July 11, 2006 - Msg 42610: For the last time: that's JACK Eggbert, and he AIN'T no prize!

That's cool, BOO. "To Kill a Mockingbird" is one one my all-time favorite movies. TCM plays it from time to time, and when I discover it after it's already started I get so disappointed that I missed the opening narration; it's one of my favorite parts for some reason. Oddly, I've never read the book. I might do that this fall. But I have to tell you, I don't imagine that you look a bit like Boo Radley. That part was Robert Duvall's big break into movies. Didn't you love "Lonesome Dove?" (How's that for stream of consciousness posting?)

ASA: Sorry, forgot about the doctor show. I just love it when he cures somebody, don't you?

Speaking of Chuck (boy, I can't get used to calling a rich man Chuck, either, ASA), here's a question for anybody to answer: who is your favorite "media" minister? Mine's a toss-up between Alistair Begg and John MacArthur. Both are truly annointed. I learn a lot from R.C. Sproul, too.

Glad things are looking okay, POSSUM. So should we call you teh Bionic Woman? I'll keep you on my prayer list until they unplug you (oh, that doesn't sound right, does it?). Just kidding! No rocks through my window now.

Well, gotta boogie. I'm trying to keep my desk clear just in case I'm called away unexpectedly. That reminds me, since I post from work I may be incommunicado for several days once the baby comes. So, if a weekday or two goes by and you haven't heard from me, there's a good chance the big moment has arrived. I'll fill everybody in as soon as I can. Y'all take care.


July 11, 2006 - Msg 42611: Hey, I swept! Do I get my 25 cents now or do I have to clean out the garage, too? That's it, I'm throwing a fit.


July 11, 2006 - Msg 42612: Ha! I do alot of "stream of conciousness" posting myself, M-T! TKAM is a great movie and i even liked the book more. You really should read it soon. As far as the radio ministers, that's a tough one. I have read some of MacArthur's books and find him to be really "ultra-Calvin". Not so sure about some of what he teaches but have heard alot of good stuff from him. Have you ever listened to Ravi Zecharias or Tony Evans? I like to hear them and Chuck Swindoll and especially anything from James Dobson's ministry.

ASA, I forgot to tell you that I have been forgetting to listen to Chuck! 10pm here is always a hectic time of night.

Hope all goes well with the tests, Possum. I dread the day that I will have to do the stress test thing! I have had a couple of echocardiograms and had to wear the monitor you are wearing when I was pregnant with Erin and had such a high heart rate. It is kind of a pain in the b#tt but a good thing to do. Glad you are moving forward and sounds like you have a good doctor. Take care of you!

Better go, my little one wants to play the Elmo game on the computer!


July 11, 2006 - Msg 42613: Ooops, guess I shouldn't say "b#tt" here in Mayberry! Sorry for those of you with sensitive ears!


July 11, 2006 - Msg 42614: Uhh Boo, I ain't no Dr. but if that harness you was wearing was giving you a pain in the behind I think you was wearing it wrong! :)


July 11, 2006 - Msg 42615: To Boo Msg 42581, basically, every letter and number that appears on the Front Porch is composed of data bits. Anytime data bits are transferred from The Front Porch server to your computer over the internet, that is measured by an outside service and contributes to the overall cost to the customer (Floyd). So everytime you visit the Front Porch, because the current page must be sent to your computer so that you can read it, that costs money. And everytime you open an archived page, that data has to be sent to your computer for you to read, and that costs money. Everytime you post a message, that has to be sent to The Front Porch server to get inserted on the current page, then the new current page has to be sent back to your computer. This also costs money.
I'm sure that the outside service that Floyd is paying is charging him a specific amount of money for a fixed maximum amount of data bit transfer per month. A little fluctuation one way or the other with the data bit transfer rate should not affect the cost to Floyd. But when the data bit transfer rate exceeds the maximum of the package Floyd purchased, then additional charges are incurred.
The Front Porch was set up as a post-it-now-and-wait type of bulletin board. But lately, it seems we have been using the Front Porch as a real-time chat room. That requires lots of refreshing of the current page since you never know when exactly the other person has posted. Each refresh requires a transfer of the current page. And that is being measured by the outside service. Once the paid-for maximum data bit transfer rate is exceeded, the cost goes up for Floyd.
Don't worry about posting or reading through the archives. Although they are also being measured by the service, they do not increase the count as much as the constant refreshing during a chat does.
I hope this explanation helps you understand what is going on. And let's not forget just how lucky we are to have a generous Floyd in charge. Thank you very much Floyd.

from Poor Horatio

July 11, 2006 - Msg 42616: ASA, you are a bird in this world. BOO: Sorry if we're cramping your language.

BOO: Yeah, I think MacArthur is very Calvinist, but that's okay with me. I also like Ravi Zacharias. I'm not a big fan of Tony Evans. I've never heard Chuck Swindoll, though I have heard of him. I listen to "Focus on the Family" from time to time, but get kind of turned off when it gets really political. It's the same reason I don't listen to "talk" Christian radio shows. Not that I don't think it's okay to take a stand, but it almost gets as though they become more political than spiritual. I have a big problem with Christians who believe that the ends justify the means. When I listen to Christian radio, I want to be spiritually and intellectually fed, not politiked. I respect Dr. Dobson a great deal, and have read some of his books and found them helpful.

Oh, well, another day...


July 11, 2006 - Msg 42617: Poor Horatio got it perfect.

I don't want folks to worry about the bandwidth too much. That's my problem and I've only had big problems a few times. Just enjoy yourself but don't get crazy on me by refreshing every second or two.

No need for thanks. I enjoy this stuff and I want everybody else to enjoy it as well. Just buy something from Weaver's every now and then as that's the only way any income makes it to me to try and pay for the cost. I *don't* run the store..I just do the web site but Weaver's is really TAGSRWC and the club helps to support the websites to some degree.


July 11, 2006 - Msg 42618: Sorry if I rocked on your toes there, HORATIO.

By the way, your edukashion seems to have been worth every penny.


July 11, 2006 - Msg 42619: Sorry Floyd Msg 42617. When I was reading the archives and saw Boo's question in Msg 42581, I composed my Msg 42615 and posted it before reading your answer in Msg 42586. I'm glad you approve of my explanation.

To Asa Msg 42589, try clicking on the EDIT ENTRY link to the right of your name in the MAP MARKERS section right below the message box.

To auh2o Msg 42588, I like your name because it is clever and unique. Unfortunately, unless someone has had chemistry, they might not understand it. But then again, many nicknames on the internet require an explanation. As the Beatles sang in one of their songs "Let it be".

To Barnwannabe Msg 42593, tonight in Sarah's, it will be brunette. Also note that Frappr appears to be a sponsored site since they are soliciting ads. It's those sponsors who pay the bills and make it free for us users.

Hello and welcome to jennie boone Msg 42603.

To possum under a rock Msg 42606, I'm glad you had the visit with the doctor and he took some positive action rather than attribute it to stress or something minor. I've had the echo cardiogram test and it's painless and comfortable.

Finally, don't forget there is a regular chat session set for SARAH'S tonight. It's scheduled for 9pm eastern, 8pm central, 7pm mountain and 6pm pacific. Everyone is invited. It's possible that we might even switch over to Mavis's FRAPPR where you won't need Java like Sarah's requires.

from Poor Horatio

July 11, 2006 - Msg 42620:
"Nice, real nice."

All seems comfortable on the porch again, but I am concerned about COLT not comin round for several days now. Pray all is ok.

Happy Birthday United States Marine Corps (pronounced "corps" of course, and not "core") haha
Gomer would be right proud to sing from the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli..So to any leathernecks on the porch, I say semper fi!
Thanks for your service.
Good to see Mary Wiggins and others. Ho goes it in Michigan?
Hey to REV- 110 to 112 all this week. Makes one want to aviod a future of HEdouble hockey sticks for SURE! (:
I'll stop by again later.

July 11, 2006 - Msg 42621:
OOPS!! So sorry MW, that should be hoW!!!
Talk about the porch going downhill lately! ha

July 11, 2006 - Msg 42622: Thanks for explaining, PH! I guess its kind of like my cell phone; I buy so many minutes but if I exceed them for the month I have to pay for the minutes. Good info to know so we can be responsible.

ASA and Me-They, you guys kill me!! You humor is such a joy to me (I'm not being sarcastic).

Me-They, I don't listen to much Dobson anymore so I'm not sure what he has been talking about....As far as Calvinism is concerned, I guess on a scale between Calvinism and Armenianism, I am about 90% Calvinist (at least what I know about it). It used to be the other way around for me until about 2 years ago when I understood salvation by grace...boy was that a relief!! haha Have you ever known the frustration of thinking you had to keep yourself out of h#ll by your own works? Horrors! It's just impossible, thus the need for Christ's sacrifice in the first place. I think you might really enjoy the website I mentioned to Warren awhile back....www.biblebell.com
Give it a shot some time.

Thanks for reminding us about Sarah's tonight, PH..will try to make it.


July 11, 2006 - Msg 42623: Evening Porch! Thanks Horatio for answering those questions to Asa & BWB for me. I was working all day & just now got a chance to get here. Looks like the old porch again, thanks Floyd! Boo glad yer getting you heart problem figured out, I am on meds now for my heart, to slow the rate down, it was beating twice as fast as it should, meds made me a little tired at first, but I'm used to them now. DWF thanks for the birthday wishes for my Jacob, it's still hard to believe that boy is 18! He'll always be my little boy to me tho, even if he's a foot taller than I am now. I'm gonna try to head to Sarah's in a bit after I check my map. Glad ya'll like it by the way, I thought it was neat to actually see what part of the porch everyone sits on.

July 11, 2006 - Msg 42624: Ok, Asa you have now moved back to Utah, what was wrong with Texas anyway?? Now, who is kandice & Lars?? They are listed on the map & since I have only told you guys about it, figured it was one of you. If not someone found it by surfing frappr I guess. I'm off to Sarah's

July 11, 2006 - Msg 42625: Evening Porch!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 11, 2006 - Msg 42626: hi all.
mavis i can not git on frappr it keep saying that the password did not go what the email address.


July 11, 2006 - Msg 42627: Tom there should be a place for you to click that says "forgot password" they will send it to you.

July 11, 2006 - Msg 42628:
Hi Porchsters.
Possum, I take a daily digoxin for my ticker. I had a fast one and also irregular beat. It is a brand name for digitalis.
AUH20- I too am glad you are keeping your handle. It is unique and keeps them interlopers at bay! haha
Anyone know what happened to CHUCK? Also Alyce, Quiet Sam, Fungirl, etc.
AFD and Me-they- my prayers continue for you and your impending "home improvements!" God bless you and yours. Our Quiet Sam would know what to say! haha
Mavis and others, sorry that I cant go over to Sarah's. I post from work and from the library mainly and so cant do it.
FLOYD- Youre the greatest. I wasnt going to get season 6, but now i think i will, cuz Lord knows i add a lot of "ones and zeros" to the server! ha
Sure hope Romeena and Buckeye come back soon!'
Good evening to you all,

July 11, 2006 - Msg 42629: WHY DO WE HAVE TO HAVE A PASSWORD FOR ?

July 11, 2006 - Msg 42630: It's for your account Tom in case you want to make your own map, and so you can change your settings or add pictures to your profile.

July 11, 2006 - Msg 42631: I tried to get on in that FRAPPR thing and I can't figure out where to type my text! I feel silly...guess it doesn't matter because there was nobdy there anyway...guess I was too late. It's 9:45 Central here and nobody is left at Sarah's. Maybe I will try once more..


July 11, 2006 - Msg 42632: First regular schedule chat over at Sararh's today (Tuesday). In attendance were BigMaude, Millie, Deputy Warren and Poor Horatio.

We then switched over to Frappr's where Floyd joined us.

from Poor Horatio

July 11, 2006 - Msg 42633: Wow.....has there not been any post since supper?...SPOT?

July 11, 2006 - Msg 42634: ok I did not refresh......what is Horatio talking about?...SPOT

July 11, 2006 - Msg 42635: Horatio you must be one smart dude.....hey TOM,Mavis,Boo,MDC,M-T,possum,Asa,colt,ro[thanks for the e-mail],mil,lucy,Floyd,Im in here for a bit here at home, got to work tomorrow at 2 pm, got Otis to the vet today for his shots [and yes he is named after Otis],..well back with a snak in a bit ..SPOT

July 11, 2006 - Msg 42636: Boo, when you first enter Frappr, on the right hand side of your screen, you should see a FRAPPR LOADING message. When that disappears in about ten seconds, the message area should appear in its place. At the bottom of this message area is where you type in your text.
We started at Sarah's at 8:00 central and ended at about 8:30 central. The session over at Frappr started at about 8:30 central and ended about 9:00 central. Sorry you missed us.

from Poor Horatio

July 11, 2006 - Msg 42637: Man, I guess I missed the chat, dang it! I did however have an interesting little chat with someone named "Swede" on FRAPPR...it went something like this....BOO:"Where are you from?"...SWEDE:"L.A."...BOO:"Are you a man or a woman?"....SWEDE:"What do you want me to be?"...BOO:"You sound interesting but I don't think this is THAT kind of chatroom"! Oh boy, I didn't know what I had gotten myself into for a minute. I am afraid that Swede wanted to give me some, "good chatroom" if you know what I mean. I think I might like Sarah's chatroom better!


July 11, 2006 - Msg 42638: Howdy, all. Wow, I see I have some archive-reading to do. What's a FRAPPR? What map? I'm so confused!

The Plum and I got home last night, have been busy today and just got settled down for some porch time. We had a great visit in Florida with my son and DIL, some incredible sunsets, beautiful fireworks presented by my son on the Fourth, and even got to see a small section of the contrail left by the shuttle through a break in the clouds on the day of the launch. We had opted not to go over to the coast for the launch, since it was a bit "iffy" until the last minute.

Anyway, it's good to be home. And now to read the archives and find out what's going on. Sugarplum says 10-4. --Romeena

July 11, 2006 - Msg 42639: Hey Ro and Boo...SPOT

July 11, 2006 - Msg 42640: Oh, thanks Horatio, I finally figured it out. I had intended to chat at the time you told us but I kind of got caught at the computer with Dear Hubby wanting to teach me something like "Computer 101"...he lost me in the first 10 minutes but I didn't have the heart to tell him "I DON'T CARE"! Anyway, I hope Millie is doing well, I have been concerned about her since her more recent posts. I was thinking about something funny; what if we can get Romeena on one of these chatrooms? She would be fun to talk to, wouldn't she? She always has something interesting to say and isn't afraid to express an unpopular opinion. She's the best.

Well, guess I'll go get my ritual, bedtime shower...


July 11, 2006 - Msg 42641: Goodness Boo...im staying on the porch...SPOT

July 11, 2006 - Msg 42642: Welcome home ROMEENA! You were missed...I was just posting about you as you were posting. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. You are blessed to have sons who love their mom and make time spent with you special. So glad you didn't get eaten by an alligator!


July 11, 2006 - Msg 42643: I hope the porch [been here for years] dont turn into a "chat" room...just layed back easy day by day events that have went on Room...SPOT

July 11, 2006 - Msg 42644: Boo went back and looked at the train pic you sent Ro....good one!....SPOT

July 11, 2006 - Msg 42645: Ha!, I'm sure "SWEDE" is an unusual case (I hope, anyway). I am new at this chatroom thing. I have only been on Sarah's one other time. Just not much time for chat with two kids. I think when they get back in school and are in bed earlier that might be possible but with 6 people in this household, I have to try to make time for them. My poor husband always seems to lack my attention, especially. He never complains but I really should give him more of my time in the evenings. He's a good egg!


July 11, 2006 - Msg 42646: Good Night Porch!

Poor Horatio, your a Beatle's fan? Well, then again who isn't!

Anyway's Sleep Tight, And Don't Let The Ernest T's Bite!

See y'all tommaro!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 11, 2006 - Msg 42647: I missed the chat too, at both places! Dad burn bookwork. LOL Horatio that picture you added over on the map is just hilarious! Glad to see a bunch of folks made it over there! Now Spot you need to go on over there too. Welcome home Romeena! boy you & the Plum were sure missed! I'm off to bed, gotta work again tomorrow.

July 11, 2006 - Msg 42648: Ok, I wasn't going to ask, but I just have to. I need some prayers heading my way tomorrow please. I am meeting with the attorney tomorrow, well, my sister & I both are, to settle the deeds on the 2 houses. I am signing Mom's house over to Linda & she is signing my house over to me. Please pray that this will go well & there won't be any more problems with this estate. So far, my sister is in agreement to this, but you know how she has been. I don't see why, I am giving her a $150,000 home for what is owed on it, $67,000, but somehow, her & her kids are dead set that I am trying to cheat her out of her part of the estate. Now mind you, my place (which is still in Mom's name~long story) is worth $45,000. So would someone please tell me how I am cheating HER? Anyway, please pray that this will finally come to an end for me. I am sooo ready for it. I do pray that His will be done, I just hope His will & my wishes are the same thing this time. Thanks guys. Sorry to have rambled on about it, been hard to keep all of it in. Tears my stomach up inside. Oh the appt. is at 4pm
Night Porch

July 11, 2006 - Msg 42649: You have my prayers, Mavis. Please don't ever hesitate to ask when you need it. Hang in there.


July 11, 2006 - Msg 42650: Happy birthday, Dež, wherever you are. (((HUGS)))

July 12, 2006 - Msg 42651: Happy B day DEZ........SPOT

July 12, 2006 - Msg 42652: Hello Porchsters...I am up now getting ready for my usul double and looking fowardto my days off and the weekend. I am so happy to be back and now I intend on being a reular. I have been reading bac archives since ive been gone and like the guy in the spisode who knew everything about everyone I will be checking up on my friends here. I hope you all have a great day and my thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Now im off to fight traffic on 285. Seee you guys tonight. Holla back. SHAZAZM

July 12, 2006 - Msg 42653: Morning porch.
Sorry, I didn't make any chat rooms either. Thanks for getting me back to Utah though Mavis. Nothing wrong with Texas, but it sure seemed odd seeing my name as being from there. Prayers for a peaceful outcome today Mavis. I know what you are going through.

Welcome home Romeena and Sugerplum. You were missed! Sounds like you had a great time. One of my dreams is to someday see a shuttle take off. The boosters for the shuttle are made at a plant just 30 miles north of me. They on occasion will test fire boosters. They do it having them layed down, and strapped down of course. They kick up a big old dust storm though. And you can feel and hear them sometimes from my house when conditions are just right. I have quite a few friends who ork on them things.

Boo, sorry you're missing Chuck. It has been a great series. I think you can get to it through his web site Insight.org. Isn't he from your neck of the woods?

Homemaker, sounds like things are looking up some? Hope and pray so.

Well hope you all have a grand day. Keep a good thought.


July 12, 2006 - Msg 42654: Morning, Morning,Morning, Good morning to all.
Welcome home Romeena and Sugerplum, It is good to see you.Glad you had a swell time with the family, but this family is glad to have you back.Prayers for you Millie, and everyone else.
Boo, we need to give Swede the big Freeze. Happy Birthday DES. Hope all goes well Mavis. Hello to Shazam, SPOT,ASA. HM, DWF, BWB, Millie,Romeena, BOO, Mavis, Millie, MT, and all the other porch folks. Been kinda busy so I haven't been able to stay long. thanks for all the great meals SPOT!!
Kudos for Floyd for keeping us all straight (he may not be able to cut straight sideburns but he sure can run a porch!!) Daughter is gone this week to music camp with church group, she is due back on Friday. Any Baby news to report?? It is getting about that time for M-T's family to increase by 1! You guys have a great Day. take care and act like somebody. Big Maude

July 12, 2006 - Msg 42655: Morning Porch, been up half the night, doing exactly what I said I wouldn't do~worry. Would someone please slap me with a trout, Horatio I know how much you love to do that in Sarah's so be my guest. Just wanted to stop by & say Hey this morning & remind everyone that is on the Porchsters' Map to add your birthday to your marker per a request from Tom You can do that by clicking on your marker, then click Edit. Thanks ya'll, will let you know how things turn out this evening. Keep them prayers coming. Thanks

July 12, 2006 - Msg 42656: Poor Horatio, you been eating Aunt Bee's pickles? LOL

Howdy Big Maude and Shazaam.


July 12, 2006 - Msg 42657: hi all
will it look like we are going to have rain all day.
good te bee will stay away .
to everyone here me prayer what you all.
the good lord well see you a long the way,


July 12, 2006 - Msg 42658: Mornin' Y'all! Hey Boo- I think I might know who you've been chatting with over at Mavis' site. Have you seen the DUMB TVLand promos they've been showing with the dancing guy & gal? They look kinda Swedish!
Mavis, I'll keep you in my prayers. I can imagine what you're going through.My youngest sister is moving into my mom's house,where we all grew up,putting my mom in a mobile home next door so that she can "take care" of her,and will more than likely end up with the whole enchilada after my mom passes away.The question that is asked most is " If she wanted to take care of mom,why isn't she moving in the house WITH her?" She'll still be stuck alone next door! No wonder I'm having heart trouble huh? Well,let me get off of my tangent. I really want to offer my support to you Mavis.Sometimes things along these lines aren't fair.Hang in there girl!
Gotta get busy around here.Missed out on some chores yesterday what with my appointment. Y'all have a good day!
P.S. Welcome home,Romeena!
possum under a rock

July 12, 2006 - Msg 42659: Possum, my question is this: If your sister wants to take care of your mom, why is she putting HER in the mobile home? If she doesn't want to abide in the same dwelling, let Mom stay in her house and sister can live in the mobile home! Have you suggested that? I am really blessed to have a very sweet, level-headed sister (you remember I have referred to her as Saint Susan in the past). We work together well when it comes to taking care of my parent's needs. She is a real sweetheart. Of course, her husband can be a different story...by the way, I have not seen the Swedish dancing couple you speak of but I will certainly look for them! ha

ASA, yes, Chuck is a Texan but I think he moved out to California, he might be back...don't know. I agree with you, seeing a shuttle launch would be exciting. By the way, have you been wearing your toolbelt over at Sarah's?

Maude, you are a good mom to your kids. It's great that you having involved in such worthwhile pursuits during the summer!


July 12, 2006 - Msg 42660: afternoon gang, prayers mavis!...lunch will be kentucky fried chicken plates!..taters and gravy,corn on the cobb,slaw...tea....going to work at 2 will holler with the supper menu then..hye boo,asa,possum,TOM...and all...SPOT

July 12, 2006 - Msg 42661: Good Morning Porch! How's everyone on this muggy cloudy day?

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 12, 2006 - Msg 42662: Hey checking in. Have to get off the internet. Waiting on a fax. Be back later!


July 12, 2006 - Msg 42663: Hey Folks, Everythings okay...in Mayberry!!

I hope everybody is having a great day.


July 12, 2006 - Msg 42664: Hey to all!!!

I need prayers for an employee.

I had to go in yesterday, because her husband, which beat her son up in a resturant, has come back in the house, and stole some of her belongings, and some of her son's stuff, too. She had to leave twice middle of the day, so I had to go take her place. Will ya'll please pray for her??? I'd hate to do it, but if she keeps leaving in yhe middle of work like this, I'm gonna have to let her go, or transfer her to the cleaning dept. I know that it sounds cruel, but she's costing my buisness money. She doesn't call, and let me know that she's leaving, she just leaves, and the cook has to call me, and she's always upset, because she can't wait tables, and cook, and wash dishes, and all of that at the same time. What do ya'll think I should do???

Thanks for your help.

July 12, 2006 - Msg 42665:
Ro, I bet you are thinking, wow I leave for a couple weeks and they built a whole new porch! ha
I know the feeling. I guess I'm too old fashioned for frappers and such! I'm still worried about Y2K! haha
But I am still concerned about Buckeye/Colt.
More later,

July 12, 2006 - Msg 42666: Mavis: Are you sure that that chatroom over at the Map place is free??? I sure hope so!!!


July 12, 2006 - Msg 42667: Warren: Hey!!!

It sure isn't cloudy here!!! It's sunny, hot, and beautiful!!!

MDC: How are you???

Poor Horatio: Pink, or Blue dress today???LOL!!!

July 12, 2006 - Msg 42668: BWB

July 12, 2006 - Msg 42669:
BWB- that is a tough situation. I had a similar when A*st mgr of a Pizza Hut years ago. You may have to give her the "final warning." Either call or whatever, or i will have to let you go.
Prayers for you and for MAVIS too.
Possum- hope you are doing better too. Aint siblings just "NUTS" sometimes!?
SPOT-MD- I see racing in New Hamp this week. Just cant picture New englanders into auto racing?! ha
Mavis- how do i post my state on fraper, I'll give it a try.

July 12, 2006 - Msg 42670: Thanks MDC!!!

I guess that will work. I don't want to leave her without a job, because of her situation, btu then I think about the fact that she is costing the buisness money!!! I'll try the final warning thing tonight when she comes in.


July 12, 2006 - Msg 42671: I agree MDC....at work now let me get all logged in....SPOT

July 12, 2006 - Msg 42672: Thanks Spot!!!


July 12, 2006 - Msg 42673: The prayers are working folks and I DO APPRECIATE THEM. . .it has been a rough couple of weeks and I do read the posts - not really been in the mood to chat.

THank You Mavis for the map - it is great to see how big the porch really is. . .Andy would be impressed. Prayers for you as well. . .

Please keep praying that the next couple of weeks will see a resolve to my current situation and that a burden will be eased.


July 12, 2006 - Msg 42674: Good morn...I mean afternoon, everyone! Had big doin's this morning. We now have a new addition to our family...a brand new Toyota Sienna minivan. We've been going to take the plunge for some time now, but every time we discussed it the Mrs. imagined "new car" and I pictured "car payment." We needed it though; you can't fit three car seats in the back of a Honda Civic. So, bye, bye great gas mileage, hello soccer-mom-mobile. The Mrs. is excited so I am as well.

Prayers for all that needs them today. Thanks to you all for your prayers. Now I have to get caught up on work. Talk to y'all real soon.


July 12, 2006 - Msg 42675: HM: We'll continue praying, just make sure you check in from time to time to let us know that you're okay.


July 12, 2006 - Msg 42676: ROMEENA: Welcome back! You've been missed.


July 12, 2006 - Msg 42677: Hey M-T!!!


I hadn't read your post where you got home!!!


July 12, 2006 - Msg 42678: Prayers continue, Homemaker.

M-T, I have been thinking about checking into Toyota vans because this Suburban is so expensive to run. What kind of gas mileage will it get??


July 12, 2006 - Msg 42679: Hey to BWB.

BOO: It's supposed to get about 26 mpg. The Mrs. has spent three months on teh internet and visiting various car dealersships in our area and is convinced that the Toyota's and Honda's (for minivans) are the best value. The Toyota does pretty well in gas mileage comparisons, and on safety and reliability ratings. Another reason it came down to these two were that they are teh only ones in the class that offered that optional eighth seat. The Mrs. really wanted that. We went with the Toyota because that extra seat is a little bigger, and, importantly, it was about $3,000 cheaper. Still, having had a Honda for many years, as long as they are maintained they are very reliable. My Civic was a '98 and was still getting over 35 mpg. It was a sad day today trading mine in :(


July 12, 2006 - Msg 42680: Afternoon Y'all! Just watching Gilligan's Island, after some CD shopping downtown! Funny episode. Still cloudy.

I'll check in later. BWB, tough situation. I'd do what MDC said, give her one last warning. That's the fair way in my mind.

See ya!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 12, 2006 - Msg 42681: Im sorry Romeena for my late welcome home! Great to see ya back here on the porch!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 12, 2006 - Msg 42682: Supper menu:..BBQ chicken on the grill,french fries,baked beans,slaw,salad,....lighting the grill now....SPOT

July 12, 2006 - Msg 42683: WELCOME ROMEENA!!!///Did not see ya there!!!SPOT

July 12, 2006 - Msg 42684: Mmm BBQ chicken!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 12, 2006 - Msg 42685: Thanks for the info, Me-They...that sounds great compared to my 15mpg in town. Does it have bench seats or captain's chairs in the back? I don't have a car payment so I am trying to keep the Suburban running but dealing with the little things that go wrong is a drag. Right now it is leaking power steering fluid (slowly, though) and the air-conditioner is acting crazy. It has two seperate systems for the front seat and the back seats and for some reason, when you turn off the one in the back, the one in the front doesn't get very cool...I don't understand why. i have to put it in the shop because I am planning another little trip to the Hill country next week...want to go back to Krause Springs again. Wouldn't want to brave it without air-condtioning!

Well, better be off...church tonight. I was wishing I was living in the real Mayberry so after church I could grab Barn and Andy and take a walk uptown to just enjoy the night air, then go over to the diner for a real good, strong cup of coffee and some southern conversation! Later, friends!


July 12, 2006 - Msg 42686:
Welcome back RO...Sure did miss ya!

AFD...Mrs Rev and I just enjoyed a quite evenning together yesterday. Even though I did find a cd with the first song we danced to when we married 25 years ago. She was really surprised when I put it on and it started playing.

Spot...that was a great spred for supper last night. The Mrs thought I had that planned just for her. You made me look good...lol.

Possum...you be sure to take care of yourself.

Sure ASA...come on and join us on this tour. Hope you don't mind traveling.

I had a great day today. An old Navy buddy's wife happened to find my website and found out that I would be touring the state of Maine. So she contacted me and ask to set up a meeting place. We met today in Portland, Maine and had a great time. It's been over 26 years but we picked right up where we had left off.

MDC...I know what you mean, but that's all they are talking about up here. I guess we are so spoiled with all the southern tracks and they have only the one.

Better go for now. Will check back later. Prayers for all.

July 12, 2006 - Msg 42687: thanks for supper SPOT. Hope all is well with the porchesters. sitting a minute or two tonight. kinda tired, been busy at work the past 2 days.
good to see everyone. congrats Rev. on your anniversary. Prayers to all in need. You all have a good evening. Big Maude

July 12, 2006 - Msg 42688: Wow REV 25 year's. Congrat's REV! Hey BigMaude!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 12, 2006 - Msg 42689: Wow Mavis, if you'd give me a $150,000 house for $65,000, I'd be more than appreciative. Got any more? ;) Seriously though, I'll be praying that everything goes smoothly tomorrow. And beyond. You too, homemaker.

Warren, what episode of Gilligan's did you watch? That's one of my favorite shows.

As for house news over here, we got through our inspections(both the house we're selling and the one we are buying) relatively unscathed. The buyers of our house aren't asking that we fix anything, although they do want to see the statement from the heating company that we just had service the furnace to see what was done to it. So everything seems to be rolling along nicely. Thanks for anyone's and everyone's prayers about all this.

-Sterling Holobyte

July 12, 2006 - Msg 42690: Sterling Holbyte, I was watching the episode "Theyre Off And Runing". It's the turtle raceing episode. Funny stuff!

You buying a house, Sterling? I just bought a new one in November and moved in on January 16th. I hope it all work's out Sterling!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 12, 2006 - Msg 42691: Watching a good ept now....still here at work...leaving at 10..hey Big Maude ,Rev,bwb,dwf,sterling,boo.....asa you around....warren get that bbq sauce off yer chin...well will holler at yall with a late night snack when I get home...prayers...SPOT

July 12, 2006 - Msg 42692: Oh yeah, I love that one, Warren! The way they mix up the turtles and Mr. Howell can't even get rid of Gilligan by cheating. :D

Thanks Warren, and yep, we already gave them the $1000 earnest money, and our closing day is in a couple weeks. How do you like your new home?

-Sterling Holobyte

July 12, 2006 - Msg 42693: Thanks for the prayers guys. Now here is what happened. Get to the attorney's office, my sister did show up on time btw, get in there & give him all the paper work he asked for & then some, he tells me, that the deed I have to my place is not really a deed. WHAT?! It says deed. Well after a few phone calls to the courthouse using all the info I had he finally got the deed number & all that stuff he needed. But then tells me, we will have to wait few days until the courthouse faxes over what is needed. Dad burn it, I am soooo tired of dealing with this estate! Now, my house is actually a mobile home/trailer that is secured to a basement ie: permanant foundation, but I have a title to the mobile home that has to go through DMV, he starts asking about my taxes that I have been paying, real estate or personal property? Well for 15 years I have paid personal property taxes on the mobile home, my vehicles & my outbuildings & real estate taxes on the land. He tells me that since I am on a foundation, I SHOULD be paying real estate taxes on the mobile home. Now, I am dealing with a Bristol, VA CITY attorney, & County taxes & such. He starts about the taxes & I have to admit, I lost my temper & cut him off asking what does that have to do with changing the deeds? He looked at me kinda dumbfounded & said "Well, nothing, I just thought you should know" I told him, I wasn't paying him for his thoughts & since I was paying by the hour & a certain amount per deed, I would appreciate him keeping to the problem at hand, the DEEDS & I will handle my own taxes thank you. I think he was trying to run up the time so he could get more money. Found out real fast, he wasn't talkin to a jerk, ya know Anyway, 45 minutes later, I still have 2 homes in my mother's name & am still waiting to get things settled. If I was a drinking woman, I think I would have a drink, but since I'm not, Mt. Dew will have to suffice. Since I have run off at the mouth so much in one post, I'll shut up for a while. Thanks again folks.
AW, Shut up, Bernie, just SHUT UP!

July 12, 2006 - Msg 42694:
Hey Spot, good vittles, nice to get you dinner in edgewise again! ha
Warren, i like Gilligan too. Love the one where they are running around in feathers.
COLT, my prayers for you buddy. Sure hope you answer my APB!
Anyone else here remember when we used to ask for a "dollar's worth" of gas? Also for that dollar theyd check the air and oil etc.
Funny to think about these days, or sad perhaps!
Sterling- prayers continue for your sale!
REV-glad you had a great anniversary.
Have a great evening all.

July 12, 2006 - Msg 42695:
Fred Boone (to Andy): A man's just made of flesh and blood ya know!


July 12, 2006 - Msg 42696: To Boo Msg 42637, don't worry about missing Tuesday's regular chat session. We will be repeating it every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday at 9pm eastern, 8pm central, 7pm mountain and 6pm pacific. We will start out at Sarah's. And if the majority rules, we can switch to Frappr.
To Romeena Msg 42638, welcome back. People here have been asking about you. You'll find out when you catch up on the archives.
To Deputy Warren Msg 42646, I would not consider myself a fan of the Beatles. Although I did attend one of their concerts in 1965. I just happen to enjoy many of their songs.
To Mavis Msg 42647, I'm glad you like the photo I posted in my Frappr profile. I look handsome, don't I?
To Mavis Msg 42655, sorry for just learning you need a slap with a trout. SLAP. Consider it done.
To Asa Msg 42656, while I sure do love a good pickle, I always will find an excuse when it comes to Aunt Bea's pickles.
To TOM Msg 42657, we had two days of heavy rains up in Toronto just this week. Can I send you some?
To possum under a rock Msg 42658, what's wrong with your sister? I took care of my mom during her final years. But I did it while she and I lived in her house. Your mom should remain in her own house. Your sister belongs there. Tell her I said so and I ain't takin' it back.
To Boo Msg 42659, you and I sure think alike when it comes to taking care of moms.
To SPOT Msg 42660, thanks for the lunch. I sure love chicken.
To Deputy Warren Msg 42661, since it's raining here, I'n busy with indoor chores and repairs.
To Barnwannabe Msg 42664, never fire an employee until you have a private talk with them. Hear their side first. Explain how their actions are affecting the business. Give them at least one warning and make sure they understand that the next time might involve termination.
To Barnwannabe Msg 42666, since the software is beta, Frappr must be relatively new. But at their homepage, I do see them soliciting for ads. Therefore, if sponsors are paying to advertise there, that's why it's free to us users.
To BWB Msg 42667, I am limiting my dress wearing to chat session days. Today I'm just in sweat pants.
To homemaker Msg 42673, glad to hear things seem to be improving. Prayers will continue.
To Me-They Msg 42674, congratulations on your new minivan. I'm considering a similar purchase but have not decided on any particular brand yet. Dodge Caravan's ability to fold and stow the two rear rows of seats is at the top of my list so far.
To SPOT Msg 42682 ... chicken again? Twice in one day!
To Mavis Msg 42693, sounds like the attorney could use a slap with a trout. Who picked him?
To MDC Msg 42694, I remember when gas was 29 cents per gallon. And while they pumped, they also checked the oil, water, wiper fluid and cleaned your windows at no extra charge. And you could also get a FREE road map too!
And a Hey to everyone else not mentioned.

from Poor Horatio

July 12, 2006 - Msg 42697: Sterling Holobite, Im enjoying my home very much! Thank's for asking! Hope you enjoy your's to!

Hey to Poor Horatio and MDC! Horatio when do ya wanna go to Sarah's again?

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 12, 2006 - Msg 42698: Poor Horatio, is everyone doing a big chat round together tommaro? If so I hope it's at Sarah's. However if everyone's going to Frappr don't let me dis-courage you! I'll try to be their, but can't promise.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 12, 2006 - Msg 42699: Hey folks...I wanted to let BWB and others know that you can get into "Sarah's" without using the "Java" room that we normally use. You can use ANY IRC software to access the chatroom.

I have used mIRC and right now I'm using TurboIRC to access the site. If you use an IRC client, all you have to know is that the server you want to connect to is irc.webchat.org and you have to know that "Sarah's" is the IRC channel #Mayberry. The pound sign is always at the start of an IRC channel. TurboIRC has a wizard to help you get set up and using that information I just gave you can set your self up really quickly to get into Sarah's and chat without using the "Java" room to do it.


July 12, 2006 - Msg 42700: Thought you all would enjoy this story. Dog Robs Gas Station Enjoy. Been meaning to ask you BWB what is the name of your diner & does it have a website?

July 12, 2006 - Msg 42701:
Hello porch family
Got in real late but wanted to drop by and say "hello", "good night" and "see ya tomorrow"!
Be blessed...-REV.

July 12, 2006 - Msg 42702: Hey gang...Boo how is the house coming?..hey Mav,Floyd our mentor!..Horatio,"SNACK TIME"..kinda like "Bed Check"...Hey Rev...I need to learn [I guess] how to go to Sarah"s site...the porch seem so sifferent in the past few weeks...Hey Romeena my friend!..[if yer here],hey Colt,..recon what ever happen to CHUCK!?..im gona play golf sat morning...[nice club],was invited....well guess its grilled cheese sandwiches[yes this late]...and a glass of milk...well I will be hee for a bit longer gona put a DVD in and clean house...SPOT

July 12, 2006 - Msg 42703: The house is not coming fast enough for me, SPOT! Thanks for asking...everything just seems to take forever.

MAVIS, I loved the article about the bull terrier! So funny... sorry about your meeting with the attorney today. I know you were really looking forward to not having to deal with all of this.

Me-They, I got on the Toyota site and read about the Sienna. I told Hubby that I want one when this car gives out. I really liked the safety features and the price is not bad, either. Did you get a DVD player in yours?

Really neat about the Navy buddy, REV. What a blessing that must have been.

Glad the inspections went well, Sterling...I'm excited for you about moving to the new house. Maybe you could send RO some pics of it after you move in.

Wonder how Millie is doing...

Warren, I bought my first house when I was about your age. I bought it for a song and sold it later for twice as much. It turned out to be a real good decision. I just couldn't stand throwing rent money away.

Better think about spending some time with Hubby. Ya'll have a wonderful evening!