August 28, 2007 - Msg 55298: Off the serious subjects, the Mrs. and I were discussing tonight that with seventy-some odd channels there is often nothing worthwhile to watch. I was wondering, just for conversations sake, which television shows you porchsters recommend and why you like them, and which ones you find horrible. I'll weigh in later.


August 28, 2007 - Msg 55299: Did I get all the corners? I was going to sweep under teh freezer but I think there's a dead mouse under there.


August 28, 2007 - Msg 55300: M-T, we have Dish TV and we have over 200 channels. . .and there is still not much to watch. We watch Cash Cab (love that Trivia!),
Walker Texas Ranger (all the repeats), Disney - Hannah Montana and Suite Life, Disney movies, and a few other shows. We watch some TV Land, Ion, and Hallmark. I also like the Sleuth station and Murder, She Wrote. There is not much that is current that we like. . .isn't that sad!


Asa - would you get the dead mouse please?

August 28, 2007 - Msg 55301: Good morning, all. Boo, prayers for you as you go forth to battle for Sean's rights today. May God prepare the battleground, and lead you every step of the way.

Poor Horatio, I remember that song well, probably because I've always loved that passage from Ecclesiastes. Truth always shines, doesn't it?

Millie, I'm just delighted that you're having a good day today, and praying that you'll have a whole bunch of them now. It's time for you to feel better, you've had enough of feeling bad. I'm so thrilled for Miller - I just love that kid. Never met him, but I love him.

I called a carpet repair man this morning. Some of my bedroom carpet needs to be just removed and replaced, and I do have the leftover carpet with which to do it. The last few weeks were so rough for the Plum, she didn't always make it to her piddle box. The process going on in her liver turned her urine brown, and I have cream-colored carpet, so you can imagine. I'm just glad I have some carpet left. The installers were going to "get it out of your way, ma'am", and I told them to leave it, as I knew I had already paid for it. They left it, and now sure enough, it's going to come in handy. It's in two very large pieces, rolls so big I can't reach around them, one about four feet wide, and one nearly six feet wide. I just hope the direction is right.

Well, I've got to get busy. I let things pretty much go to ruin around here while my little Plum was sick, so guess I'd better drag out the cleaning stuff and get busy. Have a great day, everyone. --Romeena

August 28, 2007 - Msg 55302: Millie - I forgot to say Congrats to Miller. I know that you are so proud of him! What an accomplishment. I couldn't but help think of Opie when he got his gig with the band. Do you think Miller will need a groovy turtleneck for the news crew? :) Special hugs for him and you!


August 28, 2007 - Msg 55303: Well gang hope yall have been eating well...been at the lake and back at work now...gona read...supper will be at olive garden on ME...SPOT

August 28, 2007 - Msg 55304: SPOT: Wow! MAUDE treated us to Olive Garden just yesterday, but I'm not complaining! One of my very favorite places.

HM: Nora mentioned that a number of girls in class yesterday listed "Hanna Montana" as their favorite show. She's in second grade. We've never watched the show, and she's been asking about it, but we're kinda leery. What age is it aimed at?

Our (me and the Mrs.) tv faves are "Monk," "Top Chef" on Bravo, and, of course, TAGS on TV Land. We watch a heckuva lot of "Little House on the Prairie" with the kids, too. Sometimes the Mrs. and I enjoy "Ice Road Truckers" on the History Channel. It amazes us. Other than that, it's pretty hit-and-miss. I miss "West Wing." Even though it has a very liberal bias, it was a well-written and entertaining show. Chad likes "Little Einsteins," "Diego," and "Curious George." Nora, besides LHOTP, enjoys "Zoom," "Fetch," and, beleive it or not, "Bonanza."


August 28, 2007 - Msg 55305: Me-They, I don't want to scare you to death, but it's just possible that Nora has a little-girl crush on Little Joe. He surely was a "purty man".

My TV faves? Hmmm. Most of the old re-runs - of course, TAGS is a given. Lucy, Green Acres, The Jeffersons, Little House. I don't watch many movies, I usually can't stay in one place that long. I enjoy, of all things, Mike Rowe in "Dirty Jobs". Usually disgusting, but he's such a good sport and has such a comical attitude, that it's fun to watch. Also like "How It's Made", and really enjoy John Ratzenberger's "Made in America". Then of course, there's Paula Deen. I love her show!

Lots of good reruns I wish they'd bring back, maybe it will happen some day. --Romeena

August 28, 2007 - Msg 55306: That may be true, ROMEENA. I wouldn't know, though; Little Joe ain't of the persuasion to twang my buds. "Dirty Jobs" is good fun, but I sometimes can't even stand to see Mike doing them. Paula Deen's laugh (cackle?) plucks my last nerve. I'm an Alton Brown kinda guy. Oh, and we watch "Iron Chef America," though much of that stuff they cook wouldn't make it past my lips. I'll take SPOT's cooking anytime.


August 28, 2007 - Msg 55307: Howdy all! The porch sure has been busy since I last posted, I hit and missed the archives so I guess I'm not totally uninformed.

My prayers go up for all the needs among us - Ro, Millie, Boo, Sean, and everyone else.

My TV picks - "Little People, Big World", "Diagnosis X", "Iron Chef America" (and I'm an Alton Brown fan, too, MT), "Giada's Weekend Getaways", "Made in America", "Big Medicine", "House Hunters", and of course some of the FOX news channel stuff - O'Reilly, and "Hannity's America". Hubby likes "Ice Road Truckers", and I have watched it a couple of times.

Evie has headed back to school and we are so blessed in that the teacher she has is a Christian, in fact, she and her husband had recently returned from a missionary stint in Chile through Campus Crusade for Christ.

Talk to you all later.

August 28, 2007 - Msg 55308: Great to hear from you, AFD. That's cool about Evie's teacher. And I can't believe I forgot about "Little People, Big World." We used to watch it every Saturday but usually miss it since it moved to Mondays.


August 28, 2007 - Msg 55309: Ro could be right, M-T. I had a crush on Little Joe, but it morphed into a crush on Charles Ingalls, which I still have today as a matter of fact...what a man. hehe

Well, my all-time favorites will always be TAGS and Little House On The Prarie. I don't watch any modern programs at all. In reality, I am still on my "TV protest" and am watching nothing except occasional news and weather. I still find myself very busy even without TV.

Homemaker was right! The meeting with the school principal was great. He agreed to help in any way he could and has already modified some of Sean's work. He agreed to allow school time to have someone come in and work with Sean if need be and is really agreeable to everything we requested. I found him to be a very upfront, no nonsense and honest person who seems to want to help Sean. Thanks for the prayers. We will keep seeking the Lord and do what needs to be done for Sean.

Speaking's time to go get the kids from school.

Glad Evie has a good teacher this year, AFD!


"We will not sing! We will not sing!"

August 28, 2007 - Msg 55310: "Barney! Will you stop yellin' with them women?!"


August 28, 2007 - Msg 55311: Thanks for the cooking complment M-T..and Iron Chef is a neat show...and im NOT a Alton Brown fan...and if im not mistaken he is from around here not far from me...well getting ready for the afternoon storms here...hello boo,ro,possum,lucy,mil,miller,ray,horatio,maude and all...well prayers and let me get back to work..SPOT

August 28, 2007 - Msg 55312: Hello all,

This is for Romeena, i see you're back. I wanted you to know you popped into my mind recently (and i haven't checked in here in months), and i decided to follow up on the Babe's thing. Then i thought maybe God put you on my mind for prayer for some reason... and it was then i came in here and realized you lost your dog. Some would find it strange, but when someone is on my mind out of the blue, i tend to think there is a reason and God put them there for prayer.

I've been struggling with the question "do dogs go to heaven?" since losing Spice last November, and more and more i'm receiving what i believe to be confirmations that YES THEY DO. (Rev. 5:8-13; Psalm 145: 9-21; Romans 8:19 to name a few).

Inywho, here's my email again:

Email me if you'd like to "meet" for lunch and we can chat more about our beloved animals--living and passed and mush more, i'm sure. :)

Colleen (daphne)

August 28, 2007 - Msg 55313: Sounds wonderful, Daphne. Check your email box. --Romeena

August 28, 2007 - Msg 55314: By the way, I totally agree about acting on an impulse such as you described. I've done it several times, and always find good reason to believe God initiated the whole thing. I've never been sorry for responding. --Romeena

August 28, 2007 - Msg 55315: Daphne, I absolutely believe God put Romeena on your heart so you could pray and encourage her. Isn't it wonderful that he would do that?

We know without a doubt that there are animals in God's heavenly kingdom as well as the earthly kingdom and I believe that heaven will be a reunion with the things we love and have lost. I know Jesus is preparing a place for his children and that place will be wonderful! It's good to hear from you, Daphne. I wish you would come by more often.

I had a wonderful time tonight with the girls at the drug rehab. I took my friend Keith, who you all have prayed for when he lost his wife Linda last year. We had a good time of sharing with the girls. I can't tell you what a blessing it is to just be there.

I think it's time for my shower. Getting up at 4am is not what it's cracked up to be!! I think I will try more Melatonin tonight and drink less fluids before bed!


August 28, 2007 - Msg 55316: Me again... yes, I believe dogs go to heaven. The scriptures you referenced, and there are others, point to the fact that God loves His entire creation. It doesn't say mankind, or humankind (for the feminists). It says "all creation". Seems pretty clear to me. Then, of course, there's the simplistic answer we all give our children when they lose a pet - "If having Fido in heaven is necessary for you to be happy there, then Fido will be there." A knee-jerk answer to a sorrowing child, perhaps, but there just may be a lot of truth there. We won't know until the time comes, but right now, I find a lot of comfort in the notion that she's with my husband, probably sitting on his shoulder (her favorite perch) and they're saving me a place!

Incidentally, for what it's worth, my beloved former pastor, a well-known evangelist for many years and gifted Bible expositor, once preached a sermon in which he stated that he believed animals will be in heaven. Strangely, I saw him the day after I lost the Plum, and he told me he had lost his little Mr. B, another Maltese, at about the same time, on the same day. We shared our grief for a moment, and he said again that he was just sure that Mr. B was in heaven. This man is a Bible scholar - I'm not about to argue with him! --Romeena

August 28, 2007 - Msg 55317: So glad you are back Romeena!...hey daphne!..Rev where are you?...Braves are in the 11th Rev...well i got to feed otis and hit the the next 2 days...TOM you been doing ok? about you hazel and millie?...breakfast will be on me at the good old waffle on me!...well good night all ...SPOT

August 28, 2007 - Msg 55318: M-T, I enjoy many programs that appear on the Discovery Channel, Discovery Science, The Learning Channel, Animal Planet, Biography Channel, Military Channel, and History Channel. There are a few programs that I will watch on TVLand, Home & Garden, CourtTV, Do-It-Yourself Channel, and the Hallmark Channel. I also enjoy watching older movies on American Movie Classics and Turner Classic Movies. Although that may seem like a lot, there is nothing that I watch on a regular basis. When I do watch, I channel surf until I find something interesting to watch on one of the above channels.

from Poor Horatio

August 28, 2007 - Msg 55319:
Howdy porch family. Hope you all had a blessed day.

Millie...I thank God you're feeling better today. And please tell Miller we are so proud of him.

Boo...I am so glad the meeting went well at school. I'm praying that things will start looking up for our little buddy Sean. Tell him to stay strong and to keep his eyes on Jesus.

Spot...hey man...glad you made it back. Thanks for Olive Garden.

Daphne...good to see you. Don't stay away so long. We've kept your rocker dusted off.

Ro...hope you get your carpet fixed up.

My favorte tv programs......that's hard....I like much of TVLand (TAGS, Lucy, Green Acres, Sanford & Son), Discovery, Health, TLC, How It's Made, Made In America, some news (local & national), the Braves, NASCAR and few other programs that I run across as I channel surf. My wife loves movies but I'm like Ro..I don't care much for them.

Well better get ready for bed. Prayers for all the porch needs.
When everyone else is gone....Jesus is right there with us!

August 29, 2007 - Msg 55320: Thanks REV, I'll tell him!

Well, it's just past 4am AGAIN. Darn it! My internal clock wants to wake up at 4am and I can't go back to sleep. I have been a zombie for the past week. Oh well...

Think I'll try some warm milk and maybe I can sleep for another hour before I have to get the kids up for school.

Talk to you all later.

Hey Me-They, don't you think it's about time for a nother moulage??.....


August 29, 2007 - Msg 55321: Good morning everyone. I don't have time to go moulaging right now, but as soon as I do, watch out!


August 29, 2007 - Msg 55322: Good Morning, All. It's been a few days ,Was busy, my youngest son, Tristan got into some poison ivy and he is super sensitive to it. It's funny he is 25,but when he's sick he still needs his Mom. The poor kid was covered with blisters, but he got a shot , cream, and some antihistamine,He want back to work. today. Boo, I thought of you when I was doing all the extra laundry . I'm happy you found the school so helpful. MDC, I haven't heard of Sheffield, what part of the state is it in? We're in the Southeast part. Me-They , I love the Turner Classic Movies channel,TVland,some BBCAmerica and Discovery. Rev, We enjoy picking wild blackberries and have a raspberry patch,Don't you think the friut tastes better when it is wild? Romeena, hope you are feeling better. Millie, you are so brave, you're in my thoughts,daily. Congrats to Miller,way to go! Tom,have you cooled off there? Lucy, how are you feeling?Spot and Big Maude will you if you make lunch I'll bring dessert, raspberry cobbler warm from the oven with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Asa, hope your wife is doing well. HM are you all settled into your school routine? Everyone please take care PEACE, Dr P

August 29, 2007 - Msg 55323: the question i've told myself to ask isn't "do dogs go to heaven?", but rather, "why wouldn't they be in heaven?"... and that's the one i can't find an answer to. so hopefully there is my answer. Romeena, i'm glad your preacher said they will be there. mine said they probably won't and it crushed me. but later i realized, he's human and doesn't get all the answers right all the time! i'm so glad to read the responses you and Boo wrote, because i'm wanting to with all of me, believe i'll see my pets again someday. as much love as we can hold for our animals, i think God would have a long line of ticked off folks if we get there and our pets aren't there! (i'm kidding about that--heaven will be wonderful regardless).

Boo, my favourite shows are also TAGS and Little House. i'm watching andy as i type this, and little house comes on next. i do my work while it's on in the background. my 13 year old daughter is only now coming around to liking little house... moreso since seeing the infamous nelly olsen episodes! :)

you all have a wonderful day. thanks for keeping the dust off my rocker. just don't ever give it away because i don't get to come rock with you guys as much as i'd like...

blessings to you all!

August 29, 2007 - Msg 55324: oops... from daphne

August 29, 2007 - Msg 55325: M-T. . .Hannah is aimed at 5-8th grade girls. My boys and I enjoy it (the youngest is a fourth grader). Sometimes the jokes are above their head but most of them they get.

Boo - see, I knew this school was different. Now, my son is having difficulties with his teacher (or I am) and the discipline plan. He is not a trouble maker but already has three marks against his name in 8 days of school. Excuuse mmmmmmmmeeeee! And his citizenship grade can only go down or stay the same, there is no room for improvement. Does that sound fair to you? Momma is not real happy right now so I am being diplomatic right now but it won't last long!


August 29, 2007 - Msg 55326: Boy - I am little redundant on the "right now" part! OOps!


August 29, 2007 - Msg 55327: Happy Birthday Thelma Lou!


August 29, 2007 - Msg 55328: Thanks, HM, for the info.

Speaking of, BOO, I'm closing in the bottom of my shorts pile...


August 29, 2007 - Msg 55329: hi gizzmo

August 29, 2007 - Msg 55330: Dr P I will grill up some boneless chicken breast for lunch and we cah have chicken clubs!..Big Maude slaw...hey Rev,lucy,horatio and GIZZMO!..well let me get to cleaning this dog off today...SPOT

August 29, 2007 - Msg 55331: Well then, throw some on the pile, Me-They. What's a few more?

Hey, we have something in common, Daphne (besides TAGS). You really can't beat an episode where mean 'ol Nellie gets what she deserves! Remember when Laura pushed her wheelchair down the hill??

Hmmm, sounds like something isn't quite right there, Homemaker. What does your son have to say about it? Isn't it tough being a mom sometimes and holding your temper at the same time? It's a real exercise in self-control and patience.

It is really raining here today and I love it. I think I will let everything go and take a much needed little catnap....


August 29, 2007 - Msg 55332: Hmmm. I feel in a moulage-starting mood this morning, but I have a feeling this topic won't do it. Can't have a moulage unless someone disagrees, or unless someone wants to play devil's advocate. Here goes: Do you think Michael Vick should be allowed to return to the NFL when he gets out of prison, assuming he still has the skills and ability? A sports columnist in the "Dallas Morning News" thinks he should. Something about his having "paid his debt to society" and all that, second chances, everyone deserves forgiveness, etc. Some others are howling about how his teammates have thrown him under the bus, all he did was bankroll the grisly business, he only participated in "a few" of the canine executions, and other such rot.

Well, here's my opinion, which will come as no surprise, I'm sure. When he gets out of prison, if he wants to work for the NFL, let him clean the locker rooms. To put him back on the field for the kids of this country to see, sends a message that you can do any old horrific thing, no matter how vicious and cruel, and ultimately all will be okay. I would allow him back on the field only if he will agree to play under the same terms under which he required his dogs to fight. Perform, or die. Let's see how big a betting man he really is.

Now, lest I sound too harsh and un-Christian, I freely acknowledge that I am not his judge, and cannot deny that if he TRULY repents his actions, God can and will forgive. So far it appears that he's only sorry he got caught. That ridiculous "I'm sorry" speech of his was insulting to the intelligence of his audience. I also know that it is not our actions that save or condemn us, but rather faith in Jesus Christ does that. I just find it difficult to believe a follower of Jesus could do the things he did. God knows his heart, and will be his final judge, so it doesn't matter what I think. Fortunately, this country has laws that will judge him on this earth, so that's not up to me either. I'm simply stating what I'd like to see happen. I'd like to see him banned from football or any other sport, I don't care if he ends up penniless, and if I had my way, he'd have a couple of pit bulls for cellmates.

Why am I so hard on him when there are thousands of people in this country doing the same thing? Because he's highly visible, the country, maybe even the world is watching, and certainly our young people are watching. The Bible says to whom much is given, much will be required. Like it or not, he was given much, and just look how he has repaid.

Brutal men like him have taken a breed of dogs that could be gentle guardians, and corrupted them with selective breeding and training until everyone fears their very name. You could make a Maltese vicious if you tormented it enough. It just doesn't have the physical capacity to be dangerous, and pit bulls do.

My final word on Vick - SHAME ON HIM!! --Romeena

August 29, 2007 - Msg 55333: OK, let's not over-do it Romeena...I mean, afterall, his name is VICK. Just kidding, of course. Seriously, I like to think of myself as a forgiving person but I don't think this about forgivness. It doesn't matter who forgives him, or even if he wants to be forgiven. This is an integrity issue and men like him should not be allowed to play for the NFL, period. No second chances. There are a whole lot of good men and good players who deserve a shot at the NFL. Why shouldn't they get a chance, instead of Vick getting ANOTHER chance? This country needs good role models and alot of these celebrity atheletes have heads so big that they think they are not expendable snd they can get away with anything...well, they can be replaced easily enough. By the way, did I hear that Lyndsay Lohan was sentenced to one day in jail?...or does anyone care? I just thought of her because I saw on the news that she had made a statement that she couldn't get in trouble because she is a celebrity...

I tried to take that little nap and the thunder was so loud it was shaking the house so I gave up...


August 29, 2007 - Msg 55334: Sorry, but you won't get a moulage from me on that one, ROMEENA. And if I'm not going to be a contrarian, then who? You couldn't have said it any better.

BOO: Nothing like a catnap when it's gray and raining outside. I wish I could nap. I just end up laying there awake.

Hey to GIZZMO, DAPHNE, SPOT, HM, and AC. Are you new to the porch AC? I don't recognize the initials.


August 29, 2007 - Msg 55335: Oh, hey, didn't mean to rock on your toes, BOO.

("Thunderbolts and lightning, very, very frightening..." Now that song will be in your head all day.)

August 29, 2007 - Msg 55336: From the unimaginable to the insane, I read that Leona Helmsley has left her Maltese a trust fund of $12 million, and given her brother another $6 million for the dog's upkeep (in the style in which he's accustomed, I'm sure). The dog's name: Trouble. When his time comes, Trouble is to be buried in the Helmsley mausoleum. In contrast, Mrs. Helmsley left two of her grandchildren $5 million each provided they visit their deceased father's grave at least once a year, and the other two grandchildren, nothing "for reason they well know."


August 29, 2007 - Msg 55337: Does it seem to you all that a lot of people with money don't have a lot of sense? don't get me wrong I love my dogs and if I had millions I would be sure they where taken care of. Just think how many homes that would build for Katrinia surviors or help out alot of schools or wildlife preserves. Sorry just rambling alittle Dr P

August 29, 2007 - Msg 55338: Hahaha! So old Leona cut two of the grandkids out of the will? Well, she may have had her reasons. Some spoiled rich kids are so obnoxious they deserve to be cut out - look at Lyndsay Lohan.

Here's a true story. I have a third cousin in San Antonio, a few years younger than I. He was a strange little guy, very shy, never married, lived with and cared for his mother until she died a few years ago. He was kind and pleasant, just a little odd.

There was an elderly lady who lived across the street, in a house that had once been pretty grand but was crumbling. She lived like a church mouse, very frugal. Ran the a/c only on the hottest days, light on in one room at a time always, such as that. Ray kept her yard mowed, but she wouldn't allow him to trim the overgrown shrubbery that almost hid the house. He never accepted any money from her. Ray's mother would do the woman's grocery shopping when she did her own, and the list always consisted of very cheap, simple food. Ray took over that chore too, when his mother died.

This went on for about fifteen years, and Ray had never been inside the house. Finally, the old woman died after a brief hospital stay, and a few weeks later, Ray was summoned to the reading of her will. He went, thinking she would be leaving him some little keepsake or other. Ha! She left him her entire estate, consisting of the house and contents. The "contents" included some extremely valuable art pieces - paintings and sculpture, collected by the woman's husband during his lifetime. She also had some very valuable jewelry, and the furnishings in the house included some lovely antiques. Now here's the clincher: she also left him her monetary estate, which was well over a million dollars in bank accounts, stock, bonds and cash, which was in a safe in the house. Her only living relative was a nephew in California, and she left him $100. In the will, she stated that the $100 would more than reimburse him for the three or four long-distance calls he had made to her over the past 25 years.

Isn't that hilarious? Old Ray is sitting there, set for life, while the careless nephew is sitting in California, wishing he had visited at least once, and gotten some idea of his old Auntie's situation. I'm glad he didn't. Blood doesn't necessarily create entitlement, but kindness often does.

Old Leona was one weird cookie, it's true, but I'll bet those two grandchildren do indeed know the reason they were left out.

Sometimes it seems life isn't fair, but then sometimes, it really is. --Romeena

August 29, 2007 - Msg 55339: Oh, hi, Dr. P. Yes, I agree, leaving $12 million to a dog, however much loved, is ridiculous. Even I wouldn't have done that. I would have left her in the care of someone trustworthy, and left enough money in trust to be sure that she received whatever care she needed, but $12 million is just a bit much! I wonder where that trust fund goes when the dog dies?

I had it worked out with my kids, with all in agreement, that my oldest son and his wife would have taken Sugarplum, and certainly no trust fund would be necessary. They would have cared for her and provided whatever she needed. I'm sure we will arrive at the same understanding regarding little Starr, in time.

Well, gotta make a bank run. I dread it, because the drive-thru tellers all knew and liked the Plum, called her by name, and always sent her a cookie with my receipt. Now I'll have to tell them about her, and they will be sad, and I'll cry, and oh shoot, maybe I'll wait and go tomorrow. --Romeena

August 29, 2007 - Msg 55340: It should be noted that Leona left the bulk of her estate (worth billions) to her family foundation. I'm not sure what they fund, but I would think it's something socially redeeming. I agree that the two kids who got left out may well deserve it. I just found it funny that the dog was left so much. And you just know that little Trouble wouldn't want all of that cash. I mean, it's not like he's a giraffe or anything; now they're selfish.


August 29, 2007 - Msg 55341: Well I guess this is America and you can pretty much do what you want here. Not to speak ill of the dead,but even nasty people can do what they want and it's nice that she must have at least loved the dog. Me- They I sure hope the fund is socially redeeming. Romeena, be strong you can get through it. Better get off here and go bring in the laundry. Peace Dr P

August 29, 2007 - Msg 55342: Hey all...been bush hogging...SUPPER MENU:Country fried steak and gravy,fresh greenbeans,silver queen corn on the cob,scalloped potatoes with cheese,fried okra,cornbread,Big Maude slaw,sweet tea sliced sweet onion,and what ever Millie brings!..let me get the tractor put up...prayers...SPOT

August 29, 2007 - Msg 55343:
"Now is the time for all good me to come to the aid of their neighbor."

August 29, 2007 - Msg 55344:
Hey Folks

OK, I'm on foreign soil here but I will have to be on the opposing side of Romeena. Good golly, it's cold and lonely over here. However, I do think Vick should be able to play in the NFL, once again, after he pays his debt and if they want him. I don't give a hoot about Vick, I wouldn't know who he was if he fell through the ceiling right now. He is most defiantly highly visible and has been given much, that's for sure, but I do think it's up to the NFL.

Me-They I have never seen "Ice Road Truckers" but I'll check it out, I've always wondered about that one. Some of the shows we watch are "Antiques Road Show," "First 48," "History's Mysteries," "Unsolved History," and "Cold Case Filies" (the one on A&E).


August 29, 2007 - Msg 55345:
I usually try to watch a race or some sport for a while on a Saturday. We also like the Roadshow.
And other than news or that game show Deal or No Deal,that's about it. We like playing Scrabble, Yatzee, etc.more than TV.
Millie! Good to see you are doing better. Can i order a Pecan pie? Mmmmm! (:
My prediction: Mitt-McCain vs Hil-Osbama.
Ro- If it ok with your heart, I would deem it an honor to see Plum's Marker on the website some day.
I think it would be nice if all us porchsters could see that in honor of your dear one. Pray about it.
AFD, Daphne and others, good to see you drop by for some rockin'.
Dr P, that cobbler sounds great!
God bless Betty Lynn on her Birthday!
May the good Lord be with you all!
Is Sterling on his LV trip?

August 29, 2007 - Msg 55346:
Hello porch family. Trust you all had a Jesus filled day.

Dr.P...You bet the wild one's taste better. When I'm out picking my wife says that I eat as many as I put in the bucket. Can't help myself...their so good!
Prayers for your son.

Ro...yep, I'm with you on the Vick subject. The guy is sick.

Spot....thanks for supper...good stuff. Let's all meet at IHOP in the morning on me.

I'm heading out in the morning for TN. I'll be up there for the next five days. Please pray that the concerts go good. Next week (Thursday)I'm doing a concert for a Christian Wildlife event. Expecting close to 600 folks. Should be fun. Then I leave out for a 3 week tour.

Well better get ready for bed. Got to get up early. Prayers for all of our porch family.

August 30, 2007 - Msg 55347: Good evening, all. auh2o, you certainly have a right to your opinion, and I respect that, but I would be highly curious as to the reasoning behind it?? I made my platform abundantly clear, I'd be interested in yours. Come on, don't be shy!

MDC, in time I will be most happy to put a picture of Plum's resting place and her little marker in the album, and thank you for asking. Very kind of you and I appreciate your interest. It will be a little while - I have some pretty plants I want to get established there, and as soon as that's done and it looks the way I want it to look, I'll take that picture.

I called the man, and he'll be here in the morning to remove the damaged area of my bedroom carpet, and we'll see what, if any, treatment is required on the concrete. If none, then he'll put in the replacement carpet right away. If it needs treatment, the replacement will go in next week. I'm just glad I have enough carpet to do it. There are times when it pays to be a packrat. Poor little Plum, those last few weeks were rough on the carpet. She didn't want it to happen, but with her diminished mobility, she just didn't always make it to her designated pads, and the damage done to her liver by the cancer had made her urine very dark. No cleaning it up, either. It was an instant stain, impossible to remove. Poor little girl. I ended up locating pads all over the house, and finally she got to where she couldn't walk at all, so I would just park her on a pad, and she stayed there. A nightmare, for me and most of all, for her. I never made eye contact with her, though, that her little tail didn't wag just like always. She was sweet and cheerful right to the end, licking my fingers as I held her in the vet's office. Well, that did it. Time to go have a good cry, I guess. See you folks in the morning. --Romeena

August 30, 2007 - Msg 55348: Well, Boo, I think whatever you have is catching. I can't sleep either. Here it is nearly 4 a.m., I haven't been to sleep, and have to get up at 6:30, as Ted will be here at 7, to move furniture to make way for the carpet man. There is a "barrister's cabinet", or rather two of them, full of movies and beanie babies, that must be moved. They're each 6 ft tall and 3 ft wide, and only one foot deep, with nothing but glass pull-down doors in the front. Ted bound them together with a strip of lath so they'd remain level sitting on carpet, so they must move as a unit. They're also fastened to the wall. A strip of lath was attached to the wall with molly screws, and then a couple of screws went through the backs of the cabinets into that lath. The glass doors lift up and slide back into the cabinet to expose each shelf. It wouldn't take a three year old grandkid very long to discover that fact, and when open, the shelves would make lovely ladders for climbing up to choose a movie, or to reach the forbidden antique toys stored in the top section. Naturally, this would bring the whole cabinet down on top of the kid, with possibly fatal results. So, it's fastened to the wall. I don't want anyone moving it but Ted, since he installed it. He'll come by here on his way to his current remodeling job, and that means the crack of dawn. I think his mother was scared by a rooster or something.

Well, I guess I'll go back and try again. Maybe I can get a couple of hours, anyway. The Dish Network man is coming tomorrow to repair or exchange my HD-DVR which has been misbehaving, and the carpet man, of course, will be here, but both are due before noon. Maybe I'll be able to get a little nap in the afternoon. Hmmm. Then I won't be able to sleep tomorrow night either. Those naps are nice, but sure do mess up the night-time sleep patterns. Well, we'll see. --Romeena

August 30, 2007 - Msg 55349: Well Ro, I made it all the way to 5:30 this morning so I am feeling night of sleep in a week. I actually was in bed and asleep by 10:30 last night. I know what you mean about naps, but I very rarely get one around here. My poor parents can't hear very well any more and their TV is blaring most of the day. I have 2 noise machines in my bedroom to try to block it out. I turn on Bruce's breathing machine that he has to wear for his sleep apnea and then I have a ionizer fan right by my bed that emits a wonderful white noise. It's the only way I can have any peace anywhere in this house...oh well, only 1 more week and I am out of here. We are supposed to move out on Wed of next week. I have so much to do I don't even know where to start. Things to pack to take to the new place, things to pack to put in storage, things to box up for charity!!

Wanted to thank you all again for your prayers on Sean's behalf. Things are getting better for him. The first day that they learned about his learning problems, they began to modify his work and when I gave them the form from the doctor that his teacher needed to fill out, the principal came out to my car after school to hand me the completed form the same day. They really are trying, God bless 'em. Also, I ordered a book off Amazon about ADD/neurologic disorders in kids, etc. that gives alot of info on alternatives to drugs for kids like Sean. I just started it but is seems pretty good. It is written by a nutritionist named Ted Broer (do you know anything about him, Lucy?).

Prayers for your concerts, REV!! Have fun and be blessed, Brother.

Yesterday evening I was asked to attend a budget meeting of one of the larger Baptist churches in my area. It was having to do with the drug rehab mimistry that I am involved in. The woman who heads that up asked me to come because they need budget approval for the new year. Last year the church provided many things for the kids in rehab, including teen, hard-back bibles that cost 18.00 a peice (rock bottom, no shipping cost), so the church spent about 16,000 last year and we are asking for 21,000 this year. Alot of things are planned for the new year and it is an extremely fruitful ministry right now. Anyway, it was an experience walking into that boardroom with all those strangers looking at me like I had three heads. They really were serious about what they were doing and I was called on to give testimony about what is happening on Tuesday nights. Man, I started to freeze up! It was rough...I finally managed to say something but I was caught off guard. I am used to the informal way my small church meets to form the budget...this was way different...real "big business-like". Pretty uncomfortable. I'm just glad I didn't wear my usual shorts and sandals!! ha The pastor was friendly but the others were not so much. I guess running a big church with lots of money coming in takes some real serious planning, etc. Glad I don't have to do it.

Hope you get that carpet put down soon, Ro, and no extra treatment of the cement is needed. I have heard you should treat the spots with some kind of enzyme before you put down new carpet. Is that what you are talking about?

Well, hope you are able to get a little nap today, Ro.

Better stop droning on and do something...


August 30, 2007 - Msg 55350:

Howdy, all. Ro, I loved the story about your cousin. He sounds like a good and deserving egg. If eggs can be deserving. ("If round is funny," speaking of movies. Anyone see "Raising Arizona?" Funny, funny stuff.)

As for Vick... well, I understand and have no argument re having paid one's dues to society, but I feel what he and his cohorts did was pure evil and provided a peek inside some cold, sadistic minds. So I'll have to sum up my sentiments by saying the NFL can do what they want, but beyond a general regard for him as a fellow human being - i.e., not wishing him any harm, etc. - I just don't give a hoot about him.

TV shows? Let's see... auh20 named quite a few of my favorites, including Antiques Road Show, History's Mysteries and Cold Case Files. I'll add TAGS, of course, I Love Lucy, City Confidential, If Walls Could Talk, That '70s Show, Frasier, American Justice, anything to do with house-flipping, and most everything on HGTV, which is where my TV is tuned most of the time! I love How It's Made and Unwrapped, too. It doesn't seem like I watch a lot of TV, until I look at my list.

Ro, bless your heart. I know you miss your girl. I was happy you related your pastor's words about animals going to heaven. That being the case, I have some sweet cats and dogs there and seeing them again would be a blessing to be sure.

Boo, still keeping Sean in my prayers.

Love to all.



August 30, 2007 - Msg 55351: Morning porch.
Prayers for all.


August 30, 2007 - Msg 55352: "Raising Arizona"? Well, it was just all kinda horrifyin', hon! My husband loved that line, and used it to get himself out of the doghouse many times. --Romeena

August 30, 2007 - Msg 55353: Dež, I hear what you're saying about Vick, but I find I DO care what happens to him. I would want to see anyone who has done what he did brought to justice and given the full penalty allowed by law, but because of who he is, I guess I want more for him. I don't think he should be allowed to serve a couple of years and then go merrily back to his lucrative career as though nothing had happened. Kids are watching. They don't need to see that you can do horrible things, sit in a country-club prison, with a gym, library and all the comforts of home for a little while, and then all is forgiven.

How dare he stand there and try to apologize for the evil, viciously cruel things he bankrolled and participated in! Are we supposed to believe that when he got caught, he suddenly looked at himself and his behavior and thought to himself, "Omigosh! That was an awful thing to do! Whatever was I thinking? I'm so sorry!" Baloney. He's just sorry he got caught. Anyone with a heart so hard and so steeped in evil that he could do something like that is not going to change in a flash, unless God intervenes and convicts him, and there's nothing to indicate that such a thing has happened. He got caught red-handed, and now he's trying to lie and apologize his way out of the worst of the consequences. Every sports-minded kid in America is watching, and some of them have some of the same cruelty in them that Vick has. Long-term consequences for Vick won't change him, or those kids, but it might at least send them a message that such a crime really does not pay. If nothing else, it will let them know that such behavior is not acceptable in the eyes of most of the American people.

When I was in Mongolia, I heard a terrible commotion outside the building where we were staying, and went to investigate. I found three boys, about 12 or 13, who were beating and kicking three fairly small dogs, about 20-25 lbs. and pushing them toward each other, trying to make them fight. The dogs were refusing, and only got kicked harder when they did. What is it that dwells in the heart of some people, to lead them to do something like that? Anyway, I'm sure the boys didn't understand a word the crazy American lady was yelling at them, but they understood the tone and intent, and ran off. I'm sure they just relocated their would-be dogfight, but at least I didn't have to hear the poor dogs yelping anymore. Being a guest in the country, I couldn't do any more than I did, but if I could, there would have been a lot more yelping going on, and not from the dogs. I thought of those boys when this Vick thing hit the news, and I really don't want the world to know that we go light on anyone who does such a thing. Vick is an admitted felon, a criminal, and vicious as well, and I think he deserves a lot more than he's going to get.

Well, one of these days, I'll tell you how I really feel. --Romeena

August 30, 2007 - Msg 55354:
Morning Folks

Ro-It's not so much that I disagree with you, I wish the NFL would ban people like Vick. The NFL and the NBA seem to have a real thug element involved in their games. I just I think that should be left up to the NFL. Let them sink or swim making, or not making, their own mistakes. As for Vick finding the Light, like you said, "God knows his heart." But, from where I sit, he looks like he needs to get his house in order.

Ro-When it is time, we'd all love to see the picture.

~DeS~ I love "Raising Arizona."


Gale: All right ya' hayseeds, it's a stick-up. Everybody freeze. Everybody down on the ground.
Old man in bank: Well, which is it young feller? You want I should freeze or get down on the ground? Mean to say, if'n I freeze, I can't rightly drop. And if'n I drop, I'ma gonna be in motion. You see...
Gale: Shut up!

August 30, 2007 - Msg 55355:

Well I know what you're saying about the guy being a role model and all, Ro, but I'm thinking that ship has sailed. No matter what else he does in life, he will be remembered for this. When the NFL canned him I thought "serves him right!" and saying I don't give a hoot about him means I don't care whether they take him back or not. He can wash dishes for the rest of his life for all I care. In other words, I think we're on the same page. :-) And I don't know what makes people rotten, either. It's just infuriating.


"Son, you got a panty on your head."


August 30, 2007 - Msg 55356:

Didn't see ya there, auh20. That's my favorite scene in the movie.

"Shut up!"
"Well ok then."



August 30, 2007 - Msg 55357: Oh man, I rent that Raising Arizona! Sounds like my kind of humor and I have never seen it.

Ro, that story makes my blood run cold, I actually felt a chill when I read it. No wonder you have the feeling you do about Vick. I won't judge you for it.


August 30, 2007 - Msg 55358: That should have said, "I GOING TO rent Raising Arizona"...sorry


August 30, 2007 - Msg 55359: I agree, I think we're actually all on the same page. And Dež, the ship has definitely sailed as far as the damage Vick has done to the "role model" he might have been. However, my feeling is that the NFL has the chance to do some damage control here, by making it clear to one and all that there is never, ever a place on an NFL team for someone who could do what he has done. It might just serve notice to some of the other thugs who are playing and skimming the cream, while conducting who knows what evil activities in their private lives, unknown and unpunished. Again I say, if he wants to work for the NFL, let him clean the latrines and be grateful for the chance. --Romeena

August 30, 2007 - Msg 55360: Oh, yes, that pantyhose-on-the-head scene is just hilarious. The chase through town, and turning back to scoop up that bag of diapers - too funny!

"Oh, he's just an angel, a little angel straight from Heaven!"

"Mind you don't hurt yourself now, Mordecai!"

"I told you not to come back without a baby!"

"Well, they were just crawlin' everywhere, and well, it was just all kinda horrifyin', hon!"

I thought my husband was going to beat the arm off the sofa, he was laughing so hard. That is one funny movie. --Romeena

August 30, 2007 - Msg 55361:

"And this here's the TV... two hours a day, either educational or football... so you don't ruin your appreciation of the finer things."

"Name's Smalls... Leonard Smalls. My friends call me Lenny. Only I ain't got no friends."

"Prison life is structured... more than some people care for."

My husband loves it, too, Ro. Just cracks up.



August 30, 2007 - Msg 55362: REV, have a safe tour. Sounds like you might be taking a similar route to the one Otis told Barney about concerning where ( ELM STREET) he was getting the moonshine ( a long trip that comes back to your house.)

Hey all. What's for supper?


August 30, 2007 - Msg 55363: Hey Rev you on the road again....I got to read the mail...gona get back to bush hogging...hey ro,boo,maude,lucy,des,horatio,gizzmo,possum,big J,TOM,my buddy asa,mavis,hazel,hm,mdc,goober,md,dwf,auh20,m-t,CHUCCK and all....lunch will be kentucky fried chicken dinners for all....on Big J..hee hee....gona storm here again so let me get busy...prayers to all.....SPOT

August 30, 2007 - Msg 55364: hey to everyone on the porch ,gonna check on the archives and get caught up .everyone have a great day

August 30, 2007 - Msg 55365: Good afternoon everyone. No time to stop and chat today; gotta run, run, run (don't tell Rev. Breen). Haven't seen "Raising Arizona" either but I'm gonna have to soon. It sounds hilarious.

Y'all take care and have a great day.


August 30, 2007 - Msg 55366: For those who haven't seen it, be aware that there are some words in it here and there, and a couple of scenes of, well, violence - for lack of a better term. It's not gratuitous violence or language, it's really part of the whole thing, and so funny that it doesn't offend. If you're especially touchy about the kids, you might want to preview it, but offhand, I'd say ten and up would have no problem. --Romeena