February 04, 2007 - Msg 49330: Oh, my! 92 yard run on the kickoff! Da Bearsssss!!!
That's a first.....pretty cool.

February 04, 2007 - Msg 49331: Millie, do you have to sweep right now? We're trying to watch the game!
- Hazel

February 04, 2007 - Msg 49332: Sorry! When the Bears swept the field, I guess I just got caught up. Have some onion rings.

February 04, 2007 - Msg 49333: Colts! 53 yds for a td! Whoooooo! Good game!

February 04, 2007 - Msg 49334: I just looked at the archives, and Miller, it's the 41st Superbowl, not the 31st. Thanks for the onion rings, Mil. Hurry up with those little cheeseburgers.
- Hazel

February 04, 2007 - Msg 49335: Here's a platterfull. Half with fried onions, half without. Picklily relish on the side.

February 04, 2007 - Msg 49336: does any one know the taylors home address on the show?

February 04, 2007 - Msg 49337: Three different addresses are given as the home of the Taylors: 14 Maple, 24 Elm, and 332 Maple.
- Hazel

February 04, 2007 - Msg 49338: Darn, off by a decade. Oh, and I have the egg salad and tuna salad sandwiches! Dig in.

February 04, 2007 - Msg 49339: Let's go Bears!!! 16 - 14 at half. This is gonna be a good finish!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

February 04, 2007 - Msg 49340: Miller, I think you're the only nine-year-old I know who knows what a decade is. I'm so glad you decided to join us - you're a hoot! Thanks for the sammitches. You're welcome to come over and play with the Plum sometime. She'd love it! --Romeena

February 04, 2007 - Msg 49341: Heh, and I wasn't even trying to sound smart! I love cute litte dogs like sugarplum. I saw her picture in the album. She is so cute! Oh, and Millie,Please pass a tiny cheeseburger with no onions. Thanks!


February 04, 2007 - Msg 49342: Can someone help me gird up the porch? When homemaker gets on here with her swelled up head from the Colts win, I dunno if it will stay up without some reinforcment.:) jk hm, congrats to Indy.


February 04, 2007 - Msg 49343: And I thought I would alway's be the youngest poster to step foot on the porch! Welcome Miller!

Deputy Warren Ferguson

February 05, 2007 - Msg 49344: Hi porch folk! Well, I made it back(to -12 degree temps I might add) from Hawaii. We got in at about 6 am Central Time and my inner clock isn't back to normal yet so it's been a weird day. Not the greatest vacation I ever had, and that's about all I am going to say about that.
Just glad to be back(on the ground) safely and to talk to you folks again.
Haven't gone through the archives yet but I'm sure I will to catch up, but I better get to bed now, as it is 1:30 AM(Central).

From the Central time zone of the porch, Good Night. :)

-Sterling Holobyte

February 05, 2007 - Msg 49345: I'm glad you're back, and safe and sound, Sterling.
- Hazel

February 05, 2007 - Msg 49346: I'm sorry Asa, I can't help you with the porch. It's dark under there, could be spiders.
- Hazel

February 05, 2007 - Msg 49347: Welcome home, Sterling! You faced youre fears. Congratulations!

Hazel, it is so nice to have you back real regular-like. You always have such wonderful wit and you sure know your trivia.

Gotta go get the kids ready for school but will be back later to "moulage".



February 05, 2007 - Msg 49348:
Morning Porch

It's -5 here so far today with a wind chill of -31. It be cold. The kids got their first snow day. When I went out to fill the bird feeders this morning those poor little tweeters had a look on their face that said, "just shoot me."

Sterling-Good to see ya back from your trip.

Mary Wiggins-I feel the same about tiny marshmallows, or any marshmallows, if your not in my cocoa then be gone with you!


February 05, 2007 - Msg 49349: Asa we will brace the porch up good....busy here at work...COLD...congrats colts!...hey all..welcome home sterling!..hey miller,mi,bo,ro,possum and all...lunch will be at "low gram fat" subway!..on me....back in a bit...SPOT

February 05, 2007 - Msg 49350: Good morning everyone. A better morning for the Colts than the Bears, I suspect. The high is supposed to be 20 degrees here today. It's about 5 right now, without the wind chill. Anybody up for a picnic?

AUH2O: Wind? Are you insinuating I have some uncontrollable gastrointestinal difficulty? It certainly can't be that I spout off too much.

MILLIE: I read your story from a few days back and wanted to say how much I admire you. And welcome to MILLER, too.

MAVIS and ROMEENA: Super news!

STERLING: Welcome back. Did Kai enjoy the trip?

I should have figured with ASA around that there wouldn't be any food left.

I haven't been able to read up totally on the archives yet, but prayers for those who need them.

BOO: Bring on the moulage...


February 05, 2007 - Msg 49351: ASA: If heads get too swelled about the Colts' win, we can always bring up that first Bears' touchdown. How embarrasin'!


February 05, 2007 - Msg 49352: Morning folks, Hope all is well this Monday. How about them COLTS, good game, wet but good. COLD today, about 21 degrees but we have sunshine.
SPOT, Subway sounds good, thanks for lunch today.
How about I take care of supper. BBQ sandwhiches,
cole slaw, potatoes, and chocolate cake or fruit cups (for those not eating sweets for dessert)sweet tea, Kool aid, lemonade to drink. We will eat around 6pm so come hungry. Well, I gotta get busy. Prayers for all. Big Maude

February 05, 2007 - Msg 49353: Good morning, all. Just for the record, Me-They, I'd like to say that 20 degrees does not qualify to be referred to as "high". I think you should refer to a temperature like that as "the least low".

Beautiful here today, sunny and bright, present temp 46, headed for a balmy 59. Now, that's a HIGH. Take that! (heehee)

Boo, I second what you said. It's good to have Hazel coming around regular, with her quick wit and vast store of trivia. I guess a chicken doesn't have a lot to do, and can just sit around and think of funny things to say. (teehee)

Asa, I hope Barney is doing as well as the Plum. She's her sassy little self again, has little "spazz attacks" now and then where she runs through the house like mad, picking up and slinging toys as she goes. It's hilarious, because she's so small but when she has one of those spells, you can hear her little feet drumming on the carpet as she runs. Then she forgets and runs into the entry or the kitchen, onto the tile, and just goes skidding across the floor. Too funny! Sometimes I think she does that on purpose, like a kid would do, just because she can and it's fun.

Well, off I go. Guess I need to eat something. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

February 05, 2007 - Msg 49354: Perhaps you're right, ROMEENA. All I know is that's it's darned cold. I picked a bad day not to pack a lunch. 59? I guess you'll be heading for the beach? I'm glad that Sugarplum is back to her old self.

I forgot to mention that the work to our kitchen began today. We had to move everything out of the kitchen yesterday and it looks like the room threw up in the rest of our small house. The ceiling (plaster and drop) is slated to be demoed today so the mess will be intense. I'm not being coy when I ask for prayers this week; the disorder and relative helplessness while it's going on is driving my anxiety levels and OCD through the roof.

Well, off to the bank and lunch. Where's my parka?...


February 05, 2007 - Msg 49355: MILLIE: You're talk of a Cuban has stuck with me for a week now, so that's what I'm getting for lunch today. I hope it's worth the cold!


February 05, 2007 - Msg 49356: Yeah COLTS! Yeah COLTS! Yeah COLTS!

Okay Asa - I am a very happy woman. Almost as happy as when the Colts beat the Bengals. One of my students loves the Bengals and I told him there were 9! reasons why the Bengals didn't make it to the Super Bowl.

My husband even watched the game - a first!
I am definitely in BLUE today - and my fingers and toes are blue too (from the -2 I went out to this morning!)

On the serious side - could you pray for my car. I busted the oil pan (not a good thing) and I am really PRAYING hard that it can be fixed because I am not in the mood to spend money for a new to me car. God is good and I know that He can help the mechanic fix what he needs to. I really just need it to be fixed. Thanks!

Hope Plum and Barney are doing even better. Just love little fur-kids.


February 05, 2007 - Msg 49357: Hey M-t we in ga here are running about the same temp...hey sugarplum...Asa whats for supper?...SPOT

February 05, 2007 - Msg 49358: Prayers for your car repairs, HM.

Glad to hear Plum is back to her energetic self!

Me-They, such a funny discription of your house...hope your nerves hold out until the job is done.

OK, here's my moulage for today. On Friday, Erin (who is 5) got her report card from KINDERGARTEN (you probably recall that they are using ABEKA curriculum and I don't think Erin is ready for it). Anyway, she got a D in reading, a D in phonics, a C in handwriting and a B in math. Now, c'mon, she is 5 years old. The teacher wrote me a note saying I should have her read each night. I wrote her back and told her I was satisfied with Erin's progress at her young age and, though I and her father would try to read with her when possible, I am the caregiver for 2 children and 2 elderly parents. I'm fed up with the pressure being put on me and my child at the age of 5. The note read, "she is still having trouble with her reading"...does this come as a surprise to anyone that she might not be ready to read when she started Kindergarten the very month that she turned 5? Sorry but I just have to sound off. I am already the parent of a child with learning disabilities that I deal with on a daily basis and I resent this pressure I feel is being put upon me concerning my little girl. When I was 5, I could recite the alphabet and that was about it. Kindergarten was about learning through play and doing art projects and being with other children. Maybe I made a big mistake for putting her in so young, but she seemed ready for it. My sister told me the other day that Erin told her that she might not do well enough to go to first grade next year. Well, I never told her that so I don't know where she is getting that idea. Anyway, thanks for letting me vent. I guess I just need to make an appointment with the principal and tell him how I feel. I have already tried talking to the teacher about it and I'm sure the note I wrote her this morning is the talk of the teacher's lounge today!


February 05, 2007 - Msg 49359: Well, I hate to tell all you denizens of the frozen north, but I'm about to go out in the yard, in jeans and a short-sleeved sweatshirt, and prune a bunch of stuff. Also need to wash out a pond filter. That won't be fun, because as warm as it is out there, the pond water is still icy cold. Not looking forward to that, but at least it's not frozen!

Well, there's good news today. My realtor just called, and he's 99% sure he has a renter for my rent house. We had to cut the rent from $1800 to $1400, but $1400 is better than $0. I'm very happy. That has been a huge dent in my income for the last eight months. Hurts!

OK, off I go. Got roses to prune, and butterfly bushes, and spirea, eleagnes, brugmansias, mums, esperanza, just lots of things. Prune them now and they'll be beautiful in a couple of months. Prune? That's an understatement, of course. I'll whack them down nearly to the ground!

You all take care now, you hear? Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

February 05, 2007 - Msg 49360: Good news about your rental property, ROMEENA.

BOO: I'm 1,000% on your side. You are absolutely right about it being ridiculous. No, I take that bnack--it's downright dangerous. Dangerous to every kid encumbered by these draconian methods. Here, they are just staring all-day kindergarden and already they're clamoring for mandatory school for 4-year-olds. In a few years, they'll wisk them from the womb to classroom. And why do they do this? To get a jump-start, they say. Yet, there is absolutely no evidence that it has absolutely any effect on how a kid will end up at the high school level. None. Zip. Zero. In my opinion, what we have are too many educational theorists who need to get out of the classroom and into the real world. The typical college graduate who wants to teach has a transcript full of education courses. What they lack is actual classroom experience in the subjects they will be teaching. And that is a fact.

No, you are too correct, BOO. Do not back down. You take the pressure off of Erin and give her a chance to be a little girl. I'm all for learning and responsibility, but all things in good time. Don't you worry about what the teachers or other parents may think; keep thinking about Erin and how she feels. You're a great mom.

Now you've done and got that vein bulging on the side of my neck...


February 05, 2007 - Msg 49361: Hello porch! Its below freezing at my end of the porch.Brrrr, its this cold and clouds or scarce in the sky, thus it can't precipitate. Meaning no snow. Oh well. I brought a snack! Popcorn and apple cider.
Dig in!


February 05, 2007 - Msg 49362:
Boo-I noticed that Me-They was only 1000% on your side, I on the other hand am 1001% on your side. With the exception of being skimpy with the percentage, I agree with everything M-T posted. When our oldest was in kindergarten the teacher went on and on about who advanced she seemed, then one day they had a little "quiz" to see who far the kids could count. Well, our daughter handed her test in blank and then she wouldn't count past 7 or 8 for the teacher. Needless, to say the teacher sent home a note and also called to tell us about the extra help we could get her. We passed on the extra help. We then went in and asked our daughter to write down how far she could count, we stopped her at, I think 55.

Me-They I hate that you have to go and check everything I say on the weekend. I meant wind in a good way.

Romeena-Be nice!

Miller-Thanks for the chow and keep warm.


February 05, 2007 - Msg 49363: Does this mean I'm the wind beneath your wings, AUH2O?

Hey, MILLER. Is school out already?


February 05, 2007 - Msg 49364: Oh, yeah, I would have been 1,001% for BOO, but between the tax-and-spend Democrats and the fiscally irresponsible Republicans I can't afford it.


February 05, 2007 - Msg 49365: I wish things were as simple nowadays as they were in the show.

February 05, 2007 - Msg 49366: Yep, school got out a while ago. At least here. I'm keepin warm, thanks Auh20.


February 05, 2007 - Msg 49367: No kidding, Msg49365! Wouldn't that be wonderful?

Me-They and Auh2o, you ARE the wind beneath my wings today. Thanks for the words of validation and encouragement (just what a woman wants most). I had to smile at that story about your little one writing her numbers to 55, how cute! I'll bet that felt good. You know, I think that is what really bothers me is the "not good enough" mentality. My five yr old has learned in 4 or 5 months to count to 100, all her letters and the sounds they make, to do simple addition, knows some sight words and some blends by memory and it still isn't good enough. They have something called Honor Roll Assembly each quarter and the kids who make all A's or all B's are recognized before the whole school. Well Erin never is recognized for her accomplishments and that bothers me because of how it might be making her feel. I am making an appointment to see the principal and Bruce and I will have a talk about it and decide what to do. I can always pull her out and homeschool if I have to.

Better go check the soup....chicken vegetable..

Hey to Miller. Did you have a snow day today?


February 05, 2007 - Msg 49368: Oh, I see Me-They already asked you a similar question Miller.


February 05, 2007 - Msg 49369:
Did anyone else hear the great testimony that the Colts coach gave when they presented the trophy!! God bless him for giving God the glory on national network TV!!
HM- prayers for sure regarding your car. Oil pans can be replaced. They are attached to the bottom of the engine to hold the engine's oil. I know it is another expense, but there should be no interior damage.
Boo- back in the late 50's, i didnt read until ist grade and I turned out just fine! As Dr Laura says, none of us had pre-school etc and look at all we invented etc!
Racing soon !!
God richly bless you all, have a great porch evening. prayers for all those being hit by this cold weather!! atlanta etc.

February 05, 2007 - Msg 49370:
Me They- once Nixon took use off any backing back in 74, our "money" became "currency", so it is now 'print whatever ya need!' ha ..hmmm Sounds crazy, but that is about the size of it.
So, if currency value keeps going down, what's increasing in value? gold! hmmmm again. Worth thinking about.

February 05, 2007 - Msg 49371: cold cold cold where is the warm weather at .


February 05, 2007 - Msg 49372: Thanks MDC, I agree. I know I didn't learn to read until well into the 1st grade and I actually graduated from college, can you believe it?! I am really beginning to think that what they call progress in education amounts to alot of nonsense. It's not all about book smarts, but common sense and integrity, too. Afterall, if one doesn't have the sense to put an education to good use, it doesn't do much good (I think Calvin Coolidge said that...). I saw that first hand often in the nursing field. Some of the nurses I worked with who had the highest degrees of education were absolutely out of it when it came to putting their education into practice.

Well, better go finish cleaning the kitchen and go to bed. I have to go get my blood drawn in the morning after I drop off the kids. Normal ever 3-4 month stuff. I do want to ask your prayers for Sean. I am taking him to the doctor on Wed. He has had a few more of those episodes of his heart pounding, etc. He has a very irregular heart beat and it is running around 60, which is low for a child his age. I talked to one of his docs about it and they think he should be checked out. I think he probably just takes after me. My heart rate has always been slow and irregular. Cardiologist says I have a conduction defect of the heart and expect poor Sean has inherited it, too. Seems like he gets all my bad traits...


February 06, 2007 - Msg 49373: MDC - because my car is an Aurora, you have to take out the engine in order to replace the oil pan. But, my local garage thinks he has it fixed.

Boo - in regards to your little one - a lot is expected from our little ones these days and I think grades in kdg are ridiculous. 5 year olds should not have to worry about grades. . .yet. If that much pressure is being put on her and she already feels bad about herself - I have much sympathy for her. Maybe it isn't Erin but the teacher who has the problem. I know, you can't believe that came out my hands, but not all teachers of kdg are meant to be kdg teachers. A Christian school I think would do more to encourage her instead of criticize her and your parenting skills. THat's my 2 cents. Homeschooling might not be a bad idea.

Looking for an early dismissal - we are supposed to have 5 inches by the morning.


February 06, 2007 - Msg 49374:
Boo, I bet Sean gets all of your GOOD traits as well. :)

Oh,and I think it is crazy how they are pushing these little kids in school. You stand your ground-you're 1002% right!
Hey to all the Porchsters! Stay warm!
possum under a rock

February 06, 2007 - Msg 49375: Thank you Homemaker. I have been anxiously awaiting your opinion because I respect it very much. I have been hearing from other friends and family that their kindergarten-age children don't get grades on their work. Not sure what is going on in our school but I plan to find out. I do know that this is the first time Erin's teacher has taught Kinder so that may be the problem, and my guess is that Erin is the only one making low marks in her class of 4 (she is the youngest in the class, also), so it probably has not been an issue with any of the other kids. I do know that the teacher has taken extra pains to be sure Erin is included in all field trips, etc., which is good. She is a nice woman, I just think she may be inexperienced with such young children. I was looking over some of Erin's work that was sent home yesterday and I thought it was good. Her handwriting if far better than mine would have been at her age and she was reciting her numbers for me and even answering some simple math questions for me from memory. So, I like I said, I have no problem with her progress. So she can't read well yet, so what? I try to take extra time to tell her that she is smart and doing very well in school. I tell her that he dad and I are very happy with the work she is doing and are proud of her. I hope it's enough at this point. I still have my appointment with the principal. I'll let you know how it goes...

Have to get the kids off to school.


February 06, 2007 - Msg 49376: Oh hey, Possum! Thanks for those kind words....1002%, huh? I think you have Me-They and Auh2o beat.


February 06, 2007 - Msg 49377: 1003%!


February 06, 2007 - Msg 49378: M-T - did you like that COLTS win?

the HOMEMAKER still wearing BLUE here. . . .

February 06, 2007 - Msg 49379: What Colt's win? ;)


February 06, 2007 - Msg 49380: Boo - you may want to check out these websites for Erin akidsheart.com and schoolexpress.com -
They have free printable worksheets. I know you are busy but she may like playing school at home. My kids did. The kids heart is a Christian based website. I know there is an online website for easy readers books as well. I just can't remember them all now. When I taught the younger deaf students - I knew all the websites. Now I specialize in the ones to help them get out of school and to fly into college.

M-T - I knew you would enjoy that ;)


February 06, 2007 - Msg 49381: Boo, I think that telling Erin you are happy with her and proud of her is more important than you know, and you are so right for not pressuring her to get perfect "grades".
We just received Kai's "report card" as well, though it doesn't use grades - A, B, C, etc. in the usual sense. It uses D for developing, S for secure, B for beginning, that kind of thing.
In the comments area the teacher does talk about areas to work on with her, like printing her numbers without any reversals, which she tends to do at times, but alot of it is on things like discussing groups of objects and which has more or fewer - things like that.
Expecting kindergarteners to be able to read perfectly does sound a bit extreme to me, and hopefully I won't have to go through that with Kai's school. So far, it looks like they are pretty reasonable with allowing kids to be kids and not pushing them to "achieve" too much too soon. But you know public schools, you have to watch them because they are always changing their standards to better fit how pushed-to-achieve-adults view childhood, apparently.

Prayers for Sean's heart and that everything on that front may turn out positive. I know alot about anxiety about that sort of thing.

Thanks for the welcome-backs! And yes Me-They, Kai had a good time. She didn't necessarily enjoy the flight over there, as the day with left she woke up with a small fever(I was ready to cancel and stay home with her, as you may have guessed)and she had a little trouble with the pressure in her ears, especially on landing. Her ears wouldn't unplug and it kind of bothered her. I understand that because I also was kind of under the weather and my ears were doing the same thing, so I tried to console her by telling her she wasn't the only one that was happening to. Her fever only lasted on and off for a couple days though, thankfully.

Well, I'd better go. I have to get Kai ready for school. I am bringing her in a little later because like I said before, our internal clocks are still a bit off and she has been having some trouble getting to sleep. She goes to bed at the regular time, but because Hawaii was 4 hrs behind us, I guess it still seems a little too early to her brain. And mine as well.

Hope you all have a good day!

-Sterling Holobyte

February 06, 2007 - Msg 49382: That was supposed to read, "the day WE left", not "with". With didn't go with us. ;)

-Sterling Holobyte

February 06, 2007 - Msg 49383: Take it easy, STERLING. You sort of touched on something there about "pushed-to-achieve adults." In our rush to do things, more things, better things, we are constantly told to multi-task, and that if you're not doing it somehow you are either not being productive or deficient in some way. And we expect our kids to do the same. The reality is that our brains and our bodies are singular. Sure we can think and do more than one thing at a time, but we have finite resources and if we are directing them in multiple areas that means less to more. Whatever happened to doing one thing, and doing it well? We push ourselves to do more, better, faster. Maybe, for our kids sake, we need to rethink that. Anyway, that's my moulage for today.


February 06, 2007 - Msg 49384: I totally agree with that, Me-They.

I just got back from driving Miss Kai to school, and I almost wish I hadn't. I don't understand it, they cancelled school yesterday because it was about 17 below zero, but it was sunny and clear. Yet they have school today, when it is snowy and only a little warmer. I saw an accident between a truck and another car, and I could see why that could happen, as I was soon passed by a truck, and with the blowing and drifting snow, I couldn't see a foot in front of me. But no school delay or closing today. It just doesn't make sense. Oy!
Hopefully it will clear by this afternoon.

-Sterling Holobyte

February 06, 2007 - Msg 49385: Hey Sterling,
Glad you made it back from your trip! I hope Kai gets back on our time soon!

I will ask my daughter what moisturizers worked best for her. As soon as I get an answer I will let you know. Prayers for your son in the mean-time!

I am sure your daughter is doing just fine. I guess you may have a teacher who is trying "too hard". Maybe she (or he?) is somewhat new to the job and has all the idealism of young people but none of the wisdom of us "older folks"! (I hate to admit it, but I will be turning "nifty fifty" in a couple weeks!) Oh, and put me down for 1010%! haha

I guess it's too cold for school here. Two days of all the kids home. We used to put our leggins on, galoshes, scarves, mittens, (think "Randy" in a Christmas Story), and walk two miles to school uphill in blizzard conditions and then have to cut and haul in firewood, hang all our outer wear on clothes lines we strung ourselves, unhitch the teacher's horse... I AM NOT EXAGGERATING! Lol. Anyway, I guess I have been trapped too long with the neighbor's kids, my niece and my own Opie!

Have a warm, wonderful Mayberry Day all,
Mary Wiggins

February 06, 2007 - Msg 49386: Hey there, porch! It's very cold at this end of the porch. Brrrrrrr. It may snow a bit by tomorrow, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Hi Sterling, I'm Miller. As my first post said, "You know, I may be 9 but I love TAGS as much as any of y'all." I just got home from school, so just stoppin' by.


February 06, 2007 - Msg 49387: Hi Miller! Dang, you're 9?! You express yourself very well for a 9 year old.
But hey, any friend of TAGS is a friend of mine, even if they are nine. Hey, that's a rhyme. Hope you are all fine. ;)

Ok, I'll stop now.

-Sterling Holobyte

February 06, 2007 - Msg 49388:
I'd like to take a moment to humbly apologize to the porch. My facts were all mixed up and I've never felt more like Al Gore in my life. Today was Ronald Reagan's birthday not last Tuesday like I had posted earlier.

I hope this doesn't start a moulage, well maybe I do, but are there any Civil War buffs on the porch. Or, should I say "The War of Northern Aggression?" Just wondering.

Ya'll should hear the News Reports and Talk Radio around here, it's like we've never seen snow before!?

homemaker-We didn't watch the Super Bowl my girls are horse crazy so, of course, we were rooting for Colts!

M-T What's this! I agree with you 2 days in a row?

"There was many heroes in World War II. What were your heroes? Who were your heroes? Let me clairfy this. Thank you for having me!"


February 06, 2007 - Msg 49389:
Anyone home?

February 06, 2007 - Msg 49390: There's Nobody Home!
- Hazel, quoting Big Maude

February 06, 2007 - Msg 49391:
Welcome Miller! Good to see sterling, Mary W, Au, HM Hazwl and all!
Auh20, is that a tags quote or a real question? Seriously, not sure what yer asking.
Unless us Darlins get banged with a serving spoon over the head, we got no smarts! ha
I dropped a note to Colt today. I'll let ya all know when he responds. Hope he can get to a public computer soon.
Well, God bless ya,

February 06, 2007 - Msg 49392: Hi Charlotte,
I am Mary Wiggin's daughter, Jessey. My mom mentioned to me your son's difficulty with his chapped lips. I have the perfect remedy! "Aquafor" is the best product on the market for acutane patients. This is not a chapstick, it is similar to vasoline. It is not as messy as vasoline but it is just as soothing. Aquafor is also great for dry eyelids. I got some free samples from my dermatologist and then bought some from Target. I also saw it for sale at Walmart and at Meijers. It is about ten dollars a tube. A tube will last a good two or so months. I hope this will help your son. Before I went on acutane my self esteem was very low. I hated pictures and felt incredibly unattractive. I was on the medication for 6 months and have been off for almost 4 months now. Since I have been off the medication I have been cyst free! I haven't even had a pimple!!! I wish your son the best of luck and hope this works as well for him as it did for me!

Jessey Wiggins

February 06, 2007 - Msg 49393: Good evening, all. My goodness, all this talk of school-related grief makes me so glad I no longer have school children under my direct care. Grandkids, yes, but their parents are the buffer zone for me. I know my DIL has had some "meetings" with her oldest boy's kdg teacher. DIL is very involved, room mother and all that, and was blown away when the teacher chastised her for "doing too much" on a scrapbook project the kids were doing, when the instructions clearly requested the parents to participate. Seems the scrapbook she and my grandson made was "too good", and would make the others feel bad because they couldn't do the same thing! The woman literally took it away from my DIL, took it apart, handed her back a couple of pages and told her to "work with that".

I'm sick of all this business about keeping everything equal and level. Guess what. The real world is not like that, and the kids had better learn it now. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Neither situation defines you as a person.

My mother taught me to read when I was four. In first grade, I read on a fifth grade level. However, none of that gave me any advantage in the higher grades. There's a difference in technical reading ability vs age-related comprehension. In other words, when I reached fifth grade, I wasn't reading "War and Peace". Never did, for that matter. Boring. (Sorry!) All my early reading skills accomplished for me was to make elementary school easier. However, to the extent that fostered a love of books and reading and words, I guess it was a positive thing. It didn't make me any smarter than the next kid - just ask my math teachers - but I love books to this day, and enjoy word craft.

Well, that's my penny's worth. Not even worth two cents. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

February 06, 2007 - Msg 49394: Hey, ya'll! Anyone mind if I stop by to say hello? You just all seem so sweet that I just had to introduce myself! I'm Robin! So nice to meet you all!

February 07, 2007 - Msg 49395: Hello Robin and welcome...pull up a rocker and join us for a chat.

Well as for Boo's situation. At Kyles school, there were two kindergarten teachers. One ran her classroom as an academic kindergarten and the other a developmental. This was not made known to the parents. It was something I noticed. He was in the academic and was NOT ready for it. So after Christmas I pulled him out and kept him out until Christmas of the next year. Then I went and requested he be able to finish the semester he missed in the developmental kg. So that is what we did...he did well and was prepared for 1st grade. I think there are some kids who thrive in an academic kg, Kyle just was not one of them. HOWEVER I have read somewhere...*dont remember where* that until at least six or seven, the part of the brain that enables reading is not fully developed. Wish I could remember where I read that....Anyway...I guess what this all adds up to, is ERIN is fine. As has been said, perhaps she has a very eager teacher with not alot of experience. I do think that your idea to go to the principal is a good one. Open communication is never a bad thing. And you have followed the chain of command. So go in and speak your mind!! AND LET ME SAY report cards with regular grades in KG. is ridiculous!!! Dont get me started...If you look back...five year olds are still babies. We are pushing our kids to grow up to fast, and we wonder why they have anxiety and depression later on. Listen to Billy Dean:

Let them be little
cause they're only that way for a while
Give them HOPE
Give them faith
Give them love every day
Let em laugh
Let em giggle
Let them sleep in the middle
Oh but let them be little
(thump) *stepping off my soap box*

Oh and one more thing...HOW BOUT THEM COLTS!!!
I was so proud to be a Hoosier. Not just for the great job our boys did on the field, bit their conduct off the field, for Peyton praying on the sidelines...for Jim Irsay and Tony Dungee giving the credit to GOD! All in all I would say our organization is a class act. So congrats to the COLTS and GOD for a great superbowl!

enuf said,
fun girl

February 07, 2007 - Msg 49396: Oh and nice to meet Miller...he is a very well spoken young man. Glad to see some of the younguns appreciating TAGS!! Oh and Kyle did a book report on TKAM this week...got an A. The teacher when he handed it in said, "You did your book report on To Kill A Mockingbird. Thats awesome. Good job Kyle" He must have liked what he read cause Kyle got the full 100 points for it. And as that is my favorite book of all time...I was able to give guidance an advice. Good bonding experience.

This is a funny thing...Kyle is on my space. I have been on for months, checking out what he has to say, who his friends are, etc. I did a search for people who graduated from my high school around the time I did and found a guy I had been friend with since sixth grade. His profile said, "just a nosey dad here trying to check up on my kids." I laughed and wrote a note to him and said, "I thought I was the only one who did that." If your kids are on my space...I highly reccommend that you check it out. I found out only good things about Kyle, but several of my good friends...their kids admit things and do not ever try to hide it. I highly doubt their parents even bother to check it out. I think they are asking for guidance and their parents are to busy to give it to them.

Okay...I am really done this time...Asa, if you would remove that soapbox, so I dont step up again....thank you...I will clean your bullets for you some time....I know they get kinda green from not being used.

enuf said again.
fun girl

February 07, 2007 - Msg 49397: Great post, fungirl. Thanks for that wisdom and encouragement! I agree with you totally.

Ro, having that wonderful experience of learning to read from your mother is probably what gave you the love for reading. I had one of those moms as a child who read to me everyday and I love books and reading. I have heard many other stories of children in school who were made to try and read before they were developmentally ready and ended up hating to read. I also know others who seem to have the ability to read at a very early age and love it. I think the key is working with the kids individually and with a classroom like Erin's (with only 4 children in it), it seems like that should be possible. As far as the scrapbook thing, that does seem pretty ridiculous.

Better go get the kids ready for school now that I have had my morning coffee...


February 07, 2007 - Msg 49398:
Morning Porch

Well, you're not gonna believe this but it's cold and snowing here again today but when we have bird baths freezing in Texas, my guess is, it's cold everywhere.

MDC-The question regarding the Civil War was legit, I am very interested about that topic. The second question about W.W.II heroes is actually a quote from "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken." However, I'd to discuss heroes from W.W.II and if my memories serves me correct you were raised by one of those heroes.

Jessey Wiggins & Robin-Welcome to you both!

fungirl-You can stay on that soap box all you want! Congrats to Kyle!

Barney Fife: "Well, I guess to sum it up, you could say, there's three reasons why there's so little crime in Mayberry. There's Andy, and there's me, and (patting his gun) baby makes three."


February 07, 2007 - Msg 49399: Morning everyone! Thank you for the warm welcome! As far as giving real grades in kindergarten, that's beyond ridiculous. The point of kg is to allow kids (babies!) to get used to being in a room without their parents all day as well as teaching them to play with other children while following the rules. My kg techer was amazing and taught us how to be well-behaved and open to learning while still having fun!

As far as Myspace goes, I agree with ya 100% that parents should have an account. I never had a problem with my mom having an account, but my mom and I are freakishly close, haha.

On a side note, does anyone live near Clarksville, Tn? Just wondering!

Ya'll have a peachy day!


February 07, 2007 - Msg 49400: Good afternoon everyone. It snowed here last night, which cancelled schools, but otherwise things are fine. The roads are clear but not many cars on them; I suppose everyone's at home drinking milk, eating bread, and wiping.

Nice to meet you, ROBIN and JESSEY. I also highly endorse the Aquafor, CHARLOTTE. I don't know why I didn't think of it. We use it on the kids' hands, which get really dry this time of year. It is kinda greasy but not as bad as Vasoline. And it does work well.

Whatever you do, don't resort to Chapstick. I was a Chapstick addict for many, many years. I had to use it several times a day, every day or my lips would dry out, crack and bleed. I thought I had unusually dry lips or something. One time, I went three days with none and finally had to go back on teh stuff because I could barely talk without splitting my lips. Finally, someone explained that it was actually the Chapstick which was preventing my lips from self-moisterizing. Now I use Carmax when I need to, which is great. Anyway, that's the sad story of my lips. More than y'all needed to know, right?

AUH2O: We agreed two times? Another sign of the apocolypse ;).

I won't even go into the MySpace thing. As you can imagine, I've got an opinion :).

Have a great one!


February 07, 2007 - Msg 49401: Hahahahaha! Me-They, you are hilarious. That first paragraph above is just too funny. Thanks for the best laugh I've had all day.

As for moisturizers, for dry lips and chapped areas, quite often plain old hand lotion will work very well. Jergens lotion is a good one. Reasonably priced, and I love that almond scent. Also any facial moisturizer that contains CoQ10 can be put on your lips, and really helps.

I just spoke with my garden center friend, and he says he has pansies in, and is expecting a shipment opf dianthus and snapdragons by Friday, so guess I'll be putting some color in the yard very soon. It's about time! It looks so drab out there. Nothing blooming but some pansies left from fall, and some red berries on the nandinas.

Well, I need to clean off my desk. I hate that job, but when I can't see over the stack, it's time. I've always wondered how Andy kept his desk so clean. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

February 07, 2007 - Msg 49402: Boy, I just lost a long post...just couldn't get past the censor. I tried for a long time. Floyd, is there any way to highlight the words or letters that are causing the post to be blocked (like the censor used to do)?

It's 70 degrees here and I'm wearing my flip-flops!! Anyone jealous?

By the way, thanks for the laughs, Me-They.


February 07, 2007 - Msg 49403: A Chapstick addict?! HAHAHAHA, that's a first!


February 07, 2007 - Msg 49404: BOO, maybe if you got your typing finger out of the gutter... ;)

ROMEENA: Oh! I use Jergens, too. I also love the smell. It reminds me of being a kid. Two things my grandmother always had by her sink (or, as she said, "zink") were Jergens (usually with half a dozen rubber bands around the bottle) and a bottle of Listerine. The use of the lotion is obvious; the Listerine was used as a kill-all. According to her, there wasn't much it couldn't kill--germs, smells, and, I discovered first-hand after complaining of a sore-throat, taste buds. So, that cherry almond scent brings back great memories. The medicated Listerine stink, not so much.


February 07, 2007 - Msg 49405: And no, BOO, I'm absolutely not jealous of your weather. Here it's cold and snowy, with a biting Arctic wind. Just the way I like it. Really. (Help, I can't feel my ears...)


February 07, 2007 - Msg 49406: Boo - if Erin only has 4 children in her room. . .the teacher should have plenty of time to individualize to make her successful. She must be doing things straight by the book. A good teacher knows how to bring out a students strengths. PLease talk to the principal - I think toooo much is being expected at the kdg. level.

No school today - cold and snowy.


February 07, 2007 - Msg 49407: Good Evening,
Hope everyone is doing well. This is a quick rock. I have been cleaning and doing laundry today. Bryan is leaving tomorrow for New York until Sunday. Please pray for his trip, he sells lots of saunas, and my sanity alone with the boys. Tomorrow my ladies bible study comes back with 3 new members. We are studying Freedom for Mothers with Motherwise organization. We really enjoyed Wisdom for Mothers, so this should be good.
Boo- You're Erin's Mama. You know in your heart what's right.
Congrats Homemaker on the Colt's win.
I love Aveeno lotion, but as a kid I used Nivea thick cream.
Well, I have to finish folding the mound. Y'all have a good evening tonight and great day tomorrow.
PS Listening to Classic country (wild, huh) and they just played a song called Skip a Rope by Henson Cargill- very good.

February 07, 2007 - Msg 49408: Hey gang SPOT here...gosh been making dump runs and moving runs for Miss Sherry...whew....will be back on the job in the morning...breakfast at I-Hop on ME...asa you leave the tip...hey ro,possum,hazel,lucy,.......HEY do we have a new setter?..Robin?...welcome...im in ga...and try to feed everyone here...hey miller,mil,mdc,md and all ...back at work tomorrow so I will have some time on the porch if its slow ...well let me go unhook this trailer....prayers ...SPOT

February 07, 2007 - Msg 49409: I just put away my sandals, Boo. They're not much good here unless you like frostbite.
-Sterling Holobyte

February 07, 2007 - Msg 49410:
AUh20- you bet, my "silent hero" dad has told me several times, "we all had a job to do, so we did it!" Too bad people dont see it that way today. We are way to materilistic!
You and MeThey agreed?? wow!
Me they-Another case of the cure being worse than the disease! (the chapstick) ha
They say that scents are the greatest memory inducer! Hope yers are all good ones!
Well, I'll pass around the squeezin jug, but just one sip apiece!
Pleasant dreams to all you honeys and dears!
MDC (mayor pro tem per Colt)ha! told him he can never be replaced!

February 07, 2007 - Msg 49411:
Spot, almost time for another barn dance!

February 07, 2007 - Msg 49412: Good evening, all. Hey, Lucy, I remember "Skip a Rope". That one made you think! Your mention of "folding the mound" brought back memories for me. When all my kids were still at home I did laundry at least twice a week, and the mound was always just huge! I'd wash 7 or 8 loads every time. Now, I wash four loads, once every two weeks. About once a month, there's another small load, because I save up stained dishtowels and white socks, and bleach them. So, laundry is a small chore around here. Same with the trash. I have to line my kitchen garbage can with the little plastic grocery bags, because if I use the bags that fit the can, it takes too long to fill it. I'm too cheap to take it out before it's full, so it gets smelly!

And on that pleasant note, I'll head on home. Gotta get up early and go take a friend to physical therapy - she had a knee replacement and can't drive yet. Have a pleasant night's sleep, everyone. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

February 07, 2007 - Msg 49413: Hello, all! Ah, classic country...it just doesn't get better. And I totally understand the papers so high you can't see, Romeena. I'm so far behind in my government classes that I don't even want to start studying! I suppose I'll have to eventually...I'm sorry about your friend, though! Physical Therapy's rough...you have my best wishes!

Hi, Spot! Nice to meet you! Feeding everyone is much appreciated, trust me. ;)

Night, ya'll!