July 21, 2005 - Msg 29622: Afternoon Porchsters. We'll be thinking about you, Ro! MDC- saw that special on Bob Newhart last night. It was great. I've always thought that the final scene from "Newhart" was the best I'd seen. I remember watching that final episode with Suzanne Pleshette rolling over....what a classic. Took everybody by surprise.

July 21, 2005 - Msg 29623: Wow! Swept again..second time in about a month.

July 21, 2005 - Msg 29624: Well gang its beef short ribs on the grill tonight,baked beans,purple hull peas,tater salad,fried apple rings and fried green tomatoes...green onions...un-sweet tea...ready at 6..gona go mow now...got to get the camper out and ready for next week...i will be gone from the porch all of next week gang will be at the lake...pray for miis sherry and I and Andy and Kelsey and his friend to have a safe trip!...SPOT

July 21, 2005 - Msg 29625: We will miss both Spot and Ro on your trips - please take care!


July 21, 2005 - Msg 29626: GOOD sweep Rev, keep it clean I say! teehee
Rev, you mean the whole Vermont show being a dream? Yes that was classic! Both series were true good clean fun! And At that same timeframe were WKRP, MTM and Barney Miller! All shows I loved. Dont have cable, but have found some on dvd along with my beloved Mayberry.
Spot, ya mean we gotta cook on our own again!?
Just when ya got us spoiled too. haha
If I may ask, what are purple hull peas? Heard of early peas, snow peas etc, but thats a new one.
Southern perhaps?

July 21, 2005 - Msg 29627: Happy Birthday to Mr. Don Knotts who turns 81 today! Wishing him many more years!
possum under a rock

July 21, 2005 - Msg 29628: Happy Birthday Mr. Knotts! May you have many more!

Sorry I haven't been around much in the last few weeks, been going through some personal things and had some minor surgery a couple of days ago. My hubby even got me the Season 2 dvd's as a recuperation gift! : )

Prayers for your special trip, Romeena. May you have safe travel and be blessed and be a blessing as you go.

Have fun at the lake with all your crew, spot. Better leave us some goodies in the ice-box so we don't starve. ; )

Prayers for those of you enduring the intense heat.

Not much more going on here. I'll talk more later.

July 21, 2005 - Msg 29629: HI YA'LL FROM GA

July 22, 2005 - Msg 29630: MDC you can be the cook next week...you and Ro...I will leave some things in the ice box..msg 29629 im in ga who are you?..AFD break out the grill and have hot dogs for the gang next weel...hey possum....well gona get things packed today in the camper...got to work all weekend so today"s the day to do it...shadow "my cat" caught a bird in the garage......got to go....well lunch will be BLT"s and chips "wavy lays"..pickles,pork-n-beans...coke..SPOT

July 22, 2005 - Msg 29631: MDC purple hull peas are a field pea...the shell turns purple when they are ready to pick...shelling some right now ...GOOD....SPOT

July 22, 2005 - Msg 29632: Mornin Porchsters. Have fun at the lake, Spot. I'm willing to cook a couple of times while you're gone. Got a Weber charcoal grill for Father's Day. Decided to go back to "old School" cooking. Been cooking on it every chance I get. Wife is loving it...less cooking for her. teehee. MDC- yep, both Newhart shows were great. Ro- let me say it again..good luck on your trip, we'll be thinking about you. Sure is some mighty hot weather we've got... ain't it, Possum? Throw in that famous SC humidity and it's almost unbearable. Notice I said ALMOST. Wouldn't trade living here for all the tea in China. Good to see everybody on the porch.

July 22, 2005 - Msg 29633: happy birthday barney- thanks for the memories. i'm still having computer problems even though we have the best provider so if i'm out a while you'll know why. prayers for spot and family to have a safe and fun trip, now you kids run along ole barney willtake care of everything.ha. before you leave can i pick up some left overs for the porch for sunday? rev jr- great to see you on. the warden at the rock would even approve of the great sweep. mdc- prayers for you and yours during this heat, i think of you often on this heat. afd- prayers on your recovery. possum- i hope you have plenty of ice to keep your rock cool in this heat. homemaker- they had a story on waveland, indiana, i loved it. well today thru the weekend i'll be busy with the vietnam wall. anyone hear from asa, goober, sterling, charlotte tucker, emma, fun girl, boo, or the rest of missing porch? we could use some of the colonel's elixer today don't you thimk? pqappa( the going to melt) bear

July 22, 2005 - Msg 29634: Please be in prayer for the Joe and Vicki Kile family. . .their daughter Jesse passed away this weekend in a single fatality car accident. She had her sister with her and she was unharmed. Most likely Jess had a cardiac arrest or she had a seizure. She was truly a gift from God to those that knew her, a dedicated Christian girl who was born with many health issues - my first memories of Jess at 3 were a full body cast and then a halo. Jess was 17 and she will be truly missed by everyone she touched.
Her family really needs the support of other Christians at this time by lifting them up in prayer.
Thank you porch friends. . .


July 22, 2005 - Msg 29635: are you my sister from your friend from 121ky ave south willamson ky if you are give me a call next week on satarday 2371620

July 22, 2005 - Msg 29636: Rev the old school grilling is the way to go...hm , prayers to the Kile family...tonight its pot luck, everybod bring a dish!....meet on the southern end at 6ish....SPOT

July 22, 2005 - Msg 29637: hello porch pals ,back from my wedding and honeymoon at ocean isle beach ,great weather for getting married on the beach ,hope everyone has been doing well ,gonna catch up on the archives ,everyone take care ...REV JR. .we ate at a place called Barts BBQ on hwy 17 right near the turn off to Ocean Isle Beach ,good BBQ ,and they had their own special sauce ,but it wasnt anywhere near as good as rev marvins sauce .

July 22, 2005 - Msg 29638:
Homemaker, can sense your feelings right now.
They must be close friends. My prayers are with them and you for sure! So sorry for the loss.
Pappa- our color weather map of the country, in our local paper, is showing all yellows and orange! Very hot all over. BUT, ONLY 105 today!As soon as they get one fire out here, it seems like another starts! Say hey to fellow vets.
AFD- hang in there, hope the Tags helps! Laughter is a great medicine!
MD- glad all went well - congrats to you and the missus! Now you get to say "morning dear!"
APB for sterling, auh20, ASA, Mavis, ALYCE and others. The porch needs ya, Ok, the porch needs your prayers! thanks.

July 22, 2005 - Msg 29639: Hi porch sitters. TGIF Been a long hard tough week. Looking forward to a little R & R this weekend if my wife will give me a break on the honeydo list. Going to our granddaughters birthday party Sun. She will be three. Looking forward to that. Gotta run, Later

July 22, 2005 - Msg 29640: MDC, I'm sorry for your 105 degree heat, but it might make you feel better to know that it's 102 at my house today, near Dallas, and the humidity is terrible. I walked out through my garage, around the side of the house into the back yard and about 30 yards back to the little pond, and sweat (not perspiration, it's sweat) was already running down my face. It's miserable. I'm looking forward to Mongolia, because while the temperatures will be high there, the humidity is very low, almost arid, so it will be a welcome change.

homemaker, I'm sorry about the death of your friend, honey. Things like that are so hard to understand at times. Just love that family, they're going to need your support.

Well, off I go. The Plum's sitter will be here shortly to get the poop, er, scoop on things, so I'd better run. The Plum doesn't know yet that I'm leaving, I hid the suitcase from her in the guest room, been doing my packing in there behind a closed door. Poor baby, she's not going to like this, but she does like my friend who will be staying with her, so she'll survive.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

July 22, 2005 - Msg 29641: Afternoon Porch!

Romeena, please include me in your list of people who would like to read your journals. They were absolutely wonderful last year, I still have them saved! I will be praying for you, (and the Plum) that all will go well and that God will be with you.

Congratulations Mayberry Deputy! I am glad you're back and all went well. May you celebrate years and years and YEARS of happiness together!

Homemaker, the Kile family will also be in my prayers. It seems so senseless, but God can mend a broken heart, I've experienced it myself...

Many of you know that my husband is an artist, and some of you may know he has pretty serious eye problems. Well, yesterday the poor guy got stung by a bee in his "good", (neither eye is THAT good!), eye! I had to take him to the hospital and then spend $48 on prescriptions! I guess we should be thankful we have prescription coverage, and even more thankful that his eye is doing much better today. A very scary moment, however!

Have a great Mayberry Evening, and once again, have a great trip, Ro!

Mary Wiggins

July 22, 2005 - Msg 29642:
Mary W, wish your husband a speedy recovery for us! Wow what a place to be stung! Bees out here are pretty agressive nowadays, so one really has to watch it! Hope all goes well.
Here is a true story that I think i told last year, but it bears repeating:
When my dad moved the family out here in 1950 from Minnesota, I was only a few years old, so I must go on what I was told by my dad and mom and older brother and sister. My dad heard of great work opportunities here, so he drove cross counrty on old route 66. It was August 18, and about 118 degrees, the day we drove into Phoenix, and on the outskirts of town was a Shell gas station, but almost a truckstop, with a soda fountain etc. Anyway, there was a big neon sign out front that said "Welcome to Shell!"
The only problem was that the "S" was burnt out!
They have no picture or other proof, but every summer my dad re-tells it, so I guess it's true!ha
Well, a good evening to you all. I left some wet sheets in the basket there on the porch!
roll up in one before settlin down! Some Elixer does sound mighty good!

July 22, 2005 - Msg 29643: I loved the Sh-ell story MDC. What a day brightener.
My son's team came in second place in the playoffs. He did really good, the other team was just better tonite. (We have tied this team and beat them before).
He is happy about it - no problem with him. He had two hits and helped with two plays.

take care and good nite!


July 22, 2005 - Msg 29644: Oh, my goodness, Mary Wiggins! I knew Pat had some eye problems, but had no idea how serious they might be, and now a beesting on top of it all! I'll be praying that everything will be alright. He does the most beautiful work. For those of you who might not know, I am the proud owner of three of Pat's works, and look forward to acquiring more. I can't afford the originals, of course, but the prints are beautiful!

My son and DIL took me and DIL's mother, who is my traveling companion to Mongolia, out to dinner tonight to "see us off" and also because Sunday is my birthday. We ate at the Outback Steakhouse, and naturally it was wonderful. Tomorrow, I'm up at 4 a.m., be at the airport by 6 a.m., then it's on to Mongolia! Pray for us, folks, that our mission will be successful - Mongol women taught to sew, more construction done on the mission compound, needy families identified and assisted, medical care delivered to nomadic folk who have no access to health care otherwise, and most of all, the Good News presented in word and deed. The trip is rigorous, but it's a total joy.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

July 22, 2005 - Msg 29645: MD..congrats,hm congrats too on your son"s team!..hey mdc,mw,ro,plum,...the pot luck dinner was great yall!...in the morning its waffle house~..I got to be at the power company at 6 so lets meet at 5...pappa is buying!....got the camper ready cold air,cold fridge,shower,bathroom stove,sleeps 6,hot water,...just love camping..kids cant wait,,, bought me a new zebco ultra light today [rod and reel]...well to bed for this old dog...4:30 will come early...SPOT

July 23, 2005 - Msg 29646: Prayers for a safe trip Romeena.We'll miss you!
Hot,ain't it Rev. Jr.? Sounds like we're not alone-everyone's feeling the heat.
Spot,you have a good trip too!
possum under a rock

July 23, 2005 - Msg 29647: if there was any doubt rather we were a red or blue state- no longer, were red hot. ha, homemaker- prayers forjoe and vickie's family. mayberry deputy- glad you had a great time and came home safley. have you got your honey do list yet? ha. mary wiggins- prayers for you and your husband. romeena- leave plenty of carrot sticksfor the plum. if it's cooler where your going put me in suit case, you won't even know i'm there. ha. what if the porch has heat stroke and our nurse is gone. spot- have a great time be careful. mdc- sounds like your dad was brave when he arrived in phonix. as soon as i saw the sign i would figure i took a wrong turn and departed.ha. hello to csalle. possum- stay cool and remember winter wil come i quess. pappa( tired of the heat ) bear i got censored on the hot place, i knew i should have said heaven mdc. pappa

July 23, 2005 - Msg 29648: Lunch menu:..fried Bologna sandwiches with mayo or mustard,sour cream and onion chips,bread and butter pickles,hot peppers, twinkies...fanta grape soda"s...SPOT

July 23, 2005 - Msg 29649: Hot here in Ga...mid 90"s..get off work here at 6pm [about an hour from now] .gona go home and wash my truck!..where is the porchsters?.tonight lets go to Longhorns for steak...possum"s buying..[hee hee]....SPOT

July 23, 2005 - Msg 29650: Well....if possum's buying, than I think I will order extry, so I can take some home for leftovers, too! Thanks, possum! Glad you volunteered her, Spot!

Wonder where Romeena is right about now?! She is probably in a big silver bird, perhaps flying over Irishter's right now! Can you see her Irishter?

I best get moving so I can get to Longhorn's before they run out of steak!

Have a great Mayberry Weekend!

Mary Wiggins

July 23, 2005 - Msg 29651: pappa bear ... had the list even before the wedding ,she dosent let grass grow under her feet

July 23, 2005 - Msg 29652: Hey,how come I'm buying? Okay,I'll spring for it THIS Saturday,but NEXT Saturday I expect to get treated cause it's my birthday! Feel free to toss in some presents too! Ha Ha!
Good to see you on the porch Mary! Sorry to hear about your husband,Hope he gets better soon. Prayers for the Kile family too,homemaker.
Well,I'm ready to max out my credit card,so y'all come on and join us for steaks!
possum under a rock

July 23, 2005 - Msg 29653: Hey Guys! VBS went well but I'll never do crafts by myself again ;). I'm sorry I haven't been in lately but Our modem is down again and it's hard to get to another internet source. Any way. It's good to see you guys for a short while! I hope to be back up quickly at the house.

Hey to everyone rockin' tonite! Oh and pray for me please. I took my Subject Area Exam for Social Science 6-12 today and it was very hard. A lot of World History questions. I'm afraid that I did poorly. I have to pass it before they will give me my diploma. I can take it again in October but I really don't want to..... too stressful :)!

Be good guys. I'll be back when I can.... you know I'm just unlucky when it comes to Computers..... but what can you do!


July 23, 2005 - Msg 29654:
DIX- good to see you again, and that you're surviving summer!
Here's World History for you: Six days! haha
You can always look for an internet coffeeshop to keep in touch!
Good everyone is holding up in the heat. Hang in there gang.

July 23, 2005 - Msg 29655: Possum I have next saturday for sure!....hey mdc,dixie,mw,md,..bush race was a great one, mac. on the pole tomorrow!...well 6 am comes early...lets eat mcdonalds in the parking lot in the morning....those egg things!..SPOT

July 24, 2005 - Msg 29656: Ok gang..here at work...Good Sunday to all..eating outide on the picnic tables today with red and white checkered table cloths..Sunday fried chicken, fresh green beans and fried okra, fried green tomatoes,fried squash,peas,silver queen corn on the cobb,green onions,cuk-n-tomato salad with oil and vinger,tater salad,peach cobbler,apple pie,and sweet tea!!...horse shoe pitching and banjo playing after we eat!...change yer Sunday duds and put shorts on and the kids can play in the sprinklers....dont be late..SPOT..

July 24, 2005 - Msg 29657: Race is on!...varooooom..SPOT

July 24, 2005 - Msg 29658: Wow I posted late sat night and this morning and this afternoon....Where is everybody?...no one has posted since 6 am this morning but me...worried...SPOT

July 24, 2005 - Msg 29659: Hey everyone!I made it home last night and I just wanted to stop by and see how everyone is doing.On the way home I stopped in Mt.Airy,N.C.,and took a tour of the town and visitors center,and,I wish I could have stayed alot longer.I thought about you all while I was on the porch of the visitors center in the rocker.I told the lady at the visitors center,her name is Julie Mills,that I wished you all could be here to visit .She wasn't aware of the "front porch",so on the guest registry I signed my name, then this website address beside it.I got to see my son graduate at Fort Jackson in South Carolina,then he got to go off base and spend the day with us,it was great.And it was so nice to be back in the south,I barely slept i was so excited.And,I had some great southern food,I miss it so much!It wasn't as good as spots cooking,but it was good.I was going to stop in KY,but,I didn't have the extra time.Oh,spot,I saw a Zaxby's,I didn't get a chance to stop there,but,I remembered you said they had good food.MDC,those wet sheets sound good,I could have used some on my trip!Ha!Ha!Romeena,when you get back,I would love to read last trips and this trips journals.Gotta answer the door,I'll stop by later,ya'll take care-ky girl

July 24, 2005 - Msg 29660: Welcome home ky!..going home now , will be back at 6 am here at work then off till sat night, Lake and camping bound!.....hope the porch fills back up...waffle house in the morning..ky girl is buying!...SPOT

July 24, 2005 - Msg 29661: yes,I'll buy spot,I love the waffle house breakfasts!See you all at the waffle house in the morning-ky girl

July 25, 2005 - Msg 29662: It's already a hot one in the Hoosier state - everyone take care and drink plenty of water.

Going to the funeral today of the young girl that died last week. Looks like it will be a long day. . .


July 25, 2005 - Msg 29663: HM prayers to the family, thanks for breakfast ky,wish all the porchsters would come back, been so quite the past 2 days, well im here at work till 6 then gona off the porch till sat night!..will have to do alot of catching up, but the camping at the lake will be for for kids and miss sherry and I..camper all powered up and running in my drive way..both jet skis serviced and setting ready, boat in the dock at red top mt..got food stock the camper tonight then off in the morning!..SPOT

July 25, 2005 - Msg 29664: spot,it sounds like you are going to have a great week,I bet Miss Sherry and the kids are anxious to get started too!Homemaker,my prayers are with you and that family,may God give you all comfort.I'll stop by the porch later-ky girl

July 25, 2005 - Msg 29665: Blessings and congrats to Mayberry Deputy!
Prayers for all the Porch this day,

~ Mrs. Wiley
Andy: "Hey Barn, I know how you can practice your part real well."
Barney: "How?"
Andy: "See."

July 25, 2005 - Msg 29666: mayberry deputy- congrats and blessings. i know yhe honey do lists must be part of prenups. ha. welcome home ky girl. homemaker- prayers for you and the family , be careful and don't overheat. spot- keep cool, thanks for checking in . thanks for breakfast ky girl. mdc- prayers for you and yours due to the heat. i wonder about asa, haven't heard from him in a long way. dixie- i pray you passed your test , i could have taken it for you if they'd let me. i know what you mean about computers, had to get a new one and still goes inky, blinky, nod on me and i have to return to my cave until it decides to work. in the good old days i'd just bloe it up and forget it.ha meals on wheels tonight. pappa bear

July 25, 2005 - Msg 29667: ASA!!! COME HOME TO THE PORCH!
Hope all is ok. Anyone know any contacts in Utah so we can try to see how he is???
HM- Prayers for you, yours and Kiles today!
Mrs Wiley, good to see you again.
Andy: Barn, I didnt know you were in Spanish Club?
Barney: Si.
Pappa, heat is off a bit this week... only 105, 106 for the week. Rains falling finally on the fires! Birds are coming back out from the AC. haha
DIX- hope summer school is almost over for ya.
KY girl- One destination of mine, before heaven(:,
is Mt Airy! Heard it is really nice, diner and all. That's the town mayberry was based on right?
Did you see the statue, or is that in Raleigh?
MD- the list will be bottomless, ha.
Ya all keeep the porch full in the absence of Romeena and spot.
Prayers for all,
Mr Darlin's Cuz

July 25, 2005 - Msg 29668: Howdy ya'll. Sounds like it is hot all over. It's 95 in North Carolina today and they are calling for 101 tomorrow. Havn't had any rain to speak of in High Point in about 10 days. Things are getting pretty dry. I have a goldfish pond in my front yard and it's been so hot lately the fish are fighting each other for a place at the bottom of the pond where the water is a little cooler. Just about time to start fixing supper. Looking forward to picking my first German Johnson tomato this evening.

July 25, 2005 - Msg 29669:
Csalee, I knew of a place where it was so hot that the fish were jumpin' out of the water and into the frying pan, just to cool off! haha
Spot's idea of running thru the sprinklers aint a bad idea? Anyone know of an ep where Opie was swimming? Only close one I can think of is where the ex-con sinks in the rowboat! Maybe we can get a porch Slip N Slide, or we can open that hydrant by the courthouse that everyone always parks next to (ie: the gov's limo)! teehee
Nascar off this coming weekend?
"It's me, it's me, it's Ernest T"
Gonna plunk a little sugar right on the porch's jaw!
Ya all have a good eve, prayers for spot and Ro's trips.

July 25, 2005 - Msg 29670: Good evening - the funeral was a tear jerker - not a dry eye in the place. I am glad that Jesse is safe in her Father's arms today and I know that He will comfort her family and friends.

Pretty hot here!


July 25, 2005 - Msg 29671: yeah MDC,that is where the statue of Andy and opie walking to the fishing hole is,in front of the theatre or playhouse,whatever you want to call it.If you ever get a chance to visit,do it,it is something to see.You can visit Wallys service station,they have a police car out there that looks just like the one Andy drove,and old gas pumps,and some rockers to have a seat in,it's neat.And,there is another police car that looks like andy's,and you can ride in it.There is a top floor of a gift shop building that has alot of memorobilia from the show,you can drive by the old jail,but,it's no longer open for visiting.But ,there is different stores that have mayberry names,like,Mayberry shoe store,or there is even a restaurant called Barneys,where you can get a Barney burger.I would have liked to tried that,plus,I wanted to try that pork chop sandwhich at the snappy lunch,but,it had closed early that day.Floyds barber shop was packed,there was a line outside .Andy's childhood home has been turned into a bed and breakfast,I'd like to go back sometime and spend a night there.Well,I have to close,I'll stop by later,ya'll take care-ky girl

July 26, 2005 - Msg 29672: Hey everybody! Yep,hot is the word of the day,for sure. It's supposed to be near 115 today in South Carolina-unreal! Rev.Jr.and Quiet Sam be careful in the heat,ok? Me,I'm staying under my nice cool rock!
Seems like most of the country in in the grips of a heat wave.Can't wait for Fall!
Hey Spot,I talked to a fellow the other day from Dewy Rose,Georgia.You know where that is? I told him I lived in SC and had never heard of Dewy Rose and I liked the name. He said he was right across from Anderson ,SC. Must be a small southern town,huh? I sure like that name!
Sounds like you had a good time down South,ky girl. Wish me,Rev.jr,and Sam could've met up with you-none of us are that far from Columbia.(You mentioned you were at Ft.Jackson).Maybe one day we can arrange some type of Porch gathering-perhaps up in Mt. Airy! How fun that would be!
Yeah,where IS Asa? Check in buddy!
Well,gotta run for now. Y'all have a good day,take care in the heat,and remember to ACT LIKE SOMEBODY!
possum under a rock

July 26, 2005 - Msg 29673: top of the morning porchsters... csalee- it's so hot that when you catch a fish it's already cooked. mdc- are the birds walking back to az? it's to hot to fly and i bet they travel at night. possum- i was a drill sgt at fort jackson, early 70's. where oh where could asa bee? ky girl- hope you took a lot of pictures on your trip. homemaker- prayers continue for you, funerals seem to come often as we get older. well time to go before i melt. supper from the freezer ,it'll be cooked by the time it hits the air. ha. mdc- the outlaws are turning themselves in so fast because of the heat that wyatt needs your help booking them. pappa( when, oh when will summer ever arrive.) bear

July 26, 2005 - Msg 29674: mayberry deputy- wyatt needs y0ur help it should have read. pappa

July 26, 2005 - Msg 29675: Possum,I thought about you all near or in s.c. when I was in columbia,s.c.,yeah you are right,we were near Ft.Jackson,about 7 miles from it actually,so we didn't have a long drive from the motel to the base.I wish I would have had internet access,i thought about coming online and letting you all know I was staying at the Red RoofINN on two notch road,I would love to have met with everyone close to that area and sat down and talked.I may be going back in the fall,my son is still there doing AIT (hope I have that name right)training,it's basically what he is learning to specialize in,and,I hope before he finishes I can go back and visit him and see south carolina and hopefully some parts of Georgia,I love the south!Pappa Bear,I didn"t know you were a drill seargent at Ft.Jackson,I think that is fantastic.Not just that you were a drill seargent at FT.Jackson,but,that you were a drill seargent.I can tell you,the difference in my son is amazing,especially maturity.But,I saw that in all the soldiers that graduated with him.So,I can tell you pappa Bear,being a drill srgt.,you certainly changed some young soldiers lives for the better.I wish I had more time to sit on the porch,but,I have some errands to run,and,I better get them done.I sleptthe wrong way or something last night,and,can't move my neck to the left side very easily,so driving should be quite a challenge!I'll stop by later you all,stay cool and stay safe!Possum,I'm kind of glad I'm not in s.c.for those high temps today,I think I seated off 10 pounds while I was there.Of course with all the good southern food I ate i probably put it right back on,ha ha!-ky girl

July 26, 2005 - Msg 29676: sorry,that was supposed to say "sweated off 10 pounds",I can't type with my neck this way,I don't know how I'm going to drive!-ky girl

July 26, 2005 - Msg 29677:
Drill sargeant, eh? Any Sgt Carter blood in those veins? haha
Time for CHRISTMAS IN JULY so we can all cool off!
115 in SC?? wow, makes our 106 seem "mild."
"Sleigh bells ring, are ya listenin',"
"I'm dreaming of a white Christmas..." or maybe I'm just DELERIOUS!! haha
pappa, all the birds knocked on the back door and said, can we come into the AC, teehee. Even the worms have dug deeper to stay cool, birds say too much work, so let em be!
Who's cookin' tonight?? How bout spaghetti and fresh squeezins.?
KYgirl, thanks for the Mt Airy report. Sometimes I think it would be better to go when it's not Mayberry Days, just to enjoy the small town atmosphere more. I'm adding that trip to my list for sure.
Prayers for all, boo, HM, Mavis, Alyce and others movin etc.
Have a good day,

July 26, 2005 - Msg 29678: ky girl, I was going to ask you how you "seated off 10 pounds", that sounds like just the diet for me! Glad you had a nice time in Mt. Airy. (I think that is a cool name for a town as well!)

Homemaker, my prayers will continue for the family of the girl who passed. I will be attending my uncle's funeral on Thursday. He was 80, and had enjoyed good health for most of his life. He told my aunt, (his sister), that he lived a long full life, and his children (7) are all grown with families and some grandchildren of their own, so he was ready to go home to be with the Lord. Those kinds of funerals are so much different than the one for Jesse. What is the same though, is that they both are with the Lord, and THAT is wonderful. The sorrow is for those who are left behind.

Been kind of hot and stormy around these here parts in Michigan as well! I think we are going to have a cool down, though, I think the high will be in the 70's tomorrow!! Praise God!! It's pretty sad when in July you are already wishing for fall!

Have a great Mayberry day all!

Mary Wiggins

July 26, 2005 - Msg 29679: Oops, MDC, I didn't see you there!
Have a wonderful day! And keep singing those Christmas carols!


July 26, 2005 - Msg 29680: "Hey sar-gint, thar's kinda a nice ring to this bucket over my head!"

Just funnin with ya all,

July 26, 2005 - Msg 29681: Didnt see you there Mary! Prayers for your uncle and family.

July 26, 2005 - Msg 29682: Afternoon porch friends. I think we are all going to need some of those funeral home fans with the Marine Corp hymn printed on the back if we are going to sit on the porch today. Just got back from lunch and had I think the 2 best hotdogs I have ever had at a place called the Yum-Yum. Topped it off with some butter pecan ice cream. That really hit the spot.

July 26, 2005 - Msg 29683: Afternoon porch friends. I think we are all going to need some of those funeral home fans with the Marine Corp hymn printed on the back if we are going to sit on the porch today. Just got back from lunch and had I think the 2 best hotdogs I have ever had at a place called the Yum-Yum. Topped it off with some butter pecan ice cream. That really hit the spot.

July 26, 2005 - Msg 29684: Afternoon Porchsters. MDC- once again, as everybody down here says "it's not so much the heat as it is the humidity." Well, we've got all we can handle of BOTH right now. CSALEE- those hot dogs were so nice..you had to brag about 'em twice. LOL Just teasing you. We've had this discussion before, but how do you like your dogs? Love mine with chili, mustard, onions and slaw. Does anybody here listen to the Mike Gallagher Show on the radio? He was in Florence today. Not only did I get to meet him, but he invited my dad and me onto his tour bus. Of course he did that because we came bearing gifts of bbq sauce and about 6 slabs of baby back ribs we had cooked. Nice guy.

July 26, 2005 - Msg 29685: Sorry bout the double posting. I think I clicked the post button twice in error. Getting funky like that in my old age. YOu got it right about the "dogs". Ain't no other way. Leave off the onions and you might as well throw the whole thing away. It would not be worth eating. My wife puts mayo on hers and I tell her she is ruining it. I have some neighbors who recently moved here from up north somewhere and I am still trying to break them from putting relish and kraut and on theirs. I have told them don't even bring one of those things near me. What a waste of a perfectly good "dog".

July 26, 2005 - Msg 29686: CSALEE- I'll go one step further. Ain't nothing like a grilled dog. I bet I've grilled about a hundered this summer. I'm partial to Nathan's (Longer Than the Bun). And you just can't beat those Vidalia onions! Now I'm officially hungry and ready for supper.

July 26, 2005 - Msg 29687:
Rev Jr, I listen to Mike every chance I get!
Good talk radio. I will listen to see if he mentions the ribs and sauce!
More later, I feel like that puddle in Wiz of OZ! ha Hotter than a pepper sprout!
MD, whew, C

July 26, 2005 - Msg 29688: steaks with gravy,mashed potatoes,corn,and collard greens for dinner you all,ready in about an hour,ya'll come hungry-ky girl

July 26, 2005 - Msg 29689: I'm agreeing with the reverend and csalee,grilled dogs and everything except mayo,saurkraut and relish on them.-ky girl

July 26, 2005 - Msg 29690: Thanks Ky girl, sounds "almost" as good as spot's! ha
I like my dogs "dressed" (a lot on em) also love Chcago style. We have a place here called Ted's hot dogs, and really put together a grilled chicago style dog with the sliced tomatos and all.
MMmmm gooood as Andy would say!
Andy: Aunt Bee, I know your'e tryin' to save money,and that's good, that's goooood; but with these new shoes for Opie, he'll be thru the soles before his foot EVER reaches the toe!
Good evenin' all,

July 27, 2005 - Msg 29691: oh what a beautiful morning--- mary wiggins- prayers foryour uncles family and you. was suppose to go to benton harbor, michigan for a family reunion but my mother-in0 law in ky is bad. ky girl- oh shucks you make me blush with all those kind words. what job is he training for? one of my drill sgts from another unit was marching a group and after you have done it so long it's like sleep walking, anyway he looked up and saw the troops about to go in the ditch, not having timeto counter command he said" jump ditch jump" which they tried to do. about the same time the post general was driving by. needless to say that drill sgt needed a box of alka- selter and some clean pants. rev jr and csalee- remember our beloved porch dogs are not to be grilled. spot, plum and salty dog. tee- hee. just saw an episode of the beaver where old jud played gus the fireman same old gus, you can take jud out of mayberry but not mayberry out of jud. we have one day of 78 degrres and lower humidity. Pappa ( the coolest i have been ) bear

July 27, 2005 - Msg 29692: Pappa Bear- the devil called the mayor of Florence, SC and apologized for leaving the door open. Record temps again today. Enjoy that 78 degrees. The air conditioning in my house is running around the clock and I don't think it's gotten below 78. Can't wait to get that power bill next month! I'll send 'em a small payment and tell 'em I know Spot from Ga. He's a legend in the power company world. I'm sure they'll let the rest of my bill slide. MDC- If I get up the courage I'd like to try one of those Chicager style dogs. Just scared I'll ruin a perfectly good Nathan's. CSALEE & kygirl would never forgive me if I did.

July 27, 2005 - Msg 29693: Ahh - cool weather . . .wish I could share it with you Rev.Jr. - a nice light rain too!


July 27, 2005 - Msg 29694: Hey Rev, you can try the Chicago dog and I guess its everyone to their own taste. If you like em that way more power to you. I tried one once and there's just something about tomatoes on a "dog" that did not taste right to me. It wasn't bad but it's just hard to beat a good old Southern style "dog" with mustard, slaw, chili & a heapin helpin of onions. I have always preferred a Ball Park frank too and like the Nathans I like the bun length ones. Never did like getting a mouth full of bread and no "dog".

July 27, 2005 - Msg 29695: Okay, now you're just showing off, homemaker. LOL

July 27, 2005 - Msg 29696:
Rev jr-ever see the PBS show about different dogs around the couintry? It's a good one. (Imagine us talking bout dogs whilst spot is away!)
Tell your dad that he is welcome to use my "Welcome to (S)he-ll" story. It may wake up a few of those deacons sleepin' in the back pew! ha
pappa-Jump ditch- that's a good one! PYLE!!
With that 78, you must be putting your parka on, and gettin' out the snow shovel! teehee
I WILL BE OUT OF CIRCULATION from tomorrow til Monday...we're going to Raliegh (Calif) to the band concert (lie on the beach)to "cool" off!
I know I know, why dont I "tell the truth on the beach!" Way ahead of you joksters! haha
So from later tomoww til monday, our distinguished, but HUMBLE mayor pappabear will be in charge of the porch! If the govener shows up be sure to keep the mayor away from the water crock. One crocked crock is enuf! ha
KY girl is in charge of cooking.
County nurse is away, so you are on your own in that dept.
OK, prayers for all. Will be back for a brief hello later today.

July 27, 2005 - Msg 29697: Hey! I had a minute to stop in and talk for a minute. Hope you are all well...I have not had time to read the archives, I'm afraid.

Not much new on this end. I am still trying to sell my house and build a new one. The kids and Hubby are all fine. It's been a busy summer with VBS, kid's camp, etc.

Romeena, Bruce and the kids and I are going to ConCan August 8-10 (to Neal's). Whoopee, can't wait to hit the river and smell the Cyprus trees! I am happy to hear you are planning another trip to Mongolia...hope it is as wonderful as the last one and that you won't have to drink any fermented mare's milk...teehee!

Gotta run....I have a guitar lesson to go to. Can you believe it? I have always wanted to play and at age 42 (soon to be 43 on Sunday) I finally decided to "go for it".

Hope ya'll have a great week and "stay cool" (literally). Bye!


July 27, 2005 - Msg 29698: Hello Everyone:
Anybody planning to attend the Morgan Town, WV
festivle that will honor Don Knotts. It's being held this August 12th to 14th, 2005. I bringing my wife and two girls (8,4)to the event. If you like to e-mail me about information, thoughts, ideas or what-ever on the weekend. Love to here from anyone as I sit on my Front Porch and waite. E-Mail:macmel269@adelphia.net
Thanks--Mike Dangel

July 27, 2005 - Msg 29699: Hey Porch pals. Sorry I have been away for a while. Just dealing with life issues. You know how it is.
Thanks for hollering for me though. It sounds like I missed Romeena's going away party, but I'll be here for the welcome home one.
Need to go read the archives and see what's been going on.


July 27, 2005 - Msg 29700: Great to hear from you ASA. Glad all is as well as can be! And Boo too! WOW! Dont you two stay away too long now!
Sorry Mike D, I cant make it,, but it sounds like one heack of a celebratioN!
Good eve all,

July 27, 2005 - Msg 29701: WEDNESDAY, July 27 (HealthDay News) -- Countering the belief that immigrants to the United States use more than their share of health-care resources, a new study finds that just the opposite is true.

According to research released this week, data suggest that the average immigrant consumes several hundred dollars less a year in health costs, on average, than the typical native-born citizen. Most strikingly, the researchers say health-care costs for the poorest immigrant children are 84 percent below those of native-born kids.

On that front, "we found a really grave disparity," said study co-author Dr. Sarita Mohanty, an assistant professor of medicine at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles.

According to Mohanty, the research team launched the study to combat the belief that immigrants take advantage of the American health-care system. "We thought there were a lot of popular misconceptions," she said.

The researchers looked at the results of a 1998 federal survey of more than 21,000 people, including more than 2,800 immigrants. The findings appear in the August issue of the American Journal of Public Health.

Mohanty's team found that immigrants accounted for an average of $1,582 in health costs per year, compared to $2,005 for the native-born. When the researchers adjusted their figures to take into account possible differences between the two groups due to factors such as age and health status, that gap widened to $1,139 for immigrants and $2,546 for the U.S.-born. Furthermore, a full 30 percent of immigrants used no health care at all in the course of the average year.

Latinos had the lowest expenditures among the immigrants; non-Latino whites had the highest.

The surveys didn't ask questions about immigration status, however, and Mohanty said it's possible they may have missed some undocumented immigrants who were too afraid to answer questions.

Researchers also found that immigrant children were less likely than other kids to visit doctor's offices or take prescription medicines. On the other hand, the children of immigrants ended up consuming more in terms of higher emergency room costs, compared to the children of native-born Americans.

Immigrant families often turn to emergency care because many "aren't aware of what's available in terms of preventive services, or they don't have access to them because of [lack of] insurance or income," Mohanty said. "There also may be fears about being undocumented."

The study findings seem reasonable, said Dr. Mita Sanghavi Goel, an instructor in medicine at Northwestern University in Chicago who studies immigrant health. However, "there is much more research that needs to be done to understand in more detail where the higher costs for U.S.-born people and lower costs for foreign-born people come from," she said.

According to Goel, there also needs to be a greater understanding of the proper role of disease prevention. "Are we spending money wisely in the care of individuals, whether foreign-born or U.S.-born? Should we providing better preventive and early health care, rather than emergency-room based care?" she asked. "We need to look at this data with a finer-toothed comb before the debate is settled."

More information

Learn more about immigrant health care options at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

July 27, 2005 - Msg 29702: hey everybody,since i'm in charge of cooking,I will let you all know what the morning menu is:bacon,waffles with warm syrup,eggs anyway you like em,grits,biscuits and toast,coffee,juice,water and milk,ready about 7.Hey ASA,good to see you on the porch,and Boo too!I think it's great you are learning to play the guitar,I've always wanted to play a guitar myself.My husband is a great musician,he can play 2 or 3 instruments,I'd be happy if I could play one,HAHA!MDC,have a great time on the beach,watch out for those sharks!We want you back in one piece!Pappa Bear,he is training to be an all wheel mechanic,and says depending how this traing goes,he is considering becoming a ranger.I liked that story about the other drill srgt!It reminded me of something my son told me.He said they had one drill srgt.that was very strict by the book,another one that was strict but,lenient in some areas.Well,the lenient one told them that when they got thier army issued underwear,not to wear them because they would give them rashes.So,theydidn't wear them when he was traing them.The next day,the strict drill srgt.came in and saw them getting dressed without underwear,and,demanded to know why they weren't wearing underwear,so they told him.he told them if they didn't wear them he would make them march across the field naked,so they put them on.Later that night,the other drill srgt.came in and wanted to know why they were wearing those underwear !He said they got a good laugh out of it,as it depended on who was training them if they wore underwear or not!You all,I'm going to put a roast in the crockpot,so for lunch tomorrow,we are having hot roast beef sandwhiches and mashed potatoes,green beans and cold soda pop.I gotta close,ya'll take care,I'll stop by tomorrow-ky girl

July 28, 2005 - Msg 29703: Hi All! I've been in the mountains for a week and came back homw Sunday to this awful heat and humidity! Sorry Ky girl that i wasn't home when you came to Ft. Jackson. I'm only about 30 minutes from there. I'm east of there in Sumter county,Dalzell to be specific. A porch reunion in Mt. Airy sounds great! I've never been there but since my son is now in Cary,I'll have more opportunities to get there. When are the Mayberry days there this year?? Well, got to see my dr. this am so off I go. Ya'll take care now and rock easy! Quiet Sam.

July 28, 2005 - Msg 29704: Hmmm.. Did the Surgeon General just visit the porch?
What was that all about? Strange goings on-must be the heat.
Hey Rev.Jr,let me know when you're ready to send off your electric bill payment-you can tack mine on to yours and we'll give 'em the old "We know Spot,the legendary power company king!" line. See how far that gets us! Psst.. We can always put it on the Mayor's tab! Ha Ha
Speaking of the heat,I saw a dog chasing a cat yesterday and both of them were walking! Silly joke!
Good to see Asa on the porch! Big hug for you (((((ASA)))))!
So,Pappa Bear,you were a drill sargeant at Ft. Jackson back in the 70's? I believe that must've been you I heard when I was outdoors as a teenager and the wind was right-think I caught you barking out orders a few times!!
Lucky you,Sam,getting away to the mountains for a bit. Be careful in this heat.You'd best do your planting at night-it's ONLY about 80 degrees then!
Well today is my nephew's 14th birthday and we're all having a little "do" over at Mama Possum's place,so I'd better go. I'll save y'all some cake,ok?
Have a good day-stay as cool as you can!
possum under a rock

July 28, 2005 - Msg 29705: P.S. Forgot to say "Hey!" to Boo!


We sure miss you! Pop in when you can,ok?

possum again

July 28, 2005 - Msg 29706: OH poor MDC and RevJr, it is a mild 66 here at 9:43 this morning. . .wish I could share some of this nice crisp air with you. . .almost like a fall day instead of summer time.

So GLAD to see you ASA. . .it is been too long since you were here!


July 28, 2005 - Msg 29707: OOPS Happy birthday BOO! I too recently took the 43 plunge, forgot that our birthdays were so close together!


July 28, 2005 - Msg 29708: Morning Dears.
Homemaker, 66? I am envious! That would feel good about now. But then again it would feel good in the middle of January also. Go figure.
Happy birthday Boo. They seem to come faster each year, huh?
Possum, how you managing in this heat? Do possums sweat?
Sounds like a fine lunch there Kentucky Girl. Count me in.
Welcome back Quiet Sam. Hows your crops doing? My corn is getting close to harvesting!
Prayers for all who need em.


July 28, 2005 - Msg 29709: Hi ya'll Sounds like the cooler air is moving in all over. We had a good thunderstorm last night. First rain in about 10 days. I could almost hear my "maters" growing this morning. Hope the cooler air stays with us for a while. I'm tired of the blast furnace. Shoot if the temp gets below 80 again it will feel like Jan.
Hope everyone has a good day. Later

July 28, 2005 - Msg 29710: Good morning all, ASA,I have a site you might like to visit. It is...www.playpianotoday.com I think you can learn guitar too. I was once told if you can play the piano you could play the guitar too. It wasn't true for me. I love a banjo. There are a lot of self-taught pickers in these old Ky. hills.I have a brother who can make a harmonica talk. It's so peaceful to listen to him. He lives in California now. See you for lunch ky girl....Slim

July 28, 2005 - Msg 29711: i decree today as long time no see folks day.. hello asa, we've been worried about you so close to fires and record heat. quiet sam- good luck at the doctors and be careful in this heat.slim- what part of ky are you in? csalee- yesterday we had a temp of 78 and i thought i was in the twilight zone, but woke up in the furnace again today. ky girl- that was a gd one on the drill sgt's, i wonder if anyone remembers the movie the d.i. starring jack webb? he made thse recruits bury the mosiqto they killed, then webb asked which way the head was pointing, they didn'y know and had to dig it up, rebury it. then he asked was it male or female ,yep the dug it up again. happy birthday boo and many more, we've missed you. possum- if the wind is still right you can still hear me but now days they don't snap to for me., they ignore me. ha. thjanks mike for the barney days info, stop by and pull up a chair, you could always be the bullit. well got to run- lprayers for all. pappa ( the ignored ) bear ha.

July 28, 2005 - Msg 29712: Pappa- I remember the TZ episode!ha
OK, I am leaving right now for our 'cool' Calif weekend.
New truck should do good. See ya all on Monday!
Mr Darlin's Cuz

July 28, 2005 - Msg 29713: hey ya'll,good to see so many on the porch!Quiet Sam,I remember hearing the name of the town you are from,sure wish i could have got online while I was there,but,as I said,i hope to get to visit my son in the fall,so I'll let you all know ahead of time and maybe we can all meet somewhere.that would be great.Homemaker I agree,I can't wait for falls nice crisp air.I love to go camping in the fall.We have about 85 degrees here in WVA today.I'm ready for some cooler weather.I see they are having a celebration for Don Knotts in Morgantown,wonder if he is going to be there?Thats about a 4 hour drive for me,but,it might be interesting to see.I'm closer to Wheeling ,West Virginia,thats about 20 minutes from me.Yeah,I kind of wondered if the surgeon general had stumbled onto ourporch.But,I kind of think it is someone who knows our county nurse is away,and,can't make a rebuttal.But,she will return ,and,read the archives,and,I'm sure this is not the last we will hear on this subject.She kind of reminds me of the Julia Sugarbaker character on Designing Women,she is well educated ,and will listen to everyone,but,if there is something she really has an opinion about you are going to know it,and,she does it so tactfully!I always liked her character.Oh,if any of you all are designing women fans ,the first season is out on DVD.Well,I've talked enough for now,I'll post the supper menu in a little bit,I think it's going to be fried chicken,scalloped potatoes,peas,macaroni salad,cold soda pop,milk and water,I'll let you know what is for dessert later-ky girl

July 28, 2005 - Msg 29714: yep,the supper menu posted above is what we are having plus banana pudding for dessert,see you all around the supper table about 5-ky girl

July 28, 2005 - Msg 29715: Happy Birthday to Boo and homemaker! I'm right behind you- July 30th.Actually,I'm a little ahead of you (years wise-46!)but not complaining. You're as young as you feel,right?
Hey Asa,I'm a Southern Lady possum so I don't sweat-I perspire! Ha Ha
Rev. Jr.,don't think about heading to the beach to cool off- I heard on MSNBC earlier that it's 122 degrees on the beach at Myrtle Beach! Geesh!
Ky girl,I used to love Designing Women and you hit the nail on the head with your comparison of Julia to our own county nurse! Yep,let the surgeon general speak now, for our county nurse WILL be back before we know it,and boy,oh,boy! Hee Hee
Thanks for supper too,ky girl-sound great! We'll have leftover birthday cake too!
possum under a rock

July 28, 2005 - Msg 29716: Possum, you sound just like Charles Emmerson Winchester on MASH. First,A Winchester doesn't sweat, he perspires. Secondly, A Winchester doesn't perspire. hee hee hee
Hey papabear, sorry to make you fret. Most all the fires in Utah have been down south so we don't feel too threatened.
I'll check out that link Slim. Thanks.
Kentucky Girl. I'll be there by 4:30. I hate to be late for eatin events.


July 28, 2005 - Msg 29717: Boy, seems like July is just chock full of b-days! Happy Birthday Boo, HM, possum and any others I may have missed. Had mine on the 24th. Yep, possum, you're WAY older than me...1 year and a week. teehee Not planning on heading to the beach, but my wife is this weekend. Annual girls weekend...more like the annual hen party if you ask me. I'm just teasing! BTW- wife's b-day was the 24th as well. My dad, the Rev.Sr., was the 25th. I'm in on supper kygirl. Have a safe trip, MDC.

July 28, 2005 - Msg 29718: ya'll,I'm adding fried green tomatoes to the menu,a neighbor up the street found out i like them and sent some down,and,zucchini too.So,we are adding fried zucchini to the menu also,asa,see you at 4:30,you can be taste tester o.k.?-ky girl

July 28, 2005 - Msg 29719: Happy birthday to everybody on the porch who recently had a birthday,whew,there are alot of July birthdays on the porch!In my family there are alot in August.My husbands is the 1st,my oldest sons is the 10th,my twins (boy and a girl)on the 22nd,my mom and dad's anniversary is on the 16th,and my anniversary is on the 26th!We eat alot of cake in August at our house!HAHA!The oldest will turn 20,the twins will turn 19.The next child birthday is in october,then another in december.So,after August we get a couple of months to rest up before the next one!I gotta go for now,talk to you all later-ky girl

July 28, 2005 - Msg 29720: Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I miss you all. So good to hear from you, Asa. We love you...hope life gets easier.


July 29, 2005 - Msg 29721: Quiet Sam, Mayberry Days is the 4th weekend in September. You can get more information if you to to mayberry.com.
jennie boone

July 29, 2005 - Msg 29722: Morning Porch.
Hope your Friday is going good.
Looks like them British Bobbies are kicking some behind! Makes me proud.