June 29, 2006 - Msg 41744: Hey AUH2O: I think that your must be thinking of someone else regarding the Goldwater stuff. Maybe MDC? We get confused a lot.

Have great day!


June 29, 2006 - Msg 41745: I swept! Time for a coffe break.


June 29, 2006 - Msg 41746: Good Morning Porch. Im feeling a-bit better, but not 100% for sure.
Auh2o where did you come up with that name?

See ya later porch.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41747: Morning Porch, heading out to work today, but wanted to say Top O' The Morn' to all the porchsters.

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41748: Hey DWF and Mavis. MAVIS: Can you give me a trim? One of my sideburns is longer than another.


June 29, 2006 - Msg 41749: Charlotte....I found the book on the shelf in the kids room..."Fill in the Blank Bible Fun 1-3" and it is authored by a S. T. .......is that you?

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41750: P.U. Hmmmm, I still gotta think on this one Boo.
Toolbelt is good, but can you handle the constant reminding? LOL

The nice thing about Asa is even my friends who have dyslexia can get my name right. I best ponder this for a while.


June 29, 2006 - Msg 41751: ASA: Well, if youre gonna stick with two of the same letter in your name, better its the a and not the s.


June 29, 2006 - Msg 41752: Still asking for yer prayers - part of me thinks it will be answered affirmatively, but Satan keeps putting doubt there. . .thank you for prayers esp. Boo, I am glad that you had an overwhelming sense of God's glory. That was really a comfort.


Asa - if you go with phil's uncle (PU) at least if am dyslexic - you always be UP with me!

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41753: Hey back atcha, M-T, Floyd, Boo, auh2o, MDC, Mavis, Poor Horatio and everybody else! I sure do remember you from 'back in the day,' Horatio. I coulda used that lost shaker of salt last night! One of my daughters (the ones who were starting kindergarten when I first started posting and are now going into high school!!) broke up a fight between 2 of our cats and got her right arm shredded and bitten. We were at the emergency clinic until midnight last night. I was already reeling about this big stray puppy I let into the back yard digging up some of my garden plants. Then that cat thing happened, then I realized how much this would cost and we're in that 'not poor enough to get free medical treatment' and 'not rich enough to not care' category, and before long I was fit to be tied. My girl is ok - she got a shot and some pills to take. Mercy, last night was just awful.

Boo, I was reading about all the things you have going on right now. Girl, you sound so much like me. I worry so much that I can't enjoy each day as it comes for fear of what could happen next. What is the answer? I pray, but keep on worrying anyway. Btw, I'm so thankful to hear your friend Linda is now off life support!

Deputy Warren, I hope you don't have a cold coming on. Summer colds are such a pain. I'll pray it's not the flu.

I hope Andelina's doing well, Mavis. I haven't talked to her in ages. Maybe I'll play a Buffett tune in her honor.

Homemaker, I'm praying for you and yours.

I'm keeping a good thought for everyone. May the upcoming holiday weekend be uneventful for all of us!

Much love,


June 29, 2006 - Msg 41754: That should be - you WILL always be UP with me!

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41755: Morning folks. I fell asleep at the computer after posting Msg 41740.

auh2o Msg 41741, thank you for catching Boo's error about that "tall, dark and handsome" remark. I need all the help I can get.
Msg 41742, and a good morning back at ya.

M-T Msg 41743, as soon as I read your comment about how you got your nickname, I had a vision of Barney singing those words to prepare his vocal chords. A very unique name.

Deputy Warren Msg 41746, glad to hear you're feeling better. As for auh2o's name, ever notice him talking about a person named Goldwater? See Msg 41741. In the chemical world, they have what's known as the Table of Elements where every chemical known to man is listed along with information about their atomic structures. They don't list the chemicals by name. They use abbreviations. Well, "au" is the chemical name for Gold and "h2o" is the chemical name for Water. Get it now? "auh2o" is GoldWater. Apparently, auh2o admires him. Goldwater is a former Senator from Arizona. He also ran for but lost the 1964 election for President of the United States. He also was a General in the Air Force reserves. He passed away in 1998.

Asa Msg 41750, speaking of PU, that is the initials of one of the colleges I graduated from. And I got a Bachelor of Science from there. So that means I can put B.S. P.U. after my name. ROFLMAO

from Poor Horatio

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41756: Thank you Des. . .hm

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41757: Good Morning Porchsters!!! And Hello DES!!!

"Howdy do to you and you? It's me it's me, it's Ernest T."

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41758: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You guys kill me!...You have a point there about the toolbelt, ASA....one must make an attempt to control the passions of the flesh....I must endeavor not to covet my neighbor's husband's toolbelt, and I agree with M-T, don't try to do initials for your current name! HAHAHA

Well, I just put a chicken in the pot for soup later and now its time for the coffee break...waited a long time for my first cup this morning.

Sorry about confusing you with Horatio, Auh2o. You both have similar styles.

Horatio, Yes, it is wonderful what the Lord did for Linda. I wanted to tell you that yesterday when we were driving home from church I was explaining to my son what God had done in healing Linda. I didn't know my little girl (4) was listening from the back seat but I could hear her whispering so I looked back and she had her little head bowed, and her hands pressed together and she was saying, "Thank you God for helping Linda". Isn't that neat? Kids are great when they aren't turning your hair grey.

Glad you are feeling a bit better Warren, get plenty of rest and fluids. Wish I could send you some chicken soup.

Me-They, I could be mistaken but I think that Warren mentioned that he wasn't a Christian or any other religion. Of course, attending church is still a great idea, and you are right, being a part of a loving church family is one of the greatest blessings in this life.

I was reading the paper this morning and read about a local man who was on trial for killing the one month old infant daughter of his girlfriend. The baby died of multiple skull fractures and rib fractures, etc. and the county prosecutor was pressing for a capital murder charge and didn't get it. The guy was found guilty of manslaughter instead. His defense attorney said, "We were disappointed that he wasn't aquited. He is worried about his future and is sad." Funny that someone can kill a baby, lie about it and then is "worried about his future". What about the future he took from the baby. I wonder if he is concerned about that? What is this world coming to?!

I miss Romeena....hope she finds the time to check in soon. Bet she is riding a Sea-Doo or something right now.


June 29, 2006 - Msg 41759: Hey DES, we were posting at the same time. Wow, sounds like you had quite a night last night, so sorry! Hope your daughter heals quickly.

Continued prayers for you Homemaker.

Morning Barnwannabee, hope you are having a good day today.

Morning to you Auh20, you are one smart cookie. I barely got one degree without killing myself. I hated school. I did take some courses at the seminary (by choice) and that I enjoyed but if I HAVE to learn it, it makes it harder for me. After my children get older, I am thinking about going back to get my Master's in Nursing so that I can teach later. I worked 15 years in the hospital as a nurse and I don't think I want to go back to that but there is a real need in our area for those willing to teach Nursing. The salary is not great so most Nurses won't teach. I'm thinking about it, anyway...we'll see.

Been talking too long! See ya'll later,


June 29, 2006 - Msg 41760: Boo: as Floyd says, you love that mid-mornin' cup a coffee!!! Boo, you were talking about the guy who killed that girl, I wonder too if they can sleep like that??? A woman that I work with, the place that we work has a bar on one side, and a resturant on the other. (My parents own it) She said that when she first started there, she was working as a bartender, and she knew the former owners very well. Their son-in-law came in and took over, and he was steeling money out of the cash registers, and saying that it was her. She was so upset about it, and even last night when she was telling me the story, she started crying. He accused her, and the owners, which she had known much longer than he had, fired her. She asked me if I thought he could sleep with the fact that he did that on his mind. I told her what goes around comes around, and that one day, he would have to answer to God for it.


June 29, 2006 - Msg 41761: That's right, BWB. It really makes you wonder how some folks sleep at night. I think people like that have an abnormal conscience. Think about it this way, if a person lives life with no "moral compass" there is no end to what they might do. If one takes no thought for the bible or God's judgement against sin, their sin will lead them to destruction. The bible talks about how a person's conscience can be "seared" and it can no longer feel right from wrong (very scary place to be).


June 29, 2006 - Msg 41762: Hey BOO, BWB, DES and HORATIO. Just checking in since I made it back early from lunch (Just pb&j and some fruit from home--where's SPOT when you need him?).

Neat story about your daughter, BOO.

Again, I don't mean to butt in where I shouldn't in regard to my comment to BWB and DWF. JUst some friendly advice.

Later, folks.


June 29, 2006 - Msg 41762: Gotta go check the chicken.....


June 29, 2006 - Msg 41763: Why, what's the chicken doing? (ha)


June 29, 2006 - Msg 41764: Hi porch, lunch on me....
barbecues and slaw, lemonade, and peanut butter cookies.

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41765: M-T: Who is DWF??? I didn't see where you butted in, what were you talking about???


June 29, 2006 - Msg 41766: MIL: That sounds GREAT!!!


June 29, 2006 - Msg 41767: deputy warren fergeson, bwb.

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41768: DWF is my appreviation for DEPUTY WARREN FERGUSON. My buttin' in was the last post before the sweep (#41743).


June 29, 2006 - Msg 41769: Gee whiz, MILLIE! I sure wish I'da waited a bit before eating my lunch. But I still have room for the cookie.

"Don't give him my Mr. Cookie Bar. I'll need that."

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41770: To Barnwannabe, Msg 41760, that is a very sad story about your female friend being fired for something she did not do. Now with her gone, who will the son-in-law use to accuse? Had I been the owners, I would have set up a hidden camera around the cash registers to obtain proof before taking any corrective action. I have done something similar to identify and prove who was stealing money from my suitcase.

from Poor Horatio B.S. P.U.

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41771: Your educashun must have been worth every penny, HORATIO! If only for them fancy initials.


June 29, 2006 - Msg 41772: or you could hook up a car battery to the register...

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41773: Me-They, I'm packing up a coupla bbqs for ya to take home....

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41774: got this 'special' bbq, only for my friends...

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41775: Horatio: That's the same thing that she said, who will he blame now??? She is no longer a bartender, she works in the resturant with me. When my parents took it over, they hired her, myself, and they kept the cook. They (My parents) did put in a survelience(didn't spell right, probably) throughout the whole bar, and resturant.


June 29, 2006 - Msg 41776: Thanks a mil, MIL. It doesn't have to be a special ocassion to eat your sauce, does it? Sir Walter Raleigh Landin' Day is months off.


June 29, 2006 - Msg 41777: whew...back at work and busy...still have not read all the mail....supper menu:..country fried steak and gravy,corn on the cobb,fried taters,green breans,sliced tomatos.cornbread..tea..back in just a bit....SPOT

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41778: M-T: Okay, I read that, and I will try to find a good Church, but all of the Churches in my area are huge, and I don't know that the people would really get to know you on a regular, first name bases, if you will. It just seems that there would be too many people to remember.


June 29, 2006 - Msg 41779: Did I make ya'll mad at me by saying that???


June 29, 2006 - Msg 41780: BWB, I'm not mad at you....remember, this is a board, sometimes people don't post or check in for awhile....patience.

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41781: HI ALL





June 29, 2006 - Msg 41782: Also, some big churches I've been to do a great job of making visitors feel welcome. Go check em out.

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41783: Hey guy's

Deputy Warren Ferguson

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41784: Thanks for the poem, Tom. Very well put.

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41785: hey, Warren....feeling any better?

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41786: Yeah Millie thank's.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41787: Im bored at home. Anyone wanna talk or something?

Deputy Warren Ferguson

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41788: Hey, TOM. Great poem. How're you doing? Glad to hear GIZZMO is okay. Tell her we said howdy.

BWB: Of course I'm not angry at you for what you said. My comments were just my way of trying to be a friend. Honesty, couched in love, always is the best policy.

MILLIE: Thanks for the take-out. And thanks in advance for supper, SPOT.

Hey, DWF. Sorry, but I'm at work and can't jaw right now. Glad you are feeling better.

Take care.


June 29, 2006 - Msg 41789: Warren, I feel like talking. You still there???


June 29, 2006 - Msg 41790:
Hey Folks,

Me-They, About the cards, I wasn't sure if it was you or not; The post was not signed but the one above it was yours. I guess we all know what happens when you assume, kind of like graduating from PU with a degree in BS. Har, Har, Hardy Har Har!

See ya'll later,

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41791: Yep, BWB.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41792: Oh, I like that! "Honesty, couched in love, always the best policy."...did you say that, M-T or was it Calvin Coolidge?...words to live by, for sure! By the way, the chicken was boiling, that's why I had to check it...I must say that chicken made some mighty-fine soup, too.

BWB, good for your parents for hiring that girl back!

I would like to stay and chat, Warren but my sister came over for a visit so I should go talk to her. I'll be back later,


June 29, 2006 - Msg 41793: VERY funny, Auh2o! Har Har!


June 29, 2006 - Msg 41794: Hey everyone, I thought you might be interested in reading my review of TAGS the complete fith season on Amazon.Ca.

You can read it by going here :

http://www.amazon.ca/exec/ obidos/ASIN/B000BYRCF6/qid=1151606572/sr=1-3ref=sr_1_3_3/702-8569165-6868806

Yeah I know that's tough but you can copy and paste it, or go to amazon.ca and go to DVD and type in The Andy Griffith Show.

Anyway's thought you might want to know. If you do my review for season 5 is the only one their so you will know it's mine.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41795: Sorry their are no spaces in the real website. It wouldn't let me use the whole thing because it was to long or something.

So just delete the space between exec/obidos.


Deputy Warren Ferguson

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41796: Warren, I'm back. Sorry. Feel like some trivia???


June 29, 2006 - Msg 41797: Sure, why not! What's the subject for today?

Deputy Warren Ferguson

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41798: MDC, BUCKEYE ...Im still around ,just watching all the going ons here on the porch lately

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41799: bwb ya here?

Deputy Warren Ferguson

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41800: Anyone wanna head over to Sarah's later on tonight?

Deputy Warren Ferguson

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41801: Warren, the subject is people of Mayberry.

Sound good???


June 29, 2006 - Msg 41802: Warren, you here???


June 29, 2006 - Msg 41803: Yeah. Give me one BWB.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41804: Who was whisteling on the way to the fishing hole, Andy, or Opie???


June 29, 2006 - Msg 41805: There Warren???


June 29, 2006 - Msg 41806: WARREN???????????


June 29, 2006 - Msg 41807: Andy right?

Deputy Warren Ferguson

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41808: I'll be there Warren.

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41809: Correct!!!


June 29, 2006 - Msg 41810: #2: Who was the girl that Barney took to the Blue View???


June 29, 2006 - Msg 41811: O.K., who said this on The Andy Griffith Show :

"Oh Andy, the girl's were all over me".

It could be easy or tough.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41812: Oh sorry BWB, didn't see that their! We will both try each other's.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41813: great sweep me-they, my sweeps are so fast that we will have to replace the boards soon. anyone voluntering to check for spiders under the porch? auh20, i agree a nap after a big meal has an adverse affect on the wasteline however it does wonders for eyeball maintence and causing my one brain cell a chugging along. tom, great poem and so great seeing you friend we miss your poems and visits when your not here. mayberry deputy, great seeing you, you been gone so long that buckeye changed his name to colt in honor of a young feller you can read about it in the archives. you like all the knock off car racing starting up. car drifting, dirt track racing. etc. des- prayers for your daughter and you. and now in high school, wow. hi to warren, bwb, (thanks for lunch millie), barnewannabe, spot- sounds like another great supper- sure makes a feller sleep so peaceful after a meal like that, thanks. colt

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41814: Anybody got Romeena's email address?
I know she's in Fla...

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41815: millie want to chat at Sarah's tonight? to lazy to add capitol's right now!

deputy warren ferguson

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41816: BWB, I don't know that one! Do you know mine?

Deputy Warren Ferguson

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41817: Y'all have a great evening. Have fun at Sarah's, just don't stay up too late or spend all your time online. As Mr. Tucker would say, "There's a great big world out there!"

Man, I'm hungry. It's my turn to cook, so we may be going to Bob Evans. Hey, that counts in my book. Now if I could only get teh Mrs. to see it my way.


June 29, 2006 - Msg 41818: I'll be there,Warren.

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41819: I'm serving light appetizers on the porch with iced tea.....help yourself to the crudite, M-T.

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41820: COLT: As I've told ASA, I ain't climbing under there with them spiders! Hammer or no hammer!


June 29, 2006 - Msg 41821: Yum, MILLIE; got any dip to go with?


June 29, 2006 - Msg 41822: of course....spicy tomato or frnch onion, your choice.

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41823: mmmm.fresh vegies from the garden.

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41824: Warren: IT's Barney isn't it???

Mine was Feebe


June 29, 2006 - Msg 41825: Thanks. I'm gonna grab and run. See y'all tomorrow.


June 29, 2006 - Msg 41826: Nope BWB. Warren!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41827: See ya M-T!!!


June 29, 2006 - Msg 41828: Wow!!! I guess I ain't as good as I thought.LOL

#4: What was the name of Otis's attorney???


June 29, 2006 - Msg 41829: NEAL BENTLEY....spot

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41830: Oh. I know this one.... ah, nevermind. I know the episode and everything, but not the name!

How do you remember BWB? Or do you use a book? I don't care I use book's all the time!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41831: Oh, look's like Spot got it. Spot, how do you know?

Deputy Warren Ferguson

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41832: Millie, Romeena is visiting her son and his family in Florida. She will contact us soon via her son's computer, at least that is how it has been in the past. I'm sure we will hear from her soon.

Ya'll have a great evening. Maybe I'll be back late tonight.


June 29, 2006 - Msg 41833: Correct Spot!!! Congrats!!!

I use memory. I watch 4 episodes a day, so I wind up watching episodes over, and over, and over.

Who did Barney say he had in his hip pocket, Juanita, Feebe, or Thelma Lou???

Where do you get a book like that???


June 29, 2006 - Msg 41834: Warren???


June 29, 2006 - Msg 41835: just a good mayberry citizen warren....SPOT

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41836: well getting ready to leave work at 6...post 41777 is the supper menu..see ya there....seems like the format on the porch has changed in the past few weeks...I cant seem to keep up!....SPOT

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41837: I wanted to pop in and say hey. I went to the dentist today and had major work done and now I'm a hurtin' girl. Tylenol isn't doing the trick. I can't take Motrin with anti-inflammatories because of my blood disorder. I'll check back in either later tonight or tomorrow. Stepdaughter is beginning to show her true self-more later. Prayer for both matters, please. Oh, M-T, I have been praying at 8:55.
Blessings y'all,

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41838: Prayers for both matters, Lucy.


June 29, 2006 - Msg 41839: Lucy, did Gomer drive you to the dentist? Did you buy him breakfast? LOL Prayers for your situations.

Spot, welcome back you old hound. We missed ya. Sounds like you had a blast.

Poor Horatio, I've been giggling to my self all day about the B.S.P.U. That sounds mighty official.


Continued prayers for you Homemaker.

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41840: Hey Millie! Yup, I reckon that's my book. My best book ever though is called Bible Story Puppets and Poems. The puppet part is ok, but I love the poems. They are all Bible stories. I would like it better if it had been a full-color bedtime book, but novice writers like myself make those kinds of mistakes I guess. Mavis, thanks for coaxing me to go to Sarah's. Millie, Tommy, and I had a nice conversation last night before I got too sleepy and had to go to bed. Also--I try to type back so fast that I made a lot of typos. I hate doing that! I may try to go for a short visit again tonight, but it will be earlier than last night.
Charlotte Tucker

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41841: BWB It was Thelma Lou. And lawww did it cause many problems. Isn't that the one where she started flirting with Gomer??

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41842: I just read the archives. Ah, Asa, don't go changin' yer name. I like you purty fine just the way you are.

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41843: Charlotte, did you do "I Always Faint When I see a Syringe"?

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41844: Evening folks. SPOT so glad you are home safe and sound and back in the kitchen. Hope you had a good time. Anybody know when Romeena is coming home? ya'll have a good night. maybe I can see you later. Big Maude

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41845:
Buckeye, colt, pipester,mountain man, pappabear, you done got this ole buzzard all confused. Aint it enuf that thar was an upside down owl all over the porch lately! haha
Myers Lake it is for the big 4th of July celebration. Fly your flag high cuz our weak kneeed senators dont know what they're doin' !Kabluey goes the ole goats, er soapbox. ha
Porr Horatio- your BSPU was funny! next ya can wax the steps at the old folks home! (:
BOO_ what movie did you see? I cant seem to get anyone interested in The Lake House.
DES and Boo- i just stand on Phil. 4:6-ff. and Matt 5 where Jesus says "Do not worry!" I gets me theu the day with 2 nephews in Iraq. My mom used to "literally" stand on her Bible while my dad was gone for almost 2 years during WWII. Many times his plane was so badly shot up that only a miracle brought it back!
BOO- I also say Halleluiah!! That is GREAT about Linda and your comment about feeling the glory of the Lord!
HM- prayers continue for you and yours.
Ya all have a good evening!
PS: (and I dont mean Phil Sunkel) ha The porch food has been swell lately, really lays on the chest!
Andy: Floyd, Calvin Coolidge didnt say everythig!
Floyd: He didnt?

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41846: Millie wanna go to Sarah's?

BWB, I get my hardcore AGS information from The Andy Griffith Show book 40th edition, some from Mayberry Memorie's and some from The Andy Griffith Show 1985 book by Jim Kelly.

I watch 1-2 episode's a day.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41847: Evening Porch! Big Maude I think she said she would be gone 12 days or so. CT sorry I missed you at Sarah's last night, gonna try to head over there in a bit. I need to ask you folks to pray for my neighbors, I call her Mamaw, even tho she technically isn't my Mamaw, the families have lived next to each other for over 60 years & that is all I have ever known her as. Anyway, Mamaw is in the hospital right now & it is only a matter of time. They are counting the breaths she is taking & just waiting right now. The whole family is there at the hospital & pretty upset (understandable) please pray that they will receive comfort at this time. Mamaw told me long ago she was ready to go see Jesus' beautiful face & God could just come get her anytime. So, it's not her that needs the prayers, she will be better than most of us when she finally breathes her last. Best go for now, thanks in advance for the prayers.

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41848: Can't remember who said they had never had butterscotch pie so here ya go..

Butterscotch Pie
3/4 c. brown sugar, packed
3 eggs, separated
4 Tbsp. corn starch
pinch of salt
1 can evaporated milk
1 tsp. vanilla
1/2 c. whole milk
3/4 stick butter

Mix brown sugar with corn starch. Stir in milks, beaten egg yolks, and salt. Cook in double boiler, stirring, until smooth and thickened. Smooth with mixer. Add vanilla and butter.
reserved egg whites
1/8 tsp. salt
1/8 tsp. cream of tartar
4 Tbsp. powdered sugar

Combine salt, cream of tartar and powdered sugar with egg whites and beat until stiff. Spread on cake and bake until meringue is lightly browned.


June 29, 2006 - Msg 41849:
dadburn it! fixed?

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41850: Anybody at Sarah's it says I am in an empty room??? Never happened before.

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41851: Mavis, prayers and thoughts on the way. Big Maude

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41852: Mavis, I am sorry but I had to leave Sarahs. I will try to check back later. Big Maude

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41853: I just came home from work to get something, I'll see ya'll tonight around 11. If you're still up.


June 29, 2006 - Msg 41854: Just went over to Sarah's....where is everyone tonite? If anyone wants to chat, I'm available....


June 29, 2006 - Msg 41855: Mavis, that recipe looks yummy...I think I'll make it and sell it as "Mavis' Butterscotch Pie"...I'm sure it'll be a hit.
Thanks Mavis!

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41856: Mavis, prayers for Mamaw's family.

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41857: More prayers for Mamaw, Mavis. So sorry. Millie, No, I don't know what you're talkin' about--Is that a book title? Not me. I was goin' to go over to Sarah's, but my hubby's been gone all week and he just got home, so I better pass tonight. Give everyone there my regards.
Charlotte Tucker

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41858: Bad internet day today for me. It's been down more than it's been up due to severe storms. I'm at Sarah's now until about 12:30am eastern.

from Poor Horatio

June 29, 2006 - Msg 41859: Well MDC, I didn't see a movie tonight. When I went to pick up my friend, her irresponsible teenaged daughter had flown the coop and left her 7 month old behind for her mom to care for. I was a bit upset but not at all surprised. The girl has zero respect for her mom and mom lets her get away with it. We did go out and eat Chinese but that was all.

Prayers for Mavis and Mamaw's family. I am exited for Mamaw. Imagine knowing you were so close to seeing your beloved Lord.

Wanted to tell you about a new series that Chuck Swindoll is doing on the family. I heard part 1 tonight and it was excellant. Check your local Christian radio stations to see when you can listen to it if you are interested. Today's broadcast was really unique.

I would like to ask your continued prayers for Sean while we are weaning him off this Paxil. We have 2 more weeks and it is getting rough. We have gone from 15mg down to 5mg now and he is very emotional, unable to handle stress and so on. Poor kid is having a tough time.

Also please remember my friend whose little girl was hurt by the 15 yr old. My friend is having such a hard time with it because she has an ex-husband that is not a very nice person and she fears he will try to gain custody of her children when he learns of all this. He is the type that would try to gain custody so he wouldn't have to pay child support to his ex. He is about to get remarried and would have someone to take care of them now so it is a real possibility that he might try. My poor friend is in such emotional pain over it, and it would be horrific for the kids, who have already been through so much. Thanks.

Think I will brush the teeth and think about going to bed. My son has 2 friends over for the night but I am about to go turn out the lights and force them to bed. Until tomorrow..parting is such sweet sorrow!


June 30, 2006 - Msg 41860: Night porch. Sleep tight!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

June 30, 2006 - Msg 41861: Morning dears. Its a great day in the Lord.

Mavis, Prayers for your Mamaws situation. Her departure will no doubt be a blessing for her, but hard for all you left behind.

Boo, I caught most of that broadcast yesterday morning on the radio by Chuck. (man, can I call him Chuck lol) I agree, this is going to be an excellent series. And prayers for your friend.

Welcome back Spot, you old hound dog. We missed ya. Maude took good care of us while you was gone.

MDC, was your Dad in a B-17? Them old bombers could really take a lickin and keep on tickin. They flew many missions deep into Germany without fighter protection and paid a heavy price for it. Until the P-51 Mustang was built. Then we kicked some serious behind!

Charlotte, how ya doing? Missed you at Sarah's last night. Talked to Poor Horatio for a bit. He ain't half bad. LOL

Well it's Friday. We made it. How many are gonna make it a 4 day weekend? I'm thinking about it.

Hope you all have a good safe productive day.


June 30, 2006 - Msg 41862: good morning everyone . homemaker, my prayers continue for you and linda. an elder at chruch had been on life support and given up for dead . we had several prayers from chruch. vigils, well after many grim reports he started coming around and though he's had staff a couple of times since going home, he is on the mend and last sunday with an oxygen tank but under the lords power he walked into chruch for the morning service. the first sat of the month we have an interdenominational prayer breakfast and dean (that's his name)and i always tease each other about eating so much . he said i might out eat him for now barely above a whisper and smiled. the point is homemaker we were all about sure that the lord was going to call him home but kept praying. hang in there homemaker and watch out for the fireworks that prayer can answer once left in the lords hands. hang in there linda. colt

June 30, 2006 - Msg 41863: mdc- when you get a chance please read the archives, the only reason i changed my name is in honor of a certain youth and all our youth. also in the archives i let you know about hugh o'brian 81 got married first time. what is everyone planning to do on the 4th of july ? ALSO maybe we should report gas prices as there rising again. lincoln, illinois about center of state is $2.98 now. colt

June 30, 2006 - Msg 41864: asa- i'm praying i have a good and safe day but i don't want to ask the lord for to much when so many need help so i'll skip the productive part of the day if that's ok? colt

June 30, 2006 - Msg 41865: morning folks. Hope all is well this Friday morning. colt, gas prices here are around 2.75,I figure they are going up due to the holiday coming. went up about 14 cents a gallon this week. Hey SPOT, did I miss breakfast ? Morning ASA, Mavis, Millie, HM, DWF, BWB,Auh20,Boo,CT, Poor Horatio, Tom and anyone else I can not see from over here. Guess I will work until noon and then off till Monday. maybe I can check in later today. ya'll behave. Big Maude

June 30, 2006 - Msg 41866: Good Friday morning to you porchsters! Wanted to stop by before heading out to work & give you an update on Mamaw. She is still hanging on, but the Dr. is saying he really doesn't know how, it's just a matter of time tho. Don't know why she isn't just letting go, maybe she thinks someone needs her around a little longer. At any rate, continued prayers for the family would be greatly appreciated. I am going to go by the hospital today on my way to groom some of those poor dogs from the neglect case. I'll let ya'll know when I get homw. Prayers to everyone & Spot WHAT'S FER BREKKY?? I'm hungry! I'm thinking bisquits & gravy would hit the spot!

June 30, 2006 - Msg 41867: Hey, Colt. I will be going to the In-law's for forth of July. They live in a small Texas town about an hour from me and talk about HOT! I guess the whole family will cram into the mobile home and fight for places to sit down. Sound like fun?? We are plannning to bar-b-que, which is nice. Then , we will sit around and listen to my sister-in-law talk about her bad divorce. Then someone will say something to offend one of the women and start a fight....you get the picture, fun.

Glad you caught that Swindoll broadcast, ASA. It doesn't come on here until 10pm so I hope I don't forget to listen to it tonight.

Better go, have to go into town to take Sean to his counselor. I have three boys sleeping on the floor and on couches in the den and they won't be easy to wake up!


June 30, 2006 - Msg 41868: Oh hey, Mavis and Maude (sounds like a sitcom). Hope you have a good day. Prayers for Mamaw's family.


June 30, 2006 - Msg 41869: Oh I forgot to share something that was a great blessing that happened the week of VBS. Ya'll know how I moaned and groaned about how tired I was, etc..Well, I have talked before about my neighbor who is an alcoholic and has the 2 boys that I took to VBS. The boys are 11 and 13 and are good, well-behaved kids. They both went with us every night of VBS and the youngest one went to the pastor and asked him about accepting Christ so pastor talked with him and answered his questions and then the boy wanted to pray to receive Christ. Pastor told me had had a great understanding of the gospel for his age. I am very happy about it because those boys have a tough life. Yesterday, Sean brought them to our house saying that their mom was screaming and calling them horrible names. They spent the night here last night. It was great, though, that come Wed. night, they both wanted to come to church with us and said they want to continue. I have asked prayer for them in the past and you guys have prayed, so I thank you. I can see God's hand in their lives.



June 30, 2006 - Msg 41870: Good morning everyone!

BOO: I think your Independence Day plans sounds like a sticom, too.

Prayers for HM, MAVIS' neighbor, LUCY's family, BOO's Sean, and all you Porch People. Did I forget anybody?

SPOT: Yeah, the dynamic of the porch has changed a little, but will likely clam down again soon.

Well, it's a busy day here but I will try and check back later. Take care.


June 30, 2006 - Msg 41871: good morning tom, dess things are moving faster thru these pages than gilley or the fun girls going down main street and my eyes ain't as fast as they once were. tonight on 20/20, abc 9pm central a special about what happened to small town america. colt

June 30, 2006 - Msg 41872: big maude, no you didn't miss breakfast. stop at wach porch you encounter and by lunch we should all be ready for a nap. just tell them colt sent you. if they don't shoot at us we'll be fed in the finest meals this land can give. how does this sound? a traveling breakfaST IF IT WORKS OUT WE MAY HAVE SOMETHING NEW ON THE PORCH. colt

June 30, 2006 - Msg 41873: boo- prayers for sean. just don't get to close when they start a cooking. way to much excitment for me. isn't it funny when one of those shin digs are over and everyones leaving, they all talk about the great time everyone had? and we should do this again soon? your thinking not on this side of eternity, thank you. you grit your teeth, smile a bit and say sure maybe soon. colt

June 30, 2006 - Msg 41874: I have a quick question. COLT, are you still our mayor or did your term expire? If so, who was elected our new mayor? I can't seem to remember.