March 12, 2007 - Msg 50304: Good morning, all! Millie, thanks for checking in, and I'm glad this week will be a bit easier for you. Don't you just cherish those "off" weeks with the chemo?

Asa, I'm glad your ribs are getting better. And Happy Birthday to little Mariah!! I'll be looking for those pictures.

Well, I'm disgusted! I went to the eye doctor for a post-op check this morning. Everything looks great with the eye he fixed. We were talking about a date for the other one, when he suddenly stopped talking, looked at the chart again, and announced that he can't do the other eye, at least not right now. Seems the vision has to be 20/40 or worse, and mine isn't quite that bad in that eye. Since Medicare will be paying, if he operated now and billed them, he could go to prison! Isn't that ridiculous? So, we wait a few months, test the eye again (you can bet the vision will be worse) and then he can operate.

When I used to work on the med/surg floors, we ran into Medicare stupidity all the time. They wouldn't pay $200 for a gel pad on a patient's bed to prevent bedsores, but would pay out thousands to heal the things after they developed. They paid $1600 for a custom-fitted brace for my dad's leg when he had a knee replacement. He was to wear it when seated each evening, while watching TV. The idea was to help him achieve straight-leg extension. He told them he wouldn't use it, and he didn't. Instead, he knotted opposite corners of a big dishtowel, rested his heel on an ottoman, put bags of flour in each knotted corner and hung it over his knee. Yep, straight leg, brace never worn, I don't even know what happened to it. That brace, Medicare paid for. Go figure.

homemaker, unless you folks live by the sun and not by the clock, you had an extra hour of daylight yesterday evening to work on the goats. If you go by dawn-to-dark, then it wouldn't help you, but if you get up at the same clock time each day, you get the extra hour of light. To each his own, but personally, I love DST.

auh2o, you're right. The yard looks much prettier now, at least through my right eye. The dirty yellow haze is gone. Colors are true, white is white - just amazing.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

March 12, 2007 - Msg 50305: Oh, yes, and I swept the porch. With my improved vision, I could see all the dust and cobwebs, so thought I'd clean things up a bit. --Romeena

March 12, 2007 - Msg 50306: Thanks Romeena. A nice clean porch to commence my singing practice and larnyx calasthentics.
WELCOME SWEET SPRINGTIME WE GREET THEE IN SONNGGG... ouch, I got some work to do there.

Sorry about that other eye Romeena. I agree, red tape is so nuts. Hopefully you can get it done soon.

Thanks hm, for beating me to the task. LOL Don't fret non. You'll get used to it.


March 12, 2007 - Msg 50307: Sorry about not being able to have your eye fixed, yet Ro. Remember God is in control and he will take care of it for you (but you already know that...this is just a reminder). Maybe the results will be better if you wait a bit.

Homemaker, I feel like you do about the time change right now, but when I get used to it I will like it pretty well. The extra daylight hours enable us to get more work done on the property. The kids are off all week for spring break and I know how hard it will be to get them up and going next week! In the summer it will be light until almost 9pm here and that makes for some long, hot days.

I woke up at 4am to a BIG thnunderstorm and lots of rain. I think it lasted a couple of hours because it kept me awake. People around here say it's not spring break if it doesn't rain. It seems true because we have thousands flock down here to the beach in March and it always seems to be raining this time of year or a late cold front comes in and freezes those bikini-clad college students. I don't go near the beach this time of year. You can't even drive down the beach it is so crowded and you can't imagine the mayhem that goes on down there...kind of like Mardi Gras (lots of drinking and flashing). No place for the kids, and people actually let their under-age teens drive down for spring break. One year when I was working at a local hospital and was in the ER at the time, we had a 16 year old girl come in who had driven her beach buggy down from out of state, I think, with some of her little friends and had gotten thrown from the buggy and skidded across the sand. She was covered in burns on her entire backside, and they were full of sand. Now, if you don't think that was a nightmare, and there she was by herself with no mom or dad in the area. I had to clean the sand out of her wounds and it was horrible. I was so angry with her parents! I just don't get how something like that can happen. What are parents like that thinking?

Well, I need to catch up the pile of laundry in the bathroom, so if you're out there Me-They, get your shorts together.


March 12, 2007 - Msg 50308: Forgot, Ro, I wanted to tell you that I worked with 2 different doctors who were arrested for medicaid fraud. I have to tell you, the quality of doctors we get down here is sometimes really awful and integrity is not of much importance with some of them.


March 12, 2007 - Msg 50309: Ro - my beef with the time is two fold, while I appreciate the extra light time to work, we stay out until we can't do anymore. . .so, at times, supper doesn't hit until 8. That part I don't like at all. . .
Then, when we didn't change and Ohio did, we could watch all of our televsion shows on Central time - that means, the 10 o'clock news was on at 9 o'clock.
Ahhhh - life was just much simpler then. . .do you think Andy had to move his clock. I could see a whole show on Goober and Barney on the time change and Andy explaining it to them.

Well -it is time for me to start my travelin as a teacher. The next stop is about 40 miles away. Yee Haw!


March 12, 2007 - Msg 50310: Hey Y'all- figured I'd better check in. I see that Asa's been asking for me,and don't want him to start poking around,lifting rocks looking for me-especially now that his ribs are healing! Glad you're feeling better Asa!
I haven't really been AWOL-just haven't felt like chatting,rather, I've been lurking and keeping up with everyone. Just dealing with something I can't explain-guess you could call it the blues. Lots going on in my head. I'm okay though.
Mariah is a year old already? Gosh,where does the time go? Laci just turned 3 and a half. Happy birthday Mariah!
Oh,and Happy Birthday to Me-They's favorite (mine too!) singer- Mr. James Taylor turns 59 today.
I'm not used to the time change either.Takes a while to adjust to it.
Ok,well I'm outta here. Y'all take care!
possum under a rock

March 12, 2007 - Msg 50311:

Hope that chemo isn't beating you up too badly, Millie. You take care.

Boo, we got that storm, too! It was really nice.. I love a good thunderstorm. Today's all bright and shiny... looks like barbeque weather! Forget Spring Break! What a mess. I would no more get into all that traffic and drunk kids... we always wait until after Spring Break to go to the coast. My favorite times at Port A or Padre Island are March and October, and on weekdays! You feel like you have the island all to yourself. :-)



March 12, 2007 - Msg 50312: Cool guestbook, interesting information... Keep it UP. excellent site i really like your stuff.e

March 12, 2007 - Msg 50313: Funny DES, I never seem to go to Port A. Everytime I do, the beach is covered with that smelly seaweed or tar..I just avoid it. I take the kids to the beach in Rockport now and then but someone always gets stung by a jellyfish out there. I guess they like the shallow water at Rockport. It is always clean there, though and much safer for the kids. My kids (like myself) prefer the river to the beach. DES, have you ever taken your kids to Krause Springs, just outside of Marble Falls in the little town of Spicewook? We went for the first time last summer and loved it! It's one of those old springs in Texas that hasn't been tapped into, yet and it's the coldest, clearest water in the world. There is a great little park there, too with giant cypress trees and a stone pool. It only costs about 5 dollars or less per person to get in for all day and it's wasn't crowded, even on a Saturday last summer.


March 12, 2007 - Msg 50314: Andy to Barn: "I thought you said there's nothing to fear but fear itself".
Barney: "That's what I got, fear itself!!"


March 12, 2007 - Msg 50315: Good afternoon everyone. I'm busy, busy, busy but I thought I'd take a break and say "hey."

Good to hear from CHARLOTTE and you, too POSSUM. Happy b-day JT! Prayers from you and your friend, HORATIO.

HM: Daylight savings time is a crock, in my opinion. Back when, it made sense and saved energy. However, the economists and scientists in Congress (that is sarcasm, by the way) have decided to extend it to save even more energy. The problem is, most real ecomists and scientists determine that it actually does the opposite. With cars, computers, etc., dark doesn't mean much. People may cut back on electric usage during DST, but actually use more gasoline. Go figure. I guess I'm just cranky from losing that extra hour. But y'all did change the batteries in your smoke detectors, didn't you?

BOO: Is it too late for my shorts to join the wash party?

We welcomed Seth, a 10-year-old c*cker spaniel, into our family yesterday. We got him from a dog rescue organization. He is from Georgia, is about 20 lbs., and seems real friendly and mellow (unlike most c-spaniels). In fact he reminds us of our dear, departed Sugar. The kids are thrilled.

Well, off I go. Oh, yeah, our kitchen is still not finished. I'm trying to keep focused on the light at the end of the tunnel.


March 12, 2007 - Msg 50316: FISH!

(I'm up an alley.)


March 12, 2007 - Msg 50317: You people crack me up. I never heard such belly-achin' about one little old hour of lost sleep, and for only one night, at that. You'd think it cost you an hour every day, all summer, to hear the complaining. You think you've got jet lag, or time-change lag? Try flying to Mongolia, where the time difference is about 13 hours, and there's a date change as well. That was absolutely the longest day I ever saw - lasted about 36 hours! I know some of you have done some globe-trotting, so you know what I mean. The point is, once I collapsed into what passed for a bed, and slept a few hours, I was fine, and my body clock reset itself and there was no problem. I think I'm surrounded by wimps! You people are as bad as Andy when Evie Joy was visiting. (heehee) --Romeena

March 12, 2007 - Msg 50318: You tell em Romeena! Childish is what it is, just childish. LOL


March 12, 2007 - Msg 50319: Evenin' folks, supper is ready.....fried chicken, dirty rice and green beans, sweet tea and biscuits. Eat up!

March 12, 2007 - Msg 50320: I like Daylight Savings Time. You don't hear me complaining about it.
- Hazel

March 12, 2007 - Msg 50321: You snuck in on me, Millie. Uh, could I have clean rice?
- Hazel

March 12, 2007 - Msg 50322: To message 50317: Don't be so quick to judge! As someone who suffers from insomnia, it takes me a couple of weeks to adjust to DST. Be thankful that you sleep well. Not all of us fit that mold! a lover of TAGS

March 12, 2007 - Msg 50323:
Hello porch family. Pray you are having a great day.

A little late but Happy Birthday Mariah! always, it's so good to see you on the porch. I pray for you daily.

Ro...prayer for your eye.

Good to see ya possum. Don't be so quite. are so right about really having jet lag. It takes me a while to get back to normal whenever I take a trip like that. (My wife is behind me saying that I have never been normal...hehe)

Spot, MDC, Mavis & all race fans....wild race weekend. Boy, Burton was sure running good until he had car trouble. Matt eased up out of nowhere to fourth place.

Well beter gey off here. You all have a blessed night and my prayers are with you all.

March 12, 2007 - Msg 50324: Hey there, lover of TAGS (50322). It's obvious you're not a regular here. No offense intended in 50317, and I can assure you, none was taken by the regulars. It's all in fun. Most of us have known each other on this porch for years, and I promise you, they know I was just teasing. I'm sorry you have insomnia, and trust me, as one who works 12-hr night shifts and must sleep in the daytime for half the week, I'm grateful for the fact that I can and do fall asleep easily, anywhere, anytime. Here's hoping you have a restful, peaceful night's sleep. --Romeena

March 12, 2007 - Msg 50325: Your work is marvelous!!

March 12, 2007 - Msg 50326: Good Evening,
I'm about to hit the hay. The boys and I got back from Ky tonight. They had a great birthday party on Saturday. (Happy Birthday to you too, Mariah) But I'm glad to be in my home. This time I got a little homesick for Ky. I miss the quietness, rolling hills, and the sense of community. In Atlanta we rarely see anyone twice, even at church. It's utterly ridiculous to me now. Nick said something to me that made me think. Bryan and I were raised in the country (He Ohio, me Ky). Nick desperately wants to move out to the country to hunt and fish. Nick said if living in the country was so good for you and Dad, then why isn't it good enough for me? I feel horrible, but Bryan has to finish acupuncture school before we can move. I'm praying about it all.
Anyway, I needed to get that off my chest. About DST, I enjoy it except when the kids are saying, it's daylight, why do we have to go to bed? I was reading an article tonight saying that it helps prevent accidents as well as save 1% a day in energy. All I know is that it's something that we have to abide by if we want to live here, or Europe, or Australia since they have DST everywhere except near the equator since their days are always 12 hrs. My that was a run-on sentence, sorry.
I'll read the archives tomorrow and sit and rock a spell.
Y'all have a good rest of the evening and tomorrow.
Blessings to you and yours,
I'm Leaning on the Everlasting Arms!

March 12, 2007 - Msg 50327: Very cool design! Useful information. Go on!t

March 12, 2007 - Msg 50328: Did someone leave the door open? --Romeena

March 12, 2007 - Msg 50329: It never ceases to amaze me how ya'll can just pick up where we left off when a body's been gone a spell. Thanks for all the howdys auh2O, Me-they, Ro, Asa, Millie, and anyone else I missed. Good to see ya, possum. Prayers for you and yours and for Horatio too. Asa, it's golf weather here in IL. How's Utah these days? Supposed to be 74 here tomorrow. yee haw
Charlotte Tucker

March 13, 2007 - Msg 50330: test

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March 13, 2007 - Msg 50332: morning, that is, porch. I can't sleep again. At 9am I'm taking both dogs to the vet, then work, then at 2 my dr's appt.....I need some sleep! hehehe.
So, I'm thinking there's some weird cyber-link that's leading people here thinking they're signing a guestbook. Just seems like a lot of passers-by lately.
Romeena, I'm with you on the DST.....tie seems like just a random, arbitrary thing to me anyway, so I have no problem .
It's so nice to see you again so soon, Charlotte, I've missed you here.
Lucy, prayers for you....don't beat yourself up, your boys are lucky.
Rev, how are you enjoying a whole week at home? Must be a relief to rest after so long on the road.
Hazel, I do not have any clean rice, thank you very much!(miss smarty pants.)I hope we can chat over at Sarah's soon, I enjoy that so much.
Continued prayers for Poor Horatio and Greta.
I guess I'll try to sleep again. Y'all be good, have a great day and act like somebody!


March 13, 2007 - Msg 50333: Thanks so very much for taking your time to create this very useful and informative site. I have learned a lot from your site. Thanks!!k

March 13, 2007 - Msg 50334: Morning porch.
Some strange goings on here. Curious... curious... currrrious!

Possum, so good to hear from you. I hope your spirits raise and whatever is troubling you will be resolved. You have my prayers. Is Laci doing well?

Charlotte, it has been great weather here. Mid 60's. I have not golfed yet cause of my ribs, but hope to do so in a couple of weeks.

Millie, hope you are able to get some rest.

Romeena, I think all the folks here knew you was jesting in your comments.

Well I see Emma has bought her another bottle of peroxide at the drug store. That woman must love to gargle.


March 13, 2007 - Msg 50335: I think these posters aren't from around here. I think they're from... somewheres else.
- Hazel

March 13, 2007 - Msg 50336: has anyone else been having trouble posting? I have lost a couple of posts for some reason. A screen comes up saying something about not filling in all feilds?


March 13, 2007 - Msg 50337: I saw something terrible on the Today show today about how coats with supposedly "faux" fur on the collars, etc. and it turns out that many of them are actually trimmed with fur from china, which is actually the fur of dogs. There are no animal cruelty laws in China and the report was horrifying. The lables on the garments are sometimes altered to say faux and buyers don't know the difference. They said JC Penney was the worst offender and actually tried to deceive their customers.


March 13, 2007 - Msg 50338: They also just had a report on another high school student who was seduced by his teacher! Who can you trust if you can't trust a school teacher these days? I hear a moulage?...I think I'll stop watching the news, very disturbing.


March 13, 2007 - Msg 50339: Good morning, all. No, Boo, I haven't had a problem, but what you describe fits in with what Millie was speculating about - that we're somehow crossed up with somebody's guest book. If that's the case, it's annoying, but at least it's not a bunch of offensive stuff. Could be worse.

Oh, yes, Asa, I know no one was taking me seriously, except that one person, and I guess we can forgive them, since they're obviously a stranger in town. Maybe he or she would like to join us - could use the name "Insomniac" if they want to! (heehee) --Romeena

March 13, 2007 - Msg 50340: I very rarely watch the news. I have a few channels that I watch most of the time, and none of them are the big networks. It never fails, when I watch the news I end up horrified or depressed or mad. TVLand, Animal Planet, HGTV, Hallmark, Discover (except when they air something anti-Christian) and Boom (for Tom and Jerry). Maybe a couple of others. Dog fur, huh? That's disgusting. The Chinese are diligent in protecting their pandas, and for that I give them credit, but beyond that, animals are grossly mistreated in that country. But then, so are people, so what can you expect?

Sugarplum (who will continue to wear her fur, thank you) says hey! --Romeena

March 13, 2007 - Msg 50341: I started a moulage and didn't even try. . .I know that doesn't rank me up there with M-T, but I started a moulage. And I still don't like DST.
Sleep or no sleep, supper and homework were late again last nite do to that extra hour. Yuck!

It is going to be in the 70's here today. I am so thankful! (It's almost time for Asa to get out his Speedo!)

I haven't mentioned this for a little bit so it is time to remember our soldiers. Easter is fast approaching - maybe send a beautiful card to one of our soldiers thanking him for his sacrifice as we remember the TRUE one who sacrificed for us all.

Well - my parents have started building their new house. Remember, my dad will be 84 next month. They are digging the basement this week. Ahh - to have so much energy!

Romeena - you watch the same channels as we do. But I do like my BBC (for the antique shows). And I am glad you like DST. . .even if I don't.

Take care, say a kind work, and have a bottle of soda. . .


March 13, 2007 - Msg 50342: Very cool design! Useful information. Go on!e

March 13, 2007 - Msg 50343: Good morning, homemaker. I like BBC also, and our local PBS channel when they're showing the Britcoms.

About the DST, that's a prime example of how our circumstances affect our perceptions and reactions. I can well understand your problems, having raised four kids. Late dinner, late homework is a problem, and trying to get those kids corraled and settled down for either one when it's still light outside is not easy. It's no problem around here. It's just the Plum and I, she doesn't have any homework, and we don't care when we eat, just as long as we do. I love being able to stay outside playing in the dirt until nearly bedtime. I come in tired and dirty, get a shower, something simple to eat, and off to bed, with visions of lovely flowers in my head. Maybe in the summer when the kids don't have homework, it won't be so bad??

Oh, mercy. Asa in a Speedo. I'm sorry you mentioned that, I was hoping he had forgotten it, or maybe Mrs. Asa had thrown it away or something. Now we'll have to put up with him prancing around in that thing all summer, and wearing a toolbelt, no less. Do you think he still has that mullet?

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

March 13, 2007 - Msg 50344: Maybe all that faux fur is from Asa's mullet when Floyd trimmed him?!


March 13, 2007 - Msg 50345: Oops - my post above says a kind "work" - that was supposed to be "word" - these fingers of mine!
ha ha


March 13, 2007 - Msg 50346: Romeena, are you talking about Boomerang, the classic cartoon channel? I loved that channel! We used to get it when we lived in Indiana, but we don't get it here. :(
Jonny Quest, The Herculoids, etc. I just loved those adventure type cartoons.

Supposed to maybe get up to 60 here today. Kinda hate to see all our beautiful snow go, although I do love the warm weather.

-Sterling Holobyte

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March 13, 2007 - Msg 50349: Hey there everyone. I love your guestbook! It's neat-o!

(If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.)


March 13, 2007 - Msg 50350: HM: I'm sure I'm still at least a few moulages up on you.

M-T (again)

March 13, 2007 - Msg 50351: M-T - Grand Master Moulage - we may have to black ball you at the next lodge meeting!


March 13, 2007 - Msg 50352: You root beer and pretzels? Did my mother call you?


March 13, 2007 - Msg 50353: I have been looking for sites like this for a long time. Thank you!+

March 13, 2007 - Msg 50354:
Romeena-I've checked all the doors and they were closed. However, there was a tear on the back screen.


March 13, 2007 - Msg 50355: You are entering another dimension, one of sight, sound and guestbooks. You have entered....the twilight zone....doodoodoodoo....

March 13, 2007 - Msg 50356: Your guestbook is example of middle-class guestbooks. Congratulation! Iíll show your site and guestbook to my friends.

March 13, 2007 - Msg 50357: Hi! Sorry I've been gone. Just stopping by. Hope all is well (I haven't read up on the archives yet) and the weather is good on your respective sides of the porch.

(Seeing as there are about 20 porchers, this must be a big porch!) Y'all have a good day now, ya hear?


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March 13, 2007 - Msg 50359: Middle-class guestbooks? That's a new one on me.

Goober..."Who you callin' bush-wah?"

March 13, 2007 - Msg 50360: Gee, I hope 50356 doesn't have many friends. I already feel like I'm standing in a receiving line.

Have a good evening everyone.


March 13, 2007 - Msg 50361:

Millie-I think the middle-class crack has to do with us owning our computers and not using Mom and Dad's. (No offense Miller.)


March 13, 2007 - Msg 50362:
M-T Hey there!


March 13, 2007 - Msg 50363: Yo!


March 13, 2007 - Msg 50364: And you will not be invited to bowl with us M-T unless you can bowl a 300, and then I think we'll find room. You will need to get a bowling shirt - neatly pressed, of course that is if you can bowl 300.
Yes, your mother called!


March 13, 2007 - Msg 50365: Da+nu+Nah%2B

March 13, 2007 - Msg 50366: Hey auh2o, Me They and homemaker. I'm fixing supper....spaghetti night, with salad and garlic bread. Y'all have some!

March 13, 2007 - Msg 50367: Sounds delish - are you using that "special" ingredient - OREGENO!?


March 13, 2007 - Msg 50368: shhhh, hm. That's supposed to be a secret!

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March 13, 2007 - Msg 50373: Barney (if he could see what's going on here): "I got a guestbook,you got a guestbook,all God's chillen got a guestbook!"

I'm with ya Me-They.. if ya can't beat 'em,join 'em!
possum under a rock

P.S. Thanks Asa- Laci is doing great.

March 13, 2007 - Msg 50374: I'm so glad I found this money making proposition! I was thinking of growing mushrooms in my basement, but have now decided to charge these visitors 2 bits apiece to sign our guestbook.
- Hazel

March 13, 2007 - Msg 50375: Hi%2C+everybodyo

March 13, 2007 - Msg 50376: I'm at Sarah's, if anyone wants to chat!

March 13, 2007 - Msg 50377: Hazel, you drug those people in here for nothing! LOL

Load me up with that spaghetti Millie. I'm starved!


March 13, 2007 - Msg 50378: Evenin', Asa. You eat all you want. And don't worry; I didn't hide any of homemaker's meatballs in there.

March 13, 2007 - Msg 50379: You have a wonderful website here. May God rich bless you always.%

March 13, 2007 - Msg 50380: Well Im back gang...Mil any sketty left?..back at work for the night...ben busy doing the walk through at miss sherrys house...its done!...will send Ro some pics to post...whe closed thu at 2 and moves in sat...hey asa,boo,hazel,miller,m-t...race fans atlanta race sunday so party at miss sherrys!...she got one of those big HD tv"s...Millie I will nuk the sketty....well let me get settled in and read...SPOT

March 13, 2007 - Msg 50381: Has anyone emailed Floyd?
Can everyone say a quick prayer for me tonight. I'm feeling a bit down. Do anyone of you have a sibling that has her priorities messed up, but is still an angel to your parents? I'm just a little sad tonight. I'll be fine tomorrow. Y'all take care!
Just as I am...

March 13, 2007 - Msg 50382:
Exactillioso to 50379.
Good to see Posum, Des and some new folks.
I am still pretty busy these days, but never to busy to at least say hey!
Good racing lately.
Romeena, you crack me up! BTW, I watched the ep last night on tape of where Warren thinks Andy will be hurt on the picnic, and sure enuf, he was a tad upset when Warren and Goober woke him up at night! ha
Colt is still doing well.
God bless all you honeys and dears!

March 13, 2007 - Msg 50383:
Prayers for you Lucy. I am lifting you up right now. May your yoke be easy and your burden light!

March 13, 2007 - Msg 50384: Good evening, all. I spent the day with my son and DIL and two energetic little grandsons, ages 3 and barely 6. What a day! We started out planning to go to the zoo in Ft. Worth. Found that my DIL's Tahoe wouldn't start, messed with it for a while, still no go, and my son's Tahoe was loaded to the gills with "stuff", so we ended up going in my car. Lost an hour there, fooling with the Tahoe. Got to the zoo, parking lot full and closed, cars were parking in a vacant field across from the zoo, with police there to direct the flow. Guess what it would have been like in the zoo. So, we scrubbed that plan. Kids a little disappointed, but sweet about it, especially when we told them we'd take them to the Imax theater to see a film about dolphins. Ha! That was sold out for the rest of the day. By now we're starving, so we got some lunch, then all enjoyed a ride on the little train that tours the park in Ft. Worth. It was really fun. Weather cool and pleasant, and the kids had fun. Back to the house, played with the dog and three cats (cats hated it) then out to dinner, and now I'm home. What a great day!

Lucy, I have no problems like you mentioned myself, but know people who do. It's been my observation that parents never quit trying with their children, and when there's a "good child" and also a rebel in the brood, it can cause hurt feelings. The parents view the stable one as more or less finished, no longer in need of their concern. They love that child, and are grateful for their faithfulness, but are worried about the other one. That one, they see as still needing their guidance and help, and so they give it, often at the expense of the stable child. It's not fair, but it's the way it is. On the other hand, there is Biblical backing for that attitude. Remember the story Jesus told about the shepherd who will leave the 99 docile sheep in the pen, and go out looking for the one who has wandered away, risking his own strength and resources to find it? I don't know if this makes any sense or not, but I think parents just can't give up on a wayward child. I also think that sometimes being given up on and left to pay the consequences is exactly what a thoughtless and selfish person needs, but it's very hard for a parent to do. Sometimes life just isn't fair. Thank God this life isn't all we have to look forward to.

Well, guess I'll go cuddle with the Plum. She's in a bit of a snit after being left alone all day, poor baby. She needs a bit of reassurance. --Romeena

March 13, 2007 - Msg 50385: Praying that you can rest tonight, Lucy. I think I'm off to bed myself. Time change has messed me up. Nighty night everyone.

Miss Peggy

March 13, 2007 - Msg 50386: Oh hey there Romeena. Sounds like you had an interesting day. Hey to the Plum, too. Well, I really am off to bed now.

Miss Peggy

March 13, 2007 - Msg 50387: Prayers Lucy...hey miss yer done gone...Millie the nuked sketty was a belly filler,thanks...Romeena and plum sleep well...when you work nights again Ro?..well snack time will be butter finger minis....milk...SPOT

March 13, 2007 - Msg 50388: Tomorrow night and Thursday night, Spot. Then I'm off until next Monday and Tuesday nights. --Romeena

March 13, 2007 - Msg 50389: Thank's for the chat at Sarah's, Millie, Poor Horatio, Emma and 10-4. I enjoyed it.

Here are some lyrics that particularly strike me. They were written by the Canadian Neil Young about Heroin use, and how live's and talents were wasted due to the drug. Alot of musicians (Or anyone for that matter) never get to show there talents after being mixed up with the needle.
"The Needle And The Damage Done"
Written by Neil Young
I caught you knockin'
at my cellar door
I love you, baby,
can I have some more
Ooh, ooh, the damage done.

I hit the city and
I lost my band
I watched the needle
take another man
Gone, gone, the damage done.

I sing the song
because I love the man
I know that some
of you don't understand
to keep from running out.

I've seen the needle
and the damage done
A little part of it in everyone
But every junkie's
like a settin' sun.
Goodnight everyone.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

March 14, 2007 - Msg 50390: This website is Great! I will recommend you to all my friends. I found so much useful things here. Thank you.-

March 14, 2007 - Msg 50391: Breakfast menu:fried eggs over med,hashbrowns,bisquits and gravy,sausage links,pan cakes,maple syurp,grits,toast,butter,grape jelly,coffee,milk,h20..ready at 6:30 est...prayers to all....SPOT the porch talking dog!

March 14, 2007 - Msg 50392: The site\'\'s very professional! Keep up the good work! Oh yes, one extra comment - maybe you could add more pictures too! So, good luck to your team!

March 14, 2007 - Msg 50393: Hi, everybodyy

March 14, 2007 - Msg 50394: Breakfast sounds great Spot. Thanks! Bet Miss Sherry is excited to get in her new house.

Lucy, hope you're feeling better. Romeena, as usual, offered great thoughts on the subject of parenting. Like it or not, I think once a parent, always a parent. We should never give up on our children. And the Bible reference offered by Romeena is right on the money for illustrating that concept. I guess our greatest example is our Heavenly Father. He will never give up on us, although I'm sure he has cause at times. Anyway, sorry. Don't mean to get preachy. Just a thought.

Oh btw Ro and hm. Nutrisystem has asked if I will do a commercial for them in my speedos and toolbelt. I'll tell everyone I'm a size 2 and my wife loves me again and calls me her trophy husband! :)

Thanks for all the birthday greetings for Mariah. She's the apple of my eye.

Millie, thanks for keeping hm's meatballs out of your spaghetti. Last time I tried one of her meatballs it fell off the fork and broke a dish.

Well best get off to work. Me and the Mrs are off to California on Friday for a week. Keep us in your prayers for a safe trip. And trust me, I'll be careful around the swimming pool this time.


March 14, 2007 - Msg 50395: I enjoyed your page. Keep up the good work! Feel free to visit my page. It\'s cool too.t

March 14, 2007 - Msg 50396: I am sure you are a "trophy" husband Asa!


March 14, 2007 - Msg 50397: Picturing...Asa...toolbelt...speedo...I'm blind! I'm blind!


March 14, 2007 - Msg 50398:
M-T Hey...hey hey! I'm trying to enjoy my coffee and donut here. (Asa, I'm sure you understand.)


March 14, 2007 - Msg 50399: Morning folks, checking in and hoping to sit a spell. Haven't checked in for a couple days. Seems like things are moving along just fine around here. Here's a penny (that was ran over by a train) for Mr and Mrs. Asa, it wil protect you in your travels. Me-They how about a donut for me this morning. Beautiful weather on my end of the porch the past couple days. upper 70's and so nice. supposed to be the same today but maybe some cooler weather toward the week end. well, better get back to work. prayers for all today.
Big Maude

March 14, 2007 - Msg 50400: Oh my, Asa is heading to California to do Nutrisystem commercials!!
Safe travels,Asa.
possum under a rock

March 14, 2007 - Msg 50401: Hey Big Maude- didn't see ya there! Have a good day at work.
By the way,do y'all think we could get Asa to take "The Guestbook" with him to California? Maybe he can drop it off somewhere- like the Pacific Ocean!!
possum again

March 14, 2007 - Msg 50402: Spot, your breakfast sounded better than my toast,jelly, and milk. Think I'll wait tomorrow and check the menu.

Safe travels for you, Asa, and mind your manners!

Continued prayers for Lucy and Millie and everyone.

Miss Peggy

March 14, 2007 - Msg 50403: POSSUM: Is it the Pacific Ocean out there, or Kelsey's Ocean? I wonder if ASA will get shooed off the lawn of a famous movie star by a maid?


March 14, 2007 - Msg 50404: top of the morning mayberry... got about 5 min left on the puter but couldn't leave town without seeing you. prayers for all in need.big maude- the weather in lincoln is beautiful but rain and storms in a couple of hours, let it rain on my parade, will they? spot- you haven't lost your cooking touch and i was glad to taste the home cooking again. romeena and plum, sounds like a bag of carrots will go a long way assuring plums insecruities. hello to goober,mdc, millie, hazel, charlotte tucker, me-thet, the rev, mayberry deputy, as, and everyone else, is dixie, homemqaker still posting? won't be lo0ng 6till a picnic down at meyers lake and a band concert. have a glorious and safe day. pappa bear

March 14, 2007 - Msg 50405: Asa, maybe you should wear cleats around the pool.:)
Have a safe trip and a nice time.

Went for a slightly brisk, but not too bad, bike ride early this morning. The birds were singing away, and I saw my first Robin - a sure sign that spring has sprung. Now, as you may remember, I don't care that much for spring - too slushy and rainy for me usually - but then again, it does lead into summer. Even the geese are returning.
The only problem with the warmer weather is that with all the snow melting, the water can't be absorbed into the ground fast enough, so there are quite a few fields and ditches flooded. And the creek that runs from the lake has more than risen above its banks, flooding the walking trail next to it and is only a few feet from overtaking the railroad bridge.
One thing that's interesting is where the water has receded a bit in the fields next to the roads, the ice that had formed on the surface still remains, supported by reeds and the branches from bushes, looking like canopies in jungle treetops. While all around you hear the constant cracking of the remaining sheets of ice. Pretty cool.

Kai's school lets out early today, for "teacher collaboration"(I wonder what they are collaborating on). I feel kind of bad for sending her because she was developing a slight cough, and just looked a little fatigued. But since she had no fever and she gets out early today, I figured it would probably be ok. Besides which, she was up kinda late monday night(had a bloody nose) so I don't know if that had something to do with her tired look today. But, it is hard at times like this to determine whether or not you should send your kid to school.

Have a good day!
-Sterling Holobyte

March 14, 2007 - Msg 50406: I consider that beside Your site there is future!s

March 14, 2007 - Msg 50407: Pappa Bear, good to see you! That picnic and band concert sounds good. Will you help me clear the spiders out from under the bandstand? ;)

-Sterling Holobyte

March 14, 2007 - Msg 50408: Who's going to take care of the midlew on the band uniforms? BOO?


March 14, 2007 - Msg 50409: "Midlew" is a particluarly scary form of mildew. Look it up. Yeah, yeah, that's the ticket.


March 14, 2007 - Msg 50410: Well, I'm not afraid of plain old mildew, but I'm not having anything to do with that midlew stuff. I hear it's really dangerous. If you get any of it on your skin, it makes you grouchy and causes you to argue with your friends. --Romeena

March 14, 2007 - Msg 50411: Hey! I have hyacinths blooming all over the yard, and there's one clump that is peach-colored! I just planted an assortment of bulbs, didn't really know what color they were, and some are peach. I didn't even know hyacinths came in that color. Boy, are they pretty! --Romeena

March 14, 2007 - Msg 50412: Lucky to find you, keep on the good workk guys! Best of luck.

March 14, 2007 - Msg 50413: I\'l be back... :)n

March 14, 2007 - Msg 50414: Hey porch! Nice guestbook you have here...but the security is a litle lax. hehe. Good the see pappa bear/colt/pipeman visiting us more regularly, we've missed our mayor! Also good to see you, Big Maude. Sterling, we've had some beautiful weather too, but i don;t think I'll be doing any bike riding. More power to ya.
Hey to Boo, Ro, possum, Me-They, Miss Peggy, Asa, and everybody. I'm starting supper now, so get yer mouths ready for salisbury steak with mashed taters and gravy, butterbeans(that's lima beans to you yankees)and corn on the cob. Lemonade or sweet tea, and peach cobbler for dessert.

March 14, 2007 - Msg 50415: ROMEENA: A dab of Miracle Salve can clear it right up.


March 14, 2007 - Msg 50416: M-T, I'll take all the salve that you have.

March 14, 2007 - Msg 50417: Millie, supper sounds great! I didn't feel like cooking tonight anyway. Miller, you must be knee deep in school work. Haven't heard from you in awhile.

Lot of thunderstorms here in south Texas. Had some hail earlier about the size of a pea. Strange weather...

Lots of luck to you and yours...

Miss Peggy P.S. Where's Boo?

March 14, 2007 - Msg 50418: I was wondering that very same thing myself, MISS PEGGY. I hope that everything is okay.

Hey to all of you. Extra limas for me, MILLIE.


March 14, 2007 - Msg 50419: Millie, do you use ham hocks or side meat in your butterbeans? --Romeena

March 14, 2007 - Msg 50420: Okay - Asa - I think when you are in California - you should make those little ships in the bottle. You would stay out of trouble that way. . .
I can just see you now - red speedos, a toolbelt, white tube socks and brown sandals, white gunk on your nose and a fishing hat. . .what a picture you make!

Oh Boo - where are you??