November 06, 2006 - Msg 46885: Good Morning Friends,
I have to get the emissions done on my car so I only have a second.
Romeena- I must have misunderstood. I thought you said that it was a completely dry county. What is it you're voting on exactly? I agree that alcohol and trouble mix.
Me-They- So there are different types of Methodists like Baptists? How can you tell the difference?
Boo- I saw in SuperTarget some Mangosteen juice, but not Noni. It was with the juice aisle. The thing is I don't know if it is all natural/from concentrate.
Rev- What is your website again so we can see your concert dates? Are you coming to Georgia anytime soon?
AFD- I'm glad that y'all are well. Take care of yourself as well as the girls!
Today I have to get the minivan's emissions and tomorrow the cars. Its such a pain because the car always fails b/c of a stinkin' speed sensor! We've had it replaced, but it always conks out. We have to pay $600/yr and get a waiver to get our tags. Downfall of Atlanta traffic is smog; hence, emissions. Have a Mayberry Day!
Blessings to you and yours,

November 06, 2006 - Msg 46886: No, Lucy, we're not completely dry, and it isn't even a county thing. Dallas County is basically wet, but local townships can override that. Our town was dry until about fifteen years ago, when the wets won the "right" to have wine and mixed drinks served in "fine dining" establishments, but there were still no liquor stores, or alcohol sold in grocery or convenience stores. Now, to no one's surprise, they're trying to get that in, too. The sad thing is that the push is coming from the north part of town, where there are huge gated communities, highly controlled zoning (they even tell you what color roof you can put on your building or house) and single-family occupancy is strictly enforced. The rest of us have three and four illegal families living in one house, seven cars on the driveway and street, loud mariachi music at 3 a.m. - whatever. The city government is too gutless to confront those issues. What do you think they'll do about the inevitable mess that will come with removing the liquor restrictions? We'll have the beer barns and liquor stores, and the folks up north will have their glass of wine with dinner, and little wifey can buy it at the Ranch Market when she buys the steaks, before she picks up the kids from soccer. She won't have to drive the extra mila and half to the "strip" and go in that nasty old liquor store. If I sound bitter, it might be because I am.

Me-They, I'm not sure what is meant by purchasing "single servings". I'm not up on such things, I guess. I know at any restaurant you can get a glass of wine or a mixed drink. Is that what you mean?

Sugarplum says 10-4. --romeena

November 06, 2006 - Msg 46887: Make that "mile and a half", for cryin' out loud. --Romeena

November 06, 2006 - Msg 46888: Oh, one other thing. The folks who are emoting so loudly about "keeping our tax dollars in Irving" are never seen shopping in our local mall, which is rapidly going downhill. No, they drive their Porsches and Jags out to The Galleria, and spend big bucks there. But let's keep those alcohol pennies in Irving! Can you imagine what $240,000,000 worth of booze in one year would do to a community? Personally, I don't think there will be that much sold - people would have to do nothing but sit and drink to consume that much. No, we'll get the liquor stores and all that goes with them, for a pitiful amount of tax money, probably not even enough to pay for the additional services that will be needed to handle the effects of the alcohol. Makes me sick. --Romeena

November 06, 2006 - Msg 46889: hi guys...

We had a tragic accident in our community yesterday and I ask that you please pray for all families involved. A group of boyscouts and the leader were driving home from a camping trip and the vehichle ran off the road..dont know what caused it yet...and it burst into flames. There were 4 boyscouts and the leader. Only one survived..that was the leader's son..he managed to crawl out before the SUV caught fire. It has been a terrible blow..These boys ranged in age from 11-14. Please pray for these families..


November 06, 2006 - Msg 46890: Me-They, I had to smile when you mentioned the single servings of beer, and yes , I think it is a Texas thing. Around here nearly every convenience store has a huge "tub" filled with ice somewhere in the middle of the store. It is usually about the size of a small car (maybe not quite that big) and is filled with ice and single servings of beer of various labels. Very tempting to those who drink, I'm sure. Funny thing is, though, that we have a law against open containers in cars?! I can attest to what Ro is saying about the cultural changes that occur when beer can be sold anywhere, in anyway. I lived in a "dry" community outside of Corpus Christi for about 20 years and it was a wonderful, quiet, low-crime, middle to upper class community. Lots of churches, good schools, etc., then 2 years ago I moved about 5 miles down the road to a town that has never been dry and it was like the difference between night and day. The kind of people I see everyday here are very sad, lots of alcoholics, divorce, abused and neglected animals, just terrible. It DOES make a difference in smaller towns.

Oh no, I just read your post Idelle. Those poor families. My prayers for all involved and for your community.


November 06, 2006 - Msg 46891: Oh, my. Idelle, that's just terrible. A fatal wreck is bad enough, but the fire just makes it worse. That's one of my personal horrors. Can you imagine the mental anguish those families are enduring? I can only pray that the occupants were dead or unconscious when the fire started. How awful!! --Romeena

November 06, 2006 - Msg 46892: IDELLE: That breaks my heart. They will be in my prayers today.

ROMEENA: What I meant was individual cans or bottles, usually of beer, as BOO mentioned. Here, individual cans or bottles cannot be sold; they must be part of a larger quantity. Also, in my county at least, only restaurants and liquor stores can sell alcohol. I know other places in Maryland where convenience stores can sell beer and wine. My county does not allow tavern (bar) liquor licenses; establishments must serve at least two meals and 60% of sales must come from food. And restaurants can't sell carry-out alcohol. Liquor stores can't be open on Sundays, and resturants can only sell alcohol between 12:00 noon and 9:00 p.m. on Sundays.

I also remember in Plano that you could only order alcohol in restaurants if you became a "member" (which costs $1). I'm not sure what that was about.

While I have been known to have a glass of wine with a dinner every now and again (though we never have alcohol in the house), I completely agree that the benefits of alcohol pale in camparison to its negative impact on our society.


November 06, 2006 - Msg 46893:
Me-They Wow! Again with the Ted Kennedy? You are one mean dude. The only difference between Teddy Kennedy and our neighbors mangy mutt is I don't think the mutt has killed anybody. As for the cabana trip, which I will not be attending, I wouldn't let Teddy drive but feel free to tell us about it. hehe

Idelle-Oh my goodness, prayers for the boy and all the families involved.


November 06, 2006 - Msg 46894: On behalf of mangy mutts everywhere, I resent that remark.


November 06, 2006 - Msg 46895:
Hello porch's been a few days since I have been here on the porch. Haven't been able to pick up service on the road. Missed you all. I'm still on a tour. Now in La. One more week then I'm HOME for a week. Concerts are going great.

Millie....prayers for you and I really mean that! website is
You can go there but it's being overhauled so some of the features may not be up and running fully. Check it out. Also, yes I will be in Dalton, Ga I think in Feb.2007. I can't give you the date because I'm using a church office to get my emails and I don't have my date book with me.

Spot...that race chase is getting close to the end.

Better get out of here. You all have a blessed day and prayers for you all. I should be able to check back in tomorrow. God is so good!

November 06, 2006 - Msg 46896: Rev- You just made me smile. Yes, God is so good. We need to be reminded of that fact quite often. That's why you're the Rev!
Idelle- I heard about the crash. It was in the AJC & Comcast. Prayers are for the families.
Romeena- Thank you for explaining your communities plight. In most towns there are the upper crust taking over and it doesn't matter what other's think. It's like the "buy" the government. Let us know what happens.
Auh20 & M-T- Y'all behave now ya hear? There's a nice old fashioned woodshed out back!
I have to go and get Nick. Take care!

November 06, 2006 - Msg 46897:

M-T You are correct. It was wrong and hurtful of me to besmirch mangy mutts by comparing them to a Kennedy. So, to all the mangy mutts I may have offended I apologize.

Lucy Me-They started it! Honest! However, I will try to take the high road (again, as long as Teddy isn't driving).

homemaker My e-mail is on the way.

Poor Horatio Good to see you again! Or, as BWB would say, good to see you again!!!


November 06, 2006 - Msg 46898: Me-They and Auh2o, I just got an email from Hank The Cowdog and boy, is he mad! (Ya'll know who Hank the Cowdog is, right? Otherwise, that wouldn't make much sense).

Me-They, your post concerning what we do affecting others was right on the mark and so well-said. I really appreciated it. I wanted to stand up and clap.

Idelle, the story of the crash was featured in our local news today. They showed pictures of the van. So very sad.

I'm a trouble-maker so I am going to ask it: what do you all think about the high-profile preacher who was outted this week (how convenient during election week).


November 06, 2006 - Msg 46899: Boo, I think it's so very sad that someone in such a high-profile position allowed himself to be brought so low. No question that Satan will make the most of it. As to how it happened, I have always believed that the more visible and "powerful" a person is, the more sorely they will be tempted. It doesn't do Satan's cause much good when Joe Schmoe falls, but when a high-level church person falls, it makes the news. While I deplore what he evidently has done, I can still pray for him and his family, and for the people who will be disillusioned and turned aside by his actions. No true believer will be hurt, but many seekers will be deceived. We need to pray for our preachers and other leaders, because I do believe that the devil works overtime on them. Pray that they will stand strong.
That's my take on the matter. --Romeena

November 06, 2006 - Msg 46900: BOO: Surely we all sin and fall short, but we should be ready to confess them and start back in the right direction. Especially our leaders. This guy didn't do that. I apreciate that he is finally accepting responsibility for his actions, but if he had done so first this would be an entirely different story and he would have served as an example to others who struggle with sin. Instead, he has heaped fuel on the fire built by those cynical of Christianity and our struggle for a Godly nation.

No doubt his outing was timed to do damage to Republicans in the election, and especially the same-s*x marriage debate which is on the ticket in his home state (his accuser has admitted as much). But, if the shoe were on the other foot, I'm sure it would be taken advantage of in much the same way. Unfortunately, neither major political party is very familiar with the high ground.

Y'all have a good evening. And, don't forget tomorrow is election day. Vote early, and vote often ;).


November 06, 2006 - Msg 46901:
Boo-Concerning the minister, I agree with M-T (more often than I'd like to admit). The one thing I'd like to add is I think it perplexes and maddens non-Christians and secular types when Christians do not fall to pieces over a situation like this. They do not understand that it is the message not the messenger we covet. It's the Word we believe in. While we are saddened by this fellows actions and we will most certainly pray for him it was never about him. It has always been about the Word and we will not lose faith in the Word.

Oh yeah, I have no idea who Hank The Cowdog is.


November 06, 2006 - Msg 46902: I will be putting in my day starting at 5:30 a.m. tomorrow at the local election board. Please everybody, get out and make your votes count!
Charlotte Tucker

November 06, 2006 - Msg 46903: Well said, guys - Me-They and auh2o, both of you. You express yourselves so well. "They do not understand that it is the message not the messenger we covet. It's the Word we believe in." So true, so true. Many years ago, as a member of a very large Baptist church in San Antonio, I watched in horror as the pastor - a dynamic preacher, true to the scripture in every word he said - was caught in an affair with a woman in the church. There was no way he could deny it, and at the request of the deacon board, he resigned. At age 20, I thought the world was ending. No, the church just marched on, stronger than ever, and never missed a beat. We called another pastor who brought the truth to us even more clearly, and brought fresh new ideas on how we could serve the community. It was a blessing in disguise. That's not to say that God wanted it to happen. Certainly He didn't, but He can always take our messes and make them into something beautiful, if we'll give Him the chance. This thing with Haggard will prove that. He is only a man, and the Church will not falter. --Romeena

November 06, 2006 - Msg 46904:
Just a quick hello tonight.
BUSY monday and I'm beat!
Racing in Phoenix soon!!!
God bless,

November 06, 2006 - Msg 46905: I was off today and worked on the boat all day cleaning and figuring things out....Rev the chase ius gona be GOOD..hey MEC,ToOM,boo,ro,auh2o,m-t,possum and ya wana split the bill on pizza for the porch?.....SPOT

November 06, 2006 - Msg 46906: Good words! Ya'll bless me!

Auh2o, Hank The Cowdog is a very popular character in children's literature. There is a series of very funny books about Hank (who is a very Barney-like watchdog on a cattle ranch). He even has a buddy in crime-stopping who is alot like Andy (the smart one who lets Hank take the credit). You should check them out, your girls would even like them. Sometimes Sean and I read them together and just laugh out loud.

Well, I did my homework and checked out the candidates I would be voting on and am all ready to vote tomorrow. It should be interesting to see how many really turn out to vote. I listen to several Christian radio shows often and they have really been encouraging Christians to get to the polls.

Me-They, I just no (at 9pm got my last load of laundry in the dryer, so your shorts will be ready by in the morning).


November 06, 2006 - Msg 46907: Evening Porch. Hope all is well with evreyone.


November 06, 2006 - Msg 46908: Hey to Asa, Boo and whoever else might be out there. It's 11:02 here and I should be in bed since I need to get up early tomorrow, but I'm not there yet. Wondering if Millie's up checkin' the chat room. Sorry, Millie, I'd like to chat with you, but I can't seem to get all the pieces to get into the chat room any more and I'm too impatient with downloading and reading all them directions to get it together right now. Thinkin' about you and praying for you.
Charlotte Tucker

November 06, 2006 - Msg 46909: Hi all.
I know you have a lot to pray about already, but could you keep my State(WI) in mind as well? We have an important vote here and the secularists have spent alot of money trying to deceive and misinform the general public. I've done my part by writing a letter to the editor(no, not you, Charlotte.;)) and reminding my brother to get out and vote(and to remind the fellow members of his church, where he plays an active role, to do the same), and offering the use of my van to shuttle those who may not be able to get into town.
And of course I will do my part tomorrow by voting and I hope you all will do the same.

Well, it is pretty late so I better go to bed. Good night all!
-Sterling Holobyte

November 07, 2006 - Msg 46910: Morning, porch, and Happy Election Day! What a great feeling, just to be an American!
Sterling, I will pray for y'all in Wisconsin, as well as for Americans everywhere, to let God be your personal political advisor. He's never steered me wrong.
Charlotte, sorry I missed you here, dear. Sometimes(lately) I just feel a sudden need to lie down. I did that last night at 7, and never got back up. Guess my body needed more rest. Big day yesterday, my Robbie turned 8. I made a really good butter cake with chocolate frosting. Perfect with a scoop of icecream.
Ro, I agree 100 percent about "messengers". Recently my church had a split within the congregation about a new minister, mainly over new ways of doing things. For awhile it really turned me off. I found myself dreading phone calls from certain people, avoiding people at church. Then I realized it was MY church, too, and it would be what i made of it. Well, we did get a new pasor, and just as Ro said, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. God is great.
Gotta go take MIL to the hospital...(at 6am, no less!) because she's hoping FIL will get out today. He took a bad fall Saturday and they still don't know what he did, but he's still got alot of pain. Prayers for Bob.
Y'all have a good day and remember to VOTE!

November 07, 2006 - Msg 46911: I just got a call from Hubby saying he went to vote and the line was so long he will have to wait until after work. That sounds encouraging! I think I will try a little later this morning to avoid the crowd trying to vote before work.

Prayers for WI and for Bob.


November 07, 2006 - Msg 46912: hello all..

Thanks for your prayers for those involved in the accident I was telling you about. It is still such a shock and a horrible thing. One of the victims brothers was in the car in front of them, from what I understand and saw it all. Apparently when they got out to go over, before the fire, they could hear screaming. Of course that is hearsay. But the one most are concerned about is the boy that survived. To have to live with that image and experience forever..and the death of his father and friends. It is soooo absolutely tragic for such a small town.

Romeena...didnt you say you live in Fredericksburg? Or go there at Christmas? Couldnt remember and in Paula Deen's magazine (Dec, I think) There is an article of that town.

Everyone take care and VOTE!


November 07, 2006 - Msg 46913: Okay...I vote YES!


November 07, 2006 - Msg 46914: Good morning everyone. Actually haven't got the chance to vote yet, so there's still a chance a robocall will be able to change my mind (yeah, right). I'll be doing my civic duty after work.

BOO: Thanks for doing my laundry. Could you iron my shorts; nothing like warm shorts on a cold day.

CT: Now while you're wworking those polls don't be editing the ballots ;).

AUH2O: You'd find Ann Coulter's book very amusing.

Well, I have do (groan) get back to work. I'll stop back later.


November 07, 2006 - Msg 46915: Good Election Day Morning Porch, wanted to stop by on my way to the fire hall to place my vote & make sure ya'll are all doing the same. One thiing that really concerns me about all this here in VA is I hope everyone READS those amendments BEFORE placing their votes, rather than go on what everyone is saying, a few tricky spots in there that are a little mis-leading. Anyways, it's raining here today & that makes for a rough day hauling my equipment in & out of houses to groom the puppy dogs. I updated my webpage over the weekend too, added a page called "Hard Working Pups" lots of my furkids work for a living just like we do, they are pretty cute. *Mavis' Page ya'll check them out when you have time. Back later, gotta get to the fire hall.

November 07, 2006 - Msg 46916: dang it, how did that happen with my link, the address is

November 07, 2006 - Msg 46917: Boo - a customs form is from the post office. When you take your package to mail it to the soldiers - you will need to declare its contents and value them. You will also need to mark that it is a gift. They will help you with this. It is not a good idea to put a high value on the contents but rather a low value.

Auh20 - tried to email you but it was returned. I will try and do it again.

Remember - boxes go out next week or Thanksgiving week.

God is great!


November 07, 2006 - Msg 46918: Auh20- tried again and it was returned. It said you were not accepting my mail. ??? hm

November 07, 2006 - Msg 46919: Hey Asamav,sterling,hm,boo,ro,auh20,mdc,md,Rev,TOM and all just wanted to stop by for a second...busy here at work with all the rain and stuff....tonight its grilled ribeyes,baked taters all the way,salad,steamed veggies and garlic rolls...tea...big maude slaw,Mil will you bake a pie?...well let me get back to the grind stone...prayers...SPOT

November 07, 2006 - Msg 46920:
homemaker-I sent another email to you if that doesn't work I'll create an email account somewhere else.

Ro-Thanks so much for your kind sentiments. As you know, they are always reciprocated.
Your post about the preacher reminds of my feelings for Billy Graham. When I was younger I loved reading his books (and still do) and hearing him speak but I think he became almost as important to me as the message and that's dangerous.

M-T I think you're right, I am a fan of Ann Coulter's work.

Boo-Now that you mention that about Hank the Dog I do seem to remember hearing about him. I'll check it out. Thanks!


November 07, 2006 - Msg 46921: Just an interjection...

If anyone is looking for a fun, Christian game about Christmas, check this out:

Back later...


November 07, 2006 - Msg 46922: I just ordered the Hank the Cowdog books 1 and 2 with CD's for my boys. He is really funny.

I tried again auh2o - we'll see!

Thanks for game M-T.. .


November 07, 2006 - Msg 46923: Good afternoon. I'm taking a few minutes break.

Just a call from my Mrs. Things just aren't going well at home for her today. She works Monday and Tuesday nights, so it's pretty crucial that she gets some sleep on Tuesday during the day. Unfortunately, Veda just isn't cooperating lately. She just won't sleep during the day. Both teh other kids had no problem taking naps (heck, they still don't) but the baby sleeps like an hour a day (during the day). Her nighttime sleeping is going fine, and she is sleeping from about 8:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. But at four months, she should be getting more sleep. I know it sounds pretty trivial compared to how some people are suffering, but please say a prayer for my folks at home.



November 07, 2006 - Msg 46924: Me-They, it's not trivial at all. She does need more sleep, and I know the Mrs. must be frazzled. Prayers for your family.

November 07, 2006 - Msg 46925:
VOTE and pray...our plan for today!

Spot...supper sounds good. Also thanks to Maude and Millie.

Everyone have a blessed day. Prayers for you all!

November 07, 2006 - Msg 46926:
homemaker-I haven't received the email yet. So, I opened an account at yahoo and sent you another email.

M-T Prayers for little Veda. Hey, here's a thought you don't suppose she's a bit anxious because her Dad can't stop mentioning Teddy Kennedy all the time, do ya? OOPS, I was gonna take the high road. By the way, that game looks real nice

Boy, I can't wait 'til the polls close.


November 07, 2006 - Msg 46927: Thanks, everyone, for keeping my Mrs. and baby in your prayers today. I'm headed home now, right after I vote. Now that Pat Paulson is gone, and Ross Perot ain't runnin', I never know who to vote for :).

I'll see you all tomorrow unless Ted Kennedy loses. Then I'm taking the day off and driving up to your place for a fiesta, AUH2O. And he ain't even my Senator.

Y'all have a good one.


November 07, 2006 - Msg 46928:
M-T You'd be more than welcome buddy!


November 07, 2006 - Msg 46929: Prayers for your family, Me-They. Darn it, I wish I lived nearby so I could go pick up Veda so your wife could get some sleep! By the way, I don't iron so if you want your shorts heated, you'll just have to heat your buns, Little Brother.


November 07, 2006 - Msg 46930: Just wanted to share a sad prayer request with all of you. I know you have prayed for Linda and Keith in the past (she is the lady with the lung transplants that was dying a few months back and the Lord brought her back from the brink of death and she was able to see her grandchild born). Well, she is at the end of her journey now, it appears and she is ready to go home to be with the Lord. She and her family made the decision this week to go home from the hospital under hospice care and no further treatment other than pain meds for comfort. She went home today and will be spending her last days with her family gathered around her. Bruce saw her in the hospital yesterday and talked with Keith. They know Linda is ready now and wants to go and I think they have accepted it. Bruce said you could already tell that the light had gone out of her eyes and she was entering the dying process. Please pray for a peaceful passing and pray for Keith and their family this week. I will keep you informed. Thank you so much.

Julie (Boo)

November 07, 2006 - Msg 46931:
See Boo, you ARE an angel. Here you are having to take melatonin and yet you offer to take veda for a while! I see you as a very caring compassionate lady!
Anyone seen POOR HORATIO??
Idelle and Methey and Sterling- prayers for your situations my friends.
I see on the homepage that GOMER PYLE USMC is coming out with season one in December!
"That Sargeant Carter is just a wonderful man"
Maude- I just realized that you are also known as Ralph Henderson! haha
As we repent and pray, we ask that God continues to bless America. Thank you.

November 07, 2006 - Msg 46932: Oh MDC, my motives were purely selfish...I wanted to steal some baby neck sugar!


November 07, 2006 - Msg 46933: Well, I'm home from election. Gotta share a little something with ya'll that happened at our poll today. We had a highy contested sheriff's race. But from everything I've read and heard the current sheriff is doing a good job--the main problem being that he's putting criminals behind bars. The guy who ran against him has been slinging lots of mud and getting lots of people to write letters to the editor in the local paper, etc. (most written by people claiming to be wrongly accused, ex-cons, or relatives thereof) I was watching all with interest. But today what I had suspected seemed very evident. We had scuzballs coming out of the woodwork to vote for this guy--people who had never seen a ballot before, didn't know how to vote, probably didn't care, and some just plain out asked "where on here can I vote for the sheriff?" It was pitiful, just pitiful. If the people concerned about values in our nation would turn out in force like the criminals in our county turned out to try to displace our upright sheriff, America would be a better place. Will be interesting to see the results tomorrow. Please pray for our sheriff to be maintained or who knows what will happen in this county.

I'll get off my soapbox now and hit the ironing board.
Charlotte Tucker

November 07, 2006 - Msg 46934: Dear Friends....I will not go into detail, just suffice it to say that when God promised to give abundantly more than we could think, or dream or ask HE WASNT KIDDING! I have had such a blessing and the timing could NOT have been coincidence. I will keep all the requests in my prayers.
fun girl

November 07, 2006 - Msg 46935: Goodness Charlotte, it sounds like they are trying to get rid of Andy Taylor! Lord knows we need more people like him, who aren't afraid to actually punish criminals.

Prayers for Linda and Keith, Boo, and may God give him strength to deal with what he must be feeling.

Fun Girl, I am glad God answered your prayers. I'm very happy for you, for whatever the reason.:)

As for my prayer request before, just wanted to update that it's looking pretty good here and that people are choosing morality. Thank God for that! Ok, I will. Thank you, God!;)
My choice for Gov. didn't win, but I guess we can't have everything. One thing at a time.;)

Goodnight everyone.
-Sterling Holobyte

p.s. That is some more good news, MDC. I love Gomer Pyle USMC!

November 08, 2006 - Msg 46936: Good morning, porch! Well, I just wanted to give you an update and let you know that good has prevailed, and our good sheriff (yes, let's call him Andy) has won. His total was double the other guy's. Thanks to all the folks on the side of right in this county who came out to vote to offset the "others."
Charlotte Tucker

November 08, 2006 - Msg 46937: Woo-Hoo! Good news, Charlotte.

So happy for you, Fungirl...we won't be bored with the details if you choose to share.


November 08, 2006 - Msg 46938: Good Mornin' Porch,
It is a cloudy fall day here in GA. I smiled looking at a cardinal on the tree. Our beautiful leaves are definitely falling so the bright birds are more visable.
Romeena- How did your election turn out?
Charlotte- That is wonderful. It is always a great feeling when the good guys win. It gives the world hope.
Fungirl- Congratulations! I don't know the details, but you deserve some joy in your life!
Boo- Linda, Keith and their family is in my prayers. Thank you for sharing with us.
Me-They- How did it go last night with Veda? Have you read any good books lately?
Spot- I like Sonny Perdue and I'm glad he won. I really like the law he put into effect about kids having to have good grades and low absences in order to obtain and keep their license. Did you notice his campaign ads were 100% clean? I have to vote for anyone who isn't slamming their opponent every chance they get. Gov. Perdue had these wonderful ads saying Sonny Do for a Sonny Do List and that's it. It was a breath of fresh air.
Hey to All!
I'm chaperoning Bryson's field trip to the ballet so I'd better get spiffed up. One more thing. Yesterday was pretty bad with the boys being home. Nick was constantly angry and Bryson was constantly crying. Last night Nick was deleting things on my computer (which he was told not to) and deleted pictures of Nathaniel, my stillborn son. I lost it. I know you can get them out of the recycling bin, but to see them disappear just killed me. Especially after being with a friend who also had a stillborn son and she's having a perfectly healthy pregnancy and is due in 2 weeks. The bad thing was that hubby got mad at me for getting upset at Nick. I wasn't yelling I just screamed no and ran out of the house to cry. Yesterday was a hard day and I'm thankful it was over. I apologized to Nick for yelling, but of course he never apologized for deleting Nathan's pictures. I'm pretty tired of only Nick's feelings counting. Especially because hubby's rarely home to see what happens. Okay, well, I needed to get that off my chest. Gotta get ready. Have a happy day.
Truth cannot be found in an election booth.

November 08, 2006 - Msg 46939: Glad goodness prevailed Charlotte.
Fungirl, I am happy that you have been blessed. God is good.
Boo, Thanks for the update on Linda. That is sad that she is leaving us, but it is wonderful she and her husband have come to terms with it and have found the peace of grace from a loving compassionate Heavenly Father. I pray her passing will be gentle and for continued peace for her and her family.
Auh20, it wasn't a good night for us last night, was it? Oh well. The next two years will be interesting. It may all work out for the best.
Spot, whats for breakfast buddy? I'm famished!
Romeena, let us know how that turns out with the booze stuff. Utah is noted for it's strict liqour laws, and many have tried to change it over the years, with out to much luck. But here, as with most places, the demographics are changing and I am sure so will the laws. It frustrates me, so many folks move here because of a quality of life and atmosphere that is wonderful for raising a family, then the first thing they start doing is bellyaching because they can't buy hard liqour at the local supermarket. I just don't get it. Have they heard of cause and effect? And I'm not bashing those who choose to drink. That's fine if they want to, as long as it does'nt have a negative impact on my pursuit of a happy life. Anyway, I've said to much I reckon.
Y'all behave.


November 08, 2006 - Msg 46940: Good Morning - auh2o - sent you the address this morning - hope it works.

Not real happy about the elections...oh well...more prayer needed for the country.


November 08, 2006 - Msg 46941:

Asa-You are so right, the tree of liberty needs a pruning from time to time and I think that holds true for the GOP. They have got to stop looking for Ronald Reagan because as much as it hurts he isn't coming back. Good days are ahead, I believe it. While Reagan is no longer here, I think we still need to keep searching for that "Shining City on the Hill!"

Lucy-Glad you're smiling again!

Charlotte-I'm glad some things turned out right last night.

fungirl-Great news!

Homemaker-Maybe Poor Horatio can help us out with our problem.


November 08, 2006 - Msg 46942: Did you get your address auh2o...


November 08, 2006 - Msg 46943: Thanks for those positive comments, Asa and Auh2o. It makes me feel better. Whether we are in for harder times or better ones, I know God is still in control and can cause all things to work together for the good of them that love him and are called according to his purpose.

Lucy, I feel so sorry for you and your family, especially for Bryson. Lord protect all of you. I have a verse I was thinking of as I read your post. Paul wrote to the church in Rome during times of persecution: "I consider that our present sufferings are not worthy to be compared with the glory that WILL be reaveled in us."~Romans 8:18 If you are persecuted for something when you don't deserve it, God sees. Keep the faith and keep praying for direction for you and your husband, especially. I think God may need to open his eyes to some things. My prayers for you today. I'm very glad you can come here to get things off your chest. You need that.

I just got home from the Dollar Store and there is Christmas stuff everywhere! I found a little booklet as I was leaving called, Mini Moments For Christmas, and it is really quite good. It stresses the true meaning of Christmas. I think a little later when we are closer to Christmas I will start sharing some of the things from the book with all of you. Here is just a sample from the book: "At Christmas...too many parents will spend more money on their kids than they did on their honeymoon which started it all."

Gotta go...break over!


Where are ya, Me-They?

November 08, 2006 - Msg 46944: Good afternoon, all. Asa, you will be happy to hear, and I'm happy to report, that here in Irving we beat the liquor thing once again. That bolsters my faith in this town, and renews my hope that we will be able to maintain some semblance of a decent life here. I know that sounds like this old Baptist gal is taking a hard line against those who drink. That's not the case. As I've said before, I don't drink, but that is a personal choice for me. I know people who do drink, who do it responsibly, and don't seem to be any the worse for wear. I also know of people whose lives have been shattered by it, some within my own family. This local issue was never about drinking or not drinking. I know people who do drink, but who were campaigning against the proposition. It's tangled up in loose zoning laws, poor enforcement of laws already in effect, and a demographic base that is already fragile and will be even more so if the breadwinner is able to buy liquor a half block from his home. It's actually that demographic group that I feared would turn the tide this time, but it didn't happen. Either they're wiser than I thought, or they didn't (or couldn't) vote. Either way, it was defeated, at least for the next two years.

Lucy, my heart just breaks for you. I can only imagine your horror as you saw those pictures disappear. I thought of my son and his wife, and the little baby boy they lost at the age of one hour. Losing the pictures we have of him would have pushed them over the edge, I think. Please, retrieve them from the recycle bin quickly, and if you have the capability on your computer, transfer copies of them to a couple of CDs and store them in a safe place. Now that Bryson has found a very sharp sword, he may use it again. Oh, and I'd make that computer accessible by password only, and he would have a long gray beard before I gave it to him. Acting out is one thing, downright malicious cruelty is something else. That kid needs serious help! I can't believe you apologized to him for yelling. I'd have been refusing to apologize for worse than that. You have more patience and forbearance than I could ever hope to possess. You are in my prayers.

Well, I'm bushed. Just clemmed. After working last night, I still haven't slept, but I don't work tonight, so I may just stay up. Or not.

Sugarplum says 10-4. --Romeena

November 08, 2006 - Msg 46945: Prayers Lucy!hey all...back at work again...rain has stopped....prayers Boo...hey Rev,TOM,auh20,asa,fg good deal!...big maude make some slaw and I will throw some chickens on the grill,corn on the cob,baked beans,and tea....SPOT

November 08, 2006 - Msg 46946: Lucy, I'm wondering about a home for troubled kids for Nick. Is that an option? Something about you having him in your home with you and Bryson makes me very nervous. As he gets bigger, he may become dangerous to you, I'm afraid.


November 08, 2006 - Msg 46947: Boo, that thought had crossed my mind. Do you remember that Christian home for troubled kids - was it Lester Roloff that ran it? It was a bit like a boot camp, with a lot of love thrown in. I recall that at one time somebody got a notion that it should be investigated, and the state sent investigators out there, and nearly had a riot from the kids. They loved it there, and didn't want the school shut down. Long time ago, not sure of my facts, but I recall that the charges were dropped. They were brought by some kid and his parents that couldn't handle the idea of the discipline that was maintained. It was located somewhere in south Texas as I recall. Probably not in existence anymore, but something like that might be an option. Bryson needs love and kindness, but he needs discipline as well, and I don't think Lucyshould have to do that. I'm not sure she can - I don't know how big the boy is already. Lucy, perhaps you'd prefer that we mind our own business, and I wouldn't blame you. It's just that we're concerned for you, for your physical safety and your peace of mind as well. You can tell me to lay off, and it won't hurt my feelings at all. --Romeena

November 08, 2006 - Msg 46948: I just did a search on Lester Roloff and his youth homes. Apparently he died in a plane crash in 1982, and it doesn't really say whether the homes are still in operation, though I suspect they are not. It seems he had several clashes with the authorities, amid charges of abuse and too-strict discipline, but nothing was ever proven, except for one case, which occurred after Roloff's death.

November 08, 2006 - Msg 46949: Well, shoot! Hit the wrong button, I guess. Anyway, it appears most of the objections were about strictness, which might explain why some of those kids were in trouble in the first place! I'm not sure how I feel about it - what I read sounds like he came pretty close to the line most of the time, very easy to go too far. I'm sure there are other places that would be helpful if Lucy and her husband should decide to move in that direction. --Romeena

November 08, 2006 - Msg 46950: The Roloff home was here in Corpus Christi, Ro. I don't think it is still around but I think the Roloff's church is still there. We still get his radio messages here every weekday at 5pm (been that way for about 30 years, I think!). I haven't always seen eye to eye on every single thing Roloff said but I agreed with most of it, that's for sure. He was right on the money on alot of things and though he was opinionated, he did have love for the kids. It was very sad when he died. As far as I can recall, the problem was that the state wanted to come in and investigate or regulate what was done and Roloff didn't want that. I remember when I was a teen (before I was a Christian) and I thought everyone out there was crazy with their bibles and short haircuts! Seems funny now. I think that after Roloff died, the church probably had some problems, as well as the home, which might explain why it's not in operation anymore, now that there is a bigger need for it than ever before!

We do have something here now called Teen Challenge that is similar and I have heard very good things about it. Not sure if it is nation-wide but it might be worth looking into. They had some bad publicity a couple of weeks ago, though, when one of the kids fell out of a truck and was killed. She was 18 and had just received the Lord the Sunday before. She left behind a 2 yr old boy.

Better get a move on...sure was quiet around here today without Me-They.


November 08, 2006 - Msg 46951: Evenin' Y'all! Haven't been online much-hubby's been home since Friday with back problems and my daughter (Laci's mom) is sick with pneumonia,so I've been busy. Both are doing better as of today,thank God!
Boo,I will pray for Linda & family. Thanks for updating us.
Yay,Fun Girl! I don't know what's going on,but I'm happy for you!
Prayers for Mrs. Me-They & Family,and Lucy's as well.
Charlotte,glad to hear that the Good Sheriff was re-elected!
Seems I'm overlooking someone or something.. well,I love you all even if I didn't acknowledge you individually!
Take care y'all!
possum under a rock

November 08, 2006 - Msg 46952: Evening Porch, been a long, rainy day here in VA, but I'm glad it's finally over & I am sitting here with my 4-legged children drinking a cup of tea. Prayers for those that need them & hugs to everyone.

November 08, 2006 - Msg 46953: Oh, almost forgot, I always try to give my clients something for Christmas, well not all of them, only my regular ones, this year I thought of giving "dog bisquit mix in a jar" what do you all think of that, would you like something like that?

November 08, 2006 - Msg 46954: I had prayed over a financial situation. And in the end I was blessed many times over. God is so good to his children. I think he just wanted to give me a sign that no matter how many mistakes we make, he still loves us unconditionally. I knew it in my heart, but sometimes it takes something dramatic to get it thru this thick skull.

fun girl

November 08, 2006 - Msg 46955: Hey Mav,fg,possum,boo and all....slow here at work..just a few things going on...lucy ball is on TCM "The Fuller Brush girl"...1950...snack in just a bit.....SPOT

November 08, 2006 - Msg 46956:
Boo-I had made that post last night and then had to leave the porch, so i missed the one about Linda's family. I didnt mean no disrespect with the Gomer stuff, and hope you took none. Just a bad case of timing on my part.
will be praying for them and Lucy too.
I heard this on the radio today:
Now that the dems have won a few elections, isnt it amazing how apparently all the voting machines worked "just perfectly" and all voted fine with showing ID, and apparently no re-counts are necessary, and I guess all the lines were short and no one was turned away! haha
Sad, but true!
Well, ya all have a good evening!

November 08, 2006 - Msg 46957: I was thinking about that same thing, MDC. What happened to all their worry about "voter fraud"? They sure have been quiet about that since yesterday. Ha Ha!
-Sterling Holobyte

November 08, 2006 - Msg 46958: On that note, I haven't noticed any "chad" hanging around either, have you? --Romeena

November 08, 2006 - Msg 46959: Don't give it a thought, MDC. I had not even noticed it.

Ro, who is "chad"?


November 08, 2006 - Msg 46960: Evening folks, just stopping by for a minute. Been a busy week with work and home life. Once again I need to ask for your special prayers. One of my sons friends, a 15 year old girl, was tragically killed in a car accident last night. Apparenlty the driver, a 17 year old girl, went off the shoulder of the road, over corrected, hit another car, and then flipped over an embankment, killing my sons friend. The road was wet and it was drizzling rain. Ashley was an only child and a very sweet and kind young woman. She as a Christian, which gives me peace about her. We are all shocked and so sad tonight. Please pray for her parents as well. You guys are such strong prayer warriors so I know your prayers will be felt by all of those affected by her death. Thanks so much. I will check in later. Big Maude

November 08, 2006 - Msg 46961: Big Maude prayers for your son and your sons friends family....very sorry...still slow here at till morning then off thu and to get the boat ready for the winter months...watching a 149 lucy ball movie...good one..on TCM channel...well Big Maude prayers again.....hey Boo,MDC...prayers Lucy and Mil...peanut butter and saltines for a snack...sticks to the roof of your mouth!...SPOT

November 08, 2006 - Msg 46962:
MDC-Ya know, our voter registration cards that were sent out to us incorrectly stated where we were supposed to vote, maybe we should have called CNN. Daniel Ortega and the Democrats are both back, where's the misery index, odd-even gas days, and the Billy Beer?


November 08, 2006 - Msg 46963: To Boo Msg 46930, that is so sad about your friend Karen. That brought up some painful memories for me. When my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer, shortly after he was discharged from the hospital, he defied logic and began to feel and look better as well as regain his strength and appetite. I began to think that maybe this was a miracle or that the doctors misdiagnosed him. Unfortunately after a few months of good health, he began to deteriorate and died shortly afterwards. Sometimes I think we are too quick to attribute things to miracles. Afterall, if God loves all of us the same, why are some blessed with miracles and others are not? Sorry for sounding so negative but that's the way I feel right now.

To MDC Msg 46931, I'm right here.

To auh2o Msg 46491, since I don't know what email programs you are using, I can't give you step by step instructions. However, I would suggest you check your email filters and spam settings first. If you saved any of hm's previous emails, open one up and mark that address as not spam.

To Romeena Msg 46947, you are referring to the Rebekah Home for Girls that was in Corpus Christi. You can read more about this school, and others that Mr. Roloff ran, by clicking here. He was found guilty of running unlicensed schools and as a result, those schools had to be closed because he refused to follow governmental rules to license them.

from Poor Horatio