July 31, 2007 - Msg 54538: Oh, and yes, I plan to see "Underdog". Looks like a really good one. Will probably also buy the DVD for the grandkids. --Romeena

July 31, 2007 - Msg 54539: Whooosh! There, I got that done, and didn't even raise any dust. At least I don't think I did. Me-They, try out your larnyx. Any dust on it? --Romeena

July 31, 2007 - Msg 54540: Can anybody tell me if Jack Prince (Rafe Hollister)
really sang and if so did he put out any records?

July 31, 2007 - Msg 54541: Happy Birthday to Boo! And a belated one to Possum!
Asa, you've been remembering a lot of dates lately; that's not like you at all. Just last year you forgot my birthday, you forgot my anniversary. You forgot everything. Some nonsense about the foreman sending you around looking for a spindle wrench just at quitting time.
Millie, I too, hope your stomach pain is better today. Please keep us posted.
Dr. P., were you joking when you said you made a green tomatoe cake? If you really made one, I'd love to have the receipe... sounds interesting!
Sterling, I feel for your situation. I agree with the others; pick your battles. If it's something that's not earth-shattering, be mellow and maybe let it go.
Where's Spot with dinner? The clock in my stomach is going tick-tock.
- Hazel

July 31, 2007 - Msg 54542: Oh, you snuck in on me, Romeena. Yes, bless the Plums little heart. The poor dear. I'm so glad she's got you!
What, the porch swept again? Didn't I just do it yesterday? Odd. Curious, curious, curious.
# 54540, yes, Jack Prince really sang on TAGS. Wasn't he wonderful? I'm not sure if he put out any records. I'll have to research that.
- Hazel

July 31, 2007 - Msg 54543: Thanks

July 31, 2007 - Msg 54544:
Asa- I went to my 40th High School Reunion. I went to a boys boarding school there and fell in love with SB. Always wanted to retire there, but I am now "priced-out" of the area. A bungalow of 1200 sq feet is a mil and a half!! But it is still a beautiful area. We had a grand time, and it was great to see so many of the guys again. We all went to Stearn's Wharf on Sat. night and closed the place down! ha
Prayers continuing for all.
Happy Birthday BOO!
Happy Christmas in July!! haha

July 31, 2007 - Msg 54545: Thanks for the birthday wishes!! I had a positively wonderful one. The girls at the rehab surprised me with a little party. They made me a banner and made a card. It was precious. We had 4 (yes, 4) cheese cakes and just enjoyed being together. They even went around the room and each told how thankful they were for me. Talk about a joyful, and humbling experience. One very talented young girl even shared some of her poetry and it was amazing. I was so blessed by the girls. One girl who is leaving soon, couldn't speak when she wanted to thank me and she just cried. At the end when everyone was leaving, she grabbed onto me and held on. She cried in my arms for about 5 minutes. It was very touching. I am so thankful for the opportunity to love those girls. God is very good to me (and all of us).

After I got back, some of my family was here waiting to have cake with me. It was a great evening. Bruce bought me the pillows I wanted for the couch, and some good books to read. Sean bought me a CD of piano music, which I love. It's been a great birthday!

I think I will go spend some time with Erin. She is wanting to hang out with her "old", 45 yr old mom, still....I figure that won't last forever.

Love to all,


July 31, 2007 - Msg 54546: ...the only thing that would have made it perfect is if you had all been here to have cake with me, too....


July 31, 2007 - Msg 54547: Romeena, why not contact other owners of handicapped pets for ideas and suggestions at that link I posted before? They have a support group forum.
Go to http://www.handicappedpets.com/. Click on the round SUPPORT photo. Then click on HELP & ADVICE in the left hand column.

from Poor Horatio

July 31, 2007 - Msg 54548: To the unsigned poster of msg 54540, I could not find any information about Jack Prince recordings. However, if you visit http://zille.com/griffith/epinfo.asp?recno=83&comments=all, there is a discussion forum where they talk about Rafe Hollister's singing. In fact, one of the posters there states that she is Jack Prince's stepdaughter. She goes by "cindy prince from Oregon". The postings are listed from most recent at the top to the oldest at the bottom. Good luck.

To Boo and possum under the rock, belated birthday greetings to both of you ladies.

from Poor Horatio

July 31, 2007 - Msg 54549: Oops, I think I made a mistake. It appears that Jack Prince's stepdaughter goes by "cindylou prince from nyc" at that forum.

from Poor Horatio

July 31, 2007 - Msg 54550: Boo, so wonderfull an experience. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Looks like a few of us Texas end of the porch are in July. No kidding...we should all plan someting...Deb I believe is close also. It would be fun to plan someting and I will cook.

Sorry about your kneeling experience, just doing it all my life has kept my seven decade year old knees in order. Richard, my son bought a complicated bycicle and challenged me to ride it. Once I got past the stupid chain derairers got it going. Just the old ones I still think were better. But, didn't fall down one time.

Prayers for all, and on my knees...expecially for Millie and Plum.

July 31, 2007 - Msg 54551: Happy Birthday Ladies! Hope you got to take your naps & had great lunches & took some time to yourself today. Don't have alot of time, but wanted to say hey to everyone, gotta get myself in bed & start all over again.
Prayers for each of you, especially Sterling & Millie, but always for each of you. Ya'll are the cats!
Night Porch!

July 31, 2007 - Msg 54552: Thanks for all the helpful comments, everybody. I'm feeling a little bit better about the whole thing already(Though I still hate that shirt;)).
Me-They, I am not a Bible-thumper, but I know what you mean. You can't(and shouldn't) hold a Bible over someone's head condemning them, and expect them to want to see your side. And I don't. The way I try to teach Kai about God is, I hope, very calm and nurturing. Sometimes I guess I worry about the fact that those movies teach things in the exact opposite way; all flashy and frenetic action.
But then of course I remember Andy's comments to "Dave"(Buddy Ebsen) when Dave wanted to know why Andy doesn't let Opie decide certain things for himself. Something like, "Bad ideas come packaged with so much flash and shiny ribbons that it is hard for a youngin to turn away. Then by the time he's figured out that there's a hook in it, it's too late. Nooo, I gotta teach that youngin right." (That's not verbatim, and I know I got some of it wrong, but the sentiment is the same.)
I guess that is what I am trying to do.

Let me just say that all you folks who have a like-minded spouse(where God and morality are concerned), you don't know how lucky you are. Or maybe you do. Especially after I just said it.

But thanks again everyone for the advice and comments. It is so nice to have a place with so many like-minded(where God and morality are concerned)people, whom you can tell your troubles to, and get great advice.

Ray, I know what you mean about bicycles. I no longer ride 10-speeds, or 20-speeds or any other speed other than 1. I bought a nice bike with one speed and coaster brakes, just like in the old days, and it suits this bicyclist just fine. No cables, no brake pads rubbing on the wheels, no derailer making the chain fall off, no clickety-clickety click when you are coasting. Just a big frame, a chain, two pedals, and two big, fat wheels that won't bend when you go over a curb. Ambrosia.

-Sterling Holobyte

July 31, 2007 - Msg 54553: Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOO!

Hope you had a good one.

-Sterling Holobyte

July 31, 2007 - Msg 54554: Good evening, everyone. Poor Horatio, I do so appreciate the interest you've taken in little Sugarplum's situation. I already have that website bookmarked, and have discovered much that's of interest there. I know you'll understand when I say I sincerely hope I will have no need for any of it. I'm still hanging onto the notion that she's "fixable" and will be on all four feet soon, just motoring around under her own steam. She wants to so badly. However, if that doesn't happen, be assured that the website you referenced for me will become a favorite hangout.

As for Jack Prince, I spent much of an afternoon a few years back trying to find any indication that he had any recordings, with no success. In fact, I distinctly recall being told that he never recorded anything, though right now I couldn't tell you who told me that if my life depended on it. The link to his stepdaughter is interesting, though, and I would hope we could get the straight story from her. Seems like she would know if anyone would. If he really didn't record anything, then the music world is the poorer for it. He had a very fine voice. Just had that certain quality....

Well, I'm headed for the ironing board. I'm taking a friend to my car dealership in the morning, to introduce her to my favorite salesman and my service advisor. She needs to upgrade her car, and I know she can find what she needs there. I know, you can buy a good car at a lot of places, but you would have a hard time finding the service that is given at this dealership. It has no equal, and for me the place has been a real blessing.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

July 31, 2007 - Msg 54555:
Hello porch family. So good to just sit back on the porch for a few minutes.

Millie...I'm sure praying that you are feeling better.

Happy Birthday to Possum and Boo. And many many more!

Spot...our Braves got some good trades. Should beef up the bats. Good game tonight.

Ro...I'm kinda like your husband when it comes to driving; If the motorhome is rolling I want to be behind the wheel.

Well gonna get to bed. As always, praying for you all.

August 01, 2007 - Msg 54556: Wow, more birthday wishes for Possum and me. You folks are really the cats, you know that? You beat everything!

Ray, all I can say is, if you're doing the cooking, I'm coming. Your part of Texas would be a good place to meet. Maybe when the weather gets a bit cooler we can plan something. Ro and I met in Fredricksburg once during December and was a blessing. I even got to meet Sugarplum and give her some carrots out of the frige. Just like Ro says, she is a darling, sweet pup.

Hey Sterling, that Andy gives some pretty good kid advice on the show, doesn't he? You are so right about the blessing of coming here with such nice, loving folks who know how to encourage and give good advice. I know I need it ALOT. By the way, I have one of those kind of bikes. No gears to mess with, etc. It's a great bike....I only wish it had a banana seat and a plastic basket with flowers on it on the front..heehee (you girls who grew up in the 60's and 70's will relate to that statement).

Prayers for you, too, Rev!

I was thinking we should start another topic of conversation, like favorite old movies, songs, etc...whatever you all want to talk about.

I'm off to bed. Have to take mom to the doc in the morning.


August 01, 2007 - Msg 54557: Hello everyone.

Romeena, you are most welcome.
In your msg 54536, you posted how you were concerned about leaving Sugarplum alone at home while you are working. So I reminded you about that handicapped pets web site where you might want to post details of your situation and get responses from others who are dealing with the same problem. I got the impression you wanted a solution quickly.

I too am concerned about Millie since she posted about her stomach pain and hasn't posted since then. Also, I looked for her over at Sarah's but did not find her.

from Poor Horatio

August 01, 2007 - Msg 54558: Morning Porch.
Maybe we could all lift Millie up in prayer this morning.

That was a very touching story Boo, about those girls at the shelter. I imagine that warmed your old heart. Ain't that the wonder of serving though. The server usually is blessed more than the servee. (is that a word)

Poor Horatio, is your girlfriend doing better?

Hazel, you're right. I did forget your birthday and anniversary. I'm no good!

Sorry you didn't get a bed jacket Possum, but them canning jars are a nice gift.

I'm like your hubby and Rev too Romeena. Ain't no way I can sleep in a moving vehicle. I always drive when we take road trips and when I get tired we pull over and take a rest. Used to drive my wife nuts, but now she's used to it and just puts up with me.... I think.

Good to see you Mavis. How's married life?

How about this subject Boo? Songs or jingles that you changed the words to. Remember the commecial for Blue Bonnet butter? "Everythings better with Blue Bonnet on it." As kids we changed it to "everythings better with blue vomit on it."


August 01, 2007 - Msg 54559: Hahaha! Now THAT is something we have never talked about, ASA! How about, "Comet, it makes your mouth turn green. Comet, it tastes like gasoline. Comet, it makes you vomit, so get some Comet and vomit today!"....sung to the tune of the song they wisteled in "Bridge Over the River Kwai (sp?)"....

Prayers for Millie this morning.


August 01, 2007 - Msg 54560: Good morning everyone. "Me-They, me-they, me-they..." Yep, ROMEENA, my larnyx is fine.

Sorry I can't really join in on the jingle action. Most of the ones we changed are sort of off-color. Nothing really bad, just stuff I wouldn't want etched into posterity here. I will add that my screen saver consists of a parade of Wacky Pack stickers from the early 1970s. Remember those? My favorites are "Clammy...the Fishy Smelling Soap" and "Bar-Kist Tuna...Rum-Flavored Fish."

Prayers for MILLIE, ASA's family, BOO, Sugarplum, HORATIO's friend, STERLING, and all those others that need them.

APB for BIG MAUDE, IDELLE, BWB, and others.

BOO: You truly are blessed. Isn't it wonderful how, when we follow the path God sets for us, no matter how far out of our comfort zone or unwilling we may be, we are so richly rewarded. And this is nothing compared to the riches that await. You know, if more Christians acted like Christians instead of talking like Christians, how many would be turned. Yes, you are blessed and a blessing.

STERLING: That is a great insight. I wasn't accusing you of being a Bible thumper, though; I hope you realize that. You do have a difficult road--no sense sugar-coating it--if you are a believer and your wife is not. But, by doing God's will and doing all things in love and selflessness regarding yoru relationship, God surely can change a heart. Anmd as far as Kai is concerned, if you bring her up in the Lord He has promised that she will not depart. Period. Oh, she may rebel or deny for a time but she can never escape the Truth that is instilled in her heart and mind. You just can't "un-know" the Truth. Have courage and be encouraged.

Have a great day!

"I've got a uvula, you've got a uvula, all God's children got a uvula!"

August 01, 2007 - Msg 54561: By the way, I tried (unsuccessfully) to e-mail a very uplifting video to ROMEENA about a dog that lost both front legs but was fitted with wheels and a ski for winter. It's great. I don't have the link but it can bee found at BBC News site and search for it there. It should pop up.


August 01, 2007 - Msg 54562: Mornin' Y'all! Thanks again for all of the birthday wishes-'preciate it! Boo, sounds like you had a good b-day too.

Asa,my ankle still hurts (tight & achy feeling)-it's been almost a month.I have the feeling it's gonna be one of those things that always bothers me a bit.I'm sorry you're still having trouble-you fell quite some time ago. Time for you to feel better! Sure hope you do.

Prayers for Millie(and the Plum as well).

May I just say that the fellas on this Porch are a great bunch of guys. It's good to see men so caring & involved in their families like you are. Rare thing in these days and times.I want to hug all your necks- (((((PORCH FELLAS))))) :)

Welcome back,MDC!
Y'all have a good day-love to all!
possum under a rock

August 01, 2007 - Msg 54563: Hey, did ya'll know this one when you were kids??...(I'm not as careful as Me-They):

Great, green globs of greasy, grimey gopher's feet,
Dirty little birdies feet,
mutilated monkey meat.
French fried eyeballs rolling in a bowl of blood,
and me, without a spoon.....but I gotta straw!

Thanks for the kind words, Me-They! I appreciate the encouragement.


August 01, 2007 - Msg 54564: ooops, that was supposed to be "gopher guts" not "feet"...I'm getting too old to remember such fine poetry.


August 01, 2007 - Msg 54565: Romeena - I sent you some photos of Shotgun! I hope they arrive to you - let me know! homemaker

August 01, 2007 - Msg 54566: Boo - I celebrated my birthday by taking animals into the fair. My husband bought me a couple of donuts and that was the last of the fanfair. I may just have to buy a cheesecake in spite of them all! Ha Ha - I am in the 45 club too! hm

August 01, 2007 - Msg 54567: Yes, I do remember that one, BOO. The only difference was after the monkey meat verse we'd repeat the first verse then, "Eat them with a spoon." Brings a tear to your eye, don't it?

Thanks, POSSUM.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOMEMAKER! Hey, a doughnut is better'n a leg 'o lamb.


August 01, 2007 - Msg 54568: does anyone know the name of the painting found in several episodes. It portrays a girl crossing a creek with ducks or geese both on the bank and in the water. I know it is found in the "Family Visit" episode when Andy and Ollie and laying in bed getting ready to sleep.

August 01, 2007 - Msg 54569:
Morning porch family. Another great day to serve the Lord.

Asa...I'm in agreement with you on the prayers for our Millie.

I'll check back later on today. Praying for you all.

August 01, 2007 - Msg 54570: To Asa msg 54558, my girlfriend is doing much better now (probably because I'm with her here in Canada). I have been trying to get her appointments with specialists but they all seem to have gone on vacation at the same time.

To Me-They msg 54561, thanks for the prayers for my girlfriend. And thanks for the info about that doggie video. I found the story at
Unfortunately I always received an error message when I tried to view it. Then I found a video at another web site that covers a similar story.

Visit http://www.krem.com/video/index.html?nvid=161225&shu=1 to view a video about a dog born without front legs and see how he gets around.

Boo 54563, I never heard such poetry when I was a kid. I guess I must have had a sheltered life compared to you. LOL

from Poor Horatio

August 01, 2007 - Msg 54571:
PH- That is great news about your girlfriend.

Boo-I can remember that little ditty also.

Sterling-Praying for your situation.

I don't know if this falls into the category ya'll are talking about but I can remember back when I was a teen a local radio station would play a sound clip of a girl messing up CCR's "A Bad Moon On the Rise." The song goes, "There's a bad moon on the rise" and she sang, "There's a bathroom on the right." I thought that was so funny. Any who...

MDC & Rev-Glad to have the both of you back from your trips. Although, I guess in the Rev's case you were actually closer to me while you were on tour...huh? It's good to have you back nonetheless.


August 01, 2007 - Msg 54572: Who's Malloy?


August 01, 2007 - Msg 54573: Wow, you were really missing out PH (sniff).

I have seen that video about the dog with no arms on YouTube. Amazing to watch.

OK Me-They, how about this one??:
Don't you laugh when the hurse (that's HURSE, not NURSE) goes by....(I don't think I will finish that one, it's pretty gross).

Well, finished taking mom to the doc, going to the store, feeding everyone lunch, doing a load of laundry, and filling the dishwasher. Now I am having my coffee and a tuna sandwich...it's been a productive day so far.

REV, my husband bought me a Max Lucado book yesterday called "Every Day Deserves A Chance" and it's pretty good so far. I thought of it when you ou said today is another day to serve the Lord. How true, we need to make the most of each day, don't we? When I stand before God I pray that my works are "gold, silver and precious stones" and not "wood, hay, and stubble"!! Well, actually I know alot of them are already wood, hay, and stubble so I am hoping to improve! hehe


August 01, 2007 - Msg 54574: Hey there, Auh2o! I never heard that version of Bad Moon Rising but it sounds funny to me. Bet you liked Weird Al Yankovich, didn't cha?


August 01, 2007 - Msg 54575: Okay,here's the "Southern version":
" Great big gobs of greasy grimy gopher meat
Little bitty birdie's feet
chopped up oh so sweet..
Two big eyeballs floating in a bowl of blood
Don't ya wish that ya had a spoon?!"

At least nobody's versions have included any possums! Ha!
possum under a rock

August 01, 2007 - Msg 54576: ya'll ain't nothing but gross. . .

Granny's in the cellar
Making biscuits can't you smell her
Making biscuits can't you smell her on her damp and dirty stove
She got matter in the batter that keeps dripping from her eye and she whistles while the snot runs down her nose. .
Down her nose. . .
(And then it repeats) - Sounds delish, doesn't it?

Now - who is going to make fun of my meatballs!


August 01, 2007 - Msg 54577: Speaking of misheard/wrong lyrics (like auh20 was),whenever I heard "You Should Be Dancing" by the Bee Gees, I always thought the line before they sang " you should be dancing" was "Whatcha doing in your neighbor's bed? " I still don't know what they're saying!
possum again

August 01, 2007 - Msg 54578: Oooh,YUCK,hm! Ha Ha
Sorry about your granny. (just kidding!)
possum once more

August 01, 2007 - Msg 54579: How about Journey's song "Open Arms" we changed to read "and I come to you with broken arms".


August 01, 2007 - Msg 54580:

Possum, I can't understand a word of that song, so don't feel bad. LOL I love those 'misunderstood song lyrics' web sites. I laugh 'til I have tears in my eyes.

I found a Dolores Gray recording with Jack Prince and Andy Griffith on it. The URL is http://www.spidra.com/disco.html. Not sure where one would buy it.

There is also a 78 rpm of Jack Prince currently listed on eBay singing with the Shep Fields Orchestra (listed under "Vintage Vogue 78 Picture Record Shep Fields, Jack Prince").

Interesting: When Bruce Willis was a rookie actor he appeared in a stage production of "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" with Jack Prince as Big Daddy. I wonder if there's a record of that out somewhere. Prince also appeared on The Tonight Show (Johnny Carson incarnation). There is a DVD of this episode available at Christmas Daddy.

He sure had a magnificent voice -- his singing was so effortless. Southern boy, too! (Shreveport, LA)

Ro, still keeping a good thought for our girl, the Plum.

Belated happy birthday to Boo and anyone else I might have missed!



August 01, 2007 - Msg 54581:

Asa! I sing it that way, too! LOLOLOL



August 01, 2007 - Msg 54582:

Ok, one more. It appears that Jack Prince *might* have recorded some rockabilly tunes. (?)

There is a Jack Prince listed as having cut some rockabilly records in the late '50s. This may or may not be the same guy.

Go to Google.com and type in

"jack prince" rockabilly

(just like that, with the quotation marks around his name). See what you think.

~DeS~ over and out.. uh, out and under... Bye.

August 01, 2007 - Msg 54583: Afternoon , Hope all are well. This funny music makes me feel about ten ,again. I just returned from shopping and lunch with my son Colter, Now I'm ready for a nap. I hate to Shop! Hazel, I wasn't kidding about the green tomato cake, It really is good, if you want the recipe I'll give it to you { its from Paula Deen }. Peace Dr P

August 01, 2007 - Msg 54584: From my desk calendar: "The secret to success is knowing who to blame for your failures."

Y'all have a great day. And remember what rolls downhill ;).


August 01, 2007 - Msg 54585: it time to fine a good chnnel to heard .hehe


August 01, 2007 - Msg 54586: I know what rolls downhill cause I'm always at the botton of the durn hill!


August 01, 2007 - Msg 54587: Oh ASA, you kill me, so this one's for you:

"Living without you, living alone,
this empty house seems so cold.
Wanting to hold you (which is really tough with broken arms), wanting you near,
How much I wanted you home.

But now that you've come back
Turned night into day,
I need you to stay....

So now I come to you with broken arms,
Nothing to hide, believe what I say.
So here I am with broken arms
Hoping to see what your love means to me,
Broken Arms....."


August 01, 2007 - Msg 54588: (sniff)

August 01, 2007 - Msg 54589: Hey!
I'll read the archives tonight, but I need to quickly ask you for prayers. Nick's Grandfather, his Mother (using that term loosely) Dad, is in town and has spent the day with Nick. He is 100% on our side and said there is no way that Nick should get on a plane on Friday to see her. He is going to try and reason with her, but if it doesn't work he will lie and say Nick is with him until he returns to Phoenix on Monday. He will actually be driving there this weekend. Then, it would be too late for Nick to go with school starting on the 13th (hallelujah). I'm having a hard time with lying to her, but he believes this is best. Please keep this in your prayers. Of the things Grandpa told me today Nick will die there physically, emotionally, and spiritually, even for a week.

August 01, 2007 - Msg 54590: Well,here's my opinion Lucy.I don't like lying,and try my best not to do it,but a Mama does most anything in order to protect their child. Lucy,I know you love Nick and are more of a Mama to him than his "real" mom. You go on & let Grandpa do his thing.Just hope there won't be any fallout if biological mom ever finds out y'all lied to her. She sounds like a real piece of work,from all you've told us.I'll keep y'all in my prayers. Good luck.

Tom is tired of our singing,and I'm afraid Auntie Ro is gonna whup all us naughty younguns,so I for one am gonna behave (after just one more!)
Remember the 70's song "Rock the Boat"?
"Well,I'd like to know where you got the nose job.." (inserting nose job for "notion") Ha!

possum under a rock

August 01, 2007 - Msg 54591: Good one Possum.

That brought tears to my eyes too Boo. Wonder what causes that?

Prayers for your situation Lucy. It sounds dicey.

Millie, hope you are ok dear.


August 01, 2007 - Msg 54592: Possum- No I'm nottired from heard you all song itjust you all are just off key a little.


August 01, 2007 - Msg 54593: Evening friends. I'm feeling a little better today...thanks for the prayers. I guess we won't really know what's going on until the next scan, in September.
Good to see the porch so nice and full.
I made a big apple cobbler tonight. Y'all grab a bowl and have some.

August 01, 2007 - Msg 54594: Good evening, all. Does all that singing sound off-key to you too, Tom? I thought I just needed to get my ears tuned! You all had just better be glad I didn't jump in with some of the stuff my cousins and I used to sing, or moving up a generation, the things my kids sang. Here's a funny story...

Remember the old Shake 'N Bake commercial? The annoying little kid that said "It's not fried, it's baked!" (You just wanted to smack her.) Well, my oldest son was in second grade about that time, and one day his teacher called and requested a conference with me, saying we needed to discuss my son's "nasty language". Well, that will raise a mother's antennae pretty quick, so I was at the school that afternoon.
We sat down, she blushed and cleared her throat and said she really hated to tell me what he had said. Fearing the worst, I told her to proceed, that I had to know before I could do anything about it. She looked around to be sure no one else would overhear the shocking words, then told me. Seems at the lunch table, another child had held up a french fry and said "It's not fried, it's baked." My son responded with "It's not a fried potato, it's a fried worm." Nearly green by now, the teacher apologized for having to tell me, but "I knew you would want to know."
Can you imagine the effort it took for me to keep a straight face as I apologized for my son's appalling behavior? I assured her I would handle it with him and would see that it never happened again. I laughed all the way home, told my husband and he thought it was hilarious. At the dinner table that night, he led the kids in some of the more stomach-turning songs that kids sing, even taught them a new one, and then made it plain to them that such things were best not presented to school teachers. My son still remembers that, and laughs about it every time it's mentioned.

Millie, please check in. Can I bring you some soup? --Romeena

August 01, 2007 - Msg 54595: Whooohoo! There's Millie! Good to see you, love. We've been worried! And you made an apple cobbler. I've got some whipping cream, how about I whip up a bowl of it and bring it over to put on the cobbler? --Romeena

August 01, 2007 - Msg 54596: Sounds good, Ro. Maybe we'll watch some TAGS. Thanks for worrying about me.

August 01, 2007 - Msg 54597: # 54568, I don't know the name of the picture. And I don't remember seeing it, either. I'll have to go back and watch that episode. There's the picture hanging in the Taylors living room, of a farmer in a field, but I don't remember the one you are talking about. I checked the F.A.Q.'s over at Miss Crumps, and couldn't find anything on it. Sorry! P.S., if you're a TAGS watcher, you should join us here at the porch!
I can't repeat any of the little ditties I used to sing as a school girl. The censor won't allow it.
Prayers for Millie continue. And the plumster.
- Hazel

August 01, 2007 - Msg 54598: Oh! Millie, you snuck in on me! You weren't there when I started. And you too, Ro. I'll run the apple cobble with whipped cream over to Millie. It might be half gone by the time I'm there. Wonder what causes that.
- Hazel

August 01, 2007 - Msg 54599: Ooops, that's cobbler, not cobble.

August 01, 2007 - Msg 54600: Hey Hazel, good to see you! See you over at Sarah's.

August 01, 2007 - Msg 54601:
Boo- how about a pre-xbox and pre-super nintendo world!? ha
Simon Says, Red light Green Light, going home for lunch, hula hoops, wax lips, Mickey Mouse Club, American Bandsatand, climbing trees, cowboys and indians, ribbon candy, bobby pins, matinees, step on a crack, break your mother's back, jacks, jump rope, detergent with free towels inside, 15 cent McDonald burgers, US Keds, PF Fliers, paper chains, and OK, that's my generation, how bout yours? ha
Prayers for all,

August 01, 2007 - Msg 54602: possum under the rock msg 54575, you spoke too soon.

Oh Possum Pete, Oh Possum Pete.
There's nothing left but hair and feet.
You thought you'd beat that bus across.
Now you look like a pile of moss.
Oh Possum Pete, Oh Possum Pete.
There's nothing left but hair and feet.

from Poor Horatio

August 01, 2007 - Msg 54603: MDC-Are you crazy McDonald never had 15 gent burgers .

August 01, 2007 - Msg 54604:
Hello porch family....good to see you all.

Boo...my prayer each day is that what I do would be pleasing to Him and that His light shine through my life. I'm like you, I pray that one day I will hear "Well done My good and faithful servant."

Lucy...prayers for your situation. Keep the faith!

Millie...you made my day by hearing from you. The cobbler sure sounds good. As always, I'm praying for you.

MDC...a lot of those are in my generation also. Those were some good ole memories.

Ro...know that the Plum is in my prayers also.

You all have a great nights sleep and have a Jesus filled night!

August 01, 2007 - Msg 54605: Thanks, Rev, good to see you. You too, Tom....
Thanks for the chat, Hazel and Poor Horatio

August 01, 2007 - Msg 54606:
Speaking of prices....what's the cheapest you remember cokes? I just do remember when they were a dime then they went up to 12 cents. They stayed at 12 cents for a while. And on the bottom of the bottle was printed the city/state they were bottled in.

August 01, 2007 - Msg 54607: OH MY GOSH, I LOVE IT PH! That is absolutely hilarious...."nothing left but hair and feet" hahahaha....sorry Possum, but that really hit me as funny.

That teacher sounds like she was daft, Romeena. I don't think I would be as cheerful as you if a teacher called me to school for THAT....now, along those lines I need some more advice....I need to know if I am overreacting about something...at my church, the youth group contains junior high and high school students and they meet in a youth room upstairs at the church. Well, tonight the sunday school teachers had a brief meeting after church and so some of the youth kids were upstairs without an adult present (guess that could be trouble right there). Well, Sean and his two friends were up there and after we left, they told me that some of the older kids were talking about drinking and one of the high school girls used the words, f---, and several other really bad words. It upset me that my kids are exposed to that kind of junk even in church. What should I do? Should I say something to the pastor, the youth leader or what? I hate to accuse anyone and take one child's word over another but I think the older kids need to get the message that such things can't be tolerated in church, especially around the younger kids....any advice?


August 01, 2007 - Msg 54608: Can I ask you guys for prayers again? A dear friend of mine & wonderful advocate for spaying/neutering of animals here in Bristol was found dead in her driveway yesterday evening from diabetic shock. Her organization www.peopleunited4animals.org shows all that she has accomplished here. I am asking for prayers for her family & for her little pets that we are now trying to place in homes that she would approve of. I had just talkeed to her over the weekend about doing my segment on the local news for Pet of the Week. I am in shock right now, hard to believe such a wonderful person is gone.
Thanks guys

August 01, 2007 - Msg 54609: Good Evening Porch,
Hazel- Yes Jack Prince did sing so lovely. I just loved his character too.
MDC- How did you feel about going to a boarding school? We are considering sending Nick to a military school for high school, but we don't want him to feel abandoned or anything.
Ray- That is so amazing that at your age you will even attempt to get on a bike. That's awesome!
Sterling- My husband and I do NOT see eye to eye on raising the boys. I am much stricter. I monitor everything they see. When they are with him I don't say anything, but since I spend the most time with them they find out in the end what's the right way to live. Train Up A Child, not destroy one. Yet, as you said, you cannot hold a bible over their heads and make them do something. Frankly, you are head of household and she is sinning if she's going against you and God. That, my friend, is between she and the Lord Almighty, not you. I'm so glad that you feel comfortable talking to us. It helps to get these things out. Prayers!
Asa, you're too funny, Blue Bonnet. My husband has started having me drive every so often. He makes business calls now while I drive. He gets alot accomplished. Plus, I get to yell at trucks, which has it's bonuses.
Poor Horatio- I'm glad that you are getting to the bottom of things with your girlfriend. I pray she continues.
Dr P- Yesterday I was watching "A Christmas Story". It's ironic that we were all doing Christmas themed things that day.
Millie- Thank you for checking in.
Tom- Poems?
Rev, Possum, and Asa- Thank you for your prayers. I'm just not going to answer the phone this weekend if her number comes up on caller id. I think we may go to my parents to hide out so we can say for sure Nick wasn't at home. I'll let y'all know. I just keep thinking, oh what a tangled mess we weave when we practice to deceive (I after E and E after N in chicken.) Anyway, if y'all can please continue to pray.
Well, I'm gonna go to sleep. Y'all have a good day tomorrow.

August 01, 2007 - Msg 54610: Hey Mavis & Boo, didn't see ya there.
Mavis- I'm sorry to hear about your friend. I will say a prayer for her family and friends.
Boo- If you feel convicted then I would certainly say something. I would say something to the girl who was cursing also.

August 01, 2007 - Msg 54611: Hey, Boo. You have just highlighted one of the problems that seems to plague a lot of churches, particularly small churches where the activities for the young folks are a bit loosely organized. First of all, just because the kids are at church doesn't necessarily mean that they're saintly. Unfortunately, this can even extend to some of the adults who are charged with the responsibility of leading those kids. That's why we sometimes read in the paper where some "youth pastor" or other church staffer has been involved in improper behavior with some kids. What better place for a pedophile to seek victims than in a church, where people tend to be more trusting and opportunities will abound? Does this mean people shouldn't take their kids to church? Certainly not, no more than we should deny our kids an education because there are a few predatory teachers. Vigilance and supervision are the keys here. At a church, the kids should never be in an unsupervised situation. All staffers should have undergone careful background checks, and even then, it's a good idea to have parents "drop in" frequently.
Ideally, the younger kids should be separated from the high school crowd, but in a small church this isn't always possible. I would be inclined to find an opportunity to meet with the kids whose behavior was questionable, and have a private discussion with them (two adults present) regarding their speech and topics of conversation. Ask them to explain and justify, ask if their parents would approve, ask if they are aware that the younger kids look up to them and will try to copy them - you know the drill better than I do. Use the skills you've developed and exhibited with your girls group. This will work with some, though not all. The main thing is parental/supervisory presence, the best deterrent of all.

As for my son's over-reactive teacher, she had no children of her own, so had no idea of the realities of what passes for dinner-table conversation with kids in the average family. Oh, it was hilarious! She was positively bilious, just trying to tell me about it. She made Miss Peggy's reaction to the fishing worm look like a love affair. Too funny!

The Plum got up (motivated by a carrot placed on the floor a few feet away) and raccoon-walked over to it. Then she just collapsed onto one hip and sat there, munching the carrot. So she CAN walk when she feels she absolutely must. Curious. Curious, curious, curious! --Romeena

August 02, 2007 - Msg 54612: I'm so sorry Mavis. I can certainly sympathize with the shock and sadness you are feeling. Prayers for your friend's family and for you, too.

Thanks for the thoughts Ro and Lucy. I am starting to feel like a freak, like I might be over reacting to things (like the 4H thing I mentioned earlier).

Well, I am off to bed (too late, should have gotten there already). Goodnight Mayberry,


August 02, 2007 - Msg 54613: Well hello gang....did yall think I was in the dog pound?..been staying on the boat for the last few days..sure was nice...I got to get my reading in...see some need special prayers so I will pray hard for all...im back at work now..hey Ro,boo,Rev you still on the road?..hey TOM,hazel,Mavis,lucy,millie,miller,ray,m-t,auh20,asa,md,mdc,afd,horatio,sterling,happy late b-day HM...hey Big Msude you and Mil been feeding this bunch?...well let me get caught up here at work...gosh I miss the porch when I aint rocking....well back in a bit....SPOT

August 02, 2007 - Msg 54614: I'm back. Mavis, I'm so sorry about your friend. That's just terrible, especially when it probably should never have happened. You said it was diabetic shock? As in her blood sugar bottomed out? If that's what it was, if she could have gotten to a coke, or even just grabbed a handful of sugar and put it in her mouth, she could have saved herself. I carry several peppermints at all times, and all my friends and family know to give me something sweet if I ever seem dazed or behave strangely. (Oh hush, you can too tell!) I've had a few episodes when my blood sugar has dropped suddenly, and trust me, it's an awful feeling. You know it when it starts, but if not treated and it keeps dropping, pretty soon all reason leaves. The scene in "Steel Magnolias" was very well played - that's how it goes if not treated. It hit me once when I was standing in a customs line in the airport in Beijing. Not a good place, but I had a granola bar in my camera bag, so was okay. Mavis, does anyone have any idea why she didn't recognize it and eat something? For a few people, it's very insidious and can sneak up, but most diabetics are like me, and can feel it coming on and do something about it. Poor lady - what a waste! I'm really sorry to hear about it.

Well, guess I'll head for bed. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

August 02, 2007 - Msg 54615: Good morning porchters. Hope you are all well on this blessed day in the Lord.

Mavis, so sorry about your friends death. How tragic. My prayers go out for her family.

Lucy, I like the idea of not being around the house. You're not fibbing that way when you say Nick's not there. I pray it all works out for the best.

Spot, where's my breakfast? Hop to it!

Where's Big Maude? Is she still up at O'Malleys?

Funny story Romeena about the teacher. I imagine after a few years on her she is even laughing about it now.

Boo, that sure is sad to hear about those kids talking that way in church. But they say church is for the sinners, not the perfect. Probably not worth getting to riled up over. Don't get me wrong now. If that were one of my young-uns talking like that in church they'd be listening to the preacher standing up. And I would sure approach somebody about it, be it a parent or church leader so it can be dealt with. But don't get to down over it. I know as a young-un I was less than stellar many times. Thank goodness I had those who loved me set me straight.... more than once. And I turned out ok.... didn't I? Well let's not go there.:)

Homemaker, did I miss your birthday? I'm so sorry if I did. How many are you this year?

Glad to see you Millie. Did your pain go away? Hope so.

Well off to work I go.


August 02, 2007 - Msg 54616: Mornin' Y'all- Prayers for the folks in Minnesota and their loved ones.Those are some unbelievable scenes coming out of Minneapolis.
Millie,glad you checked in with us. Hope today's a nice one for you.Take care.

Happy Birthday to homemaker! Sorry I missed it.

Mavis,so sorry about the loss of your friend.

Tom,I can't sing- not a lick! But I sure had fun!

PH,Possum Pete was my great,great uncle on my daddy's side -he's a legend among possums. Hee Hee

Y'all have a good day-love to all.
possum under a rock

August 02, 2007 - Msg 54617: THE LOVE WITHIN MY HEART.



August 02, 2007 - Msg 54618: Great poem, To, thanks.

Asa, concerning what I mentioned about the youth group, I was thinking about it last night and remembered a time when I was about 10 and my best friend and I thought it was really cool to talk that way. I also did some of that in high school. I am not trying to be too hard on the kids who did it, I just think it needs to be adressed in a constructive manner, not hurting any feeling.

Well, I woke up this morning and upon getting out of bed, I realized I was singing "Broken Arms"...no kidding. Wish I could get that song out of my head...


August 02, 2007 - Msg 54619: ...uh, that's TOM, not To....heehee