July 03, 2006 - Msg 41991: AFD: The Mrs. is doing okay, but ready, if you know what I mean. The load is getting heavy. I trust that you are doing well also.

July 03, 2006 - Msg 41992: My goodness - a lot of posts went out while I was writing mine. You and I were thinking the same thoughts (about Calvin Coolidge), weren't we Millie?


July 03, 2006 - Msg 41993: Oops! I hit the post button instead of "shift" and swept the porch. Oh, well, work, work, work.

Thanks for checking in, AFD.


July 03, 2006 - Msg 41994: We better walk gingerly people. FLOYD warned us that if we break the porch, he will be out of town for a few days. Plus, he might take the repairs out of our allowance or sell our bikes.


July 03, 2006 - Msg 41995: Good sweep, M-T! I can totally relate to your Mrs., and all's well with me. We (finally) got our baby room painted and it looks real nice. Just have to let it air out for a few days before I start putting things in it.


July 03, 2006 - Msg 41996: I'm still painting. It's just so darned hot. But we've got the newborn diapers, have put the little car seat back in teh car, and are generally ready. The other two came during convenient daylight hours. We hope this one cooperates, too.


July 03, 2006 - Msg 41997: To Floyd 41971, thank for fixing the Front Porch. If we knew what was causing it to lock up you can be sure we would stop doing it. Imagine that if it happens again while you are gone, that means we will be without the Front Porch for nearly a week (till Sunday). I guess that means I'll finally have time to do somethings around the house for a change. LOL.

Here is more Independence Day trivia to add to what Me-They posted in Msg 41973. I discovered this on the internet. Supposedly when they felt he was near death, friends of former president James Madison tried to convince him to take stimulants to extend his life until July 4th. He refused and ended up dying six days earlier. We almost had four former presidents die on the 4th of July.

To Goober Msg 41977, glad you enjoyed the Windy City (Chicago). It's my hometown ... sort of. I worked there most of my adult life.

To Deputy Warren Msg 41980, my Canada day was great, although the fireworks got rained on.

To BWB Msg 41987, go ahead with your problem. I'm listening.

Finally to everyone here. We have had the Front Porch lock up twice now in about two weeks. Floyd thinks it might be due to more than one person posting at the same time. Maybe that's because we want to chat in here. As a precaution, let's save the chat for Sarah's. I asked earlier for people to submit what days they would be interested in holding a regular chat session over at Sarah's. So far I have received replies from Millie, Mavis and Boo. Either post here what days you prefer or just post what days you can't make it.


from Poor Horatio

July 03, 2006 - Msg 41998: Hey to AFD and MT...we have not found out if it's a goob or a goobette yet...that comes in about 2 weeks!

Hey to Poor Horatio...I've been here about 9 years now...hope to stick it out 3 more...then headed for the promised land...or Ky to you that were not fortunate enough to be born that close to Heaven. Like I always say...Ky ain't heaven...but it's a local call from there. :-)

Ya'll be good!


July 03, 2006 - Msg 41999: BWB, I'll listen to your problem and try to help if I can.

July 03, 2006 - Msg 42000:
Wow, with all the Superman talk, I thought someone threw kryptonite on the porch! ha
Boo, that was a cute one from your baby girl!
Here's a good one from our pastor Sunday while talking about Jarius' daughter etc:
Usually, when WE enter a room of full of people with a contagious disease, we "catch" the same disease, but JESUS changed all that. When HE walked into such a room, He stayed well, and all the others "caught" HEALTH! Aint that neat.?
So we pray for ya all with the power He gave us!
MD and Spot, colt, see that class finish by Tony Stewart Sat. night? Eally captured the flag!
Colt, buckeye, pipeman, it has been so hot here, that the mosquitos are just walking, biting feet only! haha
QUOTE time: (gee, what ep did I just watch?)
Barn: Oh yeah, Jack Egbert!
Andy: I didnt know you were in Spanish Club?
Barn: SI

Just saw a great program on TBN about the Christian faith of our founding fathers. They prayed throughout the Constitutional Congress!
Have a great day.

July 03, 2006 - Msg 42001: Thanks Poor Horatio!!!

I have 3 aunts that are really mean. They are really evil. There is one aunt, who I am very close with, and they can't stand it, so they try to ruin our lives. I am not kidding, they try to ruin our lives. I have tried to be nice to them, but every time I do, it bites me on the behind, if you know what I mean. They lie about us, and they've lied about us so much, that my aunt that lives out of town, will not speak to us. They can't stand it because I like my one aunt more than I like them, but I have a good reason for it... When I was seven, they tried to have me taken away from my parents. They man that came to inspect our house, said that he saw nothing wrong, and that was the truth. My parents are wonderful. They have tried to make our lives misereble for as long as I can remember, and due to where I live, I can't get away from them. They have recently stabbed my aunt, my mother and father, and myself in the back greatly. They tried to sink the deal on my parents resturant, and they lied about my aunt and I, to the extent that some of our friends think that we are horrible people. I just don't know what to do, I don't want to cause hurt to them, but after what they've put me through, I've not been so hesitant to just tell them what evil withches that they are.

Thanks for listening, and let me know what you think that I should do.


July 03, 2006 - Msg 42002: And thanks Mil!!!


July 03, 2006 - Msg 42003:
May-berry Union High
Vic-tor-y is yours well nigh,
We'll hit the line for points every time,
The orange and blue will try-try-try-try!
And when the vic-t'ry's won,
You'll be our favorite son,
Proud waves our banner in the sky-y-y-y,
Mayberry Union High

July 03, 2006 - Msg 42004: Hey, MDC, good thing the ACLU didn't get wind of that. Don't get me wrong, I, for one, believe that the ACLU provides us a valuable service. They just don't seem to know how best to use their time and money ofttimes.

Good point, HORATIO.


You still out there, BWB? BWB? B?

"You beat everything!"

July 03, 2006 - Msg 42005:
Bwb- I suggest that you may want to talk to your pastor on that one. It is kinda hard for us to see all the ins and outs of it here. I will certainly keep up my prayers for you and yours.
God bless and keep you. Let me think on this some more and see if I can offer some thoughts to you.

July 03, 2006 - Msg 42006:
Me-they, now THAT was funny!

July 03, 2006 - Msg 42007: I'm here M-T. BWB

July 03, 2006 - Msg 42008: Anyone else have advice??? Thanks for yours MDC.

July 03, 2006 - Msg 42009: Sorry, BWB, I was called away from my (very) late lunch, but I'm back now. I agree with MDC that it's difficlut to give specific advice when we don't know the complete situation. Nevertheless, I offer this very general advice. When someone does wrong to us, we are to forgive them if they genuinely ask. We also are to "turn the other cheek." But that doesn't mean we have to stand in front of a slapping machine. If someone does us wrong and continues to do so despite our genuine overtures to change the behavior, there's nothing wrong with going the other direction. While wanting to vent is understandable, and may make you feel good for a moment, it is not the answer. So, try to get along, avoid hurtful people and situations, and stand up for yourself with humility and love if you have to. Remember, in teh final analysis there is only One whose opinion truly counts.

So if this doesn't help much, but it's the best I've got. You take care.


July 03, 2006 - Msg 42010: Afternoon porch! BWB, what's your problem? Poor Horatio, glad you had a nice Canada day! Hey to MDC and M-T!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 03, 2006 - Msg 42011: "So" should be "sorry."


July 03, 2006 - Msg 42012: Y'all have a great Indepedence Day! Remember prayer time at 8:55 p.m. EST.


July 03, 2006 - Msg 42013: It's Idependence Day Today? Thought it was tommaro.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 03, 2006 - Msg 42014: BWB, MSG 42001, sound's like Cinderala!

No BWB, just kidding. I would tell it to them straight. Give them a good talking to.

Either that or ignore them. Sort of like THE BIG FREEZE. You know how it work's.

That's the best I can give you. I'm no genius at this type of thing.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 03, 2006 - Msg 42015: Hey gang!....whew..been up on the boat for 2 days...got to read ALL the mail...tonight lets grill a hotdog and shoot some early fireworks..baked beans and fanta soda...i will put a bunch of pork butts on the smoker for the Celebration tomorrow....SPOT

July 03, 2006 - Msg 42016: To BWB Msg 42001, I have been thinking about your problem and I just can't come up with a quick solution. I need to dwell on it for a day or two.

from Poor Horatio

July 03, 2006 - Msg 42017: BWB, Msg 42001, my initial thought from the way you describe things seems to indicate that the aunts have a grudge against your family probably because of something that happened before you were seven. Talk it over with your parents to try and identify what may have happened that involved our family and the aunts. Once you identify the cause, then we can try to come up with a solution.

from Poor Horatio

July 03, 2006 - Msg 42018: BWB, I posted a mistake in the previous post. It should read "Talk it over with your parents to try and identify what may have happened that involved YOUR family and the aunts."

from Poor Horatio

July 03, 2006 - Msg 42019: Poor Hoatio, that's a genius idea! Much better then mine!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 03, 2006 - Msg 42020: Going to Sarah's tonight, Poor Horatio? I'll be their.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 03, 2006 - Msg 42021:
Spot- time to fire up that smoker! Alright!
You have a great 4th tomorrow! keep it safe with the fireworks. AZ outlaws all except professional shows.
Anyone, especially you Kentucky types, ever hear of a "hot brown" sandwich?? Some guy at my new place of work was going on about them, some kind of turkey, cheeze wiz thing? aybe ole Colt knows.
Bwb- Those aunts arent the Wakefields or carters are they? Just kidding. Sounds like they are not too repentant. You could try to see if it isnt even a "battle of mayberry" type thing where everyone had wrong information and things just snowballed along the way.
Well, gotta run.

July 03, 2006 - Msg 42022:
Warren, just dont "freeze" up the porch haha, unless it involes a ton of shaved ice!! Whew, it is hot and humid today! Could sure use a tall lemonade.

July 03, 2006 - Msg 42023: Hey MDC!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 03, 2006 - Msg 42024: Deputy Warren, I probably will stop by Sarah's tonight for a little chat. Maybe around 9pm eastern.

from Poor Horatio

July 03, 2006 - Msg 42025: O.K. Poor Horatio, good!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 03, 2006 - Msg 42026: Hello! Boy, I shopped till I dropped today! I'm happy to sit on the porch and rock awhile. I bought a great t-shirt for my sister-in-law who is having a birthday tomorrow (hey, someone else born on the 4th of July). She loves gardening so I bought her this cute shirt with a black bear on the front, standing and holding a garden spade in one hand and a pot of flowers in the other. Written under the bear are the words, "Hairy Potter". Ha! I thought it was cute.

Good to hear from AFD...guess we will be hearing some good news soon.

MDC, you mentioned both of your children being born during daylight hours. With both of mine, my water broke at 4am. Can you imagine, BOTH times?! I really made for some long days. Hope it doesn't happen to you.

BWB, sorry about the trouble with your aunts. I wish I knew what to tell you. Just remember, if your heart is right about everything, you can trust God to vindicate you in the situation. It may take some time, though.

Well, better go clean the kitchen, pick up in the den, fold the clothes in the dryer and put the wet ones in the dryer....the usual!


July 03, 2006 - Msg 42027: BWB like Poor Horatio said MSG 42017 talk it over with your parent's, get their side of the story.

After that, let your brain guide you. You'll know what to do.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 03, 2006 - Msg 42028: The day seem's to be going by slower then a slug. I wish it'd end, I'm bored stiff.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 03, 2006 - Msg 42029: I have a-bit of a problem. Nose Bleeds.

It's very scary. I've been haveing them more and more frequently these day's, and today I decided to look it up on the internet.

Man dous it scare me. You try to look on the bright side, "Oh it's just a dry nose", but when you read what I read it's scary. Here's what I read :

"Frequent nosebleeds may mean you have a more serious problem. For example, nosebleeds and bruising can be early signs of leukemia. Nosebleeds can also be a sign of blood clotting disorders and nasal tumors (cancerous and non-cancerous)."

Freakey hey. I try to look on the bright side but I also read this :

Fever, chills, and other flu-like symptoms

Syptam's of Leukemia :

Weakness and fatigue

Loss of appetite and/or weight

Swollen or bleeding gums*

Neurological symptoms (headache)*

Enlarged liver and spleen

* represent's thing's i've been feeling.

Who know's what all of it mean's, maybe I should have never looked into it.

Scary Stuff.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 03, 2006 - Msg 42030: Evenin' Porch,
We've been swamped so I wasn't able to check in for a day or 2. Yesterday, after church, we went to Stone Mountain and they had some neat shows there like a mini circus and a canine show. The fireworks after the lasers were beautiful. Today was errands and cleaning.
MDC- A Ky Hot Brown is toast on the bottom, 2 slices of turkey, topped with a cheese sauce (parmesan, flour, milk, s&p), tomato, and finally slices of bacon. I'm from Ky and often make it for my family. It is delicious.
Goober- Are you from Ky? I agree its pretty close to heaven. We may eventually move back there once the laws change and hubby can practice there as a naturopathic doctor.
Boo- That's sweet about Erin. How's Sean doing?
AFD- Are you going to work right up until you deliver?
Me-They- Those are interesting facts. My hubby calls me a nerd because I watch as many documentaries on our presidents as possible. One of my fave vacations was to Williamsburg. Millie is so blessed to live near there.
Warren & Poor Horatio- Do y'all celebrate Canada Day like we celebrate 4th of July?
BWB- You'll be in my prayers. Why doesn't Thelmalouwannabe come back?
Dixie- I just heard that Alexis and Milo broke up in real life. Did you know that?
Floyd- Thanks for fixing the board. Have a nice trip.
Spot- Dinner sounds great. Where do you take out your boat?
Mavis- How are you doing with everything? Was your sister at the funeral? How did that go?
Well, I'm gonna go and do the dishes and do my nightly cleaning. It really is a lot more work having the extra 2 kids and my hubby actually being at home!
Blessings to you and yours,
~Lucy Matthews

July 03, 2006 - Msg 42031: Warren- Get an MRI or Cat scan. Don't freak yourself out unnecessarily.

July 03, 2006 - Msg 42032: Good idea Lucy. Yes we celebrate Canada Day pretty seriously in Canada.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 03, 2006 - Msg 42033: Thank you all for your advice!!! I just got home from the resturant. There was no other beef between the family, in fact my parents let all 3 of them live with us at different times, that's why I can't understand why they would do this. I have tried to forgive them, but every time I do get "slapped".

Thanks again for your help.

Now let's talk about something nice, unless anyone has any other advice.


July 03, 2006 - Msg 42034: Warren: I'm sure that it isn't that bad. Don't get scared, until you know for sure, or else you'll worry yourself to death!!!

I got my offical Chapter Charter today!!!

i'M excited!!!


July 03, 2006 - Msg 42035: That to Warren sounede kinda mean, and I didn't by any means intend it to sound that way. Sorry if I did.


July 03, 2006 - Msg 42036: That's "Sounded"


July 03, 2006 - Msg 42037: It's o.k. BWB. I freaked out a little bit! I just got worried after reading that! Wouldn't anyone? I'm sure it's just a dry nose or something.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 03, 2006 - Msg 42038: Good for you on your Chapter Charter BWB! Hope you enjoy!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 03, 2006 - Msg 42039: Hey Warren, have you ever heard the saying, "don't cross the bridge until you come to it."? I think that's what Lucy and BWB have been saying as well.
When I have times like that I also remember a quote from one of my (other)favorite shows - Star Trek:The Next Generation. It was Cmdr. William Riker who said, "Let's not LOOK for problems."(meaning don't go speculating until you have all the facts)
But I agree you should have it checked out, but keep up a good thought, and so will we for you.

Have a nice 4th of July everyone!

-Sterling Holobyte

July 03, 2006 - Msg 42040: where are yall?....SPOT

July 03, 2006 - Msg 42041: Lucy I keep one [pontoon] docked at park marina [Red Top Mt]..the other one I just pull back-n-forth....SPOT

July 03, 2006 - Msg 42042: Gang the pork butts are smoking for the BBQ tomorrow.....got 4 on the smoker...just added wood......SPOT

July 03, 2006 - Msg 42043: Thanks Warren!!!

I will enjoy it.


July 03, 2006 - Msg 42044: Warren, I'll bet you are fine but a check-up never hurt anyone. I had to smile when I read your post because I have had myself dead and burried several times from reading up on a symptom I was having! I am a nurse and sometimes know just enough to scare myself. I remember freaking out once when my son was younger because he had a nosebleed or two. I got some info on nosebleeds, like you did, and then drove myself crazy thinking things like, 'Well, he has been feeling tired lately....and remember that headache!', and everytime I saw a bruise on him I panicked. Crazy what the mind kind do with that sort of thing. I believe in refusing to worry and seeing a doctor....now, I am much better at giving that advice than at taking it! ha Here is another example: When I was pregnant with my first child, about half way into the pregnancy I got this really weird-looking mole on my hip. I mean it really was strange looking and just kind of appeared there. It was about 1/2" in diameter, had irregular borders and was even different colors (tan, grey, black and brown). I was working at the hospital at the time and I showed that mole to every doctor that came around and everyone said the same thing, "Eeewww, I don't know WHAT that is"! So, I decided to look up Melanoma in a medical encyclopedia and scared myself to death. By the time I finished I was ready to make out my will! Anyway, I made an appointment with my doctor and he took one quick look and told me it was some kind of Keratosis that is caused by the hormones of pregnancy, go home and stop worrying about it. It actually dissappeared after I had the baby. So, the moral of my story(s) is don't let your imagination send you into fear and make things seem worse than they are, but if symptoms persist, see a doctor. A wise doc once told me that most things so away within 2 weeks time, if after that they continue, see a doctor (of course that doesn't count in the case of chest pain or something acute). So, I think Sterling was right. I will pray for you.

Hope you get a good night's rest, Warren.

Hi Lucy, Sean is doing pretty well today. He did more than his average share of cleaning but at least it helped me. He cleaned the kitchen and mopped the floors. Yippee!

Well, its off to see the in-laws tomorrow. Wish me lotsa luck. I will report all the dirty little details later....


July 03, 2006 - Msg 42045: One other thing, Warren, if you are still feeling anxious I want to suggest a website that has been a real comfort to me when I was anxious about something. I know you said you aren't a Christian but I think you might find comfort in this site, anyway. I encourage you to try it. www.biblebell.org
The site contains some really interesting discussion on religion and some great bible verses, etc. The man who runs the site is actually a retired teacher of Theology who was an atheist 30 years ago. He set out to prove that the bible was not true and ended up becoming a believer.

Warren I really want to stress to you that you aren't an "outsider" because you don't go to church or believe the same as some of us. One thing you will discover about true Christians if you give them a chance, is that we love people amd desire to reach out to everyone. Jesus said that the world would know his followers by their love. We still make lots of mistakes and do things we shouldn't but the love is still there. Take care!


July 03, 2006 - Msg 42046: Boy, I am REALLY missing Romeena. Hope she checks in soon.


July 03, 2006 - Msg 42047: Good evening porch family, hope all is well. Been over at Sarah's having a lovely chat with Poor Horatio. I have been busy at work and have not had time to stop in during the day. It is good to see you all. Hey SPOt, I will bring the cole slaw and potato salad and some lemonade. Good to see you tonight. Warren, go to the doctor... stay off the internet medical sites until you have something to worry about. Thoughts and prayers are with you. Looking forward to see you all at SPOTs. Good to see you BOO, Lucy,BWB, Sterling,
DWF,BWB,Poor Horatio, colt, Millie, Goober, MDC, MT, and anyone else I can't see. Mavis, how are you doing dear? been thinking about you. well, it is past my bed time. see you all later. Big Maude

July 03, 2006 - Msg 42048: Just a passing 'howdy' to everyone.


July 03, 2006 - Msg 42049: Hey all!!! BWB

July 03, 2006 - Msg 42050: Boo- I wish one of the kids here had even a remote interest in cleaning! God bless him.
Tommy- Howdy, nice of ya to visit again.
Big Maude- I keep meanin' to go over to Sarah's. I'll try tomorrow. I'm just too pooped tonight.
Spot- I've never been to Red Top Mtn. I thought you might be at Allatoona. That sounds very relaxing. I'm sure the kids and Miss Sherry love it!
I miss Romeena too!
Hey Sterling, BWB, Millie, Warren, and the rest of the porch. I'm gonna hit the hay. Y'all take care!

July 03, 2006 - Msg 42051: Boo thank's for all your help and advise! I really appreciate it and you are defiantly right! Boo, I will check that site out to!

Hey to Lucy, Tommy, BigMuade, BWB and Sterling.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 03, 2006 - Msg 42052:
Hello everyone

Welcome Tommy. Past on by anytme.

Spot...the BBQ sounds great. We will have a good ole time. I'll get Mrs Rev to fix up some desserts.

Boo...Good advice to Warren.

Prayers for you all and to our military on this July 4th.

July 03, 2006 - Msg 42053: Hey Warren!!!

Good Night All!!!

Hope to see you in the morn. Keep me in your prayers as I'll do the same for you.


July 04, 2006 - Msg 42054: Boo, Im not religious but that dousn't mean Im against Christain and Jewish people! Also I do beleve in Jesus and God, but I just don't go to Church!

I'll defiantly check out the website Boo!

Another thank's to everyone with my problem! You guy's are all so wonderfull!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 04, 2006 - Msg 42055: Hey yall....SPOT

July 04, 2006 - Msg 42056: Hey porch....just got home, was wondering if anybody's up....
Happy Birthday America!

July 04, 2006 - Msg 42057: welcome to july 4th- fireworks for everyone.today i'm going to continue taping marathons on tv. yesterday old twilight zones, today is rawhide. warren- prayers for you. rev- so great seeing you on again. lucy- seen any strangers in town lately? spot- can't wait for some of your and big maudes cooking any snacks before the cookout? millie- can we get a bunch of pies for the cookout. mdc- strike up the band. tommy can you play the cybols? bwb- can you play the trobone. boo and sterling can you decorate the park? boy i sure hope my daughter sings a couple of tunes for us, you know how talented the mayors daughter is. the mayor will give a long winded speech. hey to goober, romeena, gizzmo, and rest of porch. bwb and mayberry deputy can you check for spiders under the stand? you would be doing the ladies a big favor? any picnic baskets for auction? aunt bea's pickles as prizes for everyone. anyone going to meyers lake for the fireworks. everyone have a great fourth. breakfast on me-they and asa. mdc- haven't heard of that sandmich but it must be a reginal one , like horseshoe sandmichs in midwest. colt

July 04, 2006 - Msg 42058: Happy 4th everybody. Everythings okay...in Mayberry. -- Floyd

July 04, 2006 - Msg 42059: Hi All.
HAPPY 4th .


July 04, 2006 - Msg 42060: Happy 4th of July! Just having my morning coffee and wanted to sit on the porch for a minute while the kids are sleeping. Hope you are having a good day, Millie. Hey to Floyd and Colt, REV, BWB, Maude and any other darlin' person (as Charlene would have said) I may have missed.

That is awesome, Warren! May God bless you today.
Glad we were able to give you some helpful advice.

Just been sitting here thinking about how nice it will be to be in my own house again. Not that things are terrible here with my parents but its just hard not to be living in your own house, especially with young children. I wanted to ask some advice from some of you about trees. We are clearing 5 acres that are covered with oak trees but most of the trees are still on the small side. My husband wants to leave alot of them but I kind of like more wide, open spaces and I know that the oaks we have around here drop ALOT of leaves in the spring. Also, we get webworms in the spring, which are a real pain. We can spray for them but with that many trees I wonder how effective that will be. We will have about 2 acres fenced for horses and whatever else we decide on and it has alot of trees on it. Does anyone know if it is better to have alot of trees when you have livestock or horses? I am trying to do some studying on the internet about these things but with this dial=up service it takes so long I ususally give up. Thanks for listening. I would welcome any wisdom or experience with such things. I know very little about horses but one of my best friends is an expert and holds horse camps for kids and gives riding lessons, etc. She says she is going to let me take a couple of her horses (when we are ready) and take care of them with her help, before we actually invest in horses. That might be a good idea. I still have alot of homework to do and I will probably be asking alot of questions in the future (sorry).

ASA, where are you? Maybe he's out doing some handyman project...

I have talked long enough...don't want to break down the porch or anything. I'll talk to ya'll later....remember, smell the potato salad before you eat it!


July 04, 2006 - Msg 42061: Oh TOM, what lovely poem. Thank you!

July 04, 2006 - Msg 42062: "A woman is like a tea bag; you don't know her strength until she's in hot water!"

July 04, 2006 - Msg 42063: BWB here ready to play the trombone at the concert under the stars(Even though it is kinda cloudy!!!) LOL!!!

Yeah...The mayor's daughter sure can sing(At least we'll tell him that)!!!LOL

How's everyone???


July 04, 2006 - Msg 42064: Good Morning Porch!

I hope all of my American freind's on the porch have a WONDERFULL July 4th today!

Thank's again for the advise everyone!

Might be going shopping today! Get some C.D.'S maybe a few DVD'S. I wanna get Fife World Cup 2006!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 04, 2006 - Msg 42065: Morning Porch! And HAPPYBIRTHDAYAMERICA!! and Happy Birthday to my son, Jake! He's 18 today, officially at 4:03am! Got things to do today, so gotta try to stay off the porch & get them done. Mamaw's viewing & graveside services went pretty good, then afterwards we all went back to her house to eat. Her church brought some of the most amazing food! They pulled up in a big old Caprice & that trunk was plum FULL of food! There's enough there to feed all of us the rest of the week! No, Lucy my sister didn't come to the funeral, hasn't called or anything. Oh well, she is the one that will have to answer for that, not me. I'll try to be back afterwhile.
((((((hugs)))))) to all of you!

July 04, 2006 - Msg 42066: Oh, and Colt you know Asa takes pride in his cymbal playing, if someone else comes along with a newer pair, he might just keep us up all night playing! teehee

July 04, 2006 - Msg 42067: Hey Warren!!!

Feel like talking for a while this morning???


July 04, 2006 - Msg 42068: BWB ya'll be careful & don't break the porch. Can you get into Sarah's yet?

July 04, 2006 - Msg 42069: Yeah BWB, you really should fix your computer so you can! Sarah's is the chatting place! Everyone alway's has a blast! I would chat BWB, but we can't break the porch! Let me know if you can head over to Sarah's.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 04, 2006 - Msg 42070: My cousin never came, due to the fact that his mother is one of the evil aunts.

So I can't go to Sarah's.

I'm really excited about my chapter. I have only told my vice-president, and my treasurer.(We;re a bit finatical in our devotion, so we have offical offices.)


July 04, 2006 - Msg 42071: BWB, remember Peggy on TAGS?

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 04, 2006 - Msg 42072: I might...Who exactally was she???


July 04, 2006 - Msg 42073: Happy 4th Ya'll! God Bless this great country, and thanks for our freedom to all who have and do protect us around the world!

Lucy...I am from Ky, Harlan County to be exact. It's not heaven...but it's really, really close!


July 04, 2006 - Msg 42074: happy birthday jake. mavis , prayers for you on this fourth, just remember all the great 4th's of years past. tom- another great poem, thanks. boo- asa is making sure bwb and warren gets all them dang spiders at the concert park. who is going to volunteer to shoot off the fireworks tonight at meyers lake? just colt

July 04, 2006 - Msg 42075: Boo, "smell" is about the most I would want to do with potato salad. ;) yuck.

All I remember about Peggy is that she is pretty. Or am I thinking about someone else? She's that blonde girl who was dancing with Andy even though he said he didn't really do much dancing, while Helen was dancing with Goober, right?

Well friends, my plans to go to my Uncle's annual 4th of July party fell through today, and Mommy took Kai and Grandma to the movies, so I am alone again, naturally. Hey, I should write that into a song! ...Oh, wait. ;)

Porch is quiet. A perfect day for just sitting and watching the world go by. Or in Mayberry's case, watching maybe one person walk by. Or Gomer in his truck.

Have a nice, safe 4th everyone!

-Sterling Holobyte

July 04, 2006 - Msg 42076: Sorry, I should probably have phrased that as "Kai's Mommy" instead of just "Mommy". Lest you get the wrong idea.:D
I'm not a Mama's boy, really. Although I do love my "Mommy" as well. ;)

-Sterling Holobyte

July 04, 2006 - Msg 42077: Colt: I'll do the fireworks at Myers Lake as long as I don't have to go under the bandstand with them dang spiders!!! LOL!!!


July 04, 2006 - Msg 42078: Happy 4th. Mavis said it best with those red, white, and blue letters up there. Wish I was talented enough to do such things. Hope you all have a safe and happy celebration today. I made champagne salad for later--it's a frozen dessert. And today is a perfect day for that--it's purty hot here.
Charlotte Tucker

July 04, 2006 - Msg 42079: BWB, Peggy was Andy's third girlfreind and my favorite!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 04, 2006 - Msg 42080:
Bang bang whizz, shhhp, bang bing, oooo, ahhhh...HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!

DWF- There is a good photo of "peggy" Joanna Moore on the bulletin board. Scroll down to the entry called "Whats her name."
BOO- here's a good one for you said by our dear late president Ronald Reagan,
"Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid!"
Lucy, thanks for the hot brown info! Can you make me one and slip it in the mail? haha
STERLing! good to see you. Hope all goes well.
Buckeye-Heat still on here. My picup truck told me that unless I filled the bed with ice, it wasnt going anywhere! ha I gotta see "Cars!"
Well people, be safe and happy! Spot has the smoker going. Hot dogs, burgers, steak, catfish, you name it, he's got it on the grill!
Prayers for all, healing, and life! God bless you Porchsters!
Mr Darlin's Cuz

July 04, 2006 - Msg 42081: mdc- i'll use a blow torch on your ice since we're a fuedin. ha. good to see you mdc. charlotte tucker - do you have the receipe for the champaign salad/ /. BWB- WHAT IS THE NAME OF YOUR CHAPTER? MAyberry trivia during the first four years of andy griffith show- what network, day and time was it on? it will be dusk soon, strike up the band. anyone hear from fred goss, fungirl, ky girl, others that has been down for awhile. spot, you got the grill fired up and ready for us? colt

July 04, 2006 - Msg 42082: spot, i'll take 3 catfish with my champaign salad from charlotte tucker, oh and as mdc said you name it, i'll take some you name it, never tried it before. colt.

July 04, 2006 - Msg 42083: Colt: My cahpter is "Mayberry of Florida".

Floyd: They haven't put my chapter on the web-site, when will they do that???


July 04, 2006 - Msg 42084: I'll be gone a day and a half. I'm going up to Raliegh to see Freddie Fleet and his Band With The Beat. See ya'll tomorrow!!!


July 04, 2006 - Msg 42085: To Deputy Warren Msg 42029, regarding your current medical condition, I have this to offer. Please understand that I have no formal medical education. But from watching medical documentaries, there is something all people should be aware of. Trying to investigate a condition by using one or two symptoms can lead to a completely different diagnosis than if you include all of the symptoms that are occurring simulataneously. And since there are often multiple possibilties when trying to identify a medical condition, it's best to leave it to trained medical professionals. So go see a physician of some kind. If the diagnosis is something serious, get a second opinion. Doctors sometimes make mistakes. It happened to me and I was able to prevent an unnecessary surgery.

To Lucy Msg 42030, Canada Day and 4th of July celebrations are similar in that both include parades, outdoor barbecues, and fireworks.

To BigMaude Msg 42047, thanks again for the wonderful conversation over at Sarah's.

To BWB Msg 42063, so you play the trombone? Wow, maybe we can identify all of the musicians here and hold concerts? I play the guitar and drums.
By the way, why can't you go to Sarah's? Do you know why your computer is preventing this? Is your computer a PC or MAC? What browser do you use to access the internet?

I wonder what happened to gracie? Recently, while Deputy Warren and I were chatting over at Sarah's, a newcomer appeared named gracie. She chatted with us a short time and told us that she "lurks" here at The Front Porch. Then she unexpectedly disappeared. Gracie, you are welcome here at The Front Porch and over at Sarah's. Please join in by posting.

Finally, Happy 4th of July to all of my American friends.


July 04, 2006 - Msg 42086: hmmm, that came out larger than I expected.

from Poor Horatio

July 04, 2006 - Msg 42087: Looks good tho Horatio it is after all a BIG day to celebrate! I mean, my Jake DID turn 18 today didn't he? teehee Gonna try to get to Sarah's afterwhile, but not sure if I'll be able to. Got so much going on here, finally start to get caught up on some bills & feeling pretty good about myself & now, the alternator on the Blazer has gone bad. Dad burn it, wonder what causes that? I might be over to Sarah's when I finish pouting.

July 04, 2006 - Msg 42088: Hey everyone! Poor Horatio, good advise. I know I was overeacting and next time I'm not going to check whatever I have over the internet. It just scare's you un-nessacarly. No more bleedy nose's since.

Horatio going to be at Sarah's?

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 04, 2006 - Msg 42089: How did you do that thing Poor Horatio?



You know that thing.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 04, 2006 - Msg 42090: Dous anyone remember Peggy, Andy's last girlfreind befour Helen?
She was my favorite of all of Andy's girl's. She was cheerfull, pretty, got along with Opie, worked well with Barney and Andy and her would have got a groove going evendually!

Out Of The Four Of Andy's Girl's these are my fave's :

1) Peggy

2) Ellie

3) Helen

4) Mary

Ellie was great to. Alway's liked her.

Helen was to grumpy and didn't work well. However her and Thelma Lu had a good chemistry. As for Mary, she was to young and glamourous for Andy. She was to "Hot" for the show. Didn't work at all.

Any opinion's?

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 04, 2006 - Msg 42091: Howdy porch. Between being busy and the porch being down I ain't been here in a while. Thanks for asking about me Boo. And I agree with doing a nasal appraisal of the tater saled before eating. good advice.:)

DWF, I always liked Peg the best also. She seemed just right, and the scene when the three of them are on the porch (Opie included) and Andy and Peg singing it was just right I thought.
I liked Miss Ellie but more for personal reasons. I was going through some old family photo's a while back and came across a picture of my Mom when she was young. She looks very much like Miss Ellie. I had never noticed that before.

Hope everyone had a great 4th. What a grand country we live in.


July 04, 2006 - Msg 42092: Things seem to be going well. Y'all enjoy what's left of the 4th of July!! --Floyd

July 04, 2006 - Msg 42093:
Hey Folks,

Asa-I haven't stopped by lately for the same reason's you just listed. I also have to agree with your "nasal appraisal" approach for tater salad. As always, you are spot on. That's not to say you rocked on Spot.

Boo-All right now!! quoting Ronald Reagan. This has always been one of my favorite; He said this during the D-Day Commemoration in Normandy, France in 1984,

"These are the boys of Pointe du Hoc. These are the men who took the cliffs. These are the champions who helped free a continent. These are the heroes that helped end a war."

Happy Birthday JAKE & Happy Birthday America,

July 04, 2006 - Msg 42094:
Thanks, Floyd


July 04, 2006 - Msg 42095: Colt I will get ya them Catfish!..hey yall!...Happy Birthday America!...been so busy..hey auh20,boo,romeena,me-they,horatio,sterling,bwb,warren,lucy,mavis,millie,CT,TOM....amd ALL...left over BBQ,[pork butts],Good...split chickens BBQ"ed also,,,good baked beans,slaw....well let me shut my garage doors......back in a bit ...SPOT

July 04, 2006 - Msg 42096: Happy Birthday Jake from SPOT!

July 04, 2006 - Msg 42097: Hey to Floyd, Spot, Asa (thank's for your opinion!) and auh2o!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 04, 2006 - Msg 42098: I just went to a fireworks show!!!

It was great!!!

PH: I don't really play the trombone...It was a joke concerning something that I believe it was Colt had said.

Hey Warren!!! Feel like talking???(Not "Chatting", just a conversation everytime I happen to come in here to the computer)


July 04, 2006 - Msg 42099: auh2o: Are you still mad at me for what happened a while back, or have you forgiven me???

I couldn't remember if you said that you forgave me. It really is important to me that there are no hard feelings between us.


July 04, 2006 - Msg 42100: Hahaha! A "nasal appraisal" of the tater salad, ASA? Now THAT is funny.

Warren, I agree with you completely about Andy's girlfriends. We have talked alot in the past about Peggy and most agree that she is the, "one that got away". Helen is too moody. Someone also said that Peggy was married to Ryan Oneill and that Tatum is her daughter (am I right about that one everybody?).

Would like to address all of you personally but I am about to fall asleep. Hubby is trying to get my little girl to go back to sleep, she fell asleep on the drive back from the in-laws and then woke up right before we got home. She was having an allergy attack from this big, furry pillow my mother-in-law gave her! I had to give her some Benadryl and try to get her back to sleep. Now I feel like I could fall asleep right now. I will talk to you in the morning. Goodnight,