September 17, 2005 - Msg 30428: In loving memory of Ro's little Logan.He'll always be special to us too.

possum under a rock

September 17, 2005 - Msg 30429: Hoo...way to go Possum....good Sweep!

Ya'll have good preachin tomorrow...remember, prayer is a 2 way conversation...sometimes you have to shut up and listen!


September 17, 2005 - Msg 30430: Amen possum.I,m sending a prayer up for you and your family Romeena.And thank you for the journals,I'm really enjoying reading them.Welcome to the new porchsters.Homemaker,I think that is wonderful that you are thinking of going back to get a masters in special education.I've been considering going to school to help teach children wth LD's also.There certainly is a big need for it,and,like you ,I have children with LD's,and,it will help me help them more.I don't know what your experience has been,but,I have been completely astounded at times in peoples reactions to children with disabilities,and,these are adults I'm speaking of ,not children.Actually,some children are pretty understanding.I think we need to round up all the ignorant,hostile people who are mean or unsympathetic to any child and give them a good bible lesson in love!ok,I'm putting my soapbox away too.Just had to get that off my chest!MDC,I liked that story about getting that signature you needed.If you get a chance sometime post another one.Well,gotta's getting late and I have to get the kids bathed.You all take care,and God Bless .Talk to ya later,-ky girl

September 18, 2005 - Msg 30431: Thanks, possum, and ky girl, and everyone else for your kindness regarding our little Logan. His other grandma and I went out to the little rural cemetery and left flowers yesterday. Sat there on a bench under the trees and enjoyed the peace and serenity for a while, but we knew we were not visiting him. He's not there, praise God. He's with his heavenly Father, (and his other granddaddy, too!)

Possum, I saw the digger-upper of my ferns last night, and I believe he may be a relative of yours. Biggest, purtiest possum you ever did see, 'bout as big as a cat! If you happen to have any connections with possums down this way, please send word that while I don't mind if he digs up his dinner around here, I'd appreciate it if he'd quit making such a mess every night. Oh, well, guess possums have to make a livin', too, and there's no real harm done. I won't bother him.

Well, time to get ready for preaching'. Reckon Rev. Tucker will be preaching about sin this morning? That's something you just can't preach about enough - sin.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

September 18, 2005 - Msg 30432: hi everyone
i still love to watch the show and so does my 7 yr old son

September 18, 2005 - Msg 30433: Hey Romeena,as far as I know I don't have any relatives in Texas,so I don't think I'll be able to help you much.I can't believe I'm saying this,but you might have to smoke him out or jab at him with a long poinky stick.Or see if Spot's willing to go to Texas,cause a good smart dog will root him out for you! Ha!
Well,all the porch sweeping I did yesterday must've worn me out because I haven't felt too good today. Guess I'll bid everyone a good night for now.Y'all take care!
possum under a rock (not under a fern!)

September 18, 2005 - Msg 30434: Possum...don't feel bad about yer cousin over at Ro's house..sometimes we just can't help what the family does. :-) Hey to the visitor (30432), TAGS is a timeless doubt!

Good preachin always. It always amazes me how God will give me the answers, to the question I don't have yet. But then when I get the question...I know where to get the answer :-)

Ya'll have a good week...


September 18, 2005 - Msg 30435: OK gang , got alot of reading to do...will be at work at 6 am to do so,,,been at the lake all weekend...hope all is well and eating good...miss sherry and kel and andy say the morning lets fo to ..prayers Ro...lets go to goobers to eat in the morning.....SPOT

September 18, 2005 - Msg 30436: Wow, Goober, you said a mouthful. Are you growin' that beard out again? You sure spoke the truth.

Prayers work, folks. This weekendm while it was difficult, was still a lot easier for our family than it was last year. Time heals, and so does God.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

September 18, 2005 - Msg 30437: Make that "this weekend,"

September 19, 2005 - Msg 30438: a big amen to what goober and Romeena said about God giving us the answers to our questions,sometimes even before we know what our question is,and,about how he heals us.Without going into detail,I have experienced such peace and joy today,because through much prayer and studying the scriptures ,he has lifted such a worrisome and troubling weight off my shoulders in the last few days.I got answers to questions I've had,and,some I didn't have yet!Isn't our heavenly father wonderful?Romeena,you must have some wonderful possum vittles in your yard if he's coming for dinner everynight!Spot,your making me envious getting to go to the lake so much.Two of the lakes near us,that have been here for as long as anyone can remember,have been drained completely since last year when hurricane Ivan blew up this way and destroyed them.It is so strange to look out where there used to be a big lake and see nothing but grass growing.Better close,gonns put the grandbaby to bed and watch a new dvd I bought of The Lucy Show.-ky girl

September 19, 2005 - Msg 30439: 'Morning, friends! ky girl, I'm glad things are easier for you. God does do wonders, indeed. Now I have a question. How on earth does a hurricane destroy a lake??? Seriously, I don't understand. Seems like it would just dump more rainwater in it. How does it cause it to drain? Inquiring minds wnat to know!

I guess I do have good possum vittles out there. You can't stick a spade in the earth anywhere without turning up at least a dozen earthworms. My landscaper friend has put so much compost in the beds, and put layers of mulch everywhere, and now with the sprinkler system keeping everything moist, the earthworms abound. I'm glad they're there, because they keep the soil aerated, and enriched with their castings. I guess they are what the possum is digging for along the east wall. He's welcome to whatever he finds. I'm sure he's nabbing some grubs now and then, too, and I appreciate that.

Well, gotta run. Roses are as tall as I am, time to prune them. I want to get a few bushes done before it gets so hot out there. Where's that lazy handyman of Bee's when you need him?

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

September 19, 2005 - Msg 30440: Hey Ro, just remember, I called it! ha (Read my message 30398)
WELCOME--Mt Pilot FunGirl and Lora Lee!
We had a fungirl here for quite a while, but she hasnt visited now for sometime. You would be her would you?
Lora Lee, I had never heard that about the Dillards! Thanks for the info. Are you getting your DVD's of seasons 1 2 and 3 ?? I am now considering season 4 when it comes out, or another tank of gas!! haha
Mayor PAPPAbear, hope you didnt get "innarculated" at the railsplitters convention!
SPOT- Did you use ole Eagle Eye Annie to catch them fish this weekend? I noticed in that ep that Opie had on one of those Davy Crocket "fringe" jackets! I had one of those, as well as fringe on my handlebars!
MD, how's the race chase going? We gotta get up to Dover Delaware this weekend!
Picked me up a great old western at Walgreens $1.99-- Randolph Scott and Forrest Tucker.
Well, hang in there gang. Prayers fer all that's ailin'.

Mr Darlin's Cuz

September 19, 2005 - Msg 30441: Good question Romeena,I guess I should have explained that a little more!When the rains came this way from the hurricane we had too much water for the lakes and reservoirs to hold,similar to what happened in N.O.,we had all kinds of flooding,and the water that was in the lakes was contaminated,so,the conservation officials drained them ,gotta go,will post more later-ky girl

September 19, 2005 - Msg 30442: Oh, now I understand, ky girl. So will the lakes fill back up? I certainly hope so! That kinda hurts a person's feelings, to be right in the middle of their lake-enjoyin' and somebody comes along and drains the water out.

MDC, indeed you did, and you were right. I knew it wasn't a cat, because no cat is gonna do that much business in one night. At least twenty feet is dug up along the side of the house, almost every night. Now today, I discovered a big flowerpot overturned on the front sidewalk, near the house, and dirt scattered. Could have been done last night, but I didn't find it until this afternoon. That is one bold-as-brass possum. I may have to do as our Possum suggested, and get myself a long poinky stick and jab at him a bit. Wish I had a battery-powered dog that would bark about every ten minutes all night.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

September 19, 2005 - Msg 30443: MDC .. The chase started with a bang Sunday ,there will be some fines handed down by NASCAR this week

September 19, 2005 - Msg 30444: MDC ..that was me

September 19, 2005 - Msg 30445: That is one ill-mannered possum you got there,Ro. Makes us good lil' possums look bad! You know I'd never make such a mess-heck,looked who just sweeped the porch!
Hey,you don't think that he might be an evacuee/refugee possum from over Louisiana way? In that case,I'd say cut him some slack.If you find that's not the case,I say do what ya gotta do to him. He's ruining my reputation!!
Y'all have a good evening!
possum under a rock

September 19, 2005 - Msg 30446: Hey Ro...try one of those motion sensor spotlight....see if that shoo's him away.


September 20, 2005 - Msg 30447: railsplitters was fun we ser up a dvd of the andy griffith show and a lot of people stopped and watched. we had built a front porch, complete with rocking chairs, cookies, punch and old magazines. sunday night i came down with a stomache viral infection still out of it but wanted to girl if the lake drains you get to pick the fish you want and go home for a fish fry.ha. romeena- your the best possum in the whole world. goober- the weather is strange everywhere but god foretold it. i heard the reason green leaves are falling a lot is self preservation because the tree can't support both. we have a ton of spider webs, they are thicker and covering everything, winter should be interesting. mdc- is innaugulated the same as being sick in the tummy? must have gotten a hold of some bad recepie. ha. spot- glad you are getting some much needed time to relax, it's been a hard year on utility workers. mayberry deputy- was sunday a race or a rage? helmet throwing, gesters, if they don't straighten up we'll have to send them to the rock, aunt bea's. prayers for everyone. pappa( the punny) bear

September 20, 2005 - Msg 30448: Hey to the was terrible to be locked out! :-( I felt so alone. Glad that we're back up and running! Was it Ro's possum that got into the works?


September 20, 2005 - Msg 30449: Pappa and MD, I just saw some footage last night of Kasey Kane and the others. Man, what happened to this sport??? Too bad!
More later, i gotta stew for a bit.

September 20, 2005 - Msg 30450: Ok, I've stewed. ha
If you go to home page, you'll see Mr Mcbeevee today! Check it out, haha.

September 20, 2005 - Msg 30451: Oops, he's not there now, it's Rita!

September 20, 2005 - Msg 30452: Yup, goober, felt like the hockey players bein' locked out like that!! haha
So, Hockey's back. Which begs the question, anyone care? teehee.
For a while there, it looked like nascar drivers took up "car hockey"!
Pappa, your area at the RS sounded really neat!
Glad to see ya out there, but sorry about the bad batch of shine! Barney said "inarculated" instead of incarcerated when showing the youngsters the jail. Ep where the new kid steals foley's apples and hits the street lamp!
Have a good day all!

September 20, 2005 - Msg 30453: anyone here know meaning to woprd yesem and is there a maybery dictonary

September 20, 2005 - Msg 30454: Thanks for the idea, Goober, but I've already got a couple of those lights - one on each corner of the back of the house. That's how I got to see him the other night, he turned the light on as he came around the corner. Doesn't seem to bother him at all! He's a bold one!

I discovered another fish in my little pond. He's a survivor from an early group that I thought had all fallen victim to raccoons and green water. That rascal is over six inches long now, and really pretty. He's black, gold speckles on his belly, and blends with the liner on the bottom, so I hadn't gotten a good look at him before. He'll show up better when we get the new expansion to the pond finished. To think he started out as a 12-cent, 1" feeder goldfish! Who knows what potential lies within the heart of man or goldfish?

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

September 20, 2005 - Msg 30455: To #30453 - do you mean "yes'm?" It's just a Southern contraction of "yes, ma'am," which is itself a contraction, of "yes, madam." As for a Mayberry dictionary, I don't know of one, but any good Southern dictionary will do. That's all Mayberry speech is - just plain old Southern country talk!

I hope that answers your question. --Romeena

September 20, 2005 - Msg 30456: RO, you're gonna have a regular "old sam" there!

September 20, 2005 - Msg 30457: MDC,I went lookin for Mr.Mcbeevee and all I found was Rita also,glad you said you saw Rita ,or else I was beginning to wonder if there was a page I was missing!ha ha!Well,what do you think of this new hurricane?I definitley think the good lord is trying to tell us something,and,like pappa bear said,with the leaves falling like they are,this weather is strange.I would have liked to visit your porch at the railsplitters,that sounds nice.Romeena,can you get a picture of the possum thats visiting you or is it too dark?I'd sure like to see to you all in a little while-ky girl

September 20, 2005 - Msg 30458: MESSAGE REMOVED

September 20, 2005 - Msg 30459: MESSAGE REMOVED

September 20, 2005 - Msg 30460: MESSAGE REMOVED

September 20, 2005 - Msg 30461: MESSAGE REMOVED

September 20, 2005 - Msg 30462: MESSAGE REMOVED

September 20, 2005 - Msg 30463: MESSAGE REMOVED

September 20, 2005 - Msg 30464: MESSAGE REMOVED

September 20, 2005 - Msg 30465: MESSAGE REMOVED

September 20, 2005 - Msg 30466: MESSAGE REMOVED

September 20, 2005 - Msg 30467: MESSAGE REMOVED

September 20, 2005 - Msg 30468: MESSAGE REMOVED

September 20, 2005 - Msg 30469: MESSAGE REMOVED

September 20, 2005 - Msg 30470: MESSAGE REMOVED

September 20, 2005 - Msg 30471: More interlopers I presume. . .

September 20, 2005 - Msg 30472: Yep, I do believe #30458, 30460, 30461,30462, 30464, 30465, 30466,30467, 30470 and possibly 30471 were all posted by someone from....somewheres else! Especially # 30464. That is definitely not in the Mayberry spirit. That was not the intent of Romeenas post at all. Why don't you take your act down the road? If you'd like to stay on the porch and play nice, instead of being sarcastic and repeatative (you've said "so long,Gilligan" about 10 times now); then, you are welcome to join us.
- Hazel

September 20, 2005 - Msg 30473: Hazel...tis Ok...I've alerted the'll be taken care of soon. Ya'll have a good night here in Mayberry..


September 20, 2005 - Msg 30474: Thanks, Hazel. Wouldn't you think they could find something more productive to do? So sad.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

September 20, 2005 - Msg 30475: Cleaned up for now. --Floyd

September 20, 2005 - Msg 30476: Thanks, Floyd. You're not a miserable wretch at all, you're a real prince, so stop hollerin' at yourself in that lookin' glass! --Romeena

September 21, 2005 - Msg 30477: Good Mornin' Porch! - I have not been able to post lately just too busy..."What's your Hurry" would definitely apply to me. Seems we have been living at the Ball Park or been at church since my wife and I work with the children in our AWANA's program. Update on Soldier Kevin - He is doing much better still undergoing several skin grafts but has a strong spirit and good outlook. He received the card from the porch and was so appreciative as was his family. Thank You again for your kind support and much appreciated prayers. Well better get back to work here at the pickle factory...they keep a pretty close eye on us brine tasters.
Andy - "Goob you stay inside the court house not outside."
Goober - "I'll stay inside...I won't go outside unless it's a fire, a famine or to go to the drug store for a samich."
Andy - "Goober!"
Goober - "I'll eat in."
I appreciate it and Good Night!
Smky Mtn Hillbilly

September 21, 2005 - Msg 30478: Glad the interlopers have been strong-armed. I think they need to visit Aunt Bea - she did wonders for Otis. He never wanted to go there again!

We are doing state mandated testing this week - BORING! Why we do it in the fall I am not sure but anytime you do it is not a fun time at all.

Take care -


September 21, 2005 - Msg 30479:'s a much cleaner and nicer day here in Mayberry...sometimes you just have to take out the garbage and sweep everything up. Thanks Floyd!'s it going with your rascal? Any relief on that yet?


September 21, 2005 - Msg 30480:
Morning Honeys and Dears,
Thanks for being there for us Floyd! You are a bird in this world.
Hey HM and SMH, ever visit ?
It is a great site to tell our soldiers that we 'preciate them. Glad Kevin got the big card and maybe he can visit us here on the porch!
RO- I hear that Rita may be headed for CorpusChristi area! You may have problems to deal with. Prayers for you and for all who may be in her path. They are already up to the "R's" and we there are still 2 months left in the hurricane season! wow! prayers for all ailing porchsters and families.
APB for Rev Jr, Ellen Brown, Frankie flint, Sara, Will Stockdale, Boo, MRS WILey, sterling and others.

September 21, 2005 - Msg 30481: Thanks for your concern, MDC, but I'm nowhere near Corpus Christi. That's Boo who lives down there. I'm in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. I appreciate the thought, though, and will transfer that concern right on down to Boo. You're a good friend!

Goober, I spent about an hour at my window last night. The possum came in, his presence announced by the switching on of the light on the corner of the house. He ignored the light, and used the shadows it cast to hide in. He rooted around the tray feeder on the ground, in the shadow of a tire swing, for quite a while. Just as I was admiring his skill at staying in the shadow, he bolted out into the light and scampered across the yard into a flowerbed. As I was wondering what spooked him, a masked bandit ambled in and perched his big ol' raccoon self near the feeder. Apparently he liked the corn that still remained, because he ate for about twenty minutes. He's big, I'd guess about 18-20 pounds, and has a lovely ringed tail. Finally, he left the feeder for a while, and just as the possum was venturing back over, the raccoon returned, and the poor possum ran off again.
This went on for quite a while, and the whole time I had a great view of them. My night vision scope works well in pitch dark, but with the addition of the yard light, they looked like they were on stage! I guess it doesn't take much to entertain me, but I sure did have fun.

It is sooooo hot here today! I got out and pruned roses and pulled a few weeds - thought I was going to melt! High humidity, and not a breath of breeze stirring. A good day to stay inside in the a/c, I think. I'm ready for fall to cool things off, and ready to pull up the last lanky, struggling petunias and put some sassy little pansies in their place. Watched an ep the other night, where Andy and Barney were wearing their jackets. Made me feel a bit cooler for a minute, anyway, just thinking that it was cool where they were.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

September 21, 2005 - Msg 30482: test

September 21, 2005 - Msg 30483: Just wanted to let ya'll know that I am leaving the Corpus Christi area so that I will be safe from hurricane Rita. Wish us luck! Bye.


September 21, 2005 - Msg 30484: Our prayers are with you BOO and for all in Rita's path! Hope you can get your folks out of there too!

September 21, 2005 - Msg 30485: Thanks! My folks were resising leaving but I think we convinced them. They are 80 and have no business staying here.

I will contact you all when we return. Bye!


September 21, 2005 - Msg 30486: Hey long time gang...just been so busy..Boo get to safe ground..prayers to all ...hey goober,ky,MDC,smh,ro,md,pappa,asa,hazel,possum,and all the great porch people....gosh 92 here in ga in the middle of sept!...just been fishing and boating as much as I can...hope yall have been eating well...for tomorrow I got deer stew in the crock pot, onions taters and all the good stuff...will someone fix a pawn of cornbread? to work 16 tomorrow so I will holler at yall about breakfast in the morning...please dear Lord let rita be easy on the people of this great land...signed:SPOT the"saying prayers for ya Boo and all in rita"s path" dog of your porch ...

September 21, 2005 - Msg 30487: Thanks spot for the prayers and the vittles. Can just imagine the aroma from that crock pot tomorrow!
My yes, Rita is really building up steam. Never thought a porchster would be in it's path, yet here we are! Boo, we nailed down your rocker, and we slid the soapbox WAY under the porch. Try to write us when you get to high gound.
Hope all else have agood evening. Those 16's are tough so be careful with those levers spot.

September 21, 2005 - Msg 30488: Prayers for you, Boo, and all those in Rita's path.

Hey to everybody!

September 22, 2005 - Msg 30489: Prayers for Boo and all else there. Irishter has a sister who is a BIG TAGS fan between Galveston and Texas. She "got out of Dodge" yesterday, but her husband is a volunteer fireman so he is staying.


September 22, 2005 - Msg 30490: Morning Irishter,Boo hope you are on your way out,hey AFD..and all porch..lets have a good old Texas breakfast this morning..steak and eggs hashbrowns bisquits-n-gravy..and a large coke..prayers to all again..SPOT

September 22, 2005 - Msg 30491: Mornin' Y'all. Boo,you were on my mind all day yesterday.I am SO glad you're heading to safer ground. Hope you don't find things to be so bad when you return.Stay safe! My prayers are with the Texas Gulf Coast folks.
Ro,as big as this thing is,you might get some nasty weather as well,so you take care,ok?
Thanks for the breakfast Spot! Coke for breakfast? Whatever! Ha!
Thanks for keeping Mayberry so nice and clean Floyd!
possum under a rock

September 22, 2005 - Msg 30492: Just a little fizz pick me up for breakfast possum!..ha ha...Irishter prayers for your fireman brother-in-law who will be working the storm..all out crews just got back yeaterday from katrina...they were told to get ready for the trip to Texas...whew..I remember the 18+ years I ran a line crew...trips are very hard..but worth the effort....gona grill some fish for lunch..we will have a grilled fish salad...SPOT

September 22, 2005 - Msg 30493: Anybody else on the Porch in the path of the storm.

We've had a couple of hurrican leftovers here (100mph winds), but never full force.


September 22, 2005 - Msg 30494: I like Diet Mt. Dew for breakfast - the second ingredient is concentrated orange juice. But coke will do in a pinch.


September 22, 2005 - Msg 30495: Thanks for breakfast spot! Gooooood!


September 22, 2005 - Msg 30496: Stay safe, Boo! That goes for your sister too, Irishter.

With all the trouble in the world it doesn't seem right to complain about my life. I've been trying, repeat, trying to enjoy life by the minute. Though it doesn't always help, especially with what I have to deal with on an almost daily basis.
I wish I knew your secret, kygirl. I could use some of that peace that you have found myself. I'm glad you've found it. I've been trying prayer and yes he has put some small opportunities in front of me, I don't know if any of them will help me with my most pressing problem problem, but I guess that's why they call it faith, huh?!

Anyway, prayers for all in Rita's path. I hope everyone stays safe and well.

-Sterling Holobyte

September 22, 2005 - Msg 30497: Did I stutter? (problem problem?) :)
-Sterling Holobyte

September 22, 2005 - Msg 30498: HELLO!!
Man, has it been a while!! a long while. We stay busy around here!
I have been gone so long, that I just cant read all the archives. But could someone fill me in on whatever has gone on? What happend in Ro's family? Well I hope everyone is doing well. Take care..

September 22, 2005 - Msg 30499: Hi Alyce - so good to see you! Ro recently travelled to Mongolia and her and her family observed little Logan's third anniversary of going home to be with Jesus.
It has been busy on the porch. . .
Boo - where ever you land with the evacuation - please stay safe. . .Ro, I hope all stays well for you as well. . . You are in our thoughts and prayers. . .as well as all of Texas and the coastline.


September 22, 2005 - Msg 30500: HM- add a few squeezin's to that OJ/Mt Dew concoction and you got a breakfast that will tickle your toes! haha
Anyone hear about that JetBlue emergency landing
in California? My brother, the 30 year Marine pilot, who now works for JB, after his retirement from USMC not long ago, helped talk them down!
JB turned to his 30 year flawless career to give them advice! Low level flying with wheels down
was pretty routine to create drag and burn off a lot of fuel, but he helped on the very slow, soft,
two point landing technique, putting nose wheel down at last possible moment. Well, I'm one proud bro!
Sterling, shoot me an email with the latest.
ALYCE! Great to see youagain, all moved into the new place? How it going . Mobile moved out?
AFD, Irishster, and all, thanks for the prayers concerning Rita!
Spot, is it deer stew yet?
Pappabear need to declare pray for Texas day!

September 22, 2005 - Msg 30501: Hey again..

Homemaker...but who was Logan?

Texans: is it just Ro and Boo??? Stay safe..What are the plans for you guys? My husband has family in Houston. Just sent him an email.

MDC: Hi there...Yes, we moved in June! Going well.. a lot more for me to clean. Gotta get on that soon.. Mobile isnt gone..still paying on that too, it is backed off our property though until someone buys it.
That is cool about your brother MDC...small world!


September 22, 2005 - Msg 30502: great to see ALYCE and SPOT back ..MDC .. you have every right to be a proud brother
may GOD bless the gulf coast

September 22, 2005 - Msg 30503: Alyce, you are so kind to be concerned. Logan was my little grandson who was born three years ago, but only lived about an hour. He had too many problems, not consistent with life, but he's fine now, he's with the Lord.

This Rita thing is looking bad. I don't expect we'll get anything too bad here in Dallas, though there will be high winds and a lot of rain. If there's enough rain, there may be some local flooding, but it will be nothing compared to what the coastal cities have to contend with. I'm glad Boo got out of town. I have a cousin in Houston, actually in Spring, who has decided to stay and ride it out. The traffic is so thick now that you can't realistically expect to get out of town anyway. He lives in a second-floor condo, has stocked up on necessary supplies, and figures he'll just hang in there. He's in his mid-70's, very active and young for his age, but says he just doesn't feel like getting stranded, out of gas or whatever, on a highway somewhere. He may have a point. He should be safe from storm surges where he is, but the wind will be ferocious.

I'm glad to see that they're letting people take their pets as they're evacuating now. That was awful, making the folks in New Orleans leave their little animals behind. Never did see the logic in that. Now they're sending teams back in to try to rescue the terrified, starving animals. As you can imagine, there is no way I would have left my home and left the Plum behind to starve or drown. Never happen.

Well, gotta run. Have to work tonight, word is that we have a bunch of sick newborns, choppered in from Corpus to our neonatal ICU. Might be a very long shift!

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

September 22, 2005 - Msg 30504: Oh, MDC, there is one other Texan that I know of. Remember Rafe Hollister? He's from around the Dallas area, too, but we haven't heard from him in a very long time. He's a nice guy, I wish he'd come back.


September 22, 2005 - Msg 30505: Hey RO and Boo...ya'll just make sure you're safe! I remember Rafe...good guy, I think he worked overnight for JC Penny. Wonder where he got to?

Alyce...good to see you. Glad you're getting things settled.

Spot, I'm not a "warm" drink kind of I get all my jump start juice in the form of diet coke! Doesn't matter what time it is!

Prayers fer all, ya'll be good!


September 22, 2005 - Msg 30506: Rafe still posts over at Ms.Crumps and sometimes at the Gossip club. I wish he'd come back here too!
Sterling, keep a good thought!

September 22, 2005 - Msg 30507: Hey alyce,hazel,goober"yo",md,mdc,hm,sh,ro,possum and all the great porch...getting ready to leave work..all lights are on,..back at at 2pm then lake on the weekend to fish and splash with the careful...lets have a snack..salsa and chips,milk, and a Air Force football game...signed:SPOT the"gona have some cheese dip also" dog of your porch..ruff

September 22, 2005 - Msg 30508: Ro: Thanks for filling me in on Logan. I must have missed that story somewhere over the past year or so. I am so tired. The kitchen is nasty from supper and I just dont feel like cleaning it..It might just have to wait till morning. Gotta get kids to bed too. Then I think I'm gonna veg out myself! Hey Spot: how is the health? Everything all healed from your accident?


September 22, 2005 - Msg 30509: May all have a great evening, and may the sandman
do his job! Prayers continue for all in Ritas path.
From one tired MDC

September 22, 2005 - Msg 30510: spot,thanks for the breakfast,I drink coke for breakfast too,if I don't have at least one coke a day I get moody!I like mt.dew,but,it makes me too hyper,so,I stick with the coke.homemaker,I didn't know the 2nd ingredient is concentrated orange juice!MDC,I see why you are so proud of your brother,those are some great accomplishments!I know you would be proud even without the accomplishments,but,it's great that he has them.Romeena,be careful,even some high winds can be dangerous,if it looks too bad,get to safer ground.Alyce,so good to see you!Sterling,I'm sending a prayer up for you,believe me that is my secret,prayer,and lots of it.Alyce,I can relate with the dirty kitchen,mine is that way tonight too,to be honest it's been that way since this morning,and,I'm just too tired to get to it tonight.Well,tomorrows another day!I'll get it done then.Did any of you all know that if you or your children have a social security card that has the columnslike a building on the front sides that those social security numbers belonged to someone who passed away?There is a website that you can go to,type in the social security number,and it will bring up a list of who all had that number before and when they passed away.My daughter has a friend who told her about it and showed her how to get it online.I'm just thinking that may be how alot of the social security number thefts thefts are happening.Kind of unsetteling that it is that easy to access.Prayers for everyone,talk to ya later-ky girl

September 22, 2005 - Msg 30511: oops,Sterling,I'm stuttering also,thefts thefts?!Sorry,I got a sensor screen when I posted it,so,I had to retype it and I didn't read it again-ky girl

September 23, 2005 - Msg 30512: barney's in jail, barney's in jail. mayberry 40th anniversary special on tv land this weekend. prayers for all in rita's path, our nation, leaders, troops, and our beloved porch family. i'm feeling better still weak. the weather here in central illinois yesterday was 95, today suppose to be 75. it is great to see so many familiar names back on the porch you were missed. let's all sing my old kentucky home,, ah one ah two. i'll read the posts later after i visit that lady druggist for more pills. ha. welcome to fall everyone!!! ain't she purty? pappa bear

September 23, 2005 - Msg 30513: Hey gang!..prayers to all in the rita path..hey pappa,ky girl,alyce,goober,ro,and all porchsters this morning...Alyce im going just great..still gona be time on the crushed pin and screw filled foot but rodded leg fine getting strong..walk with a slight limp but want be long gona loose it!....for lunch its grilled hot dogs till they bust,chips,pickels,slaw,fanta grape soda...well back to the storm watch and work....SPOT

September 23, 2005 - Msg 30514: thats "doing" not "going"...fat paws...

September 23, 2005 - Msg 30515: WOW gang times flys..its been a year Oct 2nd since my head on wreck..yall have been with me...almost back to normal...Alyce asking just got me to thinking how long its been...I remember Miss Shery mailing yall from Atlanta Medical Center for me...SPOT

September 23, 2005 - Msg 30516: Folks, I believe when one exercises the right to criticize, the responsibility to give deserved praise comes with it. You know I've been a bit vocal about the "takers" in our society who don't want to work, who sat on their porches or rooftops in the N.O. flood, and waited for someone to come by with a boat and a welfare check. Well, here's the flip side. Last night, when I arrived at work, I met a young nurse who has just joined our staff and is in orientation. Guess what?? She came up here as an evacuee from N.O., and immediately hit the ground running. She applied for and got a job in our hospital, and plans to stay right here. She's bright, charming and will be an asset to our team. She didn't stand with her hand out crying for her check, she dug in and proceeded to start earning one! God bless her, and may her tribe increase!

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

September 23, 2005 - Msg 30517: Hey Porch, been awhile. My phone line at home has been down and for whatever reason my computer at work won't always allow me on the porch. Odd huh?
Prayers for all who will be affected by Rita. Mercy sakes, things are getting a little scary.
Romeena, I heard last night that Rita could still be a cat 1 by the time it gets to Dallas, although it looks to be turning more east of you guys now. Please be careful out there no matter what. How is your knee doing? Are there anymore installments of your trip? I sure did enjoy reading those.
Has anyone heard from Mrs. Wiley in a bit? I have not read the archives, just glossed over them real quick and didn't see her. Hope she is ok.
Anyway I am off to read some archives.


September 23, 2005 - Msg 30518:
Ro- that's great! Most who came here have all gotten things going too! It is good to hear about.
Asa- good to see you. I had an APB out for Mrs Wiley. She is still recovering.
Pappa- glad your weather is breaking.
Spot- good dawgs! thanks
Hope all can get out of Houston etc. Just heard that one 'repaired' levee already gave way in NO ! Lord help us all! Pryers for all.

September 23, 2005 - Msg 30519: Hi, thanks to you all for the prayers. I didn't have to leave home after all. I think Ro will end up seeing more action from Rita than I will here in Corpus. We are high, hot and dry here (100 degrees and sunny). I have relatives in Houston that got stuck there and unable to leave due to the traffic. So horrible about the poor elderly folks killed on the bus! Prayers for their families.

Did anyone hear the Governor of Louisianna speak yesterday on CNN? I thought she said something funny (in a morbid way). She said that everyone should evacuate and anyone who chose to stay should write their social security number on their arm with indelible ink! I couldn't help bu laugh.

Sterling, I am so concerned for you. I haven't had the chance to read the archives so I don't know what is going on but I will say a prayer for you right now. Is your little girl ok?

Gotta go now. God bless all of you!


September 23, 2005 - Msg 30520: Boo, that is great that you got to stay. I just heard it has been down graded to a cat 3. Still bad, but much better than the 5 they was saying.
Thanks for the APB MDC. I just read your brother helped with that plane the other day. Man, what a terrifying 3 hours for them folks in that plane. Glad it landed safe. Kudo's to those pilots and eveyone else involved in that.


September 23, 2005 - Msg 30521: Thanks asa. I talked with my bro yesterday. Found out he was the one who essentially said, "why are they circling the long beach airport, get em to lax so they can use the longer runways there!"
Wow, they did! That's even better than meetin' the gov'ner!
I think of George Kennedy in "Airport" driving the 707 out of the snow!
Boo, hang in there. Yes, very bad about the bus, the patients oxygen tanks blew up! That stuff is SO flammable! Prayers continue.

September 23, 2005 - Msg 30522: Can you believe it? Here I am on the porch AGAIN! Due to folks being out of town and the stores being closed around here because of Rita, I have more time on my hands than usual.

I wanted to suggest sopmething to Sterling. I took the time to look back at some of the archives (December 2002, to be exact), and it was uplifting and heartwarming. I laughed at so many things and it was nice to read about my kids three years ago and what they were doing. Now that my family and I are out of our house and trying to get it sold, its nice to remember and have a record of what things were like a few years ago when we were happy there...lots of little things I didn't remember. It might lift your spirits to look back for a little while...just a thought.

Ro, I was reading in the old archives about how you and your family used to go to Neals when you were a child. I don't remember if I told you about our vacation there a month ago. We really had a nice time. We spent most of our time with the kids at the swimming hole with the two big rocks. You told me you had learned to swim there as a girl. I thought of you often while we were there. We went down the river on tubes, of course and I was afraid Baby Girl would be afraid. Never! What a little fish she was. She had one of those suits with the floaties in it and we tied our tubes together and got her one with the bottom in it. She loved every minute and kept wanting to get out and swim along side us. She is such an active, strong and naturally compet-tive little thing. I think she will do well if we learn to channel that in the right direction. Anyway, it was a nice trip. We had a big rain storm one day that kept us out of the water so we went to Uvalde and visited an antique store. I am still waiting to develope the pictures from the trip and I will mail you some.

Better go...I have yacked enoug. Mercy!


September 23, 2005 - Msg 30523: Boo, thanks for a bit from the good old days
long before I found my way to the porch!
Also sounds like you had a nice vacation.

September 23, 2005 - Msg 30524: Wow, Boo! You went to the Frio! I am so envious. Haven't been there since I lost my Dale. Somehow, I can't imagine tubing on that river without him on a big old tractor tube, sailing along behind everyone else so he could rescue anybody that needed help. How he did enjoy those trips!!

Yes, I did learn to swim, by pushing off one of those big rocks and dog-paddling to the other. What a wonderful time that was. My parents were young, my mom so pretty and my dad so handsome, and they knew how to laugh. Oh, my, how they did laugh. Didn't take much to entetain folks in those days, and a domino game with friends or family after a sun-burned day on the river was the perfect ending to the day. Usually involved a hand-cranked freezer of ice cream, too. Pineapple if my mom made it, banana if it was made by my Aunt Freda. Thanks, Boo, for the memories!

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

September 23, 2005 - Msg 30525: When will I learn to proofread? "EnteRtain!" Good grief. -- Romeena

September 23, 2005 - Msg 30526: R before T, except after E in entertain. Ro, you always forget that rule...

September 23, 2005 - Msg 30527: Ro, wow you had an aunt Freda too! I had twin aunts, Winnie and Freda! Loved those old days when we would get a softball game going among the neighborhood kids, cowboys and indians, mother may I, Red light Green light, red rover etc. Now too many kids sit in front of video games, no exercise, obese, learning problems, no imagination, diabetic at 10. Ok i generalize, but it aint good!
Spot, wow has it been a year! Great recovery, hang in there bro.
Rita watch and prayers continue thru the night.
Prayer group at chuch several members taking each hour tonight to thwart the enemy. The Word says he is the prince of the air, but that his gates will not prevail, so we stand firm!
God Bless and Good evening to you all,

September 23, 2005 - Msg 30528: My, lots of posts. That's good to see. Sorry to see interlopers as well. Floyd, I've been meaning to ask you a question: Does Andy Griffith know about this site? Do you think he ever looks at it to see what we have to say? I wonder if he does and if he gets a kick out of our quotin' and such. Just wonderin. Watched some old eps on tape tonight. Good quotes: Tuskarora! Pa just lops off the tops. The perfect time to start any job is tomorrow. (How true!) Frank Myers: So, they ain't worth tiddly-boo? Take care everyone. Hope none of ya'll are affected by Rita.
Charlotte Tucker

September 23, 2005 - Msg 30529: Prayers for you and yers, Boo! Stay safe and check in when you can.

September 23, 2005 - Msg 30530: You're right, Hazel. I have trouble spelling "chickin", too. (teehee) --Romeena

September 24, 2005 - Msg 30531: the mayor declares today an offical day of prayer for huricane victims, america's poor, america education system, our chruches, our leaders, our troops and anyone in need of a prayer. i loved the elderly lady and her dog that had been moved twice and said she's to tired to move again- all she wanted in life was a room, 1 bed, a chair and a card table. what a lesson. charlotte tucker- some days i don't feel worth a tiddy- boo. ha. spot- time does fly, iy sure doesn't seem a year since your wreck. we all thank the lord he left you here with us.great seeing you boo and everyone, we worry when one of our own is gone a while. but andg, a 58 chevy that's been on blocks is what i've been looking for. mr independant now says barney. how many guest stars on the andy griffith show can you name? what's for supper? pappa bear

September 24, 2005 - Msg 30532: Well, if it doesn't rain around here, it's sure missing a good chance. Very cloudy, very windy, no rain so far. The wind is so strong it's blowing the stream of water that pours out of the boulder into my fishpond, and sending it completely out of the pond. Glad I checked, the fish were swimming in two inches of water, and the stream was getting sporadic as the water level was dropping below the level of the filter box. It would have burned the pump out, I guess. At least the fish would have had barely enough to swim in when the pump quit working. Anyway, I refilled it, and will have to check it frequently now.

There are lots of roses blooming right now, and they were just getting beaten up by the wind, so I cut an armload and brought them in the house. They sure do smell purty, even better than "Midnight Madness."

You know, I think we ought to make it a town policy that when there's been any sort of general disaster in the country, that all porchsters should check in and let everyone know we're okay. No need to read archives or write a lot - just a simple "Romeena, present and okay" would do. What do you all think?

Sugarplum says she's present and okay. --Romeena

September 24, 2005 - Msg 30533: Thats amazing Romeena, thats just what I was gonna say! Great minds.
Well it's fall for sure here. Cooled down nicely, the leaves are turning color, listening to a football game on the radio, and the stores are setting up Christmas displays. They get earlier every year I declare.
Think I'll see if I can talk Mrs. Asa into cooking a pot of homemade chili. Just the thing for a cold day. Melt some cheese in it, cut up some onions in it. Maybe some homemade breadsticks to go with it. Mercy! It's just loaded with herbs.
Good to see you Charlotte Tucker. How's things?
Well, if I am going to get any chili, I best commence to let it be known.


September 24, 2005 - Msg 30534: Amazing, Asa! That's the very idea my husband had! He asked me to make a pot of chili too; since it's cloudy and cold here today too. I had already planned on turkey for supper, so he's disappointed. Can he come over to your house?
I'm all present and accounted for here in Idaho, Romeena. We don't get huricanes here, so we're very lucky. We are on a fault line though, for an earthquake.
- Hazel

Barney: You, see, Opie, it aint only the materialistic things in this world that makes a person rich. There's love and friendship. That can make a person rich.

September 24, 2005 - Msg 30535: I just made chili last night and a warmed up bowl just now. Still lickin' the tomato juice off my lips! Great minds!
Charlotte Tucker

September 24, 2005 - Msg 30536: Possum,present and okay! It ain't cold here,I'm not eating chili,and I haven't been in a natural disaster lately (Thank you Lord) but I am ok and just thought I'd let y'all know! I agree with you 100%,Ro. Let's all check in on the porch whenever something major is going on.We are all family after all and family cares. Love to all-y'all have a good evening!
possum under a rock

September 24, 2005 - Msg 30537: Yeah,thats a real good idea Romeena.Has the wind calmed down by now where you are at?You all are making me hungry talkin about that chili,I'm cookin some tomorrow for supper.possum,I heard from my son who is still in S.C. for 2 more weeks,then he gets to come home.He said it was still pretty hot down there.Glad to hear you haven't had any flooding or heavy winds.Well,better get some cleaning done.The kids got in the jar of marshmallow fluff creme and I have a sticky mess to clean up.I didn't know they had opened it in the car,now I have a couple spots to get off the upholstery of the back seat,anybody have any ideas as to the easiest way I could get it off?-ky girl

September 24, 2005 - Msg 30538: Sorry ky girl, I never had the misfortune of having to clean up that particular mess! I guess plenty of soap and water would do the trick...

Another country heard from, up here in Michigan the hurricane, I am pleased to say, has had no effect! ;)

By the way, a huge thank you to all of you for your prayers concerning my brother-in-law. He came home from the hospital on Thursday, after only just over three weeks since his fall. He will need some in-home help for a while, and he will also need major dental surgery and physical therapy for his knees, but he is home! God is SOOOO good! He could very easily have died from his fall. On Friday morning I brought him an omelet, hash browns, toast and juice. It smelled so good, looked good too! Then I put everything in the blender and liquified it! That's how he has to eat everything right now. I sure hope I never have to have my jaw wired shut...although he has lost 15 pounds in 3 weeks...hmmmm?!

Great to hear from Boo, I sure wish she could visit a little more often.

Guess I better hit the old ironing board. Kind of tired right about now, and nobody cooked me any chili!

Have great Mayberry dreams!

Mary Wiggins

September 24, 2005 - Msg 30539: Iwant some chili.

Everthang is fine, fine, fine here in chicager.

Ya'll be good, get to preachin in the mornin!


September 24, 2005 - Msg 30540: Well now after eating 4 bowls of delicious chili tonight, I don't know if preachin wants me Goober.:)


September 25, 2005 - Msg 30541: Mercy, Asa! Be sure you sit downwind from everybody else tomorrow! Personally, I'll be glad when it gets cold enough for chili to sound good around here. Right now, I'm still thinking in terms of a cold slice of watermelon.

Went to my 4 yr old grandson's first tee-ball game today. It was hilarious! He doesn't have a clue, and doesn't care. Much more interested in playing in the dirt at third base than he was in the game. Had his back to the ball as it was coming at him, down on his knees following a bug as a runner blew past him - you get the idea. The teams are co-ed, ages 4 to 6. That's quite a range. You put a big 6 yr old next to a small 4 yr old, and they look like Mutt and Jeff. When the small 4 year old is a little girl, and the 6 yr old is a big chunky boy who is scrambling and doesn't see her, it's a disaster. She got mowed down and plowed under, got up crying, of course. The boy cried also, he was genuinely sorry, the coaches were trying to console everyone, and a runner was blithely making his way around the bases the whole time, while both teams were watching the accident scene. I've not laughed that hard in quite a while. I'm grateful that my son is not a rabid sports dad. He'll let my grandson play and have fun, and if he gets tired of it and isn't enjoying it, he'll let him quit. That's how it should be. My son's philosophy (learned from his own dad) is that it's only a game, and it's for the kids.

Mary Wiggins, I'm glad to hear that Pat's brother is doing well. We'll keep praying for him, of course. If you've got any e-mailable pictures of Pat's latest works, I'd love to see them.

Well, guess I'll hit the ironing board. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

September 25, 2005 - Msg 30542: Hey to the Porch! Seems like Rita wasn't as bad as we might have expected - thankful for that. My sister is back in her home between Houston and Galveston.

I got to watch Bama play football on the internet yeasterday ... and they WON!

I'm preaching today on James 1v1-13 about how bad it is when folks show partiality to other folks just cause of what they got or not got. Serious stuff - course, if folks'd just hang around Mayberry, they'd know that we don't cotten to that kind of nonsense.

All the best fellow Mayberrians.


September 25, 2005 - Msg 30543: Well Ro, this little nip in the air is nice and refreshing, but I hate it when the little nip turns into take away your breath freezing cold in a couple of months.
Sounds like things could have been a lot worse with Rita, thank you Lord for your protection.
Mary Wiggins, that is good your in-law is home and doing well. But I gotta tell you, you sure ruined a nice sounding breakfast for me when you put it in the blender. How long are his jaws going to be wired?
Well I risked it and went to preachin. I sure am glad our congregation does a lot of singing, if you catch my drift.:) (pun intended)


September 25, 2005 - Msg 30544: Asa, Asa, Asa! What ARE we going to do with you? And I'd prefer not to catch your drift, if you don't mind. No offense, I'm sure you understand.

We have beautiful sunshine outside, my roses are blooming furiously, can't even see where I cut that armful yesterday. Squirrels and birds are full of energy, and all in all, it's a fine Sabbath day.

Reckon we could get the band together and have a concert in the park tonight? I'll make some cookies and lemonade, the Plum will pull her little wagon to pass stuff around, and it'll be fun. Can someone bring some folding chairs or some blankets? Do we need to make any signs?

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

September 25, 2005 - Msg 30545: Hey RO...i've got the tools. Heck...I might even share. :-) know there's grace for everything...but I've never read a scripture on chili exhaust. I'll have to look that one up!

Good message today...all about how worthless faith without action can be. You might believe that you can move a mountain, but if you never put yer shoes on and lace 'em up tight, you'll never get the shovel out. :-)

Ya'll be good...