February 09, 2007 - Msg 49503: Friends, I'm sorry for complaining. Every day is a gift from God, and I need to remember that. You guys are the best.

February 09, 2007 - Msg 49504: Cantankerous as I am, I still swept!

February 09, 2007 - Msg 49505: Prayers coming your way, Millie! God bless and keep you in His care.

Miss Peggy

February 09, 2007 - Msg 49506: Thanks, Miss Peggy! I get a little crazy sometimes. I know He has my back....

February 09, 2007 - Msg 49507: What a fellowship,
What a joy divine,
Leaning on the everlasting arms!
What a blessedness,
What a peace is mine,
Leaning on the everlasting arms!


February 09, 2007 - Msg 49508: You just keep praising the Lord, Millie but don't feel bad about complaining to us once in awhile. I doesn't bother us a bit.

Ro, I don't think I have ever seen that praying picture you talked about, either.

That whole Anna Nicole mess is just plain sick on the part of the news media. All her success amounted to was America's sick voyeurism and it's still going on after her death. Seeing all those cameras sitting outside of the coroner's building while the autopsy was being done was just ridiculous. I just feel for her poor daughter.


February 09, 2007 - Msg 49509: Millie, you have every right to complain, but I don't think that any of us other porchsters view your voicing your concerns and pain as complaining or being cantankerous. You just keep getting better, alright?.
Nice sweeping, btw!:)

-Sterling Holobyte

February 09, 2007 - Msg 49510: Thank you, Sterling. Y'all's encouragement means so much to me.

February 09, 2007 - Msg 49511: Haven't seen Spot, what's for supper?

February 09, 2007 - Msg 49512: Uh....I don't feel like cooking...where's SPOT or Maude?


February 09, 2007 - Msg 49513: Mill i was on the other page before the sweep...supper will be baked ham,cream taters with gravy,greenbeans,cream corn [white],rolls,butter,sweet tea,sliced onions,big maude slaw and what ever Mil makes for desert...MDC,md,m-t,mavis,goober and all race fans...bud shootout practice on now and at 9....varoom...shootout tomorrow at 8:30 then starting speed week monday...ITS HERE...SPOT

February 09, 2007 - Msg 49514: Supper sounds good, Spot. I'll provide the lemon merengue pie.

February 09, 2007 - Msg 49515: Sheesh. I just read where Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband claims to be Anna Nicole's baby's father. They're coming out of the woodwork!

February 09, 2007 - Msg 49516: Let's get one thing straight, Millie. You are absolutely the last person in this world I would ever accuse of complaining. I see it this way - you are giving us the opportunity to help in some small way, to offer support, to pray for you, and to be completely in awe of your strength and grace. We know you feel awful, and we would do anything to help. We can't do much, but one thing we can do is provide some friendly support. We may be the one place where you can really "let it all hang out" and tell us how you feel. You probably hold it back some at home, to protect your family. That's not necessary here. You can kick and scream if you want to, we'll understand and love you all the more for trusting us with your problems. God loves you, and so do we. --Romeena

February 09, 2007 - Msg 49517: Thanks, Ro.I was feeling selfish this week, for having Miller here, so I couldn't be honset and let it all hang out. He's at Grandma's for the weekend. I am honest with him and all my family, but I hate to remind him about my pain and suffering. This site has been such a godsend to me, I don't know what I'd do without y'all.

February 09, 2007 - Msg 49518: That didn't come out right. I meant I was feeling selfish for wishing I hadn't brought Miller here, so I could confide in you all. Soory, guess I'm a little fuzzy...

February 09, 2007 - Msg 49519: "God loves you, and so do we."

Romeena, that'n made me cry.


February 09, 2007 - Msg 49520: Amen, Romeena. You are right on the money.


February 09, 2007 - Msg 49521: I just read something that I think everyone should know about if you don't already. It's about something called Lock Bumping that is becoming common practice among burglars. You can read about it at www.truthorfiction.com and do a search for "lock bumping".


February 09, 2007 - Msg 49522: Thanks, Boo. Very interesting.

February 09, 2007 - Msg 49523:
Boo-"Oregano, Vicks" haha, just kiddin' with ya. Actually, I had a bit of an irregular beat when i was 12 (in the 60's), and believe it or not, our doctor said "he will probably grow out of it." I remember that day very clearly. Actually i WAS ok until I was 35, and stresses of life brought it to a rapid beat, and I was put on Digoxin. Am still on it. So I guess doctors today can indeed over-react, probably to "cover their b*tts" in my estimation.
MIllie- As Ro said, this is the place to say it!
Prayers for Sean, Mil, Sterling and all you fine porchsters!
God bless.
Ie appreciate it, and good night!

February 09, 2007 - Msg 49524: Evenin', Mr Darlin's Cuz, you have a good one.

Anyone still up? I have a half a pie left...


February 09, 2007 - Msg 49525: I am still up! I get to pick my son up at work at 4:30 in the morning. He lost his license because he can be foolish at times, so now I get to help him straighten out his life. Aren't I lucky?! Actually, I am very thankful, even if tired, because my son is finally on a much better path than the one he was traveling.

Boy, Millie, this pie is good...oops, I guess I shouldn't eat it all!

Mary Wiggins

February 09, 2007 - Msg 49526: Have as much as you want, Mary Wiggins, it's calorie free!
Glad your son has you to guide him. Only a parent can give that kind of unconditional support.

February 09, 2007 - Msg 49527: Where is Miller's grandma's at?

February 09, 2007 - Msg 49528: I mentioned earlier that my daughter was going to have her final fitting for her wedding gown. She tried it on a couple weeks ago, and it was getting pretty tight! She was not at all happy about that. She has been working out like crazy, and when she tried the dress on today it fit beautifully. I was so happy for her. How come I can't lose weight like that?! Lol


February 09, 2007 - Msg 49529: Mary slice me a piece of pie please....SPOT

February 09, 2007 - Msg 49530: MW, good for your daughter. What a special time.
Both sets of grandparents are within a 1/2 mile and 3 miles away. And not by accident. Mary Kate, my four year old goes to Steve's Mom's after preschool 4 days a week, and both sets of grandparents have them for sleepovers regularly(usually when I'm sick). I love it that they're so close with their grandparents. They also have 3 uncles and an aunt in town. We're big on family.

February 09, 2007 - Msg 49531: Spot,I have some cocoa to finish off dessert...

February 09, 2007 - Msg 49532: My parents are both in Heaven. My husband's parents live less than 4 miles away, and with our 9 year old son living so close to them, I think they feel like they are in Heaven, too!

Here you go Spot, now don't get all sloppy with those big floppy ears of yours in the meringue and all!

February 09, 2007 - Msg 49533: MMMMM, MMMMM, good! I love hot cocoa!

February 09, 2007 - Msg 49534: I got the ears pinned back MW...thanks Millie...have yall ever see the movie "Water World"..kinda a sci-fi movie but I love the water and boats so its a good one for me ...comes on at 11....SPOT

February 09, 2007 - Msg 49535: Spot, I remember when that movie came out it was a boxoffice flop....critics hated it. But I watched it on Bravo and it was ok. Kevin Costner is good.

February 09, 2007 - Msg 49536: Yea Mil it was a big money disapiontment...cost 175 million to make....dont know if they brok even or not...but I just like the water and his cool boat!....Kevin is a great actor...Wow that cocoa is HOT...MDC mentioned we need to have a barn dance soon...better have it inside...COLD everywhere...we may wait a few weeks...we are gona have a Mayberry Lake party also....and all camp this summer!...big bon fires and night fishing....down in the 20"s here tonight..get off at 6 am in the morning...off weekends this month but one co-worker wanted tomorrow 6pm to 6am tomorrow night off so Im gona work it for OT!..Andy is starting his braces tue so his Mom and I are gona need some OT...our part after ins is 3500.00 but kids are worth it!he is excited...will get off at 6 am Sun and nap till 9 and get to go to Preaching!..well movies back on....ruff...SPOT

February 09, 2007 - Msg 49537: Hey Y'all!
How is everyone tonight?
Auh20- Are you okay up there in all that snow?
Boo- For Sean, krill oil is the best kind of fish oil, but cod liver is actually pretty good also. Nordic Naturals has one that is citrus tasting, not the stuff from the 1930's. He could do some colloidal silver. EmergenC makes a cardiac juice mix that might be helpful also. I'll try to think of anything else. I'm glad that the doctor's gave him a good bill of health.
Millie- I haven't read the archives so I didn't see your complaining, but it's okay with me if you are. We all deserve the right to be down sometimes when we have something stressful going on especially. God is so great and understands your pain. Ask and he will help. We're here for any moral support you need.
Mary Wiggins- That was nice of your daughter to come on recently and share her story to Charlotte. When is her wedding? I'm glad that your son is getting on the right road. God gives us all of these forks and it's up to us to decide which fork we're gonna take. Now hopefully he'll lead towards God's bend in the road.
Spot- Water World was a little odd for my taste. We watched RV tonight with Robin Williams. Except for a bit of cussin' it wasn't too bad. The ending was a little odd. Andy would probably like it.
Romeena- Are you working tonight?
Me-They- At the library I got the book "The Faith of our Founding Fathers". I'll tell you when I read it. Have you read it? My next book to put on hold in this category is "My Beloved Bride". It is the letters that Stonewall Jackson sent to his wife during the Civil War.
Sterling- Did you get your home repair fixed?
Homemaker- How much is Linda Mood-Bell? Bryson's teacher has recommended it for him, but it isn't feesable to do during the school year. If we can afford it I would like to sign him up during the summer. We have to do something for him to read. It is unlikely that he will pass the 3rd grade, which is sad b/c he has straight A's in every other subject and has the perfect maturity level. One test shouldn't determine if a child will go onto the next level or not, especially with an IEP. Why in the world did those stinking socialists have to invent this type of public school?!
I should report that Nick made it through 1 week without getting 1 verbal warning or citation at school. Unfortunately, Bryson got his share of frownies for not "working wisely", so apparently they're taking turns.
Hubby is in NYC. He's at a conference and this company is pursuing him. Unfortunately in their pursuing he is have a little bit too much fun. I hope he doesn't get sick again, sigh. I think he'll stay where he is, but he said it feels nice to be wanted by so many different companies. Since it's nearly midnight I suppose I should hit the ironing board. Y'all have a great weekend!
Blessings to you and yours,

February 09, 2007 - Msg 49538: A Friend

Every person needs a friend,
One who will always be there
In times of joy and times of woe
With a touch of tender care.
A friend to walk along beside us.
A friend who always dries our tears.
A friend who faithfully will guide us.
A friend who calms our stress and fears.
We are often weak and weary,
Heavy burdens come our way,
And Jesus is the perfect friend;
He is our refuge every day.
Our Master and blessed Savior-
He listens to our earnest prayer.
O, what a friend we have in Jesus.
Our perfect friend is always there.


February 10, 2007 - Msg 49539: Thank you for the poem Tom, that was beautiful. "He is our refuge every day"...how true. Hope you are well and keeping warm. I need to get you some more gum wrappers. Take care.

February 10, 2007 - Msg 49540: Tom fantastic poem...I printed it out to save...Hey there Ga Lucy...Water World movie is weird but I just like Kevins boat!...too late for snack...Mil you gone to bed?...breakfast will be Waffles with the toppings you name,strawberry,blueberry,fresh maple syurp,butter,pecans and sausage links and bacon coffee oj and milk.....prayers.....SPOT

February 10, 2007 - Msg 49541: Mil walked all over you!...sorry...SPOT

February 10, 2007 - Msg 49542: Lucy, thanks for the kind words. I do count on you all for support, and appreciate it so much.

February 10, 2007 - Msg 49543: Sorry, Spot, are yer toes ok?

February 10, 2007 - Msg 49544: SPOT: Breakfast sounds GREAT! Could it be that I actually have a appetite?

February 10, 2007 - Msg 49545: Sure Mil..I will serve you 2 light waffles and links...what would you like in your coffee?..SPOT

February 10, 2007 - Msg 49546: 2 Creams, 2 sugars, please, and extra strawberries on my waffle! MMMM.....can't wait.

February 10, 2007 - Msg 49547:
Morning Porch

Millie-Please read Ro's post above (Msg 49516) anytime you want to know how we feel about ya. I think, in some very small way, it makes us feel like we're helping you out. Besides, that ways to most polite bit of complaining I've ever heard.

Lucy-Thanks for the concern but all is fine here. We've gotten about 5 feet of snow the last week. Up north of us a stretch they've received about 8 feet, they usually do get more than us. When those "lake effect" snows stall over ya, you can just get pounded but it's never as bad as the "Mc-media" says it is.


February 10, 2007 - Msg 49548:
Millie-I meant to say that "was the most polite bit of complaining I've ever heard." I think I need to hire a translator when I post.


February 10, 2007 - Msg 49549: Durn...I always mean to get in here at least once a day and check in...but then time gets away from me and I end up having to read A LOT of archives....gonna try to do better. Take care yall, and for those of us where the weather is cold, TRY to stay warm.

fun girl

February 10, 2007 - Msg 49550: Mornin' dears, hey fun girl, thanks auh2o. Thanks for breakfast Spot. Y'all have a great day!

February 10, 2007 - Msg 49551: Mornin', Millie. I hope you're coming up from under the effects of the chemo, and feeling a little better. Wish I could come over there and just take care of things for you and let you sleep. I remember wanting to sleep, more than anything else.

Brrr! It's 39 degrees here today, cloudy and damp, the kind of cold that just seeps into your bones. I wouldn't poke my nose out of this house if Ididn't have to, but I do. I've arranged for a woman to go over and clean my rent house, and I have to let her in, then go back later to pay her and lock up. It shouldn't take her long, she just needs to vacuum, wipe the counters down and clean a few windows. I could do it myself, but I know this lady needs the money badly, and besides, I just HATE to clean windows!

Well, time to head over there. You all have a great day. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

February 10, 2007 - Msg 49552: Afternoon all. This is Little Leon. Just taking a second to sit on the front porch. Spot, I just read what was for supper. That sounded real good. What did you have for breakfast this morning? Everyone have a great day & stay warm.

February 10, 2007 - Msg 49553: Hey there, Little Leon. It's good to see you. Wish you would come around more often. The porch is a really nice place to be - lots of good friends, a bit of Mayberry fun, and just the right amount of gentle humor. Come back often! Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

February 10, 2007 - Msg 49554: I know I'm seconding what others have said, but Millie, what Romeena said in # 49516 was worded exactly right and describes how we all feel about you! Take care of yourself and feel free to complain anytime. By the way, it was nice chatting with you the other night!
I was just reading the archives and I missed the discussion on chapstick. Friends, I have to tell you that I too, am a chapstick-aholic. I admit that freely. That's the first step you know, admitting it.
Sorry I missed breakfast, I'll be there for lunch though. Who's cooking?
This morning I got up and put on Season 2 from TAGS. I've already watched it a couple times, but I had a whim to see it again. The first ep I watched was "Opie and the Bully". That is such a great one! When Andy picked up Opie and gave him a hug, to comfort him before he goes out and stand up to the bully, well, it clutched me. What a great show.
Now, I don't have time to stand around and discuss trivial trivularities. I've got to clean my house.
- Hazel

February 10, 2007 - Msg 49555: Didn't see you there, Romeena. Hey to Sugarplum.
- Hazel

February 10, 2007 - Msg 49556: Ok, since Me-They and Hazel are brave enough to admit it...I need to confess to my chapstick habit, too. I even have a special keychain with a chapstick attached to it so I have it with me wherever I go. If either of you are interested, I bought from Hawaain Tropics company. hehe


February 10, 2007 - Msg 49557: Hey, porch. Hey to Little Leon. I'm still in bed, hopefully the end of this mess. Tommorow is the Pinewood Derby, so I HAVE to be up for that.
Hey, Paula Dean is doing chocolate...I gotta see this....back in a bit.

February 10, 2007 - Msg 49558: Is that the episode in which Paula made Grand Mariner souffle? I watched it today and wondered why I never made a souflee...never even had one. Hope you are feeling better tomorrow Millie. I have been watching Cold Mountain today between doing laundry and cleaning. Pretty difficult to watch.


February 10, 2007 - Msg 49559: Yeah, Boo, that's the one. Thanks for the well wishes. I'm bucking up!

February 10, 2007 - Msg 49560: Hey Leon!!Mil,ro,boo,fg,posum and all...Lucy,Robin,auh20,asa MDC,goober,MD M-T ans mavis and all the race fans ..im back at work for the night and its Finally here RACE time ...bud shoot out tonight at 8!..Yee Haww...have yall eat supper?if so are they any left?..if not I will make a bologna samich...well Jarret starting on the drawed pole in a toyota!!....well let me get logged in....im hungry...miller where are you?.. are you a race fan?....I wait all year for it to start!!...Spot

February 10, 2007 - Msg 49561: Spot, Miller is at my mother's for the weekend. I have a pot of chili on (virtually, of course) and a skillet of cornbread, so dig in.
What channel is the race on? I can't find it.
I'm sorry you have to work tonight, but happy for me, I'll have some company thru the night.
Talk at ya in a bit....looking for the race....

February 10, 2007 - Msg 49562: Uh-oh, I found Glenn Beck on, now I gotta watch him.

February 10, 2007 - Msg 49563: Sorry, Spot, I found it, 8pm on Fox....

February 10, 2007 - Msg 49564: Yea Mil ya can flip back and forth...And fix me a bowl of that chili and put a little graded cheese on top please!..SPOT

February 10, 2007 - Msg 49565: Good Evening,
Just stopping by quickly. My british shows are about to come on. Have y'all seen Keeping Up Appearances? It just cracks me up.
Check back later.

February 10, 2007 - Msg 49566: Never heard of it Lucy...what channel?...we may not get it in the south....almost "Start your Engines" time....varoommm...SMil I made a tuna samich to go with my chili...corn chips in the chili also...SPOT

February 10, 2007 - Msg 49567: Woohoo! Another Britcom fan! Yes, Lucy, I watch Hyacinth all the time. She is an absolute riot. Poor Richard! And the way Elizabeth is just terrified of her, and Elizabeth's brother Emmett just can't stand her, but Hyacinth thinks he has a crush on her. Oh, she is just so funny! When she "sings at" Emmett, it's hilarious. Actually, I read somewhere that she really does have a very good, trained voice, she just fakes it for the laughs on the show. I like a lot of the other Britcoms as well. Are You Being Served? 'Allo, 'Allo! My Hero used to be good until Ardal O'Hanlon left and somebody else is playing George. I don't care for the new guy. British humor just really clicks with me, I love it.

They come on on Sunday nights around here, on the PBS channel, and sometimes on Saturday nights. I should check the BBC channel - maybe they're on there. Hmmm.

Well, off I go, gotta scratch up some supper around here. The Plum is keeping a vigil beside her dish, guess that's a hint. She says hey! --Romeena

February 10, 2007 - Msg 49568: Evenin' Ro, Lucy. Spot you've finished off the chili. In awhile I'll have some apple cobbler, ok? Quiet evening here. I'll check back later.

February 10, 2007 - Msg 49569: Some of those shows come on BBC America, if you get that. My mom actually switched to satelite like I have to get that.

February 10, 2007 - Msg 49570: Yea Millie that will be good...butter pecan ice cream on top...slow here at work...found a movie "The Edge" with Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin....Alaska Plane crash looks like....SPOT

February 10, 2007 - Msg 49571: mmmmm. I love butter pecan, but nobody else in the family does, so I never get it. Sounds GOOD!
How was the race?
I can't sleep because my liver is acting up....hiccups and lots of itching. So irritating. I may just put on a "feel good" movie to divert my attention. Any suggestions, Spot?

February 10, 2007 - Msg 49572: "The Edge" is great, SPOT. I think it is a very under-rated movie but everyone I have ever talked to that saw it, liked it. Very suspensful!...I wouldn't suggest it as a "feel good" movie, though...unless seeing people get eaten by big, mean bears makes ya feel good.

Sorry to hear about the liver acting up on you, Millie. Try pressing on your eyebrows and see if it might not help those hiccups (no kidding, it really works for me).

That "Cold Mountain" movie left me feeling cold, alright. Very sad. The civil war must have been a very terrible time for this country. Jude Law (is that his name?) was so beautiful in the movie that I just hated seeing him die in the end. He played such a sweet part in the movie, and those expressive eyes of his!

Better hit the sack so I can drag myself out for sunday school in the morning.


February 10, 2007 - Msg 49573: Mil put in a tags ept...opie the bird man..thats a good one or man in a hurry...Tony Stewart won the race a very good one....Boo this is a wild movie...Mil drink some apple juice...SPOT

February 10, 2007 - Msg 49574: Hey, Boo. I agree about Cold Mountain, Boo. I've seen some of it, but it's so depressing, I can't bear to watch it all.
Spo, i don't have those. I have 16 eps, the ones that aren't copyrighted that you can buy at the dollar store. I like catching it on tv, because I feel like I'm catching something special, ya know? However, "Black Day in Mayberry" comes on in a couple of minutes, so I'll watch that.
Apple juice? Okay, you have some, too.


February 10, 2007 - Msg 49575: Boo, you told me about that eyebrow thing before and it does work, some of the time. Thank you.

February 11, 2007 - Msg 49576: Good evening

Does anyone remember a 70ís sitcom show that Andy Griffin played in where they were space junk collectors, and had there own rocket?


February 11, 2007 - Msg 49577: Yea Mil you are like me I have ALL epts "I think" on VHS and tons of the dolldollar store dvd"s...some more than once...some have 8 epts on them...I always keep looking for them...have dick van dike also i love lucy and bev. hillbillies....bunch of all...just catch them when I can find them....the dvd"s are about all I watch....the portable dvd player lets me be moble....great on the boat....Boo the edge movie was a good one for me....fixing to watch a kevin bacon movie "Trapped"...know anything about it?..coming on now on TNT....slurp"apple juice'...SPOT

February 11, 2007 - Msg 49578: Trapped movie no good...had to find soemthing...breakfast will be thin sliced pork chops and gravy and bisquits,hand pattyed jimmy dean sausage pattys,grits,hashbrowns with cheese and chunks of ham...coffee,h20,oj,apple juice and apple rings...ready at 7:00 est!...SPOT

February 11, 2007 - Msg 49579: Drat, Spot! I hope you had some of that breakfast left over, because your 7:00 is my 6:00, and I was deep in slumber at that hour. I do some of my best sleepin' around 6:00 a.m. Just put some of the grits aside for me, and a pork chop, and I'll be pickled tink.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

February 11, 2007 - Msg 49580: That breakfast sounds like a good one (as long as noone's Kosher), SPOT. Never heard of the "Trapped", movie but glad you liked the edge.


February 11, 2007 - Msg 49581:
I think the "space junk" show that had Andy Griffith in it was called "Salvage 1." At least I think that was the title.


February 11, 2007 - Msg 49582:
Boo-I'm reading a about the Civil War, "Gettysburg" by Newt Gingrich. It is a "historical fiction" book which I tend not to read but I love this one. The book is about if Lee had won at Gettysburg. So far, it is hard to put down. I know Newt is a political lighting rod but people on both sides of the aisle have endorsed his book. The battle imagery is just incredible. I have posted a few times that I am a bit of a Civil War buff so the geek factor could be blinding my objectivity, with regard to the book.


February 11, 2007 - Msg 49583:
Wow, I used the word book four times in that paragraph and it should have been five. I forgot to use it in the first sentence. Oh well!

Steve McGarrett: "Book 'em Dan-O"


February 11, 2007 - Msg 49584: is there room on the porch for me?
I am Ricky B, aka i used the handle Otis here a few years ago. Gary, aka Brisco Darling and I used to also have a TAGS website. and we were friends with a lot of you.

February 11, 2007 - Msg 49585: Yes, auh2o, you are right. It was a TV series called "Salvage 1". It was a take off from the movie called "Salvage" which came out in 1979. Andy played a junkyard owner who builds a spaceship from his scrap pile in order to retrieve parts left on the moon by astronauts.
- Hazel

Otis: "We aint in and we aint out. We're in the Twilight Zone!"

February 11, 2007 - Msg 49586: Hi Ricky B, and welcome back. There's always room for one more on the porch. Pull up a rocker.

February 11, 2007 - Msg 49587: Hey, auh2o, saw on the news NY had 110 inches in 7 days! You ok up there?

February 11, 2007 - Msg 49588: Hey Hazel! Hope you are well today! Thanks for the chat the other night!

February 11, 2007 - Msg 49589: You snuck in on me, Ricky B. Welcome to the porch, pull up a rocker.
Watch yer foot, I'm gonna rock forward.

February 11, 2007 - Msg 49590: Ricky B, is that the Briscoe from over at Miss Crumps?

February 11, 2007 - Msg 49591:
Millie-All is well here our snow totals for the week stopped at around 60 inches, give or take. The area that got 110 inches was about an hour north of us. A few years back we got hammered like that but unless the wind is blowing it really isn't that bad. Honest.

Rickey B- Like Millie said, there is always room. Welcome back (hey, Millie said that too).

Hazel-I thought that was it.


February 11, 2007 - Msg 49592: Sheesh, 60 inches ain't nothin' to sneeze at! My kids would be happy with one or two! Glad you're alright.

February 11, 2007 - Msg 49593: thanks for the welcome.
i will check back in this afternoon, after I go buy some furniture. It looks like We'll be having some company, and I need to get a sleeper/sofa.
anyone have suggestions on what to get?

February 11, 2007 - Msg 49594: Better get an ironing board.
- Hazel

February 11, 2007 - Msg 49595: Good morning all. I saw mention of Paula Dean. wonder how you can get in the audience of her party show? If it weren't for the cost of the trip there, I suggested that to the Mrs. She loves the food network. Spot, I see you're a race fan. Baseball is my favorite. I can't wait for opening day!! The sport has it's issues but every sport does. All have a great Mayberry day. Little Leon will try to stop by more often. I'd dearly love to be on the porch singing wth Andge, Barn & Malcolm. That's my all time favorite episode &, I believe, the best moment in television history.

February 11, 2007 - Msg 49596: Well, my stars! Otis, is it really you? You may not remember me, but I do remember when you used to be a regular here, quite a few years ago. The porch population has changed a lot, but there surely are some nice folks here. You're very welcome, and I hope you'll become a regular again.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

February 11, 2007 - Msg 49597: Well, there I go, just assuming you'd want to go by your old name. Maybe you don't? Can't see why not, though, Otis was a right nice feller. --Romeena

February 11, 2007 - Msg 49598: Now Hazel, ironing boards are not for guests. That's adventure sleepin'!

February 11, 2007 - Msg 49599:
Good Sabbath to ya all.
SPOT, Asa, MD, good shootout race last night! They also did a nice segment on the passing of Bobby Parsons.
Hope eveyone has enough sippin' tea etc whilst we rock.
God bless ya,

February 11, 2007 - Msg 49600: Howdy, cuz. Hope you've had a nice weekend.
We just got back from the derby. I'm all raced out.

February 11, 2007 - Msg 49601: Hey, Millie. How did your boy come out in the race? I remember our Pinewood Derby days, when our oldest son was in scouts. He won a ribbon with his little blocky blue car, very simple little thing, quite unlike the sleek, beautifully carved "Daddy obviously did it" cars he was racing against. My husband never touched the car, he just sat in the kitchen and offered suggestions, and the little car won! My son was so proud.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

February 11, 2007 - Msg 49602: Hey, Ro, I had 2 of my boys in the race, the did pretty well. Funny, about what you were saying, last year my boys both won "Car most likely made by a scout", so we were pretty proud of that.
I'm bushed, need a rest. Who's cookin'?

February 11, 2007 - Msg 49603: Hazel, you're hilarious..."better get an ironing board".

That book sounds interesting, Auh2o...of course I may not like it if you consider the "geek factor"...hehe

"Hey" to Millie, Ro, and MDC. Hope you are having a nice evening.

I can't believe Andy was in a show like Salvage 1! I surely don't remember that one...if it was in 1979 I was probably watching "Dallas".

Been a busy day! The kids and I went to our first 4H meeting today and it was alot of fun. Sean got elected chairman of snacks. His campaign slogan? "Elect me because I like food!"


Uncle Ollie (in hushed tones), "Andy...you know what they say about widows...."

February 11, 2007 - Msg 49604: Oooh, that sounds like a chairman I could relate to! "Chairman of Snacks". It don't get more important than that! Good job, Sean!
- Hazel

Continuing on Uncle Ollie: (when he's trying to explain why he forgot his anniversary)
"I forgot our anniversary because the forman sent me around looking for a spindle wrench just at quitting time!..."

February 11, 2007 - Msg 49605: "Don't do that, Ollie!" --Romeena

February 12, 2007 - Msg 49606: hahaha!! Love that Uncle Ollie!


February 12, 2007 - Msg 49607: Hazel, I know what you mean. I thought, 'Chairman of Snack...now, that's something we can handle'! hehe

I did a search of Salvage 1 and I don't remember it at all. I guess I never watched it but now I am intrigued.

Gotta get the kids off to school. It's supposed to be in the high 70's here today but humid and cloudy.


February 12, 2007 - Msg 49608: Good Mornin' Folks,
It looks like a lovely day here in Georgia-60's and sunny.
Romeena- I ended up taping my british shows so that Bryson and I could watch Pooh and Snoopy Valentine shows. I watched them last night. The ones I watch are Hyacinth, Are you Being Served, Vicar of Dibley, Waiting for God, and As Time Goes By.
Little Leon & Otis/Ricky- How do you do? I got my rockin' chair about 1 year ago right after Mr. Knott's passed to those pearly gates. Nice to meet you.
Auh20- I hope you are still doing okay. That's just an insane amount of snow. Isn't it interesting that this El Nino pattern is actually part of global warming, according to the meteorologist on GMA? Did you hear there may be talk of Newt running for the Republican Presidential candidacy?
Little Leon- Try going onto her website as well as food network's websites to get tickets to her show. I'd love to go to the show as well as her restaurant in Savannah.
Well, I need to get ready for the day. Y'all have a good one!
Love isn't found from a cupid's bow!
Hazel- I like that ep of TAGS also. I have got to buy that dvd set. Hmmm... Valentine's Day is Wednesday.
Millie- Did Miller have a good time at his grandmother's house? Did your other kids go also?
Boo- I can't seem to watch Cold Mountain. I read the book and that was bad enough for me. I have to say that as a Southerner it irritated me that they had an Aussie and Brit star. Did you notice that the only Southerner were the only ones to win acting awards? I'm weird about watching movies set during actual disasters because it makes them too realistic. I still can't watch Titanic after seeing it the 1st time with the babies frozen in the water. I'm too sensitive like I can feel them. I guess that's called good acting on their part, probably silly on mine.

February 12, 2007 - Msg 49609: Sorry, I don't know what happened above, weird.

February 12, 2007 - Msg 49610: Good Monday morning to all. Back at work today.
continue to feel puny with a sinus thing going on. Trying to go on with my day though. Sounds like I missed some good times this week end. kinda busy and not able to check by the porch.
Lets have lunch today at Shoney's, enough variety for all in attendance. warmer here today, supposed to be in the 40's they say. Gas is back up to around $2.04. guess the cold weather is the reason this time. prayers to all today. take care. see you at lunch. Big Maude

February 12, 2007 - Msg 49611: Lucy - I am not sure how much Linda Mood- Bell is. . .they have a site in Atlanta and they do have scholarships available. It works dramatically. . .I think it is definitely worth it!

Boo - watched part of "Cold Mountain" - I would like to see it all but I doubt that will happen. I am lucky to get to see all of my favorite (Cash in the Attic, BBC) show.

Ro - would love it to be 39 degrees here - that would be a heat wave. We have hovered around 0-5 for the last couple of weeks. We got excited when it rose to 29 yesterday.

Ya'll take care and be nice to each other. . .


February 12, 2007 - Msg 49612: Good morning everyone. Snow and freezing rain are expected around here starting tonight through tomorrow. Had I known sooner, I'd have stocked up on the "three essentials" and black-marketed them tomorrow ;).

Not much time today; the annual audit at work begins this so that'll have me tied up for the next few days.

Being a student of American history, and a little troublemaker sometimes, I am tempted to start a big moulage about the Civil War, or, as I like to call it, the War of the Rebellion (sorry all you "War of Northern Agression" folks). But I will resist temptation and walk away...(I hope y'all appreciate the self-control this takes...)

LUCY and AUH2O: I'd seriously consider voting for Newt. But only if he remained the Newt of the last ten years, and didn't revert to the Newt of the Clinton years. It seems that in recent years, since he's not beholden to any particular political faction or party, his opinions are much more objective and make much more sense. He doesn't have to pander to anybody, and I love that. Sometimes, he's even forcefully sided with Democrats when he thinks the Republicans are all wet. He's a remarkabley intelligent guy and has a lot of integrity. Sadly, if he runs (as a Republican) he'll likely cave into the party line. I can hold out hope, though, that he'd continue to hold true to his convictions and insights, no matter if they are popular with the party or anybody else.

MILLIE: Yeah! What everybody else said! (Can I have a piece of pie?)

hey to everybody new and not-so-new. It's great when the porch is full.


February 12, 2007 - Msg 49613: Boy, where's CHARLOTTE when you need an editor? Sorry, folks, it's that phonics education (which, evidently must not have been worth every penny).


February 12, 2007 - Msg 49614: Lucy, I don't think I could watch Cold Mountain all the way through. I saw bits and peices of it and actually sat down and watched about the last 30 minutes. I already had assumed from Nicole Kidman's vision (down the well), that Inman would die in the end because of the black crows she saw. I really felt sorry for him, though. As far as The Titanic, I must say I really, strongly disliked the movie. I thought it was very disturbing. I have always had a certain fear of big ships and can remember having nightmares about them as a young child, so the movie scared me. It was also very, very sad. It made me think about how things might be different now if the same thing happened. Do you think men would give up their place in the lifeboats for women and children now?...I'm wondering....do I feel a moulage coming on???

Got a busy day today. Dr's appointment for me (just the usual 3 month thing I have to go to...I have a very careful doctor who monitors my blood levels closely due to my high cholesterol and the meds I am on).


February 12, 2007 - Msg 49615: I like that "War of Northern Aggression" M-T, but let's not start a moulage. . .had folks on both sides of the battle.

Just Googled Salvage 1, missed that show, it was only on for 1 year, so I don't think I missed much.


February 12, 2007 - Msg 49616: Civil War...Titanic...You people are trying to get that vein in my neck to bulge aren't you? No, no, no, I will keep it zipped.


February 12, 2007 - Msg 49617: Ha!...let it out, M-T...it's "therea-petic".

Homemaker, do your boys do 4H or show any of your Boer goats? I am trying to do some research on what kind of goat to let Sean raise. I like Pygmy goats but have heard they are impossible to keep contained. I have also been told that Boer goats are fun because they have a lot of personality, especially the kids. I also think they are very pretty goats. Just wondered if you thought a Boer goat would be "do-able" for Sean at his age?


February 12, 2007 - Msg 49618: Hi everyone---The weather has been pretty bad here so I could not get to the libuary. While we have not gotten really heavy snows like Oswego county--we have had enough---and there is a storm moving in on wensday. I stocked up plenty of hot coaco and soup fixin's.
Two weeks since my brother spoke to me--but that's not my problem.
If I wanted to be the offical peace maker I would have signed up for goverment service.
I love the Brit-Coms!!! Keep up apperences is one of my fav's.
Love Daisy and Onslow---
I also am a big fan of "As time goes by" "Are you being served" and "Fawlty towers".
I have a copy of Cold Mountain. The only movie that gets more tears from me is "Carosel".
I don't talk much about the war between the states--not in a negitive way any how. I also had family on both sides.
Two of my grand father's uncles fought for the North and a couple of cousins of his uncles fought for the south.
I think we are still settling some issues from it today.

February 12, 2007 - Msg 49619: Oh - Boo, you must have forgotten about my website. . .we LOVE our boer goats and they have such little personalities. The more you work with them, the tamer they are. Casey had a wonderful year in 4H last year and Jesse joins him this year. And, you are in the hotbed for Boer goats. We plan on making a trip to Texas in the fall to visit some more Boer goat ranches and maybe purchase a couple more. In fact, the doe that Casey is with on the home page weighs about 200 pounds and he has worked with her for about 4 years. He absolutely loves her and she loves him. She is a stinker for me. "GO"at for it! You will love them! And Erin will too!

Big storm moving in tonight - looks like a snow day tomorrow!


February 12, 2007 - Msg 49620: Thanks HM. I remembered that you had a website but couldn't remember how to get there. When I did a search for Boer goats, LOTS of sites came up. Seems like I won't have any trouble finding a goat in this area. Bruce has a cousin near here with a Boer goat farm that we should visit sometime. I saw 2 Boer kids at the livestock show last year that I wanted to take home with me. They were the cutest things in the world! I'll check out your site again.

Hi Happy Nut, you take care with that storm coming in...like Auh2o or Me-they said...be sure you stock plenty of toilet paper (you too, HM)..heehee