January 09, 2007 - Msg 48408: Thanks, MDC. It turns out that what mom seems to have is a just a rash and the doc ordered something to put on it and to keep her as dry as possible, but I'll be watching it to make sure it doesn't get worse. I'm going to check on that cushion because I'm sure she will need it at some point. FYI (because you mentioned Vaseline), I knew of a patient who was getting oxygen through a nasal cannula and his nose was dried out so he but some Vaseline (which is a petroleum product, of course)up his nose and when he put the oxygen back on he got badly burned...just a warning, never put Vaseline on someone's lips or nose if they are using oxygen.....now on someone's backside, I guess it would be okay, haha.


January 09, 2007 - Msg 48409: Oh, and I hate to say it, but that goes for VICKS, too! hehe


January 09, 2007 - Msg 48410: You people got a compelsion or something?

Talk to y'all tomorrow.


January 09, 2007 - Msg 48411:
Boo-In a country where survey's show a majority of college students now get their news from Jon Stewart, Bill Maher and David Letterman is it really any wonder that a nit wit, like Rosie, gets to say what ever she wants. As long as what she wants to say is anti-Christian, anti-American, and left of center, Rosie is golden.

Well, we ended up with about 13 inches of snow today with another foot expected tonight. The kids love it!


January 09, 2007 - Msg 48412: To Boo Msg 48388, you are very lucky that Bruce was around to scare away that stranger. But please advise Bruce never to approach nor get too close to suspicious people and vehicles. Even if you approach close enough just to read the license plate, you have to remain alert. Let the police handle making contact with suspicious people.

To Mavis Msg 48360, I will pray the lump is benign.

from Poor Horatio

January 09, 2007 - Msg 48413:
Good sweep boo! Yes, you do have to be careful these days. Her bottom has been good ever since.
And yes, you are indeed right on the oxygen. I know of a similar situation. It is like NOT turning on a light switch if you smell gas!!
SPOT- I'm in Tempe, AZ, suburb east of Phx. The Fiesta bowl was played at Ariz State Stadium up to and including 06. (About 4 miles from my home) Then the Cardinals built a new stadium on the west side of Phoenix in Glendale, about 25 miles from my home, and now the Fiesta bowl is played there, and this year, the new separate championship game. Both were good games but i miss them being at the open air college stadium! It is all about money i am afraid.
Prayers continue for all. Hope COLT can visit the library computer again soon!

January 09, 2007 - Msg 48414: Hey Poor Horatio! Good to see you!
Mavis I heard y'all got some snow today, huh? My kids are so jealous.....they'd just love a snow day!

January 09, 2007 - Msg 48415: Well, Boo you did ask for other opinions, so here goes. I agree with Rosie's statement. Now, I don't always agree with the things she says, and the whole thing could have been taken out of context (I don't watch The View, nor am I a fan of Rosie O'Donnell), but in that one particular sentence that you quoted, I guess I would have to say I agree.
- Hazel

Barney: "Andy Taylor don't run things so much by the book as by the heart."

January 10, 2007 - Msg 48416: Keep healthy everyone.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

January 10, 2007 - Msg 48417: Thanks for your opinion Hazel. I am guessing you are probably referring to the term "radical" Christianity.

MDC, I remember that open-air stadium. It was great, too bad they moved the Fiesta Bowl.

Well, Sean went to the doctor yesterday and she had not seen him in awhile and had a fit over his weight. He is up to 135 at age 11 and his cholesterol and triglycerides are high. She told us to get serious now or he will have diabetes soon. He's having blood drawn again this morning. Please pray that we will make the right decisions for him. Putting him on a stringent eating plan will be difficult with the meds he is on because eating for him is like a compulsion.

Better got get Erin ready for school.


January 10, 2007 - Msg 48418: Oh, and thanks for your advice, Poor Horatio, and agree with you. When Bruce told me he approached the car I felt it was a bad idea but he is one of those who sometimes acts first and thinks later.


January 10, 2007 - Msg 48419: Good morning everyone. A beautiful sunny, though cold, day here today. Makes you want to smile.

Regarding Rosie’s statement, if it were uttered by someone else I may be inclined to agree with Hazel, with respect to intent. However, this is one of a long line of remarks she has made over the last few years. When she says “radical Christians,” she is referring to Christians who hold the Bible to be true and who do not just tolerate but agree with such things as homos*xuality. The dictionary defines "radical" as a considerable departure from the usual or traditional. If disagreement with Biblical truths is regarded as radical by Christians, then the Church (big “C”) is in trouble. We cannot let the culture define what is and what is not Christ-like. And if we buy into what people like Rosie O’Donnell consider radical then we’ve headed down a dangerous road.

As an aside, with respect to the true accepted definition of “radical,” I suggest that the use of the phrase “radical Islam” to describe terrorist acts is not wholly appropriate. After all, I think this happens enough around the world that we can no longer consider such acts “considerable departures” from the norm. In some places, it is the norm. Well, that’s enough soapboxin’ for this morning.

BOO: Every parent's fear is harm to their child. It is difficult today to know where to draw the line. We want our kids to explore, play, and learn to be independent. But not at the expense of their lives. It was much simpler in our day. I wonder, though, if some of our fear isn’t based on fearmongering? No doubt scary situations like the one you all faced happens every day. I just wonder if they always haven’t happened and we just hear more about them today. In the past, abuse was often covered up due to the supposed shame involved—for victims and their families. I wonder if we’re not too protective? As for me, though, until I get conclusive proof, I’m not taking any chances.

By the way, I’m very upset that none of you showed up for the Tuesday Night Knot-tying Class last night. We tied a good’n.

Y’all have a good one.


January 10, 2007 - Msg 48420: Prayers for Sean, BOO. And a special prayer for MILLIE as she goes througha rough week.


January 10, 2007 - Msg 48421: Also, for all you old movie buffs, I had a Mayberry sighting last night. We were watching the movie "Sitting Pretty" and there was Thelma Lou, about 17, playing a bobbysoxer. The movie stars Robert Young and Maureen O'Sullivan and is very entertaining. The 80s tv show "Mr. Belvedere" was loosely based on the film, with a lot of liberties taken. Catch it if you can.


January 10, 2007 - Msg 48422: Good morning, all. Me-They, you're right on the mark. Where ol' Rosie's remarks are concerned, I'm very much afraid her definition of "radical Christianity" and mine would be vastly different. I'm pretty sure that, to her, the only good Christian is a dead Christian. Evangelical Christians just scare people like her to death, and I've never been able to figure out why. No one is holding a gun on them, we just want to share what we consider to be the best news ever. All they have to do is say no, and we'll go away. I'll bet if she had cancer, and someone had a cure but refrained from sharing it with her for fear she'd be offended, she'd be seriously upset. But try to share the way to eternal salvation, and we're radicals. Poor, pitiful woman. Go figure.

Well, gotta go put away groceries. Made that little stop on the way home, I can now enjoy a restful day after my two 12-hr shifts. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

January 10, 2007 - Msg 48423: Thanks Me-They, and we do need keep Millie in our prayers, thanks for the reminder. Sorry I couldn't make the knot-tying class but had the biblestudy at the drug rehab last night. It was a real blessing but heart-wrenching, too. I sensed yesterday that the class was going to be different last night and spent some extra time in prayer about it yesterday. Something happened that had not happened previously. We shared some of scripture and then had a prayer time together. One of the girls was new and prayed to receive the Lord and was led in prayer by one of the other girls in the class. Her prayer was so heart-felt and beautiful, you could just feel that God was there in that room with us and as my head was bowed and I was praying for them I started to hear weeping in the room and as I looked up, there were several of the girls just crying their heart's out. I just sat there and waited, I let them cry, I was crying as I watched them and listened to their weeping. Such pain just pouring out to God. I didn't want them to leave but time was up, and as they left, each one hugged me and just seem to cling to me, some still weeping. I'm not sure all God was doing in that room last night and I guess it's not for me to know, but I am so thankful to Him for touching those children who need his love so much. Thank you for your prayers.


January 10, 2007 - Msg 48424: Well, ROMEENA was working and it sounds like you had a good excuse for not making class last night, BOO, so I guess you're both off the hook. Wow, your evening sounds downright special. You are doing good work for Kingdom.


January 10, 2007 - Msg 48425: Hey to the PORCH! Hope ya'll are doing fine, fine, fine! It's been a while since i've had a chance to catch up on the archives...lots going on, good to see pipeman back in the saddle!

Prayers to all...lots of sickness going around. We're only 70 days from spring...and I can't wait to get there!

Little goobette is doing just fine...she's 7 weeks now and sleeping all night...can't ask for more than that. God is good...in so many ways!

Ya'll be good...and keep the prayers going!


January 10, 2007 - Msg 48426: I'm still waiting to see a picture of Little Goobette......

Thanks for the encouragement, Me-They, and thanks be to God for what he is doing. I understand what you are saying about the word "radical". I think Rosie would probably consider most Christians as radical but how arrogant it is to just shoot one's mouth off without considering how it might affect others...I don't watch The View but it seems I heard something on the news about her insults toward Donald Trump because he insulted her looks or something? Anyone know what that was about?


January 10, 2007 - Msg 48427: Hey goober,m-t,boo,ro,tom,Rev,hazel,possum,CHUCK,lucy,maude,mil,david and all...back at work and covered up with testing equp....supper will be Red Lobster on me and Asa.....back in a bit...prayers to all in need...SPOT

January 10, 2007 - Msg 48428: Thanks for the prayers, Me-They and Boo and everyone....One hour til chemo and counting down. Feels like I'm going to the gallows,lol!
Sorry I missed the knot tying class....I just plumb forgot. Hey to Goober!
More later, when I get home from the cancer center.

January 10, 2007 - Msg 48429:
Millie-I'm praying for ya friend. Please know for sure, we are all thinking about you.


January 10, 2007 - Msg 48430:
Now for Rosie, (I couldn't bring myself to speak of this disgrace when posting for Millie) I can't tell you how much people like her bother me. I know I already mentioned this but she's a nitwit. It's OK to be stupid, I guess, but to wallow around in stupidity, like she does, is just a sin. That any of us even know what someone like her thinks should be a crime against humanity.

Sorry if I offended.

January 10, 2007 - Msg 48431: Prayers for ya Millie...keep up up to date....see yall at the lobster house lets go Asa get in the truck......SPOT

January 10, 2007 - Msg 48432: There ought to be a number violation indeed, AUH2O.

I got shotgun, SPOT! I promise not to hang my head out the window like a dog.


January 10, 2007 - Msg 48433:
Bless your heart Millie....keep hanging in there...we are praying, praying, praying! I know that God is going to bring you through this with a great testimony.

Spot...Red Lobster sounds great.

Hey Goober....good to see ya brother

Boo...praying for your situation

M-T...I fully agree with your take on the Rosie thing.

Well better go for now. See ya all at the Lobster.
Prayers for you all.

January 10, 2007 - Msg 48434: Hey there Boo...just sent one to RO...she'll be sharing it soon, I'm sure.

THanks for the reminder!

Good to see you Millie, SPOT, REV, MT and auh20!


January 10, 2007 - Msg 48435: Ok M-T you ride shotgun and everyone else get in the back and hang on...."screeeech" here we go!..Red Lobster aint see anything like this...SPOT

January 10, 2007 - Msg 48436: Woohoo! Just got the picture of little Goobette, and she's beautiful! She's in the album, folks, so go take a look! Thanks, Goober. You and Mrs. Goob really did a fine job with that little doll. Sugarplum wants to know if you need a babysitter? --Romeena

January 10, 2007 - Msg 48437: I'm drawing a blank. What is the name of the dry cleaning man that was sweet on Aunt Bee? It seems it was Mr. Goss or something similar to that. Shirley

January 10, 2007 - Msg 48438: Orvill Hendricks was his name.
He egged her on, she buttered him up.


January 10, 2007 - Msg 48439: Whoops, Shirley. I need to read better before I answer. It was Fred Goss. Sorry.


January 10, 2007 - Msg 48440: Nope, Asa, Mr. Hendricks was the butter and egg man. Fred Goss was the dry cleaner. Men should never try to answer questions regarding local gossip, they always get it wrong. --Romeena

January 10, 2007 - Msg 48441: Sorry, Asa, I should have known you'd be sharp enough to catch the error. --Romeena

January 10, 2007 - Msg 48442: Thats ok Romeena. That Goss fellow bugged me so I always tried to forget him. lol


January 10, 2007 - Msg 48443: Thanks for the info. In the meantime I did some searching on the net and found that it was, in deed, Fred Goss. I like this "Front Porch" question and answer site; it is quite handy! Shirley

January 10, 2007 - Msg 48444: Well Shirley pull up a rocker and make yerself at home. Tell us about yourself.


January 10, 2007 - Msg 48445: Evening folks,

I hope all are doing well. Millie, prayers going up for you...

Hey to Asa and Romeena, Boo, Shirley, Spot, Goober, (I am going to have to check out Goobette on Romeena's site when I am done here) and Rev. A big howdy-do to everybody else here on the porch too!

Kind of quiet here today on my end of the porch. My daughter's bridal shower is coming up in a week and a half, so I have been busy with that, among other things.

Boo, I hope things go well with Sean. At his age I am sure he will be heading into a mega growth spurt soon, and perhaps that will help. In the meantime, I guess the best thing to do is try to have lots of healthful and tasty snacks at the ready for him. The kind that don't put too much weight on ya! (I bet you already do that anyway.)

I think I am going to check in on the Piston's game. Have a good evening all!

Mayberry dreams to one and all tonight....
Mary Wiggins

January 10, 2007 - Msg 48446: Goobette is a living doll!


January 10, 2007 - Msg 48447: Hey Shirley!..welcome..hey my buddy asa,mary how have you been?...hey RO,boo,Tom,Rev,lucy...how did things go today mil?...well some cheese and crackers for a snack,...oh-yea Shirley i do most of the cooking here on the porch....breakfast will be at McDonalds on Mary!....SPOT

January 10, 2007 - Msg 48448:
ME-they, dont let a bird into the room or we'll all start pointing! lol
Welcome Shirley.
Hi to Asa, spot, auh20, mary, hazel, goober and all! prayers for Millie!
Boo- for Sean, you should get him started on omega 3 fish oil daily. Also, check out the natural products at www.roex.com
I know I've said it waaaay too much, but since i got on natual stuff, and have stopped eating hormoned beef, preservatives, etc, I feel SO much better. Our world today is so much more toxic than even 30 years ago! Some of these prescription drugs being push on tv commercials are pure poison. Sometimes they go on and on about the side affects! Well DUH!
OK, that box goes bluey for awhile, sorry, it's my Kingdom living resolution!
God bless,
Andy: Yeah Barn, the sheriff of Notingham was a bad guy.
Barney: Well, what kinda thing is that to be teaching to kids!"

January 10, 2007 - Msg 48449: MDC, I'd like to talk to you about what all your are taking. You seem to have studied on it a bit.
How can I e-mail you?
Spot, doing ok here I reckon. After I fell back in September and got a concussion I was suffering with a lot of dizziness for almost a month. Then almost overnight it cleared out and I was purty happy about that. Well Monday just like that it has come back. Not as bad as it was but totaly out of no where. When I lay down the room spins for a minute, and when I get up in the morning it spins for a minute. Really bugging me. Romeena, you got any advice?


January 10, 2007 - Msg 48450: Oh, good to see you Mary Wiggins. I hear your winter has been mild so far. Ours too, but that is changing tomorrow as an artic front is expected to hit us. Brrrrr!


January 10, 2007 - Msg 48451: No, Auh2o, I don't get offended that easily. I've been coming here long enough to understand that what you all post is your opinions, not fact. And everyone is entitled to their opinions! I don't like to start moulages, so I usually don't respond to them.
Welcome to Shirley! I like it that you consider this a question and answer site about TAGS. Ask us more! Ask us more!
- Hazel

Ernest T: "I want to write my Sentence!"

January 10, 2007 - Msg 48452: Gosh, so sorry the dizziness is trying to come back, ASA. Maybe you need to slow down and take a rest. Prayers for you.

Awwww, Goobette is adorable!!

Thanks for the advice, MDC. Still waiting for the lab results and hoping his blood sugar isn't already high.


January 10, 2007 - Msg 48453: Oh Hey, Mary Wiggins, thanks for reminding me about the growth spurt. I had forgotten about that. The other day Sean told me, "Mom I had this great dream last night that I had sprouted hair under my arms!" His best friend is already quite hairy so he is anxious to be an adolescent.


January 10, 2007 - Msg 48454:
hazel-I didn't intend to direct that "sorry" to you specifically. I wouldn't speak to you in that manner. I just meant in general I've had it with celebrities. We are at war for crying out loud. These celebrities have an amazing platform with which to speak and when most of the do nothing but bash America it drives me crazy. I guess I have to do a better job of telling myself that this my not be the forum for that. However, I consider you folks friends and that's the way my friends and I speak to each other when a topic is brought up.

I am gonna try, harder this time, not to respond to or instigate political conversation here on the Porch. It just looks like am insane sometimes, maybe more than sometimes.

Asa-Sorry to hear you are not feeling well.

MDC & Goober- Hey There buddies!

Rev-i don't know if I ever mentioned this to you but I love your web site.

Shirley-Welcome! Like Asa said, pull up a rocker and sit a spell.


January 10, 2007 - Msg 48455: Thanks Ro for getting the little goobette up there..I showed her the picture on the PC..she was right pleased! :-)

Ya'll be good...good to see everbody!


January 10, 2007 - Msg 48456: With no intent of starting/prolonging anything, I'd like to share a little anecdote. When I was in about the fifth grade, I recall some remarks made by a teacher. One of my classmates was overheard making derogatory remarks about her parents. As it happened, I knew her parents slightly, and there was some truth in what she said. However, her attitude was very disrespectful and her remarks were spiteful. The teacher stopped her, and used the occasion to educate the entire class. What she said went something like this: "We should be careful never to disparage our own family, because we are part of that family. One should always display loyalty and respect for one's own family. If there are real problems, children should go privately to someone in authority and report mistreatment, but it is rude to make fun of parents or other family members, and this should never be done. Loyalty is admirable, disrespect is not."
Well, this made an impression and stuck with me, and is the first thing that pops into my head when the likes of the Dixie Chicks, Rosie, and others start spitting their venom. The second thought in my mind is "love it or leave it". I think it's rude, disrespectful and disloyal to publicly run down one's country, and those who do it should be ashamed. If you don't like what's happening, either go to work and try to change it, or if you think some other place is better, then exercise your right as a citizen of this free country, and leave. I may protest a specific policy, such as the current immigration situation, but America is still the best place on the planet, one of the last bastions of freedom. The rest of the world knows that, too - that's why we have an immigration problem! I resent it deeply when some pseudo-intellectual or big-mouth film star starts spouting their gospel of hatred. They don't know any more or have any more insight into the country's problems than I have, or than Joe Schmoe has, but they do have a public platform, and I think it's grossly unfair of them to abuse it the way they do.

OK, that's my opinion, and as Hazel so rightly pointed out, that's all it is. Nothing more, nothing less.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

January 10, 2007 - Msg 48457: Asa, I'm sorry your dizziness is acting up again. I know how awful that can be, or at least have some idea. I've had a couple of episodes of true vertigo over the last two years, and it's terrible. The last one was so severe that I fell off the bed trying to get to the phone to call the hospital to let them know I wasn't coming to work. My pharmacy delivers, and they sent me some Meclizine, and I had to literally crawl on my hands and knees to get to the front door after the delivery person dropped it through the mail slot. I had to drag a waste basket along with me because I had been throwing up so violently and didn't want to ruin my new carpet! Fortunately, it only lasted a couple of hours after I took the medicine.
Which brings me to your question - Antivert (or Meclizine, generic) worked well for me. I don't know if it would work for you, because the etiology of the dizziness is different, I'm sure. Mine is triggered in the inner ear. However, the drug is cheap, available over the counter, believe it or not, and has almost no side effects. It might be worth a try.

Also, my cousin, who has Meniere's syndrome - it runs in my family - sent me a copy of a regimen outlined by the Mayo clinic, which worked wonders for him. I'll see if I still have it, and will email it to you. If I've lost it, I can probably get another copy from him. Meantime, try the Meclizine. Check with your doctor first, but I doubt he/she will object.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

January 11, 2007 - Msg 48458: Oh Romeena, thank you so much for your response. And thank you everyone else for your kind words. Mine is no where near as bas as you describe Ro, thank the good Lord. Mine is more of a real dizziness that hits when I lay down or when I sit up after laying down and although severe it only lasts for 10 seconds or so. It just bothers me because it was how I was after my injury and has be gone for several months and just popped up again out of no where. My wife thinks it may just be an inner ear problem because I am fighting a cold. I hate going to the Dr's. this time of year cause I usually end up off worse than I started after sitting in the waiting room full of sick folks, you all know what I mean, I'm sure.

Boo, I sure do hope you can get Sean on a good diet. He sounds like a delightful young man in the waiting. Prayers for your situation.

Your little one is a doll Goober. You and the Mrs. should be proud and happy to be so blessed.

Prayers for Millie that she is doing ok this morning after her treatment.

Concerning the Rosie thing, I have refrained from comment because of a great anger that I harbor for that "thing"! A number of years ago, when Robert Dole was running for president she blasted him on her show that was on the air at that time. I don't have a problem with comedians poking a little fun at politicians but she went over the top. She called him and sick man with a withered up arm. Well he lost the use of his right arm in WW 2 fighting for our protection. To take such a cheap shot as that shows just what a low down slime bag she is! I would say more but I will refrain. Besides I'd just get hog farmers mad at me if I said what I was thinking. I ain't got nothing against hogs anyway. It just really bothers me how something like that could have a following.
With that being said I will not agree with what she said about radical Christianity because I think with her any Christianity is radical. But anything taken to extremes can be dangerous, be it Islam or Christianity. Take for example the nut job going around to the funerals of sevicemen and women and doing what they are doing, in the name of religion. Shame on all of them. Anyway, I'm done and sorry if I stepped on any toes. I usually try to stay out of these type of things here but Rosie (sheesh, I want to call her something else here) brings out the nastiness in me.


January 11, 2007 - Msg 48459: Morning, Porch!
- Hazel

January 11, 2007 - Msg 48460: Mornin' Porch,
My bible study is coming in a bit and I need to make the chicken salad and clean the bathrooms. I want to make a prayer request, well, a couple. My maternal grandmother (age 87) fell last night. She broke her wrist and hit her head. She had to go to the ER last night and back this morning to reset it. She is in a great deal of pain.
I'm not sure if I told y'all, but my stepgrandfather moved out of my paternal grandmother's house Thanksgiving weekend after 40 years of marriage. It is long and complicated, but it appears to be over. Papaw came to get some things and was screaming at Muzzie. She's decided to file for divorce. It is one big mess. The whole family is upset.
I feel that I need to say a little something about defending your country. God has put everyone that is in authority over us. We need to have faith in our government because for some reason God feels he needs to be in office.
As soon as Rosie came on The View I stopped watching it and will not watch it ever again. I have to remind myself to hate the sin not the sinner.
Gotta run!

January 11, 2007 - Msg 48461: Mornin' honeys! Mornin' dears! Yep, I'm hangin' in there....thanks for the prayers. Prayers for you, too, Asa. Let's all have lunch at Bogart's.....anything you want, on me!

January 11, 2007 - Msg 48462: Hey, Millie! You sound pretty good - will that remain true, or is this the calm before the storm? Anything we can do to help? Prayers, of course.

Asa, I couldn't agree more. The gentle humor of Bob Hope, as he poked fun at politicians, was fine. Johnny Carson used to do a pretty good job, too. But vicious, name-calling, malicious personal attacks have no place, and those who do it should be ashamed, and certainly should be tuned out!

Now about that dizziness - if it's positional, as you describe, your wife may well be right as to the cause, and if so, the Meclizine will probably help a lot. It can't hurt to try it.

Lucy, you're right. That's what I was getting at in #48456. Family loyalty, whether it's to those who sit around your dinner table, or your national family. We're all Americans here, so I can say this - everyone knows I couldn't stand Bill Clinton. He was a vulgar, crude embarrassment to the country. However, when I was asked in the presence of some foreigners what I thought of him, my response was simply this - "in America we have presidential elections every four years. Our founding fathers, in their wisdom, set it up that way for a reason." 'Nuff said.

I'm sorry about the awful situation with your grandmother. That has to be upsetting her, and the whole family, a great deal. Too sad!

It's cold and threatening rain here today. Brrr! A good day to stay in, but I can't. Gotta meet my landscaper friend at the rent house, as the sprinkler needs some attention - one head is spewing wildly and wasting water. Simple solution last week was to turn that zone off, and I did, but it still has to be repaired.

Millie, I'd love to have lunch at Bogart's. Can I bring my landscaper friend with me? He loves a good burger. I'll take chicken fried steak, please, and we'll both have some coconut pie. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

January 11, 2007 - Msg 48463: Oh, Asa, if you decide to try the Meclizine, you might want to take it about an hour before bedtime, and if possible, take one about a half-hour before you plan to get up in the morning. Just put it at your bedside and set your clock early. The idea is to get it on board and working before you make a major position change, from vertical to horizontal or vice-versa. --Romeena

January 11, 2007 - Msg 48464:
Morning Porch

It's sunny sunny sunny here today. Of course, it's only 22 degrees but it's sunny.

Millie-Great to see you! Hope you're doing well on this day after Wednesday.

Without getting to political I'd like to add just one more thing to the Rosie discussion. I love dissent, I relish it, I think we need it but if someone (read Rosie, Dixie Chicks, etc.) can't even begin to understand the issue and that someone has a platform and a fan base that stretches across the globe and then decides to spout off what ever nonsense is bouncing around inside their head than that someone is dangerous.

Hey to Hazel & Lucy

Asa-Hope you're feeling better soon!

Romeena-Amen! I think, instead of myself commenting on the issues of the day, I'll wait until you comment and then just post, "yeah, what she said."

God Bless,

January 11, 2007 - Msg 48465: Good morning everyone. A beautiful day here.

I haven't liked Rosie O'Donnell's "humor" since her days as a stand up comedian on VH-1 back in teh early 1980s. Then, and now, I think she's a non-funny loudmouth. And, BOO, for what's it's worth, from what I read she started the ridiculous fued with Trump when she went on her show and made extremely disparaging remarks about him because he gave Miss America another chance and didn't fire her. I watched a video of her comments and they were over-the-top, even if you don't agree with Trump's decision. But what do expect from a loudmouth? To me, the view is pretty unappealing ;).

REgardinf the discussion about it being wrong to criticize our government, I have a harder time with that one. I do believe that we must no make disparaging remarks about our leaders; it's rude and unchristian. But, we have every right to criticize the policies and actions of our leaders and government that we believe are wrong. If we never did that, we'd be British and go to segregated schools. Civility is not the same thing as agreement.

And, though I find it sad and sometimes angering, I try not to be too hard on those that do speak their mind about our leaders. First, I have sometimes crossed that line before (Clinton). Second, some of very own esteemed founding fathers publicly said horrible, horrible things about each other. Adams and Jefferson, especially, early on said vile things about one another and each's abilities. They both, at times, criticized washington and even his character. And who can forget some of the great criticisms of colleages by Andrew Jackson? So, on that score, the Chicks and Rose are in good company.

LUCY: Prayers for your family.


January 11, 2007 - Msg 48466: Where's CHARLOTTE when you need an editor?


January 11, 2007 - Msg 48467: Good morning all you wonderful porch type people!
I'm finally getting into the swing of things in this new year. I'm slow, so it takes me awhile.

In response to msg. 48456 by Romeena, I say, "Preach on, sister!" You are right on target! As some have said, I'm not one to get into political discussions either, but I just had to comment on this one.

Been praying for all the requests that have been made. I take prayer very seriously. Will continue.

What's for lunch Spot? Breakfast just didn't stick to my ribs this morning.
Well, I need to get some things done. Hope everyone has a great day.

Miss Peggy

January 11, 2007 - Msg 48468: Hey MISS PEGGY. Have you tried chicken with crust? :)


January 11, 2007 - Msg 48469: MDC: I'm always looking for healthier ways of living (not that I always actually do them; it was only six months ago that I stopped doing a daily dose of ice cream). Anyway, I was curious about your typical regime, you know, what you take and the rules for diet that you follow. Anyway, if it's not too personal, do you mind sharing? Thanks.


January 11, 2007 - Msg 48470: Auh2o, esteemed friend, you flatter me. You might be interested to know that I feel the same about you.

Me-They, I value your opinions highly as well. Therefore, since I also value your opinion of me personally, let me clarify one point. I am very much in favor of the right, even the responsibility, of the public to be the watchdog and criticize governmental policies when they seem to be wrong. It's the vitriolic, hateful remarks that cause me to back away, and the personal attacks that are often made. Rosie's remark about Bob Dole's arm was unconscionable. Bob could have said, "Yeah, well you've got a big fat caboose, and I'll bet you didn't get that in combat." But he didn't. (teehee) Anyway, constructive, well-thought-out criticism is one thing, and the time and place are important, too. Loud-mouth spouting off and subversive, self-seeking remarks made to outsiders are just never acceptable. I always think of Jane Fonda, sitting there looking ever so perky, in her helmet, perched on a jeep or whatever, "giving aid and comfort to the enemy". My stars! Even she voices regret about that now. You'd think the Rosies and Dixie Chicks of this world would learn, but they never do.
As for the founding fathers and their bad behavior, just because they did it doesn't make it right. I think they were wrong, too. Shame on them. They should have been setting a better example for the citizenry of a fledgling nation.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

January 11, 2007 - Msg 48471:
Asa and MeThey, if you want to email me, please do and i'll give you the "rest of the story." It all started when i picked up a little booklet at the checkout counter about 10 years ago. it was titled "8 healing foods of the Bible". But I dont think i should bore everyone here on the porch.
I'm at
dipper40 at hotmail dot com.
Asa- sure you werent renting that hitchco*k movie! haah/
Seriously, prayers going up to the top floor for ya bro.
Miss peggy- good you stopped by from fishin to say hey.

January 11, 2007 - Msg 48472: Thanks, ROMEENA. I don't disagree with anything you just said, and I understood what you said earlier as well. And you're correct about it being just plain wrong to exhibit bad behavior no matter who you might be. I was just saying that while I often get angry over comments like that by the Dixie Chicks, I try not to be too judgmental since people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. After all, I'm guilty of doing it myself from time to time (not that I think it's okay). So, I think we agree.

That said, Rosie O'Donnell is one of few celebrities that I actually have an instantaneous negative mental reaction. Whenever her name is mentioned or I see her face, it makes me angry. Now, I realize that's my problem. I don't defend Donald Trump as a person, but I find myself hoping that he gets the best of her.

Now, I know you were just humoring AUH2O, right?


January 11, 2007 - Msg 48473: Well, I think a deserve a trip to the woodshed for starting this moulage. Wow.

Asa, when you decide to speak your mind, you really let it rip! Maybe now that you got that off your chest you will feel better. Thanks so much for your kind words concerning Sean. It means alot.

Me-They, I have to admit that I went on line and found a news clip of Rosie blasting Donald Trump that first time and although, it was rude and uncalled for, I had to laugh when she flipped her hair over into that comb-over. I think Rosie has a real problem with ignorance mixed with a big dose of arrogance. I hope she sees the truth someday. I certainly don't wish her any harm. I remember when she first had a talk show and she seemed so nice back then and seemed to really care about people. I don't know if that was an act or if she has changed. Congratulations on giving up the ice cream habit....I'm doing laundry so go get your things.


January 11, 2007 - Msg 48474: Hey, Boo, I've got 3 or 4 loads myself, I guess it's laundy day!
I'm trying very hard not to say what I really think about Rosie and the Don.....you guys have pretty much covered it. I will say this....I enjoyed Rosie's show until she lit into the NRA and Charlton Heston. I loved it when Tom Selleck lambasted her. I am now done.
That reuben I had at lunch is wearin' off.....what's for supper?

January 11, 2007 - Msg 48475: Mmmm...a reuben. Leftovers? Or how able Morelli's for spagetti (they've got a secret spice they use).

Here's my laundry, BOO. Remember, no starch in my shorts.

Y'all have a good one.


January 11, 2007 - Msg 48476: Just saw Goobette's picture......What a sweetie!

January 11, 2007 - Msg 48477: Oh, I never use starch Me-They. Hey Millie, a Reuben sounds great. I love them grilled with the Swiss cheese running off the sides!

I am now working on my last load of laundry. It took all day. The dryer we use here seems to take forever to dry the clothes so it takes extra long.

Better go...


January 11, 2007 - Msg 48478: Hey, Boo, have you checked to be sure that all heating elements are working in that dryer? Years ago, I had one that would take an hour or more to dry a load. Finally a friend checked it out, and it seems there were two heating units, and one wasn't working. He replaced it, and it about cut the time in half. Just an idea...

I love Reuben sandwiches! Yummy! I have a recipe for a Reuben dip - you serve it warm and provide little toasted rye rounds, or even wheat crackers, and is it ever good!

Well, I'm off to watch TAGS and have a bit of supper. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

January 11, 2007 - Msg 48479:
Boo, do you empty the lint trap after EVERY load!? Cecile set me straight on that one. Also, I clean out the vent pipe about once a year. That helps too.
MMM samiches tonight! I'll go get Leon!
God's peace to you all,

January 11, 2007 - Msg 48480:
APB for ky girl, AFD, Poor horatio, and others. over and under 10-4 (Tho i dont like being 10-foured right in the middle of an idea)ha

January 11, 2007 - Msg 48481: Morelli's for dinner? You know they let you take a bottle in there.
- Hazel

January 11, 2007 - Msg 48482: Ha, I'll join you for dinner at Morelli's Hazel.

Ro, I doubt there is a heating element out because the things seems to get so hot. Maybe I am just putting too much in at once because the washer is a large capacity one. Yes, MDC, I check the lint filter often. I learned that lesson early on! I like the way you signed your post, "God's peace to you all". I have been having a bit of a struggle with anxiety this week and I could use an extra dose of peace. I figure I have some sort of anxiety disorder that rears it's head about once a year and this is it. I don't want to go on medication, though, just for a once a year thing. Maybe I'll try some Valerian or something. Any suggestions if you're out there LUCY?.....

Bruce is watching Superman with Erin, Sean is already in bed and I am thinking of turning in early. Hope you all have a wonderful evening and day tomorrow.


January 11, 2007 - Msg 48483: did someone hear from colt? I have been away from my computer for a while and I just saw a commment here about Colt trying to get to the library computer again..I dont have time to go thru the archives right not..can someone let me know if Colt has been heard from?? I will try to check in daily again...

Things have gone down hill for Grandma really fast. So needless to say, I have not had much time or inclination to be on the internet.

Franky, I am sick to death of this Rosie/Donald controversy. Its time we realized that there are more important things in life than which celebrity is more obnoxious. (hee hee) Friends, just hug each and every member of your family and tell them you love and appreciate them. Just in case tomorrow never comes....

fun girl

January 11, 2007 - Msg 48484: Amen, fun girl.

January 11, 2007 - Msg 48485: fun girl, darlin', when you're right, you're right!

Yes, we heard from Colt, only he's signing as buckeye again. It was good to hear from him. Things are a bit disturbed in his life right now, but I think he's trying to get it all made right.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

January 11, 2007 - Msg 48486: Hey, Ro, I thought Colt was pipeman now.

January 11, 2007 - Msg 48487: Yeah, I think it's pipeman...

January 11, 2007 - Msg 48488: Oops, you're right! Sorry! I knew that "buckeye" wasn't sounding right when I typed it. Lazy me, I should have done my homework. Thanks for correcting my error - it's important that we get that name right! --Romeena

January 11, 2007 - Msg 48489: Anybody still up and rockin'?

January 11, 2007 - Msg 48490: I forgot something funny I wanted to tell you all. I was listening to James Dobson today on Focus on The Family and he was playing an old tape of a lecture he did on the strong-willed child. He was explaining the difference between normal childhood irresponsibility and willful defiance. He said some things kids just forget. He said for instance, he and his wife Shirley must have told their children 750 times to put their napkins in their laps at the dinner table. He said that finally they made a game of it and a rule was made that anyone who took a bite of food before putting their napkin in their lap would have to go to their room and count to 25 before returning to the table. He said, "Shirley and I sure felt foolish standing in our room counting to 25. Especially standing outside at restraunts and counting! The kids never forgot again, though." haha I thought that was so funny just wanted to share it....


January 11, 2007 - Msg 48491: That's a good one! Last week my kids were eating at our restuarant, and one of the waitresses commented on their good manners. If you think they were smiling and proud, you should've seen DH and me!

January 11, 2007 - Msg 48492:
Hey Folks,

My father-in-law passed away today. I sure hope he made peace for himself, I have my doubts. It was funny I wasn't praying for his salvation, that was his job, but I was praying for him today. I say it's funny because while I was praying I realized I wasn't telling the Lord anything He already didn't know. I don't know why but it struck me as funny, almost felt like Johnnie Cochran, "If the glove don't fit you must acquit" just doesn't work now. Like I said, I sure do hope he got his house in order.

Boo-Good story.

fun girl-Prayers for your Grandma and your family.

Ro-Thanks for your kind words. (Me-They you hush up.)

"Yeah, well, we told a few people but we didn't want to make a big moulage out of it."


January 11, 2007 - Msg 48493:
Hey There Mil

January 11, 2007 - Msg 48494: hey back at ya, whomever you are.

January 11, 2007 - Msg 48495: auh2o, so sorry for yur loss. Prayers for the family.

January 11, 2007 - Msg 48496:
Sorry, It's me, it's me, it's auh2o.

January 11, 2007 - Msg 48497:
Thanks Mil,

January 11, 2007 - Msg 48498: Thanks folks for the up date on pipeman....see God can handle anything. So does he remember the porch? Or is he just trying to jog his memory? Either way....we will just have to love him back to the porch and into those memories!!

Thanks for the update. Sorry to hear about your father-in-law. Your family is in my prayers.

I appreciate ya friends!! Just wanted you to know that. There, I said it and I aint taking it back!!
fun girl