January 01, 2006 - Msg 32483: HAPPY NEW YEAR!
jennie boone

January 01, 2006 - Msg 32484: HEY JENNIE..........HAPPY NEW YEAR...brakfast will be at the dog house.....country fried ham and bisquits....mustard [or mayo]..hash browns....then the big lunch...collarda and black-eyed-peas!...gpt some ham hocs in the peas....SPOT

January 01, 2006 - Msg 32485: Ro, thanks for the edumacation! :-)

Happy New Year to the PORCH!

Ya'll be good, and let's get started on a healthy, happy 2006!


January 01, 2006 - Msg 32486: In all the years that I've been reading and posting here, I don't think I've ever had the honor to be the first to post in the New Year. I felt sorta good to get in a 10-4 first for once.
Best to all in 2006.

January 01, 2006 - Msg 32487: thats got....some ham hocs........gona be good .....meat will just fall off....mix it in the greens....ummmm..fried taters sliced thin with garlic and onions..got a pot of pintos too..SPOT

January 01, 2006 - Msg 32488: jennie congrats...a good sweep.....got to go and read....SPOT

January 01, 2006 - Msg 32489: sorry my dumness...you did not sweep jennie....but im the second to post!.....HAPPY NEW 2006 PORCH!....watched the ball drop in Atlanta on TV...SPOT

January 01, 2006 - Msg 32490: have no one to kiss!..on NEW YEARS....miss sherry was at work ,....but we talked....gosh my post mouth is running........sorry gang...

January 01, 2006 - Msg 32491: Hey, Spot! I had no one to kiss either, so let's just blow a kiss to each other, OK? I'm sure Miss Sherry won't mind if you exchange a long-distance kiss with an old gal like me. Here you go: (smack)))))))))))))}}}}

Last night's shift wasn't too bad. Worst problem was a 16-yr old, 30 weeks along with her second baby, and keeps crying that she's in labor and wants us to deliver the baby. She's not in labor, and the baby is too immature to deliver. She was on that bell every five minutes, demanding attention, even called her mother at home and got her all stirred up so the mother called me and asked if the nurses were "having a bad day" or something, since no one was taking care of her daughter! I gently set the mother straight, then went to the kid and not-so-gently set her straight, too. Told her she is not in labor, we are not going to deliver her baby, and if she should happen to go into labor, we will do everything we can to stop it. Advised her to grow up and act like an adult, since she is a mother already and about to become one again. Told her the discomfort she's experiencing is what happens when an immature body tries to produce two children in less than two years. Believe it or not, she changed her mood, stopped whining, and was actually smiling by morning. I charted the whole thing and also told the doctor, who thanked me. So I guess there was a reason to be there last night. I just talked to her like I would have talked to my own daughter - told it like it is.

Sorry, didn't mean to get on my soapbox. It just gets frustrating sometimes.

Everybody have a great New Year. I'm going to bed and get some sleep! Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

January 01, 2006 - Msg 32492: Happy new Year all! So good to see so many porchsters dropping by to say hey!
Boo, that was a beautiful story.
OK asa, If i am elected mayor, there will be rootbeer in all the drinking fountains and we will again have band concerts on sunday afternoons! ha There ya go! We're off! haha
God bless ya all and may 2006 be a good one!

January 01, 2006 - Msg 32493: got the cyber smack Ro!!!root beer?...hum..well been watching football..my falcons got stomped..time for a snack...cornbread and milk...SPOT

January 01, 2006 - Msg 32494: Thanks, MDC, glad you liked the story. Band concerts on Sunday afternoons...that sounds real good!

Ro, I could SO relate to your story! I have had so many of those young girls as patients. You did the right thing. Sometimes they just need a good dose of reality.

It was a good New Year's Day. We had a high of 86 degrees in Corpus Christi today. It was the all-time high for Jan 1st. Wore the shorts and flip-flops all day (except in church).

Bruce's brother Richard and his wife were in a boating accident today and we actually hit by another boat (I think the guy was drinking). They got thrown from the boat and Richard fractured a vertebra and is in the hospital. When I saw him he was in really terrible pain so cold you send up a prayer for Richard, friends? I thank you.

God bless us, every one in 2006

January 01, 2006 - Msg 32495: Wow, Boo, that's awful about Bruce's brother. Certainly he will be in my prayers, and I trust he'll soon be on the mend. I'm very thankful it wasn't any worse. They could easily have been killed.

After a nap, I spent the afternoon with my son and DIL and her parents, at the parents' house. We had Hoppin' John, along with a good roast and other trimmings. Best part was, I didn't have to cook it! I'm so blessed, because my DIL's mom is my best friend, and we have a lot of fun together. God is good!

Sugarplum says Happy New Year! --Romeena

"Aw, Pa, she can't play baseball or hunt frogs or catch fish or anything. She's helpless. She needs me!" - Opie (a loosely-constructed quote)

January 02, 2006 - Msg 32496:
Spot..hope your tooth pain has eased up. Tough way to start out the new year.

Boo..I will surely be praying for complete healing in Richard's body. Like Romeena said, thank God they were not killed.

Getting late..better get to bed. See ya tomorrow and God bless each of you!

January 02, 2006 - Msg 32497: BOO .. prayers for Richard, also hope everyone has a great NEW year.SPOT.. my wife had 3 wisdom teeth and a cyst under one removed 5 weeks ago ,shes almost back to normal activity again ,the oral surgeon says each case is different in healing time good luck with yours DAYTONA cranks up in about 6 weeks

January 02, 2006 - Msg 32498: Spot, bless your little puppy heart! I'm so sorry about your tooth problems. That's such a miserable pain to have. I've been very blessed in that respect, but my dear husband occasionally had terrible toothaches. I hope you're able to take some of the heavyweight painkillers. I can't, just have to get by with Advil and Tylenol. Anything stronger makes me so dizzy and nauseous that it's just not worth it. A&T got me through my knee surgery! Now, go get in your truck and go to the dentist and get those teeth taken care of!

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

January 02, 2006 - Msg 32499: Loved the story Ro about the immature girl who is having yet another baby. . .geez. . .

Sorry I haven't checked in but been busy!

I get to work today. . .how's that for a day dampener~


January 02, 2006 - Msg 32500: Hey Rev,Boo,Ro,HM,jennie,TOM,ky,slm,smh,asa,pappa,
possum..thanks for the teeth [tooth] thought..Miss Sherry took me back to the dentist todaay and she said set up something next week to get my wisdom teeth cut out and gave me some stronger medication...little better now ...gona go to work thu and friday for 16 apiece..Go Bulldogs....sugar bowl tonite...MD...daytona not far away...lots of changes this year...well its soup and grilled cheese for me tonight.[hurt tooth food] all are welcome!...well let me get ready for the game!..prayers to all in need!..SPOT


January 02, 2006 - Msg 32502:
Hello to all my brothers and sisters on the porch.

Possum....hows the weather over there in Charleston? The local (Columbia) news cast says that you all are under storm warnings.

Mayberry Deputy...DAYTONA...who is your NASCAR driver?

Better go for now...the lightning is starting to get pretty bad here.
Blessings to all of you.

January 02, 2006 - Msg 32503: Hi and thanks for the prayers for Richard. He is doing better today because they are giving him stronger pain medicine but STILL has not seen the ortho doctor...something about it being the holidays! If it was Bruce in pain, I would have thrown such a fit that dr would have been there or I would be taking him to another hospital, ridiculous.

You stay safe, Rev. Don't go get the mail while holding a big umbrella or anything. heehee...I say that because of something a friend told me the other day. Her dad (Jim) is not a nice man. He was an abuser of his whole family and now that the kids are grown only one of them will even see him. His wife stayed with him all these years and beleive it or not, she says it is to gain his inheritance when he dies (he is from a wealthy family). The other day she said, "I'm so upset. I sent Jim out in the storm to get the mail and I gave him the biggest umbrella I could find and you know what happened?...Nothing!"

Just watched the TAGS ep on TVLand about Barney dressing up like the cleaning lady. Poor old Asa and his gun!

Think I will try to get the kids to sleep and turn in early. Goodnight!


January 02, 2006 - Msg 32504: Evening Folks,

It's been awhile a real long while but it's great to see all of your posts once again. We finally bit the bullet and bought a new computer.

Pappa, so sorry to hear about your Mother-in-law. Your family will be in my prayers.

Asa, it's sure has been a spell since I said Howdy to ya but I thought of you often when it snowed here. I know you get a bunch also. Oh yeah, howdy.

MDC, you'd be a great mayor. When you've gone to the trouble of pulling out that old soap box in the past I always felt that I could have signed your post.

Wolfe was wrong. You can go home again.

Well, Happy New Year to all and remember pitchers and catchers report in
4days 1hr 46min

God Bless You Good Folks and our Troops,

January 02, 2006 - Msg 32505: auh2o, good to see you buddy. I hear your getting a Northeaster there tonight, is that right?
Been weird here. Mountains getting tons of snow but been pretty mild and lots of rain down here in the valleys. I like it!

Spot, You gonna put them teeth under your pillow? Can't hurt.

Boo, what a funny story about sending the hubby out with a big umberella. I'll have to see if Mrs. Asa ever suggests I do that. :)


January 02, 2006 - Msg 32506: Now TOM check out the half time score of the dogs and WV!...we will be there in the end...prayers to all Boo..asa like you said want hurt to put them under my pillow...since their gona be wisdom teeth im get as dumb as a dog?..ha ha...or do you get more money for wisdom teeth ...hey auh2o!..and Boo I knwo how it is [or was] about getting anybody [doc or dentist] over the holidays...got one today...well back to the second half of the sugar bowl in good old Georgia dome....TOM ya watch my dogs go!....SPOT

January 03, 2006 - Msg 32507: auh2o, that wasn't Barney's bullet you bit, was it? You know he only has one to go around. :)
Good to see you again!

Spot, don't you go biting any bullets now! At least until you get those wisdom teeth taken out anyway.;) Hope you are not in too much pain during the wait.

Funny story, Boo! I'm going to try to get a picture of Thirsty Water up(and maybe Kai too). I know Kai took a picture of him/her? with her digital camera she just got from her Grandma's friend so I will try to get that up if I can figure out how to do that. I know a digital camera for a 5 yr old sounds a bit much(did to me too) but she enjoys taking pictures and she is actually quite good(artistically) with some of them.
Hope everyone is well!
-Sterling Holobyte

January 03, 2006 - Msg 32508: Mornin' Y'all. Hey Rev,we sure had some nasty weather down here around Charleston yesterday-heavy rain,thunder & lightning. I got out of work early and wanted to stop at a hospital to see a friend who just had a baby,but the weather was too bad,so I just headed home to the safety of my rock!
Prayers for the trapped coal miners in West Virginia.
Hope everyone has a nice day- love to all!
possum under a rock

January 03, 2006 - Msg 32509: Hey, AuH2O! Long time no see. It's good to have you back, hope you'll be a regular porch-sitter again. I always enjoyed your comments so much.

Spot, I hope you get those teeth taken care of soon. I've only had one bad toothache in my life, and I don't want another one. It's a pain you just can't get away from and it gets on your last big nerve, no pun intended.

I'm watching a little bob-tailed squirrel right now, as he's raiding the bird feeder. His poor little tail is just about half as long as it should be. Don't know what he did to it, but he sure lost part of his winter protection. Poor little guy. He seems okay, though.

I guess I'm through with physical therapy on my knee. Had a session scheduled for this morning after work, but am pooped, so called to see if I could reschedule. The therapist thought a minute, and said that if I wanted to, I could consider it complete. He said I'm so close to where he wanted me to be, and with new insurance starting this week and new deductibles to pay, he thought it would be okay to stop. Well, I like that pretty fine. It's almost as good as a free ice cream cone!

Well, a bite to eat and my bed sound like a good plan right now. See you folks later on this evening. Have a great day, everyone! Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

January 03, 2006 - Msg 32510: Good morning, gang. I hope that all of you had a wonderful Christmas and a have begun a great new year. I haven't been able to access the board for a couple of weeks and haven't yet had time to check out the archives, but I couldn't wait to say hey. It's great to be back on the Porch!


January 03, 2006 - Msg 32511: Ro - I think you could write a song about the bob-tailed squirrel. . .and it could be kind of a Christmas/winter song. . .what do you think?

My sister-in-law had the croopy cough at Christmas time and I told her to Vicks up and can you believe she does not like Vicks. She doesn't like the smell. I told her if she wanted to get over it - she needed her vicks and her daughther, the nurse practioner said the the same thing. I couldn't believe someone not liking Vicks. That is almost as unbelievable as Asa sinking a hole in one!

Take care of yourself and each other. . .


January 03, 2006 - Msg 32512:
HAPPY 2006 !
Yes Possum, prayers indeed for those trapped miners in WV, Boo's BIL and other porchsters and families, troops and all in need.
AUH2O !!! Man, i put out about 5 apb's for ya. Glad it was only your 'puter and not YOU that had to be replaced. ha
ROMEENA-- Dont hold back now, just say it! ha (About your job situation, that is) As said earlier, glad that AZ is finally cracking down on some of that this year!
Sterling, I dont want to hear of your wife and a big umbrella! ha
Pappa, you ole bear, if you would winter out here, there'd be no need to hibernate! You are missed on the western site. Abby was asking about you.
Fiesta Bowl was great game yesterday, rightchhere
in Tempe AZ!! Kinda sad tho as next year it moves to the new Cardinals staduim across town.
SPOT- Atlanta done good with the Sugar Bowl this year! Good show, good southern hospitality!
Ya all take care!
MDC (Tempe, snif, no more Fiesta Bowl, AZ)

January 03, 2006 - Msg 32513: HM and meThey, ya sneaked in there on me!

January 03, 2006 - Msg 32514: It has to be hard to get a word in edgewise between romeena and hazel

January 03, 2006 - Msg 32515: Hi all,happy New year!Sorry I haven't been here,me and my whole family are sick,I had to get my mother to come help out for a few days.I'm headed for medicine and back to bed,miss you all,I'll stop by when I feel a little better.-ky girl

January 03, 2006 - Msg 32516:
More Campaign Promises from MDC: We mayoral candidates are big on promises ya know!
I will talk to Floyd to make sure all sideburns will be cut evenly! Plus he'll have two chairs, no waiting, and you can make a bet on the side if ya like also! haha But wait, there's more! No more 80 cent shampoos, they will now be 50 cents!
AND, lady folk are welcome to have their nails done by Ellen Brown, afterall, that is her chosen profession, ya know.
And, there will be no more folks with "compelsions!" Haha More to come!
(Did ya all know that in the early 1800's, candidate's, for real, would offer free beer to anyone who would vote for them!) Ah, the good ole days!

January 03, 2006 - Msg 32517: You get well KY girl, I need ya to be my campaign manager! MDC

January 03, 2006 - Msg 32518: So sorry you are sick, KY GIRL! Lord bless you and your family with a speedy recovery...

AUH20!! So glad to have you back. Don't run off again, ya hear?

Homemaker, I can always count on you to keep the VICKS alive! My husband won't use Vicks either, hates the smell of it, so that is another good use for Vicks...when you want to keep the husband away, it works better than a headache. heehee...you think I'm joking, but I'm not.

That is sad about the Fiesta Bowl, MDC, that's a nice stadium but I guess mamybe it is too small now? At least we have our memories.

Hey Me-They, good to have you back.

Possum, hello to you, too and yes, we need to remember those in West Virginia. They could be distant relatives of mine. My mother's family are West Virginia miners.

Hi to Asa, SPOT, Serling and Ro.

Better go...hubby is taking me and the kids out to eat at the Hot Rod Cafe...really good burgers.


January 03, 2006 - Msg 32519: Almost forgot...I want your opinion. I mentioned awhile back that my husband wants to put me on a budget. Well, today he told me he wanted me to stay within 500.00 and I have to feed a family of 6 and 2 dogs on that for a month and that's not just food but paper, cleaning supplies and hygiene products, too. I don't have experience in being on a budget but I don't think 500.00 is enough. Groceries are high these days. Do any of you stick to a household budget or have any advice for me??? Purty please???


January 03, 2006 - Msg 32520: Sorry Boo, but my idea of budgeting is to write the check and pray that there is money in the bank to cover it.;)
I really should start using a budget.
But $500 for a family of 6 and two dogs for a month sounds kinda low. I probably am near $500 by the end of the month for just a family of 3. Oh, and one Thirsty Water who doesn't really eat much.
Gee, I really do need to budget.

-Sterling Holobyte

January 03, 2006 - Msg 32521: Boo, they sometimes have this "coupon lady" here on the news who shows how she feeds her family of 6 for less than that. Of course, this area is so compet@tive that stores will often offer triple coupons! Not sure about south TX.
It may be "do-able" but will take a lot of creativity, for sure!!! ha My best to you and yours!

January 03, 2006 - Msg 32522:
Hey Folks,
Asa, That Northeaster is gonna go a bit to the east of us. We very seldom get the same weather conditions eastern NY gets and they never get ours. (Wow, three gets in one sentence.) Actually we have nothing in common with eastern NY around these parts. Sometimes I get the feeling we live in the "Peoples Republic of New York."
Sterling, I'd never mess with the deputy's bullet.
Romeena , thanks for the kind words and it feels great to be back. Tell Sugarplum I say hey!

MDC, thanks for the concern and the new 'puter is loads of fun.

Boo, It feels great to be back. As for the budget, we put ourselves on a $500 budget but that's for the four of us.

Hey ky girl, Hazel, Spot, possum, homemaker, and good to meet ya Me-They.

That last post was supposed to read 44 days, not 4, until pitchers and catchers report. But, now it's only 43 days until the blessed event.

Prayers to the miners and their family's.


January 03, 2006 - Msg 32523: Hey, everybody! My goodness, Boo, $500 really does seem low, since it includes all the paper goods and cleaning supplies and such. That's just $125 a week, for goodness' sake! My suggestion would be to tell Bruce that you're more than willing to cooperate, but that you're really going to need his help for a little while, and would appreciate it if he would go along on the shopping trips for a couple of months. One of two things will happen. Either he'll see that it's impossible, or a miracle might happen, and he'll be able to show you how to do it. If that happens, take notes and let the rest of us in on the secrets. I have no doubt that it can be done, but it will mean absolutely no extras, no snacks, no sodas or any other junk food. Lots of hamburger dishes. Planned leftovers, no griping. Controlled portions - just so much and no more, so those leftovers become a reality. This could get interesting!

Well, my weary old bones are headed for bed. Worked last night, one hour nap this morning and busy all day. I'm pooped! Have a great day tomorrow, friends. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

January 03, 2006 - Msg 32524:
Hello evryone...Trust you all are doing good.

KYgirl...Hope you get feeling better real soon. Praying for you and your family. Get plenty of rest.

Just want to tell you all that I may be away from the porch for a while after Thursday. I'll be on a 3 1/2 week concert tour. I may not be able to get to a phone conection a lot of the time. I'll be thinking and praying for you folks. But I won't leave till Thursday morning so I'll probably see ya tomorrow.

You all be blessed and have a great night.

January 03, 2006 - Msg 32525: Thanks for letting us know so we wouldn't be concerned, Rev. Prayers for your concert tour. May the Lord bless you and your hearers. You are such a sweet man, it comes across in your posts here on the porch.

Thanks for the encouragement, friends. I knew 500.00 sounded low. I told Bruce that 800.00 was more of a reality and he said, "How about 600.00?". Poor thing doesn't have a clue about what it costs to run a household but he is very sweet and won't be angry if I can't manage it. It is kind of experimental with us. MDC, we have a chain of grocery stores in Texas called HEB and they have monopolized everything except Super WalMart. Neither has triple coupons but HEB has some. The problem is my dad is 80 but is a big guy and can put away alot of groceries! I think I will have to approach him about chipping in on the grocery bill. I also have the dogs who need their heartworm and flea prevention (expensive) and poor Jingles will have to get his shots this month and lose his manhood (neutered). I found out that he is still young, probably less than a year so I don't feel so bad about it.

That's a good suggestion Ro. It would certainly be a good education for Bruce and would cause me to refrain from unnecessary purchases.

auh2o, I just can't tell you how good it feels to see you posting again...like having a long, lost friend back. It just feels right.

I will be going to Houston on Friday for Sean's dr's visit at Texas Children's hospital. He is doing great but I am praying we can wean him off the Paxil because his weight gain is really starting to worry me. He has done so well and I know your prayers on his behalf make all the difference.

Bruce's brother, Richard is home now and the damage is not as bad as expected. He has a cracked vertebra that will need to heal but no surgery was required. Thanks for your prayers.

I went to WalMart today for one last fling before I start the budget. I bought season 3 of TAGS! I also bought one of those memory foam contoured pillows and a satin pillow case. Now I can budget in peace....

Think I'll sign off. Until tomorrow...


January 03, 2006 - Msg 32526: Hey boo....got to read back but I think it could be done ..the 500 thing....would be a chalenge..I just live week by week , some times the kids are over and eat me out of house and home ,course I buy steaks and stuff for them,they love steaks and baked taters...but for me its just basics...lots of frozen stuff from the garden every year ..still have a bunch of veggies left..lots..thats why I love the land and garden..hey possum.Ro and the bob-tailed-squirrel!!heyRev,asa,ky,TOM,me-they,auh2o,sterling,pappa,hm,gosh all of yall..well got a consulation meeting tomorrow afternoon at 2 then we will set up the tooth yanking date next week[jeez]...got to return to work tomorrow night...feel ok...medication doing ok now..swelling going down...well tomorrow morning lets go to Boo"s for breakfast....menu will have to be called by Boo...I will just have a stack of SOFT flap jacks please ....Love yall SPOT

January 03, 2006 - Msg 32527: I just heard on the news that 12 of the 13 miners trapped in that mine in W.Virginia have been found alive! Great news! I heard someone during the live report singing "How great thou art". How true! I feel so glad for their families and for everyone involved.

-Sterling Holobyte

January 03, 2006 - Msg 32528: My GOODNESS...great news Sterling....thought they had just about given up hope because of gases...been following it ...will check the news ...Thanks God!...man-o-man...good news....SPOT

January 03, 2006 - Msg 32529: WoW going into the 3rd OT for fla state and penn...great game...back in just a bit ...get ya some chips and dip...and a small bottle of coke...SPOT....Boo call that breakfast mene for the gang ....im on the soft pancakes..SPOT

January 04, 2006 - Msg 32530: well congrats penn state and jo.p...great game...well Boo looking foward to the flap jack in the morning..I think I could eat a little soft fried bacon also...well good night all!...God Bless and prayers to all..and I think I say in the archives that someone had a baby or someone knew of someone ...well another angel!..will real back....signed"SPOT the"fluffing up my wheat straw in the dog house" dog of your porch ...

January 04, 2006 - Msg 32531: what does "will real back" mean?..gosh fat paws....goodnight SPOT

January 04, 2006 - Msg 32532: Morning porch.
I am heart broken this morning when I found out that 12 miners had died. Prayers for the poor families and the emotional roller coaster they have been on the last few hours.:(

Glad Richard is home and doing well Boo. And good luck on that budget. I knew Vicks was good for a lot of stuff, but birth control too? Wow. (you crack me up Boo)

Hope you and your family get better soon ky girl. I just hate ailing. I'm a terrible patient. Romeena would probably be giving me what fer all day if she had to tend to me when I got sick.

Well off to work. Bills to pay, Dragons to slay.


January 04, 2006 - Msg 32533: Boo - I will say that I don't have a budget per se but I do buy some things ahead and when I see them on sale. I just bough 1/4 of a beef because I have a nice big chest type freezer (that will last me about 3 months) and it comes that to about $1 per pound per meat. I also do home canning in the summer so that helps with some in the budget. Good luck but $500 isn't much.

I am so sorry for the poor West Virginia folks this morning. Having lived in Eastern Ky where coal is King as well - it is a tough breed of men who work the coal mines.

Pancakes and sausage do sound good this morning - I think they are serving donuts this morning in the cafeteria. May have to saunter down there and get me one!


January 04, 2006 - Msg 32534: Mornin to the porch! Hope everyone is doing well today.

So sorry to hear about the miners this morning. I'm from Harlan KY, and have lots of folks who were and are miners. Prayers for the families.

Ya'll be good, more later...driving now.


January 04, 2006 - Msg 32535: Right Goober, I have always had a soft spot in my heart for miners and their families. I recall the stories passed down from my mom and grandmother and the horrors of cave-ins in the mines.

Asa, now there is another great motto for 2006: "Bills to pay. Dragons to slay!".

Off to meet the day! (hope ya'll like the flap-jacks)
ps-it's been in the 80's here all week. Ya'll grab your swim suits and surf boards and come on down.


January 04, 2006 - Msg 32536: Wow, what a thing to wake up to today. I went to bed last night thinking that those miners made it, then I see that the families, and everyone else, were given wrong information and left to think that it was true for 3 hours. I don't blame those families for being angry. I feel terrible for them.
I hope the one miner pulls through at least.
-Sterling Holobyte

January 04, 2006 - Msg 32537: HAPPY NEW YEAR PORCH- JUST GOT HOME, had averaged 4 hours sleep since new years eve. prayers for 2006. i 'm glad to see all of you, doesn't it always feel good to be home? boo- do like the women did when ellie ran for council, let him do everything for a month and it's amazing the revised budget. mdc- i've already missed half my hibranation period so i'll stay here instead of ending hybernation. andy to barney- let me see if i have this straight- if you had a son, you'd make him do chores before fishing? whose the mother of the boy? barney well i don't know, andy you don't know the mothers name? barney- it's not important. andy it is to your son if. barney storms off. thanks for all the prayers and thoughts. pappa bear

January 04, 2006 - Msg 32538: Hey, Boo,you coastal folk have nothing on us here in North Texas, temperature-wise. We've been in the 80's too. It sometimes drops down into the 50s at night, then back up - don't know what to do with the thermostat. Mine requires telling it whether you want heat or a/c, and sometimes I just don't know! Wish it was like the one in the car - set a temperature and it makes the choice automatically.

I guess I didn't realize that the $500 was to include EVERYTHING, even the dog's medications and stuff. There's no way you can feed six people and buy all the household needs as well, on $500 a month, or even $600, I don't care how many coupons you have or don't have. I'd give Bruce a grocery list for about three days worth of stuff and send him to the store. Then have some tea and sympathy ready for him when he gets home, because the poor dear is going to be in shock. He's a smart man, it won't take long for him to figure it out. Oh, ask him to pick up Sean's prescription at the same time. If all else fails, then just do it. Make the $500 work. He'll soon tire of eating what $500 a month will allow, believe me! Heehee!

It's beautiful here today. Windy but pleasantly warm, the wind is making interesting displays out of the umbrella fountain in the fishpond, my squirrel friends are having a jamboree out there - I've counted eight so far - pansies are blooming madly, and rosebushes are beginning to green up and sprout, and I don't even have them all cut back yet! Gotta get busy, but have to work tonight, so that means a nap this afternoon. Drat! There just aren't enough hours in my day, or maybe I put too much day in my hours. Oh, well, I'll have the remainder of the week, and that's good.

Wonder if I could get Mrs. Magruder to come by here and help me clean this house after she finishes at the bank? By the way, do you suppose Barney ever went back and picked up the lady's clothes he borrowed from the clothesline? He took them off in front of the beauty shop after he broke out of the bank, and just left them lying on the sidewalk! I know he was mad, but really! The lady might have wanted her dress and sweater back, and where did he get that hat?!? He's a nut!

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

January 04, 2006 - Msg 32539: Morning gang...prayers for West Virginia...hey Ro,pappa,bo,asa,hm.sterling.goober and the rest ...getting ready for the consultation meeting at the surgons at 2...budgets are so un predictable, things are never the same each month...well back in a bit...let me hit the shower....SPOT

January 04, 2006 - Msg 32540: Good afternoon, everybody. Hope the day has found you all well. It's so sad about the families and friends of those miners. We never know what God's plan is for us, but we can take solace in knowing he always has one.

Boo: I think that $500 is probably wishful thinking for a family of six. That said, when my wife and I decided to budget ourselves better, we started out low and eventually adjusted it to a realistic (but sometimes still painful) level. We figured that if we started higher and succeeded, we wouldn't know if we could do it with less money. It's easier to add to budget than take funds away.

Take care, all.


January 04, 2006 - Msg 32541: Good words to live by: "Do not write on walls, as it takes a lot of work to erase writing off of walls." I hope to impress this sage advice on my two-year-old son.


January 04, 2006 - Msg 32542: Good luck with that, Me-They. All four of mine "expressed themselves" at some point, between the ages of two and four. One managed to create her masterpiece on some gold and white flocked foil wallpaper. (Remember that fad?) Right in the middle of the entryway, purple and green crayon scrawls. What a mess. Amazingly, some mild detergent on a wet washcloth took every bit of it off and didn't harm the wallpaper. Good thing - probably saved that kid's life!

Well, guess I need a little nap before going in to work tonight. Spot, good luck at the dentist's office today. Hope the plan isn't too complicated.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

January 04, 2006 - Msg 32543: Ha! I remember when Sean was little, Bruce had just painted the dining room a nice antique white, when Sean and one of his little friends drew on every wall with a RED crayon! Nothing we tried took it off. Bruce had to use primer on it and re-paint. He was not a happy man. Speaking of Bruce, he is sure going to het tired of eating Top Ramen noodles, Ro.

You are right about the budget, Me-They. We will try and see how well I can do, we can always (and surely will) increase it. I went to the bakery outlet today and got bread and hamburger buns for less than 2 dollars. Eureka! Also, for dinner I took the left-over roast out of the frige and chipped it up with bar-b-que sauce and am letting it slow cook in the crock pot. Should be good on the buns I got at the bakery outlet. All I have to do is put together a salad, and "presto", a cheap meal. Ro, now that I think about it, I am sure that the dogs and medication wouldn't be in my household budget.

I had better face the dirty laundry now....sigh!

Boo The Frugal

January 04, 2006 - Msg 32544: Boo: Yum, your diner sounds great (it's late afternoon here, and I didn't have my Mr. Cookie Bar today). And Ramen noodles are the only kind of soup my daughter will eat (go figure).

Romeena: Do you work nights, too? My wife's a nurse and works three twelves a week at a hospital, 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. I don't know how she does it, but she does it. She switched so we wouldn't have to do day care. Our kids still take a l-o-n-g afternoon nap; they need it, and so does mom! She is a superwoman.


January 04, 2006 - Msg 32545: Wow, just heard of the miners fate. So sad. I had jury duty this morning and didnt get any news til I drove away! Such a shock! May they rest in peace and lots of prayers for their families!

January 04, 2006 - Msg 32546: Yep, Me-They, I'm a nurse, and I work two twelves a week. That's about two too many as far as I'm concerned, but I do still need the income. I was supposed to work tonight, but my throat has gotten very sore and scratchy, got some generalized aching and a headache, so I called in. My manager is one who heaves big sighs and tries to lay a guilt trip on, but I figure it's not too smart to go to work sick and infect everybody else, so I just ignore her and do what I know is right. So, I'm staying home tonight with a pitcher of juice, some echinacea and zinc, and a pair of warm socks. Then of course, there's Vicks! Vicks rules!

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

January 04, 2006 - Msg 32547:
Hey Gang,

Boo, you are too nice and it does feel like home on the old porch. When our 'puter hit the wall (figuratively speaking of course, although I was tempted) and we didn't have the cyber highway here, I thought of you all quite often.

Rev, Have fun on tour. My youngest daughter was just running around here last night shouting "Thank-you Detroit!" after singing one of her songs. She said she say it on a Disney movie. She wasn't quite sure what a Detroit was.

About the Miners, what a heart break. Has the media "jumped the shark" or what? It used to be that there was the "news media" and the "tabloid media." Now, I think, they are one and the same. Ever since Uncle Walter claimed, incorrectly, night after night that we were getting beat during the Tet Offensive, the news media has been putting themselves into the story, instead of reporting the story.
Sorry about soap boxing so soon but that nonsense with Dan Rather this summer almost put me over the edge.

"We defy the Mafia!"

January 04, 2006 - Msg 32548: Sorry about that last post, it makes it look like I've come unhinged. I'll go check to see if the pilot light went out, maybe open a window.


January 04, 2006 - Msg 32549: AUH2O: Soapboxing is still allowed here! I heard it was CBS who jumped the gun on the story, but then it was the mine company who supressed the truth from the families. The whole thing is a real tragedy! So many violations.
God help them and their families.
APB FOR PAPPABEAR, CHARLOTTE, DIXIE (Where's Dixie, our new teacher been?)DES,< Mary WIiggins AND OTHERS. Hope all is ok.
All our best to KY GIRL too, as she and her whole family recovers.
Guess most are watching the big game tonight!
God bless,

January 04, 2006 - Msg 32550: Hey to the PORCH! Hope ya'll are doing ok tonight. auh20, it's good to see you back...glad your computerlatin machine is up and running. And we can always use a few new soap boxes here and there!

Homemaker, you said you're from eastern KY...what are you close to?

Pappa...hope you and the Mrs got some rest in while you were taking care of her mom. That's a tough place, but I'm sure she's better off now. Prayers still with you.

Ya'll be good...time to sleep now. :-)


January 04, 2006 - Msg 32551: Right, sure hope Texas wins!

Sorry you are ailin' Ro, but glad you get to stay home from work. I remember the days when I almost enjoyed being sick so I didn't have to go to work and could sleep all night. The last time we had a cold around here, I took that stuff called Airborne and it really seemed to help me. I also bought some Tropicana reduced acid orange juice and it sure was good. Mom always says to keep your feet warm when you get a cold, and you are right, Vicks rules! Wish I could send you some of my chicken soup. Do you live anywhere close to Plano? I have a friend there who is single. She is 44 and divorced but she and her ex-husband remained friends until he died of cancer last year. She is a very nice person.

auh2o, we don't think you are unhinged. We all share our opinions around here and have respect for all opinions.

Yes MDC, its beginning to be hard to believe what you hear on the news these days. You never know if the story is going to change later. I noticed alot of that during the coverage of the Katrina disaster.

I wanted to start watching my new TAGS season 3 DVDs tonight but the tv is being monopolized by my dad and Bruce watching the game, so here I am on the porch trying to think of something witty to say...the kids are watching Nick at Night on the other TV. I have been trying to read Dr Phil's book on weight loss but I keep getting side-tracked. Its kind of boring. I saw a girl on his show today that lost 160 lbs and now she wants to gain it back because of all her hanging skin. Poor think looks like she has the body of a 90 yr old. Scared me to see it. I don't have 160 lbs to lose but now that I am in my 40's I am starting to wonder what I will look like if I lose weight....remember the kid's book called "The Saggy Baggy Elephant"? Yuck.

What about that high school kid that ran off to Iraq by himself. Can you believe it?! What was he thinking?

Well, guess I will go to bed with Dr. Phil's book.

Oh, I was trying to think of something fun for us to do besides another quote-a-thon. How about sharing some of the highlights of 2005. What are some great things that happened to us last year? I sold my house. My parents got better. My son found a good school and is coming along well and was baptized. I became a sunday school teacher for 5th graders and I learned to play the guitar. Bruce got a raise (so why am I on a 500.00 budget?!) Those were my hightlights. What are some of yours? Wow, just writing those few down made me realize how much God blessed us in 2005. I feel very thankful.

Goodnight Porch Friends!