September 04, 2007 - Msg 55448: SPOT...

September 04, 2007 - Msg 55449: well well did not sign the post and swept...yall will have to go back to find out where to meet to eat this morning...hee hee...SPOT

September 04, 2007 - Msg 55450: Thank you Lord, for bringing REV home safely!

Glad you got the night off Ro. Hope you were able to get some sleep. I actually slept from 10pm to 6am so I am feeling good.

Hey Charlotte, I think we heard from Me-They on Friday, he has just been off for the Labor Day weekend I think. He usually only posts from work.

Wanted to share that there was a new law passed in Texas yesterday concerning dogs/dog owners (there was a 6 yr old killed by the family pitbull in Dallas recently). Now, under the new law, if a dog attacks someone, it could be felony charges resulting in jail time (2-10 years) and some very hefty fines. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I feel like now I am at risk if one of my dogs happens to escape from the fence and scare of bite someone (don't think that would ever happen, but...). I just hope the new law doesn't target citizins who are trying to do the right thing, while bad pet owners who don't register their animals aren't punished. Something needs to be done about irresposible pet owners but I'm not sure if this is the best thing. What do you think Ro, DES, Ray?

Looks like it might stop raining today. I have never seen so much rain in my life as we have had this summer. It has been great, and kept the temps down. The mosquitos haven't even been as bad as I thought. I see there is another hurricane out there somewhere, though....hope I don't have to deal with that later.

SPOT,thanks for letting us know you would be out of town for the rest of the week, so we wouldn't worry about you. Hope you have a great time and be safe...(lay of the squeezins if you are boating). hehe

We really accomplished alot this weekend as far as packing for the move. Today I can take a little breather, I think. I have bible study at the rehab this evening so I always appreciate your prayers for that. The girls are asking to learn more about church history/the Reformation, etc. Many have Catholic backgrounds so they have alot of questions about the "grace" message they are receiving from me. I love answering their questions but when it's just me in a room full of girls, it's hard to do. Last week having Keith with me helped but I should be on my own this week. I did find out that the woman who does the Monday night study is training a new young woman to be my helper on Tuesday nights!! I am really grateful. She is a reformed drug addict who has been clean for 2 years and really relates to the girls and has a great testimony. I haven't met her yet but look forward to it.

Better go get the kids ready for school.


September 04, 2007 - Msg 55451: Hey Rev, when the tire blew out did you sniff and say "I smell gas?" Glad you came out of it safe.

September 04, 2007 - Msg 55452: Good morning porch folks, hope all is well this Tuesday. Just checking in for a minute. Been busy with work and such the past few days. We did not do much for Labor day, just stayed home and grilled burgers. Lets do Red Lobster for lunch today, my treat. see you there. Big Maude

September 04, 2007 - Msg 55453: That's not gas, it's feet! Can't...focus...must...get air...


September 04, 2007 - Msg 55454: Good morning everyone. What a beautiful weekend we had. The guys from my menís accountability group and their families came over on Sunday evening, and my parents dropped by last evening for leftovers.

REV: Iím glad youíre okay. Did you get those tires from a Mrs. Lesh?

HM: Prayers for your niece. Keep us informed.

STERLING: I think ROMEENA had some solid advice. I know Iíd be frustrated, too.

BOO: Thatís great about your girls Bible study. It must be a blessing.

ROMEENA: If anybody touches me with their toes, I promise Iím gonna wig out! I might have to take an extra pill just thinking about it.

CHARLOTTE: Thanks for asking about me, even if it was to yank my chain.

Hey to the rest of you good folks. Iíll try and stop back later.


ďAinít you got a jack?Ē

September 04, 2007 - Msg 55455: Hey Y'all- Sorry I haven't been around much. Lots of personal & family problems.I am ok,and Laci is ok,so don't y'all worry.One thing I'm dealing with is my stepdad.Remember I told you he was dying & has Alzheimers/Dementia? Well,he has lived with his 60 year old daughter for the last few years due to health problems.She can't deal with it anymore,plus she has rekindled a romance with some man in Texas and she just up and left my stepdad alone in the house with nobody to care for him.Oh,she did give my daughter a key and asked her to check on him.My poor girl has Laci to care for,plus she works PT.She's gone down several times to check on him-he had no food,has fallen and busted himself up,has a catheter in with no bag attached-he is so pitiful. Finally my daughter came to me because it was obvious he couldn't stay alone. I told her to call 911 and went down there with her.Well,the EMTs came and of course he was coherent enough to refuse medical care.Isn't that the way it always goes?They agreed he must have medical attention,but their hands were tied.We've been referred to DSS.We were able to finally reach his daughter by phone and told her to come home(well,maybe not in those words!).She claims she is off in Florida checking on nursing homes for him.That was two days ago and he is still alone.I think we are going to have to call DSS.Basically,he has been abandoned.It is a crying shame and just one of the things I've been stressed about. Would y'all keep Dave in your prayers? Thanks so much.
Rev,I am so glad the angels were watching over you on the road.
I might not be rockin' much until some of these problems get dealt with around here.But,I love y'all and always think of you.God is going to see me through everything.
Oh,Friday is Laci's 4th birthday! Something happy to think about!
Y'all take care.
possum under a rock

September 04, 2007 - Msg 55456: Good morning, all. Boo, you've raised a tough question, regarding the dangerous dog law that just passed. We all know there are people who have dogs that are obviously dangerous, for whatever reason. Often there are signs that a dog is unstable or vicious, and yet the owner refuses to secure it. For cases like that, the law may be a good thing. My concern is for the cases like the one here in Dallas a few days ago, the one you mentioned. That dog had been raised by the family from the age of four weeks. He and the little boy were inseparable. Even the neighbors are shocked, and having trouble accepting that the dog attacked the child. Should that mother be prosecuted for having that dog? She probably won't be anyway, since it was her child that was killed, but suppose it had been a neighbor child? How was she to know the dog would attack? It was a gentle family pet.

How many Chihuahuas have bitten without warning? Probably a lot, but it doesn't make the news because not much harm is done. Pit bulls, however, are another story. They can inflict great harm, and obviously, kill someone. You can bet there's going to be a big cry from the public about getting rid of them as a breed.

Mavis, I know how you feel, and to a great extent, I agree. It's all in how they're raised. Well, is that still true? This dog had been gently raised, but look what he did. Have we allowed men like Michael Vick to selectively breed these dogs for viciousness to the point that the dogs are now genetically programmed to attack? That's what Vick was doing when he "executed" the dogs that weren't aggressive enough. He took them out of the gene pool. Can that be reversed? Suppose we were to neuter any dog that showed signs of aggression? Over time, would that solve the problem?

Responsible breeders select for temperament as much as they do physical characteristics. A mean or snappy Maltese would not be allowed to reproduce in a proper kennel, because sweetness is a desired trait in them. Conversely, many breeders of pit bulls select for aggression. Shame on them.

There's a gentle old pit bull next door, and I can't imagine her hurting anyone, but now I'm wondering. I'm not going to allow my grandsons out front when Lucky is out there anymore, and I'm sorry about that. She's an old sweetie, but I just don't trust her anymore. I'm not going to run into the house when she appears, I'll still pet her when she comes over and leans her big old head against my knee, but I'm going to keep my small grandsons away from her.

Just like selective breeding, improper socialization can make any animal vicious, but a Chihuahua or a Maltese can't do much about it. A big, strong dog can, and pit bulls are probably stronger than any other breed. Unfortunately, that strength has been their undoing, thanks to mean and unscrupulous people like Vick. It's a pitiful shame.

Well, I could say a lot more on the subject, but I yield the soapbox to the next person. --Romeena

September 04, 2007 - Msg 55457: Possum, you do have a problem. Unfortunately, the laws that guarantee our freedoms can also be our undoing. You may have to go through the process of getting him declared mentally incompetent before anything can be done. That can take time, and he'll probably have a raging urinary tract infection by then. So sad. Prayers for you, dear heart. I would suggest that you start the wheels rolling, leave a paper trail to show you're trying to do something, because there are people and watchdog organizations out there who wouldn't hesitate to charge you with elder abuse. All it takes is one over-zealous nurse in the ER to file a report. It's a catch-22, for sure. You have the responsibility to care for him, and he has the right to refuse. Good grief. And he's not even your father. --Romeena

September 04, 2007 - Msg 55458: Oh, come on, Me-They! An extra pill over a little toe-pinch? I'll have you know my feet are clean, I get a professional pedicure regularly, my toes are pretty, and I even have little flowers painted on the big toenails, with little sparklies in the center. So there! --Romeena

September 04, 2007 - Msg 55459:

I'll chime in on the dog issue, not that I know a lot about it.

There was a little girl here in San Antonio who used to play with the pit bull next door all the time. A few months ago, she noticed the dog had somehow gotten hung up in the fence between their houses so she asked her mom if she could help it get free. Long story short, the dog suddenly snapped and attacked and killed the child.

Most of the municipal leash laws throughout the U.S. offer one "get out of jail" card for the first offense. This new law might be much the same. I would imagine the law was made strict as a precautionary measure, a stern warning to pet owners to keep their dog contained at all times, and at all costs. I can't say I disagree with it, unless someone is jailed for something not his/her fault, such as neighbor kids letting the dog out. That would be unfair, in my decidedly legally-untrained opinion. :-)

Gotta scoot! Love and prayers to all.



September 04, 2007 - Msg 55460: Hello, All, I'm back, we had a good weekend,the Redlin Art Center is amazing, there's 150 of Terry's original oil paintings . It's sad to think that there will be no more. He has retired, he has Alzheimer's. BOO, the American series is sad,they where painted in memory of Terry's brother-in-law who died in Vietnam. Happy belated Anniversary ! REV ,so glad you are back home in one piece. HM, hope your nephew's wife and daugther are doing better. POSSUM, so sorry you are having so much touble and worry. ROMEENA ,I agree with your soapbox. SPOT, you have fun and be safe on your fishing trip. ME-THEY, Close your eyes i'm not wearing any shoes. MILLIE,hope things are going well for you. Take care all Peace Dr P

September 04, 2007 - Msg 55461: Hi.DES didn't see you what a sad story. DR P

September 04, 2007 - Msg 55462: Happy Birthday this week to Milton P. Oliver and his darling person Myra Koonce.
You're fishfriend,

September 04, 2007 - Msg 55463: Hey Me-They, calm down, Buddy. I'll agree to lay off the foot talk for awhile. Glad you had a good weekend.

Wow, DES, that story felt like a punch in the stomach. I can't even imagine the horror and excruciating pain that child must have felt...all because of a dog. And that poor mother who undoubtedly watched her child being torn to shreds by a dog, and the guilt she must feel for telling the child she could help the dog out of the fence. It just makes me sick. It's got to stop, somehow, some way. There are so many pitbulls here in my area and many without collars and just running loose. It makes my blood run cold. Do I hate the dogs? No, of course not. But, like Ro, I don't trust their breeding. How many more children will have to be mauled and killed before something is done about it that will really make a difference? You know, I don't get really angry over very many's just not my nature, but when animals are protected at the risk of humans, especially children, I experience white-hot anger, I'm telling you!

Well, things to do. Better get going...


September 04, 2007 - Msg 55464: Oh, thanks Dr. P, for the anniversary wishes. Glad you had a nice trip.


September 04, 2007 - Msg 55465: Boo Miss Sherry has a hair app. thu so we may wait till next we to go out of town so guess yall are stuck with me...may go to the boat Fri...Maude thanks for lunch...fried flounder was good...hey Romeena im just not a foot person , never have been at all...hey Jenny Boone!..Romeena you got to work tonight?..hey Rev M-T and all...let me get the comp up and running here at work...SPOT

September 04, 2007 - Msg 55466: Sorry that your trip has to wait SPOT. My stomach is happy, though ;).

POSSUM: Prayers for your situation. This afternoon, sit back in an easy chair and put some James Taylor on the headphones. And crawl out from under that rock and visit more often.

BOO and ROMEENA: I think you both are on to something. It may not be their fault, but I believe that some dogs have had agression bred into them.


Painted toenails? Don't even get me started...


September 04, 2007 - Msg 55467: Oh, and I forgot (again) to wish you a Happy Anniversary, BOO! How many does that make now?


September 04, 2007 - Msg 55468: Hey, Boo. I agree that people, especially children, must come first. However, I'm a little fuzzy on how animals are being protected over people. Perhaps you've read something that I've missed. The laws regarding animals running loose are sometimes ignored, and that shouldn't be allowed. Now the law has been strengthened, and if obeyed, it should help a lot. The problem lies with city officials who don't employ or utilize enough enforcement personnel. Perhaps behind that are the taxpayers who are not willing to spend the money for adequate enforcement. Sometimes things are not what they appear.

Then there are those at the far end of the "humans first, last and only" spectrum. I have an acquaintance that maintains that any dog, large or small, who bites or even nips doesn't deserve to live. I have seen this person permit her children to pound and pummel a dog, pull its ears, poke at its eyes, whatever, and heaven help the dog if it so much as growls. Now that's ridiculous. What defense does the poor thing have? Children need to be taught to respect animals, not out of fear but because they're part of God's creation. If they don't learn it from us, sooner or later some tormented animal will teach them.

The Plum snapped at me one time in her little life. It was not her fault. I was combing her, thought I had all the little snarls worked out, so was combing pretty vigorously. Suddenly I hit a snag and it pulled the hair between her toes, very hard. She snapped, with her teeth closing about two inches away from my hand, and then she instantly licked my hand, as though apologizing, even though she hadn't bitten me. It was a reflex on her part, and she immediately tried to make it right. I couldn't blame her. I'd probably smack somebody that suddenly yanked my hair. Anyway, the poor little thing would try to keep me from combing that foot - just that one - for the rest of her life. She would pull it away, or tuck it under if she could. I'd move very gently, and eventually get the foot combed out, but she never forgot that one time that I hurt her.

We need extremely strong and effective laws against dogfighting, strictly enforced and severely punished. We need breeders to behave responsibly, to neuter dogs that display aggression. We need responsible pet owners, and we need parents who are willing to take the time to teach their children proper behavior around animals. We need effective spay/neuter policies everywhere to reduce the numbers of stray and unwanted animals. There is no need for a family pet, be it dog or cat, to remain intact and capable of breeding. Males make better pets with that worry off their mind, and females are much more pleasant to be around if they're not making a mess every six months. Also, spaying before the first heat dramatically reduces the risk of mammary cancers in females. Talk about soapboxes, now that's another one I can get on. Housepets should be spayed or neutered, period.

Well, guess I'll go grab a nap, almost certainly will have to work tonight. --Romeena

September 04, 2007 - Msg 55469: Now, Me-They, just what do you have against painted toenails? They're neatly done, no chips, and my little flowers on the big toes are pretty! I have pretty nice feet for such an old gal, and I wear sandals all the time in the summer. And - heeheehee - I'm barefoot right now!! I'd type with my toes if I could, just to annoy you, but lucky for you, I can't get my feet up that high! --Romeena (giggle)

September 04, 2007 - Msg 55470: Thanks, Me-They...I think it's 13 years now? I'll have to calculate it....

Ro, what I was referring to, has nothing to do with an occasional snappy dog or biter. I was talking about pitbull dogs. I hate to say it right out loud because of the moulage it started last time the subject came up, but I believe there should be a law against breeding pitbulls. That is what I meant about putting dogs ahead of children. They are obviously a very dangerous problem because of the breeding practices that were mentioned earlier and I believe it will only get worse with time. I know someone will probably mention statistics on dog bites and that small breeds bite more, and that it's the dog-owner's fault, etc. and I don't disagree but that still doesn't make me believe that there is any good reason to keep breeding dogs that are dangerous to humans as pitbulls can be. I won't change my mind on that subject. I mean, if people are really concerned about the pitbulls, they would want the breeding to stop, too, I would think. I see too much of it in my area. Dogs being bred and sold to other countries for fighting. It needs to stop, period.

Boom, off the soapbox....for now, anyway. ha


September 04, 2007 - Msg 55471: At the risk of adding to the moulage (one I did not start, I hope you all note), in general I agree with your statement above BOO. I'm not really one for gray area.

ROMEENA: I suppose painted toenails are a sight better than fungal ones, I'd just rather not see them at all. Polish catches the eye and sometimes my attention gets snagged. It must be the same gene that causes us to gawk at traffic accidents. All that said, I'm sure that your feet are fine specimens indeed ;).


September 04, 2007 - Msg 55472: Well, you wouldn't like my feet. No fungus, but I have these itty-bitty toenails that are pretty ugly. Painting them doesn't help. On the upside, they are clean and never smell bad because they aren't trapped in a smelly shoe all day! So, tell us about your feet. I'll bet they are as white as the driven snow...never see the light of day, do they? heehee


September 04, 2007 - Msg 55473: Oh my FEET FEET...Miss Sherry has hers done every 10 days or 2 weeks or so..had nails and toes done or I could not look at them...mind you now as far as feet go they are the cats but just hate subject...ha ha..we have to eat now ...NO feet!..:)...Asa wear your shoes..hey Boo some women like my mon just about has no little toe nail...well lets have rib eye steaks and steak fries,salad,corn on the cob and tea...on me....auh20 bring some paper towels please im out and will someone stop by Kroger and get some A-1....SPOT

September 04, 2007 - Msg 55474: Hey again y'all- My stepdad's daughter returned late today,along with his other daughter and her husband.Thank goodness he's not home alone anymore.Another thing- his grandson who lives in VA is getting involved now and he is beyond mad at his mom for leaving his grandpa like that. I think he is going to report her to the authorities,which would be the right thing to do,in my opinion.Here's hoping my stepdad gets out from under his uncaring daughter and into a facility with good caregivers.
Me-They,I don't know how much more of me ol'James Taylor can take-I've been wearing out his CDs lately! I'll dig up one I haven't played in awhile & take your advice.

I ain't even getting into the foot/feet conversation-ugh!
Y'all have a good night and thanks for all the concern.

September 04, 2007 - Msg 55475: Hahahaha! You people are so funny. I'm glad I brought my weepy self by the porch, because I got a big old laugh. "the same gene that causes us to gawk at traffic accidents"? Now that's funny! What an analogy! And what is it with all you guys hating feet?? My son, as I said, has the same hang-up. He doesn't like for his wife to put her feet in his lap, and while he didn't seem to mind his babies' feet when they were tiny, by the time they were walking he didn't want much to do with them. Their feet, that is, not the whole kid. I probably marked him by toe-pinching him, heehee.
I have no such hangups. I love little sweaty toddler feet, and shoot, I even kissed the Plum's tiny little feet. They usually smelled a bit like stale Fritos.

Boo, your point regarding pitbulls is well taken, and I really can't argue with you. When you mix their size and strength with inbred aggression, it's a recipe for disaster. I'd hate to see the breed outlawed, certainly don't want to see some witch-hunt that seeks to euthanize them all, and I would hope that couldn't happen in this country. I do know that in China, dogs must be small, and must be licensed with a steep annual fee. Large dogs are hunted down and killed, and even tiny dogs, if unlicensed, are clubbed to death or shot in the presence of their owners, as an example to everyone. I know this because our Chinese tour guide in Beijing told us about it. He had no reason to lie, nothing to gain by it.

I just think it's a shame that unscrupulous, greedy lowlifes have taken a noble breed and corrupted it with breeding practices designed to produce killing machines, and have succeeded to the point that a nation is pretty much in terror of them. It's a crying shame, and I want to see some laws with teeth as big and sharp as a pitbull's, to end it. Then perhaps breeders could apply to be licensed, under very strict guidelines, to again breed selectively with the aim of producing the gentle giants that these dogs can and should be. Any pitbull not in that supervised breeding program should be neutered, and licensed, with careful restrictions upon its freedom. Now, how to get all that done, I don't know. Maybe we should see if Howard Sprague would like to chair a committee or something?? --Romeena

September 04, 2007 - Msg 55476: M-T, not really into painting my toenails, really ain't into wearing sandals too much. Don't really like standing in goat do-do with sandals, usually keep on my nasty gym shoes and change when I get in the house.

Will comment on the teacher meeting tomorrow. Questions were answered but I think she is just a thorn that I will have to live with. Don't really know how she keeps a job. . .


September 04, 2007 - Msg 55477: If Howard were president - what would his mother do? hm

September 04, 2007 - Msg 55478:
Wow, jennie Boone, it has been a few blue moons!
Hope everyone had a good holiday.
Prayers continuing for Jennifer and also for all porchsters families friends etc. Good for prez to visit the troops again. May the Lord lead us.
God bless America.

September 04, 2007 - Msg 55479:
Look Aunt Bee, I won a gen-u-wine ceramic pelican."

September 04, 2007 - Msg 55480: Possum, I neglected to comment on you post earlier. How very sad. I certainly hope things work out for your stepdad. I just hate to think of him in the situation he was in. That should never happen.

Do ya'll think we have talked enough about feet this week?! haha

I wanted to let you all know that I will be without internet service for a bit since we are moving tomorrow. I'm not sure how long it will take to get re-connected because we may have to change internet providers. So, if you don't hear from me for awhile, don't worry. I will miss talking to all of you, though. Hopefully it won't be long until I'm us and running again. Love to All,


September 04, 2007 - Msg 55481: FEET! VICKS! MAYO! --Romeena (heeheehee)

September 04, 2007 - Msg 55482: Me-They, Sorry, couldn't resist the chain yankin'. I have a nephew who has problems with feet. Great to see Mrs. Wiley stopped by. Stop by again. Haven't seen you in a coon's age. No Millie?? I miss her cookin'.
Charlotte Tucker

September 04, 2007 - Msg 55483: Yes, where is Millie? I get worried when she doesn't stop by. Bless her little heart, she is one tough cookie. --Romeena

September 04, 2007 - Msg 55484:
Howdy porch family...Thanks for everyone's concern. Getting all new tires tomorrow on the motorhome. (Anybody got an extra credit card?)

Spot....Helen,Ga is such a nice place. It's been a while since I was there. Have you ever gone over to the Dillard House to eat? sorry to hear about your cousin. Prayers for the family.

Happy 4th Birthday Lacy.
Possum....Prayers for you.

Better get to bed. You all have a good nights rest and know that I'm praying for you all.

September 05, 2007 - Msg 55485:

I'm not big on feet either. Feet and hands have huge personalities. I've known people in the past whose faces I can scarecely remember, but I remember their feet. How's that for loony?

As for pit bulls, I would be heartbroken to think of putting them all down, yet things can't stay the way they are. There has to be a happy medium, and perhaps strict laws are the answer. Heck, I don't know. Maybe we should ask Howard, like Ro suggested. :-)


"What's wrong with feet? I like 'em."
"No you don't!"


September 05, 2007 - Msg 55486: "Scarecely?" I don' theenk so, Lucy.



September 05, 2007 - Msg 55487: Rev yea i have eat there..its GOOD...we got to get away from this FEET thang...hey Des OH MY you remember feet...whew..happy b-day Lacy..good to see ya possum..Mayo feet...hee hee..breakfast will be at waffle house and ALL must wear Shoes!!.....heehee...slow here at at 6 the back at 2 for 8 and then off 6 days!..Miss Sherry and I are at least going to the lake Friday since she has that HAIR thing app thu...ya know I cut my own hair..a #3 on the clippers and mow it down...Miss Sherry trims the back and we are done!...ok at least we are off of FEET and on hair cuts...whew....SPOT

September 05, 2007 - Msg 55488: Spot - my boys do their hair on #2. . .no long hair hippy stuff here. Besides, they have such thick hair that it has to be mowed down otherwise they sweat to death. Rain chances here Thursday and through the weekend. YeeHaw - might just take a picture if it does rain!


September 05, 2007 - Msg 55489: DES, you are some kind of funny! I really liked that twist on the TV dinner quote...

Well, I thought Hubby was going to pack up the computer last night but alas, here it sits in the morning so I have another chance to post. Today is the big moving day, hurray! I am happy about the move but feel very sorry for my parents. They have been kind of hibernating in their bedroom all week. I know they are depressed and anxious about us leaving and it makes me sad. I can't seem to make them understand that I am only moving a mile away and will be back to visit and care for them often. I guess it's just been a real comfort for them to have us here in the house with them and I know they will miss seeing the kids every evening. I think about them and Possum's stepdad and feel so sorry for the elderly. Of course, between my sister and I we will make sure that my parent's needs are met, but there are some sufferings that go along with aging that we are helpless to do anything about. We do what we can, I guess.

My brother-in-law is coming today to help us move the big things over but there is still so much to do to get settled in. The place looked spotless yesterday, and freshly painted so at least there is no cleaning to do, just need to spray every surface with Lysol (..I know you understand, Me-They). It's kind of creepy thinking about moving into a house that someone else has lived in. It's like sharing their germs. At least these folks appeared to be very clean.

Ro, I neglected to send my sympathies concerning your cousin. It's difficult to lose family members, even when it's extended family. I have been very blessed to still have all of my cousins (and I have quite a few), except for one who I was never close to. The one I am closest to just had to have angioplasty and a stint this year, though. He is only in his early 50's.

REV, here's that extra credit card you asked for...

Right SPOT, the foot thing is turning into another "VICKS" to write a foot poen, Homemaker?? Maybe we should get onto some other body part, like armpits....

Homemaker, Sean has his hair done on a #2 last time and the poor kid looks like a bowling ball. He is one of those with really thick hair, too. I still prefer a bit more hair on his head than the old #2, though. He gets teased so much as it is. Yesterday he told me that he is really dealing with some teasing in school, being called fat, mostly. I know that the administrator heard it happen once and got onto the kid that said it, but I think there should be zero-tolerance for that kind of teasing. These days schools should take more action about such things. I get so fed up with it because Sean has been dealing with this kind of thing for so long and he is on Paxil, which we have all heard about on the news. Not sure exactly what steps to take at this point. If Sean were a normal kid, I wouldn't be as concerned about it. I was teased alot as a kid. Well, I wouldn't even call it teasing, it felt more like verbal abuse. I turned out ok (I think, haha).

Well, better get the kids up for school.


September 05, 2007 - Msg 55490: Whoa!! That post was ridiculously long. Sorry!


September 05, 2007 - Msg 55491:

Congrats on the move, Boo! And glad you liked the quote. I do believe that (the original of course) is my favorite.

Ro, my condolences on the loss of your cousin. I missed that post completely.



September 05, 2007 - Msg 55492: Good morning everyone. Another beautiful day here. I hope your end of the porch is, too.

Yes, BOO, my feet are lily white. Actually, the whole family is fair haired and blue-eyed with pale skin. The Mrs. is a firm believer in the kids spending time outside but also in protecting skin from the sun. Some of our friends tease us that we are the only family they know who can spend a week at the beach and come back just as pale as we left.

ROMEENA: Did you hear about Whoopi Goldberg's debut on "The View?" If you didn't, and don't want your dander seriously (and I mean seriously) up, don't seek it out on the web!

Prayers for your move, BOO. And come back soon!

Where's MILLIE, AUH2O, LUCY, HAZEL, TOM and some other regulars? They're becoming irregular ;).

Prayers for all who need them today.


September 05, 2007 - Msg 55493: DES, you got some 'splainin' to do...


September 05, 2007 - Msg 55494: Hey M-T,boo,ro,des,Tom,Rev,lost Asa,possum,auh20 and all..just got up..go back in at 2 today till 10..8[hrs] today then Off Till next wed at 2!..gona have fall cleaning around here after the lake days...may swap one for one..ha ha..Lunch will be on HM somewhere!....SPOT

September 05, 2007 - Msg 55495: Hey to the PORCH! It's right nice to have a few minutes to catch up a bit.

Ro...still praying for you, give it the time you need, don't be in a rush. Sorry for the loss of your cousin too...just keep looking up..there's a rainbow coming. :), praise God for you being safe! That's a scary thing to happen in something as big as a motorhome...My bus is a suburban and 6x12 trailer, that's big enough for me for now. I'm glad things are going you come up for the NQC in Louisville next week?'re SUCH a welcome site. You mention I should scribe a poem, so I think I just might!

It's been so long since last we spoke, the years have just flown by. Just a few weeks ago I was missing your posts...almost made me cry. Then Deß came along and said you were near and made my heart start to flutter, now to see you back here with a seat on the porch, just makes me melt like butter. :)

Welcome back! We missed you!

Ya'll be good....


September 05, 2007 - Msg 55496: "HEY " to all on the porch today. Mighty hot in North Carolina today.


September 05, 2007 - Msg 55497: boy, BIG JERRY you surely are right. And DRYYYYYY? Lordy I never saw such a drought. Hottest August on record here in Raleigh.
I too will add my two cents' worth on the dog thing. I thought Mike Nifong was the lowest life I'd seen in a long time, but Vick has him beat by a mile. As far as I'm concerned, there's nothing too bad for Michael Vick and anyone who disagrees need only ask what a bait dog is. We can only hope he gets thrown in with great big cellmates who loooooove their dogs. And much as Labrador and golden retriever owners don't want to hear it, any dog can be made mean with enough mistreatment. Here in my part of the state they're enacting "no chained dog" laws to prevent just that. If you're going to keep a dog chained by itself in the back yard, why even have a dog?


September 05, 2007 - Msg 55498: Hello, all,how's it going?Very hot here today,but it's supposed to cool off tomorrow and be more like fall.Yeah, I'm not a hot weather person. BOO, Hope the move is going smoothly. you all have a good night. PEACE Dr P

September 05, 2007 - Msg 55499:

Goobah, oh Goobah, how Lyd loves your poems so sweet

I know she treasures the very day that you two did meet

Demure, slight and dainty is she, a lady in ev'ry sense

Loving you from that very first day, and will all the long days hence

Her head out yonder winder, and likened to a dog
But don't you be mislead one bit, I swear she is agog

At the loving words you solemnly wrote from deep within your breast

Just don't offer her any pretzels; you know they lay upon her chest

Me-They, I don't watch "The View," but can Whoopi be any worse than Rosie? (giggle) :-)



September 05, 2007 - Msg 55500: Check out the what she said uesterday in defense of Vick, DES, and you can judge for yourself!

Yo to GOOBER! Nice to hear from you. Hey to SPOT, DR. P, LYDIA and BIG JERRY, too. Hey LYDIA, did anyone ever tell you that you look a lot like Mayor Pike's daughter?


September 05, 2007 - Msg 55501: Hey Goober,Lydia,M-T,Ro,Boo,TOM,des,millie,miller,ray,possum and all...well work till 10 tonight and then off for a few days...have been reading about the Vic thing and Im from here in ga and Falcons are my home football team but I was born and raised in the south on the land I live on for 47 years and I have NEVER had a thought that fighting Dogs is in the southern blood...NEVER...thats all im gona say so living in the South dont and never will have an effect on this born and raised Country Boy!...NEVER...well on a lighter note SUPPER TIME MENU: "SOUTHERN" fried chicken,cream taters with gravy,fried okra,field peas,silver queen corn on the cob with real "Southern" butter,"Southern" bisquits and gravy,"Southern" fried apple rings,big maude slaw and Southern sweet then does that meal make anyone want to go to a dog fight "NOT" ya porch...SPOT

September 05, 2007 - Msg 55502: Whoopi defended Mike Vick? Well, I won't even go there. I don't want to watch the clip, because if I do I might as well not even take my blood pressure pills. It will go through the roof anyway. There is no defense, no excuse for him, and that's that. I didn't see the clip, but let me guess - she whupped out the race card, right? Shame on her. It's not a race thing, it's a human race thing, and what Vick did was inhuman. Granted, he's only one of many, but he enjoyed the fruits of his fame, now let him suffer the consequences of his notoriety.

I declare, the poetry is flying on this porch! You people are so talented, it's fun just to sit and listen.

I've decided to go to San Antonio for my cousin's funeral tomorrow. I'll fly down, and another cousin will pick me up at the airport. We'll spend the day together, attend the funeral, and he'll drop me back at the airport in the evening. So, I'll be off the porch tomorrow. See you tomorrow night or Friday. --Romeena

September 05, 2007 - Msg 55503: You're so right, Me-They. I have noticed the resemblance to Mayor Pike's daughter, particularly when we both sing "Flow Gently Sweet Afton."


Whoopi Goldberg defended Michael Vick? I must have read that wrong. . . Although I have to say, I understand that someone else did the same thing on the grounds that dog-fighting was the sport of choice of Southerners. No comment.

September 05, 2007 - Msg 55504: I'm getting concerned about Millie. She been chattin' with anyone over at Miss Crump's lately? Hope she's feelin' OK. Good ev-en-in (in my best Ernest T.) everyone. (Those were my amenities.)
Charlotte Tucker

September 05, 2007 - Msg 55505: Well gang my work week is about over 25 min left. got to stop and get opie [cat] and otis [dog] food on the way to the dog house....hey CT,Lydia Rommena when is your next night work? off till mid next week...hope to get a lot to paint one room and hall of the dog house..gona get the mt. bikes out and get them ready for the fall riding,gona try to do mor riding this year aint getting any younger...well snack time will be captian crunch and mayfield whole milk!...prayers to all..gona motor home!...asa and mill where are you?...SPOT

September 05, 2007 - Msg 55506: Hey, Spot. I don't work again until next Tuesday night. I wish I didn't have to go to San Antonio tomorrow, would have a nice long stretch to get this house back in shape, but one does what one must. My friend Ted will come early Friday morning to put furniture back in place in my bedroom, and clear this office out. I have a little trail in here right now, between big furniture pieces and stacks of dresser drawers. The replacement carpet looks pretty good though. It's about a half shade off the color of the original, so where they join you can see it, but being a creamy white color, it's not all that noticeable. It will blend in time.

I think I'm going to hit the sack early - tomorrow will be a long day. Have to be at Love Field at 8:30, which means leaving home about 7:30 as I'll be going into horrible traffic. The traffic going into Dallas at that hour is unbelievable. I'm only a few miles from the airport, but I know that traffic.

Everyone have a great evening, and a lovely day tomorrow. Blessings! --Romeena

September 05, 2007 - Msg 55507:
Hi folks, just a quick check in tonight!
Prayers for everyone!
Helen: I want some cotton candy too!

September 05, 2007 - Msg 55508: Hey Y'all! Thanks for missing me....I've been in the hospital for several days, lots of news to report. Which I wanted to tell everyone about, and I will as soon as I catch up on the archives and get my youngin's to bed....Be back in a few! Love y'all, and I've missed y'all...

September 05, 2007 - Msg 55509: So glad you checked in Millie. Hope the news from the latest hospital stay is good. We're having some ice cream here for a snack. Shall I fix ya a bowl?
Charlotte Tucker

September 05, 2007 - Msg 55510: Oh my, there should've been a comma between in and Millie.

September 05, 2007 - Msg 55511: Thanks Charlotte, I'll have some of that ice cream.
The news is, while I was in the hosptal I had lots more scans done. The chemo has stopped working on my liver, and it's much worse, nothing left to do there, I've taken 6 diffrent chemo's now, and so that's more chemo. Howvwer, more pressing matter is some aggressive tumors and lesions on my brain. Next week I'll be recieving some cutting edge therapy...called gamma knife radiation to my brain to relieve the pain and vomitting being caused by these new places on mmy brain. And it could buy me a little time, and hopefully some better quality to what's left. The doc says now we're talking about days or weeks now, not much time left. The kids are going to miss a couple of days of school so we can have some family time together while I'm well. They need some time to proccess all of this. It's hard watching them struggle, and I want to be there for them now.....Opps, I hear Miller back in a few.

September 05, 2007 - Msg 55512: Millie,
Glad you stopped by. I have missed ya. If ya want to talk or need an ear call me.

September 05, 2007 - Msg 55513: Skipster! So glad to hear from you...I do want to talk...I'll call you. Or you can call me anytime....I miss you!
Sorry about my typing, I hope y'all understand...I'm on a lot of pain meds again. Thank you all for your patience and prayers. I love you all so much. Really.

September 05, 2007 - Msg 55514:
Millie-God Bless, I'm a bit speechless here, but I want you to know I've think of you often and pray for you always. I hope you know how much you mean to all of us here on The Porch. Again, prayers you friend and your family.

Love and Peace,

September 05, 2007 - Msg 55515:
Hello porch family...Another great day that the Lord has made.

Boo...thanks for that credit card. I'll try not to put too much on it.

Goober...nope, I won't be going to the NQC. I'm always booked during that time. And brother, to be honest with you, I don't care much for the politics of the Singing News/NQC. I know that will ruffle some folk's feathers but that's my feeling. that was a good supper. You and Miss Sherry enjoy your time off.

Ro...prayers for a safe trip. glad you checked in. I pray you're feeling well.

Guess I better get ready for bed. You all have a great night and know that I'm praying for all the porch family.

September 05, 2007 - Msg 55516: That's ok, Charlotte. Everyone makes mistakes. Even editors.

Kai's first day of school was Tuesday, and I would like to say that she went to school with no problems, but I can't. Oh, it wasn't too bad. At least not as bad as it had been when she was starting 4 year old Kindergarten. But she is a 1st grader now, and she only cried a little bit, and just the first day. Today she went like a trooper, so I am glad about that.

Romeena, you may not know it, but you are an inspiration. The way you just matter-of-factly jump on a plane and go somewhere. Makes me feel a little better about Vegas.
I still don't want to go. In fact, the closer it gets to it, the more I wish my wife wouldn't have bought my ticket. It's not even mainly about the chance the plane could crash or get blown up(although that is never far from my mind), but more about my disdain for Vegas, and moreover having to leave Kai to go there. Bluck!
I'd rather stay here even if I had to work that week(did I just say that?;)).

So has everyone been watching the color eps? I usually like the color episodes, but lately have been wishing for the b&w's because I can notice, what has been mentioned here I think, that Andy DOES seem more grumpier in these. And who wants to see a grumpy Andy?!

I was watching last night, and I got to wondering, who is the nicest person in Mayberry? I mean, who has been the least argumentative or petty, and never seems to have held any ill will toward anyone?

I was thinking, based on watching recently mind you, that it must be Howard Sprague. I watched him during that debate with Aunt Bee a couple nights ago, and noticed then how unassuming and unselfish he was(as opposed to Aunt Bee at the time). It was then I realized that he always was a pretty nice guy. The only time I can think of when he rubbed people the wrong way was when he was doing that stand-up comedy routine and made fun of the townspeople. But even that wasn't malicious or anything.
So what do you all think? Was there someone I am missing who was even more polite in Mayberry?(Mind you, I'm thinking about the regulars or semi-regulars. I'm sure there were nice guest stars - Sterling Holloway's Bert Miller for one - but they were just on for one episode).

Good to see you, Millie! Hope you are doing well.

-Sterling Holobyte

September 05, 2007 - Msg 55517:
Millie...we posted at the same time. I am so much in prayer for you and your family. We love you!

September 05, 2007 - Msg 55518: Millie, just read your post. You must have posted it while I was droning on about my little problems.
All I can say is, may God give you peace in your remaining time here, and may it be a long time.

-Sterling Holobyte

September 05, 2007 - Msg 55519: Good evening, all. I can hardly see to type, for the tears in my eyes. Millie, what is there to say? God must love you very much, to want to bring you home so soon. These things are so very hard to understand. As a mother, I have some idea of how your heart is breaking for your children. It must be so difficult to comfort them in the midst of what you're facing. My own heart will be praying for you, in that wonderful concept the Bible teaches, that of "praying without ceasing". We love you.

Sterling, we all have something to offer to each other. I admire your dedication and devotion to your daughter, and your unfailing determination to do what's best for her. As for my willingness to just hop on a plane and go somewhere, you must remember that I really don't have much to lose. However, that's not all of it. I'm just not worried about air travel. On the other hand, lighting the gas logs in my fireplace takes a big effort of will for me, and you probably would just turn on the gas and toss in a match.

As for your upcoming trip, I still think you should go, be open to some quality time with your wife, enjoy the best of what LV has to offer there truly is some fine entertainment there) and avoid the worst. Kai will be fine, I'm sure, because I know you wouldn't leave her in anything but the best of hands. So go, enjoy the trip, and just, er, let the chips fall where they may. (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

Now, this time I really am going to turn in. I couldn't resist stopping by on my way to bed, and I'm glad I did. I will fall asleep praying for you, Millie. --Romeena