December 09, 2005 - Msg 32127: hi yall...pappa ,will keep the fire going..slow here at some busy switching work to start at 10 pm so thought i would shout at the porch....SHOUT...corn bread and milk for a nack...yall get a glass full...lets go to dennys in the morning Asa will buy..ha eating flap jacks and sausage...well all take care....SPOT

December 09, 2005 - Msg 32128: Good sweep spot. Good vittles too. Glad that awakened Pappa bear too!
I heard from KY girl, and she is having internet problems and will be back soon, hopefully.
Funny how we have all this technology and it seems to be down more than it is up!
pappa, have you tried the western site lately, maybe you can get back on now! I guees most of us will be very busy shopping and other prep tomorrow, Just keep the Reason for the season in there somewhere as we scurry about in the snow or whatever! God has richly blessed this land and if we share the bounty he will be most happy!
Prayers for all our fine troops, all porchsters and families, etc. take care,
This is my weekend for Its a wonderful life!



December 09, 2005 - Msg 32130: Hey I swept!..yea ky is having internet problems she left me a mail about it..hey TOM thanks for the poem...SPOT

December 09, 2005 - Msg 32131: So true, TOM. This morning the sun was shining beautifully, turning the ice on my fountain and fishpond to diamonds. Bitterly cold out there, but beautiful to behold through my window. Later, as it got a bit warmer, I ventured out and tended to a few minor chores. I forgot all about the cold as I puttered around, enjoying the sparkling patches of ice, and laughing at the antics of the squirrels. They aren't afraid of me, and just continue their silliness when I'm in the yard. God gives me so many little blessings every day.

Had some friends over for dinner - a pot roast that just melted in your mouth, savory gravy, mashed potatoes, peas, green beans, and even some home made biscuits. Hadn't made biscuits in a long time, but they were good. I love pot roast. It's the easiest thing in the world to make, and always gets rave reviews.

Asa, thanks for the PC improvement. You're absolutely right. "Wings" does imply an angelic being, and of course, we wouldn't want to mention anything like that.

Has anyone seen "White Christmas" this year? If not, you'd better hurry. It probably won't be available by next year. However, I suppose it could be renamed "White Winter Holiday."

Well, guess I'll head for the ironing board. Sugarplum says ho, ho, ho! --Romeena

December 09, 2005 - Msg 32132: Ro you put your pot roast in the oven or crock pot?..never had to much luck in the oven...just dont turn out like moms.....SPOT

December 10, 2005 - Msg 32133: Romeena, there is a fellow on the radio I listen to sometimes who had the same thought as you about being more pc with Christmas music, so he had a Christmas song made that was pc that is a crack up. He did it of course to demonsrtate the absurdness of all this pc crap. I'll see if he has it on his web page and mail you the a.d. if he does. You will get a good laugh out of it.


December 10, 2005 - Msg 32134: romeena- i've seen white christmas since dec 1st- about 10 days worth and suppose to snow tonight and tommorow. and we still have 11 days till winter. who said fall was there favorite time of year, ha. mdc- i think i have a bad router so i'll being taking it back in next week. using my grandson's when i post so i hope to spread my cherry personality on both thewestern and walton sites. ro- do you deep fry your ropast? pappa bear

December 10, 2005 - Msg 32135: tom- another great poem. it's amazing how we take each season for granted but if we viewed it as maybe our last spring, winter and etc i wonder how our attutude would change world wide? there are so many that have gone on before us that would give everything for 24 hours in this world with family, friends and earthly home, so when we feel the burdens of this earth just think we're walking with god and our love ones. pappa bear

December 10, 2005 - Msg 32136: 'Morning, honeys and dears. About the pot roast, I cook it on the stove, not a crock pot or the oven. In a big deep, heavy pot I lightly brown the meat on all sides in a couple of tablespoons of olive oil. Then I add about 1/4 cup of Worcestershire sauce and some minced garlic to taste (I love garlic!) and enough water to just cover the meat. No salt yet. This is started early in the morning if I plan to serve it that night. Bring it to a boil, then turn down to a slow simmer. Lift the meat now and then to be sure it's not sticking on the bottom. After a couple of hours, I chunk up two or three onions and let them simmer with the meat. They'll virtually melt away, leaving nothing but flavor behind.

By late afternoon, the meat will be very, very tender and the liquid will be a pretty brown. Now mix some flour and water and a couple of teaspoons of salt, and stir into the simmering liquid. There you go - instant gravy! I suppose you could lift the meat out and try to slice it, but it's so tender that it's hard to do. I usually just leave it in the pot, abd provide a ladle for the gravy and some tongs to pull off a chunk of the meat. Served with mashed potatoes, noodles or rice - it's wonderful! Add more salt if you need it, but I always salt very lightly at the stove. That's why we have salt shakers, for those who like more salt. Trust me, it's delish, and you'll have that wonderful aroma in the house all day. I used to start these roasts on Saturday night, let them simmer overnight and all Sunday morning. When we'd get home from church, my family would just float in the door on waves of that aroma.

My husband loved my pot roast, and he watched me a lot and learned to cook it himself. His was better than mine, and he finally told me why. He'd add a cup of leftover coffee to the liquid before we left for church! You don't taste the coffee, but the gravy sure is rich.

OK, that's the pot roast story. I'd love to hear about a deep fried pot roast. Sounds wonderful!

Sugarplum says ho, ho, ho! --Romeena

December 10, 2005 - Msg 32137: Wow, that sounds great, Romeena. I never have been much of a roast cook. What size roast do you usually use, by the way? I'm going to have to try that. Did everyone see that TV Land is having their Merri-thon tomorrow? All day long, it will be the Christmas shows of classic TV. I saw that our TAGS one will be on 3 separate times! Now, that's BIG.

Andy: "Roast beef and no company? Well, boy, folks are really gonna say we're getting uppity. Having roast beef, and it ain't even the weekend."

December 10, 2005 - Msg 32138: Hazel, this is the easiest roast in the world. The size depends on how many people you need to feed, and how big your pot is! I have one of those hammered aluminum pots, the one with a handle like a bucket, and it's very heavy. It was a wedding gift, so it's about 48 years old, and has cooked many a meal. I also have a newer, lighter pot, and it does just about as well. The key is slow cooking, for a very long time. I tried a crockpot, but it just didn't turn out the same. I use different kinds of beef - a shoulder roast, 7-bone chuck, rump roast - they all work. Again, about the size of the roast - it really doesn't matter, but I'd go ahead and cook a pretty big one. The leftovers are out of this world!

Wow, a Merri-thon, with our own wonderful episode in it. Guess I'll be staying close to home after church tomorrow. Sounds great! I'll be wrapping packages and watching some great TV, and eating what's left of that roast.

Sugarplum says ho, ho, ho! --Romeena


December 10, 2005 - Msg 32139: Boy Romeena, you got me drooling all over my keyboard. Hope it don't short out on me.

Hazel, good to see you. You don't cook good roasts? How about leg-a-lamb? Do you cook a good leg-a-lamb? I hope you at least cook tv dinners if you don't cook leg-a-lamb, Andy's favorite dish. He loves leg-a-lamb. It's right up there with chicken with the crust on.


December 10, 2005 - Msg 32140: Somebody talking about me??? ; )

That roast sounds wonderful, Ro. Hubby usually does ours in the crock pot after browning it on the grill.

CT - Good to see you and thanks for the congrats. : )

Boo - prayers for you mom.

Rev - I enjoyed your site as well. I listen to a little bit of Christian country - Bruce Carroll, Brent Lamb, Cross Country.

Enjoyed your mall Santa story, MDC.

Looking forward to the Merri-thon tomorrow. Hearing Andy and Ellie sing "Amazing Grace" is one of my favorite TAGS moments.

Have a good day all!

December 10, 2005 - Msg 32141: Wow gona try the roast on the stove for sure...jusy like you said....hey AFD,asa,hazel....pappa...well tomorrow is my dads brthday..he is a healthy 74..!i get off work in the morning and will go home and sleep till about noon then miss sherry and kelsey [my daughter 7] will go out to mom and dads,my son is in boone NC uncles birthday is tomorrow also..they are twins...still look alike!..uncle Haydens just lives next door...well let me get settled in here at work...lets have some of Ro"s roast beef sandwiches so she want have to freeze it and "Call the Man"...SPOT

December 10, 2005 - Msg 32142: Birthday wishes to your dad and his twin brother, spot. Hope they have many more happy healthy years. My hubby is a twin and so is his mother.

Also special birthday wishes to our buddy, Floyd! We 'preciate all you do for us here in Mayberry!


December 10, 2005 - Msg 32143: Thanks AFD fron pop and uncle...Floyd you do such a fine job!..we have full Christmas season birthdays..pops and uncle as I said the 11th,my son the last day of nov,my daughter is the 19th of this month and mine the 22ed of this month!..X mother in law is the same day as mine and my x wife is the same day as our daughters!..whew...Grinch is on tv..jim carrey...SPOT

December 10, 2005 - Msg 32144: Thanks for the birthday wishes! It's been a good one. I'm the big four-oh today. "40?" "Right." My son's birthday is the 19th as well, Spot. He'll be 9.

December 10, 2005 - Msg 32145: Well Floyd...feel 40?...I will hit 46 on the 22nd...My daughter will be 7 and my son is 14...SPOT

December 10, 2005 - Msg 32146: Hey, thanks for the prayers and sentiments for my Mom. It should be a simple surgery on her hand.

ROMEENA, that politically correct thing was hilarious (especially the "ho,ho,ho"!). It may be hard to top that but I will give it some thought.

MDC, we love you, too. Thank you for sharing your spiritual revelation with us. I have been trying to slow down and realize the meaning of the season. You know what has been kind of sticking in my mind, so to speak, is how Jesus told his disciples that he called them friends. Now imagine that. The reality that God came in the flesh and that we can now be the friends of God. Blows your mind, doesn't it? I took the kids to see The Narnia Chronicles last night and we really liked it. The relationship the children in the movie had with Aslan (allegorical Jesus) reminded me of how personal our relationship with Jesus can and should be. He is with us all the time and we need to cultivate that relationship.

Happy Birthday, Floyd! I'm 43 and it doesn't bother me a bit being in the 40's. Hope you enjoyed your day. I have a 10 year old and a 4 yr old (mercy, at my age!).

RO, my favorite way to make a roast is on the stove top in a big pot. I cook it a good long time and it turns out great. Have you ever tried putting in Cream of Mushroom soup to make the gravy? Its pretty good that way. I think I will try the coffee thing your husband did next time.

Wow, hope I get a chance to watch some TV Land tomorrow. Got church and a Ladie's Christmas party tomorrow night. We always have an ornament exchange party for the women at church. I made chocolate-chip cookie sandwiches to take. Mmmm!

Ya'll have a great Sunday!


December 10, 2005 - Msg 32147: Oh, I almost forgot...this is for you Romeena: (imagine I am singing..)
"Oh, Holiday Tree,
Oh, Holiday Tree,
How lovely are thy branches.

Thy steeple, grace, and symmetry,
Look up to a higher power unceasingly.
Oh Holiday Tree,
Oh Holiday Tree.....(you get the picture)"


December 10, 2005 - Msg 32148: heeheehee, I love this!

December 11, 2005 - Msg 32149: Boo you sound like a have kids late bloomer like me ...I am fine with are also...I just a big kid myself my son says...early breakfast in the morning caause of Preaching! on Floyd..hee hee...I want a sausage mcmuffin and a large coffee with cream in case yall get there before me....well back to my movie....SPOT

December 11, 2005 - Msg 32150: Wow gang watching the old movie "The Blob"..1958...Steve Mcquenn and guess who is the lead with him.."Aneta Corseaut"...yes Helen!..she is so young....well back to the movie...SPOT

December 11, 2005 - Msg 32151: hey everybody,so good to be back on the porch!I don't think my internet problem is fixed yet,so I'll make this short,miss you all,hope I'll be back more regular visiting soon-ky girl

December 11, 2005 - Msg 32152: Did helen play the monster? ha, just couldnt help saying that!!! ha Very busy weekend for me and mine, but we're doing well.
Anyone remember their mom's using a "pressure cooker" on the stove top, and every once in a while the relef valve would let off some steam?
That's how our roasts were cooked wheb we were kids.
Pappa, I bet you mom did. Very popular in the 50s! Remember the Fuller brush Man? I mean how many brushes can one use! ? ha.
Well, take care, more later, including another Christmas Story for ya all!

December 11, 2005 - Msg 32153: Hey there, Hope you are all ok, The roads are bad out there these days. "The cattle are lowing..." harhar. Remember, after those parties, your dry cleaner awaits. Just passing thru.

December 11, 2005 - Msg 32154: Happy belated birthday Floyd. Sorry I missed it. Sounds like you had a good one.

Hope you are all having an enjoyable Sabbath. Been good here. Still cold, but not as bad as it was. Looking forward to the 21st. That's the first day of winter (blah) but it is also the shortest day of the year. After that, the days start getting longer and spring can't be to far behind. I know, I'm gonna get some of you upset talking about spring and we ain't even had Christmas yet, but that's just how I am. And I know at least Goober is with me on this one. Right Goob? LOL


December 11, 2005 - Msg 32155: Me too, Asa! I enjoy winter, but I just absolutely revel in spring. I love it. The days get longer, the earth warms up, bulbs begin to poke their foliage up through the soil and it's time to rake mulch off those things that were covered heavily against the frost. Around here, pansies have bloomed all winter, but they redouble their efforts in the early spring. They faint and fall away when it gets too warm in the summer, but by then petunias have been planted alongside and one hardly notices the change.

Still, I'm enjoying things right now. Our icy weather gave way and we were in the 60's today. Many trees are still holding onto their freeze-dried leaves - wish they'd go on and fall so they can all be gathered up. My landscaper friend overseeds my lawn with fescue, and it's coming up and trying to be green, but it's hard when it's covered with a never-ending fall of leaves. I love to walk through the leaves, though, and hear them crunch and rustle. It reminds me of when my only granddaughter was almost 3, and was scuffling her feet through the leaves. She looked up at me, gave a little thrilled shiver, and said "Oh, Nonny! I dist luff leafs!" I "luff" them, too.

Saw the Christmas story a little while ago. Andy and Ellie singing "Away in a Manger", with Andy's soft, simple guitar accompaniment was so beautiful, and made even more so by Ben Weaver's not half-bad harmony. What a beautiful story!

Sugarplum says ho, ho, ho! --Romeena

Ben - "Oh, for the land's sake. Here, you take her!" (Hands a doll to little Mary.)

December 11, 2005 - Msg 32156: Well had a great b-day at pops today...back in a bit... SPOT

December 11, 2005 - Msg 32157: Hey ly!..good luck with your comp..left over from my moms today for all..umm good..hey ro,boo,fred,asa,mdc,afd and good p-nut butter fudge..I am off tomorrow and got tr rake leaves or chop them up with mower also Ro..hey goober...going up to about 45 tomorrow here in ga...down to freezing tonight..they say it may snow a little...well let me get my Sunday night paper work done..end of the week stuff..a little more to at the end of the week here at the power company...reports and stuff...well enough jabbering for me....back in just a bit...SPOT the"fudge eating dog" of your porch..

December 11, 2005 - Msg 32158: I love the Christmas Story. And the part you mentioned, Romeena is my favorite part. When Andy and Ellie sing. So beautiful. Like Asa, I look for spring around this time of year. In January, which is just around the corner, I get out the seed books and start dreaming and planning. Although I still have one left-over plant from the summer right in my living room. I grew some carnations in pots for my patio, and I had one that was a late bloomer, it hadn't even bloomed by mid-October, and we were about to get our first freeze so I brought it in the house. It does great, and about every other day I get a fresh carnation. I love the smell.
- Hazel

Try putting a "poo" at the end of it.

December 11, 2005 - Msg 32159: Wow, Hazel, you actually grow carnations. That's something I never thought about growing. The only place I have ever seen them is in the store or the flower shop.

MDC, you are SO bad (and yet so funny)! Helen was not the monster (at least not in THAT show).

ASA, as much as I love winter, I must say that spring is the best time of the year in South Texas. We have some really gorgeous days, not hot or cold but just right and almost always sunny, and you should see the wildflowers! They are something to behold. You know one of my favorite things about spring is the clover. Did any of you used to run and jump in piles of clover when you were kids? That sweet smell has to be one of the best on earth.

Yes, SPOT, when it comes to children I was a late bloomer. I was really beginning to doubt having them at all. I went in to college right after high school and was very focused on becoming an RN. I finished and had my first job as a nurse at age 21, so I had my career first and have always been a very independant person. I bought my house when I was 27 and met my husband when I was 28. We didn't have our first until I was 33 and then were surprised by our daughter when I was about to turn 40 and my husband was 44. Its been an adventure but a good one. Nothing teaches a person to be selfless like children and as Martha Stewart would say, "It's a good thing".

MDC, I remember my mom using a pressure cooker for roasts! I had forgotten about that and the noise they used to make. Funny memory.

Hey Fred, you get home safe. Its always good to hear from you.

KY Girl, hope you are back on the porch for good now.

Been watching alittle of the merrython on TVLand. Saw Happy Days and The Brady Bunch...I noticed that Otis played a department store Santa in an early ep of The Brady Bunch. Anyone see that?

Didn't see the TAGS Christmas show. Had to go to a church party but had lots of fun.

Well, hope you all have a great evening and stay warm.

Where's that Christmas story you promised us, MDC?......


December 11, 2005 - Msg 32160: I thought of a Christmas memory I have not shared. Its about my first Christmas with my husband (who was my boyfriend at that time).
We had been dating about 6 months and I was totally ga-ga in love by that time. Anyway, we had a bad winter that year and I had to travel across a huge bridge to get to town to work. Well, I worked nights and one night (the night before Christmas Eve), we had a hard freeze and the bridge iced up. There was no way to get back home after work, so I had to stay at my husband's apartment (no hanky-panky, though). It was just so romantic and he took me to the store and bought me some warm clothes and new shoes and I got to spend Christmas with him and his family, which was my secret wish. He also bought me a gold and ruby heart pendant which is exactly what I wanted. It was a special Christmas for me. Ok, enough of the mushy stuff.


December 12, 2005 - Msg 32161: Morning gang...slow and long night here at the power company..almost time to go home till wed at 2 pm...gona shop today some when I get up...this morning its as follows [to get your week of to a good start] fried ham,red eye gravy,bisquits,grits with cheese,hashbrowns[kinda crisp],hand pattyed sausage,toast with apple butter,fried eggs,[hard fried],flap jacks with maple syurp and strawberrys, milk,coffee,h20,oj and a tear from my roll of paper towels....yal have a great day!..signed SPOT the"air and waters free" dog of your porch...

December 12, 2005 - Msg 32162: Was watching an episode of Little HOuse this morning and saw EB from Green Acres as Almonzo's father. Very interesting. . .


December 12, 2005 - Msg 32163: Good morning, everyone! My, it's brisk out here on the porch, I may not stay too long. Just long enough to grab a few bites of Spot's great breakfast. A cup of cocoa would go nicely, too, or I'd settle for hot tea.

Boo, what a great story. Bruce is such a nice guy, I can just see him taking such good care of you. I noticed you said you were "surprised" by Erin's arrival. Would "shocked" be a better word? Remember, I've met that little firecracker!

Woe is me! I have to go back to work tonight, and I'm not looking forward to it. I want to retire so badly. Just wish I could afford it. Oh, well.

Sugarplum says ho, ho, ho - pooh! --Romeena

"Aww, Andy, can't we just dismiss school again?" -Barney

December 12, 2005 - Msg 32164: Good morning, Porch! I just wanted to spread some CHRISTMAS CHEER around this morning. I've been incommunicado the last three or four days (shopping with my wife--I survived somehow) and haven't had a chance to catchup on the archives yet. Hope all are doing fine.

Tonight's my daughter's school Christmas program. She's in Kindergarden, so it's our first one. She's been practicing her "Silent Night" and "Joy to the World" all week. Can't wait!


December 12, 2005 - Msg 32165: Boo- do you still have the pendant? Just wondering, cuz that is sort of like the "rest of the story!" Interesting, because 30 years ago last Christmas, I proposed to my wife on Christmas eve. I think i mentioned all this last year as it was coming up. Anyway, of couse she still has that engagement ring, but to celebrate the occasion last year, I got her a ring with 30 small diamonds (and I didnt even go to Jareds,ha)
Around April of this year, one of the diamonds fell out and was lost, and she was just so upset, so i took it back to the store and they were just great, replaced it no problem and checked all the other mounts!
Remember this from last year?
"On the 12th day of Christmas, Mayberry gave to me...
12 "prospects" for Andy,
11 ladies "elixerin'"
10 bottles of pop
9 fish a leapin'
8 Tucker spark plugs
7 Opie's merry men
6 Singin' Darlin's
4 calls to Juanita
3 baby birds
2 empty jail cells
and a sheriff and his dep-u-tee!


December 12, 2005 - Msg 32166: merry christmas porch- there i said it and i ain't taking it back... we found out when the lines get to much ice and snow our internet goes down ubtil they can fix it, sure wish they'd let spot take charge. me- they= that first program will become more endearing as the years pass. spot- i missed lunch and breakfast, let's all stop by mdc's and see what our plans are for supper? hazel, your the cleacer one. wonder if uncle ollie will stop by someone's place for dinner? hey to goober, boo, afd, homemaker and the rest. where oh where is dixie at? hello tom. well checking in- where's asa? pappa bear

December 12, 2005 - Msg 32167: in our local paper was an article saturday that a lot of mega chruches plan on cancelling christmas day service for fear of to low attendence, that sunday. what's the world coming to? pappa

December 12, 2005 - Msg 32168: Our pastor told us last week that a parishioner had called him mid-week to ask if there would be services on Christmas day. He looked out with a smile on his face and said that there would be services on Christmas, based on two conditions: it was Sunday and he was still alive. Later, he said that he expected a light attendance on Christmas because many people travel for the holiday. But, those of us staying home who profess to know "the reason for the season" should consider how best to express that knowledge.


December 12, 2005 - Msg 32169: Ditto! --Romeena

December 12, 2005 - Msg 32170: ( YOU LIGHT MY WAY )


December 12, 2005 - Msg 32171: Thanks for that poem, Tom. I needed that.


December 12, 2005 - Msg 32172: Beautiful poem Tom-thank you.
Kudos once again for the Super Kmart here in North Charleston- the cashier actually wished me "Merry Christmas" as she handed me my receipt today! Yay! Oh, and I went to Sears Friday and they had small signs(looked like they'd been printed by computer-just black letters on 8x10 paper) on the doors that simply said "Merry Christmas." Maybe these big companies are finally getting it.Sure hope so.
Well,it's been a long day,so guess I'm gonna head on back under my rock,which by the way Asa,finally has Christmas lights on it! Mr.Possum "got it done" this past weekend.Nice,real nice.
Y'all have a good evening!
possum under a rock

December 12, 2005 - Msg 32173: "Your love carries me on the path that leads to you..." Beautiful poem, Tom. Thank you for the reminder of God's love and care.

Romeena, yes, "shock" would best describe things but the real shock didn't come until she was about 2! Mercy! We have two "firecrackers" in the family and I took care of both of them today. My sister has a step-granddaughter that is Erin's age and a real handful. When you get them both together, wow!

MDC, I do still have the pendant but a couple of years later, Bruce gave me an antique diamond pendant and earrings for Christmas that made that poor heart look kinda scrawny. I love it for sentimental reasons, though but I don't wear it anymore. He gave me gold and diamonds for awhile but now I am into silver and James Avery jewelry.

I don't remember the TAGS 12 Days of Christmas, MDC. Was that from last year? AS far as church on Christmas goes, our church is having a morning and evening service on Christmas Eve and the usual service on Christmas morning. I am thrilled! Our church is pretty small (less than 300) so I thought they might call it off. I do, however understand that some might want to stay home on Christmas morning if they have young children. I remember the last time Christmas fell on a Sunday and the Sunday morning service was a wonderful blessing, just being with my brothers and sisters in the Lord. It was very special. We love the Christmas eve candlelight service, too, and I don't think it would feel like Christmas without it. Last year, it started snowing while we were in service and you should have seen those Texans! We were like kids in a candy store!

Hope your daughter's Christmas program was a blessing. I love to hear the children sing the traditional songs in a Christmas program.

Well, I have to drive Erin to her grandma's house tonight (about an hour's drive) to stay the night and day tomorrow. I have to have my mom at the hospital by 6:30am (groan) for her surgery tomorrow. I have a cousin who is 30 and is having gastric bypass surgery tomorrow. He has been an insulin-dependant diabetic since he was three and I am concerned for him. I think the surgery is a drastic step because he is not that overweight and the complication of the diabetes worries me. Please say a prayer for him, will you? He is a very special man with a huge heart. His name is Danny. Thanks my friends! Love to All,


December 12, 2005 - Msg 32174: Hello everyone! Been gone on the road for the past few days so I had to catch up on all the news here. Good "seeing" you all!
Be blessed everyone...

December 12, 2005 - Msg 32175: Boo..praying for these needs!

December 12, 2005 - Msg 32176: HI ALL. BOO THIS ONE FOR YOU.



December 13, 2005 - Msg 32177: O-K...Tom is buying the food SPOT

December 13, 2005 - Msg 32178: hungr.........0k I wiill cook............pot roast..........

December 13, 2005 - Msg 32179: oh boy tom's buying breakfast, where are we eating? mdc- you must have posted as i did, great poem. tom- as always enjoyed your poems. fred goss, me- they and all the folks on the roads be carefull and your in our prayers. spot- what are your plans for christmas? well the brown truck is loaded for our christmas eve deliveries. for those uninformed, about two years ago in nascar dale jerrett refused to drive or race the ups sponser truck in races. so i started driving it and delivering medicine to emma, vicks to boo, and we've occassionaly revive it, like barney's side car.BOO- PRAYERS FOR YOUR MOM AND YOUR FAMILY. I KNOW HOW NERVE RACKING THAT CAN BE. possum- sounds like mr possum ought to get some neck sugar for that hard work, what do you think? hazel- has a carnation- poo. how was that for a poo- dinger hazel? where oh where is afd, charlotte tucker, sterling, goober, rev jr, fred goss, asa, mary wiggins, mrs wiley and the rest of the porch folks that haven't checked in? prayers for you all. may homemakers goats and all the fur kids talk to us on christmas eve at midnight. i told mine the complaint department is closed for sanity, mine. ha. pappa bear

December 13, 2005 - Msg 32180: i reacon the cellar would be in the basement- gomer. opie- pa- just what do you do with a grown woman? hey i have an idea, (barney) let's have a mayberry quote- a thon! pappa bear, here, over and under, er out and over, oh well you know what i mean. ha. i hope barney's not gassed again. pappa bear

December 13, 2005 - Msg 32181: MORNING GANG..hey pappa bear,asa,,ro,ky,TOM,Rev,Boo and all..great day here in ga...high in the low 50'S..Gona wax the el cameno...lunch will be grilled cheese sandwiches and bread and butter pics and cokes...SPOT

December 13, 2005 - Msg 32182: Good morning, all. My daughter's Christmas program last night was wonderful. We had great seats and the kids did fine. It may sound corny, but I couldn't wipe the smile off my face watching her up there and belt out those beautiful Christmas hymns. She had a great time. It is now a glorious memory that will stick with me.

After the program, the principal reminded us that the kids had practiced very hard all month, and that they knew the Christmas story. But, if we don't keep it in our hearts and live in our homes, a "story" is all that it is. Just thought that was a great point.


December 13, 2005 - Msg 32183: A group of chess enthusiasts checked into a hotel and were standing in the lobby discussing their recent tournament victories. After about an hour, the manager came out of the office and asked them to disperse. "But why," they asked, as they moved off. "Because", he said, "I can't stand chess-nuts boasting in an open foyer."

Me-(No pun intended)-They

December 13, 2005 - Msg 32184: Hey all!

Thanks for those grilled cheese sammiches and pickles for lunch, spot! Pregnant ladies always love pickles - leastways as long as they aren't Aunt Bee's!

Prayers for your mom and Danny, Boo. What a sweet "first Christmas" story as well. Sounds like you've got yourself a real fine feller! I have to chuckle at your 300 being "pretty small" for your church. If everyone showed up at the same time at our church, it'd be about 30.

Enjoyed your poems, TOM. : )

What a crack up you are, Me-They! Glad the program was wonderful. Looking forward to my 5 year old going to kindergarten next year, so we can have sweet memories like that.

Here's my quote, pappa.
Big Jeff Pruitt: Thelma Lou, you're just about as juicy as a barrel full of corn squeezin's!

December 13, 2005 - Msg 32185: Me-they, I am assuming your child goes to a church-related school. If not, that principal has guts and I am proud of him! Loved your joke too! haha
Quote a thon! yippie! From the Christmas Ep epilog now on the dvd: ANDY: "Well as low as Ben was, he was needin' a lot of pick me up!"
and of couse there is the always popular "Barney Parney Poo" ha
I often think that I like to watch Its a Wonderful Life as much to see Bedford Falls and the soda fountain in the drugstore etc, as much as i do the story. Sorta like a longing-for- mayberry-type- thing. Anyone else see it that way?
Hey to AFD, eatin' for two now, Pappabear, spot, boo, Tom, hazel and others.
Pappa, Fire up that ole brown truck, fit her with the runners and don the red suit! It's almost time. 12 days to go! Did ya all like my 12 Maybeery days of Christmas? I know that the real song is about the 12 days FROM Christmas to the traditional Epiphany of Jan 6, but i am putting little things in my wife's lunch bag starting today saying it is for the 12 days BEFORE Christmas.
have a wonderful mayberry evening,
Mr Darlin's Cuz

December 13, 2005 - Msg 32186: Yeah, MDC, it's a Christian school. I grew up in the 1970s and like to watch movies and tv shows made then for the same reason you like to watch "It's a Wonderful Life." Half the time the storyline is lost on me, I'm just enjoying a "glimpse" into my childhood, as tacky as it may have been.

What is it with pregnant woman and pickles, AFD? I didn't notice it with our first two, but in the last month pickles have popped up on our refrigerator grocery list several times. Strange.

(Andy to Barney, from episode #104..."You'd better get you a room!")


December 13, 2005 - Msg 32187: afd- i sure love grilled cheese sandmich's, pickles and chillie with them cute round crackers. great seeing your here. you didn't get those pickles from aunt bea's stash did you? hello me- they. boo- prayers continue for your mom , you and your family. mdc- i think i better put a plow om the front of the brown truck and hitch a salt spreader before i slide on my way. rev jr- are you going to be home the rest of the month? fred goss- will you be home for christmas soon? we miss you. well time to pick on mamma bear. pappa

December 13, 2005 - Msg 32188: THANK YOU TOM! I sure appreciated the poem and the prayer. It was perfect. Thanks to all of you for your prayers. Mom came through the surgery just fine as frog hair and Danny is doing ok, too. We do have a little problem here today that is a concern. You have heard me talk about our little weinie dog, Mindy. Well, since we moved in here with my parents, they have take the dog as thier own and are crazy about it (especially my Dad who is on vacation in Colorado right now). Well, the dog apparently escaped from the back yard when Bruce put her out to go potty and she is missing. Bruce has been driving the neighborhood callings but she is nowhere to be found. She is not one to wonder away and she will have nothing to do with strangers. I dread telling my dad if we can't find her. Funny thing is, the dog went missing and another stray showed up here today in its place! There is a little crippled pup here now that keeps trying to get in the house. I am going to feed it and take it to the shelter tomorrow.

Well, gotta run...have to go pick up my Erin from Grandma's. Bye!


December 13, 2005 - Msg 32189: Evenin' gang, OK pbear, I'll pay all expenses for the plow and salter, and let's put some afterburners on it too! ha
Here is my story from last year. Someone said it was in a movie, but it REALLY happened to me in the late 50's when I was about 9 years old.
On the day before Christmas my mom realized that she did not have any nice dinner napkins for the Christmas dinner the next day, so she sent me to the corner grocery store (remember those before "supermarkets?") to get some. Well, this 9 year old cuz saw a box that said "feminine napkins", and i knew that 'feminine' meant ladylike, so i thought, those would be just fine for the Christmas table!! Well, to make a long story short, the look on my mother's face will forever be burnt in my memory. It was like "very nice honey,'s sort of hard to explain." Needless to say, I made a return trip to the store and the wonderful clerk helped me get the right thing! LOL (: True story!
Well, guess i better git, and just after I got my lap blanket set just so! ha
Mr Darlin's Cuz

December 13, 2005 - Msg 32190: Oh my gosh, Boo... I hope you find Mindy!

December 13, 2005 - Msg 32191: Hello pappa...Not sure if you meant rev or rev jr but yep..I'm home till New Years then to Florida.

December 14, 2005 - Msg 32192: mdc- this morning we need parachutes to stop on these icy, snowy roads this way. cuz, we've all been there as guys seemed like the right thing at the time. rev- i forget that there's two rev's sometimes but i meant both ofyou and all the travelers out there. good morning hazel. boo- prayers for the dog. isn't it funny that the person that doesn't want a dog there ends up in love with the critter. you could tell him the other dog is your dog that had aged so much since he's been gone, seriously my prayers are with your dog, i love weiner dogs. have a great day everyone. pappa bear

December 14, 2005 - Msg 32193: I hope you find Mindy - Boo. . .
And MDC - I just loved your STORY! How precious!


December 14, 2005 - Msg 32194: Oh, Boo! I'm so sorry about Mindy wandering off. Surely she'll make her way back home. As for the little crippled pup, I hope that's a no-kill shelter you're taking it to. That phrase just has such a pitiful sound - "little crippled pup" - and homeless as well. I hope he/she finds a home soon.

MDC, that's hilarious! I've seen the similar version on email several times, but it really happened to you. Too funny! You know, I always feel a little sorry for guys, especially little guys, as they try to navigate through the baffling world that females inhabit. It must be so difficult!

Well, gotta run. Dental appointment in a couple of hours. Now let's see - where's my floss??

Sugarplum says ho, ho, ho! --Romeena