July 28, 2006 - Msg 43408:
Wow, simple ole me says why not a "Barney" statue in Mt Airy AND a Don Knotts statue in Morgantown? I guess that would be too easy! ha I bet ole Don himself is looking down and just shaking his head over the fuss.
Boo- I remember those Billy Jack movies! I think there were some songs too!
Hope our prayers are helping in some respect for you and yours.
Poor Horatio and Warren, our PBS station has been airing a program called Bomber Boys on Thursday evenings. It is about Canadian pilots and their training in WWII. Very interesting! Have either of you seen it?
To my questions of post 43376, I was marble and yoyo cham-pean of the fifth grade! Now I dont think I could hit another marble at 3 inches! ha
I also used to play jacks, but we dont talk about those days! ha
Auh20- hope you dont end up with an Uncle Ollie! Have fun.
Slim!!--So good to see ya!
Now help us find ky girl, quiet sam, SM Hillbilly and others! The porch welcomes you back.
HM- great to see your boys so involved with animals, sure beats videogames in my humble opinion.
have a good one.

July 28, 2006 - Msg 43409:
I swept!! Now if my D-Backs could do that! ha

July 28, 2006 - Msg 43410: Floyd PLEASE!

I just typed a VERY Long post and it wouldn't let me post it because of the Censor! I went through it trying to find what was wrong with it and couldn't! I kept trying to fix it untill I gave up. Can please just fix it a little? I know it's not your fault, but it's so time consuming typeing and typeing, all for nothing.

Sorry, guy's I had another good post comeing up, but couldn't do it.

See ya'll.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 28, 2006 - Msg 43411: MDC, I havn't seen it.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 28, 2006 - Msg 43412: hi all.
will it look like the last test i had find something, because my Doc calledand my to go for more blood work ,
so said a little one for me

love tom

July 28, 2006 - Msg 43413: Too bad, Warren. The same thing happened to me this morning. I finally figured out that I couldn't post the word Alfred Hitch****. Used to be when the censor blocked something, the offending word would be in bold. Don't know why it's not anymore but it sure would be nice. Hate to ask anything else of Floyd, though.

Me-They, was that Claudette Clobert movie you mentioned the one about the mom with 2 daughters whose husband goes off to war and she takes in an elderly boarder? If that's the one I have seen it and it was really good.

MDC, yes, the prayers are certainly felt around here. Sean is doing much better now. Thank you. My dad has been having alot of pain in his right shoulder since our trip out west and I want him to go to the dr but he thinks it won't help.

Better scoot.


July 28, 2006 - Msg 43414: Hey Tom, prayers for you that everything is ok. Hang in there,


July 28, 2006 - Msg 43415:
DWF- Maybe you and I were trying to post at the same time, that may have caused it to not post. Just a thought.
The program is very interesting because 7 grandsons of former pilots are going thru the exact training (tho abbreviated) that thier grandfathers went thru for basic and for flight training to fly the Lancaster. It flashes back to actual wwII footage and then to the guys training today.

July 28, 2006 - Msg 43416: Hey all!!!

Hope all is well!!!


WARREN: I bet you put more than 3 exclimation marks. Try that.


July 28, 2006 - Msg 43417: I think I figured out what it was. Boo said that it wouldn't let her post Alfred Hitch**** and I had that in my post. Oh well.

Sorry Floyd. Didn't mean to be mean. I hope you can understand why I got up-set though!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 28, 2006 - Msg 43418:
"OK ladies, all together now...row, row, row your boat'
"We will NOT sing!"
Happy friday,

July 28, 2006 - Msg 43419: A decoy, Shaazam!
Uncle Ollie

July 28, 2006 - Msg 43420: Hey all. Thanks for clearing that up, FLOYD. I like MDC's suggestion about two statues.

DWF: If the censor error wasn't evident to you, you may try copying the post, then pasting it a paragraph at a time to see about where the problem is. I know the censor can be touchy, but, personally, I'd rather have it set to err in that direction rather than the other. Ocassional inconvenience is preferable to reading garbage. But I understand your aggravation.

BOO: Yeah, that's the movie I was talking about. It is quite good. The daughters are played by Jennifer Jones and a teenaged Shirley Temple. It also stars Hattie McDaniel, Joseph Cotten, Monty Wooley, Robert Walker, Lionel Barrymore, and Agnes Moorhead. I'm happy that Sean is doing better today. More prayers are on their way for you, Sean and your dad.

Oh, the Mrs. and I recently watched "The Major and the Minor" with Ginger Rogers. It was an amusing movie, if you suspend reality enough to imagine that everyone would actually be convinced that Rogers was a thirteen year-old girl. Have you seen that one?

MDC: I was stationed over the "Big Pond" during the war. You know, Staten Island.

I spied ASA over at the Mayberry Grand, so at least we all know he's not asleep on duty. He's probably just busy polishing his green bullets. Or maybe he's just tired. All that bank guarding during the day, then Weaver's at night--no wonder he falls asleep on the job.

Prayers for you, TOM, that all is well with your tests. Make sure to fill us in when you hear something.

Well, gotta run. I'm still on cooking duty. Half teh time that means we have carry out or go out to eat. Y'all take care and have a great evening.

"He ate four bowls!"

July 28, 2006 - Msg 43421: "And in the month of May, fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la, fa-la-la, fa-la-la, la-la"

How about good 'ole 14-A, MDC?


July 28, 2006 - Msg 43422: Ooops! I guess I was a little late with a suggestion, DWF. Hey to BWB and UNCLE OLLIE. Welcome, OLLIE.


July 28, 2006 - Msg 43423: Thanks for the prayers, Me-They.

MDC, here's a part of the Billy Jack song for ya:..."Go ahead and hate your neighbor. Go ahead and cheat a friend. Do it in the name of heaven, you can justify it in the end....etc., etc."


July 28, 2006 - Msg 43424: By the way, I remember quite awhile ago that someone was looking for the Mayberry Village put out in th 90's. I noticed one on ebay with alot fo peices to it but they are starting the bidding at 800.00. I don't remember if it was made by Bradfor exchange of Hawthorn village....anyway..just passing it on.


July 28, 2006 - Msg 43425: Isn't Billy Jack the half-Indian guy with the black hat who could kick people in the head? I vaguely remember the movies.


July 28, 2006 - Msg 43426: Ha! Yep, that's him, M-T, only he was much more than that...he was the guy who fought injustice against the corrupt gov leaders who were oppressing the Native Americans.....I think, anyway. I was pretty young at the time..


July 28, 2006 - Msg 43427: BOO: Oh, I didn't mean to belittle him, but as a young boy, that's the part that impressed me the most. I'm sure that David Carradine's show "Kung Fu" had some good stories, too, but all the talk was so much blah, blah, blah between slow motion fight scenes to an eight-year-old boy!

I'm REALLY out of here now! Take care and have a great weekend.


July 28, 2006 - Msg 43428: Goah busy busy here at work....will someone cook...SPOT

July 28, 2006 - Msg 43429: Hey Folks,

The Censor stopped telling folks what the problem was because those wishing to get around the censor were able to just play with their words until they were able to post things that we DON'T want to see here on the porch. I can fix the one you mentioned about Alfred Hitchcock. Just remember that any part of a work might trigger the censor.

July 28, 2006 - Msg 43430: mdc- you emptied the bases on that sweep, great job. the 5th graders still talk of your feats with the yo-yo and marbles. they say you could still beat tommy smothers and he was pretty good. tom- prayers on your blood tests. we'll be praying for you. boo- $800 for a mayberry village, that's a lot of soda sales at walkers drug store with a couple of eye sore old cannons. but mind you worth every penny. me-they, i know you don't like to talk about the war but wasn't you in charge of the library? thanks for sharing that barney line. so many great ones that we forget some until there brought up. uncle ollie, sure been a long time, missed you. has andy let you drive the squad car and turn on the lights ? deputy warren ferguson, are you going to start giving mossaic classes in the school gym this fall? barnwannabe, can you find the missing porchstersso we can update our missing persons board? supper over at auh20's, auh20 whats for supper? can we have a berry goldwater fundraising kind of supper? prayers for all in need. colt

July 28, 2006 - Msg 43431: Thanks for taking care of supper yall...save me a plate for later...hey Colt,Floyd,Ro,Boo,M-T,...back when I get home at about 9 or so...SPOT

July 28, 2006 - Msg 43432: Good afternoon, everyone. Just got done with two 12-hr shifts, and I'm beat to the socks! Been a rough week. Silly little teenage girls having babies, and all their tattooed, tongue-studded, Gothic made-up, airheaded friends cluttering up the hallways all night, running in and out of the room, asking stupid questions (Can he understand what we say? Why do babies hiccup? Does he know I'm his father? and other equally brilliant inquiries) and generally making our job a lot harder than it needs to be. In my opinion, the unit should be locked for infant security, but in our very PC society, even the hospitals have followed suit, and are trying not to "offend" anyone. Argh!

Asa isn't missing, he must be lurking. I've had a couple of emails from him. He didn't say if he was still wearing the toolbelt.

Boo, watch your email. I have a couple of ideas that might be helpful regarding the house questions you asked before the sweep.

Tom, you be sure to let us know about your blood tests. Prayers for you, good friend. Oh, I received your pictures today and will get them in the photo album. Do you want them back?

Floyd, you just do whatever you have to do with that censor to keep it working effectively. I, for one, really don't want a repeat of some of the stuff we had a couple of years ago. For those of you who weren't here at that time, be thankful. You wouldn't believe that anyone could be that vile. I am not in favor of abortion, but people like that make me want to reconsider, if it could be retroactive.

Well, gotta go feed the Plum. She has announced that it's time for her dinner, and goodness knows, we don't want to keep the little princess waiting. She says 10-4. --Romeena

July 28, 2006 - Msg 43433: HA! "Retroactive" abortion! Ro, you beat everything, you know that? I'll be watching for your email, thanks. Boy, I'll bet you do deal with alot on that unit of yours...I think things have gotten worse since I worked. I usually only say 2 or 3 pregnant teens per week and none of them had tongue studs (on occasional tattoo, though). Those questions are doozies. Once I remember a dad asking us when his wife was going to get her Rogain shot (meaning Rhogam, of course) and we asked, "Why, is she losing her hair?" heehee

Well Floyd, I wondered why the censored words didn't come up bold anymore...that answers my question and I think it is worth the inconvenience to avoid the trash-talk, thanks.


July 28, 2006 - Msg 43434: Floyd "you keep a goin! I for one remember the trash Romeena is talking about from back when & do not want to see that again. Only trash I care to see around here is the paper towels from Spot's meals. Tom prayers for you & your tests, please be sure to keep us informed. Asa front & center! Your presence has been requested. Gotta get the barking dog back in the house before the storm hits again, had a doozy here earlier. You got storms in GA Spot? Be back later

July 28, 2006 - Msg 43435: To Boo Msg 43402, I own a refrigerator with the freezer on the bottom. Since I use the refrigerator more than the freezer, it saves me from stooping to much. I also own a front loading washing machine and highly recommend it. In Toronto, the city gives us a $60 cash rebate for owning one. You will be amazed at how little water it needs to wash. Be sure to use the special "HE" marked detergents for maximum cleaning power. Most detergent brands have a "HE" version.

To Me-They Msg 43404, to read more about the Barney Fife statue story, click here and here.

To MDC Msg 43408, I have seen a few documentaries about Canadian pilot training in WW2 but can't recall the specific titles. Is "Bomber Training" a continuous fictionalized account base on fact?
As for yo-yo's, I remember doing "Round the word" and "walking the dog" with my Duncan Yo-Yo.

To Deputy Warren Msg 43410, whenever I can't post something because of the sensor, I divide my single post into smaller multiple postings. At least some of my message will get through.

To Tom Msg 43412, well maybe your doctor can now identify your problem and give you medication to fix it. I will pray for you.

To Boo Msg 43413, did you examine your father's right shoulder to see if there is any obvious sign of a wound? Ask him if he recalls what he was doing when he first noticed it. It might even be a simple sprain.

from Poor Horatio

July 28, 2006 - Msg 43436: I never have much to say but I sure like to listen. I've missed talking to everybody. I've never been here when someone answers a question or comments on something I've said. Is there a trick to this or a certain time to be here? Ky Slim

July 28, 2006 - Msg 43437: I haven't seen any posts from Ky Girl. has she left the porch?

July 28, 2006 - Msg 43438:
Romeena- i think i mentioned this here before, but can you imagine the nursing homes 40 years from now and the RESIDENTS having old wrinklrd tatoos hanging under their biceps, and nose rings in the way of their oxygen tubes etc? funny but sad and true. Wonder what the CAREGIVERS will be like then? That is why I still stand as strong as I can for the Lord whereever I go. We need to get the message out now more than ever!
Mavis, prayers for you during the storm. We had a couple doozies earlier this weej.
Well you all have a great evening. Prayertime tonight for ya all and for the world!
Jesus loves you!

July 28, 2006 - Msg 43439: sorry, Ky Slim

July 28, 2006 - Msg 43440: sorry, Ky Slim

July 28, 2006 - Msg 43441:
Slim, ky girl has been super busy. she pops in from time to time to say hey.
PH- to clarify more from my above post, this is a newly made program which shows 7 real grandsons of 7 real pilots going thru the same wwII training with same equipment etc to appreciate and "live" what their grandfathers lived. Next week is the last installment where they will actually take turns flying a Lancaster (with instuctors aboard of course). This past week it showed the grandfathers and grandsons visiting each other on the "base." very moving as the oldtimers shared their stories etc.
As for the yoyo's, those were my two main tricks along with the cradle.
I once had EIGHT cigar boxes of marbles!!
Wow, where are they now, ha
I could also beat the socks off my sister at jacks!
Well, I think I'll go closthespin some playing cards to my bike and "motorcycle" away! I showed that to a neighborhood kid recently and he thought it was the neatest thing ever! iPod not withstanding! ha

July 28, 2006 - Msg 43442:
Swimming holes, cardboard boxes, cowboys and indians, red rover, chutes and ladders, captain kangaroo, discmen from mars matinees, and old time religion.
Thanks for the memories TAGS!

July 28, 2006 - Msg 43443: Ky Slim you just post what you want to ask & check back later to see if someone answers you. Most of us are all over the place, so we check in from time to time to see what's up. (See? I answered ya :)

July 28, 2006 - Msg 43444: Boy oh boy, That explains why MDC's sister runs around barefoot, and now he's sounding like Bob Hope.:)

Well when Mavis calls a feller out I guess he better show up. Present and accounted for Mavis!

Sorry I went awol, but was getting frustrated and thought I best just take a breather for a spell, but thanks for the APB's.

Boy Romeena, I sure imagine the things you see at work can drag a body right down. Hang in there and keep a good thought.

Boo, still wearing the toolbelt in your honor. I think Mavis kinda likes it too.;)

Tom, hope they can find whats ailing you and get you fixed up soon. You have my prayers.

Ky Slim, no particular time to post here. Just throw them posts out there and someone will respond down the road. It won't be immediate cause the porch don't work like a chat room. Hope that you don't get discouraged.

Salty Dog, yer a sight for sore eyes. Good to see you. Now don't get jealous Spot, the porch has room for two dawgs!:)

Prayers to all who needs em and for all our servicemen and women everywhere.


July 28, 2006 - Msg 43445: Poor Horatio, I think my dad probably did sprain the shoulder. There are no visible signs of injury and my son told me that the other day my dad got on the floor to do something while we were on vacation and that seems to be when it started. I am thinking he sprained it trying to get up off the floor. He is a big guy, 6 foot and over 200lbs. I put it in a sling for him this evening and have been giving him the pain med the dr ordered for him. It's Darvon but it doesn't seem to do much good. I am wondering if he might have a pinched nerve somewhere along his vertebra. I wish he would see a chiropractor but he won't. Thanks for your thoughts on the washer. I have so much to consider and you all know how much I have to do!


July 28, 2006 - Msg 43446: Oh Hey, ASA! Glad to hear from you. I think you are right about Mavis...she doesn't come right out and say it but she likes the toolbelt, trust me. I am so honored that you are wearing it for me!


July 28, 2006 - Msg 43447: Hahaha, that's quite a mental picture, MDC, regarding what folks are going to look like in 40 years, with their tattoos and piercings. However, we don't have to wait that long. I've seen a bunch of wilted roses, bisected dolphins, sagging sunflowers and tattered zodiacs. Pregnancy tends to shift those tattoos around a bit, and a C-section really messes them up. One girl ended up with just the top half of a rose, perched on the end of a stem, like an umbrella. Pretty hilarious, actually. And she had the nerve to be mad, said the doctor should have been more careful. She was lucky her baby survived, and she was griping about her rose. Go figure.

Hey, Ky Slim! It's good to see you. Hope you'll stay around. You were always a pleasant addition to the porch.

Well, I'm waaaay tired, and my old scraped-up leg is hurting. I think I'll take some Advil and hit the sack. Sugarplum is already there, sawing tiny toothpicks. If she was awake, she'd say 10-4. --Romeena

July 28, 2006 - Msg 43448: Hey Folks,

Floyd here reporting life from the 6th Annual Mayberry Squad Car Nationals. The Mayberry patrol cars have been rolling into the Best Western here in Gardendale, AL this Friday evening getting ready for the big event to be held on 29 July 2006 in Graysville, AL (there's not a hotel in Graysville so folks stay here at the Best Western just off the Interstate).
The squad car drivers and the Mayberry tribute artist all headed over to Graysville to meet with the Mayor and have diner this evening. What da' you know...spaghetti. That's right....we had spaghetti for diner. Goober almost forgot to tell everybody about the diner or we might have had to have eaten more than one supper but he'd learned his lesson from that time with Andy and passed along the right message to everybody.

I hope that some of you folks will be here tomorrow (today as you read this) and enjoy a good Mayberry time with the gang down in Graysville.

I'll try to give you another report late Saturday night but it might be Sunday before I'm able to do so.

Everythings okay....in Graysville.


July 29, 2006 - Msg 43449: To Boo Msg 43445, I would suggest that you have your father see an Osteopathic Doctor (D.O.)instead of a Medical Doctor (M.D.). In the USA, Osteopathic doctors take the same training, and have the same privelages as a Medical doctor. However, the Osteopathic doctor takes additional training that the Medical doctor does not. Click here for more details.
When I sustained a back injury, everytime I tried to walk, I was in pain. So I first went to the emergency room. All the M.D. did was to xray my back, give me a muscle relaxant medication, and send me home. But the pain only got worse until I could hardly stand let alone walk. My neighbor suggested I see his doctor (a D.O.). During my first office visit, he did a manipulation on my skeletal frame. Then he followed that up with 9 consecutive days of electrical current treatment. Afterwards, I was able to stand and walk without pain. As a result, whenever I have a muscle or nerve problem, I will only see a D.O. and not an M.D.

To Ky Slim Msg 43436, a howdy and welcome back to you. I enjoy researching questions asked here. So when I'm around, I'll answer your questions.

from Poor Horatio

July 29, 2006 - Msg 43450: Morning porch.
Floyd, I sure do wish I could be there for that event. Sounds like a fun time for sure.

Poor Horatio, You have given me something to think about concerning my back. I have never gone to a back cracker before, but I did see a phyisical therapist at one time and he diagnosed me with a rotated pelvis. He twisted and pulled and pushed on me for a while and got me feeling pretty good. You know anything about rotated pelvis'?

Picked my first ear of corn last night and mercy sakes was it good! I'll be eating fresh corn on the cobb now for a month and a half. Move over diet, and pass the butter and salt!


July 29, 2006 - Msg 43451: I think know something about a rotated pelvis, ASA..you get it from excessive wearing of a toolbelt.

PH, I talked to Dad yesterday about going to a DO. I like his current doc but he is the type to try to solve everything with another prescription. It's going to be hard to get him to go to a DO because of some pre-conceived ideas about them. It's what I would do, though. Dad can be pretty hard-headed. He is demanding about wanting me to do something for him but then doesn't want to do what I suggest...I am going to keep trying. I know we have a new, young DO in town. He was taking call for my mom's doc when she was in the hospital recently and we really liked him. Maybe dad will see him. Growing up I thought that DO doctors were quacks because we had some really bad ones here but when I first started working as a nurse (way back in the early 80's), I worked with a DO that was an amazing, talented young doc. I saw him pull people through that I never thought could make it.

It's only 6:30 here and I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep. Everyone else here is still sleeping. It's nice to have some quiet time to myself. Seems like the last couple of days have been beyond stressful.

Wonder how things are going with Possum. Hope she checks in soon.

That corn sure sounds good, ASA!


July 29, 2006 - Msg 43452: To Boo Msg 43451, tell dad that you have a friend (me) and his neighbor who highly recommend D.O's. Also, to decrease your chances of ending up with a marginal D.O., ask them if they are BOARD CERTIFIED. That requires additional training and testing beyond getting the D.O. degree. To find a listing of D.O. including those that are BOARD CERTIFIED, click here.

Although Medical Doctors (M.D.) and an Osteopathic Doctors (D.O.) take the same basic medical training, D.O.'s receive an additional 300 to 500 hours in the study of hands-on manual medicine and the body's musculoskeletal system. Both kinds of doctors can prescribe medicine and perform surgery. In fact, you will see D.O.'s on staff at many hospitals.

To Asa Msg 43450, sorry but I have no experience with a rotated pelvis. Later today when I have more time, I can try researching it for you.

from Poor Horatio

July 29, 2006 - Msg 43453: Morning gang..asa,horatio,Floyd,boo,ro,hm,auh20,mil,lucy,maude,mavis,slim,bwd,dwf,m-t and all....hot here in ga...but gona do yard work...go to work at 6pm tonight....hey mdc,goober...got to read some...but lunch will be lite.[so hot]..salad with cuks and tomatoes and carrots for[plum]...and ham sandwiches...fanta grape soda...pickels....back in a bit to cool off...SPOT

July 29, 2006 - Msg 43454: Thanks, PH. I will try that..now I am starting to remember why my dad has the problem with DO docs. In the small town I grew up in there were 2 small hospitals, one only MD's practiced there and the other was for DO doctors. Neither was a good hospital but the DOs at the DO hospital had a terrible reputation for quackery. That was probably over 30 years ago and they actually shut that hospital down. There was an incedent in which a neighbor widow woman had young children and took one of her little girls to the DO hospital for treatment. The girl kept getting worse and worse and for days, nothing was done for her. She was near death when the woman came to my Dad for help. She wanted the child taken from the hospital and the staff refused. Dad went with the woman into the hospital, picked up the girl and left with her. They took her to the MD hospital and it turned out that she had a ruptured appendix. They did surgery and she made it but I think it was a close call. Anyway, that is why my dad doesn't like the DOs. So it might be hard to change his mind, even thought that was over 30 years ago.

Mornin' SPOT.


July 29, 2006 - Msg 43455: To Boo Msg 43454, now I understand why your father has apprehensions about Osteopaths. But to be fair, he must consider why was the hospital closed? Was it because the entire branch of Osteopathic medicine was suspect or was it just the incompetence or errors caused by a single or number of staff? If the problem was the entire practice of Osteopathy, then all D.O.'s would have been de-certified and none would be able to practice in the USA again. But that didn't happen. So the closing of your hospital had to be an exception, not the rule. According to the Institue of Medicine, between 44,000 and 98,000 patients die each year in USA hospitals as a result of preventable errors. Does he think only D.O.'s are the cause?

from Poor Horatio

July 29, 2006 - Msg 43456: Romeena check your e-mail!....hey Miss BOO,horatio,asa,mil,auh20 and ll my friends.....well im off to work at 6...tonights menu:..Big Thick Grilled Hamburgers!..all the trimmins..baked beans,grilled corn on the cob,fresh sliced maters,hot peppers and a BIG cold glass of ice tea!...M&M"s for after supper..will fire the grill up at 7...duck pond to wet a line afterwards......maude could you bring some slaw?..Horatio will you say grace?...later gators...SPOT

July 29, 2006 - Msg 43457: Poor Horatio, I like the way you think - very logical and practical. I agree, D.O.'s can be great. My favorite OB/GYN where I work is a DO. We had a neurologist on staff several years ago who was just wonderful, and he was a D.O. D.O.s, as well as chiropractors, got a really bad rap years ago, because at that time, there was less oversight of their practice and many really bad ones proliferated. That has changed now. I wouldn't hesitate to go to a D.O.

Friends, to those of you who are participating in our "Help a friend" project, you will be receiving an email from me today, with my address and an update. I think we're fine. If we come up short, I'll fix it. We're going to do this! Thanks so much to each of you who are willing to participate. For those who aren't in this deal, no problem. We each do what we can, when and where we can, and this just may not be your time. Again, no problem. For anyone who is wondering what on earth I'm talking about, you don't know because I don't have your email address, and I can't tell you here on this forum. That's all I can say about it. Tick-a-lock!

Now, I'm off to the farmer's market, and then out to my son's house to spend the evening with him and his family. Hope I can keep those little grandsons off my battered leg!

Sugarplum says 10-4. --Romeena

July 29, 2006 - Msg 43458: Thanks, Spot. You're a good friend. --Romeena

July 29, 2006 - Msg 43459: Romeena, I would like to help with your 'project' any way I can....How do I send you my addy?

July 29, 2006 - Msg 43460: Millie, I would need your email address, in order to send you my snail address. That's one thing I won't post here. Send it to: Romeena at airmail dot net. You know how to put that together. Thanks, love. --Romeena

July 29, 2006 - Msg 43461: To Romeena Msg 43457, thank you for those words of support.

To Spot Msg 43456, since you asked me to say grace, here it goes:

Bless us sinners as we eat our dinners.
Thank you Jesus for the food that pleases us.

from Poor Horatio

July 29, 2006 - Msg 43462: Well gang its Burger Grillin-an-chillin night..menu at post 43456 above...sure hope Big Maude comes through with that slaw...slaw burgers!..gona get the ice cream churn out too..fresh blueberrys in the ice cream!..Asa can you take chgarge of the cranking?...well its off to work...see ya all at the cook out!..hey there Millie!..will you bring some tea?...SPOT

July 29, 2006 - Msg 43463: Thanks Horatio.......very nice....will holler when I get to work.....SPOT

July 29, 2006 - Msg 43464: Hey all!!!


July 29, 2006 - Msg 43465:
Love them burgers Spot- mine well done please, dont like my burgers talkin back! ha Is there racing today?
RO- I thought you had my email. If you do in your address book, please let me in on it. Thanks.
Boo- we have a Amana Fridge with freezer on the bottom. 15 years of no "man calling" so far.
Also have a Kitchen Aid dishwaher for 20 years. Only one call for a new water inlet valve.
Also, I think the fewer 'electronics' the better!
I appreciate it and good night! (afternoon)ha
"Strange? He's a first rate, grade A, number 1 NUT!"
No, I'm not talking about Asa or Mayor Colt! teehee

July 29, 2006 - Msg 43466: MDC the busch race is tonight at st. louis gateway raceway....back at work now...let me get settled in....burgers at 7..well done it will be MDC...hope Maude comes through with the slaw...its GOOD...SPOT

July 29, 2006 - Msg 43467: Evenin' Y'all! Wonder if Asa's act over at the Gigolo Club caused that rotated pelvis problem? Ha!
Doc put me on a beta blocker for my heart to help control irregular heartbeat. I did the treadmill and was told that I was out of shape! Not overweight,mind you,but just in bad physical conditon for my age. I'm 46-will be 47 when the sun comes up tomorrow. So.. I have to start walking. If y'all see a possum strolling down the road,it'll be me!
Family situation still the same. My mom sent me a birthday card which basically tried to guilt trip me- how happy she was the day I was born and how hurt she is now that I've abandoned her in her last days. I abandoned HER? She's the one that threathened to cut me out of the will,said she didn't want me on the property and that she never wanted to see me again! I put the card back in the envelope,wrote "No,you abandoned ME, Mama- you and my sisters did." and sent it back to her by my daughter. I'm glad I went ahead and opened it today,rather than on my birthday. I plan on having a nice day and don't need that junk poisoning my world.
Well, on to other things- Tom I'll keep you in my prayers. Hopefully things won't be as bad as you think. Boo-still praying for you and Sean.
Guess I'd better go. We've been having T-storms so I need to get off of computer. Y'all have a good evening!
possum under a rock

July 29, 2006 - Msg 43468: Hey yall...watching War Games [movie]...good old movie....possum you walk on the side of the road and keep your eyes open!...slow here at work...I like that...no storms...we sure need the rain...porch is quite tonight...guess everyong is at the Gigolo Club with Asa!..prayers for Sean andBoo,Millie also...Lucy where are you?..Colt where are you?...well back to my movie and watching these screens...SPOT the"talking dog" of this here porch!..lights are on!

July 29, 2006 - Msg 43469: Good night, all! I'm at work and just thought I'd drop by to say howdy and good night. Talk to y'all on Monday.


July 29, 2006 - Msg 43470: Hey everyone...So sorry about your family situation Possum. Glad nothing is seriously wrong with the heart, though. Thank you so much for your prayers for Sean and me (you too, SPOT). They mean the world. Happy birthday to you Possum! My birthday is day after tomorrow and I will be 44. I, like you, am OUT of shape. Let's make this next year of our lives a better one and take better care of ourselves, what do ya say?

Hey, you have had some good luck with those appliances, MDC. I will keep those brands in mind, thanks.

BWB, I wondered what happened to you. I figured you were having a busy weekend at work.

I watched an old Bette Davis movie tonight called Jezebel. Good one!

I had to get the kid's school uniforms today and it cost me 285.00! I guess that isn't too bad if you consider you don't have to buy any other clothes for the year. I got them a couple of polo shirts, each 2 pair of shorts and each a pair of pants. That will do them for the whole year (if Sean doesn't outgrow his). He is still gaining weight. The doctor ordered some lab work and a thyroid screen that we did yesterday. We'll see.

Better go. Hope ya'll have a good evening.


July 29, 2006 - Msg 43471: "Snack Time"....Apple Jacks and Mayfield whole milk....and a strawberry or two tossed in.....watching "Used Cars" with Kurt Russell..aint see it...1980 era...man this milk is Cold....SPOT

July 29, 2006 - Msg 43472: Hey porch....finally home from work....two people didn't show up, so I waited tables. People looked at me like I was purple or something...never seen the owner wait tables...haha. Gotta get the dogs and read up on the archives....back in a few.

July 29, 2006 - Msg 43473: Possum, so glad you went to see the Doc and got some meds for you. Hope that makes you feel better physically. My heart aches for what your dealing with concerning your Mom. I know how bad that has to make you feel. Happy Birthday to you and have a good one.

I never thought about my pelvis and my act at the club being related. Maybe I better tone it down and see if that helps. LOL. I am hoping Poor Horatio can find me some info on it. He seems to be a whiz at researching stuff.

Boo, all I can tell you on appliances is go with name brand stuff. You usually get what you pay for. But even then you never know. We bought a nice built in micro wave when we built thise house and 6 months later we got a notice of recall telling not to use it due to fire hazard. Something with the control pad starting fires. They did come and repair it, but still it was a hassle. Have you looked into the new tankless water heaters? They are nice and a huge money saver on utility costs. I'll get you some more info on them if you'd like.

Spot, hows things down in Georgia? Hotter than hades?

Ya'll have a blessed Sabbath tomorrow.


July 29, 2006 - Msg 43474: Missed you Millie. Howdy.


July 29, 2006 - Msg 43475: Yes Asa, I would like to know more about the water heaters. Ro mentioned them to me, too and I told my husband. He said some folks he talked to told him they didn't work well if you had several people in the household, but to me it seems like they would work better because you don't ever run out like with a tank. Am I right? As far as appliances go, you are right, you get what you pay for but just like with cars I guess you can always get a lemon.

Hi Millie, I was thinking about you and hoping you would check in tonight.


July 29, 2006 - Msg 43476: Asa is is hotter than hades here in Georgia...Friday is got close to 100...no rain to speak of...just a quick thunder shower ever now an then...how about your way?...Apple Jack was good....this movie is stupid..let me pull up the TV guide page....SPOT

July 29, 2006 - Msg 43477: Hey Asa, hey Boo. Boo, we had an addition put on our house last year and all I wanted out of the whole deal was a whirlpool bath. I love it. I'm glad we spent the money(about 600) to get a good one. I highly reccomend it.

July 29, 2006 - Msg 43478: Hey Spot....there's a good old Barbara Stanwyk movie on TCM...1932....

July 29, 2006 - Msg 43479: Asa, you stop that act at the Gigilo Club, right now! Take care of yourself...we're no spring chickens!

July 29, 2006 - Msg 43480: Millie, I started watching that Barnara Stanwyk movie...a young Bette Davis is supposed to be in it, too.

Thanks for the tip about the whirlpool. That is one thing I am certainly getting.


July 29, 2006 - Msg 43481: Oh goody, Boo, I love Bette Davis...Major League and Jerry Maguire are also on, so I have to switch a lot.

July 29, 2006 - Msg 43482: MDC, check your email. Boo, I don't know what the number of people using the hot water would have to do with how well it functions. You're right, since there is no tank to run dry, it should work better than the old kind. I think in very cold climates there can be a problem, because the incoming water is so cold and the degree of rise may not be enough to provide very hot water. The water only gets to circulate in the coils for a finite length of time, and if it starts out icy cold, it may not be hot enough at the end. In Texas, though, the incoming water is almost warm enough for a shower, so it can get pretty hot coming through those coils! As for appliance brands, I think my homebuilder son uses KitchenAid dishwashers a lot. He builds in a very upscale range, around $500k and up, and strongly subscribes to using only the best, so that's a pretty good endorsement.

Happy birthday, Possum, my friend. Try very hard not to let your mother's present attitude get you down. She may very well not be responsible for her actions and reactions right now. Try just to focus on the past, on happier times, and let the present fade. Always take the high road when you can.

Sugarplum says 10-4. --Romeena

July 30, 2006 - Msg 43483: Breakfast on Millie at the resturant!...going home now....prayers...SPOT

July 30, 2006 - Msg 43484: Good Sabbath everyone. Boy that supper last night was good Spot. Ya'll got me wanting corn on the cob now. Aint had any yet this season. Gonna have to work on that.

Asa, I hope your back gets better. You know we can always make some adjustments to our ASD2K contraption. Maybe it would help.

Well I best be getting, gotta get ready to go to preachin. Ya'll have a good one!--Salty Dog

July 30, 2006 - Msg 43485: Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to YOU,
Happy Birthday Dear POSSUM,
Happy Birthday to you!! (and many more)


July 30, 2006 - Msg 43486: To Asa Msg 43450, I did find some rotated pelvic information. But it seems there are different variations of this condition that respond to different forms of treatment.
Here is a link to a message forum for rotated pelvic sufferers and the solutions they claim relieves their pain.
If the link above does not give you any ideas, go to the main page here where you can post your own question.
Please understand that I have no formal medical training and that the information I am posting here is not meant to be medical advice.
If I had your condition, I would try a combination of a Doctor of Osteopathy (D.O.), a Chiropractor Doctor, and the solutions posted in the links above. What you decide to do is up to you. Good luck.

And a Happy Birthday to possum under a rock.

from Poor Horatio

July 30, 2006 - Msg 43487: HI ALL. POSSUM HAPPY BIRTHDAY.






July 30, 2006 - Msg 43488: Hey all!!!

I've been working hard as Boo said. I'll try to stop by more often, but I have been swamped!!!

Hope all is well, does any one need special prayers???

Hey to Tom, Boo, Mavis, Asa, Spot, WArren, PH, MT, Millie, Mayberry Deputy, and anyone I forgot!!!


July 30, 2006 - Msg 43489: Mil: I watched part of Major League last night when I got home!!!



July 30, 2006 - Msg 43490: Afternoon gang...hjey salty,bwb,dwf,boo,ro,TOM,...well I have to stop by the funeral home on the way to work tonight a co-workers brother passed...53 years old father of 4 with 5 grand children....heart attack..prayers for the family..missed lunch..lets have a pot luch dinner at the picnic tables...I will bring the meat,southern fried chicken and tomatoes....well let me get ready...Good Sunday to all...SPOT

July 30, 2006 - Msg 43491: Good Sabbath to you all, looks like a beautiful day on my end of the porch. Back from church and sitting a spell. Hope all is well with you guys.
Spot, I'm bringing the slaw and potato salad.
Happy Birthday to Possum. see you all after while. Big Maude

July 30, 2006 - Msg 43492: Thanks Big Maude...we will spread at around 5...great Hot day here in ga..im off after my shift tonight till noon thu. howe to get some things done,got to trim shrubs and change oil in my truck...Miss Sherry has to work so I guess the kids and I will cruise the lake one day...wet a hook....Ya know the porch is spread out but it sure would be neat this fall if the ones that could make the trip meet in Pidgon Fordge Tenn for a couple of days....Know Ro and some other would have a long drive..or short flight!..well shower time....SPOT

July 30, 2006 - Msg 43493: Hey, everybody! Tom's gum-wrapper chain is now pictured in the album. Also some pictures of Tom and his family. Be sure to check it out! That chain is really impressive. Tom, I'll get the pictures back to you in tomorrow's mail. Thanks for sending them.

Salty, do you mean to stand there on your two skinny little feet and tell me you haven't had any corn on the cob yet this year? Mercy, girl, are you out of your mind? You get to the market and get some of that summer-on-a-stick right now! I like to cook it every which way, but rarely do I boil it. It's wonderful roasted on a grill, and it bakes in the oven nicely, too, but my favorite way (quick way) is just to stick it in the microwave for about two minutes per ear. Comes out nice and crisp and fresh-tasting, and not dripping water. I always cook waaay yonder too much, then with the leftovers, I cut the kernels off the cob, put a little butter in a skillet and gently fry it with some salt and pepper. Right at the last, stir in a dollop of sour cream, and honey, it's so good it ought to be illegal. Might be, for all I know!

Well, since I have nine ears in the fridge right now, I guess I'll just go and cook it. There's enough to share, if anybody wants to drop by. Got some fresh squash to cook with a little cheese over it, too. That and some sliced tomatoes is all the supper I'll need. Sounds good, don't you think?

Sugarplum says 10-4. --Romeena

July 30, 2006 - Msg 43494: Romeena, can you give me a link to that site?

Deputy Warren Ferguson

July 30, 2006 - Msg 43495: Thanks for posting the new pics, Ro. Wow, Tom, how long have you been working on that? Very impressive.

July 30, 2006 - Msg 43496: Warren, it's romeena.myphotoalbum.com.