July 10, 2006 - Msg 42494: Lunch at my place is at 12:00. the menu consists of chicken pot pie, yeast rolls, and fried okra. A choice of tea, coffee, lemonade, or water, or all to drink.

How does that sound??? This is the first time the porch has ever eaten at my place, so I hope that the menu is okay.

Hey to all!!!

auh2o: I will be praying for your grand daughter. I will also be praying for you, dealing with the stress of it.


"Goober says hey." "Hey to Goober" !!!

July 10, 2006 - Msg 42495: Barnwannabe with the sweep. That's like the 3rd or 4th time since I came to the porch!!!


July 10, 2006 - Msg 42496: Any body here???


July 10, 2006 - Msg 42497: Prayers going out for Boo and family, Millie, Lucy, Mariah, Mavis, auh2o, homemaker, and all the rest of you.

Been busy over the last several days. Got 9 days to go, and have been trying to get a ton of things done before then. I am being induced on the 18th. Still no name for this little one, either. haha

Lunch sounds good, BWB! Just keep my lemonade glass full. ; )

Congrats to you and your Mrs, Rev! 25 years is a great accomplishment these days.

Been enjoying your poems, Tom, keep 'em coming. Hope those bees leave you alone too - I'm not overly fond of them myself.

Sorry I missed wishing Jake a "Happy 18th", Mavis. Sounds like you got yourself a fine son, there.

Looking forward to Ro and Plum's return - sounds like she's had a marvelous time, though, when she has checked in.

Have a blessed Monday everyone!

July 10, 2006 - Msg 42498: LUNCH!!! Come and get it!!!

Ya'll eat up!!! There's plenty of it to go around!!!

Let me know if you need a refill!!!


July 10, 2006 - Msg 42499: Hey Guys! Well I've been so busy that I haven't even had the chance to get on the computer for relaxing in about two weeks or more!

NEWS FLASH....... Dixie has a job! I'll be teaching 5th grade... not what I was shooting for but hey... God provided right? Maybe in the next year or so I can move up into High school and then on to be a college professor! Dream big!

I went to a Braves game this past week. It was the Thursday game against the Reds.... Good game. I thought we might lose it there for a second. We sat in the Lexus Level this time to spoil ourselves and see what it was like...... It was worth the money.... Wow-wee! Talk about a nice time, no lines, clean, not crowded... I'll never sit anywhere else again!

Gotta go... I have class today....

Dixie Belle :):):):)

July 10, 2006 - Msg 42500: just a short hello,my computer hasn,t been working,so.i'm at the library ,just to let you all know i'm still alive and kickin!God Bless you all-ky girl

July 10, 2006 - Msg 42501: Hey Dixie!!!

I have 3 cousins that are teachers. One of them teaches 5th grade. The other teaches high school, I'm not sure what grade.

Are you posting from school???

Hey to ky girl!!!


July 10, 2006 - Msg 42502: Oh, I forgot: the other cousin teaches 9th.

I was trying to figure out the posting from school thing, and I forgot.LOL!!!

How did ya'll like lunch???

Was my lemonade good AFD???

Hope ya'll enjoyed, and cain't wait to do it again.


"I've got a low sugar blood level"

July 10, 2006 - Msg 42503: Prayers for Mariah and ASA and family. Please let us know how things went, ASA.

Congratualtions, Dixie, like TOM's last poem says, things don't always work out the way we wanted them at first but God knows best! I teach sunday school to 5th graders and its a good age to teach...still some sweetness before puberty really kicks in and they are receptive to new idea (not as tarnished as the older kids). They do have plenty of energy, though! Take your vitamins!!

Hey KY Girl, hope you can check in more often...let us know how your son is doing.

You still hanging in there AFD, good for you! It won't be long now. Let us know when the big event occurs. Prayers for an easy, uncomplicated delivery and a baby who likes to sleep all night!

I wanted to ask you guys to pray for something else, please....seems like I have been asking alot, but do you remember the good friend who needed a kidney transplant that you prayed for a few months ago (named Ray)? Well, he never got a kidney and he is not doing well at all. He is in the ICU right now. He actually was dying when they got to the hospital and they brought him back. He doesn't have a DNR or living will, I guess. Poor man has been through so much. I guess I am secretly hoping he goes on to his reward but he has two dependant daughters who are adults but can't seem to take care of themselves. I guess they will have to now. Anyway, I would really appreciate you prayers for Ray. Thanks so much,


July 10, 2006 - Msg 42504: MESSAGE REMOVED

July 10, 2006 - Msg 42505: MESSAGE REMOVED

July 10, 2006 - Msg 42506: MESSAGE REMOVED

July 10, 2006 - Msg 42507: MESSAGE REMOVED

July 10, 2006 - Msg 42508: MESSAGE REMOVED

July 10, 2006 - Msg 42509: WHAT HAPPENED????????????????

It's like the same post 5 times!!!

Did we have another malfunction???

Who said that about Gilligan???


July 10, 2006 - Msg 42510: MESSAGE REMOVED

July 10, 2006 - Msg 42511: MESSAGE REMOVED

July 10, 2006 - Msg 42512: MESSAGE REMOVED

July 10, 2006 - Msg 42513: MESSAGE REMOVED

July 10, 2006 - Msg 42514: MESSAGE REMOVED

July 10, 2006 - Msg 42515: MESSAGE REMOVED

July 10, 2006 - Msg 42516: MESSAGE REMOVED

July 10, 2006 - Msg 42517: WHO put that I was leaving???

I am not!!!

I didn't even put that!!!

I never put that!!!

Who's using my name???


July 10, 2006 - Msg 42518: We've got an intruder!!!


July 10, 2006 - Msg 42519: Big Freeze.....

July 10, 2006 - Msg 42520: Things may be looking up for me - thank you for the continued prayers. . .please keep them coming. . .God is good and He is merciful.


July 10, 2006 - Msg 42521: Glad to hear it, Homemaker.....continued prayers.

July 10, 2006 - Msg 42522: Mil: The thing where it said that I was leaving, was not me. I promise.

After ya'll forgave me, I will never leave.

Will you talk to me???


July 10, 2006 - Msg 42523: Millie: If you look close to MSG:42515, you will see 2 things on that post that I never do.

I'm not gonna say what they are, but look at my posts, and then look at that one.

I don't wanna say, cause then you'd never know if it was me or not.


July 10, 2006 - Msg 42524:
BWB, maybe it's DWF! Not sure. But if you let Floyd know, he can check the IP and figure out where it's from.
Cant stay at the moment, but will visit more later.

July 10, 2006 - Msg 42525: Thanks MDC!!! Whoever that was, I've notified Floyd.


July 10, 2006 - Msg 42526: Mil: You here???


July 10, 2006 - Msg 42527: my name is clara edwards and im a big fan of tags

July 10, 2006 - Msg 42528: Howdy Clara!!!


Glad to see you!!!

You know me.


July 10, 2006 - Msg 42529: Any body else here???


July 10, 2006 - Msg 42530: hey everyone ,TOM .. great poem
DWF,Ive been here on the porch several years now and have a lot of respect for the porch friends I have made here ,so it would take alot to keep me away
SPOT.. MDC..ASA..MAVIS..BUCKEYE ..howd you guys like the cup race yesterday ,I only got to see the last 50 laps or so

July 10, 2006 - Msg 42531: Hi Mayberry Deputy!!!

We've not been formally introduced, but I'm


July 10, 2006 - Msg 42532: Any body else here???


July 10, 2006 - Msg 42533: BWB...Ive seen your postings and your chats with DWF..hope you enjoy the porch

July 10, 2006 - Msg 42534: Hey everybody. Just a friendly reminder that standard operating procedure for possible Interlopers is the Big Freeze. And that means refraining from commenting on or about questionable posts. Just ignore them and e-mail FLOYD. Commenting to Interlopers or about their posts just provides them the jollies they are seeking. So pretend like they're not even there and they will be taken care of, bye and bye. (I know I am breaking the rule here, but newer posters might not be aware of it.)

Great to hear from you, DIXIE, and congrats about teh job. Yes, He does provide just what we need, when we need it. Even if that doesn't always jibe with getting what we want, when we want.

Prayers continue for BOO's friend and HM.

Hey to BWB, MILLIE, MD, MDC, SPOT, KY GIRL, and all. I think MARY WIGGIN's post was dregged from the archives, but just in case, good to hear from you.

Boy, it doesn't take much to start a moulage, does it?


July 10, 2006 - Msg 42535: Thanks Mayberry Deputy!!!

I just wanted to introduce myself.


July 10, 2006 - Msg 42536: M-T: I understand the Big Freeze, but I just wanted everyone to know that I didn't put that.

I have already e-mailed Floyd.


July 10, 2006 - Msg 42537: BWB: I hope that you have the opportunity to try POOR HORATIO's advice about getting on over at Sarah's. Based on the frequency of your postings, I think you'd really enjoy the chatroom. Here on the porch, most tend to just check in from time time and don't stay on the board. I, myself, check it several times throughout the day and ocassionally immediately respond to a post that occurs while I was typing mine, but rarely hang around for more than a few minutes. I'm certainly not trying to discourage you from posting here as much as you want; I just get the impression that you are getting frustrated and would really enjoy the kind of instant interaction that the chatroom provides but you usually won't find here.

Take care.


July 10, 2006 - Msg 42538: BWB: Regarding msg 42536, I understand. No one wants to be misrepresented.


July 10, 2006 - Msg 42539: M-T: Thanks for that advice. I don't do much during the day, unless I am at work,or doing something for work, and my girlfriend and I rarely go any where, because it is 35 miles to town, literley.

I come here quite often, and try to find someone to post to.

Thanks a lot, and I'm gonna try to use his advice as soon as possible.


July 10, 2006 - Msg 42540: Your welcome, BWB. Despite your rocky start, you seem like a really nice guy. Lotsa luck to you and yours!

Well, I'm outta here early today, so I will talk to all you fine folk tomorrow. Y'all have a great evening and remember to act like somebody.


July 10, 2006 - Msg 42541: Our friend was posting from BestBuy so I notified them of his "playing." Hopefully it was just somebody visiting the store and playing on one of their computers. --Floyd

July 10, 2006 - Msg 42542: Thanks Floyd!!!

I didn't mean to make a fuss, but I just didn't want my friends on here thinking that I said that.

I sent you an e-mail, Floyd, but this is all that it was about.

Thanks again to M-T!!!


July 10, 2006 - Msg 42543: Afternoon Porch! Sorry for my long absence. I've been busy. BWB, what's all the Message Removed stuff? What's happernd? Was someone making fun of my pal Gilligan from Gilligan's Island?

Anyway's nice to be back! Hey to Me-They, BWB, MAYBERRY DEPUTY, and Floyd, and anyone else who's been posting recently!

BWB, I'm sorry I haven't been here to talk with you. I'll tell you what, if you get Sarah's working, just tell me when you want me to come on over! I'll have a chat with ya over their any time! Or if you can't we can have a CAREFULL conversation on the porch!
Let me know!

Have a good afternoon/evening depending on your time!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 10, 2006 - Msg 42544: Warren: Never mind what happened, we just had an intruder posting under my name.

Wanna talk now???


July 10, 2006 - Msg 42545: Sure BWB!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 10, 2006 - Msg 42546: You name the subject.


July 10, 2006 - Msg 42547: Barn?


July 10, 2006 - Msg 42548: Man we gotta get to Sarah's! This way is getting to confusing! I understand about being busy though BWB.


July 10, 2006 - Msg 42549: Guys...I'm gonna have to make a new rule...No more "are you here?" "Is anybody here?" etc. type messages.

If you have something to say to folks, say it and then check back and see if they responded. There is no need to say something...then say something else asking if anybody is reading it.

Please try and remember this is the Taylor's Front Porch...folks drop by for a visit...then they leave...then they come back out on the porch to see if anybody else has dropped by.

Just post a message and you can drop back by to see whatelse somebody has said. You're eating my bandwidth alive by refreshing the page every 2 seconds. I have to pay for that (bandwidth) so lets be more resonable about what we're doing. Be considerate to all the folks that drop by to read the messages by saying what you want in one message and then sitting back and waiting to see what happens.


July 10, 2006 - Msg 42550: To Barnwannabe, have you tried following those instructions I posted two days ago in Msg 42437 yet? The sooner you complete those instuctions, the sooner we can have you chatting over at Sarah's with us. And thanks for the thank you in your Msg 42445.

Millie Msg 42441, I'm sorry to hear you have unresolved family issues. If you have to leave us for a while, that is understandable. You always know where to find us. I'll keep you in my prayers.

To Deputy Warren Msg 42456, I can't explain why you are experiencing that posting problem. Maybe Floyd can help.
To Barnwannabe Msg 42458, sorry to hear about your stress overload problem in trying to help you family. I admire folks who help their parents like you do.

Boo Msg 42462, so sorry to hear about Belle. Why she died so young is beyond me. I said a prayer for her and for Sean in his time of sorrow.

And a welcome back to SHAZAM Msg 42466, to Lucy Msg 42470, and to Floyd Msg 42471.

To Mavis Msg 42472, sorry I missed you at Sarah's last night. I saw you there and said hello twice. But when you didn't answer, that's when I thought I had a technical problem. Besides, I could not see the color palette nor the drop down menus. So I left.

Hey to the Rev Msg 42474. I bet you are tired of travellin' so much.

To Asa Msg 42485, sorry to hear about Mariah and her hernia surgery at such a young age. I will say some prayers.

To Dixie Belle Msg 42499, congratulations. And you were so worried about finding a job. See how things work out for those who are patient? Don't think about moving up too fast. Enjoy those little brats in the 5th grade for a while. You'll have plenty of time later to move up to those "know-it-alls" in high school.

To ky girl Msg 42500, thanks for checking in. Sorry to hear about your computer problems. I hope they get fixed soon.

To Boo Msg 42503, sorry to hear about Ray. Also sad to hear he has two dependent adult daughters. I will say prayers for them all.

To Homemaker Msg 42520, I'm glad to receive that positive report from you. We'll keep praying.

To clara edwards Msg 42527, welcome to The Front Porch. Sit back, relax, read and post.

To Floyd Msg 42541, thanks for keeping on top of things around here.

from Poor Horatio

July 10, 2006 - Msg 42551: OK folks, as you can see from Floyd's Msg 42549, we need to cut back on bandwidth. But first, here is a little background info.

The bandwidth Floyd is referring to is the amount of digital data that is transmitted over the internet. People who own or control servers (like Floyd) must pay an outside service to allow this data to transfer between their server and us users. Rates are set by the amount of data that needs to be transferred.

Each time you visit, post or just refresh the page here at The Front Porch, that is transmitted data that must be paid for. The more data that is transferred, the more it costs the person who owns or controls the server. So now it's time to get serious about Sarah's for chatting.

Since I only got input from three people, I will make a command decision. Let's try regular chat sessions three days a week. I suggest Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday to be regular chat nights at Sarah's. And let's try 9pm eastern, 8pm central, 7pm mountain and 6pm pacific.

At the beginning, I will make an effort to be in attendance as much as possible so when anyone shows up, it won't be empty. Everyone and anyone else is welcome to join in. And that includes lurkers who only visit here and don't post.

To visit Sarah's chat room, just click on this. And once you are there, be sure to add it to your favorites list for the next visit.

from Poor Horatio

July 10, 2006 - Msg 42552: To make everyone why bandwidth can be expensive, here is a layman's explanation.

Each time you visit the Front Porch, the entire page of current postings is transferred to your computer.
When you post a message, that same entire page, not just your post, needs to be re-transmitted to your computer.
Everytime you refresh a page, such as when chatting, that same entire page of postings needs to get re-transmitted again.
See how the cost can add up for Floyd?

from Poor Horatio

July 10, 2006 - Msg 42553: Thank's Floyd and Poor Horatio. You both put that very, very well.

Speaking of Sarah's anyone going tonight, huh, huh, huh?

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 10, 2006 - Msg 42554: Evenin' Y'all. Asa,I hope all went well with Mariah's surgery. I've been down the road you're traveling today friend. My grandchild Laci was only 11 months old and 13 pounds(she was a preemie) when she had open heart surgery. God took care of her and us as well,as I'm sure He will Mariah and her family. Please let us hear from you when you get a chance,ok? Bless you & yours.
Continued prayers for homemaker and all the Porchsters requesting them.
Speaking of prayers,I go to see a cardiologist tomorrow. Please pray that all goes well. I have really been feeling worn out from all this rapid heart rate stuff that's been happening. I'll let y'all know what the doc has to say. Thanks.
Good to see Shazam and ky girl on the Porch again- Hey Y'all!!
Well,gonna go relax a bit. Y'all have a good evening. Love to all!
possum under a rock

July 10, 2006 - Msg 42555:
Thanks Floyd, now us old timer rockin' forward porchsters can get a word in edgewise again! ha
Good thing Romeena is in Florida, cuz I'm sure she would set em all straight! haha
BUCKEYE, where are you buddy??
AFD- 9 days and counting Prayers for you and for BOO's friend too. Asa, prayers for Mariah also.
BOO- HiHealth has great stuff for reflux and for anxiety. Just ask a salesperson. I know they will steer you right.
AUh20- I recall that conversation you refer to, but I think that was MAYberry girl, and she has been back since, so i think all was OK.
REV-congrats on your 25 years. Maybe you ARE that old weathered fence post! ha
Dixie- who hoo for you! You need that book, "How to teach 5th graders and live to tell about it!"
Or use Boo's Band V method! teehee
Ah, it's nice to relax on the porch again!!
Sweet tea anyone?

July 10, 2006 - Msg 42556:
Spot, Mil, either of you ever been to Plains?

July 10, 2006 - Msg 42557: MDC, been to alot of places in GA, but not Plains.

July 10, 2006 - Msg 42558: Nice to see you SHAZAME! I am farely new on The Porch, only been here 2-3 mounth's, but everyone know's me, and I think I can consider my-self a regular. You guy's think so?

I relize SHAZAME has been here for a long time, don't worry!

Anyway's like to get to know ya, SHAZAME!

P.S. Good Name!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 10, 2006 - Msg 42559: Evening Porch! Busy today (like always) & finally getting time to post tonight. Tom if you send me bees, I'll still send you wrappers, but I'll send the bees back with them. haha Horatio good idea about the posted nights at Sarah's, just remember folks, we can go there anytime, but most will probably plan to go at those times, more folks chatting there, the more fun it is. Asa prayers for little Mariah. Congrats Dixie Belle!! Yer education was worth every penny. I'm heading to the email box now, probably full. Talk to you all in a bit, maybe head to Sarah's later.

July 10, 2006 - Msg 42560: Ok, folks, I created a map for us over at Frappr, you can go to it & add your name & where you live & we can see just how big this old porch is. It also has a chat window there too, if more than one of us is on there. Ya'll go on over & add yourself. *Mavis' Map or the addy is www.frappr.com/porchsters Hope to see ya'll there.

July 10, 2006 - Msg 42561: HI ALL.


July 10, 2006 - Msg 42562: Hey to all!!!

Sorry I had to leave, went to work to do some cleaning in the kitchen of the diner, so it'll be ready for opening up again on wed.

Floyd: I know that I do alot of that, and I'll stop. If there is anything that I am doing, and noone else is doing it, just e-mail me, and let me know.

Warren: I think that you are a regular. I've been here a shorter time than you, and I kinda consider myself a regular. What do ya'll think???

Poor Horatio: I haven't yet, but I will as soon as I can. I start to do something important around here most of the time, and the bar, or the diner calls, saying that they need me up there, so I have to drop it, and go up there. I do appreciate you doing that for me, and as soon as I can, I will.

Hey to everyone who I haven't addressed!!!

Thanks to all, and prayers to all!!!

Warren: You up for some talking???(As long as we are careful???) I might have to leave in the middle of the conversation, though.


July 10, 2006 - Msg 42563: BWB I defiantly consider you a regular! You visit very often!

Talking? I don't know, we don't to upset uncle Floyd. Remember what he said. Maybe though. You chose.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 10, 2006 - Msg 42564: Sorry, you choose.


July 10, 2006 - Msg 42565: BWB, I think we have to stop chatting on the porch. It just dousn't feel right.


July 10, 2006 - Msg 42566: HUH???


July 10, 2006 - Msg 42567: okay Warren!!! That's cool with me.


July 10, 2006 - Msg 42568: Maybe some other time's, but with Floyd's MSG today... I don't think it's right!

Defiantly another time though O.K. BWB!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 10, 2006 - Msg 42569: Sure!!!


July 10, 2006 - Msg 42570: Warren: go to the link on Mavis's last post, and go to the chat box on the right hand side. I'm chatting over there!!!


July 10, 2006 - Msg 42571:
Hey Porch

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the posts of our Floyd's Porch.

MDC-I am glad to hear you think all is well. For some reason that has stuck with me.

Boo-Prayers for Ray and his girls.

Dixie-Good for you, that's GREAT!

ky girl-Good to see ya again.

spot-Any of that slaw left?

"Whoever heard of a room you couldn't cook in anyways?"

God Bless,

July 10, 2006 - Msg 42572: Hey auh2o!!!


July 10, 2006 - Msg 42573: BWB, MSG 42570, It's confusing! I think I got a go now anyway's!
Thank's though BWB! Maybe tomaroo!


July 10, 2006 - Msg 42574: Okay Warren!!!


July 10, 2006 - Msg 42575: Hey All!
Quick stop, but wanted you to know I was thinkin' of ya. Please remember BWB and Warren what Floyd and Poor Horatio are talking about. Y'all seem to enjoy your quick banter and should, but try to do it at Sarah's. I have to be up early to get everyone to their camps. I'll see ya tomorrow!
Blessings to you and yours,

July 10, 2006 - Msg 42576: Evening porch.
Thanks for all who offered prayers for Mariah. She came thru just fine and is home a resting comfortably. Thanks again.
Possum, you have my prayers dear as you meet with the cardiologist tomoorow. Keep us updated.

Prayers for all who need them.


July 10, 2006 - Msg 42577: Night.


July 10, 2006 - Msg 42578: Night BWB!

Lucy MSG 42575, I've tryed to get BWB over but he never has time to get it set up. Anyway's I understand your point!

Hey to Asa, nice to see ya again!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 10, 2006 - Msg 42579: Night Porch! Had a ball chatting over on that map with Poor Horatio, Millie, Tom, BWB, auh2o hope the rest of you will come over & add your marker to the map. I'm off to bed. Millie save me some banana puddin & Horatio don't forget the lipstick! teehee Hey to Lucy and Asa ya'll have a good night.

July 10, 2006 - Msg 42580: Mavis, Sorry for my late Happy Birthday to Jake! I didn't know he was your son!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 10, 2006 - Msg 42581: Horatio, I have a question for you concerning the cost to Floyd: Does it only cost if we post? What if we just read the posts or archives? Sometimes I like to just log on and go through some of the archives and just read them. I hope this doesn't cause a problem for Floyd.

Want to let ya'll know that Ray is already out of ICU and is supposed to go home on Wed. I guess it wasn't his time this time. Thanks for your prayers in his behalf (and mine and the kids!)

Prayers for Possum.

Praise to God for that good report on Mariah!


July 10, 2006 - Msg 42582: Is everyone ditching Sarah's!

Anyway's Night! Sleep Tight and don't let The Ernest T's Bite!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 10, 2006 - Msg 42583: hello yall. i hope everyone stayed cool on the porch today. We got a little rain here in Douglasville, and just got started on remodeling the house. I will be going to check on my mother in Albany next weekend. Can only stay for a day but it will be good for her to see her grandson. As well as for him. My prayers are with Possum, Mariah and Boo's grandaughter. HEllo Warren nice to make your acquaintance, and Thanx for the welcome back Mayberry Deputy, Spot, and Mavis. You guys all have a good day and let's see my question of the day is now that gas has gotten so high, do you still fill up ? I have a budget of 60.00 that i was doing before this high price stuff got started so I take it and put in 30.00 and then 30.00 the following week. But i dont drive unless its to family or work. So let me know how you guys and gals save money for gas. And carpool does not work for me. Got a co worker i tried it with and he was always late coming which made me late. Glad to be back home. And on the porch. Good night to you and yours..... SHAZAM

July 10, 2006 - Msg 42584:
Hello porch
Tom...enjoyed the poem.
AFD...prayers for you. Hang in there, it's getting almost that time.
Dixie...GREAT NEWS! So proud for you.
ky girl...good to hear from you
Boo...prayers for Ray and family
H-M...yes God is good
Clara...welcome...hurry back.
MDC...how hot has it been out there in AZ.?
Mavis...thanks for seting that up. Keep reminding everyone to sign it.

You all have a great nights rest and say your prayers!

July 11, 2006 - Msg 42585: Mornin' Y'all! Thank you for the update on Mariah,Asa. So thankful all went well!! I'll keep you posted on what's happening with me as well. Better go get ready to make that trip to get my ticker checked out.
Hmm.. I see I'm the first one on the Porch. Guess y'all will be wanting some breakfast- GRITS anyone?? Ha!
Have a good Tuesday!
possum under a rock

July 11, 2006 - Msg 42586: Hey Boo,

I can answer the question for you about cost. I pay a fee every month for all the websites I run. Mayberry.com, TAGSRWC.com, WBMUTBB.com...etc. I get a certain amount of bandwidth with that fee. I don't want to discourage folks from visiting and reading AND posting. All I ask is that folks be somewhat responsible when they are posting messages and such.

I want folks to have fun and I can live with paying for everybody to enjoy themselves. The time comes though when it's no longer being a good citizen of Mayberry when folks are posting/reloading the pages over and over again within minutes. That does two things, 1) it adds up on the bandwidth I have to pay for and B) it makes it less fun to read the porch because folks have to scroll through lines and lines of "Are you there?" "Who's Here?" type messages.

The porch is a place to drop by, leave a note and then check back for a reply. I don't mind folks "chatting" here but looking for someone to chat with here on the porch isn't what it is made to do.

The Map that Mavis made has a chat room as well as Sarah's so y'all feel free to gather at either place to actually "chat." That's what chat rooms are made for.

July 11, 2006 - Msg 42587: Hey Mavis, I entered all my info on your map, but instead of locating me in West Haven Utah it shows me in West Texas. Do you know whats up with that and how do I change it?


July 11, 2006 - Msg 42588:
Morning Folks,

Boo-I was thinking those very thoughts, glad ya asked them.

Here's a general question should I change my name from auh2o to something, maybe, more fitting to Mayberry. My original thinking on the matter was that Barry came to national prominence, prominence could be a bit over stated, during the precise time that TAGS was on the air. Also, auh2o is a Internet ID I've used for since about '94. But, auh2o might look a little out of place. So, maybe let me know what some of ya think about changing it ... I think pipeman's available.

"But Barney can't sing!"

God Bless,

July 11, 2006 - Msg 42589:
Asa-The first time I checked in I was placed in Western Puerto Rico instead of Western New York. Also, glad to hear all is well with Mariah. God Bless her.

Floyd-Again, Thanks!


July 11, 2006 - Msg 42590:
Morning porch family

auh2o...you are auh2o to me and I think you should keep it that way.

Floyd...I truly THANK YOU for having this site FOR US! It's been an encourgement for a lot of folks...including me. Let's all be good Mayberry folks and use this site in the right manner.

I'll check in later today....in the mean time, prayers for you all be sure to act like somebody so that those folks around you will see Jesus through your life.

July 11, 2006 - Msg 42591: Good morning, everyone! It's back to hot and humid here, but I'm not complaining (yet).

FLOYD: Thank you so much for all that you do. We might say it a lot (though not enough), but mean it sincerely every time. I guess I'm more guilty than most about refreshing the page and posting multiple posts. I'll take what you said to heart and not restrict myself but try to be as considerate as I can. Thanks for explaining how things work; I hadn't realized that before.

ASA: Great news about Mariah!

Prayers for POSSUM today.

Hey to LUCY; good to hear from you.

AUH2O: I vote for keeping the handle. It's funny how to get so used to calling someone by a name that other names just wouldn't feel right.

That made me think of something else. I get so used to referring to y'all by your handles that I often forget you actually have "real" names. I come to think of you all by your Mayberry names.

A realted question for BOO: Where did your handle come from?

And where is COLT? He hasn't checked in for several days unless I missed something.

Hey to REV. Talk to y'all this afternoon. And, ASA, please leave me some breakfast...

10 days and counting until baby day...


July 11, 2006 - Msg 42592: Whoa! That's AFD's count! It's only 5 days for us!


July 11, 2006 - Msg 42593: Good Morning All!!!

I had a ball over at the map last night!!!

PH: Blonde or Brunette today???LOL!!!

Mavis: You're sure that it is free??? I know I'm kinda wierd about that, but I just wanna make sure.

Millie: Sorry about the discussion over there last night that you didn't like. I really hope that you are not upset about it.

TOM: Enjoyed seeing you over there last night, and hope you get rid of them stinkin' bees!!!

auh2o: Glad I got to have a little conversation with you over there!!!

Hey to everyone else!!!

Hope Romeena's home safe!!!


July 11, 2006 - Msg 42594: P.S.: I'm sorry I left the conversation last night, but the restaraunt called, and I had to leave.


July 11, 2006 - Msg 42595: MAVIS..thanks for the map ,its cool ,I havent tried the chat room yet
FLOYD ..thanks for putting the breaks on the live chats ,it got annoying

July 11, 2006 - Msg 42596: Morning Porch!

How is every one? We are doing well on the Michigan end of the porch. Been busier than a cow's tail during fly season, however!

Floyd, thanks so much for all you do. I never knew all that about bandwidth etc. I guess MY education wasn't worth every penny!

Dixie, glad to hear about the teaching position. I hope all goes well for you there, and that you realize your dream of being a college professor one day.

Asa, glad to hear your grandbaby is doing well. By the way, when did you move to West Texas? ;)

Possum, prayers that your appointment with the cardiologist goes well. Let us know what you find out.

Here's wishing everyone a perfect July, warm, sunny, go on a picnic and eat some fried chicken while sitting next to a pretty little pond out in the country kind of Mayberry Day!

Mary Wiggins

July 11, 2006 - Msg 42597: 'Preciate all you do for us here, Floyd! You're a real prince of a fellow!

Prayers for possum, Ray, homemaker, Lucy, and all.

Glad to hear that Ms Mariah is home and resting already, Asa. Prayers for a quick recovery.

M-T: I think your wife would club you if she knew you were trying to add a few days to her pregnancy. ; ) I pray all goes well with her delivery.

Sorry for the loss of Belle, Boo. Prayers for you and yours.

Thanks for your prayers, Rev. You and the Mrs doing anything special for your anniversary?

Hey to kygirl, SHAZAM, Clara, and those who've just popped in. Good to see you all.

auh2o - don't you go changing your name, I like it!

Have a great day, all!

July 11, 2006 - Msg 42598: Hey to MD and Mary Wiggins, too! I'm all for the Mayberry kind of day you're talking about! : )

Also - Congrats to Dixie on your new job! Good for you!

BWB - thanks for the lemonade yesterday - it hit the spot! ; )


July 11, 2006 - Msg 42599: AFD: Yes, I'm sure the Mrs. would take exception to adding days onto her pregnancy. She's definitely ready to pop. She's been having some problems sleeping lately, both at night and during the day (after she works). Part of it is just being so big, but there seems to be more to it. Hopefully, it will all get worked out. We sure are getting excited.

Hey to MARY WIGGINS. Long time no hear. Thanks for the picnic wishes. Hey to BWB and MD.

Well, no signs of SPOT so I guess it's Subway for lunch.


July 11, 2006 - Msg 42600: Morning Porch!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 11, 2006 - Msg 42601:
Afternoon Porch, wait sec... yep, Afternoon Porch,

Just had to take a break from some yard work.
Thanks for responding to my question. I am gonna keep the auh2o handle. I was just afraid it looked a little too out of place, kinda like R2D2 at a Star-Trek convention.

Me-They, You're right about the names we go by here. I bet a couple of years ago you had no idea that you'd become Me-They. By the way, Subway sounds great.

AFD- 5 or 10 days, we're all thinking about ya.

BWB-Same here.

take care,

July 11, 2006 - Msg 42602: Hey to all!!!

I'm at the place where we hold our fan club chapter meetings. I had someone who wanted to join, so I had to come down here. I bet I'll be here 20-30 minutes, and the resturaunt will call needing me back up there!!!LOL

I'm going back over to the chatroom, will somebody come with me???


July 11, 2006 - Msg 42603: Happy Birthday to Hurricane Des, and Emmett!
Have a great day!

jennie boone

July 11, 2006 - Msg 42604: Thanks for the sub M-T!..hey possum,bwb,floyd,dwf,boo,auh20,millie,TOM,Rev,lucy,mavis,big maude,MD I think the cup race was great, and I Dont think Jeff meant any harm...hey afd...and thanks Floyd once again for taking care of things..I can see that last night the porch got a little chit-chatty...hey HM,Dixie Belle!,horatio,my buddy Asa...horatio,shazame!,I have been taking care of mom and pops place they are in pidgon fordge tenn for the week!..both 75 years old but still love to go..they love the country shows...well better the the big old Otis ready for the vet trip for his shots...he will just sit in the back of the truck and stay...even if I go in a stor or something ...they love him at the vet...gona get him weighed...bet he hit 120 this time...last time 116...well tonight its gona be the works...Ribeye steaks and lobster tails on the grill,baked taters,salad,fresh picked green beans,grilled mushroom caps,grilled corn and sweet tea,ranch dressing or thousand island,A-1,butter for the corn,and a tear from my roll of paper towles!..will someone bring some slaw and tea?....signed:SPOT the"chillin-an-grillin" dog of your porch..ruff ruff..!

July 11, 2006 - Msg 42605: It's Tuesday. Who's going to knot-tying class tonight? I don't know if I'll make it after that feast SPOT is cooking. I may just have a seat on the porch, put my feet up, and drift off to sleep.


July 11, 2006 - Msg 42606: Afternoon Y'all! Thanks for the prayers concerning my appointment this morning. I like the doctor a lot and I think he's gonna get a handle on what's going on with me.He said he heard a few of the palpitations during the exam and is having me wear a portable EKG monitor for 2 weeks so they can find out when and under what circumstances this is happening. I'm all wired up!It will scan my heartbeats for 2 weeks & when I notice anything strange happening,I press a recording button and then phone it in to some experts so they can study it ASAP.Then when I go back to doctor in 2 weeks,he's putting me on a treadmill for a stress test. UGH! My daughter said they will push me till I can't go anymore. Now,who thinks I'm looking forward to THAT? Good grief!I also am having an echo (ultrasound picture of heart) in a few days. I'm feeling pretty good that everything's going to turn out ok,with the exception of my pocketbook! I have insurance,but still! Today's visit would have been over $400 if I had to pay it out of pocket. Luckily for me,I only had to pay $40. The healthcare system in this country is ridiculous. Enough said.
Looks like we're gonna have some new babies in our Porch family soon (not ME,Boo!) and the countdown is on! Here's hoping for healthy babies and moms all around!
Watch out Romeena and Boo- Asa's sneaking up on y'all! I hear he lives in West Texas now!
I might enjoy the chatroom Mavis has set up.Think I'll give it a look-see (as Barney would say!) soon.
Well,I'll catch y'all later. Hope everyone's having a good day!
possum under a rock

July 11, 2006 - Msg 42607: Hey Me-They & Spot!

possum again (P.S. Floyd,I ain't chatting,those are just my a-men-a-nees!!)

July 11, 2006 - Msg 42608: Thanks for checking in Possum. Glad you got in and are getting that checked out. I sure would like to see some pictures of a possum running on a treadmill. :)

Me-They, I will not be going to knot tying class tonight. You know good and well its me and Thel, that Dr. show and a bowl of cashew fudge on Tuesday nights. I bet you and the Mrs. are plenty excited on the new arrival. Prayers all goes well for you, and for AFD with her baby.

Mary Wiggins, so good to see you. How's them Lions gonna do this year?

Auh2o, Glad your gonna stick with that name. It seems to fit you fine.

Spot, thanks for that dinner. Sounds great. I love lobster every bit as much as Romeena does.

Mayberry Deputy, good to see you.

Rev, how's it going buddy? I'm still available with my warmed up trained larynx if you need me.

Boo, are you still listening to Chuck on the radio? I sure do like him.

Well back to the grindstone for me.


July 11, 2006 - Msg 42609: Oh, I'll be at the knot-tying class for sure, M-T!

Spot, I do believe that is your longest post ever...teehee.

Hey Mary Wiggins, so good to hear from you. Hope you can make it by more often

Thanks for explaining some things, Floyd. It is such a pleasure to be a part of things here and I certainly don't take it for granted. Thanks again.

Me-They, the way I came by my name is kind of a long story but I will try to give ya the condensed version....When I first came on to this site, things were a bit different than now in that there was more Mayberry talk and I wasn't sure how things worked. Well, I took the name Boo from To Kill A Mockingbird (you know, it was kind of a Southern thing). I pretended to be a man for a bit until I figured out how things work and that people were being themselves and not "characters", then I "came out" as a woman! ha! Now I like to think of my name as coming from the episode of TAGS when the tough convicts are locked in the jail and Gomer is playing deputy...Gomer gets real close to the bars and is staring at the convict when the convict say, "Boo!"....forget name of the episode but I think it's the one where Gomer keeps dropping the rifle off the roof. If I had it to do over I would choose a different name, but I don't want to change it now. The other day when MDC mentioned Roger Eggbert, I was thinking that would be a great name for some new male who might join the porch. I love that name...sounds so funny....well, I guess that wasn't such a condensed version, was it.

You home yet, Romeena??

Hey to Jenni Boone!