March 06, 2006 - Msg 35376: Johnny Paul says if you put a horse hair in water that's stagnate, it'll turn into a snake!

March 06, 2006 - Msg 35377: Nice sweep! But stop pullin' those horse hairs out of your suit, you want it to get soft?


March 06, 2006 - Msg 35378:
Happy Monday Honeys and Dears!
I did a little web research and indeed concur with Buckeye that in the 1986 made for TV movie "Return to Mayberry" that Barney and Thelma Lou do get married. I kinda remember it now, but the cobwebs are pretty thick! haha
Also read some interesting trivia, like since they torn down the outdoor set in '79, they had to re-create the town on another lot.
FARRAH- prayers for your family members. The Word says our prayers rise like pillars of inscence, so it must be a very pleasant aroma in heaven!
We have a Sara but she hasnt checked in in quite some time. (Poor thing has to work 24hrs a day ya know! ha)
Asa- congrats!! Dont ya go actin' like quiet sam now, or we'll all be wonderin' about that crop!
SMH- Yes TV has a profound effect on young minds!
Why do companies spend MILLIONS on 30 second spots during the superbowl? Because they know the effect! Scary thought when you think of what's out there today!
Me They- I do recall one coler ep where barney returns to Raleigh and all the office ladies are after him!
Have a good week,
Barn: There's a good movie showing in Mt Pilot, "the Raiders of Tripoli."
Lydia: I've seen it.
Andy: Well...

March 06, 2006 - Msg 35379: "The door handle's already in my side!"

March 06, 2006 - Msg 35380: Actually, MDC, the color episode you mentioned is the one that gets to me the most. Barney does return to Raleigh at the end and finds the office ladies interested in him (after he is dumped by the the movie star in Mayberry). That part is happy. But the epilogue has Andy reading a letter from Barney to Aunt Bee on the porch. Andy says something like, "There's only the one Barney Fife." Then, very sweetly, he says that he really misses Barney and walks off while Aunt Bee looks on and smiles kind of sadly, if you know what I mean. It clutches me just thinking about it.

Take care.


March 06, 2006 - Msg 35381: Oh, that was a sad-kinda post, so I better do something jolly. How about if I take off on Cary Grant?--Judy, Judy, Judy.


March 06, 2006 - Msg 35382: Yeah

March 06, 2006 - Msg 35383:
Me-They-- I dont think, thanks to TV commercials, that I have ever seen that epilog. If that is the case, then i FOR SURE see what you mean.
"Pa, did you notice that Gregory Peck has an accent?"

March 06, 2006 - Msg 35384:
Hey Folks

Haven't been able to stop by too much lately but I've been thinking about ya. So many fantastic tributes to Don Knotts and new neighbors stopping by the porch, that's great.

Well, around these parts we pasted the 200 inch mark for snow fall the other day but we're supposed to get into the 50's later this week,

I think I'm gonna hit the archives for a bit.


March 06, 2006 - Msg 35385:
That's we passed not pasted. No, I am not gassed.

March 06, 2006 - Msg 35386:
How about stewed, crocked, snockered, ripped,
stoned, plastered or looped??

March 06, 2006 - Msg 35387: Hello great at work now gona catch up with yall....back in just a bit...SPOT

March 06, 2006 - Msg 35388: Thinking of stewed....crock pot beef stew for supper ok....will someone make a pon of cornbread....SPOT

March 06, 2006 - Msg 35389: Hey, MDC..."That's the actor of the man."


March 06, 2006 - Msg 35390: You fellow are in good humor today! I just love that.

Thanks for the sweet words, M-T! I am trying to make an effort to take better care of myself because I tend to put EVERYBODY else's health issues ahead of my own. I did, however schedule my annual mammogram today (which happens to be 6 months late. oh-oh).

ASA, I used to work with a nurse named Maria and she was a beautiful, graceful woman with wavy, auborn hair. She was such a nice person and whenever I hear the name Maria I think of her, even though its been over 10 years since I have seen her. Does little Maria have a middle name yet?

I stopped to take a little break while my parents are napping but I hear them talking so they are up now so I better go. I am cooking a meatloaf, rice, broccoli with cheese sauce, sweet corn, rolls and sweet tea for supper. Ya'll are all welcome,


March 06, 2006 - Msg 35391: Im eating with you Boo......SPOT

March 06, 2006 - Msg 35392: Me, too!


March 06, 2006 - Msg 35393: Great weekend of TAGS! One ep I was waiting for but they either did not show it, or I missed it, was Nice, real nice, Mary Grace. Was it on?
Charlotte Tucker

March 06, 2006 - Msg 35394: Sterling and Hazel, Been readin' the archives and saw a little of your conversation about havin' a marathon this weekend. Everyone handles grief in his own way. I personally loved having the marathon. The little clips they kept showing of Don as Deputy, Landlord, and Friend and the music that accompanied it was extremely tasteful and well-done and made me well up each time I heard the music.

Charlotte Tucker

March 06, 2006 - Msg 35395:
Charlotte, thanks for the nice sentiments. I do not have cable, so i cannot comment on the spots (not YOU spot), but from what you and others have said, it sounds like they did a nice jobs. Also as said before, after hearing about the "chasing farrah" show, that on THIS they got their act together a bit.
Boo- My wife refers to them as the waffle iron!
What you women go thru is commendable! Of course, WE, on the other hand, have to go thru the 'other' exam! haha
Buckeye- Seen Emmitt talking to the toaster again? ha
KY Girl- good to see you check in! Prayers are with you and your soldier son!
AUh20- I'll swap you 100 inches of snow for some of our sunshine! Base-a-bol been vedy vedy good to me!
Spot, I follar you to supper tonight. Hope you and Miss Sherry had a good weekend.
"I swallowed my gum"

March 06, 2006 - Msg 35396: Barney: "It's little things like this that'll lead to a Police state!"

~ Mrs. Wiley
Barney: "And what about HER. YOU KNOW her who!"

March 06, 2006 - Msg 35397: Ha! That's a pretty fair description, MDC. I'll have to remember that one. As far as the 'other' exam you referred to, forgive me if I have no sympathy for you men. Remember, I went through ovarian cysts (with the accompanying internal sonogram done with the big probe), childbirth twice, breast feeding, yearly gyn exams, mammograms, cramps, mood swings, PMS, and have menopause to look forward to. By the way, have you started getting your colonoscopies to check for colon cancer yet? You should be. reminded me of a cartoon on the wall of my dr's office. The caption at the top reads: "If Women Ruled The World" and underneath there is a picture of a man standing directly in front of a mammogram machine with his privates smashed between the two plate of the machine. Underneath the picture are these words, "The MAN-o-gram".

Well, I think I will go take a Tylenol, I feel a bad headache coming on (also related to hormones, I'm sure). Ya'll have a good evening!


ps-Charlotte, they did show the Mary Grace episode on Saturday.

March 06, 2006 - Msg 35398:
Boo- the trouble with you and Romeena is that you "hold back" your true feelings on things!
You need to just "say it like it is!" haha

March 06, 2006 - Msg 35399: To Elmer and Ruth Ohio (Msg 35346), while it's true your suggestion of "squad car" is a user name I don't think has been used before, I think most people prefer people names rather than intangible objects. I'm kind of an exception because although I have a people name, the character never existed on TAGS. Thanks for posting. I'm a figment of Opie's imagination.

To Boo (Msg 35355), Thelma Lou and Barney did get married in the reunion film "Return To Mayberry".

To possum under a rock (Msg 35365), I will also say a prayer for Laci.

To Mavis (Msg 35368), welcome back. How did the audition go?

from Poor Horatio

March 06, 2006 - Msg 35400: To Chuck (Msg 35362), the Elinor Donahue interview was lengthy and dealt with various topics. But as for her reasons why she left TAGS after the first season, this is what she said.

ELINOR DONAHUE SPEAKING - "When I went into the Andy Griffith show, I was now not playing someone's daughter, but a mature, learned person who had graduated from pharmacist's school, you know, who had been to college and so on. And I had not had that experience in my life of having had a full college career. Nor had I ever played anyone as yet that age and with those abilities, and I felt very very insecure, which was the reason I only stayed with the show for the one season. Because I just felt that I was doing very poorly. I began to not eat, my weight dropped, and I was just a basket case, what they would say today. So for my health, I asked out of the contract. But as far as the working times were, they were perfectly fine. My nervousness was my own doing to myself. Nobody did it to me. I loved Don, and Ronny, and Mr. Griffith ... were very kind and sweet and everyone was delightful. I mean it was a wonderful set."

from Poor Horatio

March 06, 2006 - Msg 35401: Hello Horatio,ct,mdc,Ro,me-they,chuck,asa,and all my friends....Perry Mason movie is coming on at 9:00 tonight in my neck of the porch....busy here ar work....just junk calls going on...back in a bit with a snack...SPOT

March 06, 2006 - Msg 35402: Oh Boo, you would tell me that! And I must've missed it!
Charlotte Tucker

March 06, 2006 - Msg 35403: hey corndogs in the toaster oven for all....watching a perry mason movie ...finally caught up here at work....SPOT

March 06, 2006 - Msg 35404: Evenin' Porch,
Hope all are well. I believe it was Spot who was having beef stew and cornbread-us too! Dontcha love crock pots. God's gift to the busy people of the land who want home cooked food!
I just want to thank y'all that have prayed for my grandfather. He's doing fairly well. He should leave the hospital on Wednesday, but it will be a few weeks before he's up and running (well driving since he's a truck driver).
I like the ep with Mary Grace. I don't have cable either and its nice to see some of the local stations playing the marathons from the death of Mr. Knotts.
I want to apologize earlier for mentioning amazon. I wasn't thinking about Weaver's. I was on amazon looking at some of the cookbooks and just checked the prices on TAGS dvd's. Of course when I do purchase the dvd's they will come from Weaver's. At least your bargains are better than Ben's!
I'm pretty tired tonight. I think it was either MDC or Boo who says they take a bath at night before bed. I do the same. On the weekends I roll my hair in sponge curlers, but don't during the week because what's the point after working out at the Y in the mornings. Try using some lavender in your bath to help you relax.
Good night, y'all! Hope everyone has a wonderful day tomorrow. Its the day that the Lord has made!
Blessings to you and yours,
P.S. Boo, always get your mammogram and take fish and primrose oils for your hormones. Hubby a naturopathic doctor. Take care!

March 06, 2006 - Msg 35405: Ha, MDC, what a perfect response! I know Ro and I should learn how to come out of our shells and be more opinionated about things.

Farrah, did you say your husband is a naturopathic doctor? What does he think of the book, The Maker's Diet? I liked it but found it impossible to live. Wish I could, though. I had heard that about the primrose oil along with Black Cohosh. I have also read that progesterone cream is very beneficial. Have you heard of the benefits of mangosteen juice (Xango)? My bro-in-law sold me some recently but I haven't been drinking it faithfully.

Better go to sleep, I have to go to the waffle iron tomorrow!


March 06, 2006 - Msg 35406: Well, add another name to the list of bedtime bath takers. Farrah, I like to spray a lavender linen spray on my pillowcase to help me sleep. Sure smells nice. I like to snuggle under my fresh, lavender scented sheets and think about what it would be like to live in Mayberry....I think about going to Aunt Bee's for fried chicken and apple pie on Sunday afternoon, and sittin' on the porch and singing while Andy plays the guitar...Barney offers to go down to the drugstore and get some ice cream...

Sweet dreams,

March 06, 2006 - Msg 35407:
Hello porch family
Race fans...what you think of the new NASCAR Hall Of Fame coming to Charlote, NC? It will work out great for me since it's only an hour and a half away.

Farrah...a great friend of mine is a N.D. also. I have learned a lot about natural health from him through the years. Where did your husband receive his training?

Possum...still praying for Laci. that's a pretty good job...watching a Perry Mason movie while at work. Thanks for the corndogs w/mustard.

Prayers for you all

March 06, 2006 - Msg 35408: Evening all. Hope everyone on the porch is doing well and Farrah I like Mary Grace for a name it is nice. Thanks Horatio for a great welcome and Asa will remember breakfast order but I dont make homemade pickles. To all of you who have said hello thank you and I look foward to coming home later tonight and hearing how everyone's day went. Till then God Bless and tell Andy Shazam says hey. Charrrrleeeenne can you see me. I dont chew my cabbage twice and you aint heard the last of Earnest T. Bass.

March 07, 2006 - Msg 35409: Hey Farrah and Rev,Boo...hows the land clearing comming?...Farrah we may be one of the closest porchersters yet...think you said you were in just 20 miniutes away in Kennesaw Ga...Rev as far the hall of fame would like to have saw Atlanta get it but NC aint that far from me...well let me get a glass of milk and kick back and rock a while...breakfast will be at dennys of Farrah!..where are ya asa and chuck and YMC and all....SPOT

March 07, 2006 - Msg 35410: Good morning, everyone. Hey, SPOT. Breakfast is at Denny's on FARRAH, huh? Great! I'm starved!


March 07, 2006 - Msg 35411: Morning Me-They. Glad you could stop by last night Ernest T. Bass. Sorry to hear Dana Reeves passed away. She and Christopher can be together again.
Charlotte Tucker

March 07, 2006 - Msg 35412: Charlotte,just heard about Dana Reeves. She seemed to be such a good woman.She fought the good fight twice-Chris' battle and her own.God Bless her.My heart goes out to the son she had with Chris-only 13 years old.I'll be praying for that boy.
Thank you Poor Horatio,Rev,and everyone who is praying for Laci.Y'all are the best and I can't wait to share the word with all of you when Laci takes her first unassisted steps. Happy "half" birthday to my Laci today-she's 2 and a half!
Well,got a meatloaf in the oven,so I'd better get back into the kitchen.Must be National Meatloaf cooking week,huh,Boo? Let's have some elixir!
Y'all have a good day.
possum under a rock

March 07, 2006 - Msg 35413:
Charlotte, was that Shazam or Ernest T? It is hard to tell. Sad about Dana reeves and also baseball great Kirby Puckett. He played for Minnesota when they won the Series twicw in early 90's. Nicest outgoing man who lived in my area. He suffered from glacoma, but died from a sudden stroke.
Spot , are you near Marrietta? We have friends who live there. Got the Scottts turf builder on your lawn yet.
New folks, if ya like, send in a pix of yourself for our porch album that Romeena has put together!
Buckeye, waht's new in Lincoln?
We are at 140 days with out rain! Some is predicted for tomorrow, but we shall see!
Poor Horatio- interesting about Miss Ellie. I always thought it was a contract dispute, but now we know the rest of the story!
REV- did not hear about the hall of fame there. Cool. Racing this week in Las vegas.
Farrah, our Fred Goss here is a trucker. He drives a cattle truck! Prayers continue for you and yours. I'm about as much into baths as Opie! ha Just like those quick showers am and pm!
Have a good Mayberry Boo-dreamin' day!

March 07, 2006 - Msg 35414:
Oops, Forgot my quote:
"You know what that boy of yours cost me?
Three thousand, four hundred and seventy-eight dollars, that's what!"

March 07, 2006 - Msg 35415: Ha! Bring on the elixer!

I didn't hear about Dana Reeves. What happened?

Farrah, have you looked at the pictures on Romeena's photo site, yet? SPOT has some pictures of his place on it and it is beautiful.

SPOT, the land clearing is a slow process right now because there alot of young oaks on the property and we are going through and tagging the trees we want to keep. Bruce has been going out there after work and doing it. I took the kids out there yesterday evening and we sat in lawn chair and just enjoyed being there together. We laughed and I got such a kick out of the kids because they started talking about The Golden Arm and Barney and Gomer and we laughed alot. It is so nice being out there. Bruce saw a big owl in a tree the other day. Oh, you won't believe this but I found out yesterday that there is a pitbull "farm" across the street from our property! Of all things. I had the cops check it out yesterday and make sure the animals were contained and cared for. It was right there that I found the starved pitbull several months ago so I reported that. There are no people living at the location but the dogs are being kept there (just my luck). I am sure they will be used for fighting somewhere. I have decided that I will just have to keep calling and complaining about the barking, etc. until the irresponsible owners move them elsewhere. What a stupid mess!

Well, better go get something done.


March 07, 2006 - Msg 35416: Hi MDC, didn't see you there. Yes, I am a shower person, too.

140 days without rain? That's terrible. Hope ya'll get some soon.


March 07, 2006 - Msg 35417: Boo, I just saw that on the news. Dana Reeves died of lung cancer. And apparently she never smoked. Sad, but as someone already said, at least her and Christopher are together again, in glorified bodies.
-Sterling Holobyte

March 07, 2006 - Msg 35418: BOO: Your neighborhood's just going to the dogs! I'm not trying to make light of your situation--just trying to give you a laugh. Sometimes its all you can do. Nevertheless, I understand your concern and frustration and will be saying a prayer. BTW, I vote showers, too--get in, get it done, and get out!

POSSUM: If Laci is two-and-a-half today, then she is exactly one month younger than my son! I'm embarrased to admit this, but even though I've said prayers for her I don't know why. Sometimes I'm away from the Porch for a day or two, and when I return I try to read all the posts but often have to just skim them (I'm at work). I must have missed it if you said. Sorry.

Hey to MDC, CT and any other lurkers out there.

"Take a nap! Go to Thelma Lou's! Just do it!"

March 07, 2006 - Msg 35419: Well, Boo, for heaven's sake! A pitbull farm, of all things, across from your property, of all places. Now you know darned well they're being raised for fighting, and the cops have to know it too, but it will be hard to prove. No one raises that breed of dog just because they love them and enjoy their company, and yet leaves them alone and unattended on otherwise vacant property. Things might get a bit tough for them now, though, with you across the street. You'll be able to monitor the comings and goings and give the cops a heads-up when it looks like they're getting ready to take them somewhere. What kind of miserable scum participates in dog-fighting, anyway? I'll bet there was none of that in Mayberry. Andy and Barney would have nipped it in the bud!

Too bad about Dana Reeves. I've always admired her courage and faithfulness - a real role model.

About the photo album site - the problem has been fixed and I can post new pictures again. Spot, Andy's picture is there now. Email me your pictures at and I'll post them. If you can't email them, mail them to me and I'll scan them and then post them. If you need to mail them, just email me at the above address and I'll send you my snail mail address.

Well, the sun is out and the yard is calling me. Abyssinia! Sugarplum says 10-4! --Romeena

March 07, 2006 - Msg 35420: Hey All!
Spot- I probably am the closest porchster. I'm right at the Sandy Springs/Roswell/Dunwoody line in N.Fulton.
Me-They- are you in Atl too?
Boo- My hubby got his training from Trinity College of Natural Health, but his CNA from Perimeter College. Mango juice is very good for you if you don't have a glucose problem. We drink it quite a bit, but Hubby and son have to have protein with it. The Maker's Diet is good in the fact that he's telling you this is God's body and God didn't intend for people to have synthetic drugs or manufactured foods. Quite frankly, if you eat like your parents did before tv dinners everyone would be much healthier. Believe you me, that can be difficult to do when you have a family.
Romeena- What is your website? Is Romeena your god given or TAGS given name? Its a beautiful day here too!
REV- To be honest, I'm disappointed Atl. didn't get NASCAR museum. Did you know that Atl. bid 30 million higher than Charlotte, but b/c 90% of race teams live w/in 60 miles of Charlotte? We're not huge fans of NASCAR, but it would have been a nice attraction next to the huge Aquarium.
Possum- What is your daughter's condition so I'll know extactly what to pray for?
Gonna make some lunch and watch the TAGS dvd before I have to return it to the library. I'll check in tonight.
Take care ya hear!
Blessings to you and yours,

March 07, 2006 - Msg 35421: Hey, FARRAH. Guess you haven't decided on a TAGS name yet, huh? I still like Mary Grace (it's nice, real nice). No, I'm not in Georgia but Maryland. Since ROMEENA headed out of doors, I quess she won't mind me answering your question. Her album site is at

Have a great day!


March 07, 2006 - Msg 35422: Thanks, Me-They. I came back in for lunch, and thought I'd sit on the porch for a minute and cool off. Farrah, Romeena is my porch name, but I've used it for so long, and use it in other contexts as well, so I'd probably answer to it on the street. It has become almost an alter-ego.

The website is actually held at, which anyone can access and use to create their own albums. When you do this, you provide a leader/identifier so that folks can access your site directly (mine, obviously, is romeena - hence the address - but you have to give that address to people whom you choose to welcome to your site. If you chose to set up some albums, yours might read "". It's fun, and it can be free. If you choose to go the free route, there is a limit to how many pictures you can store. However, for just $15 a year, you can have unlimited storage, and no popup ads. I've enjoyed doing it. Send me some pix, and I'll post them.

Well, back to the yard. Sugarplum says 10-4! --Romeena

March 07, 2006 - Msg 35423: Afternoon Y'all.For those who might not know,Laci is my grandchild,and since Farrah and Me-They haven't been on the porch from Laci's arrival,I'll fill y'all in. She was born 6 weeks premature and underwent open heart surgery at 11 months. She is coming along well since the surgery(no more heart issues)however,she still struggles with some things,such as low muscle tone on her left side.She can't walk on her own yet and will be getting braces in the next few days. I'm just asking for prayers for her to continue to do well and for those first steps to come soon. I'll try to get some pictures of her to Romeena so everyone can see Laci.Thanks again for the photo site,Ro!
Boo,my goodness! More pit bulls? I know you'll do all you can about that situation.Good luck with it.
MDC- was sorry to hear about Kirby Puckett. I remember him on the opposing team back when I used to follow the Braves, and I always liked him,even though he helped whip the Braves every now & again!
Well,guess I need to go some housework,or in my case,guess it would be "rock work"- y'all have a good day!
possum under a rock

March 07, 2006 - Msg 35424: Thanks, POSSUM. I a little bit of the story, but your explanation fills in the chinks. I'll continue to pray for Laci. I'll bet your rock just sparkles!


March 07, 2006 - Msg 35425: Ooops! Please insert "knew" between "I" and "a." I was a little too quick with my posting finger. Maybe I should keep my keyboard in my shirt pocket.


March 07, 2006 - Msg 35426: Possum, I'd love to have some pictures of Laci for the Porchsters album. I'm wondering - that weakness on her left side - did she have a stroke somewhere along the way, maybe in connection with the surgery? That's not uncommon, especially with preemies. Bless her little heart, I'm glad she's doing well. My Sunday School class still has her on the prayer list.

Well, a mystery is solved. I have a big birdbath outside my "window on the world", and my landscaper friend fitted it with its own water line so it refills every night when the sprinklers run. I can run it manually too, so know the line works. Funny thing, though, every morning the birdbath is almost empty. It's old, and I decided the concrete bowl was leaking, so bought a new one and just put the old one flat on the ground in a big flowerbed. The toads and lizards will love it! Anyway, to my surprise, the new one is empty every morning as well. So today, I ran the line, it filled the bowl, and then I sat here and watched the water level drop until it finally was all gone. Because the end of the line is underwater, it's siphoning back and the water just runs on down the line into the fishpond. Ha! Easy fix - I just positioned the line so the tip is out of the water. Had me worried there for a while, though. I thought The Count was up to his old tricks.

Sugarplum says 10-4! --Romeena

March 07, 2006 - Msg 35427: That must be the answer, ROMEENA. At least that's the way me and Upchurch see it.


March 07, 2006 - Msg 35428:
"Now, I'll drive, so I'll sit in the front seat."

March 07, 2006 - Msg 35429: Here's a question to think about: Did we ever see Wally other than the time he was rocking on his front porch? I am trying to recall another time, even AT the filling station, but can't. Any thoughts?

March 07, 2006 - Msg 35430:
Opie: Hi pa, Otis got another snootful?

March 07, 2006 - Msg 35431: "Alright now! This is it! I don't want no more disturbances out here! It's lights out!"

March 07, 2006 - Msg 35432: ok he is not on yat ok ....gizzmo

March 07, 2006 - Msg 35433: Farrah its [i think] can fill ya in....just click on me and I have a sub album...she has done a great job with it..and thanks Rev..hey gizzmo...MDC,Ro,..Boo save those oaks!...hey ...back in a bit SPOT

March 07, 2006 - Msg 35434: Hey, GIZZMO and SPOT. MDC: Check this out from the Mayberry FAQ page...

"There were not one, not two, not three, but FOUR different Wallys throughout the run of the series, as follows: Norman Leavitt appears as Wally in "Lawman Barney" and "Man in a Hurry." Leavitt had previously appeared as Cal in episode 2 "The Manhunt," as Gil in "Andy the Marriage Counselor" and as the coffee shop owner in "Barney Gets His Man." Wally was played by Trevor Bardette in "Gomer the House Guest." Cliff Norton assumed the role in "Goober's Replacement." ...and finally, Blackie Hunt plays Wally in "The Barbershop Quartet." However, it's not clear if the Wally we see in "The Barbershop Quartet" was supposed to be the Wally from the filling station, or just some other guy named Wally."

Have a great evening!


March 07, 2006 - Msg 35435: "I got a uvula, you got a uvula, all God's children got a uvula!"


March 07, 2006 - Msg 35436:
Farrah, has your doctor hubby ever heard of the book "The Cure is in the Cupboard" on natural healing of wild oregano? It's good readin'
Mr Darlin's Cuz

March 07, 2006 - Msg 35437: Well, MDC, oregano IS the secret spice, y'know.


March 07, 2006 - Msg 35438: Me-they - thanks for the info!
"You gotta get yourself a room!"
That is very interesting..4 Wallys!
Hope ya did all that on yer break. ha

March 07, 2006 - Msg 35439:
Hey to Spot, what ya cookin for tonight?

March 07, 2006 - Msg 35440: country fried steak and gravy...cream taters,fried okra,cornbread,green onions,apple pie,tea.....SPOT

March 07, 2006 - Msg 35441: Howdy, all. I just put some photos of my back yard on the album - They're about a year old, and don't show the new expansion of the fishpond. I won't be posting any of those until it settles in a bit. Still kinda raw - dirt piled up against the stone and such, waiting for the grass to grow in. My garden center friend will have carpet grass plugs very soon, and I'll get about three flats and plant them, then will have grass pronto. It looks nice now, but will be much prettier when the grass covers the edges.

Well, gotta work tonight, so guess I'll catch a little catnap. Sugarplum says 10-4. --Romeena

March 07, 2006 - Msg 35442: prayers and happy 2.5 birthday to laci, paw i've never seen a half boy before, it sure is a hard thing to forget. seriously happy birthday and prayers laci. mdc, hope you get rain this week, we're suppose to have rain and storms possible tonight. to new porchsters and those that wanted included in porch family albulm contact romeena, we hope floyd will post a picture also. spot, that is a mighty fine supper, it'll stick to my ribs until snack time. they, are there any uvual transplants? hello farah and gizzmo. prayers for the reeves family and the kirby pickett's family. have a great evening everyone, now gomer you change places with opie. of course you smell gas, at these prices gas is like perfume, the last part i may have paraphrased just a bit. buckeye

March 07, 2006 - Msg 35443: gas...whadda think it runs on ..COAL?!
(fix brought to you by mdc)

March 07, 2006 - Msg 35444: Lydia: I cant go for a drive, all that chocolate made me naucious.
Andy: Well...

March 07, 2006 - Msg 35445: Romeena,I'm trying to get my scanner working so I can send you some pictures of Laci. As far as a stroke,no,not that we know of. She was actually like that since birth.She was born by emergency c-section due to my daughter having a ruptured placenta and they had to get her out ASAP..Don't know if something happened because of that or what.I'm kind of wondering if perhaps she has a mild case of cerebral palsy-that goes along with prematurity too.She's had MRIs,but from what I know,mild cases of CP don't always show up on the MRI. Anyhow,she's a scrappy,brave little girl and she is going to be just fine. Remember,she knows Jesus-told us so herself! I am grateful for all the prayers-special thanks to your Sunday school class,Ro.
If anybody wants meatloaf again,I've got it,along with mashed potatoes,gravy,sweet peas,and sweet tea-come on over to my rock!
'Night y'all!
possum under a rock

March 07, 2006 - Msg 35446: HI ALL


March 07, 2006 - Msg 35447: Hey TOM and possum...[prayers for Laci}...get those pics in!..Romeena hope you have a good night at till 6 am then 2pm to 10 pm tomorrow thats my 40..then off till next wed...and start over...hey sugar plum..Miss Sherry says hey...we are gona hook my trailer up thu and make a dump to clean my barn out BAD...sherry has a few things to go to ...of yall have anything pile it up and I will pick it up @ 10am thu...American Idol at 8!...SPOT

March 07, 2006 - Msg 35448:
Hey TOM, spot and Postum under a rock.
Dinner was great, thanks spot. Great poem tom, sounds like Laci could have seen what that one says!
Prayers for all the porch, all our troops, leaders and the world! God bless, and watch when rockin' forward!

March 07, 2006 - Msg 35449:
Hello possum, mdc, boo, sterling, me-they, Ro, Farrah, gizzmo, Spot, Tom and all our porch family.
WOW..It seems like so many well known people have passed on lately. Prayers go out to all these families.

Ro...sure have your yard fixed up nicely. Now I can see why you enjoy sitting by your window gazing out.

Mavis...I may have missed it but how did your audition go?

Farrah...I agree that the big factor with the NASCAR Hall of Fame was the fact that so many teams are in the Charlote area. (Also, Trinity College of Natural Health is a real good school. A friend, Dr. Lidie Gray from Kentucky studied there.)

See you all at breakfast.

We are blessed!

March 07, 2006 - Msg 35450: To Tom (Msg 35446), thanks for that wonderful posting. I wish I had dreams like that.

To possum under the rock (Msg 35445), I never get tired of meatloaf, smashed potatoes and gravy. I'm on my way over.

To buckeye Msg (35442), you say you and your pa' aint' seen a half a boy? Take a good look at me!

More sad information about the passing of Dana Reeves. Supposedly just a few months ago, she attended a formal function and was looking quite healthy. She told friends that her tumor was in remission. Sadly, she was mistaken. And the fact that she was a non-smoker and lived in the country added to the mystery as to what caused the cancer. May she rest in peace along with her late actor husband Christopher Reeves.

from Poor Horatio

March 07, 2006 - Msg 35451: YES, I want to see Laci, Possum! Prayers for that sweet, little dumplin'. May she be walking on her own very soon.

Can you believe it was almost 90 degrees here in South Texas today?! Everyone is running their air conditioners already. I hate to think of what summer will be like.

I know RO, that's exactly what I thought when I found out about the pitbulls (this would have to happen to ME). I know who the owner is. Its kind of an interesting story. The ex chief of police here was a very nice man named Rudy. He owned the property where the pitbulls are living but he passed away several years ago and the house just sits there. His wife moved out but one of his sons is keeping the dogs there. They used to be a nice Catholic family with several kids but Rudy decided to leave his wife for another woman and the family fell apart. It was very sad and one of the boys who was my age killed himself soon after that and certain others have since died of cancer. Alot of tragedy in the family. Anyway, I am sure Rudy would not approve of what his son is doing. I hope I can help put a stop to it.

Well, I have had my shower and I think I will think about going to bed. Tomorrow is another day,


March 07, 2006 - Msg 35452: Hey everyone, I heard about Dana Reeve's passing this morning on the way to work and it was so sad but I believe that she is now finally back with Chris and they are together in heaven. I missed American Idol tonight and I will have to wait until tommorow for a recap of the girls. I want Paris to win. Too bad we didnt get NASCAR but we will win other contracts and companies. I live outside of Douglasville so it's nice to know that I have so many neighbors here on the porch. That was a great poem Tom, Farrah my prayers are still going up for you and your family. What's up Horatio and I hope your audition went well Mavis. Tommorow's my Friday I work a short day and should be home by 7pm. so hopefully I can spend more time on the porch. Sorry bout the Earnest T. tirade this morning I just say that whenever someone asks me what did you just say? Man Spot, I wish I was eating dinner at your house. I just have lean cuisine but I am trying to stay trim. Hey Farrah maybe Atlanta can take some of that money and do something for us like make underground have legalalized gambling. We would make a ton. Well take care and to all of you on the porch Shazam says hey.

March 07, 2006 - Msg 35453: Hey in kennesaw...not to far from ya..hey Rev,Miss Boo..possum,Horetio,mavis,MD,MDC,hazel,m-t,gizzmo and all the porchsters...breakfast in the morning will be country ham,red eye gravy,bisquits,grits,hashbrowns,toast,corn flakes,poptarts,milk,oj,coffee and a tear from my roll of paper towels...ready at 7:00 am est...yall have a great day and will be back on the porch at 2pm when I get back to work....SPOT the"kinda tired dog" of your porch...lights are on!

March 08, 2006 - Msg 35454: Morning all, hey Spot, im on my way to the kitchen right now to have some pancakes and bacon. I think I will pay a visit to Cracker Barrel thanks to you. I am up early because my son Ben wants to watch WINNIE THE POOH, at least he doesnt want to watch BET or MTV. I have a short day today so I just want to get this over with. You ever wonder how it seems that when youre at work it feels like the colorized versions of the Andy show. Not interesting but something you have to do. But man when you get home it's back to the ones you love and you can be yourself. It's just like the old Black and White episodes. oh well off to the kitchen Hope I get to hear more about everyone's day. And it's good to know a fellow porchster is right around the corner SPOT. Enjoy your breakfast and tell everyone I will be home as soon as I get off work in Mt. Pilot (Marietta) till then.....

March 08, 2006 - Msg 35455: spot, i'm on my way to cracker barrel, you won't have to ask twice. you know i have a chair in the corner at cracker barrel where the chair is broken in just right for my conclaves, kinda of like my rocker when i'm on it. msg 35454, not signed but i concur with your analogy. ky girl, prayers for your son and all the troops, it's quite a mess these civilian politicans got us into again. and they won't get out of the way so the military can do their jobs. look at general horner arrived in new orleans and less than 24 hours things started getting done, he didn;t play with the media either. then as soon as things were starting to go right they moved him out. soap box implosion. charlotte tucker, can we spare a few drops of that r--- falling on our head for mdc? good morning porch! have a good one. I PRAY FRED GOSS WASN'T IN THAT SEMI PILE UP IN FLORIDA YESTERDAY. buckeye

March 08, 2006 - Msg 35456: Mornin' Y'all! I managed to get my scanner working again (I'm pooped now!) and I have e-mailed some pictures to Romeena. Hopefully y'all will be able to see Laci soon. Even sent one of me. Ro, you might not recognize the e-mail address-my yahoo mail is acting up,so I had to use my alternate e-mail.You should get 4 e-mailed pictures from Pamela-that's me!
Gonna go watch Match Game - y'all have a great day!
possum under a rock

March 08, 2006 - Msg 35457: good morning possum and laci, i encourage all porchsters to mail ro a picture for the porch family album. it is a great way for future generations of porchsters to see what mayberry is all about and a tribute to our generation of posters. i'm encouraging floyd and david browning to send one of there characters, what an addition. today is national get over it day. ok i'm over whatever i was to get over. ha. shall we wake the rest of the porch? ok on a count of three everyone say good morning grandfather. i've got to lay off that water at the jail or clean that crock. buckeye

March 08, 2006 - Msg 35458: Good morning everyone! And a glorious morning it is (at least here). The sun is shining and the temperature is just brisk. Just the way it should be in early March.

It is sad about Dana Reeves' passing. Her poor son. Lost his father, and now his mom. I'm sure he could use prayers. POSSUM: Even though smoking is the number one cause of lung cancer, its definitely not the only significant one. Radon, which is a big deal here in the mid-Atlantic region, is another. And being in the country isn't always a help, either. In this region, the air quality in western Maryland, southwestern PA, and West Virginia--"the country"--is actually worse than in more urban areas due to industrial heavy metals (from things like coal mining, etc.)released in the air and prevailing wind currents. Also, radon is higher is these areas. The skies may look cleaner here than in, say DC, but appearances can be decieving (sp? what's that rule again? "I" before "e" except in chicken? Something like that).

Take care, all!


March 08, 2006 - Msg 35459: Sorry, I directed my comment to POSSUM, but I meant POOR HORATIO. I just had POSSUM on my mind. That Laci must really be a trooper. There's nothing more inspiring than a child with the will to overcome adversity with faith and laughter.


March 08, 2006 - Msg 35460: Oh my stars, porch family! Just wait until you see Laci. The pictures are in the album now, and that child is just the cutest little thing ever. Boo nailed it when she called her a sweet little dumplin'. A perfect description. And you guys better hold onto your hats when you see our Possum. She's purty!

Something occurred to me this morning, thinking about Chris and Dana Reeves both passing away. Their son has lost both parents, but just think -- he's only 13, and the father he lost was Superman! Imagine having Superman as your father, and then he dies? And your mom dies too? I mean, how crushed must that kid be? I'm sure he knew his dad was just an actor, not really Superman, but to a kid's mind, impressions are made. I think he's going to have a lot to sort out. I hope there are some wise and wonderful adults in his life to take over now.

REV, I'm glad you like my back yard. I do enjoy working out there, thanks to my landscaper. The things he's done assure me of success when I plant stuff now, so it's a lot more fun. The front is rather pretty, too, but the back is where I really focus my efforts, because it's what I see from my window.

Well, just got home from work, and am pooped. I'm heading for the ironing board. Sugarplum says 10-4! --Romeena

March 08, 2006 - Msg 35461:
"74 cents!! 74 cents is a lot of money to spend on a present."

March 08, 2006 - Msg 35462: "Ange, remember our 5th grade teacher, ole what's her name?"

March 08, 2006 - Msg 35463: Hey again Y'all! Boy,Romeena works fast! She's already put the pictures of Laci on her site! Thanks Ro!
That's ok,Me-they.I was wondering how a non-smoker like Dana Reeve ended up with lung cancer. I had a theory and last night a doctor on Larry King Live pretty much confirmed it. Dana was a nightclub singer and was exposed to second hand smoke. The doctor called her a passive smoker and stated that passive smokers inhale more deeply than actual smokers.Seems like that might have been what happened in her case. It's so sad,nonetheless. Prayers for Will Reeve.I only hope he inherited the tenacity of his parents. God Bless Him.
God Bless all my Porch friends as well-love y'all!
possum under a rock

March 08, 2006 - Msg 35464: Hey Ro-we must've crossed paths on the porch! Thank you for getting the pics posted so quickly. Now you see why I am plum fool (no offense to SugarPLUM!) about Laci-that's my lil' doll! Thanks for the compliment about me-aw shucks!
I'll have to get some more updated photos of Laci to you.Those were from summer & fall of last year.
Well,I've been pecking at this keyboard for too long this morning.Check in with y'all again soon though!
possum again

March 08, 2006 - Msg 35465: Oh, how horrible to think that Dana Reeves could get lung cancer from second-hand smoke! You know, I was thinking that with all the stress she had been under her immune system probably was not functioning at its best, either, so one can see how it could happen.

I'm off to lok at Laci's pictures!


March 08, 2006 - Msg 35466: Gosh! I just checked out the new photos. Laci is cute indeed! Are you sure you're old enough to be a grandma, POSSUM? Beautiful yard ROMEENA. I have just one question; can I swing on that tire?!? Please?!?


March 08, 2006 - Msg 35467: Oh my, Laci is adorable! Boy, would I like to get some neck sugar from her. Pamela is a pretty possum, too.

Ro, I have one question; Do you swing on that tire swing??? I am getting a really good mental image of that.


March 08, 2006 - Msg 35468: M-T, hey were posting at the same time. Isn't that Laci so cute?


March 08, 2006 - Msg 35469:
Buckeye, Fred has told me that he only runs between Kansas and Ohio and sometimes down here to Phoenix. Prayers for all those invlved and their families. Good thing we got plenty of soapboex store under the porch the way you keep inploding them! ha Too bad we cant get that brown truck up to 85 MPH and go back to 1955 for a bit, heh?
RO- 90 degrees! wow, you got us beat! We still have no rain 143 days now. They need to fire all the weathermen here and get a us new batch. ha They keep promising, but we get nothin'.
Possum, saw Laci in Ro's album! She's a doll! Prayers continue for her.
Boo- I almost laughed at your above post the way it ended. Look at it and see if you can tell what I'm thinkin'. Maybe it's just me.
Ya all have a good day!
Barn:You know, they let you take a bottle in there.
Andy: You didnt did you?
Barn: Nawww!

March 08, 2006 - Msg 35470: "From now on it's whole hog...steak sandwich time!"

March 08, 2006 - Msg 35471: Afternoon Porch Friends!

I have a new puter!! Hooray! My old one was getting as ornery as I am! Hopefully, I will be able to visit a little more often now, and not get kicked off the net, and avoid all the other troubles that old computer was giving me.

Romeena, I should be able to get photos of Pat's work to you now. He has some real nice new stuff, but the way my computer was, it just wasn't cooperating a'TALL!! By the way, could you please post a link to your site, I would love to see Laci's picture, and all the other stuff you have on there.

Well, I better get some work done, now that I can! I forgot to put some stuff from my old computer on my new one, and some stuff didn't transfer quite right, so I have a heap of work to do!

Mary Wiggins
"He's a nut!"

March 08, 2006 - Msg 35472: Congrats on your new computer Mary Wiggins! Hope you put it to good use(like coming here).

MDC, please tell us what you mean in your referral to Boo's post, because I don't get it and the suspense is killing me. :)

Hey, anyone want to buy a house? My wife has finally relented to moving back to my hometown. Actually I wasn't harping on her about it or anything, she just kept bringing up questions to me about where I would like to live - like would I rather live here where we do now or where we used to live - and I would tell her the truth about what I thought.
The only problem we have now is selling the house, especially since another factory has closed up here so I imagine there will be another spate of homes going up for sale. The good thing is that our house is on the lower end pricewise, even though it is one of the nicer ones, just kind of small.
So if you or anyone you know is planning on moving to rural Wisconsin, lol, and they want a nice little house(or if anyone wants to buy a house and use it for a rental house) please send them my way.
Maybe I could use Barney as my realtor. He seemed to be a real go-getter when he was a part-time realtor. ;)

-Sterling Holobyte

March 08, 2006 - Msg 35473: Mary Wiggins, too bad you did not try re-installing your software before purchasing another computer. You would be surprised at how many problems that can fix. I reformat my own hard disk about twice a year.

To Sterling Holobyte, if you can't sell your house, why not try and rent it? I bet many who need to sell around you will still be able to afford rent. And you can enjoy some extra spending cash along with some tax deductions.

from Poor Horatio

March 08, 2006 - Msg 35474: Good suggestion, Poor Horatio, and we have given that some thought. Though we will be moving an hour away and I don't know if I would want to be a landlord from that far away, along with the other extra things that landlords take care of, i.e. property tax, maintenance, etc.
Though we will keep that as an option, but personally I would just rather have the whole thing over and done with.
-Sterling Holobyte

March 08, 2006 - Msg 35475:
STERLING! Wow, I consider that a Victory! I can only hope that at least some of what we discussed helped. If not, that's ok too!
As to Boo's post, if it wasnt so sad it would be kinda funny. She mentions at the end that Rudy wouldnt like the dogs being there on that property,as an area of concern, yet above she talks how he left his wife and kids and his family fell apart! So I'M thinking, what about THAT concern! Tho, like I said, it really isnt funny, it just struck me funny. Ok, I might strike oil if I keep digging. Now that's a little funny! ha
Hang in there, and have a good one.
Barney: Did you know that there are more stars in the heavens then there are grains of sand on the whole earth?

March 08, 2006 - Msg 35476: "Olie olie oxen free, run sheep run, one two three..."

Have a fun-filled evening everyone!

M-T ("The Scamp")

March 08, 2006 - Msg 35477: Wow, Mary Wiggins! It's great to see you again. Isn't a new computer wonderful? I'm now using #6 - bought my first one in the mid-80's. It was an Epson Equity, had dual floppy drives (the big ones) and no hard drive, and I thought I was in technology heaven. The monitor could toggle between being a monitor and being a TV. Had little rabbit ears and everything. Now here's the good part. My 10-yr old grandson still uses the thing - plays some cool games on it, like "Frogger". The monitor still works, too, and still will be a TV when asked.

Oh, the porch family album can be found at Sorry, I don't know how to make links. I'm not very ept, even after all these computerized years. Kind porchsters have explained it, but I guess I'm not sufficiently motivated. I figure anybody can copy and paste, so there's the address, you can take it from there.

I'm excited about seeing some of Pat's recent work. Folks, you just won't believe the pictures he paints. Looks like you could walk right into the scene. I have two, want more.

Good segue, MDC. Gives us something else to ponder besides watching the dirt fly out of that hole you were digging. (teehee) Don't you just hate when that happens? I do it all the time, so I'm used to it.

Oh, my apologies - I do know it's Reeve, not Reeves, I just forgot. The original Superman was Reeves.

Well, I'm off to the diner with a friend. Or maybe we'll go out to Morelli's. That pounded steak sounds pretty good to me tonight. You know you can watch them pound it, right there in front of you. Sugarplum says 10-4! --Romeena