June 19, 2006 - Msg 39962: Hey gang..got to read the post but took a bresk...been presure washing the Jet Ski"s for next weeks trip...hey Mil and warren..im at home tonight....chilling.........SPOT

June 19, 2006 - Msg 39963: He, Spot. Glad you have the night off. Sit and rock awhile.
"You know what I think I'll do?"

June 19, 2006 - Msg 39964: Nice "sweep," Spot. -- Floyd

June 19, 2006 - Msg 39965: thats 'hey'....

June 19, 2006 - Msg 39966: Howdy All. If you start a chapter, and get new members, do you have to send TASGSRWC in Nasville a letter??? Barnwannabe.

June 19, 2006 - Msg 39967: Speaking of The Andy Griffith Show, I orderd Mayberry Memorie's and should be here sometime this week. Is it a good one?

Floyd just sent you an email. Tell me if you got it!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

June 19, 2006 - Msg 39968: Hey Barnwannabe,

No....We/TAGSRWC just needs to be able to keep up with the chapter leaders. The members aren't something that's kept up with.

You may want to encourage them to sign up for The eBullet so they can stay up-to-date on Mayberry stuff.


June 19, 2006 - Msg 39969: Warren...I haven't gotten it yet. --Floyd

June 19, 2006 - Msg 39970: Got it, Warren. Thanks....--Floyd

June 19, 2006 - Msg 39971: I hope I got the email address right!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

June 19, 2006 - Msg 39972: oops didn't see that their Floyd! Cool you got it!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

June 19, 2006 - Msg 39973: You guys realize we're right at 40,000 messages since the Porch was re-born here on TAGSRWC.com back in May 2001? That's a lot of talking.


June 19, 2006 - Msg 39974: We should have a party!

June 19, 2006 - Msg 39975: But don't let Mrs. Foster bring her meatballs....

June 19, 2006 - Msg 39976: or is that chicken ala king.....

June 19, 2006 - Msg 39977: I'm just hoping there's no chick-al-king...it taste like wallpaper paste. --Floyd

June 19, 2006 - Msg 39978: I can't even spell CHICKEN-ALA-KING because I'm trying to type it in before you!!! I didn't make it!!!--Floyd

June 19, 2006 - Msg 39979: I need to head out folks. Y'all have a great evening. -- Floyd

June 19, 2006 - Msg 39980: LOLOLOLOLOL!

June 19, 2006 - Msg 39981: 'Night, Floyd!

June 19, 2006 - Msg 39982: I just got this in the e-mail. It's about The Taylor Home Inn.
If you’re up (and if you’re not, good for you!) and at the computer tomorrow morning (Tuesday) at 6:55 or just before, go to: http://www.wiba.com/main.html and on the left side, click on “On Air” and then click on “Listen Live” and you might hear me (and maybe Dave) in a live on-air interview about our house.

I thought y'all might want to know about that.


June 19, 2006 - Msg 39983: Night folks. -- Floyd

June 19, 2006 - Msg 39984: Night Floyd. I'll call Aunt Bee and tell her to make some pickles for our party!!!LOL!!!

I will tell all of my members to sign up for the e-bullet, I alreadt have, 2 months ago, and I still haven't gotten it yet. When will I get it??? Barnwannabe

June 19, 2006 - Msg 39985: Chick-ala-king for me SPOT

June 19, 2006 - Msg 39986: Just reminding you all that I need poster help for the vet. science poster. See the archives for more details -
When Spot was cleaning the jet skis - he cleaned the porch too!

June 19, 2006 - Msg 39987: Mey Mil and all.......I sweep 2 times ! SPOT

June 19, 2006 - Msg 39988: boy it"s neat ....2 times in one week to sweep!...SPOT

June 19, 2006 - Msg 39989: whole lotta sweepin' goin' on.....

June 19, 2006 - Msg 39990: Hey, homemaker! Let's see, a poster about the nutritional cycle of goats? How about a play on how people say goats'll eat anything....

June 19, 2006 - Msg 39991: ....and then show the whole cycle of where some ridiculous item goes after the goat eats it.....

June 19, 2006 - Msg 39992: Like the old humurous poem "Bill Grogan's Goat"

June 19, 2006 - Msg 39993: http://www.kididdles.com/mouseum/b007.html ---if you don't know the poem, here it is...

June 19, 2006 - Msg 39994: Great sweep Floyd !...night Mil and all break on Floyd!!!at Waffle House!SPOT

June 19, 2006 - Msg 39995: thats breakfast on Flotd!...me SPOT

June 19, 2006 - Msg 39996: I just wanted to say 'Nite to everyone. Barnwanabee, I honestly do not know any John Conlee songs off the top of my head, but I do love country music and I know he's in that genre.
Lets all keep in mind that Warren is young. Granted, I'm in my 20s, as is Dixie, but as females we may keep our cool better. Warren, just think before you speak (write). Little by little you're getting under, well at least my, skin. You can't control what other people do as we can't control your outbursts. If we all want to talk about other things in our lives than TAGS, then so be it. You'll notice Spot doesn't usually respond to our other conversations except for friendly pleasantries, nor does he talk continuously about TAGS. Its all a matter of opinion. We are all quite aware of your opinions. But, if you're wanting respect then you need to respect us. Okay, that's off my chest. See y'all in the mornin'!
~Lucy Matthews

June 19, 2006 - Msg 39997: Hey Miss HM...

June 19, 2006 - Msg 39998: Lucy My Friend I "Love tags"...and im here for all talks?????dont understand????...????SPOT

June 19, 2006 - Msg 39999: Hey to the porch! On the road here in Ohio...hope ya'll are doing well!


June 19, 2006 - Msg 40000: p.s. Hey to SPOT, HM, Buckeye, Ro, Lucy, Warren, Bwannabe...and especially to Floyd! Thanks for all you do here on the porch!


June 19, 2006 - Msg 40001: for the record......Spot and I have many late nite talks...he's a very compassionate person, IMHO....

June 19, 2006 - Msg 40002: That's me,

June 19, 2006 - Msg 40003: Hey, Goober!

June 19, 2006 - Msg 40004: And I'm sure Lucy didn't mean otherwise....

June 19, 2006 - Msg 40005: Lucy I can talk abouy TAGS all night long...I try to be a person on ths "web" site to help other people and have fun .......look its just me ...SPOT....Mil ya in there?...what did "I" do wrong...SPOT

June 19, 2006 - Msg 40006: What did I say Lucy? I don't remember haveing an "Outburst"! Why oh Why dous everyone have to bring up a negative on the porch! Floyd was saying how I DIDNT know my AGS fact's! Everything was going just fine! Please Lucy read THROUGHLY befour you judge! I didnt hear anyone else complaining!

Barnwannabe, I don't listen to any country music! I am not a fan of it! Sorry!

However I like Rock, Pop, abit of blues and Grunge.

Favorite Bands :

1) The Beatles

2) Badfinger

3) Oasis

4) Nirvana

5) Led Zepplin

Goodnight everyone!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

June 19, 2006 - Msg 40007: Rightcheer, Spot, I got yer back!lol!

June 19, 2006 - Msg 40008: Hey Goober!...SPOT

June 19, 2006 - Msg 40009: Take a deeeeeep breath.....

June 19, 2006 - Msg 40010: Hey Goober, don't beleive Ive gotton to know you on the porch! A good starting question is who do you prefer Gomer or Goober.?
Me, Goober. More realistic, less annoying.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

June 19, 2006 - Msg 40011: led,and billy joel,journey..........can anyboby nane the led singer for Journey?.......SPOT

June 19, 2006 - Msg 40012: Did y'all notice? We just passed the 40,000th message....

June 19, 2006 - Msg 40013: Steve Perry, of course.

June 19, 2006 - Msg 40014: Warren...you just complained about folks bringing up negatives here on the porch and then you called Gomer "annoying." Shame, shame.

--Floyd (finally REALLY going to bed)

June 19, 2006 - Msg 40015: "Don't Stop Believin'"...that's my motto!

June 19, 2006 - Msg 40016: Goodnight Floyd!

June 19, 2006 - Msg 40017: Hey to Mil too! Warren...I'm a Goober fan...all the way!

Spot! The original lead for Journey was....well...since they took a real lead...Steve Perry. The lead now is Steve Augire..and as a LONG time Journey fan...I think I like the new Steve better. He has a better quality voice...in my humble, but honest opinion. :-)


June 19, 2006 - Msg 40018: Is the OLD {and].new porch gona stay?..........lets pull together.......

June 19, 2006 - Msg 40019: Ya goy it Mil!!tells ya ag!!SPOT

June 19, 2006 - Msg 40020: Oh, yeah, just had my 6th thirty-seventh birthday!

June 19, 2006 - Msg 40021: Goober got it too!

June 19, 2006 - Msg 40022: And I'm 42 years young....have a 15 year old son...13 year old daughter...and a player to be named sometime in late November. :-)


June 19, 2006 - Msg 40023: Goober thats a new on me......Journey waS MY GROUPE,reo,.....38"...remember them?

June 19, 2006 - Msg 40024: Loved REO...loved 38 Special...am still a large KISS fan. :-)


June 19, 2006 - Msg 40025: Goober from the Pis on Ro"s sit you are doing fine>>>>>>>>>SPOT

June 19, 2006 - Msg 40026: Thanks SPOT...Mrs Goober keeps me young!


June 19, 2006 - Msg 40027: I agree, Goober. Good pics.

June 19, 2006 - Msg 40028: Goober I think you an I are about the same ag in 46.........KISS...I was in there...Elton,Bruce S.,Bob S.........gosh the late 70"s...SPOT

June 19, 2006 - Msg 40029: Styxx?

June 19, 2006 - Msg 40030: Floyd I wasnt calling Gomer annoying. I just said Goober is LESS annoying! I admit Im sensitive. Try to keep that in my mind.

Goodnight Porch! Just finishing off the episode "Barney's Replacement" from season 2. Funny stuff man, funny stuff!

Goober you a Pearl Jam fan? Great band.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

June 19, 2006 - Msg 40031: Millie, Styxx have a few good song's, not one of my fave's though.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

June 19, 2006 - Msg 40032: Not much for Pearl Jam...did like Bob Seager...love the Eagles..Doobie Brothers...all the greats!

Good Night Ya'll


June 19, 2006 - Msg 40033: Not much for Pearl Jam...did like Bob Seager...love the Eagles..Doobie Brothers...all the greats!

Good Night Ya'll


June 19, 2006 - Msg 40034: ooops...I chewed my cabbage twice....sorry :(


June 19, 2006 - Msg 40035: Styx.....good band.....Pearl Jam? Ok<..red hot C"s...but its Bob and the boys

June 19, 2006 - Msg 40036: Night for good porch! Whoever posted 40035 I like the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Just not the funky stuff!

Deputy Warren Ferguson, Sighning off

June 19, 2006 - Msg 40037: g'night, Warren.

June 19, 2006 - Msg 40038: and Goober!

June 20, 2006 - Msg 40039: Morning porch from the Irish side. Partly Cloudy and about 55 this morning. Won't be around today - it is my day to teach literacy in Dublin.

Most of you all are sound asleep now anyways, unless Goober is sawing wood or fixing the vacuum cleaner.


June 20, 2006 - Msg 40040: Mornin', Irishter. I'm still here rockin'.....

June 20, 2006 - Msg 40041: How are you Mil? only have a few minutes before I head out to Dublin.

This is my only "busy" early morning of the week.


June 20, 2006 - Msg 40042: Pretty good. Staying very busy with the restaurant, and the kids......how 'bout you and yers...? Are you booked up helpin' folks 24/7?

June 20, 2006 - Msg 40043: The mionistry is growing, but it still not too bad. Love being there for people when we can. Everyone is well. Mrs Irishter are missing the latest child to go back to the States for college. But, thats all part of grwoing up I guess.

Glad to hear the resturant is going well. What a blessing to keep your mind occupied with everything else going on.


June 20, 2006 - Msg 40044: Well, Mil and others, enjoy the rest of the night (and most of the morning) I will try to have a quick stop in here after teaching today.

Say hey to the rest of the Porch for me,


June 20, 2006 - Msg 40045: Mornng Porchesters. Hope everyone is up at at'em this morning. Just a routine day, hopefully, at work today. Sure is quite at home this week. I miss my kids but know they are making a difference in someones life this week. Millie, glad your resturant is going well. You take care of your self. Hey Irishter, you should post some pictures on Romeena's web site of you and your beautiful countryside. Ireland is such a beautiful place! Floyd, thanks again, you are a jewell and swing a mean banana and fry up tasty burgers as well. What talent! SPOT, how about me cooking dinner tonight: meatloaf, mashed potatoes, peas, sliced tomoates (my favorite), slaw and homemade rolls. tea, kool aid and brownies with ice cream for dessert. dinner at 6pm. Hey to everyone this morning. Have a Mayberry day and act like somebody. Big Maude

June 20, 2006 - Msg 40046: Mornin'!
Gotta ton of stuff to do. Spot, please don't be offended. I was trying to say that you're the fun guy around here. You don't really talk about just TAGS or just personal. Your my local friend! Sorry.
Where's Buckeye and Rev?
This is the day the Lord hath made!

June 20, 2006 - Msg 40047: Morning porch.
Big Maude, your cooking dinner sounds like a great idea. Give Spot a rest. And you cook real good. And rest assured your kids are doing a good thing to help out others which is a sign of their good nature and a testament of your good mothering.

Welcome back Irishter. Has it really been a year? My goodness time flys. Good to have you back.

Auh2o, I am thinking along your same lines buddy. Now that ought to scare you. LOL

Possum, thanks for coming to see me last night. I guess next time I appear at the club with my bongos I'll have to wear my toolbelt if I hope to get Boo over there. BTW, If whoever took my cymbals would return them soon, I'd 'preciate it. If not, I'll get a couple of old hubcaps fom Walley's and commence playing them.

Charlotte, please check in and let us know how your Mom is doing?

FunGirl, please check in and let us know how you are doing.

Everyone have a good day, and quit being so sensitive.:)


June 20, 2006 - Msg 40048: Hey Lucy, I rocked on yer foot there. I think Spot didn't understand was all. He's a good dog.


June 20, 2006 - Msg 40049:
Morning Porch

There is so much going on here lately that I'm gonna have to wait for the "Cliff Notes" to try and catch up.

Asa-Just cause you're paranoid doesn't mean that they're not out to get ya. LOL

buckeye-How about a Cubbies update? Do you think Kerry Wood is gonna make it through the rest of the season?

God Bless the Troops,

June 20, 2006 - Msg 40050:
Oh yeah, almost forgot.

"Like they always say, the quality of mercy is not strained, it droppeth like a gentle dew from Heaven, well, you're not talking to a jerk you know!"


June 20, 2006 - Msg 40051: Mornin all!!! Once again it's a beautiful day in my neck of (Old Man Kelsey's) woods. A girl drowned near where I work yesterday. She was 24, and had a seasure, if that's how you spell it, in a 3 foot deep pool, and drowned. She was a friend of my family. What was the deal between Warren, Lucy, and Spot last night??? I didn't quite understand that one. Well, Lucy, the reason that I asked about John Conlee, is beacause I went to see him here about 3 weeks ago. Got to meet him and everything. I love country, and he's my favorite singer. Barnwannabe. Whoever it was, I trying to think of a poster thing. BWB

June 20, 2006 - Msg 40052: Morning, everyone!

Auh2o, I agree with ya....something smells funny and they ain't cookin' cabbage at the diner today.

Hey Lucy, I'm not a step-parent or child but I still care about your problems. Feel free to share.

SPOT, you are the nicest pup on the porch, Sweetie Pie! We all know you care very much about people, now come on over here and let my scratch you behind your ears....

ASA, I had to miss your act last night because of VBS, but otherwise I would have been there...toolbelt or no toolbelt!

Thanks MDC, my grandma was a great lady. Glad you had a nice anniversary.

Irishter, speaking of kids, in VBS this week I have 5 very routy little boys (5-6 yrs old) and 2 little girls (one of them cries over EVERYTHING)! It was tough, let me tell you. Remember I mentioned the little boy who had the seizure in church on Sunday? Well, because I am a nurse, they put him in my class so I could keep a close eye on him and boy, you should have seen him wrestling and fighting with the other boys. I was just holding my breath. I tried to calm them all down but it was next to impossible, so I had boys fighting and shoving, and little girls crying and pouting. Oh, it was fun!....and I have to do it again tonight (and all week). I think I'll take some Valium tonight...kidding, of course.....maybe a shot of bourbon instead.

Now Goober, how could anyone be better than Steve Perry?! He has such a unique voice and it just stirs the emotions (maybe only the emotions of women).


June 20, 2006 - Msg 40053: Wow, so sorry to hear about your young friend drowning, BarnWB. Prayers for the family.


June 20, 2006 - Msg 40054: I'm thinking of taking the kids to see Cars today, ASA. Hope I (I mean "they") like it...heehee.

Millie, try to find time to rest today. If you have to have the chemo, it will go easier on you if you aren't completely run down. Don't mean to lecture but I worry about you not getting any rest. Also wanted to tell you that I have a friend who has stage 4 cancer but it originated in her lungs. Well, she had been feeling pretty bad and she started drinking the Mangosteen juice that Lucy and I sometimes talk about here on the porch. It contains alot of antioxidants and its also a good anti-inflammatory. Anyway, it has made her feel so much better that she orders it by the case. If you are interested, I can get a website for to read more about it.

Gotta go..


June 20, 2006 - Msg 40055: Hey Porch! Hope everyone had a good night's rest!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

June 20, 2006 - Msg 40056: Oh hey, Barnwannabee, I just realized that is 2 personal things you have shared with us now. First your friends breast cancer and now this terrible tragedy. See, when you start making friends, you find out that its kind of impossible not to share your hurts and concern with them, and that's a good thing. We care and we pray and there is nothing worth more than that.


June 20, 2006 - Msg 40057: Hello Warren, I slept good until I woke up after a really bad dream last night. I was happy to wake up from it. I dreamed that some terrible Hitler-like maniac had taken over the US and put all good people in work camps (much like the jews during WW2). It was so scary and I was terrified for my children. Anyway, after I woke up I soon went back to sleep and didn't get up until 8am. The kids are still sleeping, that's why I have been here chatting so long.


June 20, 2006 - Msg 40058: What time is it where you live Boo? It's 7:38 in Canada where I live!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

June 20, 2006 - Msg 40059: It's about 9:40 here.


June 20, 2006 - Msg 40060: I have been to four concerts Barnwannabe. Oasis, Robert Plant (lead singer of Led Zepplin) , Our Lady Peace and Simple Plan.

Three were 3 in Victoria where I live and 1 in Vancouver.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

June 20, 2006 - Msg 40061: You know, I have been to Canada but it was years ago. I used to spend alot of summers in Michigan when I was a kid and a few times we went over the border but never very far. I remember it being very green. I have heard alot about the beauty of Canada.


June 20, 2006 - Msg 40062: It's usually green. Where do you live in the States Boo? I have been to California.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

June 20, 2006 - Msg 40063: I live in South Texas, down on the coast. It's hot and humid here, flat and not terribly scenic, except for the water. I live here because of my husband's job and my elderly parents but I would love to move, especially to Colorado


June 20, 2006 - Msg 40064: I have brothers in California and have been out there a few times. I loved it there. Where in California have you been?

June 20, 2006 - Msg 40065: Hate to run in the middle of a conversation Warren but I have to tend to the kids. Have a great day,

June 20, 2006 - Msg 40066: Good morning, everyone. Auh2o, thanks for the compliment, but I could easily say the same thing about you. You express yourself very well.

Alright, kiddies, let Grandma say a few words. Warren, Floyd was kidding you, because you questioned a line that's a staple item for most of us. Your only problem is your youth, my dear. You haven't had the last 30 or 40 years to watch TAGS like many of us have, so naturally you're not quite as familiar with some of the lines as we are. We must try to remember that and cut you some slack. You must assume the best, not the worst, when you think someone has taken a shot at you. I've learned that works very well. I rarely take offense when someone says something that could be hurtful. I assume they didn't mean it like it sounded. This will accomplish one of two things. If they didn't mean it that way, they'll be very grateful that you didn't get mad. If they did, it'll drive 'em nuts because it just "went over your head" so to speak. Boo, you know how things are with a bunch of nurses at a hospital. Can you just imagine how well that works there? Ha! I love it!

Spot, you good ol' doggie, nobody was criticizing you. Go back and re-read what Lucy said. She was saying that you can talk about lots of things, not just TAGS, and that's true. She meant no disrespect, believe me.

Don't anybody expect an answer from me about anything to do with rock music. Not my style at all. (surprise, surprise)

BarnWB, (I like that) I'm so sorry about your friend. What a tragedy. Sometimes I guess we just aren't meant to understand about things that happen.

Well, I worked last night, gotta do it again tonight, so guess I'd better hit the hay. And the next one who walks in here holding a hanky to a bloody nose is gonna get a black eye to go with it! Sugarplum says 10-4. --Romeena

June 20, 2006 - Msg 40067: Afternoon to all on the Porch. Its about time all you sleepyheads got up. I've been up for 10 hours already :).

Sorry to hear the bad news BWB.


June 20, 2006 - Msg 40068: i'll have to catch up on the archives later- it will be like war and peace except a lot better more enjoyable read... irishster, you ole scallywag i wondered if you were captured by a band of leprechans? millie if your 37 years young times 6 , you sure get around great fer your age. floyd great seeing you chatting again. mdc- how close are the fires your way? romeena- how are the rains affecting you? more later- just buckeye

June 20, 2006 - Msg 40069: Boo, and Warren, I'm from The panhandle of Florida, but I now live in southern AL. I might as well tell you, You already know that my chapter of TASRWC is in Florida, about 70 miles from where I live. You live in Huntsville Floyd??? Been there quite a few times. Boo, that makes 3 things that I've told ya'll. You're right about that, I just hope that none of ya'll are psyco maniacs that are gonna come to my house and hurt me, or any other family members of mine. LOL!!! That would stink, just when I start to open up, I get killed, or hurt. Thank you all for your support in our friend dying. I didn't know her that well, but my Aunt, and her daughter were very good friends of the girl, and I had met her. It was sad, because my Aunt and myself were in the yard, and we saw the Fire Dept. and the Ambulance go by, and then Life Flight was flying over head, when the ambulance came by with no lights on, we knew that whoever it was had died, but we had no idea that it was her. My cousin came home from work, and told us about it. My Aunt, and my cousin are both members of my Chapter. My Aunt is Elderly, and my cousin is about my age. Thanks again for being so kind about it. Now lets talk about something cheerful. I'm like Spot, I could talk about TAGS all day!!! Barnwannabe.

June 20, 2006 - Msg 40070: Good to see you Buckeye!! where ya been hiding
these days?? missed seeing you. Are you coming for supper?? Big Maude

June 20, 2006 - Msg 40071: Ya'll don't come kill me!!!LOL!!! BWB

June 20, 2006 - Msg 40072: BWB - remember, we defy the mafia!

Looks like the temp will be rising in Indiana (see BWB, I revealed where I live and if you want to visit my website which hasn't been updated in quite some time www.freewebs.com/diamondbboergoats) and it will be hot goat walking weather.

WE are diong VBS this week - Fiesta - so the kids are learning some Spanish as well about Jesus. Kind of a neat approach. I am doing all the Bible lessons so I don't have a set class of kids. Remember - the church on a good Sunday only has about 50 in the congregation.

So sorry for the tragedy of the young lady - how sad! May a prayer of peace of be offered up for her family for all the dear porchsters!~


June 20, 2006 - Msg 40073: Agreed HM, what a tragedy for this family.

Our "Irish summer" (all three weeks is over) Right now it is about 5.30 in the afternoon - winds have slowed to about 35 mph, we are having rain showers and it is about 60 degrees.


June 20, 2006 - Msg 40074: Hey again.

Hello again to all my old friends here. I remembered to put this link on my Google homepage so I wont forget to come back in.

We had a lovely Irish summer for about three weeks, but right now it is 5.30 PM, raining, about 65, and thankkfully the winds have slowed to about 35 mph.


June 20, 2006 - Msg 40075: Sorry, it didn't show the first post till I posted again ;(

June 20, 2006 - Msg 40076: Alright, why did the first post not show up till I repeated the post?

June 20, 2006 - Msg 40077: Thank you homemaker. Glad to know ya'll defy the mafia!!! Thanks for all of your prayers for the family. We drove by today on the way home, and her sister was laying on the groung crying. It really is terrible. I can't believe how cold it is in Ireland. It is 11:57 am where I am, and 94 degrees. Barnwannabe.

June 20, 2006 - Msg 40078: BTW Ro, Everyone's choice of music is their own of course, but like you I can't comment on rock favourites, not my cuppa tea.

Now if we want to talk old style country ....


June 20, 2006 - Msg 40079: Good afternoon everyone! Yes, I have been on vacation with the family (small "t", small "f") for the past week or so, BOO. Actually, I got back last Thursday and have been reading the archives for the past five days (just kidding!). Geez, this has been a very chatty porch lately. And here I thought I was the verbose one!

I starting taking notes while going through the archives but quickly realized there was no way I was going to be able to comment on everything I've missed. So, suffice it to say that I offer prayers for all those who especially need them (oh, what the heck, prayers all around).

I do offer a hearty "welcome back" to IRISHTER. We’ve never been properly introduced since I’ve only been posting here for about a year, but I feel as if I know you since I lurked on and off for a few years before that. Nice to finally “meet” you.

And it has been great to read so much conversation from our very own barber/mother-figure/benefactor, FLOYD. I’m just sorry that much of your presence here was necessitated by Interlopers and other poorly behaved individuals. I agree with (the ever-sage, thoroughly appreciated) ROMEENA; I really like hearing from you.

Regarding Front Porch security, I’ll be happy to go with the flow as long as you don’t start charging me a nickel like Sheldon every time I post (you wouldn’t want me to have weak bones, would you?).

ROMEENA: I am sending you a few more pics of me and the family from vacation. Sorry, BOO, I’m all but disguised behind sunglasses in them.

Thanks to ALL for the compliments on my handsome children (he says with a big smile and puffed-up chest). I’d be happy to take the credit, but it’s the Mrs. who brought the better genes to the party. By the way, the bun is still in the oven, but I expect to be saying howdy to our new daughter in the next few to three weeks.

Well, I do need to backhoe my desk after being away for so long, so I’m gonna have to sign off for now.

By the way, I don’t see any lemon pie laying around, not so much as a crumb. Does that mean that HOMEMAKER didn’t bake any, or that ASA has been up to his old tricks? Come to think of it, POOR HORATIO seems to have left town…

Take care, all! It's great to be back among you.

"He's a nut!"

June 20, 2006 - Msg 40080: Hey Me-They, good to meet you - what an impressive post. I wish I took the time to reply to everyone like that.

I need to heed the famous words, "What your hurry!"


June 20, 2006 - Msg 40081: Irishter, I'm all old style country, too. I don't like this new country. like Merle Haggard, George Jones, Buck Owens, John Conlee, Gene Watson, Lester Flatt, and Earl Scruggs. It could go on for hours. Welcome back Me-They. I've only been to Mt.Airy once, but I'm supposed to go this summer, good Lord willin' and the creek don't rise. I've never been so comfortable talking to strangers before, but ya'll seem like close family, ya'll comfort me with my problems, you talk to me like you've known me for years, and you really make me feel welcome. If there are still any hard feelings toward me for what I did a while back, I deeply apoligize. Big Maude hasn't spoken to me sence, and I hope she's not mad at me. I pray for all of you every night, just like I do my family. Thanks!!! Barnwannabe.

June 20, 2006 - Msg 40082: I meant, I like those singers, not that I don't like them. I forgot my "I". BWB

June 20, 2006 - Msg 40083: Thanks, IRISHTER. You may not be aware that that many of us (or as many as can) participate in a daily "prayer meeting." At 8:55 p.m. Eastern Standard Time each day, any Porchster who can and will joins with one another in a few minutes of prayer. You are very welcome to join us, weherever you are and whether or not you are able to post.


June 20, 2006 - Msg 40084: Glad to have you here, BARNWANNABE. We all say things we wish we hadn't from time to time. I wasn't around for the ruckus, but knowing my fellow Porch-sitters I know that they live by the "70 times 7" rule.


June 20, 2006 - Msg 40085: Howdy, porch friends, home from lunch early today, need to spend a coupla hours w/the kids.
M-T, welcome back, hey to everybody...

June 20, 2006 - Msg 40086: BOO..my wife and I took her niece to see cars last night ,I enjoyed the movie more than the kid ,Its loosely based on NASCAR ,called it the Piston Cup in the movie ,Richard Petty ,Darrell WAltrip,and Jr. had speaking parts ,seemed like a good family type movie

June 20, 2006 - Msg 40087: "Thanks, IRISHTER. You may not be aware that that many of us (or as many as can) participate in a daily "prayer meeting." At 8:55 p.m. Eastern Standard Time each day, any Porchster who can and will joins with one another in a few minutes of prayer. You are very welcome to join us, weherever you are and whether or not you are able to post.


Would lcve to be there, but that is 1.55 AM my time


June 20, 2006 - Msg 40088: Not a night owl, huh, IRISHTER? Well, anytime is a good time to pray.


June 20, 2006 - Msg 40089: Ain't that the truth - David said "evening, and morning, and at noon wiill I pray" - he didnt say anything about the middle of the night ;-) :-)


June 20, 2006 - Msg 40090: Thanks Me-They. I pray all the time. If I see something that I think needs to be prayed about, I pray, right then, and there. Barnwannabe.

June 20, 2006 - Msg 40091: homemaker, i always loved those indiana folks, been all over it, great folks. bwb, what homemaker didn't tell you is we defy the mafia but not the government, soory couldn't resist. asa- whose sensitive, not me i'm the most insensitive feller i know, just picking on you. big maude, really love to come to supper just hope you have security for me after picking on folks today, tee-hee. auh20- long time my friend, missed seeing you on the porch. mayberry deputy- what do you think about drifting? that's the new car races where folks let there cars go into free fall skids while racing. millie what's for lunch tommorow.me- they, sounds like you were glad to get home from vacation? this sunday night our chruch is doing the back to mayberry bible study. keep that in prayers if you would. thanks buckeye

June 20, 2006 - Msg 40092: Hey all...Tonights Mene:
Prime Rib with aju,baked potatoes,asparugus tips,little green peas and a tossed salad,fried mushrooms for starters..sweet tea...busy here at the dog house...HOT upper 90"s...back when I come back inside!....SPOT

June 20, 2006 - Msg 40093: {Mene}?..sorry...Menu

June 20, 2006 - Msg 40094: Dinner sounds great, SPOT. Yeah, it's hot and humid here, too. In fact, I broke down and put a window a/c unit in the den and in our bedroom. I got a great deal on the small unit in our bedroom this past weekend (had the other one). The Mrs. was giving me the evil eye when we got home to a sweltering house that had been closed up all week. Since she currently outweighs me (and those hormones can get scary sometimes), I broke down and did the deed. Truthfully, it made me feel good to make her feel good. Sickening I know, but true.

I usually wait until July to start thinking about fighting the heat. This year, it would have been great to wait since our electrical supplier will be increasing everyone's bills by 72% as of July 1! Ain't that a fine howdy-do? Politicians are scrambling to try and do something, or at least pretend to (do I sound cynical?). Actually, the "crisis" was brought on by an alliance between the regional power company and state government thirteen years ago. The state handed over the publicly-owned physical power plants and agreed to deregulate and the power company agreed not to raise rates for a set term. That term is expiring. So, since we have been paying the same rate for more than a decade now (that was cool), we are in for a 72% increase to bring us up to a "market rate." Or so says the power company. Seems fair to me; the politicians got reelected for passing the buck years ago, the power company has made billions, and we pay through the nose for someone else to operate the power plants we once owned. Hey, SPOT, you have some pull with the power company, don't you?

Vacation was great, BUCKEYE, but it's also good to be home.


June 20, 2006 - Msg 40095: Holy cow Spot. Prime rib? No kidding? Sorry Maude, but Prime Rib is my favorite dish. I'm on my way over Spot.


June 20, 2006 - Msg 40096: Buckeye, hat did you mean by that??? I'm gonna be freaked out until you tell me. LOL!!! Supper sounds great Spot. How about dessert??? That is rather redicilious Me-They. They raise our rates all the time, but what are we going to do, either go without air, lights , food, and all of that, or pay as you said"Through the nose" We can't fight them, because they are multi-national corporations. It stinks, but when I get all flustered about that, I go back to a simpler place, Mayberry. If ya'll will excuse me, I have some TAGS to watch.LOL!!! Barnwannabe.

June 20, 2006 - Msg 40097: Well, here I am finally showing my face on the porch again. We were on vacation (at home) but my 'puter went out, so we had to get a new one. Looks like you've all been a chatty bunch whilst I was gone.

Welcome back, Irishter and Me-They!

Welcome to BarnWB! I grew up listening to "classic country" - I'm not much into the country music of this generation either.

Asa - you best save me some of that prime rib - it's one of my favorite dishes, too!

Youch on that electric bill increase, Me-They! Everyone around here where we live is crying over a $10 increase that we're getting in 3 years to cover the cost of a new coal fired plant they are getting ready to build. We currently have one of the lowest rates in the country for a municipal supplier. Thank the Lord for that. Bless your heart for getting the Mrs some A/C. My hubby finally did, too - although he timed it to just about the time his mother came for a visit (hmmmm), but I'm glad to have it.

Prayers for all

June 20, 2006 - Msg 40098: Afternoon Porch,
Sorry I have been away so long...I saw the Carolina Hurricanes won the Stanley Cup last night, and I wanted to congratulate all you from the Carolina's! I hope you all have a real nice party!

Hey, Irishter is back! Good to see you again. Welcome to Barnwannabee, I'm Mary Wiggins from the northern end of the porch in Michigan. Did I read you are from Canada? Then you are most likely more "northern" than me!

It's pretty here today. The humidity and temp has dropped a bit, and it's a lot more comfortable today. I have been trying to get ready for a garage sale. It is so much work, and I probably won't make all that much...so why do I do it?!! Oh well. The last garage sale I had, a woman came in and picked up about ten different items, all very nice things, and said in broken English, "I give you 5 dollars." The stuff she had in her hands would probably be worth more like 40. I told her no, and she picked up a few more items and STILL said, "I give you 5 dollars." I kept telling her no, but she acted like she couldn't understand me. I finally let her have the stuff! I am such a wimp! She came back later looking for more stuff! I felt like giving her a $20 bill and asking her to go away! I hope she isn't in the neighborhood this time!

Here's wishing everyone a wonderful Mayberry afternoon!

Mary Wiggins