September 14, 2006 - Msg 45382: Mornin' Y'all! Ro,glad to hear you're doing well.Seems like this was the week for no- hassle medical procedures-Laci is still doing great,doesn't seem to be in pain.Hope both of you get along fine. I'll be happy to come by and give you Lefty Lessons if you need them-I'm a left handed possum!
Dixie,prayers for you friend,and for Warren as well. Love to all!
possum under a rock

P.S. Floyd,thanks for fixin' the Porch!

September 14, 2006 - Msg 45383: See how good I swept for a lefty?! Ha!
possum again

September 14, 2006 - Msg 45384: possum- you can sweep with either hand, great talent. be sure to read the archives for you neer know whats posted. breakast at asa's according to spot. just colt

September 14, 2006 - Msg 45385: AFternoon everyone.. glad you are doing good and that your surgery went well..
Oops..gotta go..dogs barking..wonder whats out there..


September 14, 2006 - Msg 45386: Good afternoon everyone. I had some trouble getting on the porch over the last few hours. But it's good to be here now.

MILLIE: I'm still praying for you. Thanks for teh pie, and I do love sweet potato pie, but I have to just take a small slice. Nine more pounds to go...

DWF and DIXIE: Prayers for you two, too. Whatever the troubles, they might be too big for you but not Him.

AUH2O: I really can't believe that the Mrs. likes "Dog" so much. I think it's okay, but I would have put money on it that she would've hated it. Women: go figure!

BWB: I was just funnin'. You just sounded so excited and upbeat in your post.

HOMEMAKER: I've heard that about kids and sleep. It makes perfect sense. We try to make sure that ours get plenty.

Where's BOO anyway? That laundry pile is just getting bigger.

Hey to IDELLE and POSSUM and anyone else hanging around. Glad to hear from AFD and DIXIE. Come to think of it, there are a number of porchsters who haven't been checking in regularly lately. There must a number law against that. ASA, CHARLOTTE, GOOBER, IRISHTER, KY GIRL, and a bunch of others.

"Hey Lefty, you and me are breaking out tonight..."

September 14, 2006 - Msg 45387: For those of you who were standing outside my house last night and wainting in vein for supper, sorry. The kids had Awana. COLT: You really need to give a guy advance notice of these things!


September 14, 2006 - Msg 45388: Ooops! Wrong "vein."

September 14, 2006 - Msg 45389:
Afternoon Porch

Hey- Idelle, M-T, colt, possum, & possum again. Hey! You two related?

Raining and cloudy here but I just read that "America Air" may file bankruptcy, so, maybe the sun will come out today.

Gotta run,

September 14, 2006 - Msg 45390: Hey again...
Dogs were just barking at the loggers here. I am waiting for my little one to wake up to go run some errands..and get lunch. She better hurry before time to pick the other one up from school.

Millie, you're in Richmond right? Is it pouring there? Its been raining here, but not pouring.

Me-They, my SIL likes The Dog..we watched with them on vacation. Its OK..better than golf! haha. We never think about watching it here.
Survivor starts tonight..yay!


September 14, 2006 - Msg 45391: Dixie, things will get better. I promise.
Same for you too, Warren. And I am sorry, if I had known you were having problems I never would have been so flippant about your short post. You do know I was just funnin' ya, don't you?! Prayers for yours and Dixie's situations.

Glad both Laci and Ro are doing well.

Me-They, what is Awana? "Awana do this" and "Awana do that" type of thing? ;) Well, I guess that is better than "I dont'wana".

-Sterling Holobyte

September 14, 2006 - Msg 45392: IDELLE: This may get me in trouble, but in my opinion just about anything is better than golf. I have tried to like it, but find it a broing old waste of time. Sorry, Tiger.

STERLING: From the website: "Awana is an international, Bible-centered children's and youth ministry providing local churches with weekly clubs, programs and training for students in preschool through high school. Our goal is to equip churches to reach kids, and their families, with the gospel of Christ and train them to serve Him....The acronym Awana comes from the first letters of Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed as taken from 2 Timothy 2:15." I figured they could say it better than I. My kids attend a program at the church associated with my daughter's school. They have a ball.

"Just who do you think you are, anyway, Mayberry's answer to Cary Grant?"

September 14, 2006 - Msg 45393: STERLING: I failed to mention that Awana is kind of like a Christian scouts program; they have books, vest, patches to earn, etc.

"Carry on."

September 14, 2006 - Msg 45394:
My post should have read "Air America" not "America Air" (Boo, I thought you said something a while back about proof reading, was that just your posts?)

M-T Awana sounds interesting. I never heard of that.


September 14, 2006 - Msg 45395: Hey porch....lunch on me today. Shrimp salad with fruit or grilled pastrami and swiss with fries. For dessert, lemon sorbet. Eat up!
ps....Idelle, yes, lots and lots of rain here, I think Tom sent it, lol!

September 14, 2006 - Msg 45396: Hey again..

Millie: yea, my DH is close to ya...he said it was pouring this morning.

M-T: my DH has played golf..and seems to like it fine. I think watching it on TV would make for a great Sunday afternoon nap.
I knew what Awana was..but never knew where the term came from..That is neat.

We started a new program at church on Wed nights with our preschoolers..its VeggieConnections...veggie tales..its fun! I am glad that we are using it..hope it sticks.

Have a great day..


September 14, 2006 - Msg 45397: Good afternoon porchesters. Hope all is well. It has been a few days since I have been by. WHEW! what a busy week. My son play his first Jr. Varsity football game Monday night ( he plays center position). They won 36-0. He was excited.
We also have a new addition to our family. We have a puppy "Belle". She is 8 weeks old, 1/2 Jack Russell and 1/2 Chihuahua. Someone gave her to our neighbor and then she was unable to keep her as she already had 2 chihuahua's in the house. She is a cutie! Mavis, do you know anything about this breed that will be helpful in our puppy training stage? My work scheduled has been busy and with puppy training and going back and forth to football I am tuckered out. Hopefully I can rest over the week end. How about supper at Cracker Barrell, I will treat!
Good to see everyone. Prayers to all. Big Maude

September 14, 2006 - Msg 45398: What' a DH?


September 14, 2006 - Msg 45399:
Hey to Maude. I thought you got stuck in the cabin! ha I bet Sterling will tell you not to let the new dog "go" by the bedroom door! teehee
Colt- You can have a few of our stoplights. They are putting them in places now that were fine for 50 years! Anyway, any new additions to the pipester collection or the toy collection? How about a stick and barrel ring? ha
DXIE- what's up dear? Is it the teaching that has you at wit's end? Maybe we can help.
POssum- so you really are a southPAW? ha
POOR Horatio, BOO, and others, come on down! Where ya at?
MT- Darn English, it could be "vein, vain, or vane!" ha
Auh20- you can check out
See what ya think.
Prayers continue as does the job hunt.
If they dont find ya handsome, they should at least find ya handy.
Andy: How about Morelli's
Barn: Morelli's, are you kiddin' me?

September 14, 2006 - Msg 45400:
Sorry HM, didnt see ya there, yer post was so short. I'm guessing it is Daughter's Husband or Designated Handyman! ha

September 14, 2006 - Msg 45401: Wow, MAUDE. Jack Russell and chihuahua? Talk about high strung and high energy.

IDELLE: That VeggieTales program sounds neat. Nora loved VeggieTales. She's not as interested now, but I bet I know every "Silly Song with Larry." Chad doesn't seem as interested yet, although he does have a Larry put-together (kind of like a Mr. Potatohead) that he really likes.

I have the same question as HM: what's a DH? Guess I'm not up on the lingo, chickey-baby.

TOM: I you are responsible for this rain, you can stop any time now :). I'm mildewing.


September 14, 2006 - Msg 45402: MDC: You're so vain, I bet you think this post is about you, don't you, don't you...

Darling Husband?


September 14, 2006 - Msg 45403: Oh, mercy, Big Maude! That puppy is a volatile mix. My daughter has a JR and fox terrier mix, and I don't think that dog has been still for more than five minutes at a time since she was born. Sweet as can be, very loving, but perpetual motion. Very intelligent, too, but the hard part is getting her attention.

Sugarplum says 10-4. --Romeena

September 14, 2006 - Msg 45404: I think this is funny, and intend no offense to anyone. It's a copy and paste from an email:

Two Jewish men, Sid and Al, were sitting in a Mexican restaurant. Sid asked Al, "Are there any people of our faith born and raised in Mexico?"

Al replied, "I don't know, let's ask our waiter." When the waiter came by, Al asked him, "Are there any Mexican Jews?" The waiter said, "I don't know Senor, I'll ask the cooks."

He returned from the kitchen in a few minutes and said "No sir, no Mexican Jews."
Al wasn't really satisfied with that and asked, "Are you absolutely sure?"

The waiter, realizing he was dealing with "Gringos", gave the expected answer, "I will check again, Senor!" and went back into the kitchen.

While the waiter was away, Sid said, "I find it hard to believe that there are no Jews in Mexico, Our people are scattered everywhere."

The waiter returned and said "Senor, the head cook said there is no Mexican Jews."

"Are you certain?" Al asked once again.
"I can't believe there are no Mexican Jews!"

"Senor, I ask EVERYONE," replied the exasperated waiter, "All we have is Orange Jews, Prune Jews, Tomato Jews, and Grape Jews."

Sugarplum says 10-4. --Romeena

September 14, 2006 - Msg 45405: For all you "Dog the Bounty Hunter" fans, I just read the news that he, his son Leland and brother were arrested today and are being extradited to Mexico. Seems that when they captured the Max Factor heir three years ago (he was a serial rapist) they had a run-in with the police and didn't return for their court date. That's a shame. But I'm sure they will receive true justice in a Mexican courtroom. The wife is gonna be crushed.

See ya'll manana (anyone know how to do a tilda on the keyboard?).


September 14, 2006 - Msg 45406:
I forgot to tell you all that I got Season 2 of the old Bob Newhart show last week! Some great funny eps. So now my tags time is shared with TDVDS and TBNS.
Warren- i will try to catch up tonight.
By the way, prayers for all in Montreal!

September 14, 2006 - Msg 45407: Hey all!!!

I hope that you're doing good!!!

WONDERFUL here!!! I did hire that girl, and I have my GF up there training her now!!!

M-T: That's what I figured!!!

I'm just stoppin' in for a quick snack, (and post)!!! LOL!!! :)

Ya'll keep in good spirits!!!


September 14, 2006 - Msg 45408: Warren: I'm with who ever said it before!!!

I'm gonna pray for you weather you like it or not!!! :) :) :)

Hope all stays well with you, and we haven't forgot you!!!


September 14, 2006 - Msg 45409: You really do have to cheer up, BWB.


September 14, 2006 - Msg 45410: Hey all...Supper time menu: Grilled hamburgers,tomatoes,onions,baked beans,chips,cheese,grilled corn on the cob...fanta grape...ready at 7ish...SPOT

September 14, 2006 - Msg 45411: Hey all...Supper time menu: Grilled hamburgers,tomatoes,onions,baked beans,chips,cheese,grilled corn on the cob...fanta grape...ready at 7ish...SPOT

September 14, 2006 - Msg 45412: HI ALL

September 14, 2006 - Msg 45413:
Spot- do we get double portions!? ha
I have an interview tomorrow morning, so ya all please say an extra prayer for me.
Have a great evening. I have to mow the lawn.

September 14, 2006 - Msg 45414:
Hey to TOM!

September 14, 2006 - Msg 45415: Hey yall,
Me-they: DH means Dear Husband. funny you said..chickey baby..I always say that to my girls. The Veggie Tales is very neat. My 5 1/2 year old is kinda out of it too, but she does enjoy this program. All the kids love the puppets..its so rewarding!

Ro: That was so funny..too cute.

I'll have to tell my SIL about the Dog. She'll be crushed!

Well off to fold some laundry...


September 14, 2006 - Msg 45416: MDC: good luck tomorrow...if its in God's will, you'll have that job!


September 14, 2006 - Msg 45417: MDC, an extra pray goe's out to you. Good luck tommaro!

Thanks everyone for all the prays. I did have a better day today, but I still do need them if you can. The problems Im having have to do with people I guess. Some frusterated emotions being spread. But there is alot of other mixed up things going these days for me. But I do think its getting better, and I don't what it is you people do, but you are defiantly helping me. Well, I know you pray, but its amazing the effects it has.

BWB, your a great freind and thanks for the kind words in your PM to me.

MDC, I'll wait for you on The Dick Van Dyke count. I gotta watch some TAGS episodes now anyways!

Thanks again guys, and prayers to people in Montreal.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

September 14, 2006 - Msg 45418: Hi all!!!

Spot: Dinner was great!!!

M-T: I know that I do, ain't I the wet blanket of the group!!!HA!!! :)

Hope every thing is well with you, WARREN!!!

Ya'll remember the rules of the rock!!!


September 14, 2006 - Msg 45419: Warren, didn't see your post there!!!

Glad you're better!!! :) :) :)!!!

See there M-T, I'm being gloomy again!!!LOL

September 14, 2006 - Msg 45420: BWB.

September 14, 2006 - Msg 45421:
Hello everyone. Trust you all had a good day. It was nice and sunny here in SC today. We got 2 1/2 in of rain yesterday.

Colt...thanks brother....We probably won't be back in the studio until Mar/April 07.

Praise the Lord for Laci's improvement

M-T...AWANA is a great ministry

Millie..thanks for lunch

And of course thanks to Spot for supper. Man you always keep us fed.

MDC...still praying for you my brother.

Tom...hang in there...that rain will move out soon.

Well better get going. You all take care and know that I'm praying for our porch family.

September 14, 2006 - Msg 45422: Hey to the's been a while...but just breezed by to set a spell. Not even going to try to catch up tonight...but hope that everyone is doing ok, feeling good...and blessed beyond belief!

Mrs Goober is doing problems...little Miranda Pyle is growing like a weed...just can't wait till the end of November!

Got lots of travelin over the next few weeks...I'll be in some resort in Idaho next week...then a couple weeks later in Cape May NJ...could use the prayers for safety...and for being tired!

Ya'll be good...and I'll try to catch up more...


September 14, 2006 - Msg 45423:
Funny Ro...I like that....REV.

September 14, 2006 - Msg 45424:
Hey Goober..didn't see ya sitting there in your chair. Good to see you. Playing and singing a lot?

September 14, 2006 - Msg 45425: Hello everyone. Greetings from Canada.

To Rev, as for gas up here in the Toronto area, it's surprisingly higher at the US equivalent of $2.96/gallon.
Also, I played some of your cd's for my girlfriend. And although she is not a country music fan, she loved your songs, just like I do.

I will remember those in need here in my prayers.

Shocking news about the school shooting near here in Montreal. So out of place for Canada with their strict gun laws. But remember, criminals don't follow the laws, no matter where they are.

from Poor Horatio

September 14, 2006 - Msg 45426: Hey Rev...and singing a bit...have a revival coming up next about you? Busy schedule?


September 14, 2006 - Msg 45427: Hey goob.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

September 14, 2006 - Msg 45428: Hey DWF..good to see ya..


September 14, 2006 - Msg 45429: Double for you all...TOM wish it would stop raining for you...hey Goober!,BWF,BWB,ro,boo,maav,mil,possom,CHUCK,fg,hazel,asa,Rev,auh2o,m-t,and all...snack will butter pecan ice cream...SPOT

September 15, 2006 - Msg 45430: Morning guys! Queit today. Im just making my morning shake. Wow the blender is loud!

Ya know what surprised in the TAGS episode from season 7 "The Seinor Play"? Goober did his three classic lines! "Judy, Judy, Judy", "Come On You Guys, Lets Go You Guys, Beat It You Guys" and his Chester walk. I didnt think he would ever do them again! His Judy's were weak though.

Well, see ya later guys.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

September 15, 2006 - Msg 45431: What the?!?

A whole bunch of posts that were there a few minutes ago have disappeared! FLOYD, help! Spiders or the Count?


September 15, 2006 - Msg 45432: Seems posts from yesterday afteroon through this morning have been erased. I alerted FLOYD via e-mail.

"I wonder what causes that?"

September 15, 2006 - Msg 45433: BOO: I did manage to read your post before the board went blooey. Glad to have you back online. And I like my whites extra white, thanks :).


September 15, 2006 - Msg 45434: Hey goober,haratio,mil,ro,boo,m-t,TOM,Rev,Idell and at work let me get settled in....back with the supper menu in a bit....SPOT

September 15, 2006 - Msg 45435: Hi All.
Will it look like it going to be a nice day .
Love Tom

September 15, 2006 - Msg 45436: To Me-They, you state in your Msg 45432 that "posts from yesterday afternoon through this evening have been erased".
I checked the source code and determined that Msg 45398 was posted at 3:17pm central time followed by 31 messages ending with Msg 45429 posted at 10:38pm central time. Then a long break until Msg 45430 was posted at 09:54am central time this morning. Do you see any of those messages?

from Poor Horatio

September 15, 2006 - Msg 45437: POOR HORATIO


September 15, 2006 - Msg 45438: Now I'm really going crazy. After I typed my S.O.S. above, I went back to work. Then, a short while later, I came back to the porch to find that all the messages had returned, but the messages I posted above were gone. So I posted another message. Now, the messages are gone AGAIN.

HORATIO: Yeah, I see them. But there were a bunch of posts posted before mine above (45431), including ones from IDELLE, AUH2O, BOO, and others. They are gone.



September 15, 2006 - Msg 45439: Just to clear up my posts, I mispoke; it seems that we have just losts the posts from this morning. I don't get it since the numbers above are sequential, almost like the others never existed. But I've seen them. Twice.

"I picked a bad day to quite sniffing glue."--from the movie, "Airplane"


September 15, 2006 - Msg 45440: ME-THEY I think we are all going crazy post .
I post this morn and it was gong and back now gong it make you want to start drinking.


September 15, 2006 - Msg 45441: Me-they..are you messing up the board? Porch must need fixing..


September 15, 2006 - Msg 45442: Don't look at me, TOM and IDELLE. I'm innocent I tell ya!


September 15, 2006 - Msg 45443: M-T..dont hide it..I saw you fiddling with those rockers this morning...


September 15, 2006 - Msg 45444: Well one thing for sure is we got to eat!..Supper Menu:Baked Chicken and dressing,cream corn,fried greeen tomatoes,green beans,boiled cabbige and Big Maudes slaw and mil"s pie..tea and h20!.great day here in Ga..mid 80"s and sun..thank you Lord!.SPOT

September 15, 2006 - Msg 45445: Well Me-They, I was going to ask you what did you have to drink for breakfast this morning until Tom posted and stated that he also noticed some missing posts.

Or maybe we are in the Twilight Zone?

from Poor Horatio

September 15, 2006 - Msg 45446: Will if you did not do it who is


September 15, 2006 - Msg 45447:
Do, do, do, the next signpost up ahead..
It is strange that the number sequence would not reflect the missing posts. Hope floyd can retreive them. Meanwhile, spot, thanks for the vittles. Did you spike them with some of that Darlin' squeezins? ha Maybe aleins landed in Lincoln, IL (:
Interview went well, but it may be just a "practice" as she said they had many more to see! hmmm, thought I'd be hired on the spot! ha
Well, more later on. Thanks for the prayers

September 15, 2006 - Msg 45448:
Warren- the jury duty ep was pretty good. It is the first of several eps that have Rob in similar situations. Plus his prat falls are great. Did you notice that the juror next to him was the counterfieter that Bee got a job with?
(Andy to the business cards: "Nice, green ink.") And of course, the lady on trial was Tags own Sue Ann Langdon.
Prayers continue for ya.

September 15, 2006 - Msg 45449: Well, y'all have a great weekend. I hope that FLOYD figures out what happened. Just in case some are wondering, BOO's husband had her computer the last few days and that's why she's been missing. She said that in a post that is now missing and evidently so is BOO now.


September 15, 2006 - Msg 45450: Folks,

I don't see any messages that are missing? The number order didn't get messed up and so far as I can tell everything is working fine.

I do know that the have been working on our servers so it's possible they had to move the files that make up the Porch from one disk to another so it's possible that y'all were online during some type of switch over.

Whatever happened, I can't recover any missing message because I can't even tell they're missing.


September 15, 2006 - Msg 45451: Supper Time!!..lets eat..SPOT

September 15, 2006 - Msg 45452: They did move our servers. I'm guessing that my guess above in Msg 45450 is right on as to the answer to the problem.


September 15, 2006 - Msg 45453: Evening Porch.

Things are pretty good here today.

MDC, I thought the jury episode was a good episode to. Dick Van Dyke was great in it! He has such a funny smile. I have a question you might be able to answer. What happened to the actor who played Richy? Did he get messed up or become succesfull like Ron Howard? Just wondering. Also, have you checked out the special features? There pretty neat! Dick Van Dyke looks so good for his age! Same with the actor who played Buddy! He alot thinner I noticed.

SPOT, any left for me? Im HUNGRY!!!

Me-They, you have a good evening to!

Boo, I miss ya!

See y'all, and have a good supper!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

September 15, 2006 - Msg 45454:
Evening all, Let's all set on Idelle's new porch swing! That should break a few more floorboards (er, servers)! ha Well, it looks like the remshaw place's moving wall swallered up them posts. Thanks for checking Floyd. Maybe their on Pluto with Colt's missing post! haha
POOR Horatio- My underwear is still made in Canada! Ha, let me explain (or maybe not, ha) I just like JC Pennys cotton briefs and have for years, and for years they have been made in Canada. I got some more today and it still says made in canada! At least they havent left the continent! nuf' said there i guess.
"...and I'll tell you another thing Mr JACK-son, Andy taylor is the best friend this town has ever had."

September 15, 2006 - Msg 45455: Hey..does anyone ever go in the chatroom?


September 15, 2006 - Msg 45456:
DWF- Larry Mathews is still alive and well. About age 50 . I did a search, and it looks like he did films thru the 70s.
Morey Amsterdam has passed away. He looks thin in those spots because he was ailing. (The dvds were done about 7 years ago.) He was a self-taught, funny funny man. He often ad-libed and made up jokes right during the final production run of many episodes. He is missed indeed.
Well, have a great weekend. Glad boo is ok.

September 15, 2006 - Msg 45457:
Idelle, yes, some people here do, but i use public computers that wont download the needed software. PH knows the times.

September 15, 2006 - Msg 45458: WILDFLOWERS




September 15, 2006 - Msg 45459: Hmmm...Me-They, I never posted anything today, and my husband didn't have my computer. I have been out of town for a couple of days....maybe you need to see a professional about these delusions you seem to be having....Ha, just kidding, Buddy!

I actually did post this morning and tell that my husband had taken my laptop to work. Seems that message got lost somewhere...

Thanks for missing me Warren and, where is ASA??

Ro, could you email the 9/11 thing you mentioned earlier, please? Hope your hand/arm is doing well.

I saw a chiropractor today for the first time (remember I mentioned my right leg was going numb when I stood for long?). It was a different experience. They took xrays, meaurements and did some strength test and then the doc "manipulated" me...sounds bad but it was ok. He said that my pelvis was twisted and my spine is pressing on some nerves and something about my disc being in a wedge (I guess that's something like having your panties in a wad...he).He popped something into place in my left hip, then he put his weight on my spine and popped it somehow. I have to say I was a bit skeptical but when I left the office, I noticed the difference right away. It was easier to twist to the right and look over my shoulder. Anyway....I am sure this was more than you all wanted to hear, but there it is anyway. Lucy if you are reading this, what do you think of chiropractors?? Are they quacks or do they work?

Gotta go...I have to watch a George Raft, I'm not kidding. I don't even know who George Raft was, I only heard Barney mention him on TAGS, but I saw a George Raft movie offered on ebay and just had to get it...goodnight.



September 15, 2006 - Msg 45460: PS--The cotton brief announcement was more information than we needed, MDC. hehe


September 15, 2006 - Msg 45461: Hey all!!!

Beautiful day here at fanclub HQ!!!

Warren: hope that you are feeling better!!!

M-T: There I go again, bein' the wet blanket!!!LOL:)

Ya''l stay on the sunny side, always on the sunny side!!!


September 15, 2006 - Msg 45462: Email on the way, Boo. Actually two are on the way. My hand is doing great, really just no pain, unless I overdo using my hand. The doc said I could use it "as pain permits" so that's a pretty good guideline. I have no numb fingers anymore, and for the past two years I've had cold, numb middle, ring and little fingers on that hand.
As for chiropractors, I think they're like MDs - some are good, some not so good. I think they have their place and in certain situations can do a lot of good. As the old saying goes, "the proof of a pudding is in the eating", and I believe the proof of a chiropractor's ability is in the result. If he makes you feel better, then that's all that matters.

I have my granddog again for the weekend. He is just the cutest thing you ever saw. If I can get a good picture of him, I'll put it in the album. He's a darling. Mavis, have you had any experience with soft-coated Wheaten terriers, and what's your impression of the breed?

Well, guess I'll turn in. Sugarplum says 10-4. --Romeena

September 16, 2006 - Msg 45463: Night porch! Sleep tight, and sweet dreams....

See ya'll in the morning.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

September 16, 2006 - Msg 45464: It's 4am and I woke up with a really sore throat just on one side (feels like a knife!)...sucking on a Sucret, remember those from your childhood? They still make them. I remember eating alot of those before my tonsillectomy.

Ro, thanks for those emails, really something. I had read that speech from Lamm before and agree with it completely. I heard Pat Buchannan on a talk show the other day talking about how California used to be the "Golden State" and now it's got huge problems due to illegal immigration and that many native of California are leaving it. It's said that they have the worst schools in the nation now, etc.

I guess I will go to the chiropractor for awhile and see what happens. The man is a very kind and gentle soul and just the nicest person so I hope he is able to help and is good at what he does. I have heard good things about him.

Think I'll put alittle something in my stomach and take some Tylenol before trying to go back to sleep. Isn't it funny how when you finally get a chance to get a good night's sleep and maybe even sleep in, it seems like something comes along to ruin it (darned sore throat!). Later...


September 16, 2006 - Msg 45465: Moring work now...back in a bit...SPOT

September 16, 2006 - Msg 45466: Watch out for bagged spinach!! Health food can kill you...

Looks like some Muslims are attacking the pope now over something he said about Islam. Guess they don't appreciate the feedom of speech we have here in America.

Still have a sore throat but if that's all, no more complaints. Whenever I have some physical problem I think about what Millie must be going through and it seems like such a small thing that I am suffering. Millie, if you are on the porch today, I am praying for you and hope you are having a better day today. You mean so much to all of us.

What's the weather like for all of you. Are any of you having any nice cool fall weather? It is still pretty steamy here...very high humidity.


September 16, 2006 - Msg 45467: Hi All.
A little cold and fog this moring, but no rain.
I'm going to writ to Clark's gum comp one more time, to see if I can git some (wrapper) from him.
Millie Happy Anniversary.
Ro- hope your hand is fine ok.

September 16, 2006 - Msg 45468: Good morning all!!!

Great day here!!! Gotta go get the fanclub refreshments, and a meeting tonight!!!

Remember the rules of the rock, and "He's a NUT!!!"


September 16, 2006 - Msg 45469: Good morning, everyone. Cloudy here, hope we get some rain. Dallas is still threatening to tighten up the water restrictions that we're already under. This could get sticky, unless we get more rain.

Millie, I'm praying for you too, right along with Boo, and will remind my SS class in the morning. A bunch of seasoned pray-ers, those gals. Expect miracles - it has happened before.

Well, gotta run. Sugarplum says 10-4. --Romeena

September 16, 2006 - Msg 45470: Lunch time...baked ham sandwiches,mayo,mustard,corn chips,whole pickels,cokes...prayers Millie...SPOT

September 16, 2006 - Msg 45471:
Thanks for lunch Spot.

Boo...hope your throat is feeling better.

Goober...yep...staying real busy.

Ro...still praying for your hand. For complete healing.

P-H...glad your girlfriend liked the cds.

Prayers for all in need...which means all of us.
Have a Jesus filled day and share HIM with someone around you today! See ya'll a little later.

September 16, 2006 - Msg 45472: Hey Rev,boo,mil,TOM,bwb,dwf,Floyd,possum,idell,goober,MDC,MD,and all the porch...lets meet at Red Lobster tonight on me!...know Romeena will get crab legs!...think I will have the seafood platter...well 2 more hours here at work...then grass mowing and back at 6 tomorrow..4th quater Ga, Bulldogs 27 to zip!...that will make us 3 and 0!...18 year old freshman quaterback!...SPOT

September 16, 2006 - Msg 45473: To Floyd Msg 45452, according to Tom's Msg 45437 and Me-They's Msg 45438, they saw messages posted between last night and this morning that they claim are no longer here. And Boo's Msg 45459 confirmed that she posted but can't find her message. But like you said in Msg 45450, the fact that there is no sequence break in the post numbers seems to indicate that there are no missing messages. I can't explain what happened.

To MDC Msg 45454, next time I purchase underwear here in Canada, I will check to see where it's made and let you know.

To Idelle Msg 45455, during the short time the Front Porch (and Sarah's) was down recently, I spent a couple of hours at Frappr by myself waiting.
A few months ago, I tried setting up regular chat sessions for Sarah's and Frappr. I chose Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday at 9pm eastern, 8pm central, 7pm mountain, 6pm pacific. We had a fairly decent turn out at first when I was able attend each time. But during the few times I could make it recently, I was in there alone.

To Millie, a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you and your hubby. I hope you two can get away and do something special. You both deserve it.

To Tom Msg 45458, that was a nice posting about Wildflowers. Happy thoughts and images. Thank you Tom, I needed that today. See next message for the reason why.

Finally, please say a prayer for my brother-in-law. Today my sister informed me he has a 4 inch tumor near his stomach. Next week he is expected to have a biopsy to determine if it's benign or malignant. My sister has had a tough married life. This could be devasting for her. Thank you.

from Poor Horatio

September 16, 2006 - Msg 45474: Hi P.H
Me prayer for you and your family.


September 16, 2006 - Msg 45475: hey everybody,I just got to read the first couple of posts,I've missed visiting on the porch.seems like ever since I went to the ladies bible conference for a couple of days,i've been playing catch up ever since.Of course,school started right after we got,it's been busy.I'm going to read the archives,talk to you all in a little bit-ky girl

September 16, 2006 - Msg 45476: Evening to you all. Hope everyone is feeling okay this Saturday night, Watching the Univeristy of Tennessee vs Florida football game.
Its been a beautiful day here. No humidity, sunny and about 81. Puppy Belle is doing well.
She is doing well with the puppy potty training and although she has lots of energy she is easy going and seems to fit in well. She weights 3.7 pounds and is about 9 weeks old. Our vet said she should be a relatively small dog. Thanks for supper SPOT. Prayers to all. Big Maude

September 16, 2006 - Msg 45477: Hey Ky girl!...gosh been a while...Im still cooking!...tonight at red lobster was GOOD...Romeena get that butter off yer chin and asa GET those shrimp out of your blazer pocket!...well mowed the dog pound and got to hit the hay early cause work at 6 am in the moring...keeping the lights on for Church!..but will be watching a sermon on TV!..snack is snickers and mayfield whole milk...prayers mil and boo and ro ....SPOT

September 16, 2006 - Msg 45478: Poor Horatio, I will pray for your sister's husband (and for her). Hope all turns out well.


September 16, 2006 - Msg 45479:
Poor Horatio- prayers for your BIL buddy. Not too much you can research on tumors til you get the biopsy report. I'll be lifting him up all weekend.
Boo- I know you are probably quite tired of hearing this, but it is such great stuff, that I will actually say (and say it only at your word as using it at the time of occurance) Oregamax!
Sorry to say it again, but if you just had a bottle of the capsules on hand, took one at 4 am this morning, I really think you would not have it tonight! OK, i'll move on. sorry.
I heard that the pope said something to the effect that Islam has a history of violence, but just to prove him wrong, 4 Catholic Churches were torched in the west bank today. I wonder what they would have do if they WERE violent.??
Then CAIR has the gall to try to compare his remarks to the Crusades, but the crusades were a last ditch effort to try to stop the oppression of, yup, you guessed it Isalm!
Well, back to more pleasant things. My wife and I had a great day today looking for stuff for our newly remodeled master bath. I worked really hard at not complaining, and letting her pick out most of it.
Prayers for all porchster, our soldiers, the world, see ya at preachin' tomorrow.

September 16, 2006 - Msg 45480: ok,i'm stoppin by for a few minutes before i go to bed.Spot,thanks for that dinner at Red Lobster,one of my favorite places to eat!Tom,when I went on that ladies conference trip,I thought of you when I saw the exit for Clarksburg.I would like you all to remember a friend of mine in your prayers.She has a rare form of cancer,and,she has been receiving alternative natural therapy treatments,instead of chemo,but,the tumor is growing so large that it is pressing on all the organs in her abdomen,and,is pressing upward toward her lungs.She is a good christian lady,and,even through all she has been through,she still comes to church regularly and,believes in the power of God to heal her if it is His will.Please remember her in your prayers,as well as all the other porch memebers and thier family and friends.As the REV always says,prayers for all who need them,and,that would be all of us.Thanks friends-ky girl

September 16, 2006 - Msg 45481:
You bet ky girl!
That's one of the main reasons i like this board!
Have a super porch evening.
ole MDC

September 16, 2006 - Msg 45482: Happy to pray for your friend, KY Girl. Let us know how she is doing.

Ok, Ok... MDC, where do I get this Oregomax stuff?? I still have the sore throat...wish I had some of the stuff tonight. I will take a few ounces of Xango (Mangosteen juice) instead. It's good stuff, too. Lots of antioxidants.

By the way, who is the CAIR, MDC?

Did anyone besides me catch the Andy Griffith movie that was on tonight on Turner Classics? I did not catch the name of it but it was the one in which he played a new minister in a small town.

Better go to bed....have to get up and get myself to teachin' and preachin' in the morning...


September 16, 2006 - Msg 45483: "Angel in My Pocket"

September 16, 2006 - Msg 45484:
Hello porch family....some good games today...some close one's.

Prayers for P-H's brother-in-law and sister....also for KYgirl's friend with cancer and for Boo's sore throat. Millie...still praying for you.

MDC...I agree with of the main reasons I love this porch is the blessing to pray for others. (and I mean that!)

Well gas has dropped to $2.14 here.
Everyone have a great nights rest and say your prayers.

September 17, 2006 - Msg 45485: Good Sunday to all!..I will keep the Church light on for yall!...Breakfast will be sausage and gravy Bisquits...SPOT

September 17, 2006 - Msg 45486: Right on, MDC. I just don't know how the Pope could have made such a statement. Everyone knows that Islam is a religion of peace, and the Muslims are kind, peaceful people. Don't believe me? Just ask Nick Berg, and the rest of the people whose heads were so kindly lopped off. --Romeena

September 17, 2006 - Msg 45487: I don't get that American Islamic spiritual leader that keeps coming on the news talk shows saying that we should work out our differences and come together. What kind of drug is he on? He seems to think Islamics and Christians can come together in some sort of cosmic peace-trip. They don't want to have anything to do with us, doesn't he get that...that's the nature of their religion. I think he is making up a religion of his own. How could we possible come together in fellowship when they despise us?


September 17, 2006 - Msg 45488: Mornin' all!!!

Hope that you're well today!!!


September 17, 2006 - Msg 45489: Howdy porch! Been "disconnected" for a day or so....I see my post about my anniversary got deleted. Hubby took us all to the beach. We're down at the Outer Banks of NC, not far from Andy's home. Having a great time. Spent the morning revelling in God's work. What a grat life!
Prayers for your BIL and your sister, PH. BTW, I'd be up for chatting again, I just need to find the stuff again, I lost it all when I changed computers.
Boo, thanks for what you said about me. You're a sweet, caring person.
Tom, the wrappers I sent should be there any time now, keep an eye peeled. Gotta jump in the hot tub with the kids before they implode. More later. Love and prayers.....

September 17, 2006 - Msg 45490: (that's "what a GREAT life"....sorry)

September 17, 2006 - Msg 45491: hope everyone has had a great weekend ,just home from church
REV..what is your website again