March 18, 2007 - Msg 50537: Lucy....see ya at "eggs over med,bacon,hashbrowns scattered smothered and covered,toast,grape jelly and grits....SPOT

March 18, 2007 - Msg 50538: SWISH!....first time in a while for me!...SPOT

March 18, 2007 - Msg 50539: Lucy, watching TAGS always helps me when I can't sleep too. Very relaxing.
- Hazel

March 18, 2007 - Msg 50540: I'm with ya, Lucy (and Hazel), it's 2:30 here now, and I can't sleep either. I think I'll take your advice, Hazel, and watch some TAGS. See y'all at Waffle House before church. I'm wearin' my new earings.

March 18, 2007 - Msg 50541: Are they mother of pearl earrings?


March 18, 2007 - Msg 50542: Good morning, all. I went to bed a little earlier than usual last night (just before midnight) and am up now getting ready for church, feeling rested. homemaker, I'm wearing earrings, but they're not mother of pearl, they're just pearls. Big old chunky pearls with irregular shapes, but almost mirror images of each other in their irregularities. I love 'em! I bought them in Beijing when I was over there on the way home from one of the Mongolia missions. I wouldn't say they were "cheap" over there, but they were a far sight less expensive than they'd have been here. That's the only reason I could get them. I've really enjoyed them, and am reminded of that wonderful trip every time I wear them.

Well, gotta run, or will be late. I hate when that happens! Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

March 18, 2007 - Msg 50543: Happy Sabbath Day,
Well, I did it. While being bored and not able to sleep I purchased the 1st 3 seasons of TAGS! I have the 4th season. I don't think I'll get the rest b/c I'm not a fan of the colored shows. I don't know when/if hubby will get regular cable (he hates the boys seeing all of the bad shows), so I did it. Bryson's birthday is on Tuesday and I thought, you know what, 9 years ago I popped this kid out (naturally), he's still alive, and raised right. I'll buy myself a gift too. Bryan doesn't mind my spending the money on it, but he doesn't like to watch it with us. The boys love TAGS and I want them to have that influence.
Better get Nick up for church. Y'all have a great day!
This is the Day, This is the Day, that the Lord hath made! I shall rejoice and be glad in Him!

March 18, 2007 - Msg 50544: Mornin' Romeena, Millie & Homemaker!
I have to wear clip on's, but they are a slate colored pearl and sterling silver. No they're not Mother of pearl either. My earring holes grew back after an infection. I need to get down to Claire's and get some new ones.

March 18, 2007 - Msg 50545: How'd I miss yesterday's opportunity to be O'possum under a rock??
Get it? Opossum!
I'm like Hazel-I crack me up! Ha!
P.S. Loved Steel Magnolia and also Fannie Flagg's books. Anything Southern,like someone else stated.
possum under a rock

March 18, 2007 - Msg 50546: hello everybody im in cleveland ohio and it is cold out here

March 18, 2007 - Msg 50547: Did I hear my name, Lucy? ;)

Have a good Sunday everyone, and I hope it gets warmer for you in Ohio, Msg50546.

-Sterling Holobyte

March 18, 2007 - Msg 50548: msg 50546- what part of clevelad ohio are you in?
I have some friend there.


March 18, 2007 - Msg 50549: Good Sabbath everyone. I'm at (groan) work today. A few things on my mind...

HAZEL: I'm sorry if I offended with my "chick books" comment. It was a joke. I don't generally catagorize things like that. I just meant it as a smart-aleck comment, but I guess it missed the mark. I'll just have to go back to waxing the steps at the old folks home.

Happy birthday, EMMA, wherever you are! Take a pill and come out for a set.

BOO: So "Amazing Grace" was good? I want to see it, too. Great story.

The movie aside, it is a complex and fascinating thing to study. Some evangelical Christians were anti-slavery, many were not. Abolishionists were particularly strong in the Bethren, Dunker, and Quaker sects. The Methodist-Episcopal Church split over the issue, becoming two separate denominations that didn't reconcile until the 1960s. The Southern Baptist church also was not particularly friendly to the abolition of slavery. Many evangelicals were on the forefront of the movement, but, as with any big change, a goodly number worked against freeing the slaves. That said, all things must be examined within the context of their times. That doesn't excuse any wrong deeds but it does sometimes explain them.

Either LUCY or BOO recommended a book to me some time ago and I lost the title. Do either of you remember it?

Have a great day!


March 18, 2007 - Msg 50550: Hi everybody, I'm new here on the front porch. Just wonderin' if anyone knows which episode of Andy Griffith Show Barney Fife sings to 'Juanita' over the phone. My family wants to get me that season for my birthday, but so far even looking in each desciption of all 8 years hasn't uncovered it. I can still hear Barney sing into the phone..."Neeta, Jua--nita"! Lyndee

March 18, 2007 - Msg 50551:
Lyndee, I know he sings it at the beginning of an episode, and andy then walks in on him, but the actual ep is not clicking in my mind. Perhas some of the others here or at Miss Crump's might know.

March 18, 2007 - Msg 50552:
Good sweep Spot, I knew that big shaggy tail was good for something! ha BTW, I replaced the battery in your walkie talkie for ya.
Lucy- it seems like things are going better in your household these days! Great! My prayers continue however!
Hey to Possum, sterling, tom and all!
How about we all head over to Millies today for some vittles. How do Millie dear? We're a headin' your way!
Varoooooom! Was that Elizabeth Crowley or Kasey Khane?? ha

March 18, 2007 - Msg 50553: Whew...Miss Sherry is moved in...clean up time and getting situated...Im back at work now Sunday night..its a break for me...ha ha...she has a little country Church about 200 yards from her new house...gona visit [her and I] to get to know the community!...well let me get settled in.;..any food left?...SPOT

March 18, 2007 - Msg 50554: MDC the Atlanta race was a doosy!...Jimmy is a good man but I was kinda pulling for Tony!...SPOT

March 18, 2007 - Msg 50555: Lyndee, i think it was "The Manhunt" any rate, I'm pretty sure it's the first season.
Supper's on! Grilled bbq ribs, baked beans, cole slaw and up!

March 18, 2007 - Msg 50556: Hey MDC, didn't see ya there...yeah, head on over, the special is ribs!

March 18, 2007 - Msg 50557: SPOT,MDC... I had to work today and missed the race ,how was it good ,bad , or lousy

March 18, 2007 - Msg 50558: Not sure Lyndee but I think the Jauntita episodes were in the first season.

Me-They, I recommened a book some time back called "Blue Like Jazz" that what you were trying to remember?

Be back a doozie of a headache today.


March 18, 2007 - Msg 50559: Good evening porch family. Hope all is well this Sunday afternoon. Thought I would visit for a minute. Today was Youth Sunday at Church and what a great service the young folks brought today. The Youth taught the Adult Sunday School classes, and one of our senior girls brought the message for today. She did a wonderful job. My son led one of the adult classes and led a prayer in the morning service. He did a wonderful job and was not nervous at all at having to pray in front of about 300+ people. He seems to have good self confidence at this point in his life. I have been watching the NCAA Basketball tournaments off and on today and just taking it easy. Thanks for feeding us Millie. Welcome to Lyndee. Well, guess
I need to start getting my mind ready for work
mode tomorrow. Week ends sure seem to go by quickly on my end of the porch. Prayers for all.
tonights snack will be: warm peanut butter, chocolate chip or oatmeal cookies and big glass of SPOTS WHOLE Mayfield milk. Eat up! Big Maude

March 18, 2007 - Msg 50560: I almost forgot Lucy, I sorta made up the parmesean chicken recipe as I went. I tend to think up recipes and then use my family as the taste testers. It turned out pretty good, there were no leftovers and we took my husband some as this was his week end to work. I promise to sign off for sure now. Big Maude

March 18, 2007 - Msg 50561: Thanks for supper Millie and snack Maude...MD the race was a good one...jimmy got him with 3 laps to go...tonys car and tires were just gone...he led most of the day..jr 14th..kasey wrecked..mark still points leader but gona take a few races off now..wish he would just keep driving the army car but he says NO...well let me get me another of maudes chocolate chip cookies....back in a bit...Millie you still up? here till 6 am at work....SPOT

March 18, 2007 - Msg 50562: Hey, Spot. I'm home tonight, but will be working tomorrow and Tuesday nights. Then I'm off until the next week. I'll bet you're tired after getting Miss Sherry all moved and settled in, and now having to work. I hope things are quiet for you tonight.

Guess I'd better call a podiatrist tomorrow. I've got an ingrown toenail that's giving me a fit, and that's not a good situation for a diabetic. I suppose it's better to get it taken care of now, and not wait for it to get worse and possibly infected. I sure do dread it, though. I've had all kinds of surgery, much of it pretty big stuff, and it has been no big deal, but when it comes to toenails, I'm a big old sissy. I get all icky-feeling just thinking about it. Still, one does what one must do, so I'll make the call. And before anyone tells me, yes - I've soaked it. I've soaked it a lot!

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

March 19, 2007 - Msg 50563: Hey, Spot, I'm here. It's 2;30am, and here I am again, wide awake. The good thing is, TAGS is on.
Romeena, my goodness, do take care of that foot! Prayers for you for a quick resolution. Of course, i know you'll do all the right things.
Hey to Big Maude. I'm sure you were so proud of your kids on Youth Sunday, and with good reason. Kudos to you for raising such fine young people.
Boo, I hope your headache got better.
Well, i guess I'll try to get some sleep again. Lots to do in the next three days before the big bad chemo.
Y'all act like somebody!

March 19, 2007 - Msg 50564: Millie you better get some will be tired at breakfast..[like barney in Church]...breakfast menu: I-Hope on me!...Asa bring the local news paper for at 6:45 am est...slow here at work...ready to go home till thu after this shift!..gona measure for me a garage I to build one....well prayers...SPOT

March 19, 2007 - Msg 50565: ...But Ro, have you tried VICKS???......hehe. Sorry about your toenail but glad you are wise enough not to put it off.

Thanks Millie, the headache got better, then came back on the right side of my head late last night but it wasn't bad enought to keep me awake. I did wake up at 5:30 this morning, though for some crazy reason. I usually don't get up until 6:30 or 7. Prayers for you concerning your upcoming chemo.

Thanks for sharing about the kids, Maude. That is a really great idea about the young folks taking part in church.

Gotta get the kids to school...


March 19, 2007 - Msg 50566: Good morning everyone. Just a minute to say howdy--it's a busy, busy morning. Will someone keep the coffee hot until I get a chance to have a set? Thanks.


March 19, 2007 - Msg 50567: Morning folks, I am at work already and having a hard time in getting going. It is cold this morning and my office is cold as well. We had turned the heat down last week because it was so warm and then forgot to adjust it when we left on Friday, of course it turned cold and rainy over the week end and now it is about 60 degrees in here (or so it feels). Hopefully it will warm up soon, at least it will keep me awake this morning. :). Thanks for breakfast SPOT. How about I take care of lunch today: grilled cheese sandwhiches, chips of your choice. little debbie cakes, pepsi or coke products. see you all at noon. Hope your headache is better Boo. Prayers to all and especially to Millie. have a good day. Thanks for the kind words about my kids. Big Maude

March 19, 2007 - Msg 50568: oops sorry Me-They I did not see you there. Big Maude

March 19, 2007 - Msg 50569: Thanks, headache today.

Hey Me-They, hope things slow down enough for you to come and sit a spell. I'll keep the coffee warm for you and when you get a chance, bring me your laundry. I have a mountain to do today (what else is new?). I just noticed that my dad took a shower this morning and just dropped his shorts in the floor for me to pick up and wash! At 81, I can't hold it against him because he probably just forgot about them. The laundry never ends....


March 19, 2007 - Msg 50570: Hey folks,

It looks like I was able to stop the latest trouble makers from posting. Let me know if/when anything else happens with folks like that.


March 19, 2007 - Msg 50571: Thanks, Floyd. Your education was worth every penny! --Romeena

March 19, 2007 - Msg 50572: Wow! Great guestbook you have here, FLOYD!

(Just a little joke from...)

March 19, 2007 - Msg 50573: Thanks, BOO. I'll even put my shorts in the laundry basket for you.


March 19, 2007 - Msg 50574: Thanks again Floyd,Big Maude I will take 2 samiches!please...and a coke...WOW the Lord is giving us a GREAT week of weather here in Ga. mid and upper 70"s all week no gona get busy on my yard..uncover the boat,wash my truck,put a pork butt on the smoker and a few chickens for supper tonight...Maude will you whup up some baked beans?...Millie a pie?...hey M-T,boo how is the house plans going,Romeena I think you have to work tonight...Im off till thu!...well Maude make my grilled cheese a little on the crispy side please...well let me get outside in this fantastic day!...back in a bit with an update on the BBQ...SPOT

March 19, 2007 - Msg 50575: Afternoon all. I've already gotten several things done on my errand list today and it isn't even 1pm yet! That's good for me on a Monday. Usually dragging my feet about such things until later in the day.

Boo, just how many people do you have to do wash for? I find that it helps when I start mine on Sunday afternoon.

Prayers for you Millie with your chem coming up. How many more treatments do you have?

Big Maude, you sure do like those little debbie cakes! :) Have a fondness for sweets myself. Wonder what causes that?

Well, I'm off to the grocery store. People around here just insist upon 3 meals a day!

Miss Peggy

March 19, 2007 - Msg 50576: Well, it truly is Monday... that should have been 'chemo' instead of 'chem'


March 19, 2007 - Msg 50577: MESSAGE REMOVED

March 19, 2007 - Msg 50578: Did someone leave a door open? Doggone how they do that, sneaking in on us.
Peg, no end in sight for the chemo. Unlike with the original cancer, where they say you have x number of treatments. Now, we're just doing anything that can help. if this chemo stops working(not slowing down the cancer) we'll just switch to a new one, which I already have once. I've been on chemo now(this time) since August, and I'll probably be on it for whatever is left of my life(God only knows). I am doing fine though. Thanks for asking.
Boo, I did 4 loads of laundry last night, I feel for ya, girlfriend.
Hey to Me-They, Spot(dinner sounds good!), and Big Maude(thanks for lunch!).
Well, i need to get busy, between lunch and dinner at the restaurant, and confirm that we have a house at the beach next month for spring break. With 9 or 10 people, including Sean's girlfriend, it better be BIG! Sounds like a lot of work to me.
Catch y'all later.

ps.....Tom has been kinda scarce lately, hope he's ok.

March 19, 2007 - Msg 50579: Interlopers...BIG FREEZE! Heck, you can't even "Big Freeze" 'em good since they seem to be carrying on a conversation with nobody. Hey, I just had a thought, maybe it's Jan Brady having a conversation with the voice in her head.


March 19, 2007 - Msg 50580: Good Evenin' Porch,
It has been warm, breezy, and sunny. The perfect spring day. I hear the birds and think of Opie letting the birds go "aren't the trees nice and full".
I feel guilty about something and need to talk. Yesterday, after going to church and Cracker Barrel, Bryan got passes to see the world premiere of Pirates of the Carribean World end and showing of the 1st Pirate. I had never seen this, but 2 of Bryson's friends and Nick had seen it so I thought it would be okay. Well, after 2 hours of seeing skeletons fly at my face I was horrified. I spent the entire time thinking this is how I'm glorifying God on His day! I had no idea and we couldn't just leave because it would humiliate Bryson. I feel so guilty, and horrified, and a hypocrite. On top of that I'm supposed to be teaching them to reverence God and follow the 10 Commandments. How can we live in our society full of evilness and persevere as Christians? How can we teach our kids without looking like fuddy duddy's? Bryan felt bad, because of how it made me feel (he's still in Dallas). Sorry for my little rant.
Me-They- I had recommended "Faith of our Founding Fathers" a good while ago. It was probably Boo's book.
Lyndee- You come back now, ya hear?
MDC- Some days are better than others, but overall since there hasn't been a murder I think we're all okay! Thank you so much for your prayers. If ya don't mind keep them up.
Spot- That church sounds right nice. I hope you and Miss Sherry enjoy it.
Big Maude- That was very courageous for your son to get up in front of that many people to pray. That's awesome quality to have!
Romeena- I have had ingrown nails frozen off of both my big toes. It was uncomfortable at first, but it was definitely worth it since they have been reoccuring since middle school.
Boo- I do laundry every day! I can't catch up either. At least we have machines instead of doing it by hand.
Well, I'd better get busy. Bryan comes home tomorrow and I like to make sure the house is nice and clean. It's a mess so I'd better start tonight!
Blessings to you and yours,

March 19, 2007 - Msg 50581: Good evening, all. Lucy, don't beat yourself up about the movies. You didn't know what you were getting into, and as you realized, to get up and walk out would have created a scene, embarrassed Bryson, and just called attention to the fact that you were there in the first place. We all find ourselves in situations at times where we feel uncomfortable, or out of place. I think you can bring good out of it by gently letting Bryson know how you felt, apologizing for taking him into a situation where he might have been uncomfortable as well, and exploring alternatives. By so doing, you can sharpen his own conscience.

This is always a difficult area, as it comes dangerously close to "situational ethics". Would you have felt the same if you had been there on a Friday night? Is Sunday really different? Should it be? Good questions - does anyone have some answers? I don't think I do. --Romeena

March 19, 2007 - Msg 50582:
Maude, that is wonderful that the youth teach the adult classes like that! Out of the mouths of babes...
"Unless you become like these little ones..."
Ro- Vicks really will help toenail problems. Worked for my mom!
SPOT, MD, asa etc, Wow what another great race!
Lucy- I know we've discussed here before, but yes indeed, it is getting harder to be IN the world, but not OF the world. I know that I even feel that way after sitting and watching a race or football. I confess that it is not easy, and that we all need to ask the Lord for direction, and it indeed a challenge! Lord, masy we all do better starting today to stand out in this world as your true followers! Amen.
Well, ya all have a good evening!

March 19, 2007 - Msg 50583: I like the advice you gave to Lucy, Ro. If we spend too much of our energy on feeling guilty, we might miss opportunities to make the best of the situation. I have noticed in Lucy's posts lately that she often seems to carry a load of guilt over things. I think she is a fine mom and person and is sometimes too hard on herself (like most of us, I guess).

Hey Millie, hope you have a great time at the beach house (like last time).

Peggy, I do laundry for 6 but I forget to do a load every day so it piles up on me. My husband goes through alot of clothes. He has the clothes he wears to work, the clothes he dirties after working on the land, and then the casual clothes he wears at home. He never wears the same thing twice and neither do my kids because they get things so dirty.

You are right, Lucy. I often think about how blessed we are to have washers and dryers these days. I rememer once when I was crossing the border into Mexico for a day of shopping, I saw several Mexican women on the banks of the river washing their clothes by hand. They have it really rough in the border's beyond description.

Better get to bed....goodnight, All!


March 20, 2007 - Msg 50584: Thanks, Millie and Boo for your tips about that episode with Barney seranading Juanita over the phone-I'll let ya'll know when I find it!
It sure is fun sittin' for a spell and listenin' in on how everybody's doin'. Lucy, I been there so many times, what with tryin' to raise the kids to love the Lord. Keep prayin' for'em, and never give up! He'll watch over'em. Lyndee

March 20, 2007 - Msg 50585: Good morning,Porch. Yeah!!! Spring starts this evening, can't wait to get in the dirt( It'll be a month or more before we can plant),but theres alot of garden work to be done. Hope everyone is well. Enjoy your day. DR Pindyke

March 20, 2007 - Msg 50586: Good morning, all. Just got home from work, thought I'd stop and set a spell before hitting the ironing board. MDC, you're right about Vicks and toenails - but I think that's just for fungus problems. I don't think it's going to help a nail that has decided to roll itself up like a burrito, and is digging in deeply on both sides. Both big toes are doing it, but the right is by far the worst right now. I think I'm going to ask him to just correct both of them, though, no point in waiting for the other one to get worse. Just fix it now, have two sore toes instead of one, and get it over with.

Lyndee, you're right, raising kids is a challenge, and Lucy has a double challenge, because she has two stepkids, their mother is still in the picture, and the woman has the brains of a houseplant, just keeps stirring up trouble. Lucy definitely merits our prayers.

Dr. Pindyke, bless your little pea-pickin' heart. As a fellow dirt-lover, I sympathize. I'd be just nutty if I had to wait another month to start planting. I guess God knew what He was doing when He planted me in Texas! I've got flowers blooming everywhere, a freshly-cut iris in a vase on my desk (smells wonderful) and tulips, daffodils, hyacinths all putting on quite a show. Pansies are taking hold and starting to flourish, and I'll get snapdragons planted this weekend. Rose bushes have grown about six inches from their pruned state, will be three feet tall or more in a couple of weeks. Some are already setting buds. My Don Juan climber has buds all over it. Old clematis vines are leafing out, and newly planted ones are sending tendrils up already - got to get them something to climb on. Otherwise, they'll just run all over the ground!

Well, now for a bit of breakfast, then to bed. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

March 20, 2007 - Msg 50587: I can't wait for Asa to come back - I have a new meatball recipe to try out on him! :)

Been really busy around here. I wish I could plant some flowers - it will be a few more weeks then maybe I can get some pansies (johnny jump ups) planted.

Lucy - don't stress out over the movies. There are a lot more things to stress out about. . .if you were in Al Gore's shoes, it would be Global Warming. You are a great MOM - the fact that you worry about things like that shows it.

Boo - I am with you - laundry is never ending at my house. Sometimes I think we just have too many clothes. But being on a farm - things tend to get just a little dirtier than normal - especially with all the mud we have been having and all of the baby goats too.

Ro - I think you should write a book with all the wisdom you instill us. How about the Mayberry Chronicles. . .

M-T - why don't you start a new moulage. . .

Spot - I am hungry - what's for lunch?


March 20, 2007 - Msg 50588: Okay, you asked for it, HM. Iíll tell you whatís on my mind this afternoon: war protesters. Iíll be the first one to raise my hand when someone asks whoíd like all our soldiers to come home. But I just donít get people who are demanding that our troops be brought home right now. Fact: if we pull out now, blood will run in the streets throughout Iraq. Everybody knows this. True, if we stay, some people will still die and more than a few of them will be our own brave men and women in uniform. It pains me.

As a Christian first and an American second, I find it disturbing that those who demand we remove our soldiers from harms way are basically saying that their lives are more important than the Iraqis who will be killed if they do leave (many of them children). Well, I believe that when we can prevent murder we are morally bound to do so. The idea that we must look out for number one (us) first is not, in my opinion, a Christian notion. No, we canít be responsible for every bad thing people or other nations do but we must be prepared to help those who canít help themselves. (Gee, that sounds familiar; where have I heard that before?) Saving our own skin--or more repugnant, money--rather than do the difficult but right thing is disgusting.

It $%#@*!s me off that we are allowing genocide in Darfur. Why? Because itís not ďour problemĒ and we donít want ďour sons and daughtersĒ in harmís way trying to solve a seemingly unsolvable ethnic problem. We are morally bound to do something. We donít have to want to or like it, but we have to. The same goes for Iraq. Maybe this country is post-Christian after all; at least thatís what I think when I hear people put the supposed ďbest interestĒ of our wonderful nation and its soldiers over the expectations of our Creator. Itís all about priorities.

And I could say something about the ridiculous notion that our leaders should subordinate their faith beliefs to secular expectations (like politicians who say they personally believe one thing but will support laws or regulations that directly contradict those beliefs), but Iíll save it for another slow day ;).

Satisfied? Have a great afternoon!


March 20, 2007 - Msg 50589: Now, on the flip side...

LUCY: Thanks for the book title. Actually, I lost teh littel scrap of paper I had with stuff like that on it that I want to check out. And I agree with ROMEENA's advice 100%.

BOO: That's laundry for seven, right? :)

MDC: How are things in the desert?

HM: I though it was getting a little hot in here. I sure wish Al would come by and fan me at my desk.

Welcome to DR. PINDYKE.


March 20, 2007 - Msg 50590: MESSAGE REMOVED

March 20, 2007 - Msg 50591: Good afternoon, all. I just got word from the hospital that we are overstaffed and I can have the night off, which means I can go out to dinner with my son and his wife and her parents. Her mom, as you may recall, is also my best friend and runnin' buddy. Should be fun!

Hey, Me-They, I'll add another log to your fire. While I bitterly deplore the loss of even a drop of American blood in this miserable war, I agree that we must be there. I also deplore the loss of innocent lives by the dozens on our highways every single day, thanks to some people who think they can drink and drive. I would challenge the media to post two statistics every day: X number of lives lost in Iraq today, and X number killed on our highways in alcohol-related accidents today. We could have a running total, like a score board. Wonder which total would be the greater in the long run?? True, many of our troops don't want to be there. Well, the ten-year-old who was killed in Dallas a few days ago didn't want to be killed, either. And lest anyone say that if someone chooses to drink and drive, then they've chosen to risk death. True, but it's not usually the drunk who gets killed. Sometimes, but just as often, if not more often, it's some totally innocent person or family who just happened to be in his/her way. Why can't we have a little media focus on those stats, please?

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

March 20, 2007 - Msg 50592: WELCOME SWEET SPRINGTIME, WE GREET THEE IN s*O?n^g...

March 20, 2007 - Msg 50593:
oops, that was me, ole MDC

March 20, 2007 - Msg 50594:
Just thought i would lighten up a bit!
Wow, heavy deep topics! MT, a moulage indeed. I agree with you a Ro. Having spoken to relatives who have been there, I know the importance. They volunteered to do a job to help both that country and the world at large. i give them my full suppoert and all the daily prayers i can muster! May Michael the Archangel himself take the lead!
RO- A hospital OVER staffed, isnt that an oxymoron? haha
I heard from ole colt via snail mail. he is doing well and thawing out in Lincoln.
Methey- the desert right now is dang hot for this time of year. We have had 2 weeks in the 90's! whew.
Well, now i got some bursitis in my hip, the doc says. I must be getting up to Emma's age. She's in her "40's" ya know! haha
Anyone else working on their Taxes? I got everything spread out on the breakfast counter!
Enuf to make one want to go frog giggin'! Ha
Lyndee- glad ya like the porch. Every once in a while we pull out a soapbox or start a "moulage" (that's barney talk, ya know) But it is all very civil here, and eventually it comes back 'round to things mayberry!
God bless,

March 20, 2007 - Msg 50595: MESSAGE REMOVED

March 20, 2007 - Msg 50596:
Well hello porch family.....Everybody enjoying the pollen?

Yep MDC...Just got through with my taxes. Now I'm on the FAFSA for my daughters college. I hate that more than taxes. They have to know every single thing about you and everything that you own. The bad part about it, it's not opptional. (whether you use it or not)

Ro...I vote for you to write the book that HM suggested.

Hope everyone had a great day and get a good nights rest. Jesus loves you and I'm praying for you all!

March 20, 2007 - Msg 50597: Hey gang.....whew...been doing yard work!...anything left to eat?...SPOT

March 20, 2007 - Msg 50598: We think it's a eautiful design, too, # 50595! Just eautiful.
Yep, MDC, I got my taxes all spread out all over the table too. Aarrgg.
- Hazel

Barn: Look at the deductions! This tax! There's nothing left, for heavens sake. Barney sucker, that's who it ought to be made out to!
Andy: Oh, Barney.
Barn: Yeah, that's me, Barney SUCKER! It's open season on Barney Fife! C'mon everybody, let's take a bite out of Barney Fife.
Andy: Now, c'mon!
Barn: Good ol' Barney Fife - He makes it, he's got it, let's take it!
Andy: Just simmer down. You know what they say, you can't take it with you.
Barn: Take it with me? They keep nibblin' at me like this, I'll be lucky to go myself!

March 20, 2007 - Msg 50599: Didn't see you there, Spot. Here! Catch, Spot, catch! (Hazel tosses Spot a chunk of steak and a piece of french bread) Sorry, Spot, that's all I had left.
- Hazel

March 20, 2007 - Msg 50600:
Anyone watch Deal or No deal? Last night Howie went to a mall, brought back a lady who worked at Hotdog on a Stick and she won 62 thousand dollars! it was quite good.
Well, ya a enjoy the porch for a spell. I gotta get back to the taxes. Good quote Hazel. Now I'll put on the Beatles "Taxman!" ha

March 20, 2007 - Msg 50601: Evenin' Porch,
First of all, I promised the little one I'd say this. HAPPY 9TH BIRTHDAY BRYSON! I told him I would when I got on the porch tonight. He had a nice day. Bryan went and had lunch with him. I sent krispy kreme doughnuts (he wanted this instead of cupcakes) and he was thrilled with them both. He had his favorite dinner, cheesecake for dessert, and got the new Nintendo DS game system. On Friday night he's having 2 friends stay the night while Bryan and Nick are in Florida for a paintball scenario game that Nick's playing. What ever happened to pin the tail on the donkey instead of birthday's that last for weeks and cost tons of money?
Thank y'all for your comments. Before Nick moved in I knew that I was a good Mom. Now when he's upset with me I feel like a failure. I know in my head that his Mom failed him, not me, but in my heart I worry that I'm not good enough. I have 12 years of evilness for lack of a better word to get out and put goodness in and it never feels like enough. I'm trying and the Lord's right here with me.
Dr. Pindyke- I'm so glad that springs here.
BTW, does anyone know how I can get Bryson to stop being terrified of bees? He was stung when he was little and it did swell a little so I gave him Benadryl. Ever since then he screams bloody murder, and quite frankly after 5 years of that I'm getting tired of the freaking out.
Rev- We've been sneezing a bit in our house. The worst part is by next month our entire car will be lime green!
Hazel- That's so cool that you remembered all of those lines! I have been working on ours also.
I will talk to y'all later!
Blessings to you and yours,

March 20, 2007 - Msg 50602: Good evening, all. Just got home from dinner out with the family - good food, and fun. Grandsons just get cuter all the time. The little one (3) dropped a candy orange slice on the floor at his other grandma's house, didn't miss a beat - just picked it up, blew on it and popped it in his mouth! I was laughing so hard I nearly choked. I told his other grandma - you can tell he was raised in a house with pets, he knows if you pick up something from the floor, it's bound to have cat or dog hair on it! Too funny!

You're right, MDC, it's unusual for us to be overstaffed. However, after weeks of very high census, we've hit a little lull, only nine patients tonight with no more in labor at the moment, and there were four nurses scheduled. So I got the night off, and another nurse got the first four hours, maybe the whole night, but if more patients come in, she can be called back at 11. Doesn't happen often. The annoying part is, even though I got the night off, I have to be up there at 7:15 in the morning for an inservice that will last probably 15 minutes. Oh, well, they have to pay me for the time, probably a half hour.

Then I'll pick up my friend and we'll go mouse around a while, then have lunch, then I'll go get my toenails fixed. Ouch!

Gotta get my taxes together too, and get them to the CPA. I usually mess around and have to file for an extension, but this year I'm determined to just get it done on time. Yeah, right. And donkeys will fly.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

March 20, 2007 - Msg 50603: Oh, hi, Lucy. I didn't see you there. About Bryson and the bees, there's really not a lot you can do about that. My youngest daughter was terrified of them too, embarrassed the whole family at a park one afternoon - had a total meltdown because a wasp flew into our area. Didn't bother her at all, just flew past her, and she went berserk. She finally outgrew the fear, and I'd be willing to bet that Bryson will as well.

As for the parenting of Nick, you just have to work at remembering that you didn't birth him, and you didn't mold him into whoever he is right now, and you cannot undo all of that in a few weeks, months, or even years. You may not be able to undo it at all. All you can do is try, do your best, and let God handle the rest. Above all, do NOT beat yourself up over his accusations and outbursts, DO NOT allow him to "guilt" you about anything, and know that it's about 100% certain that he has figured out he can manipulate you with such things, so don't let him. Maintain your cool, tell him how things will be, don't get upset, and if he refuses to fall in line, don't engage. Simply tell him that you're not going to argue with him, you'll just present his case to his father and let him decide. Then do it. It won't take him long to figure out that he's lost his handle on you.

Well, I'm off to cuddle the Plum. I'm so glad she's all I have to worry about "raising" right now. If I make mistakes with her, and spoil her, who cares? Certainly not I! --Romeena

March 21, 2007 - Msg 50604: Okay...I'm trying AGAIN to block these strange posts from China. Right must have cookies turned on in order to post here. All of you "regular" porch setters DO have cookies on so you'll be fine. The only one that shouldn't be able to post is our guest book visitor. E-mail me directly if you have trouble posting.


March 21, 2007 - Msg 50605: Thanks, Floyd. This is so weird - I can't figure out their motive. Is it just to annoy, or is it not deliberate, just a glitch somewhere? Curious, curious, cuurrrious! --Romeena

March 21, 2007 - Msg 50606: It's "SPAM"...I'm blocking parts of the message so it's never getting posted. I'm sure it's an automated thing. I'm not sure how they're posting as I have several things in place to stop automated posting BUT...they're doing it.

March 21, 2007 - Msg 50607: Hello all, a little wet on my porch this morning. Me-They I agree with you about the situation in Darfur, it makes me so upset that this Adminisration, Who were so welling to rush into Iraq , with no exit plans ,can ignore what is going on there. Romeena , I am so jealous ,it will be May before my iris bloom. I'm looking forward to the end of May I have a wonderful old 1830,s rose ,Smells heavenly, only blooms 2 weeks every year. Well ,have to put on my muck boots and take the dogs for their morning walk Take care all Dr Pindyke

March 21, 2007 - Msg 50608: Hi All.
Lord, give me your strength
When troubles come my way,
As I in You abide
To face testing each day.
Give strength that brings a victory
To turn each sadness into joy
And face life with a smile.
I'll hide thy word within my heart
As I plant it fresh each day,
And water it with praise
Each time I thank and pray.
That inner strength will take me through
No matter what's to be.
If You are walking by my side
I'll walk in victory.


March 21, 2007 - Msg 50609: How beautiful, Tom, and how nice to see you. We miss you when you're not coming around every day.

Just got home from the inservice at work, and am happy to say, it was worth attending. Very informative.

Have to get my toes worked on this afternoon. I'm definitely not looking forward to that. When it comes to my toenails and fingernails, I'm definitely a big old chicken. I can't even get a manicure - makes me dizzy and nauseous. I make it through pedicures, but have to psych myself up for it. Wouldn't do that, but I'm too old, fat, and stiff to get to my toes effectively. I can do it, but it's risky. Bette Davis was right when she said "Old age ain't no place for sissies".

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

March 21, 2007 - Msg 50610: Good morning everyone. Thanks for your efforts, FLOYD. You're a heckuva guy (except when you're masquerading as Miss Crump).

Did anyone catch "The Thin Man" on TCM last night? I love those movies.

From the Perspective Deptartment, this little scene played out at my house this morning after coming back from taking my daughter to school. I banged my elbow into the door and started huffing and puffing as I got the kids in the door.

My three-and-a-half-year-old son said: "Remember Jesus died on the cross?"
Me: "Yes."
Chad: "They put nails in his hands."
Me: "That's right."
Chad: "Well THAT hurt."

Out of the mouths of babes...

Where's AUH2O been lately? And where was BOO yesterday? Inquiring minds want to know.


March 21, 2007 - Msg 50611:
Morning Porch

Well, we still got about two feet of snow in the yard. So, all of this talk of spring yard work is making me a bit jealous.

Hazel-I agree, not only is this porch just eautiful, it's agnificent!

Romeena- Loved the Bette Davis quote. Good luck with your toe work.

Lucy- The book you mentioned, "Faith of our Founding Fathers," was that written by Joseph Ellis? I have read four of his books, "His Excellency: George Washington," "Founding Brothers," "The Passionate Sage: The Character and Legacy of John Adams," and "American Sphinx: Thomas Jefferson." He one of my favorite historians. I do plan on reading his "Faith of our Founding Fathers." I'm glad it comes with your recomendation.

M-T & Pindyke- I think I have to respectfully disagree with regard to Darfur. I just don't think we can be the "world cop." We need to do something in Darfur but what is that something? We most definitely had an "exit plan" in Iraq, however, the Iraqi's have not been able to do their part. Would the people of Sudan do any better? As for rushing into Iraq, this started in 1991, 16 years ago. We went into Kuwait (sort of like palace guards) kicked Saddam out but we then let him stay in power. He violated, something in the order of, 17 UN Resolutions before we decided to do something again. Our military, as great as it is, is not a police force. Going into Iraq was legally justified, because of Saddam's repeated violations of the terms of surrender during the first Gulf War. Going into Darfur with the our military in that part of the world would be a blood bath, I believe, worse than it already is.

I haven't typed this much since school.

God Bless,

March 21, 2007 - Msg 50612:
M-T I'm here! That's funny, your conversation with your boy. Wise little fellow. Just chalk it up to, you must have taught him well. That's what I do when something like that happens to me, with my kids.


March 21, 2007 - Msg 50613: AUH2O: People are entitled to their own opinions, even if they're wrong ;). Just kidding. If I had all the answers, well, I'm sure I wouldn't be working here. How's your typing finger? I hop you didn't sprain it.

Yeah, kids are something.


March 21, 2007 - Msg 50614: Auh20 - I agree with you about Darfur - living near Cincinnati, the Clooneys have made sure that the local media keeps it's eyes on that situation. I was a fan of George but he has become very Hollywood Liberal and I just can't deal with him anymore.

The boys and I are getting an Easter box ready to send to the troops. If you all think about it - an Easter card might help the moral over there. I am copying Tom's poem and putting it in one of the letters I am sending. It is very appropriate. THank you Tom!

I only watched a little bit of Gore and the GW hearings. What a joke! Gore and the hearings, in that order. . .

M-T - love your baby boy's perspective!

Ya'll have a great day!


March 21, 2007 - Msg 50615: Morning all! Love the poem, Tom, as usual. Always a blessing.

Let us know how things go at the doc's, Romeena. Don't feel bad about being a 'chicken'. I have a very low tolerance for pain. Just don't care for it at all. When I had my surgeries, I was punching that morphine button every chance I got! :)

We're off to the Toyota Center in Houston tonight to see Josh Groban in concert. My 17 year old daughter is so excited. I didn't even know who he was up until a few months ago. We have pretty good seats but she is taking her binoculars anyway because after all... He is soooooo cute!! (according to my daughter)

Happy Belated Birthday, Bryson!! Prayers for you Lucy. I think step parents should get a metal of honor. I cannot imagine how hard that must be.

Miss Peggy

March 21, 2007 - Msg 50616: I wasn't gonna do it, but I'm gonna. About Darfur, it's true the government there (like the Iraqi government) isn't and may not ever do their part. And most of the violence there is the fault of the people who live in those countries. But what does that matter to the kids who are being maimed, or worse, and killed every day? Sometimes you need to step in do something whatever the consequences or whether or not it's "your problem" or a permanent solution. We are our brothers' keepers. It's not for us to solve the world's problems but to be obedient. God will handle the rest. American cannot be the world's policeman. But us Christians had better be the protectors of the weak, poor, and otherwise needy. It is my hope that this country will never lose that Christian perspective, even if it means we will be despised, reviled, and otherwise hated. At least that's how I feel about it.

I'm not sure whether this is a conservative opinion, since they don't agree with me, or a liberal one, since they don't either. No more moulages for me this week!

Anyway, let's head over to the Morrison Sister's to celebrate Benito Juarez Day! (Hey, any excuse.)


March 21, 2007 - Msg 50617: Good Afternoon,
Busy cleaning, where's Malcolm when you need him? Did y'all see the documentary shown on 7th Heaven about Darfur. I don't have any comments about what we should do. I'm sorry, but we have hunger, pain, and destitute people in our own country to think about. That's all I have to say.
Auh20- I do not remember who wrote the book. I found it on visionforumdotcom and williamsburgmarketplacedotcom and thought since it's listed twice I need to read this. I had never heard of a deitist before reading this book and found it fascinating. Don't you just love to learn about our forefathers?
Tom- I love the poem. Stay warm in Ohio. Have you heard from Mavis recently?
Romeena- I hope your feet heal quickly!
Dr. Pindyke- That sounds like a special flower. You should take a picture of it and sent to romeena's picture album.
Miss Peggy- Josh Groban is cute. Have fun at the concert.
Me-They- Just don't let Otis know where you found your recipe or otherwise you'll lose out!
Y'all have a great day!

March 21, 2007 - Msg 50618: Hi all
Haven't been able to make it to the porch lately--the snow is finally melting and I am busy busy bussssy!
My daughter and her best friend are coming to stay in two weeks--spring cleaning , meal planning-So much to do!
I am sooo looking forward to this. I have not seen my baby in --O my gosh! Three Years!!!
Well, You know how it is when they grow up and leave.
I am already saving for Christmas in California.