January 18, 2006 - Msg 32992: Good evening, everyone. Bulbsnatcher, I can't believe it's really you1 You've been gone waaaay yonder too long. I'm so sorry that December was so bad and so hard for you. Won't speculate, but it must have been something very serious. When you feel like talking, we'll feel like listening.

I'd like to clarify something about my photo site. It's not a website that I created myself - I'm not that smart. Anyone can go to myphotoalbum.com, join up, and start opening albums and loading pictures in. In the join-up process, you establish what you want the entry address to be, so your friends can enter. When they do, they can view whatever is there, but can't edit or add to or delete anything. They can order prints of any pictures, if they wish. That's what powers and pays for the site. I've never done that, I can print my own here at home. Your password to the site identifies you and lets you edit things at will, but no one else can. It's fun, and a good way to share your personal photos with family and friends.

Well, my friend Ted and I spent the day cleaning out my garage, and we accomplished wonders. Ted is good company, works hard, and pushes the pencil very lightly, so it was well worth it. All my little deer are gone from the yard, and put away in the garage, and there are several bags and boxes of trash waiting to go out. I could almost get a second car in there now, and my own was a bit crowded before we cleaned things out.

Gotta work tonight (yuck) so guess I'd better go. Take care, all. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

January 18, 2006 - Msg 32993: Wow! I guess I got carried away with all that sweeping in the garage, and just swept the porch, too. Enjoy it while it lasts, folks. --Romeena

January 18, 2006 - Msg 32994: So sorry about your pain, Bulbsnatcher. I will pray for you. We care about you around here so keep coming back, OK?

Congratulations on getting all that work done, Ro. Feels good, doesn't it? I cannot wait to get that new house built and put everything in its place. We are so crowded here at Dad's. We rented a storage but we still needed more space and we are using part of the garage. Everytime I do laundry I have to maneuver around boxes.

Was Ernest T Bass talking about the real Daphne? He wasn't talking about our Fun Girl, was he? I am afraid maybe I missed something. We haven't heard from her in ages.

These Jeopardy questions are getting HARD!

I think I will go to church tonight. We have small-group and I ususally skip it (shame on me) but think I'll go tonight instead of watching American IDLE again!


January 18, 2006 - Msg 32995: Hey Boo and Ro good work over there with Mr Ted..he sounds like a good friend...blubsnatcher hope all gets better for you...Romeena dont work to hard...me also at 10 tonight..then 16 tomorrow and fri and off the weekend...well let me jump back a page and see what I missed before the sweep....SPOT

January 18, 2006 - Msg 32996: I'm ashamed to say that I had almost forgotten just how kind and compassionate you folks here on the porch really are. Honestly....it truly touches me, and I am very thankful to even still be welcomed here, especially after my comments once about kinda drifting from Mayberry stuff. I was never mad and loved you guys all the same, but still, sniff...sniff.....well, thank you--all of you--it means a lot to me.

Well, Ro.....those are WONDERFUL pictures you have posted -- it is so much fun to see folks and their kids and furkids! I could look at pictures for hours on end....they tell a story, and they are a part of people's lives....and to see folks from the porch....it's so cool....no one ever looks exactly as you have them pictured in your mind....have you noticed that?

What a warm and comforting place...this here porch and the folks rockin' on it.....just amazing.


January 18, 2006 - Msg 32997: Bulbsnatcher is SO good to have you back...now just where on the porch are you located?..as you could see on Ro"s site mom and pop and I and the kids are here on the good old Ga red clay...SPOT

January 18, 2006 - Msg 32998: Afd you are right on the plugs...and the rose pic.#14 is the rose that aunt B won the contest with that opei broke throwing a football right?...SPOT

January 18, 2006 - Msg 32999: Hot diggity dog, Bulbsie is back. Good to see you dear. Sorry things was bad in December and like Romeena said, we are here for you when or if you need to talk. I'm headed out of town for the rest of the week but will be back on Monday. I could use your prayers for a safe trip. We will be facing snowy and icy roads for a few hundred miles of it. Thanks friends and God bless.


January 18, 2006 - Msg 33000: BIG BIG smile.....hey, Asa....God, it's good to see ya buddy! As for where I am on the porch, Spot....for now, until I feel a little better about myself, I'm over here, standing in the corner. I would ask for a nectarine crush, but as cold as it is, I think I'll try to rustle up some hot chocolate. On a broader spectrum of the porch, I'm near Nashville, Tennessee -- a little town called La Vergne (like “Laverne and Shirley”). It's a little chilly here, but nowhere near as cold as Utah, I'm sure, so Godspeed to ya, Asa, my friend. And those pics are incredible, Spot....beautiful home, family....everything....count your blessings! I know you do!

Hugs to everybody! Bulbsnatcher

January 18, 2006 - Msg 33001: Nice to see you again Bulbsie! I'm sorry about the troubles you've had, I sure hope things look up for you soon. By the way, you don't have to stand in the corner too long. Just a day or 2 aurght to be enough. Good luck on your travels, Asa. Drive safely. I see you were shootin' for the good feeling, Romeena, by cleaning the garage. Now you feel good and tired. Boo, I'm sure Ernest T was talking about the "real" fun girl, Jean Carson. Not "our" fun girl.
- Hazel

"You people are living in another world! Men are orbiting the earth. Satelite television has been developed. And here 2 old ladies talk about their feet falling asleep."

January 18, 2006 - Msg 33002: Satelite television has been developed??
Ha, just funnin with ya Hazel.
Boo, I think he means dear Jean carson also. It is on the homepage.
Spot, now ya got me thinking of the song, a dog named boo... "I remember to this day, the bright red Georgia clay.."
ASA, you be safe. Prayers for ya for sure.
PAPPABEAR, where are you??
God evening all,

January 18, 2006 - Msg 33003: hey mfd,afd,....waffle house on AFD....SPOT

January 18, 2006 - Msg 33004: A Dog named bo??

January 18, 2006 - Msg 33005: We sure talk about dogs alot here on the porch, don't we? Wonderful critters, they are. My new dog Jingles is the most amazing dog. He is absolutely the smartest little dog I have ever seen. He sticks those ears up and turns his little head to the side and observes everything that goes on and then remembers it. He a real sweetie. I used to think it strange when people went on about their dogs but now I'm one of them!

BULB, I'm so glad you are back!

I am still waiting to get onto Ro's photo site and see the pictures and can't yet. Bruce has to load something on this laptop first and it will take awhile. He has been so swamped at work that he hasn't had time to do it. Been working late every night for almost 2 weeks. Are my pictures on yet and if so, aren't ya gonna tell me how cute my dogs and kids are? Gracious!....

Here's a funny story for you that happened here tonight. My poor old dad is really losing his short term memory but is pretty lucid most of the time and does amazingly well for an 80 yr old man. Anyway, while I was at church tonight, my sister-in-law, Linda, called for me. When Bruce got home my dad met him in the kitchen to give him the message to tell me that Linda called for me when I got home. Well, he told Bruce, "Uh...your sister called...what's her name again? Uh...not Vickie, the other one.....right, Linda.............. Well she wants...uh.................what's my daughter's name?" "Which one?", asked Bruce. "Uh..........the one that lives with me...". "You mean Julie?", asked Bruce. "Yeah, Julie......Uh,....... what's your sister's name again?...Uh, yes, Linda.......... Well she wants...uh....Julie to call her." Haha....I'm not making fun of Dad, understand, he laughs at himself when he does something like that and it is just so funny sometimes. I can totally see myself doing that when I'm old.

Well, should be sleeping but made the mistake of drinking a big Dr. Pepper at the Dairy Queen. Do ya'll have Dairy Queen where you live or is it just a Texas thing?


January 18, 2006 - Msg 33006: watching..the bird ept......SPOT

January 18, 2006 - Msg 33007: Boo bless yer dad...SPOT

January 18, 2006 - Msg 33008: Forgot to ask: Have any of you seen the Brokeback Mountain movie that won all the awards at the Golden Globes? They aren't showing it in Corpus Christi theatres due to controversy over the movie but they are showing a horrible Quentin Tarrentino movie called "Hostel" that is supposedly based on facts and the whole movie is about torture. It bothers me that young people will be seeing it and get a little more de-sensitized to violence and suffering.


January 18, 2006 - Msg 33009: Thanks, SPOT. You are such a good soul.


January 18, 2006 - Msg 33010: We've got DQ's here in MO, Boo. Do they still call them "Live a little"'s down in TX? We visited my grandparents in Arlington back in 1980 or so and that's what they called them.

Your Jingles sounds so cute! No photos yet on Ro's site. Looking forward to seeing them! Don't let your hubby work too hard, ya hear.

Cute story about your dad. I'm glad he can still laugh at himself when things like that happen. : )

Hey spot - I'll bring a fistful of dollars to the Waffle House tomorrow, so anything you want it's yours! ; )

Guess I'll see ya'll later! Night!

January 18, 2006 - Msg 33011: Nope, haven't seen "Brokeback Mtn", Boo - don't plan on catching it or "Hostel" either. Do want to see "Glory Road" though.


January 18, 2006 - Msg 33012: Or howabout, "The End of The Spear"? Its about Jim Elliot and the other missionaries who were killed by the Auca indians. Supposed to be released on Friday. I want to see that one.

I have never heard of "Live a Little", AFD. Maybe that was just in Arlington. Ro might know.
Thanks, Jingles is a cutie pie and I sent Ro a picture of him sleeping with a blanket on him that is really sweet. As far as Bruce working too hard, I'm afraid its useless! He has to right now, really. The extra long hours should end soon, though. You are kind to be concerned about him. I am sometimes. He is one of those who really pushes himself to do the job the best way he can.

I guess its the Waffle House in the morning. I haven't been to one of those since I visited Florida.

What's Glory Road about?


January 19, 2006 - Msg 33013: Morning yall...its the pork chop breakfast for me and 2 over lite and scattered covered smothered and covered and cheese in my grits...thanks SPOT

January 19, 2006 - Msg 33014: ups....said covered twice...me

January 19, 2006 - Msg 33015: Thanks AFD.....good grub...me...SPOT

January 19, 2006 - Msg 33016: Mornin to the PORCH! Looks to be a nice day here in sunny Miami...and I get to go home! Even if it is Chicager...it's still home!

Spot...leave off those bad carbs and I'll join you in some chops! :-)

Boo, we have DQ in Chicager...I love a little treat with a dipped cone now and then.

Mornin to AFD, Hazel, Ro, MDC...Bulbsee...great to see you...Ya'll have a great and blessed day!


January 19, 2006 - Msg 33017: Morning, Dear.
- Hazel

January 19, 2006 - Msg 33018: Mornin' Honey! How are ya, Hazel?

Have a safe trip home, Goober.

Glad you got yourself "covered" at Waffle House this morning, spot. ; ) Hope you didn't go away hungry!

A blurb about Glory Road - "In 1966, Texas Western (which later became University of Texas - El Paso) coach Don Haskins led the first all-black starting line-up for a college basketball team to the NCAA national championship against Kentucky." I'm sure it will be a lot like Hoosiers, if anybody's seen that, but I love a good basketball movie.

Well, I better get around here, got a busy day ahead.
Prayers for everyone and have a good day!

January 19, 2006 - Msg 33019: ok goober...may I ask what kind of work you are in to ge to go to Miami?...as you all know Im in the power buss....hey Hazel dear and Ro and Boo and all...SPOT

January 19, 2006 - Msg 33020: ya slipped in ADF,,,morning....SPOT

January 19, 2006 - Msg 33021: Oops! You think I'd know who I am by now. ; )


January 19, 2006 - Msg 33022: Good morning Hazel and Bulbsie -
Hey Bublsnatcher, I know where LaVergne is. . my brother lives in Murfreesboro. It is so good to see your bright smiling face again on the porch.

We have DQ around here too - the best one is in Greensburg, IN - mmm, it is good. The one nearer is Batesville but not nearly as good as Greensburg. Have you tried the Hawaiian blizzard yet - bananas, pineapple, coconut and vanilla ice cream. That is some good eating!

We had a snow day yesterday - just enough leftover rain before the temps fell to make ice on the roads and then the snow on top of that. We are supposed to have high 40's today.

You all have a great day in the Lord today! May His mercies fall upon you all!


January 19, 2006 - Msg 33023: Thanks, Homemaker. Wow, a snow day. Wish I could have one. Supposed to be 80 degrees here today and windy.

Glory Road sounds good, AFD. I think I'll see that one. I loved Remember The T#tans (think it was football, but a good story).

So you all have DQ's in your area. Do you have Whataburger?

Better go...Erin is up.


January 19, 2006 - Msg 33024: Good to see you are back, Bulbsnatcher! I hope things begin to look up for you soon for whatever your troubles are.

Boo, we don't have a DQ here in the town we live in now but we had one in my hometown. I remember going there after swimming when I was growing up, since it was near the city pool. Don't much care for it now though. The DQ's I have been too since all seem to have the rudest workers, including the one in my hometown. I think they must train them all with the same manual on how to be rude to customers or something. I don't know how they are where you live. There was this one DQ we went to and when we pulled up to the drivethru to order the person says "what do you want?". I kid you not. And rarely do we get a "thank you" nor even the obligatory "have a nice day". Maybe they are nicer in Texas.

MDC, I know pappabear said about two pages back that he was going to be offline for a while as he gets a new internet service provider, in case you missed it. Hopefully he will be back soon. What's a town without a mayor?!

-Sterling Holobyte

January 19, 2006 - Msg 33025: Boo, are you kidding?? we LIVE at the DQ dring the summer around here! haha
Their grillburgers are super, love the one smotherd in mushrooms, mmm, Hey, I'll just invite yall to the DQ tonight! Thanks boo. Yup, we also have Whataburger.
I heard thet "End of the Spear" is very good.
PRAYers for all!!

January 19, 2006 - Msg 33026: Oops, didnt see ya there sterling. The one we go to must have thrown away the manual, ha
They are pretty good.
Thanks for the pbear info. I guess i missed that.

January 19, 2006 - Msg 33027: Hi MDC. BTW, what is a "Whataburger"? They like a McDonalds or something?
Obviously we don't have them around here. :)

-Sterling Holobyte

January 19, 2006 - Msg 33028: Good morning, everyone. BOO: Here in maryland we have DQs, but not Whataburger. Isn't that a southern thing? We are just getting Sonics.

Speaking of movies, I want to get out to see "King Kong." I just have to convince my wife. She, on the other hand, wants to see "Walk the Line." I've heard it's really good, and want to see it myself, but we won't get to see both at the movies and "King Kong" is a big screen kind of film. We will not be seeing "Brokeback Mountain."

My daughter is waiting for "Curious George." She's only been to the movies a couple of times. We've found that even G-rated movies often contain stuff we find objectionable (s*xual innuendo, bathroom humor, etc.). She loved "Jonah" (Veggie Tales) and "March of the Penguins." Both are on video now. I enjoyed both as well!

Well, it's closing in on lunchtime...


January 19, 2006 - Msg 33029: AFD: Mrs. Me-They's cravings switched from dill pickles to root beer floats (as many as she's had in past few weeks, she may float away!), and now has switched to strawberries with cottage cheese. She's had at least several bowls a day for the last few days. It's healthy, but those strawberries (being out of season here) at $4.99 a pack are going to break the bank! I've got to get her onto something healthy AND cheap!


January 19, 2006 - Msg 33030: No What-a-Burger's here - we found them on our trip to Texas and thought they were great! We do have Sonics and Rally's around here.

Talk to you all later -


January 19, 2006 - Msg 33031: Hey yall..me-they,hm,boo,afd sh,and all , no whataburger but DQ here...yall have martins?...well its off to work......10-4....SPOT

January 19, 2006 - Msg 33032: Hey Spot, I'm an IS/systems person for Comcast. Had a meeting here in Miami.

And, on the way (slowy) to the airport right now, just passed the "wynkin, blynkin and nod" trailer park!

Too funny!


January 19, 2006 - Msg 33033: Goober, for real, a trailer park? how funny! Tags sure gets around.
Sterling- WhatABurger is McDonalds on steriods!
Very good large burgers, diced grilled onions etc. on them, Delicious! County nurse may have to check your HDL however! ha
I just emailed some photos to Romeena, so you may soon see this Mr Darlin's Cuz's mugshot (and Mrs MDC) soon. Next best thang to seein' ya all in person!
Spot, your home is beautiful! Looking at that photo, whereabouts would have been your crosses at Christmas?


January 19, 2006 - Msg 33034: ok goober got ya.......for real name for the trailer park?...MDC looking at the one of kel and my mom they would have been to the left on my fence....just to the left of the jet skis in the back ground ...and thanks....SPOT

January 19, 2006 - Msg 33035: I just got an email from Rev JR. He has been swamped at work lately! All else is ok. Good to know that he did not od on BBQ sauce, tho that would be a good way to go! haha
SPOT, now i got a hankerin' for ya to fire up the smoker. Baseball and nascar not too far off!
How bout ya all's favorite 70's shows.??
Couldnt beat Sat nite back then: MTM and Bob Newhart Also liked WKRP, Welcome back Kotter, Wonder Woman. Others?
Mayor MDC (Oops, did I say that?) haha
PappaBear would make me do the obstcle course! ha

January 19, 2006 - Msg 33036: So do we have new mayor?..MDC?...im still the cook aint I?..and MDC its 60 here in ga...I liked ChIPS... the beaver,bonanza,...cant wait for nascar MDC..and my braves..I got to figure out who drives for whom and what this year...tonight its chicken and dressing,green beans,okra,slaw and tea....SPOT

January 19, 2006 - Msg 33037: "Rockford Files," "Columbo" and "Hawaii Five-O." (When I was younger I also liked "Donny & Marie," but if you tell anyone, I'll deny it!)

Tenm minutes to the 5 o'cclock whistle...


January 19, 2006 - Msg 33038: Ooops! Seems I either got a sticky keyboard or my two fingers are moving too fast.


January 19, 2006 - Msg 33039: Me-They, you have to lay off the squeezins. ;) At least until after 5 pm.

I don't really remember too many shows that I liked from the 70's. Those detective shows you mentioned, Me-They, were ones that I watched, but mostly because we had only one tv and the grownups watched them so we had to as well, if we wanted to watch tv anyway. I did grow to appreciate Columbo later on. I just love the way he makes the criminal think that he is some bumbling detective, when all the while he is craftily(don't know if that is a word or not) putting it all together.
I do love a game show from the 70's - Match Game. I love it so much that I even wrote to some of the regulars on the panel. I received a great letter and autograph from Brett Somers(she is a really nice lady), and an autograph from Richard Dawson. The only one who hasn't sent anything back is Charles Nelson Reilly, the fink! ;) Naw, I'm sure he's busy with something or other.
Well, have to go get supper started. Have a nice night everyone.
-Sterling Holobyte

January 19, 2006 - Msg 33040: Spot, that was just me funnin' around!
But as the saying goes, I'll take it if no one else wants it! haha Kiss some babies, let the band go to Raliegh, issue a few proclamations, how hard can it be , haha
Now pappa will make me sing with a bucket on my head!
Evenin' yall

January 19, 2006 - Msg 33041: Evening Porch! Stopping by to say hello & see what's up with everyone. Sure hate that I missed Waffle House this morning, I love that place! Why don't we go again after Sun. meeting? I'll buy as long as Asa don't start slipping sausage patties in his pocket again. How embarra$sing that was! Can't take him anywhere! Goober be safe in your travels, got yer penny that's been run over by a train? Spot never told you thanks for keepin my 'lectric on the other night, Thanks. Off to take a much wanted hot bath & soak my aching bones.

January 19, 2006 - Msg 33042: Hey yall...and yer welcome MDC...Mavis we will have to frisk Asa after our journeys out in public...that rascal...still here at work till 6 am..all is quite...snack tonight is granny smith apples...rc cola..well let me pull up the tv guide web site and find a movie...SPOT

January 19, 2006 - Msg 33043: Spot, why not come visit us tonight at
Scroll down the left side til you come to a box that says enjoy some western chat, and click on it! We need yer cookin' over there since Wishbone went on strike! ha.

January 19, 2006 - Msg 33044: I posted over there MDC...do you just reply to each of the post?...SPOT

January 19, 2006 - Msg 33045: Hey to the PORCH! Back home in Chicager now...always good to be home. Even better when Mrs Goober meets me in a nice new red dress! YOW!

Yep...that really was the name of the trailer park...pretty funny...

Ya'll be good....


January 19, 2006 - Msg 33046: Welcome home Goober.....SPOT

January 19, 2006 - Msg 33047: Hey guys! Being a Sub. teacher sure does keep you busy! I'm also now in class for my Masters. Hip, hip, hooray! I am taking 17 hours ( a little over half of what I need ). I'm so glad to be getting things done.

I just wanted to check in tonite before i went to sleep. i'll catch you guys tomorrow:)


January 19, 2006 - Msg 33048: My goodness, Dixie. Taking 17 hours and working too? I admire your determination. It will pay off, that's for sure.

Did a bit of editing in the photo site (romeena.myphotoalbum.com). I created a sub-album in the "Porchsters, Homes and Families" album. It's called "Porchsters' Pets" and is where the Porchsters' Pets pictures will be now. If there is a porchster in the picture, it will be in the main album. If it's just the pet, it will be in the sub-album. Just seemed easier to organize it that way. Also, I've moved some of the pictures around, grouping them by individual. No particular order, I just started grabbing pictures and putting them together. All of Spot's family, and Mavis's, and I'll be adding Boo and her family tomorrow. I have to have the light on in this room to use the scanner, and in front of this big window at night, I feel like a goldfish in a bowl with the light on. So, I'll do my scanning in the morning.

After working hard yesterday, then a very long night at work last night, I slept almost all day today. Incredibly, I'm getting sleepy again, so I may just check out and go back to bed. The Plum will be disappointed, but she'll get over it.

Have a great day tomorrow, everyone. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

"There goes a happy man." -- Andy

"There goes a happy NUT!" -- Barney

January 19, 2006 - Msg 33049: Great job RO!..MDC you look like your dad...nice family shot...your dad looks so happy....yall get the pics to Ro now ya here!..well back to my movie ...will have the breakfast menu in a bit....SPOT

January 20, 2006 - Msg 33050: Good morning porch....this morning its build your own take along breakfast...bisquits,sausage links,pattyed sausage,bacon,cheese,scrambled eggs, mustard...build ya a couple to go...coffee...well home at 6 to snooze a bit then back here at 2...have a great porch day...SPOT

January 20, 2006 - Msg 33051: Hi, everybody! Its 4am and I am wide awake for some reason (I'll blame it on hormones like I do everything else). It was a trying day. A dear friend of mine was arrested and I have been dealing with his wife and daughter, trying to help them. It's a real mess that I will tell ya'll about someday when its not so fresh.

"Whataburger is McDonald's on steroids", perfect description, Mayor MDC! They serve up some really big burgers.

STERLING, I have the exact same problem at our local DQ and very seldom go there for that reason. They make me so mad when I do. Terrible manners and very rude, this is a very rare thing to find in Texas but that DQ is the exception. A friend and I took the kids there for ice cream Wed. night and we were having a converstion about how rude the employees were and why, when I noticed a couple of signs up near the counter that said, "Complaint Department 300 miles west". Well, I didn't like that att#tude at all. I know it is a franchise and that the owners are church people so I think I might try to contact them and give them my opinion.

I'm not surprised that you were tired Ro, gosh! You did alot of work yesterday. Hope you are getting the rest you need.

Me-They, I won't tell a soul about the Donnie and Marie thing. I can remember our family only having one TV and 3 channels. I hated Monday nights because Dad always watched football and he never missed Hogan's Heroes and Lawrence Welk (I hated both!). My favorite 70's shows were Little House, The Walton's and Star Trek reruns. Loved MASH and All In The Family, too. Didn't it used to come on on Saturday nights, too? When I was in high school, I never missed Saturday Night Live with Chevy Chase, Jane Curtain, Lorraine Newman, Gilda Radner, Garret Morris, John Bellushi, Bill Murray and....can't beleive I can't remember that other guy's name....real popular and was in Christmas with the Kranks. He was one of the Blues Brothers.

Well, I think I will attemp to go back to sleep. Might be another long day, friend is supposed to be arraigned tomorrow afternoon. Love to all,


January 20, 2006 - Msg 33052: Dan Ackroyd,Boo. I loved SNL "back in the day" as the saying goes! Do y'all remember the Rookies with Kate Jackson and Michael Ontkean (with that dark curly hair!)? What about Emergency with Johnny Gage? What was the other character's name? Can't recall it,but the actor was Kevin Tighe (sp?).I liked the Waltons too and loved Happy Days when it first came into our homes-still like to watch it.
Well.. Oh,as Gildna Radner's character used to say: "NEVER MIND!" Ha! Ha! Y'all have a great day!
possum under a rock

January 20, 2006 - Msg 33053: Check out www.beforeyougo.us
A moving tribute to our WWII vets. . .


January 20, 2006 - Msg 33054: Hey Boo,your mention of Lawrence Welk reminded me of something funny: A few years ago I worked in a Mental Facility (Asa,note I said I WORKED in it-was NOT a patient,so don't even think about it-ha!)and we had a guy named George whose Mom would call us whenever Lawrence Welk reruns would come on and tell us to turn on George's tv set so he could watch it. For the most part,he was a quiet guy,non verbal and unagressive. Well,we'd put Lawrence Welk on and George would HOLLER! Happened everytime we turned it on! Finally,we would just fib to his mom whenever she called and tell her that we already had Lawrence Welk on for George and he was "enjoying" it.Hey,you do what you have to in order to keep the peace!
Guess I'd better go do something around the rock-have a great Friday!
possum under a rock

January 20, 2006 - Msg 33055: BOO: I was just nine when SNL premiered. I had a friend who either had me over his house or spent the night over my house almost every weekend for probably five or six years. We used to stay up late and watch SNL. I look back now and think, what were our parents thinking? Then I think of the generation our parents came from, and what they watched and assumed tv to be like, and I understand that they had no clue that we were watching stuff that at that age is highly inappropriate. The drug and s*x stuff--I can't believe some the things they did! I guess it didn't ruin me me, but it does make me take a close look at what my kids are watching.

And, yes, "All in the Family" started out on Saturday Nights. I didn't watch it because my dad didn't like it. We only had one tv until I was in high school, and dad had tv control most evenings. He was in law enforcement, and hated watching police shows, so when I did get to watch them it was because he wasn't home or was asleep or reading. Luckily, he slept until 10:00 on Saturday mornings, so we could get some good cartoons in.

I loved "Emergency!" We watched the "Waltons," too, but never "Little House." My brother and I considered it a "girl show." Instead, we watched "Kung Fu" (lots of slow-mo fights in our house), "Six Million Dollar Man," and "Planet of the Apes." Now those were shows a boy could love! It's funny though, because my daughter loves LHOTP and we watch it together all the time on TV Land. Since I haven't seen them, they are very entertaining to me as well.

HOMEMAKER: Thanks for the link. I'll check it out.

Have a great day, all!


January 20, 2006 - Msg 33056:

Morning Folks,

It supposed to hit close to 60 here today. Holy Cow!! Batman. The local news reported the other day that we had a little over 7 feet of snow in the fall and only about a foot and a half since winter hit.

"Dogs, dogs, dogs" was not on yesterday, what a bummer. The Ernest T. episode was a good though. OK, who's kidding who they're all good.

Boo-Remember when Bill Murray was the "lounge lizard" singing show tunes? I loved his version of the theme to "Star Wars"..... (clearing throat).... If they should bar wars please let there be Star Wars.

It's a dessert topping! No, it's a floor wax! Hey, hey, hey, calm down, you two. New Shimmer is both a floor wax and a dessert topping!


January 20, 2006 - Msg 33057: Hey porchters! auh2o, you're a riot! I always liked "Bass-o-Matic" '.... say, that's great bass!' Dan Ackroyd is a genius. But then, so is Don Knotts. Athough I think "Laugh-In" did more damage to our generation than SNL did. Ever watch a rerun of that?! Turrible. Romeena, how can I submit a picture to your photo album? Sure looks like hard work, but I'm enjoying it so much!! Welcome back Bulbsie, good to see ya! Asa, traveling mercies for you! We have DQ in the ATL. Great shakes! Goober, that's great seeing that trailer park. I'll have to look for it next time I'm down there.

Things still hectic and strained here, but I try to read up on you all every so often.

All the best,
~ Mrs. Wiley

Briscoe: "It was your heart talkin' to my heart. Now my heart is answerin'."

January 20, 2006 - Msg 33058: On SNL, I liked the Loopner bits with Lisa (Gilda Radner) and her boyfriend, Todd (Bill Murray). They cracked me up. I never cared for "Laugh-In." Either I was too young or it just wasn't that funny. As a little kid I did like watching Ruth Buzzi hit Arte Johnson over the head, though. That made me laugh.

Remember the fake commercial for Swill? This disgusting, thick "water" (complete with pop tops and twigs) was poured out of a bottle over ice to the tune of Carly Simon's "Anticipation." It was gross, but real, real funny!

"You're not talkin' to a jerk, y'know!"

January 20, 2006 - Msg 33059: Possum: Speaking of Lawrence Welk...When my parents went out on Sunday evenings my grandparents watched us. Their tv line-up was "The Lawrence Welk Show" then "60 Minutes." TV didn't get much worse for a kid. We'd beg for "Wonderful World of Disney." We usually lost that war.

"You give 'em five, they'll take ten..."

January 20, 2006 - Msg 33060: Boy, you guys are really making me remember more shows that were on during the 70's that I liked to watch, particularily The Six Million Dollar Man and Planet Of The Apes. I just couldn't get enought of that stuff. I remember I even had a Steve Austin action figure. This was when action figures were Barbie Doll sized and not the miniature versions they have today. There was a little binocular where his eye should be that you could look through from the back of his head. I wish I still had that.
I didn't really like Little House when I was younger, but that is one that I really learned to love later on, kind of like TAGS.

While I was watching the Remshaw episode a couple days ago, I realized what a great deputy Barney really is. It was at the end when he and Gomer got scared and ran out of the house. Then they realize that Andy is still in there and Barney, even though he is scared silly, says he can't leave Andy in there and goes back inside. What a good guy! They joke about him as "fearless Fife" but when it counts he really is fearless.
-Sterling Holobyte

January 20, 2006 - Msg 33061: Good afternoon, everybody. Gonna have to read over all the posts I've missed, but I thought I'd slip on here at work and just spend part of my lunch hour rockin' on this fine porch. Feels good! It's startin' to warm back up a little here in middle Tennessee....hope the weather on your part of the porch is just the way you want it to be. Well, I better get back at it.


"Now here at the rock, we have two basic rules. Memorize them so that you can say them in your sleep. The first rule is: Obey all rules! Secondly, do not write on the walls, as it takes a lot of work, to erase writings off of walls."

January 20, 2006 - Msg 33062: New TAGS Jeopardy question: They are kept in Sheriff Taylor's trunk.


January 20, 2006 - Msg 33063: STERLING: I hate the Steve Austin figure too. YOu could role up the "skin" on his arm to see his bionics. And I also believe that he had interchangable parts. Remember that it came with a space capsule that converted to a bionic medical bed scanner?

"This is no place for us! Let's get outta here!"

January 20, 2006 - Msg 33064: Oops! That's "had" not "hate."


January 20, 2006 - Msg 33065: Hey, Me-They.....What is "a shovel and a rake." Bulbsnatcher

January 20, 2006 - Msg 33066: Wow, what great memories, guys! I remember the SWILL commercial, Me-They, and the others that were mentioned. I had a similar experience, had a best friend that spent nearly every weekend with me for years and we always watched SNL, and you are right it was pretty bad sometimes but my folks hated it and never watched it. Remember Lisa Loobner's "mosquito bites?" haha I got a kick out of the talk show Jane Curtain did where she interviews Mr. Mainway (Dan Akroyd) of Mainway Toys and he tries to defend the dangerous toys that his company puts out, like "Bag-O-Glass" (which is a bag of glass shards) and the Holloween costume called "Invisible Pedestrian".

Do any of you remember watching Marcus Welby,MD or Medical Center, with Chad Everett?

Possum, I can totally understand where George was coming from! Poor guy.

Better go do something. Bye.


January 20, 2006 - Msg 33067: Hey gang ...busy here at work...will be read and be back soon...SPOT

January 20, 2006 - Msg 33068: mdc- i'm rightca here. still having trouble in lincoln trying to get and keep internet up, it's common in home computers here, must be in the air. had the technicans out so often we're on first name basis. i know if i would just call the man. prayers for you boo, yes we do drift sometimes from the show because of our love for everyone, or breakback mtn which i boycotted but saw the edge ofthe dpear wqhich was good, but when someone or two starts quoteing andy show we're back on track. just keep us on track bulbsnatcher. so great seeing mavis, dixie, spot , mdc and the whole gang, i'll try and answer more if the man can keep from eating like biscoe darling and the boys, why aunt bea will need to buy foley's to feed this internet guy. sterling- first a town where the sheriff don't carry a gun, then the town drunk comes and goes as he pleases, now the town is withou a mayor, oh the modern world. i wish tv land would show the episode where danny thomas passed through mayberry . god bless and good night everyone. know who said that? pappa bear

January 20, 2006 - Msg 33069: in the above msg after call the man i meant bulbsnatcher instead of boo, though boo i love and pray for you also. pappa

January 20, 2006 - Msg 33070: Right you are, BULBSNATCHER. TGIF, SPOT. Hey, hey PAPPABEAR. For that internet problem, try bigger wires!

BOO: When my dad was on night work, my mom would watch "Marcus Welby" and "Medical Center." I vaguely recall her letting me stay up and watch them, even though they were on pretty late here on the east coast. I don't think I was even in school yet. I hadn't thought of Medical Center in years until we decided to name our son Chad.

Have a great evening, all!

Since BULBSNATCHER didn't give another Jeopardy answer, I'll take another turn: It's scattered from here to Nova Scotia.


January 20, 2006 - Msg 33071: Hey me-they,bulbsnatcher,mw,auh2o,hm,boo,ro,mdc,mavis,hazel,..gosh just been steady here at work...tonight its cold cut sandwiches [all kinds]..mustard mayo..pickles,chips....fanta grape...SPOT

January 20, 2006 - Msg 33072: "Cheeseburger,cheeseburger.No Coke- PEPSI!"
Remember that from SNL?

possum under a rock

P.S. Hey to Mrs. Wiley and a BIG welcome back to Bulbsie!!

January 20, 2006 - Msg 33073: Evenin', all! Mrs. Wiley! It's great to see you, even for just a brief moment. Slow down, what's your hurry? Pull up a rocker and stay a while. To answer your question about the photo site, it's easy to get pictures on it. Just email them to me if you can, that's the quickest way. I just save 'em onto my computer and upload them to the site. Or you can snail mail them if you need to. I have a good scanner, and can get them on my computer easily. If you need my snail mail address, just email me and let me know - Romeena@airmail.net.

Boo, your pictures are on the site, and good ones they are, too.

It's been beautiful here, sunny and warm. I bought two more flats of pansies today, and now there is a cold north wind blowing, gonna get cold tonight, so guess I'll freeze my ears off tomorrow out there planting those dratted pansies. I should have known better.

Supper for me will be Olive Garden leftovers - I just love doggie bag meals. Brought home some tiramisu also. I love that stuff! I don't drink coffee, but I like some things that are flavored with it, most especially tiramisu.

Have a great evening! Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

January 20, 2006 - Msg 33074: WOW Boo...simply great pics on Romeenas site!...great looking kids and pop...and what a train site//what train is that and where!...Im watching Uncle Buck here at work..[slow here]..hey Ro,asa,possum,M-T,bulb...dixie,AFD,MDC,MW...well ya know all...8:45 here ant still 58 degrees..nice day tomorrow and im off at 6 in the morning till wed night...truck & el-camino washing tomorrow..gona pul some of my old chips out from shruby and get ready for spring cleaning.....SPOT

January 20, 2006 - Msg 33075: Spot...slow down,what's yer hurry?! :-) That's one of my favs...Barney "Thats one thing you can't talk enough about, Sin".

Snowin here in Chicager tonight, but mid 40's tomorrow. :-) I'll take it...


January 20, 2006 - Msg 33076: Hi honeys and dears. Busy day for me today!
Wow, Mrs Wiley AND pappabear! Good to see you both. Yup, get bigger wires! Those APB's are working!
Remember Streets of San Francisco with Karl Mauldin?? I remember Marcus Welby! My sisters would drool over ah.. what's his name, on the motorcycle. haha
Loved Lily Tomlin in her "commercials" We're the Phone Company, and we just don't care! haha
How about Barney Miller and that gang!
Sterling, how goes it bro?
Auh20, you ole conehead!
Anyone have the original GI Joe?
Prayers for ya all, get to preachin this sabbath!
Mr Darlin's Cuz
"Ring a ding ding, yup, that's definitely a female"

January 20, 2006 - Msg 33077: Hey MDC...yall I have a 1953 5 cent working coke machine...one of the 7 ft. jobs..hey goober,auh2o,..got lots of coke stuff...I just luve old stuff..got lots of famous mid to late 60"s rookie baseball cards...well let me find us a snack..SPOT

January 20, 2006 - Msg 33078: MDC, was that guy on the motorcycle Barbara Striesand's husband, James Brolin? Hard to remember....I was almost an infant, afterall.

Thanks PappaBear, I love you too and miss you when you aren't around.

Thanks, SPOT! I would compliment you on your photos but I still can't get on the site to see them, darn it! The train in the picture is the old train that runs from Silverton, CO to Durango. We rode it on our December vacation to Colorado. It was quite a trip up the mountain and we were on the edge of the cliffs most of the time. It was so neat to hear the train whistle and smell the smoke. We saw some gorgeous sights!
Thanks so much for posting my pics on your site, RO.

Been a long day today. I need to go send some emails. Have a great evening!


January 20, 2006 - Msg 33079: Gosh Boo...the train ride sounds so neat..always wanted to go on a mountain ride on a train..they have one in blue ridge tenn..about 2 hrs from me..if you can get on the porch you should be able to get on the pic site...the whole web is
http://www.romeena.myphotoalbum.com...well watching a 1937 movie..The Hurricane...SPOT

January 20, 2006 - Msg 33080: Thanks SPOT, I can get on the site but they won't let my view the pics because they say I need to load a new browser, I think. Anyway, its Greek to me but my husband understands and will take care of it for me when he can. He has been working late every night for 2 weeks so I don't want to press him about it. He is going through a trial right now because one of his good friends was arrested yesterday (I think I said something about it yesterday) for selling weapons that were stolen from the government and selling them overseas to London. Yesterday, they searched his house for 10 hours while his wife stood out in front of their house. They finally let her come and stay at my house, along with their young daughter who is one of Sean's best friends. I never saw so many federal officers, Swat teams, bomb squads, drug dogs, even some kind of robot they sent into the house to detonate an explosive! It's been a nightmare and all over the news for 2 days. I had to keep their daughter today during our friend's arraignment in federal court. They couldn't take her home because of all the news people on her street trying to interview neighbors and so on. It is horrible. We have been in shock and never dreamed our friend would do something like this. They have been good friends for years and we spend alot of holidays together and so on. I just don't understand how he could put his family at risk like that. I am struggling with feelings of anger today but I really care about him and am grieved about what he and his family are going through. I am most bothered by their little girl. She cries off and on through the day and really misses her dad. She is terrified of him going to prison, which of course is where he is going. Please pray for my friends. We are just torn up about it because we had absolutely no idea he was involved in something like this. Thanks, friends.

SPOT, the Silverton railroad is a neat experience, like going back in time. I must say, though, that it was a long ride and not a smooth one! I think you would enjoy it, though, really a unique experience. It was something I had been wanting to do for a long time. I didn't enjoy it as much as snow-mobiling or snow tubing, however...We had a great time in a place called Winter Park, Co. Anyone been there?

Finally finished baking the cookies for the Church bake sale! I'm pooped. Think I will brush my teeth, find a good book and hit the sheets! Goodnight,


January 21, 2006 - Msg 33081: Boo all I can say is prayers for the family and the little girl...and always remember the porch is here for you...never been there [Winter Park]...but am gona plan a train trip no matter how rough...watching a Bogart and Edward G Robinson move "Key Largo"...good one..prayers to all...SPOT

January 21, 2006 - Msg 33082: spot, i know what you mean collecting older stuff, the mrs gave up last year and now i have a 2 car den seperate from the house that is cozy. isn't it amazing how comforting those things can be? boo, if you would like we could eat a few of those chruch cookies for you. aren't they called donuts, with the hole in them for chruch? mdc, i had an original gi joe but i think i loaned it to goober when he went to florida and forgot which pocket had the penny and which had the gi joe. any market for a flat as a pancake gi joe? ro- what is a tiramisu? welcome back to the windy city goober. quote; goober- helen, is there anything wrong with my eyes? you're a teacher? andy- why don't you ask floyd? he's a barber. did you ever notice how the old commercials look so funny now? things run so smooth without a mayor don't they. prayers and thoughts of the the ones i didn't mention this time. have a barn dance tonight, cause it's sat night. asa, can you play the fiddle? pappa bear

January 21, 2006 - Msg 33083: Answer to Bulbsnatcher's Jeopardy question: "What does the sheriff carry in the trunk of the squad car for emergencies?"

(Ain't ya got a JACK?!)

January 21, 2006 - Msg 33084:
Morning Porch

It's January 21st and I can see the Green green grass of home. That does not happen often.

Boo-Wow, I'll have to second Spots motion with regard to prayers for the little girl and family.

MDC-Barney Miller part of the great TV trifecta with TAGS and the Dick Van Dyke show.
INS officer:Your mother is German
Dietrich: yeah
INS officer: your father?
Dietrich: He's died.
INS officer: Before?
Dietrich: He was alive.


January 21, 2006 - Msg 33085: 'Morning, all! Yep, auh2o, Barney Miller was one of my all-time favorites. The writing was subtly superb, the characters were unique and very well-developed, and it all just meshed beautifully. Ron Glass as Harris was wonderful. Hal Linden was incomparable, Abe Vigoda was a classic, and Max Gail played the earnest, zealous young cop Wojo to a perfect T. Deitrich was a delightful mystery. I wish TVLand would drop even one of their many repeti-tious episodes of Sanford and Son and replace it with Barney Miller. I've seen about fifty too many of Fred's heart attacks.

Well, gotta run. Grandson will be here shortly. Four years old, good kid and a lot of fun. He'll spend the day with me, then we'll go to the ice show tonight, he'll spend the night and go with me to church in the morning. He's a pleasure. When he's by himself, that is. Put his 2 1/2 yr old brother in the mix, and you have WW3. They're just that age. The older one just walks past the younger one, and he screams, at jet-engine decibels. Of course, the older one makes it his business to walk near him quite often. Kids!

Have a great Saturday, everyone. Boo, prayers for that devastated family. What an awful thing!

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

January 21, 2006 - Msg 33086: Isn't is sad that so much effort is made to save a whale but yet unborn babies die everyday.

January 21, 2006 - Msg 33087: Sorry, pappa bear. To answer your question, tiramisu is an Italian dessert that is just wonderful. There are several variations, but the traditional involves a layer of ladyfingers, a mixture of coffee liqueur and a little chocolate is poured over that, then a thick layer of lightly sweetened mascarpone cheese, and the top sprinkled with a dusting of instant coffee powder. Mascarpone cheese isn't cheesy, it tastes more like really thick, fluffy fresh cream. The finished cake is chilled and allowed to "settle" before serving. Wonderful! Some variations use a layer of angel food cake or sponge cake in place of the ladyfingers, and sometimes chocolate syrup is drizzled over, but I like it in the basic form. Our local Olive Garden restaurant serves it. I'm always too full after eating there to have room for dessert, so I have some tiramisu boxed to take home. It's wonderful around midnight, while watching TV. By the way, to pronounce it, the accent is on the last syllable, the "su". Like most Americans, I was accenting the first and third syllables until someone corrected me. However you say it, it's still good! Sugarplum likes tiny bites of the cheese layer, I never give her the coffee part. --Romeena

January 21, 2006 - Msg 33088: To #33086 -- yes, it is sad, it's really beyond sad. It's pitiful that we kill our helpless, defenseless unborn. However, I'd be very surprised if any of the whale-savers would approve of that activity. I'm sure there are exceptions, as in everything, but generally it seems to me that when people have a compassionate heart, it extends into every aspect of their lives. The problem lies with a society that, as a whole, has lost all sense of proportion. We are so busy protecting individual rights that we're riding roughshod over the rights of many. So that a woman is not inconvenienced, an infant dies. So that a few people aren't offended, our traditional religious practices are being restricted. The inmates are running the asylum. --Romeena

January 21, 2006 - Msg 33089: I think I'm gonna avoid some of these more controversial subjects. We could start treading on some rather touchy grounds. Hey to all. Bulbsnatcher

January 21, 2006 - Msg 33090: Hey to you, Bulbsnatcher. Hey, to Ro and anyone else I might have missed. Thanks for your prayers for our friends. We are finding out more about the seriousness of what was done and it is very scary.

I agree, Ro, most people who would go the lengths to help the whale are obviously compassionate people. Well said. I am just lost these days trying to figure out what is happening to people. Folks that I thought were decent, law-abiding church-goers are doing some very bad things. There seems to be a real lack of integrity in the lives of people these days. I have been so frustrated dealing with Bruce's sister whose husband left her for another woman and is treating her badly and my best friend who was allowing her teenaged daughter and her alcoholic boyfriend to live with her, even though she has two other young children at home. Things finally blew up and she made them leave but not before a terrible scene while the children were there to witness it all. I was so upset about it. Why would she put her young children at risk like that? She is the same friend that just over a year ago allowed her daughters last boyfriend to live there and he was a known theif and drug-user. I talked till I was blue in the face to her to no avail. I would have called CPS except that they would have been given the children to their father and he is worse. NOW this thing with our friend yesterday. We had no clue and I can't figure it out. All these people are church members with seemingly no integrity. What ever happened to doing what is right because it is RIGHT. I don't want to judge harshly I just don't understand it and I am very dissapointed. I don't want to see children suffer like this because of the selfish choices the parents make, but I know its nothing new, it happens all the time. Thanks for letting me vent.