July 12, 2006 - Msg 42704: Good evening, everyone. I've read this page, haven't been back into the other archives. Have had a lot to do. Much of today was occupied with the Plum and her visit to the vet. Can't remember if I mentioned it while posting from Florida, but a routine blood test before we left tipped the vet to a problem. She very likely has Cushing's syndrome, an adrenocortical disorder that would kill her if left untreated. Naturally, that will not be the case. It's not curable, but is manageable, at least for a while. Here's a website with some good information:


Sorry, I don't know how to make a real link. I'm just not very ept. I've read and re-read the instructions in "help", and don't know any more now than I did before I read it. It might as well be in Greek. Oh well, if you're interested, I guess you can copy and paste.

Mavis, bless your heart. Your trials are making me realize how fortunate I was when my dad passed away. My brother and I had no problems at all, and my sister-in-law was a help, not a hindrance.

Thanks to everyone for the kind welcome-home wishes. We're glad to be back. The Plum plopped into her usual place on my pillow, gave a big sigh and was asleep in seconds the night we got home. We had a really good time, my son and DIL make us so welcome, but it's still good to be home.

Prayers for all - we all need 'em! Sugarplum says 10-4. --Romeena

July 12, 2006 - Msg 42705: Wow! I swept! No charge, friends, I'm happy to do it. --Romeena

July 12, 2006 - Msg 42706: Hey To all!!!

I'm home from a hard day at work, and I'm gonna hit the sack!!!



July 13, 2006 - Msg 42707: Good sweep!...well im in here....breakfast will be on Barn Wanna Be!...tell us where and we will be there..Asa and I are gona eat a bunch!...BWB what do you do for a living?...late night hours?...I know I work crazy hrs for the power company but got to keep those lights on!..SPOT

July 13, 2006 - Msg 42708: Romeena the porch sure did miss you while you were gone.....I not joking....SPOT

July 13, 2006 - Msg 42709: Hey Romeena! Nice to see ya back on your rocker, it was getting dusty!

BWB, welcome back! Did you read MSG 42699 from Floyd and MSG 42700 from Mavis? Just wanted ya to know! Theyre adressed to you!

Well I'll check back later!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 13, 2006 - Msg 42710: Well let me see?.....breakfast will be:.eggs your way,hashbrowns with cheese,jimmy dean sausage links,flap jacks,grits with lots of butter,toast with grape jelly,bisqiits and milk gravy,h20,COLD whole milk and a tear from my roll of paper towels......SPOT

July 13, 2006 - Msg 42711: Night Porch! Everyone Sleep Tight And Don't Let The Ernest T's Bite!

See everyone in the morning!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 13, 2006 - Msg 42712: Morning porch.
Spot, them vittles sound fine, just fine! Egg's over medium for me please.

Ro, I'm sorry to hear about the Plum, but glad it was detected and can be managed. Barney just had his yearly exam, includung a teeth cleaning, and the "Vitenry" says he looks good.

Mavis, Hang in there girl. My prayers are with you.

Homemaker, same goes for you. Don't know what's going on, but you sound more hopeful now. I be thinking of, and praying for you.

Boy, Romeena just barely gets back from vacation and we put her right to work sweeping the porch. We are cads!

Boo, the toolbelt is going on today. I like to wear mine with just a bit of tilt to it. Gives me a little swagger.:)

Lets all pile in MT's new mini van and break it in. We can stop for ice cream. We will look like the Mayberry band as they were headed to Raliegh in that weenie school bus. Remember that episode? Still don't know how they fitted all the band and all their equipment into that thing.

Well its Thursday and the special at the diner is chicken wings. I just hate to be taken advantage of. She only gives you two wings, and from a chicken thats done a lot of flying!


July 13, 2006 - Msg 42713:
Morning Porch

Romeena-Welcome home, it was a bit shaky at times without you but we made it. We saved your favorite rocker...here's the paper and a cup of coffee. By the way, did you ever get a look at that gator?

Me-They-I call shotgun. When we go for ice-cream.

Asa-Watch out for that belt tilt; you don't want that swagger to turn into a stagger. People might think you gassed.

spot-That sounds great. I hate to sound like a greenhorn but what are grits again?

MDC-I share your concerns about colt.

Rev-Congratulations, nice touch with the CD. Mrs. auh2o and I will be celebrating our 21st anniversary in a couple of weeks. We couldn't really celebrate our 20th last summer, everything kinda hit the wall round here about that time.

homeaker-Gald to hear things are a bit brighter for ya.

"Citizen's Arrest!, Citizen's Arrest!"


July 13, 2006 - Msg 42714:
Morning porch

Ro..praying for Plum...I know everything will be OK.

Spot....good breakfast...great way to start the day.

Boo...how bout if we all come over with our tool belts and finish that house up. Of course Asa will be the only one allowed to wear it with a tilt. OK Asa...you can be the foreman.

auh2o....make that 21st a special one. (because they are all special)

I'll check back later. You all have a Jesus filled day!

July 13, 2006 - Msg 42715: Good morning everyone!

HORATIO: The Sienna's rear seats also fold and stow. It's a great feature.

BOO: No, we didn't get the DVD player. I've got to admit we were tempted, but it wasn't worth the extra price for us. And, I refuse to give into tvs in cars and cell phones. You have to take a stand on something! (I do have a cell phone but only use it in emergencies. In fact, we were going to get newer phones but if we did we would have to switch plans because you can't get ours anymore--30 minutes a month!) We are pretty pleased with our minivan purchase, though we don't care for actually paying for it.

ROMEENA: So sorry to hear about the Plum but I'm glad that she can be treated.

REV: I forgot to wish you a happy anniversary.

MAVIS: So sorry for your troubles. I'm praying for you (and your attornet, too!)

STERLING: Congrats on your house deal going forward. Keep us posted. When is the housewarming party?

AUH2O: I also am concerned about COLT. It's not like him be absent for this long. A while back he was having computer problems; hopefully that's all this is.

Prayers for all who needs them. No baby yet. Talk to y'all later.


July 13, 2006 - Msg 42716: Where's LUCY been? And MILLIE hasn't been around for several days, which is atypical. Hope everything is okay with you two.


July 13, 2006 - Msg 42717: Warren: I hadn't read those, and thank you!!!

Mavis: We don't have a website yet, because we haven't had it that long. We hope to have one soon, and I'll let you know.

Floyd: Thank you sooooo much for that. I'll try it.

Spot: I help my elderly parents run a resturant.

Thanks again,

July 13, 2006 - Msg 42718: Is anybody going over to The Map, tonight???

Is it free???


July 13, 2006 - Msg 42719: Mavis: I was hoping that you would put a direct link to the map on here. Thanks a lot!!!


July 13, 2006 - Msg 42720: Rev, all of you guys with toolbelts on?!...I feel all "bubbly-wubbly" (as Mavis Neff would say).

Me-They, I don't think I would go for the DVD player either. I can always charge my laptop and take it on trips for the kids to watch movies. I always buy used cars with low mileage. My last one was a year old and had 14,000 miles on it. I had a car dealer friend look for it at auctions and he found exactly what we wanted, interior and exterior, etc. We saved loads on it and it has been a good one (gas mileage excluded, of course). So, when I do have to purchase another it will be used so I might not be able to get exactly what I want. Both my brothers have Toyotas and they have no trouble with them, so I am seriously thinking that is what I will get next. I would like a Tundra pick-up but with the kids, and church activites, trips, etc. I think a van would be a better choice. The Suburban is great for that...next week I will be using the Suburban on our trip and I will be carrying myself, both parents, sister, and 2 kids! Well, I think I have talked this subject to death.

I have been concerned about Millie and Lucy, too...hope they check in soon (and Colt, of course).

Take care of Sugarplum, RO. Sounds like you are doing that very well.

Better go...always lots to do around here...most of the day my head is swimming wondering what I am forgetting!


July 13, 2006 - Msg 42721: Hey Boo!!!


July 13, 2006 - Msg 42722: Morning Porch! How was your sleep? Mine was O.K.! Had to let the Cat in at 4:30 in the morning!

Well I'll check back later!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 13, 2006 - Msg 42723: Afternoon gang...back at work now....will have the supper menu in just a bit...hey dwf,boo,bwb,auh20,m-t and all....well let me get busy here....SPOT

July 13, 2006 - Msg 42724: Hey Warren!!!

Hey Spot!!!


July 13, 2006 - Msg 42725: Hey BWB! Hey Spot!

BWB and other Big TAGS fan's, today, on eBay I purchased these cool looking Andy Griffith Show Tin Sign's! O.K. there like massive, the sive of a poster, but there made of Metal! They look so cool!

Anyway's one is a Barney one that has that classic picture of Barney holding his gun, and it sais at the top : "Fife Security Agent'cy". And where Barney is it sais : "Ferless Fife". And at the bottom it sais "Not Much Get's By Him"! This one's in B&W!

The other is more basic! Just Andy and Opie walking down that trail with there fishing pole's and it sais : "The Andy Griffith Show" in the middle. Down in the bottom corner it sais : "249 episode's". And underneath that :"1960 - 1968". This one's in full beutifull color!

They look awsome!

Anyway's, if you wanna view em, go to eBay, select "collectibles", and type up "the andy griffith show". You'll find the picture's of them somewhere down the list!

Just wanted to let everyone know, because Im SOOOO excited!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 13, 2006 - Msg 42726: Yeah Warren, I have a couple of those signs myself. That one you have with "Fearless Fife" :) and a color one that has Andy, Barney, Gomer and Opie all posed around a tree. It says "The Men Of Mayberry", or something like that. I don't have it out right now as it is packed away for the move.
But yeah, I love those tin signs!
Enjoy yours!

-Sterling Holobyte

July 13, 2006 - Msg 42727:
Hey Boo-Have you ever done a to do list? Not trying to be funny. Just thought it may help organize your day.
More later

July 13, 2006 - Msg 42728: Ro - I am sorry to hear about Plum. We think that is how our Boston Terrier passed away. Once I saw the symptoms - it was too late. Prayers for our team mascot.

Please continue with the prayers - what I thought was going to work out didn't - so, onto another way to solve the problem.


July 13, 2006 - Msg 42729: Prayers continue for you, HM. Hey to MDC, STERLING, DWF, SPOT, BWB and anyone else on teh porch this afternoon.

Just spoke to the Mrs., who had a doctor's appointment this morning. She and the ob have decided to set an appointment to induce next Monday if the baby doesn't come before then. That's okay, except that her doctor is going to be unavailable Saturday and Sunday, so the Mrs. is kind of anxious and upset about that. Just keep us in your prayers that all works out according to His will.

Talk to y'all later.


July 13, 2006 - Msg 42730: Thank's Sterling! They are cool arn't they! I saw "The Men Of Mayberry" one to on eBay to! That one was also cool, but I only needed 2. Again, hope your move go's smoothly!

Hey to Homemaker and MDC! MDC I've done a To Do List, but just to remind me for someting really important! It is a good idea to organize your day, I find!

Homemaker, you had a dog? I have never had a Dog, though I enjoy some quite a-bit! I am a total Cat person, as most know on the porch! Do you have a cat, Homemaker?

Well, have a nice afternoon porch! I'll be checking back throughout the day!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 13, 2006 - Msg 42731: Oh hey to Me-They! Didn't see ya there!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 13, 2006 - Msg 42732: MDC, I have a list for appointments, etc..but no daily to-do list. I tried that for awhile but just never could make it work for me. I think when both of my kids are in school it could work but with a 4 year old at home during the day, you never get to stick to the list!

Me-They, prayers for your wife. You know, my OB is a doctor I used to work with and we are friends. When I was pregnant with my first, I had high blood pressure and she wanted to induce me on a Wed. before she had to go to an out of town convention on the weekend. The induction didn't work so I went home and went into labor the following weekend, while she was out of town. At first I was dissapointed (for about 5 seconds) until I realized that a very sweet young doctor named Russell would be my doctor in her abscence. He was amazing. I could not have had a more perfect birth experience. God knew that Russell would be a big blessing, and he was. He was a very caring, gentle young man and did everything according to my wishes. Looking back I am so glad it was him. He died less than a year ago of a brain tumor and left a wife and 3 sons. It was a huge loss because he was a fine human being and a wonderful, caring doctor. Just thought I would share to encourage you to put everything in God's hands and try not to worry.


July 13, 2006 - Msg 42733: Supper:baked ham,peas,cream corn,fried okra and squash,slaw tea...busy here at work!...SPOT

July 13, 2006 - Msg 42734: Thanks for supper, SPOT. And thanks for that encouraging story. I will pass it along.

Y'all beat everything, you know that?


July 13, 2006 - Msg 42735: I meant to thank BOO for the story. That's right; SPOT-grub, BOO-encouragement. Right.


July 13, 2006 - Msg 42736: yer welcome M-T....SPOT

July 13, 2006 - Msg 42737: Afternoon Porch,
Thank y'all for thinkin' of me. We're all alive and well. Its so much busier with the 2 extra kids. Oh, the laundry, cooking, and cleaning, oy! Plus, Bryson has taken on the role of being the baby and is refusing to lift a finger and whine over everything. It doesn't help that Nicholas and Michaela call him baby boo-boo. I think this is why the Lord has decided to give me only 1 child of my own!

Stepkids are doing well. Stepdaughter is adjusting better than last year. She and Hubby had a talk that he would never go back with their Mom and after that she changed. He said something about being g#y or alone before going back with ex. Michaela was too young to remember the fights and the cops. Maybe all of the mean and nasty things she has said and done were because she was hoping to drive me away and hubby back with their Mother. I can understand that, but she should've talked to us about her feelings. Her Mother will bad mouth everyone on the phone or internet, but will not tell anyone to their face. Hubby never wanted to get into the reasons why they split because they were so young, but maybe he should've sooner. The sad thing is Nicholas said their Mom is waiting for hubby, even after over 9 years! If he didn't marry her when she had his children why would he marry her now? I feel so sorry for his ex. She's almost 40, never been married, 2 children born out of wedlock (been legitimized), still a bill collector which she has been since she was 16, and has systemic lupus. I'm no longer mad at the things she does because I feel sorry for her.

Me-They- Have you seen Father of the Bride 2? The doctor wasn't there and it ended up just fine. Granted that's just a movie (a good one), but maybe the same situation will happen with you if need be. Y'all will continue to be in my prayers.
Romeena- Glad you made it home safe and sound. Praying for the Plum!
Boo- I will make a list and forget or lose my list. Hubby says I'm too unorganized, but again I'm not a first born type A personality as he is.
Warren- I saw those signs at Hallmark in Ky.
Sterling- Have you moved yet?
Millie- Where are you?
Spot- Are Andy & Kelsey ready for school? Are the schools good in Kennesaw?
Homemaker- Still praying.
Are we all praying at 8:55?
Rev- Does your wife still laugh at you coming onto this site? Hubby totally makes fun of my love of TAGS.
Well, I need to do more cleaning. Y'all take care! I'll check in sooner next time.
Blessings to you and yours,

July 13, 2006 - Msg 42738: Good afternoon, everyone! Thought I'd just set a spell, have a glass of tea.

Auh2o, did anyone every answer your question about grits? If they did, I didn't see it. Grits are an old Southern favorite, made from corn. They're generally white, though I have seen yellow grits. A bit similar to cream of wheat, though usually thicker and a little drier. Wonderful with butter, or dressed up with cheese. Cheese grits are the best! The dish is so common in the south, that I once saw a cartoon where a bored-looking waitress was asking a confused customer, "If you didn't want grits, why'd you order breakfast?" Great with ham and eggs, also great as a side dish with dinner, especially with pork chops. Yum! I love grits!

Still waiting on lab results for the Plum. She seems to be feeling fine, other than a little weight gain in spite of a slight reduction in her food. Thanks for your prayers, friends. I know you all know how much I love her. Rest assured, I'll do anything and everything I can to keep her healthy and comfortable. Her vet is a good one, a friend of nearly 30 years.

Well, gotta work tonight, so guess I'll catch a short nap. Be good to each other, and act like somebody. Sugarplum says 10-4. --Romeena

July 13, 2006 - Msg 42739:
Thank God for email and internet searches.
Colt and I had conversed some time ago via email, and I forgot that he gave me his number at one point. Anyway, I found it and called him a bit ago! His internet provider went belly up!
But our Colt, Buckeye, Pappa bear himself is OK!!
So that is a big relief. He and I share many interests, including model railroading, and thus had exchanged numbers many moons ago!
Sorry to be so "one topic-ed" today, in my posts, but just real busy.
I got a surprise later on for Me-They !

July 13, 2006 - Msg 42740: Glad you hooked up with colt mdc. And thanks for letting us know. Glad your back Lucy.
Now where is Millie?


July 13, 2006 - Msg 42741:
FOR the expectant father- ME-THEY:

Macomb was a tired old town, even in 1932 when I first knew it. Men's stiff collars wilted by nine in the morning. Ladies bathed before noon, after their three o'clock naps, and by nightfall were like soft teacakes with frosting sweated and sweet talcum.
The day was 24 hours long, but seemed longer.
There was no hurry, for there was nowhere to go; and nothing to buy, no money to buy it with,
though Macomb county has recently been told that we had nothing to fear but fear itself.
That summer i was 6 years old...

Said with that sweet southern drawl as only a growed up Scout could say it.

July 13, 2006 - Msg 42742:
Me-They- I have the video of TKAM, so I
listened to the opening narrative last night for ya.

Boo- Yes, hubby time is VERY important! Take it from a 30 year hubby. Ha
ASA- When we ride in the new van, we could all say
"I smell gas" ha
"Well, of course ya smell gas, whaddya think this runs on? COAL?"
Ro, good to have ya back! The porch feels "comfortable" again in that strange sort of way.
Remember the days when baseball scoreboards actually had humans changing the numbers?? Sorta like pin setters of the baseball world I guess.
Well, prayers continue for all you fine porchsters all all of "yours' as well.

July 13, 2006 - Msg 42743: Evening Porch, how's everyone this fine evening? Supper sounds great Spot, but I think I'll let the cream corn slide on by. Warren my Mom gave me one of those signs the last Christmas we had with her, mine is Men of Mayberry, I love it. MDC you sound like yer getting excited! Ro prayers for Plum, give her a carrot for me, they aren't fattening so she can have an extra one. I'll be back later.

July 13, 2006 - Msg 42744: Oh, meant to say Lucy I am so glad things are working out with kids, sorry to hear Bryson is getting whiney, but remember, he has been used to not sharing your attention. My Jake was like that when he was little too, if I had my nieces & nephews for a while, one of the joys of having an only child~NOT. It does get better tho. Tom did the rain run them bees off?

July 13, 2006 - Msg 42745: Good Evening Porch!

Romeena, I know what it's like having a pet you love alot. My Cat when I was young, Free, meant so much to me. I am an only child, so I looked up to him as a Big Brother almost. He was just alway's there, and I loved him so much. Romeena, I hope everything go's good with the Plum.

Poor Horatio, When do ya wanna head to Sarah's again?

Hey to Mavis, Lucy, MDC and Me-They. Sorry if I missed any other rocker's who have been posting recently!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 13, 2006 - Msg 42746: Evenin' Y'all! Hope y'all are staying cool-it's hot and humid on the S.C. end of the Porch. Thank goodness I've got a rock with A/C.!
Me-They,I will be praying for you & wife that all goes well with the upcoming arrival. Let us know as soon as you can when the baby comes so we can welcome our newest lil' Porchster in style!
Mavis,we should get together girl!Hang in there and hopefully it will all be resolved soon.I am so sick of all the mess with my mom,my sister,the house,the trailer,etc.Boo & Poor Horatio,the bottom line is this: My sister and her husband want my mom's house all for themselves. My mom is going to go along with whatever they want to do because she just found out last fall that my sister was abused( censor won't let me say what type,but you can guess.) as a child and she's trying to make up to her for her childhood. Guilt is a big part of this and believe me,my sister is milking it for all it's worth.I mean,get on with your life and leave an old woman alone! It's really sad.Can't reason with my mom and if you don't agree with them,then you're the bad guy.I'm certain a lot of my heart trouble is due to this situation. I'm trying to distance myself as much as possible. My mom isn't the same anymore-I've lost her.Oh,well,enough of this. Don't want to have a pity party-it's just that I am VERY aware of what's happening and there's nothing I can do.
Romeena,I sure wish the Plum the best! Hate to hear she's ailing.
Gotta scoot-y'all have a good night now,ya hear?
possum under a rock

July 13, 2006 - Msg 42747: Me-They, I must not have read your post's thouroghly enough! I hope everything go's smoothly with the baby.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 13, 2006 - Msg 42748: Reminder - today is the regular chat session over at Sarah's for anyone who is interested. I'm in there with Boo and Millie right now. We might eventually visit Frappr as well tonight.

from Poor Horatio

July 13, 2006 - Msg 42749: HI ALL.


July 13, 2006 - Msg 42750:
Hello porch

Rainy day up here in the north. Supose to be very hot tomorrow. I will be in Limerick, Me tomorrow night.

H-M...still praying for you!

Lucy....oh yes...she still laughs when I say things like "Spot is having a full breakfast for us this morning." Her response is "DO WHAT?" LOL

Tom...I'm sure you have some neat models.

Possum...praying for you. Also keep things in SC straight while I'm away.

Everyone have a blessed night.

July 13, 2006 - Msg 42751: Hey all!!!

I'm just home!!!


Warren: I have one of those signs. The color one!!!

Hope all is well!!!

Good night, and prayers!!!


July 14, 2006 - Msg 42752: Good Night Porch! Hope everyone has a great sleep!

BWB, Cool you have a sign to!

See y'all tommaro!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 14, 2006 - Msg 42753: Morning dears.
We made it to Friday. Hope all is well with everyone. Had a nice chat last night with Poor Horatio, Boo, Maude, Millie and Warren. Had a fun time.
Spot, whats cooking this morning? I have a powerful hunger going on.

Prayers for Me They and his wife as the time draws near. Also for AFD. She's close as well. And for Homemaker and Millie and Possum and whoever else needs them.

Mavis, you never did answer me. What kind of team is Gibbs putting together this year?

Best get off to work. Gonna be a hot one here today. Supposed to hit 100. Thats hot.


July 14, 2006 - Msg 42754:
Morning Folks

Romeena-Thanks for the lowdown on grits. A restaurant chain in the area, Denny's, (don't know if Denny's is a nationwide chain) offers grits but I've never tried them, next time I think I will. I'm sure they won't be quite as good as homemade or those served in the South but I'll give it a go. Hope the Plum is up and at 'em soon.

Me-They-I can see why Mrs M-T is a bit upset and I agree with her. After reading your posts for sometime now, it really appears that you have a real "even keel" about you; I'm positive you will help everything go as smoothly as possible this weekend. You are surely in our prayers and just remember your own words, "that all works out according to His will."

MDC-Good P.I. work tracking down colt. Maybe, when Barney needs a day off you can fill in. I can remember those old score boards. Yeah know, that wasn't that long ago. Great quote, coal, LOL.

Rev-Thanks for the good wishes.

I wonder if the PLO, or what ever they're called these days, would like a Mulligan with regard to kidnaping the Israeli soldier. I think they'd take the do over. I know Lebanon would.

Oh well, the 3H here today, Hazy, Hot, and Humid.

"A man's had fudge every Tuesday night for years, you don't kick the habit just like that."


July 14, 2006 - Msg 42755:
Asa-100 degrees, Yikes! I know 100 degrees is nothing new to the porchsters down South and out West but we've never reached that high here in WNY.

Ya Know, I think Denny's is a nationwide outfit. I can remember something about a racial discrimination suit filed a few years back.

...any who


July 14, 2006 - Msg 42756: I think you're right, auh2o. I know they're all over north Texas. And do please try the grits. I think you'll like them. They really don't have a lot of taste on their own, but I can still eat a bowl of grits with butter and a little grated cheese and really enjoy it. They're a bit like the Hawaiian poi, in that they complement other foods. No, they don't taste like poi. Nothing else tastes quite like poi. Awful stuff by itself, but very good with roast pork.

DWF, and everyone else, thanks for the words of encouragement regarding the Plum. I am just convinced she's going to be fine. Right now she's at the front door, barking insults at some real or imagined interloper. She really seems to be her sassy little self, all of this has come about through the results of routine blood tests, not necessarily symptoms, other than the weight gain.

Well, just got home from work, and am beat to the socks. I think everyone in the metroplex was trying to have a baby last night. We ended up with delivered patients in rooms that we didn't even know were rooms! I'm glad I'm not going back tonight. Now for a nap, then the afternoon spent with two grandsons. Sugarplum says 10-4. --Romeena

July 14, 2006 - Msg 42757: Good morning everyone! It's H-H-H here, too, AUH2O.

MDC: Thanks for that! As soon as I started reading it, I could picture that voice saying those words in my mind. It made my morning.

Thanks to all who have prayed for us. All is well, but no baby yet. I have taken off on Monday and Tuesday, so you won't here from me after today until the middle of next week. One way or another I'll have baby news then.

LUCY: Glad to hear that things are going pretty well with the stepkids; sorry to hear Bryson is giving you a time. This, too, shall pass.

POSSUM: You and Mavis seem to be having a time with siblings lately. It's such a shame. Some people just don't know how to act like somebody. You both are in my prayers.

Glad to hear that everything is okay with COLT. Thanks for checking, MDC, or should we call you Rockford?

AUH2O: Ther are Denny's here; I think they are nationwide. Not a fan of grits. But that's just me. I love cream of wheat, though.

Have a nice rest, ROMEENA.

Hey to all on the porch this morning. If you hear snoring, it's me on the porch swing. I'll check back in later at lunch (that's your cue, SPOT).


July 14, 2006 - Msg 42758: Boy, I know how you feel RO. I remember alot of those night...babies coming from everywhere! I don't miss it...get an ulcer just thinking about the stress.

Ro, I don't know if you have had the chance to read the archives yet but our Chocolate lab, Belle died last Sunday, without warning. I am wondering if she might have had the Cushing's. She was young but had recently gained alot of weight. She also had a bit of a personality change and almost attacked one of my sister's grandchildren (very out of character for Belle). Belle had been living with my sister since we moved in with my folks because our black lab, Leah and Belle didn't get along and Belle was the passive one and she also kept hopping the fence and getting out. My sister offered to take her for us and she fell in love with her! She came home from church on Sunday and found Belle dead in the house. She had been fine when they left for church. Anyway, we buried her next to Jingles and I guess we will never know why she died. Enough of this...

Yes, we had fun at Sarah's last night. ASA and Poor Horatio really had me laughing, I'll tell you. It was like being in a Junior-High boy's locker room (that's all I'm gonna say)! What happens at Sarah's STAYS at Sarah's...

I had a terrible time falling asleep last night, I think it was 3am! Don't know what is going on.

I found out that school starts back here August 14th this year. Hoo-Rah! That's early for us. I can't wait....oops, just lost Mother Of The Year again.

Busy day today...maybe I'll make a list...


July 14, 2006 - Msg 42759: Hey, M-T! Didn't see you there...I am getting anxious to hear news about the baby. Wonder what her name will be?? Boy, there is nothing as exciting as waiting for a new baby in the family. I sure am glad I don't have to have another one, though....I hope. I turn 44 this month....I keep thinking, "C'mon menopause!".

Auh2o, I have one thing to say to you: "BEWARE OF GRITS"!


July 14, 2006 - Msg 42760: Hey, BOO. Well, regarding baby names it's back to the drawing board since AFD is using Hogette (it's from the French, y'know).


July 14, 2006 - Msg 42761: I just had a thought, why don't ROMEENA and BOO hop on a plane and come on up here to help with the baby's arrival? Aw, c'mon!


July 14, 2006 - Msg 42762: Hmmm, glad Hogette is out. I was just remembering buying diapers and formula....wow, I celebrated when babies turned a year old and were potty-trained. Sure gets expensive. I only breast fed until they were 3 or 4 months old so I spent ALOT on formula and I'm sure it costs even more now. I'll bet I am really making you feel good, M-T, especially since you just bought a new van! heehee...sorry.

OK, I have to get to work....I'm stalling.


July 14, 2006 - Msg 42763: Good Morning Porch! Boo, what'd I miss at Sarah's? Sound's like you guy's had quite the party over there!

I'll check back later!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 14, 2006 - Msg 42764: GOOD MORNING!!!

Warren: Yeah, I've got one of those signs. I've also got a color Barney, that says FEARLESS FIFE.

Romeena: I'm sure that PLUM will be fine. Just have faith in God, and she'll pull through.

Boo: What kind of work do you do??? How many kids do you have???

Are any of you going to Frapper today??? I wish you would. Let me know.

Thanks, and Hey to all!!!


July 14, 2006 - Msg 42765: BWB, man ya gotta get to Sarah's! Last Night We had Asa, Boo, Millie, Me, Big Maude and Poor Horatio all over there! Try Horatio's instruction's OR use Floyd's advise. You would have a ball!

Anyway's, a Color Barney one? Neat! How big is it BWB?

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 14, 2006 - Msg 42766: Well back at work gang ...I have to read alot!...supper will be at Romeena"s house...I will bring the tea....hey BWB,Dwf,Mavis no cream corn?...I forget everyones not from the south...hey mt,lucy,possum,boo,Asa....and all...see ya at Ro"s at 7ish...what we gona have Ro?...or is it a covered dish dinner..?...SPOT

July 14, 2006 - Msg 42767: BOO: For our oldest we did cloth diapers and had a diaper service. It was very economical and actually not that much trouble. Our daughter never got diaper rash, and we felt like we were doing something environmentally friendly. By the time we had our son, the service, which was the only one who would deliver to our area, no longer did. So it's been disposables since. We just bought a box of newborn diapers. Man, do they look little!

Our daughter was trained by one; our son, who will be three next month, still isn't completely out of diapers. I know boys are generally later than girls, but this is ridiculous. Any tips? We've tried everything that we have heard so far. As far as formula goes, we've never used it. The Mrs. did the natural thing for one year with each one, and by then they were on regular food. We were blessed that she was able, and I was even more blessed that she has the patience and stamina for it, even when that meant pumping after she went back to work.

Another thing which we never did was baby food. As soon as it was okay to introduce a certain food or food group, they started eating what we did. The Mrs. also won't allow sugar for the first three years, which has been a lot easier than we thought. Of course my parents thought we were depriving our "poor" kids, but to tell the truth, not knowing the difference, they'd be happy and content as can be eating plain yogurt with wheat germ while we ate ice cream. My son still prefers crackers to ice cream. Go figure.

Yep. Kids aren't cheap. But they're the best investment I'll ever make.


July 14, 2006 - Msg 42768: I forgot to answer who asked...

Yes! Prayer time is every night at 8:55 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. All are invited for a minute or two of prayer with porch friends from around the country.


July 14, 2006 - Msg 42769: Hey M-T!!!

Warren: It's about 2feet by 3-4 feet.

Wanna go over to Frapper Warren???


July 14, 2006 - Msg 42770: Sure BWB, tell me when.


July 14, 2006 - Msg 42771:
117 in Phoenix area today! Yikes, more later.

July 14, 2006 - Msg 42772: That's hot, MDC, Africa hot.


July 14, 2006 - Msg 42773: Good Friday afternoon to you all.Dropping by for a minute. It is hot here as well, probably not as not as where MDC lives but it is pretty warm an dhumid today. been a busy week and am looking forward to a relaxing week end. Enjoyed my time at Sarahs lst night, even though it was only for a few minutes. You guys are all great. Welcome home to Romeena. Prayers to all. take care and have a good day. Big Maude

July 14, 2006 - Msg 42774:
Hey Folks,

M-T-I just used that "Africa hot" line.

MDC-Of course, our Africa hot is about 92 not 117, Geez Louise! I guess, on a day like this, when it's 92 out your way you just call it Friday.

Boo-I don't know how I missed about your dog? So sorry to hear the news.

spot-We do have some wonderful Polish and German dishes up around these parts.

"Here, go buy a barber book!"


July 14, 2006 - Msg 42775: Ha, Ha, good quote auh2o!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 14, 2006 - Msg 42776: auh2o, You have some wonderful Polish and German dishes in your parts? Are they blonde, brunette or redheads? :)

We are hot here but fortunatly we don't have the humidity. It's maybe 10% is all. It's a dry heat, right MDC? lol


July 14, 2006 - Msg 42777: Hey to DWF, BWB, MAUDE, and all. AUH2O: I stole that line from "Biloxi Blues." Do the German dishes march right on into the Polish ones?


July 14, 2006 - Msg 42778: Hey, guys, for a laugh, go over to Miss Crump's and click onto the Housekeeping Monthly 1955 link in Clyde Pilot's post. I have a feeling the ladies won't find it quite as amusing as the guys; it's an article entitled "The Good Wife's Guide." You've come a long way, baby.

Y'all have a great evening, and a beautiful weekend. Watch for baby news next week. Please keep us in your prayers.


July 14, 2006 - Msg 42779: Thank you God...........its raining here!...SPOT

July 14, 2006 - Msg 42780: If Ro dont show for supper lets meet at red lobster!...SPOT

July 14, 2006 - Msg 42781: Ro's, Red Lobster, I'm good anywhere Spot.


July 14, 2006 - Msg 42782: Anyone want to go to the picture show with me tonite - it's rated G for Godly - it is Veggie Tales new movie. . .not as good as Glenn Ford but it will have to do!


July 14, 2006 - Msg 42783: To Me-They Msg 42768, regarding this 8:55pm eastern prayer meeting, you mention that all are invited. I'm a little confused. Are you folks meeting somewhere like in a chat room to conduct these prayers? Or does each one of you do this alone at home, just at the same time?

Finally, I see a few of you have asked about Millie since her absence is quite obvious. In a brief appearance over at Sarah's, Millie informed me that she has been ill in bed. Let's add her to our prayer list please.

from Poor Horatio

July 14, 2006 - Msg 42784: Horatio, Im no religious person, but anything to help Millie is my pleasure. My prayer's are added.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 14, 2006 - Msg 42785: Evening Porch! Asa not sure about my Skins this year, but they seem to be on the right track with the new guys coming in. Let's hope so anyway. Spot I'm from the south, just never cared for creamed corn, now corn on the cob, that's different. Another southern dish I never could stand, tomato pudding. YUCK! Hope to get to Sarah's or Frappr tonight, but not promising anything, tomorrow is my sat to work, dad burn it! Ro too bad one of those babies wasn't Me-They then we could all celebrate & you'd be first in line with the camera. Best get some stuff done.

July 14, 2006 - Msg 42786:
Prayers indeed for our Millie. May the true living God place His healing hand upon her.
Prayers also for MT wife, AFD, Mrs Wiley, and all porchsters.
PH- prayer time is just where ever you are at that moment. Thanks for joining in.
AUH20, 92 this time of year is a cold snap! ha
I better wet down the sheets. haha
BOO dear, get your sleep! Oops, there i go again!
Please, get some sleep! Chatting can be addictive, plenty of research in the last few years. But i AM glad you are in Sarah's if any place. In counseling couples at church, have seen even good strong Christians with some real problems in all that area! But, glad they made you laugh!!
Well, you all have a great evening and weekend!
Prayers for ya,

July 14, 2006 - Msg 42787: Evening Porch! Queit over here tonight! Has everyone been to Sarah's or Frapper?

See y'all!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 14, 2006 - Msg 42788: Good evening, all. Boo, I'm so sorry to hear about Belle. Isn't it amazing how much the loss of a pet can hurt? Over the years, I've lost quite a few, and find that the pain is in direct proportion to the closeness of the relationship with the animal. In years past, while still under the influence of my upbringing, my dogs were outdoor pets. I loved them, I guess, and I grieved when they died. However, the Plum and the two before her, were indoor pets, and very much a part of my life, the Plum being the closest of all. The little critter shares my pillow, you can't get much closer than that. Losing her is going to be one seriously traumatic event in my life. However, her vet told me this morning that the consult with the internal medicine vet confirmed his findings - she appears to be just fine! The original lab reports, which were highly suggestive of Cushing's, were not supported by the day-long sequential tests. So, the first ones may have just been a fluke in her endocrine function on that day. We'll do another screen in about two months, and see what that shows. Meantime, he advises me to just watch her for any unusual symptoms, but basically to treat her as a healthy puppy. Praise the Lord, and thanks to all for your prayers for her. She's really a little kid in a puppydog suit, you know.

Am looking forward to the arrival of our porch babies - all loved, wanted and prepared for. What a bunch of aunties and uncles those kids are going to have on this porch!

Well, off I go. The Plum wants to cuddle, and I'm thinking that's a good idea. Have a great evening, all. And special prayers for our dear Millie.

Sugarplum says 10-4. --Romeena

July 14, 2006 - Msg 42789: Ro, so happy to hear about Sugarplum! Yes, its hard to lose some pets more than others. Belle was very special. She followed my sister around everywhere and my sister has had a tough time all week. Today was much better for her, though.

MDC, thank you for those words of concern. I had a little fit this evening when my husband said something to me that I didn't like and I nearly took his head off (even used that horrible "F" word like Ralphie....and I absolutely NEVER say that word). I think there are some hormone issues involved here! It has been a really stressful week here, too. Like I think i said, Sean's personality is different now that he is off of the Paxil and there are some behavior problems that I am having trouble dealing with. It seems like there is so much strife that didn't used to be there...lot's of fighting between the kids, etc. He used to fall asleep by 8pm everynight and now he has insomnia most nights, he's really impulsive and impatient, obsesses over things, etc. I am getting a little flaky dealing with it from day to day. As far as the chatroom goes, there is no way I have time for that so no fear of addiction.

I think I will head to bed and TRY to get some sleep. I would take the Melatonin but the last time I did, I felt like a zombie for days.



Oh, BWB, you asked what I did and how many kids I have and how many kids I have...I used to work as a nurse but retired to be a stay-home mom. I have 2 children.

July 14, 2006 - Msg 42790: whoa...I'm so messed up I am repeating myself all in the same sentence! ha


July 15, 2006 - Msg 42791: Hey M-T!!!

Hey to all!!!

Sorry I didn't make it to Frapper today Warren!!!

Had to go to work. WARREN: If you're on in the morn, we'll go over there then.



July 15, 2006 - Msg 42792: Night Porch! BWB, I'll take you up on that offer! Try to see ya in the Morn!

Boo, how old are your kid's? Are they in that "I hate my Mom and Dad" stage?

Sleep Tight and don't let the Ernest T's Bite!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 15, 2006 - Msg 42793: GOOD MORNING!!!

I'm up and going this beautiful day!!!

WARREN: Let me know when you are ready to go over to Frapper.

How's everyone???

Romeena: How's the Plum???


July 15, 2006 - Msg 42794: Warren - to answer an earlier post - I have two kittens (outside barn cats), one outside dog (a red border collie), one minature donkey (Shotgun), about 70 goats, and the neighbor two chickens. . .


July 15, 2006 - Msg 42795: That should be the neighbor's two chickens. . .oops.

July 15, 2006 - Msg 42796: Mornin' HM!!!