April 08, 2006 - Msg 36679: Hey Maude, didn't see you there. Drop back in later if you can. Maybe we can all plan a trip to Myer's lake or something...or maybe a girl's night out.


April 08, 2006 - Msg 36680: nice sweep boo. are you sure leaving us fellows alone and having to cook, etc. like when aunt bea went to visit a relative? ha. PRAYERS ALL MADE IT THRU THE STORMS LAST NIGHT OK. SPOT HOW DID KENASHAW MAKE IT? MDC, WHAT HAVEYOU BEEN DOING? MISSED YOU. this year ha been a heavy weather season . a mayberry freind of mine stoppe by and we had a great visit, played some andy tapes and exchanged new stuff we got for the other to borrow. supper on me at the red lobster.speaking of meyers lake, anyone remember cutting a willow pole at the crek, attaching a line and hook, turning over old logs for worms. again prayers for all in need. buckeye

April 08, 2006 - Msg 36681: tommorow's chruch and nascar, go jeremy mayfield. buckeye

April 08, 2006 - Msg 36682: place
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April 08, 2006 - Msg 36683: place
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the heather. t is not a quarter of a mile to the highway if people know how to direct their course properly he pronunciation of the


April 08, 2006 - Msg 36684: What?!

April 08, 2006 - Msg 36685: a big dust ball just blew on the porch!

April 08, 2006 - Msg 36686: good saturday evening to you all! i thank all of you who tossed out name suggestions for me. i watched the episode called "fun girls" this morning, and yes, it was daphne and skippy. i'm probably more like skippy (if i had to say one or the other), so i guess that's me. but then again, i like the sound of daphne better. mary grace was a good suggestion to, however i can't picture myself with gomer! HA! so i'll go with DAPHNE. she had her sights set on andy himself... as would i have! ;-)

i hope you all are thouroughly enjoying your weekends thus far, and may God speak to your hearts tomorrow as you attend church service. :-D


colleen--er--DAPHNE. i'm DAPHNE now!! YAY!!

April 08, 2006 - Msg 36687:
A quick howdy. Pray you all are ok from the storms. So many areas have much destuction. Lord give them comfort.
SPOT...you have any power line damage in your area?
Ro...A big AMEN to your comments about the schools.

Racing tomorrow....Texas style.

You all have a blessed night.

April 08, 2006 - Msg 36688:
Good choice Daphne.

April 08, 2006 - Msg 36689: Evening Porch People, Just checking in before I check out to bed. Boo, I am ready for Myers Lake.
Hello Dolll to Daphne. What a fun girl she is.
Take care and good night to all. Big Maude

April 08, 2006 - Msg 36690: Welcome Daphne. I don't think I said hello earlier. Glad your rocking with us. Porch rules state that new comers have to serve me breakfast in bed for 1 week. So we can start Monday morning. I think I'd like 3 eggs, over medium, bacon on the limp and juicy side. Hash browns, but not to brown, fresh orange juice, toast, white. Grape jelly, homemade not store bought. OK? While you work on that I'll be working on Tuesdays menu!:)

Thursday dumped about 6 inches of a wet heavy snow on us. Today was 68, sunny and I mowed grass for the first time this year. Monday another snow storm is due in. Ahhh, springtime in the rockies. Crazy!

Anyone here remember the movie "The Sting" with Paul Newman and Robert Redford? Bought it on dvd a while back and watched it tonight. I just love that movie. Great plot and neat scenery. You follow!?


April 08, 2006 - Msg 36691: Very well put Romeena! Happy New Year

April 08, 2006 - Msg 36692: Johnny Hooker is a young con-man who is being taught by Luther. One day they pull one of their con jobs and net themselves a huge roll. What they don't know is that the man they conned is the courier for a numbers runner. And it turns out that the boss, Doyle Lonigan, considers it an attack on him and orders all the people involved terminated. Hooker is shaken down by a crooked cop, Snyder, who threatens to turn him over to Lonigan unless he pays him off. Hooker pays him, he then tries to warn Luther but is too late. He then goes to see Henry Gondorf, a friend of Luther's and a one time great con-man, who has had a bit of bad luck. After hearing what happened to Luther and seeing how hungry Hooker is for payback, he assembles a gang and decides to con Lonigan. While everything seems to be going ok, there is just the problem of the hit on Hooker and Snyder, whom Hooker paid off with counterfeit money.

April 08, 2006 - Msg 36693: Hello Porch, I said that yesterday and not a one said hi to me, My ink must be invisiable? Sterling those glasses sound RAD, I love to ride my bike, ans I have those double baskets on the back, my sisters boyfriend try to talk me out of them, but I told him NOPE! My favorite summer memory is when I was driving an 18 wheeler and the boys and I were in Cody Wyo. Right smake dab in the ceter at the foot of four mountains around us, we stop at a little airport resturant had lunch, watched the crop dusters from the big window the boys just loved that, they had the best tasting water their, I filled up a few jugs and took with us, very refreshing, odd I can still taste the water, yep the best I ever had. Really I think all the summers the boys and I spent in that old truck were good one :). Oh yes today is my oldest Son's 33rd Birthday, Happy Birthday Tim. Love ya son. Jay is still home we're suppose to go to lunch, I just worked 2 hrs today to spend some time with him and I don't know where he is. oh will he'll be back shortly, I told him around 11. Have a Great day in the Lord y'all

April 08, 2006 - Msg 36694: Hello msg 36693. Who are you? I wasn't around here yesterday but I am now.

Msg 36692, who are you? Besides a fellow Sting fan? Ain't it a great movie?


April 08, 2006 - Msg 36695: It sure is Asa! My name is Thurston

April 08, 2006 - Msg 36696: Welcome Thurston. Are you a TAGS fan?


April 08, 2006 - Msg 36697: Yes I am Asa

April 08, 2006 - Msg 36698: Well grab you a rocker and commence to rocking buddy. Around here we expect you to just jump in and start jawing with us. What part of the world you from?


April 08, 2006 - Msg 36699: California

April 08, 2006 - Msg 36700: Welcome, Thurston. A gentle hint to a new friend - please sign your posts, so we'll know who's talking. Since this isn't instant chat, sometimes it's a while before anyone reads what you've written and then we don't know who said it. You'll find the Porch a friendly place to be. If you wish, find yourself a TAGS handle. Not required, but most of us do.

Well, gonna go watch the Britcoms. Have a great Sabbath, everyone. Sugarplum says 10-4! --Romeena

April 08, 2006 - Msg 36701: Goodnight Romeena and Sugarplum. I think I'll hit the hay too.
What part of California Thurston? I have a lot of relatives in Ventura and Santa Monica. One in Santa Barbra. Nice area. The one in Ventura has two orange tree's in his back yard. And let me tell ya, if you ever have a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice, you'll never go back to a carton.
Goodnight all. I'm off to bed.


April 08, 2006 - Msg 36702: Hi Asa, I live in San Fernando Valley, Well good night ,

April 08, 2006 - Msg 36703: Hey to the porch. And welcome to the newcomers.
- Hazel

April 09, 2006 - Msg 36704: Mornin' Y'all. Just wanted to check in to tell you I'm ok.Nasty weather all around yesterday-hail,heavy rains,tornadoes in Charleston. Just some rain and lightning around my rock. Prayers for our Southern neighbors who experienced the worst.
Welcome to the Porch,Thurston!
Well,gotta scoot. Just wanted to check in so y'all would know I'm ok. Have a great day!
possum under a rock

April 09, 2006 - Msg 36705: Thanks, Possum. Saved us having to do a trouble-check. Very thoughtful of you. How 'bout the rest of you checking in? We do worry about you, you know. I think I can speak for Daphne and Boo, that we here in Texas are okay. About all we got up here around Dallas was some wind - 59-60 mph or so - and a few power outages, but nothing serious. My lights were off for a while, but it was after the wind blew through, don't know what caused it. Thank the good Lord for Spot and other fellers like him, who sometimes risk life and limb to keep our lights on. I'm glad our cookin' dog of the porch has moved into a desk job, and doesn't climb anymore.

Well, gotta go get ready for preaching. Our pastor has really been hitting the mark lately. Of course, he always does. Nothing dry as dust about his sermons.

Have a great day, everyone! Sugarplum says 10-4. --Romeena

April 09, 2006 - Msg 36706: Good Sabbath porch. How is everyone this fine Sunday morning?
I have not watched or listened to any news till last night after I signed off and heard about all that nasty weather back east. Goodness I hope all is well with our porch family. I'm thinking the storm that brought us the snow on Thursday is the one that hit back there in the form of tornado's and stuff. I'll take the snow I think. Hope you are all ok.
Romeena, are you wearing your earings to services?


April 09, 2006 - Msg 36707: Im wearing my earings....I dont think Opie and Andy are gonna wear theirs tho....

"How bout Tearing up your old clothes for rags?"

"No, Pa, not that one, it makes me cry."

have a great day all...
fun girl

April 09, 2006 - Msg 36708: Good Sabath! Take it easy. See if you can peel an apple in one long strip today :)

Daphne I like the name you chose. It's very festive ;)

Dixie :):)

April 09, 2006 - Msg 36709: Good sermon today. Yeah, sin is one subject you just can't say enough about.
- Hazel

April 09, 2006 - Msg 36710: Good Sunday afternoon to you all. Hope this finds everone safe and sound. Just returned from church and Sunday lunch out. Sure is better when someone else cooks. We had a womderful "musi cal"
today. The choir did the Easter musical and it was one fine service. Sometimes, I get as much of a blessing out of the music as the sermon. Guess I shouldn't say that but its true. It is sunny and cool today in Northeast Tennessee. Lets pray for all the folks who suffered such devastation from the recent storms. take care and will check in later today. Welcome to the Porch Thurston. Big Maude

April 09, 2006 - Msg 36711: Barney should have been at our service today in uniform--a lot of money in that collection plate. I guess the pre-Easter Palm Sunday crowd came out with the sun this morning. I hope everyone south of the border checks in soon (and by south of the border I mean the Mason-Dixon line). Prayers for all and especially those in Tennessee.

Glad to see you picked a name, DAPHNE. And welcome, THURSTON. You aren't by any chance a millionaire are you?

I had to shake my head at your posts about the kids and the protests, ROMEENA. But you are right. How can we blame kids for grwoing up thinking they are the center of the universe and that the world owes everything to them when that's what their parents have been teaching them their whole lives? Our culture is raising a generation of self-centered "victims" (because everyone is out to get them, of course). It reminds me of a job applicant we had here last fall. We were hiring for a part-time professional position and did regional advertising. Now, the job required a college degree and an advanced degree in the area of specialization and/or experience. A bunch of people applied, many well qualified, and the department head selected five to interview. One guy, who had just graduated college the previous June and had no applicable experience, kept calling about when his interview would be. After being very tactful several times, the department head finally told him, sorry, but he wasn't on the interview list. Well, he started yelling at her that she wasn't being fair and he demanded a chance to be interviewed. She finally had to hang up on him. Then, HIS MOTHER called back a few days later and did the same thing! As if that wasn't the topper, the guy called back the next week and asked when he could come in to meet about the job!

I have friends who teach and their number one complaint--even in front of paperwork and administrative busywork--is parents who undermine their authority. I guess parents just don't understand the harm they are doing their children. Eventually, the real world slaps them in the face.

I've mentioned before that my daughter's school made us sign a pledge that we will support the school's staff in their decisions and discipline. Maybe all parents should have to do that before sending their angels to school.

Anyway, I'm not gonna let this go any farther...it's Sunday! Gotta give my blood pressure a rest, too!

Y'all take care now.


April 09, 2006 - Msg 36712: Just one more thing...I'm at work thsi afternoon (we rotate Sundays). The sun is shining, the kids are at home playing, and I'm stuck inside behind a desk. Whatever happened to blue laws, anyway? I wish I were in Mayberry where nothing is open and you can't get anything done on a Sunday. Heck, I'd even willingly give over my phone line to the Mendelbright sisters so they could talk about their feet falling asleep (I wonder what causes that?). I'm counting down until 4:00....one hour and fifty-five minutes and twelve seconds...


April 09, 2006 - Msg 36713: Good Morning folks,
No Im not a millinare. But Im rich in FAITH!
I I hope all is well today!
Thuston The First

April 09, 2006 - Msg 36714: OPPS- Thurston The First

April 09, 2006 - Msg 36715: BUSY here in ga...busy!!...aint been home in 2 days....will someone bring me something to eat?...SPOT

April 09, 2006 - Msg 36716: Hey SPOT. It is good to hear from you. Was wondering if all was well in GA. I am on my way with food... steak, shrimp, salad, roasted potatoes and banana pudding for dessert. Hope all is well. Big Maude

April 09, 2006 - Msg 36717: happy, beautiful STILL Sunday to you all!

i'm quite oblivious... didn't watch the news or weather for 2 days, and not until LATE late night did i learn of all the tornadoes and devastation in tennessee. now i know what you all are talking about--sheesh! i guess it's the still after the storm, because we could not have a more beautiful, quiet and peaceful day here in dallas.

i just read the apple peel quote above... funny thing is, i watched that episode early this morning, "man in a hurry!" i told you all i have to start and end my day with mayberry... call me obsessive! ;)

someone mentioned a story above about Luther... now i think i'll pop in "the ghost and mr. chicken" today. reminded me of it.

oh, and YES i will cook breakfast tomorrow! if that is my newcomer's duty, count me in!

today i am making (for the very first time) ANDY'S FAVORITE ROAST BEEF!

wish me luck! ;-)


April 09, 2006 - Msg 36718: Good afternoon, all. Daphne, I have to echo your description of the day here. Clear skies, warm sunshine, gentle breeze. Just lovely. This is my favorite time of year. My roses are budding, many actually blooming, snapdragons have already bloomed and are seeding, and pansies, dianthus, petunias, zinnias, gerbera daisies, iris, verbena and others are just bursting with blooms. I counted 17 blooms on one rose bush, but it's a particularly prolific bloomer - Cherry Parfait. Bushy and breezy, dark green foliage and red/white bicolor blooms. It's the one that was blooming in December in the Porchsters photo album. If you see Mr. Wheeler, tell him I'd like a quart of ladybugs next time he comes through. It's about time for aphids to appear, and nothing controls them better than ladybugs.

Well, I have to work tonight, unless I get lucky enough to get cancelled. I hope I do, because our church is having a big musical Easter celebration tonight. Our choir is combining with the Hampton Road Baptist Church choir, and it should be spectacular. Sure do hate to miss it.

Have a lovely afternoon and evening, everyone. Sugarplum says 10-3. --Romeena

April 09, 2006 - Msg 36719: See, I knew that puppy couldn't count! Make that 10-4! --Romeena

April 09, 2006 - Msg 36720: Romeena, You gardens sound beautiful and from the Porchester album pictures they truly are. You should enter them in a contest. Bet you would have the prettiest ones there and walk away with 1st prize. By the way, what are aphids? Not sure if I know and wanted to see if we have them on my
end of the porch. I may need Mr. Wheeler as well.
Big Maude

April 09, 2006 - Msg 36721:
Hi folks. Tomorrow in the Phoenix area, over 100,000 will be marching, mostly illegal aliens from Mexico. Last week they marched with Mexican flags, and I am sorry, I know I'm a Christian, and i do my best to WWJD, but that was about all i can take of this whole debacle! Lord help us all figure out what is going on. In 1850 after the Mexican Ameican war we purchased for 10 million, AZ, NM and part of TX. (Gadston Purchase) Well, now they dont like it and even the corrupt V Fox is encouraging his peple to come up here illegally and tax all our services to the breaking point! Lord, help us find a solution to what and why this is happening!
Sorry, bluey goes the soapbox!
Take care,

April 09, 2006 - Msg 36722:
orry folks, my above post wasnt very Mayberryesque. I will try harder, just had to get that out!
God bless you and yours,

April 09, 2006 - Msg 36723: MDC, I doubt anyone in Mayberry would disagree with you. I certainly wouldn't. This whole stupid mess makes about as much sense as legalizing abortion for an infant well past the viable stage, then making it a crime for a doctor not to attempt to resuscitate a premature infant born weeks younger, if it makes an attempt to breathe. Nonsense. The devil must be just splitting his sides, watching us tie ourselves in knots.

Big Maude, thanks for the compliment. God blessed me with a love of critters and flowers, and then sent me a landscaper friend who has helped me create a landscape friendly to both. I get a great deal of pleasure out of my yard.
Aphids are tiny greenish bugs, about the size of a small flea. They infest roses especially, but will get on anything they can find. They suck the juices out of a plant, and can really give roses a hard time. Fortunately, ladybugs just adore them. You can buy ladybugs at any good garden center, by the pint or quart. Bring them home, open the container and sit it on the ground near the worst congregation of aphids. The ladybugs will soon crawl or fly out of their container, and cover the bushes where the aphids are, eating voraciously. The next day, most of the ladybugs will be gone, and so will the aphids. No sprays, no fuss, no muss. Strictly organic, and very effective. Just don't release ladybugs if you have sprayed recently or plan to. No point buying them and killing them.

Yippee! I got cancelled, and can go to the concert at church! Woohoo! Here I go...Sugarplum says 10-4! --Romeena

April 09, 2006 - Msg 36724: One more thing - I wonder what Vicente Fox and company would do if 100,000 Americans all convened in Mexico City, and marched on the main square, protesting the activity of illegal aliens in America? Ha! Do you suppose the policia would come and get us? You reckon we'd be given access to all the resources Mexico has to offer? Oh, I forgot. There aren't any. --Romeena

April 09, 2006 - Msg 36725: No, I'm not a Hispanophobe. I love the Mexican culture, I get along very well with the Mexican people, I even speak a fair brand of Spanish, learned mostly from Hispanic friends. I just think that the laws of this country deserve to be treated with respect, that's all. --Romeena

April 09, 2006 - Msg 36726: i'm on board with you MDC.

you know, i drove by the middle school my daughter is scheduled to go to, and their billboard (or sign) out front of the school had some phrase posted in only spanish--NO ENGLISH. that is not right. and my daughter is not going there. it's principle... (but we plan to move anyways), yet if we didn't, i would choose to homeschool. and a good majority of these protestors are ignorant to what they are protesting. it drives me crazy! but like MDC said... Lord help us find a solution.

but at least we have this forum, and mayberry, right? life can truly be wonderful, despite it all! ;-)


April 09, 2006 - Msg 36727: OH, Romeena, would you mind telling me where you attend church? my family is looking to move to the southlake area this summer so jade can attend a better school district. irving isn't too far from there. we will most likely be giving up our church in dallas for something closer (northwest bible).... :-(


April 09, 2006 - Msg 36728: Afternoon porch! I am back from picking up Jacob, boy is that boy of mine getting big! He is here with me for his spring break. We made it through the storms just fine here, they were pretty bad & for a while there I thought I was a goner, good thing I got a basement! But we all made it through just fine, wet, but fine. Gonna go visit with my boy/man a while.

April 09, 2006 - Msg 36729: Hey Mavis, how old is your boy these days? My son Kyle is sixteen and when I called the house the other day, I thought it was Mike and asked if he had gone to get Kyle yet....He said "This IS Kyle mom." could have dropped my teeth...just shocked me so.
fun girl

April 09, 2006 - Msg 36730: Hey fun girl 16 already?! Boy where does time go? Jake is 17 will be 18 on July 4th. I've done that same thing, thinking I was talking to his dad & it was Jake. Makes me want to cry my little boy has grown up. As for the illegals protesting, already said what I thought about that & I'm gonna let that slide on by this time around.

April 09, 2006 - Msg 36731: Hey, Daphne. I've been a member of Plymouth Park Baptist Church in Irving since 1974, raised my kids in that church, three got married there, buried my husband and both parents from there, and have a very close and wonderful group of friends, who are so supportive. I can't imagine life without that church. Just email me at Romeena@airmail.net and I'll tell you more.

I cannot believe that Kyle and Jake are all grown up. Mavis and fun girl, when I first met you gals the boys were just kids. Same with Dež and her twins. I remember when they hadn't even started school yet. I've met Boo's kids, Sean and Erin, and can't believe how they've grown, too. Erin wasn't much more than a toddler when I met her - cute as a bug. Gosh, all these kids growing up makes me feel old. Oh, wait, I AM old! (heehee)

The musical presentation at church tonight was wonderful. Joyful, uplifting, inspiring, touching, gripping, what other superlatives can I list? It was magnificent. Must have been over a hundred voices, and a small group of signers off to one side for the deaf. It was beautiful.

Well, off I go. I'm so thrilled not to have to work tonight. Now I can get some things done tomorrow instead of having to sleep, because I'm sure I will have to work tomorrow night. Then that's it until next Monday. Tough schedule, huh?

Sugarplum says 10-4. --Romeena

April 09, 2006 - Msg 36732:
Hello porch family...So glad to hear that so far everyone is reporting into the porch safe.

Welcome to the porch Thurston. So glad to have you!

Spot...prayers are with you brother...try and get some rest.

Possum...thank God you didn't have any damage over in Charleston. We didn't have any problems here in the midland area.

Prayers for you all!

April 09, 2006 - Msg 36733: Hey dahphne!..My Friend Maves,,,gosh yall storms hit us hard in ga..[prayers]..lucky not my house but been at the power comoany till tonight since sat morn at 6 am...still not caught up..hey Revmr,ro,boo,Big Maude my good friend...gosh so sleepy..got to go back a 6 am in the morning..hey M-T I aint got time to cook breakfast in the morning will some of yall?...gosh just kills me to miss out on my job but tired!..and got to get up at 4:30 again to be at work by 6....prayers to all......catch yall tommow at 6 am from work...SPOT....[tired]....good night all..SPOT

April 09, 2006 - Msg 36734: Hello Friends! Hope your Sunday has been a good one.

DAPHNE, I had to smile when I read about your Mayberry obsession. I have shared this embarrassing fact with the others but I will share it with you: Sometimes when I am in bed and can't sleep, I think about Mayberry and imagine that I am a new character on the show who has moved into town. I think about things like, what it would be like to have Sunday dinner at Andy's or going downtomn to the movies and the diner...stuff like that. It is a pleasant way to fall asleep, you might try it.

I went to a presentation at my cjurch tonight on internet safety for your children. I learned alot but it was very disturbing. I didn't realize how easy it was to become a victim on the internet and kids know more about computers today than most adults so they are being stalked by child predators. A local criminal investigator talked to us about local crimes involving children who were targeted on the internet and then assaulted my pedophiles. Very scary stuff. They said you better be able to track what your kids are doing in the chat rooms and on sites like myspace.com. I have some good web addresses to give to you parents where you can look up how to protect your kids. I will post those tomorrow if I can.

Gosh, those are some strong opinions about the Mexico thing. I don't really understand what its all about because I haven't followed it on the news or anything. Sound scary to me, like they are trying to take back the border states. I don't get it.

I'm so glad you were able to attend the musical at the church, RO. My church is small and doesn't have the resources for something like that. Wish we did. The only thing different that we do is we have special communion on Thursday of Holy Week. The church deacons serve communion to individual families during that evening. I helped one year and was really blessed. I showed part of the Jesus of Nazareth movie to my sunday school kids this morning and they loved it, which really surprised me because they are 10-11 years old. Next week we will watch the crucifiction and resurrection.

Well, better get ready for some shut-eye. See ya'll tomorrow.


April 09, 2006 - Msg 36735: Oh, you know what I found out, RO? I found out that in the Baptist church you don't have to be ordained to baptize someone. Did you know that? I would love to baptize someone someday. Bruce baptized Sean 2 years ago and he said it was an amazing and powerful experience for him. I remember as I watched it, Bruce was visibly shaking and he said that he felt God so strong that he couldn't climb out of the water and back up the steps without help.

Goodnight (for real this time!)


April 09, 2006 - Msg 36736: Night Romeena and my friend "race fan Mavis"..the # "9" smoked the texas race!!SPOT

April 10, 2006 - Msg 36737: Thought you were going to bed Spot? You best get some sleep, we'll take care of breakfast & lunch tomorrow. Breakfast at Cracker Barrell, I love the "old Timer's breakfast" besides, where else can you find a rest. that serves molasses that actually TASTES right? I missed the race today since I was driving to pick up Jake, thanks for the winner update. Wish it was Jimmy Johnson tho. Night porch, gotta go to work tomorrow, dang it!

April 10, 2006 - Msg 36738: prayers for the ex hubby......he is caught in a gambling addiction The man works constantly, but on his days off, instead of spending time with Kyle, he goes to the Riverboat. I worry myself sick over it. Guess I will put it in Gods hands and stop worrying. Prayers for Kyle too...must not feel too good knowing that gambling is more important to your dad than spending time with you........grrrrrr
fun girl

April 10, 2006 - Msg 36739: Gosh gang what a week end here in Georgia...bad here at the power company...all caught up now ..but over the week end all lights were NOT on!..worked all weekend...hey mavis,ro,boo,MDC,Rev,Thurston.daph,dixie,mt,asa,md,fg,and all of my friends...will go back and read the mail...hope yall eat well but im back on the job now ...thanks for cracker barrell mav..hey big maude..buckeye..well let me get settled in here at work...back in just a bit...SPOT

April 10, 2006 - Msg 36740: spot, as soon as i heard kenashaw i prayed for you and yours and all others. i have a son and daughter living in huntsville, alabama and i watched thecrazy weather. welcome dapne- as soon as emmit gets a minute i'll send him over to put name on your rocker. busy week for ole buckeye so i might be a hit and miss. asa, one day your shoveling snow and the next your mowing the grass, what a country. lunch on the rev. i just saw on local news that the first world champion paper, rock and scizzors championship was held in las vegas, the winner took home $50,ooo.oo. this afternoon let's meet daphine at meyers lake where she;ll have a picnic basket for everyone and a car radio playing. wake up mdc. ole buckeye

April 10, 2006 - Msg 36741: Good Morning to you all, Hope all is well with you guys. Good to hear you are okay SPOT. Don't
worry aout cooking for us, we will take pinch hit until you are back in the groove again. Fun Girl, will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. You are right to turn it over to God. Mavis. I have a 15 year old son and an 11 year old daugther and I agree time is flying by. Seems like just yesterday they were just little and now both are bigger than me!! You guys have a good Monday and will talk to you later. Big Maude

April 10, 2006 - Msg 36742: Big Maude aren't they so much fun when they hit the teenage years & know everything?? I have to say tho, Jake is pretty good now that he is a little older. I am so glad to have him here with me this week. Prayers fun girl for Kyle & his daddy, after all, it's the least I can do after all ya'll helped me through when Jake's dad was shot 3 years ago, can you believe it has been that long?? Boy is it beautiful here today! Wish I didn't have to work. Best get my face on so I can get out & act like somebody today. Be back afterwhile. Almost forgot my ammennines~Welcome Daphne & Thurston!

April 10, 2006 - Msg 36743: Good morning everyone. Hey to BIG MAUDE, BUCKEYE, SPOT, FUN GIRL, MAVIS and anyone else loitering on the porch this morning. It's a beautiful day in Maryland.

Prayers for your family FUN GIRL. Get some rest, SPOT. Do you see sparks in your sleep? Don't worry about lunch either. Never got to the Olive Garden last week, so how about today? Unlimited soup, salad and bread sticks. I'll drive. Now, SPOT, your in the backseat, and BUCKEYE your in the back seat next to SPOT, and MAVIS your in teh backseat next to SPOT and BUCKEYE...oh, we'll figure it out later. But no hanging heads out the window like a dog!

Well, my boss figures that my nose needs sharpening, so it's back to the grindstone for me. Talk to y'all soon.


By the way, I agree with MDC and ROMEENA about the immigration thing. I wish I could figure a Christian and productive solution, but I can't.

April 10, 2006 - Msg 36744: Uh, please replace most of the "your"s in my last post with "you're"s. Sheesh. You'd think I ain't got no English learnin or nuthin.


April 10, 2006 - Msg 36745: Morning everyone. Boy it's Monday morning and my tail is dragging bad. Guess I didn't sleep so good last night or maybe I'm coming down with the pip (whatever that is) or something cause I'm pooped! Maybe I just need food. Spot was to busy all weekend to feed us. So I'll drag myself over to Cracker Barrel and see what that does for me.
Hope you're all having a good Monday.


April 10, 2006 - Msg 36746: Me-They, you're right. There just aren't any easy solutions. I re-read what I said above, and it sounds like I'm taking a very hard line with illegals, and I suppose I am, in theory. It gets tougher when it's personal. I know a very nice young man, an illegal from Mexico. He works very hard for moderate pay, doing things most Americans won't. (Why should they, when we have welfare?) He actually holds two jobs, works about 14 hours a day. Has a wife and three little girls, loves them very much, talks about them all the time. He doesn't speak much English, tries, but says "it's a crazy language." (He's right.) He helps me with my Spanish. Would I want him sent back to Mexico? No, I would not. So there you are. In the words of the King of Siam in "The King and I" -- is a puzzlement. I really don't know the answer.

Well, gotta get moving. Many errands to run, yard work to do, and have to work tonight. Sugarplum says 10-4! --Romeena

April 10, 2006 - Msg 36747: Yeah, it's a puzzlement alright, ROMEENA. It's another chink in the stability of this country's future.

A friend and I were talking not too long ago. Both of us aren't quite forty yet (next month!) and grew up in a typical middle class suburban/rural area, and we were discussing that when we were growing up we never really worried about the security of our country--militarily, economically or socially. A lot of it was youth and naivete, but a lot of it was based on the fact that we had it better than anyone else in the world. And the perception was that it would always be that way. The sad realization is that our kids--while they still have it so much better than most others in this world--probably won't be able to feel that same security that we did. I dislike sounding defeatist, but as a student of history I know that what goes up eventually comes down. That said, we still need to do what we can to ensure that it doesn't happen.



April 10, 2006 - Msg 36748: Hey, ASA, did you try Colonel Harvey's elixir. I hear it's a great pick-me-up.

Toot-toot-tootsie, goodbye...


April 10, 2006 - Msg 36749: Afternoon Porch!
My son and I arrived home from Kentucky yesterday. We were lucky with our drives- no construction! Our trip wasn't as well as we liked, but at least we got to go. If you remember Bryson had the stomach flu and that postponed our trip. The minute we got there he vomitted! Then, that night I was up with the flu. I had it worse than he did because of my stomach problems I already have (mercury and reflux). I'm still sort of puny, but we'll get through it. I didn't get to see my grandmother's, but they both told me they are well. My great-uncle is still in the hospital recovering from the cancer surgery and they're trying to get him off the ventilator so he can go to live with his sister's.
There is a really big March here-like 3million hispanics. My son's best friend is hispanic as well as most of my apartment complex. I don't have a problem with them as long as they are here the right way and abide by our laws and not living off of us.
I have to pick up Bryson from school. Everyone have a good rest of the day! I'll check in tonight after I read the archives.
Blessings to you and yours,
~Lucy Matthews

April 10, 2006 - Msg 36750: Oh, Welcome to Thurston and Daphne!!
We're a pretty big family here so pull up a rocking chair. I like sausage gravy and biscuits!

April 10, 2006 - Msg 36751: HI THERE.

April 10, 2006 - Msg 36752: ME-THEY, I was reading about a movie that Mel Gibson is directing about the ancient Mayan civilization and it's downfall. One of the writers of the movie said that he was disturbed by the similarities of what caused the deterioration of the Mayan's and what is happening in the country now. I think I will do a little study of the Mayans. Do you know much about them?

Prayers for Kyle and his Dad (and you, of course) Fungirl. I don't know what divorce is like firsthand, but I have gone every step of the way through it with my best friend and have seen how it has hurt the kids and I have great empathy for you and Kyle. May the Lord give you His wisdom in how to care for Kyle and comfort and support him. And remember, Kyle is extremely blessed to have a loving mother like you and you and the Lord can get him through this.

Good for you, TOM, soak up some of that Vitamin D from the sun's rays...good for ya!

Welcome home Lucy. Sorry you got sick on your trip. I was afraid that might happen and was kind of hoping you would postpone you trip. I know if anyone in my family gets the stomach virus, we ALL get it. Very nasty stuff!

There are 3 million hispanics marching in your area? I can't remember where you live. Here in Corpus Christi, the population is mostly hispanic but I don't think anyone is marching around here.

Better go think about getting something out for supper.


April 10, 2006 - Msg 36753: in case there is any confusion, that first paragraph is supposed to say, "what is happening in THIS country now."~Boo

April 10, 2006 - Msg 36754: Hey to LUCY, TOM and BOO. Glad you are back safe and sound, LUCY. I wish I could be outside, too, TOM. No, BOO, I don't know much about the Mayan civilization. Most of my edukashion is in early (North) American history. I did take courses in Latin American history and studied some on the Maya, but it's been awhile and they, the Inca and some others have all run together in my head. So I'd rather just appear stupid on the subject than open my mouth and remove all doubt. One thing is for sure, though, their civilization did eventually fall.

Well, it's out the door for me--I want to try to get home in time to play outside. With the kids. Y'all have a tremendous evening.


April 10, 2006 - Msg 36755: Evening to all my porch friends, Just checking in for the evening. Hope all is well. I have been helping my 15 year old son with an Honors Biology
assignment. Romeena, we sure could use your gardening expertise up in Northeast Tennesse right about now. He has to find, and identify 25 different types of wildflowers. It is a big project for his final grade. We have found about
6 in our yard but will have to go looking for the others. He has to pick and press them, identify and tell where he found them, do a bibliography and put them in a binder of some sort. Guess this will keep me busy the next few weeks. Being a freshman again sure is hard. :)
I will check in before bed time. I have laundy duty for now. Big Maude

April 10, 2006 - Msg 36756:
Evening porchsters.
Buckeye-hope all goes well in Lincoln these days.
BOO- That Jesus of Nazareth was made for ABC tv in the late 70's, and it IS indeed very good! So we KNOW tv was good at one time. Now I see that they are coming out with a remake of The Ten Commandments. I sure hope it is not doctored up. From the previews, it looks pretty good.
I emailed KY girl the other day. She has just been super busy, like our truck drivin fred Goss.
My job search continues, but all is fine, I know that the Lord provides and i will find a good one!
Spot, great grub as usual! How about IHOP tomorrow, Buckeye's buyin! ha
Welcome to all the new folks, good to see ya all!
take care,

April 10, 2006 - Msg 36757:
Hello porch family....Pray is all well in your part of the porch.

Lucy...pray you all are feeling better.

FunGirl...continued prayers for Kyle and his dad..and you

Spot...glad you got some rest. I know Ga is shinning brighter now.

Hey Tom...enjoy the outdoors but don't let the pollen get to you.

Ro...I have to agree with you. It's a tough decision. But I think the key words are "legal or illegal". We just really need to pray for those in the decision making positions.

You all have a great night and see you at breakfast. Remember...Jesus loves us so much!

April 10, 2006 - Msg 36758: i have every black n white episode on tape and watch it on tv when it comes on...

April 10, 2006 - Msg 36759: Good night to you all. Thanks Rev. Big Maude

April 10, 2006 - Msg 36760: Thank you all for the welcome home.
Boo- I kind of wish I had postponed the trip, but then again I wouldn't have anyone to watch Bry while I was ill. Hubby was at conference. That God sure does know how to plan! I live in Atlanta, and it was a wild march of what I heard.
I don't remember much about the Mayans from school, but there are several great videos in the children's section of the library.
Big Maude- Have fun in the wild! That and dissecting were the only parts of biology I enjoyed. Good Night.
Rev- We are "on the mend", thank you.
MSG 36758- Who?
Romeena- Did you enjoy your time off?
Hey to Dixie, Spot, Mavis, MDC, Tom, Gizzmo, Asa, Fungirl, and everyone else on the Porch. My books this week are The Journey by Billy Graham and Delta Wedding by Eudora Welty. So far I like them both. I'd better get readin'!
Blessings to you and yours,
~Lucy Matthews

April 10, 2006 - Msg 36761: Hey Lucy, that's a neat way to look at the situation, and you didn't get sick until you got there, did you? Glad it all worked out.

ME-They, I always confuse the Mayans and the Aztecs, so what do I know? I just remember about Cortez landing in Mexico and giving someone a deadly virus...can't remember if it was Aztecs or Mayans...anyway, they had received an ancient prophecy that a foreigner in black would come and bring death with him and that is just what happened when Cortez landed. I think I got that right (Romeena should know). I almost flunked history in high school and never had to take it in college to pass nursing school, so there you have it. I don't even know what Calvin Coolidge said!

Yes MDC, the Jesus of Nazareth series of the seventies is my favorite (next to the Passion) because I became a Christian after watching it when I was 16. Imagine that, born again and didn't even know what had happened to me. It was sure a wonderful time in my life, such joy in the realization that Jesus was alive and real and loved me (because I sure loved him). I can remember spending hours laying up on the roof of our house at night just staring at the stars and crying my eyes out because I couldn't contain the joy (guess my parents thought I was nuts). It was sure a wonderful time in my life.

Boy, I just don't know what to think about this immigration thing but I am afraid for those who are here illegally and have been here and have children here, and jobs. I don't want them to leave or be treated as criminals. Having spent time in Mexico and knowing the horrific conditions I wish we could afford to bring alot of families here from Mexico and give them a chance for a better life. I am saddened by the whole thing because the Mexican people that I know in Matomoros are very good, kind people and it would be like a dream to bring them here and give them a decent roof over their heads.

Well, think I will turn in now. Goodnight to all of you and a blessed tomorrow,


April 10, 2006 - Msg 36762: Night Porch!

April 10, 2006 - Msg 36763: By the way (you know I always forget something and have to post again...and I sometimes repeat myself! heehee), do any of you have any special plans for Easter this weekend? Anybody going out of town or anything?


April 11, 2006 - Msg 36764: Hey to the porch

April 11, 2006 - Msg 36765: Mornin' Y'all,
Gettin' ready to get to Whole Foods and the Wal-mart (my MIL always puts the in front and I think its cute). Thought I'd say a quick hey.
Boo- I got sick after I arrived, thank goodness. We're not going out of town. I think we'll go to church and then to Stone Mtn for an egg hunt.
Thurston- Good morning!
Everyone have a wonderful Mayberry day!
Blessings to you and yours,

April 11, 2006 - Msg 36766: The hispanic protest here ended up being only 50,000 not 3 million as I heard.

April 11, 2006 - Msg 36767: When do they start the Lazer Light Show at Stone Mt? I went one summer and it was pretty cool. I was born in Covington just east of Atlanta. We sometimes return for Family Reunions.

Well the ex came by on Sunday night to say he was going to the riverboat. I was torn as I had heard the Kyle had talked to my sister about living with her. I didnt want to nag, but I did tell Mike about it. He changed his plans and stayed home with Kyle and WOW what a difference in that boy. I went over and we cleaned the house. I have never seen him so cooperative, helpful, or happy. And afterwards he was so proud to have done such a good job. The ex called me today to thank me for telling me what was going on and helping him realize how much Kyle needs him.

Meanwhile, I feel so bad that Kyle doesnt feel the need to spend time with me. Is that normal? Yesterday when I was at the house, he was like a different kid. Maybe its because his home is familiar to him and he feels comfortable there. I know that boys his age dont really feel the need to spend time with their moms. And he does need a strong male role model to look up to. I just remember when we were such GOOD friends. They say it will be that way again, I just need to give him time...but it can be sooo hard!

off to breakfast.
fun girl

April 11, 2006 - Msg 36768: Hey to LUCY, FUN GIRL, THURSTON and anyone else on the porch this F-I-N-E morning.

FUN GIRL: Yes, it will take time. Just remember that even though every boy needs a dad to look up to and take an interest in him, he still loves his momma. He may not want to show it (it's not very "macho" in those teenage years) but he will come around as he matures. You have my prayers though.

BOO: We will be going to church on Easter then to my grandmother's for brunch.

I'll check in later...it's a big day at work today! I'll explain later.


April 11, 2006 - Msg 36769: Well, thank the Lord that Kyle spent some quality time with Dad and Dad seems receptive. I forgot how old Kyle is but it seems healthy to me for him to be trying to identify with Dad and pull away from Mom some, emotionally. I don't remember if you said but are you and Kyle getting any counseling? It might help Kyle to talk things out with someone else.

Did any of you watch the new Ten Commandments last night? I thought it was pretty good but like something was just missing, somehow (maybe Charlton Heston?! ha). I did enjoy the special affects of the parting of the Red Sea and I think the actor who is playing Moses is doing a fine job. BUT, I could not believe how many commercial breaks there were in the movie. I almost gave up and am wondering if I want to watch part 2 tonight. Seemed like every 10 minutes there was a 5 minute commercial break. Ah, money makes the world go around...

I am so sleepy this morning for some reason. I think I will try to take a quick snooze before Erin wakes up....wish me luck!


April 11, 2006 - Msg 36770: good morning porch folks! thanks for the other new welcome messages. gosh, with all you friendly folks, one may never leave the porch! so what's for lunch today?

hi fellow newcomer Thurston! is that your real name or do you need a mayberry name too? since the millionaire comment earlier, i can't help but picture you as the guy from gilligan's island. he he!

i was too busy to hop on my swing yesterday... it's a shame really! should always make time for a visit with my new, fellow mayberrians. :)

Boo, you are great--admitting you are MORE obsessed with TAGS than i am. HA! just kidding. i don't know who's worse. when i drive to work sometimes and see all the crummy dallas traffic around me, i picture myself heading into a small town somewhere, to stop by the courthouse for a visit and lunch or something. it's great we can escape in our minds to find solace somewhere else, when the world around us can be hectic, fast and cRaZy!

on another topic completely, do you all remember an organization calling for christians around the country to move to north carolina to gather and start their own country? (yes, COUNTRY). sounds far-fetched, but i remember it was suggested. i was wondering what ever happened with that. does anyone know? and who proposed it? i think the goal was to go back to living as a country that is strictly in accordance with how our christian founding fathers intended it to be.

i often get in that mind-frame... that if only i could gather up my family and just run away from it all, live on a farm somewhere completely self-reliant on my land, then i wouldn't have to worry or be burdened with all the garbage going on in our country, and how my child is brought up with uncertain influences. i was all ready to pack my family and move to NC. but then i realized, am i being selfish, as a christian who is called to spread good news and make a stand for things that are right, should we just run and hide or stand up and be heard? this in regard to gay marriages, illegal immigrants, you name it! i want to make a difference, yet i'm only one voice.

Romeena, thanks for your email and giving me the name of your church. i don't know where we will end up, but i'll keep it in mind! i grew up in a baptist church in windermere, florida and had the time of my life there! :)

see you on the porch in a bit! have a blessed day today, you ALL!

April 11, 2006 - Msg 36771: OH, the above... signed,


April 11, 2006 - Msg 36772:
Goooooooooooood Morning Porch!

Boy oh boy has the last few weeks been a mess. We are having problems with my Aunts estate. It turns out that my Aunt and Uncle, who also recently passed, have had a run in with the IRS for the last 5 years. The same IRS that got Capone. So, we've been a bit busy and I haven't been going online much at all lately.

Rev- I thought of you the other day when we we're out driving. We passed a church sign that said "1 Cross 2 Nails Forgiven"

God Bless,

April 11, 2006 - Msg 36773: Oh auh2o trust me, I feel for you & that estate, Mom didn't have IRS run ins (thank goodness) but it sure seems like we will never get this estate settled! I am SO ready to get my life back from it. email me if you would, maybe together we can offer each other some help on the estates. K9HairDesign@comcast.net
fun girl it's a "boy thing" according to Jake, but I have to say, he only went through a 3 or 4 month period of "being too cool" to hang with Mom. One thing I have to say about him & my nephew, they are always ready to hug & kiss me & my sister, regardless of how many of their friends are watching. We go get his senior pics done today, so I best get my grooming done so I can get back home & fix myself up, we are going to have a few of us together too.
Back in a bit

April 11, 2006 - Msg 36774: Hey, DAPH. We are called to live in the world, but not be of the world. As Christian parents, we must walk that fine line of protecting and guiding our children while getting them ready to be ambassadors of Christ in this world. It is sometimes tempting, but we must not withdraw. And, in my opinion, we must not become boisterous arguers bent on changing our culture at any cost. We must always use the example of Christ and attempt to change our culture as He did, one soul at a time. When we do speak out, protest, or make a stand, we must always ask if we are leading people to Him, or sending them running. Anyway, that's my opinion. I got hundreds of 'em!

BOO: Have you seen "The Gospel of John?" It came out two years ago. It follows the Gospel literally and is GREAT! It is long--6 hours. Rent it if you can.