October 02, 2005 - Msg 30664: That of course should read 'hear' of, not 'here' of! Too busy watchin the Darlins pick!


October 02, 2005 - Msg 30665: Oooh! I got a sweep! Now I'm gonna re-post that story...but spell it RIGHT this time!

I went to the University of Ky...proud to be born and raised in a little town called Harlan. If there's 2 things in the world we're serious about in Ky, it's horses and Basketball. We were at Rupp for a game here a while back...had some great seats just up from the Cats bench...sitting there just loving the game. I noticed a few seats down a nice lady who was sitting there...enjoying the game...and next to her was an empty seat. Now, that's something you just don't hear of in Lexington, an empty seat when the Cats are playing at home! During one of the breaks, I asked her about that seat...she said it belonged to her late husband. I gave her my sympathies...and asked if there wasn't someone else in the family who wanted to use the seat. She looked at me and said, oh yea...but they're all at the Funeral. :-)

Ya'll be good...


October 02, 2005 - Msg 30666: snack time....summer sausage,cheese,crackers,milk..a-one and a-two...SPOT

October 02, 2005 - Msg 30667: what episode had andy singing about barney's bullet in his pocket? Song is referred 2 as o my barney

October 02, 2005 - Msg 30668: Oh my barney?

October 02, 2005 - Msg 30669: HELP?

October 02, 2005 - Msg 30670: This is my dad's, and my favorite episode. wondering what the name of the
episode was?

October 03, 2005 - Msg 30671: Good morning all..hey stranger..welcome..will have to find out the episode for ya..this morning its International House of Pancakes on Goober."yo"...hee hee...Im go pack it in...aunt bee flying a plane?..best I could remember she could not handle a car very well!..well getting of work at 6 to go home and sleep...all lights are on..hey possum,asa,afd,mdc,hazel,slim,and all missing....SPOT the"talking dog" of your porch..

October 03, 2005 - Msg 30672: Mornin' Porchsters. Sorry I haven't posted in so long. But I do have a doctor's excuse. lol Had a major injury to my eye on 9/24. Had a bungee cord pop me square in the eyeball. Been on bed rest for a week. The good news is they think I WON'T lose sight in that eye. Going to be a long recovery. Reading and typing are a major challenge right now. But, I'm positive everything will be fine in the long run. Take care, friends.

October 03, 2005 - Msg 30673: Oh, my goodness, Rev Jr.! Of all the freakish accidents, but I can cetainly see how it could happen. You take care of yourself now, you hear? And keep us informed.

Gotta take the Plum to her doctor this morning. Poor little thing started coughing (I guess it's a cough) last night around midnight, and had spasms of the noise-making until about 5:30 this morning. Now, of course, when her doctor is available, she has stopped doing it. At least, she had stopped until I did something to make her bark, and it all started again. Don't know if she has a sore throat, or something stuck down there, or what, but we're going to find out.

Well, it's about time to leave. You all be good now, and act like somebody! Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

October 03, 2005 - Msg 30674: RevJr - so sorry about your injury. . please do everything the doctor says and we will ask for the OTHER DOCTOR to do His will as well. . .God bless


October 03, 2005 - Msg 30675: good morning dears!! wasn't that a great weekend? from my earlier post last night, i have a busy week with the vets er doctors so posts may be sporadic but your in my prayers and thoughts. isn't it wonderful how god had his hand in the developement and character of this site? i was struck by how sparcely furnished the taylor home was and no family pictues on the wall, not critizing just hadn't noticed before. i liked gomer reporting to boot camp, he was the only recruit who was a career kp, pots and pans man for 20 years. sgt carter kept adding weeks every time gomer said something. did you know with a metal bucket on our heads our voice has a nice ring? gomer was willing to meet them halfway as he showed when he put sgt carters dress blues on for inspection then said sgt i think if we take a tuck here and there and shorten the sleeves it will be just fine. rev, jr-- i missed what happened to you but my prayers are added to the others for your speedy recovery. romeenna- a prayer for the plum. didn't feed him to many carrots, did you? your both have such a special place in our hearts.spot- thanks for breakfast at i hops on goober. goober- my wife and i have relitives in ky and know basketball rules. per capita illinois ranks up there with the most kentucky folks. remember in the 50's and 60's that illinois basketball was king , do you remember that? good morning homemaker-good to see you up and about. MDC- TIME TO RISE AND SHINE- GET aALL THE OTHER PORCHSTERS UP AND ON THE PORCH. ha. we've had no birthday messages lately or birth announcements, unusual. THIS WEEK LET'S RUN A MAYBERRY QUOTE-A -THON AND THINGS IN THE SHOWS THAT WE DIDN'T SEE BEFORE. pappa bear

October 03, 2005 - Msg 30676: Wow, Rev. Jr, take care of that eye. We'll all be praying for you.
Romeena, hope that thing with the Plum isn't too serious. Keep us updated with that if you would.

I did something that is unusual for me, I volunteered at Kai's school. I say it's unusual for me because I am not a real extroverted guy. It's just during the 3 hours when Kai is there as I wouldn't be able to do it anytime else. What's funny is that this opportunity came up a couple weeks ago when I was feeling particularly low, and I know my mom was praying for me because she told me that after I told her about the opportunity, and I figured with her praying and you porchsters praying it probably was sent from above so I figured I should probably look into it. :) I realized I really do need something to make me feel more useful and just to get me out of the house and doing something good. I don't know what I would be doing or if they will even need me, but it might even lead to something more, who knows.

Hope you all are doing well.
-Sterling Holobyte

October 03, 2005 - Msg 30677: Forgot to say, I am really going to miss the TAGS marathon. It really was nice to turn on the tv anytime of the day or night and see Mayberry there. I agree with you Goober about having a TAGS channel. That would be great!
-Sterling Holobyte

October 03, 2005 - Msg 30678: Hey, friends! If they keep releasing the DVDs, and we keep buying them, then we'll actually have our own little personal TAGS channel, available in uncut versions, anytime we want them. That's the truth, so why is it still more fun to watch a televised marathon, with butchered versions and everything? We talked about this once before, and decided it had to do with the feeling of connection, of camaraderie, knowing that as we're watching, our porch friends are watching, too. People are funny critters, aren't we?

Sterling, you hang in there. You're the molder and shaper of Kai's life - how much more useful do you think you need to be?

I took the Plum to her vet this morning, he said she has an allergic tracheo-bronchitis, and started her on some medication. He also gave her an injection to make her sleep most of the afternoon and give her little throat a rest. I'm glad, because neither of us slept last night, and I have to get a good nap today so I can work tonight. I think she'll be fine - thanks, folks. You're so kind to understand how important that little puppy is to me. Yep, 10 1/2 years old, and still a puppy.

Have a great week, everyone! Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

"Barney, don't blow that whistle, that dog don't like it."

(Barney with puffed-out cheeks, whistle in mouth.)


October 03, 2005 - Msg 30679: Goober, good one! Sorry ya got 10-4'd right in the middle of your joke. slim's good too.
Well, there is no joy in mudville, Arizoan State blew a 21-3 halftime lead only to go on and lose to USC. Boohoo!
Pappa, as the Cub fans up your way say, there's always next year! ha
So,I can call you ray, or I can call you jay,
Ha, remember that one?
pappa, they had a radio in the squad car! Sarah could "patch it thru", Andy could have had the radio set on loudspeaker! There ya go! haha
Looks like someone turned on the spin cycle at talladega this weekend.!! teehee
All of us with the Tags dvd's can all decide to watch a certain ep on a certain night, and we've got us a tags channel! No commercials !
I dont have cable, so have to be creative!
Sterling, good for you and Kai. A purpose driven life iss what it is all about!
Spot, good grub! Us Darlin's eat just about anythin you know!
Prayers for Rev Jr and for sugarplum.
Ya all have a good day! Let's hear those quotes or missed scenes.
"Yes boys, when these cell doors slam shut..."

October 03, 2005 - Msg 30680:
30667-- I know that song well, and Andy looks like he had a real kick singing it, but for the life of me I cant think of the episode.
You may want to try the guestbook or the bulletin board on this site. I'm sure amongst all these tags fanatics, someone will know. Hope you find out.

October 03, 2005 - Msg 30681: So happy that Plum is okay - when she is able - give her a carrot for me (maybe a cooked carrot for now :)


October 03, 2005 - Msg 30682: good for you sterling, you know what they say, that first step is the hardestl. glad the plum is going to be ok. homemaker- any new ghosts er, goat stories for us? mdc- thanks but that's why the cubs are a low stress team, you just know their going to blow it much like the mayberry band.ha. spot- what's for supper? i'm about 3 plate fulls short. ha. howard says get your application in for mayor canidates by nov 1. i leave you with this thought::: things change, life shifts in ways you can't expect, what you have could be gone tommorow. where you are now may not be where you will stay, and that's ok, because if we let the lord direct our paths we'll always be ok/ pappa bear and pipester.

October 03, 2005 - Msg 30683: Pappa, how goes the kidneys these days? Your last post kinda looks like a hint that you're not doing so good! Hope i'm just reading too much into it! Remember renal care is my cup of tea, as it were, gotta watch those fluids and potassium, ha.

October 03, 2005 - Msg 30684: Hey Ya'll...up here in Cape May New Jersey for most of the week. As I was driving in..past a street sign that said...now prepare yourself....Sherriff Taylor Blvd! How about that! Wish I had a camera...I'd take a picture of that!

TAGS Marathon was great..let's do it again. Ro..glad the Plum is ok...we've got a cat with Asthma...change of seasons are hard. I know when I was a little goober in KY...my grandma always said if you had a baby with Asthma in the house, stick a cat under the house and it'd get rid of it. I wonder if sticking a kid under the house would cure my cat? :-)

Rev...you gotta watch them bungies...they're snappy...pappa...hope everything is good with the Dr...Hey to all...have a good rest of your day!


October 03, 2005 - Msg 30685: No new goat stories, just turned a few kids into the new "lot" we fenced. About 2 acres, more or less, we have finished.

Take care PappaBear - drink plenty of fluids!

Goober -so glad you like them CATS! I bleed blue during basketball season! Ha Ha

Sterling - I am so glad you are volunteering - it will do wonders for you and for Kai.

Ro - loved the Mongolian tales. . .do you have the pictures on you picture site - not all of them came through to my computer and I would love to see them all together? You still are a treasure.

Any good cures for poison ivy - my youngest just can't keep away from it! AHHH I am trying the poison ivy soap tonite to see if that helps.

I have rambled on long enough -


October 03, 2005 - Msg 30686: REV JR....glad to hear your eye sight will be ok ,your lucky my friend
ROMEENA ..my wife has been seeing the chiropractor for 2 weeks now ,hes helped her back problem alot her L5 vertebrae was out of place big time ,pinching the nerve to her legs ,she also has acid reflux and a bladder condition called IC for short so she has been through the ringer and alot of DR. co-pays over the last 4 months but IM getting her fixed up just like I would my old truck ...just kidding
MDC,ASA, SPOT, PAPPA BEAR ..good race yesterday ,old DJ pulled it off
everyone take care

October 03, 2005 - Msg 30687: thanks for all your prayers nd love. mdc- otis furnishes the liquids and dairy products don't mix well, of course neither does an open flame, ha. i'll know more after i see the vet. homemaker- i saw the simpsons last night where homer had poison ivy and marge filled the bath tub with cooked oatmeal but had to stay on homer for eating the oatmeal instead of using it for medicinapal purpose. pappa

October 03, 2005 - Msg 30688: Hey Friends! Guess what? Hubby (who happens to be a computer man by trade)finally got me hooked up at home with a lap top. Hooray! I will be coming around alot more often now.

Just wanted to tell ya'll. I would love to chat longer but its late. I'll be sure and pull up a rocking chair tommorrow and sit a spell. Good night!


October 04, 2005 - Msg 30689:
Oh my Barney
Oh my Barney
Had a jail and couldn't lock it
Had one bullet for his pistol
Had to keep it in his pocket.

I think the song you are looking for is in the epilogue of "Crime Free Mayberry".

October 04, 2005 - Msg 30690: Good to see you Boo - now we expect to see you here!
Bought some Burt's Bees Poison Ivy Soap for my youngin - it works great! You can already see a marked improvement and the epsom salts baths are helping too. Right now - he is a very clean child!

Gotto get ready for the day :)


October 04, 2005 - Msg 30691: Mornin' Y'all! Homemaker,Burt's Bees products are the best! I use the lip balm all the time.(Yeah,possums have lips! Ha Ha) Good quality products.
My goodness rev. jr-sure hate to hear about your accident.Take care of yourself,ok? I'll be praying for you.
Boo,it's GREAT that you'll be back on the Porch on a regular basis now! Sure have missed you!
Goober,don't you hate it when you run across something unique to your world (Sherrif Taylor Blvd.) and you don't have anything to capture the moment? Bet you got a kick outta seeing that sign! Keep your eyes out-there might be a "Barney Fife Blvd." out there somewhere! That I'd love to see!
Well,Laci is coming to "keep me" so I'd better get ready for her arrival.Hope everyone has a great day!
possum under a rock

October 04, 2005 - Msg 30692: prayers for your wife mayberry deputy, sure great seeing you. BOO- IS THAT REALLY YOU? NOW YOU'LL BE ABLE TO KEEP UP WITH OPIE'S NEWSPAPER I'LL HAVE TO SEE IF GOMER CAN TAKE IT IN FOR A CHECK UP SO IT'LL BE EASY ROCKIN. cap letters was because having goober fix boo's chair i thought was a capital idea.ha. pappa

October 04, 2005 - Msg 30693: wasn't it strange how opie did that school newspaper that andy, bea, barney tried to recover and then on return to mayberry opie was a newspaper editor? homemaker- on the goats, head them up and move them out... keep them kids a rollin till the end of the trail, remember that western theme song? happy trails to all of you? pappa alias pipester

October 04, 2005 - Msg 30694: Well, thank you, to whoever posted the words to "Oh, my Barney." And the episode, too! Whoever you are, you're a treashuh! By the way, who was that masked questioner who wanted to know?

Boo, it's about time! We have missed you, friend. By the way, you should be getting a large envelope in the mail soon.

homemaker, I haven't put those pictures in the online photo album, but I surely could. Give me a bit of time, and maybe I'll get that done. Thanks for a good suggestion.

Speaking of time, I'll have quite a bit of that, starting next week. My knee surgery is scheduled for next Tuesday afternoon. I'm really not looking forward to this, but I do feel it needs to be done. I don't have any significant pain in it, but it's just too unstable, and I don't want to spend the rest of my life worrying about falling down, like what's-his-name, the man who fell down a lot. I'll be off work for six weeks, so should have time to do a lot of computer stuff.

Rev Jr., how's your eye? pappa bear, you keep us posted and don't be keeping any secrets from us, you hear? Possum, ask around in your family and see if anybody knows which relative keeps digging up my ferns along the side of the house. You never saw such a mess! Dratted little critter! (No offense.)

Well, nitey nite, friends. Worked all night, I think I'll catch a little nap. Have a good day. Sugarplum (who is still coughing but feeling better) says hey! --Romeena

October 04, 2005 - Msg 30695: Ro, you mean Gerald Ford!? haha
more later,

October 04, 2005 - Msg 30696: OH, MDC, you're a caution! No, not him. I think he was the man who married Charlotte Tucker.

Some nap I got. I've been on the phone with the various hospital departments involved in setting up my short-term disability pay for the time I'll be off work. I'm not complaining, it will be great to keep getting a paycheck, but it sure took a while to set it up.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

October 04, 2005 - Msg 30697: Hey MDC, are you suggesting that Gerald Ford is the man who fell down or the relative digging up Romeena's ferns?

Thanks for all the rich "welcome backs"! Ro, I didn't know about your knee surgery. I'm sorry you have to do that. What exactly are they planning to do? I am looking forward to getting the mail you are sending, thanks again.

To Rev Jr, all I can say is, that bungee accident was, "A good plan...win your girl, lose your eye". Hee hee...hope you heal quickly!

Would someone be so kind as to tell me how to do bold? I seem to have forgotten.

Better go...mom wants pork chops for supper, with gravy. She can't stand up for long but she wants to try and help make the gravy herself.....think she might be trying to tell me something?


October 04, 2005 - Msg 30698: See the problem for Irishter is that you folks do all the posting after I go to bed. Course the porch is mighty wide and go to bed about 5.00 in the evening NC time ;-).

One of these days we are going to do our own Mayberry marathon. I'll take my laptop downstairs and just commune away with the Porch while TAGS runs on and on! We have every the pilot, every episode, all the specials and the movie on tape, and are buying DVDs now so it would be a LONG marathon.

Hey to all on the other side of of the Atlant Ocean (according to Ernest T). I appreciate it and good night.


October 04, 2005 - Msg 30699: And Irishster, where did you get that REUNION show? Just jivin' with ya. ha
I was watching a special on the pony express a few weeks ago and got to thinking how things used to be say, let's pick 1830: Irishster puts a letter on a boat, it takes maybe a month or more to land in New York, then depending on which "porchster" you send it to, it goes overland stage for at least another couple week, or maybe by train. Then that porchster would have to transscribe it to send it to each individual porchster, taking another few weeks.
Now, you sit in your study, type out your message, and within a few seconds, we all know your thoughts! Amazing!
Boo- very funny..gerald Ford digging up the ferns, ha!
If anyone else has season 3, in one of the sponsor spots, Opie says "I appreciate it and good night." He is SOOO cute! Did you know that in one Happy Days ep Fonzie says 'little Opie Cunnigham' to Richie?
ya all have a good one. Prayers continue for porchsters, families, Troops, etc.
Watch out for them new buffalo nickels!
Mr Darlin's Cuz

October 04, 2005 - Msg 30700: APB for MRS WILEY.
I'm getting concerned about Mrs Wiley. Anyone know how we might email her or anything?
Do hope her recovery is going ok.
Have a good evening.

October 04, 2005 - Msg 30701: Please be in prayer for my momma - she will be receiving a pacemaker tomorrow. She is pretty spry at 81.


October 04, 2005 - Msg 30702: Homemaker, my 80 year old father received a pacemaker 11 months ago and it was an absolute peice of cake for him. No problem at all and he feels so much better since. I pray your mom's experience is as good as Dad's. Let us know how it goes, ok?

Yeehaw, I am having so much fun with this lap top (or is laptop one word??).

I watched Trains, Planes and Automobiles with Steve Martin and John Candy tonight. Anyway, it was on AMC tonight without the bad language and I enjoyed it..pretty funny movie. I love the scene where Steve Martin and John Candy are having to share a bed in a cheap motel and when they wake up in the morning, John Candy is spooning Steve Martin while kissing his ear (he is doing it in his sleep) and Martin is asleep holding Candy's hand. Martin wakes up and says to Candy, who is slowly waking up, "Why are you kissing my ear?" and Candy says, "Why are you holding my hand?". Martin then asks, "Where is your other hand?" and Candy replies, "Between two pillows". Martin then says (near panic), "Those aren't pillows!", and they both jump out of the bed screaming. Hilarious!

Better go..have to go early to a town called Victoria to see a friend in the hospital. I will leave you with this...last night when I was putting my 4 yr old baby girl to bed. She wanted to pray and she said this (I didn't expect this from such a little girl). She said to God, "Please let me always be your kid. I love you", then she asked me, "Mom, are you His kid?" and I was happy to reply, "Oh yes!".

Thanks to God for our precious children and for bringing us into his family!


October 04, 2005 - Msg 30703: Feels like home here on this site

October 04, 2005 - Msg 30704: Morning now from my side of the Porch, since you all are asleep ;-). I teach lietracy for young teens who have either been kicked out of school or quit. They are rough kids from a rough area of Dublin, but I love 'em and enjoy Wednesdays.

A wonderful fellow porchster provided the Reunion Show for me :-)!!

Take care of yourselves. I appreciate the love and concern for others that my fellow porchsters have.


October 04, 2005 - Msg 30705: Howdy, Irishter. I'm a bit of a nightowl, so we'll probably find ourselves on the porch alone from time to time. Mercy, I hope folks don't start to talk about us!

I have a nurse friend staying with me for a while, just moving back to Texas and needed a place to land until she disposes of her home where she came from and gets on her feet. Lucky for me, and maybe even luckier for her, she's almost as much of a TAGS fan as I am! Neither of us had to work over the weekend, so we had a wonderful time enjoying the marathon. Tonight we watched some DVDs and ate watermelon. The Plum is in heaven, because now she has two pushovers to pester for treats.

Well, it's late, guess I'll turn in. Have a great day, everyone. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

"Johnny Paul Jason says chewing tar is good for the teeth."

"That's an old wives' tale."

"Johnny Paul ain't married."

October 05, 2005 - Msg 30706: G,nite Ro, sure hope folks don't start talkin'. ;-)

Off to teach folks, hopefully can stop in when I get hope and you folks are up and had your breakfast, heard tomorrow's breakfast special is pancakes, sausage, and eggs for 85 cents. Coffee included of course.


October 05, 2005 - Msg 30707: Morning porch.
Have you heard the latest about Romeena and Irishter? Pretyy juicy stuff.:)


October 05, 2005 - Msg 30708: have not heard? gona read......got 6 rods strung up....going fishing this morning....SPOT

October 05, 2005 - Msg 30709: prayers to mama hm........SPOT

October 05, 2005 - Msg 30710: Thanks for the prayers going up -
I sure would like one of those breakfast specials. . .sounds good with hot tea of course.


October 05, 2005 - Msg 30711: Sorry Homemaker. Forgot to mention your Mama is in my prayers, but this thing with Irishter and Rommena has me all flustered!


October 05, 2005 - Msg 30712: fixing to leave to go fishing with miss sherry...what in the fire is going on with Irishter and Ro?....have not read the mail?.supper will be fresh catfish and corn bread green beans. and slaw I hope....SPOT

October 05, 2005 - Msg 30713: look I stay up late too RO....and Im single!.....just not Irish I guess...ha ha...SPOT

October 05, 2005 - Msg 30714: Good thought, Ro. Thanks for reminding me. Sometimes I forget that I too am molding Kai's life. Sometimes with all the other things I do around the house - when I can't be actively teaching her stuff - I feel like she is not getting enough input from me. But those things need to be done, and maybe she is learning from that as well.

Glad to see you, Boo! And glad you can visit full time now. I'm hoping to have something set up by November. Hoping.
Funny how tv makes it such a small world, too, Boo. I was watching Planes, Trains, and Automobiles last night as well. One of my favorites. I tend to like those "on the road" type movies.

Well, everyone have a good day. Oh, and prayers for your mother, Homemaker.

-Sterling Holobyte

October 05, 2005 - Msg 30715: All the rumours about Irishter and Ro are false ;) whatever they may be.

Good day teaching today - nothing like a cuppa tea in Ireland :)


October 05, 2005 - Msg 30716: I heard about Irishster and Romeena from the mendlebright sisters at Aunt bee's garden club.
It is quite a moulage!!! My goodness, the talk at Foleys and at the drugstore is nothing but! haha (-:
Prayers for families, pappabear, Ro's operastion, sterling, soldier Kevin, La and Ms and Tx folks etc.
Thanks for the braekfast special!
Ya all Have a good day all.

October 05, 2005 - Msg 30717: My word! You folks sure do start your tongues a-wagging easily. That explains why everyone stopped talking when I walked into the beauty shop this morning. Why, Irishter wouldn't be intereted in an old lady like me. I'm in my forties, and I don't care who knows it, but I'm sure he's much younger. (teehee)

Well, my garden center friend called and said he's got pansies in. Guess I'll go get some, and start putting some cool-weather color in the yard. You all have a good day, and quit your gossiping.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

October 05, 2005 - Msg 30718: "I wonder how they DO that?"

October 05, 2005 - Msg 30719: Shoula known they'd be a talking Romeena, next thing ya now they'll have Barney killed of or a shoe salesman turned into a New York television producer.

Nice evening here in Ireland.


October 05, 2005 - Msg 30720: Ha Irishter! Don't try to change the subject.
I just heard you and Romeena was seen glueing covers on the hymn books last night!


October 05, 2005 - Msg 30721: Who told you that ;-).

"Those Gossiping Men" :)

Anybody who likes good bluegrass needs to check into a new CD called "Clean Pickin'" It is done by a Christian evangelistic team but this is not a gospel CD, just pickin' and playin'. It has a couple of really funny songs on it as well. Email me at rogersjunk(at)gmail(dot)com for more info.


October 05, 2005 - Msg 30722: Afternoon Porchsters. Thank you all so much for the kind words and prayers. Got really good news from the doctor yesterday. He was able to fully see the retina for the first time and detected NO damage. Only a little inflammation remains. Should have just about all of my vision back by the weekend. He said it was nothing short of miraculous. I told him I wasn't worried, I had a whole porch full of folks praying for me. THAT'S what did it! Thank you, again.

October 05, 2005 - Msg 30723: GREAT news Rev!!!


October 05, 2005 - Msg 30724: Whooeee! Thank you, Lord! --Romeena

October 05, 2005 - Msg 30725: I see Romeena and Irishter are the porch again together......heehee

Good news, Rev Jr!

You guys are really HILARIOUS, you know that?! Asa, you kill me.


October 05, 2005 - Msg 30726: Oh, and thanks Sterling. I am really happy to be back, especially after reading todays hilarious posts! So you like "on the road shows" too....like Dutch and Tommy Boy? I seldom get to sit and actually watch a movie with the kids awake...I have about as much chance of watching a movie in peace as I do "playing a game of Pick Up Sticks with my you-know-what cheeks!" (for those of you who think I have gone crazy, that was a line from Trains, Planes and Automobiles last night).

Well, better go...I'm off to guitar lessons!


October 05, 2005 - Msg 30727: Don't know if any of you other porchfolks are fans of the old Wyatt Earp show starring Hugh O'Brian, (whom my wife thinks the most handsomest man ever, but that's another whole moulage)(ha), but i just got a box set from Amazon that is excellent! 24.97 for 24 episodes with eps from his beginning in Ellsworth highlighting eps all way way to his time in Tombstone and the gunfight at the OK corral. Tho O'brian may not may look like the real Earp, it IS all western history!
I always enjoyed that show as a kid. Wyatt is my alter, alter ego on the western forum that you hear pappa, MD, spot and me talk about sometimes!
Good News on the eye Rev jr! Just thinkin' of that bungie makes me cringe. YOU ARE BLESSED!
APB for mrs Wiley, AFD, KY girl, Alyce, Fungirl 2,
Mary W, Hazel, DES, DIX, Ollie, and others!!
Come on back to OUR "scandal-ridden" porch!!! haha

October 05, 2005 - Msg 30728: Thanx 4 the response to the Oh My Barney Episode, My pops and I really appreciate it. Oh, and Romeena you can call me Goat (27 male) (no reference to the dynamite episode)

October 05, 2005 - Msg 30729: Got any good bangup "goat" stories Goat, that I can tell my kids!? Welcome!
My momma did real well with her pacemaker implant - thanks for all the prayers.

I just want to say God has been very good to me this week - I can't divulge any information other than that but His grace has been wonderful.

As far as Christian music stations - I like to listen to K-love. It is out of California and also on the internet (www.klove.com). I listen to it via an Ohio station on my car radio. It really gets me going for the day.

Need to get some things done.

Irishter and Ro - you got some of the covers on the hymn books a tad crooked ;)


October 05, 2005 - Msg 30730: Wonderful, Homemaker! So glad you mom is doing well. Hope she just feels better and better, and yes, His grace is wonderful! You know, we get K-love out of California here is South Texas and its my very favorite radio station. I really like to listen to Leo Giovanelli. Ever listen to him? I also LOVE the radio talk show at 5pm central time called, To Every Man An Answer.

Irishter, you mentioned that the weather was nice in Ireland. Its been in the 90's again here today and humid! We are expecting a nice cool front tommorrow (I am in Corpus Christi, Texas) and I'll bet Romeena is already feeling it in the Fort Worth area...lucky.

Ro, I got your envelope in the mail today, thanks so much!

Better see about the young ones. Goodnight!


October 05, 2005 - Msg 30731: No, I think its Leo GiovaneTTI. Am I right?


October 05, 2005 - Msg 30732: Hey all,

So Ro, but I;m only popping in to the Porch this morning, you know how them tongues wag ;)

Almsot cold here this morning. I'll pop back in when there more golks around ;)


October 05, 2005 - Msg 30733: More folks around that is :)

October 06, 2005 - Msg 30734: Mornin' Y'all! Great news Rev. Jr.!! You too,homemaker.Nice to hear good news for a change in this crazy world!
I was just thumbing through the latest issue of the Mayberry Gazette and guess what I saw in the "Mayberry After Midnight" Column? Here it is: " What lovely Texan lady and gentleman from the Emerald Isle have set tongues a-wagging with their late night Porch gatherings when no one else is around? "
Ha Ha Sorry- Asa started it!
possum under a rock

October 06, 2005 - Msg 30735: Well, all I can say is, when you gossipy people are talkin' about me and Irishter, you're leavin' somebody else alone! And besides, I've been accused of worse things. He's a fine man, and I don't mind one bit having my name mentioned in the same sentence as his. So there!

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

October 06, 2005 - Msg 30736: Oh my word!!!

I go away for a few days, and land sakes, all sorts of things going on! "Shame, shame, shame!"

Anyways, I got back from a little trip up north in Michigan. We had a wonderful time, the colors are just starting, so it's starting to look real purty! When we go up there, we stay with friends who live in a log cabin, in the middle of 40 acres of thick, thick woods, and it's a little bit like a pajama party! It always feels so good to "get away from it all!" While we were there, some of my friends decided to rent a couple of movies to watch in the evenings. The movies, even though rated PG, were so offensive, we eventually shut them off. Which was great, because then all my friends were forced to do what I wanted to do...watch the TAGS marathon!! It was funny how much they all enjoyed the shows, and remembered what a great show it was and is. One comment was, "That show never gets old, it's still fun to watch". More converts to the TAGSRWC!

Boo, welcome back! I am so glad we will get to visit with you a lot more. I only have one thing to say about it....."Vicks"!

Great news Rev Jr, and prayers for your mother Homemaker.

Sterling, I started working as a lunch mother at my son's school last year. Not much in the pay department, but I can tell I am impacting many, many young people's lives, and that makes me feel pretty good, and glad to be in God's army. I hope the same for you!

This post is way yonder too long, so I better get off my rocker and mow my lawn!

Here's wishing a crisp, cool, blue sky, autumn colored trees, apple pie baking aroma, Mayberry kind of day to y'all!

Mary Wiggins

October 06, 2005 - Msg 30737: Boy I step away for a few hours and tongues are still set to wagging.

Well Romeena and I know we had a lovely little chat on the Porch while everyone else is gone, and like she says, if you is talking about us you is leaving everyone else alone ;-)

Here to all, and love to have anyone else join us on the Porch if you are up in the wee hours of your morning :-)


October 06, 2005 - Msg 30738: You said it Mary Wiggins, "Vicks forever"! Sounds like that trip up to Northern Michigan was dreamy. We Texans are making chili and sitting around with baited breath waiting for the cool front that is supposed to come today...gonna get all the way down to 80 degrees. YeeHaw! Break out the sweaters and 'lectric blankets Maw!

Wanted to tell Romeena that I had every intention of getting to bed at a decent hour last night but I made the mistake of reading her journal of the trip to Mongolia and stayed up WAY too late. It was really hard to put down. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed your last trip and looked forward to the daily installments. Its really fun to have it all at once!

Mary Wiggins, I had my heart all set on baking an apple pie today and when I saw the price of apples at the store I changed my mind. Heavens! I never dreamed they would get so high-priced. I bought a frozen pie instead for only 3.99....not the same but one has to make sacrifices.



October 06, 2005 - Msg 30739: Oh, hello to Irishter, I didn't see you sitting there. What is the time difference between you and me?


Barney: "We defy the Mafia!"

October 06, 2005 - Msg 30740: test

October 06, 2005 - Msg 30741: Funny one Possum!
Whew, the porch aint been this excitin' since them cats started to screechin' when barney began to sing! haha! We should all watch "Those Gossiping Men" ep! ha Besides the Mayberry Gazette, I heard it is also in Opie's newspaper , and that mayor pappabear may have to resign in shame, as it is just too much for him! ha
MARY W, thanks for answerin' the APB for ya. I hope to retire in a place like you described. It must have been so peaceful in those woods.
Glad you made some more TAGS converts!
HOMEmaker, we get K-Love here in Phx area too, and love it, as well as Family Life Radio.
Both keep me going!
Prayers continue for all ailin'. Still praying for Mrs Wiley too.
Have a good one,

October 06, 2005 - Msg 30742: I am 5 hours ahead of Mayberry, NC.


October 06, 2005 - Msg 30743: That of course should read 'hear' of, not 'here' of! Too busy watchin the Darlins pick!


October 06, 2005 - Msg 30744: Leave The Andy Griffith show as it is, We don't need a movie like that showing, Andy is number 1, I want my kids and grandkids, to enjoy the show with all the wonderful actors, and a part of the good old days. don't make a good thing bad,

October 06, 2005 - Msg 30745: MESSAGE REMOVED

October 06, 2005 - Msg 30746: Hey Romeena, can I get a copy of your Mongolia trip journal at rogersjunk(at)gmail(dot)com please


October 06, 2005 - Msg 30747: Hello to message 30745! Pick a Mayberry name and set a spell if ya like.
You are in luck, we had just answered that one for another inquiree. Go back to message 30689
and ya got the actual song and ever'thing!
Mr Darlin's Cuz

October 06, 2005 - Msg 30748: Well Rev take care of that eye..hey mdc,asa,bo,ro,irishter,goober,new comers and all...tonight I have home plate playoff tickets for the Braves...lets all meet at turner field for BBQ..and beverage of you choose....we leave at 6:00........SPOT

October 06, 2005 - Msg 30749: MESSAGE REMOVED

October 06, 2005 - Msg 30750: Hello all, he eats just what everyone else does. Thank you Spot for wishing him Happy. Say Gordon won today, My husband is so happy. Ro have you started your garden yet? I haven't yet, maybe next week I hope I've been working 3 weeks straight and trying to move all at the same time and I'm about dead. It sure is cold here and going to drop real low tonight. Gee Whez I do believe I missed the Spring time.

Ramona: "It rained last Tuesday."
Ernest T: "Yeh...I was right there in it." (Katrina)

Ellen Brown

October 06, 2005 - Msg 30751: Well, howdy all yall on the porch! I've been aswamped with getting peanuts harvested and sold plus buying other folks peanuts and selling them too. It's bee a busy season what with no rain and the harvesting movin at an eagle's pace! Getting some rain today finally but should finish up the pnuts next week! Glad to hear your eye is gonna be just fine Rev,Jr. and glad your mom is doing good too Homemaker. Got some news myself- My 4th grandchild was born to my second daughter on tues Sep. 27th! A girl-Ashleigh. Mom and Ashleigh are doing just fine at home now!! Oh,she defied the odds and was born at 1pm-not a night baby!! Well, "Stay calm people" and rockem easy! Catch ya later. Quiet Sam!

October 06, 2005 - Msg 30752: Oh, I most forgot- Does anybody know when the release date will be on the 4th season?? Quiet Sam!

October 06, 2005 - Msg 30753: Hey quiet sam, seems like you're always right in the middle of them births!haha! Congratulations! She sounds like a beautiful baby! Sounds like a mighty proud grandpappy too!
Good the crop goes well.

October 06, 2005 - Msg 30754: I heard November.

October 06, 2005 - Msg 30755: I heard December.

October 06, 2005 - Msg 30756: I have 3 programs that were handed out in Mt. Airy for the TV Land statue unveiling. What are they worth. I had one sign by Andy and had it framed.

October 06, 2005 - Msg 30757: "You say tomato, I say tamoto..."

October 06, 2005 - Msg 30758: I have 3 programs that were given away at the TV Land statue unveiling in Mt. Airy. What are they worth? I had one signed by Andy, but it is not for sale.

October 06, 2005 - Msg 30759: I heard January

October 06, 2005 - Msg 30760: Good evenin', and happy to the Porch. Well, I'll see ya. Uncle Ben

October 06, 2005 - Msg 30761: Evenin', all. Irishter, I'd be very happy to send you the journal. Just be warned, it's lengthy. There are 19 installments, many of them contain pictures. Will your emailbox handle it? Boo, I'm so happy you enjoyed my scribbling enough to actually stay up to read it! I think you need to get out more!

I see we have another post by "TOM" but in the letter I received from him just a few days ago, he says he has not been online, and is still trying to find a computer he can afford. Incidentally, I've heard from the church deacon there, a very nice man, and there are developments which I'll tell you more about later. Right now, I'm a little confused by these posts. It's possible we have an interloper.

I started planting pansies, as the temperature was in the 60's here today. Got 1 1/2 flats planted, had to quit as my knee was giving me a lot of trouble. Still have 4 1/2 flats to be planted. Guess just a little at a time......I need to get them done before my knee surgery, because I sure won't be planting for a while afterward. Incidentally, I found out what kind of flower I am. I'm a snapdragon. Part of me has snapped, and the rest of me is draggin'.

Well, it's time for bed. Worked all night, and haven't been to bed today, so am a bit tired. Well, what I really am, is just beat to the socks. Just clemmed. See you folks tomorrow. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

October 06, 2005 - Msg 30762: Snapdraggin. Cute Romeena.
I must have missed about your knee surgery. When is that? Probably best to get it done.
You don't think the post is from Tom? Hmmm, I was hoping it was him.
Glad your Mom is ok Homemaker and your eyeball is well Rev.
Boo, glad I can make you laugh some. I do have fun, I just hope folks know I'm funnin them.
Well it's Friday tomorrow and it can't come soon enough. Been a long week I tell ya.
Mary Wiggins, you got me craving apple pie now, hot from the oven with a nice dollop of ice cream with it. Anyone care to join. We gotta hurry though before Irishter and Romeena get on here and melt it!:)


October 06, 2005 - Msg 30763: Morning all from this side of the porch :-)

Ro, my inbox is gmail, with almost 3mg of storage so I am sure it will handle the journal and pics. Looking forward to it :-)

Hey to all


October 06, 2005 - Msg 30764: Hi all,boy if you miss a day rock'n & visiting,you have a spell catching up. We almost have to have to sweep every day. I love it. I've told a couple of folks from church to visit,but I haven't seen them yet. What's going on with Irishter and Romeena? Or should I not ask. It seems pretty warm around these 2.HA Nite to all and sweet dreams Slim

October 07, 2005 - Msg 30765: Ro - I like that flower analogy! You are a hoot!


October 07, 2005 - Msg 30766: Hey ysll, budy here at work...Braves game was great,7 to 1 win now to houston to finish them off.......grilled hamburgers tonight with everyones kids invited!...play time...chips and slaw....cokes...SPOT

October 07, 2005 - Msg 30767:
Barney: Ange, when the ole steel trap up here is set (pointing to his head) there's just no turning back.
Hi gang! OK, I'm game to stretch this a bit longer, yup, I heard all about the big scandal on the Leonard Blush radio show! Made ME blush! haha
Whew this porch does need a sweep!
RO, will your surgery be at the same hospital that you work at? Be interesting to see how your care goes.
We are told that Sunday in Phoenix area it will
only be 85!!! Can hardly wait to enjoy the "cool" day!
Well, have a good day, going to Flemings Steakhouse tonight!
"I smell gas." "I smell gas." "I smell gas." "I smell gas." "I smell gas." "Alright, alright, of course you smell gas; what do you think this car runs on, coal?"

October 07, 2005 - Msg 30768: OK, Irishter, I'll get the journals on their way to you. I appreciate your interest, and hope you enjoy reading about our adventures in Mongolia.

Asa, if you don't stop spreading rumors about me and Irishter, I'm gonna tell Mrs. Asa about you and Clara Edwards. So there!

Well, gotta run. Last appointment with the doc today to plan the knee surgery. Still shooting for Tuesday afternoon, possibly home that night, but probably Wednesday morning. I can't imagine such a surgery on an out-patient basis, but they do it all the time. Now I have to learn how to walk with crutches or a walker. Hmmm. I hadn't planned on a walker for at least another twenty years or so. Well, at least it will be temporary.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

"Charlene! Put that boy down!" -- Briscoe

October 07, 2005 - Msg 30769: Ro...I had to use a walker for a bit after my wreck..will make you tired so take it easy...SPOT

October 07, 2005 - Msg 30770: How's everyone? --ErnestT

October 07, 2005 - Msg 30771: How's everyone? -- The Creechter

October 07, 2005 - Msg 30772: Hey Folks,
Y'all let me know if any more trouble brews here. I removed a couple of messages yesterday and left a few others by the same folks since they were harmless. Sorry for the problems.

October 07, 2005 - Msg 30773:
Thanks for looking after us Floyd! It was either calling for you or ole "kind-behind-the-eyes" Barn! ha
Weekend is almost here. Kansas racing.
Mr D's Cuz

October 07, 2005 - Msg 30774: Thanks, Spot. I plan to be very careful, sure don't want to mess up what the doctor fixes on Tuesday. I know a walker wears you out, but I think crutches are worse, and I really don't have the upper body strength to manage them very well.

Well, guess I'll go try to get some more pansies in the ground. Where's Mr. Wheeler when you need him? Of course, he'd probably just stand around drinking lemonade and wouldn't be much help anyway, so guess it's just as well that he's gone.

Have a good evening, folks. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

October 07, 2005 - Msg 30775: Sorry!
There, that's fixed. Didn't mean to be so bold. --Romeena

October 07, 2005 - Msg 30776: Howdy! It's 68 degrees and I feel like a Spring Chicken! I can relate to your celebration, MDC....so wonderful to go from 100 degrees to 60 in a week. Ya'll should have seen my black Lab, Leah this morning. She was beside herself, just jumping and running all over the yard. This cool, dry weather gives us so much energy.

Romeena, your journal is in no way scribble. I am almost finished and it has made me laugh and cry and most of all, it has inspired me. Thank you so very much for sharing it (sincerely).

Asa, I have been sitting on this porch for a few years now and you have always made me laugh. I treasure your prescence here on the porch.

Irishter, I know Romeena's journal of the trip will be an inspiration to you, too. I'm so glad she is sending it to you.

I think I will sign off for now and roll over and take a little nap. Right now I am sitting on my very comfortable quilt-covered bed with my windows open to the cool breeze...now, if only my neighbor would put away the Weed-Eater. She's been at it for more than an hour. Sheesh!


October 07, 2005 - Msg 30777: Boo, was it you son sean that we prayed for some time back? How goes things with him, if I got my folks right, that is! Will lift up Romeena, pappabear and all porchters, families, troops,leaders etc this sunday! God bless.
Gooden Even to ya all!

October 07, 2005 - Msg 30778: Friends, I've heard more from our deacon friend in TOM's hometown. He's been traveling, but is now home and is willing to help us in our little project to assist Tom. There are some details that need to be discussed, though not in this venue. If you are interested in participating in this plan, please email me at "Romeena@airmail.net", and I'll fill you in. Our friend on the scene, whom I'll identify as "Don", concurs that there is a valid need, and has very graciously agreed to help us. I think that's just wonderful. God provides.

Well, got a grandson's T-ball game in the morning, so guess I'd better turn in. Those games are such fun. Last time, he was squatted at third base, back toward home, and chasing a bug when the ball sailed right over his head into the outfield. Ha! Fortunately, his dad (my son) just thought it was funny and didn't get all wound up like some dads do. He has his priorities straight.

Have a great weekend, everyone. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

October 08, 2005 - Msg 30779: I'm trying something here folks Pardon the post.

[b]Hello to the Porch![/b]

Trying to see what code works for bolding, etc.


October 08, 2005 - Msg 30780: Testing again.

Hello to the Porch!

October 08, 2005 - Msg 30781: Ah, got it, html!

Morning Porch from Ireland!

Hope you all are well.

Thanks for sending the Mongolia journal Ro. Looking forward to reading.


October 08, 2005 - Msg 30782: My pleasure, Irishter. You now have just over half of it. There are nine more installments. Sorry it's so lengthy, but there's just so much to tell. --Romeena

October 08, 2005 - Msg 30783: My pleasure, Irishter. You now have just over half of it. There are nine more installments. Sorry it's so lengthy, but there's just so much to tell. --Romeena

October 08, 2005 - Msg 30784: (hiccup) --Pardon me! --Romeena

October 08, 2005 - Msg 30785: Wow Romeena!

I devoured those ten istallments. Have you considered a book?

I am a missionary, but nothing like what you folks do! Praise the Lord for your marvelous service. As I saw the faces of those dear people my hedart yearned for them. To see the joy in their eyes touched me greatly.

Looking forward to the rest. Thanks again!


October 08, 2005 - Msg 30786: Asa - Ro and Irishter are at it again!


October 08, 2005 - Msg 30787: sorry i hadn't posted but our internet at provider level. the doctor added p.a.d. to my lottery winnings of health problems but i told the doctor the good medical news is i'm still breathing so far it has worked out well for me but i'm not sure about anyone else's opinion of my breathing. ha. i saw don knotts on three's company and classic barney-- you called me up here for nothing? you know i've missed half of the brady bunch rerun. i hate to come in the middle of a show because it's so hard to catch up with the story. he gave the barney look. pappa bear

October 08, 2005 - Msg 30788: white sox wins first leg of playoffs. it would be the first time since 1917 they made it.for you spot series line up-- braves vs white sox? how does that sound.romeena- that's great about tom, your his guardian angel . and tom is so talented a writter, it's a shame he can't use his god given talents to help others.i'll pray for him. great to see so many porchsters on the porch. what's for supper? pappa bear

October 08, 2005 - Msg 30789: Hey to the PORCH! Gooj job on the HTML there Irishter! I use it sometimes...but I forget to turn it off, then it's just a mess! :-)

Ro...sent you a little e-mail on the Tom deal...you're a doll for helping out so. Not trying to step in on you there Irishter.. ;-)

Floyd...thanks for checking the locks...you're a real good egg. Pappa, the Sox are gettin close...it'd be a good thing to see. They're not the Cubs, but if the Cubs ever won it, what would we have to complain about?

Hope ya'll are having a good day on the porch...a little cool here in Chicager...but not bad overall.

Ya'll be good...