April 09, 2007 - Msg 51117: Oh, Boo, I love Mrs. Pumphrey! I'm glad you're reading those books.
- Hazel

April 09, 2007 - Msg 51118: Oh, brother. I done it again.
- Hazel

April 09, 2007 - Msg 51119: Good Monday Morning porch friends. Hope everyone is well today. continued prayers for Millie and the Plum. Back to work this chilly April morning. I enjoyed my days off and feel more rested. I trust everyone had a good Easter. Lets have lunch at Arby's today, my treat. Prayers for all. see you at lunch. Big Maude

April 09, 2007 - Msg 51120: Wow Hazel, yer up bright and early sweeping on a Monday morning. You must have got yer pills refilled. Good job!

Hey Boo, those are some great books are they not? I just love them. I have read them I don't know how many times. I know Hazel has also. She's a bonnie lass is that Hazel... or should I say it like the Englisg...'azel. (the "H" is silent you know".

Romeena, My prayers are out this morning for a good report on Sugarplums test results. Be strong, and know we are here for you.

Anyone watch any of the Masters over the weekend? Or am I the only one dumb enough to watch golf? LOL That is one of my favorite tournaments to watch. That is in Spot and Lucys neck of the woods I believe. Pretty course.

Well best get to work. Monday morning and all.

BTW, I watched the High and the Mighty yesterday with John Wayne. I ain't seen that since I was just a pup. I see that our Henry Bennett was on that movie. As well as Paul Drake from Perry Mason. I just love them old shows.

See y'all later.

Prayers for Sugarplum and Romeena.


April 09, 2007 - Msg 51121: Praying for Plum's pathology reports....

April 09, 2007 - Msg 51122: Good morning. You folks just beat all, you know that? I so appreciate the good words and the prayers for my baby. I'll let you know as soon as I hear something.

Boo, thanks for telling "the rest of the story". Yes, I was aware of those things, but was afraid my own post was growing too long. Isn't it just remarkable, how all those things came together in the life of one "man", to absolutely alter the course of history? Yep, I do believe there was a plan!

Well, I'm just sweating out a call from the vet, which may not even come today. I'll be so glad when this waiting is over. The Plum, on the other hand, is bouncing around here like a puppy, you wouldn't think it had been only four days since she had a huge surgery. She's amazing.

She says hey! --Romeena

April 09, 2007 - Msg 51123: Best Wishes for you and Plum, Miss Romeena. I think of you like a "auntie" on this here board - just one more member of my extended family. Asa -on the other hand, is part of my family tree that didn't fork! ;) So glad that we are a part of each other's lives via cyberspace.
(And Asa - I ain't even gonna comment on your golfing statement up there! and that takes restraint!)

A chilly Easter here too - the kids did the egg hunt in 35 degree weather. The adults just wanted to divide the eggs between the kids and not go outside. The kids put on winter coats, grabbed grandma's Walmart sacks and headed out.

Miss Maude - Arby's sounds delish - I love their roast beef with curly fries. Yum, Yum!

Need to get some work done. . .


April 09, 2007 - Msg 51124: I'll be only too happy to be your "auntie", homemaker. With your love of the country life and animals, you could easily be my kin. How do you feel about horses? Now, Asa is one of those delightful, colorful "characters" that makes every family complete - mullet, toolbelt and all.

Boo, aren't those Herriot books just delightful? I haven't read them in several years, guess I'm going to have to dig them out and run through them again. What a talented writer! His narrative style is just superb. He took mundane, every-day occurrences and made each one into an adventure. That's a gift.

We had an egg hunt in the back yard too. 42 eggs were hidden - some plastic, some real. 41 were retrieved. One of the real ones proved to be elusive and was never found. My son is convinced it was a green one, therefore virtually invisible in the grass, which is emerald green right now. He's probably right. I figure the possum (one of your cousins, Possum?) who visits almost every night will find it. Imagine his surprise when he tries to crack it open to lap up the contents, and finds it to be in a solid state! Hahaha! I'd love to witness that little scene.

Well, the Plum wants to cuddle, and I'm only too willing. In our big chair, phone by my side in case the vet calls. Later, friends!

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

April 09, 2007 - Msg 51125: I'm anxious to hear, like everyone else, Romeena. Been thinking about you two and praying. Just love the porch family!

Looks like everyone had a nice Easter. This cool weather is such a gift! Amazing for April.

Miss Peggy

April 09, 2007 - Msg 51126: MESSAGE: Good Morning all on the Taylor's porch! To all the prayers sent up for those of us who need mendin', I add a hearty "AMEN!"
Hope everyone enjoyed a wondeful Easter time with family and friends.
Some of you out there could really help out-has anyone seen "The Return of Barney Fife"? Is THAT
the mystery eps where Barney sings "Nita....Juanita" over the phone to Juanita of the diner? To anyone who can verify which eps Barney sings "Juanita", I'd like to thank you with a copy of my christian CD, if you don't mind.
Y'all have a blessed day, meet you back on the porch after chores are done.......Grinnin'Lynn P.S. Many thanks to whoever gave tips last time, but the missing eps remains the MYSTERY-TO-BE-REVEALED! To all accept the challenge- have fun watchin' TAGS!

April 09, 2007 - Msg 51127: "Andy Forcloses" Ep. 28, Season 1

Do I win? Do I win?


April 09, 2007 - Msg 51128: Miss Ro - yes, I love horses. Grew up riding bareback and we had horses until about 3 years ago. I still miss my Gypsy girl but I didn't have the time for her that she needed. I love most of the furry creatures that God made (don't care for bugs) and that includes Asa with his mullet!


April 09, 2007 - Msg 51129: Ro,ya calling Asa a horse? (msg 51124) I'm sure he's been called a lot worse! LOL!
Keeping my fingers crossed for the Plum. I'll keep checking back throughout the day-I know you'll let us know ASAP. Praying for the best.
Oh, here's another testimonial for Vicks- my daughter told me yesterday that Laci had a rough night Saturday with lots of coughing. I told her to try the Vicks on the feet remedy and she just let me know that Laci had a good night with NO coughing! Vicks Rocks! My daughter said to thank you for the tip, Romeena. Thanks!!
Y'all have a good day and I'll be thinking of the Plum.
possum under a rock

April 09, 2007 - Msg 51130: Good afternoon everyone. I hope that you all had a great Easter. Yours sounded blessed indeed, BOO. We went to service in the morning, then had my parents, brother’s family, and the Mrs.’ mom over for an afternoon dinner (lupper?). The Mrs. did a marvelous job and it was delish. The kids had a great day, too. Easter is a most special holiday.

Good to see POOR HORATIO and BWB stop by. Prayers continue for your friend, HORATIO.

Glad to hear some good news from your corner, MILLIE. Prayers continue for you as well.

ROMEENA: I’m anxious as well anticipating Sugarplum’s test results!

AUH2O and HM: Nancy Pelosi really straightened out that mess, didn’t she? She is my hero. Really. No, really. (I can’t even type it with a straight face.)

I watched “Stranger Than Fiction” last week. I liked it. Has anyone seen it? Pretty original premise.

I have to get back to work, but before I do I have to comment on something. I’m away from the porch for a few days and what happens? Vicks. Vicks here, Vicks there, Vicks everywhere. And not just the typically Vicks discussions, but some sort of Vicks-voodoo! Vicks on feet to cure a cough? What’s next? The mange? The only thing worse may be to smear mayo on your feet. Tell you what, the only thing Vicks on your feet will cure is bedbugs who won’t be able to survive those noxious fumes. Vicks! Bah! Humbug!

Have a swell afternoon.


April 09, 2007 - Msg 51131: Very glad to hear Erin and Laci are feeling better, though!


April 09, 2007 - Msg 51132: M-T. . .Are you saying Nancy Pelosi is "STranger than Fiction?" COuldn't resist. . . I can see why she is your hero. . :)


April 09, 2007 - Msg 51133: hi gang
I had my visit with my daughter. It was kind of a mixed bag.
I could not get around very well because of my sprianed ankle and my brother pulled a few tricks-but it all worked out fine in the end and my daughter and I parted on good terms.
It was emotionally taxing for the both of us, but better times are coming.
AHappy nut

April 09, 2007 - Msg 51134: Hiya gang. Just checking in during a lunch break to see any news on the Plumbster.

Glad the visit worked out good Happynut.

Hey Possum' I have been called much worse. But I ain't got any problems being called a horse. I like em! LOL I have been called the south end of a northbound horse before. Not sure what that means.


April 09, 2007 - Msg 51135: Still no word, folks. You all are so kind, I'm just overwhelmed with the concern and good wishes and prayers from my porch friends. The Plum herself is still doing so well that it's hard to imagine that anything could really be wrong with her. She naps a lot, but then so do I, when given the chance. When she's up, she's zipping around here like nothing ever happened, despite a six-inch incision in her belly that still has stitches. Incidentally, I haven't made her wear that lampshade apparatus, because she has made no move to bother those stitches. Just ignores the whole thing. She's a great patient, too. I put her antibiotic dose in a spoon, and she licks it up like candy. Her pills - just hold them out, she takes them and down they go. No forcing needed. What a little sweetheart she is.

Well, I'll see you all later. Guess I'll go sit by the phone. I asked Sarah to put the call right through when it comes. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

April 09, 2007 - Msg 51136: Just checking in to see if there is any news on Sugarplum.

Been struggling with the kids to get their homework done and now I need a break!


April 09, 2007 - Msg 51137: Hi there again porch family!!!

Romeena: The reason for my all to infrequent stops to the porch, was due to my computer, which had a mind of it's own, but I'm proud to report that I now have a new computer, and hopefully I'll be around for a long time!!!

PH: The buisness is doing fine, and thanks for asking!!!

Romeena: What is the matter with Sugarplum???

Boo: Just drink you a cup of tea, and relax!!!

I'm not going to take on the overwhelming task of reading all of the posts, but if there is anything interesting that I need to know, somebody tell me!!!

Hey to Warren, Boo, Romeena, PH, Me-They, HM, Possum, Ms.Peggy, Asa, Big Maude, and Hazel, and anyone else that I may have overlooked!!!

M-T: Thanks for the welcome back, not just from you, but from everybody!!!

More later!!!


April 09, 2007 - Msg 51138: Oh yeah, and a Happy Belated Easter to all!!!


April 09, 2007 - Msg 51139: Thanks BWB, I need to relax! Sugarplum had a tumor removed from her spleen and we are awaiting news to find out if it was malignant. Keep her in your prayers.


April 09, 2007 - Msg 51140: just checking in to see if there is any word on the Plum.. will check back later. Prayers and good thoughts for Romeena and everyone else.
Big Maude

April 09, 2007 - Msg 51141: Hi All.
Mrs.Fish-waiting for a nice day to plant me rosere .
Poor Horatio-This is why I do not like the cold, winde I live in Cleveland I had a paper rout and in 1977 there was a bad snow storm that hit in the morning right befor I start me rout it was so cold and snow was about for feet hight and I was in it that day and everyone keep telling me that I was not to be out in it.


April 09, 2007 - Msg 51142: Ugh, I am just at my wit's end with the kids today! Erin has been terrible the last few days. I don't understand it and don't really know what to do about it. She is trying to argue about EVERYTHING, from morning when it's time to get dressed until bedtime when she wants a different book or story. It seems like absolutely everything is a challenge and a struggle. The fit throwing is about to drive me nuts. I spank her, stand my ground, nothing seems to work for long. I thought when they got to be this age, things were supposed to get easier. Sean also had a melt-down today about school and how he has been struggling and falling behind. I know he has been getting detention for work not completed at school and he tells me he can't do it. I mean, he has had some melt-downs before but today was the mother of all melt-downs. I am wound up as tight as a drum. I have to talk to Bruce about what to do. I think maybe Sean needs an increase in the Paxil because it has been a long time and now that he is hitting adolescence things are going to be changing. Keep us in your prayers (I know you always do and I love you for it).

Now I need to just breath and relax but can't seem to do it. Better go...


April 09, 2007 - Msg 51143: Good Evening,
It sure is chilly. I had planned on ordering some strawberry hanging baskets, but I'm afraid from the cold!
Asa- I'm a golf fanatic! I watch the major's, and watched every second of the Master's. Mickelson's my favorite, and I was disappointed in his playing this year. Did you see it was one of the highest ever scores because of the weather?
Hazel- Nice sweep! Have you tried using one of those new-fangled electric sweepers? Barney might tell ya how to get one.
I can't believe the Vick's on the feet thing. My cousin and her family are all ill with sinus infections and I'm going to email her tonight.
Homemaker- I love horseback riding. I've been tempted to ask hubby for lessons for a present.
AHappynut- You sound a bit sad. I'm praying for you.
Romeena- Still praying for the Plum. It's wonderful that she's being such a good patient. I'm sure you can't make those nice comments about patients at the hospital!
Tom- I saw more snow is coming your way. Stay warm!
Big Maude- Thank you for Arby's. Is this your son's senior year in school?
BWB- It's nice of you to join us again.
PH- I'm sorry for your girlfriend. I hope she continues to improve.
Possum & Mavis- How did your Easter go with your family problems?
I'm going to read a bit. I think I'll check out those books y'all were talking about. Y'all have a wonderful day tomorrow!
Blessings to you and yours,
Lucy Matthews

April 09, 2007 - Msg 51144: Lucy it cold but by this weekend it going to be rain.
Romeena- how Plum doing tonight.
PH -have you fund of gum there in canad.


April 09, 2007 - Msg 51145: Hey to the porch from the beautiful Outer Banks! Having lots of fun...hope you are all well. Better catch up with the archives. Snack is oreos and milk.

April 09, 2007 - Msg 51146: Still no word on Sugarplum? Hmmm, Prayers continue Romeena.

Lucy, Lefty is my favorite also. Good guy and down to earth. His wife is from my State here in Utah. I did see the scoring was so high because of the weather. I sure get tired of all the hype over Woods. He's a great golfer, don't get me wrong, but dang, the media seems to think he's the only one out there playing. I'm sick of it! Lance Johnson seems like a nice feller too. Glad to see him win it.

Welcome back BWB. Boo explained Sugarplums situation. That's the biggest news I guess. We are all praying for a good report on the test results. Keep her in your prayers.

Boo, I meant to meantion earlier about your report at your womans shelter. That sounds like your doing some great things there. What a pleasure it is to see someone serving less fortunate and getting so much enjoyment out of it. That to me is true Christ like love. Good on ya!

Hope you're having fun Millie. Stay warm.


April 09, 2007 - Msg 51147: Good evening, all. No news yet on the Plum's pathology report. BWB, they had to remove her entire spleen, as it was packed full of tumors and was several times normal size. She has an incision that runs the entire length of her little tummy, and she gets around like there was nothing there at all. About the only difference I notice in her behavior is she tires easily, which certainly isn't surprising. We're waiting now to find out if the tumors were malignant. Please help us pray for her.

Censor is blocking me, so I'm going to cut this message into pieces until something works. --Romeena

April 09, 2007 - Msg 51148: Tom, remember roses love sun. They should get a minimum of six hours a day, more would be better. There should be planting instructions, be sure to follow them carefully. Thanks for asking about the Plum. --Romeena

April 09, 2007 - Msg 51149: Boo, I'm sorry you're having problems with the kids. They're both such sweet kids, I know it's frustrating when they act out like that.

Censor still blocking me, so there are more pieces to follow. --Romeena

April 09, 2007 - Msg 51150: Erin may be a bit jealous of the attention that Sean requires at times. Also, she's reached one of the several stages that kids go through, when the power struggles surface.

April 09, 2007 - Msg 51151: Ha! Now I can finish. I figured it out.

This is where you must stand firm, as consistency and rock-solid determination are needed. Tell her once, insist on compliance, and if it doesn't happen, put her in her room with the door closed. Let her rage, but don't provide a witness. She'll get tired of playing to a closed door. It's no fun without an audience.

Now remember, free advice is worth just about what you paid for it.

I think I'll go give my baby her medicine and a little cuddle, and then we'll hit the ironing board. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

April 09, 2007 - Msg 51152: Thanks Ro, that's what I did tonight when she was throwing a fit at bedtime. I told her that she did not deserve a bedtime story if she was going to act that way and I left her in her room to throw her fit while I went to the living room. She eventually stopped crying and fell asleep. I think you are onto something about the idea that she may be jealous of some of the attention that Sean gets. I told Bruce tonight that it seems like she is getting mostly negative attention from us and that we are going to have to shut the TV off at night and spend more quality time with her. She spends too much time in her room watching the Disney Channel while we are in the living room or busy helping Sean with his homework in the evening. We also have been getting lax with the kid's boundaries and that is part of the problem. We set rules and then, in frustration, give in sometimes. One thing I know for sure, Bruce and I are much too old to have children this young! haha I know God knows what he is doing and I am very thankful for them but I often think about why I didn't start when I was younger!

Asa, thank you, you just bless my heart. I do enjoy being able to teach the girls at the rehab. I'm so thankful that the Lord allows me to do it. One thing I didn't mention is that one of my friends, Sharon, from church has a 24 year old son that had started using drugs at 12. He was in and out of drug rehabs and jail until he disappeared 5 years ago. They don't know if he is alive or dead and he is their only son. They are wonderful people who you would never expect would have to deal with something like this and she says that they have literally cried buckets of tears. Well, until now Sharon had not been able to really talk about her son but she wanted to come to the rehab and try to share her story with the girls. She did come and for the first time, was able to speak in public and openly about her son. It was beautiful to see her open up and share. It was just the therapy she needed and she told me afterward, "This has been the best Easter I've ever had". Bless her heart, she cried and you could just see the healing that was taking place in her as she shared her story. The girls were touched by it, too. It seemed to me that the Lord blessed each of us in a very special way that night. I am thinking of the verse in the gospel when Jesus said "If any man's son asked him for bread, would he give him a stone...if you, being men know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more does your Father in Heaven know how to give good gifts (or the Holy Spirit) to them that ask?" How true!

Well, I should go to bed and get some much-needed rest.

Prayers for the Plumster.


April 10, 2007 - Msg 51153: Yes, prayers for the Plumster continue.
- Hazel

Otis: "I'd like to help, Andy, but I can't. Us town drunks have a code we live by."

April 10, 2007 - Msg 51154:
Morning Porch

Well, I can't tell ya, how much I wish it would quit snowing. We've had almost 2 feet since it started back up. We were just outside, a few days ago, doing yard...stuff. Any who....

Ro-We're all a waiting and a praying!

Boo-I hope you can get some peace here sometime soon.

M-T As for Pelosi, I think it's wonderful how she usurped the authority of the Executive Branch. And, meeting with a terrorist sponsoring State, just brilliant! The part I really enjoyed is when she lied about taking a peace proposal from Israel to Syria. Ehud Olmert said he had no idea what she was talking about. But that's OK, she has no idea what she talking about either, so everybody wins. History will always remember her offer to Syria, if they just stopped sponsoring terrorism, peace talks could convene. She is one deep thinker.
- Haven't seen “Stranger Than Fiction” yet.

AHappy nut- I agree with Lucy. But, here's to those better times.

Lucy-I just love reading your posts. They really have the feel of a neighbor just stopping by to chat.

BWB-Hey There!

Tom-You are so right! The Great Lakes are unforgiving when it comes to lake-effect snow.

I'll stop back later,

April 10, 2007 - Msg 51155: Good morning everyone. Beautiful, though chilly, day here. I'm gonna try to rejoice and be glad in it.

AUH20: Yes, I'm glad Nancy was there to sort it out. And to think, such a simple answer was sitting there staring everyone in the face all the time. Maybe she will sort Palestine out now. Or maybe go visit North Korea. Her and Kim oughta get along great.

BWB: Glad that you'll be around more often.

BOO: You are such a fine witness. When you follow the Lord's prompting (as opposed to doing the things you want to do) it's amazing how things just fall into place. I'm going to be praying that He grants me faith like yours today. I pray that things work out with the kids, which I'm sure they will.

We sometimes face the same thing Erin is exhibiting with our daughter and (for us, at least) it comes down to breaking the routine and boredom. It usually happens over holidays (when school is out) and at the beginning of summer break. We have found that sticking with the routine as much as possible (like with bedtimes, tv, etc.) even though school is out really helps. Another thing that helps is chores. They somtimes is some griping, but it usually doesn't last long and helps with the longterm attitude. I guess everyone likes to feel productive and busy. I don't know how Easter is celebrated in your house but another thing to consider might be the increase in sugar. We try to hold our own kids to a reasonable level, but there is still a big spike with so much chocolate and other goodies around the house.

Sean's difficulties amy be some of the same, or, as you suggest, his medication might need adjusting. I know that after a year on my meds, they aren't working like they used to. I'm feeling some fluttering in the heart and not sleeping as well, etc. So mine may need tweaking, too. Of course, puberty can't help in Sean's case. I don't think that's my probelm, though :).

The Mrs. made me vanilla butter cream eggs for Easter. They are delish! I brought some to share...

Hey to the rest of you! Still praying for Sugarplum's results.


April 10, 2007 - Msg 51156: Good morning, everyone. Boo, I hope things get better soon with the kids. I know how trying that can be - sooner or later, you just get tired of fighting and give in, but unfortunately that knocks down everything you've established so far and you have to start all over. When you find yourself weakening, think of how God established His laws, and He doesn't change them for us. He forgives us when we transgress, but there are still consequences. I believe we won't know until we get to Heaven just exactly Who God is, and what our relationship to Him is, but it was no accident that the analogy of Father and child was used to explain it to us while on earth. It was something we could understand, and it provided a model for us to follow in raising our own children.

The Plum is feeling very well, ate a big breakfast, took her medicine without protest, and is here at my feet right now, bless her little heart. I'm hoping I'll hear some news today. Thanks for your continuing prayers.

As for Nancy Pelosi, every time I think of her I get the same feeling I get when thinking of most of the Democrats of today - like I just took a big bite of Crisco. You know - thick, oily, and disgusting. Here's a favorite quote: "First Bush cut taxes for the rich and the economy has rebounded with new record low unemployment rates, which only means wealthy employers are getting even wealthier at the expense of the underpaid working class".
She went on to say "Despite the billions of dollars being spent in Iraq our economy is still strong and government tax revenues are at all time highs. What this really means is that business is exploiting the war effort and working Americans, just to put money in their own pockets".

Huh? What did she just say? Did anybody follow that? Mostly what I got out of it was that lower unemployment rates and a strong economy are bad, because they took place during a Republican administration. This woman scares me.

Well, I'm off to photograph a new iris that just bloomed. I have a photographic map of the yard and who blooms where. It's not complete by any means, but it helps. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

April 10, 2007 - Msg 51157: I just want to note for the record that I can actually write coherently. Even pretty well a lot of the time. But I post from work on breaks and so usually have to be quick about it (hey, I need to take a bathroom break sometimes). So I tend to post somehat "stream of conscisousness" and rarely have the opportunity to proof read. I will admit that my spelling is not great (thanks, phonics!) and my typing fingers (all four of 'em) can move faster than my brain. So, please forgive my ramblings and mistakes.

And by the way, where's CHARLOTTE? Bad writing always reminds me of her. (Because she's an editor, of course.)


April 10, 2007 - Msg 51158: You know I thought when the kids reached three, the terrible two's would be over, but now we have terrible nines and tens lurking over us. Both of my boys are a handful - some days they are more of a handful than others. My oldest proclaimed yesterday that only babies believe in the Easter Bunny and that mom and dads fill up the baskets. I told him that I was glad that his friends were so smart because I had a college education and I know that there is an Easter Bunny. So, I guess my babies are growing up whether I like it or not. My youngest will still say that there is an Easter Bunny - he doesn't care what older brother says. He likes those presents.

M-T . . .I made my husband Cherry Delight for Easter. His favorite dessert. We all enjoyed it.

Boo - I second and third all of the comments others made about your service to those girls. I think you are making a positive impact on some girls that maybe others had given up on. God Bless Always. . .

We heard from our soldier again. He is a Christian and even sent us some verses that he likes to read. Casey keeps his Bible in his backpack so I am sure that he will look them up on the bus. He was excited to get the letter. I think we are making some snickerdoodle cookies to send in our next package. My mom puts lemon flavoring in them and then dips them in colored surgar sprinkles. It is a nice change of pace from the cinnamon.

Well - I have rambled on enough. . .


April 10, 2007 - Msg 51159: Just wanted to give a quick shout to the porch while I have time to stop bye. Have a good week.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

April 10, 2007 - Msg 51160: Oh my, Me-They, I feel like my faith is so puny! I have a real struggle with wanting to do things my way instead of God's way. Thank you for those very kind words. You are a great encouragment to me. Thank you also, Ro and Homemaker, such wisdom! Homemaker I also want to say how wonderful it is that you show so much love to our soldiers. God bless you for it!

Bruce and I decided last night to pull Sean out of school for the last month and do some homeschooling. The school is going to allow us to take the unfinished curriculum and work with him on it at home. I need to get a good feel for what his weaknesses are and how to get him the help he needs before school starts next year. Erin will stay in school till it ends and that will give me some time at home to work with Sean. Hope I am doing the right thing...kind of scary. I feel like Sean is at the end of what he can tolerate right now and the school doesn't have enough help to give him the individual help he needs to catch up.

Me-They, I also thought about the extra sugar and Erin certainly had plenty of it between our house and my sister's. I bought her an Easter basket this year instead of making it and it had just a little candy in it, but then when we got to Aunt Suzie's, she also had a basked to Erin! It could explain some of the extra problems because she seemed just fine this morning and was very obedient. I think I need to be more diligent about the kid's diets, I have gotten lax in that area and I know it can make a big difference.

Well, I stayed up till 12am reading Herriot's book and got up at 5am, so I am ready to relax for a bit. Check with you all later,


April 10, 2007 - Msg 51161: what did I say?! "..she also had a basked to Erin..". And you thought you had problems, Me-They.


April 10, 2007 - Msg 51162: Hey, DWF. Good to hear from you.

BOO: I give you a lot of credit for what you're doing for Sean; Lord knows, homeschooling ain't taking the easy way out! Glad to hear your road with Erin is less bumpy today. Grandparents pretty much shot our plans to limit the candy, too. Now, we have to ration it out (and hear "may I have...?" 100 times a day).

HM: Did you bring some dessert to share?


April 10, 2007 - Msg 51163: Not that I need all that sugar, either!


April 10, 2007 - Msg 51164: ROMEENA: I forgot to recite the first law of party politics: Any "successes" by the other party are bad. The corrollary is: Any "failures" by the other party are, therefore, good. Pretty sad on all their accounts, if you ask me.


April 10, 2007 - Msg 51165: "Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or imbeciles who really mean it " Mark Twain

April 10, 2007 - Msg 51166: Speaking of failures. Can you believe what that Imus guy said about the girls on that college basketball team? Made me mad!

I took a little afternoon nap and feel much better now. Just had some crackers and a spot of tea and I am ready to tackle dinner for tonight. Nothing fancy, Sean has been asking for Hamburger Helper (the cheeseburger-macaroni kind...gross). The kids and Bruce like it, though. Can I come eat with someone else? What are you having, SPOT?


April 10, 2007 - Msg 51167: Well, you're welcome to join us, BOO, but all we're having is pizza. This is the Mrs.' second of her back-to-back nights, so I usually fix dinner. Since #1 daughter just got finished with a Joe Corbi fundraiser for ballet, the freezer is stuffed full. So I'm cheesin' out (no pun intended).


P.S. I like the macaroni kind of hbh, too.

April 10, 2007 - Msg 51168: I've used this before, but I love it so I will do so again:

"Meetings: Because none of us is as dumb as all of us."


April 10, 2007 - Msg 51169: Hahaha! I really like that quote. Mark Twain again? I think I'd rather have the pizza than the HBH...I'll bring dessert...a nice fruit salad with no added sugar.

I keep coming around to see if Romeena has heard anything on Sugarplum. Hope no news is good news.


PS-Who is Joe Corbi and what has he got to do with pizza?

April 10, 2007 - Msg 51170: Good afternoon, all. No, there's still no word on the Plum's pathology. I just called over there, and they said the earliest they would hear now is around noon tomorrow, and since I have to be in a meeting at work from 11 until 1 p.m., I guess I won't know until I get home, if then.

As soon as I hear anything, I'll certainly let everyone know. Today she has seemed more tired, hasn't moved round a lot, but her appetite is still very good. I'm guessing it's like it is with humans - everything is "waking up" so she's more sore now, and will be for a few days. Poor little girl. Please keep praying for her. She has been such a little trooper through it all.

She did let me do a little combing again this morning. I took her over there all combed out and beautiful, and got her back with her hair cut off here and there, shaved here and there, and matted everywhere. I'm working on it a little at a time, stopping before it gets stressful for her. We're about done now, and she looks better. I'd think she would feel better too, especially since one of the mats had her left front leg sort of pinned to her body in her little armpit. How on earth she got that matted in 24 hours, in a cage, mostly immobile, I'll never know. I've never let her get that way, and am certainly not going to leave it like that, to just get worse. Slowly and patiently, we'll get it done. I'm trying to make it more like she's just being petted, rather than combed. Sweet little thing.

She says a sleepy hey! --Romeena

April 10, 2007 - Msg 51171: Hi there and hello to all of the porch family!!!

I will keep Sugarplum in my prayers!!!

That's horrible!!!

My thoughts and prayers go out to you as well Romeena, you must be worried sick!!!

Thanks again to all for the gracious welcom back to the porch, and I'll see ya'll later!!!

April 10, 2007 - Msg 51172: BWB.

April 10, 2007 - Msg 51173: pray for the plum.

April 10, 2007 - Msg 51174: Boo...Joe Corbi is a brand of pizza kits, sold as fundraisers for schools, sports, etc. My kids have sold them for 8 years!

April 10, 2007 - Msg 51175: "...like I just took a big bite of Crisco." Gosh, folks, I'm really thinking hard about continuing to post on this site. I am about half sick of all the rude comments and remarks about democrats. I've tried to stay silent, as I live by the rule "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." Especially at a place where, in my view, the topics ought to be kind of general or neutral, because there are a lot of different folks from all backgrounds who post here. I'm sure there are some sites especially made for "democrat bashing" that would probably welcome the comments. But I personally don't think the front porch is the place for them. But, on the other hand, I do know I'm probably the lone porchster with this opinion, so I really don't want to spoil all your fun, since you do love to talk about it. I guess I just don't understand it. We all say all topics are welcome; it's like folks really sitting around on a front porch discussing stuff. Well, I don't know about you, but if I'm on my real-life front porch, and several neighbors and friends drop by, I usually don't even bring up politics. Unless I'm 100% sure of their political leanings, I don't even bring stuff like that up. Again, as I said, that's just me. Anyhow, that's my thought for the hour.

April 10, 2007 - Msg 51176: That being said, I do believe there was one time when you all were bashing Bill Clinton, and I did participate in that discussion. So, I know how easy it is to get caught up in discussions like that. And I do understand. This must be a place where the majority feel comfortable posting stuff like that. And I really don't want to rain on anyones parade. I just felt the need to comment on how offensive some of the comments are.
-Hazel again

April 10, 2007 - Msg 51177: Understood, Hazel.

April 10, 2007 - Msg 51178: Hey Gang...just been busy!..yard work and Miss Shery and I have been working on her new house!..Mil and Maude yall been feeding this bunch?...will be back on the job in the morning ..waffle house on me ...anything yall want...Asa behave!...SPOT

April 10, 2007 - Msg 51179: Been through my fair share of pet losses this year Romeena, my prayers for ya.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

April 10, 2007 - Msg 51180: Hazel, it sounds like you are trying in a nice way to tell us that you are hurt by some of the comments. It's difficult because, like you said, we all want people to feel free to express their opinions but there is always that risk that someone will be offended. I'm sorry you were, and I hope you won't stay away. I have always admired the way you hang in there even when you feel like, "the lone porchester" sometimes.


April 10, 2007 - Msg 51181: Oh, my goodness. Hazel, I certainly didn't intend to upset you. You are much too nice a person, with a great wit and humor, and I didn't mean to offend you with that comment about Pelosi. If you like her, and can make some sense of what she's saying, then more power to you. Gosh, if you can find a redeeming quality to Ted Kennedy, then again, more power to you. Your comments got me to thinking about what I said and how I said it. "Rude comments and remarks about democrats." There is one small difference here, perhaps evident only to me, because it was a distinction that I made almost subconsciously. I used a capital D, you used lower case. Perhaps you are referring to the general populace who affiliate themselves with the Democratic party. I, on the other hand, with my capitalized Democrats, was referring to some of the party leaders of today. I'm sure you would agree that they're not exactly the shining stars that the party could have boasted about in years gone by.

I really don't particularly enjoy "democrat bashing" as you put it, and actually don't consider it such. Nancy Pelosi bashing, or Ted Kennedy bashing, or Bill Clinton bashing, perhaps. Even that is a stretch, though, because to me "bashing" means making untrue and unfounded statements about someone. "All illegals are drug runners, etc." Not necessarily true. No, there is no "fun" to be spoiled, because I truly wish the situation didn't exist. I wish the Democratic party would rise up and trot out someone worthy of the name. I'd like to see some improvements in the Republican party as well. Politics in general is an increasingly unpleasant matter, and it's just going to get worse.

With that in mind, I must say, I think you're right. I can't speak for everyone else, of course, but as for me, to the extent that I can manage it, I'm going to try to keep my political opinions to myself. Perhaps my time would be better spent in praying for the individuals of whichever party, whose values, opinions and influence will be affecting the country my grandchildren will occupy. God help us all.

And so, for me, on the political front - tick-a-lock! --Romeena

April 10, 2007 - Msg 51182: Well as for me, I have always wanted to join in on the polital conversation but am too ignorant of such matters to do so. You know the old saying about keeping your mouth shut when you don't know something instead of opening it and removing all doubt... or something like that. I think Calvin Coolidge said it. I know I am pretty conservative but don't know enough about either party to classify myself as one or the other. Guess I've been too busy raising kids to do my homework (shame on me!).

Ro, that's a good point about praying. I think we all like to talk alot more than we like to pray! ha

Goodnight Mayberry,


April 10, 2007 - Msg 51183: ...I will say one thing, though...I never know who to believe. I don't trust the media.


April 10, 2007 - Msg 51184: Snack time! RC Colas and Moonpies!

April 10, 2007 - Msg 51185:
Hazel-I'm sure I am one of the culprits that you were speaking of. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. I would never try and do that, it's just not me. Although, I don't think I took part in Democrat "bashing" I will admit I do come off a bit bitter. Our front porch, here at the auh2o homestead, is often the place of political discussion. Living in the People's Republic of New York, well you can bet that Conservatism is not in the majority. I come from a family of seven siblings and only two of us are Conservatives but, I love the moulage, we all do and we all love each other. But, having said that, I think you're correct, typically when talk here turned to politics the Porch emptied and I think I may have pushed that. So, I will take my leave you stay, please. I know I will not be able to withhold comment regarding all of the nonsense of the election cycle, that's just the way I'm wired. The calendar says it's Spring (but the yard tells a whole other story) anyway so I'll take a break from the Porch for a while and catch up on things around here. I will keep you and the rest of the Porch in my prayers.

Ro- Continued prayers for the Plum!

You folks take care and I'll see ya'll down the road,

April 10, 2007 - Msg 51186:
Hello porch family. Missed you all yesterday. Didn't get in until this morning.

I see there is still no news on little Plum. Still praying.

Millie....glad you are having a great time. Catch us some fresh fish and we'll get Spot to fire up the outdoor cooker and cook them up for us.

Well guess I'll see ya'll at the Waffle House in the morning. Don't forget...it's on Spot.

Prayers for all the needs of our porch.

April 10, 2007 - Msg 51187: Evenin, Rev, glad you're home.
Auh2o, please don't stay away, we would miss you! Everybody play nice!

April 10, 2007 - Msg 51188: Aw, come on, auh2o, don't leave. And Hazel, don't you leave either. I truly will try to keep my mouth shut, and auh2o, if I can do it, you can. You're right, a lot of people "left the kitchen" so to speak when the political discussions started. I think we can just call a moratorium on such topics and stick to less volatile things. Want to give it a try? --Romeena

And thanks for the prayers for Plum. She's not doing well tonight, and I'm pretty scared.

April 10, 2007 - Msg 51189: Oh, Romeena, I'm saying extra prayers for Sugarplum. Poor thing, I hope she is ok.

April 10, 2007 - Msg 51190: She's down in her back legs, Millie, not walking well. It's the same thing that sent us to the vet in the first place, when he found the swollen spleen. I'm not sure the two things are related, actually think they're not. She is having a lot of trouble walking, though, and finds it very hard to squat to piddle. We finally got that done, and I lifted her onto the bed for the night. She got on my pillow and curled up. Guess it's hers tonight. Poor little baby. --Romeena

April 10, 2007 - Msg 51191: Aw, Romeena, so sorry. Extra prayers for you, too. Hope y'all can get some sleep.

April 10, 2007 - Msg 51192:
I really had no plans of getting into this political discusion but I feel the need to say a little something. I understand what Hazel is saying and I respect that but I also know right where Ro is coming from. I've made coments about Clinton and I'm sure other democrats, but that's just the way I feel about their moral stand. It's not that I'm saying every democrat is "evil". But like Ro said, "bashing" is making untrue statements about someone. Example: You may not like my style music and really have strong feelings against it but that's not "bashing" me. I would want you to discuss with me. One of my very best friends is a "real strong" democrat and yes we "discuss very strongly" political issues and NO we surely don't agree about certain people. But we still leave as best friends.
Another example: There may be folks on here that like Rosie O but I certainly don't agree with her lifestyle or thoughts and I don't feel I could sit back and not stand up for what I believe is against my Christain beliefs. But I would certainly welcome anyone to share their good opinions about Rosie. The same is true in the political arena.
I'm not trying to speak for Ro but I feel that's what she was doing when she posted about certain people that happenned to be democrats. She was standing up for certain moral issues that she believes.
As friends (porch family) we should be able to discuss anything without the fear of splitting us up. Nope, we are not going to agree on everything but if someone post something that you disagree with, simply give your own thoughts or reasons on the subject.
I will close saying, "If I have ever posted something that hurt anyone, I'm sorry. It was not intended to do so."

As always...Prayers for all of our porch!

April 11, 2007 - Msg 51193: So ignored, sigh. Sleep tight.


April 11, 2007 - Msg 51194: Sorry, Warren, I didn't even know you were here rockin'! Have a moonpie and set a spell!

April 11, 2007 - Msg 51195: Rev, I was just listening to your song, "He is Here"...really beautiful, thank you.

April 11, 2007 - Msg 51196:
Hey DWF.... go ahead and get one of Millie's moonpies and RC and that will wake you up.
But I think I'll head off to bed myself.
Everyone have a great night's sleep and know that Jesus loves you.

April 11, 2007 - Msg 51197: 'Night, Rev.