October 15, 2006 - Msg 46404: Good grief, look at that spelling, make that Involved, not Envolved. Guess my education cost less than a penny, huh?

October 15, 2006 - Msg 46405: Ah, dogs--my biter really did it this summer. He snuck around behind my dad's 93-year-old cousin and bit her behind the knee. We were on vacation at the time. She was ok, but I guess it left a nasty bruise for several weeks. She's very good natured. When I e-mailed her to tell her how sorry I was, she said not to worry about it, but in case she got rabies, she was making a list of people she wanted to bite! She's a character! Thankful she wasn't seriously hurt. Otie's (Otis Campbell) is tied most of the time now. We let him run at night. (We live in the country.) Hey to Spot. I also heard from Asa. Good to know he's at least able to type a little. Sorry he's having such a hard time healing. More prayers. We had two potential crises today. First my computer was frozen with a huge project on it that is due tomorrow and hadn't been backed up. My husband unhooked the keyboard cable and rehooked it and all was well. Also my son misplaced his $400 class ring and we found it in the window sill. If either of those things had actually come to pass, I'd have been a raving lunatic. So, since they didn't, I want to praise God and be thankful. (By the way, the job is now backed up on the computer!) Good Sabbath.
Charlotte Tucker

October 15, 2006 - Msg 46406:
MD- gggrrreeaaattt race.
Prayers indeed for asa and colt. Ro, thanks for letting us know. I think the day we posted pictures we really began to see each other as more than just posts to a board! Very cool
Boo- that sean is something! Good for him. Kids really just want to dress up and have fun, so I think we Christians can give them even MORE fun by countering the day and still have biblcal character fun. They all love it at our church, play games like at vbs, get candy and hear the truth. Amen to that!
CT- can you set to auto save every so many minutes?
Well, good sabbath to you all.
Hey to HODIE, Possum and all!
Here's a good name- Billy Ray, the mailman who insisted on putting the mail in the slot!
"That's ok Barn, Fluffy and I been friends for years"

October 15, 2006 - Msg 46407: Good evening. MDC, our church is having a party for the kids on the Friday night before Halloween. It's not a Halloween party but more like a lock-in, with treats and a bike rodeo, decorating cookies, and maybe a movie. The last time we did something like that it was a big hit.

Thanks for the info Mavis. I had no idea some dogs had to actually be put under to be groomed...don't think I will ever get a dog that has to be groomed. I like having a Lab, we put a pool out for her and squirt her with the hose (which is her favorite thing) and an occasional real bath with shampoo.

Hey to Charlotte, glad you day is looking up.


October 15, 2006 - Msg 46408: Well gang I have alot of reading to do.....been bushogging and cleaning up the yard and stuff...hope Big Maude has fed yall well!...snack will be fried bacon and eggs....toast..jelly...milk,,,hey boo,ro,colt,fg,hm,dwf,bwb,TOM,Rev,asa,mavis,mdc,md,ct and all prayers......SPOT

October 15, 2006 - Msg 46409: Hey Y'all,
Things have gotten pretty bad here so please pray for our family. It has become quite evident that hubby and I may not be able to make it with Nick moving in. Its become my kid against your kid and our family's are getting involved. I'm praying that hubby and I can get through this.
Prayers for all.
Blessings to you and yours,

October 15, 2006 - Msg 46410:
Hello porch. Trust you all had a great Sunday.
So good to hear Asa is improving. Still praying for complete health. Thanks Ro for informing us.

Of course I continue to pray for Colt also.

Spot...thanks for the snack buddy.

CT...glad things worked out for you.

Lucy...still praying for you and your family.

You all have a good nights rest and know that our God is in control no matter what!

October 15, 2006 - Msg 46411: My goodness, Lucy, what a mess. Bless your little heart, I don't know how you're holding up to that. You haven't asked for advice, and I really couldn't offer any, because I've never experienced such a situation. A couple of thoughts come to mind, though - just ideas. What do you suppose would happen if you told your husband that you will no longer offer any discipline or make any effort to exert any control over Nick, that it only causes discord, so the discipline is now entirely up to him (hubby). Tell him that if he threatens you or Bryson, you will simply leave the house until hubby is there to control him. Then do it.
Is there any way you and Bryson can just leave for a week or two, and leave the two of them there alone? That might be an eye-opener for hubby.
I don't know, I'm just rambling. This is really a tough situation. Prayers for you, darlin'.

Sugarplum says 10-4. --Romeena

October 15, 2006 - Msg 46412: Hey everyone. Just saying hey.

Love to you all, and take care.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

October 16, 2006 - Msg 46413: Hey Warren, good to hear from you!

Lucy, prayers for you and your family. Hang on to Jesus.


October 16, 2006 - Msg 46414: I wish you guys could feel how hot it is here this morning. It is suffocating, very warm with high humidity...where is fall??!


October 16, 2006 - Msg 46415: Lucy - many prayers sent your way.

Ro - thanks for updating us on Asa. . he's such a good guy.

We spent the weekend cutting firewood. We have about half of what we need for the winter cut. Only 4 more truckloads to go.
We are all miserable with sore throats and the like. . .did I hear someone say VICKS!

Take care to all --


October 16, 2006 - Msg 46416: Wow HM, that's alot of wood! Bruce has about that much cut up and stacked at our place. I don't know when we will use it all, though...stays warm here most of the time. I guess I'll burn some of it in the fire pit outside. I'm going to have a fireplace inside but it doesn't get cold enough to use it that often. Hope you and your crew get to feeling better soon...wish I could send you some chicken soup and a new jar of VICKS, economy size. Hey, bet you've got some big biceps from cutting all that wood!


October 16, 2006 - Msg 46417: Good morning, everyone. I'm sure by now you've heard of Madonna's show which NBC is planning to air soon, in which Madonna appears on a glittering cross, in a blatant mockery of the crucifixion of Christ. This is not only terribly offensive and insulting to Christians, but I think even Jews and Muslims will not like it, because they do acknowledge His existence, and consider him to be a prophet of God. This absolutely has to be stopped! How dare she!

Here's a website you can visit:


I had trouble making it a link, but you can copy and paste. At this link, you will find links to send emails to NBC and to potential sponsors, to register your protest. I've already told them that if this sacrilege airs, I will remove NBC from my favorites list on my dish network menu, and the channel will never appear as a viewing option for me again. That network has always displayed a hateful bias toward Christians, and any family values, but this is the limit.

Poor Horatio, if you can turn that into a genuine link, it would be helpful and appreciated. This network has got to get the message that we've had enough. We're not going to go out and shoot any rabbis, or any imams, and we're not going to burn any houses of worship, but we can dadburn sure refuse to watch NBC anymore. As for Madonna, God will take care of her! I just pray that He reaches her heart during her lifetime, so she can repent and receive forgiveness.

Well, gotta run. Routine doctor appointment this morning. Sugarplum says 10-4. --Romeena

October 16, 2006 - Msg 46418: Good morning everyone. It has just been great here, weather-wise. The last week we’ve had chilly night (with frost), but the days have been sunny with temps about sixty degrees. Marvelous weather, if you ask me.

It was nice to hear from HODIE and MAVIS. Sorry that you’re so busy, MAVIS, but I guess it makes the wallet feel better.

ROMEENA: Another good reason to get rid of my tv. I could rant about tv this morning after some incidents this weekend, but I'll save it...for now.

AUH2O: The contractor we usually use has a very small company, just him and a handful of guys. But he’s a good Christian man, has always been more than fair with us, and, yes, does try and accommodate us as best as he can. Back when we were getting ideas and estimates for our addition, he was about the third contractor we met with. We chose him, and I was convinced we had made the right choice when we came by to get the contracts signed and get his first check. As he was getting ready to leave, he asked if we’d be offended if we all said a prayer together because he liked to start every job that way. Later, we found out that he was the stepfather of the husband of one of my wife’s friends.

Funny story…the contractors were finishing up the addition when my wife was pregnant with our son. I was at work one day, and she had come home from work and gone to bed (yes, she can sleep through construction). Her water broke, and she went downstairs to use the bathroom. Well, three workmen were closing up the bathroom window that did look outside but now were enclosed in the addition wall. When they found out that the Mrs. was going into labor, it completely freaked them out. Of course, the Mrs. was fine and we had plenty of time—it’s not like the baby was waving hello or anything. By the time I got home from work to pick her up, you’d have thought that I was giving out money the way I was greeted.

LUCY: I’m so sorry to hear about your troubles. It’s so sad when someone lets children come between them and a spouse. As much as we love our children, we cannot put them over our spouse. Just remember, LUCY, that you are not responsible for changing your husband’s heart. Do what God asks and let Him do the rest. Don’t be too hard on yourself and do like BOO said: hold on to Christ. You may not have the strength, but He does.

How’s your head, IDELLE?

BOO: I have mixed feelings about Halloween. For me, it’s basically come down to what Paul said, if it doesn’t impede your Christian walk, go ahead and do it; if it hinder it, don’t. We steer clear of the nasty Halloween stuff and concentrate on the fun aspects. I think that’s okay. After all, no matter what the origins of the holiday may have been, that’s not what I’m celebrating. I have great memories of trick or treating as a kid.

Christmas already?!? You people are living in another world!

Talk to y’all at lunch.


October 16, 2006 - Msg 46419: Morning all....my ept is on "Spot the talking dog"...go to get a tire plugged on my truck...back in a bit....fried bologna sandwiches and chicken-n-stars soup for lunch.....SPOT

October 16, 2006 - Msg 46420: By the way Boo - I have some of those 1970's albums that you are looking for but I am not parting with them. Why that is Christmas to me. . .my favorite is when the Ray Coniff singers sang Frosty the Snowman. I have begun to Christmas shop. . .my husband thinks I am crazy but November will be here before you know it.

Spot - I'll take the soup, don't feel like chewing bologna.


October 16, 2006 - Msg 46421: Right, Me-They, I have mixed feelings about Halloween. I think some participation is probably ok but for some reason, my son doesn't want to participate at all so I will respect his wishes. If he thinks it's the devil's holiday, as he said, it would violate his conscience to participate so I guess we will stay home. Erin is still too young to know the difference (I hope). Also when Halloween falls on a school night it is always easier to keep the kids in because of homework and getting ready for bed, etc. I will have candy on hand, though in case any trick-or-treaters come by. No one ever does out in the country here. My parents live on a big lot covered in trees and the house is way off the road and looks pretty dark at night, so very few trick-or-treaters are that brave. Skipping Halloween doesn't bother me, now CHRISTMAS, that is my favorite holiday. I am ga-ga for it (hence the Christmas music already)...and, yes we are living in another world and in the Mayberry of our minds, it's already the Christmas season....I can hear what you are thinking Me-They; 'She's a NUT'.

Went to the fitness center for my first workout and it made me so hungry I had to stop at Sonic for a fast-food breakfast!ha...one step at a time.

Ro, I feel your pain on the Madonna issue, in fact, I am about to do away with television...it is full of the muck of immorality. I can't even watch the news with the kids in the room anymore because of the pedophiles being talked about....senators and young boys, perverts molesting and killing little girls, the issue of gay marriage. It never ends.


October 16, 2006 - Msg 46422: Wow, HM, do you have any way to record them onto cassetes? I would send you the tapes if you could?


October 16, 2006 - Msg 46423: Hello people!

MeThey: I am much better thanks..but COLD..its only 64 inside my house.

Boo: I think that Sean had a terrific idea! You know how I feel about Halloween. I remember us discussing it in detail a long while back. We are staying home and treating the 31st just like any other day..which is what it is. We will not and do not celebrate the Devil's holiday. I didnt like it as a kid and I still dont.
Right on Sean!

Take care everyone..

October 16, 2006 - Msg 46424: Hello to everyone.

A welcome back to Hodie Msg 46391. How long have you been gone from here?

To Boo Msg 46392, sorry to hear about Sean's bad experience with Halloween last year. However, I don't believe that the bad weather was a sign from God. Severe snowy weather has caused me miss church services on Christmas and Easter a few times, yet I don't blame that on God. And while it's true that Halloween has a questionable early history, I have always enjoyed the trick or treating and the dressing up in costumes aspects of Halloween. Please understand that I'm not trying to force Sean into doing something he does not want to do. I just want him to realize that Halloween can be celebrated in more than one way. If he did decide to go trick or treating or to a costume party, he could dress up as a Biblical character. Heck, I'm more upset with the how commercialized Christmas has become. Santa seems more popular than Jesus.

To Romeena Msg 46398, thanks for relaying the message from Asa. Although he is hurting, I'm glad that he does seem to be improving.

To Lucy Msg 46409, sorry to hear about your family troubles. At this stage, you might want to consider professional counseling.

To Romeena Msg 46417, I will gladly oblige your request. To express your opinion about the upcoming Madonna show on NBC, The American Family Association has posted an Action Alert at THIS web site. Although it is a preformatted email message, you are free to edit it and add your own comments. Since the sponsors of Madonna's show have not been identified, these emails will be sent to many of the companies who do advertise on network television.
I am not a fan of Madonna. However, to be fair, since I am not familiar with the show that sparked the controversy, I would want to hear both sides of the issue before making a judgement. I recommend that you at least read this and then draw your own conclusion.

from Poor Horatio

October 16, 2006 - Msg 46425: Guess what? I went on Ebay and found the Christmas almbums I was looking for!! The same ones as when I was a kid. I bid on them..we'll see.

Horatio, you make a good point about Christmas...it certainly has changed over the years from the celebration of the birth of Jesus to a way to buy and sell. I know what you are saying about the hail storm on Halloween last year but at Sean's age, in his mind it was God showing him not to celebrate and I don't want to tell him otherwise. Afterall, who can say? Maybe it was. One thing I have learned about kids in my 44 years is that they are all different. They have individual needs. Some are leaders, some followers. Some can be very much harmed by certain influences while others don't seemed to be bothered. We have to know our kids and trust the Lord in how to raise them. Sean may be the type that needs to learn to stand strong against what the rest of the world accepts...we don't know what his future holds. I am encouraged, though, that he exhibits the ability to say no to what he believes is wrong...this is one of the most important things our children can learn in life. I pray he continues to stand strong in the face of the peer pressure that is coming in his teen years. I am not bragging here because I know that pride comes before a fall, but I want you all to know that your prayers for Sean over the years have helped make him strong and gotten him to this point. He is going to make B honor role this semester (huge accomplishment for him) and his reading is so much better (I actually found some books tucked under his pillow this morning..he just starting to read for enjoyment). Yesterday in Sunday school we were studying about how the church is the body of Christ and Sean said he wanted to share a scripture verse with us. He pulled out his bible and flipped to 2 Corinthians and began to read the passage about us all being members of one body, etc. I didn't think that much about it until I got home last night and it hit me. My 11 year old son is learning how to understand, apply and share God's word. What an incredible blessing for me, his mother. Is it anything I did? No. I have had some desperate years of begging for God to help me because I didn't know what in the world to do for Sean. You have prayed and the Lord has led. He has done the work in Sean's life and allowed me the joy of watching it happen. My prayer today is that each of you would be blessed by the fruit that Jesus will cultivate in your children. May you be richly blessed. Thank you for your love and prayers for my family.


October 16, 2006 - Msg 46426: Thanks, PH, for making that link. To address your questions about Madonna's production, there is a link at the link (got that?) that will allow you to view a clip of the show, which she has presented in other venues and is now seeking to put on network TV. It is vile, offensive, insulting - let me see, how many descriptors can I think of? I saw the clip once, will not click it again, as it made me feel sick. I saw enough to know that it does not need to be on TV, or anywhere else for that matter. The grossly mis-named Madonna has also been quoted as saying that "Crucifixions are se-xy, because there's a naked man up there." Now, if that won't chill your blood, I don't know what will. May God have mercy on her soul.

I read the material at the "this" link you provided, and am totally unconvinced. One line stands out - "Please do not pass judgment without seeing my show," she said. In other words, buy a ticket or tune in, let me offend you, then you can think whatever you please, because I will no longer care.

How on earth she can think that a vision of her writhing on a mirrored cross should not be offensive to Christians, I cannot imagine. Even the worthy Simon Peter, at his execution, begged the executioners to crucify him upside down, as he didn't feel he deserved to die in the same manner as his Lord, and they granted his request. She tries to compare her performance to the wearing of a symbolic cross by a Christian. Sorry, Madonna, that won't wash. I believe when someone sees the cross I wear, they probably think "That woman is a Christian." I doubt anyone is going to have that impression of Madonna after watching her performance. She seems to think that denials constitute truth. Saying "it's not sacrilegious" makes it so, in her mind. However, this is sensationalism at its worst, and she knows it. Again, may God have mercy on her. She's going to need it.

Well, that's all I have to say here, but will be writing a letter to the editor of our local paper. I wonder if they'll have the guts to print it?

Sugarplum says 10-4. --Romeena

October 16, 2006 - Msg 46427: Amen, Boo. --Romeena

October 16, 2006 - Msg 46428: Hey, hey, Mayberians. Thanks for lunch, SPOT. It hit the spot.

IDELLE: Glad to hear that you're feeling better.

BOO: That's truly a blessing about Sean. He sounds like a really special person. It just goes to show what is possible when parents provide a Godly example, and children let the Lord lead.

I completely agree about Halloween; Sean absolutely should not participate if he doesn't feel right about it. For all those interested, this article (http://www.gty.org/resources.php?section=articles&aid=231305) gives good historical background on Halloween, details various Christian responses, and, importantly, tells how we can turn this occasion into one where Christ’s love is shared. It’s authored by my favorite Calvinist, John MacArthur. Check it out.

Are y'all trying to get me started on television?!? As Opie would say, I'd be a sight.


October 16, 2006 - Msg 46429: Oh, hey, BOO, remember those K-Tel records they used to advertise in the 70s? I loved those. In fact, I still have one packed away somewhere. I'm not sure about all the songs, but I know it has "Summer Breeze" by Seals & Kroft (gag).


October 16, 2006 - Msg 46430: Hello porch family!!!

Been very busy!!!

Glad that I'm not alone on the Christmas music!!!

RO:I know how you feel, but I play it no matter how they look at me!!!LOL

For those of you who do listen to Christmas music early, let me go ahead and recomend my fav. Christmas C.D., "Now that's what I call Christmas" Vol.1. I love it!!!

Ya'll keep praying for me, and I will for you!!!


October 16, 2006 - Msg 46431: And speaking of records advertised on tv in the 70s, do you think it's really true that Engelbert Humperdink sold more albums that Elvis and the Beatles combined? (heehee) And remember Zamfir and his pan-flute? Talk about cornball.


October 16, 2006 - Msg 46432: Dear Mr. Barnwannabe:

This is to inform you that you are in voliation of city ordinance #352-B, overexclaiming in a two-exclaimation point zone. Please pay your $2 at the courthouse.

Deputy Barney "Fearless" Fife

(M-T...just joshin')

October 16, 2006 - Msg 46433: Dear Mr.M-T:

Citation-City of Mayberry, N.C.
Citation #: 112
Issued For:violation of #352-A(too much joshin')
Issued By :Deputy Bernard want to be
Date Issued:10/16/2006
Issued To:Me-They
Time Issued:3:01pm
Place Issued:The Front Porch
Weather when Issued: Fair
Traffic When Issued: Light
Pay By: when ever

Officer's Signature:B.Wannabe.
Amount owed:$.25
Pay Citation at: The Mayberry Courthouse
"Let That Be A Lesson To You!!!"



I had these typed up for my fanclub, but now I get to use one on you!!!LOL!!!

!!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!!LOL :)!!!


October 16, 2006 - Msg 46434: Me-They, you are something else! You made me laugh out loud with the Zamfir and his pan flute thing. I remember him, alright...yuck! Thanks for the laugh and for the encouragement. Sean is a neat kid (like all of them). He is also a typical kid in many, many annoying ways...har-har.

Ro, don't hold back...tell us how ya really feel. Seriously, it is a terrible thing. I read that link that Horatio posted and I have to say the quote from Madonna that stood out to me was when she said that Jesus would do the same IF he was alive. That explains alot. Jesus is not dead but very much alive and is Lord. I hope she comes to true repentance before she faces judgement. May the Lord have mercy on all of us.


October 16, 2006 - Msg 46435: Hey Boo!!!

Hope that you're well!!!


October 16, 2006 - Msg 46436: Hey, BWB. I think I am doing ok, despite these stubborn allergies (and I am a stubborn patient who won't take her allergy medicine because it makes me tired). Hope you are doing well,


October 16, 2006 - Msg 46437: Hey gang...RAIN here in ga but we need it..hey m-t boo,ro,hm,horatio,lucy,mil,maude,TOM,Rev,mdc,md,bwb,dwf,idelle,mavis and all my friends...been out to eat with miss sherry..hit the dollar store for supplys...[yall have them?]...well snack time is sharp cheddar cheese and crackers and milk...back in just a bit...rain rain...SPOT

October 16, 2006 - Msg 46438:
Hello gang...stopping by real quick to say howdy.
The Madonna story ......that just blows my mind. It's hard to believe a person can stoop so low. Ro said it all.."God have mercy on her soul".

OK M-T....I told you that you were going to get caught....now you have to pay the fine. If you need to borrow the .25, I'll go back to the diner and pick up my tip and let you borrow it.

Boo and Ro....did you get any bad weather from the storms in the Houston area over night? I think I saw where 3 people were killed.

Will check back later...Prayers for all our porch family.

October 16, 2006 - Msg 46439: Didn't see ya sitting there Spot. Thanks for the snack. It's starting to rain here too.
Yep, we have the Dollar Stores here also.

October 16, 2006 - Msg 46440: Good evening, all. No, Rev, nothing really bad, just some good rain and a little wind. I don't mind the wind now and then, it prunes the dead wood out of my trees. Fortunately, they're cottonwoods, and the dead limbs are so light by the time they finally get blown out that they're like balsa wood, rarely do any damage. Anyway, these were very small.

I was scheduled to work, got dressed and went in, clocked in and all, then was approached by one of the other nurses to see if I'd go home and let her stay and work. She thought she had it understood with the schedule person, that she would work tonight and be off Thursday, but apparently she didn't. She's one of the Katrina evacuees, and needs to go home over a long weekend to work on her house. It wasn't totally demolished, but was badly damaged. So, what could I say? I can't imagine what it would be like to see my home just almost washed off the foundation. Of course, I came home, and she's working tonight. I'll work Thursday night. It was no big deal, I had clocked in at 7, and was clocked out, stopped for gasoline and was home in my nightgown by 7:30. I only live six minutes from the hospital.

So, now I have a long night ahead of me, as I had napped this afternoon. I'll probably stay up very late, sleep late, and go back to work tomorrow night. Sugarplum was thrilled to see me come in, she thought she had a lonely night ahead of her.

Sugarplum says 10-4. --Romeena

October 16, 2006 - Msg 46441:
Ro-one thing to remember about ANY person is this: Jesus says"I stand at the door and knock"
It is up to US to open that door to our heart. It took this man a long time and a lot of knocks, but when I finally OPENED the door, whew, what a change and an understanding of the Word. I pray that Madonna will open the door!
Boo- Paul also said, tho the exact verse escapes me at the moment, "If you find out that the meat you are eating has been sacrificed to idols, dont eat it." In like manner...
I'll look up the verse tonight.
HM- is all that wood choppin your idea of Curves? haha
Well, God bless ya all, prayers,

October 16, 2006 - Msg 46442: We got alot of rain here today, REV, but no storms.

Hope you can get some sleep tonight, Ro. I remember when I worked 11pm-7am 5 nights a week. When I got a day off I was wide awake all night. I used to do my shopping at the 24 hr HEB and do my house cleaning in the middle of the night. It made me weird...are you weird? heehee


October 16, 2006 - Msg 46443: Evenin' porch. Anyone seen Hazel? Hazel, you ever rock anymore? I miss your keen sense of humor. Pull up a chair if yer a lurkin' in the shadows there with Otis and Gomer and Barn. Did anyone hear about the tragedy in Bonaparte, Iowa, family of five killed Sat. night? That's not far from me. Sad, sad. The father was a well-respected owner of the local lumber yard.
Charlotte Tucker

October 16, 2006 - Msg 46444: Hi Charlotte. No, I had not heard about the family in Iowa. How terrible! Were they killed in an accident?


October 16, 2006 - Msg 46445: Good evening, all. Very late, but I'm still wide awake.

You are so right, MDC. God can and will forgive anyone who asks. The person has to open the door. He also says we are not to "cause any of these little ones to offend" - in the context here it implies "to be misled". I think Madonna's blasphemous antics would certainly not lead anyone to Him, and certainly could mislead. Sometimes I have the impression that you believe I harbor hatred for people like her, or believe that they can't or won't be saved. That's just not the case. I don't hate anyone. I hate the sin, but try very hard to love the sinner. As for Madonna's fate, she has the same opportunity for salvation as do I, but she sure is taking a long way about getting to it. As I said before, I hope God will have mercy on her soul, send the Holy Spirit to strive extra hard with her, and help her to see the Truth, and stop mocking it.

As for the "meat sacrificed to idols" thing, Paul was warning the disciples regarding their example to others. In that day, meat was offered to idols, then sold in the market place, and the pagans believed that by eating that meat, they could take on the attributes of the "god" to whom it had been offered. If peple saw the disciples eating the meat, they would think they were seeking the favor of that particular "god". A bit earlier, Paul had told them that the meat was perfectly okay to eat because the sacrifice meant nothing, but the later warning had to do with their example to others. Again, not to cause "offense" - that is, to mislead. I think Sean has grasped this concept, and that's why he is avoiding anything to do with Halloween. Bless his little heart! "And a little child shall lead them.."

Well, guess I'll go back to my reading. Sugarplum has long since hit the sack, or she'd say 10-4. --Romeena

October 17, 2006 - Msg 46446: I have kind of a living example of what you have been talking about, Romeena. As most of you know, my father is not a believer, in fact he opposes the faith. I have lived with years of his horrid opinions and words concerning Christians and Jews. Do I love my dad? Of course I do. I have a great desire for him to come to faith in Jesus and I have not given up on him, but when he starts spewing his stuff against Christians, Jews, the bible and what he "thinks" God is, I get really angry sometimes. I love the Lord and don't like anyone to say anything against him. It really hurts me and makes me just plain mad to hear it over and over for years. I think that is how Romeena probably feels when she sees someone treat the most precious thing in our lives with such disrespect. The crucifiction is NOT something to be used as an artistic statement in some show.

Gotta go get the kids ready for school,


October 17, 2006 - Msg 46447: Good morning everyone. Rain here. The nice weather had to end sometime (sigh).

BWB: I'll do the 24 hours.

Right-o about the Madonna thing. Holiday my arse.

Tuesdays are a bear for me. Well, I only had a minute this morning, and I just used it up complaining about the weather. I'll stop back later. Now, to find that All-Zamfir, All the Time station on the radio...


October 17, 2006 - Msg 46448: Y'know, I'm kinda tired of people stating what Jesus would and wouldn't do if He were here (in body) right now. Maybe we should concentrate on what He told us we should be doing.


October 17, 2006 - Msg 46449: BOO: Sounds like your father protesteth too much. Sometimes, when people deep down know the truth, they try and convince themselves otherwise with their lips. Just my nickel's worth.


October 17, 2006 - Msg 46450: Folks - the holidays are fast approaching. . .please remember our soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan and many other places around the world.
If you can - send a card and let them you know you are thinking about them.


October 17, 2006 - Msg 46451: Good idea, homemaker, and there are several ways to do that. "anysoldier.com" has provisions for that, and I'll bet I'm not the only one that gets the emails that let you scroll through various cards designed by children, select one and enter a message, then it's sent. A good thing to do. They need all the encouragement they can get.

I ordered the little buttons from the AFA website a couple of weeks ago - the ones that say "Merry CHRISTmas, it's worth saying." They're attractive, a gentle little statement that will let folks know you won't object to being wished a Merry Christmas. I ordered a bunch, will be giving them out to family and friends.

Well, I just noticed that my fountain is barely flowing, guess the pre-filter is clogged again. I'll get it cleaned out before the pump burns up. Only having to do that every 5-7 days now, compared to every other day not very long ago.

Sugarplum says 10-4. --Romeena

October 17, 2006 - Msg 46452: Bless your heart, Boo. I cannot imagine what you've endured with your father. Of course you love him, that just makes it worse. You've not only endured his insults and slurs, but you have the concern for his soul. How painful that must be!
Those of us with godly parents sometimes don't know how blessed we really are, or in my case, were. Both of my parents were saved in their early 20s. Both had been reared by Christian mothers and doubtful fathers, and the teaching they received as children made them fertile ground for the seeds of truth later on. My mother says it was after my birth, that she heard a preacher say "Oh, there will be mothers in He-ll, but there will be no praying mothers there." She said that struck her like a physical blow, and she truly gave her heart to Jesus that night. My father soon followed her lead, with the result that I was brought up in a totally Christian home.
My dearest memories of my dad are of the last weeks of his life, while he could still get up and walk, and even in his Alzheimer's-fogged state, he was determined to go to church, and still tried to read his Bible. He could no longer comprehend what he was reading, but he loved to just hold the book. He would get dressed on Saturday night, and sleep in his clothes, so as not to be late when I came to pick him up! All of that made his passing so much easier, because I had absolutely no doubt in my mind as to his destination when he left us.

That's the only thing that sustained me after my husband's death, as well. He was a strong Christian, and even in my blind grief, I knew deep in my heart that God has promised that we will see each other again, and that "we will know, even as also we are known." Other passages imply that our relationships will be different - "there will be neither marriage, nor giving in marriage" - but I am convinced that on some celestial level, we will know each other and enjoy a companionship that will transcend anything we knew here. All I can say is, if it was better than what we knew here, it's really going to be something!

Well, time for a little lunch. Sugarplum says 10-4. --Romeena

October 17, 2006 - Msg 46453: Hey Y'all! Charlotte,I heard about the Iowa killings-so sad. I'll answer Boo's question: The son was arrested in connection with the shooting deaths of his mother,father,and 3 teenage sisters. Charlotte,from the news accounts I've seen,they sounded like a nice family. Such a shame.
Boo, I've had a feeling about Sean ever since I
first began hearing about him from you. I think he is going to be a leader.Someway,somehow,someday. He has such amazing insights for a child. My prayers continue for him.
Ro,I'm going to order those buttons as well. I am SO tired of hearing "Happy Holidays." Sometimes I want to get smart alecky and reply: " What holiday are you referring to? Lincoln's birthday? Arbor Day?" It gets to be sickening! Folks need to remember the reason for the season and quit trying to be so PC.It ain't about presents and icicle lights on the house.I know most of y'all agree,so I'll quit preaching to the choir! Thanks Ro,for updating us on Asa.I've been very concerned about him.Colt as well.
Lucy,prayers for you friend.
Y'all have a good day.Spot,I think your rain is headed our way.Getting rather gloomy outside.
Take care all!
possum under a rock
"If a duck stands still you can catch him by the bill."

October 17, 2006 - Msg 46454: Oh,and Madonna is off the chain! Wait till God gets ahold of her.

possum again

October 17, 2006 - Msg 46455: That's it; Madonna is definitely off my "holiday" card list. Hee hee. Get it? Gomer...Gomer...Gome...

"Little old ladies ought never to clank."

October 17, 2006 - Msg 46456: I'm avoiding the soapbox and it's killing me. I step away, but it just keeps yankin' me back. Oh, the inhumanity.


October 17, 2006 - Msg 46457: Happy 3 millionth! The more the merrier!

Now, will whoever's elbow is in my side please take it out? Thanks. What? No habla ingles?


October 17, 2006 - Msg 46458: Ooops! forgot 297 million there.


October 17, 2006 - Msg 46459: Howdy friends....I know its been a while, but I have had a busy time lately. Just got moved and am still settling in.

Fungi is looking for another car. There was a lady from Mt Pilot that brought one by here last week for him to test drive. Said it was driven by her dear husband Bernard. Just didnt get a good feeling about her tho. So we sent her on her way.

Hope everyone here is doing well. What is the situation with Asa? Just saw him mentioned above and didnt see what was going on.

Oh...yeah cold season is here. Broke the seal on a new jar of Vicks last night. Such a distinct aroma.

fun girl

October 17, 2006 - Msg 46460: Oh, your posts have blessed me today (my mascara is running, thank you)! Romeena, thank you for sharing your words of sympathy and telling us about your dear mother, father and husband. You have a wonderful treaure waiting for you in heaven. I remember those things about your father when you used to tell us about taking him to church. What a blessing.

M-T, I hope you are right about my dad. His mother was a Christian and he was raised in the Methodist church but when he went away to college and sat under the teaching of a very liberal, humanistic pastor's teaching, he began to doubt what he had learned as a child. It really seemed to make ship-wreck of what faith he may have had. I try to remember that his mother's desire was for her sons to be Christians and on the night she died, she went to her youngest son (who was the blind man who became a minister that I was telling you about not long ago) and she made him promise to pray for her sons and grandchildren every day to be saved. I am one of those grandchildren that uncle prays for every day! I am hoping the day will come when dad will see the light. All of Grandma's other boys became Christians and most of the grandkids, by now I think. There you go, Ro...see what a praying mom can do?

Thank you Possum for your kind words about Sean. That is very encouraging.

Love you all,

October 17, 2006 - Msg 46461: HEY FUN GIRL! Where have you been?! So good to see you again. Asa was on vacation and slipped when he out by the pool and took a bad hit on the head. He had a concussion and has been having trouble now with headaches and dizziness. I did email him yesterday and he emailed back. He is doing a bit better, I think, but it is hard for him to sit at the computer for long.

Better go get something done...don't be such a stranger, Fungirl.


October 17, 2006 - Msg 46462: FG: I can smell you from here.

BOO: The Bible tells us that when you bring up a child in Christ, he (or she) will not depart. I think I’ve mentioned before that I take this to mean that when you bring up a child to know the Truth (big T) they can’t “unknow” it. They might reject it, but, ultimately, they can’t get it out of their heads, or their hearts. This happened to me as a young(er) adult (hey, I still consider myself a spring chicken, y’know) and I’m sure happened to many others. The Bible doesn't lie, so keep on praying and count on God to take care of your father.

I did Wendy’s for lunch and now I’m in need of a nap. I think I’ll crawl under my desk. Remember that episode of “Seinfeld” where George had a whole nap set-up under his desk. That George—such an innovator.

Me-They (again)

October 17, 2006 - Msg 46463: Thanks, Me-They. God is the only one who can do it. Good luck with that nap (and watch out for that cleaning lady wearing the cashmere).


October 17, 2006 - Msg 46464: Gortex!


October 17, 2006 - Msg 46465: Nine posts in one day? That oughta be some kinda record. Maybe I need to take up smoking so when I take a minute here at work I'm not bugging everyone.

Anyway, I forgot to mention that I read at lunch that Bindi Irwin, Steve Irwin's duaghter, is getting her own show soon. Orginally, it was supposed to be a father-daughter show and some episode with Steve were filmed before his death. Those are supposed to still air.

Have a nice evening, y'all. I promise not to chew your ears so much tomorrow. (That's manana to a bunch of you 300 million.) Ciao. (That's goodbye to you, Sophia Loren.)


October 17, 2006 - Msg 46466: Dear Mr. M-T:

You are to serve your 24 hour sentence at "the rock" starting tonight at 8:30pm. No exceptions will be made, accept for anything serious(afterall, this is Mayberry!!!).

Thank you, and bring your own blanket!!!

-Deputy Bernard Milton Fife wannabe.


Hope all is well today!!!

I'm doing good, and everyone's prayers do help!!!

M-T: Don't take up smoking!!!

Boo: Glad that you're good!!!

Well, talk at ya'll later!!!


October 17, 2006 - Msg 46467: Me-They has to bring his own blanket, BWB? Didn't that inspector from the state capital say we could have some new blakets and doilies for the chairs?

Me-They, talk as much as you want to. I always enjoy your posts (Buenos Noches, Senor Me-They).


October 17, 2006 - Msg 46468: Hey Fun Girl - Has your situation changed with Fungi? We have missed you - I guess my APB for you worked. How is your son doing in school?
Glad to see you back - please don't be gone for tooo long next time!


October 17, 2006 - Msg 46469: VICKS!!

October 17, 2006 - Msg 46470: Boo: Yeah, they cut the budget this year, so we had take the blankets to Raliegh!!!LOL

Ya'll keep on rockin'!!!


October 17, 2006 - Msg 46471: Shoot! I hate budget cuts.

Can ya'll believe it was 94 degrees here today with 100% humidity? The weatherman said the heat index was 103! UNCLE! I can't take any more...

Hey, when is the church social and are we having a party at the Remshaw house this year...we always do in October (well, ususally). I just remembered something gross that I might have told you before...I've been here long enough to start repeating myself. I knew a girl who went to college in San Marcus, I think. Anyway, there was a med school there and one Halloween, some of the med students stole a cadaver whose abdominal organs had already been removed. They were having a big Halloween party at one of the frat houses and they put the body on a table, lined the body cavity with foil and served baked beans out of it at the party (no joke, it really happened). Still want to donate your body to science?...Pass the baked beans...



October 17, 2006 - Msg 46472: Hey fg!..and all...Boo it was in the 70"s here in ga ...nice ...real nice...hey Rev,TOM,ro,hm...and all ....just been so busy aroung the dog house...done some painting today....cut the garden,moved 3 trailers to the back pasture...well snack time...im gona read the mail...Captian Crunch and mayfield whole milk!...back in a bit....prayers always...SPOT

October 17, 2006 - Msg 46473: Boo:glad that you shared that with us. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll go throw up...Bluhhh!!!LOL


October 17, 2006 - Msg 46474: Ha! Sorry BWB! Har-har

Boo (it's still sweltering here, even after dark)

October 17, 2006 - Msg 46475: Hello everyone.

I just discovered an interesting article while researching another topic. I would love to hear your opinions about this subject.

from Poor Horatio

October 17, 2006 - Msg 46476:
Me-They- get back to work! ha
George CantStandYa! Ha
Ro- that was a simply BEAUTIFUL post! Thank you so much. I do indeed know that you love the sinner. When I make my comments like "Com'on Ro, now tell us what you REALLY think!" I am just funnin with you.
Ok, since MT took out the sb for a sec I will too.
The reason I no longer have anything to do with halloween is because I now know that it is one of the 4 big "feast" days of the wiccan religion, and Ephesians 5:11 says that we are to have NO part of evil and darkness. I truely believe, like Possum, that Sean "gets it." He is being led of the Holy Spirit. Rev 3 says we should not be lukewarm or God will spit us out of his mouth. OK. away goes the soapbox. Sorry.
HM- yes indeed cards and prayers for all our soldiers! Thanks
APB for KY girl, Dixie and Irishster and all porchsters far and wide. God blesa

October 17, 2006 - Msg 46477:
Hey Folks


October 17, 2006 - Msg 46478: Hey homemaker...fungi and I were separated for a while and eventually went thru with the divorce. It was final on Aug 22. But the darndest thing is that we are far better friends than we were when we were married. We see each other almost every day and talk on the phone several times a day. And we truly appreciate each other now. So, you see, God has taken the mess we made and turned it into a HUGE blessing. As for the future...I am leaving it in the Lord's hands.

Kyle is sixteen and was on the core 40 track at school. (college prep) It has proven a challange for him. Next trimester they are gonna put him in just the regular diploma program. Martinsville has alot of "trades" classes, including construction, and auto mechanics as well as I believe agricultural. So we talked to his advisor and he is gonna see that next year Kyle gets into more hands on classes. Then when he graduates he will possibly go to IVY Tech or something.

I have trained to do ABA with my niece. We have been at it for a week and she has already met the goals they set for two weeks. She is a smart cookie. Its a big job, but the whole family has taken the training and we are hoping for good things.

I am doing fairly well with the bipolar. Having a hard time stabilizing my moods without setting me on a manic episode. But I just trust that God has the answer. Even fungi is seeing Gods hand in his life. After all we have been thru, if our separation can be used by God to bring him to salvation, then it will all be worth it.

Sorry to hear about Asa. Hope he is doing better. Maybe he could use one of those contraptions he and Salty were trying to sell a couple years ago.

fun girl