September 28, 2006 - Msg 45882: Hi All .
Will it raining and gitting cold now.
Me-They I have a neighbor who did cut me grass and we worke in this flowerbed at time.
will it look like the cold season had come .
Gizz will be back on line sometime ext week.
Will I'm starting looking for wrapper for I can have to work what all winterso iI will stay indoor.

September 28, 2006 - Msg 45883: ROMEENA: I just hate chit-chat; I enjoy regular conversation, but just hate chit-chat ;).

BOO: A Dyson is a vacuum cleaner. A great vacuum. A remove-the-pile-from-your-rug vacuum. A champion vacuum. An expensive vacuum. Next to our house and our car, it's next in line ;).

Did any of you see Barbra Walters interview with Steve Irwin's widow last night? It was sad, but she seems like a remarkable person like her husband.

To all you camera-shy people out there, get your photos to ROMEENA for the album.

Thanks for dinner MAUDE. Y'all have a great evening.


September 28, 2006 - Msg 45884: hello porchsters!!hope everyone has had a good day ,looks like it may be storming here in a short time ,everyone take care and have a Mayberry evening

September 28, 2006 - Msg 45885: That's great, TOM. Good luck with your wrapper search. I hope it's not too cold there already.

MDC: First, there's all this talk of "snipping" by women of this here porch, now mistaken I-can't-even-type-the-word. I'm getting kind of twitchy in my chair, too.


September 28, 2006 - Msg 45886: No, I didn't see the interview with Terri Irwin, but I surely would have if I'd known it was on. I agree, I think when she married Steve, she caught his vision of conservation of one of Earth's most valuable resources - the animal kingdom. I hope she'll carry his work on. Am sure she will, and I think that little Bindi Sue will be a force to be reckoned with in a few years. She seems to be a very self-assured, determined young lady. Steve was so proud of her. I'm still grieving his loss. I really admired him.

Sugarplum says 10-4. --Romeena

September 28, 2006 - Msg 45887:
Hello porch family. Good seeing you all on the porch tonight.

M-T...yep...we watched the Irwin interview. It was very touching and you could sense the love that they shared for each other.

Storms through our area tonight. Good many trees and power lines down.

Gas report...$1.95 a ding

Spot...did ya'll get any storms over your way? The radar looked like it was in your area.

Well back to the SC & Auburn game.

Prayers for all our porch family.

Also, like M-T said, get those pics to Ro and let's fill up our Mayberry photo album.

September 28, 2006 - Msg 45888: Good dinner Big Maude....hey to all....bought got all the land bush hogged.....hey TOM,Rev,boo,lucy,possum,m-t,mil,hm,asa,bwb,dwf,mdc,md,goober,...Ro Terri WILL carry Steves work on ...i just know...well back in a bit...SPOT

September 28, 2006 - Msg 45889: Good Night Porch,
Going to hit the hay. Y'all sleep tight! Hope everyone's day tomorrow is cheerful.
Blessings to you and yours,
~Lucy Matthews

September 28, 2006 - Msg 45890: Hey Folks....sorry about the problems. I'm still trying to find it but it looks like our disk was full is the cause. Now what caused THAT...I'm still looking.


September 28, 2006 - Msg 45891: Hello to everyone.

When I tried to post this message earlier this evening, that is when the Front Porch crashed. Thanks to Floyd for clearing the problem.

For those of you who would like to view the video tributes to the late Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, from his wife, daughter and others, click here.

from Poor Horatio

September 28, 2006 - Msg 45892: The problem is related to our move to the new server. The hosting company had a problem with PHP scripts and that seems to have been where the full disk came from. Core files (error files) filled up my disk space. I'll try and watch things to keep that from happening again. -- Floyd

September 28, 2006 - Msg 45893: Thanks, Floyd, for fixing the porch again. I know you said it was a full disk, but I'm guessing it had something to do with spiders. I think you're very brave.

Friends, I had an email from Asa. Rather than try to relate the message, I'm just pasting the text of his email here:

Hi Romeena. Thanks for checking up on me. I had an incident on the last day of our vacation that has left me a little loopy. I slipped on the pool deck at the Hotel we were staying at in Ventura and landed on my head pretty hard. I lost all feeling from my neck down for a while and was having a hard time even breathing well. Thankfully that didn't last long, and all feeling returned. I was rushed to the hospital (first time in an ambulance for me) and checked out and got some staples put in the back of my head. I have a bad concussion from it and am just now feeling a little better. The dizziness from this is sickening and my motor skills are still lacking somewhat. Anyway, I am recovering slowly and will be back soon I hope. Thank all who have asked about me. Asa.

So, it would seem we had reason to be concerned, and I'm very glad he's improving. Prayers are certainly indicated here! Hmmm. Wonder if he tripped over that bloomin' toolbelt?

Sugarplum says 10-4. --Romeena

September 28, 2006 - Msg 45894: Thanks Floyd, you're the best!

Well, can't sleep yet...until the elixer kicks in to prevent the cough.

Decided on a tractor today...forgot what it's called, just know it's red. It has a weird name that I already forgot. I know it's not a Ford and it's not a John seemed to be the most well-made of them. Wish it was's gonna take a big chunk out of the building fund but we have to have it. We would like to have found a used one but never had any luck. Next the barn, the well, and the fence. I found the neatest old book today in a second-hand store about how to store, can, freeze, etc...your garden vegetables. I am really looking forward to being able to can food from my own garden. So healthy!

It's been one of those good days when you know you spent quality time with your kids and maybe shared some things with them that they will remember. I think I will try to get some sleep now. Until tomorrow!


September 28, 2006 - Msg 45895: Oh no! Poor ASA. Thank you for letting us know, Romeena. Poor baby hitting his head like that. I will certainly pray for his quick and full recovery. If you read this, Asa, we are thinking of you and hope you are feeling up to sitting on the porch again soon.


September 28, 2006 - Msg 45896: By the way, Me-They, I am starting to feel like Mr. Blandings. I keep thinking, 'What if we buy the tractor, dig the well, build the barn, put up a fence and then can't afford to build the house? Then what?'....everything always ends up costing more than you think it will. I'm beginning to wonder if the house will be the size of a breadbox by the time we build it!


PS-It just breaks my heart to think of ASA with staples in his mullet (that was for you, Homemaker).

September 29, 2006 - Msg 45897: Where's the keys to my cell? Whaddidya Barn? Hide 'em again? Wanna arrest me now? I just killed a pint o' moonshine!

September 29, 2006 - Msg 45898: Did you buy a Kubota, Boo? I see them advertised quite a bit around here.

Prayers for a swift recovery for you, Asa. (BTW- was it a taxidermest what sewed up your head? heehee) Thanks for checking up on him and keeping us informed, Ro.

I also saw the interview with Terri Irwin. She seems like a very wise woman.

Thanks for the update on your family, M-T. Sounds like Miss Veda is doing just great. Prayers for you and yours as your Mrs. heads back to work. I'm sure everything will work out fine. : )

Hope your new job goes well, MDC. Congrats!

Well, off to bed for me. Reagan should awaken in about 4 hours or so, so I need my rest. I am also going in around 7 am to my hubby's work to have a Health Risk Assessment. They have them once a year and check up on pretty much everything, cholesterol, blood sugar, etc.

Prayers for all!

September 29, 2006 - Msg 45899: A taxidermist! Ha! Very funny, AFD...wish I had thought of it.

No, it wasn't a Kubota. That was originally our first choice but the Kubota dealer down here was less than buyer-friendly. Wouldn't even return our calls. Guess he didn't need our business...too busy with farmers buying bigger tractors, I guess. Good for you for keeping a check on your lab work. Glad Reagan is doing well!


September 29, 2006 - Msg 45900: Mornin',
Asa- Bless your heart. I hope and pray that you'll be better really quickly. Thank the Lord it wasn't any worse.
Romeena- Thank you for emailing Asa. We were right to be worried. What would we do without you keeping tabs on all of us?
Boo- Having your own garden would be wonderful. Try to do as much organic as possible. One of my favorite lines from "Meet Me in St. Louis" (Judy Garland) says "I hate, loathe, dispise, and abominate money." Her dad says, "You use it too". That's the truth. Money makes the world go round and you try not to let it rule your life, but in the end it is certainly a big part of it if you want to do anything.
AFD- It's important to get those tests done at least once a year. All of my medical tests are free at hubby's office so I try to get mine done twice a year. Let us know what they say.
Tom- I just realized I haven't said hello to you lately. We'll be up in Ohio at my in-laws come Thanksgiving. My boys are hoping it will snow, but I know you're not looking forward to it. Stay warm!
Mavis- Are ya out there? Are you okay? APB!!!
Floyd- Thanks again. How's your son doing?
Hey to Me-They, Rev, Spot, KyGirl, Colt, Millie, Big Maude, Goober, and everyone else. Have a Mayberry day!

September 29, 2006 - Msg 45901: Morning all, at work and getting my work week finished up, ready for the week end. Not really a lot planned , this is my husband's week end to work so guess I will just do some errands and
catch up at home. Football game tonight, and it is supposed to be in the upper 30's. Guess we will need to dress warmly. Boo, My mom always canned or froze vegetables from our garden and
they were sooo good, especially in the winter when we had snow on the ground. My Sunday School class is making apple butter tomorrow morning. They have cast iron kettles and make it outside. The fellowship is fun and the apple butter is wonderful. We donate the proceeds to various charities in the community so the money goes for a good cause. You guys have a good day and see you later. Prayers to all. Big Maude

September 29, 2006 - Msg 45902: ROMEENA: I was thinking about sending ASA a get-well e-mail "postcard from Goober" (you can find them as the TAGSRWC website). Can I e-mail it to you for you to foward to him?

LUCY: Did you check out the John MacArhur link on tithing?

AFD: I was incorrect; Veda was 11.5 lbs. at her visit last week. I did a "dry run" last night feeding her. It was rocky at first (she had bad gas) but ended okay. And (drum roll, please), I changed my first diaper (no, not ever!) this morning. Isn't that pathetic? Now I'll be changing them all the time.

MAUDE: Bring a jar to share with us! I love apple butter.

BOO: Just watch it that you don'ta havata blast, cause it may be a ledge (notta rock)--maybe a little bitty ledge, maybe runna the whole side-a the mountain.

Okay, so we heard from ASA and SPOT, but we still need to hear from CHARLOTTE, DIXIE, AUH2O, BWB, DWF, and now COLT and MAVIS have gone and disappeared.


September 29, 2006 - Msg 45903: Oh, and thanks FLOYD for providing us more than your tonsorial expertise.


September 29, 2006 - Msg 45904: Ha, cute Me-They! No rocks, no ledge, just-a lotz and-a lotza sand! Good luck with those diapers...just don't ask me to wash them.

I think I am going to go lay down for a bit. Took that stuff called Mucinex (terrible name for a medicine) last night before bed and that was a big mistake because it loosens chest congestion, causing one to cough! I will be so happy to be rid of this mess. I probably overdid it yesterday but you know when you start feeling better you just naturally do too much. Think I will get some rest this morning. Talk to ya later,

Boo Blandings

September 29, 2006 - Msg 45905: Oh, the new tractor is called a Mahindra. Anybody heard of them?


September 29, 2006 - Msg 45906: No, BOO, we're using disposable this time around. We used cloth with our first but no service will come out our way anymore.


September 29, 2006 - Msg 45907: Mahindra? Didn't the Beatles follow him to India :).




September 29, 2006 - Msg 45909: Yes - Boo, I have heard of Mahindra's - we have a New Holland and a Massey Ferguson. Good luck on your adventure with the tractor. They can be quite useful.
I hope Asa's mullet will grow back -I wonder if he had his toolbelt with him. A hammer knocking him in the head - wow, that could have been a double whammy.
Take care you all . .
Tom, I have been looking for wrappers and can't find any . . .still looking. . .sorry.


September 29, 2006 - Msg 45910: Of course, Me-They, send it on and I'll be happy to forward it.

Gotta run - Sugarplum says 10-4. --Romeena

September 29, 2006 - Msg 45911: Thanks to Romeena Msg 45893 for posting that email from Asa.
After I posted my Msg 45770 about Asa on September 24, 2006 and realized he was one week overdue, I got a bad feeling, but didn't want to make it known here. I wanted to search the online California newspapers for reports of traffic accidents, but I was not sure where in Southern California he was visiting. So I decided just to just pray for him.
I'm just surprised to hear how much damaged he sustained hitting his head like that. Afterall, I thought his brains were well protected down in that padded area that he sits on! ;o LOL.

To Boo Msg 45894, too bad I missed your original post about looking to purchase a tractor. This site might have interested you and saved you some money. Or you could have asked your dealer for any refurbished, demonstration, or used models he had for sale. Regarding Mahindra tractors, you can read some reviews here and here (click on OTHER TRACTOR BRAND REVIEWS link).

from Poor Horatio

September 29, 2006 - Msg 45912: well gang getting ready for work at 2..lunch will be subs at subway on Horatio!...prayers to all...will holler at ya at work...SPOT

September 29, 2006 - Msg 45913: HORATIO: I'll take a veggie on wheat. Hold the mayo! (sigh) They're just not the same without the fresh spinach...

Thanks, ROMEENA. Hey to the rest of you.


September 29, 2006 - Msg 45914: This from my desk calendar: "Madness does not always howl. Sometimes it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, 'Hey, is there room in your head for one more?'"


September 29, 2006 - Msg 45915: HA!! You made me laugh out loud, Me-They! I had a feeling somone would say something like that about the name does sound pretty eastern.

Thanks for the information, PH. It is always so considerate of you to do that for folks. I appreciate it. I know hubby did lots and lots of homework. He never does anything in a hurry.

Homemaker, we don't have a Massey Ferguson dealer in our area but I did get to look over some New Holland tractors yesterday and they sure are pretty. Love the blue color and they look more modern somehow. Bruce got a better deal with the Mahindra dealer and they are friends of a friend...good people. I think the Mahindras look more like the typical old red tractors...maybe it's just the color. I know that all the tractors are different colors (John Deers are green, etc.)...what color is the Ferguson? Bruce told me yesterday that he will be fencing the property himself now that he has a tractor. He said the fencing material will cost over 2,ooo and if he hires someone to do it for him, it will cost over 6,000. Next week he is going to a 4 day work work and will be off on Fridays so I guy he and I will be putting up a really big fence on Fridays. I can help while the kids are in school.

Maude, 30 degrees already??! It is 88 here today with high humidity. We haven't turned the AC off since April.

Does mayo gross you out, Me-They? I have been going through this strange mental thing where I don't like to drink milk. I have loved milk all of my life but over the past couple of months, when I drink it I start to think about where it comes from and it gives me the creeps. Not sure why it is just starting to bother me....maybe it's the madness of which you speak...maybe I had room in my head.


September 29, 2006 - Msg 45916: Sometimes that happens to me with meat, BOO, and I love a good hamburger or steak (or piece of fried chicken, slab of turkey, pork chop, ham sandwich...). So I try not to think about it too much. I'm pretty much a sis when it comes to blood and guts anyway. It's a good thing my wife is a nurse or the kids would be in great shape.

Oh, and yes, mayo grosses me out. It is nasty, nasty stuff. I bet the Devil himself serves mayonaise sandwiches. And you know what happens to mayo in the heat.


September 29, 2006 - Msg 45917: BOO: And make sure that you put up a wire fence so your neighbor's laying hens can get sun :).


September 29, 2006 - Msg 45918: Hey all!!!

No time to talk, me and my GF are gonna go to the homecoming parade!!!



September 29, 2006 - Msg 45919: "I bet the devil himself serves mayo sandwiches"! ha! So funny, Me-They. I have a problem with meat, too. Can't touch any fat, gristle or veins. Only eat white meat of chicken or turkey. Not long ago I made the mistake of doing some research on the Visible Man...he is that convicted criminal who was executed several years ago and left his body to science. Anyway, they shaved him up into tiny slices and took pictures of him, fed it into a computer and came up with a way to see the body's muscles and organs in a really remarkable way. You can look it up on Google if you are interested. It is used by med students, etc. They also have a Visible Woman now. Anyway, to see it and see how much we look like beef, made me feel a bit different about eating meat!

OK, I have to tell ya'll something that I am still shaking my head about today. We have a close family friend in her 50's who was diagnosed with lung cancer about a year ago and wasn't given much hope. My brother-in-law told her about Mangosteen juice and it's antioxident properties and he had been getting it for her by the case because she drinks it daily and says it makes her feel much better. Well, now the cancer is gone and the doctors can't find a trace of it and she had no cancer treatment (no radiation or chemotherapy). I am still having a hard time believing it could be the Mangosteen juice, but what else unless a miracle? What do you think, Lucy?


September 29, 2006 - Msg 45920: Hmmm.. Asa was on the POOL DECK when he slipped? Y'all think he was wearing his black speedo?
Hee Hee ( betcha Boo is laughing!)
Seriously, I wish you a quick recovery Asa. Take care and hope you're back on the Porch real soon-we love ya!
possum under a rock
P.S. Good one about the taxidermist,AFD!

September 29, 2006 - Msg 45921: BOO: The Lord works in mysterious way; maybe this time He used Mangosteen. By the way, what is Mangosteen juice?

I also would not consider putting fat or (gulp) gristle (I can barely tolerate the word) in my mouth.


September 29, 2006 - Msg 45922: Okay, now you can add another gross-me-out to my list...mayo, gristle, and picturing ASA in a speedo. Thanks, POSSUM.


September 29, 2006 - Msg 45923: Wonderful about your friend,Boo!
I believe in miracles-maybe God worked one with that juice!
possum again

September 29, 2006 - Msg 45924: Yer welcome, Me-They! Ha!
possum once more

September 29, 2006 - Msg 45925: Hey to the PORCH! Hope ya'll are having a blessed end to your week. This past week I sang for a revival Sun - Wednesday. It was really great...lots of good food, preachin and fellowship! The best past is there were about 35 folks or so who were saved..many of them were teens! What a wonderful time, I was honored to be a part! Be praying...tomorrow night I'm in West Carrolton, Oh (just south of dayton) with the Dixie Melody Boys. It should be a great concert and time of ministry...then I have to come home Sunday to fly out to Cape May NJ for a week. Whew....I'm tired already! ;-)

Good to see the update on Asa...I'm sure the mullett will be can't hurt them.

Boo...that's great about your family friend, I think there are so many things we don't know about the human body...and then you factor the grace of God in there...there's just no telling how things go.

Good to see SPOT, M-T, PH, Tom, BWB, RO, HM, Lucy...and everybody...and as always...a special thanks to Floyd who takes care of them spiders! Three cheers for Floyd! Hip Hip, Hooray! Hip Hip, Hooray! Hip Hip, Hooray!

Ya'll be good...


September 29, 2006 - Msg 45926: Slipped in there on me Possum...good to see you too!


September 29, 2006 - Msg 45927: Hello to everyone too numerous to mention.

Poor Asa ... slipping on a wet surface is no fun and potentially dangerous. Luckilly I was taught in karate class long ago how to fall and minimize injury. It's helped me when I slipped and fell on more than one occasion. Funny that I never had to use it in a fight.

from Poor Horatio

September 29, 2006 - Msg 45928:
Hey Folks

Good to see y'all. Thanks for the concern shown about my absence. I did something to my neck and it caused me a quite a bit of pain, a literal "pain in the neck." No staples though. I did try and stop by a few times but wasn't able to post, there seemed to be a problem with the porch.

Asa-Take care buddy. It's been awhile since I took and ambulance ride. You have to promise, no more running with your tool belt on, OK. Seriously, glad to hear your feeling better.

Millie-I think it was you that has the B-day next week, me too, mine is on the third. It will be my 46th.

M-T & MDC-I did see the "Goldwater on Goldwater" documentary, I think I remember you guys mentioning it, I loved it. I think Barry would have loved it also, it showed the moles and all, just the way he would have wanted it. I miss him.

Ya know, my pain in the neck is being a pain in the neck so I'll take my leave now and check back later,

God Bless,

September 29, 2006 - Msg 45929:
I guess that should be "warts and all."


September 29, 2006 - Msg 45930: Boo - are you putting up a woven fence, wood fence, or what. . .fencing can be challenging - so don't have any hurt feelings between ya'll.
Massey's are RED. We didn't look at any other kinds of tractor but name brand (John Deer, New Holland, Massey). We have heard parts are hard to come by at times for the other kind so we just stuck with something we knew.

We will be cutting wood again this weekend. Thinking about getting out my Lodge pots and cooking something on the fire pit. What to cook is the next big question??

Hope you are feeling better auh2o. . .them pain in the necks ain't no laughing matter. .

Need to get something done. . .


September 29, 2006 - Msg 45931: Well, I'm getting ready to head out for the day. I'm off until next Thursday, so I may not be by the porch until then. The plans are for me to get a number of projects that were started and never finished at the house, finished. We'll see. Hopes are high. Hopefully, I'll get to squeeze in plenty of time outside with the kids.

HORATIO: Wax on, wax off...

AUH2O: Glad you enjoyed the program, and I hope that you and ASA both feel better.

Keep me and the Mrs. in your prayers tonight as she returns to work. As you can imagine, she's upset this being her first time apart from the baby.

Y'all take care now and stay safe. Prayers for all of you.

"Daylight's precious when your a youngen'."

September 29, 2006 - Msg 45932: So sorry about your neck, Auh2o. Hope you are back to normal soon (if you ever were...hehe).

Homemaker, Bruce made sure the Mahindra was made here and easy to have serviced. I guess they are popular around here. Thanks for the advice about hurt feelings because I can really get mean over things like that. I don't like being made to feel inadequate about things. I don't know what kind of fence we are putting up. It's not a wood fence. It will have wood posts (like the ones you see used with barbed wire) and the fencing is metal wire, kind of, with squares in it and will have a row of barbed wire at the top. Make any sense???


September 29, 2006 - Msg 45933: Prayers for Mr and Mrs Me-They.


September 29, 2006 - Msg 45934: Gee Asa, I always thought you were a little loopy anyway. Oh well, at least we know why now. ;)
Just kidding, Asa! Hope you make a speedy recovery and am glad it was not worse.

Yeah Boo, what is mangosteen juice, anyway? I've heard of mango juice. Does it come from mangoes?

Kai had her first dentist appointment today, and she came through with flying colors pretty much. She did have quite a bit of tartar on one upper tooth. The dental assistant showed me it and I was floored by how much was on there. Then she scraped it and it came right off. But other than that, she said Kai's teeth were in great shape. Of course, I gave her a dose of Amoxicillin an hour before the procedure due to her heart. I never thought of a dentist office as a particularily scary place, until I had to bring Kai to one.

Well, have to go out to wait for Kai's bus to get here.

-Sterling Holobyte

September 29, 2006 - Msg 45935: I can understand about your wife's apprehensions, Me-They. I am going to have to go through that myself soon.

-Sterling Holobyte

September 29, 2006 - Msg 45936: Boo - FYI -that is called a woven fence. It takes plenty of time and patience putting up any fence. This is from someone who knows and has the aching muscles to prove it!


September 29, 2006 - Msg 45937: We're back!!!

We had put a float in the local Homecoming Parade, and we took it to the parade today!!!

Loved it!!!

Hope all is well here!!!

Ya'll keep up the good attitudes, and keep the prayers coming!!!


September 29, 2006 - Msg 45938:
Wow....great weather here today in SC. Nice and cool. Just wanted to drop by and check in. Be back a little bit.
Prayers for all....-REV.

September 29, 2006 - Msg 45939: Oh no, Homemaker! I was hoping the fence wouldn't be so hard to put up. Oh well, can't be helped. Bruce is strong and a hard worker but I'm not going to be much of a helper, I'm afraid.

Hey, BWB. Sounds like you had a good time. Was it a Mayberry float?


September 29, 2006 - Msg 45940: Hello all....busy here at work...lets order pizza!...on Rev!..back in a bit...SPOT

September 29, 2006 - Msg 45941: Almost forgot...some of you asked about Mangosteen. I don't know alot but I know it is a fruit that isn't native to this country and the juice is imported here, I think. The fruit is called a Mangosteen and is supposed to be full of something called Xanthos which are strong antioxidants, I think. It is also supposed to be a strong anti-inflammatory. The problem is that there is a company called Xango that bottles what is supposed to be the true, pure form of Mangosteen but it is pricey. There are other companies that are trying to make money on an inferior product that you can even buy at WalMart. The Xango sells for about 30.00 for a 25 oz. bottle. The makers of it suggest taking only 1 to 2 oz per day so it lasts for awhile. I don't take it regularly but sometimes I get stomach trouble for weeks at a time and I started taking the Xango when I have trouble and it works within a day or two. I am assuming it is the anti-inflammatory properties that do the job. Anyway, it is the Xango that my friend with cancer was taking daily. I think you can do a Google and find out more about how to get it, if you are interested. I have a brother-in-law who is a distributor. He doesn't really make any money off of it because he gets it for close friends and family and sells it to them for what he pays for it.


September 29, 2006 - Msg 45942: By the way, there have been many claims that Xango has cured cancer but I never really believed I am wondering.


September 29, 2006 - Msg 45943: Interesting Xango story, Boo. God has His own way of working things out, doesn't He? A couple in our church sells it.

Good to see you Goob, auh2o, Rev. and BWB (and everyone else, too).

Prayers for all.

September 29, 2006 - Msg 45944:
Prayers for ASA!! I bet Barney was waxing those steps by the pool!
AUh20- I missed that program. What channel was it on?
Hey to MD- where is the race this week?
Hi to all. I started the new job and all went well!
See ya tomorrow!

September 29, 2006 - Msg 45945:
Hey Folks,

Me-They Your wanton and willful besmirchment of mayonnaise must stop. CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG?!


Boo- Hey! I resemble that remark! LOL

I don't know if I've mentioned this in the past but I am a Committeemen for the Conservative Party in NY. (A committeeman falls somewhere between a "hall monitor" and a "store greeter" on the food chain.) Well, to make a short story even longer I've decided to switch to the GOP and the County Chairmen is a bit upset with me, really disappointed. I not sure why I'm even bothering you good folks with this but there it is. I do somehow feel better about it. Thanks.

MDC-Great news about your job. The Goldwater Documentary was on HBO, I'm not sure if it can be rented.

Rev-I got a church sign for ya., "Your Life My Be the Only Bible." I'm not sure what it means and my initial reaction is that I find it a bit offensive. It is for a United Methodist Church down the road a spell. What is your, or anyone on the porch, interpretation of it?


September 29, 2006 - Msg 45946:
Hello porch family.....OK Spot...hope you all got enough pizza. glad that your job went well brother. The race is in Kansas I think.

I have heard of the Xango. A friend of mine is/was selling it. Don't know a whole lot about it but I think it's kind of like the Noni juice. You know, I believe God uses His nature to feed/heal our bodies. I know you can't believe everything you hear but I do believe that natural as posible is best and many of these herbs/plants are God's gift to us.

Prayers for our buddy ASA. Get all healed up soon.

auh2o...glad you felt like coming back on the porch. Prayers for your neck.

You all have a great nights rest and have a blessed weekend.

September 29, 2006 - Msg 45947: Hey all!!!

Boo: No, it wasn't. We had to decorate it in the school's colors, and theme. We still had a good time!!!

Good night!!!


September 29, 2006 - Msg 45948:

auh2o....didn't mean to rock on ya there. The sign I think means "Your Life May Be the Only Bible that Some People May See". That is so true; as Christians we are watched by the world so we need to shine a "Bible" lifestyle.

September 29, 2006 - Msg 45949: Auh2o, my guess is that the sign is incomplete, and should read "Your life may be the only Bible someone else reads." I've seen/heard this before, and obviously, it's an admonition to set a Christian example for other people, as they may not have anything else in their life. That's my two cents' worth.

Mayo? Slick and tasteless, but not necessarily yucky. Miracle Whip is better, at least it has a flavor of its own. Fat and gristle? Hmmm. Fat in moderate amounts adds flavor to beef, which should be grilled medium rare at the most, rare is preferable. Gristle is not necessarily yucky, just mostly annoying. Veins I'd prefer not to see, but don't gag if I do, I just remove them. Love dark turkey meat, though white meat is nice, too. Either one on a sandwich with Miracle Whip, and a sweet pickle on the side is nice. Hate milk, at least the commercial stuff. Fresh-from-the-cow milk, unprocessed, ice cold in a glass pitcher, I'll drink that, and did when I was a kid. Once it has been processed - pasteurized, homogenized, sanctified and glorified and stored in a plastic container for several days - no, thank you. Love buttermilk, though. Even used to enjoy homemade clabber, spread thickly on cold cornbread. Yum! Ha! That ought to gag some of you! It's true, though. Supper with my grandma, good memories.

Well, guess I'll turn in. The Plum has already staked her claim on the choice spot on the pillow. She'll grumble when I make her move. --Romeena

September 29, 2006 - Msg 45950: Hey, there, Rev. You slipped in without me seeing you. Appears our take on the sign quote is about the same. We must be somewhere near right. --Romeena

September 29, 2006 - Msg 45951: I think so, I was about to say the same thing about the church quote...wanted to say something before Auh2o got a bad impression of Methodists! ha

Ro, I wonder if you would like the Mayfield Milk that SPOT is always talking about? I have never had milk right out of the cow...kind of squeemish about that, I'm afraid. Seriously, though, I'm not sure why I have been getting so turned off by certain foods. I'm not pregnant...just feel almost sickened by alot of things, just the thought of them. Never in my life did I ever used to think about meat being the flesh of a cow or anything and now I do. I am having trouble getting past the thought of eating flesh, lately. I have even been ordering grilled cheese sandwiches instead of burgers at the local Sonic....go figure? I was a vegetarian for a good part of my young adulthood, maybe it is coming back to haunt me or something. Like I said earlier, I have never been much of a meat eater. I can remember as a very young child, chewing my meat at the table and then putting it into my napkin instead of swallowing it! (I have the feeling that out in cyber-space someone is rolling their eyes and saying, "Who cares?").

Hope I can sleep tonight without coughing..Goodnight friends,


September 29, 2006 - Msg 45952: To Boo Msg 45941, here is more info about Mangosteen (XanGo) from a medical doctor who is a cancer researcher and a skeptic. A little past half way through that article, you will find talk about Mangosteen and cancer.

To Me-They Msg 45931, I don't understand your post to me about "wax on, wax off ..."

To Romeena Msg 45949, after reading your post, I decided to research milk on the internet. What I discovered about the dangers of homogenization shocked me. Click here to learn what I did.

from Poor Horatio

September 30, 2006 - Msg 45953: Good morning porch family!!!

Hope all is well today!!!


September 30, 2006 - Msg 45954: Well, Poor Horatio, that article is just pretty amazing. Fascinating information. I'm going to print it out and take it to my cardiologist and also my endocrinologist on my next visits. I drank a lot of raw milk as a child, never drank much processed milk because I don't like the taste. It pretty much tastes like a chalk suspension to me, but I always liked the raw milk. I used to skim the cream off the top of the milk in the pitcher with a spoon and eat it, unless there was an adult around to stop me.

Thanks for that information. You're a treashuh!

Now, I'm off to watch my 5-yr old grandson play T-ball. He's getting pretty good! Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

September 30, 2006 - Msg 45955: Oh man, how does one avoid all dairy products?! And aren't there dangers associated with raw-milk products that caused them to start homogenizing it in the first place? It sure would be convenient if we didn't have to eat at all because I can't figure out what is good for you and what's not anymore. I did read an interesting aritcle in TIME magazine a few years ago about the hormones in milk and meat and some researchers think they are responsible for increase in early puberty in girls. I think we have talked about this on the porch before but just last night I noticed that my 5 year old is already showing some signs of breast development and it really shocked me because she is very thin and I can tell it's not baby fat. She drinks alot of milk and always has. I think that is going to have to stop. I used to buy the hormone-free milk for her but now after reading about homogenized milk, maybe we better think of something else. I used to give soy milk to my little boy but I heard on the news that giving soy to baby girls also caused early puberty! Makes you want to run up an alley and holler "fish"!

Lot's to do today and don't feel like doing any of it. Wish I could just chill out all day.


September 30, 2006 - Msg 45956:
Morning Porch

Rev & Ro- (hey! that sounds like some musical act from the 70's) You both nailed my "sign dilemma" I drove by the church again this morning and now there is a second line that states "That other people see." Makes much more sense to me. The first sentence, on it's own merit, appeared to be "anti-scripture" I thought.

Boo-Nope, didn't want to paint a bad impression of Methodists! I attend a Methodist church. Although, I confess, I feel like a Baptist spy at times. ha! I have never had Mayfield Milk in my life but the way spot describes it I know I'd love it.

Poor Horatio- I shouldn't speak for Me-They but I will. (LOL) The "wax on, wax off " quote is from the "Karate Kid" movie and I think M-T used because you mention that you went to karate classes. You see, he couldn't call you "Grasshopper" because that was about "Kung Fu" not karate. Anyway, I watch way too much TV.

BWF-Same to you.


September 30, 2006 - Msg 45957:
Boo-I owned an operated a Dairy Farm with my brother-in-law (right, a brother-in-law-deal)a while back and I can tell you I will never drink milk straight from the cow. Now, that's not to say it's not better for you straight from the cow, it probably is better, but I have seen the process and our farm was "spic & span."


September 30, 2006 - Msg 45958: To Boo Msg 45955, from what I learned about milk in my most recent research, milk is processed in two basic ways: homogenization and pasteurization.
Homogenization is the process that forces the milk fat molecules to break up and dissolve better throughout the liquid portion to give milk that creamy taste. And pasteurization is the process that reduces the bacteria, viruses, protoza, molds, yeasts and other harmful bacteria in raw milk. Unfortunately, pasteurization also kills the helpful enzymes in milk.
Raw milk may harbor a host of disease-causing organisms (pathogens), such as the bacteria campylobacter, escherichia, listeria, salmonella, yersinia, and brucella. Common symptoms of foodborne illness from many of these types of bacteria include diarrhea, stomach cramps, fever, headache, vomiting, and exhaustion. Most healthy people recover from foodborne illness within a short period of time, but others may have symptoms that are chronic, severe, or life-threatening. Some of the diseases that pasteurization can prevent are tuberculosis, diphtheria, polio, salmonellosis, strep throat, scarlet fever, and typhoid fever.

from Poor Horatio

September 30, 2006 - Msg 45959: To auh2o Msg 45956, thanks for the explanation about "Wax on, wax off ...". I never saw the Karate Kid movie and it was never mentioned in my Tae Kwon Do (Korean style karate) classes.
You claim you watch to much television? When I was younger, my life revolved around the fall issue of TV guide when the schedule for the new television season was published. It governed my after-school life (sad to say). It even influenced me later to get a job at a television station!

from Poor Horatio

September 30, 2006 - Msg 45960: Hello everyone.

No posts from Millie since wednesday. I hope she is feeling ok.

from Poor Horatio

September 30, 2006 - Msg 45961: Good Day Folks!
It's a beautiful day here in the great state of Georgia. It's sunny, a little breezy, and in the 70s. Unfortunately the hot weather's supposed to come back. I was talking to a lady at Chick-fil-A and in the fall here we have the a/c on in the day and the heat at night for a solid month before it turns freezing cold.
Big Maude- Apple butter making sounds like so much fun! I love apple butter on homemade biscuits.
Tom- Thank you so much for telling everyone that Mavis is visiting her son. I believe he's in D.C. Are you still making your chain?
AuH20- I'm sorry your neck hurts. I recommend 2 types of chiropractic: atlas orthogonal and biocranial. They aren't the snap 'em kind which I like. Hubby went to Life Univ. chiropractic school for 3 years and these are the kinds he recommends. Also, homeopathic cremes that contain arnica root are especially helpful. I use one for my ankle and Bryson uses them on his legs when he has "growing pains".
Me-They- No, I haven't checked the link for tithing. Actually, I didn't see it. I will check the archives. I firmly believe in tithing or at least giving some offering, especially since our van was given to us by the church after I began giving a small offering. Hubby says that he has to give with a cheerful heart and he wouldn't be since money is tight right now. He really appreciates what the New Testament says rather than the Old. He is willing, however, to purchase videos and cd's through the church because we all reap the benefits. This is a bit of a sore subject with us, so with all that has been happening I haven't brought it back up, YET. Enjoy your vacation. I hope the separation between Veda and the Mrs. is smooth.
Boo- I have definitely heard of the healing properties in Mangosteen as well as Acai juice. Although I have never heard of it curing cancer. My husband, Bryan, has been drinking it for a month to see for himself. It perishes very quickly so keep that in mind when purchasing large bottles, which they sell at costco and possibly sam's. ANY antioxidants, in which these are, are certanily beneficial to curing illnesses of any sort. It wouldn't hurt is all I'm saying though I don't know any specifics. Bryan's selling saunas right now, but I'll ask him when he gets home what he thinks.
Boo/Me-They- I have issues with pork. Ever since I read the book "What the Bible says about healthy eating" I can't stand to make it. But, thiamine is the best thing for the brain and its biggest food source is pork.
Boo/PH/Romeena- About the raw milk stuff. Bryan drinks it everyday. He loves it and feels so much better drinking it. I give Bryson a milk that has been pasturized but not homogenized. He loves the cream mixed in with it. Fat is actually good for your brain so I prefer him drinking it. The bad think about pasturization is it kills the bad qualities of raw milk as well as the good.
Sterling- Bryson had a dentist appointment on Friday also. No cavaties, yeah!
I need to ask everyone for prayers again. Quite frankly I don't know how I feel about something. Nick's Mom has said that Nick has to return to her on Nov. 16th. She stated it was only a temporary stay although that was never determined. I feel torn because I know he'll go back to her, possibly run away, or all of the bad things may happen to him again. She claims to be in therapy, going to church, got a job, and claims to have changed her life because she needs him to come home. I don't what to support. I my life has been out of control since he moved in. Bryson is miserable. The thing is that Nick will fall off the face of the earth if he's back there again. I don't know. Michaela's been telling her Mom lies again. I blocked her emails from my address, after I read them. Bryan works so hard and has little time for us and yet Nick needs his Dad. Sorry this sounds so confused, and that's because I am. Anyway, please pray for God's will to be done and also that Bryan will ask for His will to be done instead of what he wants.

September 30, 2006 - Msg 45962: Hey Lucy,horatio,auh20,boo,ro and all...back at work now..let me get settled in....supper: Red Lobster on me!....SPOT

September 30, 2006 - Msg 45963: You bet, Lucy. That is a tough situation. May God guide your family and hold you all in his hand.

Thanks for the information you shared. I don't even know where to find milk around here that has not been homogenized. Guess it's time to shop for some. I wish I felt like it. This coughing and congestion are getting me down. I am drinking Mangosteen juice and trying to get some rest but I can't seem to get completely well from this. I can tell it is getting better, just not fast enough for me.


September 30, 2006 - Msg 45964: MDC.. THE CUP guys are in Kansas this week
Best wishes for a fast recovery ASA

September 30, 2006 - Msg 45965: A wonderful Journal is called The Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation Journal They basically talk about eating like we did in the olden day's of yore, ha. No, it talks about being basic. Also, another good all around basic cookbook is "Nourishing Traditions" by Sally Fallon.

Boo-Hope you feel better.
Hey Mayberry Deputy

September 30, 2006 - Msg 45966: Howdy all!!!

Beautiful day here!!!

We had a yard sale, and did pretty good!!!

I'm sittin' here listening to "Act Naturally" by Buck Owens!!! I love it!!!

But then again, old time country has always been my thing!!!


September 30, 2006 - Msg 45967:
Hey BWB, you're just an ole country bumkin!Ha Remember that song from the early '70s?
BOO- you should get the book "Our Toxic World" by Dr Doris Rapp. (Amazon has it) She spoke at a local bookstore last week and confirmed many of my thoughts on things. We are inundated with so many chemicals etc in our everyday life that It is amazing. One thing the book talks about is this early puberty phenomenon. Have you ever tried milk with acedophilis? Was that a sinfeld reference with the meat? ha Mutton in the napkin?
REV- good to see i have an ally on the natural. Have YOU ever tried Oregamax?
Lucy- Prayers for sure for you, Nick etc. You should seek some legal counsel on this new development!
Last night 20/20 did a show on differences between the s-xes and i thought of you! One part said females need to speak 20,000 words a day to males 7,000. ha, just ribbin' ya.
MD,enjoy the race!
Well, ya all have a good one, prayers for all!

September 30, 2006 - Msg 45968:
"If your Bible is falling apart, you probably are not" Another good church sign.

September 30, 2006 - Msg 45969: Hey gang..good race today MD,asa you take care...back to work ...busy...SPOT

September 30, 2006 - Msg 45970: I like that church bible is totally too "together".

Are you out there Millie??