March 03, 2006 - Msg 35270: The Robert E. Lee Natural Bridge?

March 03, 2006 - Msg 35271:
Wow, good sweep! With all the sweeping that barney did in the courthouse, he would be right proud!

March 03, 2006 - Msg 35272: Remember MDC, sweeping and fly-killing was not his number one job. Stalkin' was his number one job.


March 03, 2006 - Msg 35273: Have a great weekend everyone. Me? I'm going to the "Y" up in Raleigh, get my self a room, get the breakfast special...


March 03, 2006 - Msg 35274:
I may try to take in a Spring Training game, then tomorrow night we are going to the play "Mama Mia" that is based around the songs of the group Abba.
Not sure about that one, but I do it for my (MUCH)better half!
Get to preaching, and have a good one,

March 03, 2006 - Msg 35275: MDC: I just hope that tomorrow night's not your "Waterloo." (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

See ya in church on Sunday.


March 03, 2006 - Msg 35276: mdc- what a sweep, if you cook supper that well count me in. me- they are you going to religh for undercover work? you'll be keeping barney's job secure. ha. mdc- get me some sox, cubs autographs. what's for supper? i'll read the archives later. the person with no name, how about the wildcats after opie's club? buckeye

March 03, 2006 - Msg 35277: mdc, I have heard from several people who saw Mama Mia in London that it is excellent. I had forgotten until reading your post that it uses "Abba" music. I can't remember off the top of my head which part of the good old USA you live in, but I hope you enjoy the show.


March 03, 2006 - Msg 35278: HI ALL


March 03, 2006 - Msg 35279: Hey gang...see the porch is still remembering!...good to read the posts...Hey Ro,buckeye,mdc,md,hazel,TOM,YMK,M-T,goober,gomer,possum,Mavis, to work in the morning and tomorrow is Miss Sherrys Birthday!..gona go out to eat and go to town and get a room with a hot tub and indoor pool!...mprning breakfast will be eggs and bacon and toast [simple]...OJ....SPOT

March 03, 2006 - Msg 35280: Tom Msg 35278, that was a sweet and touching poem to Don Knotts. Thanks for sharing it.

Regarding the musical play "Mamma Mia", I have seen it three times up in Toronto. Since I am an ABBA fan as well as a musician, I loved it. Twice we sat in the first row of the balcony (where I consider are the best seats to view the play). And once we sat in the very first row on the main floor so that I could watch and learn from the guitar members of the orchestra. For me, hearing the ABBA music on a powerful sound system and singing along to the ABBA songs was worth it even though much of the stage scenery and props seemed "frugal".

I have another question. As far as I know, Floyd is the person who sweeps up the porch around here. But I have seen others being thanked after sweeps. Am I misunderstanding something here or are there more than one porch sweeper?

from Poor Horatio

March 03, 2006 - Msg 35281:
Poor Horatio, thanks for the info on the musical. I go either way on abba music. I like Take a Chance on Me, for instance, but some others I can "take" it or leave it! ha We will be in the first row of the first balcony at ASU's Gammage Auditorium, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.
Gomer, we live in Tempe AZ.
As far as sweeping goes, Floyd has told us that it automatically sweeps after so much storage, but not sure of that figure. So when we say that "we swept" we simpley mean that our particular post went past the storage capacity.
Hope that helps.
TOM- good to see you, thanks for that poem. We all needed a good one like that.
Buckeye, I have shawn dunstin's autograph from his rookie year around '85 or so!
Cute MT, real cute! ha
Have a great porch evening, prayers for this ole world!
Mr Darlin's Cuz

March 03, 2006 - Msg 35282: Hey MDC!...Ro where are ya?..Boo ya got the house under way?..Mavis no cup race this week...Horatio we all just get a chance to sweep at one point time or another...possum U out there?..Chuck come in""...SPOT

March 03, 2006 - Msg 35283: Hi SPOT, we are waiting for "the man" to give us his rough draft of the houseplans...

POSSUM, I saw the "Deputy, LandLord, Friend" spot on TVLand for the first time today and it brought a tear to my eye and I have to admit it was painful.

ROMEENA, ..."Really caring for our families is God's gift to us, more so than to the family. Its a joy...." I have to tell you that when I read those words I cried like a baby. There is no way to tell you how profoundly they affected me. As you know, for over a year now I have not only been caring for my husband and children, but my elderly parents and Bruce's sisters have needed my help with one's battle with cancer and the other going for a horrible divorce and battle with depression and mental illness. The battle has really been raging lately and I have been feeling especially overwhelmed this week. I needed to hear your words more than you will ever know. I had never thought about it that way and had been caring a burden of knowing so many depended on me. Just this morning my Dad told me that I am the one he depends on for everything and, he said, so do alot of others because, "you have a brain in your head," he said. Lately I have been trying so hard to help people but have forgotten that only God can really change them. I feel like so much of that burden has lifted after reading your words. Thank you so much. I will have a much different att#tude now, I suspect. I am going to just serve with thankfulness and joy as "unto the Lord" and not expect everyone's outcome to depend soley on me. No more playing God.

RO, I also want you to know that I will pray for Johnny and for his family.

TOM, thank you so much for that beautiful poem you shared. It blessed my heart!

Farrah, yes, my dad was alot like Andy when he was younger. He has gotten alot more grumpy in his old age, poor thing. When I was a child, though, he was so soft-spoken and never yelled. He was always very loving and kind to his daughters and didn't like to punish us. I remember him playing with us alot and telling us stories when we were very young. He wasn't a sheriff in the small town we lived in but he was the judge for years, and he wore Andy's hairdo and has his build!

I watched Mr. McBeevee tonight and realized I had a similar experience with my little girl this morning (she is 4). I told her to wash her hands before she ate because they were very dirty. I was busy in the kitchen and didn't see her go and wash them. When she told me she already did, I said, "Erin, are you telling me a lie?" and she said, "No, I'm not lying". I said, "I didn't see you go in there and wash them. Don't lie, its a very bad thing to do." Well, you should have seen her little face, it looked much like Opie's did when Andy thought he was lying about Mr. McBeevee. She was starting to cry and then she said, "Mom, I'm not lying. Look at my hands" and she was right, she had washed them. She looked so downcast because I hadn't believed her. I felt pretty bad about it. I had to hug her and tell her I was sorry for not believing her. I felt alot like Andy!

Well, I should be finishing up my visit here on the porch tonight. I am SO glad to know I will be able to watch the Larry King interview on Sunday! Love to All,


March 03, 2006 - Msg 35284: Oh, my goodness. Boo, you are so kind, and your words make me feel so unworthy. I'm glad that something I said was helpful to you, and if it was, it's because the Lord put the thoughts into my mind at that time - all I did was apply fingers to keyboard. Please know that I pray for you, as I've been aware for some time of the burdens you're carrying. You do it with such grace, you're an example to everyone. I pray for all the porchsters who are in that parent/child role reversal phase of life. I just emerged from that, almost three years ago, when my sweet daddy finally passed, as he had been praying to do. It's a very tough time, and sometimes prayer is all that gets you through.

I spent a wonderful, hilarious evening with eleven good friends tonight, playing bunco. Three tables of four women each, all laughing, teasing each other, hollering and having a wonderful time. Lots of good snacks, inexpensive but fun prizes, and best of all, just good old fellowship with sweet friends. We're about evenly divided, widows and marrieds, but we've all known each other for at least thirty years, and have no secrets. We've seen each other through illness, deaths of husbands, children's divorces, lost jobs, loneliness, and all manner of trouble. We've also shared vacations, kids' marriages, births of children and grandchildren, joys and triumphs. I have memories beyond measure of times spent with many of those women, and I wouldn't trade them for anything. Many of their husbands were my husband's close friends, and they feel like brothers to me. With a couple of exceptions, we all started out in one Sunday School Department in the early 70's, and we're still together. God is good.

Well, the Plum needs a cuddle after being left alone all evening. Have a wonderful, TAGS-filled weekend, everyone. Sugarplum says 10-4! --Romeena

March 04, 2006 - Msg 35285: Goin' over to Thelma Lou' a little tv.....

March 04, 2006 - Msg 35286: Morning gang, hey Romeena,Boo and all....porch sure has been here at work now and gona get settled in....SPOT

March 04, 2006 - Msg 35287: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS SHERRY... tom, another good one. been too long my freind since we heard from you. mdc, take me out to tthe ball park, enjoy. poor hiaratio, the reason the props seemed so fruigal was because the mayor was to tight to pay for them. gomer, what are you doing this weekend?ro & plum; isn't it strange how time flies on us humans? 30 years seems like a blink looking back. thank the lord for the faithful freinds we do have along the way. boo= always try and remember the parents as they were as we get older and our bodies won't let us do much of anything, we become more grumpy at the inability to do for ourselves and others what we've always done, thus more angry at self and possibly a burden to the ones we love the most. ANYONE KNOW IF DON KNOTTS WILL BE BURIED IN MORGANTOWN, WEST VIRGINIA OR CALIFORNIA? pray everyone has a great weekend. buckeye

March 04, 2006 - Msg 35288: here is one to tickle the brain cells/// what is the perfect tempeture to keep ice cream for optimum flavor, texture and taste? buckeye

March 04, 2006 - Msg 35289: if you can wait until 2140 then scotland will have the first 194 proof alcohol ready for consunption. otis would be proud. i'll bet that would lay heavy on your chest, don't you? buckeye

March 04, 2006 - Msg 35290: Hey Folks, I just realized that coming up May 2nd will be the 5 year anniversary of this version of The Taylor's Front Porch. It was May 02, 2001 when the first message was posted. We ought to do something that day...say a few words or something. Y'all think about it and maybe we'll at least say "hey" that day.

March 04, 2006 - Msg 35291: Hey everybody,so good to get to stop by!i'm still busy as can be,but,i just had to stop by and see how everyone was doing.Boo,I've seen that tribut Tv land is running too about Don Knotts,everytime I see it,I get tears in my eyes.I haven't read the archives,i'll try to do that later.Prayers for everyone.-ky girl

March 04, 2006 - Msg 35292: Well Miss Sherry says thanks buckeye!...hey ky girl how ya been?..Floyd you so a great job!..Romeena you at work?..YMK where are you?..Chuck are ya cleaning?...getting off work a little earyl today at 4:30 to take Miss Sherry out to dinner at Texas Road house..yall join us..then to see 8 below [the movie]..and back to the hilton for a swim at the indoor pool and suite with in room Hot Tub and in room breakfast in the morning!!...Andy is on all day on TV land..well let me get back to work...SPOT

March 04, 2006 - Msg 35293: Good morning, all! Happy birthday to Miss Sherry! Have fun on your special day.

Hey, folks, let's don't tell Floyd, but maybe we could get him a wrist watch to commemorate the fifth anniversary of this porch. We could have it inscribed, maybe with a "5" on the back. What do y'all think?

Well, I have a dilemma. I have two flats of pansies that must be planted, but TAGS is on! I had intended to do things like that while the "Three's Company" eps ran, but they're going to run during the night. I'd plant tonight by flashlight, but I'm afraid my neighbors would come after me with a butterfly net. Hmmm. Maybe I can run out and plant one pansy on each oommercial. It'll take 40 commercial breaks, but it might work, don't you think?

Isn't it strange? Many of us have the DVDs now, and can watch TAGS whenever we please, commercial free. Still, there's just nothing like watching them as they're aired, knowing that around the country - the world, really - other porchsters and fans are watching at the same time. It's that feeling of fellowship we've talked about before.

Well, back to TAGS. It's playing in two rooms, so I can hear every word. Have a great day, everyone. Sugarplum says 10-4. She has decided to use "10-4" now instead of "hey", as an ongoing tribute to Barney. I trust no one objects? --Romeena

"ELLY WALKER! OHH!!!" --Barney

March 04, 2006 - Msg 35294: Miss Sherry says thanks Romeena!..and I got it made here at work...TAGS on a 77 in TV!..all day!!..Plant at night Ro..shuck cant think of the mans name [just saw the ept this morning that plowed at night..the one that andy delivered the baby...HELP drawing a blank...I know it but just cant say it..SPOT

March 04, 2006 - Msg 35295: Uhh... that would be Quiet Sam, Spot. --Romeena

March 04, 2006 - Msg 35296: Thanks RO, for your kind words and for your prayers, they mean so much. Sounds like you had a great time last night. I hope I can continue to have the same friends in 30 years that I have now at church. I have been at my current church for about 10 years and am very close to some of the women there. Being a Navy town, lots of friends come and go when they are transferred out but there is a core that always stays and they are a real gift.

I think planting the pansies at the commercials could work, try it! I have been watching TAGS this morning and loving it. That scene with Barney kissing Thelma Lou in the dark when Andy comes in just kills me! To see that lipstick on his face and the way his hair looks.....haha. "Haven't you ever seen a man drinking a cup of coffee before?!"

Buckeye, thanks for the advice concerning the parents. I will keep it in mind.

Better go turn up TVLand and start washing some dishes, folding and putting away laundry and cleaning the refrigerator.....yeah, I'll wash some dishes, fold some laundry and clean the refrigerator...


March 04, 2006 - Msg 35297: Oh, and, "10-4" to Sugarplum


March 04, 2006 - Msg 35298: "Over and under!"

March 04, 2006 - Msg 35299: Thanks Ro...yea Sam Becker....SPOT

March 04, 2006 - Msg 35300: what's for lunch and where. floyd maybe you could run the first post of each week for the month of may. ro, the watch idea is great maybe it could be presented with a certificate of all the porchsters. present it at the mayberry annual reunion. hi ky girl. anyone want to guess at the ice cream trivia and the new 194 proof. have a good weekend. buckeye

March 04, 2006 - Msg 35301: Well gang...getting off work at 4:30 instead of 6...gona take Miss Sherry out to Texas Road house for steak and salmond...yall come on and we can sing happy b-day to her and embarrass her..Her son and daughter and daughter in law and grandson are going [this is gona set me back]..then to the hilton for the night! us in the lobby of the hotel in the morning for breakfast ...prayers to all...SPOT

March 04, 2006 - Msg 35302: Hi guys; Hope I didnt say anything wrong yesterday. I was only thinking about all the good people in Mayberry and on the show who have since passed on. Im sure Don will be welcomed with open arms and one shiny gold bullet. Hope I didnt offend any members of the porch and would like to become a member my self. Could I be Rafe Hollister? Please let me know and I hope this message isnt swept. I love the show and I would love to be here. Rodney thanks

March 04, 2006 - Msg 35303: Rodney im SPOT the cook here...I have not read the OLD archives but welcome....we have a Rafe already though....well let me get finished up at work and get ready for my night out ...SPOT

March 04, 2006 - Msg 35304: I think we should get the Mayor's daughter to sing at the 5 year celebration!


March 04, 2006 - Msg 35305:
This is from the homemaker's son, he feels sorry for Andy. (He is my 8 year old.)


March 04, 2006 - Msg 35306: Hello and welcome to newcomer Rodney Msg 35302. If you are referring to Undecided Newcomer's Msg 35218 posted on March 2, I see nothing wrong with that post. As for your request to use the Rafe Hollister name here on The Front Porch, after checking the archives, there is an old-timer using that name who posted Msg 34498 on February 25 and Msg 34763 on February 27. Good luck in choosing another name.

from Poor Horatio

March 04, 2006 - Msg 35307: To JB Msg 35305, tell the homemaker's son thank you for his sympathy for Andy. I'm sure Andy does appreciate that. And so does his fans.

from Poor Horatio

March 04, 2006 - Msg 35308: Yeah, right, Ro. You gotta admit that's pretty wierd. What are you doing out in your yard in the middle of the night? Pansies, and, or... what? Marijuana or some other illegal crop? (I couldn't resist that one). The Quiet Sam ep is one of my very favorites. (Along with all the rest of my favorites.) I really like the epilogue in that one. Where Andy is sing "She'll be coming around the mountain". I love the way the town folks are all singing along, and at the end where they present Sam with gifts for the new baby. What a gret show!
- Hazel

March 04, 2006 - Msg 35309: Just realized I spelled Weird wrong. I before E, except after C; and E before I in weird. I always forget that rule!
- Hazel

March 04, 2006 - Msg 35310: Also, that's "great", not gret. I think I better go soak something.
- Haze

March 04, 2006 - Msg 35311: She's gassed!:)


March 04, 2006 - Msg 35312: Well, it is National Barney Watching Day, Asa. It's ok to have a nip on special occasions.
- Hazel

March 04, 2006 - Msg 35313: Y'all crack me up! Hazel I was thinking the same thing about Ro planting at night,but just couldn't bring myself to say it! Too funny!
By the way,where is OUR Quiet Sam? Been awhile since he's been on the Porch.
Sweet story about Erin,Boo.
Well,it's back to TVLand-I'm loving it!
Y'all have a good evening watching TAGS!
possum under a rock
P.S. 10-4 back to Plum!

March 04, 2006 - Msg 35314: Hazel, you are so funny....whatcha drinkin'? Mulberry Squeezins??

I sure am enjoying watching TAGS with all of you. Just taking a little break before taking my shower...I am one of those big babies that HAS to take a shower before bed or I just can't sleep right. Been that way since infancy!

Better go, Erin is calling me....


Oh Hazel, are you soaking something?

March 04, 2006 - Msg 35315: Good Evenin' Y'all!
How's everyone on the porch doin'? Things are really good right now because they're playing a 3hr marathon of Barney. My hubby's out of town and my son is at a friends house. Just Barn, Andy and me.
Poor Horatio-I just saw the ep. where you got your name! It was hilarious. When Opie says its kinda hard to remember 1/2 a boy, poor Horatio.
Boo-You will be in my prayers, bless your heart.
Romeena-I really enjoyed what you said, also. I am currently a stay at home Mom, waiting on ankle surgery and that really hit home.
Spot-I don't know Sherry, but Happy Birthday. Its always nice for people to say, I'm glad you were born on this day. Let's celebrate even if it breaks the bank.
Floyd-Thank you for keeping the porch clean. It was a mess there for awhile. Barn would be proud of ya.
Last thing, I really want a TAGS name. Does anyone use the name Miss Ellie? I'm much more of a Miss Ellie than a Helen. I wonder why Miss Ellie left after the 1st season and never came back.
Undecided, I hope you find a good TAGS name too!
Blessings to you and yours,
Seek ye first the kingdom of God!

March 04, 2006 - Msg 35316: HE

March 04, 2006 - Msg 35317: GOD BLESS (BARNEY) DON!

March 04, 2006 - Msg 35318: LOL

March 04, 2006 - Msg 35319: AMERICAN PAGENT

March 04, 2006 - Msg 35320: ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW RULES

March 04, 2006 - Msg 35321: sorry

March 04, 2006 - Msg 35322: Howdy, all. Just taking a break from the TV to give my eyes a rest, but I can still hear. The Pickle Story just started - a good one! I can almost smell the kerosene.

I never even thought about what else I could be planting at night besides pansies! Leave it to you all to think of that. I'll have you to know I don't even allow fruitcake in the house! On the other hand, I do have two specimens of a plant called "brugmansia", or Angel's Trumpet, that is said to have hallucinogenic properties. I don't know if it's in the leaves, the flowers, or what part of the plant is involved, but it sure does make big old pretty blooms. One of mine has pink blooms and one is gold/orange. Very beautiful.

OK, folks, let's help Farrah and Rodney find TAGS names. We had a Miss Ellie, though she hasn't been here in quite a while. I'm sure we can come up with some good ones. Thinking of eps I've seen today, Miss Rosemary and Mr. McCabe come to mind. Anybody else got some better ones?

OK, back to the TV. Sugarplum says 10-4! --Romeena

March 04, 2006 - Msg 35323: Watched a lot of great eps today! Asa, saw my favorite epilogue about Miss Peggy and Andy's ay-ye. You couldn't beat her southern drawl! "Well what should I do?" "Why don't you go feed yer hungry buzzard?!"
Charlotte Tucker

Hazel, You are a bird in this world! and a funny one at that!

March 04, 2006 - Msg 35324: To Farrah Msg 35315, I'm glad you have discovered just how my Front Porch name relates to TAGS. It sure is unique, isn't it?
For anyone else who is interested, the show script explaining "poor horatio" was posted at The Front Porch on February 14, 2002, in Msg 5043. A quicker way to read it is by clicking on Msg 5043.

from Poor Horatio

March 04, 2006 - Msg 35325: To Farrah Msg 35315, Elinor "Miss Ellie" Donahue gave an interview explaining why she left after the first season. I can't post the link here due to a long word restriction. Just follow the instructions below to hear this interview.
#1 - You will need Real Player. If you don't have it, you can download it free at RealPlayer.
#2 - Click here.
#3 - In the left column, look for INFORMATION.
#5 - Look for INTERVIEWS in the bottom center.

from Poor Horatio

March 04, 2006 - Msg 35326: Like Andy sang to Otis once in this old Civil War song,

We shall meet but we shall miss him,
There will be his vacant chair;
We shall linger to caress him
While we breathe our evening prayer;
When a year ago we gathered,
Joy was in his mild blue eye,
But a golden chord is severed,
And our hopes in ruin lie.
RIP, Don K.

March 04, 2006 - Msg 35327: Thank you Poor Horatio for the link. That was a very indepth interview. Has anyone read her cookbook? Elinor Donahue was in quite a bit more shows than I realize. Are ya sure Miss Ellie isn't available? Ha

March 04, 2006 - Msg 35328: p.s. complete lyrics and music to The Vacant Chair at:

March 04, 2006 - Msg 35329: from the "Man in a Hurry" Episode, this should be sung at Mr. Knott's memorial:


There's a church in the valley by the wild wood
No lovelier place in the dale
No spot is so dear to my childhood
As the little brown church in the vale

( O come, come, ... )
Come to the church in the wild wood
O come to the church in the dale
No spot is so dear to my childhood
As the little brown church in the vale

to hear the music, visit:

goodbye, Barney

March 04, 2006 - Msg 35330: Farrah, thank you so much for the prayers. I remember an Ellie Walker that used to post here but haven't seen her for awhile. I think Miss Rosemary is a sweet name. I was thinking about a name for Rodney. Tonight in the Remshaw House ep, Gomer says, "With an ax?! Shazam!". I think SHAZAM would be a fun name to use.

RO, I remember as a kid, my friend and I used to hang around up the street at her Grandpa's filling station and he had a whole big crop of red poppies growing beside the place. Before they bloomed we used to pull the heads off and play with the white fluid that oozed from them, which was opium, I guess. Wonder if it absorbs through the skin? I don't remember feeling funny....

I tried watching the first ep of Three's Company with Don Knotts in it but I found it disturbing. It is hard for me to see the same actor that played our beloved Barney playing the part of a letcherous old man. No offense to anyone but I don't care for Three's Company. No class, you know?

Well, I am off to bed. Have a great Sunday,


"They were just pickled tink to see me!"

March 04, 2006 - Msg 35331: For those true-blue fans who have made a hobby out of TAGS memories, can anyone answer me on these two questions: The episode "Opie the Birdman" is so reminiscent of "To Kill A Mockingbird" in music, message, and mood...was there a connection between the writers or directors of the two? Same with the episode with Buddy Ebsen as the Good-hearted is very reminiscent of "Breakfast at Tiffany's" in using a subtle variation of "Moon River" as the background music and in his sad character...was there a relation between these productions, (same screenwriters or directors?) or was TAGS just borrowing from the popularity of those movies at that time?

March 04, 2006 - Msg 35332: To Farrah Msg 35327, in your quest to adopt the "Miss Ellie" name, I searched through the archives and found the last post that old-timer Miss Ellie posted. It appears below:


October 10, 2004 - Msg 24089: This is the Old Miss Ellie from years ago. I got a letter from Tom. He sends his love and misses you folks. I think he must be without computer now.
He asked I give you his address so, if you would you could snail mail him. He would so appreciate hearing by snail mail from you. He has moved and it was a difficult time for him getting everything straightened out. Thomas L. Harte
617 Michigan Ave.
Nutterfort, WV. 26301

Thank you and I hope all of you are well. I just skimmed the page a little, I'm rarely online anymore because of a back injury that is much better and because of storms. Spot, I hope you get over your injuries and are well soon and are in my prayers.

Miss Ellie


from Poor Horatio

March 05, 2006 - Msg 35333: Good morning ladies and gents, I would first like to say thanks to Boo for presenting the idea of a name for me. It would be an honor to accept the name Shazam. It is classic. Please let me know what steps I need to take to become a member of this prestigous group. I also would like to thank Horatio for remembering my first message to who I thought was a great man. I grew up watching reruns in the 70's as a kid Don brought joy to our home on days when life wasnt always good. Now as a grown up I watch reruns with my son who has to dance every time he hears the theme song. At 4 years old I hope the traditon continues and this show blesses him as it and Don has blessed me. Thank you guys for welcoming me and thank you Boo and Horatio for showing that there is no town more friendly then my hometown....Mayberry, Mayyyyyberrrrrreeeeeee. Sincerely; Rodney nka.... SHAZAM!

March 05, 2006 - Msg 35334: Good morning everyone. And a pleasant welcome to our newly named newcomer Shazam (fka Rodney). Boo sure did come up with a great name for you. Now you have another place you can call home.

from Poor Horatio

March 05, 2006 - Msg 35335: Morning Porch. Welcome Shazaam (is that gonna be with 2 a's or three?) Nothing else you need to do to be a member here, oh... other than new members serve me breakfast in bed for a week. Kind of a tradition here. So between you and Farrah, I'm good for 2 weeks. Who wants to go first? Now it don't matter to me. I'm easy to get along with.
Lets see Farrah, we don't have a Skippy or a Daphne here. Or a Rosemary as Boo said. I think Sarah and Juanita are available. (those two are good if you like to be heard but not seen ha). There is also Lee Drake if you're a lawyer type. But seeing how you're gonna be serving me breakfast in bed for a week, how about Olive?

I saw that epidose also Charlotte, and thought immediatly of you. Isn't that funny how you can be watching a scene and have it remind you of someone here at the porch? I know if I ever see Andy with a wedgie I'll be thinking of Boo! hee hee hee

Hope you all have a good Sabbath. Back to the marathon. And Boo, I'm the same way with 3's company. I prefer to remember our Barney as living in Mayberry, 35 years old, and in black and white.


March 05, 2006 - Msg 35336: Mornin' Y'all! Asa,you mooching food from our newcomers? Shame,shame! Y'all have to watch out for Asa-he's a pip! Even has a plaque to prove it! Ha!
I'm with y'all on the Three's Company thing.That's when I turned off my tv set & hit the old ironing board.
Asa,I was thinking of names for Farrah too,and also thought of Skippy.I don't think we've got a Lucy Matthews. Maybe we'd get our long lost buddy Ed Sawyer back on the porch if he knew Lucy was here! Or Farrah,you could pick a generic type name like I did-just can't think of one to suggest to you.
Welcome to Shazam! I was gonna suggest Uncle Ollie,but you've picked a good one with Shazam.
Y'all have a good day-enjoy the marathon!
possum under a rock

March 05, 2006 - Msg 35337: Good morning, everyone. I do happen to enjoy "Three's Company", but preferred the original cast. I think I liked it because I admired John Ritter's broad physical comedy, like a male Lucille Ball. He was very talented. However, I was always a bit uncomfortable after Ralph Furley came on the scene. The part didn't do Don Knotts justice. He was, and always will be, Barney Fife in my mind. Ralph was too much of a buffoon, with none of the underlying steel of Barney.

Well, I guess I feel old this morning! My daughter sent me an email with a link that will tell you the name of the song that was #1 on the charts on the day you were born. I tried to find mine, and couldn't. The chart doesn't go back that far!! Harumph! Of all the nerve!

Well, off to preachin'. The Plum has to retire to the bedroom while I'm gone. I still think it's discriminatory that she's not allowed to go to church. She even has a little hat that she could wear.

Sugarplum says 10-4! --Romeena

P.S. Welcome to Shazam! Will you be using the "!"? Farrah, those are some good suggestions up there. No hurry, something will click.

March 05, 2006 - Msg 35338: Welcome SHAZAM and FARRAH ....Howdy to all my porch friends Im off to church with the wife

March 05, 2006 - Msg 35339: I'm glad to see everyone enjoying the TAGS marathon. I find it kind of bittersweet. I kind of wish they weren't having one, you know what I mean?

Just got back from homemaker's neck of the woods, I think. Yep, Southern Indiana. We were down there for a week looking after my MIL after her back surgery. Everything went well and she is doing quite good. Her friend is looking after her for another two weeks until she is fully recovered, but I don't think it will take that long because she is doing quite well already.
I'm really glad we got back yesterday because today we are getting pummeled with snow. Ok, it is only supposed to be about 3 to 5 inches when it is all through, but I wouldn't like to be driving in it anyway. It doesn't look very pleasant for drivers out there at the moment, so anyone who is in the path, be careful.
-Sterling Holobyte

March 05, 2006 - Msg 35340:
To Shazam- "Surprize, surprize, surprize!" haha
To- Farrah- ditto all of the above or how about Andelina! Charlene could sing There is a time".
Poor Horatio- Well, I made it thru Mamma Mia! It was good! But i agree on the scenery. If it is the same traveling troupe, the rounded stucco look could have been better. They ended with Waterloo whcih maybe Me they was taliking about to me! ha
Boo- intersting, for about 15 years now i end and start my day with about a 5 minute shower. Sleep better and start the day refrreshed!
Not sure if anyone answered the questions about the two eps and the movies of the day.
FLOYD- do you know?
Well, ya all keep out from under the old bandstand!
Barney: What's the name of that one?
Andy: "Sinners Lose All Their Guilty Stains"
(They were singing it whilst cleaning out their old files)

March 05, 2006 - Msg 35341: Hey ASA, thanks for thinking of me if you ever see a wedgie! (I think)

Glad you like the name Shazam, always happy to help. Now you keep coming back to the porch, ya hear? I have a four year old, too. Her name is Erin and I also have a 10 year old son who loves to watch the show with me. We watched the ep with The Golden Arm together today.

I have been enjoying the Marathon and thinking of all of you all weekend.

Buckeye said something the other day about Thelma Lou and Barney getting married. Did they get married in a reunion show or something?

Better go, Erin is wanting to play cards with me.


March 05, 2006 - Msg 35342: Hello All,
I'm checking in a bit earlier today. Hubby will be home in a bit after travelling for 10 days and he'll want my attention. Thank you all for your suggestions. So far my favorites are Miss Rosemary, Sarah (sounds like Farrah, but I like to always put my 2 cents in), or Sharon Despain, Andy's high school sweetheart. I'm still decidin' and I'll let ya know when I'm done. I like your name, Shazam-its cool.
My grandfather, Austin, (late 70's) is in the hospital for bladder and prostate infections. He'll be home in a few days. My great uncle, Jimmy, is in another hospital for emphazema and they don't know how much longer he'll make it. My poor 83 yr old grandmother, Elizabeth, is driving from one end of Louisville to another. I'm worried about the stress on her. She is truly like another Mother to me. If you don't mind please pray for all 3 of them.
Does everyone on the loop have all of the season dvd's so far? I saw on amazon that season 6 will be available soon. They are taking preorders.
I'm gonna run to clean up a bit, but will pop up in the morning. I agree that I can't watch Mr. Knott's as Mr. Furley. Its not the same. To me he's "Ole Reliable Barney" and always will be.
Y'all take care!
Blessings to you and yours,

March 05, 2006 - Msg 35343: Farrah will get many prayers here on the porch ,mine included

March 05, 2006 - Msg 35344: To Farrah (Msg 35342), sorry to hear about the problems in your family. I will pray for your grandfather, grandmother, and great uncle.

Believe it or not, I don't have any TAGS DVD's or video cassettes. That's because in my area, TAGS is broadcast quite often on cable. But I do own a few books on TAGS.

Regarding all this talk about Three's Company, I also feel strange watching Mr. Furley after getting used to Don as Barney Fife. But after watching that Larry King interview with Don Knott's daughter, it seems like Mr. Furley was somewhat similar to Don offscreen. Remember her mentioning how much of a lady's man her father was in real life? And remember her mentioning how her father treated her as a friend rather than a daughter by telling her everything, including about his love life. I was initially shocked to hear these revelations. But then I came to realize that as long as Don enjoyed life, to each his own.

Don't forget the Larry King interview rerun tonight at 9pm eastern on CNN.

from Poor Horatio

March 05, 2006 - Msg 35345: Folks you don't want to miss that interview on Larry King. It's a good one. --Floyd

March 05, 2006 - Msg 35346: We suggest the name "squad car." I don't think it has been used.
Elmer and Ruth Ohio

March 05, 2006 - Msg 35347: May I suggest that anyone who is considering ordering any of the season DVDs - please visit Weaver's Store here on the website and order from there. The proceeds go to help support the site (have you noticed we don't have popup ads?) and it just sort of keeps it all in the family. I don't know how the prices compare, I haven't checked that out, but I'd think there wouldn't be much difference, if any. The folks there are great to deal with - they were even able to research and tell me which seasons I had ordered shipped to my son's address! Very personal touch - I won't shop for TAGS products anywhere else.

Having a wonderful time watching the marathon. Poor Horatio, I hear what you're saying - we get several eps each day here too, and I watch them, but I'm still stockpiling the season DVDs so I can see a complete, uncut, no-commercial episode any time I want to. Besides, what if they decide to stop rerunning TAGS someday? That would be a foolish move in my opinion, but you never can tell. The networks have done dumber things than that. Remember "Chasing Farrah?" (No, Farrah, not you, honey.)

Well, commercials are over - back to the TV. The interview begins in 13 minutes, and I have my recorder all set up and ready to go.

Sugarplum says 10-4! --Romeena

March 05, 2006 - Msg 35348: Hello everyone. Thanks so much for welcoming me into your community. I actually have something to look foward to when I arrive home each day. I thank you for the name Shazam and no I wont include the ! I appreciate each and every one of you for your kindness and friendship and my prayers are with you Farrah and I will make that breakfast in bed for you when I arrive in Mayberry. Take care all and enjoy the marathon while it's on. It is a great honor for a great man. Thank you Horatio for a great name and to all of you who have left messages for me. Well Ben and I are going to watch the video's from yesterday's marathon. I now have all my favorites. Good luck with a name Farrah and let me know. And to everyone let your family know that Shazam says hey.

March 05, 2006 - Msg 35349: hello all how are all of you tonite i am good ....gizzmo

March 05, 2006 - Msg 35350: Hi, Gizzmo. It's good to hear from you. Please tell Tom hey for us if you see him. --Romeena

March 05, 2006 - Msg 35351: Nope, Sterling, I don't know what you mean. What could be more special than a TAGS marithon.
- Hazel

March 05, 2006 - Msg 35352: SPOT hre.........

March 05, 2006 - Msg 35353:
Hello porch family. So good to see you all. Just got in from a long weekend and thought I would stop by and sit a spell.

Welcome Shazam and Farrah. So good to have you join this wonderful Mayberry family. Also Farrah, prayers for your family.

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday Miss Sherry
Happy birthday to you.
(By the way...that was in the key of D)

Prayers for all and have a blessed night.

March 05, 2006 - Msg 35354: Hazel, I was referring to the reason they are having the marathon.

I have been watching as many of the episodes that I can, however. They just finished with the chain letter ep and now have gone to some Three's Company episodes, unfortunately. I have nothing against Three's Company. It is funny in its own way, but I would rather watch some more TAGS.
Hope everyone is well!
-Sterling Holobyte

March 05, 2006 - Msg 35355: Hi Sterling, you know, I feel like watching Barney all weekend helped me alot. I don't feel as sad now. Hope it does the same for you.

Farrah, so sorry to hear about your family. Prayers for them.

Shazam, I'm so glad you enjoy being here with us. It is an honor to have you. I never would have dreamed when I started coming here to the porch that I would still be here 4 years later but it is such a wonderful place and has come to mean so much to me. I hope you and Farrah will stick around.

Can anyone answer my question about Barney and Thelma Lou?

I enjoyed the Larry King interview tonight, especially knowing that my porch friends were watching, too. Don Knotts must have been a really nice man.

RO, the prices are good at Weaver's. I think the only diff between them and WalMart is the shipping.

I am feeling very sleepy since my shower (how about you, MDC? Have you had your 5 minute shower yet?). It is so quiet and peaceful in the house at this time of the night with everyone asleep I almost hate to go to sleep and waste it. It is the only time of the day when it is quiet except for a little while in the morning. I have to remind myself that some day my children will be grown and I will miss the noise.

Goodnight my friends,

"What will you do with the time that's left?
Will you live your life with no regrets?
Will they say that you loved till your final breath?
What will you do with the time that's left?"___Mark Schultz, singer/songwriter

March 05, 2006 - Msg 35356: Boo, Barney and Thelma Lou finally get together in one of the reunion episodes. Thel's marriage to what's-his-face that Barney met at the high school class reunion broke up, and she came back to Mayberry. At least that's the way I remember it - haven't seen that reunion show in a long time. Maybe TV Land will run it again before too long.

Here's another idea - wouldn't it be great of they'd release a DVD with the pilot from the Danny Thomas Show and also the Mayberry reunions on it? I'm sure there'd be all sorts of copyright and syndicatiion rights that would have to be ironed out, but it could be done, I'll bet. Floyd, do you have any kind of a track to the people who control that, where you could make a suggestion? Inquiring minds want to know!

Sugarplum says 10-4! --Romeena

March 05, 2006 - Msg 35357: Barney to Gomer: "Fire by constriction".


March 06, 2006 - Msg 35359:
Ro...That would be a great idea for a DVD. I would surely buy one. I've often wondered why TVLand has not showed the reunion episodes. I haven't seen anything of them in years.

March 06, 2006 - Msg 35360: Hey Porchsters! Being missing dropping by and "sittin' a spell".
Boo, I think Barney and Thelma DID get married in the reunion movie. (I think)
I missed the lastest Larry Kings interview with Andy, Ron Howard, Jim Nabors and Don Knotts daughter, but read the transcripts. From what I read, Don Knotts was most definitely NOT Barney. Jim Nabors said he couldn't quit laughing once Don got into the Barney character. I can't imagine Don NOT being Barney. Good actor is all I can say.
Hey SPOT, how's everything cookin'???

March 06, 2006 - Msg 35361: The last post was me.


March 06, 2006 - Msg 35362: Poor Horatio, I don't have RealPlayer on my pc, and don't care to download it, but can you tell me in a nutshell the reason Miss Ellie left? I've wondered about that one for a long time.


March 06, 2006 - Msg 35363: Morning porchters. Monday morning. Back to work after lollygagging all weekend watching the marathon. It's funny, because I, like Romeena, have all 5 seasons now on DVD, but still will watch the cut up and commercial laden eps on tv land. Go figure!
Prayers for your family Farrah. Hope things get better soon.
Elmer and Ruth Ohio, tell us a little about yourselves. How long you been fans?
Chuck, how's the game? I snuck out last week one night and got a round in. It snowed here Friday night so I couldn't get out Saturday, but it all melted off by yestarday so I will maybe get out this week. I better hurry though, more snow coming on Wednesday.
Possum, how is Laci doing these days? I don't think I have said anything but we are expecting our first grandchild here in a couple of weeks. My daughter and her hubby are going to have a girl. They are naming her Maria. We are all pretty excited, with the exception of my wife. She's beyond excited. She's floating around these days.
Well of to work. I didn't think Grampas had to go to work. My memories of Grampa was to spend his day puttering around in the garden or in his workshop building this or that.


March 06, 2006 - Msg 35364: Bottle of pop and Thelma lou's forever.

March 06, 2006 - Msg 35365: Mornin' Y'all. Hey Asa,congratulations on your becoming a grandpa! You will just love it! Your wife has every right to be floating on air-you just wait!
Thanks for asking about Laci. She's coming along-just has some developmental delays due to being a preemie & the heart trouble she went through.She has weak muscle tone one her left side and because of it,she isn't walking on her own yet.She'll be getting braces sometime this week to help strengthen her legs so we can get her up and running. I would sure appreciate y'all keeping her in your prayers.She'll be 2 and a half tomorrow and it will be a happy day when she takes those first steps on her own! I'll keep y'all posted-and thanks.
Hi Ho,Hi,Ho,it's off to work I go! See y'all later!
possum under a rock

March 06, 2006 - Msg 35366: top of the morning to the porch, so great seeing the porch so wonderfuly filled, i will read the posts laer and say to a couple of them now. faraha , how about angel for a name? rodney, er shazam! i'll get emmitt to make a name plate for your rocker soon. prayers for all requesting them , laci, farahah, possum. streling... boo- on the reunion show where barney was running for sheriff, andy and helen had returned and opie and his family were moving. barney and thelma lou got married, opie and family at alter gave them a baby bed for a wedding gift. and classic barney said with wide eyes what do we need this for, then it hit him and he blushed. last scene andy was sheriff, barney the deputy and they were putting up the flag. everyone have a great week. buckeye

March 06, 2006 - Msg 35367: is it just me or do any of you ever wonder about the old posters, where are they, are they still around etc. emmit, emma, rafe, old irishter, county nurse, elen brown, fun girl. shoe, ky moonshiner, brisco darling, so many more, mr mcveebee, aunt bea, wouldn't it be great if we and floyd could track them down to let them know they were missed? any that have gone to the big mayberry we could know in order to retire their chair buckeye

March 06, 2006 - Msg 35368: Morning Porch, just wanted to let everyone know I was back home safe & sound from DC, gotta read the archives & see what I missed.

March 06, 2006 - Msg 35369: That was supposed to be yellow teehee

March 06, 2006 - Msg 35370: Gotta find me another color~time for a change

March 06, 2006 - Msg 35371: Well Sterling I would have made you some nice sweet tea if I had known you were visiting. . .nothing like Hoosier Hospitality! Right Asa -
Congrats Asa on your upcoming grandparenthood. . .teach her right from the beginning to say Andy Griffith and Barney Fife!

A busy day ahead!


March 06, 2006 - Msg 35372: Good morning Porch! I'll have to wait until I have more time to kill to read through all the posts since Friday evening (wow! y'all have been chatty--good to see!). I do see that we have a new porchster, SHAZAM, and FARRAH is still deciding on a name. May I suggest Mary Grace? She's nice, real nice. You seem to be also. Welcome!

ASA: Shame on you scamming meals in bed from these fine people! Why, you oughta be sent to bed without supper.

Prayers for all those that need them. I'll try to check back later. Save me a seat on the swing.


March 06, 2006 - Msg 35373: Congratulations ASA! You be sure and send RO some pictures of Maria when she is born so she can post them on her photo site. It sure would be nice to see on of her with her Grandpa holding her...

Welcome home, Mavis. Glad you got back safely.

Buckeye, I have never seen that reunion ep you talked about! I am dying to see it. Wonder how I can find it?

Well, better get a move on....can't be lazy when you have the job of taking care of a household of 6 people.


March 06, 2006 - Msg 35374: BOO: Some's givers, and some's takers. You're a giver. Just make sure that in the midst of taking good care of that wonderfule family of yours that you take good care of yourself.

ASA: Congrats from me, too! I missed the good news when I skimmed through the recent posts. My mother-in-law is expecting her fourteenth grandchild (she only had three kids, but my wife's sister has had nine--wonder what causes that?) and still gets as excited as a kid in a candy store with a pocket full of cash. In my experience, grandpas-to-be get proud and grandmas get crazy. Just kiddin'!

I noticed in watching the marathon this weekend that the color episodes that have Barney returning all end on a sad note. I guess I didn't notice so much before because they are usually broadcast with other episodes. They kind of got me down.

Hey, Buckeye, I don't know about the rest of the old-timers, but I think the RAFE may be the same one who posts from time-to-time over at Miss Crump's.

CRACK! Oops! That was my boss crackin' the whip. Better get back to work.


March 06, 2006 - Msg 35375: Good Morning Porch! Very busy weekend between getting ready to move and watching the Marathon. I must tell you about my little youngest son, 17 months old, this weekend anytime he heard the TAGS theme song would come running to the TV and dance and clap along with the song and then my oldest son, 7 yrs old 3/24/06, was sitting with watching TAGS and when my wife came into the room and he said without any prompting "Mommy they are showing all these Andy Griffith shows because Barney passed away and he was great man." Isn't it amazing what our children are learning when we don't even realize they are watching or that we are teaching them something by what we are doing or saying.

I have not been able to catch up on everything but
ASA congrats on the Grandchild it is like our parents say "If I had known how much we would enjoy our Grandchildren we would have had them first"

FARRAH - Prayers for you and your family and I agree that Mary Grace would be a great Porch Name.

MAVIS - Welcome Home...glad you made it safely.

SHAZAM - Welcome to the porch it is great place with even better folks.

Hey to BOO, BUCKEYE, ME-THEY, POSSUM(My heart and prayers go out to you and Laci so happy she is doing well and growing) and Hey to everyone else I may have missed. I don't get to post as often as I like but do come by regular and read the post because you are a part of my family just as is TAGS and I even have people ask me about you because I talk about my friends on the Porch.

Make it a great Mayberry day because it is a day our Lord has made.

I appreciate it and Good Night!
Smky Mtn Hillbilly

Barn talking about the Govenor coming:BLESS HIS HEART!