August 04, 2006 - Msg 43772: Party, what party???



Prayers to all!!!


August 04, 2006 - Msg 43773: BWB with the sweep!!!


August 05, 2006 - Msg 43774: Goodnight Everyone!

Just watching "Pleasentville" on the tube. Has Don Knotts in it!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

August 05, 2006 - Msg 43775: bwb- great sweep, your awfuly handy with the broom. dwf- i liked the movie pleasantville also. i think it is one of them movies that is under rated, the type you watch once and forget about it until someone mentions it. like on golden pond, the straight story, you dust it off to watch. breakfast on DEPUTY WARREN FERGUSON. got to read the archives. see you later. colt

August 05, 2006 - Msg 43776: good morning rev! wake up for this is the day thelord has given us. mavis- great site, thanks. mdc- sling shot has been put up ,the misses figured i'd get myself into trouble.ha. worder where brisco darling, ky girl mr mcbeevee and other are? floyd- good morning, just wondering if you have a wallys filling station chapter? goober- you got to let gooberette win at least one game now. ha. where is afd these days? well on my way to dwf's for breakfast. spot another great party last night. where did all those tubs of cool- whip come from. did someone spike the ice tea? have a great day and prayers for all in need. colt

August 05, 2006 - Msg 43777: Morning Everyone!

Colt, your right on time for breakfast! Im frying up some egg's, and the cereal is on the table!

BWB, You alway's were good with that broom! Ha, Ha.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

August 05, 2006 - Msg 43778: Good sweep BWB...HOT here in to go to work at 6pm...hey Boo,Ro,colt,lucy,dwf,mil,big maude will you bring some slaw to supper?...supper will be as follows:Cubed Steak and gravy,green beans,fried okra,fried squash,sliced maters,green onions,nanner puddin,creamed taters with gravy,salt,pepper,tea and a tear from my roll of paper towels....and o-yea Big Maudes slaw.....ready at 5:30...and a jar of hot peppers on the table...SPOT

August 05, 2006 - Msg 43779: Hey possum,goober,mavis,mdc,md....went back a page...yall dont be late for supper...will someone make some salad?...SPOT

August 05, 2006 - Msg 43780: spot- do we need another truck of cool whip in tubs for throwing like last night? dwf- great breakfast. we'll have to do it more often. bwb can you fix lunch today? floyd- are there any chapters named wallys filling station? i have a lot of antiques that would fit in shop. colt

August 05, 2006 - Msg 43781: warren- there is a club chapter named warren in milwaukee, wisconsin. colt

August 05, 2006 - Msg 43782: SPOT, I can make a wicked Cocunut Pie for ya! Maybe Millie could come and we could make it together!

Colt, Cool! I didn't know there was a Warren Chapter! I would like to start my own little chapter. I have gotton so many Young kid's and 20 year old's like my-self into The Andy Griffith Show. My best freind, At first hated The Andy Griffith Show, that was about three year's ago. Now, He's in Love with it! He's alway's saying, "Hey bring over Season 5"! Or "Hey, Let's watch some Andy Griffith"! It's great to see my generation getting exposod to The Good Old Days of TV! The next show I gotta get em into is "The Dick Van Dyke Show". Theyre already fan's of "Gilligan's Island" and "The Munsters".

Deputy Warren Ferguson

August 05, 2006 - Msg 43783: Hey porch. Here I go being needy again. I want to ask for prayers. All week my hubby has been struggling with Bell's palsy. The right side of his face is paralyzed, and he's taking all these medicines, one of which is steroids(prednosone) that are making him a BEAR! It could take weeks to go away, and his fuse is so short, I don't know if we can take it.
Also, as many of you know, we're waiting for results of last week's scans, and the tension is palpable, to say the least.
Here's the kicker. I'm always telling women to do self breast exams, it'll save your life. Well, one of my girls at the restaurant, 32, finally did(she never had before) and found a lump. She has surgery Monday to have it removed. Her name is Robin. Any prayers for her are greatly appreciated.
Sorry to be such a downer, this stuff is just on my mind alot, and I thought prayers are my best way of helping the situation.
Thanks in advance, porch friends.

August 05, 2006 - Msg 43784: MILLIE- when it rains it floods. prayers for you, your husband , family and robin. warren- go to site map, click on all chapters names. find one you can enjoy thats not taken. write; tagswc - att; jim clark- 9 music square south- pmb 146- nashville, tn. 37203- 3286 . give him the info club name requested, number of people, it can be small and wait for him to reply, it can take awhile as he's real busy. cost= zero. colt

August 05, 2006 - Msg 43785: DWF the pie will be great...prayers Millie..hey colt...well let me get the beans on...SPOT

August 05, 2006 - Msg 43786: spot= do we need another truck of cool whip for the food fight or do we just act like somebody and behave? colt

August 05, 2006 - Msg 43787: Spot, I'll bring the salad. (thanks for the prayers) Dinner sounds great!

August 05, 2006 - Msg 43788: and thank you, colt.

August 05, 2006 - Msg 43789: To MDC Msg 43765, first of all, I will keep your nephews and the rest of our troops in my prayers.
Next, you asked how many germs we can pick up from public computers. Well here is some information that may surprise you:
Charles Gerba, a microbiologist at the University of Arizona, counted bacteria on different surfaces found in offices and homes. The study was funded by The Clorox Co., which sells household disinfectants. Gerba found that office toilet seats had an average of 49 germs per square inch. Germ counts on computer keyboards were more than 60 times higher, averaging 3,295 bacteria per square inch. Even worse were the tops of desks (at 21,000 germs per square inch) and telephones (at 25,000 germs per square inch). Makes sense, doesn't it? Toilet seats get frequent cleaning with strong disinfectants that kill germs. Keyboards and mice may never get sanitized.
To Goober Msg 43770, thanks for reposting your link. This time it works. When I clicked on your READ link, your biography has a problem. The photo covers part of the text on the right hand side. As an example, in the first line, the last word I can see is "businessman". In fact, only the bottom three lines of the text are not covered by the picture. I'm confused about the music links on your site. Are you singing or are the people listed with each song doing the singing?
To Millie Msg 43783, regarding your husband's Bell's Palsy condition, is his fuse being so short a side effect of the drugs or is that his frustration dealing with the disease? I'll remember him in my prayers. Also, I'll try my best to make it over to Sarah's between 9 and 9:15pm eastern tonight.

from Poor Horatio

August 05, 2006 - Msg 43790: Bring on the cool whip colt!..thanks for the salade mil....Ill bring an onion to chop..SPOT

August 05, 2006 - Msg 43791: Hey all!!!

I hope that all is well!!!

Thanks for the broom coment Warren!!!

Well, I'll see ya'll!!!


August 05, 2006 - Msg 43792:
Here's a tags trivia question for ya all: Who was Roby Miller? Mentoned in the banjoJerry episode.
DWF- BTW, Alan Melvin, who did many guest shots in Tags, also did many in tdvds. He's the one playing Rob's old army buddy in ep 2. Earle Hagan did the music for that show as well, theme song etc.
Colt, good to see you have the safety on the slingshot. BTW, is one of the antiques you mentione..YOU! haha Just ribbin' ya.
Spot, MD, Racing at INDY!
AUh20- I heard Goldwater speak here a few days ago. He is one front runneer for the primary.
Millie, prayers for your hubby and friend.
I do recall an episode where Andy gets a bottle of pop from behind the counter at the drugstore fountain.
Hope your Saturday is going well. Hey to all.
Goober, good to see ya still have them financial smarts, even if it is for gold colored $500 dollar bills! ha
"Ya know, if ya eat too much polar bear liver, it can kill you."

August 05, 2006 - Msg 43793:
Oh yes, PH, thanks for the germ info. Now I will definitely wash the ole manos before I go!
They need to put out saniwipes! ha mdc

August 05, 2006 - Msg 43794:
Ok, one last thing, then I'll stop refreshing the porch, is it an oxymoron to say "old antique?"

August 05, 2006 - Msg 43795: Where's M-T been???

Just wondering!!!


August 05, 2006 - Msg 43796: Hey to the PORCH! Hey PH...thanks for the info on the site issue...and that is me singing. Those folks are the writers.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Prayers to all!


August 05, 2006 - Msg 43797: Hmmmm....hey PH...what browser are you using? On IE and FireFox it looks fine...


August 05, 2006 - Msg 43798: Thanks for supper Spot....delish! Thank you all for the prayers.

August 05, 2006 - Msg 43799: To MDC Msg 43794, to create an oxymoron, you need two contradictory words. "Old" and "antique" are not contradictory. "New antique" is an oxymoron by definition.

To Goober Msg 43796, the singing was so good, I couldn't tell if that was you singing or The Gaither's. That's why I had to ask. Do you have any CD's for sale of your singing?

To Goober Msg 43797, I'm using Internet Explorer version 6.0 with SP2. My display is set for a screen resolution of 1280 x 768 pixels, screen normal size with 96 DPI, and medium text size. Let me test using other settings and get back to you.

from Poor Horatio

August 05, 2006 - Msg 43800: To Goober Msg 43797, I adjusted my display for 1024 x 768 pixels and now the picture is no longer blocking the text. Try setting your display for 1280 x 768 and see the picture blocks the text.

from Poor Horatio

August 05, 2006 - Msg 43801: Hey PH...thanks for the comments. I'm actually hoping Guy will retire I can take his job! :-)

I'll check those settings...appreciate the feedback. I don't currently have any CDs...those cuts are from a demo I did recently. I am working on getting 2 CD projects together hopefully...soon.

Thanks again!


August 05, 2006 - Msg 43802: I'm having a problem over at Frapper, could someone put a link on here???



August 05, 2006 - Msg 43803: Okay ya'll, I went to my home page at Frapper, and it said that I have a friend named "Matt". I've never seen him before, don't know who he is, I've never even talked with a Matt over there!!!

I'm freaking out!!!

Why would it say that I have a friend named Matt there???


August 05, 2006 - Msg 43804: Click on the link Mavis put in the archive's, 2006 07 11.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

August 05, 2006 - Msg 43805: That didn't work for me, but I'll try it again. Thanks, Warren!!!


August 05, 2006 - Msg 43806: I still couldn't get it to work. Do any of you have ideas???

I'm getting frustrated with it, it won't even let me log in!!!

Thanks, and to Warren: I'm sorry that it didn't work.


August 05, 2006 - Msg 43807: hello everyone. just got back from Gatlinburg and ive enjoyed my two week vacations. hope all is wellhere on the porch. Have to check things out. took my Andy Griffity DVD collection to the cabin to watch and I had a ball laughing and brining back lots of memories. Man is it hot here in Atlanta. Cant wait to find out how everyone is dong. Its good to be back till nest time .....SHAZAM

August 05, 2006 - Msg 43808: Evenin' Friends,
Thanks again for your prayers. Today was a much calmer day. Hubby took the kids this evening to Bass Pro Shop so I could do the dishes and many loads of laundry. We got our pictures made today and I'll be sending some to Romeena. They turned out really well. Hubby said he'd never wear pink, but now he loves the shirt!
Today when going by a local church, their sign out front said TGIF- Thank God I'm Forgiven. Isn't that the truth? I mean the thought of not knowing that God is in my heart and I, along with hubby, will go to heaven is just the most satisfying feeling. God forgives when you ask. Its right there with fleece and mashed potatoes as far as comfort.
Millie- I'm praying for your family and your friend. Y'all will get through this. Put your trust in God!
Poor Horatio- When my stepkids leave I will try to stop by Sarah's. I don't have the time when you're on.
I believe there were others I wanted to speak to, but I can barely keep my eyelids open. I'm trying to get my body ready for school starting in a week, so early to bed, early to rise is my new saying. I hate it!
I'll write more tomorrow. Y'all have a fun Saturday night and a mellow Sabbath!

August 05, 2006 - Msg 43809: Shazam- Welcome home. Literally, remember, I live in Atlanta too. Sorry didn't mean to rock on your toes.

August 05, 2006 - Msg 43810: Welcome home Shazam!!!

I hope that you're doing good!!!

I don't live in Atlanta, but it's hot here!!!

Remember to "Stay calm people!!!"


August 05, 2006 - Msg 43811: Hey Porch!

SHAZAME, Welcome back! So your in Atlanta? You a hockey fan? Sorry, but I LOVE Hockey, and there's a team in the NHL from Atlanta.

Lucy, Glad he's getting to like Pink! Ha, Ha!

Millie, Im praying for ya. I hate reading sad post's like those. Please take care, and tell Robin that The Deputy Warren sais take care.

Well, just finished episode # 3 of "The Dick Van Dyke Show"! Very funny, but the charecters are still raw and havn't broken in yet.

"Three's Company" is comeing on in 2 minutes, so I better catch that. I don't really like it that much, but John Ritter is funny, and Don Knotts is in it. Not one I'd bye on D.V.D. but good to watch on TV. Crissy annoys though (the blonde one).

See Ya!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

August 05, 2006 - Msg 43812: Hey DWF! Thanks for the prayers. Thanks to you, too, Lucy. Warren, I really love DVD too. I think I've seen 'em all several times. About halfway thru season one, Laura(MTM) really breaks out. And Buddy and Sally are a riot. My faves are the ones where they all perform. Wait till you see Rob's Stan Laurel impression.
Making peach pies now, y'all come over and have some after church in the mornin'. We're having Brunswick stew, biscuits and tea, peach pie a la mode for dessert.

August 05, 2006 - Msg 43813: Hey all!!!

Time to say my good nights!!!

Warren: I bought Emergency! on DVD the other day, and I love it!!! Have you seen it???

Have any of you seen it???


Goodnight, and prayers to all!!!


August 05, 2006 - Msg 43814: Hey BWB! I used to love Emergency when I was a kid.

August 05, 2006 - Msg 43815: Lunch sounds great Mil!!!

See ya there!!!


August 05, 2006 - Msg 43816: I'm glad that I'm not the only one who likes it!!!

I've watched 6 episodes today!!!


August 05, 2006 - Msg 43817: I guess you could say that I am "hooked" on Emergency, but I LOVE it. I remember it being on TV, but not that strongly.

I thought about it the other day, and decided to look into it on the comp. I found that Wal-Mart had it for 31.99. I went and got it, and I love it!!!


August 05, 2006 - Msg 43818: Good night for real now!!!


August 06, 2006 - Msg 43819: Night Everyone!

BWB, I've never seen it. What's it like? Comedy or action?

Millie, Thank's for the Dick Van Dyke update!


Deputy Warren Ferguson

August 06, 2006 - Msg 43820: Prayers for your family and friend, Millie.

Lucy, I love what you said about God's forgivness being up there with fleece and mashed potatos as far as comfort! So true.

Been busy as a bee these days. Sean had his appointment in Houston and it went well. Thanks for your prayers.

Too tired to share much right now but have something to share tomorrow.


August 06, 2006 - Msg 43821: lkmnbvcdfhgyx

August 06, 2006 - Msg 43822: Warren: It's an action series, but it's kinda funny, kinda cheesy, and really good if your into the life-saving, siren blowing, light flashing, action like I am.

I live for that kind of stuff. I'd love to be a paramedic, like the guys on Emergency.

The show follows the staff of the L.A. County Fire Department rescue Paramedics, of the 51st station, and the staff of Rampart Hospital's Emergency Room. It was a 70's show.

Well, got to get some sleep!!!



August 06, 2006 - Msg 43823: Very busy here at work...[storms roared thru]...Mil I will be there for lunch thanks...hey to all..well back to work...all lights are not on...SPOT

August 06, 2006 - Msg 43824: Good Morning Porch Family!!!

Hope all is well on this beautiful Sunday Morning!!!


August 06, 2006 - Msg 43825: oh this snow is beautiful, it's everywhere... wait it's only cool whip that was thrown everywhere at spots last night. prayers for all in need. mayberry trivia;;; what was the first color episode of the andy griffith show?? starting tommorow let's do and old sayings week- sayings we heard a hundred times growing up. example- boy, that's another fine kettle of fish you got yourself in.. translation, i'm being polite but one more stunt and your history, straighten up. shazam, wondered where you've been, welcome back. lucy- get some rest. hey to resy of porch. colt

August 06, 2006 - Msg 43826: The first color episode of TAGS I believe was Opie's Job.


August 06, 2006 - Msg 43827: Morning Everyone!

Boo, let us know how the appointments went.

Barnwannabe, Yes it was "Opie's Job". What year was "Emergency" from?

Hey to SPOT & Colt!

See ya!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

August 06, 2006 - Msg 43828: Warren: Emergency started in 1972, and ended in 1978. For more information, so that we aren't chatting on the porch, read my MSG:43822.

I really like it, and if you google search "Emergency television series on NBC", go to the weikepedia site, and there's a full description of the show.

I'm glad that I got the trivia question right.

Millie: I can't wait until lunch!!! Sounds great!!!


August 06, 2006 - Msg 43829:
Hello folks...just a quick howdy.

Millie...prayers for your hubby. You're right, prayers work! Also prayers for you and for Robin.

MDC...Prayers for your nephews.

Lucy...I said the same thing about pink until my daughter bought me a pink shirt and TOLD me to wear it. Of course daddy's girls have a way of convincing dads.

August 06, 2006 - Msg 43830: Good Sunday to all..hey Rev,possum,boo,ro,mil,lucy,dwf,bwb,shaz,and all the porch...well keep prayers in mind, headed to the funeral home before work,long time [25 years] co-worker passed,had a massave heart attack early yesterday morning..just 55..was retireing in 2 years..good friend of mine and well known at work....funeral at 11 taking off work...well let me get the salt-n-pepper out...supper will be at Subway on Rev...SPOT

August 06, 2006 - Msg 43831: Spot, my sympathies regarding your friend at work. Funerals can be tough, so prayers for you and your friend's family.

August 06, 2006 - Msg 43832: Hello amd Good afternoon Porch folks. Just checking in. Been busy this week end and have not stopped in. Sorry for the loss of your friend SPOT. sounds like we are all dealing with the heat, 95+ here this afternoon. Trying to get the kids ready for school, clothes shopping, supplies and such. Sure wish Weavers stocked school supplies!! Both my kids have grown this summer and need new clothes and shoes so we have been shopping which makes me tired and broke! Thanks for supper Rev. Prayers for Millie and her family. Hello to everyone sitting around the porch this Sunday evening. Take care Big Maude

August 06, 2006 - Msg 43833: spot- prayers for you, co- workers and persons family. big maude- i'm ready for fall if it's cooler. rev- strange how daddys and grandpas girls learn to wrap us around their fingers from birth. maybe a song in it. boo- prayers for you. hopefuly things will settle down and you can get some rest. mayberry trivia- what episode did ernest t. bass first appeared? have a great night everyone. colt

August 06, 2006 - Msg 43834: Thanks gang...fine here at work tonight...a littler cooler..about 90 or so and no storms...I get off in the morning at 6 and not bck till 10 pm wed night...ready for a break..this Control Center looks like a ticker take stock market center!...I have to clean it up tonight...then a good movie...yep thats what im gona do...clean and a movie....yep!..Hey colt,Maude...yall all need to get Ro some picks of homes and familys...I got to get her some more for my album...well gona grab a snickers and a glass of milk....lets all have one....back in a bit....GOOD race today MDC,goober,md and Mavis...signed:SPOT

August 06, 2006 - Msg 43835: I feel like I'm only visiting the Porch when its bedtime!
Spot- I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend. Prayers for the family.
Colt- You're so funny about the Cool Whip. You're right about daughters and granddaughters wrapping y'all around our pinkies! Just ask my grandfather!
Big Maude- I know the feeling about shopping for school. I couldn't believe how much was spent on supplies and clothes this weekend! Its amazing. Just imagine how well the banks are doing.
Millie- Did you get your supplies?
Warren & BWB- Never in my life have I heard of that tv show "Emergency". I'm glad you have found something you like.
Boo- I'm glad Sean's appointment went well. What did they say about his meds?
Rev- Did ya have to work today?
Mavis- Do you think its a good thing to have a dog when you live in an apartment? We told the kids that when we got a house we'd get them a dog, but with the price of houses in Atlanta it feels unlikely we ever will purchase a house. I was taught that dogs should be outside also. What do you think?
APB Irishter, AFD, KyGirl, Charlotte Tucker
Gonna hit the hay. Y'all have a great day tomorrow!
Blessings to you and yours,
~Lucy Matthews
Hebrews 3:12-13

August 06, 2006 - Msg 43836: Good Evening Everyone!

SPOT, Snickers are good arn't they? I enjoy them every once in awhile.

Lucy, I had never heard of "Emergency" either. BWB just mentioned.

Big Maude, Keep cool. Turn on those fan's, grab a bottle of water and Close those blind's to keep the heat out!

Millie, Im bakeing the pie tommaro! Got all the ingredient's today!

See y'all!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

August 06, 2006 - Msg 43837: lucy- hope your week is blessed even if there is no cool whip left to throw cause warren and barnewannabee kept throwing it at everything that moved. spot- pictures is on my list to do.breakfast at mdc's. don't forget starting tommorow sayings you've heard repeatedly growing up, example. your not going to grow any taller just standing there. or it's not going to get done looking at it. tonights trivia- what episode did ernest t. bass make his debute. and what episode did aunt bee play another role on the andy griffith show? good lord willing and the creek don't rise, i'll see you all at mdc's for breakfast. goodnight honeys and dears. colt

August 06, 2006 - Msg 43838: Hey Lucy and colt..and yea DWF...I probably eat sweets only once a week...just a sugar pick me up...never was fond of sweets even growing up..Romeena are you at work?..I am..Boo house clearing doing OK?..CHUCK?...Hello TOM...Ro how is our project coming?.Rev thanks for the Subs tonight..Hm you ok?..well breakfast will be think fried pork chops,eggs your way,bisquits and gravy,sliced bacon,grits,hashbrowns,sliced,milk...Ready at 6:30 am...get your week started off right....SPOT

August 06, 2006 - Msg 43839: Off to watch episode # 4 of "The Dick Van Dyke Show".

Colt, was it "Mountain Wedding"?

Deputy Warren Ferguson

August 06, 2006 - Msg 43840:
Hello porch...hope everyone got filled up at subway.

Spot...prayers for your friend's family.

Lucy...I was home today with my family. I didn't schedule anything for this next week since I was gone so long on this past tour.

See you all at breakfast....6:30am.
Have a blessed night. Say your prayers!

August 06, 2006 - Msg 43841: Night!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

August 07, 2006 - Msg 43842: good morning everyone. deputy warren ferguson, you were right- ernest t. bass's first appearence was mountain weddeing. we're down to one, aunt bee played another character in one show, can you name the show and character? rev- pray you have a relaxing down time with your family this week. spot- glad your catching breakfast cause i think my buddy mdc is asleep and forgot to set out breakfast, maybe he'll do brunch for late risers. STARTING TODAY LETS POST SOME SAYINGS WE HEARD GROWING UP SOME OF WHICH WE USE OURSELVES. SOME EXAMPLES IN MSG 43837. have a blessed week everyone. colt

August 07, 2006 - Msg 43843: thought of the day; when we're overloaded with lots to do- take a deep breath and ask gods guidence on which one really is a must do and which ones can be put off until a later date when things slow down? colt

August 07, 2006 - Msg 43844: Sayings like "Two peas in a pod" Colt?...getting ready for breakfast is on....the ones I dont see at breakfast yall have a blessed Mayberry my friends funeral to go to at 11 am this morning....SPOT

August 07, 2006 - Msg 43845: Morning porch.

Spot, so sorry to read about your co-worker's passing. Very sad indeed to be that close to retirement. I had a co-worker whe retired after 35 years of hard work, only to pass away 4 months later. He had been looking so much to his retirement.

That is a good thought Colt, about seeking Gods council on what is most important to do today. We have to remember God's way is not man's way, and to seek his guidance in such matters is one thing, to be obey them is quite another. That's where we so often get into trouble. We seek, we hear, but then do not obey what God leads us to do. Boy, I'm preachy this morning, ain't I? Sorry, don't mean to be. I don't cotton to preachiness as a rule, unless I'm seeking it out. That just seemed to roll off my keyboard. Maybe someone needed to hear that (myself included). Sermon is concluded!

Boo, where you be? Hope all is well.
Lucy, I'm not Mavis but I think a small lap puppy would work out ok for an apartment dweller. As long as he or she could go for walks with someone regular like. Just a thought.

Well it's Monday morning. Hope you all have a great day and week.


August 07, 2006 - Msg 43846: spot- you got the idea on old sayings. i thought it would be good to remember the old sayings. asa- good morning freind. great to see you as always. colt

August 07, 2006 - Msg 43847: Mornin' Porch!
The kids are still asleep, so I thought I'd check in. Its already hot here and its only 8am. This has been the hottest and for us pretty dry summer for some time.
Rev- I'm glad you were with your family this weekend.
Asa- Problem with lap dogs is hubby hates what he calls "yappy" dogs. Do you know of any certain breeds?
Colt- My saying is, well if the pot ain't calling the kettle black. I actually said that yesterday to my stepdaughter when she was acusing her brother of doing the same thing she had done just a few moments before.
I'd better get a few more things done before the kids awake for their breakfast. Y'all have a good day!
Blessings to you and yours,
~Lucy M.

August 07, 2006 - Msg 43848: Happy Monday Morning!! It is good to see everyone today. Great Breakfast SPOT. I will take care of lunch: grilled chicken sandwiches, sweet potato fries, cole slaw, tea or kool aid and peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Lunch between 11:30 and 1:00 so everyone can come. see you there. Big Maude

August 07, 2006 - Msg 43849: good morning lucy. big maude- that lunch sure will hit the spot. i'd better enjoy lunch cause with oil disruptions in alaska and iran saying they'll shut oil off if sanctions are imposed this month, which will make even foodworth more than our currency. colt

August 07, 2006 - Msg 43850: Good morning everyone. I hope that y'all had a good weekend.

MILLIE: Prayers for you and your family. Remember that our trials are opportunities to hone our faith.

BWB: What I meant by my statement about hating to admit that ASA was right had nothing to do with what I think of you and everything to do with the fact that I hate to admit ASA is right. I almost always post from work, which means that I post on the weekends only very rarely.

LUCY: Veda is starting to do more than eat and sleep, and will actually stay awake for short periods throughout the day. In the last few days she has gone from waking every two hours at night for feeding to every three hours. The Mrs. is ready to throw a parade. Hopefully, Veda will take after our other two (we were blessed that Nora was sleeping through the night at two months and Chad at three). Thanks for asking.

Yeah, BOO, where are you?

And while we're at it, how's it going AFD? Check in already!

ROMEENA: I'm forwarding a picture of the new bundle.

Talk to y'all later today.


August 07, 2006 - Msg 43851: In case you were wondering, I purchased some extra spaces on sale and just had to use them...


August 07, 2006 - Msg 43852: I'm right here, guys. Just been really busy this weekend. Relatives visiting, laundry to catch up, etc.

Lucy, the doc didn't say much about the meds. This doctor is what's called a Psychopharmacologist (big word) for children and his is supposed to be really good, he seems very nice but kind of nervous or something. He nods his head alot but doesn't say much. Mostly he just agrees with whatever I want to do, which can be good and bad. I decided to keep Sean on the paxil at 5 mg at least until he gets settled into school and the doc agreed, basically. I really believe that the Lord led us to where we are right now but sometimes its hard to drive all the way to Houston just to have some young doctor nod at me. My son calls the doctor a "bobble head" because he nods constantly. I told him not to make fun because he might have Tourette Syndrome or something. He really does seem to to have some kind of anxiety thing going on, but like I said, he is very nice. When he first came into the examining room to see us, he went to sit on the edge of the desk and accidentally sat on the phone and turned it on with his bum. I of course had to say, "Ha, look, you turned the phone on with your bottom!"....he didn't laugh and I got the feeling he was a bit embarrassed (me and my big mouth). Oh well...

Speaking of doctors, I have my annual physical today (sarcastically: "yippee"). At least I have already had the "waffle iron".

I'll check back later,


August 07, 2006 - Msg 43853: Hey folks, we have internet up now so I may be able to come here more often. I say "may" because I still have a lot to do to get this house in order. It's amazing how much junk we have. And this is after throwing out, or giving away, half of it already. I guess you never really realize how much junk you have until you have to move it.

Boo, I'll presume by "waffle iron" you mean that mammogram thingee. Am I right? Being a guy, I'm not too sure. ...I mean, I'm sure I'm a guy, but... well, you know what I mean.;)

Hey Colt, how about "because I said so" as a saying.
I've been using that one alot lately. :)

-Sterling Holobyte

August 07, 2006 - Msg 43854: STERLING: Don't worry, a lot of people seem pretty mixed up about what they are nowadays ;). I'm right there with about "because I said so." I've been using is so much lately that now when I ask my three-year-old son to do (or, more typically, not do) something he often aks, "Because you said so?"

Good to hear from you BOO. Just a thought, mentioned that Dr. Bobblehead is supposed to be very good, but it sounds like you're setting the plan and he's collecting the check. Besides the fact that you can't write your own prescriptions, it sounds like you may as well cut out the middle man. Or at least shop around for a new doc. Just a thought.


August 07, 2006 - Msg 43855: Good Morning Everyone!

Boo, I don't know what advise I can give you. I wish I could help. All I can say is, good luck with your physical test!

Sterling, I know what you mean by it's amazing how much junk you have. I just did a Garage clean out, and Oh my! It's insane the thing's that you find out you have laying around.

Me-They, I guess yet another Hey to ya!

Colt, I have no idea what episode Aunt Bee played someone else. Was it in the pilot episode?

See ya!

Oh, one thing. Do any of you make homemade milk shakes? I love makeing homemade milk shakes for breakfast. Sort of like a protean shake, with eggs, milk and I add other healthy flaverfull stuff to. They are so good! They taste just as good as anything Dairy Queen could mix up, and they are way healthier! I reccomend makeing them, to kick off your day!

Lunch is on me today! Yesterday was Subway, so how about we head over to Quiznos for a sub?

See ya!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

August 07, 2006 - Msg 43856: Good morning, everyone! Haven't read the archives yet, but just wanted to check in. I got home from Fredericksburg last night, tired, watched a little TV and hit the sack. Slept late. Opening mail and email today. Me-They, Veda's picture is now in the album. She is adorable, folks, you need to check her out. Big Maude, I got your picture, too, and it's there now, too. You don't look a thing like I'd pictured you, but then very few of the porchsters do. Do you want your picture sent back? No trouble, if you do.

Our project is rolling along, folks. Keep those envelopes coming. I need to wind everything up by Friday, as I'll be leaving town again, won't be back until the 21st, and hate to leave it hanging that long, you know? We're going to be fine, I've heard from fewer than half of those who said they'd participate, and we're almost halfway to what I think we'll need, so I think we'll be just fine. If anyone wants to participate but can't get it here by Friday, just email me, I'll put it in myself, and settle up later. I'm so happy about this!

Had a great trip to Fredericksburg. Met my grandson's new rescue pup - little black mixed-breed named Little Bit, very sweet. Also his rescued white rabbit, found along the roadside, now fat and happy and named Mr. Fluffers. My daughter's Golden Retriever is now fully grown, at least 80 pounds, a big old love-sponge, and totally intimidated by the Plum. One little growl, and Whoozit backs right down. Hilarious! I've never seen such huge paws, forelegs like baseball bats, and she can bruise you with her endlessly wagging tail. When we first arrived, the Plum was terrified, ran and got up on the back of the couch behind my head, heart racing. Whoozie wanted to play, of course, and pursued her. The Plum finally gave that little growl, Whoozie immediately backed down, and you could just see it dawn on the Plum! Ha! She's a big chicken! I'm in charge here, apparently. She hopped down off the couch, marched right straight at Whoozie, who stepped aside to let her pass, and went to the food bowl, which is hotly-contested territory in that household. Old Snickers, the other dog in the house, rules all, but she was napping elsewhere at the time. So the Plum stationed herself beside the bowl, and stared Whoozie down. It was just too funny. The Plum is about the size of Whoozit's head, and she ruled.

Well, got much to do. I'll read archives later, and see how everyone's doing. Got bills to pay right now, before the mailman comes.

Sugarplum says 10-4! --Romeena

August 07, 2006 - Msg 43857: To Boo Msg 43852, check this out for a psychiatrist's opinion about psychopharmacologists.
As for your description about the psychopharmacologist that your son is being treated by, I am concerned. Why do you claim he is really good? Is it because he agrees with your ideas for treatment? Who is really the doctor here, you or him? Are you paying him just to write out prescriptions?
Since you do have concerns, and rightly so, I would want to know more about his credentials. Ask him to show you any board certifications. Is he a credentialed member of the American Society of Clinical Psychopharmacologists? You might even want to verify his medical license to see if he has one and to see if it's active. Or ask around some of your nursing friends about him. Nurses have a way of knowing or finding out information about doctors that the ordinary patient can't. I have first hand knowledge of that since my sister is a Registered Nurse.

To Deputy Warren Msg 43855, I also love milk shakes. I would love to create a healthier equivalent that tastes the same as Dairy Queen. I just don't want all of that sugar. Do you use sugar or a substitute. And please post a recipe for me.

To Romeena Msg 43856, welcome back from your mini-vacation with relatives. Just to let you know, I'm still in Canada and hoping to return to the US sometime later this week. I hope you understand what I mean ... wink wink.

from Poor Horatio

August 07, 2006 - Msg 43858: Thanks, ROMEENA. And thanks, HORATIO, for that link. I was curious about it myself. I share your concerns as well.


August 07, 2006 - Msg 43859: hey everyone ,hope all are well
BWB,,Im a big fan of Emergency and Adam-12,both weer great shows and crossed over to each other several times ,the peremdics on Adam -12 an Reid and Malloy on Emergency in a few episodes
MDC,SPOT,COLT,ASA, how did you guys like the racing this weekend ,the trucks and Busch cars at IRP and the cup cars at Indy

August 07, 2006 - Msg 43860: Afternoon Y'all! Ro,I mailed something to you today,so be on the lookout for a pink envelope coming from SC.
Spot,we needed ya last night- lightning hit a transformer near a church and also knocked 3 poles down. We were without power for over 3 hours. Luckily,it wasn't extremely hot as it has been. Those summer T-storms are something. Oh,Spot,you have my sympathies on the loss of your co-worker.
Boo,you sound as if you relish your annual checkup as much as I do! I recall once I was all geared up for mine,only to get there and find out it had to be rescheduled! Thanks for calling me,you know? I wanted to get it over with!
Y'all,there might be a breakthrough concerning all this mess that's going on with my mom. I found out through my sister(not the wicked one) that my mom has NO idea that I was told by Wicked sister to stay off of the property and thinks I have abandoned her! I wrote her a letter that explains exactly what was said to me by my sister and the policeman. If my mom chooses to believe the truth,then we might stand a chance. Regardless,I feel better knowing that I have told her the truth about this mess.How one sister can be so nasty is beyond me-tearing up her family for her own twisted reasons. I'm gonna be ok,no matter what.
Well,better go check on Laci.She's about due to wake up from a nap.
Y'all have a good afternoon!
possum under a rock

August 07, 2006 - Msg 43861: Poor Horatio - you are the cats - what did we do when you didn't come around so often. I truly enjoy your wealth of knowledge and where to find things. You are a treshuh!


August 07, 2006 - Msg 43862: To Poor Horatio.

My recipie is like this :

A tad of Milk, not to much, but enough to get blender blending.

5 Large Scoops Of Vanilla Ice Cream.

2 eggs.

1 "Nestle" packet of "Instant Breakfast". Your choice of Flavor.

4 shakes of Chochlate Ovaltine.


The "Instant Breakfast" is like a quik powder you pour into milk if your to rushed to make a real breakfast. It contain's Carbohydrate, Protein, Vitamins and minerals. It also contain's Prebio1, an active ingredient that helps maintain normal digestive functions.

You'd be surprised how flaverfull they really are! That's why add them to my shakes, to give it a nice flaver, but it's healthy to. I add Brown sugar or White Sugar, or substitutes to it.

The Ovaltine basicly dous the same thing. It contain's 4 essential vitamin's, and Iron.

If you have any more questions, I'd be glad to answer them for you!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

August 07, 2006 - Msg 43863: Oh sorry, I Add "NO" Brown sugar, White Sugar or substitue's to it.

I should have proof read it.


Deputy Warren Ferguson

August 07, 2006 - Msg 43864: Another hit-and-run post from HOMEMAKER! How are things going for you lately? Visit whenyou have a chance.

Still praying for your situation POSSUM. That sister doesn't look like old Ben Weaver, by chance?

COLT: I loved "Emergency!" as a kid. That alarm would sound and I'd run to the tv. I recently found out that the actor who played Dr. Kelly at Rampart was married to Julie London who played nurse Dixie. And, that she was the real-life ex-wife of Jack Webb, who produced the show and also produced "Adam-12." Also, I read recently that when "Emergency!" debuted, there were only twelve paramedic units in the entire U.S. One of the reasons for the rapid expansion of the EMS programs were that people came to expect the kind of quick, on-the-scene treatment that they saw on this show. Interesting, huh?

AS far as "Adam-12" goes, I caught it a few times as a kid, and enjoyed it a few years ago when TV Land played it. I wanted to watch it more, but my dad was a police officer and refused to watch "cop shows" until much later in his life. And, like many families in the 1970s, we had one tv and when dad was home, he controlled it. Frustrating at the time it may have been, now that I have kids of my own I kind of like the concept.


August 07, 2006 - Msg 43865: wow what a sight for sore eyes,to see so many ole friends checking in. me- they- i liked jack webb in dragnet and the movie the D. I. julie london as a singer and played in an elvis movie. homemaker- prayers are with you. good seeing you. mayberry deputy- maybe we could get gilly to take a couple of cars apart and put them in court houses, what do you think? possum- all we can do is keep the door of forgiveness open, pray for the offending sibling and stay away fom them until the lord puts it in their heart about the way you were treated and contacts you. if this is never done then you've done all you can. romeena and plum- great to see you. has plum been getting all the carrots and carrot juice plum wants? missed you, prayers for your project. deputy warren ferguson- you were right, in the pilot with danny thomas show she played henereta perkins. and became aunt bee on the first show. sterling- i know what you mean about computers going haywire. mine went down for about 6 weeks and they say computers made our lives simpler. i told my wife that between computers and the gas pump, food costs there isn't much of a bulge in the wallet these days. ha. boo- i'm sure the doctor will tell you , that your in great shape and will be able to someday grow old here in mayberry. at 103 you can move into mrs mendlebrights. just kidding you have my prayers. big maude- just keep swining those pots and pans- the food is pure melt in your mouth, good. millie can you pass a big slab of blueberry pie my way? loaded with antitoxints don't you know. seems like anything like blueberrys that was anti should be bad for you. one of lifes sweet mysteries, like me. ha. colt

August 07, 2006 - Msg 43866: wow what a sight for sore eyes,to see so many ole friends checking in. me- they- i liked jack webb in dragnet and the movie the D. I. julie london as a singer and played in an elvis movie. homemaker- prayers are with you. good seeing you. mayberry deputy- maybe we could get gilly to take a couple of cars apart and put them in court houses, what do you think? possum- all we can do is keep the door of forgiveness open, pray for the offending sibling and stay away fom them until the lord puts it in their heart about the way you were treated and contacts you. if this is never done then you've done all you can. romeena and plum- great to see you. has plum been getting all the carrots and carrot juice plum wants? missed you, prayers for your project. deputy warren ferguson- you were right, in the pilot with danny thomas show she played henereta perkins. and became aunt bee on the first show. sterling- i know what you mean about computers going haywire. mine went down for about 6 weeks and they say computers made our lives simpler. i told my wife that between computers and the gas pump, food costs there isn't much of a bulge in the wallet these days. ha. boo- i'm sure the doctor will tell you , that your in great shape and will be able to someday grow old here in mayberry. at 103 you can move into mrs mendlebrights. just kidding you have my prayers. big maude- just keep swining those pots and pans- the food is pure melt in your mouth, good. millie can you pass a big slab of blueberry pie my way? loaded with antitoxints don't you know. seems like anything like blueberrys that was anti should be bad for you. one of lifes sweet mysteries, like me. ha. colt