January 04, 2006 - Msg 32552: Hmmmm. Highlights of 2005? Let's see. I had knee surgery, it went well, and my therapist has now dismissed me, saying I can finish rehab at home. I'm virtually pain-free with that knee, unless I get too tired. I got to enlarge my tiny fish pond into something I can really enjoy, with two fountains in it. Room for lots of fish. My daughter got a much-needed, very good job. A friend who had a stroke is doing very well. Lots of good things happened, but perhaps the highlight for me was my second Mongolia trip. Really a blessing for me, especially as I'm not at all sure I'll get to go this year. I hope so, but it's up to the Lord - He'll make the way clear, or not. I'm just grateful for the two trips I did get to make.

Speaking of Mongolia, let me share one reason why I'm so enthusiastic about the mission there. Of course, a very important part of it is the children, nearly 90 of them in the children's home created by our missionary there. Most of them wouldn't be alive today without that home. There's something else, though, a fact which struck me while I was over there. The population of the entire country is about 2.8 million. The neighbor to the south, China, has billions of people. That seems so overwhelming, in terms of evangelization. But 2.8 million? We have more people than that here in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex! Only 2.8 million people to be led to a saving knowledge of the Lord? Friends, that's do-able! Imagine, a whole country turned from their lostness and brought to the Lord. They're a curious mix of atheism, Buddhism, animism, shamanism and total "I don't know-ism." They're extremely receptive, and joyfully receive the gospel when it's presented. One person said, "I just knew there had to be a God like that somewhere." I think about those 85 or so kids, each one growing up as a Christian, and where they will be in ten or fifteen years, taking the Word with them wherever they go. As I said, total saturation with the Word in that country is possible. How exciting!

OK, that's my recall of 2005, and my reaction to it. Thanks for listening.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

"Uh, Luke, this is our Mayberry knot-tying society. Meets here every Tuesday night. That's a nice one, boys." --Andy

January 04, 2006 - Msg 32553: Wow, I swept again! Sure was easy, didn't even make my knee swell up, like working a 12-hr shift does. Enjoy the clean porch, and wipe your feet before you come up the steps, please. --Romeena

January 04, 2006 - Msg 32554: gosh what a championship game....congeats Texas....hey ro,auh2o,boo,asa,me-they,hazel,goober,pappa,TOM,fg,possum,and all missing.....gona read the archives ...just got done watching the game..CONGRATS LONGHORNS!...got the USC T"s...good job...well gona get the teeth removes at 9:30 am monday...?"are ya scared SPOT"? yea....miss sherry will be with me...well let me watch the news....SPOT

January 04, 2006 - Msg 32555: Romeena love your quotes..."the knot tying one"..SPOT......class>..and the one ..."will you take that gun out of your mouth"...hee hee

January 04, 2006 - Msg 32556: Hey Ro...you are a trouper at your work....been reading the archives...we as Americans can never thank you ladys and men that do your work enough...when I was in Atlanta medical center after my accident 0ct 2 2004..the staft was the best in the world...I left e-mails reguarding their greatness in their jobs...like I said if Atlanta Medical Center is a prime center for nice nurses and docs then the country needs to go to school there...like I said thanks for your work Ro...good night ....SPOT

January 05, 2006 - Msg 32557: Goober - I lived in Eastern Ky - I went to Kentucky Christian College in Grayson and did my student teaching in the small community of Willard. My daddy's aunt and uncle lived in the Jacskon County area (Annville, McKee) and so I know the back highway from Berea down to there and then I went to graduate school at Eastern Ky University at Richmond. And to make matters worse (ha ha) my husband's family is all from the Somerset area on the other side of 75. So I've had some education in the area of coal mining - my great uncle broke his back mining coal. It is another way of life there.

Sorry to have rambled - still waiting on the crop of kids to arrive. Ro - our OB barn is full of mommy's just waiting on those kids to come. Birthing a goat can be PLUM exciting!


January 05, 2006 - Msg 32558: Hey HM...all my folks are from Harlan County...I of course went to UK, and bleed KY blue. :-) Good luck on the new 'kids'!


January 05, 2006 - Msg 32559: Thanks for the kind words, Spot. May I note here that often the care a patient receives is related to his or her atti-tude and behavior toward the staff. Everyone, good or bad, deserves good basic care, and I hope everyone gets it. However, it's the really nice people, like you, who get care that goes above and beyond. I know I would have enjoyed being one of your nurses, and would have rejoiced with you at every little step forward, every victory.

I keep a bucket upside down over the central connection point for all the power to the pond pumps, and right now, to a lot of Christmas lights, to keep it dry when the sprinklers come on in the middle of the night. Well, I moved it yesterday and forgot to put it back, so now my pumps aren't working out there. The GFCI is tripped, and won't reset yet. I'll have to wait until it all dries out, then it will work. Seems like it's always something.

My new bed will be delivered this morning. I can hardly wait to try it out tonight. Sure hope it helps the misery in my back. Gripe, gripe, gripe. Seems like that's all I do these days. If I didn't know better, I'd think I was getting old, but I'm in my forties and don't mind admitting it! (heehee)

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

"Well, will you just take this with you?" (holding out his pistol) --Barney

"I won't need it, Barn, Fluffy and I have been friends for years." --Andy (That one cracks me up.)

January 05, 2006 - Msg 32560:
Morning Everyone,

Romeena, fantastic story about Mongolia.

Goober, it is great to be back on the porch. Hey, was that table there before?

Boo, I look forward to going to bed at night just to get back at my books. Right now I'm reading "1776" and loving it.

The 2005 highlight around here was our new septic tank. I know I know but I'll tell ya when you need a new septic tank and then you get the new septic tank, well, that's big deal. Geesh, septic tank. I'll have to do some more thinking on the highlight matter.

"Do you have any idea how hard it is to work with someone who thinks he knows everything?" (I love that one.)


January 05, 2006 - Msg 32561: Romeena: Hope that you're back in the pink.

2005 was a pretty good year for me and my family. God really blessed us in a lot of littel ways. No real big occasions, but everyone remained healthy and happy throughout. Kid highlights are that my daughter started kindergarden at a great Christian school, my son is thriving growth-wise (he had some immune issues as a baby that impeded his growth a bit), and, of course, the great news that #3 is on the way.

The only real sad news last year was the loss of our co*ker spaniel in the summer (she was fourteen). She was a great friend and is sorely missed by us all. My poor daughter has lost three dogs in her five years. All were over the age of fourteen and were pets my wife and I had had individually then together. It was poor planning on our part to have old pets and young kids. We plan on getting another dog in the spring.

Have a great day, all!


January 05, 2006 - Msg 32562: howdy folks, just dropped by to say hello. still tired but again thanks for the kind words and prayers, we appreciated them. how's the mayors race going? brisco darling to aunt bea- the boys have been trying to cook but they are about the sorriest cooks there is; the other night they tried to fix a perfectly good hoot owl pie- why just a perfectly good hoot owl wasted. great seeing auh20, me-they and everyone. more after i catch my breath and my typing finger heals, ha. pappa bear

January 05, 2006 - Msg 32563: Hey to you, Pappabear. There's a mayor's race on? I haven't seen any name-calling or mud-slinging or anything. WE WANT ELLIE! WE WANT ELLIE!


January 05, 2006 - Msg 32564: Ro, thank you so much for your thoughts on Mongolia. It is very exciting and I still have this lump in my throat since I read it. I can't shake the feeling. I feel like that sometimes when I know God wants me to intercede in prayer about something. I will pray for the orphanage and for Mongolia today because we all need to know, "...that there is a God like that out there." Woo-hoo...I feel a "praise the Lord" coming on!

Hope you enjoy your new bed, Ro. Beleive it or not, I have been sleeping better even since I bought the memory foam pillow so the bed ought to fix you up real good.

A septic tank, auh20?! Well, if it's good enough for Barney's parents it's good enough for you.

Lot's to do...laundry and get ready to go to Houston tomorrow. I'll stop by again later if I can. Bye!


January 05, 2006 - Msg 32565:
2005 was a rough year weather-wise, that is for sure, but it means we are one year closer to the really BIG event! I know that several porchsters lost loved ones and pets in 2005, and my prayers continue to go out to all of you. We had a few scares with my mom, now entering 9th year of alz! But many blessings have outweighed the problems of 2005! My family has grown closer, and my porch family grows also in many ways! God bless all of ya! Recovery prayers for Mrs Wiley to while I think about it.
RO- Question, do you think a convicted felon like ole Luke Comstock could carry a rifle on public transportation nowadays?? My how times have changed! I love the epiloge on that one too.
Homemaker- KY and Tenn are two states I have yet to see, and want to so badly!I have been in 42.
Bet they are beautiful.
Pappa, Let's vote next Tuesday, but first i gotta give that money back to Abramoff! haha
I sure hate to see a good hoot owl wasted too!
Way to go Texas Longhorns!
Maybe we could do another old commercial jingle-a-thon like we did awhile back, I'll start: "I am stuck on bandaids, cuz bandaid's stuck on me!" ha
AUh20, ya got any? any others?
have a super Mayberry day!

January 05, 2006 - Msg 32566: Well gang im finally back at work...tooth still sore but monday morning wisdoms will get out....kinda looking fowark and then not...but for the better...hm the goat business would be fun..hey pappa rest up now,auh2o sounds like good reading,mdc prayers for mrs wiley,hey goober,ky,me-they and all...gosh its been 10 days since i have been at work...let me see if i still remember how to do my job!...tonight its fried chicken strips and baked potatoes and green beans...tea...SPOT

January 05, 2006 - Msg 32567: "Come to the Honeycomb Hideout, we're gonna sing and gonna play, have breakfast at the Honeycomb Hideout, what a way to start the day!" (Hey, I grew up in the 1970s.)


January 05, 2006 - Msg 32568: I did also me-they...grad. high school in the disco days of 1977...any of yall remembr the sat morning show "The Banana Splits"?...SPOT

January 05, 2006 - Msg 32569: Spot: I'm a little younger (graduated in '84), but I remember it. It included shows within the show like "Tom Sawyer" which was a mix of real actors and animation, "Adventure Island" ("Uh-oh! Chongo!"), and "Tales of the Arabian Knights."

Remember "The Big, Blue Marble" and "In the News," which was shown between Saturday morning cartoons on (I think CBS)? And "Schoolhouse Rock?" That's back when you could actually learn something watching tv on Saturday mornings.


January 05, 2006 - Msg 32570: "Conjunction-Junction, what's my function..."
Me-they, I liked "in the news" also and I was TEACHING school in the 70's ! ha
My all time favorite Sat. AM show is still the Bullwinkle Show and all the "inside" jokes it had on it! So funny.
Good times,

Have fun on your tour. Look for Fred Goss whilst your out there on the road!

January 05, 2006 - Msg 32571: I can remember when I was about 8 or 9 i guess coming home from school and getting my homework and watching the TV land programs on tv but they were NOT re-runs!...they started at about 4 in the evening...SPOT

January 05, 2006 - Msg 32572: Mr. Magoo!!...hee hee...SPOT

January 05, 2006 - Msg 32573: "Kimba the White Lion" and "Marine Boy" after school on weekdays with a big glass of chocolate milk! That was livin'!


January 05, 2006 - Msg 32574:
...."working out phrases and making them sound right."

auh2o, class of '79

January 05, 2006 - Msg 32575: Hey Hey with the Monkees,people say we monkey around--but were to busy singing to put anybody down!!davy,micky,peter,micheal and no I did not look the names up!..what about that monkee hot rod ride!...George Barras made some wild rides..gentle ben,flipper,...well chicken strips are ready...SPOT class of"77

January 05, 2006 - Msg 32576: "Plop, plop, fizz, fizz. Oh, what a relief it is!" Sung by the perky little Speedy, the Alka-Seltzer mascot.

I was a child in the 40's, remember getting our first TV when I was about 12, and sitting with my little brother on the floor in front of the set, watching the "test pattern," waiting for the programming, which started at 5 p.m. Nothing on during the day!

Mercy! I'm surrounded by children here on this porch. Makes me feel like an old lady. I can tell you this, though. TAGS was as well-liked in its original runs as it is today, and everybody who was anybody used and recognized TAGS quotes. The over-zealous cop in a tiny suburb of San Antonio would set up his little speed traps and pull unsuspecting citizens over for going two miles over the limit, even though there was no radar and he couldn't prove it. Everyone referred to him as Barney Fife!

Well, I bought a few more fish for the pond, their little airbag has been floating for a while now, need to go release them. Pretty little things. Also bought two flats of pansies and some cyclamen, might plant a few of them before it gets dark.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

January 05, 2006 - Msg 32577: Tidy Bowl!...that little man in the boat in our toilets!...bet you yard looks great Ro...got any new pics?..what was your photo site again?..want loose it this time..remember the one wher the lady would stand there with a stain on her shirt and the water would come up and wash her and the go back down..kinda pushen it back then...SPOT

January 05, 2006 - Msg 32578: uh-oh put mispelled "shirt" by mistake and got busted by the Censor Police!....SPOT

January 05, 2006 - Msg 32579: Oh, I loved Kimba The White Lion, Me-They! It didn't show here in South Texas but when I would visit my relatives in Michigan in the summers I loved watching it. I still remember the theme song...."Who's the king of animals in Africa? Whose the one who brought the jungle fame? Who's the king of animals in Africa? Kimba the white lion is his name!". I am a little older than you. I graduated in 1980.

What about that wierd HR Puffinstuff. What pot-head created that show?!

Does anyone remember an old cartoon about a sailor called Clutch Cargo? The last time I saw it I was about 5 but I still remember it.

Gotta go get ready for a church meeting tonigh. Have to help plan the annual ladie's retreat.


January 05, 2006 - Msg 32580: SPOT ,I was class of 1980 ,and also remember those tv shows ,Adam-12 and Emergency were also favorites of mine
MAYBERRY " cant wait till Daytona 500" DEPUTY

January 05, 2006 - Msg 32581: Asa, thanks for the emails. I love that one where the crowd in the airport stands up and applauds the returning troops. I get a little teary every time I see that one. I know the war is unpopular with a lot of people, but I think it's to America's credit that we're not treating today's troops as hatefully as many people did the Viet Nam troops. Agree or disagree, I think we owe our troops respect for doing their job, whether we approve of the job or not. When they enlist to serve in our military, they're not given the option of choosing how and where or even if they'll serve. They do their job and they do it well, politics notwithstanding. Folks should voice their disagreement at the voting booth, and continue to applaud our fine young people who have done what their country asked of them.

Spot, that photo site is romeena.myphotoalbum.com. Send me a picture of Otis, and I'll put it in there, in the "Porchsters Pets" album. Come on, folks - send me some pictures! Email them if you can, or snail mail a picture and I'll scan it. Digital emails are easier, but I can do the scan thing.

Well, guess I'll go scratch up some supper. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

January 05, 2006 - Msg 32582: hey ro i got some pics of my garden and boat and lake pics loaded here at work....e-mail me again and give me your mail..mail me at randycan1@yahoo.com...SPOT

January 05, 2006 - Msg 32583: I remember clutch cargo..HR Puffinstuff...yep, I lived emergency...great show...get smart,that girl,speed racer,[mouths never were right]..what cartoon was the dog named droopy?..cant remember...well let me get the daily reports run here at work...SPOT

January 05, 2006 - Msg 32584: How is everyone doing? Did anyone whatch the Rose Bowl last night and liked it? I loved it I was cheering for Texas all the way. I have a prayer request to ask everone my moms friend Russel Harvey has suvered two heart atacks and she is upset. Your thoughts and prayers well be thaked.


January 05, 2006 - Msg 32585: Hi arnold, long tme no see! You bet, got the prayers goin' up right now. let us know how things progress. Take care

January 05, 2006 - Msg 32586: HI ALL.



January 05, 2006 - Msg 32587: Hey TOM and mdc and arnold!..prayers for Russel..writing out bills how derpessing...54 dollars a month [and thats cheep] just to watch tv...SPOT

January 05, 2006 - Msg 32588: "It's Not Nice To Fool Mother Nature!"
" Mama Mia- That's a Spicy Meatball!"
" Two,Two,Two Mints in one!"
And to be read with a Real Twangy Southern Accent:
"It's Shake & Bake...And We Helped!"

Spot,I was in the great class of '77 too! Our motto was "We've got soul that comes from Heaven,we're the class of '77!" Ok,it's corny,but what are ya gonna come up with that rhymes with seven? We actually shouted this out during pep rallies & football games!
Remember(this is for the girls) QT suntan lotion that turned you orange? What about PSSST(think I spelled it right) which was dry shampoo in a spray can? Long & Silky hair conditioner? And of course.. Dippity Doo! Ha!
Oh,and in reference to Spot's bill paying: Remember when TV was free and we had a grand total of 3 channels? We've come a long way baby!
Y'all have a great evening!
possum under a rock

January 05, 2006 - Msg 32589: Hey RO...I'll send you a picture of the Goober dog...send me the e-mail at rodsspyder@yahoo.com.


January 05, 2006 - Msg 32590: Oh...and...

Being a HS grad of '82...one of my favorite saturday morning school house rock...

I'm just a bill, yes I'm only a bill, and I'm sittin here on capital hill....


January 05, 2006 - Msg 32591: hey possum [good year] and yea i had the platform shoes and leasure suits and wore my shirt collor out...jezz the years..army jackets,puma shoes,motorcross bikes,fot the guys M-50 tires and G-60"s on a 74 rally sport camaro...man-o-man..cherry bomb glass packs..fm converters..painted on pinstrips..used to wash the car when it was so cold the water would freeze on it..wow..SPOT

January 05, 2006 - Msg 32592: Ha! You guys are sure sending me down memory lane! Possum, you have a great memory for commercials and grooming products, girlfriend! OK, here is one I'll bet ya'll won't remember because NOBODY I have ever asked remembers it. Remember "Shake-A-Puddin"? It was this gross instant pudding that came in a cup. You added milk and shook it until you got pudding. Does anybody remember Fuzzy-W#zzy (not sure why the censor wouldn't allow that) Bear soap? It was a little bar of soap that looked like a bear and when you got it wet and set it aside, it grew fuzz on it.

RO, I am still trying to finish off the role of film that has Jingle's picture on it...won't be long....

Have a great evening!


January 05, 2006 - Msg 32593: Well friends, on the date of December 17th in the year of our Lord 2006 I, Miss Dixie Belle Edwards graduated, yes that is correct, with a BS degree in Social Science Education! Hail the Conquering Hero!

And since then I have been sooooo busy. We have been so busy that I hardly had time to realize and enjoy Christmas. Sad.

I start work on my graduate classes on Monday while Subst!tute (won't let me spell it right...) Teaching. I've applied for job that will be open after this school year and hopefully will be teaching in August.

Shew! I'm sorry I have been so scarce lately. i feel horrible about it but I will honestly try my best to remember to keep you more well informed of my whereabouts.

I did go out on a date a couple of weeks ago with a rather nice fellow. i've been praying about him but we don't know just yet what will become of it.

***** Prayers***** for me on all levels if you can spare them.

Be back ASAP!
Dixie B

January 05, 2006 - Msg 32594: Hi everyone,so good to be back on the porch,and,feeling a little better.possum,boy you brought up some products i used all the time!Yea,I used QT suntan lotion,i was orange an entire summer!haha!Yea,psst dry shampoo,I think all it was ,was baby powder in aerosol form.My cousin and i used to drink diet iced tea,and,doctor up our regular store bought frozen pizzas with bologna and ketchup!We would stand in front of a mirror for 2 hours every morning during the summer months,fixing our hair farrah fawcett style,and,putting on our makeup,and,qt suntan lotion,just to put on bike helmets and ride dirt bikes up and down the dirt road that led out of the hollow!We thought we were so cool!haha!Boo,I don't know what they were thinking with hr puffnstuff,those characters were so unusual!Things i am thankful for in 2005,well,my family and our overall general health being good,all the new friends I've made on this porch,I feel like I have always known you all,and,all the many blessings the Lord continues to bless me with,that are too many to count.Boo,I can relate to trying to stay on a budget,500.00 is kind of tight,I've tried that myself and I'm not feeding as many people as you are.Some sites that have kind of helped me with budgeting,not necessarily the recipes on each,some of them had recipes i used,some didn't,but.just the different ideas came in handy,especially with buying meat,which,is usually the biggest grocery expense.A packing house to buy your meat from in bulk,can definitley save you some money.Anyway,one site is www.budget101.com,another is www.hillbillyhousewife.com,another is www.frugalhomemaker.com .I can tell you that the "recipe" for making your own windshield wipes that keep your windshield from becoming foggy ,or freezing in cold weather,really do work,that one is on the budget 101 site.Well,since i've been sick,I've kind of lost touch with whats going on in the mayoral race,can somebody catch me up?OK,I'll close for now,I'll stop by later-ky girl

January 05, 2006 - Msg 32595: Boo,shake a puddin,I remember it!and it was gross!I don't remember fuzzy w#zzy bear soap,I'd still like to have some,just to see what it does!haha!-kygirl

January 05, 2006 - Msg 32596: Congratulations, Dixie! You have worked hard for this honor, and we're all proud of you. As for guys, just hang in there. God has someone picked out for you, and will show you who he is when the time is right.

TOM, you're very kind to recommend me for mayor, but I really think there are many others who are better qualified and would do a much better job, so I will choose not to run. I'll be glad to support the winner, though. Regarding your other comment, I'd like to say that I've known some people who possessed more than their share of physical attractiveness, but weren't worth the powder it would take to blow them up. Then I've known some who were perhaps less blessed in that regard, but possessed so much inner beauty that no one noticed. Keep your spirit sweet, TOM. It's what we all love about you.

I'm sitting here next to my big window, looking out at the back yard, where my lighted deer and twinkle lights are still in full glory. I just can't bring myself to take it all down, but I know I should. My son is coming over Saturday to get the roof lights and icicles taken down, and I guess we'll just strip the whole front yard at tht time, but I may leave the back up for a while. I really enjoy the beauty. There are eleven deer and a sleigh out there, and lots and lots of colored twinkles. So pretty, I just love Christmas lights. If I can get a good picture, I'll post it on the photo site.

Well, guess I'll go try out the new bed. Woohoo! Sure hope I wake up without back pain tomorrow. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

January 06, 2006 - Msg 32597: Congtrats Dix!!...great job for sure!..I di not remember the pudding but do remember the fuzzy bear soap..Ro i sent you some pics hope i got the right address..it was an airmail.net one...gona check out those sites ky..hope you feel better..im here at work watching some western..today id the first day that I have been able to eat much cause of my tooth..prayers for your continued sucess dix....what about those candy wax lips with that gross juice in them..yall remember those?..long john tops [white] with flanel shirt sleeves rolled up two turns..BIG bell bottom levis...I mean over the shoe Big.....SPOT

January 06, 2006 - Msg 32598: UP-N-ATUM GANG...this morning its a big breakfast...thick sliced country ham,red eye,gravy,bisquits,hashbrowns with cheese and green peppers,eggs your way [3],grits with a big glop of butter,canalope,flapjacks with real maple syrup and real butter,strawberrys,oj,coffee,ice cold milk and a tear from my roll of paper towels...ready at 6:30 est...Hope yall have a great Blessed day...cold here in Ga...getting ready to go to meet yall for breakfast then home to sleep and back to work at 2 pm...will someone say the blessing....SPOT

January 06, 2006 - Msg 32599: It's goodbye waistline with you around here Spot. Mercy sakes I think I gained 10 pounds just reading about that breakfast.

Hows about "You can trust your car to the man who wears the star" a commercial for Texaco gas.

Did you ever change lyrics to commercials and songs? We used to sing "Everythings better with Blue vomit on it" instaed of Blue Bonnett. We were creatures I reckon.

Anyone remember LSMFT? What does it mean?


January 06, 2006 - Msg 32600: Three cheers for Dixie ! Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray, Hip HIp Hooray!
If you can survive subst*tute teaching these days - you are born teacher! Good luck!



January 06, 2006 - Msg 32601:
Morning All,

Dixie- You are making the porch proud!
Spot- What's with all the fruit on the menu! LOL
Asa- Does it have something to do with Lucky Stripes? And since you brought up
(so to speak) the subject of regurgitation. When I was working at Motorola they would pipe in music and every time Garth Brooks would come on a friend of mine, Deb, would yell over to me,"hey Barf Brooks is on." Needless to say she wasn't a big fan.

Well well well, it's snowing here. About the first time since winter started. We've had just under 100 inches so far this year but nearly none since winter commenced.

Boo- Is that the Fuzzy W#zzy of "had no hair" fame? He wasn't fuzzy was he?
Arnold- Prayers up for your mom's friend Russell.
MDC- I can't remember the commercial specifically but there was one for the TV show "Laugh-in" that seemed so naughty. What a hoot looking back at that show and remembering all the anxiousness it caused.


January 06, 2006 - Msg 32602: if u didnt talk so much romeena u wouldnt have to sweep so much on the porch

January 06, 2006 - Msg 32603: I like the way romeena talks...she's a good talker. She's one of the best talkers here...and that's what the porch is all about! If she gets tired of sweepin...I'll take the broom a while.


January 06, 2006 - Msg 32604: :-)

January 06, 2006 - Msg 32605: I remember Jello "parfait" that was 3 layers, anyone else? And Jello 123 !
Ky Girl - good youre felling beter!
DIXIE! Good job girl! Wow , you can keep your sanity for 8 more months! haha
Busy day today, more later,
mayoral candidate, MDC

January 06, 2006 - Msg 32606: Fruit for breakfast is healthy and we aint getting any younger!,,hey mdc,asa,auh2o,Tom,boo,ro,ky,salty,i remember jello parfait...yall remember susie chapstick?..double mint gum comericals..Ro you talk all ya want girl..i will goober and i will clean up!..well tonight its going down to 26 here in ga...im here till 6 am..tonight its home made chili and crackers with grill cheese sandwiches and orange fanta soda....well let me watch the depressing local news....SPOT

January 06, 2006 - Msg 32607: Thanks eveyone for prayers he is doing alot better. SPOT Supper sounds great! Do we elect a mayor in here?


January 06, 2006 - Msg 32608: RIP, Lou Rawls.



January 06, 2006 - Msg 32609: Hey, Des! Where you been, girl? We missed you. Sure do hope you'll make it a habit to visit the porch once again. You were one of the originals! Lou Rawls will be missed, too. A very talented man.

Thanks, Goober. Oh, Sammie D.'s picture is on the website. She sure is a pretty thing.

Have started putting a few Christmas things away, will get most of the lights down tomorrow, tree will stay up until I get tired of it. Sugarplum doesn't mind, so why should I? It's bright and pretty, I enjoy it, so what's the hurry?

Have a lovely evening, everyone. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

January 06, 2006 - Msg 32610: Oops!
Sorry about that! --Romeena

January 06, 2006 - Msg 32611: www.geocities.com/andysparkway/home.html

January 06, 2006 - Msg 32612: Awwwwww, what a relaxful evening;

"I read in a Book Once"

So, how can you banish bad breath?
Here’s the scoop, courtesy of Redbook magazine:
First, know this: Bad breath – otherwise known as halitosis - affects more than 90 million Americans, and may be a sign of gum disease or infections. But the #1 cause of bad breath is the bacteria that hang out in the back of your mouth, producing stinky sulfur-smelling gases. To keep your breath smelling sweet, try these tips:
Right off the bat, practice good oral hygiene. Brushing and flossing at least twice a day helps keep bad-breath bacteria at bay.

Also, clean your tongue. Brushing removes only 15 percent of odor-causing bacteria. But a good tongue scrub will get rid of at least 85 percent. If you don’t have a tongue scraper, try an upside-down spoon. At least once a day before you brush, stick the spoon as far back on your tongue as you can, and scrape forward several times.

Another bad-breath fix: eat yogurt. A study in Japan found that eating 6 ounces of plain yogurt a day greatly decreases odor-causing compounds in your mouth. If you don’t like plain yogurt, add artificial sweetener like Splenda – but not sugar, which can boost bacteria growth.

Also, snack on “detergent” vegetables. In other words, carrots, apples or anything with a rough texture. It’ll rub over the back of your tongue as you swallow, and clean off the bacteria.

And the final bad-breath fix: eat parsley. Restaurants don’t put it on your plate just for show. Parsley is packed with chlorophyll – the stuff that makes plants green - which neutralizes all kinds of smells, including garlic.
To recap, get rid of bad breath by brushing and flossing, cleaning your tongue, eating yogurt, snacking on carrots and apples, and eating parsley. And you’ll be kiss-ably sweet in no time!


January 06, 2006 - Msg 32613: Let me know if you like it and ill issue more tommorow. Got something I can Read let me know.


January 06, 2006 - Msg 32614: Hey Folks,

I thought you might like to see the new Mayberry FAQs by TAGSRWC with updated information. I plan on being able to add questions/answers very often.

January 06, 2006 - Msg 32615: That's outstanding Floyd! I really like that!

I don't know about that tounge scrubbing Arnold. I have a pretty low threshold gag reflex. It's about all I can do to brush my back teeth without hurling. Course I'm looking at myself in the looking glass when I'm doing it. Jeepers, maybe it ain't the brushing making me gag. I'll try it tomorrow with my eyes closed and see what happens.:)


January 06, 2006 - Msg 32616: Oh Asa! I'm with you, I often gag as I brush my teeth. The spoon would do me in for sure! Thanks for the info, though Arnold.

ALRIGHT SPOT! You remember Fuzzy Bear! I'm not crazy afterall.

Congratulations Dixie Belle, hope we hear from you more often.

MDC, I remember the three layer jello stuff you mentioned. I remember it coming in orange flavor.

RO, you never told us how you slept last night on the new bed...

I just returned from Houston a little while ago and the traffic was beyond horrific. The way they are always doing construction on the roads and merging 6 lanes of traffic into 2 lanes is like trying to stuff a 500lb woman into a size 2 girdle! I thought I would never get out of Houston. Can't understand why anyone would fight that traffic everyday if they didn't have to. I am very glad I am residing in a small town right now.

Hey Asa, I never sang that vomit song you mentioned but how about this one: "Comet, it makes your mouth turn green. Comet, it tastes like gasoling. Comet, it makes you vomit, so eat some comet and vomit today!"...that one was real popular in grade school.

Ya'll have a great evening!


January 07, 2006 - Msg 32617: Im watching Apollo 13 have seen it of course but its such a great movie...that opie.....clint is good in this one too....no scraping my tounge with a spoon...whew...just will be glad to get my wisdom teeth out where i want have to go back as far!!...hey boo,asa ro,Floyd the site is great ....well let me finish this movie and I will have the breakfast menu...SPOT the"no tounge scrubbing" dog of your porch..

January 07, 2006 - Msg 32618: Morning gang...bisquits and ham,sausage,chicken pattys,bacon,cheese,plate of eggs make your own of your choosing this morning...getting ready to go home and sleep a bit then have a COLD weekend with the kids!..got plenty of wood for fires..SPOT

January 07, 2006 - Msg 32619: Hey Spot. Apollo 13 is my all time favorite movie. Lots of TAGS connections as you said, Ron Howard directed and Leon (Clint Howard) played Cy. Did you know Ron's Mom and Dad were in the movie as well? His Mom played Jim Lovells Mom, and his Dad (Rance Howard) was the preacher. I bet there may have been others as well.

Gonna go swing the clubs today. Still having unreal warm sunny weather here for Janurary. Can't compete with Ro's and Boo's 80's, but we will be pushing 50 today. We are usually lucky to break freezing this time of year. So golfing I will go. Got some of homemakers old meatballs I'll be hitting. They got more bounce in them than my Pinnacle's do. She could make millions if she marketed them right.

Play-offs start today, the second season in the NFL and I like it pretty good, even though my team stunk this year and didn't make it.

Romeena, we are all waiting to hear about that new mattress. Was it worth the money?

Later gang.


January 07, 2006 - Msg 32620: Morning Y'all! Cold here on the Southern end of the Porch-brrr!
Congrats to Dixie! Hope you enjoy teaching!
MDC,I remember that Jello 123 stuff.Don't recall Boo's Fuzzy Bear though.Boo,here's another grooming product flashback for you-remember Soap on A Rope?
Spot,are you having those wisdom teeth pulled or cut out? I had to have the bottom ones cut out years back and was really swollen,sore and bruised for a few days after. I found that applying ice packs helped me-just a suggestion. Good luck on Monday!
Did y'all know that the real Arnold of TAGS fame actually grew up to be a dentist? Think he practices in Colorado. Thought it was kind of funny that our porch Arnold was talking along the same lines!
Speaking of talking,yes Romeena,talk to us a bit about that new mattress you bought.Talk to us about anything you want,for that matter-when it comes to talking,you're the cats!
Oh,yesterday I was sitting on the floor playing with Laci(my 2 year old grandchild) and I heard a little promo on TVLand for TAGS.My back was to the tv,but I heard the familiar theme song start up and I said "Laci,that's Mayberry!" Laci replied " Yeah!" That's my lil' Mayberry gal!
possum under a rock

January 07, 2006 - Msg 32621:
Hugh Thompson RIP



January 07, 2006 - Msg 32622: Aren'tcha kind - aren'tcha kind!! You folks are too much. Like most old ladies, I talk too much, but you folks are so sweet about it. Thanks.

About the bed, for comfort and sheer sleep-ability, I'd give it a perfect 10. I'm very glad I bought it. For fixing my back, though, it's a big zero. Zip. Nada. Didn't help a bit, in fact this morning is one of the worst I've had. I have a known malformed lumbar vertebra, and was told years ago that it would cause trouble someday, so I guess someday has come. Since I have no intention of spending the years that are left to me putting up with this pain, I'll be calling a doctor this next week. I have too much to do, to be hampered by a cranky back.

I don't remember a "Fuzzy Bear", but I do remember Jim Henson's Fozzie Bear - one of the muppets, and voiced by Frank Oz, I believe. Is that who you're thinking of, or is there really a Fuzzy Bear?

Well, I think I'll go try a hot shower. This back thing just won't let go this morning. Very tiresome.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

P.S. I'll say one thing, I'm gaining a new sympathy for Emma when she's walking crooked. So am I!

January 07, 2006 - Msg 32623: Hi, and good afternoon sports fans. Im going to select the winner of ther two playoff games today!

In the first game of Tampa Bay Bucs vs. Washington Redskins 4:30 ABC, I pick Bucs simply because they are starving for a long playoff season and they will trust Chris Sims to do the right thing on the field. Wasington however isnt going to just lie down and let Tampa ride through them. They have a gret definse on the blitze and is to sure keep Chris Sims awake and alert.

Prediction: Tampa Bay 28 Washington 21

The second game is 8:30pm ABC New England vs. Jacksonville
Need I to say more New England is trying for its third Super Bowl trophy. Jacs will not win because of this reason, they caint move the ball in stile. New England is playoff ready and will blossom today. Expect Brady to hit on every stike.

Prediction: New England 28 Jacksonville 17

Tonight I will have the two teams playing tommorow wich will be a great game between Carolina and New York.