December 05, 2005 - Msg 31983: thanks floyd for sharing the cards, we're so blessed having you keep this site going and how you stay connected and friends with all of us. merry christmas and a blessed new year. your a prince, i say.tom that would be a great idea on the pictures. floyd maybe you could encourage those who post often to mail you a picture of those willing, as tom said it would only enhance our site. homemaker- praise the lord that star is doing better. question- isn't goat poo- poo much like chicken poo- poo very little goes a long ways ? too much and you burn up the soil. asa- THANKS FOR REMINDING US ABOUT HAZEL'S BIRTHDAY, ALL TOGETHER NOW HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAZEL BELATED. YOU ARE SUCH A BLESSING TO Us ? possum- where does a possum living under a rock hang there christmas stockings? inquiring minds want to know. possum- look forward to you jump starting the walton 's front parlor. like i say they have a good fan base but lack direction like us. spot thanks for breakfast this morning, your the best. prayers for our dear plum, she has brought us so many memories. asa- be careful what you hit on the golf course is a golf ball and not a big hail ball. rev jr- check msg 31963 line 4 on christmas upside down trees and idea for prankstars- what do you think? pappa bear

December 05, 2005 - Msg 31984: i swept mine and others from today into the archives including a web site to view floyd's picture. bad bear with the fat paws. pappa bear

December 05, 2005 - Msg 31985: don't forget to wish our dear hazel a belated birthday. pappa

December 05, 2005 - Msg 31986: cards from the Newsome family

December 05, 2005 - Msg 31987: Good sweep Pappabear, but ya swept our dear Floyd's Christmas cards right off the porch! ha
be sure to check right toward the end of the last archive for some neat Floyd family greetings!
Hope all had a good weekend, got our tree up, but not upsidedown! ha Here's a thought, RO, an upsidedown ALUMinum tree!! haha
Had some great preachin' yesterday, hope ya all did too. Yes the new Narnia movie is suppose to be good. Disney actually sticks to the real storyline and the Christian ana-logies come thru.
Hang in there all my friends as we remember the reason for the season! Prayers for all our troops!
More later,

December 05, 2005 - Msg 31988: Oops, I see Floyd sneaked in there before I posted. Thanks Floyd. mdc

December 05, 2005 - Msg 31989: Hi all!
Don't worry about it, pappa bear, we all need to sweep some time.

Some nice lady stopped me while I was walking home after taking Kai to school today. She wanted to know what my story was as she always sees me walking to and from the school. And Kai likes me to take her to school in the stroller so I am always walking with an empty stroller on the way home, which has garnered me some puzzled looks from people. But she was really nice and told me she homeschools her 7 kids. I told her I'd really like to homeschool Kai or at least send her to private school especially with all the junk going on with public schools nowadays. I even saw on Kai's school calender it mentioned her "holiday program" which is coming up this Wednesday. Remember when that used to be called a Christmas program? So when I asked about whether Kai had to be at both the morning and afternoon programs, I was sure to mention it as the Christmas program. You wouldn't think they would be so pc at such a small school. I was surprised(pleasantly)when one day I left the school a little late after dropping off Kai and heard the vice-principal saying the Pledge Of Allegiance over the loudspeaker, and he actually left in the "under God" part. I was waiting to see if he would after all that hullabaloo about it not long ago.[/soapbox]

Anyway, have a good day! And Happy Birthday Hazel!
-Sterling Holobyte

December 05, 2005 - Msg 31990: Hi, everyone! Just a quick, happy word. I heard from the Plum's doctor, and she's okay. Her little lump is just a lipoma - a benign fatty tumor, and nothing to worry about. If it continues to grow, we may take it out, but for now, I'm not going to put her through that. So, she's fine! God is good! Thanks for your support and prayers. friends.

Sugarplum says ho, ho, ho! --Romeena

December 05, 2005 - Msg 31991: Romeena,that is great news!Praise the lord!Our God is an awesome God!I would have liked to seen the squirrels at the frozen over bird bath.They are so cute.The ones in my yard always eat the bird feed I put out for my birds,and,they eat their food also,they are fat squirrels!I saw in a catalog I got the other day,that thier is a bird feeder that squirrels can't get into,beause when they put thier weight on it,it spins so they can't get a grip.They had a picture of a squirrel trying to get into it,it was so funny!Talk to you all later-Ky girl

December 05, 2005 - Msg 31992: just a thought,on those upside down christmas trees,how do you hang the decorations on it?-ky girl

December 05, 2005 - Msg 31993: Praise God Romeena! That is sure good news. Prayers continue for all our porchsters and their families!
Sterling--Hope things are better for you on the homefront also. That is at least good to hear about the pledge! I think if i was still teaching, I'd either be fired by now or would have gone crazy over this PC business! God bless and keep you. JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THIS SEASON, THEN on the 26th, Hanukkah begins, and my Jewish neighbors (yes, they live right next door) have told me several times that there is no Hanukkah "season" as it were, it is just the 8 days of celebrating, this year starting on the 26th. Ok, bluey goes the soapbox, with my apologies to Hazel.
Have a super Mayberry, faith-filled day!
Mr Darlin's Cuz

December 05, 2005 - Msg 31994: hey kygirl, we must have posted at the same time! the birds could ice skate like Woodstock! ha

December 05, 2005 - Msg 31995: Hey Asa,

You mentioned that several of my old Christmas cards had "red x's" on 'em. That might be the audio part of the card. If you don't have a MIDI plug-in installed in your browser (quicktime will play 'em) then you may have gotten a red x about the MIDI (music file) that was there. Sorry about the problem.

I'm glad folks are enjoying the cards. I'm working on the new'll be a few days before I get it ready.


December 05, 2005 - Msg 31996: hey gang ..hope everyones doing well
SPOT,PAPPA BEAR,ASA ,MDC,REV JR.,ROMEENA ,CHARLOTTE TUCKER ,ALYCE,DIXIE AND all porchsters new and old ..I hope and pray taht everyone has a safe CHRISTMAS
FLOYD was graet to se the cards from past years

December 05, 2005 - Msg 31997: Hey kygirl, if it is a big tree, maybe you just have to use an upside-down ladder.;)

Hey mdc! And Floyd! And Romeena, I'm glad things worked out with the Plum!

-Sterling Holobyte

December 05, 2005 - Msg 31998: Hey to you too, MD!
You must've dropped in on me while I was posting.
-Sterling Holobyte

December 05, 2005 - Msg 31999: Hi folks, I'm back at homebase for a couple days. Still haulin' the beef on the hoof. Will share a Christmas story later with you porhmeisters! Just wanted to check in! Fred Goss

December 05, 2005 - Msg 32000: Good day, all. FLOYD: I really enjoyed those Christmas cards. I copied the story from 1997 and have e-mailed it to some friends. I hope that you don't mind. MARY WIGGINS: I read the Narnia books, along with the Tolkien books, as a kid in the mid-1970s. I can't wait for the movie. I hope that it stays true to the spirit in which it was written. ROMEENA: Great news about Sugarplum. PAPPA BEAR: If there is campaigning for mayor on the Front Porch, remember, WE WILL NOT SING, WE WILL NOT SING!

Take care to count your blessings.


December 05, 2005 - Msg 32001: Romeena, Praises be about the Plum! That is great news. Give her a hug from Barney and me. Speaking of Barney (he is my minature doxie) today is his birthday. He turns two. Y'all come over for a slice of cake and ice cream. But I'll warn you, be prepared to throw his rubber hamburger for an hour. He will chase that thing all night till your arm drops off.

Floyd, I guess that must be the problem. I am able to see all but three of them I think. The ones I saw looked real nice.

So we have a Rev and a Rev Now all we need is a plain Rev and a Reverette and we'll be all set! (don't mind me, just being silly but it reminds me of the episode with the Beamons haha)

Where you at Boo? You back from your trip?

Guess I'll go down to the Diner and grab some lunch. Whats the special there on Monday's, anyone know?


ANDY: I've been taking with Rev.Tucker all these years and I ain't about to change now.
AUNT BEE: Andy, they're on the same side!

December 05, 2005 - Msg 32002: One of my favorite observations about the Christmas season has to do with our Jewish friends and neighbors. As you know, I work at a hospital, and of course, that means we're open 24/7/365. Christmas? Yep, we're open then, too, but on that day, a strange thing happens. One may see a laundry cart rumbling down the hallway, pushed by one of our Jewish physicians. In the cafeteria, food may be served by a Jewish nurse, secretary or even another physician. Stretchers and wheelchairs may be pushed by a Jewish person who does not normally work as a transporter. In other words, folks from the Jewish community come in and volunteer their time wherever they legally can, in order to give a Christian co-worker the day off. Isn't that lovely? I wish I could say that we Christians do the same for them on their high Holy Days, but I'm certain that we do not. That may be due in part to the fact that we don't know when those days are, but neither do we take the trouble to find out. Jesus said, "Whatsoever ye would that men would do unto you, do ye even so unto them." Yet, we let an opportunity such as this, to forge bonds of brotherhood, pass us by. Something to think about. --Romeena

December 05, 2005 - Msg 32003: Good to see MD, fred and others!
OK, since Pappa got us started on Christmas memories/stories here is one of mine, a repeat from last year, but as there are several new porchsters, with your indulgence, I'll tell it again...When I was 11 years old, my mom and dad sat us all down (2 older than me and 3 younger than me), as was our custom, 'round the Christmas tree on Christmas eve, and after some carols, my dad's rendition of The Night Before Christmas, and a prayer that my dad would lead every year, they also announced that they didnt think Santa would be able to leave anything from our wish lists, but would only be able to leave a few small items. I knew at that age that it was my folks, and I knew that a few medical bills for my youngest sister probably was the reason. My dad had a good job, my mom loved us to pieces, and always had good food on the table, but in that time before credit cards, many things went by the wayside! We were all fine with it, just a little disappointed. So we went back to our activities, telling stories etc, and all seemed well til about 9 PM, when the doorbell rang, and when my dad opened the door, he said a loud "oh my", and then quickly stepped outside! Moments later he popped his head in and told my mom to close the door between the living room and the kitchen. We didnt think too much of it and went back to making paper chains etc. Then, all of a sudden, SANTA and my dad come walking thru the front door! Santa gave a few HO HO HOs and had a bag full of GIFTS! It was just like ole Ben Weaver opening up his suitcase in the courthouse! There was two or three items for everyone! It was a Christmas Eve that I will never forget!
But now here's the REST of the story:
My dad told us many years later that the Santa had been hired by a rich family in Scottsdale, which was way out in the boonies in those days; but he took a few wrong turns and he ended up in our area as lost as could be. He called (from our kitchen phone after going in the back door with my dad, the Scottsdale family, but with no freeways back then, he knew it would take a couple hours to get there, so the father on the other end said that it was OK because they had gone to "plan B", (which will never be known) And, by the way, almost all the gifts were exactly what we had been hoping for! Aint God grand! It was sure a wonderful, cozy and unique Christmas! Merry Christmas!
Mr Darlin's Cuz

December 05, 2005 - Msg 32004: Ro- you and i posted together. yes that is a great idea! Most calendars have all the days listed these days, so we should do it next Sept!

December 05, 2005 - Msg 32005: ASA--I've only been here for a couple weeks. I really didn't know there was a REV.Jr until after I had posted. Sorry for the mix-up. The reason I choose that name is because I'm in the ministry as a full-time Gospel Recording Artist. If it causes much confusion I can always can it.
Be blessed....

December 05, 2005 - Msg 32006: REV, don't you even think about "canning it." I think I can speak for the porch when I say, we can handle having a REV and a Rev Jr. just fine. I 'spect there will be a few folks who will be confused from time to time, as the infrequent porch sitters drop in, but that's no problem. They'll catch on soon enough, and it'll just be one of those little things that add spice and variety to our porch. Don't change a thing, unless you think of a name you like better. If so, feel free, we'll cope.

MDC, that's a sweet story. Just has Christmas Spirit written all over it. The family who hired the Santa could have pitched a fit, demanded their gifts be returned, etc. Instead, they opened their hearts and got to enjoy feeling pretty good themselves that evening. I love it!

Sugarplum says ho, ho, ho! --Romeena

December 05, 2005 - Msg 32007: Oh no Rev, you're fine. I just wasn't sure if there was a difference between Rev. and Rev Jr. Now that I know who's who, everything is cool.
Are you the same Rev. that posts over at Miss Crumps sometimes? If you are, you're a big Perry Mason fan if I remember correct. I just love them old Perry Mason shows. So dramatic, and often times a slug of Maberryites on them. I have seen Aunt Bee on one, a very young Briscoe Darling, and several others.

Thats a neat Story mdc. I don't remember it from last year but then my memeory ain't what it used to be. I sometimes forget what I said and repeat myself. I sometimes forget what I said and repeat myself.


December 05, 2005 - Msg 32008: that is a sweet story MDC,what a wonderful memory!And,you are right,most calendars have the jewish holidays on them,so ,like you said Romeena,if we could remember to ask to give someone we know who celebrates those holidays some time off,that would surely forge a friendship,and,a kind of a bond.ok,one of my favorite christmas memories is when I was about 6or 7 yrs old.We had one of those "tinsel trees" like you all were talking about.I wanted to buy my dad something,and,we didn't have alot of money,so my mom told me to buy him a pair of black socks.Well,i picked them out,and,she wrapped them[I got to tape it!].I put the pkg. under the tree,and,my dad would teasingly ask me what was in that pkg everyday when he came home from work,but,I would never tell him.That was a big thing for me at the time,because I used to talk a mile a minute back then!Anyway,when he opened his present on christmas,he acted like it was the best present he ever got.He made me feel so good about that present!It is one of my favorite christmas memories.I don't like the looks of those tinsel trees,but,the memory it brings back is priceless!Welcome Rev. to the porch.I used to work for a music publisher in Nashville who is now producing Denise Davis,who is also a gospel singer,have you heard of her?Well,better close,the kids are arguing over getting another piece of b-day cake.Today is my 8 yr old sons b-day,and,he had a big chocolate star wars themed cake.I'm going to hide that cake after they all get another piece,or else,they will be up all night!Take care everybody,i'll try to stop by and rock awhile later-ky girl

December 05, 2005 - Msg 32009: Asa,happy birthday to Barney too!Hey,can I send the extra cake and ice cream I have to your house?I know Barney already has cake and ice cream,but,there is only one of him,and,all he wants is to play fetch with his rubber hamburger.When the kids at my house get too hyper,they want to jump off furniture and play video games all night!haha!Hey sterling,i'll use one of those upside down ladders to decorate my tree,when I see any upside down owls flying around!haha!oh,also sterling,I have been pleasantly suprised by quite a few things from the public elementary school my kids attend.They all say the pledge of alliegance,leaving God in it,and,when they taught them the story of the first thanksgiving,they taught that they came to the "new world",so they could practice their christian faith and worship without having someone telling them how to.I was so pleased to hear it.ok,I'm really closing this time,talk to you later-ky girl

December 05, 2005 - Msg 32010: Evenin' Y'all! First of all,that is GREAT news about the Plum! Good to hear that Star is doing well also!
Asa,you've cracked me up so much with all your comments that I just don't have it in my heart to take your "Pip Plaque" away from you like I said I would! You'll always be a pip and that's no poop! Ha!
Oh,yeah Asa, I usually have lights out on my rock,but Mr. Possum took the old gutters off and has been too busy(translated: "lazy") to put the new ones up.So,no lights on the rock this year! I do have a nice Christmas flag hanging out there though! And Pappa,this possum has a rock with a fireplace,so I hang my stockings just like everybody else! You can rest that inquiring mind now!
Nice Christmas memories that everyone is sharing. MDC, I just loved yours.
Happy birthday to ky girl's son and Asa's Barney and Hazel too!
Hey Asa,if I wasn't already "possum" I'd love to be "Reverette!" Maybe we'll get a new lady on our Porch and we can talk her into being Reverette!
Guess I'd better go do something a bit less fun ,like household chores.Y'all have a good night!
possum under a rock

December 05, 2005 - Msg 32011: Here's the story from 1997 Me-They and Tom spoke of. I didn't write it and at one point I did find the author but have since forgotten his name. It's a powerful read. --Floyd

December 05, 2005 - Msg 32012: ASA...Nope..never been to Miss Crumps before. Must be someone else.
ky girl...Seems like I've heard of Denise Davis but don't think I've ever met them. I'm kinda ashamed to say it but I meet so many folks on the road it's hard to remember all the names. (Also Happy 8th Birthday to your son) That's a great age. I have a daughter that just turned 17 and seems like yesterday she was only 8. Now she's in college. Time sure flies.
Be blessed everyone..

December 05, 2005 - Msg 32013: Plum!........gosh yall.........been building my 3 yea 3 12ft cross"s.....they are UP.....miss sherry worked her tail was so cold........SPOT

December 05, 2005 - Msg 32014: Rev,I understand how you can't keep up with everyone you meet.When I worked in Nashville,sometimes I'd meet so many people,at a showcase,at a office meeting,etc,i couldn't always keep track.I can always remember faces,but not names.Anyway,she is on Apsalm Records,which ia also a branch of Life Music group.Yea,I know how time flies,my youngest son turned 8,and my oldest one is 20!Are you on the road alot,or,does it vary?Possum,I like that nickname reverette too,it's cute.don't let having no christmas lights up bother you,I don,t have any up outside this year either.Well,gonna finish reading my book"just between you and Me",by Mike Wallace.It's good.Talk to ya later-Ky girl

December 05, 2005 - Msg 32015: Thanks to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday! Heck, I didn't expect all that. Just a plain, ordinary gold plaque is all I thought I'd get.
Ro, I'm so glad the Plum is OK! Cool!
Mr. Darlings Cuz: I'm not sure what you meant by your "my apologies to Hazel" post. I don't know if you think I'd be offended by the content of it, or just the fact that you were on a soapbox. I guess it's common knowledge that I'm not a Christian, so maybe that's what you meant. But if I've said once, I've said it at least twice, I don't care what you all post. I come here for the nice, friendly companionship I've found here, and if I don't respond to all of the posts it's because maybe I can't relate to them; but it doesn't mean I don't think you all can "soap box" as much as you want. If there's a post that I don't agree with or can't relate to, I just won't respond to it, because I think enough of you good people to start a moulage.
- Hazel

December 05, 2005 - Msg 32016: Ihop on Rev...........what-chall-think?.............SPOT

December 05, 2005 - Msg 32017: aint right!.......Rev?

December 05, 2005 - Msg 32018: I'm right here, Asa. Had a nice little vacation. Real festive. I laughed out loud when you were talking about Barney and the rubber hamburger! Such a funny mental picture...I can appreciate it because I have a weinie dog, too, but she is a real dud...won't chase anything but barks at EVERYTHING.

Boy, you folks sure have done alot of jawin' while I was gone. It took me forever to read what I missed! So happy to hear that Sugarplum is ok, that gave me a scare.

MDC, I can't figure out that movie quote you about a little hint?

REV, I think a Mayberry theme park would be wonderful. Just think of the could include lodging in homes that look like ones in the show, too.

There are so many posts I would like to comment on but my little girl wants me to put her to bed soon.

RO, we were a little dissapointed with the Fredricksburg festivities this year. Hard to explain but things just weren't the same. We did enjoy the lights and sights and had a great time Saturday night in Johnson City. We took the horse and carriage ride through town and that was so much fun! I also toured Lyndon Johnson's childhood home and it was lighted with laterns. Really neat to see. We also shopped a few antique/vintage shops and I found some cute Christmas things, like a children's Highlights magazine from December, 1951, in perfect condition(I love stuff like that). I would dearly love to find one of those vintage silver trees that you have all been talking about. We used to make fun of people who bought those when I was a kid but the joke's on me now. They are worth alot.

I am enjoying the Christmas memories, keep them coming! I will try to think of something interesting to share that I haven't share with the porch already.

Ok, here is a Christmas memory I don't think I have shared. When I was 14, my mom, sister and I flew to Michigan to spend Christmas with my mom's family. It was the first time I had been away from home at Christmas and my first time to see snow. It amazed me! I developed a fetish for it that still sticks today. I am drawn to pictures of snow, stories and movies about snow, you name it. Anyway, we had a big Christmas Eve party at my aunt's house with all the cousins and family. I can still remember all my drunk aunts and uncles trying to dance! My cousin and I snuck into a bedroom with a bottle of Bacardi and got very "gassed", as Andy would say. Now, where was my mother when all this was going on? Anyway, I had alot of fun until.....the next morning! I woke up sick and couldn't even eat Christmas dinner. It did snow on Christmas morning, though and I remember sitting in my grandparent's den and watching A Christmas Carol while watching the snow fall through a big plate glass window. Beautiful!

Well, I had better hit the hay. I have not stopped all day!


December 05, 2005 - Msg 32019: Hey HAZEL, I didn't see you sitting there! Thanks for what you said, I appreciate it. That's what I love about this porch, we can all come together in love on common ground. Nobody tries to put anyone else down.


December 05, 2005 - Msg 32020: Hi Boo,glad to have you back!I loved your christmas story.I do like snow,in fact we get it here all the time November through February,I just don't like to drive in it!But,I love to eat it!I know that sounds crazy,but,I guess i'm just a big kid at heart!I even have a couple of recipes that you can use snow in instead of like baking soda or eggs,it has the same effect in the recipe as the soda and eggs do. Any of you all ever go camping in the snow?Tent or trailer camping?I've done both,and,I tell you,I'd rather have the trailer!haha!When I went camping in the tent,it was in the early part of March,and it was nice weather,no snow in the forecast.Well,2 days into the trip,we woke up about 2am to snow!Enough to cover the ground,so,we all got out the electric heaters,put them in the tents,and kept the kids busy playing games.When we were camping in Winder,Georgia,in a travel trailer,we got a big snowfall,enough to make snowmen and go sled riding.We left that weekend for Florida,for warmer camping weather!Take care everyone,talk to ya later-ky girl

December 05, 2005 - Msg 32021: Ky girl..yes I am on the road a lot but I usually have down time in Decemeber. Since a big majority of my concerts are in churches, they have so much going on during this month. So I'm able to spend more time at home this month.
I know of Life Music Group. I use to be under contract with Horizon Music Group. But I have been an independent label for the past 10 years. I really felt they had a little too much control of the ministry so after much prayer we went independent. I did a concert with country artist John Berry last week and he was with Capital Records out of Nashville but he too is now on an independent label. Seems that more and more artist are going that route. The only thing is he can't sell his original hit songs from Capital because they own them.
Good chatting with someone that has been in this industry.
I've said it before and I'll say it sure seems to be some good folks here on the porch. I really enjoy the fellowship.

December 06, 2005 - Msg 32022: Rev,I am familiar with Horizon Music group.Yes,there are alot of artists that are going to independent labels,and,I understand it.It used to be if you looked on the music billboard charts 10 yrs ago,you usually wouldn't see one artist on an independent label,now,if you look at the back of the cd's or on the the billboard charts,you will see at least 2or 3 independent labels.It used to be you had to look at the independent charts to see what thier singles and labels were.The internet has had alot to do with that,since people could choose what they wanted,and,just not what was mass marketed,that changed everything.I'ts a shame John Berry can't sell his original songs also,but,he has a wonderful voice.Do you sing a mix of original music and old time gospel?Sorry rev if I am asking too many questions,I'm not trying to pry,I just don't talk to my friends in the music business as often as I used to,and,I miss hearing about it.Well asa,I don't know what barney is doing,but,it is 1:00 am here,and,as I predicted,even though I hid that cake,my kids are up playing video games.I stopped them from romping on the furniture 30 minutes ago.Looks like it's going to be a long night!Talk to you all in a little bit-ky girl

December 06, 2005 - Msg 32023: Good morning everyone! I am happy to hear of Plum's good news!

It is a cold, cold morning here. . .about time for babies to be born. Or my new crop of kids. . .they always seem to "pop" out on the coldest of days. And pappa - no, goat poo isn't as powerful as chicken doo. It grows great tomatoes. . .you will have to take my word on that.

Good to know the differences between the Rev's. I wonder how Rev. Jr. is doing and Irishter too. . but be busy in BBQ and in Ireland. Rev. - I just bought the new Audio Adrenaline CD for my boys and Matthew West for me. Audio Adrenaline started as A-180 when I was a senior back at Kentucky Christian College. Last year my niece had on an Audio Adrenaline shirt and she clued me in on the band. I feel so out of touch sometimes. It's great we have such a diverse porch here!

My Christmas story is really a memory that I shared with my sons about their great grandma. When I was little, I didn't receive Christmas gifts from my grandparents. Really didn't miss them to tell you the truth but every Christmas eve we went to her house and she had homemade chocolate fudge and Brachs Candy stars. That is what I remember about her house. So I bought some candy stars for the boys and for my mom.

Oh - we celebrated my youngest son's birthday last night. Cheesecake and Arby's - not in that order. He is a whopping 8 years old.

Take care everyone!!


December 06, 2005 - Msg 32024: good snowy morning on the middle porch, how is the weather on your side of the porch? mdc- thanks for posting also telling folks about floyd.s great cards. last night ourson- in law came over to clean up the computer, it sure needed it but i'm confused. he kept saying those cookies have to go, he did this for a couple hours and my taste buds never tasted one of those cookies. i always said he was a bit strange. ha. just kidding we love him. sterling holobyte- on a day like this i think instead of sweeping the porch we need to snow plow it.rev- you do christain concerts? where can we buy some of your music? ky girl- great knowing your alright, i always have such a tender spot in my heart for ky. boo- sorry the fredricks burg trip wasn't more fun but were glad your home safe and sound. spot- let's have a crackerbarrel breakfast on mary wiggins. goober, afd, auh20, homemaker, tom and the rest, quit hiding over in the corner mayberry deputy,ha. please stop by for a visit when you get a chance. time for a nap? pappa bear

December 06, 2005 - Msg 32025: anyone hear from mrs wiley, charlotte tucker? pappa

December 06, 2005 - Msg 32026: If any one caught Fox news yesterday morning - they heard about the young PFC that was sent to Walter Reed. He was greeted with one card, and one card only, that was full of hate. Fox news has a list of soldiers that could use a Christmas card, including this young soldier. I don't have a link but it is under Fox and Friends, which is under their news shows (daytime). Remember our service men and women everywhere - especially with all that is happening in Congress and through main stream media.


December 06, 2005 - Msg 32027: Amen to that homemaker. How sad is that?
Our servicemen need our support more than ever now.
Glad Star is doing well.

I have been wondering about Mrs. Wiley and Charlotte Tucker my own self pappa. Hope they are ok.

Good to have you back Boo. Barney is very interested in playing fetch with you and ky.girl with his rubber hamburger. I think he may have an obsessive compulsive disorder when it comes to that hamburger. Sometimes I will hide it to get a break from having to throw it so much and he go's nuts trying to find it. It truely is his best friend in the world. The first one we got him he finally chewed a hole in it and the squeeky quit working so we had to throw it out. I thought the poor dear was gonna go nuts. We finally found him another one about three weeks later and when we gave it to him he went ballistic. Running around the house with that in his mouth, just pure joy. Them furkids are a treat I tell ya.

Floyd, that is a beautiful story, Thanks for the link. That was one of the cards I could not get to open.

Possum, There is no way you could have gotten my pip plaque away from me anyhow. I framed it and attatched it to my wall. If you would like to add a poop plaque to it, I will gratefully accept.

Guess I best go get some work done. Later!


December 06, 2005 - Msg 32028: homemaker- amen about returning vets and vets who are in nursing homes and hospitals could use a visit. or a card. i'm afraid this war will become like vietnam in requards of public apathy. employers didn't want to hire vietnam vets and folks spit on us upon our return and it took 15 years after the war before social healing started taking place. if you contact your disabled veterans thru any veteran organizations, for a small donation they purchase craft kits, books etc. for vets who are laid up. of course continue to pray for every person in need. one day we will be asked to choose between what is right and what is easy. goober- if you can find the story you posted from beth moore at an airport and repost it it would be greatly appreciated. prayers continue for plum's complete recovery. asa- your right this is a very busy time of year but we can't afford to overlook our porch family in our prayers. later-- pappa

December 06, 2005 - Msg 32029: Happy St Nicholas Day to all you Anglicans, Catholics and Epicopalians! Ole St. Nick ya know started all the gift giving! (Can we blame him for our maxed out credit cards? ha)
Hazel- Yes, it was just cuz I was on the soapbox in that one post. Thanks for understanding.
Looks like the 8 year olds rule the porch! ha
[________] Happy Birthdays!
Wow, lots of snow on the porch! It even got to 28 in the Phoenix area last night! Woodstock was skating on MY birdbath this morning! haha
Rev- We have another Rev who visits here from Ireland from time to time, calls himself Irishster.
Ky- went camping all the time as a kid...loved it! so much to do as an explorin' kid! Come back with ALL sorts of things in our pockets! ha
Boo- That was another line from Ita Wonderful Life when old man Potter was talking to George bailey about the missing money.
Spot- i think that's great putting up the crosses.
I put up a big nativity scene, andon one side are the 10 commandments and a staff and crown (for david),On the other side a cross and a dove. So many people comment liking the "whole story" being displayed. Our Jewish neighbors like it too!
PAPPA- Now that you "ate" all the cookie files, can you come back to see us at the western site?
Prayers for all our vets, troops, several porchsters' military kin including my marine nephew.
ASA- i too love the old BW Perry masons. They really make one THINK thru the trial, great writing!
One of these days we'll all meet in a big ole country farmhouse, with a big rock fireplace blazing, and sit down to a big feast and just 'shoot the breeze' to our hearts' content!
Hey to all, Have a great day!

December 06, 2005 - Msg 32030: Oops, my BD cake candles got a little squished!

December 06, 2005 - Msg 32031: Good afternoon, everyone. The Christmas stories that have been posted are great. I don't really have one that ranks up there with them, story-wise, although I have had many a pleasant Christmas.

I think that my "story" is being written now with my wife and kids. They are five and two. It's great experiencing the season with them; it's all still so new. But it is difficult taking part in some of the fun secular Christmas traditions while keeping focused on the true "reason for the season." We have friends and family who go to extremes each way; for some it's all about the gifts, and for others Santa is a persona-non-grata. We have tried to stay Christ-centered while enjoying some of the other pleasantries. We try to be modest in what "Santa" brings the kids, and have asked family to do the same, which they understand (but we know a few frustrated grandparents!). Still, its' a challenge to keep ourselves focused so we can guide the kids in the right direction. Anyway, regardless of the challenges, it's such a special time of year, made even more special by getting to see it through your children's eyes. So, I'll have some great stories to share a few miles down the road.

Have a great day.


December 06, 2005 - Msg 32032: Oh, I have a technical question for whomever might have an answer: How do you bold and italicize in your posts to this board? I can't figure out how to do it. Thanks.


December 06, 2005 - Msg 32033: Hey gang, hello me they..let me tell ya gang,miss sherry and i [in the cold] built my crosses....two 12 ft ones an d a 8 ft one ...1800 white lights on them screw to my front pasture fence...they can be seen from the road great....looks like they are just floating...very cool...well gona read the archives, just wanted to check in..whole roasted chicken tonight,mashed taters,butter peas and okra.....SPOT

December 06, 2005 - Msg 32034: Hey Y'all! Thanks for the APB on me 'n Charlotte. I emailed her a couple months ago, she was fine. She used a photo of my grandma in her publication, which gave my parents such a thrill! Been reading the past posts and I am so sorry to hear of the passing of Asa's and Goober's Pappas (correct me if I got that wrong). My Dad is still hanging on bless his heart. What makes him crazy is not being able to work in the yard. Been trying to think of what we can give him to do. Me thinks he will be getting a DVD player from all of us kids for Christmas, so he can watch my Andy DVD's. He loves Floyd the best.

Sorry I have been such an absentee, but if I'm feeling well, it's because I gave my arms a rest (no typing) and if I'm not well, I'm whacked out on meds. and run my mouth unnecessarily. Ro, glad to hear the Plum will be OK, lumps can be a real scare, but these fatty-lumps are safe. And Happy (belated) Birthday to my favorite chicken Hazel and to little barney (Asa's dog).

Can't say much else right now as I am in a lawsuit and am afraid someone who shall remain nameless may be reading here to learn my whereabouts. Just know I love you all and will be more regular when I feel safer. Spot, thanks for keeping my rocker dusted!

~ Mrs. Wiley
Col. Harvey: "I used to live amongst the Shoshonee. They're devils."

December 06, 2005 - Msg 32035: Hey ya all, since Me-They has been visiting us from Miss Crump's blackboard, I had the idea of us visiting the blackboard during the Christmas season to say hey to them! I just posted over there with the same idea.
Well, hang in there. Dinner at Spot's tonight to see the crosses. He's also helping to keep the power co in business, ha.

December 06, 2005 - Msg 32036: Me They,I know how to do the bolds,but not the italics.I'm only "ept" on the bolds! Let's see if I can explain it,without actually doing it..
Okay to do bold,you put < > with a " B" (for bold) inside of that.Don't forget to turn the bold off! In order to do that,you have to put /B inside of the < >. Let's see if I can get this on the Porch without bolding or unbolding us all! Ha Ha
possum under a rock

December 06, 2005 - Msg 32037: I'm EPT! hee hee hee

possum again!

December 06, 2005 - Msg 32038: Oh, one more thing, Me-They, you put the symbols BEFORE you type the word you want to bold or unbold.

December 06, 2005 - Msg 32039: Mrs Wiley! Thanks for stopping by. I was really concerned about you, but i see Phil. 4:6 comes thru once again! Praise God.

December 06, 2005 - Msg 32040: I'm Bold!

December 06, 2005 - Msg 32041: That was me, MDC! cool

December 06, 2005 - Msg 32042:

December 06, 2005 - Msg 32043: POAR: If this works, Thanks! If not, thanks anyway!


December 06, 2005 - Msg 32044: hmmm

December 06, 2005 - Msg 32045: How do I get it off??? MDC

December 06, 2005 - Msg 32046: I'm not sure what happened there. I did as instructed but everything's bold now. I'm also not sure who posted 32040-32042, but it's not me--or they.


December 06, 2005 - Msg 32047: Did I do that? Gee, I know how Barney must feel when things go bloohey!


December 06, 2005 - Msg 32048: test

December 06, 2005 - Msg 32049: That's me, MDC, but now I'm stuck, you see

December 06, 2005 - Msg 32050:

December 06, 2005 - Msg 32051: Whew, did it! Guess I better stick to moonshinin', ha

December 06, 2005 - Msg 32052: I'm glad to see things are back to normal. I was about to call the man.


December 06, 2005 - Msg 32053: Mrs. Wiley, How good to hear from you! I'm glad your Dad is still going strong and thank you for the condolences concerning my Dad. It was sad to say goodbye, but he was ready to go and very frustrated with his unability to get around and do much so I think for him it was a blessing.
Sure do hope you keep healing and get your other problems resolved so you can join us more regular like. Take care and God bless.