June 23, 2006 - Msg 40495: I will be back in about ten minutes. I actually got a case. I still want to talk, though. BWB.

June 23, 2006 - Msg 40496: Good to see you Rev, glad you made is safely to La. BWB, you should throw the book at him!! :).
seems like that is no way to run court. Do you have a lot of cases at night? Guess, I as wondering what cases would you have at night? We don't have that system here, so it is new to me. Big Maude

June 23, 2006 - Msg 40497: Hey, I swept!! Better go get the dust pan, don't want to make a mess. Big Maude

June 23, 2006 - Msg 40498: I'm back. I denied bail for that guy, so it didn't take long. Big Maude, Most places don't have night court. We just established the system here. I would love to throw more that the book at him!!!LOL!!! We have our fair share of cases at night, but not too many. It's basically a waste, but don't tell anyone I said that, they'd fire me in a second. The only cases that we have at night, most of the time, are drugs, DWI's, asault, and things like that, that happen at night. When they are booked, and in a cell, they call over here, and ask if we have any calander openings, which most of the time we do, and they bring them over here, they plead, then we set bail. That is what I do during the day, unless I am taking a lawsuit without a jury. Barnwannabe.

June 23, 2006 - Msg 40499: sounds intersting. I guess our community is not big enough for night court. Big Maude

June 23, 2006 - Msg 40500: Hey, guys, I'm back! My place is really busy tonight in spite of the storms, I love it!

June 23, 2006 - Msg 40501: Warren, are you here, and do you really want my recipe for coconut pie?

June 23, 2006 - Msg 40502: Hey to you Millie. Big Maude

June 23, 2006 - Msg 40503: Evening Porch! Still trying to get caught up on everything around here, but wanted to stop by & say hey to ya'll. Looks like storms coming our way tonight, I love rain at night, makes it so nice for sleeping! Back in a bit.

June 23, 2006 - Msg 40504: Hey, Big Maude, hey Mavis!

June 23, 2006 - Msg 40505: Hey Mavis, be care over there. Guess, I will
say good night, See you all tomorrow. Big Maude

June 23, 2006 - Msg 40506: Sleep well, Maude.

June 23, 2006 - Msg 40507: Mil - I want your recipe for coconut pie! We all love a good coconut pie around here - just about as good as my lemon meringue! hm

June 23, 2006 - Msg 40508: Evening All,
I need to get Bryson to bed here in a minute. I watched Opie the Birdman tonight and I wanted to share. I like the ep Big Maude was talking about with Ellie Walker. Its a total classic. Ellie, well the actress, was such a beauty.
Mavis- I love rainy summer nights too! It has stopped raining here in Georgia though.
BWB- Does your bailiff look like Bull on the show Night Court?
Spot- I actually live in Sandy Springs/Dunwoody/Roswell lines at the Chattahoochee River.
Okay, I'll be back in a bit. Bryson needs to get to sleep. I read him his devotional and then either a Narnia, educational, or pokemon book. He's so dependent on my reading to him since its been done since he was 1. Hopefully soon we'll get him past some of his dyslexia difficulty and he'll read to himself.

June 23, 2006 - Msg 40509: So BWB - are you the night court justice or what exactly. . .in relationship to Nite Court the tv show - which one are you? hm

June 23, 2006 - Msg 40510: Lucy - how old is Bryson and have you tried colored overlays for his reading books. My son has dyslexia type symptoms but not the real Mc Coy - more visual spatial difficulties. . .and so we use colored pieces of acetate to go over the page in his books. Blue colored acetate works best for him. The white paper in books really bothers him. Just a hint and it may be old news for you. I lived in LaGrange for a short time when I started my teaching career but got homesick.


June 23, 2006 - Msg 40511: Homemaker, Warren and any body else, here's my recipe for coconut pie:

2 eggs
pinch of salt
1/4 c plain flour
1 c shredded coconut
1 1/2 c sugar
1/2 c butter, softened
1/2 c milk
9" unbaked pie shell

Preheat oven to 325`. Beat eggs and gradually add sugar and salt. Beat until thick and lemon colored. Blend in butter; add flour and milk. Add coconut. Pour into pie shell and bake 45 min. to 1 hour or until set and slightly brown.


June 23, 2006 - Msg 40512:
Hi gang. Wow, we have a real judge on the porch. We could get a new sign made for Andy's desk! ha
Buckeye- all them litterin tickets will catch up with you Ace! haha
Big Maude- I saw "your" ep on dvd last night.
So funny on the radio when they give the aliases like Big Maude Tyler, and the last one is "also known as Ralph Henderson!" The look on Barn's face is so funny!
And then there is the line about Jensons Othopedic Loafers. haha
Boo- hope all is better tonight with VBS over!
Ya all take care, prayers for all!
God bless,

June 23, 2006 - Msg 40513: Wow, Millie, that pie sounds wonderful. I'll have to save that recipe into my computer. Thanks for sharing.

BWB, "Night Court" is one of my favorite shows. I know it's a far cry from reality, but it sure is funny. Of course, I think Harry Anderson is just too cute for words. I loved Selma Diamond as the bailiff, and then Florence Halop, and finally Marsha Warfield. I really liked Marsha best. She did a wonderful job, in my opinion. Richard Moll was very good too, though a bit over the top at times with the goofiness. Charles Robinson as Mack was great. You just had to like him - like somebody's big brother.

Well, guess I'll turn in. It's been a long day, and tomorrow isn't going to be any better. Sugarplum says 10-4. --Romeena

June 23, 2006 - Msg 40514: Lucy: No, he's not a huge bulky guy like you see on Judge Judy, or something like that. He's just a regular size cop. That was funny, though. Home Maker: No, I'm normally a daytime Judge. The Night Court Judge, was late, so I had to stay over. I wrote Big Maude about it, go to the last page on Archives, and read my last entry, then read the ones on this page, and it is all explained in great detail. I am so excited about people being interested in my job. Most people look at a judge, and see a former lawyer, and associate that with scum. I was one of the few good lawyers. I go to Church, and I knew not to rip people off if I wanted to go to Heaven when God took me from this Earth. I enjoy talking about my job, because most of my friends work with me, and everybody else doesn't want to hear about it. Thank God I finally got home. I was there 2 hours extra, and had 3 cases. Thanks for the interest, and if any of ya'll have questions, I love answering them. Barnwannabe.

June 23, 2006 - Msg 40515: Glad to hear that you like the show. I've never watched a whole episode. I don't watch much tv unless I'm at home, and it comes on at 12:30, so I'm usually at work by then. I've tryed to catch bits and pieces of it, but I just couldn't. I'll try to when I take vacation. (Sometime in the next 6 weeks.) Thanks for everyone's interest. Any more questions???LOL!!! Barnwannabe.

June 23, 2006 - Msg 40516: I have to come in to work tomorrow. I have some paperwork to do, and I don't know if I'll have to take full court duty, or not. Thanks, Barnwannabe. Anyone there to talk to??? How about you Warren, or Spot, or Lucy, Mil, anybody??? BWB.

June 23, 2006 - Msg 40517: Anybody??? BWB.

June 23, 2006 - Msg 40518: I'm here BWB~lucy

June 23, 2006 - Msg 40519: Did ya'll all go to bed on me??? The Miss's is gone with her sister. They went to Wal-Mart. I don't have anybody to talk to.

June 23, 2006 - Msg 40520: Hey Lucy, did you read what I told you to??? BWB.

June 23, 2006 - Msg 40521: Since we're all talking about your job. My aunt is one of John Ashcroft's attorney's. He actually sang at she and my Uncle's wedding rehearsal. My Uncle is county attorney in Kentucky, where I was born and raised.

June 23, 2006 - Msg 40522: What did you ask me to read? I must have missed it.

June 23, 2006 - Msg 40523: That's cool Lucy. Msg:40514. Read what I told Homemaker in that msg. Thanks. Barnwannabe.

June 23, 2006 - Msg 40524: Charlotte- Today I was listening to our country radio station that plays oldies. I heard John somebody or another singing "Swinging" and thought of you! Little Charlotte she's as pretty as the angels when they sang! I do remember that song even though I was pretty little when it came out. ~lucy

June 23, 2006 - Msg 40525: It's "Swinging" by John Anderson. He's from Florida, just like me. BWB.

June 23, 2006 - Msg 40526: Homemaker- We've tried several things, but not the color overlays. He's in special needs class at school and they may have tried it there. Bryson's 8 years old and his dyslexia isn't true either. He doesn't reverse letters. His memory is so bad that by the time he finishes the end of the word he's forgotten the beginning and then he gets confused and exhausted. He is doing well with his sight words with help from Dick and Jane. Now, if he would just be willing to try new words. He gets intimidated easily because he has low self-esteem. My husband does also and that's why he has a fear of failure which led to him just finishing his degree at the age of 40. Anyway, I am digressing. I would actually love to homeschool Bryson again because of the moral issues he's dealing with at school, but I don't want to hurt him because of his disability (I hate that word). Any more suggestions?
PS Usually I'm not on here much, but as you can tell hubby's still in Wisconsin

June 23, 2006 - Msg 40527: love that song! It epitomizes summer!

June 23, 2006 - Msg 40528: Lucy, that song reminded you of me?? Thanks. I been reading the archives and Spot, you made me LOL with your asking whether BWB was in jail!! Too funny. No beatin' around the bush with you. I finally got my photos to Romeena, but I haven't checked the album yet. Also--someone corrected my quote about Maude's sweater and her being a campfire girl to a girl scout. I was wrong, however, the more I thought about it--I think it was Girl Campers of America. Anybody? Hey to Mavis! FORE!! Where's Asa?
Charlotte Tucker

June 23, 2006 - Msg 40529: One of the cool things about the porch is eventually we hear things, see things, or something that will remind us, even in name, of our buds here. It truly is a family.
I was a girl scout, but I have no idea about Big Maude's sweater.

June 23, 2006 - Msg 40530: I enjoy talking to you Lucy. I feel so sorry for you and Bryson. I hope that things work out. I'll be praying for him and you both. I like that song ,too. I don't want you to get down about it, so let's talk about TAGS or something. If you do want to talk about it, I'm all ears, though. I love helping people with problems, and my wife says I'm a great listener. (She also says I'm a good talker!!!LOL!!!) I hope that you can find something to help, though. Barnwannabe.

June 23, 2006 - Msg 40531: Charolette, Are you knew, if so, WELCOME!!! I've been here about, what, 4 weeks.? I hope you enjoy yourself here. You probably have realized by now, by reading the archives, that I am a judge with a problem giving info on myself. I'm not that weird, really. Barnwannabe.

June 23, 2006 - Msg 40532: Where'd ya'll go??? BWB.

June 23, 2006 - Msg 40533: No, Barn, I been here forever. I just been busy lately and unable to post. If you look back through the archives, I used to post frequently. Lately, I go by spurts. My kids are teenagers--just busy I guess. Can someone please post Ro's photoalbum site again? I must not have bookmarked it and I can't remember it.
Charlotte Tucker

June 23, 2006 - Msg 40534: It's in the archives, I saw it there, and it wasn't a link. I think it was about 2 or 3 days ago. Where'd Spot go??? Lucy, you still with us??? Barnwannabe.

June 23, 2006 - Msg 40535: romeena.myphotoalbum.com
Thanks BWB for the prayers. Bryson's a good kid, but got into trouble after starting public school. He didn't want to go to church, stole money from husband, messed with our electric circuit breakers, and was caught lying. That's my problem with public school, but its a charter school and the special ed teacher was great. So, I'm not sure what to do. We'll see. ~lucy

June 23, 2006 - Msg 40536: Did y'all hear that Aaron Spelling, producer of Dynasty, 90210, 7th heaven, and others died? So sad.

June 23, 2006 - Msg 40537: Thanks, Lucy. I wasted time typing in various combinations. I typed the wrong site--don't go there!! The home page said something about "not suitable for minors." Well, if it ain't suitable for minors, it ain't suitable for me neither. Glad to meet you BWB. I'm the resident freelance writer/editor. You'll always hear me talking about deadlines and being swamped. I'm also a procrastinator--not a good trait for a person who must meet deadlines!

June 23, 2006 - Msg 40538: Lucy, that's terrible. I don't have children, as you may know, and I don't talk about it. There was just a "problem" and let's leave it at that. I do feel terrible for him, and pray that he gets better. You make sure he stays in Church, rather he wants to, or not, and make sure he pays attention to the preacher, and the Sunday School teacher, and he'll be just fine. If he's touched by the Lord, everything will be okay. Barnwannabe. P.S. : Where's Spot??? I kinda consider him my "bud". Barnwannabe.

June 23, 2006 - Msg 40539: Charlotte- I dont know if I ever told you, but I moved to Atlanta to get my bachelors in fashion marketing so that I could write for a big magazine such as Vogue or Women's Wear Daily. My creative writing teacher tried to get me to write a novel. Its still in my heart. I didn't follow through with the dream, although I have my degree, because I didn't want to travel with having Bryson. My Mom wants me to submit short stories, articles, and such to publications, but I don't know. Have you been published? Is there somewhere I can read your work? ~lucy

June 23, 2006 - Msg 40540: Spot??? HERE BOY!!! LOL!!! Barnwannabe.

June 23, 2006 - Msg 40541: BWB- I have had my share of problems with children. I have lost 4, including a 35 week stillbirth in 2004. I understand not talking about it, and I won't bring it up again. If you do want to talk we'll be here. Spot may not be working tonight, or if he is we're having storms here in Georgia and they may be keeping him busy. ~lu

June 23, 2006 - Msg 40542: Well, I'm tuckered out. I'll go back to reading my Jimmy Carter book and then turn out the light. Y'all have a good evening and we'll chat tomorrow!
Blessings to you and yours,
~lucy matthews

June 23, 2006 - Msg 40543: Lucy, Thanks for understanding. I was just wandering about him. Him nor Warren said they were ging to bed, but they disappeared. Good Night, and sweet dreams. Barnwannabe.

June 23, 2006 - Msg 40544: Anyone still up??? I'm not quite ready for bed. Anyone still up for some chit Chat??? BWB.

June 23, 2006 - Msg 40545: Hi Lucy, Yes, I've had things published--no novels. I edit a magazine called A New Day for nursing home activity directors and enjoy writing articles on recent history 1940s-present. Some of my favorite work is in The Sentinel newspapers we published last year. You can see a sample at www.activitymaterials.com/sentinal.html. I have published several stories that Romeena has written.
Charlotte Tucker

June 23, 2006 - Msg 40546: Sorry guy's I've been out for awhile! Barnwannabe, wanna chat?
Im up, only 9:17 over here!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

June 23, 2006 - Msg 40547: Barnwannabe what time is it where you live? And if you don't mind asking where do you live? Everyone know's I live in B.C. in Canada on the porch so I don't mind telling you again!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

June 23, 2006 - Msg 40548: Barnwannabe, gone to bed?

Deputy Warren Ferguson

June 23, 2006 - Msg 40549: VBS is over! I am greatly relieved.

You still up BWB??

Exactillioso, Me-They! You are exactly right....I have to say it again: You are exactly right. I appreciate you, my brother in Christ. Your words are true and your wife and children are very blessed to have a man like you as the spititual head of the home.

Lucy, my son has dyslexia and I homeschooled him until he was 9. It got to be too much for me at that time so I put him in a private school and he is reading fairly well now. Where I notice his problem is with numbers. He has no memory where numbers are concerned (which makes it murder to learn times tables!!). I wish I had a simple answer for you, friend. Keep praying about what to do for next year.

RO, I can't believe people would drop their children off at the hospital like that!! Horrid.


June 23, 2006 - Msg 40550:
Hey Porch,

Me-They, Excellent, your soap boxing about "society's problems" was a home run. It most certainly does not "take a village."

Charlotte-That is fascinating. I love history also and have written quite a deal. I haven't been published, a few letters to the editor type of thing is about it.

Romeena-I do not find it hard to believe that you have been published. Your posts here are reminiscent to Earl Hamner's voice overs at the conclusion of each Walton's show.

Barnwannabe-Just wondering, where did you get your degree?

God Bless the Troops,

June 23, 2006 - Msg 40551:
Hey Boo


June 23, 2006 - Msg 40552: Oh, I forgot to tell you Lucy that I have prayed in the past that God would reveal to me what he wanted for Sean's future so I could guide him in the right direction and concentrate on those strengths, and about a week ago I had a dream, and in the dream Sean was wearing a blue t-shirt and as I was looking at him, someone was telling me that Sean would grow up to work with computers like his dad. I didn't give it another thought until later that day when Sean had an appointment with his counselor and the counselor asked him what he was going to do when he grew up and Sean said, (while wearing a blue t-shirt like in the dream), "Probably work with computers like my Dad". Now, it could have been a coincedence but what's strange about it is that Sean doesn't even use the computer and has never said anything like that before. Makes me wonder, anyway...

You still there Warren???


June 23, 2006 - Msg 40553: Still here, Boo.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

June 23, 2006 - Msg 40554: Hey Au20...we were both agreeing with Me-They at the same time!


June 24, 2006 - Msg 40555:
Boo-You know what they say about great minds!


June 24, 2006 - Msg 40556: I didn't watch any TAGS today..just been too darned busy! Did you watch any TAGS eps today, Warren?

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40557: Ha! Right, Auh20. What's the weather like up in Michigan?

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40558:

I'm actually on the eastern side of Lake Erie in the Peoples Republic of New York. I think Mary Wiggins is on the Michigan side.


June 24, 2006 - Msg 40559:
But, the weather is fine.

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40560:
Goodnight Boo,


June 24, 2006 - Msg 40561: Boy, I could have sworn you and Mary Wiggins were both in Michigan.

You have two daughters, right? I wish you would send Ro a picture of your family.

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40562: Ooops, Au20 went to bed. Sleep tight! I think I will try to get some much-needed sleep myself...goodnight Porch family,


June 24, 2006 - Msg 40563: Wait...just saw your photos, Charlotte. You cut your hair since we saw you last and you look just as cute as ever! What good-looking kids and your husband kind of reminds me of mine if he didn't have a mustache. Thanks for sharing.


June 24, 2006 - Msg 40564: OK, it off to bed for real this time (yawn).

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40565: Night Boo, Sorry I couldn't respond befour you went to bed! I watched on AGS episode today "A Warning From Warren". Hey Im Warren myself, got a get a few ep's of him once in awhile!

Night Porch! Y'all have a great sleep and see ya in the morning!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40566: Big Maude good sweep...whew...just got home from work since 12 pm yesterday...storms...had over 8000 consumers out...left them in good hands , may got back in sometime tomorrow to make sure things are winding down...hey Rev,warren,BWB,boo,auh20,lucy,millie,buckeye,mt,hm,ct,...and ..."well ya know all"...spots going to bed....night...back in the morning ...breakfast MENU:..scrambled eggs [3 each],hashbrowns,sausage links,center cut country ham with red eye gravy,bisquits,jam,honey,grits,sliced canalope,waffles with fresh strawberrys and maple syurp,coffee,and ice cold mayfield whole milk!..pop-tarts for the kids if they want!..SPOT

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40567: Rev hope all goes well ..and yea you and my dad and I are few that love boiled okra....just let er slide down.....good..but now I was raised on all farm raised veggies....had to eat what mama cooked....but still love it and still grow it...SPOT

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40568: Good morning Porchsters from the far side of the Porch.

Looks like rain in Naas today. Not as cool as it has been.

Breakfast sounds great! Can I get an early version of it?


June 24, 2006 - Msg 40569: Hey folks,

Somebody messed up the Porch. We lost 3 messages but things should be working now.


June 24, 2006 - Msg 40570:
Hi folks. Spot, was that the real you several posts back? Asking about jail etc? Ha
Charlotte, good to see you posting again. Hope the teens are doing well.
Please continue to pray for rain in No. AZ. Fires still going up tere. Thanks.
Prayers for troops.
Have a good day.

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40571: The Porch was broke all day here for me.

And now its bedtime

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40572: Hey SPOT, thanks for the breakfast. Kids got home
from their mission trip today safe and sound. Sounds like they had a good trip, now I have all that laundry to do!! Thanks for your prayers for them. Thanks Floyd for fixing the porch. Hey to MDC, Irishter, Deputy Ferguson, Millie, Romeena,Boo, auh2o, BWB,Lucy, Mavis, Asa,
(gosh I feel like one of the Waltons) and anyone else I may of missed. I have a big picture of Lemonade on my end of the proch with some
cookies if anyone needs to cool off. See you later. Big Maude

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40573: What a lovely family, Charlotte Tucker. Big Maude

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40574: Hey Y'all!
I'm so glad the Porch is working again. Thank you Floyd for fixing it.
Bryson's friend is spending the night tonight so we're gonna head out to get something to eat and give blockbuster more money than their worth!

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40575: Big Maude- I'm so glad that your children got in safe and sound. Lemonade sounds great. We've been out at the pool.

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40576: Well gang back at work again...whew storms whuped us here at work last night I worked 19 hrs yesterday....calm right now here..hope it stays that way, been busy getting ready for the camping trip tomorrow , we will be leaving after Church for 4 days so Big Maude and gang feed this bunch!..Miss Sherry and I and my kids and her 2 yr old grandson will be hitting the woods..camper both boats and both jet skis...hope the storms stay away..lets grill a hot dog tonight...Romeena we are gona have a big crab leg and shrimp boil mon nioght I will be think about ya!...well let me gat settled in here for my night...prayers to all...Maude glad kids are back safe...will bring us back some fish from the trip for a fish fry next week....SPOT

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40577: Safe travels to you SPOT. Don't worry about the food. Big Maude

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40578: HI ALL





June 24, 2006 - Msg 40579: Hey back at you Big Maude. I'm back on. I tryed to get on this morning from the office, but the computer wouldn't let me. How's everyone doin??? Hope all is well. Any thing new on the porch since I was gone??? Barnwannabe.

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40580: Any body up for talking to old Barnwannabe??? Barnwannabe.

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40581: Somebody there??? BWB.

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40582:
Hey Folks,

Boo-Yep, we have two beautiful girls, beautiful inside and out.

MDC-My goodness I hope you folks get some rain.

Tom-Very nice poem.

I don't know and I could be wrong about this but something still doesn't seem quite right. Is someone boiling cabbage with the lid off?

God Bless the Troops,

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40583: Great poem Tom. Barnwammabe.

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40584: That's "Wannabe" Sorry BWB

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40585: Hey to the porch! Home from the restaurant, had a good night. Tom, thanks for the poem. Hey, bwb, I'm rightchere if'n ya wanna jaw.

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40586: au2o, Maybe it's me. I took my shoes off cuz my dogs are barkin'! Ha!

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40587: Wow Me-They and CT and Irishter those are all GREAT pics!!on Ro"s site,just checked them out!..everyone else needs to get her pics!..come on yall!I have a whole album on there!...well may be off here for awhile tonight...STORMS are here and gettimg outages coming in...well...snack will be grilled cheese and tomato soup with lots of pepper!....hey thanks Big Maude for watching over the kitchen while im camping!...hey auh20,BWB,TOM thanks for the poem!,hey Mil,lucy did yall get storms?..,hey Boo,warren,Romeena...APB for CHUCK!..and the lost others...well let me get busy here calling crews in...SPOT the"storm watch" dog of your porch

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40588: Night porch people. Getting ready for bed. going to church in the morning. Thanks for the poem Tom. Big Maude

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40589: G'night, Big Maude. Have a blessed Sunday.

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40590: I'm right chere too. Let's jaw. BWB.

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40591: You there Mil???

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40592: How is your weekend, bwb?

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40593: Night Big Maude. Barnwannabe. Mil, that was from me. BWB.

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40594: Good. Had to go in today, and do some paper work, but that only took about 2 hours, so now I'm home. How about you??? Barnwannabe.

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40595: You there Mil??? BWB.

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40596: Small family crisis.....I'm back
Busy, but a good weekend. Too hot. I need to watch some TAGS.

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40597: You still there, Barnwannabe?

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40598: I'm going to make a big pot of shrimp bisque.
Anybody want some?

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40599: .......(crickets chirping)....hello?

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40600: Mil, I'm here, sorry, I went to eat something. I don't eat shrimp, but thanks. Too hot here, too. I've watched 5 episodes of TAGS today. Barnwannabe.

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40601: Hey porch! The porch wasn't letting me post for the whole day!
Was anyone else haveing trouble?

Anyway's hey to everyone on their rockers! Barnwannabe, I watched "Convict's At Large" today. One of the top 20 for sure!

Millie that Cocunut pie recipe look's awsome! Baking it tommaro!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40602: ...(crickets chirping)...Hello??? LOL!!! BWB.

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40603: I don't own any dvds, so I'm at the mercy of TVland or Liketv.....oh, well. Gotta cheer up.....okay, let's do favorite Barney-isms.....I'll start.
"Nip it!"

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40604: Hey warren! So glad you stopped by....rock awhile.

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40605: Wanna chat BWB?

Deputy Warren Ferguson

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40606: Yeah Warren. It said that I had too many characters in my post, and I only had a few words. All this morning. Where's Floyd been??? Feel like talking with me and Mil Warren??? Just pick up where you can...a 1 and a 2 and away we go... LOL!!! BWB.

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40607: Hey Millie, didn't see that post their!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40608: Mine is Nahhh!!! BWB

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40609: Hey Warren, that pie sold out tonite....you better believe it's gooood!

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40610: "He's a nut!"

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40611: How about you Warren??? BWB

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40612: My mother was that way BWB

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40613: Probally when he dous his confident sounding "Well". You know what I mean?

Deputy Warren Ferguson

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40614: "Low sugar blood"

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40615: "I like to shave a lot on vacation"

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40616: Yeah warren. It's time we update this place electronally.

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40617: BWB on msg 40616. BWB

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40618: Scram a vous.

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40619: You got a nother one Warren??? How about you Mil??? I got one waiting. BWB.

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40620: "Giraffes are selfish"

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40621: You know they don't speak a word of south american. BWB

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40622: Give 'm 40, they'll do 45, give 'm 45, they'll do 50.....

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40623: "Now here at the rock we have two rules". "One follow the rules".
"Two no writing on walls".

Classic line man. Classic!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40624: "Two And Two make's Four".

Deputy Warren Ferguson

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40625: Maybe the BEST warren.

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40626: That's a good one Warren.

I've got two, one Barney really didn't say.: Shut up Berny just Shut up

Leonard Blush, Leonard Blush

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40627: "I got that girl in my hip pocket".

Deputy Warren Ferguson

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40628: That's me BWB.

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40629: Now look here Op. BWB

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40630: is that all you can talk about, Leonard Blush?

Ha! Love that one

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40631: LOL!!! BWB.

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40632: ..from your head to your feet, none is half so sweet, as my beautiful Juaneet.

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40633: Barney : I still say five minutes behind the barn.

Andy: He'd kill ya!!!


June 24, 2006 - Msg 40634: "Whoot Whoot, Yuck Yuck".

Remember that one on "Rafe Hollister Sing's"?

Deputy Warren Ferguson

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40635: This is fun.

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40636: Mil what episode is that from! MSG 40632! Ive been wondering for awhile!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40637: (snapping fingers in tempo and singing..)
A capella, a capella.

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40638: Warren, I'll tell you in just a minute, Mil, let me try to answer thaT ONE. bwb

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40639: not sure, warren, but i think season 1

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40640: Never mind, Sorry if that was rude, I thought I could get it. BWB.

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40641: Than's BWB that would help!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40642: I thought it was season 5 .BWB.

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40643: No problem BWB.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40644: Warren there's a guy over at the other forum who knows everything. If we post a quote as a game question on the Name that Ep thread, he can tellus I'll bet.

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40645: I'm watching some now, give me a min. Let's get back to Barney-isms. Go MIl!!! BWB.

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40646: I'm slender and high spirited.

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40647: Evening Porch! Been working on a brochure for my business to put in Vet's offices, pet stores & such. After fussing for over an hour with my Print Artist I have on the puter, I typed "printing your own brochures" in Google & came up with the neatest site for all your printing projects for FREE (I like free) it was so easy too! www.doodlelab.com if ya'll want to check it out. I was out grooming today (and ya'll know how much I hate grooming on SAT!) but I had a Mayberry laugh for the day. I was driving by Viking Hall, the local spot for concerts & such & the big marquee out front read "Music Under the Stars" I loved it! Made me smile even tho I was working. Best get these brochures printed out & folded. Be back in a bit if I have trouble sleeping.
Barney~Forget the sign?
Andy~I would.

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40648: Their are quite a few episode's with Barn singing to Juanita but I can never remember! Oh well. Maybe one day I'll stumple across one!

What's your fave Barney "walk"? I like his confident walk where he think's he's the cop of the world! So funny!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40649: Mavis! How in the world are ya!

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40650: Hey Mavis! Millie I already did post one on the game's section. Your popular their so maybe you could ask or reply to mine or something!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40651: That's mine, too Warren. Stay calm people!!! BWB.

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40652: I saw that, Warren. We'll see next week when andyfan1959 is back on. He'll know.

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40653: What are ya'll talking about??? I'm left in the dark. LOL!!! Barnwannabe.

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40654: Yes, love that episode, Warren!

Busy day today but wanted to drop in and say hi. It was HOT here today....!

Anyone still up?


June 24, 2006 - Msg 40655: Hey Millie forgot to tell you I won't be making it out your way this weekend, dad burn job keeping me home. I hate when work gets in the way of my play! Hey to ya Deputy Warren! How about this one? Don't give him my Mr. CookieBar, I'll need that for later.

June 24, 2006 - Msg 40656: every Tuesday night, long as I can remember, we're sittin' there watchin' that Dr. show, a pan of cashew fudge between us