May 31, 2007 - Msg 52961: Hi blonde from a bottle. Welcome back.


May 31, 2007 - Msg 52962: Guess I'll sweep while I'm up. This is gonna cost someone a breakfast though!


May 31, 2007 - Msg 52963: Asa-a good job of sweeping do you do windows too.
Hi blonde from a bottle do not stay away so line next time.
Prayer are going out to Millie family.
Will we get some rain tonight and storm came in win the heat give up.

We'er on a journey here below.
Life has its twists and turns.
We'll be on many mountain tops,
But it's in the valleys that we learn.
Each day is full of promise,
So live it to the full.
Spend each minute wisely.
Don't forget the "Golen Rule."
God's on the journey with us,
Be it days of joy or pain.
This gift of life is precious.
To follow Him is gain.


May 31, 2007 - Msg 52964:
My prayers for Millie and family. She is so special to this porch.

Wonderful poem Tom. (as always)

Well I can't stay long but just wanted to check in tonight. Good night and know that I'm praying for all our porch family.

June 01, 2007 - Msg 52965: Romeena - the package arrived yesterday. Millie sends her thanks - I brought it up to her at the hospital last night... ~Millie's husband

June 01, 2007 - Msg 52966: Good Friday morning everyone. I pray you are all well today.
Sorry Tom, I don't do windows. I barely even sweep. :)

What do you think if at a predetermined time tonight we all knelt and joined in prayer for our friend Millie and her family. I was thinking maybe around 7 p.m. Mountain time which would be 9 Eastern 8 Central 6 Pacific. Just a thought.

Happy Birthday to Andy Griffith. 81 today, bless his heart. I hope he has a good birthday.

Speaking of 81, that's supposed to be our high temp for today. Just about perfect.

Frankie, you buying me lobster today for lunch. I think it's only fitting.

Well best get to work. I'm not like goldbrick Wheeler. I have to produce..... sometimes.


June 01, 2007 - Msg 52967: Mornin' Y'all. Prayers for our Millie and her family. God Bless.
Wishing Andy a Happy 81st birthday!
Asa,you missed a couple of spots-see over there behind Mavis' rocker? Oh,and what are those things behind that potted plant? Looks like dusty meatballs! Now,you just come back here and finish sweeping!
Welcome back to blonde from a bottle. I remember you from your earlier time on the Porch.Don't be a stranger!
We might have to send a posse out to look for Big Maude.Y'all suppose she's holed up in O'Malley's cabin?
Gotta get busy with some chores,so I'll see y'all later. Have a good Friday!
possum under a rock

June 01, 2007 - Msg 52968: Good Morning Everyone:

Hope everyone is up for the fish fry tonite.

The "Dud"

June 01, 2007 - Msg 52969: Good morning everyone.

Great idea about praying together for MILLIE tonight, ASA. Lightning does strike from time to time, doesn't it? Count me in.

I'll stop back later.


June 01, 2007 - Msg 52970: Yes, good idea Asa, I'll be praying at 8 central.

Still working on the laundry! Only 3 more loads to go but it will have to wait. I told the kids I would take them to the pool.

Ray, I saw the pictures of the deer on Romeena's photo album. Wow, really beautiful. I have seen deer like that in people's yards when I was in Kerville. You have a beautiful place.

See ya'll later,


June 01, 2007 - Msg 52971: The 8:00 PM prayer is a good idea. The"Dud"

June 01, 2007 - Msg 52972: Asa, your idea for a community prayer for Millie is great. So folks, tonight at:
9pm eastern
8pm central
7pm mountain
6pm pacific
no matter where you are, take a minute or two to say a prayer for our friend Millie.

For those of you who can't make it or miss tonight's prayer, Sunday night will be an alternate night (times remain the same).

from Poor Horatio

June 01, 2007 - Msg 52973: I saw your picture in the album, HORATIO. It looks like you were getting ready to head up to the old folks home to wax the steps.


BOO: Here's my shorts...

MILLIE's Hubby: Thank you so much for updating us. Prayers for your whole family.

APB for MRS. WILEY (how do you do?), GOOBER, BWB, IDELLE, CHARLOTTE, MAYBERRY DEPUTY, RAFE and a bunch of others.

See y'all later.

Happy birthday ANDY GRIFFITH!

June 01, 2007 - Msg 52974:
Hey Porch

Asa-Great, 9:00, count me in.

Millie-A hug for you buddy!

Asa-I like Thompson, that's for sure, but he's not quite as Conservative as I'd like. If I could choose one it would probably either be Newt or, the guy you mentioned a while back, Duncan Hunter. But, if Fred can stop the "it takes a village crowd" than he'll do just fine, I think.

homemaker-I think Mike Huckabee would fit that bill also.

Happy Birthday Sheriff Taylor!


June 01, 2007 - Msg 52975: You may get kicked out of New York talking like that, AUH2O.


June 01, 2007 - Msg 52976: It takes a populate a village.


June 01, 2007 - Msg 52977: AFD, ROMEENA, and anyone else interested: I have a few minutes of "down time" waiting for some stuff to print, so I thought I’d fill you in the Mrs.’ job situation. In mid-June she will begin her new job doing medical case management. The company she will be working for contracts with businesses and ins*rance companies.

Basically, she will be doing preventative case management: contacting employees and checking up on their health, making sure they are taking their meds, providing assistance to those with long-term disabilities/medical issues, providing requested information, acting as a sounding board for concerns, etc. This is a benefit of the employees’ health ins*rance coverage. There are divisions within the company she is working for that do the other kind of case management--like recommending whether or not something should be covered by ins*rance--and I’m glad she isn’t getting into that. (Though, in a way, since I know how caring my wife is, maybe it would be a good thing for someone like her to fill a slot that could be filled by someone only concerned with the bottom line.) Although the company’s goal is to save the employer and ins*rance company money, it seems like they are committed to doing that through quality preventative care and appropriate patient care. At least in her position she gets to help people stay well to save money and not find ways to deny help to the sick.

She will be working there for about three months to train and then will work from home. They provide a computer, office supplies, and pay for internet. It is all done totally paper-free because of confidentiality issues. It is full-time Monday through Friday and she will still have to work set hours (but you set them) and request off days that she wants off. But, you are permitted to be away from your desk/office doing whatever without prior approval if it will take less than an hour or two. So, she can get groceries or go pick up our daughter from school, etc. without checking in. Basically, they want you to be able to receive/return calls and e-mails in a timely manner. Other than that, you’re on your own. The pay is good, but of course not as much as she was making in a hospital at night. And the medical benefits are okay but not as great. Right now, any procedure or test we can have done at the hospital (like x-rays, or even having a baby) is free (as far as the hospital), and we get to choose any doctors we want. And, the cost is very low.

Oh, well, we will see! Keep the Mrs. (and my nerves) in your prayers as we adjust. Thanks!


June 01, 2007 - Msg 52978:
M-T Being from New York and a Conservative, it does feel like we're leading some type of resistance movement. I'm not the only one around here that calls the Empire State, The People's Republic of New York (PRNY).

"Don't turn around, uh-oh
Der Kommissar's in town, uh-oh"


June 01, 2007 - Msg 52979: Auh2o:

When in Texas our reply would be "NEW YORK CITY!"

The "Dud"

June 01, 2007 - Msg 52980: No SPOT and BIG MAUDE's gone missing. My poor stomach sure is taking a beating today.


June 01, 2007 - Msg 52981: "NEW YOUR CITY?! GET A ROPE!".....(from the Pace picante' commercials)

Hope the wife's job works out well for everbody, Me-They.

Making chicken soup for Bruce (still sicky-poo). Got the chicken cooking in the pot and there is enough for everyone...


June 01, 2007 - Msg 52982:
Asa, I will be on my knees for Millie tonight Mountain standasrd time, no DST here.
May the true living God hear our request and grant us a true miracle.
God bless you all, love,

June 01, 2007 - Msg 52983: Asa, I will be with a group of my friends tonight at 8, and if I can get them quiet enough for a couple of minutes, the entire group will pray for Millie. This is my Sunday School class (we're gathering to play bunco, and I don't want to hear any remarks about that!) and they're a bunch of seasoned prayer warriors. Trust me, they'll join in willingly.

Boo, I hope Bruce is feeling tiptop very soon. As for New York City, did you ever try to get a glass of iced tea there in the winter? It can't be done. Maybe things have changed a bit, but when I was there some years back, I was told in a very nice restaurant that iced tea was not available. So I ordered a glass of ice and a cup of hot tea. The waiter looked at me like I had three heads, but he brought it. He placed it on the table and walked away, shaking his head and muttering. I think I'm glad I couldn't understand what he said. Weird place, very weird place, at least by my Texas standards.

Well, gotta run. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

June 01, 2007 - Msg 52984: ROMEENA: Bunco with your Sunday school class? I hope that Warren doesn't get wind of it. Y'all will end up in the big house. And I hope that you're not serving squeezins!

Prayers for everybody. That includes Bruce, too, BOO, since you put a "poo" on the end.

I'll be with y'all in prayer tonight at 9:00 p.m., my time. Have a great weekend, friends.


June 01, 2007 - Msg 52985: I'm in! 7:00 p.m. mountain time for me.
- Hazel

June 01, 2007 - Msg 52986: Count me in:::: 8:00 PM CST(Cajun Standard Time)

The "Dud"

June 01, 2007 - Msg 52987: I'm in, prayers will start 9pm here.

June 01, 2007 - Msg 52988: Dear Lord Jesus - we lift up our porch friend, Millie, and her family during this difficult time in their lives. We ask that you give them comfort in the way that You best see fit and to let them know that Your ever-abiding presence is with them always. Dear Jesus - we love and respect the grace that Millie has shown to all of us on the porch and for that, we are ever thankful. Thank you for allowing us to be part of her life and for her to become a part of ours.
We are ever grateful Jesus for your example and may we all carry Your peace to those around us.
Thank you Jesus for being with us and for being with Millie - Thank You for Your saving love - in Your name do I pray . . .Amen

June 01, 2007 - Msg 52989: msg 52988. That was wonderful. All of you are wonderful. I felt something special as we all prayed in unison tonight. Wow, it was really something. I hope Millie and her family feel it tonight.
God's blessing on you all.


June 01, 2007 - Msg 52990: thank you Asa - you are not too bad yourself. . .
God's peace to you too. . .

June 01, 2007 - Msg 52991: Dud - I think you are really part of our family - thank you for joining us . . .

June 01, 2007 - Msg 52992: 1 Corinthians 13
1If I speak in the tongues[a] of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. 2If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. 3If I give all I possess to the poor and surrender my body to the flames,[b] but have not love, I gain nothing.

4Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

8Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away. 9For we know in part and we prophesy in part, 10but when perfection comes, the imperfect disappears. 11When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me. 12Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.

13And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

June 01, 2007 - Msg 52993: I felt it to, Asa. I echo you... wow. I really felt so much peace, and love.
- Hazel

June 01, 2007 - Msg 52994: Homemaker: Thank you for the message. It is a honor to be able to pull up a rocker at the porch, and I hear a good cook is always appreciated.

Millie's other half, thank you for the updates earlier..
Millie: You take care and for the short time I have been observing there is alot of love on the Porch.

The "Dud"

June 01, 2007 - Msg 52995: God's blessings upon all of you, porch friends. My class gathered in Joan's kitchen, joined hands and prayed for Millie, and I could feel not only the power present in that room, but could sense the united power of the prayers that were being lifted up all over the country, everywhere the porch reaches. I pray that Millie and her family could feel it too. You folks, well, you're just the cats. --Romeena

June 01, 2007 - Msg 52996:
Hello porch family.....I'm just now able to check in so I missed the prayer time but I stand in agreement with all the prayers being lifted up for our dear friend Millie.

I head into Princeton, WV in the morning. I'll be there till Sunday night then back to Pigeon Forge,TN.

Dud....the fish fry was great. Thanks man!

You all have a great weekend and know that I'm praying for all the porch family. Not sure if I'll have internet service where I'll be so see ya when I can.

June 01, 2007 - Msg 52997:
Hey Ro...didn't mean to rock on your toe. I agree with the power of prayer.

June 01, 2007 - Msg 52998: Missed the prayer time also, but I also am in agreement with all the prayers going forth on Millie and her family's behalf.

M-T: Prayers for a smooth transition with your wife's job.

Prayers for the rest of the gang here. We're having some storms with plenty of rain (wish I could send you some, Tom) so I'll sign off as the lightning has been off and on and I don't want my 'puter fried.

Have a good weekend all...oh and Happy Birthday Andy!! : )

June 02, 2007 - Msg 52999: Good morning everybody:

Please have a safe and productive weekend. One of my friends is getting hitched today...Big wedding and reception....Still no rain in the NorthEast part of Louisiana....Take care...

The "Dud"

June 02, 2007 - Msg 53000: Romeena: I was reading one of the earlier archives and you were trying to set up a time to meet "Daphne" from Southlake to eat the great fried chicken from "Babes". I have been eating their chicken for years. Ya get to know the other people at your communal table in that place. Terry Bradshaw's Ranch is close by and he eats there quite a bit. A true Terry story follows:

I lived in Shreveport over 20 years ago and worked the largest satelite retailer in the ArkLaTex area. Terry came into the store one day and wanted to buy a Satelite dish for his Ranch in Grand Cane, Louisiana, which is about 25 miles south of Shreveport (Terry's hometown). Terry's claim to fame besides winning superbowls was he was dumb as a rock. I sold him the deluxe top of the line package with a 5 yr. extended warranty. 2 days later I get a call. "John, this Terry Bradshaw, do you remember me?" "Yes Mr. Bradshaw I remember," I said. "Just call me Terry. You know that extended warranty that I bought from you guys?" "Yes sir I remember," I replied. "Does that warranty cover running that dish over with a back hoe, because it looks like that leaning tower over in Italy?" They say Terry couldn't spell cat if you spotted him the c and the t.

The "Dud"

June 02, 2007 - Msg 53001: Afternoon everyone, a question was asked on the Morning Show this morning in regard to a lie. What is the difference between a 'fib' a 'white lie' and a 'lie'? I will post my answer later..


June 02, 2007 - Msg 53002: Frankie: I believe they are all the same.
The "Dud"

June 02, 2007 - Msg 53003: Dud...are you sure?

June 02, 2007 - Msg 53004: I agree with you Dud they are the same, but if a 'fib' makes someone feel better about something do you tell a 'fib' or do you tell the truth? It's very difficult for me to 'fib' or 'lie' so as a rule I don't!

June 02, 2007 - Msg 53005: Well, a fib is just a little lie and a lie is a lie and a white lie is done out of protection for someone . . .

June 02, 2007 - Msg 53006: ooops - didn't mean to rock on your toes Frankie, , ,


June 02, 2007 - Msg 53007: Yipes.....that rocker hurts..HAHAHA!

June 02, 2007 - Msg 53008: Hey all! I'm home from the hospital! Yay! I have to read up on the archives, but I want to tell you I felt y'all's prayers last nite, loud and clear. Thank you all. I got a big dose of a new chemo this morning, and I'm feeling fine. Let me go read up, and I'll be back later. Anybody who can make it,I'm going to Sarah's tonite to commune with Hazel, everyone's welcome. See ya in a bit.

Much love,

June 02, 2007 - Msg 53009: Frankie and HomeMaker:

Remember the TAGS episode from season #1 "The Horse Trader". Opie is trading with Johnny-Paul and lies are said to each other to complete trades/swaps. Andy condemns the actions, lectures Opie on tellling the truth. He then proceeds to tell little white lies (& a Whopper) to unload the town's decrepit cannon to an antiques dealer. Opie says "if you can do it why not me"..and the episode makes my point, that a lie is a lie.... It used to break my heart when I managed a restaurant in Dallas and we had a lunch buffet..children 2 & 3 $2.00...children 4 & 6 $3.00..children 7 & 10 $4.00...They would have a teenager and say one adult, one child 10...the child would look like he/she could die being in the presence of a lying parent who wanted to only save $2.00 on lunch. Take care..good thinking...

The "Dud"

June 02, 2007 - Msg 53010: Yayyy Millie! So good to see you back home and feeling better. That makes my heart happy.:):)


June 02, 2007 - Msg 53011: Millie: Welcome back and as a Newbie on the porch, I think it is great that the porch community has this "Lets circle the wagons and lets deal with these issues with love, caring and the power of prayer".

Tell your hubby Hello, and you get some rest.

The "Dud"

June 02, 2007 - Msg 53012: Hey Asa...Was I suppose to treat you to lobster for the lunch the other day? We had soft crabs the other night for dinner...the first ones this year and they were yummy!!!

June 02, 2007 - Msg 53013: Oh, yeah, friends, one small thing....I'm always so open, and Hazel knows everybody's name in my family, I know she meant well, but my hubby would prefer not to have his real name here....if ya'll could call him Mr. Millie or Millie's DH, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

June 02, 2007 - Msg 53014: Millie & Mrs. Millie: Thank you for your communication... I am new and just have been welcomed to the porch...I have got your communication on refering to your MR. as MR. MILLIE...Ai't it cute>>>> The "Dud"

June 02, 2007 - Msg 53015:

Millie-I can't tell how often you popped into my thoughts this week. It is just great to see ya. Hot dog!


June 02, 2007 - Msg 53016: Everyone take care::: Millie take care and your or the BOMB! Gonn'a to a true Cajun Wedding: Saints 'n Superbowl, LSU in BCS Championship/.:::::: The "Dud"

June 02, 2007 - Msg 53017:
Frankie-Very interesting question and one that has been discussed at family in my family before (I know, we're nerds). I agree with you and Dud they are all lies. However, I do feel that it is all right to lie, at certain times. For example, suppose, during WWII, you have Ann Frank and her family hiding in your attic, you may find it necessary to lie.


June 02, 2007 - Msg 53018:
Wow, that's one family too many!

June 02, 2007 - Msg 53019: Welcome back Millie. I'm so glad you are in good spirits. You were missed. You know last night during the community prayer session, I had a vision of you smiling in your hospital bed. God must have heard our message and passed it along to you. Also please tell Mr. Millie thank you so much for keeping us posted.

from Poor Horatio

June 02, 2007 - Msg 53020: Amen! (:

June 02, 2007 - Msg 53021:
Glad all are having a good day. Racing in Dover! Skies are sunny here and 105 today.
Sorry my posts have been so short lately, but i have just been busy. Hang in there my friends.
"I'll get a line, you get a pole honey..."


June 02, 2007 - Msg 53022: Going to the Wedding of my friend...take care all. You are the best.... The "Dud"

June 02, 2007 - Msg 53023: Millie, Good to have you back. Horatio asked me to remove Mr. Millie's name from the archives and this page so it is done. Thank him for keeping us posted.

June 02, 2007 - Msg 53024: Glad to have you back Millie! And oops, tell Mr. Millie "sorry about that!" I'm just... ignorant, like Ernest T.
- Hazel

June 02, 2007 - Msg 53025: Welcome home to the Porch, Millie!
possum under a rock

June 02, 2007 - Msg 53026: Hahaha! Hazel, you are a caution! Millie, what a joy to see you here, and please tell Mr. Millie that we will be most pleased to address or refer to him in any manner that he wishes. We've all chosen our names, he has that same right.

Dud, I know where Terry's place is out there - it's really beautiful. From what I hear from the locals, he seems to be a pretty nice guy. Perhaps not exactly a Rhodes Scholar, but he could handle a football, and that seemed to be enough.

We too have eaten Babe's chicken for many years. Most of the time we eat there, but have been known to pick up huge quantities and bring it home when we have a big gathering. It's always a hit. Best chicken anywhere. I've been frying chicken since I was about eight or ten years old, and I can't beat Babe's. Their mashed potatoes and gravy are right larrupin' too.

On the subject of lies - I think it depends on whether you're asking about our human definition of a lie, or asking how God sees them. I think we all fear that to God, just as sin is sin, without degrees - lies are lies. In my human definition, a fib is a quick little confection that smooths something over and avoids a conflict. "Johnny, did you take that swipe out of the cake frosting?" "Oh, no, Mommy, not me!" A white lie often protects someone's feelings. "How do you like my new car?" "Oh, it's beautiful!" (Translates to why did you buy that piece of junk and the color looks like the dog's dinner.) To me, a plain old lie carries more malice, maybe is a made-up story about someone else, or a denial of serious wrong-doing, something with much heavier consequences than the other two.

That's the human take on it, in my opinion. As I said earlier, I think God sees it all alike, but then there are a couple of odd things in the scripture, like when the Israelites were fleeing Egypt and God told them to go to their Egyptian neighbors and borrow valuables from them, concealing their real intent from them, which was to take the valuable articles with them to help finance their long journey, Exodus 12:35-36. They didn't outright tell a lie, but it was an untruth by omission. To "borrow" something implies that it will be returned, and of course the Israelites knew full well they weren't going to return anything, they were outta there! So there's a fourth category for us to mull over - fib, white lie, lie and omission. Gets sticky, doesn't it?

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

June 02, 2007 - Msg 53027: Hey, Ro....I just sent you a pic of me to add to the album, so the suspense will be over....if PH can do it, so can I. BTW, nice pic, Poor Horatio, thanks!

June 02, 2007 - Msg 53028: Thanks, Millie! Your picture is now in the album. Folks, I put it in the #1 spot, right behind the sub-album covers. Check it out! --Romeena

June 02, 2007 - Msg 53029: Thaank you, Ro. Hope y'all can stand I as gorgeous as you thought I'd be? Haha!
I''m over at Sarah's if anyone feels chatty this evening.

June 02, 2007 - Msg 53030: Why Millie, you're a doll! I can't seem to get into Sarah's or I'd join you and Hazel there. Maybe tomorrow.

Frankie, you pose a real thoughtful question there about lies, white lies and what not. Dud expresses a good point in them being all the same. But are there times when telling a fib is better? Men, if your wife comes in wearing a new pair of pants and asks "do these make me look fat"? what's your response? Yes they do dear? Or do you want to be very honest and say, "no dear, it's not your pants that makes you look fat?" I just use that as an example. Not to make any who may be carrying a few extra pounds to feel bad.
Maybe it's best not to lie, but not to reveal all we are thinking at times. Is that being dishonest?
Very good question Frankie.


P.S. In case my wife reads this, all 105 pounds of her, they don't make you look fat honey.:)

June 03, 2007 - Msg 53031: I got my friend hitched:::: he& she is gonna to honeynoon in Hawaii..

The "Dud"

June 03, 2007 - Msg 53032: Good Morning everyone: The "Dud"

June 03, 2007 - Msg 53033: Morning Dud. Morning Porch. Who's going to Preaching this morning? I think they are talking about sin in this mornings sermon.

Well I got up early and went for a run this morning and got to watch the Sabbath day come to life. Romeena, I came across a deer bounding around in a hay field. It saw me, took an effortless jump over a 5 foot high fence and bouced away down a dirt road. What a sight. Then I had several flocks of ducks and geese fly near by and land in a field to feed. All this and the sun had yet to peak over the mighty wasatch mountains. What a glorious way to start a day, being and seeing Gods handy work all around. Enjoy your Sabbath my friends and take time to take in everything God has blessed you with.


June 03, 2007 - Msg 53034: Gonn'a go fishing':

June 03, 2007 - Msg 53035: Hey gang....I have been at the lake staying on the boat for 2 days!...great time...Dud I will meet ya and go fishing....I caught a mess of cat fish....let me read the mail....Big Maude you been feeding the folks?....Asa you been behaving?...Romeena you been working nights?..Boo you and Bruce doing ok?...TOM you doing ok?...Rev you been get-en your meals?.....well back in just a bit....MDC,Mavis,md,goober...race may get rained out.....SPOT

June 03, 2007 - Msg 53036: Our dog has always been a very good watch dog, protector, etc. and it's amazing how she 'reads' us. Ever since 'Pop's' came to live with us there have been is he isn't suppose to get up and move around unless someone is close by to make sure he doesn't fall, etc. Everytime Chess hears his lift chair she starts crawling...a low crawl and she keeps crawling till one of us comes into the room. Pop's is funny..he tells her 'stop ratting on me!' He will be 87 next week.

June 03, 2007 - Msg 53037: SPOT: Good to have you back on the porch:
The "Dud"

June 03, 2007 - Msg 53038: Yay - good to see you Millie. . .
been working on some goats and fencing. . .
If you could say some silent prayers for me - would appreciate it. This is the prayingest porch I ever did see. Just some things on my mind and heart that need the Lord's attention. Thanks! in advance.


June 03, 2007 - Msg 53039: Prayers? You got 'em, homemaker. Isn't it wonderful that we can even pray for unvoiced requests? As long as you and the Lord know, that's all that matters.

Just got an email from my son, the one in Florida. I'm leaving Friday to go out there for a visit. Will arrive in Orlando mid-afternoon, and he plans to meet me at the airport and we'll proceed to the Cape to watch the launch of the Atlantis shuttle that evening at about 7:30. They'll bring a picnic meal, and we'll be arriving at the site early enough to stake out a prime viewing spot. It should really be a blast (pardon the pun). We've gone over before and watched launches and it's always a big thrill. The roar is just unbelievable. Your innards literally vibrate. Not sure what the Plum is going to make of it, but she'll handle it as long as her people are close by.

Asa, what a sight, that deer in the field. Aren't they just beautiful? So graceful, and somehow they always convey an image of innocence to me. I guess it's their eyes, I don't know, but they just look so innocent and vulnerable.

Frankie, that's a cute story about Chess ratting on Pops. Dogs can be so smart!

I finally bought a pleicostamus fish to put in my pond. He's an ugly little critter, but he's an algae-eater, and I hope he'll help me keep the pond clean. I hadn't gotten one before because they won't survive the winter outdoors, and since they can get 18" long or more, keeping him in the house during the winter could be a problem. I've had aquariums in the past, and don't want to get back into that business, thank you. Yesterday the manager of the water garden store where I buy supplies told me he would keep him for me during the cold weather in one of their big tanks, and won't even charge me! Ha! I went by PetsMart on the way home and bought one.

Well, have a great Sabbath afternoon, everyone. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

June 03, 2007 - Msg 53040: Hi All.
Will I asked for some rain and nopw we are getting some be storm at time the last two night.
Millie that a good looking pich of you.
Romeena have a good time and be salf wined you go friday and lone are you going to be away from the porch.
PLEASE chuck in from time to time for no that you are k.o.

I knelt there on the grassy knoll
And bared to God my heart and soul;
To Him I poured out all my grief,
Then pleaded for His sweet relief.
I know, faith, God always hears;
He bears our pain-releases fears.
If I but trust Him, wholeheartedly,
In His time, I know He'll answer me.


June 03, 2007 - Msg 53041:
Asa- that PS was funny. I guess you could say you were covering your ahem! ha
Romeena- that sounds like real fun. My older brother saw a launch once and he said it was amazing, felt the ground shake from miles away.
HM- prayers, you bet, my pleasure. I try to remember all porchsters durning my daily prayer time, and I'll put in a extra for ya!
I watched a color episode last night where Barney visits Mayberry, and so does Tina Andrews! It is kinda sad i think. Maybe he should have made a clean break from the series. Oh well, all water under the bridge.
Thank God they caught the JFK 4!! Lord be with us.
Hope Boo is ok , she hasnt posted, but i know she is very busy!
All have a great day.

June 03, 2007 - Msg 53042: Lovely poem, Tom. I'll be in Florida for ten days, but I'll still visit the porch. My son's office is in a second-floor room of his home, overlooking the pool, beyond that his beautiful back yard and my DIL's butterfly garden, then the EPA strip, and beyond that the lake. What a view! It faces west, too, so sunsets from there are spectacular. However, we're usually down on the dock at sunset, where the view is equally spectacular. Life is not too shabby out there.

Gonna "hot up" some leftovers for supper. Got plenty - anybody want to join me? Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

June 03, 2007 - Msg 53043: hey everyone ...saw an ep of green acres this morning where Mr.Drucker swore Oliver in as deputy sheriff,his deputy kit include a pistol ,it came with a bullet but Mr. Drucker lost it ...maybe he left it in his pocket when he sent his shirrt to the cleaners
SPOT,MDC .. I guess we get to see the race tommorrow
everyone have a great evening

June 03, 2007 - Msg 53044: Hey porch friends. Having a really good day today, and I know it's all the prayers that are doing it. Thank you all so much. You're the cat's.

June 03, 2007 - Msg 53045: Glad to see you Millie -


June 03, 2007 - Msg 53046: Oh, Millie, I'm so happy to hear you're having a good day. Now we're praying for a good week! --Romeena

June 03, 2007 - Msg 53047: Thanks, hm and Ro. Homemaker, I'm really enjoying the cds you sent me....thanks so much!
I'm over at Sarah's if anyone wants to chat!

June 03, 2007 - Msg 53048: Romeena, the deer can look at you with their big brown eyes, yes innocent eyes begging you to feed them after they have pulled up five newly planted azaleas you put in the day before. ‘ I asked them who did the deed, but all denied it J.’ Nothing is deer proof, just some plants are more deer resistant. Anything new planted in our front yard will be pulled up. I love them still but know ‘you can’t believe a thing they say.’ The fawns are running around a lot now, but never have the camera handy when I see them. Have a good trip, I love Florida…. especially the upper and lower west coast. Tampa area has become way to crowded, so exclude that area. A couple of years ago had a day to waste in Naples and decided to take a look at the beaches. It was near the end of November and looked so inviting went out and bought a bathing suit and spent a few hours in the water. Swimming in salt water does something for me…..but good to get a shower afterwards. If I remember right, the water was in the upper 80’s…and in November.

Millie, really don’t know you, but you have been in my prayers every night. God hears all prayers and they are answered, sometimes not what you ask for, but in ways of his infinite wisdom.

God’s blessings to all.

June 03, 2007 - Msg 53049: Ray, "I feel your pain" in a small way, as the squirrels dig up things I plant. They may be smaller than the deer, but they're destructive in their own way. Nothing innocent about the way they look at you, though. They just look at you as if saying, "Yep, I dug up your moss rose so I could plant my pecan. Wanta make something of it?" You weren't around a couple of summers back when I had peanut vines coming up in my rose island. The squirrels had planted the peanuts I put out for them, of course. I left some of the vines, thinking I might just enjoy the fresh peanuts. Ha! The little bushy-tailed varmints came back one day and dug up and harvested every single peanut! Where there had been huge clumps of peanuts a few days before, there were only little snipped-off tendrils on the root system after the harvest. Much later, I found a fairly large pile of peanuts hidden under some leaves and mulch in an unused back corner of the yard. I left them there, of course.

The tiny vandals climb up in my rose bushes in early spring and nibble the young rosebuds, just ruining the developing rose. That stage doesn't last long though. As the bushes get bigger and thicker, I think the thorns are a deterrent, because the nibbling stops. I really don't mind their vandalism. They repay me many times over, as I sit here and enjoy their acrobatic antics and clownish behavior from my window. I know, some people hate them and will do them harm if they can, but I wouldn't hurt one for anything. I keep my roof and eaves in good repair and have a mesh over my chimney, so they can't get in my attic and chew wires. Other than that, I can replace the bulbs and flowers and stuff they dig up. Now five azaleas - hmmm. I'd have to have an understanding talk with the chief buck, I think, but I wouldn't hurt one of them, either.

I'll be right on the belt buckle of Florida, in Mt. Dora, just north of Orlando. Very pretty there, and protected to some degree from the violent weather that the coastline gets. They still get hit hard now and then, with a lot of wind damage, but at least they don't get washed away.

Seems like everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it. I think Calvin Coolidge said that.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

June 03, 2007 - Msg 53050: Hi Millie- will I do not wamt all this rain .\
I asked for a little rain and now you send me a storm.he he
Romeena the one rose bus that was dead out came back up from thre root and had one little bud on it now.


June 03, 2007 - Msg 53051:
Hello porch family....Good to be back. The concerts went great.

Millie...when I checked in and saw your post, it just made my day. Praise the Lord! Stll praying.

Spot...sounds like you've been having a good ole time on the boat. And yep...been getting my meals.

HM... you bet you will be in my prayers. Like MDC said, I pray for all the folks here each day.

Well better get ready for bed. Been a long day. Prayers for all and remember that Jesus loves you!

June 03, 2007 - Msg 53052: Sorry I have been missing, my computer has a bad virus and Bruce has been working all weekend and can't fix it yet.

Such a blessing to hear that you are doing well today Millie!! The picture of you is look as sweet as I've always pictured you.

The conversation about lying is an interesting one. I think if we live according to the golden rule, we can't go wrong. Love your neighbor as yourself and you will know what to say and what not to say, right? Auh2o, had an interesting post. In fact, I was just thinking about Corrie Ten Boom's book, "The Hiding Place". In it she tells the story about hiding jewish families in their home and how she couldn't lie when the german officers came to search the house. It cost her family and those she was hiding their lives. Interesting dilemma there...

It's been a busy weekend but not busy enough in some ways. I have been feeling very sad from time to time. I really miss my friend and find myself wanting to pick up the phone and call many times. It just really is sinking in that the person I go to when I need to talk, is the one who is not there to talk to anymore. I am feeling lonely even with so many people around me. It's like everyone else just moves on with their lives and I am still here hurting. I'm sure you all know what I mean. Somehow, you just want the world to stop and listen so you can tell them that someone so wonderful, that you loved so much is no longer here and you can't act like things are the same. There is just a huge piece of my life missing now. Sorry to sound so glum but I really need someone to talk to. I feel like everyone in my life is so busy, I will just be a nuisance if I talk to them.

Well, I am pretty tired so I think I will go to bed. Talk to you all tomorrow.


June 04, 2007 - Msg 53053: Oh, Boo, I know exactly what you mean. I remember the drive to the funeral home in Fredericksburg, the day we went to make my husband's arrangements. I was riding with my son and some other family members, and as we drove down the main street of that little town, the streets bustling with tourists, I just couldn't believe that they were just going on with their lives, totally oblivious to what had happened in mine. Didn't they know the world had ended on that Wednesday morning? Yes, I know what you mean.

I've always had a problem with Corrie Ten Boom's inability to lie to protect the lives of others. I admire her greatly, but that particular situation bothers me. Did she have the right to literally sacrifice the lives of the other people, in order to preserve her own integrity, or her interpretation of it? I'm sure those who died at the hands of the Nazis weren't terribly impressed with the fact that she had been true to her conscience.

I don't wish to sound like Mr. Clinton here, but I think we should define "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor". I truly don't think that means that one should rat out somebody else and put their life at risk, just because someone asks a question. I'm afraid in a case like that, I'd lie big time, and feel fine about it. To tell an untruth about someone, something that would hurt them or damage their reputation, is wrong. To lie to an unjust or dangerous person, to protect the life of someone else, does not feel wrong to me. As you said, follow the golden rule, and love your neighbor as yourself. Doing that would definitely keep me from putting someone else at risk. I'm afraid my conscience would trouble me a great deal more for refusing to lie in order to protect someone from harm, than it would for the lie itself. That's just my take on it - to each his or her own.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

June 04, 2007 - Msg 53054:
Morning Porch

Boo & Romeena- I loved Corrie Ten Boom's, "The Hiding Place." But, Ro, I agree with you. I've always has a problem with her telling the Nazi's. I think the actual truth about lying is found in one of your posts from yesterday. The Lord, I believe, would want us to do what's is correct morally and maybe not what is correct factually. To hand those people over.... well, I don't know what to say about that. I have such great respect for her.

Ro-The last paragraph of your most resent post is a bingo.

Boo-During the last year and a half we have had four family members pass (an uncle, 2 Aunts, and FIL) 3 of them were such work while they were here and when they were gone, well, they left avoid of sorts. There is a numbness that still lingers. I don't think it's the outright sadness that you are experiencing but I do know what you mean. For me it was kind of like, now what?

Ray-It is good to see you again. We have had similar problems with deer around our homestead. I few years back I actually hit a deer driving down our drive way. The critter jumped out of a tree line and right into the side of our car. He sprang up and bolted back in the woods. And, during the winter, when the snow is deep and they have a hard time foraging, they also come right up to our front porch and eat the ivy that grows up it, they stand there like it's a lunch counter and munch away.

MDC-That is JFK situation was scary. Maybe John Edward's should revisit his, there is no war of terror being waged against the US statement.

God Bless the troops,

June 04, 2007 - Msg 53055:
Ro- Of course, when I say resent I mean recent. No one would ever resent one of your posts.

(Note to self, must proof read)


June 04, 2007 - Msg 53056: Morning friends. It's Monday, another day the Lord has created for us to enjoy. :)

Millie, glad your feeling a bit better. We sure do love you.

Boo, sorry your feeling blue. It does hit you hard later on down the line. Keep a good thought.

Auh2o, yea, the JFK thing was scary. And I have found it interesting how the main stream news people have tried to down play this. (I guess we don't even wanna go there this morning)

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday. Make it a great day.


June 04, 2007 - Msg 53057: Good morning everyone. Finally, we're getting some much-needed rain around here. And the temperature is much cooler, too. I hope that you all had a nice weekend.

MILLIE: Shazam! I'm so glad to hear from you, and good news to boot. I'm so pleased that you're feeling better the last couple of days. I saw your picture in the album and have one question: do black and white people dream in color? (heehee) You're right perty.

AUH2O: Sure, let's go there (moulage roadtrip!)...I'm not suprised that our guys got those plotters--even though they often get a bum rap, and nobody is perfect, our law enforcement and spy agencies are second to none in this world. But the press often fumbles stories. Is it malicious or incomepetence, I don't know, but probably a little of both. (By the way, don't you just love it when people say they don't trust our media so they get their "real" news from the BBC? I guess the British never lie or hold higher journalistic standards or something. It reminds me of stupid people who think some people are smarter because of their accents.)

About lies, I tend to agree with ROMEENA's assessment of the situation, with this caveat, I don't feel too comfortable when people say that the Bible is open to self-interpretation. Not that ROMEENA did this, so pleased don't take my comments as an attack or something. Many of the problems the Christian church has today stem from the idea that the Word is whatever it means to you. You have to take passages in context; but sometimes, "don't" means do not, never, under no circumstances. I'm not convinced this is one of those situations, I'm just saying we should tred lightly, especially when considering others' actions (like Corie Ten Boom's). Her conviction must have been to do as she did, and even though the result was tragic, who's to say that she was not working within God's plan? Often, the road we are to travel is not easy and no doubt her refusal to lie was the more difficult thing to do. In that situation, lying was probably much, much easier. Also, the Word never contradicts itself and is written for all; therefore, there's some danger adding layers of meaning that may or may not be intended (bogus Bible codes anyone?). I guess what I'm trying to say is that God certainly does weigh our hearts, but we must be very, very wary of excusing something we are told by Him not to do for what WE FEEL is the right thing to do. He sees a big plan we cannot comprehend. (From the hyprocrite department: If my Mrs. asks how she looks in a feed sack, I'm gonna say "beautiful.")

BOO: You come on to chat anytime. YOu can always find a friend on the porch.