September 02, 2005 - Msg 30179: a big amen to that mary wiggins,excuse any typos and all the lower case letters,i,m typing with one hand because i have my granddaughter on my lap,and i,m trying to keep her from falling.she is also trying to help me type,so this post is gonna be a challenge to,that was a delicious meal,and,a prayer meeting always brings peace to the heart and soul.yeah homemaker,i know where annville and mckee are.i guess a trip to london was like a big city!Some folks from my area and some others from PA,are going to new orleans to try to help the flood victims and rescue and clean up crews.Makes me feel kind of helpless I can't go,but,I'm much more needed at home.I wanted to share some good news about my 2 youngest children,my 9 yr old who has some learning disabilities,passed an achievement test so she could go into 3rd grade this year instead of 2nd,and,my youngest who has pdd,has passed his achievement test to go to a special class for kindergarten and first grade work!God has truly answered my prayers in so many ways!Well,better close,my helper is getting restless on my lap.Prayers for everyone,ya'll take care-Ky girl

September 02, 2005 - Msg 30180: wow,I swept the porch again!I hope I got all the dust and cobwebs-ky girl

September 02, 2005 - Msg 30181: SWEEP!...this morning its thick sliced bacon,eggs your way,grits,toast,grape jelly hash browns,oj,coffee...ready at 6 est sharp..gona go read the mail...SPOT

September 02, 2005 - Msg 30182: Ky girl - you have your hands full. . .
Spot a mighty good breakfast - you make great hash browns!


September 02, 2005 - Msg 30183: Hey to the porch...let's continue to remember those folks in N.O. Just pray that Gods direction and protection would be with each of them, and those working to help them.

Something to make you laugh...and we can all use that!

Actual interactions with Tech Support and PC users.

Customer: I'm trying to connect to the Internet with your CD, but it just doesn't work. What am I doing wrong?
Tech support: OK, you've got the CD in the CD drive, right?
Customer: Yeah....
Tech support: And what sort of computer are you using?
Customer: Computer? Oh no, I haven't got a computer. It's in the CD player and all I get is weird noises. Listen.....
Tech support: Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!


Tech support: What kind of computer do you have?
Female customer: A white one...


Customer: Hi, this is Celine. I can't get my diskette out.
Tech support: Have you tried pushing the button?
Customer: Yes, sure, it's really stuck.
Tech support: That doesn't sound good; I'll make a note.
Customer: No .. wait a minute... I hadn't inserted it yet... it's still on my desk... sorry....


Tech support: Click on the 'my computer' icon on the left of the screen.
Customer: Your left or my left?


Tech support: Good day. How may I help you?
Male customer: Hello... I can't print.
Tech support: Would you click on "start" for me and...
Customer: Listen pal; don't start getting technical on me! I'm not Bill Gates, darn it!


Customer: Hi, good afternoon, this is Martha, I can't print. Every time I try, it says 'Can't find printer'. I've even lifted the printer and placed it in front of the monitor, but the computer still says he can't find it...


Customer: I have problems printing in red...
Tech support: Do you have a color printer?
Customer: Aaaah....................thank you.


Tech support: What's on your monitor now, ma'am?
Customer: A teddy bear my boyfriend bought for me in the supermarket.


Customer: My keyboard is not working anymore.
Tech support: Are you sure it's plugged into the computer?
Customer: No. I can't get behind the computer.
Tech support: Pick up your keyboard and walk 10 paces back.
Customer: OK
Tech support: Did the keyboard come with you?
Customer: Yes
Tech support: That means the keyboard is not plugged in. Is there another keyboard?
Customer: Yes, there's another one here. Ah...that one does work


Tech support: Your password is the small letter a as in apple, a capital letter V as in Victor, the number 7.
Customer: Is that 7 in capital letters?


Customer: I can't get on the Internet.
Tech support: Are you sure you used the right password?
Customer: Yes, I'm sure. I saw my colleague do it.
Tech support: Can you tell me what the password was?
Customer: Five stars.


Tech support: What anti-virus program do you use?
Customer: Netscape.
Tech support: That's not an anti-virus program.
Customer: Oh, sorry...Internet Explorer.


Customer: I have a huge problem. A friend has placed a screen saver on my computer, but every time I move the mouse, it disappears.


Tech support: How may I help you?
Customer: I'm writing my first e-mail.
Tech support: OK, and what seems to be the problem?
Customer: Well, I have the letter 'a' in the address, but how do I get the circle around it?


A woman customer called the Canon help desk with a problem with her printer.
Tech support: Are you running it under windows?
Customer: "No, my desk is next to the door, but that is a good point. The man sitting in the cubicle next to me is under a window, and his printer is working fine."


And last but not least:....

Tech support: "Okay Bob, let's press the control and escape keys at the same time. That brings up a task list in the middle of the screen. Now type the letter "P" to bring up the Program Manager."
Customer: I don't have a P.
Tech support: On your keyboard, Bob.
Customer: What do you mean?
Tech support: "P".....on your keyboard, Bob.

Ya'll be good!


September 02, 2005 - Msg 30184: those were some good ones goober,some even sound close to something I would do,because computer literate is something I definitley am not!I see on the news where N.O. is getting some supplies,thank God.I have to close and start supper,I'm cooking chopped steaks with milk gravy,mashed potatoes,green beans and breadsticks,sweet tea and caffeine free coke,and water,ya'll stop by at about 6 and it will be on the table.Take care-ky girl

September 02, 2005 - Msg 30185: Good news...The gas price went down from 3.39 to 2.89 Afew mins ago. All those fires and we can't pray for rain. What in the world is going on? It just goes from one thing to another.Then the refugee bus wrecks.All this stuff is so sad and scary...Slim

September 02, 2005 - Msg 30186: hey other ky girl Would you like for me to bring some banana pudding? Slim

September 02, 2005 - Msg 30187:
Good evening porchsters,
I havent seen it on any news reports, but I do feel it in my gut that there is something prophetic is going on! Look only as far back as the devestation of Andrew,not that many years ago, and the days it took to get them aid to Homestead and other places, but you did not see the terrible back stabbing etc that is going on with this situation. It just saddens me that people dont realize the magnitude of logistics of getting in aid to such a place.
Instead they start with all the blaming!
If the levees hadnt broken, all would be back in their homes now, but that accident waiting to happen, happened! The modern media with all it's shows like fear factor etc have just numbed people to the point of coldness. Also, you got 10,000 people who have been on welfare all their lives, having everything given to them in an instant gratification manner, and then put them all together like this, the outcome is inevitable. In the days of wwII, for example, people willingly sacrificed not having sufficient provisions for several years. Here, everyone just seemed to have lost their heads.
Please continue to pray for these people and for this country. Help is now arriving as well as aid, maybe, as with Andrew, people helping people will take place again. Sorry to start a moulage, and so I will slide the soapbox back under the porch, but i just had to speak my piece!
Have a good evening.
Mr Darlin's Cuz

September 02, 2005 - Msg 30188: Prayers to all in need...WOW what a Braves Reds game...."GO BRAVES"....going to the lake Sunday if I can get some gas, call up at the marina and they were out....they hope to get some tomorrow...moon pies and RC cola for a after game snack...Ga. Bulldogs sat,nextel Sun night,Falcons Sunday...what a weekend!...Slim nana pudding was good!....SPOT
September 03, 2005 - Msg 30189: Hey guys! Miss me? I'm getting pretty settled in at my school where I intern. It does wear me out though. Whenever i get home in the afternoons I'm so tired I can usually fall right asleep and take about a 30 min. nap almost every day! I probably just need to get used to it.

So what's been happening with you guys? Anything exciting?

Everyone please remember to pray for all those poor people uprooted by Katrina. I know it is very hard on them.


September 03, 2005 - Msg 30190: Spot you are being a little bold there.


September 03, 2005 - Msg 30191: Yeah,spot that banana puddin was good,thanks slim!MDC,I was going to type what I was thinking about these hurricanes and devastation the other night,but,I had too much help from my grandaughter!I agree,there is something going on I think with all the storms,hurricanes,flooding,etc.I believe it is something prophetic .I believe that these fear factor type shows has numbed everybody.Sometimes it's almost like a stadium mentality,when they have people watching someone getting ripped to pieces by an animal or something and they call that entertainment?!ok I'm putting my soapbox away too.It's a beautiful fall day here,the air is starting to get that crisp smell to it.time to bake some apple pie.Thats what I'll fix for dessert tonight ,you all stop by for pie,ice cream and coffee about 7:30,ok?I wish I could fix supper but,i won't get to eat at home today,I'll just grab something on the run.Everyone take care,I'll stop by later-ky girl

September 03, 2005 - Msg 30192: Dixie,so glad you are getting to intern,those kids are lucky to have you.I think it really takes a special person to be a teacher,so to you and all the other teachers on the porch,God bless you.oh,and remember I mentioned that one of those computer jokes Goober posted could have very well been something I would do,well,here is a real good one i did today.I just got earthlink a few weeks ago,and,i didn't set my mailbox up right at first,then I corrected it.So,I posted for Romeena to re-send me her Mongolian Journals.i couldn't figure out why I wasn't receiving the emails,this was on august 10,just today I figured out I have to click on the check mail icon to look at the emails.I was used to automatically seeing them with my msn emails,i didn't think about having to click on something to see it with earthlink!Anyway,Romeena,thank you for sending the journals,I received them august 10!I plan to start reading them tonight.-ky girl

September 03, 2005 - Msg 30193: MDC, You are so right buddy!


September 03, 2005 - Msg 30194: hello everyone ,just stopped in to catch up on whats going on ,hope everyone is having a good weekend

September 03, 2005 - Msg 30195: I thought this place was a place to talk about The Andy Griffith Show? At least that's what it was created for in '97. What's posted now is why I hardly ever come here anymore.


September 03, 2005 - Msg 30196: Dear Emmett, WE do talk about Andy, just look back at the recent archives. I am sorry that you feel that way. It is hard not to talk about something so dreadful as the recent hurricane, the rising cost of gas, the other turmoils in the world. . .it is in our face on a daily basis.

We look to the Andy Griffith show as the place where neighbors were really neighbors and innocence was still solid. We quote Andy often, we watch his shows and talk about the DVDs that have just come out. Everyone is so pleased that the new DVDs are out and I think that it is great that there is a box set available.

I am sorry if we hurt what the original intention of the porch was -


September 03, 2005 - Msg 30197: Hey Dix..and all!..getting the boat ready for my and Miss Sherry trip to lame allatoona tonorrow at red top mountain!...her son is gona get my pontoon out and meet us..we are gona put the little speed boat in and meet hot dogs to grill and bubba burgers on my is god here but not else where ...lets please pray for the people in need on the coast..signedSPOT the"getting ready for tomorrow" dog of your porch...

September 03, 2005 - Msg 30198: Thanks for the "NO BOLD" Dix...yer a trooper...sorry...yall

September 03, 2005 - Msg 30199: Hey Emmett! How's the fix-it shop?
If ya'll check out TAGSRWC website, you'll see that Emmett has a place there called "Them Timers are Tricky". You can download really cool TAGS sounds for your PC. He's gathered almost any quote you can think of.
Happy birthday to MPO and Myra Koonce!
jennie boone

September 04, 2005 - Msg 30200: Hey, Emmett! Nothing much has changed in Mayberry. Folks still gather on the porch to talk about the events of the day. I expect if Katrina had hit back in the 60's, Barney and Aunt Bee and Andy would have quite a lot of discussion about it. It's nice to see you back - hope you'll stay a while!
MDC, I couldn't agree with you more. And don't you get a chuckle out of the talking heads on TV, as they tie themselves in big old knots, trying to find a way to blame the hurricane and its aftermath on George Bush? Reminds me of Barney and his buddies, and the Tuesday Evening Knot-Tying Society! (I might have the wrong night, but you know what I mean.)
My two little screech owls are still coming in every evening and spending a few minutes at my birdbath. My son has a video camera that has night vision, and last week he taped them for me, or whatever the medium is, and tonight he transferred the tape to a DVD that I can play through my TV. Woohoo! And no, they don't fly upside down! They sure are cute, though. Just little fellers.
Well, off I go. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

September 04, 2005 - Msg 30201: Hey to the porch! Back from DC, & I'm off to work on my website, it needs updatin'. Prayers for those who need them. Emmett Great to see you! Been a long time. Ro You beat me to it with the upside down owl crack. Yer good!
Watch it boy, there's a crazy owl flying around here"

September 04, 2005 - Msg 30202: Hi all,just want to wish everyone a safe and happy Labor Day. I always remember a LD weekend 9yrs. ago.My daughter was in a near fatal motorcycle accident.She was on life support for 3 days.A man who had been drinking all day,was backing into his driveway and I was told he had passed out. He was sitting broad side in the road.Actually the phrase was blacked out. Love and prayers to all...Slim

September 04, 2005 - Msg 30203: Emmitt, HI, mdc here. I probably quote TAGS and talk more about the new DVD seaon 3 than anyone, but sometimes, like Andy would do with Opie,(ie: the time he thought Opie got fired from the delivery job), ya just gotta get things off ones chest, and i like this forum, cuz i can say it, get a few comments and then we all move on!
Just a few messages back i talked about my new favorite episode. Would have been great to have gotten your thoughts on that. I also think i know now why I fall to sleep these days as I watch TAGS, because I think it is like a "bedtime story" to where I just start thinking of those days and, like a kid, the security of such a place puts me right into dreamland!
BTW, I WILL BE ON VACATION all this coming week,
so i will talk to you all NEXT sunday. Have a good holiday and week! Luv ya all,
MDC (Mr Darlin's Cuz)

September 04, 2005 - Msg 30204: Wow, MDC, I think you hit the nail squarely on the head! I never thought of TAGS as being like a bedtime story, but I think you're right. It's so familiar, and brings with it such good feelings, that it just lulls me right into a warm and secure place in my mind. Somehow, I can't imagine reruns of NYPD having the same effect. Maybe that's why I never watched it.

Well, it's time to go put out critter feed, and fill the birdbath. The little owls will show up in about three hours, and I like to have a fresh, full birdbath waiting for them. I feel so blessed!

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

September 04, 2005 - Msg 30205: Evening Porch!

I just got back from one of hubbie's art shows. I know you all know that his brother was in a very serious accident on Wednesday, so I did the first day of the show alone, which most art shows frown upon because they want the actual artist there. This show was gracious and let me do day one myself. Well, wouldn't you know it...Pat won "Best of show" and he wasn't even there! What a blessing that was.

As far as Mark is doing, they put 7 ti-tanium plates in his face, and they are planning on surgery on his knees this Wednesday. He is doing pretty well for someone who was so seriously injured, although they did say they had to drain some spinal fluid. They started that procedure yesterday and it will go on for 3 or 4 days. (Romeena, maybe you could email me a little info about what that means?) Anyhow, continued prayers for Mark are greatly appreciated...

Hey to Mavis, Emmett, jenny boone, MDC, Slim, Spot, Homemaker, fun girl, pipeman, and all others!

Have a great Mayberry Evening,
Mary Wiggins

September 04, 2005 - Msg 30206: Hey to the porch...hope everybody is doing well. Just got word today that a dear friend and long time (50+) years Southern Gospel great is gone. Charles Feltner was best know for the songs he wrote, including "I'll See you in the Rapture".

I travelled and played for Charles for several years...and he had a great impact on my life. I can only imagine what a great homecoming he had when he passed over. Ya'll pray for his family during this time.

Good to see things coming together sin NO. In not time at all, they'll be showing TAGS eps again.

Happy Labor Day...and God bless America!


September 05, 2005 - Msg 30207: Charlotte Tucker says hey Emmett! How've you and yours been anyhow? I, too, will send up a prayer for our hurricane victims, but Emmett is right--let's lighten up around here for a bit. Let's start a quote-a-thon. Now, come on back here Emmett and give us a quote.
Charlotte Tucker

Is she purty? She's nice, real nice.
Is he handsome? Well, he's tall, and dark, and there's a door prize!
I'm sorry, Mary Grace, I forgot yer cor-saage. Wouldn't be right for you, Mary Grace, to go to the dance unadorned.

One of my favorite eps!

September 05, 2005 - Msg 30208: That's my favorite episode Charlotte!

Prayers going up for all you porchsters, those on the Gulf Coast, and for the leadership and troops of our country.
Also, prayers for a swift and complete recovery for your brother in law, Mary! And congrats to your hubby for being "best in show"!

Have a great vacation, MDC! You'll be missed!

"PA, PA! Barney's face is bleeding! " ; )

September 05, 2005 - Msg 30209: Mary Wiggins, I'm so happy for Pat, winning such an award. Certainly his talent deserves the recognition. I'm still in the market for another of his paintings (a print, I can't afford originals), if you'll send me some photos. I'm glad his brother is improving. As to the draining of spinal fluid, it would be presumptuous of me to offer a definite opinion long distance, but my best guess would be that he had a concussion with some swelling, and they're trying to reduce the cranial pressure for a while. That's strictly a guess.

(Heard outside) "Meeooowww!"
Barney: "A cat??!" (whoosh, running outside)
Andy: "A cat!" (running outside)
Opie: "A cat!!" (running outside)
Aunt Bee, looking bewildered, then: "A cat!!" (runs outside)

September 05, 2005 - Msg 30210: Romeena, have you been able to take any pictures of your little crazy owls? I enjoyed seeing the ones you took a while back of the little squirrl with his mouth full of stuffing. Eleven years ago, I saw a hummingbird out in my yard. I ran out and got a feeder, and never saw him since. Until this last week. It was like a week-long birthday gift. He never came yesterday, but I'll be watching for him today again.

"I don't think I'll need my gun, Barney. Me and Fluffys' been friends for years"

September 05, 2005 - Msg 30211: Well hey jennie,slim,asa,emmett,goober,fg,ro,hm,andy,mdc,mw,mavis,dix and all of the porch, here at work till 2, stayed at the lake all day yesterday [packed]..prayers to all on the coast...tonight its grilled hamburgers [with cheese]sliced tomatoes,onions,pork-in-beans,chips,fanta grape soda,olives...ready at 7:00 est...will some one bring some slaw?..signed:SPOT the"got to work out after lunch" dog of your great porch...lights are on!

September 05, 2005 - Msg 30212: Hey, jennie boone! It's good to see you! I'm glad you enjoyed my silly little squirrel pictures. You must have seen them on the webphoto site, right? To answer your question, no, I don't have any pictures of the little screech owls. They come in so late that it's too dark to get their picture. They're only about 15-20 feet away from me, but I'd be shooting through a double paned window, which would probably reflect, and the main reason is I'm afraid the flash would startle them so that they wouldn't return. What I do have is a video of them, taken with my son's video camera that has night vision. Of course, they're green like everything else on a night-vision video, and their eyes glow, but it's pretty interesting. I'm going to check with my son and see if there's a way to isolate a frame of that and save it as a still picture. I use the term "frame" as though it was a film, but of course it isn't, so I don't know if my idea will work or not.
Spot, the Plum and I will bring some slaw, but she wants to put shredded carrots in it. Does anyone mind?
I can't remember if I told you all or not, but I bought a good flatbed scanner that will scan slides and film transparencies. I've been very busy, scanning old slides into the computer. Many of them are from my teen years, and early years of marriage, right up until about fifteen years ago. Lots of puffed-out cheeks, as folks blow out birthday candles. My 24yr old grandson as a baby. My dear little Yorkie, Buckwheat, begging a treat from someone. Best of all, some very good pictures of my beloved husband, pictures I hadn't seen in years! What a treasure a film record is, and how I do appreciate the technology that will now make possible for me to view these pictures on my computer, or transferred to DVD - on my TV, big screen and all. My old slide projector is cranky and hard to operate, so I just never bothered with it. Now I can even have these precious memories as my screensaver, to give me some of those "oh!" moments when I'm just walking through the room. Thank you, Lord, for letting me live at a time when TAGS and technology are a part of my life.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

Goober: "Ain't you got a jack?"

September 05, 2005 - Msg 30213: "You beat everthing, you know that!"

September 05, 2005 - Msg 30214: Sure is dark under there, might be spiders.

September 05, 2005 - Msg 30215: If I was a spider, that's where I'd go.

September 05, 2005 - Msg 30216: Barney! You're gassed!

September 05, 2005 - Msg 30217: "Gomer- get down there with them spiders!"

September 05, 2005 - Msg 30218: "Sweet Ad-aa-liine"
`Barney and Otis

September 05, 2005 - Msg 30219: "He's a nut!"

September 05, 2005 - Msg 30220: "We thought about killin' him, but kinda hated to go that far."

September 05, 2005 - Msg 30221: "Is he one of ours?"

September 05, 2005 - Msg 30222: Barney..."Dogs, nothing but dogs. Andy, if you threw a quail up in this room, every woman in it would point!"

September 05, 2005 - Msg 30223: "Blue! gun! get'em!- here boy-Blue?"

September 06, 2005 - Msg 30224: Morning Dear, mornin honey...

"All Gods Chillin got a Uvula...hallelujah!"

"What do you do with a grown woman pa?"

and a personal favorite...

"Six dollars a week and what do I get? Heartache, nothing but Heartache!"

You know...I've been here on and off since the original launch in early 97 (at least I think that's about the time that the original Sheriff Frank put it all together), and will have to say that I think we're a closer community now than we were then. was (and is) a great place to come and talk about favorite episodes and least favorite episodes (don't get me started on the bed jacket). But it was also a place to get to know others and things about their lives. It was a small town setting on a world wide stage...just like the show itself. Emmett, I hate that you're not happy with the way things are done here today...but I think this is really what it's about. Yes...we talk about the show...the characters...the craziness. But we also talk about the real world...and how we wish things were a little more Mayberry like. We also talk about our troubles, and show compassion and concern...just like the good folks of Mayberry.

Another thing...we don't squabble as much as we did in the early days. I can remember several folks getting all up in arms about things said, or offended because someone didn't say's a lot more easy going now. We've finally started listenin to the good Reverends sermons...and takin it easy...after all, what's yer hurry?

So, I hope you'll visit more often...get to know a few of the new folks in town. We've got a mighty fine Mayor now...his name may not be Pike...but he's tolerable. There's a lot of caring people here on the porch, and we're grateful that Alan has kept it up and kept it going.

Ya'll be good...


September 06, 2005 - Msg 30225: Well said Goober, well said. You must have your beard growing these days.:)
Now, whats for lunch? The clock in my stomach is about to go off!


September 06, 2005 - Msg 30226: Goober - that was a real nice speech - real nice, and I wholeheartely agree.
Asa - you are always hungry.

Got part of the fence put up - there is another day tomorrow!


September 06, 2005 - Msg 30227: Goatburgers, Asa?

September 06, 2005 - Msg 30228: "Now ladies..that was a really nice demonstration you put on go on home..and take a nap"
`Barney Fife

September 06, 2005 - Msg 30229: "Ahh!.. row row row your boat..."

September 06, 2005 - Msg 30230: "We will not sing! We will not sing! We will not sing!"

September 06, 2005 - Msg 30231: " Nip It! Nip it in the bud!! "

September 06, 2005 - Msg 30232: Bob Denver passed away friday at the age of 70. Thanks for the laughs little buddy. Prayers going up for his wife and children.


September 06, 2005 - Msg 30233: "I love you, Charlene, I love you, true."
RIP Dud Wash

September 06, 2005 - Msg 30234: "Charlene's and my love will never die!"
Dud Wash

September 06, 2005 - Msg 30235: Ju-bal, Jubal, Jubal, Jubal. I love the quotes. Keep it up. Seems when I try to think of 'em my mind just goes blank. RIP Bob Denver.
Charlotte Tucker

September 06, 2005 - Msg 30236: "I'm so sorry I broke your heart muther..."

September 06, 2005 - Msg 30237: Old Mariah, jump in the fire
Fire too hot, jump in the pot
pot too black, jump in the crack,... I love this thing, but I can't remember it all...somebody help me...

September 06, 2005 - Msg 30238: Andy: There goes a happy man.
Barn: There goes a happy nut!
- Hazel

September 06, 2005 - Msg 30239: Ro thanks for the slaw,......whew..Miss Sherr and I have been at the lake all day!..HOT..HM..will help with the fence!hey goober,afd,mdc,jennie,ky,.........whew..hope yall eat supper..sorry I was not here to cook...but will be here tomorrow...something real nice[real nice]...but for tonight its ritz and peanut butter and milk!...well got to be at work at 6 in the morning will holler then!...and by the way breakfast is at I-HOP billing to Hazel!...SPOT

September 07, 2005 - Msg 30240: Good Mornin' Y'all! Back from the mountains-sure had a good time up around all those big rocks! Guess what? I was at the NC Apple Festival in Hendersonville,walking along,enjoying myself,when I look up and there it is-the Mayberry Squad Car! Yep,smack dab in the middle of Main street! As I head over towards the car,I hear a voice say " GOLLEE!" and ol' "Gomer Pyle" himself is walking up to me! Must've been a crime wave taking place 'cause Gomer had been deputized and had his uniform on! I talked with him a while,mentioned the Porch and Alan (he says he knows our Floyd) to him and then went off in search of Barney,who he said was around there somewhere.Never ran into Barney,but bought a Mayberry t-shirt,got an autographed "Gomer Pyle" postcard and got my picture taken next to the squad car! Wish y'all had been there!
Thanks for breakfast Hazel! Love I-HOP!
possum under a rock

September 07, 2005 - Msg 30241: happy birthday to laci- our mayberry girl is growing up fast. let's keep mdc and others traveling or busy in our prayers, as well as our troops, nation and leaders. spot great having your cooking eating is a hobby of mibe. anyone else enjoy this hobby? slim- maybe a couple more bowls of nanner pudding for me. so great seeing so many porchsters that have been out of the loop. LET'S REMEMBER GILLIGAN WHO PASSED AWAY LAST WEEK AT 70. ANYONE REMEMBER HIM AS MAYNERD G. CREBBS, THE BEATNIK IN THE MANY LOVES OF DOBBIE GILLIS? take care and be careful. i quess i ought to get the brown truck up and running- it'll be vicks season before long. pappa bear

September 07, 2005 - Msg 30242: SPot - meet us Saturday in the field. . . we have part of put up. . .a long hot job and we have barely started but have wonderful new gates ordered from Tractor Supply. We will have to put fence panels up until they come. I think it will be Subways for Saturdays lunch.

Happy Birthday Laci!
Thanks for breakfast Hazel - via spot!


September 07, 2005 - Msg 30243: Will be there HM.........thanks for the sub"s..will have supper later on tonight....hey slim,pappa,laci........God rest Gilligan....SPOT

September 07, 2005 - Msg 30244: Course you smell gas! What'da you think this thing runs on?? Coal??
Font color="yellow">*Mavis

September 07, 2005 - Msg 30245: dang it!

September 07, 2005 - Msg 30246: fixed!

September 07, 2005 - Msg 30247: Hi everyone! Just checking in to say hi!
Feel sad about Bob Denver. Another of my favorite actors I'll never get to meet. At least for now.

Have fun on vacation, MDC. You deserve it, especially after reading my emails for the past month. :)

Have a good day everyone!
Sorry I can't stay longer. Have to go pick up Kai at school.

-Sterling Holobyte

September 07, 2005 - Msg 30248: BRISCOE~Well, Miss Bee, you sure ain't lost your touch with a skillet. What was that thing you had laying there twixt the taters and the black-eyed peas?
AUNT BEE~ The steak?
BRISCOE~ Mouth-waterin'. Gotta learn what kinda animal you chomp that off of!

September 07, 2005 - Msg 30249: Oh, they twang my buds!

September 07, 2005 - Msg 30250: Bless yer little heart, Mavis, I have trouble with that color thingy too.

Possum, I can't believe our little girl is already two. Give her a hug from me, and tell her Sugarplum says hey! She'd just love to play with her for a while. She adores children, especially if they give her a carrot!

Goober, I think you should wear that beard all the time. That little soliloquy up yonder was very well said. Thanks!

I'm sorry we've lost Bob Denver. He was hilarious as Gilligan, short-lived as Dud Wash, and way ahead of his time as Maynard G. Crebbs. Of course, the whole Dobie Gillis show was ahead of its time. Very creative. Who can forget Doris Packer as Mrs. Osborne, and her slavish butler, Trembly? Of course, Steve Franken as the awful, spoiled Chatsworth Osborne, Jr. was wonderful. He practically made a career out of playing spoiled mama's boys. I remember him on several "Bewitched" episodes, as the worthless warlock son of a domineering mother, who was really a witch! Ah, those were the days, when TV was fun and entertaining and safe. Now, we have "Se-x in the City" and "Fear Factor", and their kind. Both of those shows held my interest for about ten minutes and I've never returned. I have much better things to do, like visit the porch. Can't you just imagine Andy's reaction if he'd walked in and found Opie watching some of the trash that passes for entertainment on TV today? He'd have taken an ax to the TV, and pow-pow-pow!

homemaker, I'll hitch the Plum up to her little wagon and send her over with a pitcher of sweet tea and a bag of ice, and some big plastic cups. If there's anything else you need, just tie a note to her tail and she'll bring it back to me.

Everyone have a great day. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

September 07, 2005 - Msg 30251: Good afternoon Porch!

Here's a little something I have been thinking of. Everyday I go to my brother-in-law's home and feed his dog, pick up his mail, water flowers, etc. In his mail, there have been mailings from a local soup kitchen, different charitable organizations, and the regular assortment of bills and such. I am soo glad their hasn't been anything that would be embaras-sing to him-or me-! I guess you learn a lot about a person when you find yourself having to pick up their mail during an emergency!

Any time now, that same brother-in-law will be undergoing surgery on his knees. They expect it to take about 8 hours, so please remember him in your prayers. He's one of the good ones!

Sad to hear about Bob Denver, he will be missed...

Romeena, the only new show I watch is Monk. It is about an obsessive-compulsive detective and it can be pretty funny and thought-provoking at times. After that, I guess the newest show I watch is "Murder She Wrote"! Ha-ha!

Happy birthday to darling little Laci. I bet she is getting to be a real cutie! (Wish I was there in Mayberry with you, Possum!)

Have a wonderful Mayberry Afternoon all!
Mary Wiggins

"don't the trees look nice and full..."

September 07, 2005 - Msg 30252: Hey to spot and everybody!

Prayers for your brother in laws surgery, Mary.

Happy Birthday Laci!!

Enjoying the quotes!
"It was your heart talking to my heart, now my
heart's answerin'. Miss Bee, I'm declarin' for ya!"

September 07, 2005 - Msg 30253:
"Contol your passion Aunt Bee, you're melting the ice cream."

September 07, 2005 - Msg 30254: Food quotes!











Let's here more food quotes.


September 07, 2005 - Msg 30255: Why did GOD take away BOB DENVER?

September 07, 2005 - Msg 30256: Asa do you know?

September 07, 2005 - Msg 30257: Bob Denver was a good man Asa, Even more sound then Andy himself! Fred Flitrock

September 07, 2005 - Msg 30258: Howabout cocanut cream pie Asa?

September 07, 2005 - Msg 30259: Afternoon Y'all! Romeena,I gave Laci a big hug and told her "Sugarplum says Hey"-my daughter looked at me kinda funny,till I said "Mayberry" and that Laci knows who I'm talking about!
Mary W,prayers for your brother-in-law.I see your point about getting folks' mail-might be a surprise in there! I thought about all the Porchsters when I saw the squad car,Gomer & all the Mayberry stuff! Wish you'd been there!
So long,Gilligan.
Asa,you would recollect all those quotes about food,wouldn't ya? Ha Ha
Can't think of any food quotes at the moment(you already gave the best ones!)but I'll think on it and get back to you!
possum under a rock
Oh,here ya go,Asa: "It's the oregano!"

September 07, 2005 - Msg 30260: Romeana. I agree with you on the trash on TV today but as I recall there was a lot of BOOZING on BEWITCHED as well as harmless satanic fun Also Andy has been in a couple of PRETTY Bazaar movies in the past,NO?

September 07, 2005 - Msg 30261: So long,Gilligan

September 07, 2005 - Msg 30262: so long gilligan and maynerd g. crebbs (like work good buddy) i'd do anything for you good buddy but work. anyone remember him in the many loves of dobie gillis? love you all. trying to get ready for our club set on the 16th. hope no one feels i'm slighting you cause i'd never do that, just checking in to let you know i'm around. pappa bear

September 07, 2005 - Msg 30263: #30260, you make a good point regarding "Bewitched," though I do have trouble equating "harmless" and "satanic." The "witchery" on that show somehow managed to avoid the implication of satanism, and stayed more in the realm of make-believe, rather like Glinda, the Good Witch on "The Wizard of Oz."

#30255, your question is interesting. I would not presume to answer for God's actions, but I think it would be safe to point out that the scripture states "for it is appointed unto man once to die, and after that, the judgment." We all know that everyone dies eventually. Bob Denver was given his full threescore and ten. My husband died at age 58, and you can bet I asked "Why?" for a long time. I've never received a hard and fast answer, but have pretty much come to accept that God's ways are not necessarily our ways, and since I believe that He loves me, then I must accept that there is a Plan that is higher than mine. Perhaps my husband's plan had been fulfilled. Perhaps Bob Denver's was fulfilled also, and God took them home. This I do know, without a doubt in my heart - I will see my husband again, because we are told that there is a place prepared for us. Who knows? Perhaps I'll see Bob Denver there, too, and will be able to tell him how much I enjoyed his portrayals of Maynard and Dud Wash and Gilligan. Certainly there will be enough time to get around to anyone and everyone I'd like to see, because we will have all of eternity, and it is endless. Now, if that doesn't blow your mind, then you just ain't thinkin'.

Aunt Bee, is there any of that apple pie left?

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

September 07, 2005 - Msg 30264: Love Ya Too P Bear, Do you know bob is dead? Fred Flitrock

September 07, 2005 - Msg 30265: Yes Romeana you are right all I meant was its always the GOOD ONES that's all no harm or disrespect from it. F.F.

September 07, 2005 - Msg 30266: Here's my food quote, but don't let Possum read this one.
Ernest T: "I dropped by to invite you up to my cave to eat. Got some possum steaks - nice and tender. Been beating at them with a stick."
Thanks Spot, for volunteering me to buy breakfast. I don't mean to complain, but that bill came to quite a bit! Did you all have to have the biggest things on the menu? Homemaker, could you post that cauliflower receipe again? I'm just too lazy to look in the archives and I'd like to fix it this weekend. Thanks!
- Hazel

Andy: Roast beef and no company? Well, boy, folks are really gonna say we're getting uppity. Having roast beef, and it aint even the weekend.

September 07, 2005 - Msg 30267: F.F., is that you, Frankie Flint? If so, I hope you won't be such a stranger. Want us to send Barney out to talk to your Pa again? (teehee)

Sugarplum says hey!

September 07, 2005 - Msg 30268: Who wants some glazed and caramel frosted meatballs?

September 07, 2005 - Msg 30269: howdee, i have been away for a darn long time, off on the island lookin for my rainbow, well millie and i are no longer together, yet ill always fondly recall the walks we shared and our times at the diner,ive missed u folks a whole lot. i want to tell ya about somethin i just went to last week in hollywood.they had goin for 4 weeks every thursday nite a tottally improvised episode of our hometown show. it cost5 dollars and it was at the 2nd city stage and it was really neat. yall can read about itat they were really funny and it was wonderful. i expect ill be droppin by more now, than the past few years, now im off that island, aloha, howard

September 07, 2005 - Msg 30270: Welcome back Howie we all missed you dearly!

September 07, 2005 - Msg 30271: Did you ever sell that ship-in-a-bottle? --Romeena

September 07, 2005 - Msg 30272: well romena, i hadda sella lot of them just to get off the island. it costs about 150 dollars to fly out of there, and then the 5 dollars i paid to get into the theater ...well a fellow has to sell a lot of em u know. , my chapter was the 9999th chapter of tags... i remain the sole founder and only member. folks there are just such deadbeats nobody was interested. oh ive got a bachelor pad in pasadena. hows leon? i havent heard from him in years.

September 07, 2005 - Msg 30273: make that the 999th i mean.oops howard.

September 08, 2005 - Msg 30274: None of us have heard from Leon, either, in a very long time, that I know about. I wonder if he's still making candles?? --Romeena

September 08, 2005 - Msg 30275: Good morning everyone!
Just checking in. . .


September 08, 2005 - Msg 30276: Mornin ever byddy,Does it sound like Ange? God only answers knee-mails. That is a sign saying at a church down the road. Prayers to all who need them....Slim

September 08, 2005 - Msg 30277: Knee-mails your a riot Slim just a riot!

September 08, 2005 - Msg 30278: Good morning everyone!

September 08, 2005 - Msg 30279: Hey Folks, Welcome !

September 08, 2005 - Msg 30280: So long,Gilligan

September 08, 2005 - Msg 30281: Good morning Romeana F>F>

September 08, 2005 - Msg 30282: Bob Denver played Gilligan in the TV series Gilligan's Island, a situation comedy whose 98 episodes have been broadcast nearly non-stop since their original run (1964-67). Although Denver will be forever linked to the Gilligan character, he appeared in a number of TV series in his career, including The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis (1959-63), The Good Guys (1968-70), Dusty's Trail (1973) and Far Out Space Nuts (1975). In 1970 he replaced Woody Allen on Broadway in the lead role of Allen's Play it Again, Sam, then toured with the show. Denver also appeared in small roles in feature films and in several versions of later Gilligan's Island and Dobie Gillis revivals.

Extra credit: Gilligan was the character's surname; his first name was never used in the series, though the show's creator Sherwood Schwartz claimed that Gilligan's first name was Willy... Denver's character in Dobie Gillis was a wacky bongo-playing beatnik named Maynard G. Krebs... The New Adventures of Gilligan was an animated version of the show on ABC from 1974-77... Denver died while being treated for cancer at Denver was being treated for cancer at Wake Forest University Baptist Hospital; earlier in 2005 he had undergone quadruple bypass heart surgery. The Hollywood Reporter said after his death that in April of 2005, "Denver underwent cancer surgery to remove his voice box, leaving him speechless."

September 08, 2005 - Msg 30283: Hey at work...tonight its grilled bbq chicken and corn on the cob and green beans sliced tomatoes and green onions...back in just a bit...busy here at the old power company....SPOT

September 08, 2005 - Msg 30284: So long,Gilligan

September 08, 2005 - Msg 30285: Every Friend is like a Bob Denver,
Each is a unique, one of a kind,
Designed by Our Lord
Unique in every way.

Each sparkles in a different way,
Some are playful,
Some refined,

Each, by itself,
Is very tiny.
But when they are gathered together,
something wonderful happens!

Thanks for being a Friend Bob we will miss you...

September 08, 2005 - Msg 30286: So long,Gilligan

September 08, 2005 - Msg 30287: I'm sorry we've lost Bob Denver Too!

September 08, 2005 - Msg 30288: So long,Gilligan

September 08, 2005 - Msg 30289: I read somewhere that Bob Denver was a math teacher for a while, before he got his first break in acting. That would have been pre-Maynard, and it's a bit hard to imagine that face commanding any sort of decorum in a classroom. Of course, that would have been a long time ago, when teachers were respected just because they were teachers, and no kid would have dared be disrespectful. Too bad it's not like that today.

Well, anyway, so long, Little Buddy. --Romeena

September 08, 2005 - Msg 30290: So long,Gilligan

September 09, 2005 - Msg 30291: Yo Emmett!

It is great to see you on the porch! I have to agree with you (Msg 30195), but I never knew how to approach the subject on this here porch. All of the people here are very nice (nice....real nice), but it's a much different group from "the old days", and they don't seem to like bantering back and forth like we all once did. I have been very sad about it as well -- most of the time, this is like a regular place for everyday conversation rather than a getaway into the world of Mayberry. It is also why I have stopped coming here and why many others from "the old days" have stopped.

I wish everyone here the very best, and you definitely got things turned around for the moment, but it will revert back. Not that anything is wrong with it if that's what the majority wants, but it makes me believe more and more that Mayberry is indeed disappearing. And like Charlene feels about the song, "Dance 'Till Your Stockings Are Hot and Ravelin'", I feel the same about Mayberry fading away -- that'n makes me cry.

Thanks for the moments you turned things around, buddy!


September 09, 2005 - Msg 30292: Hey, Bulbsie! I'm sorry we've disappointed you and Emmett, and apparently a lot of other folks, if your take on it is correct. I know no offense was intended, and none is taken, but there are a couple of points you might consider.

The first has been mentioned before - and I'm sure you know it well. Folks in Mayberry seemed to stay up with things pretty well, even if the current issues were as simple as whether they were hiring at the pickle factory. They discussed current events and talked about things that were important to them, like how Opie was faring in school. When he was beset by a bully, Andy and Barney talked about the best way to handle it. We've had similar conversations here regarding some of our own kids. Personally, I feel like we've made our cyber-Mayberry a very real and personal place for us to gather and visit and support each other. We don't feel at all like Mayberry is fading away.

Another point - you assume we "don't seem to like bantering back and forth like we all once did." Has it occurred to you that perhaps it's because the very best "banterers" don't come around any more? Some of the old-timers were very sharp - you were one of them, you know. Maybe we just don't have the talent that makes for the very best repartee. So, come on back and put a little spice in our lives!

One thing, though. I recall that sometimes the banter got a bit out of hand, and feelings were hurt. For what it's worth, we haven't had a big moulage around here in quite a while. Don't know if that's good, bad or indifferent, but it's true.

Finally, I guess we all have to realize that things change. People change. Situations change. Schedules and disposable time changes. Out of the twenty original families that once lived on my street thirty years ago when it was new, only four families remain. Sad, but true. That's life. It happened in Mayberry, too. Barney moved to Raleigh. Thelma Lou moved away and got married. Gomer joined the Marines.

So, Bulbsie, to you and Emmett, I would say - come on back and stay a while. Your point is indeed well taken, and I enjoyed the old-time conversations, too. You might find some worth, some depth in who we are now, and we might find it fun to try to recapture some of the old spirit. Perhaps what we need is a couple of spark plugs. "Will you help us??"

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

September 09, 2005 - Msg 30293: "I like my moulages nice and fluffy"

September 09, 2005 - Msg 30294: Romeena, you are a treasure! That was very well put, and as one of the 'old timers', I strayed away for a while because of time, etc. I'm glad I found my way back her to Elm Street...and figure on hangin around a while.

Hey...I gotta an idear....let's have a banc concert...I'll take care of the stage...there's not much I'm scared of anymore.

Ya'll be good...


September 09, 2005 - Msg 30295: geez....just washed my fingers, and can't do a thing with them! That of course should have been, "back herE to Elm Street"...and "let's have a banD concert". That's what I get fer shavin my beard. :-(


September 09, 2005 - Msg 30296: Hey guys! How is it going? Hopefully good b/c I need to read the posts as a pick-me-up. Teaching is so depressing when the students don't care and don't want to mind. And you hate to be mean or anything but sometimes you gotta.

Guess what? At my Dad's buisness a little dog wandered up and she has been there for about 3 days. She is full grown and soooooooo cute. A little thing. I'm hoping that after school today I can take her home. I've even picked out her name.... I think. Cinderella and Ella will be her nickname. Keep your fingers crossed! I hope Daddy says he doesn't mind!


September 09, 2005 - Msg 30297: Romeena, I'm glad nobody 10-4'd ya right in the middle of your idea, because those were very wise words. A band concert? I believe I'll just go out to the garage and get my horn! I hope the uniforms are in good shape, I sure can't play without a uniform!
- Hazel

September 09, 2005 - Msg 30298: Boy Hazel, you sure can't play with one either!:)
Hey Dixie, you got that puppy on a leash so he won't get away like Opie did? Maybe you should get out your ruler and bruise some knuckles with it, but then you risk becoming a mother figure. Don't know if you want that.
Goober, I'll help you with that bandstand. But I ain't a relative. Can I borrow your tools?


September 09, 2005 - Msg 30299: Hi all, When you get too much exposure to the SON,you don't get burned.I liiiiike it.Hope everbyddy is well and happy. Dixie I feel sorry for teachers today.I pray for you every day.Hang in there and one of these days it will turn back around. What grade do you teach? Slim

September 09, 2005 - Msg 30300: Hey folks, I here trough the grapevine that they are starting production on a Mayberry movie Starring Jimmy Kimmel as Andy and eminem as Barney with Madonna as thelma and Meatloaf as Otis the town drunk also Ryan Seacrest as Gomer plus Star Jones as Aunt Bea Should be fun and bring that spark back ! Right Guys?