December 03, 2006 - Msg 47566: Good Morning Don,Ro,Mil,Lucy,dwf,bwb,Tom,Rev,auh20,boo,Asa and all....back at work this Sunday Morning....will watch services on the tube...will keep yalls Church lights off on weekends starting next week so I can get back in Church!...Breakfast: Country ham and eggs your way,grits,hashbrowns,bisquits and milk gravy,sausage links,butter,grape jelly,milk,coffee,h20...ready at 7:00 est...Asa dont break in line!...praayers ...COLD here in Ga...Romeena you snowed in?....SPOT

December 03, 2006 - Msg 47567: swish!!!have not swept in a while....neat......SPOT

December 03, 2006 - Msg 47568: Good sweeping Spot. You cook, you clean, you do it all!

Boo, your quote is from Christmas Story. A funny movie.

So last night we plugged in Christmas Carol and watched it. We have to versions of it. The one we watched last night has Reginald Owen as Srooge. It's good, but our favorite is the 1951 version with Alister Sim as Scrooge. He plays that part very well.

Colder than a well diggers behind here this morning. Thats cold!

Here's another Boo.
It''s...indescribeably beautiful. It's like the 4th of July!

Let's meet at Romeena's after preachin and drink hot chocolate and look at her tree.


December 03, 2006 - Msg 47569: Happy Sabbath Porch!
Hope everyone has a wonderful day!
Boo- I'm glad its a baby doll, not a live baby! Has anyone seen Simon Birch? Do you remember the nativity scene?
Asa- I love Scrooge too. One of my fave Christmas movies is The Bishop's Wife w/Cary Grant-Not the Whitney Houston Preacher's Wife, although that one's not bad.
Gotta get ready for church. Thanks for keeping our lights on Spot!

December 03, 2006 - Msg 47570: Asa, I believe that would be Ralphie's dad describing the splendor of the "Leg Lamp"!

Gotta go to church...will tell you more about swinney switch later, Ro.


December 03, 2006 - Msg 47571: Hi All.
Will I see are from man with no name had pop in for now.
You n
know it nice to have a friend like you that card about people.


Ababbling brook, a chirping bird,
A note of music yet unheard.
Some say; "There is no God"
A drop of rain, a falling leaf,
Childern playing make believe.
Some say; "There is no God"
A clear blue sky, a brilliant star,
A tiny moonbeam shining far.
Some say; "There is no God!"
A laughing child, an unshed tear,
The memory of a bygone year.
Some say: "There is no God!"
A soothing hand, a gentle sigh,
The Gates of Heaven, see them nigh.
Behold:OUR GOD!


December 03, 2006 - Msg 47572: i like that 47561 ok love gizzmo.......

December 03, 2006 - Msg 47573: "What a beautiful day for the Lord to come again..." That's the beginning line to an old gospel song. And it is a gorgeous day! Hope everyone is enjoying it.

Boo, my husband used to go dove hunting in George West. I personally have never been there.
I haven't been to Corpus since I was a child and we would vacation there on occation.

Romeena, hope your tree turned out liked you had hoped. I've delegated that responsibility to my girls these last few years. I like to decorate the rest of the house with my snowman collection.

Just a couple more gifts to go and I'm through shopping. Yeah! I just LOVE to tell the merchants Merry CHRISTMAS when they tell me happy holidays (leaving Christ out of Christmas).
We need to pray for one another to be bold in this day in which we live. Christians have definately become the minority!

Miss Peggy

December 03, 2006 - Msg 47574: Afternoon Tom,Miss Peggy,gizzmo,asa,boo,ro and all...and so true Peggy....well slow here at till 6 pm..watching the Falcons...tonight lets grill out burgers all the way...baked beans,big maude slaw and tea...peach cobbler....well a outage call just came in..let me check it out...SPOT

December 03, 2006 - Msg 47575: SPOT, dinner sounds good tonight!

Save me a plate!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

December 03, 2006 - Msg 47576:
Hey folks! Not much time today, but had enuf to sing a few bars of "Church in the Wildwood."
Welcome Don! Thanks for speaking up.
Prayers continue for all porchsters.
Boo-when do you head for Colorado?
Take care all,

December 03, 2006 - Msg 47577: Good evening, all. Boo, I got your pictures of your Christmas tree and the closeups of those beautiful ornaments, many of them vintage, I can tell. How lovely! I'll try to get a few more pics taken and posted. Yours are in the album now, under "Christmas in Mayberry". The one of Sean and Erin went into your sub-album, rather than the Christmas one.

Tom, that poem is just perfect. Thanks so much. I was thinking along those very lines today, as I looked at the gorgeous yellow iris blooming on my desk, with the afternoon sun just lighting it up. I'm so glad I thought to cut it before the freeze. It just continues to bloom, stuck in a vase!

As for my tree, it looks pretty much like it looks every year. That's the disadvantage to an artificial tree - it never changes. My beloved Austrian pines were a new adventure every year, but you can't get them anymore, at least not around here. That's why I went with artificial. Oh, I suppose I could change up the appearance of the tree, if I wanted to invest in new and different ornaments, color schemes and such, but that seems like such a waste of money, and besides, I'm so partial to my old pet ornaments, that I just use them every year.

Well, guess I'll watch a little TV, and then head for bed. Have to work tomorrow night and Tuesday night. Argh.

Sugarplum says ho, ho, ho! --Romeena

December 03, 2006 - Msg 47578: Hey Peggy, any day that the Lord comes back is great with me! So you have heard of George West? You have not missed much by not going there. It's very small with a Dollar General, a Dairy Queen, and a Super S grocery...not alot else. They do have a pretty nice courthouse for such a small town, though. We were really surprised when my husband's mom and her husband decided to move there into a mobile home park. They were both living in Corpus but wanted to move far enough away to be away from family troubles but close enough for the kids to visit now and then. You should plan another get-away to Corpus. It's really changed since you were here. It's still very clean and the waterfront is beautiful.

MDC, I guess we will be leaving on the 10th...if Dad still wants to go. We will see....

I sent some picture to Ro of my christmas tree so they will be in her album soon I think.

Better go read a story to Erin..

One more thing, I would like to ask your prayers for Sean again, please. He is really struggling with his school work and I am contemplating taking him out to homeschool him again. Bruce doesn't think we should and I'm certainly not convinced but I have asked Bruce to pray carefully about it and I am going to as well. Would you all please send up a prayer for us that God will show us if we should leave things as they are or what we should do to help Sean? Thanks so much!


December 03, 2006 - Msg 47579: Oh Hey, Ro! We were posting at the same time. Thanks for posting my pictures. Hope you get a good night's sleep.


December 03, 2006 - Msg 47580: Hi all,
I'm still around, just haven't been posting as much.
Took the Kai and the wife to The Nativity Story today. Not bad. A little too grown up for Kai I think. She would start fidgeting every once in a while, but not too bad. But we have been wanting her to remember the real meaning of Christmas, because with all the secular "holiday" specials, commercials, and stores afraid to even say the word "Christmas" or refer to the spiritual side of this season, I am afraid young minds can get caught up in the commercialization of it and forget about Jesus altogether(which is exactly how some people want it).
But the movie was really well done, and very true to life, as far as I know, not having lived back then. And totally family friendly. Not too scary or gross or anything. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it, and to your kids.
Speaking of Nativities, I finally finished a little Christmas project I was working on(with my brother's help). Since our new house is in such a good location for it(set up higher than the street and on a busy road going to the hospital), I had really wanted to have a Nativity scene this year. So, after finding a relatively inexpensive Mary, Joseph, and Jesus outdoor figure set, I decided to build them a little stable for their temporary dwellings. And I must say, it looks pretty good, and it didn't cost a thing. Made the frame out of some old table legs(or something, they didn't even know what they were for, but they worked)I found over at my parents; then my brother told me he saw a sign outside of a pallet company that said "free wood" so we loaded up the van with the old pallets and made the walls and roof out of the wood from those. Then, with nails, screws and tools I already had, we put together a pretty nice, but decidedly humble looking, stable.
I know that it is said that Jesus was born in a cave-like structure and not a wooden stable, and the movie reminded me again of that, but I'm pretty proud of it just the same.

Prayers for Sean, Boo. God will show you the way.

-Sterling Holobyte

December 04, 2006 - Msg 47581: That's great Sterling. We would love to see it, I'm sure. Please send a picture of it to Romeena....pretty please!! Thank you for your prayers for Sean. I appreciated it very much.

Have to get the kids to school...lots to do this week to prepare for Christmas and our trip to Colorado (hopefully).


December 04, 2006 - Msg 47582: Good Monday Morning Mayberry. Another week begins. I trust you all had a safe and sane weekend. Ours was nice. No one took me up on my offer to go to Romeena's and drink hot chocolate and look at her tree, so I went all alone. That little Plum is a treat I'll tell ya.

What's the special at the Diner today? I hope it ain't chicken ala king again. I just hate my main dish to be concealed in a heavy sauce.


December 04, 2006 - Msg 47583: Mornin' Porch,
It's awfully chilly here in the peach state. My van said 27 when I dropped off Nick. I love it, for now. I'll take some of that hot cocoa now, Asa!
Romeena- I too wish we could have a live tree. Once we get a house then hubby said we can. Have you considered just buying different lights such as bells? Maybe that will give you a change, if that's what you're wanting that is.
Boo- I'll be praying for Sean. We've also been struggling with that for Bryson. Please remember though that Bruce is head of your household and if he doesn't think it is the right thing to do then ultimately you have to follow. I didn't want to put Bryson in public school, but hubby has insisted so that's where he is for now. I'll pray for your husband to have wisdom and that you can have peace with his decision.
Miss Peggy- I'm thankful that Wal-mart has added Christmas back to its signage. I didn't know what I was going to do!
Sterling- It's nice to hear from you. I think we're going to see the Nativity Story this weekend. I'm glad to hear your opinion. The nativity scene you have described sounds great. You should send a picture to Ro, as Boo has also requested.
Tom- I really like your poem. Did you ever get in touch with Mavis?
I also have a prayer request. My paternal Grandmother and stepgrandfather have decided to split up after 40 years of marriage. The entire marriage has been terrible, but something silly took place at Thanksgiving to where my Grandfather decided to move out into his rental home. My Grandmother is 84 and living in a huge home in the country by herself. The family doesn't know what to do about Christmas. I just found out about it last night so apparently he's still gone. It might be a good thing, in one way, because they have so much resentment towards eachother. At the same time, they need eachother. Thank you!
Decorating time! Have a wonderful Day!
Blessings to you and yours,
~Lucy Matthews
God's gift to us was Jesus!

December 04, 2006 - Msg 47584:
Morning Folks

Cooled down a bit here 19 degrees with a few inches of snow, about 4 or so I guess.

Sterling-Thanks for your review on "The Nativity." I was curious about that one.

Lucy-I hope you get your wish for a White Christmas especially if it brings Nick some peace. I really don't root for one team in baseball. I just love the game, little league of Major League it just don't matter a whole lot to me. But, the Giants do have a special place in my heart. When I was a kid I followed San Fran. Willie Mays, Willie McCovey, Juan Marichal, Gaylord Perry and a young Bobby Bonds wow! How could you not love that? Your Braves, now there's team.

Here's a quote from one of the newer Christmas movies.
"You smell like beef and cheese, you don't smell like Santa."


December 04, 2006 - Msg 47585: Good morning everyone. It's a cold 35 here right now. A far cry from the 70-something it was on Friday.

Hey to DON. Wouldn't you know? His name would be Don. (Mayberry joke, DON.)

AUH2O: I hope that things have been worked out and I'm glad to see you back on the porch. You missed a whole moulage I started about the ACLU last week. I think I made ROMEENA spring a leak ;).

Nice pics, BOO. How old is Erin again? She looks about Nora's age (6).

Well, I'll stop back later.


December 04, 2006 - Msg 47586: That's from the movie ELF, Auh2o! I think that movie has some really funny lines in it. How about this one: "You sit on a throne of lies!"..haha

Thanks Lucy, I already told Bruce last night that I wouldn't put any pressure on him. I just asked him to pray about it and whatever decision he made, we would stick to. If there is one thing I have confindence in, it's God's ability to speak to Bruce's heart. I have seen it many times.

Gotta go make chili!! It's in the 30's here and sunny. I love it!


December 04, 2006 - Msg 47587: Hey, Me-They, you snuck in on me. Erin is 5, she won't turn 6 until August but she has had quite a growth spurt lately and is looking more like a girl and less like my baby.


December 04, 2006 - Msg 47588: Where does the time go, BOO? I bet that they get along great.

For those moulage oriented individuals, I just read a piece that Congressman-elect Keith Ellison from Minnesota, who is a Muslim, has said that he will take his oath of office not on the Bible but on the Koran. It will be first, at least in Congress. If Tom Cruise was ever elected office (roll eyes now), I wonder if he would be sworn in with a copy of "Dianetics?"


December 04, 2006 - Msg 47589: Good morning, all. Me-They, it does sort of push my buttons when someone attempts to defend the ACLU. I know and believe that they were started with the best of intent, but they have degraded into a subversive and very dangerous organization. Your points about the placement of power and such are well taken, but I think the American people need to police that, it shouldn't be in the hands of such as the ACLU.

As for Keith Ellison (Democrat-Minnesota) taking his oath of office on a Koran - while I do deplore that, I see it as a small thing compared to the fact that he got elected in the first place!! What were the people of Minnesota thinking? Here's America, embroiled in a bitter battle with Islam, and tying ourselves in knots trying to figure out how to keep them from devouring our country (no small task, considering our laws and the ACLU) and we elect a Muslim to Congress! The man is a member of a religion that is sworn to cause "death to the infidel", and folks, that's us! Hmmm. Wonder how he'll vote when the chips are down? Friends, we are in a war, and not all of it is in Iraq. So tell me, when he pledges allegiance to the flag of this country, does he say "one nation, under Allah, with liberty, etc."? Scary, isn't it?

Sugarplum says ho, ho, ho! --Romeena

December 04, 2006 - Msg 47590: Ha! I just got a mental picture, and it would be funny, if not so scary. I can just see ol' Keith, crouched on his prayer rug in the aisle during a meeting of Congress, hindquarters in the air, forehead on the floor, and the other congressman stepping over him as they try to get to their seats. Trust me, it will happen. I was prevented from entering a patient's room one night, because her husband had decided that the only place he could orient his rug properly toward Mecca was right across the doorway, and I couldn't get in! When I tried to open the door, it hit him in the b-tt, and guess what? He didn't move!! His wife could have been bleeding to death for all he cared, his watch waid it was time to pray, so he did. Personally, I'm glad that God's ears are better than Allah's, and he can hear me no matter where I am or which way I'm facing. Ridiculous. --Romeena

December 04, 2006 - Msg 47591: Make that "said", not "waid". Sun is glaring in the window, and I can't see my screen very well until it goes behind a tree. --Romeena

December 04, 2006 - Msg 47592: Morning all! Boo, I've been praying about your situation. This is our 7th year to homeschool. It's not for everyone, but it's worked out great for us. We use the A Beka dvd's. Fantastic teachers. They even have a Bible class and have gotten a solid foundation with their studies.
Lucy, will pray for your grandparents. Always sad to hear of a break up, but when a couple is in their 80's, seems all the more tragic.

Miss Peggy

December 04, 2006 - Msg 47593: I didn't really mean to get your pressure up there, ROMEENA. I know where you're coming from, and generally agree with you. And I, too, have wondered about what the Minnesotan were thinking, but I didn't keep up with the particulars of their election. Maybe the other guy was a wife beater? Really, he must have come off as the best thing since sliced bread or something.

I actually think that his election is less important than the oath thing. He will only be one among many, and he can always be voted out. But the oath thing sets a precident and once set, its set. Pretty soon, people will be taking their oaths on any book they want to rendering it meaningless. Then, the whole oath on the Bible will be done away with as meaningless. After all, so what good is it if someone takes their oath on a Bible if they could do it just as well on a copy of anything? Anyway, that's what I think, but I forgot to but the bucket on my head so who knows.

Anyway, we can agree on this: WE DENY THE MAFIA!


December 04, 2006 - Msg 47594: Oops! We defy it, too. Don't I feel embarassed.


December 04, 2006 - Msg 47595:
M-T I knew you'd be causing trouble. Maybe Cruise could use one of the Harry Potter Books.

Boo-You're right! I really like that movie. Here's another one from it.
"Have you seen these toilets? They're GINORMOUS!"

Romeena-I don't think I need to tell you that you're my hero.

Asa & MDC- How have things been going out west?


December 04, 2006 - Msg 47596: Ha, poor Me-They, he is tongue-tied this morning...or else he getting into the eggnog early.. Good point you made about the oaths, so true. You know, I think we really need to think long and hard about what Romeena is saying because she is from an earlier generation and most folks who grew up in the America that she grew up in won't even think of swallowing the liberal junk most of us swallow and never even think twice. Most of us were raised in a whole different culture in which patriotism and loyalty to God and country just were not the same...I know they didn't mean so much when I was growing up, certainly didn't hear about it in school thanks to the supreme court's decision in the 60's and I think the television contributed more to my moral upbringing than anything else!

Peggy, thank you for your prayers!

Lucy, prayers for your grandparents, Dear.


December 04, 2006 - Msg 47597: You're right BOO. It is amazing of how much we simply accept without even thinking. About the things you mentioned and more. I don't know how many times we'll be watching tv and a commercial will come on and the Mrs. will say, "Uh, don'tcha want to change the channel?" because the kids are there. It is amazing how much stuff we get desentitized to that we don't even recognize. It definitely takes discernment. And, listening to the advice and opinions of those who have more experience under their belts and are a little wiser :).

AUH2O: I figured I had to double up on my troublemaking since you hadn't been around.


December 04, 2006 - Msg 47598:
Well, sinse we hit some heavy subjects again, I'll throw this one out. It REALLY bothered me when the Pope prayed breifly facing MECCA while in a mosque in Turkey. I can certainly be ok with respecting a religion, but when a Christian leader joins in scares me into thinking that the one world religion is staring!
On a lighter note, I like Barney's line when ole Ben is brought in by Andy.
"You're the limit Ben, you know that!" ha
Good to see you Sterling. Your nativity sounds neat. i just put photos in the mail to Romeena of mine this year.
More later,

December 04, 2006 - Msg 47599: Howdy, all. Sorry for starting another moulage. Actually, Me-They, I think we're pretty much on the same page. We don't like much of anything that's happening, we just perceive the heart of it to be in slightly different locations. The oath thing scares the daylights out of me, too - what's next? One thing I don't understand, though. I know we have lots of Jewish folks in Congress, and I don't recall anyone ever asking to take the oath with their hand on a Torah. Wonder why that is? Might it be that in America, the Judeo-Christian ethic has been closely intertwined, the Torah is very close to our own Old Testament, especially the first five books, and because we both worship the same Almighty God, it just hasn't been an issue? Now, enter the Muslims, stage left. Trouble, trouble, boil and bubble - it's all they understand. Theoretically, Allah and God are one and the same, just a language difference. The divergence is between the Godship of Jesus, and the whatever-it-is of Mohammed. I believed that once, I no longer do. Their concept of Allah doesn't square in any way with my heart's knowledge of God. Where is it going to end? --Romeena

December 04, 2006 - Msg 47600: I'm not Catholic (though my dad is) but based on things reported and I've read, I don't think you have anything to worry about with this particular pope, MDC. From what I have read, he faced Mecca when he prayed to God as a courtesy to his hosts. Like ROMEENA said, thankfully God can be found in any direction. I see it more like a Christian (man) wearing a yamuka (sp?) when visiting a synogague--just a courtesy. I respect the fact that the pope never caved in to public opinion regarding his previous comments. He apologized to anyone who took offense but refused to go back on the content of his comments.

Okay, I've stirred the pot enough today. 'Tis tehe season to be jolly, after all.


December 04, 2006 - Msg 47601: We were posting at the same time, ROMEENA. You're last comment is something I completely agree with; the Judeo-Christian God is absolutely not the same as the god Allah. Some people say that Allah is just another name for God, but I adamantly believe that this false. The Moslem God holds no resemblence to my God. Period.

Okay, back to holiday cheer. Ho, ho, ho.


December 04, 2006 - Msg 47602: It does get confusing, since they're from the Abrahamic line, the Koran and the Old Testament are very close from beginning to Abraham, and much of their scriptural stories are the same as ours, except Ishmael replaces Isaac in the telling. Did you know that according to the Muslims it was Ishmael whom Abraham took up onto the mountain to sacrifice at God's command, and who was spared, again at God's command? Same story, different sons. I think the Muslims are talking about our God, by a different name, but they have so twisted and perverted His nature, as they see it, that there is no longer any resemblance. They even recognize the existence of Jesus, but see Him as just another prophet, much as our Jewish friends do. The difference here is that the Jews are still looking for a Messiah, not realizing that He (Jesus) has come, and the Muslims think Muhammed changed all of that, and left them with the command to convert the rest of the world, by the sword if necessary. Our Savior left us with the command to preach, to convert and to make disciples, but through love, not force. Forced allegiance is no allegiance at all, and I don't know why they can't see that.

Sugarplum says ho, ho, ho! --Romeena

December 04, 2006 - Msg 47603:
Lucy- yes indeed prayers for that situation!
Did you know that in the filming of the Preachers Wife, with Whitney, that the people in the church are REALLY praying in the Spirit? I had heard that, then watched the movie again and truly believe it now. It is also a fact that several of the crew were saved!
B00- prayers for Sean, you got em, no problem
AUH2o- I followed those same Giants. I remember when Mays got a contract for $100,000, we all thought, man, they cant go much higher than that! ha. That was a great era for baseball. I saw a game at Candlestick in '65!
Me-they- one last word if i may. If you knew of a group who killed 20 people a year, but each Christmas they gave 1000 toys to Toy's for Tots, could the group be tolerated just so that the kids could get a few toys? Just a thought when defending the aclu. OK, my soapbox is put away until after Jan 1 !
You are all great folks!
Check out those Christmas pics!
ole MDC

December 04, 2006 - Msg 47604: Thanks for your prayers, MDC. I sure appreciate it (you know that). I didn't know that about The Preacher's Wife. I have it on tape somewhere and want to watch it again this year.

You know, MDC, we like to jokingly call you a "peace-nik" but you're not, your a "moulage-nik"! Nothing I like better than a good moulage and you're my hero! ha

Gotta hit the old sack. Stay warm, brothers and sisters!


December 04, 2006 - Msg 47605: Ooops, I meant we like to call Me-They a peace-nik, not MDC. Those capitol M's sometimes confuse me. I should really read before I post!


December 05, 2006 - Msg 47606: Good morning everyone. It's chilly but nice today.

Sorry, folks, but no moulage from me today. I feel downright festive. But I will respond...

MDC: Far be it from me to defend all the actions of the ACLU. My point was that the mission the organization is supposed to represent (but often perverts, in my opinion) deserves defending.

ROMEENA: All your observations are correct. I was a religion minor in college and found the study of Islam fascinating in an academic sense. But, after a couple of semesters studying it and reading much of the Koran, I came to believe that we were worshipping two distinct gods. Of course, my religion professors disagreed.

Now, I wonder where everyone is? Maybe if we decorated the porch up all nice and fancy some of our regulars and irregulars ;) would stop in and set. I've got the Christmas lights from on the roof of the courthouse. I had the popcorn string, too, but got hungry this morning. By the way, who's doing breakfast? BIG MAUDE, SPOT...where are you?

BOO: I'm getting low on shorts again...


December 05, 2006 - Msg 47607: hey Lucy I like "The Bishop's wife" too. Did you know that originally Cary Grant and David Niven were supposed to play each other's parts?
Glad the stuido powers that were changed their minds.
What do you think of " It's a Wonderful Life"?
I think it has one of the most romantic moments in film. Forget Rhett and Scarlett!! George and Mary's walk back from the School dance is the best. I love the part about swollowing the Moon.
Jimmy Stewart could have talked me to death any time;).... and Kissed me too for that matter.

December 05, 2006 - Msg 47608: Oh by the way---any more fans of Frank Capra on the porch?
I also like "Mr Smith Goes to Washington" "Meet John Doe" (Gary Cooper--another guy I would not have minded being kissed by) And "Mr Deeds Goes to Town" NOT the Adam sandler one--HATED that one.

December 05, 2006 - Msg 47609: Ahappynut

December 05, 2006 - Msg 47610: Oh MY GOSH! When I was ready Happy Nut's post, I thought it was Me-They's. For a second I thought Me-They wanted Jimmy Stewart to kiss him (Imagine my shock!!!haha). Speaking of kissing, Happy Nut, I would rather be kissed by Jimmy Stewart than ANY other movie star, now or ever! He was so adorable in any movie he ever made.

Me-They, I'm getting short on shorts, too. Guess I'll do a load of laundry...throw your's on the pile.


December 05, 2006 - Msg 47611: ...I mean the kind of shorts girl's wear. I don't wear boxers....


December 05, 2006 - Msg 47612: Oh, almost forgot, Happy Nut, did you ever see Jimmy Stuart in the movie, The Little Shop Around the Corner?? I think that was the name of it, anyway. He was so dreamy in that one.


December 05, 2006 - Msg 47613: Where is everyone today?? I'm getting lonely...sniff!


December 05, 2006 - Msg 47614: Me-they, that's not a nice thing to say about me(irregular);).

I'm going to try to get some pictures of my nativity to Romeena(what's the address again, please? or something like that?), but I have to run out to Walmart because I finally found where they have been hiding the straw bales that I have been looking for to make my scene complete(well, we can't have baby Jesus sleeping on the cold ground now, can we?!)before I send them. I had taken a couple pics yesterday but then my sister told me they had some of those mini hay bales out there on clearance, and when I was out there earlier I finally found them, over by the typing paper(weird place for them), but I couldn't get them then because I was on my bike. But if I don't get them pics there today, tomorrow for sure. Then you can all see my bad construction job. You won't be asking me to build you a house that's for sure.:)

I feel like I am being attacked by ghosts. All I see is "Boo, Boo, Boo, Boo" on this page. ;)

-Sterling Holobyte

December 05, 2006 - Msg 47615: Sheesh, how embarrassing......


December 05, 2006 - Msg 47616: Hee hee, that's a good one, STERLING. Well, BOO, I may not be AHAPPYNUT, but I am a happy nut much of the time. Just ask the Mrs. And, no, Jimmy Stewart isn't my type. The only Jimmy Stewart movie I didn't much care for was "Bell, Jar and Candle," or something like that. It deals with witchcraft and is kinda creepy. I really enjoyed him in "Philadelphia Story" (one of my very favorite movies) and "The Glenn Miller Story." He really does look like Glenn Miller, too.

That gave me an idea. How about we share our top five films with each other? Mine are (drum roll, please--or bongos)...

Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House (Cary Grant and Myrna Loy)
To Kill a Mockingbird
The Philadelphia Story (Hepburn, Grant and Stewart)
African Queen (Bogart and Hepburn)
The Passion of the Christ

I wasn't going to include that last one because it doesn't really fit with the others and it feels inappriate to call it a "favorite." But it is a movie that effected me profoundly. I haven't watched it since the first time, but plan to again somebody.

My favorite holiday movie is "Miracle on 34th Street." The original with Edmund Gwynn.


December 05, 2006 - Msg 47617: Gosh gang been a little under the weather here a the dog house...touch of the flu....but getting better now....gona catch up on the archives...supper will be at olive garden on me...SPOT

December 05, 2006 - Msg 47618: Just teasin' ya, Boo.:)

Glad you are feeling better, Spot!

-Sterling Holobyte

December 05, 2006 - Msg 47619: Thanks Sterling!

Hope you are well soon, SPOT.


December 05, 2006 - Msg 47620: Good evening, everyone. Just passing by on my way to work. Sterling, that is the correct address. However, I think you were absent the day we decided it was safer (draws less spam) to write an address like this: Romeena at airmail dot net. Just write it like you would say it, and everyone understands and can format it correctly, and the spammers' skimmers don't recognize it as easily. I get at least fifty spams a day, caught in my filter, and usually three or four make it through into my inbox. Since I don't visit weird websites, I'm not sure where all that junk comes from, but wonder if it might have been skimmed at some time or other. Of course, it can also be pulled out of the address books of people with whom I correspond, so who knows?

Favorite movies? How about:

To Kill a Mockingbird
The King and I
The African Queen
Gone With the Wind

Now, ask me again in a week, and you might see five different ones. Those are just the ones that come to mind immediately.

Well, I'm off to work. Send me your Christmas photos, please! I'll get mine posted soon. Am going out to my son's tomorrow after work to babysit until Thursday night, but will be here the entire weekend. Sugarplum says ho, ho, ho! --Romeena

December 05, 2006 - Msg 47621: happy holiday to all of you on here gizzmo.....

December 05, 2006 - Msg 47622: Oops, sorry Romeena. I think I do remember something about that way to write the address, but it just clean slipped my mind. Didn't mean to contribute to your daily intake of spam. It won't happen again.
Then again, knowing my memory, it probably will.;)

Merry Christmas, Gizzmo.

-Sterling Holobyte

December 05, 2006 - Msg 47623: Here are some great movies that come to mind:

1) Passion Of The Christ
2) Schindler's List
3) Remember The Titans
4) Braveheart
5) The Amistad

Favorite holiday movies:

1) A Christmas Carole (the one with George C. Scott)
2) It's a Wonderful Life


December 05, 2006 - Msg 47624: Hi All.
Will I hope thing go all right now.
Because last week was a bad one.

1)StarTrek 1-6
3)Christmas Carole
4)Wonderful Life


December 06, 2006 - Msg 47625:
Hey Folks

No posts yesterday?


December 06, 2006 - Msg 47626:
Wow, there they are!? Humm... none showed up here until I just posted.


December 06, 2006 - Msg 47627:
We got a foot or so of snow yesterday and another foot is supposed to fall tonight. No storms though.

MDC-That must be a great memory, sitting in Candlestick Park. What a team that was!

M-T I have a love-hate feeling for the ACLU. That is, I love to hate them. But, you're correct the original ideals of the ACLU are important.

Romeena-Your list looks like a list Mrs. auh2o would put together, a good one.

Tom-My brother is a Trekie also. Good movies.

Here's my list:

Rear Window
Field of Dreams
Saving Private Ryan
Ghost and Mr Chicken (the movie all other movies are measured by)
The Green Mile (very R rated)


December 06, 2006 - Msg 47628: Good morning porchesters, hope everyone is okay today. Cold around here this morning.. 22 degrees. guess I won't complain too much though. Some of you have it much worse than me so I will just be greatful to be here. Been busy the past few days, work and such. Kinda feeling a bit under the weather, nothing in particular just tired I guess. Lets have lunch at Cracker Barrell today. I'll pay so order whatever you want. have a good day and act like somebody. Big Maude

December 06, 2006 - Msg 47629: Hey Y'all! Haven't been online much- I guess it's arthritis that's bothering my hands.Really achy,perhaps from the cold weather,I don't know. Anyhow,that's why this possum hasn't been on the Porch too much lately.
Big Maude,will you buy me something from the Cracker Barrel gift shop? I've been a good possum this year!!
Feel better soon,Spot.That flu can be brutal.
Here are some movies that I like:
Paper Moon
Wizard of Oz
Forrest Gump
Coupe de Ville (everybody's going "huh??")
My favorite Christmas one has to be The Homecoming,which is the Walton's Christmas movie.
Ok,enough typing for me.Y'all have a good day!
possum under a rock

December 06, 2006 - Msg 47630: Good morning, all. Possum, I liked that Walton's Christmas movie, too. I may not be remembering the details correctly, but I have the jist of it right, I think. Remember the scene where Elizabeth is feeling a bit stepped on, the bigger kids aren't showing her much respect, (they were decorating the tree and Elizabeth kept getting in the way) and finally one of the older girls calls her a little p***-ant. She gets very offended and runs to her mother and tattles. Her mother's response is great - "Well, ARE you a p***-ant?" Elizabeth answers, "I don't FEEL like a p***-ant..." Mom says, "Then don't worry about it." That bit of philosophy worked its way into our family lexicon, and pulled many a bruised spirit out of the doldrums over the years, my own included. Don't you love it?!?

Hey to Gizzmo! Come around more often, dear - we hardly ever hear from you! Tom, this week is going to be better than last week. It just about has to be better, couldn't be much worse. You really had a rough one.

Well, guess I'd better catch a little nap after working last night. Have to go out to my son's right after lunch, to stay with my grandsons until tomorrow night - parents will be out of town. Right now I'm too pooped to run after kids, so had better rest up just a bit. Sugarplum says ho, ho, ho! --Romeena

December 06, 2006 - Msg 47631: Oh goody Maude - I'll take the meatloaf. . .sounds good on a cold day.
We are supposed to be near 50 today and then back down in the 20's tomorrow with a little snow in the forecast.

Favorite Christmas Movies - White Christmas, Miracle on 34th Street (I like the new one too with the little girl who signs and Santa signs too!)
Favorite Movies - Overboard (with Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn) and South Pacific

Getting ready to make some ugly candy and take to my schools (melted white chocolate poured over pretzels, m&ms, peanuts, cheerios, just about anything you want to stick in there and then you mix it up, put it on a cookie sheet, crumble it up when set into bite size pieces. Mmmm gooood!) It is just tooo easy!

Ya'll take care - Miss Peggy - waiting on the cocoa recipe.


December 06, 2006 - Msg 47632: Homemaker, I sent that recipe through quite a few posts ago. But, just for you, I'll send it through again :)... 8 quart box powdered milk,
6 ounce jar coffee mate, 1 pound box powdered sugar, 1 pound box Nestle Quik. Mix all together and store in air tight container. I put a couple drops of vanilla extract in my mug when I make it. Makes it "more better"!!

Miss Peggy

December 06, 2006 - Msg 47633: Well gang I think Big Maude is haveing us to the cracker barrell for lunch! all better now...back to work at 2 today...see yall there...hey sterling,lucy,miss peggy!...SPOT

December 06, 2006 - Msg 47634: Good morning everyone. Lunch is on you BIG MAUDE? That sounds great--count me in.

Y'all picked some great movies. AUH2O: I was surprised that I didn't see any Jane Fonda or Michael Moore films on your list ;).

BOO: I watched the "Christmas Carol" with Patrick Stewart as Scrooge last year for the first time (I think it has been around for a few years). Have you seen it? It is now my favorite version. He does a great job and the costuming is period correct. Try to catch it if you can. Hey! That's another great movie: "Catch Me if You Can." I also read the book. Itís an interesting story, to say the least.

Fa la la la la, la la la la... (Hey, I was getting tired of singing just good 'ole 14-A.)


December 06, 2006 - Msg 47635: Cracker Barrel has a gift shop?


December 06, 2006 - Msg 47636: Thanks Peggy - I didn't see it - when I do the homemade, I always add a little extra coffee creamer to mine, it makes it more better too!

December 06, 2006 - Msg 47637: Oh, another one of my favorites that I forgot to include on my list: "Sugarland Express." I love that flick.


December 06, 2006 - Msg 47638:
M-T Why is that people such as Michael Moron..err Moore and Jane Fonda are never far from your thoughts. I find it funny that Moore has made a career mocking other people's intelligence when he actually couldn't make it through one semester of college. Of course, people on the left always believe the "sky is falling" thing, every time.

Did someone say meatloaf? Yes, please!

Forgot to list favorite Christmas movie, "The Homecoming."

Has anyone heard anything from or about colt?


December 06, 2006 - Msg 47639:
M-T My last post was intended to have much more humor than is evident. You know I care for ya and your "it takes a village" sensibilities. You're my favorite Peacenik. hehe


December 06, 2006 - Msg 47640: AUH2O: Who was it that said to keep your friends close, and your enemies closer? Seriously, I make it a point to read everything I can by (flaming) liberals. You've got to know what's being said if you want to argue intelligently.

On another note, part of my job requires fundraising, so I keep up on that kind of news. I just finished an article about philanthropic giving. Interestingly, it was noted that poorer Americans give proportionately more (and more often) than wealthier ones. (Giving to any charitable nonprofit, which includes churches, are part of that conclusion.) And--this you'll find interesting AUH2O--those that define themselves as conservatives give more than those that call themselves liberals. Ain't that something? You'll never see that in a Michael Moore film, I'm sure. It makes perfect sense to me.

Meatloaf? Somebody pass the catsup (that's ketchup to some of you)--only not Heinz, if you don't mind ;).


December 06, 2006 - Msg 47641: Meatloaf?...good stuff...who made it tonight?..i will bring the mac-n-cheese [kinda crusty on top]..busy here at work...going down in the teens over the to get the porch full of wood from the barn....well let me get these folks lights on....SPOT

December 06, 2006 - Msg 47642: Wow, I do love To Kill A Mockingbird....the book is better than the movie, but it is one of my favorites. I love Tom Hanks and almost any movie he is in. The Green Mile is one of my favorites also. (John the drink, cept not spelled the same. Boss, I's skerd of da dark. I LOVE THAT MOVIE)

fun girl

December 06, 2006 - Msg 47643:
Wow, so many great posts lately!
STERLing- first, what is "typing paper" HAHA and second, arent haybales ALWAYS next to the paper!? ha
POOR horatio- So what exactly is Boxing Day???
Prayers continue for all. You are special folk!
Fresh queezin's for everyone!
God bless,
Barney Parney Poo, er... that's MDC

December 06, 2006 - Msg 47644:
Santa, did you leave some of your reindeer out back?

December 06, 2006 - Msg 47645: Hi All.
It was a nice day.
But it going to be cold for the next days and I will stay in the house on top of the heater to spring come!

December 06, 2006 - Msg 47646: Porch slow tonight! still working all night..hey Tom,MDC...fg,m-t and all...lets have a late snack...bologna sandwiches and milk!..prayers to all...let me get back to work...SPOT

December 06, 2006 - Msg 47647: Hey Me-They, do you really dislike Heinz Ketchup or is it Terri Heinz you dislike? Interesting info about giving; makes you think. By the way, I have seen the Patrick Stewart version of Christmas Carol and I must say I found it just a bit dull compared to the George C. Scott version. Did anyone happen to catch James Stewart in Anatomy of A Murder last night? First time I had seen that one and I was a little bit surprised at some of the dialogue and content...very racey for the 50's! Loved 'ol Jimmy in it, though.

Gotta hit the sack. I started back on the Melatonin, MDC, and about 30 minutes after I take it I HAVE to go to bed. I am beat, still need to learn to say "no", went to the hospital twice today; once to sit with a little boy from my ss class who was in with bad asthma and afraid to be alone, and once to see my sis-in-law who was in getting blood. She is the one who is really mental right now and can't get over the terrible divorce. Now she is severely anemic and they don't know why. They sent her home after a few tests but I am concerned for her. Better go before I pass out on the keyboard....


December 07, 2006 - Msg 47648: Morning porch folks, hope all is up and ready to face the day. chilly today and supposed to be COLD, windy and possible snow flurries this afternoon. Again, I realize I other areas of the porch are much colder and have more snow to deal with so I am not going to complain. Gas is on the rise again in my area. seems like it has gone up several cents a gallon over the past couple weeks. lets have a big bowl of oatmeal, toast with apple butter and/or jelly this morning. Prayers to all. You guys have a good day and stay warm.
Big Maude

December 07, 2006 - Msg 47649:
Morning Porch

It's screaming like a banshee out side right now not much snow though, only about 5 inches, so far. Needless to say the girls were upset that there wasn't a snow day today.

Boo-I didn't catch Jimmy last night but I love the film. I am a big Stewart fan especially the Hitchc*ck films, "Rope," "Rear Window," and "Vertigo."

Big Maude-I personally don't take the weather checks as complaining I enjoy hearing what other areas of the porch are experiencing. Oatmeal and apple butter, that's good eating!

M-T I read that survey also, regarding charitable donations, and I agree with you it doesn't surprise me at all. There is sure a large segment of the nation that steps back and waits for the Government to do something. I think that they are the same people that actually believe they are watching a documentary when they waste their money on "Super Size Me," "An Inconvenient Truth," and "Fahrenheit 9-11."

MDC-Hey there buddy!