August 30, 2007 - Msg 55367: Hello everyone, Rising Arizona is great, I just love Nichlos Cages' hair. Can't rock long ,I'm packing ,we're taking a short trip to South Dakota, leaving tomorrow be back late Monday. We're going to the Terry Redlin Art Center in Waterton and to DeSmet, childhood home of Laura Ingalls Wilder.We've been to DeSmet before but never the Art Center. Love Terry redlin art. Hope you all have a safe and fun holiday weekend and I'll talk to you on Tuesday. Peace Dr p

August 30, 2007 - Msg 55368: Wow, wish I could go with ya, Dr P. That sounds like fun. Have a great time and be safe!


August 30, 2007 - Msg 55369:
Here is a story that i may have told here before, but about 12 years ago I invited a friend from work to church one Sunday. We both grew up in the 60s, and are about the same age, and tho he did not grow up in any church, he dfinitely knew the song Turn turn Turn. Well, that sunday, the pastor started out with those verses from Eccles.
About half way thru, my friend leans over to me and very seriously asked, "Steve, why is he leaving out the turn, turn, turns?" (:
PS: Good sweep Dr P.

August 30, 2007 - Msg 55370: By the way, I like Terry Redlin but his American Series is very sad (the paintings about the boy who dies for his country).


August 30, 2007 - Msg 55371: Sad, MDC. haha...just goes to show how music and television have a huge impact on people. Did you laugh when the guy asked you that?


August 30, 2007 - Msg 55372: thank Romeena that may my cry wined i heard it


August 30, 2007 - Msg 55373: I hope all of the " PORCH" has a safe and pleasant 'LABOR DAY WEEKEND".


August 30, 2007 - Msg 55374: Boo - I have a meeting with the teacher and the principal on Tuesday after school. I have worked with this principal before so she knows me pretty well. I expect her to defend the teacher but I also expect that there has been some behind the scene's stuff playing out that I will only see the outcomes of. As my husband says, you know your rights and you have the advantage. I'll let you know!

By the way, we won a nice sum in the Powerball last week. Not the millions that I would want (ha ha) but a nice sum after taxes. We matched four numbers and the powerball. Not a bad early Christmas gift!


August 30, 2007 - Msg 55375: Swish dr all of my bush hogging done!...what was for supper?...mercy...hey Rev,Tom,boor,possum,hazel,gizzmo,mdc,my buddys Asa and Mavis,hm,Big J,horatio,m-t,auh20 and all...snack time will be kit-kats and milk...back in a bit ...hey goober and gooberet!...Mil and millr,ray and all...prayers...SPOT

August 30, 2007 - Msg 55376: WOW HM.....good job on the powerball!.......very cool..SPOT

August 30, 2007 - Msg 55377:
Wow, HM, I bet your heart was pounding after the 4th number...thinking, now I can HIRE someone to chop wood.! ha
Boo- It was a well-known fact among teenagers of the time at the time that those verses were from the Bible, so all those years later he just assumed that the "turns" were part of it! He went a few more times with us, then moved to TX. Lost touch with him. I pray that he knows the Lord!
Well, I guess we'll just rock easy tonight with a little sippin' mint julip all around. I think I'll take a melatonin tonight myself.

August 30, 2007 - Msg 55378:
BTW, for those keeping score, yesterday we broke a record for the most 110 or higher days from June 1 till the end of August...29! Today was only 109.
But our boys in Baghdad deal with the 120s! Prayers for them all. One of my 2 Marine nephews goes back soon. God bless those brave men and women!

August 30, 2007 - Msg 55379: Prayers for them all MDC......for sure...breakfast will be on you MDC at your choose of yer placy....ha ha..SPOT

August 30, 2007 - Msg 55380: thats "place"......sorry fat paws.....SPOT

August 30, 2007 - Msg 55381:
Hello porch family. Good sweep Dr.P.

Yep Spot..."On the road again"...hey I can write a song with that line...oopps that's right; it's already taken.
I'm in TN right now. are so right. I've complained about the heat in SC this past few weeks but it does not compare to the heat our men and women in Baghdad are facing each day so that we can enjoy our freedom.

Ro & Boo....prayers that you get some better sleep tonight.

As Big Jerry posted....I too pray that you all have a blessed Labor Day weekend.

Prayers for all the porch family. See ya'll at MDC's for breakfast.

August 31, 2007 - Msg 55382:
Morning Porch

homemaker-I'm not sure how the Powerball works but it sounds like you done good.

MDC-I'm glad you had a cold spell the other day, geesh 109! That's still crazy.

Romeena-I think you're right, I do believe we are all saying the same think.


Rev-MDC's is a good spot for some breakfast, considering the cold snap their having there.

Here's a "Raising Arizona" quote for MDC and Asa,

H.I: [thinking] If not Arizona, then a land not too far away. Where all parents are strong and wise and capable. And all children are happy and beloved. I don't know. Maybe it was Utah.


August 31, 2007 - Msg 55383: Homemaker, let me know how that meeting goes. Godd luck.

Thanks REV, I went to bed by 10 last night and slept well until about 5, so that's good for me. I can make it on that.

Those temps are really something, MDC! What amazes me is that I think we have had the coolest summer on record down here in South Texas. All the rain we have had has kept us lower than average and I love it that way. Everything is still so green and lush instead of being burned away by the heat. Wish I could send some of it your way.

I watched a little CNN last night while doing my crocheting (trying to keep the stress down!), and Larry King was talking about a Republican Senator who was arrested for alledgedly trying to solicit s#x in an airport restroom. What is ironic about it is he was someone who spoke out strongly against homos*exuality...reminds me of that pastor out in Colorado who was caught with the male prostitute a couple of years ago. He was a republican and kind of the spokesperson in Washington against gay marriage....some interesting psychology going on there. Anyway, the point was made by a Democrat on the program that there are alot of Republicans in congress that try to make the impression that Republicans are morally superior to Democrats, but lately it is the Republicans who are being caught in questionable behavior. Is it some kind of set-up before election time...? I think immorality is probably as active in either party. I don't trust politicians, sorry.

Now that I have thrown down a possible moulage, I have to go get the kids off to school.....heehee


August 31, 2007 - Msg 55384: Hehehe, I Guess Godd luck would be even better that good luck, eh?


August 31, 2007 - Msg 55385: Thank you Boo- God luck is better than good luck!


August 31, 2007 - Msg 55386: Good morning everyone. A little humid today, but it's supposed to be a beautiful weekend. And you know the weatherpeople are never wrong.

BOO: You don't trust politicians? Gee, I can't understand why. About Senator Craig, he pled guilty to his actions, which may mean he's guilty or just wanted the situation to go away so did what he felt he had to. Still, my gut tells me that the cops had him rightly and where there's smoke there is fire. Being of one political party or another doesn't reflect on morality, as much as some people would have us believe. I know some really grounded, moral Democrats and some deviant Republicans, and vice versa. Unfortunately, talk is cheap.

Going a little off on tangent, it really bothers me that so many Christians have decided that teh Republican party is the better one for Christians. For one thing, we are to good Christians first, good Americans second, and good party members somewhere down the line. I have heard many Christian leaders defend Republicans who have done sleazy things because they have a vested interest, or represent the "lesser evil." Well, I hate to inform them, but evil is evil, whatever the perceived degree.

Sometimes, we get traditional American ideals mixed up with Christian principles. That's dangerous. For instance, I have heard Christian leaders weigh in all sorts of things like taxation, etc., that have absolutely nothing to do with morality, or salvation. I don't know, I guess I'm starting to ramble. Thanks, BOO< for hitting that nerve!

See y'all later this afternoon.

"You know, Nettie, you look better as a blonde."
"I do have more fun!"

August 31, 2007 - Msg 55387: A TAGS note...

TV Land ran the episode where Barney returns for teh school reunion and finds out Thelma Lou got married. I really don't like that episode. It's just depressing.


August 31, 2007 - Msg 55388: Oh, you're welcome Me-They...any time!

I know what you mean about that episode. It really made me feel bad when I remember first seeing it. Then I came to the porch and ya'll told me that Barney and Thelma Lou eventually did get married to each other in a reunion episode....I think that's how it went. That made me feel better. Kind of silly since it's a TV show but I did feel better for reason that only my subconsience really knows, I suppose...ha

Lots to do.....


August 31, 2007 - Msg 55389: Good morning, all. Yes, Rev, I did sleep a little better last night. Not sleeping really bothers me, because I usually have no trouble at all. Anyway, I did sleep, but had a lot of wild, silly dreams. I guess my subconscious mind had a lot of junk to unload.

In my sunroom, I have a tile floor, with three large rugs to soften the whole effect and provide the grandkids with a place to sit when they play out there or watch TV. Over the years, the Plum has anointed those rugs from time to time (I guess they looked like a piddlepad to her).

Fortunately, they were washable. Huge, had to do one at a time, but washable. I washed them the other day, and for the first time, some of the bindings came loose and there are some frayed edges. No problem, they came from JCPenney, I'll just donate those to the Humane Society for pet bedding and get some new ones.

Wrong. I found what appeared to be the same rugs, ordered them because they were perfect out there, but when they arrived I got an unpleasant surprise. First the color is waaaay different. Mine were in shades of rich mahogany, shading into a pecan brown. These are the color of mud. Seriously. Mud. Mine were thick and plush and heavy. These are lightweight, cheap, thin and tacky by comparison. I called Customer Service, and a pleasant lady cheerfully informed me that I could either return them to a store or pay the shipping to return them by UPS. So, they're in the car and they're going to the closest Penney's store, which is a good 20 miles from me. Our local store closed. I'm not surprised. Seems a shame that an American institution like Penney's is going downhill.

Now I have to find some new rugs. Or I may just get out my tapestry needle and some strong thread and whip over the loose bindings and keep using the old ones. They won't look bad if I fix the frayed spots. The rubber backing is in bad shape, but no one sees that. And anyway, who cares?

Well, I'm off. My runnin' buddy is going with me, we'll have a good lunch at Panera's and make a nice day of it. Good friends are so valuable. --Romeena

August 31, 2007 - Msg 55390: That's a shame, Ro. I was in Lowe's the other day and was really surprised at the selection of rugs. Some really nice and affordable. I would suggest you check them out.

Homemaker, I loved the "Bird c- detector"!


August 31, 2007 - Msg 55391: Okay...mind if I shoot my mouth of again? Good. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I don't like feet, and the open-toed shoes that spotlight them. That said, what the heck has happened to men's sense of footwear? Now, I'm not one to want to turn back the clock to being expected to wear a jacket and fedora to the 7-11 (not that it wouldn't look mighty spiffy), but we've gone from a society of men wearing sensible shoes, to everyone wearing sneakers, to now, well, many men aren't wearing much shoe at all.

Well, I say to all such fellow bearers of the Y chromosome: stick your fat-toed, hairy, knuckley, stinky old feet in a real shoe. And a flip-flop is not a real shoe, except maybe at the pool. I hate those velcro-buckle "sandals," too. Whoever came up with those foot-fashion nightmares ought to be made to smell all the feet exposed because of them. Heck, the Romans wouldn't have even worn those.

And while I'm on the subject of fashion, "come as you are" has become the reality of our culture. Stick on a t-shirt and pair of sweatpants and your ready to head to the Olive Garden, PTA meeting, or even church. Based on the trajectory on which we're headed, maybe we should just cut to the chase and start wearing our pjs everywere. Throughout history fashion has changed, but only in the last 50 years has it been "frumped down" to the lowest common denominator. Feeling comfortable is one thing, but I don't wear my bathrobe to work.

Okay. I feel much, much better now :).

Me-"Gimme the old salt and pepper"-They

August 31, 2007 - Msg 55392: That's two rants in one day. I'm making up for lost time. And I haven't forgotten I owe y'all a moulage on products from China...


August 31, 2007 - Msg 55393: Im at work now and gona read...back in a bit..SPOT

August 31, 2007 - Msg 55394: Have a great, moulage-free Labor Day weekend, y'all.


August 31, 2007 - Msg 55395: Any old-timers still around? And I mean waaaayyy long-time ago-ers, like ten years ago? Goober, I understand you're still writing me poetry. Send it along.


August 31, 2007 - Msg 55396: Lydia, don't hang yer head out the window like a dog...And hey!


August 31, 2007 - Msg 55397: HaHa! Funny you should mention that today. This morning on the way to school, Sean was complaining about having to wear his dress trousers and a polo shirt and dress shoes to school. He said he couldn't even "scratch and itch" in those clothes. I said that if I ran a school, kids could wear decent shorts and T-shirts if they wanted because they could think better if they are comfortable. Guess I've got the "frumping down" mentality of which you speak. I know that down here on the coast, that's kind of how it is. It's so hot and humid, people don't want to wear much (and that includes closed-in shoes). Of course that kind of dress is not appropriate for every occasion, though I guess I wish it was. I hate to dress up and sweat in this heat. My husband is the kind to always wear closed-in shoes. He wears dress pants and a nice shirt to work and wears a suit to church (one of the very few who do), and I am the type to wear shorts to almost everything...I even wear them to Wed. night church, but then so do alot of folks. It's a very informal church. I like it that way because I have always felt that when people dress up, it might keep certain people from coming if they feel like they don't have clothes that measure up. The atmosphere is just more welcoming and friendly when people are more casual, I think.

"Hey" to Lydia! Don't be such a stranger, even if you do hate chit-chat.


August 31, 2007 - Msg 55398: "Means native of Lydia...In ancient Greece. But that's not where I'm from. I'm from Greensboro." OK, I hate chit-chat. What else was it that I couldn't do? Bowling? Bad back. If I threw a bowling ball I'd be in traction for a week? Is that the way it went?


August 31, 2007 - Msg 55399: Well, let's see....seems like you also hate the guitar and going out into the sun (it gives you the herpes...ouch).


August 31, 2007 - Msg 55400: Lydia: "Do you mind if we walk? I'm nauseous from eating all that chocolate."

Oh, and you HATE the guitar. !! :o !! (Andy's expression after that one was priceless!) Hey y'all, was lurking and just HAD to comment on Lydia-remarks. Hey to you Lydia!! Say, I guess it HAS been about 10 years since I started rocking on the porch. Wish I could rock more often. And AuH2o, don't even get me started on Wal*Mart and products from China X( makes me all cross.

Y'all be good and act like somebody.

~ Mrs. Wiley
Goober: "hey. car. house nice. dress nice. travel. weather. Raliegh."

August 31, 2007 - Msg 55401: Hey Mrs Wiley!..Lydia,boo,ro,asa,m-t,possum,mil,miller,horatio,maude,auh20,auh20 and all....late supper tonight...busy here at work...Pizza Hut on me...10 veggie,10 meat lovers,10 ham and mushroom,10 sausage ann large...Rev we will send you half of one...Big J will you bring a couple cases of coke,fanta grape and orange....prayers...back in a bit...SPOT

August 31, 2007 - Msg 55402: Hey Boo - it seems as if my son finally spoke up to the teacher about the infraction marks. Seems he earned another one this week. Only he didn't and the teacher finally figured out someone was marking on his name. What a moulage that child created. Any way - I am still meeting with them. I bet she is somewhat relieved that she doesn't have to explain all the marks and why he has them. One boy had 11 and he earned everyone of them. It could be an intersting parent-teacher-principal conference. I think she needs a better checks-balance system.


August 31, 2007 - Msg 55403: hey to M

August 31, 2007 - Msg 55404: Hey to Mrs Wiley and to Lydia.
I have come going here for the pass 11 yer.


August 31, 2007 - Msg 55405:

Oh it's big, Ange.. it's real big... Lydia's back!

Welcome back after all this time, Lydia.




August 31, 2007 - Msg 55406: Please pray for my nephew, Chad, and his wife, Jennifer. They had a baby girl today born emergency C-section due to pre-eclampsia. Jennifer is not doing well and she is facing more surgery as I write this. The baby is fine. Jennifer has lupus and this baby is a blessing for them. They are both Christians. I thank you for these prayers.

homemaker (Betsy)

August 31, 2007 - Msg 55407: Storms here at work...prayers for Chad and Jen HM..hard prayers..hey TOM my getting any rain..hey Des...STORMS here.....busy busy...will someone fix a snack?..SPOT

August 31, 2007 - Msg 55408: No thanks, ~DeS~. I'd prefer chocolate. And give me the seat by the window, while you're at it.

Lydia C.

August 31, 2007 - Msg 55409: Well, as I live and breathe! Lydia, it's good to see you, and looks like you shook Mrs. Wiley out of the bushes where she was lurking, too. Welcome back, both of you. Can I get you some coffee, or maybe some iced tea?

Me-They, you sound like my youngest son. He has this thing about bare feet, too. I'm always barefoot around home, and usually remove my shoes in the homes of family and close friends. Not only am I more comfortable, but it protects their carpets. My son tolerates that, but he really gets hacked when I toe-pinch his leg! He just hates that, so naturally, I never miss a chance.

I never wear shoes in the house at home. I have "yard shoes" at the front and back doors, a size too big so I can slip in and out of them easily. When I've been working in the yard, it's nice to kick them off and walk into the house without tracking in dirt, or fertilizers or pesticides (organic, but still don't want them in the house) or bird droppings, whatever. My creamy-white carpet is still clean after four years, thank you! It wouldn't look nearly so nice if I wore my shoes in the house. I just automatically remove my shoes, even dress shoes, when I come in the door, and put them away. I take care of my feet, and am not ashamed to go barefoot. In the winter, I have some colorful, soft and stretchy "house socks" that I wear, just for warmth. So, to each his own, I guess.

I must concede, however, that I've seen some feet that should have been covered. Mostly masculine feet, but some were women's. Some are pretty gnarly, I have to agree. People with feet like that should wear shoes.

Well, I'm full of shrimp and crab legs. My sweet neighbors and I had a lovely conversation and a lot of good food. A good evening. --Romeena

August 31, 2007 - Msg 55410:
HM- prayers indeed! Will remember them at Sunday service also. Hope and pray all will be ok.
Mrs Wi-lee, good to see you again!
Ro- we just had 2 new Pennys open up in the Phx area, so I guess they are movin' west!? intersting.
With Labor Day coming up, all I can say is, I've had it with China products! Lately, my mom's catheter bags have been leaking. I finally looked at the fine print, and sure enough, China. I bet those cheap rugs were made there too. I really look close now for made in USA!!!
Boo- It's a TV show?? haha
MT- The Romans wore robes all day, that was pretty casual. ha
As to the political scandal, we've had em since our founding, it is a wheat and tares thing. Just seems like more tares in Washington these days!
Hang in there my friends. Prayers for all.

August 31, 2007 - Msg 55411: The Romans not only wore their robes all day, they wore sandals, too! --Romeena

August 31, 2007 - Msg 55412: Romeena I too have yard shoes at the front door too big...slip in tennis shoes...very bad looking but they get it done in the garden..hey MDC hey Lydia again!...where is your hair ribbon!..M. wi-lee good to have ya back...we just never stop!..breakfast will be at Shoneys breakfast bar on you Lydia!!..I will hold the door...well its iron board time got to get up at 4:30 to go keep the lights on...yall get Ro some new pics...prayers to ALL..Asa you park cars and M-T..hee hee..SPOT

August 31, 2007 - Msg 55413: It look like somrone want to have P J AND A SLEEPOVER PARTIE.


August 31, 2007 - Msg 55414: Me-They, you're cracking me up about the men's sandal thing. But your mother didn't like when men wore open-toed shoes either. I remember that about her.
tee hee
Charlotte Tucker

August 31, 2007 - Msg 55415: Prayers, homemaker.


August 31, 2007 - Msg 55416:
Hello porch family.

Prayers for Chad and family.

Spot....thanks for sending the pizza. It was so good. They delivered right to the motorhome door. I even gave them a whole 25 cents tip.

Good to see ya Lydia.

Better go for the night. Prayers for all and tell someone how good Jesus is to you!

September 01, 2007 - Msg 55417: Morning gang!..back at work..Rev we will send you a vacume sealed breakfast plate...just unwrap and pop it in the oven...hey AFD,TOM,CT,Lydia,boo,ro,auh20,horatio,M-T and all...see yall at Shoneys!..Asa lets wear flip-flops!...SPOT

September 01, 2007 - Msg 55418: Oh my, Romeena, you toe-pinch too?! Must be a southern-gal thing. I used to pinch the heck out of folks with my toes...haven't tried it in years, thanks for the reminder...too bad Me-They isn't here so I could try it on HIM (bet he is really cringing as he reads this!). I think we may have given him a new nightmare.

Homemaker, it's great that you are such an involved mom who believes in her son. You knew something wasn't right and you pegged it. Like you said, should be an interesting meeting...let us know how it turns out.

As far as the open-toed shoe thing goes, some people have nice feet that should be shown...alot of guys have ugly feet but some have very nice ones. I happen to like some hairy toes from time to time. I like the way a well-built man looks in nice, well-fitting Levi's and sandals...with a sporty-looking shirt, of course.

By the way, I rented Raising Arizona last night and Bruce and I tried to watch it. I have to say, I didn't care much for it and turned it off about half-way through. I laughed a few times but I just didn't find that much humor in it and the language was pretty bad from time to time...the "F" word and "GD". I handle the "F" word better than the "GD". After I hear that one a couple times, it's over for me. No offense to those who appreciate the movie and it's humor. It just didn't appeal to me.

I baby sat for my new little neice, Emily yesterday for a couple of hours and it was wonderful!! I am going to have to get a picture of the little angel on the photo site for you all to see. She is the sweetest baby, hardly ever cries. I got to feed her and play with her, and rock her while she fell asleep on my chest. Her little head was clothes enough to my face that I could smell that sweet baby and baby lotion smell. How sweet it was just to hold her there while she slept! I am falling hard for this sweet baby. Guess she'll have me wrapped around her finger soon, just like her Nanna (my sister).

Better go start packing some things up for the move...


September 01, 2007 - Msg 55419: ooops...."close" not "clothes", of course.

September 01, 2007 - Msg 55420: did I say "sweet" enough times?


September 01, 2007 - Msg 55421:

Boo, when I read your sen-tence, "alot of guys have ugly feet but some have very nice ones," I read it as "a lot of guys have ugly feet but have very nice shoes." I think I need my eyes checked. :-)

I haven't seen Raising Arizona in a long time so I don't remember much cussin', but "gd" makes me cringe, too. Good luck with the move. Your new neighborhood sounds nice.

My momma never did like sandals on men either. They never bothered me, but I grew up in the '60s and '70s so maybe I'm just used to 'em.

homemaker, prayers for Jennifer, and Chad and the baby, too.



September 01, 2007 - Msg 55422: Good morning, all. Tom, I think a sleepover at Boo's house is a great idea! Me-They, be warned, I'll be barefoot, and I do toe-pinch when the occasion warrants. Of course, anyone with an aversion to toes constitutes an occasion, in my opinion. heehee.

Boo, I'm sorry you didn't like "Raising Arizona". It's been several years since I saw it, and I guess I had forgotten there was that much language in it. As a matter of fact, I'm wondering if the VHS version of it that I had (and gave to my son) might have been sanitized? I know there was a time when some home-editions of movies were cleaned up a bit. You could only tell when the words didn't match the movement of the speaker's lips now and then. I don't know if they still do that today or not - if not, they should. It was a good idea. The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced that's what happened, because language in a movie is a big turn-off for me, too. About the only thing I can remember is the scene where "little Mordecai" wrote that word (having to do with gaseous emissions) on the wall of the trailer, and that scene was just pretty funny! It was exactly what you'd expect from some bratty, uncontrolled kid.

My house is still a big mess, bedroom furniture parked everywhere but the bedroom, big hole in the carpet in there, etc. It won't get back to normal until next week, but it will be nice to have clean, fresh carpet in there again. Poor little Plum. She didn't want to make a mess, but she couldn't help it.

I'm still missing her so much I can hardly stand it. I can make it several hours without a meltdown now, though, so that's progress. That little dog was so dearly loved.

Well, I'm off to try to clean out some dresser drawers before putting them back in the dresser. If I don't do it now, I never will. --Romeena

September 01, 2007 - Msg 55423: Another funny line from that movie -- the police are questioning Mr. Arizona, the father of the kidnapped baby, and there is some implication that it might be a scam. The cop says something like, "Sir, our investigation shows that Arizona is not your real name, you had it legally changed. Would you mind telling us why?" Mr. Arizona owns a business that sells unpainted furniture. He is outraged, and yells at the cop, "My business is called Unpainted Arizona! Would you think I'd want to call it Unpainted Huffines?" That's not word for word, but that's the idea. So funny, but maybe you'd have to see it in the movie to think so. --Romeena

September 01, 2007 - Msg 55424:
Hello porch family. Trust you all are having a great Labor Day weekend. The porch is kinda slow today. Guess everybody is busy doing Labor Day things.....whatever that is.

Spot...looks like I'm gonna have to switch to college football now because the Braves just keep sinking.

Well got a early concert in the morning so I better head to bed. Prayers for all!

September 01, 2007 - Msg 55425: I did see that part with Mr. Arizona being questioned. In fact, it was right after that line that he stood up and started using some pretty strong expletives (including GD at least twice, I think). He was funny up until that point. I did also see the scene with all those wild kids in the trailor and it was very funny.

DES, you are funny (in a good way)!

I thought about you this evening, Ro. I came across the last picture that was taken of my friend Karen before she died. The church was having family portraits done for a new church directory and her picture came in the mail a few days after she died. When I looked at it tonight, it was so clear it seemed like she was there looking right at me and it hurt. I didn't cry, though. I guess I would have if I had been alone, but we had company. I really miss her because it's been almost 4 months since I saw her. A few weeks go by now without a cry, and then something triggers it. It gets easier, I think about her less now, but it still hurts when I do...I wonder how long it takes to stop hurting?

Hey REV, yep I guess it's been a busy day for folks. I know I have been working all day boxing up things, throwing away things, and bagging up things to donate to the thrift store. Feels good to get rid of some of the clutter. Of course, I have a pile of boxes in the living room right now.

Better go to bed, there's preachin' in the morning. See ya'll there.....don't forget your earrings.


September 02, 2007 - Msg 55426: Nope, MDC, I haven't left yet. Thanks for asking. I do wish that was all over and done with, or not done at all, but it's about a week from now that I go. I'm not too keen on being in a plane so close to the 9/11 anniversary, and I haven't even wanted to think about this trip, so thanks for bringing it up. ;) jk, MDC.

Been busy at work, especially this past week because the boss was out again. And because of the holiday weekend(I don't think I've ever ground this much hamburger. I guess it doesn't hurt that it is on sale).
Then on days off, I try to spend as much time doing things with Kai(and looking for a better job, of course).

I know I saw Raising Arizona, but I don't remember much of it. I do remember that I didn't think it was that funny at the time.
I've been enjoying watching Ferris Bueller's Day Off on the TVLand movie night(s) though. That's got to be one of my favorite "teen" comedies. There is just too much enjoyable stuff in it. When we used to drive through Chicago all the time on our way to Indiana(when I didn't want to take the "long" way) I would be singing(in my head) that "Big City" song they play in the movie when they are cruising through Chicago in Cameron's dad's Ferrari.
Of course I had to just imagine I was in a Ferrari, which is kind of hard when you are driving a mini-van.

Well, hope everyone has a nice Labor Day weekend(guess you will, Homemaker, you lucky dog! Congrats, btw!).

-Sterling Holobyte

September 02, 2007 - Msg 55427: Baby Aubrey, mom and dad are doing fine now. Jennifer ended up having four pints of blood on Friday. To get the bleeding stopped, the doctor's had to do some radical surgery so she will not be able to have any more children. I am so thankful that they will all be okay. Abrey is about 3-4 weeks early but still weighed 5 pounds 1 ounce. Thank you for all of the prayers.


September 02, 2007 - Msg 55428: Not many post yesterday?..went to Mr Caydens [Miss Sherry 4 yr old grandson] b-day party last been a while since I been to a 4 yr olds b-day party...WHEW...I got him a spiderman tv..he was a hoot..good food and good people ..Rev Ga won Tech won so I guess yer right collage football now....braves will try to salvage one game today..Race is tonight also!..Cal..hey sterling my friend,HM,Tom,boo,ro,des,possum where you at?..CHUCK!!,fg!,county nurse,gizzmo,lydia,millie,miller,ray,md,afd,mw,m-t,auh20,dr p,big J and all!..back at work now,will keep the Church lights on and catch a Sermon on the tube...this is my last weekend working for a month!..Breakfast will be eggs your way,hashbrowns,country ham,bisquits and red eye gravy,grits with cheeese,coffee,h20,milk and a tear from my roll of paper towels!...GET UP PORCH!..ready at 8:00 est...prayers to all...back in a bit...SPOT

September 02, 2007 - Msg 55429: SPOT,
Thanks for cooking breakfast. REV , I hope things go well at the concert today. Well, better get on the move . Lots to do before SUNDAY SCHOOL and CHURCH.
Hello to the entire porch family. I hope all has a BLESSED day.


September 02, 2007 - Msg 55430: Good afternoon, all. I just watched that Wintley Phipps video again on YouTube, actually several of them. His version of "Amazing Grace" is incredible, and his recitation of "The Creation" is just thrilling, and oh my, what he does with "It is Well With My Soul". The man is incredible. Imagine the voice of James Earl Jones, but a bit richer, a bit deeper, a bit more dramatic, and with what sounds like perfect pitch to make it all just come together. He's wonderful! You listen to one of his presentations, and you feel like you've been to church. Do both on the same day, and you might just fly away to heaven right there and then!

Cloudy and gray here today, we may get some rain, which would be welcome. And drat that big old grackle, I wish he'd keep his old bird feet off my little umbrella fountain in the pond. He lands on the thing and tries to drink from the umbrella shower of water, which is difficult. Then he decides to fly away, and when he takes off, he pushes the whole apparatus sideways, and sometimes turns it over completely. Then I have to go out there with my little hook and fish the thing out of the pond and set it upright again. Dumb bird, I've got a nice birdbath near the house that he can wade in and drink all he wants, but he prefers the moving water of the fountain.

Well, guess I'll go put some critter feed out for my little friends, then a nap sounds good. Have a good afternoon, all. Maybe we can meet up at the filling station for a bottle of pop later on. --Romeena

September 02, 2007 - Msg 55431: First off, I would like to clarify that my comment that you will be enjoying Labor Day, homemaker, had to do with your winning that lottery. Not that it needed clarification. Sorry about your nephew and his wife. Glad they are doing ok.

Can you guys stand a rant? My wife just called and told me she, Kai, MIL-who's up for the weekend, and other family are going to see a movie. Guess which one? Yep, the same one she took Kai to before that she knows I didn't want Kai to see.
They had gone to the pow-wow because they had to put on a breakfast there(I even got up at 5:45 to make the biscuits and what seemed like a whole pig of bacon).
I swear she does things like this to get my goat.
Why else would she call me and tell me what she is doing. Any other time she does things with family, I hear from her when she is on her way home. And that is fine; she doesn't have to check in with me all the time(for those of you who may think I am a domineering husband, because I am really not); but sometimes it just seems like she does things just to push me or something. /rant

Hey Spot!

-Sterling Holobyte

September 02, 2007 - Msg 55432:
Sterling, you ARE the head of your household, so give her your thoughts, you bet!
As to movies and such in general, it always leads me to Rev 3 where Jesus says we are not to be lukewarm, because lukewarm he will "spew out of His mouth," and also to where He tells us to be "IN the world but not OF it." We have to really clean house. Look at all these polititians going down in flames for saying one thing and doing another.
Ok, I'll slide the soapbox back under the porch.
Got a letter from Colt. He sends his best and says hey.
Charlotte, good to see you.
Spot Rev, the pennant races are on! Very cloe one out west.
Good sabbath to all. I am going to watch some telethon.

September 02, 2007 - Msg 55433:
Happy Labor Day to all, a truly American holiday!

September 02, 2007 - Msg 55434: Just a sidenote - Jennifer is not doing as well as I had heard. She had two more units of blood today. I am not sure how normal that is. Thanks for the prayers. My husband went ga-ga over buying some preemie/newborn baby clothes. You would think he is the grandpa or something - Chad is just a special nephew!

Take care and Sterling - the money comes in handy for the goats!


September 02, 2007 - Msg 55435: Good evening, everyone. homemaker, congrats on the lottery thing. I'm very happy for you, and know you're putting it to the very highest use. As for Jennifer, I couldn't tell you how normal it is for her to require more blood without more information. It could be that they gave her the first four units, got her into safer territory, then decided to wait and see if her own bone marrow would kick into high gear and start closing the gap. If the response was too slow, they might have decided to boost her a bit with a couple more units. My question would be if the first four got her H&H up to a good level, and then it dropped again, requiring more blood to return it to near normal. There are too many variables here to permit much conjecture.

Sterling, my heart breaks for you. Here's a dad trying to do the very best he can for his little daughter, and having to fight the child's mom and her family in order to maintain what he considers to be a standard of appropriate entertainment. I don't know just what your standards are, or how far off the mark the family's might be, but it seems to me that one can rarely be faulted for wanting to take the high road. How would the wife and family react if you said something to the effect of - "You know, I might be too strict, but could you just humor me and let's err on the side of caution, if we must err? I'd rather be too careful than not careful enough. We only have a few short years to develop her tastes and values and I don't want to risk blowing the chance. Society will take whatever we teach her and water it down anyway, so it seems to me it would be best to start her off on a higher plane." I don't know, but it might be worth a try.

Well, I'm off to clean out a dresser drawer. --Romeena

September 02, 2007 - Msg 55436:
Hello porch family.....It's after midnight here but just wanted to check in real quick. Concert went great tonight.

MDC...yep, the play-off race is on but the Braves are sinking fast.

Spot...your Ga college teams did good this weekend. South Carolina won also. I think SC plays Ga next week.

Boo...hope things go smooth with the moving.

Prayers for all the porch family.

September 03, 2007 - Msg 55437: G'night, REV. Sleep tight, and God be with you. --Romeena

September 03, 2007 - Msg 55438: Homemaker, I feel like Ro does. It could just be that after rechecking her H&H today, the doc thought she needed more blood, hopefully that is all it is. Let us know when you find out more about her condition. As for Chad being "just a special nephew", let me tell you from experience that my special nephew's new baby, Emily feels just like she's my grandbaby. I couldn't love her more! Your husband may being feeling the same way.

Thanks REV, I hope things go smoothly...there is rain in the forcast but we don't have far to travel at least.

Hey MDC, you have a happy Labor Day, too.

Sterling, so sorry for the troubles you are having, friend. My prayers for you.

Want to hear something funny? You remember I mentioned awhile back that I am the type to forget my own anniversary? Well, tonight at about 9PM, Bruce and I were having a late supper of ham sandwiches and I said, "Oh, forgot to tell you that Carrie (or friend) said she would watch the kids for us on Friday so we could go out"...and then it hit me, today was Septemeber 2nd and is our anniversary! It hit me so funny that both of us forgot it (what are the odds?). I was trying to say "Happy Anniversary" but I was laughing so hard I could barely get the words out. Bruce said, "Isn't today the 31st?". Can you believe that? We have both been so busy trying to get things packed up and moved out of here that we both forgot what day it was! How ridiculous. Well, we will celebrate on Friday.

It's late, I should go to bed. Everyone else is fast asleep but I took a nap this afternoon so now I am wide-eyed at 1am....


September 03, 2007 - Msg 55439: Happy Birthday today to Mary Grace!


September 03, 2007 - Msg 55440: Well good afternoon gang!..Happy Labor day! here at work Laboring!..hey Rev. motor safe ya better watch out for my Bulldogs buddy,hey asa,sterling, HM glad Jen is doing better,hey mdc,Tom,possum, Romeena did you get your dresser cleaned out?..Big Jerry lets you and me put on a fish fry this afternoon...I got a bunch in the freezer...hush puppies,Big Maude slaw,sweet tea and baked beans....I will get the fryer full of oil...Mil you bring something too...M-T you and auh20 park cars in the lower field...We will get MDC to bring the gang for some picking and horse shoe throwing!..yeee.hawwww..girls wear those big frilly dresses and we will have a ho-down!..I will string up the lights and get the generator out and fuel it up for the night!...WOW...prayers for a safe ho-down...Rev we will set up a web cam for ya!...SPOT

September 03, 2007 - Msg 55441: Good afternoon, all. Asa, you just about did me in. That email you sent is just so sweet. You couldn't know, but c#cker spaniels are my weakness. In fact, I would have a hard time choosing between them and a Maltese, were it not for the size factor. I need the tiny Maltese because of air travel, but the spaniels played a large role in my life over the years, and my son in Florida has had them almost all his adult life. He has little Abbie now, and she is the sweetest thing. There's just not much any cuter than a spaniel puppy.

No, Spot, I didn't get those dresser drawers cleaned out. I just can't get motivated to do anything. It's got to be done, but not today.

Well, off I go. Have a great evening, all. --Romeena

September 03, 2007 - Msg 55442: Wow, it's quiet on the porch this evening. Guess everyone is busy celebrating Labor Day.

Just wanted to check in and say "hello" but need to get the kids to bed. Goodnight,


September 03, 2007 - Msg 55443: Where's Me-They?? He started this big moulage about feet and we're giving him some great ribbing and he's no where to be found. Hey, MDC, good to see you too. Has anyone heard from Millie? Millie? Millie? Mill? Hope all is well with her. The last time she posted she was feeling pretty good. Prayers for Millie and anyone else who needs 'em. Ro, I'm sorry that the pain of missing Sugarplum is still so raw. It will lessen with time. You have many good memories. I was thinking of Sugarplum and her love of carrots just the other day.
Charlotte Tucker

September 03, 2007 - Msg 55444:
Hello porch family....Well I had a long day. I was traveling home from TN and had a tire blow out on the motorhome. When it blew it ripped my propane line off and gas was leaking all over the place. It could have been a very very bad outcome. God had His angel watching over me during that dangerous time. It took 4 hours to get a service truck to me. So needless to say, I am so glad to get home.'ll get that dresser drawer cleaned out in time. No need to push it.

Spot...that fish fry was great today. Thanks.

Boo....Happy Anniversary! And many more.

Well I'm going to get some sleep. Prayers for all our porch family.

September 03, 2007 - Msg 55445: Wow Rev welcome home and glad things went well with your road troubles...and yea the clean up was a mess from the fish fry but thanks for all yalls help,hey CT we need to have a road trip to find Millie..hey TOM where are you and possum and all...Asa my buddy you ok?...Boo Ro glad to see you here at work till 6 am...quite right now...Think Miss Sherry and I are gona take a short trout fishing trip to Helen Ga thu and come back late friday...Helen Ga is such a nice place any setters been there? ridge mts...well let me get back to my movie "Mr 3000"...funny movie...back in a bit...SPOT

September 04, 2007 - Msg 55446: Good evening, all. REV, I'm so glad that angel was watching out for you. Wow, a leaking propane line? A recipe for disaster, indeed. I'm glad it was no worse than it was.

I was supposed to go back to work this evening, but they called and said we had four nurses scheduled, and only five patients, and did I want the night off? Ha! Took me about a millisecond to accept.

I spent the better part of the evening on the phone with a cousin who lives in Houston. He had gotten word that another cousin of ours in San Antonio has passed away, and we were trying to figure out if, and how, we would manage to attend the funeral. I really want to, but am not sure I can swing it. I work tomorrow night, and would have to go down on Wednesday. I'd be too sleepy to drive, and hate to fly and have to rent a car and drive in SA, which is now a strange city to me - I've lived away from there for 34 years. My cousin can't go, he has some minor surgery scheduled for Thursday, unless he can get it postponed. So, I guess we'll sleep on it and talk again tomorrow.

Well, bed calls. I put off going to bed, because it's lonely without my little buddy, but I have to sleep sometime, I guess. --Romeena

September 04, 2007 - Msg 55447: Well the night off ...good for you Romeena...and good morning headed home at 6 to snooze then back at 2pm for 16 then 8 wed and off for 6 days...sunny and hot here in storms in site till sat...breakfast will be at I-Hop on Auh20 and I...see yall there..M-T will you hole the door....untill 5 an I have to "buzz" people in doors [they are locked] and people start getting here at about 4:15 to work out in the gym before work....whew NOT me...they must have to go to bed at 7 or 8 to get any sleep...well praayers to all....