May 10, 2006 - Msg 37788: Didn't mean to rock on you there, ROMEENA. Now you're beat AND have a sore toe.


May 10, 2006 - Msg 37789: Yikes! I've done swept the porch. I guess it's time for a nap...


May 10, 2006 - Msg 37790: Morning. Mavis, just chalk it up to boorish manners and let it go. I would seriously consider letting them go as clients. You don't need the extra stress, your cup is full already. Just remember that it doesn't matter a hoot what they think about you and you don't own anyone any explanations. You are fine, hard-working and responsible person trying to keep it all together at a difficult time in your life. I admire your strength. Dr. Phil always says, "sometimes you have to give yourself what you can't get from others". Be kind to yourself and think about your strengths and about what a good and kind person you are. I don't think I know anyone who devotes themselves to the care of animals the way you do. You have a great, big heart.

Prayers for Millie and her family.

Better shopping to do!


May 10, 2006 - Msg 37791: Oh hey, Me-They, didn't see ya there. I wish I had some great advice for you. My son is one of those who sits on the playground and at lunch alone. Kids avoid him because of the Tourette Syndrome, I'm afraid. I have had to deal with alot of bullies, etc. over the years and alot of tears. All I can say is that after awhile its not as difficult to bear but what to do about it, I don't have a clue. Believe me, I know what you are going through. Kids are just mean. Seems like Romeena has given me some good advice over the years. It is true, that girls do seem to me pretty mean to each other when they are young. By the way, I would like it if you would continue to remind us about prayer time.

Prayers that things work out in your family, Lucy.


May 10, 2006 - Msg 37792: Morning Porch family, Hope all well this morning. Boo, I agree kids are mean to one another. My daugther will be 12 next week and is in Middle School. It has been my experience that girls at that age are verbally mean to one another. They say horrible things to each other, call names and often will gang up on one another. Middle school is a difficult transistion anyway but seems more so for girls. I think there are several things that play into that: hormones, physical development is a lot sooner than it used to be, peer pressure. Girls are often in competition to one another, think they have to have a boyfriend to be popular, and have to look a certain way. Hopefully, they mature and grow out of some of it but need a lot of support and guidance at times, some more so than others. My daugther has a strong sense of who she is so most of the time so things don't bother her as much but there are times when it does affect her. I try to talk to her as much as she will let me and I PRAY a lot!! Sorry for the long post.. but I can relate to some of what you are saying. Have a good day.. Big Maude

May 10, 2006 - Msg 37793: Well lets pray for all the kids!..hey Big Maude,Lucy,Ro sleep well,...hey Boo...Asa where are you?...good sewwp M-T...well I have to get ready for work myself...2 to 10 today..then off tomorrow...lunch will be grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup [light lunch]..pickels....h20 or kool-aid...will have supper menu in just a bit!....SPOT

May 10, 2006 - Msg 37794: HI ALL.




May 10, 2006 - Msg 37795: Me-They- How old is Nora?
Spot- Bryson's home from school today and he'd love a grilled cheese sandwich too, can he?
Boo- How are y'all fairin' w/those tornadoes all around ya?
Tom- It'll all be okay!
Millie- Check in when ya have a chance. Prayin'!
Bryson and I have to head to SuperTarget. Hubby said to go and get some delsym cough syrup. I can't go 2 minutes w/o coughing my head off. I'll check in later.
Blessings to you and yours,

May 10, 2006 - Msg 37796: good lunch time porch! me-they, you sure can sweep a porch awfuly pretty. do you do windows also? prayers for you mavis, focus on the little things and let the hard things go for in the scheme of things during our earthly journey they will pass and god will take care of it. enjoy the moment and boo is right on. boo- isn't it funny how the bullies , snobs and some star athelets in school end up as low paying folks? while often time the ones with disabilities or nerds end up so succesful? and the bullies have to ry working for them? big maude, i was always the rescurer in school, if someone was being picked on or some girl was having problems i was big brother. maybe that's why i liked the soldiers life. lucy- prayers you don't cough your head off, folks tend to stare at headless people... seriously prayers for you and ask bryson to save me a half dozen grilled cheese.prayers for asa, millie, and all in need. i'll read the archives when i get a chance. lol. buckeye

May 10, 2006 - Msg 37797: BUCKEYE: Windows? If I don't take my medicine, I'll clean just about anything.

LUCY: Nora will be six this June. Our son, Chad, will be three in August. Our baby is due in July. Summers will be full of birthday fun.

TOM: Nice poem. Your posts are always uplifting.

BOO: Thanks for your reponse. We often think of God giving us our children, but He gave you to Sean for good reason.

I have a question for y'all. What are feelings about Sabbath-keeping? I have been thinking alot about it lately. I have a friend who will not go to the store or restaurant on Sundays because he said, even though what he is doing may not be "work," he is contributing to the fact that those serving him have to. I usually try and not to shop, but often do go out to eat or run to teh store. What do you think?

Well, that's my thought-provoking theological question for the day.


"I've never seen half a boy."--Opie

May 10, 2006 - Msg 37798: Sure Bryson can eat with us Lucy!...plenty for all...half a dozen grilled cheese?..whew buckeye!...TOM thanks for the at work now...APB for chuck and Asa and quite sam,fg,ky girl,and a bunch more...well some storms are in Ala. moving into Ga ...batten-down the hatches...SPOT

May 10, 2006 - Msg 37799: Me-They...this is my thought...I have to work every other month on Sundays but I figure I serving the people by keeping lights on...ya know..try to watch a service up here at work..but no mowing grass and stuff like

May 10, 2006 - Msg 37800: I didn't mean to imply that certain occupations must necessarily work on Sundays. The Bible excuses "necessary" labor. I'd throw you in that category, along with healthcare workers, police, firefighters, etc., even ministers, if you think about it. It's just the less-than-necessary stuff I was talking about.


May 10, 2006 - Msg 37801: You are welcome, Me-They, thank you for that very kind comment. You have a way of encouraging people that is so heart-felt. I appreciate it more than you know.

Yes, Maude, I can remember all too well how girls were when I was growing up, merciless to anyone who was different. I was a chubby kid until about age 13 and boy, did I get bullied by some of them. And then there were always the poor flat-chested girls who had to face the humiliation of dressing out in the locker room for PE. Boy did they get humiliated. Girls can be very cruel to each other. Seems like the schools could be a little tougher on such things or at least be more aware of what is going on and do some teaching in this area. These days, if you bully the wrong kid(s) you can get shot (remember Columbine).

Me-They, I was just remembering that I used to avoid shopping on Sundays for just the reason you mentioned but over time, I forgot about it. It is something to think about. As a nurse, I worked alot of Sundays because someone has to take care of people in the hospital but alot of this working on Sunday morning is not neccessary (did I spell that right?). I remember when nearly everything was closed on Sunday. We had something called the Blue Law that made it against the law to do business on a Sunday. Those were good days, people didn't head straight out of church to go eat out, mama cooked lunch at home on Sunday. Speaking of eating out, I wanted to share this last week and forgot. I was at a Steak place when out of town and noticed that the 3 waitresses were waiting on tables, busing tables, and being cashier. When paying for the meal, I asked the waitress how she was and she started telling me about how hard she had been working and that she especially hated to work on Sunday because of the "church crowd". She said they tip very little or not at all, are demanding and sit and talk for hours so there is no turn-over. I have heard this same thing from several people I know who are waitresses. They dread waiting on the church crowd. I think this is a sad reflection on the church. Just wanted to pass it on...not that any of you would do such a thing, but just to encourage us all to be extra nice to our waitresses.

Better get on out of here....


May 10, 2006 - Msg 37802: To Lucy Matthews. Romeena brought up an important point about HTML programming. Each HTML function becomes active after you send a command to turn it on. Most HTML functions will remain active until you send a command to turn it off.
I would NOT recommend experimenting with HTML here on the front porch. Instead, you can download a free HTML editor such as AceHTML. Or you can create a text file using Notepad (that comes with Windows). Then all you have to do is edit your HTML in this file, then rename the extension of this file to .html to get it to display in your browser so you can see the effects of your programming.
Once you gain more confidence through practice, and after testing your coding offline, then you can post your effects on forums like this.
If you want more information, just let me know.


May 10, 2006 - Msg 37803: Well, Boo, I waited tables in nice restaurants for over ten years, and the observation your waitress made is true. That said, it is, of course, a generalization. I also waited on some "church going" folk who were quite generous. Nevertheless, most were pretty stingy.

I believe that it had less to do with intention that ignorance, though. It seemed like many of those going out on Sunday afternoon weren't the "typical" patron but those who only got out to a nice restaurant (they used to call them "fine dining") once in a blue moon or on a special ocassion. I'm sure some just didn't know what was the proper amount to tip and others may have been stretching their budget to eat there. I tried to believe that, anyway.

It's funny, there also was good holidays to work, and bad ones. Servers typically got great tips on New Year's Eve (the big payday of waiting tables) and Mother's Day. Everyone hated working on Easter and Thanksgiving because of the notoriously bad tips.

Some other cliches explored: Yes, in general, women tip worse than men. And that usually holds true whether waited on by a male or female, in case you're wondering. Women tend to tip better the older they get. I knew there used to be much coin-flipping to determine who would have to take parties of young women, as wierd as they might sound (especially since us guys were mostly in our early twenties and unmarried). Of course we all hated to wait on prom kids, too. Who tips best? Men on dates. Hands-down.

Some may not know that the federal minimum wage for servers is under $3.00 per hour! Most of that is eaten up by taxes. And, many also may not know that because the IRS figures that most servers cheat on their taxes, restaurants must report sales with 18% added. So, to avoid trouble, the servers must report 18% whether that is what they received or not. Also, most servers have to work long hours, especially at night, weekends and many holidays. I agree; always show your gratitude for satisfactory or better service.


May 10, 2006 - Msg 37804: Yer pretty as a rainbow, HORATIO!


May 10, 2006 - Msg 37805: poor horatio, wow i love your sign off . spot, be careful with those storms. MDC- WHERE IS YOU? supper on me-they. wonder what's cooking? buckeye

May 10, 2006 - Msg 37806:
Afternoon Folks,

M-T, I hope all works out well for your daughter. We have two daughters but we haven't run into that yet.

Millie-We'd love to hear from ya and have you stop by for a pop.

Speaking about first time jobs I was lucky enough to work as a chef at one of the worlds most famous Italian restaurants. Well, I could be taken liberties with the use of the word chef.

Big sports night here tonight. The Sabres play the Senators, Buffalo is up 2-Zip and then I get to watch Barry Bonds try and tie Ruth at 714.

HORATIO-OK, now you're just showing off. haha

I'll check and see if Asa is sitting on the back porch.


May 10, 2006 - Msg 37807: that's "taking liberties"

May 10, 2006 - Msg 37808: Afternoon Porch,

On the tipping thing, I had one church friend in particular who would never tip more than 10%. His logic was he gives 10% to the church in the form of tithes, so he shouldn't give a person more than he gives God. I tried to point out that 10% of a $3.00 bill is only .30 cents, but he didn't care. We tithe off ALL our income, so I think if we give a 20% tip on our dinner bill, God will not be insulted!

On the question of children being mean to one another...Girls are INFINITELY meaner than boys. It has been my experience, if boys get mad at each other they may hit each other, or shove each other, but usually they get over their grudge and resume normal behavior. Hitting and shoving should not be tolerated! Girls, however, will shun and ostracize a classmate and be merciless about it. I work in my son's school, and I see a couple different little girls who eat their lunch alone, and the more they try to be accepted by the other little girls, the more the girls resist them. The boys just eat their lunch and carry on.

For any child being picked on or rejected, I think the parents really need to encourage their child, and help them to understand how much confidence can help them. If a child is sure of him/herself, and doesn't react to taunts from other children, they will generally do better. It's very hard for them to ignore mean comments, though. I actually did some role-playing with my kids trying to teach them the best ways to respond in different situations. I also ALWAYS encouraged them to be ready to come to another classmates or friends aid.

Horatio, you're the most colorful porchster here!

Have a wonderful Mayberry Afternoon,
Mary Wiggins

May 10, 2006 - Msg 37809: Yeah, that's HORATIO is ept, all right.

Thanks for the advise, MARY.

Well, I'm outta here for today. Remember prayer time at 8:55 p.m. EST!


May 10, 2006 - Msg 37810: Geez, I better start proofreading...


May 10, 2006 - Msg 37811: Good advice, Mary W and very timely. Sean just got finished crying on my shoulder about this very thing. He has been under alot of stress at school due to his learning disability and then to top it off the kids are rejecting him. He told me they are calling him fat and won't allow him to sit with them or talk to them. I tried to tell him what others say doesn't matter like how we feel about ourselves. His response was really troubling. He says he thinks he is mean and looks bad. He said he doesn't think good thoughts about himself! Now what on earth do I do about that? Now I am really concerned by his feelings about himself. Lord help me know how to deal with this. I guess I should get him back into counseling. Sometimes it really feels like we are swimming up stream. I can't wait till school is out so he can take a break from it. Next year, he will be moving up into a different learning center with older kids. Right now he is older that the kids in his class and that is a problem. I am hoping things will get better and he will be more accepted next year.

Wow, that 18% thing just doesn't sound fair at all, MDC. Makes me want to tip even more.


May 10, 2006 - Msg 37812: Good advice, Mary W and very timely. Sean just got finished crying on my shoulder about this very thing. He has been under alot of stress at school due to his learning disability and then to top it off the kids are rejecting him. He told me they are calling him fat and won't allow him to sit with them or talk to them. I tried to tell him what others say doesn't matter like how we feel about ourselves. His response was really troubling. He says he thinks he is mean and looks bad. He said he doesn't think good thoughts about himself! Now what on earth do I do about that? Now I am really concerned by his feelings about himself. Lord help me know how to deal with this. I guess I should get him back into counseling. Sometimes it really feels like we are swimming up stream. I can't wait till school is out so he can take a break from it. Next year, he will be moving up into a different learning center with older kids. Right now he is older that the kids in his class and that is a problem. I am hoping things will get better and he will be more accepted next year.

Wow, that 18% thing just doesn't sound fair at all, MDC. Makes me want to tip even more.


May 10, 2006 - Msg 37813: oops, sorry...having some little computer problems here.


May 10, 2006 - Msg 37814: Hey to the Porch Gang, Just leaving work after another long day and heading home. Looking forward to supper. We are supposed to have storms here later tonight. I agree with you Mary Wiggins, you are right on track with your advice. hopefully, will see you all later tonight. SPOT, keep those lights on. I'd hate for us to lose power and you not be able to cook for us. :) I appreciate you all. Big Maude

May 10, 2006 - Msg 37815: Bought some wife points today - the hubby gets a new tractor for mother's day!


May 10, 2006 - Msg 37816: My goodness - weighty problems here today. Poor little kids! Why are some kids so mean to others? It just breaks my heart. Having raised two boys and two girls, I think I'm qualified to agree that girls are much meaner to each other than boys. Two little girls will get along fine. Put a third one in the mix, and someone is going to be shut out and picked on. It's hateful.
Girls go through a phase where they will only have one friend at a time, they seem to have no idea that they can be friends with lots of other girls at once. I think that's what has happened to Nora. Me-They, my advice would be to plan a little outing - a picnic, a good movie, Chuck E. Cheese (yes, you can) or something that would appeal to girls that age. Let Nora choose one child (not the one who is being mean to her right now) and invite them along. Make it a fun day. Buy balloons. Let them eat candy. Stop for ice cream, whatever, but make it fun. Then step back and watch what happens over the next few days. Instruct Nora on how to respond if the mean girl mentions it. Tell her to say "We were going to ask you, too (not "instead"), but I didn't think you liked me anymore and wouldn't want to go." Buying a friend? Nope. Making a point.

Please don't stop reminding us of prayer time. I think it's a simply wonderful idea. In the event we have some porchsters who aren't pray-ers, no problem. Positive thoughts are always welcome.

I think stingy tipping is deplorable. My son waited tables while in school, and trust me, you don't want to antagonize the wait staff (they do remember you) and you do want to reward them for the hard, thankless job they do. Personally, I shoot for 20%, and if the service was exceptional, I'll add a dollar or two. Doesn't cost me much, but if everyone would do that, it might make the kid's car payment.

Well, I'm off to eat some good Mexican food with a good friend. I'll tip generously, I promise. Sugarplum says 10-4. --Romeena

May 10, 2006 - Msg 37817:
Boo, the 18% thing wasnt by me, but that's ok, I understand the Sean situation has you quite concerned. I sure hope the change in environment will help. If i could say one more thing about that Dr Phil show, I hear what you say, but that lady was cussing out her 4 year old just because he was trying to help dress the younger child.
I couldnt believe that word she used. It was at that point that i wanted to reach right thru the TV and do the "pick on somebody your own size" thing!
Have you broken $100 yet on a fillup? ha
MeThey-That episode of the new kid in town may hepl a bit. it's the one where he breaks the streetlight etc, and all Opie's friends follow him for a while. Yes, it is a "boys" theme, and as severel have said, we're as different as can be, but it may be some help. Maybe someone's kid here could become an email friend with her, like with Sean? Just some thoughts. will pray for all tonight.
TOM- prayers for you too buddy!
Mavis, what you said reminded me of the preacher who bought a nice car and the congregation got all upset, like they were paying him too much! ha To them he should have said "I'm taking Sundays off from now on! haha Hang in there, prayers for you.
Poor Horatio- with such a fancy name, you may have to drop the "poor"! ha
Man, I never thought to check the BACK porch!
Actually, I try not to shop or go out to eat on Sundays. Ever since department stores started opening from "12 to 5" (which soon became 9 to 9)
I have really tried to become more aware of no working etc on that day, unless really necessary.
AuH20- you could give spot some cooking pointers! ha
BUCKeye- my answer to you got stuck in the last archive, sorry.
God bless,
MSMDC (haha, get it?)

May 10, 2006 - Msg 37818:
Wow HM, you sure know the way to a man's heart!

May 10, 2006 - Msg 37819:
MDC-That world famous restaurant I worked for was Pizza Hut. I'd rather have Spots grub.


May 10, 2006 - Msg 37820: LUCY.. that was Donna Fargo the country singer ,she was also from Mt. Airy N.C. Hope everyone has a great evening

May 10, 2006 - Msg 37821: After reading the comments about working on Sundays, I'm feeling guilty. I was employed in a 24/7 kind of business that is pure information and entertainment. It's not necessary like healthcare or law enforcement. I even volunteered to work steady weekends. I guess there's not much hope for me.

Poor Horatio

May 10, 2006 - Msg 37822: Just stopping by to say good night to my friends.
Going to bed, supposed to have a busy day tomorrow. I so tired I think I could sleep on the ironing board between 2 chairs. Mavis, do not let those people get to you. They have not walked in your shoes and do not have a clue what you are going through emotionally. Just hang in there and keep moving forward. Hope Millie is okay today. See you in the morning. Big Maude

May 10, 2006 - Msg 37823: Hey everyone!

Lucy I'm shocked and dismeayed at GG! I'm angry with Lorelai! Luke is who she needs to be with. Geez... It's going to be a long summer...

To the rest of the Porch... Every once in a while I say something profound... But it takes a great deal of brain power so yuesterday's wisdom drained me.... ;)

And yes I do like to be colorful! But Horatio has me beat!

BTW Mama's scans showed that the cnacer has not spread to her organs so that is wonderful! She will have to have surgery again to remove the rest of it in the next two weeks so please continue to remember her :) Thanks for the prayers and for having the faith that God would heal when I my faith was running thin! You guys showed me how its done once again :)

Dixie :):)

May 10, 2006 - Msg 37824: Sunday is one day I WON'T work, the only time I ever have is when I had a job at a factory & had to. Now that I own my own business, I can make my own hours & Sun is a day of rest. My Grandmother & Grandfather taught us that when we were little & it has stayed with me. Trust me I have had lots of folks want me to come over on Sun to groom thier dogs, but I'm not going to. Even had one want me to come over on Christmas last year! If I could work with JUST the animals & by pass some of the owners, I would be really happy. Sorry I can't help with the kid's situations, I only have Jake, & if I do say so myself, he is a pretty good kid, alot like buckeye described himself, the rescuer of the bunch. As for that crazy couple that was giving me a hard time about my vehicles & all my money (yeah right, wish I knew where all that money was) it really was an exercise in self control to stay there & groom that dog, but I need the money, got so many bills to pay. But on another hopefully better note, things may be working out with the estate, don't want to say much & jinx it (don't have any red heads around here to rub) but ya'll keep good thoughts & prayers for me that they will work out & I can get my life back. Spot did you turn the heat off when you left work? It's cold here.
Best get to bed, got an early day tomorrow.
Night porch

May 10, 2006 - Msg 37825: Hi everybody!i hope i still have arocker here,I'm having computer problems again,and,I don't get online much!So good to see everybody!I have missed catching up with you all on a daily basis.Summer,er,i should just say we have warm weather now,and,a new trampoline,and,i have found out fast I won't be winning any awards for jumping on or doing tricks on the trampoline anytime soon!i can't even stand up on it for long!but the kids are loving it,so,thats what counts.Boy,I've missed spots cooking,got any midnight snacks spot?talk to you all soon,got to get the kids to bed-ky girl

May 10, 2006 - Msg 37826:
Hello to all my porch family.
Hope you all had a great day!

Mavis...some folks you just have to look over. But I agree with others that maybe you should tell them to find someone else to service them.

Boo...A great BIG AMEN to the comment on restaurants. I know serveral ladies that wait tables and they have said the same thing as you. They even said that some will leave a tract for the tip. (great witness?...right)

M-T...That's a tough age and there is no magic answer. Just let her know that no matter what anyone says, she is important and special.

Homemaker...WOW...wish you would give some tips to my wife. haha

Spot...good job keeping those lights on. See ya at breakfast.

Praying for you all. Have a Jesus filled night!

May 10, 2006 - Msg 37827:
ky girl...Posted at same time.Good to see ya back.

Also, Dixie...praise God for the great report!

May 10, 2006 - Msg 37828: night porch

May 10, 2006 - Msg 37829: Hey, ky girl, it's good to see you. You've been missed, glad you could make it by the porch tonight.

Rev, can you imagine that someone would actually leave a tract for a tip? Now, a tract WITH a generous tip would be just fine, but I know someone who just leaves tracts, and he very smugly says he's leaving the best "tip" of all. Somehow, I doubt the wait person sees it that way. We have to be so careful, to be sure we present a positive image to the world.

Well, I'm off to watch a little TV, play with the Plum, then to bed. Yep, that's the plan, a little TV, play with the Plum, then to bed. Yep, that's what I'll do, watch a little TV....

Sugarplum says 10-4. --Romeena

May 10, 2006 - Msg 37830: Ok, you'll have to forgive my Catholic upbringing, but what is a "tract"? I've never heard of it.

Glad to hear about your Mama, Dixie! That's Great news!

Night everyone!
-Sterling Holobyte

May 10, 2006 - Msg 37831: Yep, who better to honor than someone who serves? Put a crowbar in your wallet and leave those waiters/waitresses a big tip! heehee

Good to hear from you, KY Girl. We have missed you alot. Hope you solve your computer problems.

Wow, so glad to hear the good news about your mom, DIXIE!! Thank God.

MAVIS, prayers that everything works out with the estate. You deserve to have that over and done with.

There is hope for you yet, Horatio!

MDC, I know exactly what you mean. I really couldn't believe the way that mom was talking to those poor kids. Just plain meanness. Lord help those kids.

Well, better sign off before I fall asleep on the laptop. Goodnight!


May 10, 2006 - Msg 37832: Sterling, a tract is one of those little leaflets that explain the gospel. Folks give them out or leave them around hoping someone will read them and come to the Lord. Make sense?


May 10, 2006 - Msg 37833: Storms in Ga...Big Maudee me now ya ....still at aork ....gosh goy to go SPOT

May 11, 2006 - Msg 37834: Boo, I'm so sad to hear about how your son is being ostracized by his fellow classmates. Peers can be cruel if they perceive someone (the victim) to be "different" than the norm. The victim then develops low self-esteem which ultimately affects their performance. Please don't hope things will change for the better. Please consider taking some kind of action. The only alternative I can come up with is to seek peers and teachers who are more understanding. Please investigate the possibility of placing your child in a special education type setting before the damage is becomes too severe. He needs a comfortable place conducive to learning.

And Boo, thanks for that explanation about what a tract is. And thanks to Sterling Holobyte for asking. I never heard of that word either.

from Poor Horatio

May 11, 2006 - Msg 37835: Thank you Horatio, your advice is very sound and caring. I assure you we will take alot of time this summer praying and looking into the best solution for Sean. Bruce and I also decided to take him back the counselor he used to see for over a year. He has been asking to see her and I know she did alot to boost his self-esteem. She warned us years ago about the potential for low self-esteem with the problems Sean has. I do know that I am going to be doing work with him through the summer to try to catch him up and to see exactly where his problems are and what can be done for him. His Dad is coming up with some things they can do together this summer to find some things Sean is good at to help boost his self esteem and we are walking and working on the dietary changes. We will start trying to wean him off the Paxil in 2 weeks....hope and pray we can.

Well guess what? IT RAINED!! Finally. Got a pretty good storm and some rain last night. There was an article in the paper yesterday about how South Texas cattle ranchers are going broke and trying to sell off their hungry/thirsty cattle. Very sad. I'm telling you, between the drought, heat, gas prices and skinny cows, we are starting to feel like the Hebrew children in Egypt down here!

Well, gotta get Sean off to school,


May 11, 2006 - Msg 37836: Good Morning to you all, It is a rainy Thursday morning, supposed to rain for the next several days. Work continues to be busy but hopefully I can rest this week end. Kids are winding down another school year, last day is May 24th. I will be glad for them to have a break and me too. What is for lunch today SPOT??Dixie, glad your Mom got a good report.Thoughts and prayers wil continue. Have a good day. Big Maude

May 11, 2006 - Msg 37837: Good morning, all. Dixie, good news about your mom. God is good. Boo, thanks for explaining what a tract is. We Baptists and many other "evangelicals" do have a tendency to toss around terms that are familiar to us but not to others. We need to be more careful.

Beautiful here today. Golden sunshine, breezy but not too much so, and we've had a spot of rain. Not a lot, but still refreshing. My landscaper friend is supposed to come tomorrow - we're going to rip out a bed of vinca and peppermint that has just gone completely nuts. Big boulders and even a birdbath have been obliterated, with the aggressive, invasive stuff just climbing everywhere. We're going to pull that out and clear the bed, and I have about 40 irises ordered that will be planted when they arrive in late July. Some people don't see the beauty in iris foliage, but I like it, and the blooms, though infrequent, are spectacular. I've chosen cultivars that bloom over a period of time, some very early bloomers, and ranging into late bloomers. So should have flowers over about a three-month period in the spring. The rest of the year, I may spot little annuals around in there, like petunias. They'll be pretty against the spiky iris foliage.
By the way, folks, have you tried the Wave petunias? I planted several last year, they didn't do well, and I was disappointed. I planted six, and four outright died. I thought the other two did as well, but you should see them. Early this spring little green leaves appeared around the base of the "dead" plants. I cut the dry, dead growth off, and those little leaves spread like wildfire. One of the plants now covers at least a square yard in my rose bed, spreading around the roses' feet, just a blanket of bright pink flowers. Beautiful! So, go with the Wave, folks. You'll lose some, but those that make it will astonish you. I'm going to get some more.

Well, gotta run. My friend and I are going to make a day of it - we both have smiliar errands to run and will take just one car, thereby saving gasoline. At still around $3, that's worth doing.

Sugarplum says 10-4. --Romeena

May 11, 2006 - Msg 37838: Gas was 2.79 this morning. Ro - I love irises!! Mine have just begun to bloom. When I was little, my mom had what she called Japanese irises - very small and delicate. Those are my favorites. I have a few irises now but hope to have more at the new place. I can't wait until I get to landscape next summer! Lord willing - keep praying for the loan for my new place.


May 11, 2006 - Msg 37839: Good Morning.

Everyone doing well? I know we are!


May 11, 2006 - Msg 37840:
Morning, Poor Horatio, Boo, Big Maude, Romeena, Dixie, and everyone else.

Sabres are up 3-Zip.
Millie-Would love to hear ya say hey there.

See ya all later,

May 11, 2006 - Msg 37841:
A good morning to you to Homemaker.


May 11, 2006 - Msg 37842: Good morning everyone!

ROMEENA: Thanks for your advice. The Mrs. just planned a playdate for next week with another girl. And, she invited another one to attend VBS with our daughter. Nora's birthday is in June, so soon we'll start thinking about the invite list I suppose.

About the tract in lieu of a tip, that happened to me more times than I care to remember. I often wondered how those people would have felt if they got a tract in their payroll envelope. It may be a most wonderful tip, but unfortunately they don't take them at the power company (can you look into that, SPOT?).

Glad to hear things are looking up, DIXIE.

HORATIO: About working on tha sabbath, I, myself, am employed doing something other than what might be considered "essential." For years I worked one Sunday a month. There were several of us on staff who each took one. No one liked it at all, but we did it. But there was one staff person who refused to work Sundays for religious reasons. While I certainly respected the sentiment (and our boss did, too), the bottom line was that we were going to be open and the rest of us just had to work more often. If I had done the same, my coworkers would have had to pick up my day as well. So, I reasoned that by taking such a stand I would have turned people off--I know how they felt about picking up that slack.

BOO: Sean (and the rest of your family) is continually in my prayers. Such good advice has been given by our fellow porchsters.

Thanks for all who prayed last evening. And to build on what ROMEENA said, I certainly don't want our discussion of the prayer time to be off-putting to anyone who might not be inclined to join in. No pressure.



May 11, 2006 - Msg 37843: Hey Y'all! Today is a long awaited and happy day in the Possum family- my daughter (Laci's mom) graduates college tonight!
She started taking courses a week before Laci had open heart surgery with the intent of going into nursing. She decided along the way that she wanted to work with pediatric heart patients. So tonight she gets her degree in cardiac technology! Plus, she stands a VERY good chance of working at MUSC with the same doctors who treated Laci! She had a good interview yesterday and they are talking to Human Resources about salary and will let her know in a few days. Y'all keep your fingers crossed!
I think this is such a great testimony-after going through all of that with Laci,to want to give back and help other children. I am one proud possum!
Please be with us in spirit tonight at 7pm EST as Laci and I watch her mama graduate! I'll take pics so Ro can post them on her site.
Speaking of mamas,that is very uplifting news about your mom,Dixie! I'll keep praying for a good outcome.
Well,lots to do around the rock today,so I'd better skeedaddle. Have a great day-love to all!
possum under a rock

May 11, 2006 - Msg 37844: good morning porch. just passing thru. why are kids so mean to each other? it started back in the 1970's saying kids had to be talked to like and adult reguardless of age. had to ask how they felt on everything. and it evolved into kids saying they are verbaly abused can get parents in trouble. the government as a role model? no child left behind. soap box implosion. tom, thanks for another great poem, they sure lift our spirits. dark and troublesome days we experience now and then but stay focused on god and your spiritual gift for writting. prayers for all of the porch rockers. rock on... buckeye

May 11, 2006 - Msg 37845: Well, I'll be dogged. I didn't even know we had a back porch. Funny what you don't know...
As for working on Sundays, that's when I do my laundary and housework and yardwork and pay my bills... I tend to do my loafing on Saturdays, 'cause I'm pooped from working all week.
I hope the people that left the tracts for a tip at least left 2 for Olive. (She's a widow with four children).
- Hazel

May 11, 2006 - Msg 37846: Well, I'mm heading out for the day, and I'm off tomorrow, so I will talk to all you good people again on Monday.

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the moms on the porch! Not a Joan Crawford in the bunch of you!

Remember, PRAYER TIME each night at 8:55 p.m. EST.


May 11, 2006 - Msg 37847: SPOT: Could you stick my supper in the fridge for me? That is, if it's working. Did you call the man?


May 11, 2006 - Msg 37848: Hello, friends, sorry I haven't been able to stop by.....sooooo busy. Getting all the red tape squared away for the closing on MY restaurant(feels good to say that). On the topic of restaurants and tipping, waitpersons are taxed on tips based on their sales. So if I sell $100.00 in food, I get taxed on about $10.00 in tips. My hourly pay, which was $2.15 an hour, is usually all eaten up in taxes, so all my paychecks were for $00.00. Consequently, if someone 'stiffs' me,(no tip) I have to pay a tax on what I didn't make.....I have to pay to wait on you.....Did y'all get that? Taxes on tips are based on sales, like a commission. So, unless there's really bad service,(and then you should tell a manager) you should always tip 10 to 15% at least...if you don't like to tip, don't go to full service restaurants!

May 11, 2006 - Msg 37849: Hey to the porch.
Congrtas Possum on your Daughters accomplishments. That is great.
Hazel, good to see you.
Between being busy and being sick I ain't been here much. Don't know why I wait till summer to get a cold. Nasty old stuff.
Gotta go read a lot of archives and see whats got everyone's jaws going.:)


May 11, 2006 - Msg 37850:
Hazel, you are a bird in this world!
Anyone have Sonic in your area? I hear that Spot is buying tonight, so run to your nearest one and order away! ha i think some of their commercials are pretty funny, especially, the ones with the man and woman!
KY GIRL! Good to see you, was so worried about ya, hun. Glad all is ok with you and yours.
Possum- Congrats to your daughter! (and to all porchster graduates!) I bet you ARE one proud mama
AUh20--I TOO worked in a Pizza hut in college days! Back when thin and crispy, hot ham sandwiches and spaghetti were the entire menu! ha
QUOTE-A-THON revivial:
Sarge: Bass (as in Ernest T), shut your mouth and open it! (at buckeye's recruiting station!)Wouldnt ya love to see buckeye as ernest T's DI! ha

Another ep:
Andy: Mr harmond, waht ya doing with your hands?
Mr Harmond: Well, my hands serve as the viewfinder.
Andy: Well, I'll be dogged, I had one all the time and just didnt know it!

Later, about floyd practicing on cats...
Andy: Ya dont have to tip him, just arch your back and purr.

OK, let's here some more...God bless

May 11, 2006 - Msg 37851: Millie, once I considered opening a restaurant. But after doing some research, I changed my mind. I'm interested in learning more about yours. What kind of restaurant is it? Menus? Buffet? Have you ever worked in a restaurant before? Are you a sole owner or do you have partners? What kind of food will your serve?

from Poor Horatio

May 11, 2006 - Msg 37852: Horatio, thanks for asking. It is a very risky business to start-up......90% fail the first year or so. However, this is a rare opportunity. I worked in the business 25 years in various capacities, and most recently I managed this place...It's called Bogart's, and it's been a succcessful restaurant here in Richmond for many years. The owner, a Greek guy with whom I always had a great working relationship, decided to open a new place, completely different, and didn't want to sell Bogart's to Joe Blow off the street. Also, my brother has been running the kitchen for about ten years, and the Greek guy wanted it to remain a 'family business' so he offered to sell it to me, without putting it on the market. So, I have an SBA loan to get going, but the place has been a money maker for years, so it's not risky like a start-up. It also practically runs itself, and I have lots of experience running it when the owner used to go to Greece every few months. I'm so excited about it! As you can tell by the name, (Bogart's) all the dishes are named after characters from old movies, and it's decorated like Casablanca, and with lots of old movie stills and posters. The menu is very diverse, from sandwiches and burgers to steaks and seafood and pasta. It's a quaint little neighborhood place, mostly regulars, very friendly. Just the kind of place I've always wanted.
So, Poor Horatio, what do you think? Anyone else? Am I nuts?

May 11, 2006 - Msg 37853: Sorry, meant to sign that....

May 11, 2006 - Msg 37854: Heck no, your not nuts Millie. It sounds like an adeal situation for you. And it even sounds like you got the magazines to swing it! LOL I hope it works out for you. Your description of it sure makes it sound like a place I would go to. Let us know how things go with it. You might even make old man Morreli lower his prices. Wouldn't that be something?


May 11, 2006 - Msg 37855: Thanks, Asa. Y'all are all invited for a big feast on June 1st to celebrate. Sorry, no pounded steak ala Morelli, and no blue plate special....but I'll come up with a Mayberry dish just for y'all.

May 11, 2006 - Msg 37856: and speaking of Mayberry dishes (besides myself) does anyone else have any of the Mayberry cookbooks? I have one of Aunt Bee's from the cast and others....I love it.

May 11, 2006 - Msg 37857: Hey Millie how exciting!! Another woman owned business in VA! I say go for it! And yes, I have Aunt Bee's Cookbook, has a ton of recipes in it, good ones too! Is Bogart's near the Showplace on Mechanicville Turnpike? I will be there the weekend of June 23rd to the 25th for dog shows & would love to come eat there & meet you! possum congrats to the graduate! That is exciting too. Lots going on tonight here on the porch! Good stuff too, I like that.
Glad to see Asa is feeling better too.
Gonna get some stuff done here & hit the hay early.

May 11, 2006 - Msg 37858: Hey, Mavis, what dog show are you going to at The Showplace? It's not exactly near here, kinda on another side of town...I'm in the West End and it's kind of on the Northside, but it's only about 20 minutes away......Maybe I can come and get you over there......would love to meet you!

May 11, 2006 - Msg 37859: Hey, great news about your daughter, Possum. That's awesome! You are right to be very proud of her. She sounds like a "giver" and not a "taker".

MDC, I like those Sonic commercials, too. Remember: Man:"So what does that say about you?" Woman: "That I'm an adult." haha I love that one. We have a Sonic right down the street and I love to get their sweet tea with extra ice.

Hey Millie, that restraunt sounds perfect! I don't see how you could lose on that deal. I don't have any of Aunt Bee's cookbooks...I'll have to look into that.

Glad you are up and about ASA. We missed you.

Well, I started my exercise program with Sean today. I walked, he rode his rollerblades. It was nice because it isn't real hot today (only up to 90 for a high) and the humidity was low for a change.

Today has been very stressful but I am hoping for a calmer one tomorrow!


May 11, 2006 - Msg 37860: hey again everybody,I was reading the posts about mean kids.I can relate to that,my daughter had 2 or 3 kids that were bullying her,and,the school took care of it,but,they still sneak and say mean things to her.It definitley works on her self esteem.let's keep them all in our prayers. gotta close for now,prayers for everyone-ky girl

May 11, 2006 - Msg 37861: boo,my daughter is a little overweight also,so,we started watching what she is eating also,and,I can tell you that trampoline is great for workouts!She has already dropped a few pounds since we got it,from trying to do tricks and flips,etc.Take careya'll-ky girl

May 11, 2006 - Msg 37862: My goodness, Mavis, I'm so jealous! You're getting to go to a dog show, and best of all you get to meet Millie and see her restaurant, all at the same time. Wish I could go too! Millie, I think you would have been nutty NOT to take a deal like that! It's not like you're starting from scratch - you're just switching hats!

Possum, congratulations on your daughter's achievement. Tell her the porch says hey, and give that precious little Laci a big hug for Auntie Romeena.

Asa, I'm sorry you've got such a miserable cold. Don't you just hate when that happens? Hope you're feeling better soon. OK, I just have to say it - put some VICKS

May 11, 2006 - Msg 37863:
Hello porch family. Good to see you folks. Sure feels good out here on the porch tonight. Just listen to the birds..don't they sound great!

Ro & M-T....that is so true! I tell folks that we (Christians) are witnesses (good or bad) by our actions.

Possum...congrats to your daughter. I know you are so proud!

M-T...great prayer time tonight!

Millie...I'm so excited for you.

Prayers for you all!

May 11, 2006 - Msg 37864: Uh, what happened? Suddenly what I was typing just posted itself. I think the Count is around here somewhere. I hope he doesn't spill any of that flash powder on my white carpet. Well, anyway, to continue....

Put some VICKS on your chest! There, I said it and I ain't takin' it back.

Sugarplum says 10-4. --Romeena

May 11, 2006 - Msg 37865: IVEHEARDJUSTABOUTENOUGHABOUTTHATVICKS!!! Hope all is well for everyone on the porch. Kyle celebrated his sixteenth birthday on the 9th. I would appreciate you still keeping me in your prayers. Things are better...just hard not to second guess myself about decisions.

Prayers for all who need them.
fun girl

May 11, 2006 - Msg 37866: I'm glad you said it, Ro. My crazy laptop is always sending my emails while I am tying them, drives me nuts!

KY Girl, funny that Sean just asked me for a trampoline yesterday. Maybe we will consider it...

MDC, wanted to tell you that I bought some Melatonin to try and I took one last night. It made me sleepy alright, but I was tired all day! Does is do that to you? Maybe I need to start with a half-dose or something. Also I had alot of vivid dreams.

Anyone have any interesting plans for Mother's Day on Sunday? I went out today and bought a couple of really pretty picture frames that sit on a table top and I am going to put a picture of the kids in it to give to my mom and mom-in-law. The other day I took the kids to one of those places where you paint your own pottery to make a plate with their handprints on it. I thought this would be a nice mother's day gift to myself but for some crazy reason, I chose to put the handprints in red and after the plate was fired and glazed, they looked like bloody handprints! Horrible. It cost me 24.00 and I will probably throw it away and make another one (this time with blue handprints!). Just thought I would pass that on in case any of you mom's decides to make a plate with handprints on it...don't choose red!

Think I'll try to turn in early tonight. I am really tired. Big day tomorrow, too.

I've been thinking alot about the big porch in the sky,
And the day when all my friends and I,
Will sit on God's front porch forever,
and talk about God's perfect weather! heehee


May 11, 2006 - Msg 37867: VICKS!! Boy, that felt good!

May 11, 2006 - Msg 37868: Nice poetry Boo. Yer gifted. Thanks for the welcome back. I'll do the Vicks but this has turned into nasty bronchitis. Someone at work told me about Grapefruit seed extract that you get at a health food store. They said about 10 drops mixed in a drink will cure me. Anyone heard of that? Hazel? Lucy? Romenna? I'm about to throw my back out from hacking away so hard. I already pulled someting in my rib cage. HELP!


May 11, 2006 - Msg 37869: I don't think you are nuts, Millie! In fact, your restaurant sounds like the kind I like to eat at!

Well folks, better get to bed. Wife took the day off tomorrow and we are going down to look for houses with a realtor down there. Already have seen a couple of nice ones we really like.
The realtor up here is putting our house on the market today(or probably tomorrow), so hopefully it will go quickly.

Congrats to your daughter, Possum!

-Sterling Holobyte

May 11, 2006 - Msg 37870: Millie, between your extensive personal restaurant experience and your family involvement, the chances of you succeeding in that business are very good. Even the previous owner believes you are a good risk because he sold it to you privately. I would never consider you nuts since you obviously seem prepared for such a venture. Congratulations.
If I ever pass through your neighborhood, I will definitely stop in. Is June 1st opening day?

And congratulations to possum on having your daughter graduate and join the ranks of the healthcare field. You have to be a very proud mother knowing that your offspring is out their helping others.

To ky girl, sorry to hear about your daughter's troubles in school with some of her classmates. Please monitor it carefully and take action if it worsens.

To Boo, as for Mother's Day, I suspect most mothers will be rewarded in some fashion. But let's not forget the mothers who are no longer with us. Visit a grave site, say a prayer, or view old photos to reminisce. Just please don't forget them. Rest in peace to my own Mom.

from Poor Horatio

May 12, 2006 - Msg 37871: Good evening, all. Boo, may I make a suggestion regarding those handprint plates? They are a cute idea, but you're right - the wrong color choice can make them look awful. The best I've seen are the ones where the hand print is left white, and the color is on the plate itself, and should be something fairly soft - not too bright or vivid. The whole effect should be sweet, not startling. Just an idea...

Asa, I think you've got the same cold virus I had a couple of months ago. Started out with a very sore throat, then a LOT of chest congestion, a productive cough that finally morphed into a non-productive, persistent, very annoying cough. You can't laugh without going into a coughing fit, right? Trust me, you'll have the cough for at least four to six weeks. Mine still hits if I really get started laughing at something. Most annoying. I found that a dose of Robitussin at least let me get to sleep.

I'm sitting here at my window, trying to catch the culprit that's stealing my fish from the pond. I'm still upset about losing my biggest and prettiest fish, all seven orange and white inches of him, and now I think one of the little fish is missing as well. They're so active, they're hard to count, but I only counted eleven today and there should be twelve. I think it's a raccoon, fishing from the little bridge which is only about six inches above the water. If I spot him out there, I'll send him packing, that's for sure.

Well, back to my spying, have binoculars and night vision scope and a lot of patience. Sugarplum says 10-4. --Romeena