November 02, 2006 - Msg 46803: MESSAGE REMOVED

November 02, 2006 - Msg 46804: Who are you, #46803? I can't ID your number on the page source, and you don't give your name, so I'm not about to click on your link. My mama didn't raise any dummies. --Romeena

November 02, 2006 - Msg 46805: Hey, ky girl. Thanks for the warning on those books. I'll pass it on to my DIL, so she can watch out for them with my grandsons. Makes you wonder - what's next? I don't think I want to know. --Romeena

November 02, 2006 - Msg 46806:
46803- Please identify--danger will robinson.
Yes RO, I agree, dont click and be sorry!
And they swept too! Hmmmm.
What books are you talking about?
Well, leaving work for the day. ya all have a great evening. Prayers for troops and all.

November 02, 2006 - Msg 46807: Hi All
It going to be some cold night for now on brrrrrr.
46803 you can not used are porch for ads uesd for please not not post here.

Love Tom

November 02, 2006 - Msg 46808: Hi everybody,I have a few minutes,so,maybe I'll get to sit in my rocker for a little bit.glad you got the email Romeena,I was suprised when i read it.MDC,it's about some books that are out,being sold by scholastic,a popular childrens bookclub,but,is also in bookstores and's books for kids called conversations with God,there is another title also by the same author,I just can't remember it right now.But,the books give false messages about what the bible takes certain verses and puts entirely different meanings to them.I don't want to go into detail here,but,it's not good.I'll check the authors name and type it in a post tomorrow.Asa,so good to have you back.i pray we will hear from Colt soon.Big maude,this time change has me messed up to.I'm always late for church,whether it's morning or evening services.But,I forgot to set my clock back saturday,I pulled into the church parking lot,thinking i was right on time,that is one of my self improvements i'm working on,and,there were no cars in the parking lot!I was completely confused!My 11 yr old daughter said'Mom are you sure it's not saturday?Well,I didn't know what to do,so,I turned around and headed for home,when i saw someone pull in.I asked her where everyone was,she said,oh,you forgot about the time change!She started laughing,she said,it will be our secret.Well,everybody knows I'm always late,so,when they saw me,they knew what happened!They got a good laugh.i go to a small country church,so,everybody knows each otherWell,better close for now.Talk to you all later.Prayers for everyone.-ky girl

November 02, 2006 - Msg 46809: KY Girl, would you email me about the books you are talking about when you get a chance? I would like to be informed about them, just in case.

Stay warm, TOM.

Think I'll get Erin to bed and take my shower. It's been a loooong day!


November 02, 2006 - Msg 46810: hi!

November 03, 2006 - Msg 46811: Morning folks,

I took care of our "strange" post (Msg 46803). Just a reminder, if you e-mail me to let me know about an interloper or bad posts....please let me know which message number(s) you're talking about. It makes it easier for me to find and remove the messages you're concerned about. THANKS!!

November 03, 2006 - Msg 46812: Thank you Floyd.

Thanks for the welcome back KY girl. Could you send me a copy of that as well please? I am involved in a project for Church and that sounds like what I need.

MDC, Yep, I didn't lose my TAGS quotes when I bumped my noggin. Have any of you ever noticed in the very early episodes it looks like Barney is missing one of his front teeth?

Prayers for Colt. I sure hope he gets feeling better soon.


November 03, 2006 - Msg 46813: Asa, I brought that up a couple of months ago, you must have been away from the porch with your boo-boo. Barney does have a tooth missing in the first season. I think it's on his left side, one of the molars. Very obvious when he smiled. Guess after working on the show for he year, he could afford to have it fixed!

It's 50 degrees here this morning and it feels great.

I am coughing like crazy and blowing my nose (STILL) so I am going back to the doctor today for some elixer. Wish me luck.

Gotta go get the kids ready for school,


November 03, 2006 - Msg 46814: Morning Porch Pals! Asa, I always point that out to Mom: In the first season and I think part of the second, Don is missing a side tooth - you can see it when he smiles. I'd imagine him having to get the nerve up to see the dentist. Not saving up his money (Like Earnest T. and his gold tooth scheme). I'm sure Andy paid him a fair wage.

OK, at the risk of starting a moulage here from atop my soapbox, I just want to say I'm a registered Democrat, I got to Church, I'm pro life, I paid my taxes and I VOTE. I'm not real happy with the bi-partisan backbiting and this will factor into how I vote. But it's all about the issues and the past behaviors of the guys/gals running. Also about inactivity in Congress. I hope y'all are loking at the issues and making judgements based on your own sound reasoning... NOT because Uncle so-and-so said to vote this way or because of a funny commercial... or even because of one book written slanted to enhance one party. Knowhatimean? God gave us all brains for a rason: to use them. OK, off the soapbox now... please kind folks, no moulage intended.

~ Mrs. Wiley (speaking her mind)
Barney: "How I vote, brother, is MY business. (How you gonna vote Ang?)"

November 03, 2006 - Msg 46815: Good morning everyone. It's darned cold here.

MRS. WILEY: How right you are. We should all vote based on thought and conviction, not emotion. That said, I like a little moulage every now and again.

KY GIRL: Please post the information about those books. Chad is in preschool and we often order from Scholastic. I'd like to have the scoop.

BOO: I hope that you feel better soon. Your doctor's name isn't Colonel Harvey, is it?

FLOYD: Welcome back! Tell us about the cruise!


Talk to y'all later. Back to work (sigh).


November 03, 2006 - Msg 46816: Thanks Mrs. Wiley, I am certainly making an attempt to be better informed this year. There is alot a stake.


November 03, 2006 - Msg 46817: Hey Me-They, no the Dr isn't Col. Harvey but not sure if he is much better...we'll see


November 03, 2006 - Msg 46818:
Morning Porch

The girls were sad this morning, they saw the 6 inches of snow and were thinking "SNOW DAY!" but no such luck.

Mrs Wiley- Amen! and Amen! However, I must say I live for the moulage!


November 03, 2006 - Msg 46819: Mornin' Porch,
What did I miss last night? Hope everyone has a wonderful day today. I'm looking out my window to the multi-colored trees and just hanking the Lord that I am blessed to live here (Georgia & America). Y'all are probably going to laugh, but I'm listening to Christmas music on my pc right now! I really love Perry Como, Dean Martin, and of course Bing. My kids laugh at me becuase when I'm stressed, even at 90 degrees, I will put in Christmas music. It was some of my happiest times growing up so I guess that's why I resort to that.
Bryan and I greatly disagree in our parties, but agree on issues. I vote for the person not the party. I will be voting for our Republican governor next Tuesday, but I am a registered Democrat.
So, on Tvland, what episode season is it on? I really wish we had that channel. Bryan said he doesn't want the kids to have cartoon network or any of the other channels that go along with cable. We have basic and get the Hallmark channel.
Bryan got a free ticket for Tony Robbins seminar this weekend from 8am-11pm until Tuesday! He's very excited. I'll need some prayers to get through this weekend with Nick!
Have you ever heard of Michael & Debi Pearl? They have a wonderful ministry called No Greater Joy. Their book "To Train up a child" is very popular. I just finished Created to be his Helpmeet and it has greatly helped my marriage. I'm watching their Training Dvd's and it is such an inspiration.
Well, I need to clean and then make some homemade biscuits for the week. Have a good one!
Blessings to you and yours,
P.S. Sorry for the ramblings today!

November 03, 2006 - Msg 46820: I love Perry, Dean and Bing, too, LUCY. I'll be breaking them out in a few more weeks myself.

I'm a registered Anarchist. I vote all moulage, all the time!

I agree with your hubby on the Cartoon Network. We have expanded cable (but no pay channels) but block Cartoon, Nick, MTV, VH1, E, etc. Our remote has a "favorites" button, so we programmed that with the channels the kids are allowed to watch--Hallmark, Disney, PBS, and TV Land. Still, we monitor them. I do like that PBS and Disney don't have commercials.

Later (again).


November 03, 2006 - Msg 46821: Well, BOO, you're no spring chicken anymore ;).


November 03, 2006 - Msg 46822: I'm with you , Me-They and Auh2o. Moulage! Oh, and thanks ALOT for the spring chicken comment, Me-They. The doc put me on a course of antibiotics. That should do it for awhile anyway (bawk bawk...that's my impersonation of a chicken).



November 03, 2006 - Msg 46823: Watch out for that bird flu...


November 03, 2006 - Msg 46824:
Hey Folks

Boo-That's pretty fowl of M-T to say that you're no spring chicken.

I think I have voted a straight ticket before but Party affiliation does not mean much to me. Now, I could see voting for someone who I am not that enthusiastic about if that vote were to keep some crazed San Francisco Liberal, who goes by the name of, lets say, Nancy, out of power. That's purely hypothetical though.

M-T I knew you were a trouble maker from the post of yours that I read.


November 03, 2006 - Msg 46825:
M-T That should have read, from the very first post of yours that I ever read.


November 03, 2006 - Msg 46826: Hello friends..
How is everyone? Anything new going on? We have had a time here!! All of us have been sick this week. I was the last to get it. I was sure hoping I wasnt. It was that nasty stomach bug. I am better today, but not 100% yet.
Hope everyone is doing well..

November 03, 2006 - Msg 46827: Good to hear from you, IDELLE. I was wondering where you were hiding. Glad that you're feeling better.

See, AUH2O, that's what happens when you don't nip it in the bud.

BOO: Take it easy this evening. Like I've mentioned to you women-folk before, you're kids only have one mamma.

Well, I'm working through this evening, so maybe I'll check in later. Things seesm to satrt swinging around here after dark I've noticed. Almost as bad as the Boom Boom Room up in Yancy.

Y'all take care.


November 03, 2006 - Msg 46828: Chirp...chirp...chirp...

Guess I was wrong. Maybe next time I'll bring my bongo drums.

Goodnight, John-boy.


November 03, 2006 - Msg 46829: Shhh,Me-They,don't mention Yancey! We don't want Asa getting any notions about going back to dancing over at the Gigolo Club! He might shake & shimmy those Mayberry quotes right outta his noggin!

Goodnight,Jim Bob.
possum under a rock

November 03, 2006 - Msg 46830: Did somebody mention Yancey? I got the rambler all gassed up, chickie-baby.
~ Mrs. Wiley

November 03, 2006 - Msg 46831: Evenin' Porch,
I just wanted to say hello to everyone. Have a great evening.

November 03, 2006 - Msg 46832: hello, anyone out there tonight??


November 03, 2006 - Msg 46833: Good evening porch.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

November 03, 2006 - Msg 46834:
Hey to all! Busy day, so just checking in. Anyone seen SPOT?
KY thanks for the info.
Got my soldier box ready to go HM, but will wait til you say SHIP IT!
God Bless,

November 03, 2006 - Msg 46835: Hey to the Porch, hope to rock more tomorrow night, gotta work, I changed my days from Mon-
Fri to Tues-Sat since I have so many folks wanting Sats & I am sick of working 6 days a week, so, much as I hate working on a Sat, what's a girl gonna do? Ya'll sleep tight & don't let the bedbugs bite.

November 03, 2006 - Msg 46836: Hey Mrs. Wiley...come pick me up in the Rambler and we'll go to Yancey for the floor show.

Glad you are feeling better, Idelle. Those stomach viruses are the pits.

Could I ask your prayers about something tonight? Something happened today that I can't get out of my mind. While I was in the waiting room at the doctor's office, there was an older man waiting who looked to be about 70. He looked kind of rough around the edges...wrinkled and brown with a scruffy beard. He was a small man and smelled of cigarette smoke. I noticed he was coughing alot. We struck up a conversation while we were waiting and he told me he lived alone with his dogs and had a "lung infection" that needed to be treated with antibiotics and that he was waiting to get results of a scan he had gotten for a spot on his lung. He was called in to see the doctor and was back out again before I was called in. He stopped long enough to tell me that the spot was lung cancer. He looked so lost that I followed him outside to see if he was ok. I gave him a page I tore out of a book I was reading with John 3:16 printed on it and I put my name and phone number on it and told him I would pray and that he could call me if he needed anything or someone to pray for him. They were calling my name inside so I went inside and he drove off. I just felt so sorry for that friendly little, old man. Please say a prayer for him. I don't even know his name but God knows him. Thank you so much.


November 03, 2006 - Msg 46837: I will pray for that little old man Boo. I also would like to ask for your prayers. I have been seeing the same psychiatrist for almost ten years now. He understands me pretty well and I really like him alot. Well last month he joined another practice. (he was in private practice before) I had my first appointment today, and everything was so different. He now charts by computer. Office policy. He is not very speedy on the keyboard and I had a hard time seemed like everything was rushed and he just didnt seem to be as personable as he was before. I just have an uneasy feeling tonight. Perhaps it is just a mood swing on the way. I am hoping that he is just getting into the swing of the new office and all. Its hard to find a doctor that you feel comfortable with and I would sure hate to think things are gonna change after ten years. Seem petty I know compared to the problems others face. Just pray for me to have peace over the situation.
thanks friends,
fun girl

November 04, 2006 - Msg 46838: Evenin' porch. Anyboy still up and rockin'? Mavis, I'm making butterscotch pie tonight, a recipe from the cookbook you sent me.
Well, I got the results of my scans. While my liver is stable(no change in tumors there) the cancer is active in my bones, and is more pervasive than before. So, we're changing chemo drugs. I'm a little scared, my spine looked pretty bad. I'm not about to give up, though. Just a little rough spot.
Midnight snack, if anybody's up....oatmeal cookies and cocoa.

November 04, 2006 - Msg 46839: oh, so sorry. Prayers for that man, Boo, of course. He was probably stunned. Nobody ever expects to hear that. One of my regular customers recently died of lung cancer. It was pretty fast.
And prayers for you, fungirl. I hope it gets easier. That has to be hard. Even though things seem so different, he's still him, and you're still you, so I hope y'all can get back on track.

November 04, 2006 - Msg 46840: Millie,Mav auh20[snow again]?..hey boo,ro....just been busy with the new boat ..[cleaning]..she"s a neat one...22ft cabin cruiser ...stove,fridge,sink,bathroom...will get some pics to Ro to post on the porchster site...lets eat at waffle house on me this morning....hey fg,TOM,Rev,Idell,Lucy,M-T,ct,dix.mdc,md,dwf.bwb and all......lets eat!...SPOT

November 04, 2006 - Msg 46841: Morning Porchters! SPOT, I think I'll have the Barney Fife "I'm not too hungry this morning" special... Juice, cerial, stack o wheats, 3 eggs (not runny), bacon, hash browns, white toast buttered and coffee.

Boo I'll certainly pray for that Man... you're a good soul. And you're a heckuva lot of fun! Say, who was that guy who kept jumping up on the tables and hollering at the floor show dancers last night in Yancey? Stretched neck... carried a Teddy Rooosevelt horse-gun... moldy bullets... who could that be??

Millie, I'll be keeping you in prayer too, it does sound scary. Have Faith! fun girl, I hope your counselor is just unhappy with the new electronal process. Maybe if you tell him how you feel since he changed practices - he just may not be aware of the change and how it affects his clients. It's not petty - not when he's been so good for you in the past.

Prayers for everyone who needs them! Y'all be good and act like somebody!

~ Mrs. Wiley
Barney: "It frosts me. It just FROSTS ME."

November 04, 2006 - Msg 46842: Thanks Mrs. Wiley, we did have alot of fun last night!

Millie, sorry to hear the bone cancer isn't responding as hoped. I'm praying the next chemo will zap it real good. Keep focused on the positive, Millie and don't let your fearful thoughts run away with you....nip 'em, nip 'em in the bud!

Fungirl, I'll just bet your doctor friend is having a tough time adjusting to the new changes and is probably in need of a psychiatrist himself by now! Just give him some time to get used to things. I remember years ago when I worked at the hospital and they decided to go to using computers for all charting. I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown. We were WAY too busy and over-worked to deal with putting everything into those stupid computers. They finally gave up and got rid of them. So, your psychiatrist may be having a tougher time than you will work out in time.

I'm so glad it's Saturday. I slept in till 8 and if felt so good. I am still in my robe sipping coffee and trying to ignore the dirty dishes in the sink from last night.


November 04, 2006 - Msg 46843: Hey all!!!

Sorry I've not been in touch, but I've had a busy week at work, and I headed over there now to take care of a broken cooler!!!

Hope all is well!!!

Aunt Bee just call the man!!!

November 04, 2006 - Msg 46844: Good morning, everyone! Cool and cloudy here, but not really cold. Light sweater weather, or long-sleeved shirts. Little squirrels are enjoying it, chasing each other around the yard and into the trees, tails all fuzzed up - so cute.

Millie, I wish the news had been better, but am glad the doc is switching meds. Maybe that will work - one never knows. Praying for you, and for your doctors, that God will give them wisdom and discernment as they plan for your treatments.

Boo, I remember when our hospital put in the computers for charting. We had them for a year or two, for ordering labs and other services, and for printing out Kardexes for the nurses to use for each patient, but hadn't charted on them. When that began, old computer-loving me was thrilled, but everyone else had hissy fits. I already had my first PC at home by then, but was about the only one who did. Many of the nurses couldn't type, so that scared them, too.

I started out with a PC that didn't have a hard drive, just two floppy drives, and of course Windows wasn't invented yet. Everything was DOS-based, and you had to know all those commands. I got pretty good at it, actually. I even built a huge spreadsheet for keeping track of my husband's newspaper carriers' accounts, and by entering pertinent information throughout the month, with a few keystrokes at the end of the month I could print out a statement for each carrier. It reduced the paperwork from about 40 hours a month, to about four. After my husband died, one of the city managers called me and asked if I would send him a copy of the template. I did, and I've been told that most contractors today are still using it.

Anyway, back to the hospital computers. I loved them from the start, and still do. Our system went down for a few hours last month, and we had to paper-chart, because we didn't know how long it would be down. I thought I was going to go nuts. It took hours! When the announcement came over the PA that the system was back up, you could hear the nurses cheer all over the building. Boo, if you were still working as a nurse, you'd love the computers too, by now.

Well, gotta run. Am putting a couple of new pictures of the Plum in the "Pets" portion of the Porchsters' album. Here's the address:

When you get there, click on "Porchsters Homes and Families", then on the sub-album "Porchsters' Pets." Click on any picture to enlarge it, then click "next" to advance through the album. Send me your pictures, folks!

This grows too long - sorry! Sugarplum says 10-4. --Romeena

November 04, 2006 - Msg 46845: Woohoo! I just got some of my Christmas shopping done! My son and DIL who live in Florida visited Tuscany a while back and just loved it. Today I got an email from one of my favorite online garden centers - Wayside Gardens - advertising the sale of small olive trees, complete with a decorative planter. Very reasonably priced, and the tree will grow and bear fruit (not sure how fresh olives taste, probably not very good) but it is so pretty. So, one online order, and shopping is finished for them! I love it! --Romeena

November 04, 2006 - Msg 46846: Happy Saturday!
It is a little chilly (58) here today, but it is bright and sunny. We have that Indian summer here b/c on Monday it's supposed to be 73 again! Mom would say it's a wonder we don't all have pneumonia w/this weather.
Fungirl- I know that finding someone you feel comfortable to trust is difficult in a doctor of any sort. I will pray for your doctor as well as you. Have you talked to him about your feelings?
Boo- That's terrible about that old man. What is the politically correct to say old person? Would it be genetically challenged? I agree with fungirl, you are a good soul!
Romeena- That's wonderful about your son's gift! I think the internet is a curse as well as a blessing. Internet shopping is definitely a blessing!
The boys and I have had a busy morning while hubby's at the Tony Robbins seminar (more on that in a sec). Nick had counseling-going as well as can be expected. I had to be seen by the atlas orthogonal chiropractor. Then, we went to Stone Mountain again. I was hoping to see the talking pumpkin tree and ride the pumpkin train, but it was the one weekend in b/w fall and Christmas. You'd see a big pumpkin in a yard and then Christmas wreaths along the sidewalks! Unfortunately we had to leave before seeing everything. Nick was doing well until he decided to throw a frisbee inside of a restaurant, kick my bad ankle after I told him to stop kicking, talk back, ask what we were doing next instead of being content where he was, but the clincher was when he asked if he could go to Paintball Atlanta store. I told him if not today then definitely by Tuesday b/c they are out of school. He got so upset inside of the theater that I would not give him a definite day and he was badgering me. So, I told him that we're not going at all. He started screaming and crying right there so we left. I told him that he cannot do fun stuff if he cannot control himself. I am so proud that I never once raised my voice. I told him when he can listen then we can go back. He told me in the car that he understands that he has to learn this now rather than when he's older. I told him I love him and we'll work this out. Those training dvd's and magazines have really changed my heart to be joyful and now things are finally changing. There's a long way to go, but with God we can do anything. Now, for Nick's Mom to let him stay. Thank you all for listening to me with this mess. Y'all are true friends!
Blessings to you and yours,

November 04, 2006 - Msg 46847: Oh, I forgot to tell you about Tony Robbins. Bryan said that he had to walk across 1500-2000 degree coals while chanting "yes, yes, yes" and clapping your hands. Tony kept talking about a higher power, but never mentioned God. Bryan said he was reminded of Colossians 2:8 and felt bad. He is going to get answers with his life such as going to school and getting Nick. I've been praying that he'll go to God and now hopefully he will. Bryan's gone from 8am-11pm and that's rough on the boys. I hope he finds answers one way or another.

November 04, 2006 - Msg 46848: Troublecheck

November 04, 2006 - Msg 46849: Howdy, porch friends. Hope everyone is well today. How 'bout if I cook us some supper? Grilled chicken, baked mac and cheese, green beans....(Big Maude, bring some slaw!) biscuits, tea and for dessert, brownies and ice cream. Y'all eat up, now!

November 04, 2006 - Msg 46850: Thanks for supper mil! at work now till moring...hey mw,ro,boo,TOM,Rev,lucy,bwb,mdc,md,possum and all.....let me get settled in and logged on all the comp. and get the radar pulled up....SPOT

November 04, 2006 - Msg 46851: Hi all...
Hope everyone is having a great Sat night. I'm cleaning up still...trying to get all the stomach bug germs outta here!!


November 04, 2006 - Msg 46852:
Hey Folks

Mil-I'm thinking of ya and praying for you. Hang in there. Sorry I missed the cookies and cocoa, I'll be there next time.

Boo-Prayers for the elderly man. That felt a little strange typing out.

fun girl-I agree with Boo, give your Doc a chance to "settle in" what made you like him in the first place probably had little to do with how well he could or couldn't operate a computer. I bet once he's gets the hang of it things will look better. Maybe, this is just a case of, the more things change the more they stay the same.

Spot-Yep, we are still getting a bit of snow about 7 or 8 inches the last couple of days, not much. Your getting ready to work sounds like your employed by the "United Federation of Planets," (make it so, spot). <
Ro-We a got a small start on the season also.


November 04, 2006 - Msg 46853:
spot-That was a little trekie humor.


November 04, 2006 - Msg 46854: Hey all. Thanks for the well wishes. I'm feeling a lot better this evening. BTW, Boo, not to be a nit picker, but it's not bone cancer. It's breast cancer.

November 04, 2006 - Msg 46855: sometimes auh2 I feel like a weather man,control tech,phone operator,dispatcher,engineer and what ever else they can think of!..Hey Millie!..thanks for supper...I will have a snack in a bit...SPOT

November 04, 2006 - Msg 46856: Evening all..
Boo: that was very kind of you for what you did for that man. I hope he reads that scripture well.

Millie: glad you are feeling better tonight..
oh, and above in your earlier post, it did say 'bone' not 'breast'. Either way....glad you are doing better.

well i'll finish watching football and end up falling asleep i am sure!


November 04, 2006 - Msg 46857: Good evening, all. Boo and Idelle, my guess is that Millie's situation was breast cancer which has spread and is now involving her bones as well.

Boo, that was indeed a kindness you showed toward the elderly man. You mentioned wondering about a PC descriptive term - how about "senior citizen"? If some of the restaurants and ticket offices are to be believed, that term can apply to anyone over 55! However, in the context of your story, I think "elderly gentleman" serves very well.

I'm loving this cooler weather. Not only are my roses and pansies and everything else growing nicely and blooming profusely, but the algae in the fishpond has virtually ceased to grow, as the water is now pretty cold. I haven't had to raise and flush the prefilter in well over a week. I think one more time will just about do it for the winter. However, now I've got leaves falling into the water, have to net them out almost every day. Otherwise, they settle to the bottom and decompose, and that's not good. I never knew ponds were so much work, but it's still worth it. It's lovely, and the little fish are just so much fun. Pretty little things, and now they seem to know me and will come to the surface to wait for food when I approach. It would be too easy to overfeed them, so I have to be careful.

Well, time to hit the ironing board. Have a peaceful Sabbath, friends. Sugarplum says 10-4. --Romeena

November 04, 2006 - Msg 46858: Hey Spot, Idelle, Ro and all. Still up getting chores done.....Ro is right, I meant it is breast cancer that has metasisized to the bones. Small difference to most people really, but in terms of how cancers grow and react to different drugs, primary cancers are very different. Consequently, I'm being treated for breast cancer, with breast cancer drugs and therapies. I could still develop another primary cancer, but for now, just the one. Just wanted to clarify.

November 05, 2006 - Msg 46859: Hey Mil!.Idelle....late night!....watching a old movie Key Largo!...good one...slow outage crew is headed that way...breakfast will be:eggs your way,sausage links,hashbrowns,grits,bisquits and gravy,coffee,milk and pop tarts for the young-ins...ready at 6:30 est...I will say grace....SPOT

November 05, 2006 - Msg 46860: I understand, thanks for the clarrification, Millie. I never worked with cancer patients when I was working as a nurse so there is alot I don't know about treatments.


November 05, 2006 - Msg 46861: Hey Boo! Hey Spot....I watched the same movie. It's about 4 am now, and I can't sleep. See ya for breakfast before church.
Good Sabbath Everyone!

November 05, 2006 - Msg 46862: Good morning and good Sabbath everyone.

Millie, I am sorry the news wasn't great. It could have been worse though and I just know that your positive atti-tude will make a huge difference. Hang in there and keep your head up. You have an army here praying for you.

Boo, you indeed are a kind hearted woman. I believe the Lord directed you to that man to witness to him in his hour of need.

Fungirl, I agree with what the others have said. If things don't improve after a while talk to him candidly about it. I bet he would appreciate the feed back.

Mrs. Wiley, thank you for your comments about voting. I know I must come across as some partisan hack know it all at times. I vote for ideals and principles, not partys. Right now both groups are giving me reason to be worried. I hate voting for the "lesser of two evils" but that seems to be happening more and more. I think anymore I am really out of touch with main stream America. (sigh)

Where has Poor Horatio run off too? I have not seen any posts of his since coming back. Did he leave us? I hope not. He was a great fellow.

Lucy, I hope Bryan can find what he's seeking through God too. It sounds like he is searching.

Auh2o, you keep that white stuff up there will you? They say we have an El-Nino out here in the Pacific and that could mean one of three things
1. Could be warmer and drier than normal
B. Could be normal patterns.
4. Could be wetter and colder than normal.
Boy how's that for sticking your neck out? HA!

Spot, you cooking dinner tonight? What's it gonna be. Hope Idell is all better so she can eat too.

Well off to preachin. I think we have $500.00 to spend and I ain't given up on that pool table yet!


November 05, 2006 - Msg 46863: Good Sabbath Porch! Asa I'll do supper tonight, how about Chicken & dumplins, cornbread, green beans with new taters & nanner pudding for dessert? Will that work?

November 05, 2006 - Msg 46864: Sounds delish Mavis. I dont care what you call me, just dont call me late for dinner....
fun girl

November 05, 2006 - Msg 46865: Oh....Ro, how do we send you photos for your site? I recently took some photos of Kyle and I and I wanted to send some..also I have scanned a photo of Kyle in the North Carolina business magazine...the one of him getting a haircut at Floyd's Barbershop in Mt Airy. Let me know how to get them to you...ok?
fun girl

November 05, 2006 - Msg 46866: test

November 05, 2006 - Msg 46867: fun girl email them to her romeena at

November 05, 2006 - Msg 46868: Mavis, with a menu like that I have only one question, what time we eatin?


November 05, 2006 - Msg 46869: Mavis, with a meal like that.... I shoulda turned myself in years ago! ~ Mrs. Wiley

November 05, 2006 - Msg 46870:
Good Sabbath all!
Boo, you are an angel! An angel! Who knows what those few words meant to that man. You may indeed find out someday when he comes up to you in heaven and says "remeber that day in November 2006..."
Lucy, I think Brian should be real careful of highr power stuff not directed to the Living God! It can get him into all kinds of occult stuff.
Please tell him to be very wary of things like that.
Voting is so important this time! Please PRAY, fast and vote. Remember what Jesus told Pontius Pilate when he said that he had the power to crucify him or to let him go!
may the Father Son and Holy Spirit guide us.
Mavis, add some sweet tater pie and I'm there!
Have a great day! Prayers for all.

November 05, 2006 - Msg 46871:
Asa-Isn't that just like weathermen, they really lay it on the line. Don't they? Our snow has just about melted away but you know the drill. Hey! and what's wrong with being a partisan hack, I resemble that remark. But really, if the "good guys" don't win, well, I think Luther Heggs said it best, "the awfulness and the horribleness of it will never actually be forgotten."


November 05, 2006 - Msg 46872: Anyone wanting to join Operation Front Porch - please email me ( and I will send you the name of the soldier we are treating to some good ol' fashion front porching.

Several are doing this and we are sending our boxes at about the same time (the week before Thanksgiving or Thanksgiving week). Just grab a box and begin to fill - keep track of what you put in because you will need to do a customs form at the post office.

Let's make a soldier's life a little better in the sandbox.


November 05, 2006 - Msg 46873: Hey Asa my buddy!..Mav thankis for supper...hey TOM,hm....auh20,MDC good race on!...SMOKE is on a roll!....well pits coming up....Im at work back in a bit....Mavis we need Big Maude slaw!...I will some me finish this race...varooom...SPOT

November 05, 2006 - Msg 46874: Oh now, don't get carried away Ya'll...I'm certainly no angel (just ask my sweet of you to say so, though MDC). Isn't it great that despite all our faults and failures, the Lord still allows us to join us in his work? It is a joy to do so and like I heard a missionary say recently, "If you want to be close to God, join him where he is and in his work".

Homemaker, what's a customs form?

It's been a very busy weekend and I am almost looking forward to Monday. I still have a meeting to go to tonight. We have been having some problems in our church youth group. We're without a youth pastor and the kids are drifting. There is a meeting tonight to get some of the adults involved to see what we can do to help. Better go get ready...later Gators,


November 05, 2006 - Msg 46875: Good evening, all. I went over to my best buddy's house after church - you know, the buddy who just happens to be my DIL's mom as well. How cool is that? Anyway, she invited me for dinner, and was it ever good. Roast pork loin, mashed taters, gravy, corn, green beans, carrots and chocolate cake. Can't beat a deal like that!

Our election ballot has a local option on it, whether to allow the sale of beer, wine and malt liquor in our grocery stores and convenience stores here in our town. Up to now, we haven't had that. About fifteen years ago, the wets succeeded in getting liquor by the drink legalized, by saying it would just mean wine and mixed drinks in "fine dining" establishments. Of course, now you can buy beer and any other form of booze in every restaurant in town except the fast food places. (Big surprise.) Now they want to put it all in the stores as well. It's being spearheaded by the hoity-toits in the north part of town, in their gated communities, so they can buy a bottle of wine at the upscale grocery store in their area. The rest of us will get the sleazy beer barns and the drunks hanging around the local 7-11's. Personally, I don't drink at all, but this isn't about that. This is a quality of life issue. I don't care what someone else chooses to do, that's their business. I just don't want to be run over by them as they drive down to the corner to get more.

Here's the big persuasive slogan used by the wets: "Let's keep our tax dollars at home!" 'Scuse me? One cent of every dollar spent on booze will remain in this town. One measly cent! They are predicting that we will receive 2.4 million dollars in tax money next year if we vote it in. If I did the math correctly, that means that $240,000,000.00 worth of booze will be flowing in the streets of this little town of about 180,000. Taking the children out of the census probably means fewer than 100,000 adults will be sharing that huge amount of alcohol. Plus somebody else will have to drink mine! I don't know how anyone is going to have time to do anything besides drink, if this goes through. Then factor in the additional expense for more police, under-age enforcement, a bigger jail and drunk tank, more cleanup (I already pick up beer bottles off my lawn) - well, I just don't get it. I'm really praying that it will fail again. They tried it two years ago, and we defeated it overwhelmingly, but they're back. Oddly enough, it's being funded by a company in Tulsa, OK, who wants to build convenience stores here but won't unless they can sell booze. If you ask me, we have enough of them already, and enough Middle Eastern people to staff them.

There, I said it, and I ain't taking it back! Sugarplum says 10-4. --Romeena

November 05, 2006 - Msg 46876: Hello everyone. Haven't posted here in a while. Been busy with my real estate duties.

Regarding that Msg 46803 that Floyd removed at the top of this page, the first link was for a Russian web site and the second link was for a Slovakian Republic web site. Just thought you would like to know.

To Millie Msg 46838, although your lab tests did not come back with the results we were all hoping for, I'm so glad you are still determined to fight and conquer the disease. You are lucky to have your children, husband, co-workers and friends here to offer you support. You are an inspiration for us all. I am curious though. Have you ever considered alternative or natural treatments? My brother-in-law just began his chemo treatments this week.

To Romeena Msg 46844, congratulations on having the skills to create a successful spreadsheet program that is used by others.
I also miss DOS as well as creating and editing my own batch files.
When my sister was working the floor as a RN, she became intimidated when the hospital switched to installing computers at the nurses station. She never overcame that fear for some reason.

To Lucy Msg 46846, that was a unique experience you had with Nick in the theater. I'm glad it turned out for the better and he realized it.

To Asa Msg 46862, thank you for those kind words about me. I also missed you and am glad you healed up enough to return.

And thanks to everyone else who expressed their concern over my short absence.

from Poor Horatio

November 05, 2006 - Msg 46877: Good Evening Porch,
I'm waiting on hubby to get home from the seminar. Isn't it funny when you've been married a number of years that you get accustomed to having them there at bedtime? If I know he's out of town for the weekend I can go, but knowing he's due home I can't sleep!
Asa and MDC- I agree with you in regards of safe guarding your heart. Quite frankly, my husband, as much as I love him, is a 100% control freak. He cannot give his problems/issues to the Lord. I'm tired of telling him. He said it's easier said than done. I agree to an extent, but if you have a giving heart then it should be easy. Please everyone pray that Bryan can find his way. It feels like he's in a mid-life crisis. Thankfully he's not searching for women, it's himself. He wants to do so much educationally, but can't with 3 kids and a wife to take care of. Next fall I am going to go back to work, and that should help take the financial burden off going to school.
Boo- You are a peach. I hope you know that.
Idelle- I'm glad that you're feeling better.
Poor Horatio- What kind of real estate ventures are you doing?
Romeena- I didn't realize there are places where liquor can't be sold in grocery stores. Wish that was the case everywhere.
Hey to Spot, Mavis, BWB, DWF, M-T, fungirl, Millie, homemaker, auh20, charlotte tucker, Mrs. Wiley, Big Maude, Goober, MD, am I missin' anyone? If so, sorry and have a great evening!
Blessings to you and yours,

November 05, 2006 - Msg 46878: Hello porchers,
I had a wonderful weekend with the kids and grandchild again.
Homemaker I will have my box ready this week so I need the address to send the box.
Poor Horatio, Glad you are back.
Millie, I am glad your comuter is fixed and are back too.

November 05, 2006 - Msg 46879: Hey Horatio and Skippy...slow here at work...watching the colts....hey Miss Lucy!...prayers for Bryan..Im off tomorrow to get a pic to Ro for the site of my new boat!.she"s a gem...gona try tomorrow to figure all the toys out on the manual here at work tonight reading....sleeps 4,stove,fridge,sink,toilet....fired it up today in the driveway for just a miniute...varoooom..well let me finish the game...eating hot wings with my other co-worker,yall grab one....SPOT

November 05, 2006 - Msg 46880: Thanks for the wing, Spot. SSSheweeee! That's hot!

November 06, 2006 - Msg 46881: Just wanted to check in real quick here. I am alive and well, just busy. My girls are both doing well, too.

Prayers for all my fellow porchsters.

November 06, 2006 - Msg 46882: Good morning everyone. I hope that you all had a nice weekend. Mine was too darned short.

ROMEENA: It is every Americans constitutional right to purchase cigarettes and beer at a convenience store. It's not they want to sell Bibles or something ;).

BOO: AS long as you keep doing my laundry, you're a saint in my book.

HORATIO: Nice to have you back.

AFD: Glad to hear it. Stop back when you have a chance to set and visit.

MILLIE: Your strength and attitude never cease to amaze me. Although you have this terrible illness, I can't help but think that you must truly be favored by God to be such a powerful witness to others. You are a blessing to this porch.

AUH2O: Will you go boldly to where no Republican has gone before? (That would be Ted Kennedy's cabana.)

BOO: I just got a newsletter from a Methodist renewal/reform organization. Sometimes, I read this stuff and can't help but get depressed. Anyway, a group of liberal United Methodists have recently borken away and formed there own organization called the New Mthodist Conference. There first proclamation is "Universalism: We beleive that all will 'be saved'. We would not presume to say that only through Jesus can a person know God's will and grace." If it wasn't so sad it'd be funny.

Well, talk to y'all later. Back to work...

"Sure thing, Chickey-baby."

November 06, 2006 - Msg 46883: Good morning, everyone! Me-They, you're a hoot, a real bird in this world! "Not like they want to sell Bibles or something." Hahahaa! Can't you just imagine the furor there would be if they tried to do that? "Playboy" yes, Bibles no! Actually, what you said in jest, the part about the "right" to buy liquor anywhere they please - has been used by the wets in the campaign. They accuse us of trying to legislate their behavior. As I said, it's not that. They can drive two miles, in some cases less, into Dallas and buy anything they please. We just don't want it literally on our doorstep. There is a site just one block from my house that would be a perfect place for a beer barn, and if this thing passes, you can be sure there will be one there, with all that goes with it.

Irving has undergone some serious demographic changes in the last five years (the main reason I can't lease my rent house) and having those stores on every street corner would to be the final nail in the coffin of what used to be a lovely little city.
We have a very savvy young lawyer who is heading the anti-booze campaign and he did his homework. He identified 150 sites in this town that would be usable for such sales, in addition to the convenience stores that already exist. The Tulsa company that wants to come in here, and has given over $90,000 to the campaign, builds what they call convenience stores, but are in reality just beer barns. Mark checked them out.

If it was to be just wine in the nicer grocery stores, I could live with that. Don't drink it myself, but I know most people do. However, that's not where it would stop. The issue is to allow the sale of beer, wine and malt liquor for off-premises consumption, anywhere in town. In other words, beer barns and liquor stores.
My little town is going downhill fast anyway, and this will be the final greasing of the wheels. Think of Bedford Falls, in Jimmy Stewart's vision in "It's a Wonderful Life." Have you ever noticed how, in movies and in real life, wherever a decline in the quality of local life is depicted, alcohol plays a tremendous role? It's part and parcel of the corrupting of the society. As I said, if others choose to drink, that's their right, but I don't want it sold on my doorstep. We just must defeat the issue. I've already voted, and tomorrow will be the final decision.

Sugarplum says 10-4. --Romeena

November 06, 2006 - Msg 46884: ROMEENA: The idea of some that society has no right to legislate limitation on them is ridiculous. People aren't allowed to do whatever they please, even with their own bodies. And communities have every right (and the responsibility) to determine the greater good.

The idea that "I have a right to do as I please" has been used by liberals and libertarians. Unfortunately, nothing ever happens in a fishbowl. Our every action has some effect on someone. By securing the "right" to shop on Sundays, someone else will be forced by their employer to work. By winning their "right" not to wear a helmet, God forbid when an accident happens someone will be forced to live with thought that they killed someone (and it may not even be their fault), not mention that everyone elses car and health insurance goes up in the process. No, as a society we have every right to put limits on each other within reason.

If the majority in your town doesn't want alcohol sold in convenince stores, more power to them.

By the way, I noticed when I used to visit Plano and other places in Texas that you could purchase "single servings" of beer and stuff. Is that a Texas thing? I know you can't find that anywhere in Maryland.