August 04, 2007 - Msg 54692: Well everyone's doing their laundry today. Guess y'all have clean bloomers for preachin in the morning. That means you won't be havin no whims either. Is it worth the price?


August 04, 2007 - Msg 54693: Well while y'all cleanin yer clothes I'm out here in the heat sweeping the porch. If that don't beat everything.


August 04, 2007 - Msg 54694: Hey Asa, Boo and Ro....and hey to Merle Deane-don't be a stranger! I'm doing laundry, too. Must be laundry night. Snack is ready...lemon merengue up!

August 04, 2007 - Msg 54695: It hot hot to do laundry today. Soo I will do me tonight win the sun go down and the heat from the dry is not to bad to sand it.


August 04, 2007 - Msg 54696: I can't stand the heat either Tom, but it's gotta be done.

August 04, 2007 - Msg 54697: That's right. As Fred Goss would say "it always pays to look your best."
And young man there's the matter of grass stains!


August 04, 2007 - Msg 54698:
Hello porch family. Asa I know it's hot out there but you sure do a good job at sweeping the porch clean. Where did you learn to sweep so good?

Good to see Merle Dean. Stop by more often.

Millie...that lemon pie sure sounds good. I'll have a piece.

Spot...have fun at the lake. Looks like you had good luck with those brim.
Race tomorrow up north. This will be the first race I've been able to watch in about a month.

Well everyone have a great worship day tomorrow. Prayers for all!

August 04, 2007 - Msg 54699: Good Evening Friends,
Just a quick note since I haven't had a chance to read the archives. I have been doing laundry all day also!
Romeena- I was thinking of you as I was watching dvd's of "As Time Goes By"-britcom. I watched Season 1 & 2 today. I have the rest being sent either through or the library.
Rev- Enjoy yourself being home!
Asa- It's so nice you got all fancied up with the pearl earrings to sweep!
Tom- I'm sick and tired of the heat myself. It's supposed to be 98 all week! MDC can keep that.
I'm reading a book called "A Return to Modesty: Discovering the Lost Virtue" by Wendy Shalit. I highly recommend it to those of you with youngish children.
Have a good rest of the evenin' and a happy Sabbath 'morrow.

August 04, 2007 - Msg 54700: Someone catch that little redguy and send him back home and bemay we will git some cool wearther. HEHE


August 05, 2007 - Msg 54701: Hey Asa, Tom, Rev and Lucy. Ain't it lively on the porch lately!
Tonight while Hazel and I were chatting at Sarah's a TAGS fan came on with a question. I was hoping you guys could help. He's trying to identify which episode are particular scene is from. It's a scene where Andy and Barn are sitting at their desks talking and Andy says to Barney "That's very democratic of you" and Barney thinks he's talking about politics and goes into this thing about once you go into that voting booth, it's nobody's business, yada yada. Can anyone identify that scene?
Well, it's officially the "wee" hours, and I've finished the chores, so I'm gonna hit the ol' ironing board. Prayers for everyone.

August 05, 2007 - Msg 54702: Hey everyone sorry i was gone again for a few days, kind slipped off again.

ROMEENA : Hows are plum doing? She feeling better? Thoughts with her and you.

ASA : Still thinking of you and your wife! Take care.

Hey to everyone else and prayers for those who need em. And millie I do not recall that scene at all unfortuantly.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

August 05, 2007 - Msg 54703: Hey DWF! So good to see you. Stop in and rock more often!

August 05, 2007 - Msg 54704: Hey millie! Must say though I've been getting better recently at stopping by! I know though my rocker is still a tad cold, i'll try and fix that.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

August 05, 2007 - Msg 54705: Good to see you, Warren. How are things?

I can't help with the scene you are asking about, Millie. Sorry.

Asa is wearing earrings? What's next?!

Better go get ready for preachin'...well, actually I have nursery duty this morning so I guess I won't hear any preaching today...just screaming, crying, whining, and fighting...ya'll know the drill.


August 05, 2007 - Msg 54706: Hi All.
Will it look like it go to be a good day to stay in the house, because it raining is going to rain all day.
I have a friend who have tattooed all ovre his body.
Ithink that is sick for people to do that to something that is the lord home for now.


August 05, 2007 - Msg 54707: Screaming, crying, whining, fighting? That sounds like the adult Sunday School class I go to Boo.:)

I'm wearing earings if everyone else is.

Thanks for the thoughts DWF. 'Preciate them.

I can remember the scene Millie, but not what episode it's in. I'll grab my bucket and give it a thank though.

Well guess I'll go watch the talking heads on tv tell me how rotten Bush is this week.


August 05, 2007 - Msg 54708: good morning everyone ,prayers for all porchsters in need and The PLUM as well .the wife added another critter to the mix yesterday, she got an aussie sheperd pup ,he's 9 weeks old and tri-colored ,she got him from her aunts friend in miami beach FLA. who is a breeder of aussie sheperds ,he came with akc papers and all the documentation of lineage ,Dogs cant read ,so why worry about papers ,..everyone have a great Sunday ..may GOD bless everyone in need on the porch

August 05, 2007 - Msg 54709: Hey gang...Asa,boo,dwf,md,possum,ro,hazel,Tom,Rev and all....97 here in ga today...whew..was gona do yard work but gona wait a bit...supper tonight will be boneless pork ribs with Rev"s sauce,baked beans with bacon,corn on the cob,Big Maude slaw,and what ever Mil brings...and tea....well got a new comp desk for my other to get it put together...and a router....prayers as allways...SPOT

August 05, 2007 - Msg 54710: Good afternoon, all. Millie, I recall the scene you're asking about, but am not sure which ep it's from. Might it be the one where Ellie runs for city council? Barney was all het up about voting being a private matter. I've got that DVD, I'll check it out and get back to you.

The Plum is walking some, but won't attempt any uneven terrain, no steps or anything, and won't walk very far. She just mostly lays around and looks unhappy. This is breaking my heart. She's always been such a merry little thing, just full of fun and so playful. I do so appreciate all your prayers, friends.

Those beautiful red, velvety dragonflies are back, hanging out around my fishpond. They like to perch on something tall, like the dried seedpod from a lotus bloom. From there, they'll dart out and back, very quickly, and I've determined that they're catching mosquitoes when they do that. Go, dragonflies, go! Yes, I've had some mosquitoes that were big enough for me to see as they flew around the pond, and I saw the dragonflies catch several of them! Isn't nature wonderful? I think I'll put a couple of pictures of the dragonflies in the album - I took some good ones last summer.

Well, guess I'll go rustle up some lunch. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

August 05, 2007 - Msg 54711: Hey, Spot! I'll make it a light lunch, because that supper sure sounds good. I especially love baked beans, and here are a couple of suggestions for variations you might want to try. You can drain a can of crushed pineapple and add to whatever recipe you use for them. Another good variation is a can of whole-berry cranberry sauce. Just stir either of those, or even both, into the beans before you bake them. You'd be surprised at how delicious they are. Especially with LOTS of bacon! Ooooo, I love bacon! --Romeena

August 05, 2007 - Msg 54712: Sounds like an interesting sunday school class, ASA.

Poor little Plum. I feel so sorry for her.

Gotta go see the new baby at the hospital today...see ya'll later.


August 05, 2007 - Msg 54713:
"Gomer got 22 peppermints in a row with white centers, ya think at least one of those would be a pink!"
"Time to bring in the bunco squad."
Hi all- hope you have a good sabbath.
Prayers for the whole beautiful porch!
Let's all go to cracker barrel and sit on the rockers!

August 05, 2007 - Msg 54714: BIG JERRY
^I was looking through the cast birthdays and I could not find "Breckenridge" and the father of another one of Opie's friends "Hollander". They appeared on the show Opie goes to camp, I think. can anyone help?

August 05, 2007 - Msg 54715: Romeena, I have a question for you, please. I have a good friend who recently moved from Nevada to Norman, Oklahoma and we are trying to figure a place for us to meet half-way for a visit. From what I can tell on the map, Dallas is pretty close to half-way and I am wondering if there are any other smaller towns in the area that might be a good place to take a little vacation or what attractions in your area do you think are worth visiting (with children)?

Sorry, BIG JERRY, I can't help.


August 05, 2007 - Msg 54716: hey Big Jerry....Mr. Breckenridge was played by Ivan Bonar and George Hollander was played by Sandy Kenyon. Hope this helps.

August 05, 2007 - Msg 54717: Hey Boo, I almost rocked on your toe! Good to see you.

August 05, 2007 - Msg 54718: Big Jerry...Ivan Bonar was born Oct 31, 1924 and Snady kenyon was born Aug 5 1922.

August 05, 2007 - Msg 54719: My thanks to the porch for all the info.

August 05, 2007 - Msg 54720: Oh,by the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY" TO SANDY KENYON. I guess he is 85 today. BIG JERRY

August 05, 2007 - Msg 54721:
Hello porch family...Another great day that the Lord has made!

Good to see DWF back in his rocker. Come on by more often.

Well NASCAR fans Kurt was untouchable today. Man he just walked away from everyone.

Spot...with all this hot weather are you have any power overloads? aren't you just a wealth of information.

Well better get off here. Gotta get some things done. Prayers for all the porch family and give thanks for all HE has done for us!

August 05, 2007 - Msg 54722:
Welcome Big Jerry. So good to have you here. What part of the porch (country) do you sit at?

August 05, 2007 - Msg 54723: I be from North Carolina, home of "Mayberry".

August 05, 2007 - Msg 54724:
Good deal Big Jerry. I'm from the other Carolina ..... South

August 05, 2007 - Msg 54725: Hey Jerry, I'm on your other side, Virginia. Good to have you rockin'.

August 05, 2007 - Msg 54726: MILLIE- I'M SENDING ALL THIS RAIN BACK TO YOU.


August 05, 2007 - Msg 54727: Good evening Porch friends, sorry to have been gone a few days, things here are all scattered. Aug 7 will be 3 years since my mother passed away & as always, I am having a hard time with it. I just hate to see Aug. roll around, too many people & furkids I have loved have passed during the month of Aug. Anyway, enough of that, now for all the comments I want to make. ;)
Tom Glad you finally got some rain, and sorry to hear about that sister-in-law of yours.
Romeena Still sending prayers & thoughts to you & little Sugarplum (I know, she'd rather have carrots)
Rev Glad you're home for a while, bet you are enjoying that alone, aren't you?
Lucy Prayers & thoughts headed your way as well, hope you get all that settled soon, for your sake.
Millie So good to see you posting, I worry so about you. You can give the Rev my slice of lemon pie tho.
Boo Congrats on the new little one! You sound so excited.
Asa Great job sweeping, but why is MY porch still dusty? Did you just get too tired doing this one??
Spot you & Miss Sherry are gonna LOVE Boone, that is where we went for our honeymoon! We plan to head back soon, it's such a quiet little town. Be sure to go see Blowing Rock while you are there, it's a pretty neat place as well. Where are you staying? We stayed at Flintlock Campground, really nice little place to stay. they have cabins there too.
Big Jerry Welcome to the Porch! I'm on the upper side of you in Bristol, TN.
MDC Me & Mr. Neff went to Cracker Barrel for supper tonight! Funny you should mention it.
Best get off here, gotta get the food truck ready for work tomorrow & if I don't hit the ironing board that won't be easy to do. Course, as always, Mr. Neff does all the driving, he is like your husband Romeena would be a nervous wreck I think. teehee
Breakfast on us in the morning, biscuits and gravy, your choice of sausage & egg, ham & egg, steak & egg, or tenderloin & egg biscuits, or same combo on a croissant. Somebody will have to bring coffee tho, we only have cold drinks on the truck. See you bright & early at the food truck. Sleep tight, porch, & don't let the bed bugs bite.

August 05, 2007 - Msg 54728: Rev I didn't mean alone, as in by yourself, I meant alone as in just being home is a joy. And Tom I thought you wanted some rain?? Did you use all those gum wrappers I sent yet? DWF don't stay gone so long, that way dust don't gather on your rocker.



August 05, 2007 - Msg 54730: Good evening, all. Boo, of course Six Flags is here in Arlington, and there's a train ride in Ft. Worth that's not a real big deal, but is fun for smaller kids. I think it's called the Tarantula. There's a big turntable near the stock yards where they turn the train around - pretty interesting to watch. They just drive it out onto the turning track, and it makes a 180 deg revolution, which results in the engine heading the other way. My grandson's eyes were huge as he watched that process - I don't think he blinked once! The Ft. Worth Zoo is pretty nice too. All of this is within a half-hour driving radius. There's an Imax theater in the same vicinity, usually has something pretty good showing, and there's a small museum in the same complex. You could spend a day (and not too many bucks) showing the kids a good time there. Of course, Six Flags gets a bit pricey, and personally, I'd rather do the other things, but that's a choice each family must make. I would suggest Googling Ft. Worth, you'll find a multitude of things, probably more than in Dallas. The Dallas Zoo is not much, we always took our kids to Ft. Worth. There are a couple of small towns that are a bit like Fredericksburg, but I think kids would be bored.

The Plum has walked more today than she has in a over a week, but still not her usual self. I'm just hoping that by continuing the medicine we'll eventually get her going. One thing concerns me, I can tell by feeling her upper back legs that she's losing muscle tone. They feel smaller and well, scrawny. There's definitely a difference. I need to talk to the vet about that. Will call in the morning.

Big Jerry, we'll put a sticker with your name on it on a rocker if you'd like. We don't install a plaque until you've stayed around a while. You're quite welcome to join us - we always welcome new friends.

Well, guess I'll hit the ironing board. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

August 06, 2007 - Msg 54731: Romeena, this is terrible to hear. Guess the best the thing to do is be affecinate, and try and cheer her up, although I know its incredibly hard. I am thinking of you Ro and Plum, take care.

TOM, had forgotten about your gum wrapper collection project!! Hows that coming these days?

Hey to Big Jerry!

Night all.

Deputy Warren Ferguson

August 06, 2007 - Msg 54732:
Morning Porch

Just a quick hey until later.

Big Jerry-Welcome! I'm one of the Yankee's. I live in a small town, strike that, tiny town in New York.

Mavis-I know how you feel. This January will be the 30 year anniversary of my Dad's passing, (My eye's welled up as I typed that). I was a teenager then but I can still recall nearly everything from that morning. Hang in there.

Ya'll have a good day!

August 06, 2007 - Msg 54733: Thanks for putting a sticker on a rocker Romeena. I may just "sit a spell before I run down to the drugstore and get a bottle of pop"

August 06, 2007 - Msg 54734: Hi All.
MVIS-I did said that I want some rain, but now I wil send some back to.
Besizd wind it stop it to hot and humidity make it hoter.
Now about the gum wrapper you sent me are all used up and Im useding the outsizd wrapper to.
DWF-The gum wrapper is at 670 ft now.



August 06, 2007 - Msg 54735: Good morning everyone. It finally rained here but not enough to do much. But at least it left behind a lot of that lovely humidity we all enjoy so much. Speaking of humidity...BOO: Do I have any clean shorts?

Congratulations on the new addition to your family, BOO. Prayers that all adjust well.

Prayers for you, too, MAUDE. Try and check in when you can. I hope your office transition goes well. Let me know if you need some magazines moved.

Good to hear from you DWF. Don't be a stranger (unless you ride a white horse from east to west).

ROMEENA: I can't speak for all but I figure most probably feel as I do that no offense was taken regarding your comments about tatoos and piercings. A stranger (not you, DWF) may not hacve understood, but we do that what you say you do so with conviction and love. Glad Sugarplum is feeling a little better.

MAVIS: Prayers for you in this difficult time.

LUCY: I heard the author of that book you mentioned on Diane Rehm a while back and think I even mentioned it here. She was great and made so much sense. If I recollect correctly Diane picked at her, though, which annoyed the heck out of me. You can probably still hear the broadcast by searching for it at

MDC: A coworker asked me to read a book of her's, which I am starting, and it may be up your alley: "Omnivores Dilemma." The premise is that the author follows four typical meals beack to the actual sources of the ingredients. Supposedly, it's pretty eye-opening. Have you heard of it?

Well, I must (shucks!) get to work. I'll stop back later.


August 06, 2007 - Msg 54736: Oh, hey, TOM, didn't see you there. That's a great poem and one heckuva gum wrapper chain!


August 06, 2007 - Msg 54737: Yep, I've got some clean shorts for you, Me-They. I'll send them Federal Express...speaking of Fed Ex, has anyone ever noticed (I'm talking to the ladies here), that Fed Ex men always seem to be very good-looking? UPS men aren't always good-looking, but Fed Ex men are. I wonder if it's part of the job description? I had a Fed Ex man deliver some computer parts to the house once and he looked like Adonis. I couldn't help but stare a little, then I began to notice that all Fed Ex men look good....curious.

Ro, could it be possible that she could have lost that much muscle tone from not walking recently? Maybe pups are different from humans and lose muscle more quickly when inactive? Just pondering on it...hope you find an answer soon.

Thanks for that wonderful poem, TOM. You always seem to know just the right one to post.

Hello Warren, your post to Romeena was very kind. You sound like a person of real understanding when it comes to pets.

Me-They, that book sounds really interesting...I am going to look for a copy of it.

Better take a look at the calendar and see what I have missed already this month...

On a good note, I wanted to tell you all that Karen's children seem to be doing so much better. I spent alot of time with Zach last night and things are much better with him. Thank you all for your prayers in their behalf.


August 06, 2007 - Msg 54738: Sinceb you're inteested, BOO, the author's website ( describes the book better and you can read the NYT book review at: ex=1303444800en=3c0958f57a4112b7ei= 5088partner=rssnytemc=rss&adxnnl=1&adxnnlx=1186412837-T8/pAD6KaNIFy4n49gYE/g. Whew. Say that three times fast!


August 06, 2007 - Msg 54739: Hi folks!
Been working some extra hours due to my manager being on vacation last week, so I haven't checked the porch in a while. I only work two days this week, which isn't very much, but after this last week it will be welcome. This is not the kind of job I would even want full-time. That's why I am still looking.

Romeena, Me-They can speak for me because I didn't find your comments offensive. In fact, you are probably more diplomatic than I would be. I can't stand tattoos and/or weird or multiple piercings. I think they are ugly as sin, and I can't understand why anyone would want to mutilate their body like that. Sure, some tattoos are pretty and well-done, but they would look just as good - or better, in my opinion - on a canvas.

"...a constant dripping." Ha ha! I like that one, Boo!

-Sterling Holobyte

August 06, 2007 - Msg 54740: Hey Y'all! Hope everyone is doing ok. Just found out that my stepfather is terminally ill- expected to pass anytime.I hope he is right with God.Prayers please-his name is Dave. Thanks, friends.
Just kinda stressed today,so I won't rock long. Think I'll grab a book & try to relax. See y'all soon. Love to all.
possum under a rock

P.S. Hey to Warren! Glad to see you on the Porch again.

August 06, 2007 - Msg 54741: Hey all...welcome Big Jerry!..Rev our system is in pretty good shape as far as power load...we do very well..hey ro,boo,dwf,big maude, 670ft TOM neat...Mavis we have had a change of plans ..gona go to boone in the fall ..we are headed to Panama City Fla!..will leave VERY early Sunday...Sterling you been doing ok?...Asa my buddy lets grill hamburgers tonight ok?...Millie bring a cake ok?...chips and tater salad....tea....well prayers to all...back in a off today and its 96 here...whew...gona try to weed eat some...back when I get tired...SPOT

August 06, 2007 - Msg 54742: Oh, Possum, I'm sorry about your stepfather. Prayers for him, and for you and the rest of the family as well. Life gets difficult sometimes, doesn't it?

Thanks, Sterling. You're very kind. I just don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.

There are four of those beautiful red dragonflies in my back yard right now. They're so pretty, and bless their little hearts, they catch mosquitoes. I put some pictures in the album. They're in my yard and wildlife section, at the very end.

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

August 06, 2007 - Msg 54743: DWF, thanks for the prayers for me and the Plum. She's doing a bit better today, has walked more than she has since she got sick. Still won't try to go up or down a step, but she will walk when she has to, to stay close to me. I've quit carrying her every time I move around, to motivate her to walk more. Sure sleeps a lot, though. I guess that's her age. --Romeena

August 06, 2007 - Msg 54744: POSSUM, Sorry to hear about your stepfather. May the LORD guide you and yours through this ordeal.


August 06, 2007 - Msg 54746: Good Monday porch folks, Thought I would sit a spell. We got our office moved and are settling in okay. I think it is going to be a good move for our little counseling practice. Prayers for Millie, the Plum and everyone else today. Very hot here and humid. My kids start school next Monday, hopefully it will be a little cooler. My son has been having football practice in this heat. So far he has managed okay but he makes sure he drinks lots of water and stays hydrated. His football coach and the team trainer seem to take care of them and make them rest and drink and eat healthy. We have had such a good experience with his head coach thus far. He is a good Christian man who prays with them before and after practices, games and any meals they have together. I am greatful that Patrick can plan for a Coach that is a Christian. I will cook supper tonight: grilled hamburgers or add cheese if you like with all the trimmings, SLAW, potato salad, chips and sweet tea or kool aud ti drink. Strawberry shortcake for dessert. Ya'll take care and see you at supper. Welcome to Jerry. Big Maude

August 06, 2007 - Msg 54747: Maude I will lite the grill at 6pm ok?..patty mine up FAT and swiss cheese please....and I will bring a jar of pickled hot peppers for the brave....SPOT

August 06, 2007 - Msg 54748: Hello Porch, just wanted to check in , It's good to see a full porch. I've been fighting a sinus migrane for a couple of days, so haven't been stopping by. Everyone take care and think Peaceful thoughts Dr P

August 06, 2007 - Msg 54749: Prayers for Dave, bless his heart.

Hello to everyone. Good to hear from you, Sterling. How are things with Kai? Will she be going back to school soon?

Been a busy day here. I got all the kid's school supplies today. Hoorah! They have their clothes, too, so I am doing pretty well. I just have to have Sean's pants hemmed.

It has been steamy hot here!

I just finished cleaning the kitchen and Sean ran in telling me that my dad set the trash can on fire outside. The poor guy is really losing his faculties (what are faculties, anyway...). We have one of those big cans on wheels that the city empties twice a week, and my dad has a strange fetish about that trash can. He has a compulsion to keep it clean (which is really tough since it's a TRASH can). He gets really upset when liquid spills into the bottom and he has to put wood and newspapers in the bottom before we can put anything in it. Well, today, he apparently found some maggots in the bottom of it and decided to put in some papers, pour in some gasoline and light it on fire (did I mention that it is a PLASTIC trash can?). Well, he ignited a bonfire in that thing and melted the crazy thing. Things are just getting worse and worse with him. It is getting scary.

Better go get something done...


August 06, 2007 - Msg 54750: No matter how hot it is here - there is always one place hotter! And we have the luxury of having ice water here!


August 06, 2007 - Msg 54751: Can I quote you on that Homemaker? LOL

Possum, I'm sorry about your Step Dad. Are you very close to him? Prayers for you all.

Boo, that,s scery about your Dad. Keep a close watch on him please. I know what you're going through.

Ro, it sounds like the Plum is slowly on the mend. Both of you are constantly in my prayers.

Good to see you back Maude. I hope your situation has improved.

Good to see you back Spot. Yer a good pup.

My corn is just delicious folks. I had butter driping off my elbows tonight. Mercy sakes!


August 06, 2007 - Msg 54752: thanks Asa, I am doing "okay". keep those prayers coming though. thanks Big Maude

August 06, 2007 - Msg 54753: Maude I'm praying for you too.
ps....also praying for Dave

August 06, 2007 - Msg 54754: Hi All.
Will I had a bad day.
I had to take thim to the hosp today and was there all day.


August 06, 2007 - Msg 54755: A great evening to all, I am so greatfull to my Maker my problems in this transitory life ate small. I read of each of your concerns and pray that He help you. Guess that is part of the honor of being able to sit on the porch. God bless each of you.

Now something to share on mosquitoes...and I know the other Texas end of the porch is infested with them. Just heard of this on and trying it tonight. Put out a small bowl of a couple of inches of water....a couple of drops of Joy Lemon dish soap (may just be any detergent), but did stop and buy the Joy brand. Supposidly in the morning there will be piles of them dead around the bowl. Will see what happens in the morning.

I am still looking forward to a Texas meeting if we can make it happen. I love to cook and have never learned to cook small. Best briskets weigh 25 lbs or more and it takes ten lbs of potatoes to make potato salad. Tea isn't good unless you make a couple of quarts. I do know how to bake one good cake....a Rum cake...and I use real rum...Myers heavy dark. Don't think it would be good to drink....but sure good flavor.

God Bless each and every one and prayers especially for those in need.


August 06, 2007 - Msg 54756: Hey ray, hey TOM-who did you take to the hospital?
Snack on the way....popcorn and pink lemonade.

August 06, 2007 - Msg 54757: Good evening, all. I was supposed to work tonight, but as I was sitting with the Plum sleeping peacefully in my lap, the hospital called and offered me the shift off, as our census is down. It took me about a full second to agree to take the cancellation. My paycheck will be crummy, but I have a happy puppy tonight.

Ray, I'm trying to think where we could meet that would be more or less central for all of us Texans. As I recall, you're just north of San Antonio. That would be about midway for Boo and me. I have family in Fredericksburg, so could work well for me, don't know about anyone else.

I'm going to try the Lemon Joy thing. The mosquitoes are just ridiculous in my back yard. I've eliminated all standing water, except birdbaths, and they're cleaned out every couple of days, so no problem there. The pond has fish in it, so no skeeters would survive. There's a swimming pool next door, but it's well-maintained and clean. I think water does stand in a couple of the yards behind me, but there's nothing I can do about that. Actually, the drainage and sump pump I put in to carry my back yard water to the street has reduced the runoff to those yards, so that should have helped a little. It's just a problem.

I've been watching the Geographic channel, and Discovery a lot more since TV Land went movie-happy, and have sure seen some interesting things. I used to watch them part of the time, but now I'm seeing a lot more. As for TV Land, their "Friday night movie" is more like the every night, every day, bore you to tears movie. Same old movie, over and over. Good grief.

Well, guess I'd better go check on the Plum. I left her eating her dinner, need to pick up the bowl before those miserable little p-ants congregate. I just hate them - don't know how on earth to get rid of them. I refuse to have an exterminator, because they kill everything in sight, and I don't want that.

Oh, here's a funny story. Last night I had a pan under the broiler, and reached for a dishtowel to remove it with. Just before I clamped the towel over the end of that blistering hot pan, I saw what appeared to be a piece of pink yarn or something, and at the last second I realized it was one of those little baby geckoes! He nearly got fried! I went out back and shook him off into a pot of begonias, and warned him to stay outside where little lizards belong! Cute little thing, I'm so glad I didn't clamp him onto that hot pan. I'd have cried all night!

Well, Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

August 06, 2007 - Msg 54758: Here is another Romeena, Nutrasweet was developed to be an ant poison. It worked well on the little sugar ants (or what ever else we call them) but not on others. Look up will get a real education on the poisons the FDA wants us to have. Anyway, get some and sprinkle it out....will work on those little.....p--- ants. Just don't try to use it yourself. I think you will find someting on this on Howard Garett's site...dirtdoctor(dot)com which just happens to be in your neighborhood.


August 06, 2007 - Msg 54759:
Hello porch family. Another day with temp over 100 in SC. It's hot.....dang hot!

Mavis...Mavis I'm sure this is a hard time of year. Praying for you. And by the way, I knew what you meant when you spoke of me being home alone. It is great being back home for a while. Thanks.

Boo... that's great about Karen's children.

Possum...I'm praying for Dave and all of you even as I post. May the Spirit of God give you all a peace that surpasses all understanding. that's a super chain. Hope you're having a better day buddy.

Maude...glad the office move has been a good one. Thanks for supper.

Ray...good to see ya back. Let us know how the mosquito gizzmo works.

Spot....the trip to Fla sounds good. How long you gonna stay?

Well better go for now. Prayers for all and remember that no matter what our situation looks like, we're never alone when we have Christ in our hearts.

August 06, 2007 - Msg 54760: MILLIE-It was me stepdad that I take to the hosp.


August 06, 2007 - Msg 54761:
Mavis- I didn't mean to sound so maudlin in my last post. I could tell how much your mother meant to you and I made the connection to my feelings towards my Dad. Prayers for you and I hope you have a peaceful day tomorrow.

Watching this Giants game and hoping Barry hit's one. Boy, that Lincecum can pitch.


August 06, 2007 - Msg 54762: I like to put it this way REV, "if you have Jesus in your boat, you have nothing to fear".

Ro, you are the sweetest thing. You have such respect and compassion for all of God's creation, from geckos to flowers. Glad you got the night off to snuggle with Sugarplum. Too bad you aren't closer so I could come over for a late night TAGS marathon.

Ray, I am thinking that Fredricksburg might be a great place to meet, maybe in the fall when the weather is cooler. There are so many neat B&B's and ranches there. I am planning a little trip to Krause Springs on Thursday and am taking both my parents. I found a hotel in the Austin area that I think they might like and then my husband and I will take the kids to the springs. Hope it works out well. Mom needs a wheelchair and help doing most things but if she is willing to get out of the house and go, it will be good for her.

I better get to bed, I have to go get the old blood drawn in the morning. Goodnight Mayberry!


August 07, 2007 - Msg 54763: Boo, your comment about "if you have Jesus in your boat, you have nothing to fear" made me think about the infamous Four Chaplains. You can read about their heroic act at

Prayers for Maude, possum's stepfather, and Tom's stepfather. I hope I didn't miss anyone.

Romeena, try cucumber peels to keep the ants away.

from Poor Horatio

August 07, 2007 - Msg 54764: It is a beautiful day that the LORD has made.

August 07, 2007 - Msg 54765: Rev we are gona stay till wed in fla...hey Asa my buddy,big maude,horatio,boo,ro,Tom,m-t,auh20,big J,and all....late breakfast will be at McDonalds on me!....headed to work at noon will holler then...SPOT

August 07, 2007 - Msg 54766: What a beautiful story, thanks Poor Horatio. I can't help but think about what has been going on the news this week about the Christian military group that is being "corrected" for sharing their faith and holding bible studies at the Pentagon. Any of you following that story....Mr. Me-They? You can find it on CNN website. I wonder if today, they would have said that those chaplains who where praying and sharing their faith as all those anvy soldiers were dying would be accused of "proselytizing" and had their medals taken away? Some of the so-called "religious freedom advocates" in washington are calling christian officers "as dangerous as the Jihad".....MOULAGE CALL!!...heehee

M-T, thak you, too, for posting that long web address. I will look it up later.

Better get the kids up and to you all later.


August 07, 2007 - Msg 54767: What’s that?!? Bible studies in the Pentagon? Who’s messing with the Constitutional separation of church and state? Oh, that’s right, there’s no such thing…

Okay, BOO, you asked for it…more later…

Prayers for MAUDE and all that needs them this morning.


August 07, 2007 - Msg 54768:
Poor Horatio-That was a fantastic site (I've bookmarked it), thanks.

If ya'll haven't already read it, I would recommend the site P-H posted.


August 07, 2007 - Msg 54769: Good afternoon everyone. I hope that you all are doing okay today.

I forgot to share a “Mayberry Moment” we had this weekend. While we were coming home from my brother’s in WV, we were heading into Harper’s Ferry and my wife made a comment about the scenery. Nora pops up with, “It’s a picture no artist could draw.” I don’t know what was more amusing, that she said it or that she didn’t realize where she got it from. While I’m sharing about TAGS, Chad calls Gomer “Goomer” (we think because of Goober) which always draws a laugh around the house.

Now, about that news story, BOO, no, I hadn’t heard of it. But that won’t stop me from having an opinion ;). As a "historian," and as someone who has actually read the Constitution (unlike many who often invoke it), I can assure you that nowhere is the concept of “separation of church and state” included. Now, our founding fathers were pretty smart, though, and did include provisions to protect our individual liberty to select, interpret, and practice our religion as we see fit. Or no religion at all. Great idea.

Although we often hear that all our founding fathers were Deists, this is absolutely not true. Some were, for sure. Thomas Jefferson comes to mind. But George Washington was not, for instance. The thing is, all our founding fathers believed in God—whatever details they may have disagreed on—and that belief was all but universal (here) in their day. The idea of “separation of church and state” did come from a founding father, Thomas Jefferson in his “Notes on the State of Virginia.” But the idea was meant to relate the dangers of the institutionalization of a particular religion, or sect of one (i.e. the Anglican Church).

That said, a number of “Christian historians” have made much hay trying to do the very same thing they accuse liberal historians of writing: revisionist history. David Barton comes to mind. To hear some of these people tell it, our founding fathers were all Billy Graham. They were not. Our founding fathers had more in common with mainliners of today than evangelicals. In fact, they were mostly Episcopalian (Anglican), Presbyterian, and such. As great as they have been, they were human, had warts, and were better Christians some times than others. What they wrote was wonderful but it was not God-breathed. So, end of my contribution to the moulage.

I haven’t had a chance to check out HORATIO’s link (I’ve been too busy shooting off my mouth) but I plan to. I’ll be a work late today so I’ll stop back when somebody offers food.


August 07, 2007 - Msg 54770: Good afternoon, all. The Plum and I haven't been up for long - we stayed up into the wee hours last night, then slept until nearly noon today. Makes it easier for me to stay up all night at work tonight. Guess I'll have to leave her, though I don't want to. Once past this shift, though, I'm off until next Monday.

Poor Horatio, that piece about the four chaplains is beautiful, and very moving. I'd like to think that the same kind of courage exists today. You know, for the life of me, I don't understand why some people see evangelicals as a threat, or as dangerous. Christians offer nothing but love, hope, forgiveness, and peace to those who will convert. To those who will not, no threat is offered, only love and regret. Islam offers a life of repression and restriction to those who convert, and death and destruction to those who will not. I don't understand why an atheist is so offended by someone who offers hope. If they don't care for sweets, and a dish of ice cream is offered, they don't get mad, they just decline. What's the difference. If you don't want to meet my Jesus, just say no, and I'll go away. I'll pray for you, but I'll go away. Curious, curious, curious!

Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

August 07, 2007 - Msg 54771: About the ants -- Ray, I wouldn't be at all surprised to find that aspartame kills ants. I don't trust that stuff at all. In fact, I have nothing to do with any of the artificial sweeteners. Not only do they have a foul taste, but I think they're dangerous. As a diabetic, I'm confronted with them all the time. Well-meaning friends go to a lot of trouble to provide a "diet" beverage for me, and while I hate to be rude, I just have to refuse. Can't stand the taste and fear them as well. Fortunately, I like unsweetened tea, and carry a couple of cold-brew tea bags for emergencies. I believe we'll see the fake sugars pulled off the market in the next few years, as more research is done. They're already forbidden by most doctors for pregnant women.

PH, I'll try the cucumber peels. I've found that bay leaves work fairly well, but they're expensive. Cucumber peels would be virtually free, as I'd be buying the cukes anyway. I usually don't peel mine, but could if the peels work on those wretched little ants.

Well, guess I'd better hit the shower. Sugarplum says hey! --Romeena

August 07, 2007 - Msg 54772: If I may once again jump up on the soapbox, I'd like to refer back to something BOO said and expound about ROMEENA's comment about Christians being dangerous. You often hear people say that Christian fundamentalism is as dangerous as Islamic fundamentalism. On what planet? Christianity is the world's largest religion, and the most popular one in the U.S. When was the last time you read about a bunch of Christians, here or elsewhere, blowing somebody up? Yes, there have been occasions when people have done horrible, unchristian things in the name of Christianity like bomb an abortion clinic. As terrible as such incidents are, they are few and far between, and the genuine Christian community, pastors, bishops, popes and all, are quick to rebuke such actions. On the other hand, the same is not true on the other side of the aisle. I grant that the overwhelming majority of Moslems are peaceful and peace-loving. But there are unarguably a number out there who love to blow people up in the name of their faith. So, when people wring their hands about the "danger" of Christian fundamentalism, I have to ask, danger from what exactly? Chances are it ain't about getting blown up. That's my rant for the day.


August 07, 2007 - Msg 54773: Do you feel better after that catharsis, Me-They? answer your question, I guess they are afraid of "getting religion" by osmosis or something. Seriously, I think it is a fear-based thing. They afraid somehow that they will have to give up some kind of control over their lives by believing in God/Jesus and they want anything Christian far from them. The Christian belief is about God and others, not "me-ism" and that scares some people to death.

I would like to please request prayer for a friend that I just spoke with. Her 21 year old daughter, Lauren was recently diagnosed with Leukemia and has been getting treatment for the past 2 months. She is a precious girl that I have known since she was a baby and was just starting her 4th and final year in college and looking forward to marriage. The doctors say she is looking at contiued chemo until 2010. She has a long road ahead of her. Please remember Lauren and her family. Thanks, friends.


August 07, 2007 - Msg 54774: Sure will, BOO. And, yep, I do feel a little relieved. You have a great evening. And prayers for all who need them tonight.


August 07, 2007 - Msg 54775: Supper time!........fried chicken,cream taters with gravy,greenbeans,big maude slaw,little green onions,fried okra,sweet tea and what ever Millie brings...busy..busy here at work....prayers...SPOT

August 07, 2007 - Msg 54776: That there is some fine food Spot. How do you do all that for 85 cents? And don't forget an ample portion of sukatash.


August 07, 2007 - Msg 54777: Spaghetti with oregano sauce would be good tonight,although I don't know if I could eat it 3 times like Andy did.

August 07, 2007 - Msg 54778: Me either, Big Jer! Andy is such a good actor that the spaghetti episode makes me feel sick when I watch it.

SPOT, how do you make creamed taters?

Well, also would ask your prayers for one of the girls at the drug rehab who tried to kill herself tonight. She is ok now, physically and in the hospital, but she has a long road to recovery. Thanks, friends. You are all the best.


August 07, 2007 - Msg 54779: Drugs are a big problem in our world today. The dealers are having their way. BIG JERRY