July 29, 2005 - Msg 29723: hi ya'll,sorry I didn't get to post a b-fast menu,i have been so busy.Our late lunch will be grilled cheese sandwhiches,chips,pickles,cold soda pop and moon pies.Supper,will be ribs on the grill,a garden salad,baked potatoes,and ice cream sundae's for dessert.Cold soda pop,tea,water and milk.It cooled off enough here to cook outside,HAHA!Pappa Bear,did you get any relief from the heat?How about the rest of the porch?Quiet Sam,I thought about you when I was in S.C.,and I saw the hot boiled peanut signs.I didn't get to stay long enough to eat everything i wanted to,next time I will definitley have to have a menu plan,HAHA!Slim,when I was inMT.AIRY,they were having a blue grass festival,I would have liked to heard that.You are right there are some real good self taught pickers in KY,they can usually play alot of good music you haven't heard in a long time.I like to listen to the old songs as well as the new.One of my favorite old songs is by little Jimmy Dickens,"sleeping at the foot of the bed",and my nine year old daughters is "Take a tater and wait".My 7 yr old son likes the song"Man of constant sorow".Any of you all have blugrassfestivals nearby?Even though I'm in West Virginia,you have to go closer to Charleston,to my knowledge,to get alot of bluegrass or old time gospel music.Gotta close,housework to get done.See you all at supper-ky girl

July 29, 2005 - Msg 29724: Wow,I swept the porch!I never did that before-ky girl

July 29, 2005 - Msg 29725: Hey All! Ky girl, we're selling fresh,a mean fresh out of the ground peanuts ready for boiling out of our office right now! Better hurry on down! We'll be selling through labor usually! We irrigate them so they are always good. We only sell what we grow. It's much cooler here finally but we need rain .Clouds are here so I hope some is on the way! If I had anything to plant,I'd surely do it at night,but 80 degree nights aren't pleasant either! But at least you can stand it a little better. Ya'll rock easy now ya hear!! Quiet Sam!

July 29, 2005 - Msg 29726: The sentence should read through labor day!! Sam!

July 29, 2005 - Msg 29727: HA HA,Quiet Sam you all are some serious farmers,selling right through labor !Only kidding.I hope I can get some of your fresh peanuts before you do quit selling,my youngest daughter and i love them.I hope you get that rain you need,we got some yesterday and it cooled it off considerably,supposed to get more today.I actually had to turn off the airconditioners last night because we were cold.I'm sure thats only a temporary break since we still have August weather coming on.talk to you all in a little bit-ky girl

July 29, 2005 - Msg 29728: oh,and Rev.Jr,if i had known I could buy some of your sauce while i was in S.C.,I would have.Do you sell it in most grocery stores down there?-ky girl

July 29, 2005 - Msg 29729: where is everybody?Did everyone get a break in the weather and decide to go outside and enjoy it?-ky girl

July 29, 2005 - Msg 29730: ok,everyone,I am starting to get real worried,it's almost midnight and I'm still the only one posting.I hope I haven't bored everyone with all my chatter!We are having biscuits and sausage gravy,hashbrowns,fresh fruit ,coffee,juice,water and milk,for breakfast,hope somebody shows up or I will have alot of leftovers.Hope I see you all tomorrow-ky girl

July 29, 2005 - Msg 29731: You know I'm there ky girl. Love a good breakfast.

Has been kind of quiet tonight. Maybe everyone ran off to listen to a band concert, tonight, under the stars. Boy, someone could have at least made a sign or something letting us know.


July 30, 2005 - Msg 29732: sign for you asa- they moved last nights band concert to the chruch because of the heat- didn't otis tell you? ha. ky girl it's 4 am and i'll be over for breakfast in a few. wake- up mayberry. have a mayberry kind of weekend. Pappa( the heat is back on) bear

July 30, 2005 - Msg 29733: hey ky girl.I'm going to acouple of picnics today. One for the VFD and one for the church,so I won.t be there for supper. Anybody wants to come is welcome to either one. Good cooks here too. Slim

July 30, 2005 - Msg 29734: Well gang we are back from the camping trip safe and sound...will tell ya all about it in just a bit...got to unpack the camper....SPOT

July 30, 2005 - Msg 29735: Yay,Spot's back! Now we can have my birthday party! Thanks for doing the cooking for Spot,ky girl.Spot was supposed to cover today,since I picked up the tab last Saturday when we all had steaks(remember,Spot?) Ha Ha It's okay,I forgive ya! Hope you had fun camping! Just got back from Cracker Barrel and not sure I'm up for another big meal anyway.(Makes me think of the episode where Andy had to eat 3 spaghetti dinners-it's the oregano!) Maybe just one of those ice cream sundaes ky girl was telling us about.Yum!
So,y'all eat,drink and make merry-I'll just sit on the porch with my sundae and enjoy your company.Come on y'all-it's a party! Let's celebrate all the July birthdays!
possum under a rock

July 30, 2005 - Msg 29736: Good evening - I am in the middle of two kids fighting (and I am not talking goat kids) but I am ready to separate these two into different pens. One is a feisty red-head with a temper and the other is blond-hair kid with the same temper.
Been to the fair this week - we went last night to do the ride thing. Typical hometown fair. Next year we will be in the thick of the things with our own goats there. And then the next year - more goats as the other one joins the fair.

Well - Asa, so good to see you being so regular again! That's what prunes will do for you!


July 30, 2005 - Msg 29737: Sam - will you send us some peanuts, my father in law loves boiled peanuts!


July 30, 2005 - Msg 29738: Ok, possum you got me , the kids just begged to stay an extra day at the lake, ky girl thanks for cooking..im at work now till 6 am, whew tired but hanging in there..asa regular?hey slim,sam..im gona get settled in here at work and read the archives....and find a western, one on the hallmark channel now with burt renolds..dont know the name of it...well back in a bit, caught about 40 or so fish this week!....SPOT

July 30, 2005 - Msg 29739: Fiesty red head huh hm? She must take after you! HA! Glad you had fun at the fair.

Welcome back spot. I do think ky girl has you beat in the cooking dept. though. I gained 10 pounds while you were away.

You ain't gettin off that easy possum. I went to Ruth Chris steakhouse and had them charge it to you.

Stay cool there papabear. Fall is coming..... to fast for me.


July 31, 2005 - Msg 29740: Quite Sam, i would love a sack of those peanuts!ky just went to a bluegrass festival near by about a month ago..hey papa,...Breakfast Menu:..egg your way,sausage [hand pattyed], thick cut bacon,streak-o-lean,center cut country ham,grits,hashbrowns,bisquits with red eye gravy,toast,apple butter,oj,coffee tea and milk,french bread sticks...get a plate at about 6 am....signed:SPOT the"glad to be back home" dof of this here porch...lights are ON!

July 31, 2005 - Msg 29741: Hey, everybody. I'm here on the Mongolia end of the porch, just wanted to say howdy! I don't have much time, am at an internet cafe, not expensive but still not free. Keyboard a bit weird, please forgive typos. Am having a perfectly wonderful time, a true high point of my life-type experience. Even better than last year. This beautiful land, the beautiful people, will tell you much more later. I'll be doing a journal again, I'm sure. If you're interested in receiving it, just email me at Romeena@airmail.net and I'll get you on the address list. I'm considering doing it as a blog, howdvdr. More about that later.

I went to Sunday service this morning in a Mongol;ian congregation, our chapel is a ger (tent-like thing) at the river side. Lovely.

Have a great week - I'll be in touch next weekend. Sugarplum would say hey, but she's not with me. --Romeena

July 31, 2005 - Msg 29742: Ro thats sounds fantastic!...breakfast almost done..the southern end of the porch smell gooood...yall get a paper plate...SPOT

July 31, 2005 - Msg 29743: Hey to the POrch. Irishter here and back after a BUSY month of VBSs and visiting ministry teams from GA and WV. Had a great time all in all.

Summer suddenlt ended here last week and we have had cool, damp weather ever since.

Whatcha doing in Monglia Ro? If you don't mind tellin.


July 31, 2005 - Msg 29744: How international our porch has become from Ireland to Mongolia to Utah :)

Now Asa, I think my little "girl" would be upset if HE knew you called him a girl. I have two boys - feisty boys that is. And yes, the red head is way too much like his mother - a nonconformist and everything.

Been to the Sonday morning meeting - now it is time to work on some lunch and whatever else that will keep me out of trouble. Ha Ha


P.S. Remember our troops with just a thinking of you card. Anysoldier.com can get you an address as quick as a click!

July 31, 2005 - Msg 29745: Irishter, Romeena went to Mongolia on a mission trip last year for the first time, and this is her second trip. She is a nurse, and I believe the group she travels with goes to some very remote areas and helps with health care for the local peoples. They also share their Christian faith. She writes absolutely beautiful journals and if you would like, she will e-mail them to you. I am on her list! She also sent some pictures of the native peoples, and the homes and gers and other places she saw and visited. I am not sure if she can easily answer your questions while she is still in Mongolia, so I took the liberty! (hope she doesn't mind!)

Isn't wonderful hearing from all corners of the world?! Mongolia, Ireland, and even our own vast United States!

And all these places coming together on a little wooden porch in Mayberry!

Have a wonderful day all!
Mary Wiggins

July 31, 2005 - Msg 29746: Hello porch pals ,hope everyones doing well.Im still busy trying to get the house organized after we moved in ,moving is a big pain Hope everyone has had a good weekend

July 31, 2005 - Msg 29747: Morning Homemaker,
Didn't see you sittin there! I hope I didn't rock on your foot!


July 31, 2005 - Msg 29748: Oh and now Mayberry Deputy sneaks up on me! I hope all the moving goes well Mayberry Deputy!
M.W. 2 ;)

July 31, 2005 - Msg 29749: How exciting for Romeena! I will email and get her journal. Would love to see it blogged.

-Irishter (good to be back on the porch)

July 31, 2005 - Msg 29750: Hey Irishter, Romenna is on some trip!..international porch..neat..hey mw,hm,md,..irishter im from ga..hm going to Anysoldier.com and send....tonight its pot luck Sunday dinner..I"ll bring fresh green beans and tea...what-chall gona bring?..eat at the park,pitch the football around some....SPOT

July 31, 2005 - Msg 29751: Evening all. Nice quiet day here on the Irish end of the Porch. Tomorrow is considered the first day of Autumn here. Kinda feels like autumn as well.

Anybody still hot back there in the US?


July 31, 2005 - Msg 29752: Spot,

Our visitors were from the Augusta area. Nicd folks!


July 31, 2005 - Msg 29753: hey everybody,good to see you all,I was beginning to think I ran everybody off!Thanks ASA for the compliment on the cooking.Spot,did you get to cook all those fish you caught?Homemaker my prayers are with you with those two kids arguing!I don't know about you,but,when I hear mine arguing,and,I see alot of myself in them,I think ,oh my poor mother!She really did have her hands full at times!My granddaughter has alot of her mothers(my daughters)personality traits,and,when she is being really defiant,my daughter will call me and say"Do you know what she did"?And,I start laughing and she says"Why do you think this is funny"?and I remind her of some of her stunts she's pulled.I told her she is only 2,wait till she's in her teens.My daughter just says "Oh No!"So good to hear from Romeena!Can't wait to read those journals.Hey irishter,good to see you too!Autumn weather already,that must be nice.We are still having hot weather here in W.VA
,but,I'm cooking outside anyway,I don't feel like washing frying pans and pots tonight.Having baked potatoes,hamburgers and hot dogs,and cold drinks,ya'll come by if ya get a chance.Spot,I may stop by your potluck later,I'll bring some baked potatoes and hot dogs,OK?Irishter,what part of GA and WVA were the ministry teams from?Mary Wiggins,ain't that somethin how far reaching the mayberry porch is?I heard from my oldest son today,the one who just graduated basic training.He said they got word that thier reserve unit is to prepared to be deployed to either London or Iraq when needed.Please remember him and all of the soldiers in your prayers.Well,ya'll I have to close,the kids have interrupted me at least 20 times since i started typing this,so I'll go for now.Ya'll take care-ky girl

July 31, 2005 - Msg 29754: The GA team were from the Augusta area, WV team from Nitro - photos on my photoblog here



July 31, 2005 - Msg 29755: Ok ky, baked taters and dogs...good deal...Agusta huh Rev, south Ga....slow day here at the power company...but thats ok by me..here till 6 am...SPOT

July 31, 2005 - Msg 29756: spot,you are probably still resting up from that week at the lake.Sounded like you all had a good time.Since you are there till 6,I'll fix breakfast,flapjacks,warm syrup,link maple sausage and and eggs anyway you like em,as spot says.Gotta close,busy trying to clean a bunch of junk out of my basement.I don't like to do that kind of stuff on Sunday,but,the garbage is picked up on monday,so,I'm getting it done while i have the energy and the kids are busy playing.talk to you all later-ky girl

July 31, 2005 - Msg 29757: oops,spot I apologize spot,i meant to type you are probably still tired from that week at the lake.Thats what i get for trying to listen to the news and type at the same time!I know when i went away for a couple of days,i had a good time,but,i was tired when I got home.later ya'll-ky girl

July 31, 2005 - Msg 29758: KY..sounds good I will get my beakfast to go in the morning please...ya got one of those styrofoam plates with a lid?...will have to eat it ont he go....eggs over med and 4 links please...got to go home and sleep in the morning and be back at 2 pm for 16 more..watching iron eagle movie....SPOT

July 31, 2005 - Msg 29759: Irishter, I just took a quick look at your link, and I must say, the countryside and church buildings make me want to jump right on a plane and head on over! It looks just beautiful. Are you close to the places in the pictures? It looks like you have quite a Kamp for the kids as well. I hope to read a little more about it, but right now it is after 10p.m. here in Michigan and I best hit the hay!

Have a peaceful, Mayberry type slumber!
Mary Wiggins

July 31, 2005 - Msg 29760: Hey Ya'll! We're back from the Mouse House...it was a great trip, and I'd highly recommend the house we stayed in. It was a great way to see Disney.

I'll check the archives...hope everyone is doing well!


July 31, 2005 - Msg 29761: Hey Goober!..what is a mouse house at Disney?...glad you had a safe trip...SPOT

July 31, 2005 - Msg 29762: Hi MW and the rest of the porch

We live VERY close to the places in the pics. Come on over and visit on this end of the Porch.


August 01, 2005 - Msg 29763: welcome to august everyone--- good to see you back goober,irishster, spot, mary wiggins, ky girl and everyone. i'll read the posts later. to check and see if opie started his newspaper up again. ha. breakfast at i-hop on your mayor. pappa(the hungry) bear

August 01, 2005 - Msg 29764: Just wanted to say hi to everybody on the porch. Miss Crump is my mother figure. Earnest T. Bass

August 01, 2005 - Msg 29765: Afternoon Porchsters. Well, it was in the 100s last week...doesn't look like it'll hit 80 today. Wow, nice change of pace. Wasn't able to check in over the weekend. Skimmed over the posts REALLY quick, will have to go back through later. Good to hear from Ro, glad you made it back, Spot, sounds like you had a good time Goob...and, no ky girl, you can't buy our sauce in most grocery stores in SC. As a matter of fact, we are trying to transition OUT of the grocery stores and into more of the specialty/gourmet shops.

August 01, 2005 - Msg 29766: Hi porchsters, we made it back from Cal. Very nice 70's days! Truck ran well, even tho on the way back, my wife reads small print in chapter TWO of owner's manual "drive 55 and under for first 500 miles!" Dealer told me there was no break in period! Geesh! I'm at 900 now, so I guess I'll just have to see! haha Oh well!
Will get caught up on messages!

August 01, 2005 - Msg 29767: Afternoon porch friends. Happy Monday to everyone. Had a rather active weekend. We kept our grandaughter Sat and Sun. She is 3 and has more energy than 5 people should have. Bout wore this old man out. Enjoyed it though. Glad to hear everyone has some cooler weather. We had rain just about all weekend. My garden sure looks a lot better with all the good water. I made a bodaciously good chicken pie for supper Sat night that I think would make Aunt Bea proud. Going to have leftovers tonight. Got to run.

August 01, 2005 - Msg 29768: I know this ain't Mayberry related, but does anybody remember those little glass birds that would dunk their heads down in water and then bob back up and then slowly dunk down for another drink? anybody know what those things were FOR and what they were CALLED? Inquiring minds want to know.

August 01, 2005 - Msg 29769: Remember the birds but think they were just a think you allways on vac for some reason..ha ha..welcome back MDC!..Hey ETB..CSALEE..have not heard from you.hey.ky,rev,mw,possum,slim,goober,Ro,irishter and all...tonights its gona be beef stew and corn bread sliced tomatoes and hot peppers..get a big bowl..lots of beef and taters!...SPOT

August 01, 2005 - Msg 29770: Remember the birds but couldn't tell you much else about them. They were clever

Been a might under the weather today. I think (or hope) it is a 24 hour bug and nothing more - (aches, chills, upset stomach) - no fun at all.

Don't feel at all like eating. . .I'll take a raincheck on food and save it for tomorrow.

It's my momma's 81st birthday today!


August 01, 2005 - Msg 29771: About the birds - you can buy them on ebay under "drinking birds." They have bunches...


August 01, 2005 - Msg 29772: I think you would put baking soda in them like the little frogmen. I also have one of those Light Energy deals that looks like an old fashion light bulb, and when you shine light on it, the "paddles" inside spin around.
Does the inquiring mind have a name?? First is fine, just would like to say hey.
Wow ,how international yet small and quiant the porch is these days!
HM, hope you had no rascals at the county fair, trying to get you to shoot with bent gun sights! haha
We'll send our mayor over there to get the 'lectric razor out of them. ha
or at least to decree international day in Mayberry.
It is still pretty hot here in Phx! 105 today and all week they say.
Well,have a good evening!
Mr Darlin's Cuz

August 01, 2005 - Msg 29773: Looking for some help....anyone know the name of Otis' wife? Not the actresses name...

Wayne in Ohio

August 01, 2005 - Msg 29774: Rita.............hello wayne welcome..happy b-day mommy Hm..SPOT

August 01, 2005 - Msg 29775: Spot...thanks....just to verify, it was "Rita" Campbell?


August 01, 2005 - Msg 29776: Correct....SPOT

August 01, 2005 - Msg 29777: Thanks alot...sure appreciate it!....wayne

August 01, 2005 - Msg 29778: Hey yall! where is the late night porch people?..hey wayne..are you new here on the porch?..im SPOT the talking dog and cook of the porch..been here on the southern end in ga.for huh..well over 2 years probably..great fun here..well here at work till 6 again at the power company..lets have some peanut butter and cheese and ritz crackers...gona do my daily paper work for the night and find a good movie and kick back and hope all the lights stay on..will have breakfast in the morning....SPOT

August 02, 2005 - Msg 29779: Mornin-dears!...rise and shine!....ok breakfast is as follows...split pigs feet,beats,boiled cabbage,boiled okra,hog jowl,fish,slaw,turnip greens,ice cream,green apples,cranberry sauce,butter milk...[tee hee hee] wonder who will show up to see what were really gona have ....signed: SPOT the"trick dog" of your porch..hee hee

August 02, 2005 - Msg 29780: Spot- That'll lay on your chest! Ha Ha Ha

Ok,so what's REALLY for breakfast? I ain't putting that stuff in my lil possum belly!

possum under a rock

August 02, 2005 - Msg 29781: Morning porchsters. Hi Spot. I'm kind of new to the porch. Just found it a week or so ago. Really enjoying it though. Think I will pass on the pigs feet for breakfast too. I could go for some country ham, red eye gravy and biscuits though. Everyone have a nice day.

August 02, 2005 - Msg 29782: Good morning porchsters! Here's how we sell our fresh peanuts for boiling. We sell a 25lb bag for $20.00. I can ship you some but I need to warn you the only way they will make it to you in good shape is over night express! A full bag's shipping cost may run as much as $50.00! It is gastly how much shipping costs are! I can ship a half bag if you like! Just post your shipping address or e-mail me at runhedens@ftc-i.net. they are selling good this year,must be the heat! Corn harvest is a comin,may start nest week if the moisture in the kernal is at 25%! I'm getting hungry ! What's for lunch Spot? Quiet Sam!

August 02, 2005 - Msg 29783: great to see so many on the porch this morning- welcome ernest t. bass & wayne. top of the morning to spot, rev jr, mdc, quiet sam, omemaker and yipee. pappa (the honor guard ) bear of the day

August 02, 2005 - Msg 29784: Got ya on the breakfast joke ...ha ha..we will have what CSALEE had...uite sam sounds like things are going good on the farm..possumm uou been ok?...lunch is fried bologna sandwiches,chips and pickels....no that ant lay on yer chest...well gona pick tomatoes and a few peppeers while I got the time and feed otis then back to work at 2 for 16 more..see ya there! SPOT

August 02, 2005 - Msg 29785: Howdy! Wanted to tell ya'll that for my birthday Hubby got me the 2nd season TAGS dvd's. Whoo-whee!

Hope everyone is well....have a great week!


August 02, 2005 - Msg 29786: Hey all...how is everybody? SPOT...the house we stayed in was a rental 15 mins from the gate. It was 5BR and 3BA...had it's own pool and everything...it's the way to go! :-)

We're gettin all settled back in, it's always tough to come home from vacation!

Good to see everybody checkin in...hey to all the new folks. Ya'll be good!


August 02, 2005 - Msg 29787:
Spot, us Darlin's could wolf down that hog jowl breakfast in no time! ha Ya dont find those at Dennys, ya know!
Boo, your husband is a bird in this world, yes he is! Aint he kind!
Saw the ep last night where Opie and Arnold find the baby on the courthouse steps! Another great episode.
You all have a good day,
Mr Darlin's Cuz

August 02, 2005 - Msg 29788: MDC - the boys did play with cork guns at the fair - they got to shoot at cups until they won. What they won wasn't worth I paid for them to shoot but they had fun!

I have to save up for next year's fair - we will be there everyday and I am afraid of how much it will cost me per day for them there. I am hoping to borrow my brother's motor home and park it there for the week so I can keep drinks and lunchmeat on hand for snack attacks - and choco chip cookies too.

It's hot here today. . .


Glad to see all the newbie porchsters - does anyone have Mavis' address so we can see how she is -

August 02, 2005 - Msg 29789: Hey porch. That breakfast was ...something else Spot.
Homemaker, you feeling any better today? I wish I knew how to get hold of Mavis too. I am worried about her. Where is Mrs. Wiley at too? Hope she is alright.
Good to see your Hubby is taking care of you Boo. The 3rd season will be coming out on the 16th of this month I believe. I hope they have some commercials on them ones too. I appreciate it!


August 02, 2005 - Msg 29790: Whoops, Benn meaning to welcome you back Goober. How's your Dad doing?


August 02, 2005 - Msg 29791: Thanks for asking Asa - it was a 24 hour bug and now it has flown off. Thank goodness - I felt really bad. You're the cats Asa!


August 02, 2005 - Msg 29792: Mavis, if you're out there and still reading the Porch, I wanted to let you know that I'm thinking about you this week.
jennieboone- an old fish friend

August 02, 2005 - Msg 29793: Does anyone know how to search the archives for Mavis' petstore/grooming? website. Perhaps we could find her that way! Hopefully she is just superbusy.
Good to see Goober, Jennieboone, csalee and others.
Asa, Mrs Wiley has been doing physical therapy and checks in from time to time!
See homemaker, ya shoulda checked the riflesites! ha
HM ever check out anysoldier.com ?
It is an EXCELLENT site! Freedom isnt free!
Ya all have a good day

August 02, 2005 - Msg 29794: HM, I didnt mean you, as YOU told us about the site! I meant to ask the whole porch, but the "HM" was in my mind!! Oh well!
It's a great website and i urge all ato check it out,

August 02, 2005 - Msg 29795: Got my 3rd season ordered yesterday! Can't hardly wait! I think the 3rd season is one of the best! Getting hot again this week in SC! May hit 95 tomorrow here! typical SC summer though!Catch ya'll later-stay COOL!!! Quiet Sam!

August 02, 2005 - Msg 29796: I second your comment about SC weather, Quiet Sam. What's the old saying? "If you don't like the weather in South Carolina, just wait a minute,"

August 02, 2005 - Msg 29797: Hey Rev Jr., I just checked the forecast and the highs the rest of the week may stay in the low 90's-more normal I hope so! Yeh, the weather dowm here can change in a minute!! It's still better than below 0 and 20 inches of snow!! Quiet Sam.

August 02, 2005 - Msg 29798: Hey gang!..Hey Bo,asa,CSALLE,Rev...hot huh sam..MDC..hog jowl breakfast?..goober that house is the dogs house for sure [no pun intended]..jennie boone!..good to hear from you,hm cork guns at the fair!.glad you feel better,..well here at work till 6 am again then off tomorrow to do yard work!..SPOT

August 02, 2005 - Msg 29799: Tonights Menu:..Southern Fried Chicken,little red taters,fried okra,fried green tomatoes,turnip greens,corn bread,cream corn,sweet tea...will someone bring some slaw...SPOT

August 02, 2005 - Msg 29800: Hey guys, checking in. Our computer at the house should be fixed by tomorrow. I feel like a stranger. I have been having so many problems getting here lately..... sniff.... do you miss me?

Any way. This past weekend I was in Raliegh, NC for a Women's conference with a group of ladies from my church. Any one know who Beth Moore is? Fantabulous lady. Biy she lit a fire under my spiritual behind.

I start Student Teaching in 27 days.... Pray hard I'm scared!

I'll be back ASAP!

Miss you guys!


August 02, 2005 - Msg 29801: You will do fine Dixie - I will start my 18th or 19th year of teaching in about 2 weeks and I always get butterflies about a new year.

I checked the archives and found the old cutlass website but it is dysfunctional as well as Mavis' other sites. I couldn't or I should say I haven't found the archives with the pet/grooming store website address.

MDC - I am an anysoldier.com junkie and I check it out everyday. Sometimes I write a new letter or I see about those I have written to. Sometimes I feel so sorry for some of the soldiers - Freedom isn't free.

I'll keep looking through the archives to see if I can find a way to contact Mavis.
Anyone heard from FunGirl?


August 02, 2005 - Msg 29802: Dixie you will be fine,,,fun girl?..duno..hope yall liked supper...my braves are winning 9 to 1 if it holds out they will have a 5 and a half game lead in the west on their way to their 14th straight divison championship!..chop..chop..snack time will be at 10:30...SPOT

August 02, 2005 - Msg 29803:
Dix, just stand on 1st Tim, chap 2 "The Lord does not give us a spirit of fear!" I, also admit however, when I was teaching, that there were always a few butterflies, but i established who was in charge, was very firm for a few weeks, then lightened up a bit. But it is ALWAYS easier to lighten up then to try and backtrack to try to get firm. Right HM? Knew many a teacher who tried to be "friends" with the class from the git go, and it always backfired on them. I also learned at least all the first names by the 2nd day using the ole association trick. That REALLY helped! Ok, thats enuf I guess from this old teacher! We never really retire, we just lose our "class!" Ugh! (:
Dont forget to support the porch by getting your 3rd season at Weaver's! Season 3 has Mr McBeevee and Man in a Hurry among other good ones! Barney is at his best too, in my humble opinion, on this humble day, in front of you humble folks in our humble little town.
Nice evening, praying for all porchsters, mavis, boo etc and troops all over the globe! God bless,

August 03, 2005 - Msg 29804: Hey Dix,

From a LONG time teacher here before I was a preacher I can share that I never got over "first day jitters" I remember student teaching even though it was 20 years ago.

What an exciting time!

I agree with MDC 110%! You gotta be tough, especially at the start. They will try you for sure.

I was known as the toughest teacher is school. Yet, after all these years I still here from former students. Got birthday greetings a few days ago from a woman who just celebrated her 30th birthday.

You will do fine. Be tough, but love your kids. They will see you love above all else. One day a week I teach literacy to a bunch of teens are in a centre for kids who have had to leave school. I still am tough, but I love each one of them. I have a wonderful time there.

More words of "wisdom" from another old teacher.


August 03, 2005 - Msg 29805: Morning Irishter and all...waffle house this morning!country ham and hashbrowns and grits!..coffee and the local paper..Irishter is buying ! !...Ive got to stop buy home depot ths morning before going home and hitting the sack to get some landscape chips and a new chain saw [on sale] for the work to be done at the dog house ..well off we go...SPOT

August 03, 2005 - Msg 29806: If I'm buying then we are going to have black and white pudding (google for info) as well as a cup of tea!

Its on me today though


August 03, 2005 - Msg 29807: "Hey" to the porch! Y'all don't sell my rocker - OK? I'm still here in spirit.
~ Mrs. Wiley

Aunt Bee: "Barney... where did you come from?"
Barney: "Well, I been right 'chere."

August 03, 2005 - Msg 29808: Mrs. Wiley? I was just asking about you.
All is well?


August 03, 2005 - Msg 29809: I am a pretty tough teacher too and to this day, those who have graduated still call me, Mrs. Betsy (my last name was too hard to say for hearing impaired kids when I started teaching so they called me by my first name but always with Miss or Mrs.)
I respected them and they respected me - being friends as a teacher is like trying to be friends as a parent. I love my children but friends will tend to let you get away with a little more than a parent or a teacher.

I emailed the last address I had for Mavis so I don't know if she will get it or not.


August 03, 2005 - Msg 29810: Real gully washer here in Phx last night.
2 inches in less than an hour! Our entire yearly rainfall is only 7 inches, so this was really something and VERRY needed.
DIX- hope we all didnt overwhelm you! Just want you to get off to a good start! Lots of prayer helps too! ha
Mayor will decree new Miss Crump day on the porch for ya.
Good to see mrs Wiley check in.
Pryers for Mavis, Ro, all porchsters and all troops!

August 03, 2005 - Msg 29811: Afternoon all. Hope everyone is well. Having trouble staying awake this afternoon to try and work. Had a too large plate of BBQ, fries, puppies, slaw and sweet tea for lunch and it's laying heavy right now. Saw the ep last night about the cave in at the town picnic. Have always enjoyed it because it showcased a real serious side of Barney in what he thought was a bad situation not knowing that Andy & Helen had already found a way out

August 03, 2005 - Msg 29812: Hey Ya'll...working like a dog here in Chicager (no offense SPOT)! We're supposed to get a break in this weather tomorrow...sure hope so!

Dixie..my wife (no, it ain't Lydia) start her student teaching next week...she's a bit shakey too..you'll both be GREAT!

Asa...thanks fer askin...he's about the same. We thought he was going here a couple of weeks back...but he's stubborn. Personally...I think hes getting back at me for making him wait on me so many times! :-) Thanks for your concern and prayers...when he's ready to go home...he'll go.

Ya'll be good...


August 03, 2005 - Msg 29813: Hey goober, same with my mom! A few close calls lately, then she springs back. In fact, I walked her down the corridor and back to her room yesterday! Smiling and all! Just letting the Lord take care of things in His time.
How about dinner at Long John Silver's?

August 03, 2005 - Msg 29814: Hey MDC...i know what you're talking about. My dad has been 'gone' for a year now...just has no idea he even exists...but you wait, and keep them comfortable.

LJS sounds real good...but my favorite place to go is Frisch's....any of ya'll have a Frisch's near you? We came back from Mickeys house through KY...had time to visit the local Richmond Frisch's twice. Had a super big boy, with a big ol' slice of onion! :)

Ya'll have a good night...I'm hungry now...


August 03, 2005 - Msg 29815: MDC, Goober. My prayers are with you two.
Having a loved one get Alzhiemers or severe dementia is like losing them twice. But I found when I lost my Dad on the second one it really was a blessing. I miss him something bad, but there is no way I would have wanted him to go on like he was. I know how hard it is for you to see your Mom and Dad suffering. If I can help, let me know.


August 04, 2005 - Msg 29816: Thanks fer thinking of me Asa. All's well with The Lord on my side. If it wasn't for Him, I'd be in a sorry state. My Dad will be passing away soon, Sure hurts to hear him tell me to pray that God takes him soon. He's in a lot of pain. Mom's doing well, knowing that I will be living with her after Dad goes. She was worried about fending for herself - not on my watch! I'm making use of public assistance which is hard for me... used to paying my own way. Arms aren't doing so well, but I have pain Mgmt. scheduled for November.

Otherwise, my spirits are high and my at-ti-tude is positive. Y'all keep a good thought and act like somebody!
~ Mrs. Wiley

August 04, 2005 - Msg 29817: Glad to see you Mrs. Wiley - sorry for your dad and I wish it would be easier on you.

Goober - have a local Frisch's - use to frequent it quite alot but they have changed the menu too much for us to enjoy it like we use to. And the prices went up as well. If you have Golden Corral - that is also run by the Frisch's management. I really like LJS esp. the hushpuppies. When I lived in Georgia, I use to have one LJS I stopped at on my way back north and had a potty/hushpuppy break. Sounds appetizing doesn't it?

Well - need to get something accomplished here.


August 04, 2005 - Msg 29818:
My goodness, my prayer bones are sore, but it's a good 'sore' if you know what I mean! My heart goes out to Mrs Wiley and Goober (and Asa)as we all go thru these times! These are the times when our faith, the porch, and family love make all the difference.
We all reminisce the past and I think I know why, I think the 50's-early 60's were perhaps some of the best years on the planet! Relative peace, good jobs, good melting pot instead of so- called diversity, no AlQuada, moms at home, divorce low, TV three channels, etc etc. Sure, I speculate, but for us that lived them, it was a time of joy! I believe it bring us to TODAY where we willingly take care of our folks! I really am concerned with all of today's broken families, declining morals etc, if such love will be around or if the Word's verse will hold true that "the love of most will grow cold" Mt.24. Well, enuf of my soapbox for today! (Sliding back under porch)
Keep all our troops in your prayers and may you all have a good Mayberry type of day! God bless.
PS-Irishster, I googled the pudding! You can have it ! HA!
APB for Sterling, AUh2o, Fungirl, Mavis, Alyce, Briscoe, Ollie, AFD, Hazel and others!

August 04, 2005 - Msg 29819: Sorry to hear about all of the physical ailments around. Praying for healing or for His grace to endure them.

Glad yoou googled the pudding - its not near as bad as it sounds ;-)


August 04, 2005 - Msg 29820: Goodness gracious Homemaker, you do have a way with words! (I'll never see hushpuppies in the same way again). LOL
Mrs. Wiley, I am sorry about your Daddy too. Then with all you have been through with your health, it's good to see you keep on keepin on.
MDC, I sure do agree with what you say. Life was way good back in them times, or I guess maybe we were too young to know any better. I reckon our folks worried as much about the cold war as we do about terrorism. I do worry about the direction we seem to be headed though. Hope we can get it back on the right course before it's too late.

How's your weather Irishter?


August 04, 2005 - Msg 29821: Prayers to all in need...here at work now [again], gona read the mail..will have supper in just a bit...SPOT

August 04, 2005 - Msg 29822: mdc-i agree that the 50's and early 60's were the time period to live thru, folks word was golden,but arond end of 62 you could feel the winds of change a- coming and like today we haven't a clue whether it will be good or bad... i think the last chapter ,especially last verse of judges hold the clue. goober- sounds like you had a great vacation, that place you stayed sounds grand, mrs wiley- prayers for you. just remember we love you and hear for you. dixie- you have our prayers and you'll do grand. with as many first time and long time teachers on the porch feel free to vent any problems you experience cause between god and our porch teachers you'll be great and make a lot of difference in kids lives. apb foe emma also. homemaker- it's great to hear that your able now to see some of the fruits from your teaching... jeeniebone- is that really you? we have all prayed and fretted over you being gone so long. asa- thank you for all the calm reassurances you give the porch. spot-- the braves may go to the world series, you think? neighbor across the street is a big braves fan even has his braves flag flying. that's unusual being raised in illinois. the white sox, i've concluded are the rodney dangerfield of baseball. top record in baseball but seldom gets mentioned even in illinois. TONIGHT LET'S ALL GO TO MARGERITTAVILLE FOR DINNER AND DANCING, WHAT DO YOU THINK? HELLO TO QUIETE SAM, IRISTER AND EVERYONE I MISSED. it's got to be 5 o'clock somewhere so off to mareritaville. pappa( the beach ) bear tonight

August 04, 2005 - Msg 29823: The weather in Naas, Ireland at the moment is rain, 13C (55F)

An Irish autumn,

Anybody need a break from the heat?

August 04, 2005 - Msg 29824: 87 here in ga..and Maregerittaville........let GO!...SPOT

August 04, 2005 - Msg 29825:
Irishster, I'll take the weather, but not the haggis! haha
Pappa- I read the verse, good one! I also read the final chapter of the final book, and the Lord has the last word! amen!alleluia!
Is Margaritaville near Jim B's place? ha
Liquid dinner? I need more sustainance! haha
What I think is amazing, as I look back to 50's early 60's, is that, even while living in 400,000 pop. Phoenix (at the time), we REALLY did not lock doors at night, car keys were just flipped under the dash , stores were closed on Sundays, we walked to school with a few books and a lunch sack instead of a 40 lb backpack, we played red light, green light in the frontyard instead of grand theft auto on the computer, our neighbors were the type that didnt have to register with any agency, we could still do a morning paper route without fear at 11 years of age, my mom was always there for me to kiss away the scratches, I could memorize all the yearly changes of every Ford, Chrysler and Chevy; and, even tho we would do drills under our desks at school, I knew that the Russians wouldnt try anything against the US of A, for actually made things here like steel, TV's, and most everything else.
Oops, sorry, I got back on that box again.
OK, back to present reality. I guess it is as good and Mayberry-like as we make it and allow it to be!
Have a good one porchsters!

August 04, 2005 - Msg 29826: Wrong country for the haggis MDC, need to go to Scotland for that. I have actually eaten deep fried haggis, but never the boiled stuff.

August 04, 2005 - Msg 29827: i hate the andy show

August 04, 2005 - Msg 29828: i hate the andy show

August 04, 2005 - Msg 29829: Hey MDC,pappa,irishter,mw,hm,fg,ky,slim,csalee,goober,asa,ro,sam,and all here!...this Sunday after preaching Im going to take the boat out for a ride and fishing and splashing...everyone welcome..we will cook on the boat,dogs and bugers..will someone bring some slaw?..signed:SPOT the"I can dog paddle" dog of this here porch..lights are on!

August 04, 2005 - Msg 29830: Looks like interlopers again!

A friend of mine couldn't believe how many re-makes of movies are out and the popularity of the older shows. My simple reasoning was that America has forgotten its innocence. Or maybe just lost its innocence. (If I spelled that wrong sorry - I sign, not spell.) Those of us in this generation are longing for the quiet simple times of peace and contentment. If you haven't heard the country song, "That's What I Like About Sunday. . ." it describes what life used to be like on Sundays - dressing up for church, fried chicken for lunch, cutting out coupons in the Sunday paper - now it is busy, busy, busy.

We don't allow our children to be in everything - they are not mini adults. They would love to be in every sport, every club, every activity offered by school. The activities themselves are wholesome but we set limitations so they can be children and play. Too many kids are stressed out because of the their hectic social schedules and then school on top of it. That's my two cents worth. And by the way, we live in the country and my oldest will not ride his bike in the yard without an adult present because he is scared someone will stop and get him.

And another thing - sorry - I think this Martha Stewart thing is ridiculous, she is still under house arrest and yet we are allowing child molesters to slip through the court systems and continue on with what they are doing to our children daily. That is justice.

Sorry for venting.


August 04, 2005 - Msg 29831: By the way, the original Cooter of the Dukes is asking for a boycott of the film due to its se-xual nature. He said that's not what the Dukes were about.


August 05, 2005 - Msg 29832: Hey, homemaker. I agree with you. I am 41 and remember when time was much simpler and people were civil to each other. And you could leave your door unlocked at night. Now, ID theft, terrorists, gangs, etc. rule the day. It's just sad how people have changed the world for the worse.

For What It's Worth.


August 05, 2005 - Msg 29833: Huge negative changes in the Irish culture in the ten years we have been here. In our town, when we first moved here, nobody locked their bikes in town and bags of Christmas shopping were left on the footpath outside the doors of shops when people went in to shop :(.


August 05, 2005 - Msg 29834: What - no one up yet, well I set out the fresh baked cinnamon rolls on the counter and there is some fresh (right from Kroger) orange/pineapple juice in the fridgerator. Ya'll have a good morning - I can sleep in for another few days.


August 05, 2005 - Msg 29835: Thanks Homemaker. Rolls not bad! You sure you made em? :)


August 05, 2005 - Msg 29836: good afternoon porchsters--- to the interloper, that is what makes america great, you don't have to watch what you don't like and you don't have to visit this site but let us folks alone to enjoy our mayberry. homemaker- our kids have become so task oriented, video games, tv, instant answers and can't use their imaginations and make their own toys, enjoy the outdoors and etc. they will be shaping and running the world. point let and show kids how to enjoy life and just be kids. a big hello to mdc, irishster, asa, and prayers for everyone. remember our generation are the largest block of the population and we need to unify and change things for our kids and grandkids. supper tonight-- rost, cole slaw, potato salad, corn on the cob, tomatoes, cooked and fried cabbage, cottage cheese, homemade biscuts, and homemade ice cream, some south western dishes also. pappa bear

August 05, 2005 - Msg 29837: test

August 05, 2005 - Msg 29838: testing

August 05, 2005 - Msg 29839: testing 123

August 05, 2005 - Msg 29840: Anyone getting through?

August 05, 2005 - Msg 29841: Testing, MDC

August 06, 2005 - Msg 29842: You're getting through MDC...I see you're posts. --Floyd

August 06, 2005 - Msg 29843: Is this working yet?

August 06, 2005 - Msg 29844: The censor is blocking everything

August 06, 2005 - Msg 29845: Irishter here trying to get through

August 06, 2005 - Msg 29846: I don't see a problem folks? The censor isn't different. I can see your messages? --Floyd

August 06, 2005 - Msg 29847: Make sure you "Refresh" or "Reload" the page after you post to see if your message shows up. I can't get the "censor" to block anything I'm posting. -- Floyd

August 06, 2005 - Msg 29848: Very strange - I tried to say "good-night" last night and it kep popping up with the censor message.


August 06, 2005 - Msg 29849: Seems to be okay now/


August 06, 2005 - Msg 29850: That's good to hear. I'm glad everything okay...in Mayberry. --Floyd

August 06, 2005 - Msg 29851: Morning gang...gona fix coffee for all...SPOT

August 06, 2005 - Msg 29852: Anyway - good morning to all from the Irish end of the Porch! Trust ya'll are well.


August 06, 2005 - Msg 29853: Hello!

August 06, 2005 - Msg 29854: Oh good. We are back on.
Het Floyd, for what ever reason yesterday the censor was blocking everything I tried to post.
Felt like I was being 10-4'd right in the middle of my posts.:)


August 06, 2005 - Msg 29855: Good morning All! It's dog days here in SC. Hot and humid! It's one of those days you'll only find ole SPOT under the porch! We'll bring the window fan down and see if we can cool off the porch and help SPOT too. thanks for the coffee SPOT! Hope yall are well and prayers out to all! Quiet Sam.

August 06, 2005 - Msg 29856: I'm glad to see I'm not the only who gets censored.HA I truly loved and enjoyed the 60's. Music esp. Thanks for reminding me this is dog-days SAm. I'm a big Fla. fan and I live SC too. Prayers to all the porch friends...Slim

August 06, 2005 - Msg 29857: It looks like I said I live in SC. I meant love.

August 06, 2005 - Msg 29858: Well Asa - I tried several times to tell you it was Ellie Mae's recipe that I followed but I went with LITE cement. HA


August 06, 2005 - Msg 29859: It was down right embarrasing for this preacher to be censored ;-)


August 06, 2005 - Msg 29860: Ha! Great that we are all back on the porch!
Musta been that visit to mrgaritaville that done us all in!
Have a good saturday. Preachin tomorrow!
PS: Thanks Floyd!

August 06, 2005 - Msg 29861: Ill try this again tonight. Is time for bed on this side of he porch, gotta preach tomorrow. Preaching on boldness. Someone catch the lights.


August 06, 2005 - Msg 29862: A Big Hello to the Porch from California.

August 07, 2005 - Msg 29863: Good Sabbath...well...actually Lord's Day....to everybody! I'm glad to see folks are able to post messages. Have a great rest of the weekend.
-- Floyd

August 07, 2005 - Msg 29864: Howdy, all. I'm back from Mongolia - have tons of email to read, scary number of phone messages to listen to, and I'm absolutely pooped. Just clemmed! So I'll get to it all in good time. The return flights were very rough, delays and re-routes, thought we'd never get home! Add to that, I banged up my knee on the way over and have been walking crooked ever since, so my whole body is sore and tired. (whine, whimper) Still made it to the top of the Great Wall, though, so guess I'm not hurt much. Will see a bone doc this week. For now, I'll just say howdy, and go see if I can scare up another nap. It's good to be home, and Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

August 07, 2005 - Msg 29865: Glad you made it home safely - how exciting!


August 07, 2005 - Msg 29866: Good to have you back Romeena. Please add my name to your trip list. I enjoyed reading your adventures last year.


August 07, 2005 - Msg 29867: WE are glad you are home Romeena -


August 07, 2005 - Msg 29868: We'll see everyone on the Porch on Monday!

-Irishter, off to bed ;-)

August 07, 2005 - Msg 29869: great to see you floyd. welcome back to your rocker romeena. frankie flint, so glad your back- we've been missi8ng you.irister- can you fix us an irish breakfast tommorow? a big hello to all- asa, goober, mdc, dixie, boo, homemaker, asa, spot, rev,jr,,, and the rest of the porch. going to be busy this week so i may be pretty much out of it. have a glorious week. pappa bear