'm sorry to hear about Henry .May God be with you,because I know it hurts to lose a friend,and prayers for his family .I'll let you know what the doctor has to say.You all take care and have a great evening.KY Girl

May 08, 2005 - Msg 28689: good morning sleepy- doo's, this is one of several pappa bear clones, what's the matter sleepy do? i love that commercial. to all the cyber- maybery ladies i hope you have a great mothers day. breakfast thin ham and cheese sandwich's grilled, grits, egg casserole, donuts, fresh fruit, any special item requested while you wait. rev jr, mayberry deputy, spot, and all the race fans- how'd you like the darlington race? i like the saturday night races because i go to my shop and watch it while mamma bear watches something else. lord we ask you to touch the lives of those who are sick and heal them according to your will. thank you lord for the holy spirit who comforts us. we praise you for our family, friends and each other.we pray those who have been away from the porch ae alright and will once again sit in their rockers. pappa bear

May 08, 2005 - Msg 28690: Good Morning and Happy Mother's Day to all the porch Mamas!
Prayers for your mom Mrs.Wiley,and also for you Ky girl.
Thank you for sharing the news about Henry,Romeena. I have been praying for him and am glad that he went peacefully. I'm sure his angel was also in the room with him and helped him on his journey home.
Everyone have a good day,especially if you're a Mom!
possum under a rock

May 08, 2005 - Msg 28691: Happy Mothers Day to all you wonderful Moms.


May 08, 2005 - Msg 28692: hope all moms on the porch had a nice mothers day PAPPA BEAR .. good race last night ,the Roush guys are hot right now

May 08, 2005 - Msg 28693: HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all you porch moms!
KYgirl will keep you in my prayers. Sounds like you need some Geritol! haha
Ro -I thought of the song "Sweet Chariot" when you mentioned Henrys passing. Could picture the big white chariot and horses swooping down to take him to heaven! Imaging someone like James Earl Jones singing "swing low, sweet chario, coming for to carry me home..." Priceless!
Good to see papa bear still tending to mayoral business. Should we cut down the old oak treee?
GREAT RACE MD! I like those under lights since PIR got lights. Reminds me of the days when I used to watch the midgets at a small dirt track in south Phx. I read in the paper that a group of Iraqis have formed an auto racing club and are racing in a big vacant area in Bagdad! They were not allowed to get american cars or parts under Saddam, but now they can. Spectators come and all. Quite interesting. Favorites are corvettes and cameros!
Asa, you're the limit! haha
Charlotte, good to see you. Looks like the two sisters are still on the phone talking about you!
God bless the porch and God bless America on this special day!

May 08, 2005 - Msg 28694: Ky girl, your ice consumption will probably decrease or disappear as your anemia gets corrected. It's strange, but it's true.

Had a lovely Mother's Day lunch with my son and his wife and little boys, and DIL's parents as well. Very nice, good food and good company.

Well, gott run. Have to work tomorrow night, and have a friend coming Tuesday whom I haven't seen in about 25 years or so, to spend the rest of the week with me. Gotta rake this house out, and bathe the Plum, and do laundry, and buy groceries and - well, I'm just gonna be busy! Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

May 08, 2005 - Msg 28695: WELL IM BACK YALL..Happy to all the Mom"s...great time at the lake camping...80 + camper is the way to go...bathroom,nice bed,sink,stove..miss Sherry cooked inside and I done the grilling..water was cold but jet skis were so fun...well gona read the archives..hope yall have been eating well.....SPOT

May 09, 2005 - Msg 28696: Spot, what lake is it, or is it the gulf area that you go to? Camper sounds like a beaut!
Only the best for our talkin' dog!

May 09, 2005 - Msg 28697: Afternoon Porchsters. Ro- so sorry to hear about your friend. It sounds like such a cliche, but he's in a better place. Spot- sounds like you had a great time. My idea of "roughing it" is a hotel room with no cable.. LOL. MDC-well, all's quiet on this end of the porch now that the hurricane known as the "Charger 500" is gone. From all indications looks like it was a big success. Hope Darlington can hang on to that one race for awhile.

May 09, 2005 - Msg 28698: Good Day All! Ro, so sorry to hear about Henry! Glad he didn't suffer long and glad the angels have him now! Hey KY girl,sounds like a little school stress might have gotten you down! Hope you get to feeling better now that school is about done! what a different ending to the race Sat. night!SPOT, good to have you back,sounds like the camping was great! It's a warming up here in SC now and dry too.What else is new for this area??? Ya'll keep ona rocking easy! quiet sam!

May 09, 2005 - Msg 28699: Hey, all. I have been so busy I haven't had a chance to check in for a while. Sending up prayers to all who need them. Romeena, your friend Henry's passing sounds like a most peaceful way to leave this life. I'm glad he was surrounded by his loved ones.

I have a prayer request. Please pray for Chuck R., Rose's husband, who is in a hospital in Houston. He suffered a severe heart attack Saturday night and is in critical condition. He just turned 46 years old. He is a hard working, loving husband and father and one of the sweetest people I know. His loved ones would be so appreciative if you'd lift him up in prayer.

I hope everyone in the path of the storms that were in our area yesterday are safe and sound. I just talked to my dad, who is in Kentucky, and he said the same storm system headed their way.

Love to all. I'll keep you posted on Chuck's progress. There may not be any news for a while; the doctors want to keep him in a coma for a while yet.


May 09, 2005 - Msg 28700: MDC it was lake allatoona about 15 miles from the dog house...planting 15 more tomato plants..Pop is waiting on me...what chall want to eat tonight?...SPOT

May 09, 2005 - Msg 28701: spot- lake altoona is beautiful i was there every weekend, while training at fort benning. that new camper will keep you and miss sherry from having to rough it, just kidding. hhow about some of them 15 pound cheese burgers? seconds anyone? des- so good to see you, prayers for chuck and rose. quiet sam, you got the crops all in? rev jr, what a race, even biffle led some. mayberry deputy, where is the brown truck racing this weekend? spot, can you drive the brown truck at the race? it likes you. ky girl- how about that derby? romeena, sounds like you and the plum need a vacation, has plum driven the new ride? hello possum and asa. charlotte tucker, i quess time to baton down hatch tonight. gomer, and others in ourarea. have a great evening. mdc- did the bees move on your way? pappa bear

May 09, 2005 - Msg 28702: PAPPA BEAR .. Cup boys head for Richmond this coming weekend and then to Charlotte for the next two weekends
Hey Rev JR. ..good to see you back

May 09, 2005 - Msg 28703: Ro = so sorry to hear of Henry's passing. . .I am sure there was a joyful reunion of your husband and Henry. Mr. Ro was probably showing him all the sights!

Take care everyone . . .

Two more weeks of homework. . .


May 09, 2005 - Msg 28704: Pappa mayor -"Bee" ball has new meaning in Phoenix this week as the Suns battle the Mavs, Steve Nash's "old' team. GO SUNS!
Darlington was a "Darling" and the KY derby was 50 to 1 shot! Wow, ky girl, hope you won!
I was watching the TAGS ep of Opie having trouble with Arithmetic last night and I came up with 2 questions for the porch.
1. About what year did Arithmetic suddenly become "Math." It was arithmetic when I was a kid and in '65 when this ep aired. Any thoughts HM or others?
Also,(2) Barney mentions Johnny Unitas when telling Opie he should study hard and not play too much football. Can you think of any other tags ep that mentioned a sports figure? Mickey Mantle maybe?
Oh well just a thought whilst youre rockin there.
Spot, did me a google maps look at lake altoona!
My, looks just like MEYERS lake! haha
Prayers for DES and friends! good to see you des, keep us updated. Dont forget your night prayers.
Vaaaaaroom= Romena's new caddy! teehee

May 09, 2005 - Msg 28705: When I was a kid we used to call it "cyphering", MDC.

;) jk!

-Sterling Holobyte

May 10, 2005 - Msg 28706: good to see so many out on the porch- charlotte tucker, have you got plenty of ice tea made? next 3 days near 90 and after the rain. mdc= go suns all the way. mayberry deputy, thanks for schedule update. been so busy i've just turn it on the day of the race. this weekends odds on the brown truck winning is 66 to 1. ha. mayberry trivia:: in all 8 seasons, how many and name the times and characters who actually was fishing. just curious. have a great day. pappa bear

May 10, 2005 - Msg 28707: great to see you sterling and homemaker. what are you going to do this summer on vacation? spot likes to camp. spot that was an example only- just curious what porch folks like to do to relax summer time. hi to miss sherry and say hello to spot's son and thank him for keeping us updated while you were down. pappa bear

May 10, 2005 - Msg 28708: Hello and Happy Mothers day well two days late I forgot that Sunday was Mothers day I'v been cleening the house cutten the grass takingout trash whhhhhhhe. For know on im circling mothers day on the calender!!!

Hey guys I read in a book once. . .>

Do you need a way to get through to your kids?
If you’re at the end of your rope, here are four steps on how to discipline your kids...without spanking...from Dr. Phil.
Number one: Commit yourself. It’s crucial that your child knows that you’re going to do what you say you will. If you explain what a punishment will be and then don’t act on it, you’ll have less credibility the next time.
Number two: Define your child’s currency. Find out what your child could be a toy, a particular activity, or even a privilege, like getting to stay awake to a certain hour. Dr. Phil explains that if you control the currency, you control the behavior that currency depends on.
Number three: Give your children predictable consequences. It’s important for your child to understand that the same result will come from the same behavior....this makes your child feel like he has control over his life. So if your child throws a tantrum, he should always have the same consequence...because if he can count on the rules staying the same, he’s more likely to abide by them.
And the last step to disciplining your kids...use child-level logic. Explain your values in terms your children can understand.
And three things you should never do when it comes to discipline:
Do not yell. If you yell at your kids, they will yell back.
Do not disagree on the rules in front of your kids. No matter what, parents need to present a united front. Agree on the rules beforehand.
And the third thing parents should never do: Bribe your kids. You want your children to learn right from wrong regardless of whether or not they get a reward. Because if you say “be quiet and you’ll get a cookie” what happens next time when there is no cookie?
Want more “get real” advice? Go to Dr Phil dot com.

Johnny Paul Jason.

May 10, 2005 - Msg 28709: Good advice Johnny Paul! Such wisdom from a teen!
Way to go!
As I think of TAGS eps, Andy, except for a few occasions (in order to have a storyline) pretty much followed that PHIL-osophy! (When Opie quit his job at the grocery store, Andy started yelling at him until the truth came out!, for example)("He ought not have done that!")
Barney, dont shoot the sligshot in the office!
RO- I forgot you and Boo are from the Dallas area!
Looks like it will be showdown in the big D for the Mavs and the Suns!
SH - cyphering? really? Certainly pre- "new math" that is for sure! My dad says there used to be a clerical job called a computer! He (or she sometimes) would "compute"!)
Pappa Bear, usually around here, folks head upstate to Flagstaff area to get away from the 115 heat! Lot of good camping in the ponderosa pine forests up there.
Trivia- Did you know that there is a REAL Mount Pilot? It is called Pilot Mountain, NC
Well, have a good day all,
Mr Darlin's Cuz

May 10, 2005 - Msg 28710:
You can see it on google maps! Love that site. mdc

May 10, 2005 - Msg 28711: Ro - Sorry to hear of Henry's passing. Prayers for his family and for you as well.

De§ - I will keep Chuck and Rose in prayer also.

Thanks for all the Happy Mothers Day wishes everyone. Hope the rest of you porch mama's had a blessed day as well.

Pray all are well and blessed this day!

May 10, 2005 - Msg 28712: Hey work now for 16..gona read the archives...ribs tonight and tater salad...SPOT

May 10, 2005 - Msg 28713: I've been to a couple of the Andy Griffith Show reunions and I just want to say that the TAGS cast members who I've had the pleasure of meeting are some of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet. They seem to genuinely care about the fans. Another thing that impressed me was how down to earth they all are.

May 10, 2005 - Msg 28714: Hey whos the new comer above?...SPOT

May 10, 2005 - Msg 28715: Welcome to the taylor porch 28713. Opie is just finishing up cranking a new batch of ice cream.
We got some fresh squeezin's for the more daring, tho they aint turned hard yet! Hope you are all having a great evening. Nice, easy slow rockin, and the new glider is pretty soothing too.
The kids are playing "mother may I" in the front lawn, and all is well in Mayberry!
Take Care and may God bless,

May 11, 2005 - Msg 28716: This morning its country ham red eye gravy,bisquits,eggs,grits,hashbrowns,bacon,jimmy dean sausage,oj,coffee,milk....get a little of it all....getting ready to go home soon.gona be 85 and sunny here in ga the next 3 days!..yard work and truck washing....signed:SPOT the"sleepy" dog of this here fine porch

May 11, 2005 - Msg 28717: Merry Christmas Porch!
No, I ain't lost my mind. We have about 4 inches of fresh snow on the ground this morning and it's still pounding down hard. Very pretty, but hard on all our tree's that have leafed out. I have lost a lot of branches on some Quacking Aspen tree's in my front yard.:( Oh well, guess I'll just enjoy the pretty of it.


May 11, 2005 - Msg 28718: Ho ho ho, Asa! I'd be more than happy to send you a few of our forecasted 86°.

Thanks for breakfast, spot! Good stuff (although I did let the grits go by ; )!)

That glider sounds nice, real nice, MDC!

Have a good day, all!

May 11, 2005 - Msg 28719: hoowee, its getting hot in these parts, this porch sure does feel good with a little breeze stirring. Wish it would rain some, we are a bit dry. Grape vines are loaded with little grape clusters, its going to be a good year for grapes, Might even make a little wine (don't tell otis) I enjoy the chit chat on the porch, Take care now.
Going to catch the bus and go on a little trip over the weekend.
Take care friends,

May 11, 2005 - Msg 28720: Welcome larry, come back anytime!

May 11, 2005 - Msg 28721: Larry - make sure you grab the sandwiches before you go. . you know how bus rides can make you hungry.

I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy July 4th! - Asa had snow, Asa had snow. . . I think that is great for you Asa. Hitting around 86 here -
Anybody need a glass of sweet tea?


May 11, 2005 - Msg 28722: ASA-SNOW!?? wow! WherE is it you live again? the North Pole of NC? haha They say we will hit 99 HERE on the weekend!
Here's a good one for you all:
I'm sitting with this other guy in the lunchroom at work and he says to me, "That worker over there has 'Newton Monroe syndrome.'(I think he didnt think I knew what he was talking about.)
But I came back with, "You mean he's INEPT?"
The guy just cracked up. It was so funny, it was one of those milk thru the nose type things.
Then he said, "Well, he sure aint EPT!" and we were both laughing again! Of course I found out he's a big tags fan and told him of this site.
But i dont think he is the Larry of 28719.
He told me that the whole "Newton paint job" on the front porch (THis here Porch!)haha) was all done with lighting. Check it out the next time you see that ep.
Have a good day.
Great breakfast spot, thanks.
HM- how are your new "kids" doing?
mayor- still no rootbeer in the drinking fountains! :)
Mr Darlin's Cuz

May 11, 2005 - Msg 28723: Oops, one more thing, this is late but i thought of another old show that I liked--Benson!
Also, I saw the ep last night where barney lets Andy and helen have the day at Myers lake, but then keeps interupting them, and I realized that te TV repairman that Barney brings out to the lake is played by none other than Earnest T Bass!
So wierd to see him in that role!

May 11, 2005 - Msg 28724: Hey Guys. Having Computer problems. I was fixing my speakers and the tower fell over killing the modem. Still waiting for my brother to fix it. I'm at school now. 6 wks. and no more classes! Can I get a Hip-hip-horay?

I'll try to catch up on news later. Gotta go!

Happy Belated Mother's Day to all hte mothers on the porch!

Dixie B

May 11, 2005 - Msg 28725: H-O-W-D-Y EVERYONE... asa- strange weather everywhere. i remember in the late 50's having a snow storm on memorial day, cause we lived about half mile off road and dad and i shoveled to the road and it was blocked. mdc- that episode always was strange cause you could see ernest t's character developing. mdc- no root beer in the fountain cause it's bad for otis's liver. i wasn't to good at cyphering unless they let me stomp my feet. a lot of things didn't compute. ha. welcome larry, we'll deputise otis to watch over the grapes while your gone if you want. so good to see you AFD trivia... how many folks can you name that actualy had a fishing pole in hand during 8 seasons. i'll start- aunt bea, andy. homemaker, good one, hope we don't have a blizzard on the 4th of july for teasing asa. charlotte tucker, gomer, il girl, ellen brown batten down the hatches, looks like a fun night. what's for supper? a hungry pappa bear

May 11, 2005 - Msg 28726: Hey pappa bear! How've you been lately? Got plenty of hamburger stew if you want some for supper.

Here's a few answers to your trivia - Mayor Stoner, Henry Bennett, Opie, Howard, Floyd...I'll leave some for the rest of you all.

Hip Hip Hooray for you, Dix! There's a light at the end of the tunnel! : ) Sorry you've been having 'puter problems.

Had a Mayberry moment over the weekend. We were waiting to be seated at Zio's (Italian) restaurant on Mothers Day, and lo and behold if they didn't play "Santa Lucia". I could just hear Gomer and Barney singing right there.

Hey to Larry! Come back anytime and set a spell.

May 11, 2005 - Msg 28727:
Viva le mayor pappa!
Supper at our house was delish! Meatloaf(not too dry Sterling! haha:) uncut green beans with seasoning, baked potatoe(oops, Dan Qualye must have stopped by!) and the lightest cornbread you ever tasted. We gotta tie rocks around each piece lest they float away!
25 and 25 (clompity clomp, clomp,) =50!
I think Helen, Opie, Floyd, Howard, Barn all held a pole trying to get ole Sam in the annual derby. Am I close?
Well, prayers for all on the porch and around the world!

May 11, 2005 - Msg 28728: BTW, was that your minny pearl impression? mdc

May 11, 2005 - Msg 28729: AFD, you sneaked in there betwix me and the mayor! looks like similar answers!
SANTA LUCIA!! Santa Luuciaaaaaa!

May 11, 2005 - Msg 28730:
Hey Folks

Asa we had about 4 inches of snow here on this end of the porch a few days back. The day before it snowed I had seeded the lawn. I thought, the exact same thing as you, oh well, it sure does look pretty.


May 12, 2005 - Msg 28731: Didn't Miss Peggy hold a pole when she went fishing with Andy and Opie, and Opie was jealous because he wanted his dad all to himself? --Romeena

May 12, 2005 - Msg 28732: Is anyone welcome on your front porch?

May 12, 2005 - Msg 28733: Good Morning porch pals.
Msg#28732, any and all are welcome here on the front porch. Pick youself a nickname (TAGS inspired is best, but not required) and jump on in and introduce yourself. Just a word to the wise, if Homemaker comes around and offers you any hard candy, don't accept it! She can be trouble sometimes.:)
Well our snow here in the valley has mostly melted. The ski resorts got upwards of two feet and are opening again today. Mercy, I need some of them degree's AFD, if you can spare a few, send em over.
Mayor Stoner and Henrey Bennett held on to fishing poles, along with Goober, Floyd and Howard.


May 12, 2005 - Msg 28734: Now Asa - the only thing that is hard at my house is my cornbread (it's all that cement that I use) and the cider!
A little cooler here today - I think the high is supposed to be 73. We had some thunderstorms that helped cool things down.

Take care everyone -


May 12, 2005 - Msg 28735: hi everyone...cant catch up on the archives..but hope all are well. Getting close to moving in soon....hopefully in just a few short weeks...
Take care..

May 12, 2005 - Msg 28736: Asa, you are just awful! To imply that homemaker would, well, you know. Still, I wouldn't accept any hard candy from her, either, especially if it was small, dark and round.

#28732, you are welcome here. Our rules are simple. First, Obey All Rules! Barney insists on that one. We keep our language clean and our conversation friendly, and mostly TAGS related. However, we realized quite a while back that it wasn't much of a stretch to accept that neighborly concern and sharing was TAGS related, because it's part of the spirit of Mayberry. So pull up a rocker and make Mayberry your home town!

Have a great day folks. If your weather is hot, I wish you cool breezes. Asa, put on some warm socks, and if you wish, the Plum will come over and help you shovel that snow, though being short and having no thumbs, she's rather limited in what she can do.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

May 12, 2005 - Msg 28737: Me again, friends. Here's a poem from TOM:


Time becomes more precious, as seasons come and go.
Each dawning day's a special gift when twilight shadows grow.
And looking back I see God's hand in happiness and sorrow.
He has a purpose for my life, a plan for each tomorrow.
Faithfully, he brought me through the valleys in my life.
He took my heart and molded it through pain and grief and strife.
I found God ever near, into the sunset of my years.
I walk without a fear.

TOM still needs our prayers and encouragement. He lost his grandmother on April 29, and says all his family on both sides are now gone. You'll remember that he lives with his stepfather, and as I understand it, has the responsibility of his care.

He says he has made some new friends - one is a neighbor who gave him some nice furniture, and who keeps his grass cut as well. I think Tom's fairly limited in what he can do physically, but still manages to care for his stepdad.

I'm going to answer his letter, and this time I think I'll ask him what he needs in order to get back online. I just continue to have a sense of unrest in my heart about that situation. I want to see him back on the porch. We need him, and I think he needs us. I'll let you know what I find out.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

May 12, 2005 - Msg 28738: Ro, I dont think he got my letter. At least i never got a response from him. I will try again also.
Another old show I just thought of, and loved to watch... The Odd Couple!
"You're a caution, you know that!"

May 12, 2005 - Msg 28739: We could get the Count involved, you know, with the extra SENSITIVE perception!

May 12, 2005 - Msg 28740: Ro, thanks for passing on Tom's poem. Sure sorry to hear his grandmother passed away. Glad he's made some friends. I'll keep him in my prayers. Isn't his birthday coming up here pretty soon, I'm thinking like maybe the 25th or so.

Anyone heard from Mavis lately?

Nice to see you, Alyce. How exciting - getting to move in to your new home here shortly! : )

Prayers for all!

May 12, 2005 - Msg 28741: Hey MDC - we meet again! Didn't mean to crowd ya!


May 12, 2005 - Msg 28742: Hey Asa! Haven't seen you in a while.

Gotta do some Economics Homework... yech! I am so lost on that subject... Just doesn't quite make sense :) Oh well. Only five more weeks of it!


May 12, 2005 - Msg 28743: Ro, thanks for passing along word from TOM. So sorry to hear of his Grandmas passing - on my birthday no less. My prayers continue to go out to him and all the porchters in need.

Asa, snow!? Goodness, that won't help your 'maters!! Are you growing corn again this year? It was sweet and good last season.

Just sent away for my 2nd season DVD's - now all I need is a place to hook up my computer so I can watch them! All my belongings are in storage until I find a permanent home. Can't wait for all that "trained noticing" we do so well!

~ Mrs. Wiley
Barney: "You aint mad are ya?"

May 12, 2005 - Msg 28744: "With us Fifes, it all goes right to muscle!"

May 12, 2005 - Msg 28745: Hey Dix, Economics is so hard now, cuz there's more to it! Ha! In my learnin' days, it was Ford, GM, Chrysler, RCA, Zenith, and US Steel! (or so it seemed) It was not nearly the world economy that we now have. I better stop there before that soapbox comes out from under the porch again! haha
Mrs Wiley, good to see you. Did you get the Miss Crump Combo with the DVD?
AFD - you can crowd me any ole time! Just dont sling a leg'o lamb at me! teehee
Spot- ya working today? Come see us on the western site sometime. We could use some good cookin from the chuckwagon. Wishbone's on strike.
ASA and AUH2O, if you guys get anymore snow, you can just cut it into blocks and ship it out here!
Ro and Boo, your MAVERIKS slipped passed my SUNS last night, but the fat lady aint sung yet!
Prayrs for MAVIS, des's friends, Dixie, troops in harms way etc.

May 12, 2005 - Msg 28746: Whew, today is one of those "From the halls of Montezuma with a bucket over your head," days!
IOW, I got me a headache that wont quit.

May 12, 2005 - Msg 28747: I CAN'T HEAR YOOOUU!

May 12, 2005 - Msg 28748: sorry to hear of tom's grandmother passing. prayers for you tom and thanks for the poem. dixie- economics is easy, noone's got any money, including corporations, government, shouldn't take more than a week for that course.ha. mrs wiley good seeing you, happy belated birthday and many more... everyone's so jolly- who cooked last night. ha. afd- glad your around to keep us straight and answer our trivias. asa- the weather everywhere has been a regular epidemic. spot- i don't see how you keep all our lights up, but your the porch dog and you can do it. hello to everyone i didn't catch. it's off to see the wizzard to get mdc something for his headache. let's all follow the yellow brick road.oh my dorthy you sure have aged well, it must be the munchkin hard cider. pappa bear

May 12, 2005 - Msg 28749: pappa your sense of humor does wonders for a headache!
two more shows i loved - I Dream of Jeanne,
with major Healy and the whole gang, and the show Major Dad with the guy from Simon and Simon!
For some much older folks, I also enjoyed, Life of Riley, Donna Reed Show, Father Knows Best, My Favorite Martian,and Howdy Doody! Gotta go do swing shift soon.
Have a great day all here on God's green earth!

May 12, 2005 - Msg 28750: Thanks to everyone who are praying for Chuck. Not much has changed. He underwent four hours of kidney dialysis yesterday and was scheduled for the same today. He had a seizure yesterday, but I'm not sure if that means anything bad or not. We're just hanging in there.. praying. Thank you so much for caring.


May 12, 2005 - Msg 28751: Make that "everyone who IS praying for Chuck." sigh... It's been a long day.


May 12, 2005 - Msg 28752: Just stopping by to say HI to the porch, and Goodnight!
-Sterling Holobyte

Hope everything goes well for Chuck, Des. Take care of yourself too.

May 13, 2005 - Msg 28753: Hi, my handle is Slim. I'm not sure of your rules,but if being one of God's heirs is enough for you, I qualify. I detest profanity. I'm a new discount senior. I have a grandson. He has been with me all his life.He's 7 yrs. old. His Father has been in jail most of his life. His Mother is my daughter and she is an addict. Please pray for all these folks. A,is what I'll call my g'son. He's the love of my life. Is this 'nuff info?

May 13, 2005 - Msg 28754: Hey Slim, welcome aboard. Good to have you. And being an heir and joint heir is not a qualifier to be here, but a good thing for you just the same. Thank God your Grandson has you there for him. You may be his only chance! God bless and good luck.
Des, I must have missed your post about Chuck but I sure will include him in my prayers.
Hope you all have a great Friday the 13th. Be careful out there.


May 13, 2005 - Msg 28755: Hey! I just figured what TAGS is. I'll go with Floyd. He and my Dad are so much alike. Both barbers and they look alike too!

May 13, 2005 - Msg 28756: 28755, I believe "Floyd" is already taken (he's the moderator on this site). Cool though that your Dad looks like Floyd! Welcome to you and to slim! We're all tickled to have you here!! Des, prayers going up for Chuck, sounds like he needs them. MDC, I didn't have enough $$ to get the Miss Crump special. Really didn't have the cash for DVD's but I figgure it's worth missing a few meals for, besides I still need to lose 15lbs. :-)

Y'all are the cats!
~ Mrs. Wiley

May 13, 2005 - Msg 28757: Sorry bout that Floyd. I'll remain slim.Is the ky girl from Ky? I'm from KY. myself. I love this place,but my fav. spot on the planet is Fla.

May 13, 2005 - Msg 28758: Sorry bout that Floyd. I'll remain slim.Is the ky girl from Ky? I'm from KY. myself. I love this place,but my fav. spot on the planet is Fla.

May 13, 2005 - Msg 28759:
I'm seeing double! haha
Welcome slim! Sometimes there is a slight delay when posting cuz the censor checks it!
Our moderator "Floyd" is a good Mayberry fan who does a Floyd impression at TAGS gatherings around the country.
Did you get the dvd of season 1? Season 2 comes out in a couple weeks. Both available on this site.
Hi Mrs Wiley! Glad youre doing better. Spot's meals will tide you over til the payments are made! teehee!
Des, prayers continue for Chuck. My best to him and his kin. I work for a dialysis company. Tho mainly do admin work now, I have clinic experience too. It's tough for the patients going thru that week after week.
MD, spot and all...Richmond Raceway under the lights tomorrow night!! Point race gettin good too.
Well, I got a "Goober and Lydia Crosswaithe" situation this weekend. My brother is going on a date that my wife "fixed" up for him! Prayers for both! :)
Maybe we can get Mayor pappa to decree this a
"NO chain letter or rabbits foot day!" :)
Have a good day all. There is power in the blood of Jesus!
Andy: Barn, just because you read about it in a 15 cent magazine...
Barney: Quarter!

May 13, 2005 - Msg 28760: You're the cats Thelma Lou.

May 13, 2005 - Msg 28761: MDC, that quote is a hoot! thanks for the chuckle... ~ Mrs. Wiley

May 13, 2005 - Msg 28762: Any time Mrs. W !
I just watched that one the other night.
It was from the one about the letter I believe.

May 13, 2005 - Msg 28763:
Hey Gang

Welcome to all the new folks. Slim we need more Grandpas like you. You know, strike that. We need more fathers like you.

Asa, for the 2 of us being at different ends of this big old porch we seem to have similar weather conditions, about 4 months spring and 8 months of winter. Also, when I was perusing the archives I saw you post asking what we might say to the Lord if we had the chance. I have to tell ya, I was stumped. I found myself thinking about that quite a bit. Great question. That got me to thinking (I know, I know but I did it anyway) if we could ask any question of a historical figure what would it be?

For example, I would ask Pickett, "What were you thinking?"

God Bless,

May 13, 2005 - Msg 28764: Good Friday evening everyone - only about 36 hours of school to go. . .it doesn't seem like a week and a day when you put it into hours. . .Ha Ha

Welcome Slim, I'm north of you in Indiana and Asa - when not polishing his bullets to get the green off is from Utah - you have to watch that Asa - he has been known to wack more than weeds with his golf club. . . Some on this porch had to have Major Medical done when he got finished "slicing and dicing."

Please be in prayer for my niece-by-law (my nephew's wife) has been diagnosed with some form of lymphoma (Vanderbilt is testing the lymph node now). They have been married for under a year. She is a nurse and he works for a seed company. A real super nice couple of kids that need a break - neither one had the best of home life's growing up - but they found each other and they do love each other. And they have Jesus too! The surgeon prayed with them before surgery - I thought that was super!

And auh2o - I think I would like to talk to George Washington and ask him what he thought of today's USA? I don't think he or the forefathers imagined what it has become. . .


May 13, 2005 - Msg 28765: Amen on that last comment, homemaker. They should probably change the expressions on the faces at Mt. Rushmore to ones of shock and horror.

-Sterling Holobyte

May 13, 2005 - Msg 28766: Sorry gang for no posting just been enjoying the ga weather...watching the busch race..gona read the archives and will be at work to post in the morning....crackers and cheese and rc cola"s....signed: SPOT the gona bet back on the porch dog...

May 13, 2005 - Msg 28767: Homemaker, prayers for your nephew's wife for sure! So sorry, that is a real tough one.
Will say a few extra ones at Sabbath services also.
I see your Pacers are still hanging in there this year. Suns/Pacers would be a good final!
Funny how the teachers count the hours as much as the kids.
Hope pappa bear, boo, Mary W, Hazel, Rev Jr, and others are all doing OK. Havent heard from them for a while!
They say it should hit 100 here in Phoenix by Sunday! Looks like another summer starting. (But it does get the snowbirds out of town fast!)
Auh20- we also have two seasons..."HOT" and
"Not so hot" haha.
Fresh squeezin's all around,
Mr Darlin's Cuz

May 13, 2005 - Msg 28768: Spot and Sterling, didnt see ya both settin' there. Hope all goes well with you and yours.

May 14, 2005 - Msg 28769: evening everybody,and welcome to all the new folks on the porch.I was reading the posts and I saw where slim asked if I'm really from ky,Isure am.I'm from Hazard,where are you from slim?I want to thank you all again for all your prayers,they have sure helped.The doctor still doesn't know what the problem is,he has run some more blood tests and I'm going to see him again this week,but,I have been feeling a little better and a little stronger.Romeena you were right I don't eat as much ice as I used to.Thats much better on my teeth too,as I found out eating all that ice is terrible for teeth that have had root canals done on them!Ouch!Homemaker prayers for your niece in law.Asa,I have been thinking about the question you had about what would we ask the Lord.I thought of alot of them,but,I know my human knowledge would never understand when he answered them.So,I would simply ask,"How can I serve you best on this earth?".Sterling and homemaker,I agree with you about the way our founding fathers would view the way our country is now.I just about know they never imagined anything the way it is now.oh also slim,I forgot to mention above that I don't live in ky right now,I live in West Virginia.But I do miss ky,when I get better,I hope to take a trip and visit relatives there.Better close for now.Ya'll take care.I think the world of you all.Ky Girl

May 14, 2005 - Msg 28770: Hey good morning porch, im at work now till 6 pm....sausage and fried egg sandwiches and a coke this morning, grab one....hey MDC,sterling,ouh20,hm,asa,des,....SPOT

May 14, 2005 - Msg 28771: SPOT, are those the lil 8oz Cokes in the classic glass bottles? MMmmm Good! ~ Mrs. Wiley

May 14, 2005 - Msg 28772: Howdy, all. I just got home from visiting a neighbor who has just acquired a new puppy. Yep, a Maltese, like the Plum. She's three months old, cute as a little fuzzy button, and already well on her way to being spoiled. She's a cuddler, just a precious little baby. And they're only two houses down, so I'll get to see her often. I told them I'd be a puppy-sitter if they needed me, also. The Plum will be jealous, but she'll get over it.

Beautiful day here on the Dallas end of the porch. I'm about to go over to my neighbor's garden center and get a few salvia plants, to attract hummingbirds. I'm sure I can find a place to squeeze them in somewhere. I have hummer feeders out, but they haven't found them yet. I'll plant the salvia just below them, and maybe that will help.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

Andy: "You and Aunt Bea are having fried chicken. I'm having crow."

May 14, 2005 - Msg 28773: Yea Mrs Wiley...little 8 oz in bottles that DONT twist off!..hey ro,..lets grill out tonight, bbq chicken,grilled squash and sweet onions,tater salad,hot peppers,rolls sweet tea..signed:SPOT the"gona till my garden tonight" dog of your porch..lights are on!

May 14, 2005 - Msg 28774: Hey again guys...Had a few moments, so I thought I would post. I have been real busy. But things are moving along. The carpet was installed and finished yesterday in the new house. I am trying to get things cleaned in there, the windows are horrible. The carpet looks good, but my walls and base molding took a bad beating from the installers. I am not too happy with that. Alot of hard work, time and energy was spent on that. Anyway...The girls' play room is already full of toys and I am trying to get some furniture in there. I think we are going to move the computer/desk in this we are going to get the phones hooked up in there Thursday. Our bedroom suite and living room furniture was ordered so hopefully in a couple of weeks we will have that here. Just havent sold our mobile home yet. My husband has to build the deck too...but he thinks he can knock that out in no time with adequate help.

Anyone going to the Richmond race? Figured Mayberry Deputy would. That is in my neck of the woods, ya know.

Well time to fix supper....Fish (tenders), spinach w/butter, mac and cheese....Kids night!


May 14, 2005 - Msg 28775: Glad for the new house Alyce, now where did yo move?..near me? to get my basement finished, its studded in just needs to be finished..will trade a piece of bbq checken for a fish tender..SPOT

May 14, 2005 - Msg 28776: Spot: I moved or will be moving into my front yard..going out the front door of this house into the back door of the new one..We have 5 acres and we built right here in front...still in VA.

The tenders were actually very good..Gortons I think it was.


May 14, 2005 - Msg 28777: Afternoon Y'all! Had a Mayberry Moment at work today- one of my customers was named O' Malley. I was tempted to ask if he was calling from D- Troit! Ha Ha- I've had several customers with Mayberry names-a couple of Dillards,a lady whose husband was named Andy Griffith just to name a few. And for you Sanford and Son fans,Esther Anderson even called me once! I have fun with all the differnt names,as y'all can tell. Might even get to talk to one of y'all if you happen to use Choice Hotels,Ticketmaster,or Budget Car Rentals-ya never know!
Well,since I've spent 7 hours on computer at work I'd best give it a break. Just wanted to check in. Oh, Laci is 20 months old now and I've got her beating on containers like Ernest T. Bass while I sing "Old Aunt Moriah" to her! She loves it! I got me a lil' Mayberry grandgirl! Can't wait till she's old enough to enjoy the show with me!
Y'all have a great evening!
possum under a rock
P.S. Glad to have you on the Porch,Slim!

May 15, 2005 - Msg 28778: Hey Slim! spot the cooking dog..what will become of your old house alyce?..congrats possum!county nurse,fun girl,where are yall?..well back at work now till 6 pm, goia stop by and get my herbs to plant in my garden today...this morning its thin sliced porck chops and eggs your way,grits,sliced canalope,toast..ready at 7:30 before preaching..signed:SPOT the"thunder storms here in ga."dog of this fine porch..lights are on!

May 15, 2005 - Msg 28779: thats "Pork" chops...{pig} ya know..

May 15, 2005 - Msg 28780: HEllo folks ,been away for a few days ,even missed the Richmond races PAPPA BEAR ...Kasey finally got a win ,gonna catch up on the porch happenings ,everyone take care

May 15, 2005 - Msg 28781: MD the busch and cup race BOTH was great..edwards and sadler had a few words in the busch...carl bumped and grinded his way by sadler for the back flip win!..still here at work...SPOT

May 15, 2005 - Msg 28782: Hi everybody,I.m not a Grandpa I'm a Grandma.In response to ky girl... My Mothers family was from Hazard. I still have a few cousins there. I guess they're still there. Haven'nt been in touch in a long time.Sorry for the confusion about my gender.Ha. Since I'm new in the neighborhood,tell me a little about these movies, and other workings. Is there something I need to do or know?

May 15, 2005 - Msg 28783: Msg 28782 is from Slim

May 15, 2005 - Msg 28784:
Sorry, Slim, I guess we just ASSUMED! (and you know what that does!) haha
Not sure what movies you mean.
Spot I "will work for grilled chicken!" Will help frame the basemnet if you also grill some cabbage for me!
Prayers contimnue for lacy, KYgirl, Mrs Wiley, pappa bear mayor, rev jr and other missing porchsters.
Alyce, will the old house be torn down?
WAY TO GO Kasey Kane! Good race.
Good Sabbath to you all!
Hope you have a Mayberry restful afternoon.

May 15, 2005 - Msg 28785: hey slim,good to see you on the porch again.Glad to hear you even know where Hazard is,most people have never heard of it.I'm not sure what movies you are referring to,most of the lines I've seen used are from TAGS episodes.A couple of weeks ago we were having a sort of trivia game on old TV commercials and old TV shows we could remember,if you saw any of those posts in the archives .I saw a TV show about unusual attractions and buildings you see in some small towns.They showed the Mother Goose building outside of Hazard.Porch Friends,its a building with a big goose sculpture on top.The eyes used to light up.Very unusual to see!Alyce,glad to hear you are getting in to your new house.Spot,you cookin tonight?you got any green tomatoes in your garden yet?MDC whats the weather like your way? It was so hot the other night we had to turn the air conditioners on,now,we are back to wearing jackets outside,but,hey we haven't had snow again yet! Possum,I do have to use car rentals once in a while,next time I do,I'll have to ask if I'm talking to Possum,If it's you you will understand the question,if not,they will just think I'm strange!ha!ha! Well,I'll close for now.God Bless you all.-Ky Girl

May 15, 2005 - Msg 28786: I've heard of Hazzard County, like from the Dukes of Hazzard, Ky Girl. I suppose that's not the same one you and Slim are talking about though. :) Don't even know if there is a real Hazzard County.
Hope you all have a nice rest of Sunday, and a good Monday too! Still cold here in the midwest section of the porch. At least tomorrow it's supposed to get up to 64 so that's a little better.
-Sterling Holobyte

May 16, 2005 - Msg 28787: KY GIRL .. wasnt Hazzard County a big moonshine producing county .SPOT .. Thanks for the race update ,sorry I missed it
ALYCE..Glad to see you .I know you have been busy with the house
SLIM.. welcome to the porch
Everyone have a great day

May 16, 2005 - Msg 28788: wow what a weekend, i got roped and hog tied by the family to help hold a yard sale- translated: i do all the work before and after, then dispose of the remains and they sit around talking about how mich they made and their split with our lord. suddenly my name wasn't mentioned, oh well i get recoup time. ha. ha. so many wonderful posts to get to so i'll catch a couple and read all later pappa bear

May 16, 2005 - Msg 28789: wow what a weekend, i got roped and hog tied by the family to help hold a yard sale- translated: i do all the work before and after, then dispose of the remains and they sit around talking about how mich they made and their split with our lord. suddenly my name wasn't mentioned, oh well i get recoup time. ha. ha. so many wonderful posts to get to so i'll catch a couple and read all later pappa bear

May 16, 2005 - Msg 28790: Good Morning all. I think this is going to be a beautiful day in Ky. I really enjoy reading everybodys chatter. I live in Pike Co. Have several fam. members in Lexington.We had a big day in church yesterday. Our Pastor is leaving and going to Richmond,Va. to pastor a church there. We're all sad about this,but know that if God takes something away He always gives back something better. There are only 4 more days of school left for us.It never ceases to amaze me what the kids are learning today. They are so advanced.Does anybody on the porch Love Elvis? I sure do. I've watched a lot of specials this week for some reason.It isn't any sort of Holiday or occ. that I know of.Well, I'll see ya later. Gotta go. Slim

May 16, 2005 - Msg 28791: Mornin' Porchsters. Welcome to the porch, Slim. Been really busy lately, including the weekend. Cooked cheeseburgers for my Rotary Club Friday night, along with some Frogmore Stew (Possum & Quiet Sam know what it is). Got a new roof put on the house Saturday. Finished getting the pool swam Sunday afternoon before the storms. Pappa Bear- how many times have you ever said "this is the last yard sale I'm ever doing" ? If you're like me...about a thousand! LOL.Prayers for all. Possum- Laci sure is growing up quick.

May 16, 2005 - Msg 28792: Good morning everyone - been a busy weekend. . .the Kelly Miller Circus was in town - elephants, trapeze artists, clowns. . .just what you would imagine if the circus came to town and set up for a performance in Mayberry. We got to see the tent put up using elephant power. Pretty cool. Had the youngest to develop an ear infection over the weekend. . thank goodness Urgent Care has come to this small area.
Need to get something done. . .


May 16, 2005 - Msg 28793: Good morning, all. Slim, welcome to the porch. However, now that we're aware of your gender, you should know that if you, as a female, merit the nickname of "Slim", you might find yourself ambushed and force-fed a chocolate malt by some of the other females around here. Not me, of course. (teehee)

Grilled cabbage, MDC? I think I'd like to try that. I like grilled stuff, and I like cabbage, so why wouldn't I like grilled cabbage? How do you do it, what preparation, etc.?

Alyce, how exciting! About to move into the new house! I'll bet you can hardly wait. I know you mentioned you're selling the mobile home when you get all moved out. I can understand that, but it surely would make a nice guest house!

Well, guess I'd better get busy. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena