June 19, 2007 - Msg 53562:
Hello porch family.

Welcome back M-T.

Boo...that's great news on the Dr's report.

Maude...glad to see ya got that computer working again. Prayers for your mom.

FunGirl...sure will be praying for your situation. Have a great time on the date.

Speaking of burgers...we have a chain here called "Five Guys and a Burger." They are soooo good and fresh. Made fresh when you order.

Well better go for now. Prayers for all our porch family. Remember, Jesus loves us so much....and if we ever doubt it just re-read JN.3:16...yep that's proof!

June 19, 2007 - Msg 53563: Mercy, have ya'll been chatty since I was here last!
Welcome home Romeena glad you & the Plum had fun, but, it's always good to be home isn't it? For the record, I'm with you about saving lives, not "things"
Me-They Glad to see you back as well. Been missing your special "insight" to things. teehee And no, it ain't no shotgun wedding! It's a pistol wedding. ;)
Big Maude welcome back to internet land, and I certainly will send pictures to Romeena, I know you folks will protest if I don't.
Good to see you again fun girl! Congrats on the new man, guess you heard I got me one of those too?
MDCHappy Anniversary to you!!
Hazel thanks for reminding me about the root beer, think we will just have sweet tea. ;)
Mayberry Deputy could you email me at k9hairstyles@btes.tv? I need to ask you something.
Best get off here & get to bed, gotta get up early in the morning to get things started early for the truck. We let some things go tonight to get the motorhome worked on. Oh, almost forgot Lucy you asked about the Neff truck & I'm sorry I didn't answer before now. Mr. Neff owns a Catering Truck business, or more commonly known as "roach coach" it's a truck that goes from place to place selling food, drinks & snacks to the workers. Around here, it's mostly plants we go to & some of the bigger car dealers service departments & such. We make the food fresh every morning, both breakfast & a few lunch items. I go help him get it ready to go out, then come back home & head out to do my dog grooming. All in all, it's a fun day.
Night porch, will be back tomorrow.
Where is Millie today??

June 19, 2007 - Msg 53564: Didn't mean to rock on you Rev, how goes it? Are you still in TN?
Guess I'll shut up now & let someone else talk.

June 19, 2007 - Msg 53565: Hey guys! Mavis, I'm rightcheer! I vote with the rev....Five Guys is my favorite, after Bogart's(which doesn't count, I guess.)

I am fine today...Dr tommorow. Hoping for some good labs.

Everybody be good.


June 20, 2007 - Msg 53566: Good luck at the Dr's tomorrow Millie.

Hey Mavis, we call that roach coach a "gut wagon" sometimes. They have all kinds of names for them trucks I reckon.

Well we bought a new computer yesterday and are in the process of transferring files over from the old one. I hope to have it up and running by tonight. You know, a few years ago these things seemed like an expensive toy, but not having one at home the last few days has made me realize how durn much I use it. Not just to porch sit, but to look up things, and I get several daily and weekly newsletters in my mail that I have really missed. I feel so out of touch not having it at home. LOL

I have just been reading some of the past posts that I missed. Boo, glad your heart scare was only that. Just a wake up call. Same for Bruce it sounds like. Now make them changes in lifestyle you been talking about. How's the house coming along? Is it gonna have dirt floors or are you guys going all out? LOL

Sure been hot here. It was 92 yesterday. Everyone talks about the weather but no one does anything about it. You know who said that?


June 20, 2007 - Msg 53567: Good morning everyone. That was Calvin Coolidge, ASA.

In my attempt to make up for a lost week, I forgot to wish MDC a happy anniversary yesterday, so Happy Anniversary MDC and Mrs. MDC!

BOO: Now, since my mamma and daddy only shook on their deal, you better take that smack on the jaw back (with another!).

ROMEENA: I agree 100% with your comments, and, though I don't have the full story, some of teh accounts are saying that the reason they were in there is because it was suspected that someone was in the building. Another account is saying that they were looking for a "missing" firefighter. I guess we'll have to wait for the ivestigation. Like the Good Book says, can't lay up your treasures here, moths and rust and fire, too.

MILLIE: Never heard of that Five Guys place. But if you and REV say they're good, that's good enough for me.

Hey to all! Be back later!


June 20, 2007 - Msg 53568: AUH2O: Now's a good a time as any to burn those Celine Dion albums.


June 20, 2007 - Msg 53569: MDC: Regarding your temp, man! That is hot...Africa-hot. But the pioneers had the good sense not to settle there--in the desert! ;)


June 20, 2007 - Msg 53570: M-T - Thanks for setting my straight about the knot-tying club. I was wondering why no one was showing up. I thought I had the wrong color string!

Good to see you Fun Girl! Glad you have someone special in your life!

Been goat walking this morning, for my youngest is was little boy dragging (the goats drug him as he was trying to walk them). Glad the fair isn't tomorrow.

Always prayers for you Millie!


June 20, 2007 - Msg 53571: HAHAHA!...Asa, I am ready to settle for dirt floors but I guess I'll hold out for something better. Yes, we have already started on those positive changes and will continue.

ME-They, Im NOT taking it back. Very funny comments about Celine and the pioneers! haha....that kind of sounds like a good name for a rock band, "Celine and the Pioneers"....hmm

Back to the laundry.....your's is almost done Me-They....


June 20, 2007 - Msg 53572: Good morning, all. Well, Me-They, if they really did think there was someone in that burning building, then that puts a different face on it, of course, at least for that particular situation. It's still so sad, my heart just breaks for those families, and of course, for the firefighters who died. I just can't imagine anything much worse than that.

Well, I have to work tonight, and my desk is piled with unopened mail that arrived while I was gone. Guess I'd better get busy.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

June 20, 2007 - Msg 53573: It certainly is tragic, ROMEENA, whatever the story behind it.

HM: Maybe he can learn to ride him. Goat busting...maybe that'd be a good new children's sport.

BOO: Can I get my shorts right out of the dryer? I like hot shorts.


June 20, 2007 - Msg 53574: Sure, help yourself. Clothes right out of the dryer are nice, especially in winter.


June 20, 2007 - Msg 53575: Not to hot though.


June 20, 2007 - Msg 53576: ...I see your point, especially if you live in Arizona...

It sure is hot here today, 90's with high humidity so it feels like 100+. Not much fun doing the laundry in this heat but I'm glad I don't have to beat my clothes on rocks like some people. I'll never forget seeing women washing their clothes in the river and beating them on rocks while I was in Mexico.

Got some chicken in the oven, spinach and corn, sliced tomatos, corn muffins, some really sweet cherries (watch out for the pits) and iced tea. Ya'll are welcome to come eat with us.


June 20, 2007 - Msg 53577: Does anyone besides me love cooked spinach with vinegar? Is that a southern thing or was it just my mom that did that? It's really good, especially with sweet cornbread.


June 20, 2007 - Msg 53578: Can any of you cooks out there (ie Dud) tell me a good, heart-healthy way to cook squash?


June 20, 2007 - Msg 53579: Hey, Boo. I love vinegar on spinach or any other kind of leafy greens, so I guess it's a Southern thing. Maybe a south Texas thing. My very favorite is the vinegar/pepper sauce - you know the kind, little skinny green peppers in vinegar, in a shaker-top bottle - and you shake the vinegar onto your greens, leaving the peppers in the bottle. When you use up all the vinegar, you just add more!

I love to cook squash in the microwave. Just wash it, cut it into chunks, put it in a glass dish with a cover and give it about 6-10 minutes, depending on the strength of your microwave and how much squash you're cooking. When it just sticks tender with a fork, not mushy, put a little salt and pepper and butter, or use ButterBuds if you wish to save the fat grams. It's great, tastes very fresh and summery. I cook all sorts of squash this way - zucchini, yellow crookneck, the white pattipan, whatever. Of course, you can make it sinful with some grated cheddar and a dollop of sour cream if you wish. (teehee)

Actually, I cook a lot of veggies this way. Corn on the cob is great. If you shuck your own, cut the silk end off and pull the shucks down off about half of the ear, leaving the rest. Cut off the stem end. If you buy it partially shucked in little packages, just rinse the ears, leaving a little water on them. Put them in the micro about 3-4 at a time, cover with a paper towel and give them around 5 minutes on high. The remaining shuck will now come off easily and will bring the silk with it. A little butter, or Butterbuds, and it's great. If you wish, you can just cut off the two ends and cook the corn with all the shucks on. It all works - just a matter of preference.

Cauliflower is wonderful in the micro. Cut away the leafy part, rinse it well, break into pieces and put in covered glass dish. Micro for ten minutes or so, until just tender. Season as you wish. I love to put grated cheese and a little sour cream on mine, like the squash, and stir it up. So good!!

About beating laundry on rocks - I've never figured out why women would do that. I don't see how flailing something on rocks is going to help get it clean, but can surely imagine it would wear the garment out pretty quick! Things that make you go hmmmmm.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

June 20, 2007 - Msg 53580: Hey Boo, I like to cook up squash and zuchini into a ratatoulli(No idea how to spell it). In a big skillet, fry up some onions, squash, zuchinnni, and tomatoes(You can use canned)...at the end add some parmesian cheese, mmmm good.
Hope y'all are all good. Sue is nice having Ro and M-T back. Doc says I'm doing well....well enough to get chemo Monday, so YAY!
More later, gotta get ready for the kids to come home!

June 20, 2007 - Msg 53581: That's "SURE is nice"....who is Sue?

June 20, 2007 - Msg 53582: We cook most squash in the microwave as well. Butternut and acorn are good with some butter and a sprinkle of brown sugar. Spagetti squash is good with just some butter (or tomato sauce). Yellow and zuchini, however, I like to saute on the stove in a little olive oil. (We use only olive oil--it's good and heart healthy.) A litle salt and pepper, maybe some thyme or terragon. Sometimes, I'll throw some garlic into the saute pan, too. Can't have too much garlic!

We micro fresh spinach as well. You just wash it and stuff it into a caserole dish. No water is needed since it has so much already. It takes about 10 minutes in our 'wave, and we take it out and stir it up about half way through. This is a great way to cook veggies--no loss of nutrients in the air or water. Plus, you can get them tender without making them limp.

Green Giant has started making various frozen veggies in a microwavable bag that you just take from the freezer to the oven. They are very good. The corn is especially great. And, wonderful for me, there are no serving or cooking dishes to wash. The brocolli and cauliflour are good, too, though I'm not big on frozen peas or green beans.

I guess I'm just partial to the microwave because of all those dinners at my grandmoms--she used a pressure cooker to cook just about all veggies. You could have used most of them for baby food.


June 20, 2007 - Msg 53583: Sorry for rocking on your toes, MILLIE. I'm glad that your're feeling better.


June 20, 2007 - Msg 53584: By the way, I've never heard of vinegar on spinach. Now cabbage, that another matter.


June 20, 2007 - Msg 53585: Good afternoon porch. Been busy at work so just got a chance to check in for today. Glad to see everyone, welcome back M-T, glad to see you. Glad to hear things are going okay Millie, I know you will be glad to have your kids home. I will cook supper to celebrate all the good things going on: Pounded Steak ( I will pound it myself), new potatoes from the garden, sliced tomatoes, fresh green beans, Slaw, rolls, chocolate layer cake with fresh strawberries and sweet tea to drink. Ya'll come early and we will
visit for a spell. Blessings and Prayers to all.
Big Maude

June 20, 2007 - Msg 53586: Sounds GREAT Maude, Thanks for the supper.
Yes, Boo, I think the vinegar is a southern thing. We put it on spinich, cabbage, collards, kale, any thing leafy and green.

June 20, 2007 - Msg 53587: Oh, my goodness. Cabbage and vinegar - yum!! Fry a couple of slices of bacon, then add loosely shredded cabbage and saute, covering for the last couple of minutes to finish wilting the cabbage down. Add some vinegar, or some vinegar pepper sauce, and it's so good. I like to do purple cabbage that way too, but for that, I use regular vinegar and add a light sprinkle of brown sugar. Makes a sweet/sour effect that's so good. I wish I didn't have to work tonight, sure would like to go stir up some good veggies. I like to just have a veggie dinner sometimes, don't even need any meat.

Millie, I'll be praying for you as you start the chemo again. I'm glad you're able to handle it, but wish it wasn't necessary. Hang in there, love!

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

June 20, 2007 - Msg 53588: Thanks for the veggie-cookin' advice. I will try your suggestions.

I sure am glad I didn't have a heart attack because this surely has been a stressful week! There is a bunch I haven't shared with all of you concerning Karen's oldest daughter and her infant daughter and now, today, I am having to deal with something else. I know quite awhile ago I mentioned that Sean's best friend, Josh, has some questionabel parents who drink, have occassional colorful fights, etc (she drinks and lost her license because of it)...too long to explain but they have 4 cats and smoke in the house so Sean's allergies go crazy over there. Also, Sean has told us that she likes to speak badly of me when he is there, undermines my authority, etc. and about a month ago she asked Sean to go somewhere with them and Sean told her his mom probably wouldn't let him go with her. Her response was, shall I say colorful and she used some pretty strong language, including the "f" word. Well, Bruce and I were less than thrilled with that, of course and made the decision to not allow Sean to visit there anymore. We told him that Josh was welcome here anytime and we continue to take him to church every Sunday and VBS, etc. Josh spends alot of time her. Anyway, today Josh's mom called me asking why Sean couldn't come over and she was very confrontational so I cut the conversation short when she tried to pressure me into an argument. Soon after, Sean called Josh and his mom answered and told Sean that Josh was no longer allowed to come over or go anywhere with us until she and her common-law husband had a long talk with Bruce and I. Poor Sean was crying and I am so bothered by her decision, although it is her decision. I won't respond to her. She will have to call if she wants to talk to me. I won't give in to that kind of thing. I really feel for the boys, though. Sean has been through alot lately. I could just kick myself for ever letting him get this involved with that family. What a mess....any advice would be appreciated....


June 20, 2007 - Msg 53589:
Boo-I think you are doing the absolute correct thing. It may be tough on the boys now but down the road, and for the current time, Sean will be the better for it. I'm sure you have but maybe you could reinforce your thoughts with Sean with regard to why this is happening. If she's dropping "f" bombs in front of the kids I but Sean doesn't feel that comfortable there anyway. I don't mean to stereotype but she almost sounds like the kind that is gonna get sick of having her kid around more often and just may give in right away.

Millie- I'm not sure vinegar in a southern thing. We have four or five types of vinegar in the cupboard all the time, Balsamic, Apple, White, Rice ... yummy! Have you ever tried a broiled portobello mushroom with balsamic vinegar, oh my!

Romeena-We're having a birthday party for one of our daughters this weekend and three of the dishes are cabbage or kraut.

Asa-You just said that! What, you hearing things? hehe

Me-They I'll have to run out and buy some Celine Dion albums first. I also had a Nixon T-Shirt when I was in college, before the Reagan/Carter election, it showed Nixon walking on the beach and the caption said, "Tanned, Rested, and Ready." I also, never cared for Nixon, like Goldwater said, "he lied to everybody even his dog." But, it did indeed anger the hippie professors, which like yours, was the objective.


Boo-Hang in there! You are doing the right thing.

June 20, 2007 - Msg 53590: Bless your heart, Boo. Sorry to hear of all the trials you're going through. Prayers heading heaven-ward on your behalf.

Good to see you, Millie - prayers for you as well.

Good to have you back, Ro and M-T.

Girls are doing fine. Reagan has started walking - sometimes a step or two, and a couple of times up to about 8 steps or so. She now has 6 teeth.

Pass me some of that spinach with vinegar - love it! Also love sauerkraut and potatoes boiled together - mash the taters and cover with the kraut and butter. Good stuff!

Hey to the rest of the gang and prayers for all!

June 20, 2007 - Msg 53591:
M-T Yup, as Rafe would say, it's dang hot! ha
Dont want to start a moulage, but I have really turned away from microwaving foods. There are some things i have read, and the way the molecular structure changes in a microwave, it renders a lot of food nurtritionally "nueter." Try googling "microwaving foods" Actually, steaming is best, and frying ok too. Grandma was right. Kids are taught to microwave everything from mac and cheese to whatever, and are losing out on very much needed nutrition.
OK, kabluey goes my orange crate.
BOO- did you explain to Sean why he could no longer go over to Josh's house? Language, allergies etc. Just wonderin'
Yup, looks like the grown ups need to talk this one out. My prayers for you.
APB for poor Horatio, Dixie, and others
Millie- good to see you up and at em .
God bless,

June 20, 2007 - Msg 53592: Yep, Boo, I agree. You're doing absolutely the right thing. She lost her license because of a DUI conviction, and she expects you to let Sean go somewhere with her? She uses that kind of language in front of the kid who takes her kid to church, and is surprised when you object? She not only smokes in the house her kid lives in, but apparently also considers your kid's allergies to the smoke and cat dander in her house to be unimportant? This woman is a nut. Stay away from her. Do NOT go to her house. Don't invite her to yours, not even for a "talk". Do it by phone, or meet on neutral ground, like a quiet restaurant if you feel you need to talk it out with her. Let her make the first move, though. I suspect auh2o may be right, and when she gets tired of having Josh underfoot, it will all blow over. Stick to your guns, though, and don't let Sean go there anymore. She'll probably really out-do herself, just to see if she can get a reaction out of you, and Sean doesn't need to be the pawn in that little plan. Dear Boo, some people are idiots, some are evil, some are malicious, and there's usually just not much you can do about them but try to stay out of their way. I'm sorry Sean is having to suffer for this, but he will benefit from seeing you and his dad stand your ground. Keep the faith, and welcome Josh whenever you can.

Well, I've got to get ready for work. Have a lovely evening, everyone. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

June 20, 2007 - Msg 53593:
Boo- yes, stand your ground with that woman and with Sean. In the long run, he will be MUCH better off.
Prayers for all porchsters, troops, famlies.
APB for ky girl, bulbsnatcher, Fred goss and others.
Hazel- I watched the dvd of Hot Rod Otis last night! So funny. The singing in all of tags is so unique! As briscoe would say, just jump in and hang on...

June 20, 2007 - Msg 53594:
Hello porch family....Another wonderful day that the Lord has made.

Mavis...I just left Tn and passing through SC for one day before heading to Dud's neck of the woods in La. I'll leave La to head back to Tn for a July 4th weekend concert. Then I head to NJ then to Maine.

Millie...So glad to hear you got a good report today. Prayers the the chemo will go as smooth as possible.

M-T....I like yellow squash sauted in olive oil also. Good stuff and very good for you.

Speaking of food...Thanks for supper Maude.

Boo...Prayers for you..I know you will do what the Lord would have you to do.

AFD...never heard of kraut and potatoes but sounds good.

Ro...don't work too hard tonight.

Well better go for now...Prayers for all the porch family.

June 20, 2007 - Msg 53595:
Hey there MDC...Didn't see ya there....Try to stay cool out there.

June 20, 2007 - Msg 53596: M-T. . .if you like hot shorts out of the dryer - do you have hot buns then? Just wondering! Barney has hot knees - maybe from pulling up hot shorts! (Couldn't resist)

No comments on the squash thing - don't really care for it. . . .

Boo - stand your ground - and yes, some people are just cruel.

Kraut, potatoes and smoked sausage - now that's good eatin!


June 20, 2007 - Msg 53597: Hey, where has Dud been?

June 20, 2007 - Msg 53598: Thank you so much for the encouragement. You are all such a wonderful support group. It's a blessing to be able to come here to my friends with a concern and to receive such wise and uplifting counsel. I really appreciate it. You can all be sure that I will stand my ground and do what is best for my son. I am very sad about the situation, though. I love Josh and hate the thought of him not going to church or spending time with us but I know I have to leave that in the Lord's supremely capable hands.

Think I'll turn in. I have to get up at 4am to take a friend to the airport. She is flying to Kansas for her grandfather's funeral. I should be able to get back in time to get a nap before the kids wake up. Goodnight Mayberry,


June 21, 2007 - Msg 53599: Breakfast on the Neff truck this morning, bring your own coffee, we have cold drinks, but not hot ones. See ya'll there.

June 21, 2007 - Msg 53600: Oh boy, we are dining off the gut wagon this morning! Thanks Mavis. :)


June 21, 2007 - Msg 53601: Good morning, all. I don't usually do this, but I found this email so funny, I just have to pass it on. Here goes:

He's going through his usual dumb blonde jokes when a blonde woman in the fourth row stands on her chair and starts shouting: ''I've heard
enough of your stupid blonde jokes. What makes you think you can stereotype women that way? What does the color of a person's hair have to do with her worth as a human being? It's guys like you who keep women like me from being respected at work and in the community and from reaching our full
potential as a person, because you and your kind continue to perpetuate discrimination against, not only blondes, but women in general...and all in
the name of humor!''

The ventriloquist is embarrassed and begins to apologize, when the blonde yells, ''You stay out of this, mister! I'm talking to that little jerk on your knee!''

I don't know why that struck me as so funny, but it did. Maybe I'm just tired. Anyway, forgive me!

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

June 21, 2007 - Msg 53602: Well, why did that guy butt into it?


June 21, 2007 - Msg 53603: Good morning everyone. It’s a truly glorious day here. I hope that it is where you are, too.

BOO: You doing the absolute right thing. Sean may be upset now, but a period of loss is much better than the possible negatives influences these people may have on his life. Nobody said being a parent is easy, that’s for sure. If more made the tough decisions you are obviously willing to make, our society wouldn’t have half the problems it does. A pat on the back to you.

MDC: I respectfully have to disagree about microwaving foods. I did some research on this a few years ago because of similar concerns and did a search this morning and came to same conclusion I came to back then. In general, microwaving has proven itself safe over the last 35 years it has been in wide use. Proper use (not overcooking) actually holds nutrition in the foods, like steaming. The thing that struck me when I did the research, and which was the case today, was the kinds of sites that are sounding the alarm about microwaving versus the ones who present actual medical studies, science, and other research. On one side, you find proponents of “natural” things (nothing wrong there) but also conspiracy crank sites who purport that the government, FDA, AMA, and all of corporate America are lying to us as we are slowly poisoned and liberal Birkenstock sites. On the other side you find not only the FDA but also scores and scores of university research centers (who employ the best and brightest doctors and scientists out there) and nutrition sites.

One of the big things from several years ago was the “urban legend” that all plastics released dioxins into food when it was microwaved. That turned out to be patently false. While I agree that some companies may not care if we are slowly poisoned, I have a lot more faith in the medical, nutrition, and science communities.

Well, I couldn’t leave you up on that soapbox all by yourself, could I? ;)

AFD: Veda is walking yet, but is getting closer every day. Still holding at three teeth, so far. She is truly a joy, and a happier baby one couldn’t ask for.



June 21, 2007 - Msg 53604: Oh, MDC, I did forget to mention that the jury is still out on the long-term safety of the irradiation of foods routinely done before they hit the supermarket. Also, the poor nutritional quality of microwaving of mac and cheese may have less to do with the cokking and more to do with what's being cooked.


June 21, 2007 - Msg 53605: Thanks for the encouragement, Me-They. You're right, it isn't easy being a parent and it's true what everyone used to tell me; with children, every age has it's own difficulties. I remember thinking that after my children were potty-trained and slept all night my troubles would be over. Ha, how ridiculous! I can remember my parents forbidding my older sister to spend time with certain teens who were bad news. She didn't take it well and certainly didn't understand but my parents stuck by their guns (as parents did in those days) and those teens ended up getting into drugs and ruining their lives, basically. I am very thankful for my parents expample in many things. Sean seems to be doing ok today. We are going to go pick up Zach today and he and Ali are spending the night with us tonight.

We had quite a thunderstorm here this morning and it is still raining....I love summer rain. Things were beginning to turn brown from the heat. Hope you all stay cool today.

Me-They, I still have the heebie-jeebies about microwaving in plastic...I read something about it years ago and never forgot it. Also about drinking water bottled in plastic. Did you read that it was ok?.....send us another picture of Veda soon, I would love to see what she looks like now.

Hey AFD! Thanks for your encouragement as well. I would love to see another picture of Reagan, too.

Ro, I heard that Blonde joke a few months ago and loved it. You're right, I think it's very funny!

Better go drag the kids out of bed. I'm planning a trip to the farmer's market today if they aren't rained out. Need more melon!!!


June 21, 2007 - Msg 53606: I don't care what you have researched MT. If I'm in a room with a microwave running I am still covering my "components" with my hands. A feller can never be to sure! :)


June 21, 2007 - Msg 53607: I loved the joke Ro. Should we have a joke-a-thon today? Or a quote-a-thon?
Floyd to Andy "Well this just proves one thing Andy. You wanna good suit you gotta go to Mt. Pilot."


June 21, 2007 - Msg 53608: I hate to burst your bubble, ASA, but if'n them waves can make it through that metal and your clothes, what makes you think your hand can stop them? Better to start wearing a lead girdle ;).

BOO: For information about cooking in plastic, check out this article from the Harvard Medical School: http://www.health.harvard.edu/fhg/updates/update0706a.shtml

From what I've read, at least, water in plastic is okay to drink. However, that changes if the plastic is "old." Because of the way many plastic containers are manufactured today (for environmental and financial reasons), they break down readily. So, water you buy in teh store is fine, but you shouldn't let if sit around for months and shouldn't reuse disposable containers.

Think about it like this though: if water, which is inert, leaches from the plastic, what do think an acid (like soda) or a base (like milk) does?

"I don't think he's from around here. I think he's from...somewheres else."

June 21, 2007 - Msg 53609: IM BACK..good food good people good fishing good camping!....Maude you and Asa been feeding the porch?..Rev you been getting your fed-x food?...TOM you ok?..hey boo,mil,ro,m-t,possum,hazel,mavis and all...back at work...[ho hum]....let me get started....back with supper in a bit...prayers....SPOT

June 21, 2007 - Msg 53610: Hey, SPOT. ASA feed the porch? More like eat the porch.

HM: Sometimes I have hot cross buns.


June 21, 2007 - Msg 53611: Lunch is ready! Homemade vegetable beef soup and grilled cheese, sweet tea to drink....Eat up!

I'm having another good day, PTL, enjoying having the kids home. Life is good.


June 21, 2007 - Msg 53612: WELCOME BACK, Spot!

June 21, 2007 - Msg 53613: Afternoon Y'all- Boo,you stick to your guns,as hard as it may be. You got some good advice from the Porch and I can't add anything more. Sounds like the son (Josh?) doesn't even need to be around his mother! As Ro said,there are all kinds in this world. Hopefully there will be a way Sean & Josh can remain friends.
Millie,it's good to know you're having a fine day! Makes my day a bit brighter! Hang in there,sweetie!
Ro,I agree 100% with your comments that the Chas. firefighters shouldn't have been trying to save the furniture in that store. However,you may not know the reason they went in.Here it is: The firefighters went into the building after an employee in the store called 911 on a cell phone because he couldn't find his way out past the smoke & flames. He (and another employee) were safely rescued. However, at the time the roof collasped,there were 16,yep,16,firefighters in there! Why in the world would they send that many guys in there? Makes you wonder if they WERE trying to save sofas at that point. They have launched an investigation & I hope everything is found out. And Chief Rusty is crying because he lost 9 friends. Well,who sent them in there? I'm sorry for him,to a point. But,I sort of want to point fingers at him too. Not that it's going to do any good. Ok,off of my soapbox. Sorry to get so wound up! But, I did want y'all to know that they initially went in to safe human life. God bless 'em- heroes all.
Oh,I see Spot is back-yippee! Whatcha cooking tonight,you good ol' talking dog?
Happy First day of Summer to all!
possum under a rock

June 21, 2007 - Msg 53614: Boy, that soapbox is getting crowded today. Watch yer elbow there, POSSUM!


June 21, 2007 - Msg 53615: My elbow hurts! Who bumped me?? Ha!
Spelling correction: that should be " save" lives,not "safe." Guess I WAS wound up-can't even spell right!
possum again

June 21, 2007 - Msg 53616: you are right about Asa M-T ...ha ha...hey possum...thanks for lunch Millie..tell miller we said hey...supp er will be at red lobster on Romeena!....crab legs for all!...SPOT

June 21, 2007 - Msg 53617:
Hello porch family. A quick howdy and I'm heading down the road.

Spot...good to see ya back buddy. Let's have a fish fry.

Ro...I like that joke. I'll pass that one along to my blonde daughter.

Prayers for everyone.

June 21, 2007 - Msg 53618: Rev we had a good one at the lake ....we will have another one tomorrow night!...hush puppys [no relation] big maude slaw....well getting ready to head home...back at 6 in the morning..prayers to all...see ya at red lobster...Romeena bring a big wallet!...Asa wear shoes ok....SPOT

June 21, 2007 - Msg 53619:
Spot- as long as it aint microwaved! ha
Me-they's glow will act as your headlights going home! Just ribbin ya MT. I guess i got to do it since Mayor Colt hasnt been by lately.
I guess I just have a little bit of "bones" Doc McCoy in me, as he said not wanting his molecules spread around the universe! (:
Regarding plastics, I did read that IF the plastic MELTS in the microwave (ie: a non-accepable container) that it CAN indeed release toxins into food. Glass is best if you do microwave. Actually this dyed in the wool conservative doesnt trust medical research much anymore. There is too much big money involved in my humble opinion. I guess I'll just stick to my Whole Foods steamed organic vegies. haha
(no weed allowed) ha again.
Prayers continue for all porchsters, troops, families.
HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SUMMER! 114 in Phx, but 120 in Baghdad!
God bless, have a good concert Rev.

June 21, 2007 - Msg 53620: Hey all, just stopping in hope all is well.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

June 21, 2007 - Msg 53621: Evening Porch! Asa I talked to Mr. Neff & we agreed we will start carrying little packages of Pepto-Bismol on the truck for you & for Me-They. ;) For the record, Me-They the only thing we microwave is the chili for the hot dogs, however, everything IS wrapped in plastic. teehee
Boo I think that is the best thing you can do with the situation with Josh & Sean as well, stick to your guns & lean on us when you need it! I just realized I didn't answer your question the other day about Mr. Neff having two-legged children. He has 2 grown girls, both in their 30's but they only call when they want something. Neither of them called him on Father's Day! I mean, even if they don't like the fact they he & their mother are divorced (have been for over 10 years!) he is still their father & without him, they wouldn't have even been here, they could have at least called him! I tell you between my family & his family, it's a good thing we have each other!
Best get off here & get my supper down, the bed is calling me & tomorrow is another early day.
Where is Tom?? Please check in & let us know you are ok!

June 21, 2007 - Msg 53622: Hey Warren!! Where you been??

June 21, 2007 - Msg 53623: Hey Mavis, Hey Warren, MDC, Me They,possum, Rev, auh2o, Boo,HM, Big Maude, and all. TOM...Mavis is right, please check in, we worry.
Well, I really am happy having the family together again. We had such a nice supper together. Everybody went to bed without a fuss. What a good day.
Since I haven't seen Spot, y'all are welcome to more of my homemade soup....for dessert I made lemon squares. Y'all have some.
Well, kitchen is calling me to clean it, I'll be on at Sarah's at 10pm EST if anyone wants to chat!

June 21, 2007 - Msg 53624: Good evening, all. Possum, thanks for the additional info about the firefighters. It does help a little to know that they had a valid reason for being in there, but I hear what you're saying - sixteen does seem like a lot of people. Of course, it's easy to sit here in the safety of my keyboard and second-guess the activities of those who were on the scene. It's just such a tragedy, it evokes strong emotions in us all, I guess.

Mavis, bless your heart, and Mr. Neff's as well. I'm always amazed at the capacity for cruelty that resides in the hearts of some people, the willingness to hurt those people they are supposed to love. Not much you can do about it, except try to distance yourself from them as much as possible to keep them from hurting you more. Build a parallel life of your own, which you are obviously doing, and if you still care about them, you can always be available if they should decide to change their ways.

Well, gotta run. The Plum woke from her nap very lame in her left leg, so I got a dose of Rimadyl on board, made her eat so it won't hurt her tummy, and now she needs some cuddling. Poor little baby.

See you folks at Red Lobster! I called ahead and warned them to get a big pot of crab legs going. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

June 21, 2007 - Msg 53625: Thanks Ro he had learned to live with it, but it still is just a sad deal all the way around. All I know, & I do mean KNOW in my heart, the Good Lord always comes through for us, one way or another, & He put us together for a reason. For so many years we both said we would never get married again & when he asked me, I didn't hesitate, I just KNEW. He (Mr. Neff) said he surprised himself when he realized he wanted to get married & was a little worried that I would "run away" when he asked since I had been so adament about not doing it again. Now that we are together, things just fit, he is strong when I am weak, & I am the same for him. We even finish each other's sentences we think so much alike! I just am 100% positive that we are together for a reason & that I will spend the rest of our life together, he is just awesome & I have never been loved the way he loves me!
As for building our lives together, it is now our life together, those around us that want to hurt us for whatever reason, are the ones missing out, not us!
Now that I have rambled enough to put everyone to sleep, I'm gonna head to bed. See you fine folks tomorrow.
Prayers, Hugs & Good Thoughts to all.

June 21, 2007 - Msg 53626: Bless your heart, Mavis. It's such a pleasure to hear someone tell about such a happy relationship. I'm just thrilled for you. --Romeena

June 21, 2007 - Msg 53627: Hey Mavis, Ro, and all the gang.

I had my second interview with that business-that-shall-not-be-named;) yesterday, and was wondering something. Should I send another thank you letter to the person who interviewed me(it's the same person as the first time)? I have tried to look it up on the internet and I have just been getting conflicting information on whether you should or not.

On the microwave topic, I even thought I heard something about that microwave popcorn releasing something when you open it(other than aroma),and that you shouldn't stand right over it when you open it. Don't know what came of that study or if it was debunked.

-Sterling Holobyte

June 22, 2007 - Msg 53628: Morning gang...hey Warren....thanks for supper Romeena...hey sterling,millie...mavis..Rev we will fed-x ya breakfast....menu: 3 eggs your way,grits,toast,hashbrowns,country ham,bacon,bisquits and gravy,milk,coffee....ready at 7"ish...Asa wear shoes!....im back at work and getting started back in a bit....prayers...SPOT

June 22, 2007 - Msg 53629: Why do I gotta wear shoes Spot? It's only Friday.


June 22, 2007 - Msg 53630: Now Asa, you know we always have somebody run you through the creek a couple of times on Fridays! And yes,that means you slick down with Dippity Doo and even put shoes on! I nominate Sterling & Me-They for the task. Get him,guys!
possum under a rock

June 22, 2007 - Msg 53631: Good luck Sterling & M-T........SPOT

June 22, 2007 - Msg 53632: Good morning gang. If it was any more beautiful here (mid-70s, sunny, and not humid) I don't think I could have resisted the urge to call in "sick" to work.

POSSUM: I ain't gonna be running ASA through the crick every Friday! I already have three kids to get bathed and dressed and ain't gonna be responsible for cleanin' no ornery old buzzard.

ASA: And put a shirt on, too, will you?!

STERLING: I wouldn't. But that's just my opinion.

MDC: I'll have you know that my glow comes in very handy when hiking at night, y'know.

MILLIE: I'm so pleased that you had such a nice day yesterday. You sure deserve it, and more.

MAVIS: So are you trying to say that you're happy? I'm having trouble reading between the lines. ;)

DWF: Hey, long time no see!

When you mentioned "no weed allowed" it reminded me that the Department of Agriculture actually has a threshhold of allowable insect parts in foods. I guess it's inevitable, but the one that always grossed me out was the one I read about the amount of insect parts permitted in tea bags. The thought of flavoring my hot water with bug squeezins doesn't twang my buds. Just another reason tea ain't high on my list. Breakfast anyone?

Talk to y'all later.


June 22, 2007 - Msg 53633: SPOT: Thanks for the grub!

M-T again

June 22, 2007 - Msg 53634: That last paragraph in my above post referes to MDC's quote. Who else would be talkin' about "weed?" ;)

M-T (for the last time this morning)

June 22, 2007 - Msg 53635: You folks are in fine humor! Certainly had some laughs after reading over yesterday and today's posts.

I'm pickled tink that you had such a fine day yesterday, Millie...here's praying for another one today!

Thanks alot, Me-They, for ruining my favorite drink for me (bug squeezins, ewww).

Thanks for the advice, Mavis. I'm sorry about Mr Neff's daughters. I can't figure out why family sometimes can't seem to act like family.

Hope the Plum feels better soon, Ro. Give her an extra cuddle for me.

Well, lots to do. It's the last day of VBS and have to get ready for our camping trip. We leave on Sunday! Sure hope it's fun. The river will be great (it's the Guadalupe River, Romeena), but we will be staying in a cabin with NO air conditioning. There is electricity for fans, at least. I guess I'll be spending most of my time in the river and probably sleeping outside.


June 22, 2007 - Msg 53636: Oh, and Asa, I thought "components" was very original...don't think I've ever heard 'em called that.


June 22, 2007 - Msg 53637: Good morning, all. I'm glad somebody is running Asa through the crick, and slicking his hair down and making him put on a shirt and all, but please, don't let him grease his shoes. It gets so embarrassing when the cats follow him around - all that howling gets tiresome, and then when the cats start in too, it's just too much!

My nephew is getting married tomorrow, my daughter and grandsons are coming in tonight from Fredbg, and I have to work tonight! How's that for timing? I'll have to get a nap this afternoon, because that's all the sleep I'll get until Saturday night. Argh.

Well, gotta run. This house looks like somebody is having a rummage sale (or should) and I need to change the linens on the beds they'll be using, and clean the guest bathroom. Gosh! I have to do everything around here, I can't get the Plum to turn a paw, the lazy little lout. She says hey! --Romeena

June 22, 2007 - Msg 53638: Lunch time!..homemade tacos with the works...SPOT

June 22, 2007 - Msg 53639: Oh, boy! Tacos! I love 'em. Thanks, Spot. You're worth your weight in kibble.

Just for the record, when I cook in the microwave, I never cook in plastic or use plastic wrap. I have glass containers with glass lids, various sizes, and I cook in them. If I warm something on a plate, I cover it with a paper towel, not plastic. I've found that two or three wooden toothpicks stuck upright in whatever you're heating will keep the paper towel from settling into the food.

The exception to cooking in plastic would be the rice bowls and such that I buy from Schwan's and take to work. Good food, and very convenient, but they are packed in plastic. My solution is to cook the food in short bursts, about 20-30 seconds at a time. Remove, stir, and heat again until the food is hot. I never cook it long enough for the edges to become so hot that they "fry" the plastic bowl. Also, I remove the plastic film and cover with a paper towel instead.

Well, off I go. Got to get that wedding present for my nephew, get home and try to take a nap. Boo, I envy you - a trip to the river sure sounds good right now. Have fun!

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

June 22, 2007 - Msg 53640: Hey Hazel-thanks for the info--I will get season 4 asap. I love that episode--it ranks right up there with "Erenest T Bass" of course, I am a big fan of him!
Too bad there was never a spin off---

June 22, 2007 - Msg 53641:
Hello porch family. I am bushed so this is going to be short. Made it safely to La. Will be here till Tuesday.

Spot...passed through your neck of the woods last night. I was looking for paw tracks.

Ro....I'm with you; I only use glass if I use a microwave. Don't use it a whole lot though.

I know "they" say nuke stoves are safe and that plastic is safe to use, but there are page after page of "things" that were APPROVED safe by the FDA but are now banned after people are killed or sickend. So MDC, I right there with your way of thinking.

Well I'm gonna get some rest. Be back later. Prayers for all!

June 22, 2007 - Msg 53642: Spot, you mean to tell me I got dipped in the river, dippity do'ed put on a shirt and put on shoes for Tacos? They better be good is all I can say!