July 26, 2006 - Msg 43319: Hey to Big Maude and Poor Horatio. Maude, so glad the prayers helped. Such a sad thing.
M-T, Veda is the name of a character in one of my favorite old movies, "Mildred Pierce", with Joan Crawford. Boo, glad you had a nice vacation. Spot, thanks for the vittles. Ernest T., welcome back....make it a regular thing!
Such a nice day on the porch....anybody wanna go down t'the fillin' station for a pop?

July 26, 2006 - Msg 43320: Swiiiiish!

July 26, 2006 - Msg 43321: Congratulations Millie on the sweep. And since you're asking, I'd settle for a pop with you over at Sarah's.

from Poor Horatio

July 26, 2006 - Msg 43322: Good Swish Millie!..long time no talk..My braves are tied in the 8th...back in a bit...SPOT

July 26, 2006 - Msg 43323:
I guess the glue dipper question was too hard! ha
Of course it was Otis. "He, a glue dipper over at the furniture factory"
Spot great vittles tonight. Twanged my buds yet agin, and they can be hard to twang sometimes.
IS this an off week for Nascar?
Question: some of you "older" porchsters may remember a "travelogue" type of show where the narrator always ended with "Good night ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls." What was the name of it and who was the narrator? Been buggin me for about a week now.
Ya all have fun at Sarah's. Sorry I cant get on it!
Travelin mercies to Lucy Mathews

July 26, 2006 - Msg 43324: MDC, what Texas verdict were you talking about? I am very curious...

Prayers for the family of the young man who was killed...

Millie, we think too much alike...I was about to post that the only Veda I have ever heard of was the daughter of Mildred Pierce!


July 26, 2006 - Msg 43325: HI ALL.
(God is the Light)
Amid the turmoil in this world
And all the problems that exist,
Always be aware that God
Is the shining beacon;
He is the guiding light;
The hope that is enduring
Through every day and night.
For when we stay within His light,
He will guide us as we sail
Through tempest storms confronting us;
God's the light that will not fail.
He will lead us to safe harbor,
Keeping vigil as we go.
No harm can ever come to us
When we stay within God's glow.


July 26, 2006 - Msg 43326: Hey Spot, Poor Horatio, MDC and Boo...Boo, you know I have a "thing" about old movies! Spot...the game's not on tbs, where is it?

July 26, 2006 - Msg 43327: Hey TOM! I know how it is to be busy! Thanks for the lovely poem, what a nice metaphor...

July 26, 2006 - Msg 43328:
Hey Folks,

Ernest T.- Welcome Back. To the same old place that you laughed about. I know, I know. I'm worthless and weak. Sorry, I've got this thing for cheesy 70's television. Really, glad to meet ya.

Me-They- Veda is new to me. It's beautiful but I have never met someone by that name. Of course, I'm north of the Mason-Dixon line.

MDC-Our local TV News (well, out of Buffalo about an hours drive north, that's as local as it gets) showed some terrific lighting over Phoenix the other day.

Asa-Haven't heard from ya in a spell.

Millie-Good to see you out and about. How's the restaurant business?

Msg 43301-"big fan"-Welcome, just curious do you prefer Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip?

Good Night & God Bless,

July 26, 2006 - Msg 43329: guess who? it's colt. sure have missed you all, been real busy and computer problems a plenty. changed providers and before we could get up and running our modem blew during a storm, then couldn't get the puter to change loyality from other company, long and short got it up. busy tim right now. to, anoher great poem. mdc- thanks freind. what's for late night snack? i'll checkin more later. missed you all. colt

July 26, 2006 - Msg 43330: colt the poem was from love tom not from mdc.
go look at who post it

love tom

July 26, 2006 - Msg 43331: Hey Colt! If Spot doesn't mind, I'll do an early midnight snack....RC colas and moonpies, help yourself.

July 26, 2006 - Msg 43332: Ha, I see it's time for the Mayo vs. Miracle Whip controvery again! I think it's time someone said, "VICKS"!

Hey, good to see you Colt!

Thanks for the poem, TOM. I REALLY needed it...


July 26, 2006 - Msg 43333: Oh please NO, not that old horse again, Boo & auh2o it's been beat to death. LOL But I can't resist, Mayo for me, more specifically, Kraft & VICKS can cure everything. Even takes the squeak out of the screen door. Colt so good to see you back! Yer rocker is all dusted & ready to go. Tom once again my friend, how do you know what to post? Seems you always post something that helps me through my troubles just when I need helping. Hope Asa is alright, he was complaining about his back, hope he ain't hangin his-self in the closet. I just gotta tell ya'll, I went "up on the mountain" as we say here to the best little produce stand the other day & got the prettiest black tomatoes you ever did see. And talk about good eatin! Nothin like a good old 'mater sammich on a hot summer day. I am saving the seeds from them so I can have them right here at the house next year. Got a black tomato plant out there now, but so far, only little green ones on there. Just wanted to tell ya'll that, now I'm going to bed, got a long day tomorrow & to make it even longer, my forced air dryer died today, so I am not looking forward to drying dogs with the little bitty hand held one. Taking the other one to the shop tomorrow. Wish me luck.
Night Porch

July 26, 2006 - Msg 43334: Oh yeah, and one more thing

July 26, 2006 - Msg 43335: hehe

July 26, 2006 - Msg 43336: Hey Colt and Millie....RC"s will be great!Boo NO Miracle Whip!..NO....bad mayo...ha ha..great poem TOM...hey auh20!...hey MDC...my braves pulled it out a "Win"...breakfast Menu:..TOM will previde us with breakfast at Cracker Barrel in the morning on me and him!.....lets eat good on TOM! [and me]...SPOT

July 26, 2006 - Msg 43337: I picked 51 tomato"s today.......thank the Lord for the Garden..peas are just pouring in,sacks full of peppers,squash,okra has to be cut every day....Southern Living...SPOT

July 26, 2006 - Msg 43338: I'm jealous Spot wish I had time for a garden this year, I just don't. Do you or Miss Sherry can your things?

July 26, 2006 - Msg 43339: No MAV..just freeze everything.....we have a BIG one every year...all my life...my grandmother caned.....Hope all is well with ya Mave...SPOT

July 27, 2006 - Msg 43340: Breakfast:.........on U Mavis!........like my eggs over med....or poached........SPOT

July 27, 2006 - Msg 43341: Good morning everyone. I was wondering how long it would take before the Vicks conversation started again. Now as for the mayo/Miracle Whip thing goes, around the south it's gotta be Mayo, and not just any mayo it has to be Dukes. Not many people outside the southern area has even heard of it.

Mavis is cooking breakfast this morning? Yum Yum those biscuits and gravy sure look good. Ya'll have a good day--Salty Dog

July 27, 2006 - Msg 43342: tom- sorry, i recognised you and your poem, always great , thanks. i feel like barney when he got teary eyed with all the great welcome back, i sure missed you all. salty, great seeing you again. spot, going to give the veggies the big freeze eh? millie, thanks for the midnight snack, it sure hit the spot. salty, been a long toime since i dipped into a jar of dukes, great on a blt. asa, where is you? mavis, thanks for the rocker maintence, works better than ever. everyone have a great day. cracker barrel on ole colt. colt

July 27, 2006 - Msg 43343:
Morning Porch

colt-It's good to see ya. It has been a while; I think Asa went out looking for ya.

Who's this Vick guy everyone keeps bringing up?

Spot-Hey there friend!

Mavis-I'm right there with. I love a 'mater sammich. Have you ever put a sliced cucumber and a bit of vidalia in your 'mater sammich? Yummy! Black tomato? Haven't had one of those.

MDC-The "glue dipper" had me stumped.

Salty Dog-Dukes is a new one to me.

Veda-Dukes-black tomato's, I've got so much to learn.


July 27, 2006 - Msg 43344:
Me-They: Sorry, I didn't mean to lump your precious daughter in with produce.


July 27, 2006 - Msg 43345: Morning gang!..hey auh20...salty dog pass the gravy please....Otis is the glue dipper....no Miracle whip!..now Miss Sherry LOVES it..whew..Boo how is the house project going?...hey possum,ro,mav,mil,TOM,m-t,goober [congrats],mdc,bwb,dwf,hm,[slaw]maude,and all the bunch...lunch will be at burger king on me....got to be at work at noon....see ya than..prayers..and thanks again Floyd for what you do...SPOT

July 27, 2006 - Msg 43346: Morning porchesters. Welcome back colt, so good to see you. I have missed you. It is good to see everyone today. busy at work today, will try to check in later. SPOT, thanks for keeping me fed. Big Maude

July 27, 2006 - Msg 43347: Good morning everyone!

That's okay, AUH2O, we know she's not vegetable or mineral.

Welcome back COLT! Glad to see your computer up and running. Did your provider get bigger wires?

ERNEST T: Welcome back. Good to have old friends return to the porch. Even though we don't know one another, a friend of my friends is a friend of mine.

MILLIE: I love old movies as well, and I completely forgot about the name Veda being in "Mildred Pierce." What are some of your favorite old movies? Mine tend to be comedies and mysteries. Thank goodness for TCM.

Thanks for the link, HORATIO. And I appreciate all the comments on the name. Based on this highly subjective, informal survey it must be more a Southern name.

MAVIS: My lunch today is sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, spinach, and Swiss cheese on a whole wheat sub roll. Yum!

Y'all will notice that no mayo or Miracle Whip is involved in the making of my sandwich. Yes, I represent that third contingent who would rather skip both these slimy products. And don't even get me started about sandwich spread.

SPOT: My grandmother and mom canned all summer long. Thinking about it brings back sweet (if hot!) memories.

BOO: Is everything okay? I don't really have a good reason for feeling this way, but I just have a feeling something is bothering you. Anyway, prayers just in case (hey, it can't hurt).

Well, greetings to the rest of you porch-people. Anyone for a game of checkers?


July 27, 2006 - Msg 43348: On second thought, SPOT: I'll have a Whopper meal, no mayo, with a Coke. hey, BIG MAUDE!


July 27, 2006 - Msg 43349: Hey M-T..colt...slaw Maude..NO MAYO?..m-t?...forgot what part of the porch are ya from?..but never the less its a [double] Whopper for me with cheese...fries and tea [they have terreble tea].....well im off to work...see ya at the Kings house [Burger King]...SPOT

July 27, 2006 - Msg 43350: Good afternoon porchsters. My work day is finally over. So glad tomorrow is Friday. Gonna have me some lunch then clean house. Yep thats what I'm gonna do. Lunch, clean house. See ya later--Salty Dog

July 27, 2006 - Msg 43351: Hey Me-They, you are very perceptive. Yesterday was one of those stressful and painful days for me. Sean has been having a tough week with the Tourette's and anxiety and he told me yesterday that he wanted to die. He said, "I'm not worth anything and I have so many problems that I don't know how to fix. I think it would be better if I didn't live". He's only 11! He just has no self-esteem no matter how much I try to build him up. Due to the Tourette's he has been peeing his pants at times and has to wear a diaper. You can imagine how hard that would be for a boy his age. I am increasing his meds to try to correct the problem but it takes time. I can handle the diaper thing better than the head jerking, though. I was also having a rough time with my parents yesterday. They are getting more needy as time goes on and Dad just feels terrible all the time and is constantly asking me for things. I keep telling myself that I need to be thankful that I still have them (and I am) but I find myself losing my patience with them and then I feel guilty...it's just a vicious cycle. Anyway, thanks for your concern and prayers. Some days are bad and then others are very good. That's just life, right?

Mavis, I have never heard of a Black tomato. I can remember my mom fixing us Velveeta, Miracle Whip and tomoto sandwiches in the summer. I loved those, especially with one of those tall bottles of icy Pepsi! I also remember her feeding us fried Spam sandwiches with Miracle Whip and lettuce...weird, and not very healthy. Do any of you remember Kool Pops or Otter Pops? I ate a ton of those in the summer.

Went shopping for school supplies yesterday. I knew it would help my stress level to do that before eveything was bought up. I can't beleive both kids will be in school soon! I am looking forward to it but concerned about how Sean will do.

Better go get something done....


July 27, 2006 - Msg 43352: BOO: I think it has less to do with my own good perception than with God laying something on my heart. You really are an amazing person. I can't imagine shouldering the burdens that you do. And my heart goes out for Sean. I'm sorry that I don't have any sage advice or wonderful words of assurance, but I sure will keep praying. Of course you know that we are always here to listen and lend support when we can.

You mentioned several days ago that school starts in mid-August in your parts. Is that typical? Here, it used to start right after labor day when I was a kid. Now, it typically starts the week before. They usually build a week or so of snow days into the schedule and adjust the last day of school accordingly.

I've never heard of a black tomato, either, but I do have a coworker who grows purple ones and they arer pretty dark. Could they be the same thing?


July 27, 2006 - Msg 43353: Quick story taht BOO's tomatoe sandwich story reminded me of...One of the reasons (maybe the main one) I don't care for mayo is that I cannot eat moist (especially mushy) bread. That's usually why I eat my sandwiches "dry." I even carry sandwich ingredients to work and put it together right before I eat it. Anyway, I believe that it stems back from an experience I had in first grade. I was at lunch, and my mom had packed me a tomato sandwich. I ate half, and put the other half back my brown paper bag, crumpled it up, and threw it away. Well, a cafeteria lady saw me do it and actually made me take it back out of the trash and eat it. Now, it's not like the sandwich actually touiched garbage, but I vividly recall my horror at having to eat this mushed up, now gross sandwich. I will never forget that experience.


July 27, 2006 - Msg 43354: Evidently, though, I have forgotten to proof read for typos. Sorry.


July 27, 2006 - Msg 43355: Me-They, thank you for those wonderfully kind and comforting words. What a blessing it is to have friends to help carry our burdens, and as I have said before, nothing means more to me than the prayers of God's children on my behalf. Things seem better today...no diaper so far and Sean is in a pretty good mood (even though he is vacuming to relieve stress, as we speak! ha). You know, Me-They, I think you are a very sweet Christian...a loving spirit.

So sorry about the tomato sandwich incedent! Yuck! I cannot tolerate a soggy sandwich, either....almost as bad as Fear Factor. Oh, and on the side of Miracle Whip, I have to say it does not get soggy as fast as regular May...probably more preservatives in it or something, ha!


July 27, 2006 - Msg 43356: Good Morning Porch!

Me-They, MSG 43352, Over here school Start's up again on September 5th I beleve.

Boo, MSG 43351, Sound's like a tough few day's. I can't imagine how difficult it must be on your 11 year old son. I hope you correct the problem.

Well, Im watering that darn lawn again, gotta get that grass to grow in! See later!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 27, 2006 - Msg 43357: You know what's strange?

Last Night I watched the Movie "The Edge" with Anthony Hopkins, and once in awhile I like to Go back and Read Old archive's from the Porch, from like 2004 type thing. So as Im skimming through one, I see a post posted by Boo, talking about "The Edge"!

Now I know this is hardly worth mentioning, but it's just so strange how these thing's turn out!

Anyone else had some experience's like that?

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 27, 2006 - Msg 43358: Good Morning from beautiful Alabama!!!

M-T: School starts here Aug. 10th!!!

Hey to Boo, M-t, Millie, Warren, Salty Dog, Spot, Big Maude, Ernest T, auh2o, and everyone else!!!

WARREN: Hope that grass starts growin' soon!!!LOL


July 27, 2006 - Msg 43359: Test

July 27, 2006 - Msg 43360: I'm ept!

Thanks, BOO. Right back atcha. Hey to BWB and DWF.


July 27, 2006 - Msg 43361:
COLT- Man, good to see you again. We better prepare the fatted calf! ha Sure glad I recalled that you had given me your number.
I replaced the pea in your whistle, and whilst you were gone we nicknamed you Miss VonRoeder, the beast of the 4th grade! ha
The porch feels good. Floyd re-did a lot of floorboards.
RO- Concerning that weight situation, did you check the chain holding your ID tag? haha
SALTY dog, welcome back- You may remember Colt as Pipeman. How is your dad doing?
BOO- My heart goes out to you. I think we ALL wish we could fly out there and give you a hand, but we most certainly give you our virtual porch "hand!" Thank God you have stong faith, as I know sure I need it with just my mom's situation. Many prayers continue.
Auh20- Yes we had a BIG storm Tuesday evening. Some damage in places, but all power etc back up now.
Mavis- hope that wasn't brokeback mountain! haha
Spot- my dbacks are finally doing better too!
APB for Irishster, Homemaker, Briscoe, fungirl, Mary W, Jelsik and all.
"Ernest T, what about these cottonpickin' rocks??"

July 27, 2006 - Msg 43362: Now I know who Colt is, I thought I should have remembered him. It was just by another name. Good to see Pipeman/Colt back around again. Just like a big ol family reunion. Now where's the fried chicken and banana puddin?

Thanks for the concern about my Dad. He's doing good these days. Cant keep him down for a minute!! Salty Dog.

July 27, 2006 - Msg 43363: Thanks Warren, we have him going to the best doctors in Houston and he sees a good Christian counselor. I do what I know to do but sometimes I make mistakes, I also grieve sometimes because the relationship between my son and my husband has been strained at times. It is much better than it used to be but sometimes Bruce lacks patience and Sean is pretty sensitive (understandably). Hey, that was a pretty strange cooincedence about The Edge. Things like that happen to me from time to time. I really liked that movie, did you?

MDC, very funny comment about changing Colt's name to Miss VanRoeder! Thank you for your kind words and the "virtual porch hands" mean so much. All my friends here are such a support.

I have been busy making a birthday dinner for mom. She turned 80 today and wanted beans, cornbread and coleslaw for upper...not my first choice, but whatever. I think they are the foods she grew up on...heck, for that matter, so did I. She cooked beans alot. I went and bought some "Beano" to put on mine. I mean, beans AND cabbage?! Whoa...


July 27, 2006 - Msg 43364: Tom ..great poem
COLT.. welcome back
SPOT.. how big is your garden ,I have a small one ,its producing lots of maters and squash though
everyone have a great evening

July 27, 2006 - Msg 43365:
Whoa Boo, ya ALL may be wearing those briefs for a few days! haha
MD- good to see you, is there any racing this weekend?
Salty, funny how I recall certain things, but it seems he was ailin' the last time you was a 'reglar here. Glad he's doing better.
It's mayor pipeman we gotta keep in line! haha
Finally got him to pay his isp! (:

July 27, 2006 - Msg 43366: Good Afternoon Porch!

Me-They MSG 43360, Hey to you to!

Salty Dog MSG 43362, Glad your father is doing fine!

Boo MSG 43363, I thought "The Edge" was a great movie! I thought that Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin would be strange together, but they worked well. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your Mom! Odd Dinner choice, but I guess, like you said, she grew up if it. Have a great Dinner and Birthday Party! Again, hope everything wih your son turn's out fine.

MAYBERRY DEPUTY, MSG 43364, alway's good to see ya stopping by The Porch.

And Finally a Big Hey To MDC!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 27, 2006 - Msg 43367: Hey porch! Taking a break between lunch and dinner. Boo, prayers for you and Sean. DWF, now you're really getting the hang of the 'porch' thing!Hey to Salty Dog, Mavis, Tom,Me-They, MDC, MD, and all.
M-T, I like so many old movies, it's hard to pick just a few favorites...but I'd have to say "Some like it Hot", "Singin' in the Rain", "Casablanca,"" African Queen,""Citizen Kane"....wow, there's too many to list!

July 27, 2006 - Msg 43368: news flash--- if you go to todays msnbc site they have pictures of the lady from clear lake who being such a fan opened a taylor home replica of this show. pics included. said her an her husband met on an andy griffith web site chat room. if for the next few days if i skip someone on a post its not intentional but after a month off and busy to it may take me awhile to get my groove back. do they still sell grooves? colt

July 27, 2006 - Msg 43369: To Boo Msg 43351, take those hints of suicide seriously. I personally think he needs to be able to meet and talk with others around his age who have the same disabilities but who are successfully dealing with the symptoms. He needs hope and where better to receive it than from someone in his own shoes.
Here are some links that might help you find those people;
National Tourette Syndrome Association. This site has lots of interesting links on the left side. Try clicking on FOR YOUNG PEOPLE first.
National Alliance on Mental Illness of Texas and click on PROGRAMS AND SERVICES.
Mental Health Associations in Texas.
When Sean returns to school, will he be in a special needs class with more understanding teachers and students?

from Poor Horatio

July 27, 2006 - Msg 43370: MD my garden is about 10 rows about 130 ft in length...last years pics are pn Ro"s site...hey dog,horatio,hey colt,mdc big maude and all..tonights menu:..Meat loaf,mashed taters,field peas and fried okra...sliced tomatoes..tea...and big maudes slaw...busy here at work..SPOT

July 27, 2006 - Msg 43371: Spot, I'll bring dessert tonite.....chocolate chess pie.

July 27, 2006 - Msg 43372: Wow, I never thought of that, Poor Horatio but I think you are absolutely right. I'm sure talking to other kids who struggle with this would be a huge help. Thanks for sharing! I will try to find some support in this area and will get Sean involved on the site.

Warren I, too, thought Hopkins and Baldwin were great together. Wasn't the part where the bear ate that guy with the dreadlocks so scary?!

Good one, MDC....I think this meal will be a colon cleansing experience.

Hey Millie! I have tried 2 or 3 times to watch Citizen Kane and just can't do it. I always bog down somewhere in the middle.

Again, thanks for all of your prayers and kind words.


July 27, 2006 - Msg 43373: Here is the link about the MSNBC story that colt mentioned in his Msg 45568 that concerns the lady with the Mayberry home and husband.

from Poor Horatio

July 27, 2006 - Msg 43374: Good afternoon good people. And you, too, MDC--beast of the fourth grade indeed! I bet you bite off the ends of snowcones and drink out all the syrup! (Just kidding, of course, friend!)

MILLIE: I like most of those you mentioned, but some of my very favorites are not the typical "classics" that don't get played very often. Every once in awhile I will come across a gem that I've never even heard of much less seen. (Hey, MDC, do that narration from "To Kill a Mockingbird" again!)

HORATIO: You're one smart cookie. Your post shows why it can be so beneficial to share our burdens with a group--you never know who's going to come up with something to help.

BOO: I'd watch re-lighting the stove after dinner...

Well, I'm headed home, where my heart is. Y'all take care and have a great evening.

"Does the tears on your pillow bespeak the pain that's in your heart?"

July 27, 2006 - Msg 43375: Oh Boy Millie, You Should Not Have gotton me in to Classic Movie's! WAY to many to list, but my Favorite old Actor's are as listed :

Jack Lemmon
John Wayne
James Stewart
Clarlsten Heston
Richard Harris
Clint Eastwood
Dustin Hoftman (although he's in newer movie's to)
Gregory Peck
Walter Matthau

I don't know what I Love more, Old TV show's or Old Movie's. There is just No comparrison to the 1960's is there? However, I think I like Old TV more, because I can still watch newer movie's, as there is still alot of good new movie's out there. With New TV, BLAH! Be-Side's "Seinfeld" and maybe a-bit of "Three's Company", No newer TV interest's me that much. And "Three's Company" is from the 1970's and 1980's still!

Millie, Have you seen "The Odd Couple"? I swear that's the funniest Movie out There! Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau, are simply to funny together. Dare I say funnier then Griffith and Knotts?

Next thing, Has anyone ever seen "The Dick Van Dyke Show"? I just started watching yesterday and Im hooked! How did I not discover this earlier? Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore are SO funny! And Not only is Mary Tyler Moore funny, She's VERY good looking! What's bugging me is that The Season's are SO expensive on DVD! $84.99 for Season 1? Give Me A Break!

Now On To Porch Answering :

Poor Horatio, MSG 43369 , Great Solution. Couldn't have said it better my-self. Your a great guy. You have that Funny side of you at Sarah's, but your so helpful to!

SPOT, MSG 43370, You eat alot of Cole Slaw don't you? Just kidding! Enjoy your dinner!

Millie, MSG 43371, Now don't be giving me recipie's for Choclate Chess Pie! Im Not That Good Of A Cook! Ha, Ha!

Boo MSG 43372, That scene was rather frightning and Sad. Very gory to.

Poor Horatio, MSG 43373, I could swear that kitchen was Aunt Bee's! Just a little more Modern, as old Barn would say.

Me-They, MSG 43374, I guess Just another Hey to ya! What is that, the third Hey I've shouted to ya today? Ha, Ha.

Well, grass is growing on that lawn now!

I'll check back later!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 27, 2006 - Msg 43376:
Warren, I have all 5 seasons of D.V.D. on DVD. Got em at Costco for $39 each. You might be able to find them on Ebay. One great episode is when they flashback to their wedding day. It is so funny. DVD was and still is a real comic genius.
Also, a great show as the Bob Newhart show where he played a phychologist.
Give me any Jimmy Stewart movie. One of my favorite is a western "Firecreek". I love all the old westerns and western tv shows. I think actors and ACTING was better then too.

Do kids today still play jacks, jumprope, marbles, hulahoops etc, or is that too low tech these days?
Remeber pitching woo, and i dont mean that new korean reliever! haha
Tomorrow it's french toast topped with a pineapple slice, jelly in the center, and covered with powdered sugar! mmmm good.
Me-they,me-they, me-they, oops, was that for our porchster or Barney warming up?! ha
Ya needing that laid back summer of '33 again? I hear ya bro!
Mr Darlin's Cuz

July 27, 2006 - Msg 43377: Thank's Mr Darlin's Cuz. I took your advise and found a good deal on eBay, hopefully the bidding dousn't get to high!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 27, 2006 - Msg 43378: Hey Porch! How goes it? I'm trying to get some relaxing done, but it never happens, one thing after another it seems. First things first, here is a link about the black tomatoes & it also lists all the other kinds of 'maters you can get. I like the black & the Cherokee Purple, they are not as "acid-y" as the others. 'Maters Now for my news, we went to the attorney's office again today to finalize the signing of the deeds, and I have worried myself sick over it. My sister called this morning & asked "Once this is all signed, you ARE going to still make payments on the house aren't you?" I thought, don't say anything, you still have to have her signature. I told her we would talk about it when we got to the office. Well, that never came up, but as of today.......my house is in MY name!!! It's done, except for filing it at the courthouse. Now if only the problems with my sister could be resolved that easy. Thanks for the prayers ya'll, I got a feeling, I'll be sleeping soundly tonight.

July 27, 2006 - Msg 43379: Hooray! Glad for that victory, Mavis...now, its time to pray for your relationship with your sister.

Have any of you seen the news coverage of the mother of 3 who was killed on a bike trail? Awful. I was reading my local paper this morning and there was a story about a man who was convicted of s#xual assault in Michigan, then again in Texas. He was out on probation and yesterday he broke into the home of a single mom with a teenaged daughter and raped the mom, kidnapped the girl and assaulted her after stealing a car. My gosh! How come we can't keep these predators away from the public? It make me sick. Texas is the state that executes far more criminals than anyone else but they sure stink at keeping the others behind bars. Why are we protecting the rights of predators but not the innocent? (That would never happen in Mayberry)

Ok, I'm off the sopabox.


July 27, 2006 - Msg 43380: Thanks Mil for the pie...yea DWF I love Big Maudes slaw..I pulled 89 tomatos today!...3 big baskets of feild peas...okra...Lots of hot peppers...done put up 20 or so jars...ye-haw..love the garden..hey Mavis,MDC,hey TOM,Ro,horatio,possum,colt,CHUCK!,asa,colt,hm,Boo,m-t,bwb,and all my pals....well back to my DVD..work tomorrow at 12...will holler before bed with a snack..hope yall liked the meat loaf that we had for supper...SPOT

July 27, 2006 - Msg 43381: That Taylor Home Inn B&B looks awesome, if I ever get that way, you can bet I'll stay there! I just wonder if they are Orville & Elinora from the old porch? Anyone know? Thanks Boo I am so much more relieved now. Spot that meatloaf was great, it is one of my favs ya know. Big Maude you ever get tired of making slaw? teehee

July 27, 2006 - Msg 43382: Mav she is Big "slaw" Maude!..hey yall watching a DVD..see if ya can guess the ept..."Ladys this is a Raid"...SPOT

July 27, 2006 - Msg 43383: I'd rather be called "skunkface" than Big Slaw like THAT! tehee

July 27, 2006 - Msg 43384: Is it "The Bazzar" from Season Six SPOT?

Boo, We have some crime over in Vancouver and Victoria. Not much Rape or S*xual assault though. It sure is a Sad thing isn't it? Some people are sick enough to that. What A shame. Well like a band called "The Kink's" say in a song called "Lola" : "It's a mixed up, muggled up shoke up world".

Well, have a good evening.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 27, 2006 - Msg 43385: Geez, I sure do say "Well" alot don't I? I wonder what causes that?

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 27, 2006 - Msg 43386: Ha, we all do that from time to time, Warren....I seem to repeat myself alot, too. Yes, life can be very hard and seems so unfair sometimes but I have to remind myself that the majority of folks are caring and friendly...at least in Texas, and I have to say I met some of the nicest folks ever in New Mexico. They really made us feel welcome there. Guess we have to think on the good things and just be careful. Warren I want to say that I have really enjoyed your recent posts. I feel like we are finally getting to know you better.

Better hit the hay...always lots to do tomorrow. Goodnight,


July 27, 2006 - Msg 43387: FYI~The little Inn, that Poor Horatio posted the link for (Msg~43373) is none other than Elinora & Orville from way back when! How cool is that, I emailed & asked if it was them & she emailed back saying yes it was! Romeena, Jennie Boone & Rafe I know will remember them, we had a ball here & at Sarah's. I am just tickled that we "found" them! Now I can go to bed with 2 smiles on my face, my house is actually MY house now & I found some long lost friends! God is Good!
Night Porch
Bet they didn't even know they were lost. teehee

July 27, 2006 - Msg 43388: Hi everybody, been gone a long spell. Missed talking to you good folks.I've looked in a few times but haven't had time to stay.Lot of new comers in town. I'll just have to listen for a while and get acquainted. Did I spell that right? If God brought you to it, He'll bring you through it. Ky Slim

July 27, 2006 - Msg 43389: You are right DWF,...hey Mavis my friend,Boo how is the house clearing coming?...hey colt,ro,hm,[slaw]maude,horaito,possum,fg,CHUCK?,TOM,salty dog,auh20,m-t,mil,lucy,mr bass,ky girl,dix,..irister,..gosh all of yall..breakfast menu is as this:...Menu:eggs as you like,hashbrowns with cheese,grits with butter,center cut country ham,sausage links,bisquits with white milk gravy,bacon,toast with grape jelly,..milk,coffee,h20..prayers to all see ya at breakfast at 6 am!...SPOT

July 27, 2006 - Msg 43390: Hey Ky Slim....SPOT

July 28, 2006 - Msg 43391: Well gaang I guess im going to bed..washing clothes and have cleaned house [single ya know]...Kelsey and I pulled 89 tomatoes today..whew..well goodnight all see ya at breakfast!..say yer prayers all...SPOT

July 28, 2006 - Msg 43392: ky slim- welcome back, i've been gone myself a spell cause of computer problems but they call me colt, or the mayor. spot- i'm on my way to have breakfast, thanks. mavis, i found the bed and breakfast site on msnbc and was curious also who they were. figured someone would remember them. thanks poor haratio for finding the shortcut to site. those of us still not able to get around on computer sites, this is useful to have shortcuts. boo- it seems like we're all folks in a hurry, i feel like a dog chasing its tail but in fast forward.ha. colt

July 28, 2006 - Msg 43393: mdc, great being back, sure missed it. thanks for keeping in touch. yeah i was the kid who drove my teachewrs crazy, i'd always ask on any question but what if, very logical but wasn't with the program. now i know what if but can't remember the the question. millie, your great food has put 15 pounds on me and i wasn't even on the net.ha. mayberry deputy, good seeing you, thanks for the welcome home. anyone hear from romeena, ky girl, mary wiggins, charlotte tucker and the rest . DID ANYONE ELSE SEE WHERE PARAMONT WOULDN'T LET BARNEYS STATUE TO BE BUILT UNLESS IT WAS PLACED AT MOUNT AIRY AND THE CLAY MODEL WAS DESTROYED AND FINANCERS NOT BACKING IT maybe floyd can fill us in more. the article was in our local paper. good morning me-they, warren, and others i missed. i'm still trying to catch up on archives. colt

July 28, 2006 - Msg 43394: Don't have time to read all the archives - been a busy week with the fair. My son did very well in the goat show - he had overall Grand Champion Doe, Grand and Reserve Grand Champion Homegrown Does (that means they were born on our farm), Reserve Grand Champion Wether, and then one other doe won her class. He came home with two of the big banners and an embroidered (spelling?) director's chair. Not bad for his first county fair. I am so pleased for him - school is so hard but animals come easy.
Good to see you Mayor Colt! Welcome back. . .

Don't have time to chat to much, the auction is tonite and he will sell his wether. Tomorrow is the awards after a day with my family (rebellion tomorrow and Sunday!)


July 28, 2006 - Msg 43395: Oops that should be Reserve grand champion HOMEGROWN wether. . .my mistake. . .


July 28, 2006 - Msg 43396: Colt,

The Statue was NEVER approved by Paramount/VIACOM and those trying to have it made just plain ole jumped the gun. It had nothing to do with the statue being in Mt. Airy or not but Don's family would rather see any statue be placed in Morgantown, WV (Don Knotts' hometown) rather than in Mt. Airy, NC.

The image of Don Knotts is controlled by his family and the image of "Barney Fife" is owned by Mayberry Enterprises, INC. Neither of them ever gave approval for the statue even though I'm sure the person trying to get the statue created *thought* he had permission.

Now, however, the person in the lead on the statue is begin repaid by VIACOM for the cost of the failed project and he is taking advantage of all the media attention to sell his "diner" which is located in Mt. Airy. SO, he's not out anything AND he may make money on the failed deal.


July 28, 2006 - Msg 43397: Mornin Porch! Great breakfast Spot will you slice a couple of them 'maters too, please? Welcome back colt & Ky Slim you have been missed. homemaker congrats to your son. How much did his goat bring in the auction? Our fairs haven't started yet here. We do have Virginia Highlands Festival starting this weekend tho. That is always fun, but boy, you better have a pocketful of money if you go. Best go get some things done around here this morning, gotta head out to Blountville, TN today for grooming & then gotta work tomorrow & ya'll know how much I love working on Sat. See ya'll tonight.

July 28, 2006 - Msg 43398: floyd- thanks for the statue facts, as i said the article was breif and i was sure the porch would want to know the facts therefore thanks for keeping us updated. your the cats. i read where hey were starting to run expermental cars on moonshine, geesh, years ago they were doing that. well crank up the flower making machines, i guess the baldwin ladies would want to donate some of the receipe for such a great cause, don't you? homemaker, great seeing you again. hows the goat buisnes? colt

July 28, 2006 - Msg 43399: Neat Floyd..hey Mav got those maters for ya...take some home...take 2...well its off to work at noon for me ...HOT here in Ga...gona get in the mid 90"s...lunch will be at Subway on Mavis...sub,chips,and cokes....hey colt..maude,Ro,Boo and all....hows the project via e-mail coming Romeena?...im ready when you are...well shower time...SPOT

July 28, 2006 - Msg 43400:
Morning Porch

Boo-I agree, I have know idea how someone can be as perverse as some of the news items demonstrate. Just heartless. My brother-in-law, who is from Florida, said earlier this summer, that if some kid came up missing in Minnesota they'd use a map of Florida to find him.

Ky Slim-Howdy, and Welcome Back.

Milllie- I love the old classic also "Rear Window," "Psycho," "Rope," "On the Waterfront," and "It's a Wonderful Life" are some of my favorites. Oh yeah, "Dial M for Murder" also. I guess you could call me a bit of an Alfred Hitch... and Jimmy Stewart fan.

Well, the last of my tribe from Florida is do in today and tommorrow so I'll a be a bit busy but I'll be think of you folks. So, behave, yes I'm looking at you colt.

God Bless

July 28, 2006 - Msg 43401:
If Asa isn't back before I am I saying we go looking for him.


July 28, 2006 - Msg 43402: Where is ASA? I hope he is doing ok.

Hello to KY Slim..good to hear from you.

That's great that your boy did so well at the fair, Homemaker!

Auh2o, I like Alfred Hitch.. movies...even remember watching the series as a (small) child. Jimmy Stewart was great and It's a Wonderful Life is the best. Some of my favorite oldies are: The Egg and I, Family Honneymoon (with Claudette Colbert and Fred McMurray), Christmas in Connecticut, Mr. Blanding's Dreamhouse, To Kill A Mockingbird (of course), The Women, ANYTHING with Betty Davis...Whatever Happened To Baby Jane, Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte, Mildred Peirce...you know, mostly old chick-flicks. I also have an obsession with Christmas movies. I have MANY on tape or DVD. Just can't seem to part with them and try to watch them all during the Holiday season but never seem to do it. Christmas is such a busy time of year...a pity. It should be a time (as Archie Bunker one said), of, "Quiet Contemtation"! ha..Archie had such a great way of making up his own words...kind of like Barney. Hey, I just thought of those old Billie Jack movies of the 70's. Did any of you see those?? I remember crying my eyes out in the theater over The Trial Of Billie Jack! I was about 10, I think , and deeply emotional, haha! From what I recall, those were pretty cheesy movies..

SPOT, things are coming along but everything seems to take so much time. We are having trouble with the guy who is doing the clearing work. He is young and we went with the cheapest (mistake)...he is not reliable but Hubby is giving him one more chance. Last week he took the stumps out where the foundation, barn and garden will be and I think he is almost done. Bruce does alot of work himself and worked all day yesteday cleaning up with the chainsaw. It's coming along and I think we finally have the houseplans right where we want them. Bruce has me doing alot of homework as far as listing what we want in in each room....appliances, etc. I could really use some of your opinions on that. What have you found to be the most reliable brands, easiest to keep clean, etc...I am pretty sure we will have propane so I will be getting a gas range and double ovens, also a dishwasher, refrigerator (I want one with the freezer on the bottom), washer and dryer...does anyone know anything about those new front-loading, energy efficient ones? Also looking for a whirlpool tub and am wondering if it is best to get one with a heater or if it matters? Am trying to make a decision about shower heads. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.

Gotta go, Sean has to go get some lab work done, we are checking his blood sugar, thyroid, etc.


July 28, 2006 - Msg 43403: Happy Friday y'all. Leaving work for the day and will stop at Subway to meet ya. Looking forward to a couple of days off. We are going to Dollywood tomorrow, taking my 2 kids plus 2 of their friends. should be a good time for all.
maybe I can check in later today. Have a great afternoon. Big Maude

July 28, 2006 - Msg 43404: Good morning everyone! Or what's left of it. Have a great weekend, MAUDE. Welcome back KY SLIM. Pleased to meet you.

BOO: You mentioned "Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House" and "To Kill a Mockingbird," two my all-time faves. As far as old Christmas movies go, have you ever seen "Since You Went Away" with Claudette Colbert. It won the Oscar for best pciture in (I think) 1943. It's not about Christmas per se, but a lot of it does take place around Christmas. It's heartwarming without being sappy. It's a great flick. Check TCM's schedule from time to time and se if you can catch it.

FLOYD: I read a news blurb somewhere (can't find it now) that said that Don Knotts' family and Andy Griffith were both not in favor of the statue as planned in West Virginia because it was to depict Don Knotts as Barney Fife. The family and Mr. Griffith both thought that any statue should be of Don Knotts the man, and not Barney Fife. I don't know if that's exactly true, but I certainly agree with the thought. Any proposed statue should be to the actor, not the character he portrayed.

AUH2O: If you organize a posse to look for ASA, can you loan me a horse? Anyway, I am wondering about ASA myself. I hope that he didn't over it on the cashew fudge. You don't suppose that doctor show was cancelled and he's in mourning?

Hey to SPOT, COLT, MAVIS, DWF, good to see you HM, and anyone else on the porch this hot, sweltering day. I'll check back in later.

"Ju-bal, Ju-bal, Ju-bal!"

July 28, 2006 - Msg 43405: "Do you know what your sheriff keeps in the trunk of his car?!?...A shovel, and a rake!"--Barney

(To Andy) "Ain't you got a jack?"--Goober


July 28, 2006 - Msg 43406: From my desk calendar...

On this day in 2004, "Economists at the Federal Reserve announce findings that nations which believe in H*ll tend to be be less corrupt and more prosperous."

Go figure, huh?


July 28, 2006 - Msg 43407: Me-They, you got it right except the statue was going to be in Mt. Airy not Morgantown, WV. Andy and Francey (Don's widdow) did think the statue should be of "Don" not "Barney Fife." They never approved the statue even though I'm sure the folks building it thought they had agreement with Don's family. Agreement and licensing permission is NOT the same thing.