March 08, 2007 - Msg 50224:
We have one more night of subzero temperatures tonight and then a warm up. Well, everything being relative, a warm up. We have left a "Carbon Footprint" that has been sasquatch-ian in size, this last week.

M-T I agree Teddy should be given some credit. After all, it's been almost forty years since he's cause someone an untimely death. SAAAAAALUTE Senator Kennedy, may you be forever young.


March 08, 2007 - Msg 50225:
We have one more night of subzero temperatures tonight and then a warm up. Well, everything being relative, a warm up. We have left a "Carbon Footprint" that has been sasquatch-ian in size, this last week.

M-T I agree Teddy should be given some credit. After all, it's been almost forty years since he's cause someone an untimely death. SAAAAAALUTE Senator Kennedy, may you be forever young.


March 08, 2007 - Msg 50226:
huh?? Did I do that? Well, we are having cabbage for supper.


March 08, 2007 - Msg 50227: swish auh20!...supper will be on you cause you swept!..and you posted twice [hee hee] and hot wings!...SPOT

March 08, 2007 - Msg 50228: I'm pinkled tink you agree, AUH2O. Pizza, wings, and some of Mr. Darlin' mulberry squeezins SPOT?


March 08, 2007 - Msg 50229: Yes, we do love you Me-They. I can see that you certainly can relate to my anxieties. As you may recall, I attended a pentecostal church for almost 10 years (joined when I was a teen) and they were VERY Armenian in theory. They believed that God saved ya once and then it was up to you to stay that way. I think most people could probably deal with the anxiety that produced in us but as people who have anxiety disorder, it ate our lunch, so to speak. I guess most people wouldn't have a clue as to why we would ever have these fears but as you said, when something gets into year head over a period of years, it's not so easy to get out. Thank God, he has done much for me to ease my mind over the last 2 years, especially, as he has given me a spiritual revelation of salvation by grace (and his keeping power) and I have been a much happier person since then. I have a feeling that the reason these anxieties are trying to resurface so much has to do with the bible study at the rehab. I need to stay focused on God's truth through his word and be diligent in prayer because I am fighting alot of spiritual battles. Thank you for being so candid in sharing this with me. It is a comfort to talk to someone who understands. God bless you for it.

Very sad about the woman you mentioned, hm. I don't put too much faith in the gastric bypass solution. Weight has been a battle for me since my late 20's but I have known people who had gastric bypass who have dies or gained their weight back. It's not a permanent solution unless people can change their lifestyle, and most can't long-term.

DES, that's the way I make potato soup, too, except, I fry up some bacon in the pot, remove the bacon when it's crisp and save it crumble onto the soup when I serve it. I then reserve some of the bacon drippings in the pot and saute' my onions in it before adding the liquids. Not very healthy, but sure makes the soup good.


March 08, 2007 - Msg 50230:
Wow AUh20, you did a double sweep! That almost sounds Orwellian! ha
Another quick visit, I am cutting and dethatching my lawn today. Puting up two ceiling fans tomorrow and then cleaning the carpets! Whew.
Nice to sit, but back to work.
God bless, prayers for all, even for the local tree huggers! ha

March 08, 2007 - Msg 50231: I think I need to make a pot of tater soup too. . .sounds pretty good.

Asa, do meatballs go with tater soup?


March 08, 2007 - Msg 50232: Excellent web site I will be visiting oftenr

March 08, 2007 - Msg 50233: Hope you do #50232. Tell us about yourself and choose a TAGS name.

Meatballs with tater soup?...hmmm, I don't think so...

Tonight is movie night here at home. I rented Flushed away and some family movie I never heard of about a vet in a small town. Today started spring break for my kids. They will be at home for 10 days!....pass the Mulberry Squeezins...naw, just kidding...I like have them around it's just hard sometimes listening to them talk about being bored.


March 08, 2007 - Msg 50234: HI Boo - spring break here is the last week of March. My oldest is trying to convince to take a road trip to Texas. Ahh mom - we have enough time - they love Texas!


March 08, 2007 - Msg 50235: No kidding? Where in Texas do they like to go and how far is it from your home?


March 08, 2007 - Msg 50236: Good evening, everyone! I got home from my eye surgery around 2, drowsy, hit the ironing board and slept. Eye surgery was very successful. I already have much better distance vision than I did, and it will improve over the next few days. The lens implant was successful, and we're going to do the other eye in a couple of weeks. I can't believe how much brighter colors are, whites are just blindingly white, the sky is an astonishingly beautiful shade of blue - all so different. As I sit here looking out into my back yard, I realize I can see the individual twigs and leaves on the eleagnus shrubs against the fence. They were just green smudges on the fence yesterday! I'm so glad I had this done, and grateful. Insur*ance and Medicare are covering it, I won't have to pay much, if anything.

Dež, so good to see you! Hey to the kids from me, please. Your point about concerns for what you put into their bodies is well taken. Kids are at the mercy of their parents' judgment, good or bad. It's not an easy choice. I was given Diethylstilbestrol (known as DES, no association, of course) to prevent a threatened miscarriage with my first child. Years down the line it was found to cause a greatly increased rate of female-specific cancers in children born to women who took the drug as I did. My child was male, so I felt safe, until a few years further along, when they found a somewhat increased rate of male-specific cancer in those cases. Thank God, my son so far has not had a problem. My point here is that while the drug did prove in later years to have some risks, still I have my son, and likely would not have carried him successfully had I not taken the drug.

Now, having said all that in defense, I'll bring up the obvious - thalidomide. Any mother who took that drug and then gave birth to a baby with the terrible defects that stuff caused would carry a tremendous load of guilt, I'm sure. It would be worse because thalidomide was given just as a sleep aid for the expectant mother - it didn't even have the redeeming factor of being necessary to preserve life. There are those who said that the risks were known, but I doubt that assertion. It came after the fact, and was used to support lawsuits, so there's room for doubt.

Anyway, it's a hard question, and I think we always come down to the fact that parents have to make the choice for their children, and government's role should be to keep us informed, but not to make the choice for us. Unfortunately, we often cannot know whether the choice was good or bad until years later, when the consequences begin to emerge.

I nominate Sen. Kennedy to head up the liquor control board.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

March 08, 2007 - Msg 50237: Glad the surgery went well, Ro. I'm afraid I forgot that you were having it today. Hope the recovery goes off without a hitch.

I think I'll get Erin to bed and go to bed myself. Seems like it's been a long day (YAWN).


March 09, 2007 - Msg 50238: Romeena, Im glad the surgery went well! Amazing what they can do these days, isn't it? I myself though, probally couldn't go through with somthing like that. Someone poking around with my eye's would scare the living daylights out of me. But I suppose it's worth it in the long run. Hope recovery goe's smooth.

Thank's for the prayery everyone. Keep em coming if ya can.

Sleep tight.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

March 09, 2007 - Msg 50239: Hey, DWF. Like all of us, you can only base your opinions and reactions on your experiences up until now. You're young enough that you haven't yet encountered some of the things that will, in time, change your opinions and reactions. I can recall when I thought I could never wear contacts because I couldn't stand the idea of putting something in my eye. Then when I was faced with wearing bifocals or carrying reading glasses all the time, I learned to wear contacts and loved them. More recently, when the world was growing a bit dim, and I realized that I couldn't see to drive without wearing glasses (which I hate, and which only helped to a limited degree) and I was told that cataracts were the reason, the choice became very easy. Get 'em fixed! I'm so glad I did.

I have a young friend who just about falls out when I stick my finger to test my blood sugar, and has to leave the room when I take my insulin. She has flatly declared that she will "never" do that. Well, she will if her alternative is death. I hope she never has to do it, of course, but I know that she will if it comes to it.

And now, believe this if you will, or not -- this eye surgery thing was less traumatic than some dental procedures I've had. Much less traumatic. It has been absolutely painless, and the rewards are amazing. Now I can hardly wait to get the other one done. He did the worst one first, and now the eye that I thought was so clear is like a dirty window compared to the one we just fixed. I didn't know how bad they were. I cannot believe how beautiful my flowers are! The colors are almost shocking. I just hadn't seen them clearly in such a long time. Amazing.

Well, I'm off to bed. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

March 09, 2007 - Msg 50240: i love this site..

March 09, 2007 - Msg 50241: Hey M-T,ro,boo,hazel,possum,maude,TOM,Rec,MDC,MD and all...back at work now...lunch will be on what will it be Ro?...SPOT

March 09, 2007 - Msg 50242: Hi Boo - it doesn't matter where in Texas we go - they like Texas. To them it means cowboys, cows and goats! We are hoping to come out next fall - I have too much going on right now to let it be in a couple of weeks.

When we went to Texas a couple of summers ago - they loved Oklahoma for the Will Rogers Museum. They thought that was grand.

Congrats on all you can see Miss Romeena - I am glad that the Lord gave us good surgeons with precise hands for exactly this kind of reason.

Have a great day - it is suppose to be 60 here today! Yahoo!


March 09, 2007 - Msg 50243: Hey homemaker, maybe they just like going anywhere thats gets them away from your meatballs.:)

Romeena, so glad the procedure went well and has improved your seeing things. I hope I never have to get that done though. I hate things even close to my eyes. I have a struggle using eye drops. I watch my wife put in her contacts and it makes my eyes start watering. I have a real serious phobia about that for some reason. Is Sugarplum still doing ok?

Howdy Spot. Whats cooking this morning?

TGIF! It's been a long week.
Prayers for all.


March 09, 2007 - Msg 50244: Hahaha, Asa, I know what you mean. See my post 50239 above. I would never have believed I'd wear contacts, and surely wouldn't have let anyone operate on my eye. Again, it's a relative thing. How bad is the problem? If it's bad enough, it changes your perception of need and whether you're willing to confront a fear. I could never do eyedrops either, and I was one of those people who considered going to the ER if I got an eyelash in my eye! You get over it. When reading glasses and bifocals became annoying enough, I took the next step and "tried" that monovision contact. When I realized I could read "quartz" on the face of my watch, without anything sitting on my nose, I was a convert.

That worked for years, then came the cataracts. Another battle with myself, but reason won. I cannot believe the difference in colors! I thought the buttons on my desk phone were ivory - they're white! Sugarplum is a Maltese, and therefore is white. I thought she was getting a bit yellowish, which I attributed to her age. Nope, she's a beautiful, bright white, just as she was when she was younger. The colors of the flowers in my yard are much more vivid than I knew. I can hardly wait to see my white Christmas tree next year. It's like a new world. God is so good!

Well, I'm off to the garden center to get some more lovely little posies. Just talked to my garden center friend, and a delivery truck was just arriving, so he'll have some fresh stuff. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

March 09, 2007 - Msg 50245: Hey Asa thought Romeena was doing lunch?..huh.....well guess its me and you buddy...Steak-n-shake it is....fries burger and baked beans....SPOT

March 09, 2007 - Msg 50246: Oh, sorry, guys! I guess I missed that notice. Don't worry, I can whip up something pretty quick. Schwan's does a very nice cheesy chicken and rice with broccoli. Just heat it in a skillet and it's ready to eat, and quite tasty. A bit of Tabasco on it, and it's great! Come on over, I always have some on hand. A salad and some garlic toast, and we're good to go. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

March 09, 2007 - Msg 50247: Thanks Romeena....SPOT

March 09, 2007 - Msg 50248: Hi Porch,I just came across this in a book,and,since most of us love vicks,I thought you might like to read it;vicks was created by lunsford Richardson,a pharmacist,in selma,north Carolina.He was trying to come up with an ointment to decongest was originally called Richardsons croup and pneumonia cure salve.Demand was great for the salve,so,he decided to give it a catchier name.He named it after his brother -in-law,joshua Vick,who owned the drugstore lunsford worked in.He convinced the us postal service to send out advertisements for Vicks vaporub addressed to boxholdr-the first junk mail.he developed vicks in 1905,and,in 1918,there was a spanish flu epidemic,that sent sales of vicks skyrocketing to over a million dollars.And,now,as paul harvey says-you know the rest of the story1i got this neat book at the library,written by Joey green,called "incredible country store lotions,Notions,andElixirs of the past,and,how to make them.of course,there isn't a recipe for homemade vicks,it just tells the history behind some of the products,But,there are some neat recipes in the book,like recipes for petroleum jelly,perfume ,etc.Talk to you all later-ky girl

March 09, 2007 - Msg 50249: Have a great weekend everyone!


March 09, 2007 - Msg 50250: Howdy, all. I love recipes for unusual things, ky girl, and just got one that sounds very interesting. It's for rose petal cream. No, not hand cream - real cream, the kind you eat. You take the fresh petals from about three roses - choose a very fragrant variety. Rinse and then bruise or lightly crush the petals, then pour a carton of heavy whipping cream over them. Refrigerate for a day or so. Strain the petals out. The cream can then be sweetened and put over berries, or used in home-made ice cream, or whipped for a fruit shortcake. Doesn't that sound heavenly? I haven't tried it, so don't know just how well the rose fragrance permeates the cream, but the recipe says it's delicious. As soon as my roses start blooming in a few weeks, I'm going to try it. I'll let you all know how it works.

A friend is coming later and we're going to our favorite restaurant and eat shrimp and crab legs tonight. Yum! Crab legs dipped in lemon butter, boiled shrimp dipped in red sauce - just nothing better.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

March 09, 2007 - Msg 50251: Hey Romeena, can you imagine how good them crab legs and shrimp will look now? Might even make em tastier. LOL


March 09, 2007 - Msg 50252: Wow, Asa, I hadn't thought of that! I'll bet they will be even better.

Seriously, friends, if any of you have cataracts and are considering whether to do anything about them or not, my advice is - DO IT! I just cannot believe how much brighter the world is. I was living in a dim, sepia-colored world and didn't even know it. It's just amazing.

OK, I'm off to eat shrimp and crab legs. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

March 09, 2007 - Msg 50253: Wow, I am so happy for you Ro! I'm glad to hear it was a breeze. When I went to the eye doc a couple of months ago, he told me my vision was still 20/20 but that I was beginning to have some cataract formation and that was what was making it harder for me read small print and see at night. I know I will need surgery down the road and it's good to know it's not hard to go through. Enjoy those crab legs!!

That rose cream sounds really interesting! I was happy to read the VICKS trivia...thanks KYGirl.


March 09, 2007 - Msg 50254: I declare! If I hear Andy whine one more time that "Evie Joy is crying" I think I'll hit him with a leg o' lamb. So he was up all night, and is having trouble sleeping because of a crying baby. Well, bless his heart! As much as I love Andy, he is a big old baby when it comes to getting his rest. He's standing there all tousle-haired and grumpy-looking, telling Aunt Bee that "Evie Joy is whining", as if she didn't know it. You can barely hear him over the baby. Honestly! Get a grip, Andy!

Then we have Aunt Bee, experienced baby-raiser that she is, getting all panicked over blueberry pie around the baby's mouth. I do believe I would be able to tell the difference between blue lips and blueberry smears. Good grief! I guess you can tell this is not one of my favorite episodes. I think the writers were tired or something when they wrote this one. --Romeena

March 09, 2007 - Msg 50255: Nice site... Cool guestbook...e

March 09, 2007 - Msg 50256:
Wow, ky girl Vicks has been with us for over 100 years!! I wonder about miracle whip.? ha
Like I heard someone say if someone digs up a Twinkle a million years from now, it will still be intact!~ haha
Well, cleaning the carpets tomorrow, then spring cleaning is done!! Praise the Lord!
I'll hire out, if the price is right! But first i have to see at least one Spring Training game!
Prayers for all. God bless our wonderful, terrorist-bustin' troops!
ole MDC

March 09, 2007 - Msg 50257: That's Twinkie!!

March 09, 2007 - Msg 50258: romeena,I thought the same thing when i watched that episode.It did seem like everybody was acting out of character in that episode.That rose cream sounds good.I need to ask you all to pray for my daughter tonight,my oldest daughter.She is manager at an all night gas station and she was robbed at gun point last night.Thank god she is ok,but,there was no one to take over for her tonight so she has to work again by herself.Please pray the good lord will keep her safe,and,give her comfort and peace,she is still really shook up,naturally.Sweet dreams you all-ky girl

March 09, 2007 - Msg 50259: mdc,I haven't read anything about miracle whip yet,but,i just started the book,so,give me time!ha!Ha!-ky girl

March 09, 2007 - Msg 50260: Oh, your poor daughter, KYGirl! Thank God she wasn't hurt. Prayers for her tonight.


March 09, 2007 - Msg 50261: I didn't even know we had a guestbook! I'll be dogged.
I don't really dislike that ep, Romeena, but I do know exactly what you mean. I find myself thinking, what's the matter with Andy's arms, that he can't go pick up the baby and help Aunt Bee out. Otherwise, I do find some funny parts in it. Like the salesman holding and feeding the baby. And Aunt Bee calling Goober to come over and help. Kind of cute, seeing Goober feeding the baby.
- Hazel

March 09, 2007 - Msg 50262: MESSAGE REMOVED

March 09, 2007 - Msg 50263:
Hello porch family...just a quick note to check my someone here working on it. Praying we can get it working right.
Be blessed and praying for you all!

March 09, 2007 - Msg 50264: Oh my, Hazel. I guess it did sound like I dislike the episode. I don't, there's not a single one that I actually dislike. I just meant that this one isn't really high on the fave list, and Andy gets on my nerves in it. He was always so "in charge" and composed about everything, I guess it just throws me when he enters that helpless mode. There are a couple more eps where he gets like that, and it always seems to be related to his sleep being disturbed. Maybe it bothers me because I watched my dear husband function day after day with much too little sleep, just doggedly plowing on, getting an hour or two here and there and never complaining. Also, I never could tolerate a whiny tone of voice from a child, and certainly not from an adult. However, Andy was so wonderful in so many other ways that I guess he must be forgiven for getting out of sorts now and then. --Romeena

March 10, 2007 - Msg 50265: MESSAGE REMOVED

March 10, 2007 - Msg 50266: MESSAGE REMOVED

March 10, 2007 - Msg 50267: Hi All
This is a nice day here, it going to be about 62 dre here. and just think in 10 days spring will be hee.

O What peace we o ten for feit
O what neeed less pain we bear all because we do not carey every thing to god in pray'r

can we fine a friend so faith ful who will all or sorrows
share Jesus knows our every weakness
take it to the Lord in pray'r

Do thy friends despise forsake thee take it to the Lord in pray'r in his arms he'll take and shield thee
Take it to the Lord in pray'r pray'r A MEN.


March 10, 2007 - Msg 50268: Morning dears. Looks like Floyd's been up early dusting the corners. Good job Floyd.

Romeena, did them crab legs look better than ever last night? It reminds me of when I quit smoking 25 years ago. I had been a smoker for 5 years prior to that. I could not believe how my sense of smell improved after quiting. Food tasted so much better. But on the down side there were a few smells I coud have done without, and because food tasted so much better I found myself in a battle of the bulge for the first time in my life... a battle I have been fighting for 25 years now. But I keep on keeping on. Exercise helps and I enjoy working out. Hope to get back on it this week. My cough' although still hanging around, is much improved. Ribs are still sore but not as bad.

Don't forget tonight to set your clocks ahead for daylight savings. They moved it up from the first Sunday in April. Bet it catches a few folks by surprise tomorrow. And change out them batteries in your smoke detectors while you're at it.
This public service has been brought to you by Asa Breeney Handyman services. Asa Breeney Proprieter. Signed by Asa Breeney CEO Asa Breeney Enterprizes.


March 10, 2007 - Msg 50269:

Romeena, I'm so glad your surgery went well and I'm thrilled for you. Seeing your world in full color again is a true blessing, and just in time for spring! I know what you're saying about doing what you have to do, unpleasant as it may be. My dad (77 this month) just had back surgery. The pain finally got so bad it was unbearable. He's also had eye surgery. The thought makes me shudder.. but we do what we must. It's amazing how much courage we really have when the chips are down.

Asa, have you tried putting the eye drops into the inside corners of your eyes? Makes it a whole lot easier for some reason.

ky girl, I was shocked to read about your daughter. She's a brave girl to go right back to work. Rest assured my prayers are going up for her (and you!). Thank God she wasn't harmed!

Ro, I know what you mean about Andy when he's cranky. He's a big ol' baby himself sometimes. But oh so lovable. :-)

A happy weekend to all.



March 10, 2007 - Msg 50270: Good morning, all. ky girl, I can't imagine how scared your daughter must have been, and you as well. Did they catch the robber? What kind of security plan does the station have? That's really scary. Prayers for both of you!

Dež, it's sure nice to see you coming around again. We miss you. About your dad, I know what you mean. My dad had back pain most of his life, and it got worse as he got older. When the microdiscectomy procedure was developed, it was offered to him, but he refused. The doctor told my mom not to worry, told her when it got bad enough he'd change his mind. It did, he did, he had the surgery and it was a breeze. Up and walking the next day, pain free and comfortable for the first time in years. My mom witnessed all that, shook her head at his stubbornness, but at the same time, she put up with crippled-up feet for the last 25 years of her life, refusing surgery herself. Go figure.

Asa, I'm glad your ribs are getting better, and will be very happy when all the pain goes away. Good for you, giving up smoking like that. It's not easy, but it sure does lengthen your life, and improves the quality as well.

Tom, thanks - that's one of my favorite hymns. There's just nothing like the good old hymns. The praise choruses are okay, and have their place, but most of the old hymns were written from someone's heart, often after a traumatic or otherwise life-changing experience, and they just speak to us. The new stuff has a pop-culture sound to it much of the time, and just doesn't reach my soul like the old songs do. Not all, there are exceptions, but generally speaking, the new stuff just doesn't have the depth.

There, I've said it and I ain't takin' it back! Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

March 10, 2007 - Msg 50271: Hi Porch Family!!!

I'm at fan-club headquarters, and decided to slip you a line!!!

My computer is down at home again, so I decided to use the one here.

Does anyone have a quick, fun, TAGS related game that we can play tonight at our meeting??? Usually I come up with the game, but this has been a tough week for me, and I've had little spare time.

So far this week, we've had 2 deep fryers, and a drink cooler to break at work, and it took 3 days for them to come and fix the drink cooler, so we've had to use regular coolers that we all brought from home!!!

So how is everyone??? And what's new around Mayberry???

Be Back in a while!!!


March 10, 2007 - Msg 50272: Thanks Ro.
KY girl, I meant to offer prayers for your daughter and I plum forgot to mention it. I hope her night went better. I hope she can find another line of work or at least a change of hours. I just shutter seeing young women working late nights alone in them stores. She has my prayers.

Des, how are you? That green post is just right for St. Patty's day next week.

Well gonna go areate the lawn. Get it ready for the summer.


March 10, 2007 - Msg 50273: Asa, will you areate my lawn too? I was trying to save money by having my daughter walk back and forth across the yard in her high heeled shoes, but I declare, I think she's about to quit on me. Boy, daughters are moody.
Ro, it doesn't bother me if people dislike certain eps of TAGS. For the most part I love every single one of them, but there's a couple that even I downright dislike! "Opies Job" and "The Senior Play" spring to mind.
I wonder what went on here during that night that caused Floyd to get out the broom. I thought there were a couple of odd posts lately, but it must have gotten worse. I don't know how Floyd does it, cutting hair during the day, and cleaning the porch at night.
- Hazel

March 10, 2007 - Msg 50274: Hi all! Been busy trying to keep up with our new four legged companion. He's eating us out of house and home and has stolen our hearts at the same time!

Romeena, I totally agree with you about the old hymns! They were written out of deep conviction and by people who had "walked through the fire", so to speak.
Prayers for your daughter ky girl! What a crazy world we live in. Thank the Lord, there's a better day coming! In the meantime, we continue to pray and walk by faith.

Boo, so glad that your Bible study is going well and that the Lord is blessing. All He asks of us is our willingness and obedience. He'll do the rest!

It's a beautiful spring day. Hope everyone enjoys it.

Miss Peggy

March 10, 2007 - Msg 50275: I thought I'd discuss something I've found rather confusing and interesting lately. Dreams. What are your guy's thought's on them? I find them to be rather painfull and sad, because in the mist of a happy dream Im having, a problem that's been solved in the dream that isn't solved in real life most particularly, I'll then wake up to discover that whatever good was happening in the dream, isn't all good in real life. Hard to explain, but it's this jelousy problem, your jealous of your own self in your dreams.

Any help? Do you have problems like these?

Deputy Warren Ferguson

March 10, 2007 - Msg 50276: Funny about the high heels, Hazel! ha I didn't like the Senior Play episode, either. About the only color episode that I really like (well there are two, actually) is the episode when Howard tries to date the blond and his mother keeps having the headaches and the other is Howard's trip to the island..."wanna buy a ship in a bottle?"...I think that one is clever and unique for TAGS.

Gotta go, having a barbeque at some friend's this afternoon and then another on later this evening...funny how that happens. We haven't been invited to anyone's house in ages and now 2 of them?!

Bruce is outside putting together the new fire pit he bought me today...I can't wait to light it and roast some marshmallows...anyone care to join me tonight?


March 10, 2007 - Msg 50277: Mmmm, roasted marshmallows! I love 'em! I'll bring an extra bag and a couple of long willow sticks. And a barbecue at a friend's house. Now that sounds like fun, too. Can I go with you?

DWF, there are a lot of people who place great importance on dreams. I'm not one of them. I know that sometimes we might dream of something and then it happens later, I think that's coincidence, or perhaps we subconsciously bring the event to reality because we dreamed it. The workings of the subconscious mind are mysterious, for sure. Sounds like your subconscious is trying to create a happier reality for you, but when you awaken, life goes on just as before. That's the way it is, friend. Dreams are just dreams, and reality is where we live. Enjoy the happy dreams, try to forget the unhappy ones, and do your best to make the daily reality as good as it can be. Then leave the whole thing in God's hands.

Well, I got 36 petunias in the ground, regulated all the little bubblers that water my roses (some were spraying too much, some not at all) and cleaned the pond. Now I'm sunburned, my first sunburn of 2007, but it won't be the last, I'm sure.

Well, I think I'll go shower the dirt and pond water off, get some clean clothes on, and maybe go grocery shopping. Or maybe not. I've got enough Schwan's stuff in the freezer, and I may just settle in here for the evening. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

March 10, 2007 - Msg 50278: Hey gang where is the BBQ? heading to work,will swing by and get me a plate..will holler when i get to work....70 and sunny in Ga!...prayers to all in need...well got to hurry...SPOT

March 10, 2007 - Msg 50279: Howdy,folks. Last year,I had surgery on my left eye, plus "knife surgery " on both. My friend drove me down at 4:30 A.M. and brought me back. What a difference! took a while to get used to everything again. God uses doctors as tools, I left it all up to Him.

Ro, I wish I was there to give Sugerplum some luvin, but I'll do it with prayers.

Ya'll take care


March 10, 2007 - Msg 50280: What kind of eye surgery did you have, Ronnie? --Romeena

March 10, 2007 - Msg 50281: Hey Peggy and Warren, we must have been posting at the same time. Thanks for the encouraging words, Peggy.

Warren, I would have to know more about your dream to make any opinions about what you are going through. I have done some study in the area of dreams (from a medical standpoint) and I learned that dreams are a way of the subconscience mind working out our stresses, fears, etc. Some experts suggest keeping a dream journal and writing down your dreams as soon as you wake up and remember them and as you go back and take a close look at them, ask yourself what certain things mean. For example, let's say I have a dream about being chased by a bull. I might ask myself, "what is symbolized by the bull in my dream?" and then write down the first thing that comes to mind...don't think too hard about it because usually the first thing that comes to mind is from your subconscience mind and that is what you are trying to find out. There are many things in our subconscience mind that our conscience mind doesn't acknowledge. You can help your mind work out problems if you pay attention to your dreams and what they might mean. Only you can figure out what things in your dreams symbolize.


March 10, 2007 - Msg 50282: Hey peggy,ronnie,miller,maude,mil,lucy,boo,ro,asa,TOM,Rev,possum,,mdc,bwb...and all ...good race today! tomorrow will be just as wreck filled!...well snack time..cheese and saltines...good movie on lifetime mil..well back in a while with the Sunday breakfast menu...SPOT

March 10, 2007 - Msg 50283: Oh and Ro, just grab a stick, there are plenty of marshmallows...of course, we shouldn't stay out too late...time change tonight and have to get up an hour earlier in the morning. Ugh!


March 10, 2007 - Msg 50284: Thanks for the words of advise, Romeena and Boo. From Romeena's view, I'll try not to make dreams anything more then they are and just move on from them, but from Boo's standpoint, I'll also try to briefly make sense of the dream and put it together with my life and what's happening. You guy's are great, all of you, this such a great place to come and discuss problems, ask for help, an all purpose hang out really!

Millie, I haven't forgotten about your pies! I have got two coconut pie's baking in the oven right now! They are great to have on hand, that is if you can resist the temptation to eat them all at once!

Hey to Ronnie, SPOT and anyone else rocking here tonight.

See ya later.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

March 11, 2007 - Msg 50285: Good Sunday all...breakfast menu:eggs your way,toast,grits,hashbrowns,country ham,bisquits and red eye gravy,fried apple rings..oj,coffee,milk..pop tarts for the simple minded...prayers to all in need...SPOT

March 11, 2007 - Msg 50286: GET UP - GET UP - GET UP!!! It's an hour later than you think. Hooray for daylight savings time - I love it! I wonder if it really makes any noticeable difference in the national consumption of electricity? Spot, would you care to comment on that?

Well, the Plum says her stomach moved ahead one hour last night right along with the clocks, and she's hungry, so guess I'd better go feed her. Then gotta get ready for preachin'. It will be fun to see who comes straggling in an hour late! Wonder if I should wear earrings? I think I will. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

March 11, 2007 - Msg 50287: I agree Romeena. I love having that extra hour in the evening. It is a sure sign spring has sprung. My only problem this year is that I had to re-program all my gear at work for the new time frame. Everything was programed for the first Sunday in April. I spent much of last week doing that. It will be interesting to go in tomorrow and see if all my work worked.
We are expected to be in the 60's all week here. I spent all day yesterday in the yard. Dethatched and aerated the grass (where was your daughter Hazel) tilled up the garden, hosed off the patio and driveway, just a good outside clean up. I wonder why cleaning up the yard is so fun and cleaning up the inside is such a pain? Anyone else have that problem?
Well off to preachin for me. I hear they are talking about sin today. Hard to beat that subject.


March 11, 2007 - Msg 50288: Hi All.
Nice day warm a little just right to go uot door.

March 11, 2007 - Msg 50289: I totally agree, Asa. I love to do outside work - it's fun to me. But housework, I hate it.
- Hazel

March 11, 2007 - Msg 50290:
Hello porch family.
Thanks Ro for waking us up on time to get to church.

Wow....The weather is so nice here in SC. Pollen is getting bad though. I'm home this whole week and I'm loving it!

Thanks for breakfast Spot. Big race coming up today. I missed the one yesterday.

Everyone have a Jesus filled day and hope to check back in later.

March 11, 2007 - Msg 50291: That makes three of us. I have to work at getting in the mood for housework, but I'm always in the mood to work outdoors. Until it gets so brutally hot around here in July and August, that is. During those months, I'm content to stay in the a/c for the most part, but still don't want to do housework!

I've got to get serious around here, though. Closets are bursting, drawers are overflowing, my desk looks like it's about to pick up and move away, and there are entirely too many little things sitting around here and there. I need to do what my daughter-in-law did, and adopt an attitude of "less is more" and get rid of some of the clutter. She did it right, though. She tossed the really unnecessary stuff, which made room in closets. Then she de-cluttered the visible parts of the house, stashing a lot of the little keepsake things. A couple of times a year, she rotates things, storing some away and getting others out on display for a while. Very good idea. Her house is always neat and organized, and feels clean and cool when you walk in. In mine right now, you get the feeling you could be ambushed at any moment. Too much stuff.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

March 11, 2007 - Msg 50292:
ky girl- prayers indeed for your daughter. I think of the ep where that girl took over at the gas station for Goober, but of course there were only more customers than she could handle.
All my clean up stuff is done! yippie! I need to go back to work so i can rest! haha
Have a great Sabbath. In AZ we dont spring forward, or else it would be light and hot at 9 PM!! No thanks!

March 11, 2007 - Msg 50293: Good question Ro...Rev,MD,MDC,Mavis and all race fans...Get-ur-done!...the Race is ON!...slipping ans out for burton to sweep..Jr,and jimmy may be there in the end..well im watching it on a 80 in video screen so im loving it!...well let me get logged in for the night here....lets order pizza and wings...on me...Asa hows yer ribs?..Goober U watching the race?..Atlanta next week...may see if i can round up me some tickets if its pretty!....back in a bit...good Sunday to all...SPOT

March 11, 2007 - Msg 50294: And Jimmy wins the race going away!!...snack will be Captian Crunch and mayfield whole milk...Millie you up tonight?.....SPOT

March 11, 2007 - Msg 50295: So good to see you all here on the porch and hear all the chitchat (I, unlike Lydia, love chitchat). I can't remember when I was here last. What's the word on pipeman/colt/mayor? I enjoyed your banter about the color eps. I'm not much of a color ep. girl myself. Some are OK, but they don't have Ellie or Peggy or that sharp shootin' attractive cousin of Thelma Lou's! Ro, so I missed all this about your eye surgery--implant--is that unlike Lasik surgery? I'm thinking about that myself, but I was wondering is there a surgery that corrects both near and far vision? I've been near-sighted my whole life, but lately my upclose vision is just awful! Anyone who has had any of these eye surgeries, share your info. please. By the way, my son is doing wonderfully with the acutane. His face is so much better and he hasn't had any trouble with side effects except his lips are extremely cracked and dry and sore. He does have some scarring I'm afraid. But it may eventually fade. Sure hope so. He's such a handsome fella. Time to hit the ironin' board. Revival began at our church today through Wednesday. Say a prayer for us!
Charlotte Tucker

March 11, 2007 - Msg 50296: To Lucy Msg 50079, you guessed correctly. My reduced appearances here are due to personal problems. Basically, my girlfriend is experiencing multiple health issues. And with her living in Canada and my business requiring more of my time in the USA, I'm worried and depressed as a result.

from Poor Horatio

March 11, 2007 - Msg 50297: Sorry to hear about your troubles, PH, and will be praying for your girlfriend's health. Please keep us posted.

Charlotte, I had a cataract removed and a lens implant done. The doc used the new ReSTOR lens, which gives me great vision, both near and far. It's wonderful. The cataract had dimmed and discolored my field of vision, much more than I realized because the onset is so gradual. In a week or two I'll have the other eye done, and will have fresh, clear, sharp vision for the first time in years. It is nothing like Lasik surgery, which deals with the cornea, the clear outer covering of the iris. What I had done removed the lens itself and replaced it with an implanted artificial lens.

Have you considered the monovision contact lens? When my vision changed at around age 48, and I could no longer see to read or do anything up close, I got a single contact. It was a simple magnifying lens, much like reading glasses, only it was a contact. Your eyes will accommodate, so that you use the uncorrected eye for distance and the one wearing the lens for close work. It worked beautifully for me for over 15 years. Then my eyes started doing strange things, and basically reversed. I could see great up close, but couldn't see diddly at a distance. Plus, lights blinded me, all lights had halos, and white didn't exist - everything was a dirty yellow. All that is now being fixed. Sounds like you're where I was about 20 years ago - I'd suggest you ask your eye doctor about the monovision contact. You will come to love it!

Where is Millie? Are you okay, honey? Check in please!

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

March 11, 2007 - Msg 50298: Hello, porch family! Thanks for worrying about me, ro. I'm ok, just been busy. Been putting in some extram hours at the restaurant, and dealing with the side effects of last week's chemo. On the positive side, no chemo this week, just a dr's visit. Now I will concentrate on quality time with the kids, while I am well. And the neuropathy in my fingers and feet is much better.
Charlotte Tucker, so good to see you. Hope you can come 'round more often!
Poor Horatio, my prayers continue for your situation, my friend. Hang in there.
Romeena, so glad to hear how positively your surgery went. I few years back my mother had a cateract removed and had several problem in the recovery. She is glad she had it done, though.
Well, I better get some rest, big day tommorow.
Y'all be good and act like somebody!

March 12, 2007 - Msg 50299: There She is!..Miss Millie!..hey ro plum,prayers PH,CT great to see you also looking spiffy!..Asa hows them ribs coming [and dont mean bbq]..well think i will have another bowl of the Captian..watching a movie called "Dead Calm"..nicole kidman...its on the water so I loke all movies on the water..cant wait till warmer weather so I can hit the high seas...Well back in a at work to run the daily reports....SPOT

March 12, 2007 - Msg 50300: Morning all. Monday morning at that.

Spot, the ribs, although still sore are improving daily. I actually slept for a bit on my left side last night (the first in weeks). I tend to be quite active in my sleeping. In fact my wife says sleeping with me is like being in a wrestling match. I tend to move around a lot. Having sore ribs has prevented me from doing that, so my sleep has been off some. It's funny how not tossing and turning means a bad nights sleep for me. Wonder what causes that?

Millie, glad your feeling a little better and get a week away from that chemo. Keep on keeping on.

Charlotte Tucker, my goodness it's good to see you. Please don't be such a stranger. Where is our Possum been? And Mavis? And Mrs Wiley? And so many others? Check in you folks.

Poor Horatio, I'm sorry to read about your situation. I hope and pray all will be well for you and your girlfriend.

Well yesterday we celebrated our Mariahs first birthday. She had a blast. Got some great pics. I'll try to forward them on to Romeena for the album.

I don't know much about dreams Warren, only that I find it amazing how a dream can coincide with real life. By that I mean how in a dream you might hear a bell ring, or a telephone ring that fits right in with your dream, only to have it be your alarm going off. Years ago I was dreaming I was gofing with my friend, and everytime he was ready to hit the ball he would crow like a rooster. He kept doing this over and over and I thought, how strange. Well finally I awoke to our neighbors rooster crowing away. Odd, huh? LOL

Well I hope you all have a good safe week and a nice Monday. Prayers for all.


March 12, 2007 - Msg 50301: Good Monday Morning porch family, good to see you all today. I am making my adjustment to the the time change.. Kept waking up throughout the night afraid I would oversleep. even though I changed all the clocks, my mind and body take a while to catch up. My kids are out of school today, must be teacher inservice day. I left them in bed sound asleep and guess they will sleep till around 10 or 11. Praises for your
vision Romeena and for you feeling better as well Millie. How about oatmeal and cinnamon toast for breakfast? orange juice, coffee, or tea to drink. Better get to work today. see you all later. Prayers to all today. Big Maude
Happy 1st Birthay to Mariah.

March 12, 2007 - Msg 50302:
Morning Porch

We're gonna hit 50 degrees today, tomorrow and Wednesday. What was it that Howard Dean said?
YEEE HAAAW! I don't think the sum of last week's temps hit 50 degrees. We still have about 2 feet of snow in the yard, so, we're a couple of weeks away from yard work.

Poor Horatio-Prayers for your girlfriend and you.

Hey to Millie, Rev, Charlotte Tucker, Spot, MDC, Hazel, Tom, and DWF.

Asa-Nothing like a good Birthday Party! Happy Birthday to Mariah! Glad to hear you're mending well.

Romeena-You thought your yard was beautiful before the operation, what a blessing it must be to be able to enjoy it even more now.

I'll add Irishter, Dixie, Rev Jr, Idelle, BWB, and Goober to Asa's "Where is" list.


"I said, Stickle! Not Pickle!"

March 12, 2007 - Msg 50303: Okay - I HATE THE TIME CHANGE! There - I said it and I ain't taking it back. This is the second year that good ol Indiana has had to deal with the "change" and for the most part - we Hoosiers (at least the ones I deal with) are not into the groove. I wish we would have stayed the way we were. Yes, Asa, you can't teach an old dog new tricks - I said it for you!

We worked outside all day yesterday working with our goats. We trimmed hooves, gave them vaccinations, and wormed them. We finished all but 6 goats and 11 sheep. Then it was too dark to work - it was so pretty out and the baby goats and lambs were just hopping all over the place. It was really nice!

Glad you are getting some nice warm weather auh20 - we are suppose to be up in the 60's today.

Who is making lunch - I'll take a reuben if anyone is up to making me one!