June 06, 2007 - Msg 53156: Asa, apple butter is wonderful and yes you can make it yourself. We eat it on biscuits or toast, english muffins or I guess even bagles. It is make with pealed cored and sliced apples of course, sugar, somefolks add cinnamon, It is usually cooked very slowly in a big pot or iron kettle outside over an open fire. There are
some recepies for crock pot apple butter or stove top apple butter but the old fashioned kind cooked outside is the best I think. I guess it is more a southern thing. I guess I figured everyone had eaten apple butter but guess not every part of the world knows about it.
It is good stuff. Big Maude

June 06, 2007 - Msg 53157: Hey Asa. I just love applebutter. If you really want some I have an EASY crock pot recipe. It's so good on biscuits or toast at breakfast. I even warm it up to put on vanilla ice cream(I've served it to guests with a little brandy too)and it's a apple cinnamin parfait. MMMMM...Want the recipe? Do you have a crockpot?

June 06, 2007 - Msg 53158: Thanks for the SWEEEP Maude. We were thinking the same thing about the applebutter! Have a good one!

June 06, 2007 - Msg 53159: Good Morning Millie, Asa, Big Maude and other porch sitters:

Millie: I hope you have a great day and one day I will enjoy some of that "Bogart's" fine quisine.

The "Dud"

June 06, 2007 - Msg 53160: I mean cuisine: Just woke up. "Dud"

June 06, 2007 - Msg 53161: One small rant from "Dud".

I feel real sorry for the familiy of the young 18 year old girl (Smith) who was abducted from the trip to the Target store. The voracious cable news channels have updates every half hour and have interviewed parents, other family members, police chief and sister's boyfriend on the hour. If this was my daughter and I would do the same thing this family is doing. This is not to fault this girl's family. This young lady, the Holloway girl, etc...are always young attractive white girls...Living in Dallas for the past 20 years these kind of abductions and missing persons go on everyday and it is never reported except for an article in the local paper. The victims are usually minorities, older people or unactractive young people. I wonder why? The "Dud"

June 06, 2007 - Msg 53162: Asa - I used to have a microwave apple butter recipe but it has been lost. It was delicious. They do sell apple butter in the grocery store but it isn't as good as homemade.

Millie - I would like your crockpot version - I'll make it and send it to Asa with those meatballs he requested! Ha Ha

Off to the big city - oh okay - the little town where Walmart is. I am hoping not to go there.

Talk to you all later!


June 06, 2007 - Msg 53163: May the young woman from Kansas (MS. Smith) be found safe and may her family be reunited. May all the other missing victims be found safe and not forgotten. The "Dud"

June 06, 2007 - Msg 53164: Good morning, everyone. homemaker, I'm right there with you on the Wal-Mart thing, mostly. Our old original store here in the main part of Irving is just the absolute pits. The big superstore out in the newer part of town is fairly nice, but still a whippin' to shop in. The local one, though, is just nasty. I will not set foot in it.

Oh, apple butter! Yummeee! I love the stuff, and yes, it's great on ice cream, as well as on bread-type things.

homemaker, thanks for the tip on the rosebushes. Tom, you listen to her - she obviously knows more about caring for roses in that climate than I do. I forget that some people have snow!! Around here, mine will probably be blooming in December. Sometimes it's hard to find a little break in their bloom time so they can be pruned back, but February usually offers a window of time.

Well, just got home from work. Gotta grab a quick nap, then hit the ground running. Much to do before leaving for Florida on Friday morning. Millie, you have a wonderful day today, you hear? Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

June 06, 2007 - Msg 53165: Good to see you on the porch Millie - prayers for the good days to continue for you.

Apple butter - LOVE it! My mom makes the crock pot apple butter as well.

Prayers for things to go well for you with this position you're seeking, Sterling.

Sounds like you have an enjoyable time planned for your vacation, Ro.

Gonna head out later this week to see one of my niece's (hubby's side) get married, and also to a family reunion (my side) so I better start getting my laundry and everything ready.

Ya'll have a great day - prayers for all!

June 06, 2007 - Msg 53166: Good morning everyone.

Please keep the Mrs. in your prayers today. Last night was her last at the hospital and it has been difficult for a number of reasons. First, she's upset she won't get to regularly see a few of her coworkers. On top of that, where she is, at least, the much larger dayshift pretty much ignores the night. They are generally not invited to department parties, special ocassions, etc. Some of that is understandable--after all, they aren't there when the vast majority of the others on their floor are. Still, it can get old when you're consistently "forgotten." Anyway, this morning one floor team leaders (who works day) asked the Mrs. to bring up a cart because she had some stuff to unload from her car. Turns out it was the fixins and food for a going-away party for a dayshifter leaving next week. So, she had to help haul the stuff for someone else's going away on her last day with not so much as a don't let the door hit you in the (you know what). Some kind of irony. Even though she understands the kind of people she is dealing with and the situation, it still upset her. Of course, her night shift co-workers (there's only a handful) gave cards, gifts, etc. I guess it was just the fact that her nurse manager and others basically forgot her that hurt. I am not being prejudiced when I tell you that she is a very, very hard worker and is well respected by the doctors and other nurses. I cannot even begin to list the long-term policy and routines she initiated that set precedents for other departments. And, she is one of the kindest Chrsitian women you'd ever meet. Anyway, I guess I'm a little hurt, too.



June 06, 2007 - Msg 53167: Millie - I'll be at the chatroom in a few minutes - fi you have the time.


June 06, 2007 - Msg 53168: Romeena - roses blooming in December would come from the florist. By late September - it is time to prune the back for the winter ahead. Sometimes - I have had roses in October but very rarely. I wish we had that kind of growing season.

So sorry for Mrs. M-T - it is not easy to always be the forgotten one. And even though you know its gonna happen - it doesn't make the hurt any less real. She has a gem of a husband who understands.

Been working on 4-H projects. Boo - my son is taking Vet Science so we are gathering up different size syringes and making a "Tools of the Trade" poster - hope he does well. Worked with goats after Walmarting. I pretty much stuck to my list and did okay.

Recieved word today from our little adopted soldier that his mother passed away. Sending out an extra care package tomorrow for him. Please send up a few prayers for Michael who is in Baghdad. Thanks.

Take care - homemaker

June 06, 2007 - Msg 53169:
Hello porch family.

Prayers for Michael and family.

Ro...I know you are looking forward to your Florida trip.

M-T...prayers for Mrs MT also.

Apple butter....GOOD stuff!

Spot....looks like you gonna move on your boat fulltime. hehe Have fun brother.

Well better go. Got a concert in a few hours. I'll try to check back later tonight.

Prayers for all.

June 06, 2007 - Msg 53170: That is pretty insensitive, Me-They. One would hope it is just ignorance on the part of the day-shifters. Even then, I understand how that would hurt.

This is just my opinion, but sadly, I don't think that girl in Kansas City is going to be found alive. These things usually don't end well. One rule I wish everyone would remember is, NEVER let a person take you to a second location. Did you see where the Smith girl was at the abduction?(of course you did because it has been shown over and over on the news) Outside of a Target store in a busy parking lot. If this girl would have fought back and screamed and carried on, she probably would have been saved. Kidnappers don't like publicity, especially in busy places. I don't care if he had a knife or a gun, you fight anyway, because more often than not, the guy is going to run away if he finds out you're not going to be an easy target.
I am not blaming the girl, I just wish she would have not let him take her to that second location. I know the guy is the scumbag for doing what he did. But jump out of the car, kick him in the head, anything. Yes, you might get hurt if you fight back, and yes you could even get killed if he had a gun or something, but there's the chance that in the ruckus he wouldn't even hit you, or even if he did, maybe just wound you. But you stand a whole h*ll of a lot more of a chance of getting away alive than if you let him take you to some deserted place.
This is something I am going to drill into my daughter's head, and I hope everyone else remembers this too. Never let them take you to a second location.
I actually learned that from some show I saw where this retired detective was taking about safety and what to do in different circumstances. I wish I could remember the name of it, because I would like to have my wife and daughter watch it.

-Sterling Holobyte

June 06, 2007 - Msg 53171: By the way, I hope I am wrong about the Smith girl.

-Sterling Holobyte

June 06, 2007 - Msg 53172: Sterling:

Unfortunately they found Miss Smith's body 30 minutes ago, but they have a good suspect who lives 2 miles from the scene. Lets hope they find her killer. The "Dud"

June 06, 2007 - Msg 53173: Sterling:

We have talked and talked to our 10 yr. daughter about what to do during an attempted abduction. About making a yell and puting up resistance is some of things we tell her constantly. Glad she lives right next door to her school. The "Dud"

June 06, 2007 - Msg 53174: I'm saddened to hear that news about Kelsey Smith. We pass within 3 miles of where she was found when we go back to visit family in Kansas. Prayers for her family and friends.

Thanks for the words of wisdom, Sterling. We keep our 6 yo daughter in our sights all the time, expecially since she got lost at Silver Dollar City when she was 3. Definitely not something I'd like to repeat.

Sorry to hear your Mrs' last shift ended with such a letdown, MT. Some people can't see past their own importance to see the contribution others make. ((Hugs)) for her - and you, too!

Prayers for Michael and his family, hm.

Prayers for your service tonite, Rev.


June 06, 2007 - Msg 53175: Good afternoon, all. Good advice, Sterling. You are so right. There is absolutely nothing to be gained by submitting to an abductor's demands. Scream, yell, gag yourself and throw up on him, jump out of the car, grab the wheel and wreck the car, stick your finger in his eye as deeply as you can, whatever. Just never, ever go anywhere with him. Another thought - teach children to scream "This is not my daddy (or mother if appropriate)". Otherwise, people might think the protesting child is just being a brat.

Me-They, that's a shame about the shabby treatment your wife received from her former co-workers. Unfortunately, it's a bit like that everywhere.

Well, got lots to do. Friday is closing in fast and I'm not ready! Oh, well, they have stores out there. If I don't find the things I need to take along, I can always shop there. Oh darn, wouldn't that be a shame?? (heehee)

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

June 06, 2007 - Msg 53176:
Prayers the Lord takes Kelsey unto His heavenly Kingdom. May God be with us all.
On this 63rd Anniversary of the D-Day invasion, I again pause and say Thank You to all our WWII vets. My dad who is 89, and as I have mentioned in the past here, a decorated bomber pilot, told me that he had NEVER seen so many planes and ships in his entire life, than those crossing the channel that day. Wave after wave (no pun intened)
M-T my prayers for your missus. People can be a strange lot at times!
HM- prayers for Michael and all our troops. May we soon get this job done also.
For those porchsters who heed my "natural foods" healing plan,(ha) here is more news, especially since Big Maude mentioned it ...CINNAMON!! lower high bllod sugar levels that can lead to diabetes.
I started on it awhile back and indeed my latest test shows my sugar down!! 2 cinnamon capsules a day!!
Well ya all have a good one. Colt says Hey!

June 06, 2007 - Msg 53177: Apple butter....yum yum. My Granny use to make it outside in a huge copper kettle. We would hook school on apple butter making days and help stir it...she cooked it all day. Boy what I would give to have some of that apple butter today! The stuff you buy in the store can touch it!! Romeena I agee with you about screaming, kicking...doing anything I could to get away from someone trying to do me harm. The other day I was going to get into the elevator at the garage I park in at work and when the doors opened two men were inside...they didn't get out...I thought this is strange, this is the first floor why aren't they getting out?? I stood there and asked..are you getting out?..they said no we forgot to push the button for the floor we wanted. I got on but kept my eye on both of them and only went up one floor then got off and took the stairs the rest of the way.

June 06, 2007 - Msg 53178: O.K. you guys. I'm sold on the apple butter. Millie, I can go for that crock pot recipie thank you. Will you send it to me?


June 06, 2007 - Msg 53179: And so sad about Kelsey. Breaks my heart.


June 06, 2007 - Msg 53180: MDC: Hello, I am a diabetic. Do you have a link to info about this cinnamon spice therapy. Never heard of it, but I can't read or hear everything. Thanks.

The "Dud"

June 06, 2007 - Msg 53181: OK now where is the apple buttre at?
Now I will have to go to the store to pay some thank to you all taking about it.

June 06, 2007 - Msg 53182: No APB needed for me anymore, I'm right 'chere, been reading mostly, those hateful migraines I used to have such trouble with seem to be trying to creep back into my life lately. I sure hate them, I have been trying to grow my hair back out, but keeping it thinned out some, guess that just isn't going to work, that is the only thing I can think of that would be causing them to come back, so off to the hairdressers tomorrow. Tom since Asa is gonna be fixing apple butter, let's all go to his house & have some of his! Prayers for those who need them, I'm off to the ironing board for the night.

June 06, 2007 - Msg 53183:
MAVIS! Good to see ya girl! Glad you are doing pretty well. How goes the grooming business?
DUD- I think it only helps those who are not actually diabetic yet. The doc told me my sugar was on the high side and that i had to really watch my diet, which i do, but then i just looked up something like "Natural cures for high sugar levels" on Google and found out about cinnamon!!
When some drugs side effects are DEATH (ie: vioxx) I tend to look for natural stuff! ha
TOM- one way to make apple butter is to buy some applesauce and some butter, then stand in a doorway in California and wait for an earthquake! haha
AFD- good to see you. How is your little "Andelina" doing these days?
Ya all have a great evening. I'll pass around the cider and the lemonade.

June 06, 2007 - Msg 53184:
Oops, forgot my quote:

Barney: (over the phone) Hi Sweetie Pie.
Oh, hello Frank!

June 06, 2007 - Msg 53185: MDC: Thank you to sir. I have been diabetic for over 8 Years. The "Dud"

June 06, 2007 - Msg 53186:
Hello porch family

The concert tonight went great.

MDC...I have read a lot of good reports on the cinnamon for lowering high blood sugar.

Mavis....good to see ya back. Prayers for those headaches.

You all have a good night and prayers for all.

June 06, 2007 - Msg 53187: Hey, all. Dud, I'm diabetic also. Insulin dependent for several years now. I eat pretty much as I please, with a few concessions. I don't drink sweet drinks, just unsweetened tea mostly. No artificial sweeteners, can't stand the taste and they give me migraines. Mavis, could there be a hint there with regard to your migraines? Anyway, I test several times a day, take Lantus (long-acting insulin) in the morning, and use short-acting insulin as indicated throughout the day, based on my tests. My Hemoglobin A1C remains in the non-diabetic normal range, so guess I'm doing okay. Oh, I also take cinnamon supplements, and chromium piccolinate as well. I'm not sure how much good they do, as that would be difficult to measure, but I think they do help some, and any help is appreciated.

Got a couple of grandsons here tonight - they're having the floors refinished at their house, so I've got the boys, to get them out of the dust and fumes. Tomorrow will be a busy day, laundry and packing and errands, and Friday I leave for Florida. Have a great day tomorrow, friends, and remember to pray for our friends' needs, and for our troops. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

June 07, 2007 - Msg 53188: Good morning everyone. I'm at work early today; I've got a lot to do befeore I leave for vacation. Coffee and Krispy Kremes are on me. For those of you on Weight Watchers, one doughnut is 4 points, but I figure if you count the hole you can at least subtract a point and a half.

Early prayers for all the requests, and thanks for all yours yesterday.


June 07, 2007 - Msg 53189: M-T, if you eat the donut with a diet coke, you can cancel out all those nasty points! From the book of Diets - Chapter 1, page 1


June 07, 2007 - Msg 53190: I've heard that, too.

"'The quality of mercy is not strained.' You're not talkin' to a jerk, y'know!"

June 07, 2007 - Msg 53191: Good morning everyone on the porch:

What is for lunch? I will bring the German Potato Salad.... The "Dud"

June 07, 2007 - Msg 53192: Millie: I love crab cakes. Bogart's Crabcakes for Lunch? The "Dud"

June 07, 2007 - Msg 53193: Ham Salad for me Dud - hold the bread. . .I am trying to alleviate arthritis joint pain and yeast products just seem to aggravate it - so I am trying to be very good and forgo the white stuff and the caffeine too - I am not doing carbonated drinks for the summer (crossing my fingers) and sticking to water and water flavored drinks.

Hey Millie - I am heading to Sarah's if you are up to oit!


June 07, 2007 - Msg 53194: Well gang i back on the job...been at the lake of the boat for a couple of days...Hey to all...I got to get busy reading...Dud you bring the tater salad and I will grill us up some cheese burgers...Maude slaw and tea....hey,Tom,Rev,ro,boo,hm,hazel,sterling,mavis,afd,goober,md,mdc,asa and all....back in a bit....SPOT

June 07, 2007 - Msg 53195: Glad you made it back and your boat didn't sink, ala Titanic, Spot!

No lunch for me, Dud and Spot, thanks anyway. Just got back from Kai's "graduation" ceremony, where we had a small lunch. I had a turkey sandwich, applesauce, juice, potato chips and a little puffed rice with chocolate thing and it all was pretty good. I didn't know those kindergarteners ate so well, or I might go back!;)

Pretty nice weather for it, but we're supposed to get a storm with quite a wallop later on.

-Sterling Holobyte

June 07, 2007 - Msg 53196: Hey porch...Hm , sorry I missed you at Sarah's...ahd a nice chat with Hazel. Maybe tonite.
Dud, I sent a deluxe Bogart's crabcake to you for lunch, didya get it?
Asa, thaanks for finally giving in on the spple butter, you'll get hooked. Makes a nice gift to give too. Hare's my easy crockpot recipe:

peel core and slice enough apples to fill the crockpot(staymen are best)and then add 2 tblspns water to start cooking. Leave on for 48 hrs, low at nite, high in day(occasionally stirring during day). After 40 hrs add sugar to taste(brown and white ot just white) and cook til thick and glossy.
Last add 1 tsp oil of cinnamin or 1 tblspn red hots(candy).
Place in jelly jars and put in a 10 minute water bath.

Hope you like it!


June 07, 2007 - Msg 53197: Thanks for the recipe Millie - hope to send out some mail to you courtesy of Bogarts tomorrow (if not Monday). I was sorry I missed you too! I love doing the chit chat with you and Hazel and PH. Maybe I can get there tonite -

Been cleaning today - since I have been helping my parents move - my house went to the shambles - I just couldn't stand it anymore. Sent the boys to work to! They just loved IT! ha ha ha

Talk to you all later!


June 07, 2007 - Msg 53198:
Hello porch family
Checking in real quick. The wife and I went to Dolly's Splash Country today. A relaxing day.
Check back in later. Prayers for all.

June 07, 2007 - Msg 53199: It's been a busy day at work (my last before vacation). I will be on Chincoteague Island for the next week or so, so I'll be out of touch. I'll miss y'all but you'll be in my prayers. Keep in your for safe travel (and good weatrher while you're at it!).


June 07, 2007 - Msg 53200: Me speak good--yes me do.

I meant to say, "Keep us in your sfor safe travel."


June 07, 2007 - Msg 53201: Geesh!!!


June 07, 2007 - Msg 53202: Me-They, you're not supposed to start drinking until AFTER you get to your vacation spot. ;)

Just kidding! Have a safe trip and a great vacation!

-Sterling Holobyte

June 07, 2007 - Msg 53203: I think Me-They's fingers were already on vacation! *wink* Have a good one, buddy.

My Andelina's doing great, MDC. Just about walking and she's gotten climbing figured out.

Prayers for you, Mavis. I also have pretty horrendous headaches occasionally, so I can (literally) feel your pain.

Prayers for the rest of the gang as well - talk to ya'll later.

June 07, 2007 - Msg 53204: Rev im back from the lake now so I will start getting the Fed-x meals to ya...M-T you have a safe trip and check in if ya can with a motel comp...where is Chincoteague Island anyone?..will have to look it up...maybe near Mt. Pilot...well late supper is sketty-n-meatballs [not hazels] and garlic bread....prayers...SPOT

June 07, 2007 - Msg 53205:

MILLIE: Hello young lady: The "dud"

June 07, 2007 - Msg 53206: DUD: Hello sir: Millie

June 07, 2007 - Msg 53207: Hi, just checking in for a minute...no time to ceck the archives. My computer is on the fritz, big time so Bruce took it to work to fix it. It may be a few days until you hear from me. Hope you all have a blessed week!


June 07, 2007 - Msg 53208: hope your compurter is fixes fast, Boo.

June 07, 2007 - Msg 53209: Sorry, I meant hope your computer is fixed fast.

June 07, 2007 - Msg 53210: I believe that Millie and M-T were drinking from the same water bottle! Tee Hee


June 07, 2007 - Msg 53211: Aw, it's just mulberry squeezin's.

June 07, 2007 - Msg 53212: Millie: Those crab cakes were great. You being a restaurant owner and picking a menu has to be great start to a morning.

Everyone have a great evening. The "Dud"

June 07, 2007 - Msg 53213:
Hello porch family.

M-T....Have a good time. We'll miss ya. Prayers for safe travel.

Spot...I'll be looking for that FedX truck.

Boo....hope Bruce gets that puter fixed up soon. We'll keep your rocker cleaned off.

Millie...careful with that mulberry squeezin.

Ro...be safe on your trip.

Prayers for all the porch family. Have a Jesus filled night.

June 07, 2007 - Msg 53214: Rev we will get the Fed-X plates comming for your meals..hey,mil,dud,sterling,possum,boo,ro,hazel,lucy,mil,miller,TOM,afd and all...breakfast menu: [big one]3 eggs your way,hashbrowns,sausage links,country ham,toast,bisquits and gravy,grits,flapjacks with maple syurp and strawberrys,coffee,tea,milk,h20 [and by the way hey uh20}...ready at 7am est...prayers...SPOT

June 08, 2007 - Msg 53215: Morning Spot and all you porch sitters. Another day up by 5am. These steroids have me all messed up. Oh, well, it'll be a nap for me today, or no Bogart's tonight!
Hey guess what? I just got my first two seasons of TAGS on dvd. Nice hubby. Can't wait to start! I think a party may be in order! More TAGS quotes and fun!
Everyone have a great day!

June 08, 2007 - Msg 53216: Morning folks, morning Millie.
You'll love the dvd's Millie. And I think you'll be amazed at all the scenes that have been cut over the years. Probably some scenes you have never seen before.
Thanks for the recipie. Maybe I'll sweet talk the wife into trying it. I ain't much of a cook. It sounds very good.

Must be vacation time. I'm going on a golfing trip with a good friend for four days starting tomorrow. Sure hope the weather improves. We had a little snow yesterday here. One of the ski resorts got 18 inches. I just hope it don't freeze tonight.

Breakfast sounds great Spot. Yer a good porch dog.

Mavis, my wife gets them migranes a lot also. They really put her down.

Boo, hope your computer gets fixed fast. Try bigger wires.

Later gang.


June 08, 2007 - Msg 53217: Good Morning:

Hello Porch-sitters. I have a date with one of my ex-girlfriends this Friday night. Will take her to the Wharehouse Restaurant for some good seafood and then for a little dancin'.

With a smile on my face...The "Dud".

June 08, 2007 - Msg 53218: Immigration Bill is Dead....Yeah....The "Dud"

June 08, 2007 - Msg 53219: Morning folks,
Say, if it's not too much trouble, and if you have them, I could use some prayers today.
Wife left in a huff for work this morning, waaayy too early, at around 5am(she works at 8am).
She was mad because I went in the next room and slept on the extra bed after she woke me up because she said I was snoring. So I went in the next room to try and let her get some sleep.
She's a hard one to figure out sometimes. She has said before that she wants her own room at times, but if she gets so enraged because I am not in the same bed with her how could she handle that?
Looks like she stayed up after she woke me up the first time at 3 something and didn't go back to bed. And I imagine that's also what got her so angry, because I went to sleep again. In the other room. Although I didn't sleep either after she woke me at 4:43 to tell me she was going to work.
Not really the way I like to start out the weekend.

Boo, I hope you get your computer fixed. Just give it a good kick if nothing else works.

Good luck on your date, Dud!

-Sterling Holobyte

June 08, 2007 - Msg 53220: No trouble Sterling. Be glad to offer a prayer for you and the Mrs. That is no way to start the day for sure.

Hope the date goes well Dud. You're not taking her to the weenie barn again huh? Impress her and order some brains and snails.:)

And I join you in cheering the amnesty bill defeat, although I fear we ain't seen the last of it yet. Let's hold them elected folks feet to the fire.


June 08, 2007 - Msg 53221: Asa: I went to cullinary school. I would order escargot and sweet breads.

Thanks for the "hope the date goes well". I have dated this young lady three different times during my 48 years and have taken her out when I came back to La. to visit my folks. Yes she has had one marriage, no children and plenty of suitors...I guess I am just lucky, we get along.... The "Dud"

June 08, 2007 - Msg 53222: Differences of living in Monroe La. Vs. Dallas Tx.

Monroe: My mother's yard man is white and the majority of his working crew black. (jobs that Americans will not do).

Dallas: Yard man is white and the whole crew is hispanic (Legal or Not).

Monroe: Construction crew is white and black (Jobs that Americans wont do).

Dallas: WHite guy holding a clipboard, crew is hispanic.

Monroe: Classified Jobs post: No mention of bilingual being an asset.

Dallas: Bilingual an asset:

The "Dud"

June 08, 2007 - Msg 53223: Interesting commentary Dud -
We have a lot of hispanics in our area (they like cabrito - works for me) but it is very hard on our school system. We do not offer bilingual education and most of the kids wind up in special education due to lack of an early education. I don't think school is that important to immigrants. Don't know for sure. We do have a lot of our little white high school girls becoming pregnant with hispanic babies. It is usually the girls that are wallflowers that the hispanic boys/men go after. Easy targets around here. And a way to stay in country because they have a "family" -

That's my commentary. . .

Asa - easy with the golf swings, I remember how you hurt Hazel a few years ago with that swing of yours!


June 08, 2007 - Msg 53224: Oops - good luck on your courtin' Dud. . .

Sterling - I have had a few mornings like that myself . . .except in reverse! I am always pleasant and good natured in the morning! :)

Ro - best wishes on your vacation. . .

Millie - I am jealous, can I come watch with you?


June 08, 2007 - Msg 53225: HomeMaker: I love Cabrito...A Monroe La. legend is the owner of Mother's Diner. Her Cabrito is legend in these parts...Take Care.

The "Dud"

June 08, 2007 - Msg 53226:
Hello porch family.

Dud...have a good date...The Warehouse is a great place to go.

Millie...I know you'll love those dvds. I sure enjoy mine. I keep them in the moterhome while I'm on the road. Keeps me company.

Boo....how's the puter? Come on back!

Pray that Ro is having a safe trip.

Well, I'll check back in later. Prayers for all the porch family.

June 08, 2007 - Msg 53227: Good Afternoon,
Well, Michaela came and then she left. She was here for 6 days and set us up to get in trouble for her to go home. She accused all of us of abusing her. She and Nick fought every day and she would yell at Bryson if he didn't follow her commands. For 11 years old she will have a long life of lying, cheating, and manipulation. Her Mother must be so proud. Now, we're trying our best to keep Nick here without hubby going to jail or taking the Mom back to court. So, this is why I haven't been by. Sometimes I will blog on my blog which is homesteadbloggerdotcom/keeperofthehome/ if you are wanting to know if I'm dead or alive.
Mavis- Put ice on your head where it is hurting for 15 min on/15 min off for an hour. Is your wedding over?
Rev- Are you staying busy. You're correct that cinnamon helps lower blood sugars. Chromium will as well.
Spot- You're lucky to have that boat! Is Miss Sherry all moved in? Have you given her a ring yet?
Big Maude- Glad you had a nice trip. I love apple butter in the fall to put on homemade biscuits.
AFD- I hope you have a nice trip and the kiddos travel well.
Hazel- The court order, which was written in 1997 is apparently an outdated joke to all parties. We are to have them both for 30 days and their Mom for 30 days in the summer. Well, Nick is living with us know and Michaela with their Mom. Michaela lasted only 6 days and Nick won't even go out there. Hubby is probably going to take their Mom back to court for child support modification and to get custody of Nick. So then we'll have a new order.
Millie- I'm glad you're home now. I'm sure your family missed you.
Blonde from a bottle- Nice to meet you.
Asa- You had a nice thought about prayer time. I wish I'd checked that day. Did you hit a hole in 1?
Happy Belated Birthday Andy!
Me-They- Will the Mrs. take care of the kids at home while working? I like the song "Unanswered Prayers". It really makes you think.
Frankie- I like your story about Chess and Pops.
Homemaker- Yay! I'm glad your prayers were answered.
Boo- When you are down try this. Smile for 5 minutes straight and see if it helps.
Auh20- What is the JFK4
Sterling- I hope you get a 2nd interview. Keep us posted.
Miller- Are you finished with school yet?
Dud- I prefer going to strip-typed malls. I was in retail for years and I hate malls also!
MDC- You can certainly keep the heat.
Tom- I'm glad your flowers are doing well. Did you get any rain? We are in a shortage here in Georgia.
APB- Dixie, KyGirl, Goober, Fungirl
Hey to everyone I missed!

June 08, 2007 - Msg 53228: Gosh gang busy here at work with storms...will someone cook me something?...SPOT

June 08, 2007 - Msg 53229: Hello Farrah:

SPOT will be unable to send you some food, sinceI will be taking my old girlfriend for a good meal at"The Warehouse". The REV you must know about this place. We are gona' have crawfish before the sit down. The "Dud"

June 08, 2007 - Msg 53230: Fed-x me a plate Dud...storms here...SPOT

June 08, 2007 - Msg 53231: SPOT: Gonna Fed-Ex you a plate of boiled crawfish, corn on the cob, new potatoes and apple crumb cake....gonna go out with my lady tonight..... The "Dud"

June 08, 2007 - Msg 53232: Sounds great Dud...thanks buddy...we got alot of people out here at the power company...storms rolled through pretty hard....you and your lady have fun.....back when I get a break in the action...SPOT

June 08, 2007 - Msg 53233: Good evening everyone...does anyone feel sorry for Paris Hilton???? She was sent back to jail today...what a pity. I did hear that her 'medical condition' was hives....probably nerves!

June 08, 2007 - Msg 53234:
Farrah, are you the same as Lucy? Maybe i missed some posts or I just need to take notes! haha
Me-They- Have a great vacation, we'll lean your rocker up agin the wall til ya get back.
Well, I got a busy weekend, will check in later.
Racing at Pocono Spot, rev, MD.
God bless ya,

June 08, 2007 - Msg 53235: FRANKIE..I think Paris,s mystery medical condition was coughing up the loot ...I dont feel sorry for her at all
MDC..NASCAR gave Kurt Busch a pretty good whipping $100,000.00 and 100 points
SPOT... hows the fishing down your way

June 08, 2007 - Msg 53236: Hey gang, I'm over at Sarah's if anyone wants to chat!

June 08, 2007 - Msg 53237: BTW, MDC, I think you're right about Farrah.....gotta be Miss Lucy.

June 08, 2007 - Msg 53238:
MDC...I was thinking the same thing about Farrah. Yep Millie...gotta be Lucy.

Spot...now you will get to try out that Fed-X food. Next best thing to being there.

Dud....Yep, I've eaten at the Warehouse before. Seems like I got the blackend catfish the last time I was there. As I remember, they have some GOOOOOD hushpuppies too.

The return of Barney tonight on TVLand.

Well everyone have a goodnight and know that I'm praying for each of you.

June 08, 2007 - Msg 53239:
Hey Folks

Farrah-The JFK4 is the nickname for the terrorists that wanted to blowup the fuel line at JFK Airport. But, somehow the McMedia can hardly find it themselves to cover that story. However, every chance they get they still mention the "Millennium Bomber"

Dud-I don't believe there are jobs that American workers will not do. If the free market place is allowed to work it usually does. Adam Smith and the "invisible hand" haven't let us down yet.

homemaker-Schools shouldn't have to make bilingual education mandatory (I don't mean to imply that you think they should have to). If people truly want to be immigrants and not illegals, they should have to assimilate into our society. Actually, they should want to assimilate, we shouldn't have to make them.

spot-We could'a used ya up here this evening. We had a rain blow through that knocked the electric out.

God Bless the troops,

June 09, 2007 - Msg 53240: Well, I'm back and the computer is behaving.

Really neat about the cinnamon, MDC. I'm getting some tomorrow!!

ASA, what's the Weenie Barn (I don't think Dud should take his date there)? haha

So sorry about Me-They's dear wife being slighted. I know how she feels, the same thing happened to me after I had been working nights at the same hospital for 13 years. I don't remember caring much, though...I just wanted OUT of there.

Sterling, I agree 100% about fighting back. I have mentioned before that a nurse was abducted from the hospital I worked for. It was broad daylight and she was abducted from a parking garage. It was an illegal from Mexico who wanted her van, so he drove her out into the country, asked her to get out and then shot her in the head. He testified in court that she was "very cooperative". She had young children, one with Down's Syndrome.

Well, I should be off to bed. I have a day full of work tomorrow. Have a peaceful night,


June 09, 2007 - Msg 53241: Good Morning Porch, no, wait, it's afternoon already, we had a storm here last night as well auh2o, but Spot managed to keep the power on here in TN. Thanks, Spot! Got lots to do today, so I'll check back later.
Oh, Lucy/Farrah, the wedding is June 30, so not over yet, almost here tho.

June 09, 2007 - Msg 53242: Oh, Mavis, it's getting exciting now, huh? Hope it is all going well, wish I could be there. Can't wait to see pics. Did I ever tel ya'll I was a biker chic? Well, kinda....I was a saleperson, sales manager, finance manager for a motorcylcle dealership(not Harleys, though). I loved it. Anyways, good luck.

June 09, 2007 - Msg 53243: Hello everyone:

Rev, me and my lady friend had a wonderful meal at the Warehouse last night. My mother is good friends with the head chef's mother. I always get good treatment, great food and service. The check doesn't get any lower. Those Hushpuppies are real good.

Millie: You keep on having great days. What is the sepecial tonite at Bogart's?

The "Dud"

June 09, 2007 - Msg 53244: That is Special Millie: Oops The "Dud"

June 09, 2007 - Msg 53245: Auh2o: My family came over to this land in 1696. I don't think there is "Jobs that Americans wont do". I saw online somewhere that if the Lettuce Growers paid their workers a living wage the price of lettuce would increase .25 cents a head. I am not in the restaurant industry like Millie, I would pay the increase to keep 400,000 to 1 million temporary workers out of our country, this is a year.

Living in Dallas we see the effects of Illegal immigration. The charity hospital (Parkland, JFK Assination) in Dallas County has a 68% maternity rate of illegals. The hospital is so overcrowded that they keep the poor expectant mother's in the hallways on gurneys until the have the last possible labor pains. Born in USA and the new patient is legal...The majority of these new "Dallasites" have not completed high school and can only apply for low skill jobs. They take more in services than paying in sales taxes..The majority do not pay Uncle Sam in a tax form.

The Rant of A "Dud:

June 09, 2007 - Msg 53246: hey Dud...The specials tonite are flit mignon bernaise, grilled salmon with cucumber dill sauce, or apple cider bbq ribs......EAT UP!

June 09, 2007 - Msg 53247: Millie: I think I will have the surf and turf. The Filet and the Grilled Salmon. I love bernaise sauce. Cucumber Dill Sauce? I think of myself as a Saucier. Don't know that one. Can you tell me the secrets of this sauce?.......... The "Dud"

June 09, 2007 - Msg 53248: Yes, I'm Lucy. I made a mistake and put my real name out of habit. I have been so scattered brained lately. I forgot to take my coumadin for a day or 2 so I think it's taking a toll. Well, just keep on calling me Lucy.
"The man upstairs is not my name. from God"~Atlanta Street Baptist church

June 09, 2007 - Msg 53249: I'll have the ribs Millie a full rack please. MMMMMMMM

June 09, 2007 - Msg 53250: Mavis:

When are you getting hitched? The "Dud"

June 09, 2007 - Msg 53251: Comin' your way, MAVIS! Extra sauce!

June 09, 2007 - Msg 53252: Lucy/Farrah: Hello, Have you lived in Dallas?

The "Dud"

June 09, 2007 - Msg 53253: Millie: No help on the Cucumber Dill Sauce?

June 09, 2007 - Msg 53254: sure Dud, sorry about that, I forgot. The way I make it at home is cut up the seedless part of a cumcuber(or use Engish) really fine. stir it into some sour cream, add fresh dill(chopped) and warm it on low, cutting with milk if neccesary. When we make it for the restaurant we have to keep it from breaking, so they use soem cornstarch and stuff, but that's my way. Good as a salad dressing too.

June 09, 2007 - Msg 53255: BTW, Dud, thanks for asking. I love to talk about food!

June 09, 2007 - Msg 53256:
Millie: I have ordered 40LB sack of Crawfish and I am leaving to go cook at my friend's house. The Cucumber Dill Sauce sounds like it would go good with The "DADS". You Guys and Gals have a great SAT. night. The "Dud"

June 09, 2007 - Msg 53257: You too, Dud.

June 09, 2007 - Msg 53258: Millie, I can't tell you what a joy it is to see you on the porch so often. We missed you while you were in the hospital.

Dud, I used to work with several doctors in Labor and Delivery who did their residency at Parkland. They had some pretty interesting stories about it, that's for sure. Many high-risk obstetrical cases, illegals, low socio-economic, etc. They certainly gained some good experience while there and they were good doctors because of it.

It sure is a hot one here in S Texas today (95 and humid). I sure hate going to the garage to do laundry but it has to be done. At least I won't have to do Me-They's while he is on vacation (guess he'll have plenty of shorts for me to wash when he gets home)....better scoot.

Hey to Lucy, hang in there, Girl.


June 09, 2007 - Msg 53259: HeyBoo! Have a good one!

June 09, 2007 - Msg 53260: Cookies, cookies...anyone want a cookie? I baked today, oatmeal chocolate chip w/nuts cookies and peanut butter cookies. I still have a few of the oatmeal chocolate chip left...they were leaving the cookie sheets before they were cool. Even the dogs were drooling!!!

June 09, 2007 - Msg 53261: Oh!Oh! I want cookies! Thanks, Frankie!

June 09, 2007 - Msg 53262: Mil...peanut butter cookies are on their way.