August 01, 2006 - Msg 43591: WHAT is a yaco???

Prayers for you Mavis...keep walking.

Busy day today. So much to do to get these critters ready for school. Have to sneak out this morning and get my routine blood test done.


August 01, 2006 - Msg 43592: Good morning everyone! Not much time to chat this morning, but I'll stop back later when I have my Mr. Cookie Bar. Glad to hear from you, DIXIE. Sorry about your tree, ROMEENA. Happy you had a nice birthday, BOO. You deserve it.

Save a me a seat on the swing!


August 01, 2006 - Msg 43593: welcome to august everyone!!! only 4 months till new years!!! boo- nice sweep, pretty handy with the broom. PRAYERS FOR MAVIS... me- they, can i have some of your mr cookie bar? you know i'm high spirited too. heard on local news last night that due to transportation costs food prices will triple in the next 12 months. i told mrs colt people will have to plan their annual vacation to drive to the grocery store and walk the isles taking in the aroma and taking pictures of their favorite foods, in case times got hard. ha. well i'll move on, have a good one. ah mayberry, where the prices stay the same always and you can walk to foleys as long as barney don't get you for jay walking. colt

August 01, 2006 - Msg 43594: Good morning to all, just not dropping by, I started my work day earlier than usual so I am ready for lunch.. how about Pizza Hut today.. they have a lunch special and I will treat everyone. That way no one will have to cook or clean up. don't be late. Prayers to all in need and everyone needs prayers. take care Big Maude

August 01, 2006 - Msg 43595: that should be just "now" dropping by. Big Maude

August 01, 2006 - Msg 43596: big maude- can we have lunch early? asa and i missed breakfast, don't you know? asa- i was wondering too why breakfasts are getting fewer and farther between. maybe it's higher food prices. well we may have to tighten our belt a notch or two. auh20- your welcome. us illinois folks like to share what we have even if it's the weather. mavis, for first time ever illinois has a jappened beetle problem . their small green bugs that leave a scent and others come plus their larva reproduce fast draining everything. i use either 7- dust or bug be gone. bug be gone you hose the tree etc down with water before spraying. this kills all bugs. you water because it's a petrolem product. i've seen beetles exit a sprayed area like hot oatmeal boiling over on a stove. anyone got any good pics of wallys gas station to post? colt

August 01, 2006 - Msg 43597: COLT: This is your FIRST problem with Japanese Beetles? We have a problem with them every year, to some degree. This is a medium-bad year. They will defoliate certain plants, like berries, grapes, ornamental maples, etc. Unfortunately, at least around here, there's not much you can do because they are everywhere. They start as grubs in the ground and you can bomb the heck out of your yard several times a year creating a toxic lawn, but if your whole neighborhood doesn't do the same you're still out of luck. Around here, you basically have to learn to live with them. I do go out in teh evening and flick them off my grapes into a cup of soapy water. By the next morning, they're dead and I throw it away. It's just my opinion, but I don't recommend Seven because it will not completely solve the problem and you'll have treated fruit. And we all know there's nothing like eating fruit right off the vine or branch.

Japanese beetles are not native to the Americas but were brought here by acciddent in importanted plants in the early 20th century. Unfortunately they are in most states now and are having a field day because temperature extremes don't hinder them much and they have no natural predators here. They emerge in early July here and will disappear for the most part by September, leaving holey leaves and defoliated sticks. They are a a good example for why people should not try and grow non-native species.


August 01, 2006 - Msg 43598: Good morning, all. Just got home from work, got to go back tonight, so will hit the ironing board pretty quick. Asa, I can't imagine why your email to me came back. I'll send you one in just a minute, double-check the address (I'm sure you've already done that) and try a reply to the one I send. Surely that won't be sent back! If so, leave me a note here on the porch.

OK, email going out, and me going to bed. Sugarplum says 10-4. --Romeena

August 01, 2006 - Msg 43599: That's "accident in imported." Shheesh!


August 01, 2006 - Msg 43600: 10-4 Romeena. But I won't get to that computer till tonight.

Boo, you don't know what a yaco is? Where have you been girl? It's Salty Dogs specialty. I'll let her describe em seeings how it's her concoction.

MT, I always thought them beetles was made in Germany, unless you mean the singing group. I know they ain't from Japan. Don't believe everything you read on the internet! :)

Better go get some work done before Mr. Meldrin fires me.

10-4....Over and Under.


August 01, 2006 - Msg 43601: Hey all!!!

ASA: I know that they are supposed to answer to me, but it's a company that we hadn't used before, a new kind of liquor, and I had to go to the "head man's" office, and set up delivery, and all of that, Millie probably knows what I'm talking about.

Thanks for all prayers!!!


August 01, 2006 - Msg 43602: Different beetle, ASA. Are you being obtuse again? I hate it when you're obtuse.


August 01, 2006 - Msg 43603: Hey Asa...good to see you as well...we're doing just fine...moving right along...and about to melt. It's hotter than a bob tail cat in a pepper patch around here...

Hope everyone is doing well...if any of you are up around the Chicager area this weekend..I'll be singing at the Friendship Baptist Church in Chicago Heights...ya'll stop by and say hey! ;-)

Ya'll be good...


August 01, 2006 - Msg 43604: Good Morning Porch! Hey To Goober, Me-They, BWB, Asa, Romeena, Colt, Big Muade and Boo.

I'll try to be back later.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

August 01, 2006 - Msg 43605: HI ALL.



August 01, 2006 - Msg 43606: Hey gang...been yard working...whew ..close to 100 here in to read the archives...tonights menu:beef short ribs on the grill with rice and green beans and Big Maudes slaw..cold ice tea..back in just a bit...SPOT

August 01, 2006 - Msg 43607: Spot, I will be there with the slaw. Big Maude

August 01, 2006 - Msg 43608: Can we eat inside, SPOT? I hate sweating on my food. Maybe we can have homemade ice cream for dessert. Who had the churn last?


August 01, 2006 - Msg 43609: spot- can we have some fresh maters and corn grilled? how about some grilled cheese sandwiches abd a bowl of chilli, with oster cracker and a few fish? me-they, i think hazel might had the freezer last, oh the ice cream she makes on a day like this melts on the ay to your mouth its so good. any pictures of wallys filling station would be appreciated. floyd- why did wallys filling station site close? anyone remember in ww2 folks would save the gum foil for the war effort? how about making balls for the sling shot? sling shots using rubber bands? stay cool everyone. colt

August 01, 2006 - Msg 43610: thanks tom for the update, keep us posted. prayers go out for you. goober, lincoln is the hottest part of the state today, i quess we're just greedy. good luck on your singing. sure miss rev not checking in. colt

August 01, 2006 - Msg 43611: All that Colt....Asa curned last...thanks maude..and YES inside M-T.....and I will go pick some corn and maters..and Hot peppers...SPOT

August 01, 2006 - Msg 43612: Man it's nice to come home from work to a clean porch. Just wish my house would clean itself like that. Hotter than a fox in a forrest fire around here. Up in the 90's again. Give me a few months and I'll be griping about how cold it is.

Guess I best explain the whole Yaco thing. One night years ago Asa and I were chatting, and we were discussing what we'd had for supper, and that particular night, I'd fixed Tacos.. but when I was typing, I typed Yacos, and Asa hasn't let me forget it since.

My mother in law gave me some fresh garden squash yesterday and I think I'm gonna fix a big ol casserole with it tonight. Aint had one in awhile. Ya'll stay cool now--Salty Dog

August 01, 2006 - Msg 43613: PRAYERS FOR MAVIS!!! Hi all - hectic in Mayberry today! Lots going on both on the music front and at work. If ya get a chance, go to and you can see your's truly's heheh. Nothin' like makin' music in Mayberry, Mayberry style! Ya'll have a good one this evening. Keep cool gang - I just called our local time and temp at 3:11 p.m. and it is 95 in Mayberry. Don't know 'bout you guys, but I'm sitting in front of the fan instead of out on the porch when I get home! See ya tomorrow all (I hope).

Jim Taylor (from here forward known as JT)

August 01, 2006 - Msg 43614: JT, I think I have your album at home somewhere...


August 01, 2006 - Msg 43615: And about that freezer...JUST CALL THE MAN!


August 01, 2006 - Msg 43616: Hey all!!!

Hope ya'll are all well!!!

Hey to JT!!!

I just had time to read the posts that didn't have my name in them, and saw you here!!!

These are all wonderful, kind, caring people, and I do mean ALL of them.

Well, I'm Barnwannabe, and Welcome Aboard!!!(As if M-T, and I were some kind of ship captains!!! Why him, I don't know!!!LOL!!!)

gotta fly!!!

Barnwannabe. (for JT, aka: BWB)

August 01, 2006 - Msg 43617: Well, JT, You have my welcome to! So are ya going to have fun here, Huh, Huh, Huh?

Ha, Ha. Aint Warren The Best?

Deputy Warren Ferguson

August 01, 2006 - Msg 43618: Hey JT, I saw the picture and am wondering which one is you, the tall fellow or the girl with the ponytail? heehee...seriously, when I read the words below the picture it seems they listed the names from right to left so it appears that you are the girl in the photo....unless, maybe you are, and in that case, my apologies...

Thanks for those nice words, BWB. I thought maybe you didn't think I was so nice after our little altercation weeks earlier.

Been a busy day today but got lots done.

On my way to take the kids and a couple of their friends to the movies.


August 01, 2006 - Msg 43619: What movie Boo? I can't think of any kid's movie's out there now.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

August 01, 2006 - Msg 43620: Asa, little Leon (aka Clint Howard) worked for NASA on Apollo that the answer you're looking for?
BWB, I know EXACTLY what you mean about the vendor thing. Let's chat about it sometime over at Frapper or Sarah's.
Tough day, the county is working on a water main and our water was off, so I had to close the restaurant at lunch. Just burns me up! Gotta go kiss some kidlets goodnight, more later!

August 01, 2006 - Msg 43621:

August 01, 2006 - Msg 43622: Also, Me-They, I like what you said over at Miss Crump's about Mel Gibson. Here here!

August 01, 2006 - Msg 43623: evening folks, hope all is well with you guys and gals. Upper 90's here today, but sounds like most of us are dealing with the heat wave. My son is practicing football in this heat, so say a prayer for him and his team mates. His coach is really good and takes care to make sure they have numerous breaks and lots and lots of water and does not send them out in the hottest part of the day but of course I still worry.Has anybody else noticed daylight is starting to get shorter and shorter? Must mean fall is a coming. Millie, hope you have a better day tomorrow. Well, gotta go iron. YUCK!!! prayers for you all. Big Maude

August 01, 2006 - Msg 43624:
"What local lady is drying her tears on embroidered dish towels."
I love that line from the newspaper ep!
"Genuine blonde right out of a bottle!"haha
Hey Colt, spot, see my D-Backs hit 6 dingers against the Cubs last night!? A new record for us, but then again, being over .500 is a new record for us this year!
Colt- hope the Bible study continues with increased numbers. You could finish with Rev.20 verse 6! I'm ready.
My dad says almost EVERYTHING was rationed and very little complaining. A special breed them days.
BTW, my calendar says 5 months, but then i'm usually behind! ha
Maybe R can post all our favorite foods so we can reminicse! teehee
Boo, your sister is a SAINT! God bless her for giving you and bruce that evening.
DIX- you have all my support and prayers. "I have confidence in confidence I do, besides what you see i have confinence in me!" Used to sing that each morning!
Is Hardie's still around? Ours closed years ago here.
I think I'll skip the mtv 25th annv!
Nice even'n all!
Mr Darlin's Cuz

August 01, 2006 - Msg 43625: Millie wins the grand prize for getting Leon correct on Apollo 13. Way to go Millie.
Any other connections between Mayberry and Apollo 13? I can think of two more. Think people think!


August 01, 2006 - Msg 43626:
Hello porch it seems like forever since I've been able to get back by. The concert tour went great. Got home late last night. Drove 23 hours straight to get here so that I could see my daughter before she had to leave this morning for cheer camp. So I am still very tired.

I'm sure a lot has been going on and I haven't had a chance to read all the archives.
Sure missed all the fellowship with you folks and of course all the good cooking.

Well I'm going to get some rest. Prayers for you all and remember that JESUS loves you!

August 01, 2006 - Msg 43627: Hey Rev MDC and all......asa,boo,ro,hm,possun,bwb,dwf,mav,lucy,mil,TOM,and all of yall...Spot is going to Bed...Breakfast menu: ON THE REV.....lest alot...

August 01, 2006 - Msg 43628: thats "Eat Alot"

August 01, 2006 - Msg 43629: To colt Msg 43593, next time you try to count, take your socks off if you're using your toes. August 1 to September 1 to October 1 to November 1 to December 1 to January 1 = 5 months, not 4 months.
To Tom Msg 43605, when you fist posted that you had prostatic calculus, I thought you meant that you were studying advanced math in school, LOL. But after looking it up on the internet, I learned that prostatic calculus is stones in the prostate gland. I was surprised to learn that this condition is very common among men over 50 years old. What kind of treatment is your doctor recommending?
To JT Msg 43613, thanks for posting that link. Although I have seen and heard those intruments on television, I never knew they were called hammered dulcimers. Thanks to you, I finally know where the middle of nowhere is located!!! I listened to all of your music links. From the tranquil slow pace of "From This Moment" to the irish jig faster pace of "Cold Frosty Morn", they were all a pleasure to listen to. However, "Have Thine Own Way Lord" plays for only about 24 seconds then stops when it's supposed to be over 3 minutes long. I'm using Real Player.
To Big Maude Msg 43623, you are correct in noticing the decrease in daylight. The following explanation applies to the USA. Every year on June 21 (known as the June Solstice), you have a maximum amount of daylight and a minimum amount of night. And every year on December 21 (known as December Solstice), you have a minimum amount of daylight and a maximum amount of night. So between June 21 and December 21, you are gradually loosing daylight and increasing night time. Between December 21 and June 21, the opposite happens where you start increasing daylight and loosing night time.
To Asa Msg 43625, didn't Ron (Opie) and Clint (Leon) Howard'ss father play a priest in Apollo 13?
To Rev Msg 43626, you drove 23 hours straight? Wow, when I once drove 20 hours straight, I practically died.

from Poor Horatio

August 01, 2006 - Msg 43630: Warren, we went to see Pirates of The Carribean 2. Since it is a Disney movie I thought it would be for kids, but really it is pretty scary and gruesome. Wouldn't reccomend it. There was alot of action and pretty interesting special affects, that's for sure.

Have to finish up some projects before bed, just wanted to say goodnight!


August 01, 2006 - Msg 43631: Good movie I hear Boo......hey Horatio!...SPOT

August 01, 2006 - Msg 43632: Hey Boo, Spot, PH, Rev, Big Maude....midnight snack on me. Tollhouse cookies and milk.

August 01, 2006 - Msg 43633: Thanks Mil......SPOT

August 01, 2006 - Msg 43634: Breakfast menu:is eggs fried,sausage links,hashbrowns with cheese,grits with butter,canalope,ice tea,coffee,milk and a tear from my roll of paper towels...SPOT

August 01, 2006 - Msg 43635: Asa, (and PH) Ron Howard's mother was in Apollo 13 as well, as Jim Lovell's mother.

August 01, 2006 - Msg 43636: Hey to everyone!

Boo, I havn't seen Pirates Of The Carribean 2 yet. I've heard mixed review's on it. Some think it's to long and gory, some think it's great. Have a good sleep Boo!

Speaking of Apolo 13, that's a very good movie! I didn't know Ron Howard's mother was in it. Interesting.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

August 01, 2006 - Msg 43637: SNACK TIME...frosted flakes and mayfield WHOLE milk.......SPOT

August 01, 2006 - Msg 43638: Boy, LOTS of snacks on the porch tonight & to think I was going to have Froot Loops. DWF I liked Apollo 13 as well, but like you, didn't know Ron's Mama was in it. I best get to bed, ya'll be safe, be good & act like somebody. Rev glad yer home safe & sound, now go to bed & get some rest, you have to sing at breakfast ya know.

August 01, 2006 - Msg 43639: Thanks, Spot.....I think I'm having a sugar overload!

August 01, 2006 - Msg 43640: I think I'll join Mavis in Going to bed. No, No not in that way! I mean hitting the sac my-self! Ha, Ha.

Millie, carefull with sugar! Don't wanna get a Canqer Sore. Those are no fun!

Everyone take care out there!

Oh, I orderd up The Whole collection of The Dick Van Dyke series a couple of day's Ago. Expensive? YEP. However Im saving money by ordering them in one box, then by ordering them individually. Yes I did the Math! I think I'll enjoy em. Everyone else think so?


Deputy Warren Ferguson

August 02, 2006 - Msg 43641: Warren, I had one an unusual cooincedence happen to me tonight...kind of like the one you had with The Edge. I had been listening to a book on tape and just finished it today. It was Oscar Wilde's book, The Portrait of Dorian Gray. I turned on the TV tonight and guess what is showing on TCM? The Portrait of Dorian Gray. It's a good movie if you have the chance to watch it sometime.


August 02, 2006 - Msg 43642: Apollo was a GREAT movie.....SPOT

August 02, 2006 - Msg 43643: Morning dears.

PH and Millie got it. Rance Howard played the Priest and his wife played Jim Lovell's mom. I always loved her line "if they could get a washing machine to fly my Jimmy could land it!"

Great breakfast Spot. Sorry I missed Millies cookies last night.

Glad your home safe Rev. Me and my trained voice was worried about you.

Millions for charity but not one cent for tribute! Makes ya think!


August 02, 2006 - Msg 43644: Morning folks, Hope you guys are all doing okay today. Good to see you back Rev, I missed you.
Good Breakfast SPOT. Another HOT one predicted today.. Hey to Millie, Mavis, Asa, Boo, Romeena,
Rev, BWB, JT, DWF,Dixie, Poor Horatio,Me-They, Goober, and everyone else hanging around today, Have a good day and behave!! Big Maude

August 02, 2006 - Msg 43645: Good morning everyone! Around here, in the summer you hear a lot of "it's not the heat, it's the humidity." Today, it's definitely both! Saty cool folks.

Thanks, MILLIE. I thought my comments would start a moulage, but they didn't.

BOO: Speaking of Dorian Gray, have you ever seen "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen?" The premise is what if the characters of fiction novels in 1900 banded together. So you have characters like Alan Quartermaine (Sean Connery), Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde, Dorian Gray, Capt. Nemo, etc. It's not Oscar worthy, but it is a good action romp with no s*x and not much language.

I'll check back with y'all later.


August 02, 2006 - Msg 43646: Mornin' Y'all! I knew Ron's mom was in Apollo 13,but PH & Millie beat me to it! I recall when that movie came out everybody else in my group wanted to see some other movie,so I went in and watched Apollo 13 by myself! Good movie!
It's gonna be 115 degrees here today with the heat index! Sure hope Mr. Possum takes it easy out there today. I told him last night to come home early if the heat got to be too much. He said "Yeah,I'll come home in a box!" Now,that ain't exactly what I meant!
Y'all stay cool and take it easy today. Love to all!
possum under a rock

August 02, 2006 - Msg 43647: poor haratio- your right it is 5 months to a new year but with the way this year has gone i was laying it to rest early. ha. REV- we have all missed you and kept you in our prayers. if rev had breakfast this morning as tired as he is it was moon pies and r.c. and a nap/. mdc- how much does it cost your d-backs per ding? say let's publish a porch cooking and eating book? spot- the crew is getting sloppy over at the remshaw house, might want to check it out. what's the chances spot of an old fashion party like we used to have soon? the newer porchsters haven't seen one of our wing dings. hello to everyone. colt

August 02, 2006 - Msg 43648: Hey yall....Maude and mil,boo,ro,possum,asa,m-t,bwb,dwf and all it will be cold cut subs for lunch,chips and fruit punch....whew its HOT...SPOT

August 02, 2006 - Msg 43649: hey there Colt...SPOT

August 02, 2006 - Msg 43650: Good morning to everybody. Supposed to be hot here, too, as usual. We might get some rain, though due to a tropical storm out there, somewhere.

No, I don't think I have seen the movie you are talking about, M-T. Sounds interesting.

Another busy day awaits me...can't beleive I didn't dream about pirates last night..


August 02, 2006 - Msg 43651: Morning To The Porch!

Boo, MSG 43641, Arn't those kind of thing's wierd? I think I've heard of that movie but never actually saw it. I'll have to try ta catch it one day.

Possum, Hope Mr. Possum stay's cool! Tell him not to do any running in that blaze of heat, and he should be better. I find running in blazing weather like that burn's you out and makes you feel a woozy and dizzy.

Colt, Explain a "Wing Ding". Don't beleve I've heard of that.

Hey to SPOT and BigMaude.

See ya.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

August 02, 2006 - Msg 43652: Hey to all!!!

Good, and beautiful day today!!!

BOO: I have no problem with you. You are one of my friends, and I have no gruge, or anything like that. You are ALL nice people.

Mil: Glad to know that I'm not the only one who has to deal with vendors, cause I'm not to fond of them. I stock beer, of course, in the bar part of the buisness, and I try to get all of the neon signs, and stuff like that, to advertize different brands, and Budweiser will not give you anything, hardly!!! I don't get along with them very well, but I have to to run a sucessful buisness. The chating sounds great, if I ever get time. I'll put Chatting with Millie in my planner!!!LOL

Hey to Mavis, Millie, Boo, Romeena, Big Maude, M-T, Spot, Colt, Possum, J-T, Floyd, Warren, P-H, Asa, auh2o, and anyone I forgot!!!

Remember to "Stay Calm People", and I'm off to buy season 2 of Emergency!!!

I've seen Apollo 13, and I liked it!!!


August 02, 2006 - Msg 43653: Good morning everyone! Had the day off so I slept in. Gonna be another scorcher today. Hope ya'll are doin ok. Since I'm off, I'll fix us some lunch. How about fried chicken, potato salad, and broccoli casserole. And a big ol jug of lemonade to wash it all down with. We can sit on the porch and count cars. Ya'll have a good un--Salty Dog

August 02, 2006 - Msg 43654: Am I the only one with a Fasination with "The Dick Van Dyke Show"? Geeesh. Ha, Ha. Hey to Salty Dog and BWB. I don't what Im doing back here again! Anyway's, this time Im checking out for a-bit. See y'all!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

August 02, 2006 - Msg 43655: DWF: I was heading to my computer to answer you but I tripped over my ottoman.


August 02, 2006 - Msg 43656: Wow! Both SPOT and SALTY DOG are fixing lunch today. I'm still trying to drop a few...

"For a mature human being, you're a sight."

August 02, 2006 - Msg 43657: HI ALL.

A family is a wondrous thing,
bringing joy to hearts;
in trials it can comfort bring
A family means belonging
and standing by alway.
We know we never are alone
and together we can pray.
Our earthky family is a gife
to be treasured with your love;
tis a vision of the family
we'll share in Heaven above.

love tom

August 02, 2006 - Msg 43658:
Hello porch family....another hot day here in SC.(100 degrees) And dry!
Got to go to walmart. See ya'll a little later.
Have a Jesus filled day!

August 02, 2006 - Msg 43659: Afternoon Porch Family,
I apologize for not checking in again sooner. Its crazy around here right now. My 2 stepchildren are still visiting until 8/12. So, there's lots of laundry, cooking, and chauffering. I take only having extremely laidback 1 child for granted! I have missed chatting with you all. I don't have time to read the archives, but, as usual, I still have a few things to say.
Mavis- Did you ever get a bonsai tree? Do you only groom dogs? We were in Petland today and I was thinking of you when I saw a brochure that had a mobile pet grooming service.
Rev- According to my minivan (rarely drive for gas) our temp in Atlanta is 101.
Tom- I'm glad that you were safe on the porch. What are the effects of your condition? Is it painful?
Boo- Happy Belated Birthday! Was it a good one?
JT- Welcome to our porch. Have some sweet tea or lemonade. Did you bring a fan?
Possum- How's your heart?
Colt- Glad you are back. Did you get your PC fixed?
Poor Horatio- Do you spend a lot of time on the computer? You always have wonderful links that are very helpful.
Me-They- How are the older children adapting to Veda? My friends Mother (in her 50s) has that name. I have yet to check out the other Jimmy Carter books. I'm behind on my reading. I gave my grandmother's Billy Graham's biography "My Journey". It was great if you are a Christian or not.
BWB- Do you own the restaurant?
DWF- Is it as hot in Canada as it is here?
Romeena- Do you need to continue working or is it something you enjoy? I was wondering because you sometimes work so many hours.
Homemaker- How was your fair experience? My SIL & her family are taking their goats, horses, and chickens to their fair in Ohio.
Asa- Make sure you're staying awake to watch the bank! There are too many nuts in this world.
Salty Dog- I don't believe we've met. How do you do? I'm Lucy Matthews.
Big Maude- Do you have your school things ready?
Spot- Did you know there's a tax free holiday starting tomorrow until Sun.? Clothes, computers, and school supplies are included.
Goober- How's the wife doing? Did you ever answer my question about being on the radio?
Hey to everyone that I've forgotten.
Y'all will never believe what I did today. I was extremely stressed because the 3 kids were all tired and arguing so I thought what calms me down besides leaving them with their father. Well, I put in Christmas music in the car. It worked like a charm! Better get back to cleaning and such. Y'all have a Mayberry Day!
Blessings to you and yours,

August 02, 2006 - Msg 43660: Hi Lucy and the rest - we have finally put the fair behind us. . .and my boys loved it. I told them not to expect all those ribbons next year. I will send a picture of the ribbons and the boys to Romeena. Casey got about $280 for his goat. Not bad considering market price was $62. He also won the Herdsman award for his first year - he cleaned his pens, worked with his goats and was willing to help others out as well. That award is given to only one person in each of the walking projects.

It's hot here! Looking for the cool down but knowing that there is someplace hotter than here and I am glad that I won't have to visit that place. . .Praise Jesus!


August 02, 2006 - Msg 43661: I thought you'd all be interested in reading the following article that appeared in the Salt Lake Tribune over the weekend. I know I'll be vacationing in Wisconsin soon!
Nate Bracey

B&B Recreates Andy Griffith's Mayberry B&B

At the Taylor Home Inn, guests are greeted by a "Welcome to Mayberry" sign on the front door as the show's theme song plays in the background.

By Robert Imrie, AP

Marsha Scheuermann met her husband Dave in an Internet chat room where they shared their passion for the 1960s TV sitcom "The Andy Griffith Show." Eventually they fell in love and married.

Today, they live in a replica of Sheriff Taylor's home, and they run a bed-and-breakfast there called the Taylor Home Inn.

"We love the show," Marsha Scheuermann said. "The word fan doesn't quite do it. You got to use the whole word—fanatic."

Guests at the inn are greeted by a "Welcome to Mayberry" sign on the front door as the show's theme song—"The Fishing Hole" with its distinctive whistling—plays in the background.

The door opens and there's Andy's front room just like it looked on TV—the couch and chairs, Look magazines on the coffee table, an RCA Victor black-and-white television, and a bottle of Col. Harvey's Indian Elixir herb formula medicine. (Remember when Aunt Bee bought the tonic for strength and vigor, and got a little tipsy?)

"It's all vintage," Scheuermann said. "But it's comfy."

Craig Luns, 37, and his wife, Stacy, of Farmington, Minn., recently spent two nights there.

"It was kind of surreal," he said. "It seems like you are right inside the television show."

The inn is located in Clear Lake, a town of about 1,000 people some 90 miles northeast of the Twin Cities. Scheuermann estimates that the inn cost $250,000 to build and furnish.

"I thought they were crazy at first," said Dave's mother, Rosemary Scheuermann, "but it is the most wonderful, relaxing place to come."

Guests have three choices—Aunt Bee's room, Opie's or Andy's—and they appreciate the old-fashioned wholesomeness.

"It felt like I walked into a different time era, like it was a time warp," said Roger Byrd, 57, of Prior Lake, Minn. "I just forgot about living in 2006."

Even the family dog has a Mayberry moniker—Ellie Walker, after Andy's girlfriend.

The Scheuermanns have watched many of the nearly 250 episodes of the show up to 200 times, scanning for details to make the home authentic.

Take the stone fireplace. It's 12 feet wide, because Dave Scheuermann watched Andy walk across the room and counted his strides, figuring three feet for each step.

Food is served on Blue Willow plates like Aunt Bee used, in a dining room decorated to match the TV scenes—right down to a ceramic pelican that Opie won at a fair and the pictures on the wall.

"The Grandma Moses picture—it took us four years to find it," Scheuermann said.

Scheuermann and her husband met in 1997 on a Web site set up for fans of the show, in a chat room called "Sarah, get me the courthouse," a reference to Mayberry's unseen telephone operator.

People used the chat room to rehash the shows. "We all took names of the characters of the show. Dave was Orville Monroe because Orville Monroe was the funeral director in Mayberry and Dave is a funeral director. And I took on the name Eleanora Poultice because that was Barney's music teacher," said Scheuermann, who teaches music part-time. "You'd sit there and giggle because you would realize someone else was as sick as you are."

Eventually, the two met in person at Mayberry Days in Andy Griffith's hometown of Mount Airy, N.C. The friendship blossomed into a relationship and the couple married in 2001. They started building their home a year later.

"I had wanted to own a bed-and-breakfast for years," Scheuermann said. "We thought, 'wouldn't it be fun if we could do Andy's house?'"

Right now they are working on recreating Andy's courthouse office in the basement of the 7,400-square-foot home, along with replicas of Deputy Barney Fife's room and Wally's Filling Station.

Luns, who stayed at the inn in June, will return when the work is completed. "I can't wait," he said.

If you go…

TAYLOR HOME INN BED & BREAKFAST: 373 30th Ave., Clear Lake, Wis.; or 715-263-2639. Rates: $75-$95 nightly.

August 02, 2006 - Msg 43662: Thanks for sharing that article,Nate! I for one would love to visit that Inn!
Warren,Mr. Possum made it through ok. The construction company he works for in Charleston actually shut operations down around 2:30 today due to the heat. He's been working there for about 7 years now and says this is the first time they've ever stopped work due to the heat.
Tom,hope all turns out okay with your health.
Lucy,I'm doing better-thanks. Taking a beta blocker for the heart for a few days now and I already see a difference. I'm also walking (doc's orders!) and that helps me too. Thanks for your concern.
Guess I'd better go.Y'all have a good night!
possum under a rock

August 02, 2006 - Msg 43663: Nate Bracey! As I live and breathe! How the heck are ya? Hey to the rest of the porch, gotta get some stuff done here tonight that I have been putting off, brochures, newsletters, all that kind of stuff. The heat is great for my business, but with school starting back next week in TN & the week after in VA, it's slowing down some. Lucy yes, I only groom dogs in my mobile business. I used to do cats in the shop, but not mobile. Have been known to groom, rabbits, a hamster, a few birds & even bathed a snake once to get rid of mites it had. Oh & I groom Asa's ears once in a while too.

August 02, 2006 - Msg 43664: Thanks, Mrs. Wiley. --Romeena

August 02, 2006 - Msg 43665: Good Evening Freind's!

Nate Bracey, thank's for posting that article! I'd love to see how Deputy Fife's room turned out! Keep us informend on the news! Thank's again!

Possum, Glad to hear Mr. Possum made it through the day fine. And he got to go home early to! Hope you had a fun day!

Lucy, Last week it got up to 88 in your guy's tempature! This week it cooled down though, and the averedge is about 74-75.

Hey To Mavis!

SPOT, Do you have a big DVD Collection to? You seem to talk about movie's alot, so I was wondering. If so, don't worry, your not the only! Ha, Ha.

See ya, and have a fine supper/evening!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

August 02, 2006 - Msg 43666: Thank you, Boo. And thank you, Spot. Thank you, too, Big Maude. As you folks might have guessed by now, I'm opening my mail. Got a big old lump in my throat, too. We're going to be just fine! You folks are the cats! --Romeena

August 02, 2006 - Msg 43667: Wow, Charlotte Tucker, I just received the two magazines copies you sent. Thank you soooo much! The article looks great, and the picture layout is terrific. Who added the captions? They're perfect! Thanks again! --Romeena

August 02, 2006 - Msg 43668: DWF yea I do have a dvd collection...hey ro..glad ya got the mail....GOOD cause and YOU are the cats...well got to read the mail on the porch...been busy with the garden...pulled 100+ maters today....whew...hey lucy,hm,Rev.colt,m-t,and all........back in a bit work at noon tomorrow...Ro you are so sweet to this poarch...if more is needed just me know...SPOT

August 02, 2006 - Msg 43669:

"Imagine that, Doc Malloy right here in the Mayberry jail!"
Possum- glad heart is better, and hubby out of the heat!
Great article Nate! ould it be neat if we could all meet there some day!
Boo- I think that movie is PG-13.
RO- I never got the email so I'll just do my address on here, as it's all over the web anyway,
dipper40 at hotmail dot comREV- good to see ya. Hope youhad a great tour.
DWF- I know just about all the TDVDS eps like TAGS, so as you watch tem we can discuss if ya like.
Poor Horatio TOM- some good natural helps for the prostate are Omega 3 fish oil and coral calcium.
Colt- it's a lot per ding, them steriods arnt cheap ya know! ha
Yeah, let's have a PART over at Spot's! After all, we're in the "dog days" of summer! aha
If ya all havent read the neat article by Don Knotts friend, Al Checco on the homepage here, it is a GOOD READ!
Have a good evening!
"I've been called everything from chopper to mad dog!"
"chicken theives and whatnot."

August 02, 2006 - Msg 43670: Thanks, BWB, no hard feelings here either.

Lucy, I had a nice birthday, thanks. I had to smile when you told about the Christmas music because for years, when I wanted to keep my 4 yr old from falling asleep in the car, I would play Feliz Navidad by Jose Feliciano at a high volume and it always worked because whe can't help but sing along...of course she sang it a bit differently...."Feliz Mommy Dot" was the way she sang it.

You are wlecome, Ro. Thank you for what you are doing.

I did ALOT today so I think I will chill on the couch for awhile. Take care!


August 02, 2006 - Msg 43671:
Sorry for all the typos, I usually proofread!
PART? A PARTy is much more fun! mdc

August 02, 2006 - Msg 43672: Hey MDC, didn't see ya rocking there. Yes, the movie would not be appropriate for young children. You never talk about the new job. Is it still going well?


August 02, 2006 - Msg 43673:
Boo, didnt see you there rocking. Prayers still a going up fer you and all porchsters.

August 02, 2006 - Msg 43674:
Haha, this is my last post tonite so we dont get to "chatting!"
The job is great. It just takes time to learn all the new folk and politics of the office etc. Thanks for asking!
Pleasant dreams all!

August 02, 2006 - Msg 43675: HI ALL.
MAVIS THE WRAPPER SHE SEND ME JUST ADD A 2 1/2 FT TO THECHAIN SO NOW IT AT 520ft 1/2 in looking for more because i'm hoping to hit 600ft by the end of the year.

love tom.\pray for everyone

August 02, 2006 - Msg 43676: Another Good Evening To The Porch!

MDC, Glad ya know "The Dick Van Dyke Show"! I just watched episode 1 today and enjoyed it alot! It's much different then the TAGS in that the Charecters arn't really goof's, but they are Just plain funny as themselves.

Boo, I alway's enjoy relaxing on the couch. Just laying back, Watching a Movie or Show. Good Fun and relaxing!

Hey to Tom! I hate the Heat to! Beleve Me!

See y'all!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

August 03, 2006 - Msg 43677: Warren, this is almost embarrasing but I recently ordered a DVD called Lassie's Christmas Stories and it came in the mail today. I was just watching it and really love it. Full of nostalgia and very Christmasy.

I wanted to tell you to really try and watch the Dorian Gray movie I told ya'll about, it is a fun one to watch. It's an old black and white but when they show the hideous portrait of Dorian Gray, it's in color..strange. See, Dorian gray never ages, he always stays young and handsome but his portrait (which is really a picture of his soul) becomes more hideous as Dorian becomes more morally corrupt. Interesting story. I read a short biography about the author, Oscar Wilde today and it was really something. He started out in life with a silver spoon in his mouth (in the late 1800's) and aspired to be a star in England. He did write some plays that were really popular but then left his wife and kids for young men and that was the beginning of the end for him. He was put in prison for doing such things as he should not with minors and that was about the end of his career, but it is interesting to read his works because they are so full of moral dilemas. They speak of God and redemption and moral failure. I think he was a tortured soul.

Enough of that..



August 03, 2006 - Msg 43678: Night To The porch!

Boo, Don't be embarresed! I'll try to check that Movie out.

Sweet Dreams...

Deputy Warren Ferguson

August 03, 2006 - Msg 43679:
Hello porch....hope you all had a great day.

Boo...I was reading the archives and sorry I missed your birthday while I was away. HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!!

Many prayer needs in the archives. Thank God for prayer!

Welcome to the new porchsters. So good to have you.

See you all at breakfast. Have a great night and say your prayers!

August 03, 2006 - Msg 43680: Off to bed, goodnight!!!


August 03, 2006 - Msg 43681: Mornin' Dears & Honeys! Gonna be another scorcher today!
Spot,hurry up and make breakfast,cuz I don't want to cook! I do have coffee going-help yourselves!
Romeena,please e-mail me your snail mail address so I can send something to you also.Thanks!
Better get up and going.I don't think I told y'all that I quit my job and am now keeping Laci. My daughter is working at the place I worked until she can find an EKG tech position.Hospitals just aren't hiring now.I told her to hang in there-she'll find something in her field eventually. So.. I've got to go get ready for my 2&1/2 year old-she keeps me busy,butit's fun!
Y'all have a good day & stay cool!
possum under a rock

August 03, 2006 - Msg 43682:
Morning Porch!

Weeell-doggies! Mr. Drysdale, has it been hot! ... and humid ... and hazy! Today is only gonna reach into the mid-80's around these parts. Although, when we were at our hottest the last few days, I think we were still one of the coolest place in the country. Oh well, everything is relative I guess.

DWF-I love "The Dick Van Dyke" show. I just recently found out that both TAGS and TDVDS premiered on my birthday. TAGS premiered on the day I was born, 10-3-1960 and TDVDS exactly one year later. Those two shows along with "Barney Miller" are my three favorites.

REV-Good to see ya back!

MDC-I watched your D-Backs hit all of those HR's the other night.

Lucy-I've read a few of Billy Graham's books. By any chance, did you read his "Approaching Hoofbeats: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse"

BWB-Hey there.

"Floyd made the diagnosis"
"Floyd, what do you know about whiplash?"


August 03, 2006 - Msg 43683: Morning dears.

Possum, glad to hear your heart is behaving better now. Keep on walking.

Auh20, are you a Bills fan?

Ro, mine will be coming this weekend. Thanks for putting it all together.

Hope you all have a great day and act like somebody.


August 03, 2006 - Msg 43684: Thaks REV!

Possum, what a great job taking care of Lacy!
Tell your daughter not to lose faith. My best friend that I talk about here from time to time, is a single mom with 3 kids and she was laid off from her job as a nurse 2 weeks ago. She is an LVN (LPN) and the hospital she worked for is trying to phase out LVN's or make them go back to school to become RN's, which is impossible for my friend right now. Things looked pretty bleak for her and she needed a day job because she lost her sitter. It seemed like every LVN out there was looking for a day job now that school is starting up. She had really been praying and yesterday she was hired on in a day position, weekdays and the pay is good. Many times I have seen the Lord provide for her.

Well, another busy day ahead. I have to get dad to the doctor today, not only is his shoulder still bothering him, but I think he is having problems with his circulation. He is suffering with alot of itching in his lower legs and its keeping him awake at night (it is hard to get old!).

I'll be taking Sean to Houston tomorrow for his appointment with the drug doc. I never was able to wean him completely off the Paxil so he is still on a low dose and still has a voracious appetite so I am starting to think it might be another manifestation of his Obsessive-Compulsive disorder. Lord help me! Please pray for our appointment tomorrow, that the doc will know what steps to take next. Thanks. Your prayers mean so much. Sean has been doing much better this week (no diapers). Hooray!

Those of you who study bible prophecy, what do you think of the current events in the middle east? Do they have significance? I have to admit that I have been avoiding the news like the plague. It all makes me feel sick to see what is going on over there. I am praying, though. The bible tells us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. I am praying for peace for everybody (including us)!

Better scoot, I am sure I will be back later,