May 03, 2007 - Msg 51965: Good morning my friends. I hope you all have a grand day.

To Millie, You and your family are in my prayers daily. A couple of years ago I watched my Dad slowly slip away and was with him when he finally passed through the veil. The peacefulness that was with us all that night was tremendous. I came to realize that death is not the worst thing that can happen. In fact for him it was truely a blessing as his pain and suffering was removed and he was reunited with loved ones who were witing for him. I envision a glorious reunion taking place. It was difficult for those of us left behind, but at the same time we were also at peace. I guess to some this all sounds hard and callous. But to those who have a belief of life after death and a loving Heavenly Father or who have witnessed the death of someone close to them who has been suffering, they know what I mean. You are truely an inspiration Millie. And although I still pray for your recovery, I will pray also for the Lords will to proceed. God bless you and your family dear friend, and we look forward to seeing your posts whenever you feel up to doing so.


May 03, 2007 - Msg 51966: Thank you for the beautiful poem, Tom. You always find the most comforting words. You are a good friend.
Thanks Hazel and Ro for acknowledging that it was hard for me to say that. I do feel better having shared.
Asa, your testament about your father is just beautiful. I, too, envision my passing from this world as a happy, peaceful, glorious moment. In a way, I look forward to it. Of course, I don't want to leave any sooner than I have to, I want every minute, every second I can have with my kids, and my family. But I am not afraid. I know God has a place for me, forever.
Thank you all, again.

May 03, 2007 - Msg 51967: Nice post to sweep with, Asa. It's a good one to have at the top of the page! You're ept!
You're here early, Millie... I hope you have a good day today.
- Hazel

May 03, 2007 - Msg 51968: Good morning, Hazel! Yes, I think it will be a good day....I see the dr this morning, and then rads this afternoon. I slept pretty well last night, so I'm feelinf positive today.
Oh, and today is my little brother Chris' birthday...Happy Birthday Chris!

May 03, 2007 - Msg 51969: Morning porch family, Prayers and strength for Millie and her family. You have been a blessing to me and I am so thankful you have graced the porch with your presence. God does have a place for you. I will continue to pray for your continued peace as well as strength for your family. Happy Birthday to Chris. Prayers and Blessings to you all. Big Maude

May 03, 2007 - Msg 51970: Thanks, Big Maude. You're a treashuh...

May 03, 2007 - Msg 51971: Good morning - thank you for sharing Millie. You are truly a gift from God to all of us. You are definitely an angel!
"Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it." Hebrews 13:2


May 03, 2007 - Msg 51972: Happy Birthday Chris!

May 03, 2007 - Msg 51973: Millie, I know I'm new to the porch,but I want to tell you that you and your family are in my thoughts, daily. Two years ago I lost a dear sweet sister in law to cancer and at that time a friend told me sometimes God only loans us angels . Dr P

May 03, 2007 - Msg 51974: Millie - I sent you something today in care of your restaurant. It says Attn: Millie on the front of the envelope. Enjoy! hm

May 03, 2007 - Msg 51975: Okay this is the last post from me for awhile - I know I have been chatty. Sorry :)

This will make you SMILE big time.


May 03, 2007 - Msg 51976: Welcome Dr P..hey all,hm,my buddy Asa,mil,boo,ro,lucy,md,mdc,m-t,possum,miller and all...been busy with the kids and in the garden...Big Maude you been cooking?...well lets have a early lunch at about 11:30 at I-Hop....ya can get breakfast or lunch!...Brunch...well let me get busy around here....heading to Perry to the rodeo in the morning....SPOT

May 03, 2007 - Msg 51977: Millie, I'm only speaking for myself here,although I think I know most of the Porchsters well enough to say they feel the same: your courage,strength and grace has touched us deeply. You have made us appreciate the fragility of life.You have taught us so much about what's important in the grand scheme of things.You are a dear person and I wish you peace and love. May God Bless and keep you. Prayers for your family.
possum under a rock

May 03, 2007 - Msg 51978:
Morning porch family...Nice and sunny day here in SC. I leave at for Jacksonville, FL this weekend. My last concert there will be Sunday night so I will be back Monday.

Tom...buddy that was such a wonderful poem. God truly uses you on this porch.

Spot...have a safe trip and have fun. See ya at IHOP. And yes, Big Maude has taken good care of us.

Happy birthday Chris. glad you got some rest last night. That makes a big difference in the way we feel. Remember..we love you.

Prayers for all our porch family.

May 03, 2007 - Msg 51979: Okay - I am grilling out...any takers? Got brats, metts, dogs and Billy burgers on already. Got some tater salad and baked beans too! Grab your paper plate and napkin and don't forget a glass of Sweet Tea - He - He!


May 03, 2007 - Msg 51980: Asa - you say "grace." Thanks!


May 03, 2007 - Msg 51981: OK, I know what brats are, and dogs of course, and I can figure out Billy burgers since you raise goats, but what are metts?? Never heard the term. --Romeena

May 03, 2007 - Msg 51982:
Millie, you are such an inspiration! I'm sure you have heard of families and friends who all shave their heads etc to make one feel more "comfortable"; well in that light, I just wanted to say, in my own way, and also remind everyone here, that we are ALL dying, really, right? When one thinks about it, each day takes us closer to what our fallen nature has given us, but at the same time, we know that we have that blessed hope of salvation, for that new life that Jesus has given us as his gift to us. Just as i cherish each day with my mom, my family, my wife etc, so too do I know how you cherish each day as well. As REv says, yes, I continue to pray for a miracle, yet the Lord works in mysterious ways, and I accept that also.
God bless you Millie, you are very special to all of us here also. God's peace be with you. Stay with us. You are greatly LOVED!
Mr Darlin's Cuz

May 03, 2007 - Msg 51983:
APB for AUh20, Colt, and others. We have rockers waiting.
SPot, where are we racing this week?
Phoenix Suns advance to next round! yippie
It is a beautiful day here today, about 90 degrees, sunny and a slight breeze!
HM- Im first in line fopr those brats!
have a good one and God bless,

May 03, 2007 - Msg 51984: Hey Folks,

I just wanted to drop by and invite you to visit the "new" ( Miss Crump's Blackboard. I've been working to fix up Miss Crump's and we went "live" with the new version a week or so back. I don't expect anyone to leave the Porch but I thought I'd extend an invite to y'all.

Take care!

May 03, 2007 - Msg 51985: Hmm...I forgot I disabled "links" here on the Porch. Man..those SPAMMERs mess things up.

May 03, 2007 - Msg 51986: Yes, Floyd, indeed they do. In your opinion, based on your experience, do you think we can expect to see anything done about them - some effective way of stopping them? I receive 40-50 spam emails daily. So annoying. My spam filter catches most of them, but then it often catches things it shouldn't, so I have to visit it daily to find the things I didn't want thrown out. It's such garbage, I feel like I need a shower after wading through it, just looking at the subject lines and addresses, trying to find the non-spam. I would never, ever, open one of the things intentionally, but have stumbled into a few by accident. Each time, it has been something highly offensive, or unintelligible gibberish. Does anyone actually buy anything from those sites? I guess they do, or they'd all shut down, but I can't imagine why anyone would. Sleazy doesn't begin to describe it.

Well, that's my rant for today. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

May 03, 2007 - Msg 51987: Good evening porch pals. How's every little thing?

MDC, I really appreciated your thoughts to Millie about how each day draws us closer to returning home. Very true words.

Homemaker, is the family doing ok with the void? My prayers are still with you.

Romeena, so glad the Plumster is doing well.

Possum, you doing ok? You seem down.:(

Had some nice rains here today and the snow level even dropped to about 5,000 feet. We are at 4,400 ft here so we had some slush on the ground. Hard to believe yesterday it was 84. Ahh. springtime in the rockies.

Rev, that was a fine breakfast yesterday, and with Spot being out of town, and not wanting to take advantage of Maude, you up to another session.... say tomorrow morning?

Well I'm off to watch the GOP debate.

Loves to you all.


May 03, 2007 - Msg 51988: Hey to the porch. I'm making cookies tonight for a cookie contest at work tonight. Yes, sir, I'm going to enter the contest this year. I think I've hit on just the right receipe.
- Hazel

May 03, 2007 - Msg 51989: ooops that's "at work tomorrow". Not tonight.

May 03, 2007 - Msg 51990: Asa - thanks for asking. As you know our house dog Bandit passed last year of natural causes and now this. . .it hit my husband and myself and our oldest outdoor boy the worst. We keep looking at the dog house and it is empty. In my heart I know where he is but in my mind - he is at the vets being taken care of. I will say that they were very compassionate and one vet could not even meet with us because he was upset. This dog really knew how to "snooker" you in. . .

Romeena - I can't remember if the brats are red and metts are white or visa versa. But it goes on the grill and it is pretty good eating. Specially with ketchup and I don't usually do ketchup. And yes, a Billy Burger is exactly what you think it is - a hamburger out of goat meat smothered in BBQ sauce. Yum Yum

Hazel - what's your cookie recipe? Mine is called little squares I find in the refrigerator section of my grocery aisle.. . sometimes Pillsbury, sometimes another brand, I call it EASY!


May 03, 2007 - Msg 51991: Good evening, all. I'm supposed to be working tonight, but got cancelled, which makes me very happy. We don't have to accept cancellation, but they know I always will. I'd rather be here in my home than anywhere else, even if it does cost me some pay.

I saw a beautiful little goldfinch yesterday, and I'd love for him to stay around and bring his friends. One way to ensure that is to hang up a thistle sock, filled with Nijer thistle. I've done it before, and the squirrels shredded the sock in about ten minutes. Tried a solid, hard plastic feeder with tiny holes for the birds to reach the seed. Mr. Chisel Teeth made several quarter-sized holes, took him less than half an hour. So--(maniacal laughter here, bwa-hahahaha) --I strung some thin wire between the two big trees outside my window, about twelve feet off the ground. You should have seen old acrophobic me, clinging to that ladder and putting eyebolts into the trees. Then from that wire, about midway between the trees, I dropped another wire, about five feet long, and hung the sock from that. The sock is now about six or seven feet off the ground, hanging from a thread-like wire, at least eight feet from the nearest tree. I'd just like to see the squirrels get to it now!! Actually, they might, but if they do I'll surely have some great photo ops as they're trying. Either way, I win. Feed the birds, or watch the squirrels -- happy, happy me!

homemaker, I'm just so sorry. Naturally, the Plum is strictly an indoor dog, and I don't have outdoor dogs, but I know and understand that in a country setting they have their place. With the right people to care for them, which Banjo obviously had, they lead happy and productive lives. So do you have no dog at all now? If that's true, you'll probably want to remedy that before too long. That empty doghouse will weigh you down.

I've got some cooking to do tonight, but need to go to the store first. Will wait until later, when the after-work crowd has all made it home. My bunco group meets here tomorrow night, and I have to feed them something. Probably spinach dip, tuna sandwiches, pimento cheese sandwiches, a new recipe I have for toasted asparagus squares (looks delish!) and something sweet, maybe some Scottish shortbread. We might make root beer floats, too. I'd like to get all the stuff mixed up tonight, because it will be better tomorrow after it sits for a while, especially the spinach dip.

Well, all this talk of food has made me hungry. I think I'll heat a can of chili, and dump it over some Doritos with lettuce, tomato and grated cheese. Sort of a taco salad, very good.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

May 03, 2007 - Msg 51992: My goodness! My apologies for such a long post! --Romeena

May 03, 2007 - Msg 51993: "I want to write my sen-tence!"
- Hazel, quoting Ernest T

May 03, 2007 - Msg 51994: Beware open closed no hunt-ing....


May 03, 2007 - Msg 51995: Millie, I don't think I can add to the things already said. I just hope I can have the peace and strength that you seem to have if/when I have to go through something like that.
When I read your post, I must admit I was heart-broken for you.
But then I wondered if I was feeling sorry for you or sorry for myself. It is a scary thing you mentioned, even for those just reading it and not going through it. I mean, who wants to think about their own mortality.
Then I realize through your posts that you neither want nor need my pity. Nor anybody's.
Just maybe kind thoughts and prayers.
May we all have the grace, strength, and peace that you have shown, at our own journey's end.

-Sterling Holobyte

May 03, 2007 - Msg 51996:
Hello porch family....Just a quick chat to check on everyone.

ASA...yep, let's do it again in the morning. Sounds good.

Hazel...good luck with the cookies.

MDC...not sure where the race is this week.

Folks I will be gone till Monday but you all will be in my prayers. Take care of each other and know that Jesus loves us so much.

May 03, 2007 - Msg 51997:
Well spoken Sterling.

May 04, 2007 - Msg 51998:

Just jumped on to see what was up with the Porch and got your news, Millie. I will do what you asked and pray for your family.. and for you, too. Your courage and acceptance is an inspiration. God bless.



May 04, 2007 - Msg 51999: Ro - we have decided that we will wait on getting a new dog until we have our new house finished. That way - the new home will be his permanent home instead of trying to introduce him to a new place. It will be okay. I still yearn for another Boston Terror sometimes but I know that no other will be like my Bandy and the same for anothe Border - he won't be Banjo. So we may try a different breed altogether. I see us definitely getting a Great Pyrannese to help with goats.

It is FRIDAY! yeah! So much to do in the next couple of weeks. My mom and dad's farm auction is the 19th so I am helping get that all sorted out and packed. They have to be out of their house by the end of May. They are starting on drywall today in the new house. Busy, Busy, Busy -

So - Millie - have you had the energy to add any recipes to Aunt Bea's cookbook? I can't wait to try some of them on my boys. I'll tell them it is a special recipe - 'cept it's not from the Waltons!

Well- I need to go check on one of my students!

take care!


May 04, 2007 - Msg 52000: Ro - we may have no dog but we have three baby kittens!

May 04, 2007 - Msg 52001: Morning Porchesters, raining this Friday morning on my end of the porch but glad it is Friday. I enjoyed my visit with Millie and Hazel last night over at Sarah's, wish I could of stayed longer, but my eye lids were might heavy. I will take care of supper tonight: cheeseburgers on the grill with all the trimmings, corn on the grill, broasted potatoes, slaw, broccoli salad,
a big chocolate cake and sweet tea to drink. Hopefully, we are going to Dollywood in the morning. I will turn 48 tomorrow so we are going to celebrate. It is supposed to rain so we may have to look at another plan of action. Hoefully, ASA will take you guys to breakfast!!Have a Mayberry day. Prayers and blessings to everyone and an extra dose for Millie and her family. Big Maude

May 04, 2007 - Msg 52002: I just love going to Sara's too - I must have logged in too late. Have fun in Pigeon Forge and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


May 04, 2007 - Msg 52003: Homemaker and Maude, thanks for keeping me company over at Sarah's. Usually it's just me and Hazel, but it's so nice when y'all drop in. I really enjoy the fellowship.
Today is a good day. I feel better than I have in a good long while. Y'all's prayers are doing the trick, i just know it.
Before I forget...

Happy Birthday Big Maude! You're not getting older, you're getting better!


May 04, 2007 - Msg 52004: Lunch on me at Bogart's....Reubens(traditional or turkey for you health nuts) and potato salad, and sweet tea. Eat up!

May 04, 2007 - Msg 52005: Mmmmmmmm, a reuben sandwich sounds good, Millie. I love em!
Although the sauerkraut doesn't agree with me sometimes. That shouldn't happen, I'm German!;)

-Sterling Holobyte

May 04, 2007 - Msg 52006: Wow, a Reuben from Bogart's! Sure beats the peanut butter I was considering. Make mine traditional, with lots of kraut. Nothing disagrees with me! (Sorry, Sterling.)

Millie, I'm so happy you had a restful night. That was my prayer as I went to sleep myself. I wish I could wiggle my nose and transport you here in an instant. I'd park you in a big recliner by my window, where you could enjoy all the activity out there this morning, and the flowers that are blooming so beautifully. I'd give you sweet tea and some shortbread, and then when you were ready, I'd zap you back home again.

Well, gotta get busy. Pond fountain is barely dribbling, must go wash out the filter. Have a lovely day, everyone! Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

May 04, 2007 - Msg 52007: Hey Y'all! Glad you're having a good day Millie- let's hope tomorrow is even better.
Asa,I'm ok,just haven't put up my usual *****SMILES***** due to some of the Porch news of late. Thanks for asking about me though.
Where has Boo been lately? Did she slip out of Mayberry for awhile? Oh,and I wish Quiet Sam would check in- been quite a while since he's rocked with us, hasn't it?
Maude,you have a Happy Birthday tomorrow! I'm right behind you girlfriend-I join the 48 club the end of July! Hope you have a lovely day!
Gotta scoot- y'all take care!
possum under a rock

May 04, 2007 - Msg 52008: ....uh, could you "zap" me over, too, Romeena??

So happy to hear you had a restful night, Millie.


May 04, 2007 - Msg 52009: Oh hey, Possum, I was posting at the same time as you. I was out most of the day yesterday and lots to do.


May 04, 2007 - Msg 52010: Barney: (angry) "Oh, you're just full of fun today. Why don't you go up to the old people's home and wax the steps!"


May 04, 2007 - Msg 52011: Good afternoon everyone. I don't have much time this afternoon but I wanted to drop by and say a quick how-dy.

MILLIE: Our friends here have already said it a whole lot better than I could myself. I wish I could offer you something more than prayers. Us guys like to "do" something. Some people live 100 years and never touch as many people as I know that you have. You are something. Even better than chicken with crust. Prayers for your family.

I also wish that I could have one of those Reubens (1,000 Island on the side, please). I love those things, and my lunch wasn't much today. You know, Richmond is only two-and-a-half hours from here...

Where's BOO today? And APB for AUH2O. I might have to call Hilary and ask her to get after him.

Well, have a terrific day, all.


May 04, 2007 - Msg 52012: Oh, there you are, BOO. Hey! Don't sneak up behind me like that.

And Happy Birthday BIG MAUDE!


May 04, 2007 - Msg 52013: "When prayer is all that's left, prayer is all you need." I heard that somewhere, and just love it. --Romeena

May 04, 2007 - Msg 52014:
Hello everyone.

Care for some humor? Because Floyd's Msg 51985 states that links here are disabled, you will have to copy and paste the links from below.



from Poor Horatio

May 04, 2007 - Msg 52015: So glad to see you Boo and Miss Possum - don't you despair for the Lord's hand is at work. As Charlotte told Wilbur, "Chin Up!" My son just read Charlotte's Web - sorry!

Millie - I'll take a couple of those Reuban's to go. . .peanut butter and jelly was my lunch :(

See everyone later!


May 04, 2007 - Msg 52016: Oh Auntie Ro - can I be "zapped" too?
(And Asa - I know what you are thinking and that's not funny)!


May 04, 2007 - Msg 52017: Millie,

I hope you read this...

My sister-in-law died 8 years ago. When she found out she had cancer she was about 4 months pregnant and she also had 3 and 5 year old daughters. Just in the way of reassuring you, my entire family rallied around my brother and his 3 children after she passed. My sister-in-law is walking streets of gold now, and with the benefit of Heaven she now can see that her children are doing well. I am sure you will find the same will be true for your children. Her oldest daughter is in high school now and gets straight A's. She is a wonderful, well balanced, loving person, and she knows she has the love and concern of every person in her family. The middle child also gets all A's. She is a fiesty, opinionated little thing, in the 6th grade, and I love her to pieces, as does the rest of her family. She recently stood up in my daughter's wedding and she was offended when my daughter took her shopping for jewelry to wear in the wedding and she didn't get DIAMONDS! The youngest was born 3 months premature and today he is 8. He is an extremely high energy boy, the absolute darling of the family, and is intelligent, with absolutely no problems from being born early. My family has been brought so much closer because of the death of Jeannie, and we get together constantly. It has never been anything but a joy to see these children grow up! I think about you all the time, even though I rarely post anymore, and I hope you know you are in my thoughts and prayers continually, as will your family be.

In God's love,

Mary Wiggins

May 04, 2007 - Msg 52018: That's a beautiful testimony, Mary Wiggins. Thanks for sharing it.

Me-They, I too wish Auh2o would come back. I really miss his posts.

My sister and I took the kids to see Spiderman 3 today. It's not something I wanted to see but the kids did, so I went. I thought it was one of the corniest movies ever. I never saw so many men cry in one movie. I think everybody cried at least once...even the villians. Sappy, very sappy. Oh well, at least I only paid matinee prices.

Bruce came home today after an extremely stressful day at work. He told me he experienced some chest pains so I have to get him in to see the dr next week for some tests. He had a treadmill several years ago and it was ok. He turns 50 this year so I guess it's time to check things out again.

Guess we will take it easy tonight and just watch some TV or something. Hope you all have a great evening.


Opie: (whispering), "Lefty, you and me's bustin' out tonight".

May 04, 2007 - Msg 52019:
Boo- prayers for Bruce for sure! You may want to go to ER, because as soon as heart pain is mentioned, things usually move along quicker there. Just a thought.
And get him on that omega 3 fish oil! ha
Or, another idea, you could fix him up one of those special Ellie shakes! ha

25 and 25, (do a little jig) FIFTY!

(That was adding to Hazel's quote from awhile back.)

Mary W, that was so beautiful. Thank you for that.
wE all needed that I think.
Hope all have a good weekend! Hang in tere my friends!

May 04, 2007 - Msg 52020: Hey, MDC, I've been meaning to ask you. And I know you're not in the business to promote certain brands of vitamins... but how do you tell when some of them are made of synthetics? (I'm not sure if I spelled that right) You said we should avoid those, but, it's not like the Walmart brands put that on the label! They don't say "100 percent synthetic!". Which brand should we look for? I have been a vitamin-taker for years... at least 20 years. But, that being said, I have been known to buy the cheaper brands. How can I know which ones are the good ones?
- Hazel

"I aint talkin', I aint talkin'. The more you ask, the more I'm balkin'!"

May 04, 2007 - Msg 52021: Hazel, new poster, kinda been sitting in the shade outa view....but check out I wish I owned some stock in the company...but alas don't. I take their Omega-s fish oil and hydrolyzed collagen and it really makes a differency you can feel.


May 04, 2007 - Msg 52022: Hello there, Ray. Come on up on the porch, you don't have to sit out in the yard! This porch is large and expandable, always room for another rocker. If you prefer to "lurk", that's okay too. There are other lurkers out there, and they all know they're welcome to drop in anytime. Just suit yourself. --Romeena

May 04, 2007 - Msg 52023: Hey, Ray, thanks! I'll check that out, and welcome to the porch.
- Hazel

May 04, 2007 - Msg 52024:
Hello porch family....I made it to Florida safely. Sitting here in the motorhome so I thought I would try to get internet service. It's a low signal but enough to get me on.

Welcome Ray. Good to have you visit here. way is to go to your local health food store and ask. Another way is to study up on the different names of vitamins. Example: Vitamin E is listed on the bottle as d-alpha or dl-alpha. dl is synthetic and the d is natural. You really have to read the labels.

Happy Birthday Big Maude. Hope you have a great day. I will be doing a concert in Pigeon Forge Memorial Day weekend.

Well better get ready for bed. You all take care and prayers for all.

May 05, 2007 - Msg 52025: Good Saturday morning. Hope you all rested well last night.

I wanted to ask you to please continue your prayers for Sean. His Tourette symptoms are on the increase and I am having to increase his meds for that. He is having headaches from the latest tic and I had to rub his head last night and give him the hot water bottle. I am beginning to think Me-They might be onto something with his "spring" theory. Things are certainly getting worse for Sean. Yesterday he told me that he would rather die than live this way, and that's not something you want to hear from a child who is on an increased dose of Paxil. He has the best doctors I can find for him and I don't know what else to do for him but pray and keep him under close supervision. Part of the problem is that I forgot to give him his meds on time yesterday and when that happens, it is a real mess. Well, thank you for for praying for us, it means the world. I know the bible is full of promises concerning prayer. I just feel myself getting tired and need to recharge my batteries, so to speak.

Well, guess I will go have some quiet time before everyone wakes up.


May 05, 2007 - Msg 52026: Thanks for the welcome! Wonder if my heard of deer will follow me here. Will include Sean in my prayers Boo.

May 05, 2007 - Msg 52027: Barney: " Boys,when that steel door slams shut,that's the end of the happy more fishin',no more ball playin',no more peanut butter sandwiches."
( You hear that Paris Hilton? ) Ha! Sorry,couldn't help myself!
Welcome to the Porch,Ray!
Happy 48th to Big Maude!!
Boo,as always,Sean is in my prayers.
Y'all have a good day.
possum under a rock

May 05, 2007 - Msg 52028: this is a wonderful site. i will tell my friends to visit often

Ha! Gotcha.
Hope all is well for everyone today.
Boo, I'll sure include Sean in my prayers. You already have a full plate without having to deal with that. And prayers for Bruce. Go get him checked out. Did you get my email? I hope you found it funny. You're a Mudder. LOL
Welcome to Ray. What neck of the woods are you from?

Cold and windy here today. Snowing at 6'000 ft. Hope it don't go any lower.

Hazel, I try to find vitamens that are chelated. (I think that's how they are spelled) It is a process used in manufacturing that keeps them really potent if I understand it right. MDC knows much more than I do on the subject though. I still have stagnation 't lungs somewhat. So what do I ken? LOL


May 05, 2007 - Msg 52029: Hey Possum, we posted together. Good to see you.
I forgot to wish Maude a happy Birthday. Hope it's a good one.

I sure hope that L.A. jail can accomadate a female prisoner. They may have to buy some pink towels.


May 05, 2007 - Msg 52030: It's just occurred to me. I believe we missed Toms birthday yesterday! You know me; I got a memory like a steel trap, and I'm pretty sure his birthday is May 4th. So Happy Birthday to Tom! And Happy Birthday to Big Maude! Let's celebrate. We'll have birthday cake later this afternoon at my place.
- Hazel

May 05, 2007 - Msg 52031: Good morning, all. Asa, you're going to keep it up until I just have to go dig out my Herriot books and read them again. Doggone you!

Boo, I'm so sorry that Sean is having so many problems. He's just too sweet a kid to be having to put up with this. Prayers for both of you, and for Bruce as well.

The Plum has been doing so well, I finally tapered her off the Rimadyl. My bunco group met here last night, and she was in her element, all those ladies to love on her and slip her tiny tidbits when they thought I wasn't looking. She was very active, ran and jumped and played like a puppy. Now this morning, she's barely moving. I had to carry her from the bedroom to the kitchen, because walking was obviously painful for her. Fortunately, I still had a little of her Rimadyl, so gave her a dose along with her breakfast, which she did eat. Then I carried her back to her crate, where her water bottle is, and she curled up and went to sleep. Poor little baby. Looks like Rimadyl is going to be a way of life for her. I just don't understand it, though. If this is the "mild" hip dysplasia causing her all this discomfort, then how on earth was she so active last night? After everyone left, she had one of her old-time, puppy-days spazz attacks, grabbing toys and running with them, jumping from floor to ottoman to chair and back to floor, all around the room. Now this morning she's barely moving! Curious, curious, curious.

Cloudy and gray here today. My day will brighten somewhat this afternoon, though. My two little grandsons are coming over, will spend the night, go to church with me in the morning, and I'll give them back to their parents at lunch. At 3 and 6, they're a double handful, but so sweet they're worth it!

Well, off I go. I think I'll give the Plum some quiet cuddle time before the boys get here. She says hey! --Romeena

May 05, 2007 - Msg 52032: To Romeena Msg 52031, check out the following link to see if it can help Sugarplum:

To Boo Msg 52025, sorry to hear the news about Sean and about your own increasing frustrations. I will add you both to my prayer list. Also, please visit
You will read about real life stories that might give you some new ideas.

To Rev Msg 52024, what size (length) is your motorhome? Is it a class A, B or C?

To Big Maude, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you.

To ray Msg 52021, a hearty welcome to the newcomer.

To Hazel Msg 52020, below are some links about vitamins that may help you with your decision:

from Poor Horatio

May 05, 2007 - Msg 52033: Asa, my neck of the woods is 25 miles north of San Antonio in the hill country. Snow??, believe my first tomatos will be ready to pick next week.

May 05, 2007 - Msg 52034: Welcome to Ray. I envy you for living in the hill country. I love that area of Texas and try to visit it often. In fact, I met up with Romeena in Fredricksburg a couple of Decembers ago. We attended the Christmas festival they have there (forgot the name of it) and I even had the pleasure of meeting Ro's two girls and their sons. I got to hear one of her daughters sing and it was wonderful. Anyway, I live near Corpus Christi. It is very warm and humid here right now. Have you ever been to Hunt, Texas (near Kerville). I am trying to arrange a trip there to camp this summer. Thank you for your prayers.

Thanks for the emails, Asa. That is the second email you have sent me with wiggly bottoms....hmmm. First it was men on a telephone pole (with know me too well) and now it's a wiggly baby's bottom...cute. I really liked the story of the cracked pot. Thanks for your prayers for me and Sean!

Hey PH, thanks for you prayers and for that website, I will check it out.

Thank you too, Possum and Ro. You're the best. I sure hope Plum feels better real soon. Keep those prayers going for her.

Well, tonight is date night for Bruce and I but I don't know where we will go yet. I'm still tired from the 4-H car wash this afternoon.

You all have a blessed, very Mayberry-like evening,


May 05, 2007 - Msg 52035: Happy Birthday to Tom!
possum under a rock

May 05, 2007 - Msg 52036: You know, Ro, I was looking back at the archives at about 2 years ago and I noticed that even back then, Plum was having spells now and then when she would be fine one day and then down the next. Maybe it is the hip problem, sounds like it to me. Can't stand to think of the little thing hurting in that hip. Keep giving her that Rimadyl if it helps her.


May 05, 2007 - Msg 52037: Guess what I bought at a yard sale. . .ya'll be jealous.. . I bought Andy Griffiths' album "Just for Laughs" - What is was was football, Romeo and Julie, etc. and I got it for 50 cents! Can you believe that - 50 cents. Not tooo many scratches so I think I will fire up the ol victrola and take a listen to that later on this evening.

Making some tasty goat BBQ for supper. Ray - being you are in Texas, do you have a hankering for boer goats. Romeena and Boo and the rest of the porch have to listen to goat talk. Just wondering if you are a city slicker or out in the boondocks! WELCOME!

Hey Boo - I was wondering if some aromatherapy oils would help Sean's headaches. I used them for Casey's sinuses - he loved it when I rubbed his back with them. But not his feet - he is terribly ticklish.

Here's hoping Millie had a better day!

Take care and give someone you love a big hug!


May 05, 2007 - Msg 52038: Boo - we were posting at the same time! 4-H car wash - guess it is the same from state to state!


May 05, 2007 - Msg 52039: Really, Boo? Whereabouts in the archives were you? I really don't remember her having problems that far back - maybe if I read what I wrote it will give me some insight into today's problems.

Happy birthday, Tom! I didn't see that post #52030, because it came in at the same time as my own. I hope your birthday was a good one.

Big Maude, a very happy birthday to you, too! I hope it was just great!

Ray, what part of the hill country are you in? As Boo said, my daughters live in Fredericksburg, and San Antonio is my home town. I was born there, and lived there until I was almost 30. I love the hill country - we used to spend at least a week every summer camped on the Frio river, about ten miles south of Leakey, at a camp called River Bend. It has changed a lot since then, and I probably wouldn't want to go there now, but it used to be wonderful.

Well, the grandsons are here now, so I'd better be paying attention, I guess. Amazing what they can find to get into. Agile, curious little minds....

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

May 05, 2007 - Msg 52040: Don't mean to post that much, but many thanks for all the welcomes, 'kinda' makes you feel welcome. Found the site with a google search for Earl Abel's restuarants and it looked interesting.

Boo, yes familiar with Hunt TX. Great place to relax when you have the time. Next time coming this way, let me know. I do a sixteen hour brisket on the smoker and love to share. Make the potato salad with purple onions and olives....etc. If a special event will even get to Southside Market in Elgin for some sausage. All are welcome....belive me...more enjoyment in watching others enjoy...normally bushed from the all night cooking!

Love it out here, now feeding 300 lbs of corn a week to my deer herd. They are awaiting me when I open the garage to leave in the morning. When I get home there are forty or so awaiting me in the yard. This morning I wasn't out at were looking in my window. Each has an individual personality and love them all. Very educational to watch and observe.
Sorry to ramble so much.

May 05, 2007 - Msg 52041: Hello, porch family!
A great big Mayberry Welcome to ray. Are you going to pick a Mayberry name? You don't have to, I was just wondering.
Today has been a pretty good day(after a rough night) and I've had my mama here with me all day. Everybody's working hard to get the house in order. Teaamwork! Yay!
Happy Birthday Tom! Where are ya, my friend?
Since I'm feeling better, let's all have supper out on the porch this evening......ham, potato salad, butterbeans, cornbread and sweet tea. Afterwards, let's make some homemade ice cream.
Love and hugs to all,

May 05, 2007 - Msg 52042: That sounds great Millie. I've heard about yer tater salad. Glad you're having a good day.

Happy Birthday Tom. Hope it was a good one.

Ray, I'm envious. Picking tomatos? I ain't even planted mine yet. This week maybe. We had a frost last night and will be sure to have another tonight. That brisket sounds good. Word of caution Ray. If homemaker tries feeding you any meatballs... run, don't walk, run as fast and as far as you can.

Boo, I didn't realise my emails to you contained wiggly bums till you mentioned it. Hmmm, wonder what that says about you? LOL

Hope the Plum perks up Romeena. Sure sounds like the hip thing though. I'd keep her on the meds. We can't have her go flop-bott you know.


May 05, 2007 - Msg 52043: Thank you, Poor Horatio. I followed the link and read the article. Very interesting! I've copied the link and plan to give it to the Plum's vet on Monday. He's open-minded, and will no doubt read it, or perhaps already has. I have to go by his office on Monday anyway to pick up some more Rimadyl, and get another bag of food. Thank goodness her appetite isn't suffering, even though she doesn't feel well. Actually, she's a little better this evening, I think the Rimadyl is taking hold.

Well, I've got to go feed these two little wild Indians, get them bathed and then (please Lord) get them to bed. We're all going to pile up in my big bed and watch movies.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

May 05, 2007 - Msg 52044: Folks, I think we are early with birthday greetings for Tom. According to the archives, his birthday is May 25.

from Poor Horatio

May 05, 2007 - Msg 52045: Haha! Asa, believe me, she has been flop-bott all day, poor baby. Won't put her right foot to the floor, and sometimes when trying to walk she just goes down on her left hip and sits there, looking confused. I've been carrying her everywhere.

Millie, I'm glad your mom is there with you. Wish I could come by and lend a hand with the routine stuff so she could just sit and share some time with you.

Ray, so you feed the deer? You sound like my kind of person. I love the wild things too, though being in town, the wildest things I see around here are possums and the occasional raccoon. Squirrels and birds, of course, but they're everywhere! I put out feed for them, though, and try to keep a resident population happy. I made finger sandwiches for the party last night, and all the cut-off crusts went out for the critters. Took them about ten minutes to polish off the crusts from two loaves of bread!

Now I really do need to go feed those kids. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

May 05, 2007 - Msg 52046: Really, PH? I was just following someone's lead - well Happy Birthday anyway, Tom, whenever it is!! --Romeena

May 05, 2007 - Msg 52047: Evening porch family, Welcome to Ray!! Thanks to all for the Birthday wishes. Had a good day in
Pigeon Forgem rainy and wet much of the day but we still had a grand day. My husband bought me a lovely pair of earrings, shammrocks with an emerald on each leaf. Dollywood is having the Festival of Nations. They have different things from many different countries. Ireland is represented and they have Jewerly actually made in Ireland which is where he found the earrings. They are intricately made. My son gave me a necklace with a glass cross attached. All in all I had a swell day.Thanks for supper Millie, glad you are feeling better. I will do breakfast before church in the morning: cinnamon rolls, breakfast casserole, orange juice, milk, coffee, or tea. see you all before Sunday service. Have a blessed evening and prayers to all. sleep tight.
Big Maude

May 05, 2007 - Msg 52048: Hello All.
Well have ben bust doing thing.
Millie - I will keep praying for you and your family.
Happy Birthday Big Maude hope it was a good one.
Yes PH , Tom birthday is the May 25 and will be 55 to
Romeena-pray for sugarplum.


May 05, 2007 - Msg 52049: Hello Gizzmo Msg 52048. Thanks for the correction about Tom's birthday.

from Poor Horatio

May 05, 2007 - Msg 52050: Hello Gizzmo, good to hear from again.

Where is Elgin, Ray?? Is that the nearest town to you?

Romeena, I will try to find the archive I mentioned. It shouldn't be too hard.

Hey homemaker, I never thought of the aroma oils, I'll try to remember to try it. Message seems to really help him at times when he is really tense.

Asa, I wonder what the wiggly-bottom emails say about YOU, Dear. hehe

Hey to Maude!

Better go put a roast in the crock supper and business meeting tomorrow. We are supposed to be trying to elect a deacon or two.


May 05, 2007 - Msg 52051: Boo, Elgin in about 35 miles east of Austin on US290. Best sausage I know of:
Long before Al Gore invented the internet, Southside Market was making sausage, like 75 years. Next best I know of is Chappel Hill (further out US290 past Brenham)...and I am very selective of what I serve. You are probably disadvantaged like we are here with a monoply grocery selling their brand products...uggggg but I at least have an Albertson's in New Braunfels....and a couple of meat markets both in San Antonio and New Braunfels.

Will get our my grill and cook on one windward side of the poarch.


May 05, 2007 - Msg 52052: Well, I'm back. Finally got the boys fed, bathed and in bed. Immediately realized they weren't going to sleep, so removed the little one to a sofa in the living room. Both boys asleep in five minutes. Took little one back to bed, both now sawing toothpicks. Ha! Divide and conquer - it works every time.

Ray, would that by any chance be Nemecek sausage you get in Elgin? We used to buy it in Waco when we lived there. Good stuff! Wish I could get it here in the Dallas area.

I know what you mean about monopoly grocery stores - actually we have two of them here, but the competition doesn't seem to make any difference. I have found one house brand item that I really like, though, and both stores have a similar product under their store name. It's bacon that is cured with 25% less sodium, and no sugar. For a diabetic like me, that's a big deal. I absolutely love bacon, and the no sugar, less salt kind is really, really good, believe it or not. If it wasn't, I wouldn't eat it. I'm not the world's most compliant diabetic. I refuse to use artificial sweeteners, and I eat pretty much what I want and take insulin as needed to cover it. So if the bacon wasn't great, I wouldn't bother with it. I eat that kind now because I truly prefer it. Of course, if I could still get some of that good old Nemecek bacon, I might have a problem!

Well, guess I'll turn in too. The kids are asleep, the Plum is asleep, and I should be asleep as well. Church for sure in the morning, my beloved former pastor is preaching. Will have to get up an hour early to feed and dress these little boys, but we most definitely will be there. I'll wear my earrings for sure. Bro. Bo will chuckle and say I look "worldly" but from him, that's a compliment. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena