January 21, 2006 - Msg 33091: I'm with you, Bulbsnatcher.
- Hazel

"Sometimes she'll tell you an 'F', when you really got yerself an 'E'."

January 21, 2006 - Msg 33092: What a hoot....my sweetheart was just watching an episode of Bonanza and now has a really good trivia question! I never gave it any thought before, but does anyone know what the real name of the CHARACTER of Hoss is? He said his Paw only calls him by this name when he's really mad at him. Bulbsnatcher

January 21, 2006 - Msg 33093: Hey, Bulbsie. You're right, this is not the place to get into some subjects, and I shouldn't have done so. Everyone has to make their own choices.

As for Hoss Cartwright, I had the same episode on TV, but only half-heard the dialog, as I was in another room. I think I heard the name correctly, but will not mention it just yet, in case some others want to join in who didn't hear it spoken.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

January 21, 2006 - Msg 33094: Hey gang...well back at work suppose to have been off but someone called in sick..OT for me!..12 hrs...well let me read and get started here,,,hey Ro,bulb,good sweep hazel...SPOT

January 21, 2006 - Msg 33095: I'm COLD, can you believe it? You won't hear me say that very often. Its in the 40's and rainy and I have a chill.

I just heard on the news that the poor whale died. So sad for him. Its funny because just last week we had a couple of whales here in Corpus Christi Bay, which just never happens. They got out safely, though. Wonder what those whales are thinking? I have a real soft spot for aquatic mammals. Manatees are my very favorite. I can't bear to think about what the whaling ships do.

I think I have gotten a revelation about my self this weekend. I am beginning to realize that I get too upset over the fact that I can't "fix" things for everybody. I have to learn to let go and let people live with the consequences of their decisions. They don't have to take my advice, who am I anyway? I'm going to quit getting all torn up about things I can't control. There, I said it! It doesn't mean I don't care its just the truth.

I am going to try to have a stress-free evening (well as much as possible with kids around). My kids are 6 years apart and still fight. Erin does her best to aggravate her brother.

Hazel, I am stumped over your last quote and can't figure out what episode it is from.

Hey BULBS, how are you doing today? Hope it's a good day for you.

When's ASA supposed to come home?

I've been missing alot of folks like Rev and Fred


"Stand up Barney and let me see if there's an egg in your chair."

January 21, 2006 - Msg 33096: Hazel the answer is gomer "sometimes ya got an "E" "empty" when ya got yer self an"f" full...was it in barney"s new car ept...?hey Boo...Rev come on and set..you to fred...will have us a sat night chat...snack later...SPOT

January 21, 2006 - Msg 33097: hi friends,hope everyone is doing good.MDC,thanks for the apb,I'm right here,just been kind of busy lately.We don't have whataburgers here,but,I think they used to have them in Hazard,ky,when i was growing up.I haven't eaten at one of those in ages,they did have real good food.Do any of you have any 4 star pizza places near you.the original store is near the town i live in,near washington,Pa.Boy,i'll be glad when that steelers game is over tomorrow,since i live in "Steeler Country',thats all that has been on the news lately.I hope they win,I'm just tired of hearing about it!haha!BTW,I heard from my son in Iraq,he is doing alright,says he is ready to come home,he says it is so hot in the day,then at night it is so cold you have to be careful not to get frostbite.He is supposed to call me back tonight or tomorrow and give me his mailing address,I will pass it on when i get it.i've been watching the story on the news about the cleanup that still needs to be done in new orleans,have any of you seen that?That is just so sad,it's almost incomprehensible.Romeena ,I stopped by the photo site,it is really nice the way you set up the pictures,I will get mine to you soon.All of the porchsters are good looking,and,have such beautiful families!Bulbsnatcher,great to see you!Well,ya'll,I have to close,take care and keep warm!-ky girl

January 21, 2006 - Msg 33098: Man In A Hurry.

January 21, 2006 - Msg 33099: Thanks, KY Girl. Good to see you on the porch and glad your boy is doing ok. We don't have 4 Star Pizza here, never seen one in Texas that I recall. I haven't seen anything recently about the clean up in New Orleans but saw something really neat on Good Morning America about a group of Volunteers called The Baptist Men of North Carolina who have been building houses for those in Mississippi who were told they would have to wait quite awhile to get any help from the government. They are calling a miracle the way these men have come in with tens of thousands of volunteer hours and built I don't know how many houses. Really neat.

Hey SPOT, are you having a good night at work? What ya watching on TV?

Is msg #33098 a jeopardy question?


January 21, 2006 - Msg 33100: Can anyone tell me if there were 2 different jail sets? I mean, in an earlier episode you see no window to the right of the door viewing from Andy's desk. Then later on a window appears, and the cells seem a little larger.


January 21, 2006 - Msg 33101: Bulbsnatcher I saw that Bonanza today too, Hoss' real name (in the show) is Eric. I love Bonanza even have the theme song as the ringtone for me cellphone. I love Gunsmoke on Sundays too. I worked all day today & it was rainy & cold, so I'm going to hit the ironing board & will catch up with ya'll tomorrow.
Prayers for the lost miner's families, so sad we lost 2 more.

January 21, 2006 - Msg 33102: I know they changed the windows but I never noticed the jail cells looking any bigger. Now I will have to check it out, Msg 33100.

I got your email KY Girl and already sent one back.

Goodnight and hope you all have a blessed Sunday..."What's yur hurry?"


January 21, 2006 - Msg 33103: Hey ky...no 4 star pizza here..dont know what 33098 is Boo..getting ready to watch "A Rare Breed"..James Stewart..yall have "CC"s" pizza..think I heard something about the wimdow thing in jail cell..will check..yall remember the first eps with the "other" Floyd?..and Little Ricky [lucy show] was in some eps I think [help me]...who carried the Teddy Rooosvelt revolver?...music under the stars?..Lee Drake?..ok...movie fixing to start..back in a bit..SPOT

January 21, 2006 - Msg 33104: I don't know that there were completely different sets, but there were some modifications made now and then. For example, as you face the cells, at one time there was a door on the left, between the cells and the exterior wall. It must have been intended to be a closet, because the space was very small, couldn't have been much else. Later, that door disappeared and there was a heater there. I don't recall noticing that there was no window to the right of the front door, viewed from inside. Guess I missed that.

Another thing I've wondered about is the windows into the cells. We would assume there is glass in those windows somewhere, but where? The window sort of slopes down, being lower on the inside than on the outside, so if the glass is inside, it seems that water would accumulate. It can't be outside the bars, because in the Christmas episode, old Ben is seen standing at the window, holding onto the bars as he sings along. And speaking of those windows, how is it that they even exist, seeing as the court house is on the corner, next to a long row of shops, including the barber shop? The Christmas ep shows them as opening onto an alley, yet the layout of the court house would make the back of the cells on the common wall with the shops. Am I confused here?

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

January 21, 2006 - Msg 33105: Thanks for replying to my post. The size of the cells being different may just be in my head. Don't know, I'll have to watch the episodes again closer together.


January 21, 2006 - Msg 33106: Hello and goodnight porchsters! I'll tell you of me embarassing myself today next time I post!


January 22, 2006 - Msg 33107: Ok gang..watching "Journey to the center of the earth"1959..[made the year I was born]..it will go off at 5:30..just time for me to leave at 6..been a slow night ..1 call of an outage..back on now..breakfast will be bacon egg and cheese sandwiches on toast...juice...before Church..rain here in ga..just steady,no storms..work doubles mon and tue this week...miss sherry and I are going to the new [worlds largest] aquarium in atlanta thu. if plans hold up..well hope yall have a mayberry type day..get those pics to Ro!..signed:,b>SPOT the"what are those green things in your holster" dog of this here fine porch...

January 22, 2006 - Msg 33108: Good morning, everyone. I'm not in church this morning. Had planned to be, but have my 4-yr old grandson with me and he's not feeling well. I took him to the Stars on Ice show last night. We rode the commuter train into Dallas and back (big thrill for that choo-choo lovin' boy), the ONLY way to go. I'm sure we were home and in our jammies by the time the drivers got out of the parking lot. What a mess. Anyway, grandson is congested and coughing this morning and I didn't want to take him to church and infect all the other kids. So, will take him back to his parents this evening. He's watching "Ice Age" right now, and I'm about to make him some scrambled eggs and hash browns and bacon. (Might have a bit of that myself!)

The ice show was wonderful. Scott Hamilton hosts, mostly by voice, but he did skate one routine. He's still got it.

We had rain!! Rain, can you believe it? Not sure how much, but we had thunder and a light show in the middle of the night, and it's still soggy out there. The squirrels turned my rain gauge over, so I don't know what we got. Whatever, it was needed and welcome.

Well, gotta go feed the kid. Tell Rev. Tucker I'm sorry I missed services. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

January 22, 2006 - Msg 33109: Welome Chuck! Good to have you here! Pull up a rocker and sit a spell with us.

Sorry to hear your grandson is feeling puny, Ro. But your escapades last evening sounded like a lot of fun.

Hey to Me-They! With the price of those strawberries, you and the Mrs are gonna have a million dollar baby! ; ) Strawberries here are 2.99 a pack. My cravings have favored sandwiches and cream of chicken noodle (cream of chicken mixed with egg noodles).

Spot - didn't the Teddy Roosevelt reference come from the TR on the cannon in "The Horse Trader" episode. Music Under the Stars was in reference to the band concert they were going to have in "A Sermon For Today", and Lee Drake was the lady lawyer in "A Trip to Raleigh" (color episode)

Hey to Mrs Wiley and Dix as well. Good to see both of you.

BTW - did anyone ever figure out who Andy's 5th grade crush was? If ya'll give up, I'll tell ya.

Prayers for your friends and their situation, Boo. Enjoyed the pictures of your family. We rode the Branson Scenic Railway several years ago. I had never ridden a train and it took a little to get acclimated to the trains movement, before getting up and walking around. We went through some tunnels and over some trestles through the beautiful Ozark Mountains in Missouri and Arkansas. We stopped for about 15 minutes on the middle of a high trestle and when we started again, we were heading the opposite direction. That was a little unexpected. My hubby wants to take our daughter on it sometime.

Enjoyed seeing the pic of you, your Mrs (pretty lady), and your Dad too, MDC!

Prayers for all my porchster friends, our leaders and troops and the families of the miners who lost their lives at Melville.

January 22, 2006 - Msg 33110: been a very busy weekend and i'm plum tuckered out but wanted to say hello. boo- your right we all want to keep those we love frommaking a train wreck of situations but we must realize that we live in a different time and they are different than us so we have to sometimes let them fall on there face and be there when they come to us with a hug and an encouraging word. ky girl- do you miss ky? afd- what's for supper? good seeing you on the porch. welcome chuck. spot- hang in there, we love you. gomer- i think i'll go down to get a job as a meat cutter. andy; gomer, do you know how to cut meat? gomer; do you think they will ask me that? mavis, doesn't the old westerns bring back such wonderful feelings? mdc- where are you? we miss you. prayers for all in need. pappa bear

January 22, 2006 - Msg 33111: No # 33098 wasn't a jepordy question. Whoever posted it was just saying which ep my quote about the "sometimes she'll tell you an 'E', when you really got yerself an 'F'. It was from the Man in a Hurry ep. "You people are living in another world!".
- Hazel

January 22, 2006 - Msg 33112: How's about a nice pot of vegetable soup and some homemade bread for supper, ya'll?

Hope all is well with you, pappa. Get yourself some rest after such a busy weekend.

January 22, 2006 - Msg 33113: Love your quotes, Hazel - you are a bird in this world!


January 22, 2006 - Msg 33114: Whew, been busy! Thanks to AFD and Spot on compliments of the photo. It was taken at my dad's WWII reunion this past Sept, I am very proud of that man! he was in England and France for TWO years doing bombing runs into Germany, decorated several times for distinguished flying and saving his crew. But he had it easy compared to our infantry. Sure hope France appreciates those 11,000 graves on their soil. Oops, now I'm on the soapbox, but i do so love our US of A! At each year's reunion, they read a list of those KIA snd those who have died naturally in ensuing years. It really makes you think of the price!
CHUCK! Welcome. The FIRST season set had the extra door and the wall in place of the window. They got may calls about the "missing window" and so in second season, they got rid of te door and made the windows match the "outer look of the courthouse.
Abe Vigoda-- now there was a good actor! Always loved the flushing you could hear offset! ha
Spot- I love Key Largo too! Great movie!
I have an old Coke cooler from the 40's if interested. It is just collecting dust in my attic. Would just ask for postage.
Boo- so sad about your neighbor! Wow and to be so close. makes me think of the guy giving secrets to the soviets, yet was active at church etc. scary stuff!Well have a good Sabbath,

January 22, 2006 - Msg 33115: Hey AFD thanks for the soup..nice on a rainey night in ga..Hey Ro,welcome chuck,hey hazel,asa,possum,boo,ky,rev,dix,mavis...and all...been busy today visiting mom and day..work doubles tomorrow and tue...AFD can I take a bowl of you good soup to work tomorrow and a crust of bread?..well gona read the archives...back in a bit SPOT

January 22, 2006 - Msg 33116: spot- rainy night in georgia, sounds like it would make a hit song. afd, thanks for the soup. mdc, was just asking about you. hazel, maybe we would be better off living in another world. ha. everyone have a great and safe evening. pappa

January 22, 2006 - Msg 33117: Hi everybody. I was able to look at the pictures on Ro's site today and really enjoyed it. I think the one that surprised me was you, MDC. You look much younger than I had you pictured. I was expecting gray hair and maybe a mustache. You look really young. SPOT, your place really is very lovely. I wish we had trees here like the ones you have on your place. We have live oaks and most of them aren't very tall and things aren't as green here as there. What an awesome garden. I may need some advice in that area when I am in my new house. A garden is a must but I have no gardening experience.

Mavis, you sure have lots of cute critters!

Well, I need to go take care of the kids. Thanks for your prayers,


January 22, 2006 - Msg 33118: Hey Boo...we have been gardening all of my life...used to have 20 plus acres when I was growing up just in a garden...but yea tips are here to give ..I usually put up between 30 to 40 pnits of pickled peppers and the same amount of green tomatoes each year...gona make the garden about 2 cuts biger this year...thats about 8 ft wider...dad helps alot..pappa...it is a good a good song ha ha...well got burgewrs on the grill for my supper at work tomorrow night ...plenty yall come on by...SPOT

January 22, 2006 - Msg 33119: sorry sticky fingers""SPOT

January 22, 2006 - Msg 33120: Hey to the Porch! Hope ya'll had a good day of preachin...and that the week to come is great for all.

Ya'll be good...


January 22, 2006 - Msg 33121: Thanks for the welcome from everyone. I'll try to check in here a lot. I'm a huge Andy Griffith show fan. Can't wait for Feb14th release of season FIVE!

January 22, 2006 - Msg 33122: The above was Chuck

January 23, 2006 - Msg 33123: Mornin' to all. Welcome, Chuck! Sitting here at work wrapped up in a blanket with a cup of coffee. *Yawn*.....wish I was home cuddled up with my furkids. Bulbsnatcher

January 23, 2006 - Msg 33124: Morning folks ,hope everyone had a great weekend ,its been rainy here in western N.C. the last couple of days .SPOT ..I saw on the rifleman site you came visiting ,pretty cool place isnt it .Everyone have a great day ,I know its Monday ,but try anyway.

January 23, 2006 - Msg 33125: morning dears! sounds like the entire porch is icky weather wise. i love bulbsnatchers idea, curl up with blanket, fur kids, big, really big cup of coffee and a couple of dozen donuts delivered in the brown truck. mavis have you heard from emma? sorry i missed the web site with the pictures but if someone could give me the archive date and msg # i'll check it out. mayberry deputy, great seeing you, still having computer problems and i did call the man several times. ha. MAYBERRY- QUOTE FOR TODAY--- hello floyd, this is barney fife, who's in the chair... well get rid of them. i'm coming right over and i'm readt for action. that's right, i want the works, shave, haircut, witch hazel, o.d., cologne, toilet water... heck if it smells good i want it. just heard a depressing thought over the blob tube or idiot box as my granparents called tv;;; tommorow jan 24 is statistacially the most depressed day of the year. cheer up after tommorow things can only look up.ha. prayers for each of you and yours. pappa bear

January 23, 2006 - Msg 33126: Good morning, everyone. BOO: Prayers for you and your friend's family. Unfortunately, we have all done wrong and let each other down, intentionally, unintentionally or through plain ignorance. Fortunately, there is one who will never let us down, and forgives if asked.

The Mrs. and I went to see "King Kong" yesterday. It was a good flick, except for the usage of God's and Christ's names in inappropriate ways. Why do they have to do that? They showed a bunch of trailers for movies: "Miami Vice" (did they really need to make this movie?) with Jamie Foxx and Colin Ferrell, and "Charlotte's Web" (looks cute) with Julia Roberts, John Cleese, Dakota Fanning, Oprah, Robert Redford, Reba MacIntyre, and a bunch of others. Another trailer, which really disturbed me, was for "The DaVinci Code." I'm really disappointed that TAGS own Ron Howard and Tom Hanks, whose films I generally like, are involved with this film. For those who don't know, the gist of the story is that Jesus was really married, had a daughter, and the church has been conering up the fact for centuries using lies and murder. It is dangerous because it mixes real historical facts with this "story." Even though the book is a work of fiction, I still come across people who have read it and think it's probably true. Sad.

I just hope that it doesn't generate the same kind of thing that "The Blair Witch" movie did. The setting for that movie was a little town near where I live in Maryland. Because the movie was filmed as though it was "real," a lot of moviegoers actually believed it was! I have friends who live in the town and years later STILL get people who visit to see the various things from the movie (which don't exist). When they tell them that the movie isn't real, a lot of them think that they are lying to cover up the truth.

To make matters worse, the website for "The DaVinci Code" movie was "Seek the truth," or something similar (I can't remember exactly). Well, friends, in my opinion, that's not the truth we should be seeking.

I'll just off my soapbox now. Sorry.

I don't think anyone answered my last Jeopardy question, so I'll try, try again: It's scattered from here to Nova Scotia.


January 23, 2006 - Msg 33127:
- go to www.romeena.myphotoalbum.com and there we be!
BOO- Thanks for the compliment! I am on the backside of my 50's, so ya made my day! ha
I try to eat right, exercise, and NO KIDS! haha
(Not by choice, just didnt work!) BUT, many of my nieces and nephews have spent many a weekend with us to give my brothers or sisters a little R and R time. We loved doing that, but now almost all are all grown up!
Hard to see YOU behind those shades, but your family and kids are sure nice! This is real interesting to see all you porchsters! Thanks RO!
BTW, I LOVE trains. Maybe I'll send Ro a pix of my HO layout in my garage. One of the neatest trips is the trans-Canada 3 day ride from Vancouver to Toronto in fully restored 50's sleeper cars. Now that's "adventure" travelin'!
I've been on the Durngo one twice.
ME-They- I agree with ya on the D Code movie. When you mix fact and fiction like that, it is often taken as just fact!
Not sure on your Jeopardy question. That's a toughie! "What is Opie's Newspaper?" ha
Here's a new Jeopardy one for ya "Mayberry After Midnight"
Prayers continue for all,

January 23, 2006 - Msg 33128: Oops, forgot my Tags quote!
Andy: But Opie, stockings are something a woman WEARS!
Chuck- Hope you make it around now and again!

January 23, 2006 - Msg 33129: Hi, hey who was asking about me? I'm still kickin' All the public internet terminals have been busy at my stops lately!
Ya all happy with the superbowl match up? Go Steelers! There, I said it! harhar
Romeena, been meaning to ask you, how is the new bed working out? I may get one for the sleeper.
Well, back to the open road! Hey to all you nice folk.
Fred Goss

January 23, 2006 - Msg 33130:
Hey Fred! Glad all goes well!
SPOT AND MD, I answered your posts at the western site! Glad ya moseyed thru! Fred is Trailboss over there. OK, back to work!

January 23, 2006 - Msg 33131: Hey gang...im at work now....till morning let me get settled in...back soon...SPOT

January 23, 2006 - Msg 33132: Hey gang im watching the gold truck ept and its raining on the set....think its real rain or did they make rain and when it rained do you think they just worked it in the epts?....SPOT

January 23, 2006 - Msg 33133: Spot, I have heard that if it really rained, they just worked with it, but i dont think they "made" it rain. Floyd may know more. Here's one for you:
Did Howard Morris (Ernest T) do the voice of Leonard Blush, the radio announcer? I sure sounds like him. Heard him in the ep of the escaped con.
Hey for dinner tonight, we could catch us a pheasant in a snare, then start a fire with 2 sticks! ha
Have a good evening, prayers for all,

January 23, 2006 - Msg 33134: Hi, all! Spot, I have the idea that the rain just happened and they worked with it. It really wasn't pertinent to the story, so why would they have gone to the trouble of manufacturing it?

Fred, I love that new bed. Hasn't fixed my back problem - that was asking a bit much - but it is extremely comfortable. Those memory foam mattresses are thick, though - do you have enough overhead clearance in the sleeper, or would you be sandwiched in? I'm a bit claustrophobic, couldn't handle it if the ceiling was too close to me.

Well, I have to work tonight (sniff!) so guess I'd better go get ready. Yuck! Pooey!

Everyone have a great evening. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

"Shazam." - Andy

January 23, 2006 - Msg 33135: Yea gang...figure it was just good old rain...dont work to hard Romeena...im here all night too..but have the porch with me at work..pheasant sounds good MDC...i"ll bring some baked beans...SPOT

January 23, 2006 - Msg 33136: Hi Fred,been wonderin where abouts on the highways you were!Glad to hear you are doin good.MDC,since most of your nieces and nephews are almost grown,hows about I just send my granddaughter to visit with you tonight?I am trying to finish painting the kids rooms,and,she is way too much help!haha!I think you all are right,it's dangerous mixing fact and fiction,like in the Davinci Code.Just my opinion,but,I see that as something the bible says not to do,to add to or take away from Gods word,even if it wasn't meant as truth.Hey Me-they,did you see the show that I think it was 48 hours or one of those news shows did,about the people still believing the blair witch project was real,and,the problem with them trying to camp out in those same woods?It is so sad that people can't distinguish between fact and fiction,or,don't want to.ok,I'm off my soap box .We are having some nice weather here,and,I'm trying to take advantage of it by getting some painting and early spring cleaning done.Mavis,I have to ask how you got the bird[can't remember it's name right now]to sit still long enough to get a picture taken with the little santa hat on?I've never seen that before!So cute!well,better close,if I sit here and rock any longer i won't feel like finishing the work I'm trying to get done.Spot and Romeena,don't work too hard.talk to you all later-ky girl

January 23, 2006 - Msg 33137: yep,pappa to answer your question from a few posts ago,I do still miss kentucky-ky girl

January 23, 2006 - Msg 33138: Answer to "Mayberry After Midnight" :
What is the name of a "gossip" column in the Mayberry Gazette?
Have a great evening!

January 23, 2006 - Msg 33139: KY girl - I know all about that kind of painting "help"! haha Think I'll pass on your offer! ha

January 23, 2006 - Msg 33140: Me They, I believe the answer to your jepordy question is: What is Aunt Bees Pickles? Yep, MDC, Howard Morris was the voice of Leonard Blush.
- Hazel

January 23, 2006 - Msg 33141: Hi ... I didn't have to work after all. Didn't find it out until I got to the hospital, though. I always work Monday and Wednesday nights, and for this time sheet our new manager decided that Tuesday and Wednesday would be nice for this week, and Monday/Tuesday for the next three weeks. Wish she had told me! Anyway, I got out of there before somebody figured it out and found something for me to do. Didn't mind coming home at all. I called a friend, she came over and we had Arby's sandwiches and watched "The Aristocats." Cute, cute movie, and Goober makes a great hound dog in that movie.

Guess I'll stay up late, sleep late tomorrow, then skip taking a nap before going to work tomorrow night. I'll work in the yard instead. Got a full flat of posies still to be planted.

I remember once when I was very small, my dad was painting the outside of our house. My cousin and I wanted to "help", so he gave us a bucket of water and two big brushes and told us to paint the trees. We painted for hours, actually delighted when the water dried on the tree trunks so we could paint them again! Pretty ingenious of my dad, don't you think?

Have a good day tomorrow, everyone. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

January 24, 2006 - Msg 33142: Just popped in the read everyones comments.
DaVinci Code doesn't sound good.

Judy, Judy, Judy!

January 24, 2006 - Msg 33143: Chuck

January 24, 2006 - Msg 33144: By the way, what is everyone's counter measure in the event of a 10-12?


January 24, 2006 - Msg 33145: Mine is to just stay under my rock,Chuck! Ha!(referring to your message above)
Thought I'd pop up on the porch to say hello to everybody and to welcome you to our special Mayberry place!
Sure hope we see some sunshine today-been foggy & gloomy on this end of the Porch the past few days.
Anybody heard from Quiet Sam lately? Maybe he's busy with his farming-hope he checks in with us soon.
Well,better get rollin' around here.Y'all have a great day!
possum under a rock

January 24, 2006 - Msg 33146: You are correct about the Jeopardy question, HAZEL. KY GIRL: Yes, it's sad that some people can't distinquish between fact and fiction. I guess that's why conspiracy theories are so darned popular. ("I wonder what causes that?") We can't be like lemmings being led to a cliff, but when that paranoia is allowed to take over it's not good. GOOBER: Was that you taking off on Cary Grant? How do you do that?

Anyway, have a great morning, all!


January 24, 2006 - Msg 33147: Had triplets born last nite. . .


January 24, 2006 - Msg 33148: WHO?????

January 24, 2006 - Msg 33149: Prayer time! Prayers for the miners families and that they finally get some new regs established. Prayers also for GM and Ford families. I have a couple relatives involved. And prayers for KY girl's soldier son and all porchsters! Have a great mayberry day, and for gosh sakes, look out for those web-footed, red-crested lake loons!haha

January 24, 2006 - Msg 33150: APB for SLIM, QUIET SAM, REV AND REV JR AND ALL YOU OTHER MISSING PORCHSTERS! Come on down, the price is right!

January 24, 2006 - Msg 33151: Hey porch! It's so good to see you all chatting up a storm here. I enjoy the quoting! I'm so sorry I don't get here as much as I used to. My kids are true teenagers now and they keep me really busy. My son got his driver's permit Friday. He drove on snow for the first time. It's great to see that we have a Fred Goss now. We needed a Fred Goss. Fred, found any pictures of Myrna Loy in anyone's trouser pockets lately? I purged my closet and threw out my dress with 23 rhinestone buttons. Now we need a Leonard Blush. homemaker--one the triplets I'm sure you're referring to goat kids, huh? Did Dixie ever come back and tell us how she embarrassed herself? If she did, I missed the post. How can she leave us with a cliffhanger like that?
Charlotte Tucker

Shawnee--they're devils.
(no offense anyone--just quotin' the Colonel!)

January 24, 2006 - Msg 33152: Oops--editor's comment--the word "one" don't belong in there after homemaker's name.

I saw the last half of the movie The Notebook last night. Did anyone ever see that movie? Touching ending. Not realistic I guess, but touching.
Charlotte Tucker

January 24, 2006 - Msg 33153: CHARLOTTE: The Mrs. and I watched it last summer. She had to twist my arm for awhile before I finally gave in (hey, that twisting smarts!). She loved it and I thought it was quite good, too. I usually enjoy James Garner performances (big Rockford fan). The ending was really touching.


January 24, 2006 - Msg 33154:
BOO- I forgot to ask you-- The family whose house was searched, was that, by any chance, the house with the mean dog?? That would put 2 and 2 together, if so.
Congrats to the new "mommy" Homemaker!
Charlotte, you should sent a photo to Romeena. The more the merrier!
Pappabear-I got AARP info in the mail! They want to put me out to pasture already! ha And here i was gonna take Phoebe to the BlueView!
Me-they- I have some old Marverick episodes on video. He was great in that series.
Possum- we still need rain here in Phx! Please send it this way! It has now been 95 days without measureable rain! We need a rain prayer!
Yall have a good one!

January 24, 2006 - Msg 33155: Romeena, yes that was very ingenious of your dad!
My dad did that also with working on the car.
He'd put a bunch of old car parts in our radip flyer wagon and we'd keep "busy" working on them, get all greasy like him, and then we'd all scrub up together with powdered Boraxo! He'd ask, "So, how's yer car runnin' now?" and we'd say Great! Good times.

January 24, 2006 - Msg 33156: homemaker- congrats on the triplets. was they all one kind or a mix of boys and girls? what did you name them? are they identical? we'll keep you and them in our prayers. mdc- we must have been brothers in another life as our life seems to mirror each other. my two car garage, detatched is my den, workdhop, collectors room and my train is out there also. thanks for info. charlotte tucker, i've been asking about you, i thought i was going to have to go up the road to make sure your ok. fred goss, thanks for checking in with us, we worry about you, 10-4 over and out. me- they, did you see the movie one special night with james garner and julie andrews. another touching one. possum, sometimes i think staying under the rock might be the best, also. romeena- your dad sounds like the king of keeping you busy with busy work on those trees.hey to ky girl, goober, chuck, spot and the rest. or supper tonight, chilli, cornbread, sweey and buttermilk, taco salad, hot dogs, cake, pies, homemade ice cream. pappa bear

January 24, 2006 - Msg 33157: I guess from the posts above, the triplets HOMEMAKER was talking about must be baby goats. Just keep them away from the dynamite!


January 24, 2006 - Msg 33158: Afternoon Porchsters! I know it's been a while, but I just wanted to drop by and say hello. So...Hello. Been extremely busy at work, the home computer isn't doing so great (so I don't post from home)..plus we have our house for sell. It has to be "show" ready at a moment's notice. So spiffing up is a full time job. Hope everyone is doing well. I should be able to post more as soon as some of this work slows down. (exactly when would that be???) As I tell them here at work (tongue in cheek) "Don't worry about the horse, just load the wagon."

January 24, 2006 - Msg 33159: I'd love to have pictures of train sets or any other hobby that can be photographed. Just make sure they're closeups and "show up" well. Guess I'd have to post pictures of my yard, since that's my primary hobby. Speaking of which, it's 60 degrees out there, sunny, breezy and there are plants in need of deep pruning, and a flat of flowers to plant. Guess I'd better get busy.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

"Who's Malloy??" - Fred Goss

January 24, 2006 - Msg 33160: Wow, hello to you, Rev Jr. We've been worried about you. Also, where is TOM? He hasn't been by in a while, and several others. Check in, folks! --Romeena

January 24, 2006 - Msg 33161:
Pappa- Yup, there all one kind---goats!
Couldnt resist.
I think you're right, we're cut of the same cloth, that same ole german decent!

January 24, 2006 - Msg 33162: Hey gang, at KY girl's suggestion, i have been checking out www.hillbillyhousewife.com for good budgeting info etc., all of which is very good. There is also a link to this addy which is also very neat!
It shows kids how to remember the 10 commandments using nothing but their 10 fingers! Quite unique.
have a good day,

January 24, 2006 - Msg 33163:
PS: does anyone know how to make web addresses come out underlined in a post?

January 24, 2006 - Msg 33164: Does anyone have a spare Mr. Cookie Bar? I've hit my slump and could use an afternoon pick-me-up.


January 24, 2006 - Msg 33165: hey racing porchsters ,only 36 days till the DAYTONA 500.. maybe Barney could start the race by firing his blue steel persuader

January 24, 2006 - Msg 33166: Barn: You, me, and baby makes three

January 24, 2006 - Msg 33167: Afternoon Porch! Stopping by to say hey to ya'll & check in. Ky Girl Cooper, my bird, LOVES to get dressed in hats, he will sit there all day with it on. I have had him since he was 3 weeks old so he is really trusting & spoiled rotten. Welcome Chuck you'll like it here. I'm off to get some things done, wish I had a maid.
I came to fill my vase!~Otis

January 24, 2006 - Msg 33168: Hey, Chuck! Is yer last name O'Malley? Have you been to DEE-Troit lately? (tee hee--couldn't resist. While I haven't been posting probably 15 people have already made a joke of that!)
Charlotte Tucker

January 24, 2006 - Msg 33169: Hey gang. Back home from Las Vegas. Mercy sakes, what a town! I had a real Mayberry moment coming back I will share with you later if interested. It was a hoot.
Gotta go read the archives.


January 24, 2006 - Msg 33170: Charlotte, Pappabear, MD, Me-They etc get some photos to Romeena! We may never get to have a REAL LIFE get-together, but let's try to do this cyber style if we can. Pappa, I'll show ya my train set if you show me yours! haha
Spot, what's for dinner??
Have a good evening

January 24, 2006 - Msg 33171: Hey gang...yall know who ya are..busy here at work ..slow now..gona read...welcome back asa...tonight its thick cut pork chops on the grill,turnip greens,fried okra,purple hull peas,corn on the cobb,rolls and tea...and will someone bring some slaw...back soon..let me lite the grill...SPOT

January 24, 2006 - Msg 33172: Mercy, Spot! That meal sounds delish! You didn't name one thing I don't like. 'Course, that would be hard to do, since I like everything. Turnip greens just twang my buds, with a little vinegar pepper sauce on them. Yum!

Well, gotta get ready for work pretty quick. Not my idea of the best way to spend an evening, but I have no choice.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

"Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive." -Andy

"Blink, blink, blink, blink." - Thomas A. Moody

January 24, 2006 - Msg 33173: Tee hee Romeena. I think you missed a "blink". I was thinking there were 5. Asa, I'm interested, I'm interested. Come on, spill. I'll bring the slaw, Spot. I'm on my way.
- Hazel

January 24, 2006 - Msg 33174: Romeena, meant to tell ya that Sugarplum is indeed just that! A sugarplum. I may send ya a pix of our cat-Kristie! She's a plum too!
Nice just settin' and rockin' tonight. Maybe I'll just peel an apple and then drift off to sleep... come to the church in the wildwood...(yawn) MDC

January 24, 2006 - Msg 33175: Romeena, meant to tell ya that Sugarplum is indeed just that! A sugarplum. I may send ya a pix of our cat-Kristie! She's a plum too!
Nice just settin' and rockin' tonight. Maybe I'll just peel an apple and then drift off to sleep... come to the church in the wildwood...(yawn) MDC

January 24, 2006 - Msg 33176: MDC can ya peel that apple without breaking the peel?...thanks for the slaw Hazel..hey Romeena supper was good...make a plate for tomorrow..hey sugarplum..hey mavis and cooper..hey chuck..Rev and all..asa if we meet at I-Hop in the morning will you ask for a doggy bag and not use your blazer!...well here at work, let me get my reports run and find a movie...SPOT

January 24, 2006 - Msg 33177: MDC, I swear you remind me of John Masters in your photo. Spot, what kind of work is it you do where you have all them "pecuters" (a friend of mine's kid calls them that) on yer desk?
Loved seeing all the kids and pets. Mavis, has Pat fully recovered from that horrible shooting incident? Ya'll look "real healthy." Hope you're not "a little mean" to go with it! MDC, I'll try to round up a photo or two. Where's Dixie? I want to hear her embarrassing story,
Charlotte Tucker

January 24, 2006 - Msg 33178: Hey to the PORCH! Good to see you all...on the road again, but just today. Short trip over to South Bend...back home tomorrow.

Ya'll be good...


January 24, 2006 - Msg 33179: Charlotte..I work in the control center of the power company...thats just a small portion of "pecuters" in my office...each has a different section of the system [power lines] it looks at....I work for Cobb EMC..been here come aug 9th 25 years..get those pics in..dixie and CT...well back to my movie all is quite here right now...SPOT

January 24, 2006 - Msg 33180: posted at the same time goober....be careful...SPOT

January 24, 2006 - Msg 33181: Also Charlotte we have several radar computers that track storms...SPOT

January 24, 2006 - Msg 33182: Charlotte Yes, Pat has fully recovered, thank goodness, he still has problems with what he can & can't eat & since the shooting & car wreck he had when it happened, he has had to wear glasses, the docs say it's from when his head hit the windshield. I am just so thankful that Jake doesn't have to grow up without his dad. Jake, btw, has grown up alot since all of it too. I am so proud of him I could bust. I love that picture of us, it shows how big Jake is & how much he looks like his dad. Thanks for asking.

January 24, 2006 - Msg 33183: Spot can them "pecuters" you got turn off the wind?? It's blowing like crazy here.
I lit into him like a windmill in a hurricane which it what it feels like here on my porch tonight.

January 24, 2006 - Msg 33184: Naw Mav wish I could stop the wind...cant control weather just tell whats gona happen and when most of the time...that helps us get ready ahead of time and get crews lined up...here things can go from 0 to 100 mph in just a matter of muniutes...we are the 2nd largest EMC in the nation with almost 200,000 consumers, we serve 5 countys in Ga..."its just not a whim if ya change your underwear"...SPOT

January 24, 2006 - Msg 33185: You got those windmills going full-bore too, Mavis? Kai wasn't liking it too much as we were walking back from the library. She started crying and I had to carry her halfway home. Poor thing doesn't much cotton to heavy winds.

We think alike, Charlotte. I was thinking the same thing about MDC.

Have a nice night everyone. With calm winds. I've got three BIG trees surrounding our little shack of a house here, and I don't like to think about what they could do should they fall down. Ouch.
-Sterling Holobyte

January 25, 2006 - Msg 33186: Get up! Get up! rise and shine!..Iis I-Hop on Mavis this morning and Asa behave yourself now..I want sausage and eggs and flapjacks with strawberrys...Oj and coffee please..order for me if im late...dont get off till 6..then back at 2 for 16 more..whew that will be 3 double shifts in a row..but in the morning when I get off im off till next wed at 10 pm...thats what im talking about!..miss sherry and I are gona take my mom and dad to the new Ga. aquarium tomorrow and eat at the famous varsity..yall heard of it in atlanta?..well have a mayberry blessed day..see ya at the hop will try not to be late!..SPOT

January 25, 2006 - Msg 33187: Yes Mrs. Tucker. My last name is O'Malley. I married into the shoe business, and I'm very rich.
I'm headin' to Detroit next week. Can someone keep an eye on my cabin for me?

January 25, 2006 - Msg 33188: Be glad to. I'll invite over my friends Naomi, Maude, and Sally. We'll have a party and dance with Al. We might even cook some rare hamburgers with lots of smoke. Bananas for dessert.
Charlotte Tucker

Naomi, you're a strange woman.

January 25, 2006 - Msg 33189:
Morning Folks,

Howdy to all and it's good to see Rev Jr. and Asa make a safe return.

Spot-Is there anything better than Slaw with an order of Ribs. Golly Bob Howdy!!

MDC-It's funny you mentioned that about apples I had a couple last night watching the late news. Tucker Carlson <<<< I like his show.

We finally saw the return of winter here about 8 inches of the white stuff last night. They say we're gonna get another 4 or 5 inches today. All the kids could talk about on the way to school was sledding when they get home.

Well, the Super Bowl is about upon us and you know what that means. Yep, Baseball is right around the corner.

"Is this heaven?" "No, it's Iowa."


January 25, 2006 - Msg 33190: Good morning, Porchsters. Crazy weather here last evening and this morning. Thunder and lightning, hail, rain, snow and high winds--thank goodness not all at once. Had to rush out this morning to get my duaghter to school and didn't have time for breakfast. Starving! SPOT: Any doggie bags?


January 25, 2006 - Msg 33191: Top o the mornin' to ya all.
John Masters eh? But I sing like Barney!! haha Perhaps I could run a hotel, as long as that Darling family dont play music in their room.ha
Auh20-- is that ribs and slaw from Adam's Ribs near Dearborn station, Chicago!? ha
"Ya better tell her Al"
AUh20- was that last quote from Field of Dreams?
Pitchers show up here in about 3 weeks!
SPot- thanks for the breakfast! BTW- how many acres ya got. Looks like a nice spread.
Sterling- good to hear from you. You are such a good dad!
Well, have a good day all,

January 25, 2006 - Msg 33192: I been sitting and watching you all discuss such varied topics on this "porch", it really makes me yearn for those good old days in the 60s back in Oklahoma. Simple life, simpler times,and a nice big front porch; almost "Amish" 'cept for the 'lectricity! But even that was sparce at times. Do you all think that heaven will have a little slice of OK and a little slice of Mayberry?
I sure hope so.
Oklahoma Girl

January 25, 2006 - Msg 33193: Welcome, Oklahoma Girl.....

I think heaven will have a slice of ALL that is good, so you and all the folks here on the porch will be included, and all of our memories of gentler, simpler times will be there too. I think the older we get, the more we ache for the good old days. There aren't too many places we can run and hide -- thank goodness TAGS lives on and all those who love those days long gone by.


January 25, 2006 - Msg 33194: Bulbsnatcher, Man it's good to see you here. You brighten my day even with a 40 watter!:)

MDC, I like how you snuck a MASH line in there. LOL. I like that show also.

Are we still playing jepordy? How about this one? 5


January 25, 2006 - Msg 33195: good morning everyone! the wind blew 55 miles an hour an power outages until 11 pm. in central illinois. new year and since i collect buckeyes, and keep some tagged and the extras i take to nursing homes, hospital patients and it seems to perk them up. i also repair and clean smoking pipes. if anyone runs across buckeyes or cheap used pipes, write me and price them including postages and i'll send it to you. my railroad name is buckeye corners. just mail to buckeye 616 4th street, lincoln, illinois 62656. hope this is erased from board in a week. so i'm retiring pappa bear and picking up buckeye. buckeye.

January 25, 2006 - Msg 33196: asa,sure missed you. maybe you'll tell us about your lasvegas adventures. mavis- prayers for pat's recovery and god grant his family strength and patience. bulbsnatcher, since historical events are cylinder in nature, i feel we will return to simpler times cause the young are even disatified with the hectic pace and lifestyles. oklahoma girl- welcome.. i retired out of fort sill and loved oklahoma so pull up a chair often on the porch.auh20, i can hardly wait for baseball season also. go sox, i know spot my friend says go braves. chuck, enjoy your trip your place is in good hands cause charlote tucker and i will send floyd, otis, howard and the rest up there for the party, why you won't recognise the place when you get home, excitment is everywhere in mayberry. quote; otis- at o'malley place, crook drop it, otis thought he meant the bottle and it wasn't going to happen. once otis realised it was the gun to be dropped. otis; why didn't you say so? mdc- for supper everything will be southwestern food. come one and come all. buckeye

January 25, 2006 - Msg 33197: Ah...Asa.....I don't know what this porch would do here without ya. I think ya got it all wrong, though.....that light you see is just reflecting off me from YOU! And you're a 100-watter, buddy. I really don't know about the Jeopardy game you guys are playing, but I guess we just answer, huh? I feel like I did something wrong last time. Anyway, I'll say "What is the number on the back of Barney's watch?" If I'm doing this wrong, let me know, 'cause I think I missed out on when you started this and what the rules are. Bulbsnatcher

January 25, 2006 - Msg 33198: Hey Y'all! Just checked out Romeena's photo site and it was great seeing some of the Porch Gang! MDC,you sure you don't want to change your name to John Masters? Ha! No,don't go changing-I see Pappa Bear is now Buckeye and if we all start changing names,I won't know who is who! By the way,MDC,you have a lovely wife and your dad looks like he'd be fun to be around-think I spotted a certain twinkle in his eye to attest to that! Oh,and the PORCH kids! What good looking all American little guys we have(Homemaker & Boo) and the girls (Erin & Kelsey) are just darling!Oh,not to omit the "big" guy Jake-Mighty dandy!Thanks for making the site available to us,Ro-I'll have to get some pics of myself and Laci (maybe even my rock!) to you.
Hey Bulbsie,I watched your episode last night-one of my favorites! Yep,you guessed right on Asa's jeopardy question,so good for you! I was gonna answer,but you beat me to it!
Glad to see that Rev.Jr. checked in with us.Now where's Quiet Sam?
Well,guess that's it for now. Y'all have a good afternoon!
possum under a rock

January 25, 2006 - Msg 33199: Just re-read my post and I was referring to Homemaker & Boo's sons as good looking little guys-NOT Homemaker & Boo!

possum again

January 25, 2006 - Msg 33200: Buckeye (aka:pipeman, mountain man, and pappabear) ha, I named my train layout after my wife, so it is Cecile, Wisconsin! She said I was spending more time with the train than with her, so I painted "Cecile" on the little town water tank, and i said, "Look, I named it after YOU, honey!" That saved me from gettin' a leg-o-lamb in the noggen! haha
Welcome OK girl, what part of OK are ya from?
Asa- you caught that eh, good one. That was a good show.
Anyone see the PBS program about John Adams the other night? It was very good. He was the one who went to the French to ask for their help in 1777.
Bulbsie- Yes, that is the way you do it and i think you answered right!
More later,

January 25, 2006 - Msg 33201: Hey to the Porch.
My children recently gave me a yellow lab pup. Her "official" name is Barney Fife's Blue, but I just call her Blue.
I just discovered a helpful link some of you you might enjoy.



January 25, 2006 - Msg 33202: Ha, I'm glad you didn't think I was a good looking guy, Possum.

Hey to everybody. I wanted to let you know I am without a computer for awhile so if you don't hear from me, don't worry.

MDC, no, the folks who had their house raided weren't the ones with the pitbull. They are friends of our and church memeber and they are in a mess of trouble. Speaking fo pitbulls, we had a 2 year old attacked by a pitbull near here yesterday. The dog was a family pet that was chained in the backyard at the time. The two year old family member got too close to the dog's food bowl and the dog attacked him. They took him by helicopter to the children's hospital and he is going to be ok, has lacerations to the head and face and I think the dog got one of his eyes. Poor little thing. It didn't make me feel any better about pitbulls, sorry. I haven't been able to do anything about the one down the street from me but I went down to take a closer look at the situation and found that the dog is on a very thick chain that appears to be well-secured. Its not enough for me, though. In my opinion a vicious dog shouldn't be allowed in a neighborhood full of kids. Guess I will keep trying....

Have a good day and I will chack in when I can.